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pov Toji Fushiguro is rejecting you :
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Geto is a bitchless man but Kenjaku is completely the contrary, he is overbitched.
Unfair to be honest
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A product of my inability to make decisions
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Of Two Worlds Special: Juju Stroll Part One
Juju Stroll Part One
            (Y/N) had never seen such a serious game to decide dinner. She had abdicated her choice in dinner to allow the newer students to choose.
            “Itadori. I’m going with paper.” Kugisaki meant business.
            “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” whispered (Y/N).
            “Yeah,” said Megumi.
            “Rock-paper-scissors!” cried Itadori and Kugisaki.
            Kugisaki’s ruse successfully tricked Itadori. He used scissors while she used rock.
            “Oh, yeah!” cheered Kugisaki.
            “No!” yelled Itadori.
            “Sushi, huh?” commented Gojo, “Guess we can go to the usual place in Ginza.”
            “Ginza! Yahoo!” sang Kugisaki.
            “I want revolving sushi!” chirped Itadori.
            Kugisaki glared at him “Ugh, Itadori, you’re such a…! Ugh, Fushiguro, (L/N), say something to him!”
            “I’d rather go somewhere that tastes good if we’re going,” said Megumi, “Gojo-sensei’s paying, anyway.”
            “Anywhere with uramaki,” said (Y/N).
            Itadori just turned back to Kugisaki, who glared at him. “Revolving sushi is its own thing, just like how yakisoba and instant yakisoba are different things!”
            “And I want to eat sushi,” declared Kugisaki.
            “Sushi’s just a meal, but revolving sushi’s a leisure activity!” Itadori continued to try to persuade her. “Like a theme park! Or TDL!”
            (Y/N)’s stomach growled. “I’m hungry.”
            Megumi yawned since it was late at night.
            “Also, Kugisaki, you said you were from the country, too.” Itadori pointed at Kugisaki. “So have you ever been to a revolving sushi place?!”
            “My favorite is Sushi Go, but I’d go with Splendid Sushi for someone’s first time,” commented Gojo.
            Is this really such an important decision? wondered (Y/N). She just wanted food.
            Megumi just wanted to sleep as his eyes began to close.
            “You get it, Sensei!” agreed Itadori.
            “Hey, no one’s said we’re going out yet,” said Kugisaki.
            “Kugisaki, listen closely.” Itadori grabbed her attention. “At Splendid Sushi…the sushi comes to you on a bullet train.”
            Splendid Sushi made quite a bit of money that night.
            “Yes, yes, understood!” Ijichi bowed even though he was on the phone. “Thank you very much. Yes.”
            His charges watched curiously.
            “What’s the matter?” asked Ijichi, hanging up.
            “You bow while on the phone,” said Kugisaki.
            Ijichi chuckled nervously. “I just get so wrapped up in creating the feeling of ‘I’m on the phone!’ while on a call…”
            “I get it,” said Kugisaki, nodding seriously, “I’ve hurt my neck several times dealing with ingrown hairs while depilating. Of course, I’ve hurt my pores, too.”
            “Is that really the same?” commented Itadori.
            (Y/N) was just confused.
            “You’re often irritated when you’re on the phone, Fushiguro,” said Itadori, “And (L/N), you don’t call at all. You text more.”
            (Y/N) nodded. She was on the quiet side, so texting was easier and more to her style (plus people would know she was paying attention).
            “That’s because of Gojo-sensei, not the phone,” responded Megumi.
            “You often wander around when you’re on the phone, Itadori,” remarked Kugisaki.
            “Speaking of phones,” said Ijichi, “can you all stay on the call while holding the phone against your shoulder?” He demonstrated.
            (Y/N): Check
            Megumi: Check
            Itadori: Check
            Kugisaki: Dropped her phone.
            “You stink.”
            “I don’t stink!” protested Panda.
            “You stink,” repeated Maki.
            “I don’t stink!” shouted Panda. He flopped onto the ground. “Why are you treating me like an animal?”
            “Because you’re a panda,” said Maki, deadpanning.
            “Mustard leaf.”
            “You smell like an animal.” Maki looked at Inumaki. “I keep telling you to take a bath, and you never do.”
            “I don’t like getting wet,” said Panda, pouting. “But unlike you guys, I don’t sweat, and I Febreze every day. So I don’t stink.”
            To make a point, Maki took Panda to the Megumi, (Y/N), and Kugisaki. “So that’s what happened. You guys try taking a whiff.”
            The three first-years leaned in and sniffed.
            “Doesn’t really stink,” said Megumi.
            “Sunshine,” commented (Y/N).
            “One, two, three, four…” Miku warmed up with Geto and Mahito as Jogo’s head lay in the sand.
            “What are you doing?” he asked.
            “Brazilian calisthenics! I learned them when I traveled to Brazil for some tropical storms,” said Miku. She stopped and frowned. “I think I destroyed the studio where I learned.”
            Mahito laughed. “Well, we’re all warmed up now.”
            “Yeah,” agreed Geto.
            “What are you three planning to do?” asked Jogo, straining to look up at them.
            Mahito kicked the volcanic curse’s head like a soccer ball. He, Geto, and Miku passed their “ball” back and forth towards a goal where Hanami was waiting as goalie.
