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DESCRIPTION// hungry demons have to eat, no matter the circumstances, and there’s one thing in particular that demons love. . . pussy.
PAIRING// incubus!gojo x gn!afab!reader
WC// 4k+
CW// noncon to dubcon, monsterfucking (like fr monstercock), aphrodisiacs (in the form of demon spit), a lot of spit, somnophilia, mentioned peeping, mentioned stalking, oral (f.), huge size kink (like fr gojo is the buffest 7ft tall incubus ever), a splash of predator/prey, gojo calls reader “sweetheart” but it’s kinda condescendingly, mentions of pain (bc of his big fat demon cock <3), tip fucking, multiple orgasms (f.), mating press, ass play, clit play, hints of obsessive//possessive gojo, squirting, mentions of fucking in his actual demon form, creampie
NOTE// a huge thank you to @svgarslut for beta-ing this for me. ur the best, angel! but a lil reminder that the new tag ban makes it harder for creators to share their work. please consider reblogging this if you liked it!
Tumblr media
“I’ll never know how they sleep through this, but I suppose I should just be thankful… They get far too antsy when they wake up..”
Those were the words that slipped out of his mouth before his long, forked tongue reached out to swipe through your folds and across your clit. The movements were rough, only acting as a means to spread his spit thoroughly between the lips of your cunt.
It would only take a moment for it to kick in, and soon the aching feeling of desire would spread through your body at an accelerated rate. In the meantime, he would sit and admire your body as you slept.
He had kept an eye on you for some time now, appearing in your room from time to time. You were interesting, almost peculiar to the demon. You basically dripped with the scent of arousal. Despite the massive amount of arousal he constantly sensed from you, you never seemed to relieve it through the likes of sex. Unlike other humans, who immediately quenched their lustful likes through another human, you preferred to toy with your pussy by yourself.
He found it quite endearing, because it was almost as if the other humans were too good for you, like you were repulsed by the idea of a human running their fingers across your skin the same way your own did.
It was something he liked about you. It was like subconsciously you were yearning for something more, something only he could provide you.
That’s what he’d told himself as he crawled onto the foot of your bed. 
Long, claws drug down the fabric of your underwear, tearing it due to the sheer sharpness of his claw. Tossing them aside, he leaned down to your cunt, taking a moment to take in a lungful of your smell. It was pure, not tainted by the smell of another human. 
He could faintly smell the arousal that had pooled between your legs earlier. His eyes closed and his forehead rested just above your pussy as he took his time breathing in your scent. He could feel his cock begin to stir, ready to finally devour the human he’d been watching for months now. 
He couldn’t take it anymore. He’d starved himself for a few days, making sure that he’d be able to feed on you with an empty stomach… but even he’s got limits. If he didn’t get his fix soon, he’d transform back into his original body.. A body not too enjoyable for humans.
Dragging his tongue across your cunt again, he could notice the changes already. Arousal had already started drooling from your cunt, unconsciously preparing yourself for the large intrusion that awaited you. It was sweet, nearly melting his tongue as he lapped at your needy hole.
Teasing the entrance of your cunt, he began to slowly thrust his tongue against your entrance.  You’d need a bit of preparation if you intended on taking him. He’d watched you various times, only stretching yourself out with small, human fingers.. At that rate, you’d be sobbing and trying to quit at the tip alone and that wouldn’t do.
Pushing the tip of his tongue past the tight ring of muscle, his eyes fluttered closed. Instinctively your cunt began to flutter softly around him. He could only imagine the way you’d cunt spasm around him as he forced himself deep inside your human cunt. With each bit of his tongue, he stretched you out, feeling satisfaction at the way you began to stir on the bed.
Pointing his tongue upward, he slowly began to massage your g-spot. While he could easily start feeding on the arousal that’s pouring from your body, he wanted more from you. He was going to make starving himself worth the torment.
Your hips began to shift under him as more and more arousal seeped from your dripping hole. It was beyond messy now, dripping past your asshole and onto the bed. He continued his assault on your clit, swiping the tip of his nose across your clit.
Large hands gripped your thighs, claws digging deep in the flesh. You were so fucking sweet, he swore that the taste of your cunt alone could drive him mad. Everything about you had him wanting more, needing more, no matter the consequences. 
He could feel your cunt flutter around him violently as you came around his thick, forked tongue. The orgasm was powerful, and it had your body tensing in ways that were almost uncomfortable. Somewhere in the midst of your orgasm, your eyes shot wide open.
You immediately took in the thing that was in between your legs, with its tongue stuffed in your pussy. It’s obvious he wasn’t human, but he looked something like one. His frame was nothing short of huge, towering over you even while hunched over. Every inch of him was muscular. At the top of his head sat two thick, pointed horns. Your eyes flickered to your thighs, where his claws dug deeply into you.
 Paralyzed with fear, all you could focus on was the way your cunt felt unbearably stretched and full. What’s even worse though, is the fact that it felt… good. Even in this state, you could feel the rush of pleasure each time he pressed against your g-spot. You squeezed your eyes shut as your traitorous cunt throbbed with arousal once again.
“What are you doing to me?” Your words were soft, barely audible as your body began to tremble in place. 
You watched in horror as his head moved back, pulling inch after inch of tongue out of your cunt.
“Well, obviously ‘m eating, sweetheart.” His thumb swiped across his bottom lip to collect some of your arousal, before he sucked the juices off with his tongue.
Your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach when you recognized his voice- the same voice you’ve been hearing in the wet dreams you’ve been having.