            “Geto-kun,” chirped Mahito, passing Jogo to him.
            “Shoot!” Geto kicked the ball towards the goal, but Hanami blocked Jogo, sending it back to him. “Miku-kun!” He passed the ball to her.
            In a dramatic jump, Miku flipped upside-down and bicycle-kicked Jogo into the goal. “Score!” she yelled excitedly.
            “Fushiguro, (Y/N), have you seen my uniform jacket?” asked Nobara. She was just wearing shorts and her white button-down.
            (Y/N) shook her head.
            “No, I haven’t,” said Megumi.
            “That’s weird,” muttered Nobara, frowning. “I left it right here…Oh, Panda-senpai!” She noticed the panda. “Have you seen my uniform?”
            Panda was wearing a very small jacket. “I haven’t seen it.”
            (Y/N) sucked in her cheeks and looked, wide-eyed, at Nobara to watch her reaction.
            “Really?” Nobara moved towards Panda with creepy, blank eyes. She raised her hammer. “I wonder where it could have gone.” She slammed him across the head. While he lay on the ground from the blow, Nobara muttered darkly, “Hey, my skirt’s not here, either. That’s a line that can’t be crossed.”
            “Mustard leaf!” Inumaki threw open the classroom door. He was wearing a long skirt. “Bonito flakes!” he exclaimed as Nobara punched him in the head.
            She pulled the skirt off. “Jeez, you’re both trash.”
            “This image is crazy,” said Megumi.
            “Is that a guy thing?” asked (Y/N) to Megumi.
            “No, they’re just weird,” said Megumi, “There’s a reason I only respect Okkotsu-senpai.”
            “Huh? This is Maki-san’s,” realized Nobara.
            I wonder where her skirt is. Until then… (Y/N) watched as Maki, also without a skirt, appeared and began chasing Inumaki.
What kind of person is your type?
            (Y/N) tilted her head while thinking. Finally, a soft smile graced her features. “Someone who fights to help others and is kind. Someone who I can feel comfortable, safe, and content around.”
Dog or cat?
(Y/N) answered instantly, “Dogs.” She smiled to herself. “They can tell who’s good and bad, but they still like me.”
Are you a rice or bread person?
“I like rice because there is so much flavor you can add in different ways,” answered (Y/N).
Interview with (L/N) (Y/N), first baseman, concluded.
Inumaki Toge ordered her to sleep once, and it was her best sleep. She is too nervous to ask him to do it again.
            “Help! It’s a purse snatcher!” cried a young woman.
            Itadori, Nobara, and (Y/N) grabbed the man and held him back while Megumi returned her purse.
            “I run a Chinese restaurant,” said the thankful woman, “Allow me to treat you as thanks.”
            “We couldn’t! Are you sure?! Thank you so much! I’ll gladly eat!” Itadori and Nobara quickly agreed with false humbleness sprinkled in.
            Snacks are nice, thought (Y/N).
            The woman escorted them into her restaurant and sat them down. She began to prepare their food while talking. “This restaurant has lasted four generations. That was supposed to end with my father, but I insisted and kept it running. I wanted to keep this restaurant, this flavor, around.”
            Nobara and Itadori sighed with the whimsy romance of the story.
            Do people normally spill their life stories to each other? wondered (Y/N).
            The woman placed the food down. “Sorry for the wait. Here’s our pride and joy, the gyoza meal passed down for generations.”
            The teenagers ate but declined seconds. The same thought went through all of their minds: ew.
            It was a blistering day, and (Y/N) sat beneath a tree with Gojo and Nobara, who were both exhausted from the heat.
            “Sensei! Kugisaki! (L/N)!” shouted Itadori, running up.
            “It’s too hot for your craziness,” groaned Nobara.
            “Fushiguro’s getting hit on!” yelled Itadori.
            (Y/N)’s eyes widened, and her heart clenched. In an instant, she had the others were running to where Megumi stood speaking to a girl. “Wait, what am I supposed to do?”
            “Act like a betrayed lover!” chirped Nobara. She was excited to see this since she knew (Y/N) liked Megumi.
            Betrayed lovers…I’ve seen those in the movies and soap operas Gojo watches. I can do that.
“Fushiguro-kyun!” Itadori and Nobara nearly tackled Megumi and began professing their sorrows over how he forgot them and their love.
            Annoyed, he shrugged them up but paused when (Y/N) appeared.
            Betrayed, betrayed, betrayed. (Y/N) looked up at his dark irises as her eyes shone with tears. “Megumi-chan…”
            Megumi’s eyes widened in surprise at how much (fake) emotion she was showing.
            “I can’t believe you left me all alone!” She grabbed his sleeve. “Did you forget our night beneath the moon? Was it so easy to forget me?” (Y/N) sobbed and flung a hand over her eyes dramatically. “You have broken my heart beyond repair!” She reached up and cupped his face. “Tell me that my feelings are reciprocated or I don’t know what I shall do!”
            Nobara and Itadori clapped quietly in the background at the performance. Megumi was caught between confusion, annoyance, concern about why (Y/N) was acting so strange, and a flustered state from the words coming from (Y/N).
            “Could you not touch him so casually, please, you homewrecker?!” Gojo stepped out with his eyes showing and jacket thrown over his shoulder like a model. “Megumi-chan has violin practice with me now. Let’s go home, Megumi-chan. Today I’ll have you master ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ ”
            “It’s okay,” said Megumi to the uncomfortable girl. “Don’t mind them. Just go ahead. The station’s straight ahead.”
            “Thank you so much.” The girl bowed and followed his directions.
            (Y/N) sweat-dropped. Well, that was embarrassing…
            “Okay, seriously. What is this? Could you stop? You’re embarrassing me.” Megumi had a dark look on his face. He turned for a moment to (Y/N) “Not you, you’re fine.”
            (Y/N) brightened and breathed a sigh of relief.
            “Hey!” protested Itadori and Nobara.
            Megumi glared at them. “You’ve gotten her involved in your craziness…I won’t forgive you.” He grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and walked away.
            “Sensei, what do we do now?” asked Itadori.
            “Aren’t we supposed to be working together?” questioned Nobara.
            Gojo continued posing while people gathered and began to take pictures.
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Watched jjk0 in theatres!
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why is he shaming people like this
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❝ 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 𝖎𝖘 𝖔𝖓 𝖒𝖞 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉𝖊𝖗𝖘, 𝖐𝖊𝖊𝖕 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖇𝖔𝖉𝖞 𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖓, 𝖘𝖜𝖎𝖒 ❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚠︎ Characters: Bf!Geto Suguru × afab!reader
⚠︎ Synopsis: When one of your friends complains about your boyfriend being super touchy with you (rather enviously), you feel embarrassed at the way your other friends poke fun at you, and you project the embarassment at him in the form of apprehensiveness, asking him not to touch you. Suguru being the sweet boyfriend he is, is kinda hurt and annoyed at you. One rainy morning, you're finally done with his "ignorance" and you decide you have to take matters into your own hands (legs) if you have to make it upto him.
⚠︎ Warnings: MDNI, edging, mean dom!Geto, cunnilingus, nipple play, thigh riding, some shitty friends, clitoral stimulation, f! masturbation, anal play and penetration, overstimulation, squirting, begging, mutual non-con, degradation (use of the word slut), jealousy, dirty talk, teasing, vaginal stimulation, orgasm.
⚠︎ Tags: @killtoji @otivez @4dtk @getosun @scandescent @beware-of-the-rogue + all my fellow Geto wh0res :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're a mess. A hot panting mess as a rivulet of sweat runs down your back. Legs overworked, face heated with the blood rush in your body. Struggling to hold your moans as your clit bumps against the thick muscles of his thigh and the friction of your damp panties.
You're going to burst any second. It's close, so close, so fucking close that it drives you crazy.
It wasn't even 7am yet. He'd been up early because of the raucous sounds of the rain and you'd sauntered between his legs after finding the space next to you cold, staring at him crossly.
When you press your lips to his for a long peck, he doesn't raise as much as a muscle. He sits like a handsome statue, closed-off and silent, only making eye contact with you.
Your only wish right now was orgasm, to coat his thighs and show him how much you wanted him. One more touch from him and you'd combust.
When Suguru Geto punished you, it was hell.
Hell in the best way.
It's raining, the tranquil but noisy sounds of rain hitting the ground, the roofs of houses nearby, plants and cars galore are drowned in your quest for release. And it didn't help how the cool air seemed to nip at your breasts. They tingled with each movement of your pelvis against his leg and one little touch to them, you'd spontaneously burst.
It has gotten too much.
The urge to touch yourself was arising, but you didn't want to make him any more angry than he already was. Squashing your thoughts didn't help in any way, not when his form slept so close to you, and everytime you wanted to apologize, to beg him to touch you, the look he gave from the corner of his eye was enough to deflate you.
Your moan is cut off when his hand is wrapped around your torso and his other arm clasps your waist, pulling impossibly closer than before, the friction against your needy, swollen clit almost blinding and you cry out mindlessly when your nipple catches his bare chest, his muscled arm pressed against your cleavage.
God, you were so small and trembling against him that it was almost pathetic.
He wants to laugh at you, prod at how needy you were without being touched. He refrains from doing so, afraid that you might close off from him again, mindful of your needs which are so difficult to voice out for you until you continue to brush against his thigh with babbles of "Suguru, Suguru please- Please, please please it aches it aches so much, I want to come for you-"
His ears perk up at that.
You wanted to please him.
You wanted to please him.
"Aren't you precious?"
He goes absolutely feral with the way your noises get significantly more high-pitched and consistent when he begins to dribble his leg, the one you were perched on, and the tremors in your body grow, like the shattering motions of an earthquake ready to disintegrate anything in its path at any second.
Your hips stop working, focusing on the wet pat, pat, pat of your sticky wetness humping against his clothed thigh.
It was so lewd.
But it didn't matter when his hands reaches out for your hips, holding you as he begins to move you himself, fed up of your struggle to move.
A shriek tears past your lips at the added pressure of his leg dribbling simultaneously, and the heavy weight of his palms on your hips sure to leave finger-like bruises when you're done.
The thought of it drove you to the edge and it no longer bothered you at how loud you were being. You're throwing an arm around him to brace yourself for your orgasm as you slowly career towards the edge of it. The burn of it never fades as you feel yourself, embarrassingly wet and soaking your panties as your whimper his name. Tension so thick that you feel like you're in a bubble of your own world, euphoria coursing through your veins as the sound of rain disappears into the background. All you're able to hear are the pleas of his name out of your mouth, his heavy breathing and the creaks of the sofa as he continues this manhandling.
He's cruel with the pace he sets over you, determined to completely unravel you, to strip you of your rational thinking before he sinks his cock inside your tight little hole, your sweet cunt staining his favourite pair of sweats.
His lips press a kiss to your shoulder, as you rest your head in the crook of his neck, completely giving up all control to him. You wouldn't mind even if he chose to continue this mistreatment of your body, overstimulating you to the point that a brush of your clit drove you crazy.
You're whining when he stops moving his legs and instead, begins to drag your hips over his leg in a push-pull motion.
"I haven't touched you in a week and this is how needy you get? Maybe I should do this more often."
You were going to reply to that, but all that came out of your mouth were soft cries and babbles from rough treatment.
"You wanna cum, baby?" He asks tauntingly.
His eyes are on the way you're shaking, mouth slack, panting each time your swollen clit pressed against his heated thigh, your pussy wet and clenching, nipples hard and erect as a layer of sheen sweat collected on your skin.
"Words, baby, use your words."
"More- more, Sugu- please- just let me cum-"
God, he's going to tease you about this later but you couldn't care less for now.
"Please- just let me cum- just once-"
A whimper of protest reaches his ears and he chuckles rudely as your moments are stopped.
"Do you need some help? Does my needy little princess need some help?"
"Yes please!- Please touch me! Just once!-"
Your voice is far from your controlled to a much more frenzied tone.
"Words, baby, use your fucking words. I can't hear you over the noises you're making."
"Suguru- I can't take it-"
Soft, wanton moans tumble out of your lips like a prayer, and he's never been satisfied more in his life; seeing you like this, the precious girl he'd fallen for, being so worked up like this just because he hadn't touched her for a week.
He made her like this.
A sweet, blubbering, wet little mess.
His mess.
"I'm sorry- I shouldn't have said t-that. I'm sorry- Ahn!"
A hard pinch to your nipple has you shrieking, and you're this close to crying.
He's breathing into your face, invading your personal space, and it's too much, too much of him, but it's not enough.
The raspiness of his voice makes your insides quake; the demand dark and threatening, unbridled tension thickening in the petrichor.
You'd missed a few of his words, but he didn't take very kindly to it.
"You heard me, sweetheart. Get rid of those panties. Hurry up now."
You're swallowing a whimper as you get off him, daring yourself to look at the stickiness you'd left on his thigh. A gulp traverses down your throat meeting his hooded, half-lidded eyes. Sexual vulnerability with him was a thrill, each gaze and touch had you reeling, it was the time of your life, and a ride you never wanted to end.
The thudding of your heart closes over the sound of rain as you pull off the damp material of your panties down your legs and before you could let it fall to the floor, he says,
"You'll need that."
You can only wonder what he would make you do with them as the haze of orgasm clouds you, open to all his suggestions. Clutching your panties tightly in your palm, you try not to rub your thighs together.
Suguru, of course, notices that.
"Hands to the wall, ass out. I want your cunt on my face."
If only you could combust on spot, you would.
With the hottest burn on your cheeks, you do what you were told to, and walk over to the nearest wall, the front of your body against the coolness stimulating you further as you stick your ass out for him.
"Legs open, slut. You weren't shy when you were using my leg earlier, were you?"
You have to bite down on your bottom lip to stop a whimper, closing your eyes in shame as your part your legs open for his eyes and his eyes only.
With your eyes tightly closed in anticipation, with craving, you're not ready for the hit of warm breaths against your cunt, which has you moving your hips as an involuntary reaction.
His tongue licks a broad stripe across your throbbing pussy when you least expect it; your body jerks away at the touch of wet muscle with a gasp but rough hands hook around your thighs and hold your down.
When did he even get under you?
The shock of damp warmth on your core has you shook, trembling as he draws circles, never letting his tongue touch your pulsating clit.
"Panties in your mouth. I don't want a single sound from you until you tell me that you're going to come."
Geto's voice is thick with barely concealed hunger and you're able to feel it though you weren't able to meet his eyes, probably blown wide with lust.
Heat crawls up your butt as he hands you your soiled underwear and you know better than to cross his words as you embarassedly do as you were told.
You taste yourself on your tongue and feel his tongue on you again- this time the licks are purposeful yet mellow, making you jolt in pleasure and bite down on the fabric restricting your hums.
He's back to swirling his tongue around your clit and to your absolute shock, he presses his face into your pussy, covering it with his whole mouth making you jolt up and rock into his face. If that wasn't enough, the tip of his nose nudged your quivering hole and his lips wrap around your clit, sucking rhythmically.
Your body has a mind of its own as you desperately grind your hips against his face, eyeballs rolling into your skull, cries slightly muffled by your panties. Mentally you're begging him, begging him to understand, to take pity on you, to let you come and be merciful to you.
Suguru does the exact opposite of that.
He makes out with your thigh, frustrating you further, but knew what he was exactly doing to you.
That's what he was doing.
You were shaking pitifully as he slowly pushed his tongue into your dripping hole, moaning throatily at your juices on his tongue, nuzzling his face into your cunt, greedy and starving.
The wet panties in your mouth was an obstruction. You couldn't moan freely and it felt like utter torture. To be so close to something but so far just because you couldn't moan or make a noise.
But Suguru's tone hid an underlying threat when he told you to keep your mouth shut. You wouldn't get to cum for another week if you went against his words.
You decided that keeping your mouth shut as best as you could was a better option than being touch-starved.
Oh, you could cum any second now, if he continued the way he was maneuvering his hot mouth on you. Cunt clenching hard everytime he pulled and pushed his tongue in and out, in and out.
A disappointed whine is covered by the sticky, slobbered fabric between your lips, being denied of the slowly rising orgasm. He gives a leisurely lick to you spasming cunt and sucks on your outer lips, collecting the mild juices that were beginning to gathering around it and running down your thighs.
Calloused hands grip your waist and bring your pussy close to his face until your butt is hanging over his face and your chest and face is completely crushed to the wall. Your squeak of surprise goes unheard as he relishes the syrupyness between your legs, as if that was the last meal he was granted.
Your hands bite into the flatness, shaking with the effort to keep still as you continue to moan around the cloth. His lithe fingers aid your clit as he slides two fingers around it and tugs the swollen length, dismembering the effort you were putting in to stay at your place as his tongue- his sinful tongue reaches for your aching pussy, groaning his approval.
It feels like your innards were set on fire as he strokes your walls in the way you like, slow and dragging, making you clench in agony. The sounds you were producing were incorrigible thanks to the cloth and you're only more surprised with what he says next.
"Remove those dirty panties and moan. Tell me what you did, where you went wrong and beg like the slut you are. Maybe- I'll let you come." The vibrations of his words penetrate into you, making your whimper.
You're all too quick to throw those darn panties to the side.
A sultry moan floats past your lips when he goes back to inflicting his infernal torture over your desperate body.
"I- I shouted at you for being so touchy w-with me" interrupted by a particularly hard thrust, "Because of my f-friends- because they called you clingy and touchy and I f-felt- ah-" another thrust, "e-embarrassed."
You squeal at the delirious haze occupying you as you admit the truth, the one you didn't want to convey because you didn't want to hurt him. The irritance built in your system came out as anger because of the petty jealousy your 'friends' harboured for you.
"I shouldn't have treated you like that- I- I'm sorry. S-sorry. N'er gon' treat you like that again. M'sorry. M'sorry- sorry. Don' wanna hurt you again- M'sorry."
Despite the delirium of the orgasm unraveling in you, you were guilty with the way you'd slurred out the words to him because of all the drinks you'd downed due to some upsetting comments. Just because your shitty friends hated how wonderful your boyfriend was.
But no one should get to influence you and your thinking.
That's what Suguru decided to teach you.
He noticed the frustrated tears in your eyes when he didn't kiss you good night or hold you. As much as Suguru decided that he should teach you a thing or two about holding your ground and not being bullied into a certain way of thinking, he was genuinely hurt too.
Afterall, it's said that a person only tells the truth when they're drunk.
The pleasure coursing through your body was unbearable.
Slurps of absolute relish and your moans and cries has him grip your thighs, trailing his fingers over and over as he eats you out with continual licks, sucks and nibbles.
"Please Geto- please. I'm going to-"
A loud groan rumbles from your voice box when inserts his tongue back into you, the thick velvety muscle moving inside you, stretching you, quakeing as he tugs your very sensitive clit.
Cool air blows over your overheated body, making you aware of the slick drying on your thighs and the warmth of his mouth and his forehead.
You're leaking all over his hand and wrist but he doesn't seem to care as you launch yourself into a chain of "fuck" mixed with "oh god, yes" and try your best to grind against his face and maintain your balance in the tantalizing position.
The finger on your clit trails behind, collecting the wetness oozing from you, trailing it around your other puckering hole, teasing it lightly and trying to enter it.
"No- no please- I can't take it- "
Pleas of "no no no" and "I can't- it's too much" fall on deaf ears as he pulls back to mutter,
"Yes you can."
Your lips open in silent need, eyes closing as he enters with ease. You're incapable of speaking, or voicing out the various feelings budding inside you, like a ticking time bomb.
"Please let me come, Sugu! Wanna come so bad-"
"If you wanna cum, then," his breath tickles the and you're moaning again, "do it yourself.", and you're shivering, shifting as your juices trail down your legs uncomfortably.
"If you cum on your own, only then will you be fucked. Or else, forget fucking, I won't even lay a single hand on you for another month."
Begrudgingly, you're nodding your head no, hating yourself for being so needy for his touch, his roaming hands, his experienced mouth on you, craving the same intensity with which he'd spend his own sweet time re-learning every inch and crevice of you.
His swollen lips suck on your folds, earnestly licking broad, warm stripes along your pussy, and he pulls back, leaving his middle finger in your hole.
"Touch yourself."
With one hand on the wall, you trail your hand to your pussy, heavy with the onset of release and the rush of blood to your groin, leaving you light-headed as you brush a finger over your clit, swirling it and sliding two of your fingers in anguish, your pussy taking them in almost immediately.
Your walls squeeze hard as you make attempts to push your fingers until you can reach your g-spot, but it's not Suguru's.
You settle for the sensations your small ones are able to provide and pay no mind to the obscene squelches of your hand moving inside you.
Huffs of breath and muffled cries reach Suguru's kneeling form as he takes in how your greedy pussy welcomes the intrusion of your struggling fingers.
It's shameful how you were gushing because of those poor, aimless strokes of your fingers. They could never fill you out like Suguru's did.
The need to come was in the forefront of your mind; and you'd do what you had to. Your fingers reach for your aching bundle of nerves, massaging them as your heated walls begin to contract.
You were already too far gone to realise that your juices were rushing down your thighs, and when a thick, concentrated drop of it falls onto the wooden flooring, staining it a darker, ebony brown, he absolutely loses it.
Your soft, damp fingers were slapped away and replaced with his own, manipulating all your three erogenous zones. He thrusts in his tongue instantaneously, and the calefaction rising in your belly spurts with his fingers tugging your slicked clit and pushing into your anus, your legs almost give out at the joint assault to your senses if not for Suguru's hand pressing into your stomach and bracing you to gain your standing.
You press yourself onto the wall for some balance, oversensitive nipples brushing the chilly wall as you ride his face. You're practically sobbing and quivering, pleading him to give you what you wanted.
"Please Sugu- C-can't anymore- nngh!-"
Mercy was one of Suguru's worst qualities, because he never gave any. Be it bed or battlefield, he'd go on till the end to make a point. One of the very qualities which drew Satoru in.
Geto Suguru had many strong suits, but mercy was not one of them.
In his ears, your apology was enough as the slurred words were weighed down with regret.
He decides his poor baby needed the release, you being an exception, as much as his sadistic side enjoyed this.
Your pelvic floor contracts almost violently amidst the way he parts both your ass cheeks and impales his tongue into you, forcing you to lean towards the wall, eyes shutting tight and painfully, huge black and white spots dance in your vision, causing you to spray all over his face, screaming your throat raw as it bounces off the walls accompanied by the sound of rain.
Overtaxed legs drop to the floor like dominoes, head lulling forward to the wall if not for a moistened palm catching it as you gasp out loud, weeping in relief and release.
Sinewy arms scoop you into a broad chest, a peck on the forehead going unregistered to your fucked out brain. Crisp sheets crowd your heated curves, cooling a side of your body.
The shuffle of clothes and his presence laying down on the bed alerts you a little, but not completely until your thighs are parted, warm precum sliding onto your skin as he lines up himself to your entrance.
"Tch. Don't run away now, I just got started sweetheart. I may be clingy, but at least I fuck you well."
Unlike your friends, but he doesn't need to add that.
You already know it.
Suguru Geto has many strong suits, but mercy was not one of them.
Turns out that you weren't an exception.
That's because the next few seconds, one of your legs were folded and pulled away on top of his, and his cock was already balls deep inside your unprepared cunt.
Tumblr media
© 2022 all rights to multistan-247 - don't copy or modify.
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brownielover666 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Toji: Whoops, guess I gotta sell my kid
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littleholmes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
rika serving as an access point to a personal cursed armory and just toting around weapons in the void is wild, but her casually offering them to yuta like snacks at the convenience store made me laugh
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jewwu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated
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somerfals · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuta Okkotsu
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randomjjk · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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niorrrr · 2 days ago
Some fanarts I have done about Hajime vs Hakari but they drift into madness as long as you scroll down.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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izukuisbaby · a month ago
Anon that asked if the smau requests for jjk were open here !
Weeeee amazing amazing thanks ! So then, perhaps the jjk men reacting to you asking them to pretend to be your boyfriend ? 👀 (like- you're getting hit on somewhere and need some help ?)
~ simp anon
hello simp anon ! I hope u like this ♡ I loooooved this request sm
੭ु⁾🌿 jjk me pretending to be your boyfriend
୭ includes : gojo satoru, itadori yuuji, toji fushiguro, nanami kento, megumi fushiguro, sukuna ryomen
m.list | rules
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@izukuisbaby reblogs and comments are appreciated and encouraged ! although do not copy, modify, translate, reposr and claim my work as your own 。・゚・🍇🌿
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tojikai · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Toji x Reader
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut
Warnings: explicit smut, pussy spanking, fingering, overstimulation, squirting
Tumblr media
Toji took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie before pulling you to sit on one of his thighs. He pulls your legs apart, rubbing you through your panties as he kisses your jaw.
"Were you waiting all day for me? In panties and my shirt?" His deep voice whispers in your ear as a wet spot forms in your baby pink panties.
Toji pulls the shirt up, exposing your breasts and hardened nipples. You put one arm around his broad shoulders to support yourself as his free hand circles around you to reach for your pointed beads and play with them, making you moan as he peppers your cheeks with kisses.
"What if someone visited? What if someone dropped by? You let them see you in this, huh?" He growled in your ear, grabbing your breast and landing a slap on your drooling cunt.
You squealed and moaned at the contact. Despite the pain, the pleasure that came with it made you grind yourself on his palm as he tweaked your nipples.
He pulled your panties off, making you slightly lift your hips off his thick, muscular thighs. You sat back down, returning to your previous position and automatically opening your legs as wide as possible for him.
"You're being such a good girl. I wonder why..." He chuckled, tapping on your clit. You whimpered, seeing strings of your slick sticking to his fingers as he patted your sweet cunt.
"Fuck..." You sighed, looking at him with needy eyes. He caught your lips, humming at its warmth before letting his tongue explore your mouth. You were so lost in his kisses, caressing the side of his face as he rolled your nipples between his calloused fingers.
"Let's see..." He panted in your ear before looking down at his fingers as they spread your pussy lips as wide as possible. The cold air made you mewl, and the way he was staring at your wetness made you hide your face in his chest.
"Oh, you're getting shy, now?" He teased before putting his fingers in his mouth. You automatically opened yours, knowing that he'll have you suck on them before plunging it to your hole.
"Toji..." You moaned as he inserted a finger in you, slowly as if testing the waters. He looked over to your face, but your eyes were fixated on his long digit slowly going in and out of you. You sighed as you relaxed on his thigh, holding your legs open.
One of his large hands massages your breasts, tugging on your nipples. Your eyes fluttered shut, furrowing your brow to savor the feeling. Only your soft and breathy moans and occasional hums from him could be heard inside the room. You bit your lip as he inserted another finger, locking eyes with him as he slipped it in.
However, your quiet whimpers slowly turned to moans, notes raising every second as he curled his fingers, hitting your spot. He chuckled at you as his pace sped up. You squirmed on his lap and grabbed at his remaining clothes.
"Fuck... slow down, g-gonna cum." You cried as he only smirked at you, his eyes never leaving your wide ones. Your toes curled as his fingers continued to abuse your hole.
"You gonna cum? Gonna squirt on my fingers? Gonna put on a show for me, hm?" His fingers are knuckles deep in you while he whispers in your ear. His lips touched your earlobe as you rolled your hips on his finger, eyes rolling back.
"Yes, yes, yes," You answered, your voice fading as you focused on the movements of his digits inside you. He pressed his thumb on your swollen nub, making you gasp loudly.
"Oh, fuck...fuck, Toji!" You sobbed his name as you felt the waves of pleasure take over your body. Your thighs were trembling, and your walls convulse as you cream around his thick fingers.
You tried to push his hand away, but he relentlessly continued to thrust his fingers in your sensitive cunt, making you cry out in pleasure and overstimulation.
"Squirt." He ordered you, whispering in your ear with a clenched jaw.
"Make a mess f'me, pretty girl. Come on." He continuously shoved his fingers in your heat, his brutal pace making you arch your back. Tears stained your cheeks as you felt another wave of orgasm, more intense than the previous one. Your sobs soon turned to screams as your dam bursts, wetting the carpet in front of you and Toji's pants.
"Yes, that's it. Let it out, baby." He encourages you, pulling out his fingers to mercilessly rub your throbbing clit, making you gush harder. He pulled you for a kiss as he slowed down, his tongue coiling with yours as he groaned in your mouth, rubbing you down on his growing erection.
You were a sobbing mess when he stopped. Your whole body was shuddering as you gripped his forearm. He moved your arm and sucked your hard nipples, humming as he nibbled on them. The muscles of your thighs were quivering, and your abused hole was twitching.
"Are you ready, now?" He lifted you as he stood up. You looked up at him with your lips parted and still panting. He laughed at your reaction before kissing your temple and leaning to your ear.
"That's just a warm up."
Tumblr media
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skzwhoree · 2 months ago
Such A Mess for me.
Tumblr media
oWohi, sorry i was gone for quite a bit lol.
Here's something i wrote just for fun. @nifujinao
Genre- Smut
Content- Professor!toji, Dom!toji, Student!Freader, manspreading! kink,slight degradation, slight praising, cum!eating ??? idk lol, lmk if i missed on anything.
Word count- 0.7k
Pairing- Professor!toji x Student!freader (reader is 19+ and toji is 30+)
i have listed the content warnings, interact at your own discretion.
Toji was a nice man. A nice man indeed. He was also your history prof. You never missed any of his classes, college was difficult, and Toji’s class was the only thing that was keeping you go on. He was an eye candy, his facial features, his straight black hair that you could only dream of touching. His body, the muscles that peeked through his tight shirt, he was tall, long legs but oh his thighs, the way he sat. his legs apart, man-spreading and one of his hands on his thigh. He wore glasses, and once a student asked him if his glasses fogged up when he kissed anyone,
“No, not at all, I always remember to remove my glasses slowly while kissing, it makes me look hot” was his simple reply with a nervous giggle, you hated that the student embarrassed Toji, but couldn’t help the vision of of Toji, kissing and removing his glasses while he grabs your waist from clouding your head.
What you hated even more, was that he was transferring you to his senior’s class, a 52 year old man, utterly boring.
“But why??”
“It is a good opportunity y/n, you are too good for my class, I can’t see you wasting your potential.”
You had no other choice. So you purposefully failed Toji’s class. He noticed of course, and he was not okay. He had to stop your transfer to the history Major class, and he called you to his office.
You knock softly on the glass door of his office. You had a hoodie and shorts on. Only a hoodie and shorts on. “Come in” his voice was stern.
“Did you call me?” he nods once and gestures you to close the door. “You have failed my class miserably, not even the bare minimum, your grades are zero, and I know this is not just lack of knowledge, this is intentional. You knew all the answers and wrote the opposite of it. Now that you are here, Can I ask you y/n, why did you do so?”
“I don’t know, maybe I need to attend your classes more…” “Bullshit, do you know how this affects my reputation and my job? I am answerable for every failed student, I might lose my job!” He was angry clearly, and his anger was hot. He looked so hot.
But he was also scary, his face was very serious and his eyes were on you, scanning every inch of your face, your body. “Well, I figured there is some purpose behind this action, what do you want?” he actions you to get up and come on his side of the desk. “sit here” he pats his thighs.
You’re not sure if what you heard and saw was real until, he says, “sit on my lap, I know what you want” It was clear, Toji’s anger was now visible lust. He had you on his lap and his fingers in your shorts within a second. His other hand trailing the skin inside your hoodie, your bare chest.
Your back arches from the pleasure he gives you, his thumb circling your clit and two of this digits thrusting in and out of your cunt. You get wetter by the second, he sucks blue marks on your neck, his free hand sliding down to squeeze your thigh, he pulls your body toward him and holds you tightly, “look at you, sitting on your teacher’s lap, acting like a desperate whore” “you like that, want me to go deeper?” “you look so pretty on me like this little girl” “want me to let you cum?”
You moan and he laughs, “cum for me baby”
Your cum covers his fingers, your breath gets heavier, and he pulls out his hand from your now wet shorts. As you’re about to speak, he stuffs his fingers in your mouth, “sh sh, don’t ask for more, you got me angry so one orgasm is all you get, be a good girl and I might show you more, now cover that wet patch on your shorts, you look like a whore.” Toji’s fixes the wrinkles on his pants and crooks an eyebrow at the spot on his pants. “such a mess for me tsk tsk”.
lol bye hehehehehe<3
Update!!!!! : Find Part 2 here
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zeke-best · 3 months ago
Yuta from jujutsu kaisen movie 0 is so cute
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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multistan-247 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters: Bf!Toji × Fem!reader
Synopsis: Toji loves your pretty pussy.
Tags: MDNI, Cunninglingus, thigh gripping, manhandling (a lil bit), overstimulation, praise, squirting, just Toji being pussydrunk and horny again~
🏷️: @novaresque @4dtk @mid-night-blossoms @venussins @rinny-babe @no-name-jack @cosmicyeager
Tumblr media
He's been at this for a while now.
Ever since Toji slid his hands up your thighs, smirking when learnt the absence of your panties, his chuckle in your ears makes you shudder.
"An open invite for me, huh sweetheart? Well, who am I to say no to that?"
So when you found yourself laying on the cold kitchen counter, bare for his eyes to feast upon, a blush streaks the plum of your cheeks. His eyes soften when they catch you blushing, but the predatory look never fades.
He hums and buries his raven head between your thighs, immediately gaining moans from you as his mouth greedily takes what he wanted.
"I eat pussy for myself."
He'd said, the first time he ate you out.
Loud slurping sounds, provocative and loud, now fill the kitchen as the aroma of freshly made coffee and toast linger in the air.
You mewl, tugging at his free raven locks and your thighs threaten to close around his head.
Toji was a starved man, finally finding his elixir of life between your thighs, his own personal heaven. Your moans grow high-pitched when he slowly drives his tongue into your pussy, drawing the beginning of an orgasm from you.
His slurps become louder; filthier.
Your nipples tighten, and he notices the effect of his actions in your bodily reactions.
"Toji- Toji- please- please-"
"Shhh, little girl. You're distracting me." He says in a reprimanding tone and hooks his brawny arms under your thighs, pulling you impossibly close to his greedy mouth.
"Ha- Toji!"
He doesn't stop at all.
You feel the peak of your orgasm unraveling quickly, but steadily, reducing all your moans into mewls of his name and tug at your nipples.
He suddenly lets go of you, shock registering into your body when he slides his hands up your back, supporting your lower half and one around your neck, lifting you quite effortlessly, the position allowing him a lot more access to your pretty pussy as you squeal and your thighs twitch.
Toji's head is sandwiched between your thighs and he couldn't be more happier.
"I love your pussy. So wet and complaint for me."
He groans, the vibrations arousing goosebumps on your hypersensitive body and then, his swollen lips suck on your clit so hard, your vision is reduced to black spots and then you come, his tongue going back to dive into your hole, not wasting a single drop of your juices.
"Fuck. You squirted."
He says, rising up from between your legs, the emerald green of his eyes blown wide with the lust occupying him.
His mouth is red, coated in a sheen layer of your transparent juices and he darts out his tongue to lick it; and you groan, hiding your burning face behind your hands.
"You're so filthy." You tell him as you sit up, and he laughs, throwing his head back and eyes scrunching.
"Only for you, darling."
"Gimme my shirt. I'm cold and hungry." You pout, the coldness of the granite slab chilling you despite your previous activity.
"Nuh-uh. I'm hungry for your pussy. Breakfast can wait." He growls, sending another spark of desire to your belly.
You don't have the opportunity to protest when he picks you up and makes his way to your shared room.
The neighbours hate the both of you for sure.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
© 2022 all rights to multistan-247 - don't copy or modify.
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ghostbl00 · a month ago
Tumblr media
yeah no excuse for this, just wanted to draw geto lol
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