“H-How do you..”
“How do I get into your head? It’s easy, even easier when you’re asleep.” The voice, his voice, was inside your head.
Filled with adrenaline, your body darted to get out of the bed. Unfortunately, he was far faster. In a blink of an eye, you were pinned under his large frame.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you… I love it when they run.” He caught your earlobe in between his teeth, tugging it ever so slightly. You were shocked when your body immediately reacted to the stimulus, hips bucking up and cunt clenching instinctively. 
You felt yourself tense up when he took a deep breath against your neck. A deep, animalistic growl ripped through his throat as he felt his urge to feed begin to become unbearable. He was close to losing control over his form, but he fought hard.
His nose drug across your face before quickly leaving a kiss on the corner of your lips. It was painfully obvious that you still hadn’t completely succumbed to him yet. That’s okay, you only needed a little more and you’d be pliant and needy for him.
His lips moved to your own, kissing you teasingly. With each slow, wet kiss against your lips, you became more and more relaxed. How could you not, especially when he was releasing another aphrodisiactic hormone? After a few moments, his tongue slithered in your mouth. Silly human, now you were really done for. 
He pulled away with a deep smirk. Immediately, you felt it. You felt an insane amount of arousal flooding through your body. Every inch of you felt like it was on fire. Your cunt was weeping slick and desperately throbbing with neglect. 
“Make it stop! Make it stop, please!” 
With every passing second, you could feel it growing more and more intense. You felt like you were going to explode if the feeling didn’t stop. You were so desperate, you would do anything if it meant making the feeling go away.
“There’s only one way to make it stop.” As if to prove his point, he ground his hips against your cunt. As soon as he made contact with your body, you felt an electric shock of pleasure course through you. It felt so good that it pulled a pornagraphic moan from your throat.
Your mental debate was short, almost nonexistent. You needed this feeling to stop, that was non-negotiable. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew you should be putting up a fight, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You needed it to stop, anything to make it stop.
“Say it, little one, tell me that you need me and i’ll make it all stop,”
It was barely audible, but your sweet plea of help was heard by the incubus. 
FInally, he’d be able to feed on his most desired human.
Sitting back on his knees, his cock was quickly freed from the confines of his pants. Even in this state, your body began to quake at the sight of his cock. To say it was the biggest cock you’d ever seen would be an understatement. It easily hung at nine or ten inches, so thick that you’d need both hands to wrap around it. 
That’s not what shocked you the most. No, not even close. It was the way that his cock was adorned with prominent ribs along the base of his cock, leading up to the thickest cockhead imaginable. It hung in all its glory, weighed down by the sheer weight of it.
Even in your state of lust, you couldn’t help but wonder how it was going to fit inside your body.
As if he was trying to make it worse, he sat his cock on your stomach. “Even I’m wondering if it’ll fit. What do you think, baby?”
He pressed the thick head of his cock in between the lips of your cunt, slowly swiping it through your sticky folds a few times. Even from his perspective, it truly looked like it’d never fit. Have no fear, though, Gojo is sure to make it fit. He’s waited far too long for this opportunity to let it slip through his fingers..
He’s sure he should use his fingers to stretch you out first, it would be the humane thing to do, but his hunger has become absolutely insatiable. He needs to feed now or he’ll lose his control. 
He rests the fat head of his cock against your opening, just barely applying pressure to your cunt.
You glance up at him through your lashes. If “fuck me” eyes were a thing, they’d look like this.
He’s almost sorry when he begins pushing his cock in, knowing how fragile human bodies can be. He’s entranced as he watches your cunt begrudgingly stretch to accommodate his fat cockhead. It hurts, even with all the slick dripping from your cunt. Your back arches off the bed as you try to pull your hips away from him slightly. 
It almost amuses Gojo as you try to run away from his cock, but instead it irritates him. 
The upper half of his body towers over you when he leans down to whisper in your ear. In the moment, you feel trapped under him. There’s absolutely nowhere that you could even think to run to. You can’t lie though, a sick part of you enjoys it.
“Thought I told you I like it when they run… Silly human.”
With that, he forcefully presses his hips closer to yours. The action forces the fat tip past your entrance. The breath feels like it’s been knocked out of you at the action. It’s big, so fucking big. Your cunt pitifully flutters around the tip, instinctively trying to force it out of your body. 
You begin to quiver underneath him from only the tip alone, something that fills him up with pride. With a quick glance down to your cunt, he feels like he’s gonna pass out. The sight of your pussy stretched around his tip leaves his cock violently throbbing for more. 
When he draws his hips back the first time, you let out a sigh of relief. It’s quickly replaced with a moan when you feel the tip of his cock bully its way back into your cunt. It doesn’t hurt as much this time, in fact, it almost feels pleasurable. 
He continues this pattern for a few moments, head resting in the crook of his neck as he slowly feeds off your increasing arousal. It’s sweet, like liquid sugar. He craves more, desperately, but he wants to pace himself a little bit. He wants to make you ache for him like he’s ached for you.
His mouth meets yours once more, tongues intertwining as he continues to shallowly thrust into you.
Another heavy wave of arousal courses through you, and you know he’s caused it but you don’t care. At this point, all you want is relief. You shallowly buck your hips up to meet him, whining against his lips in need. You can feel the smirk on his face as he continues to kiss you.
Your clit begins to throb, and suddenly you’re cumming around his cock. It has your hands wrapping around his back, clawing at the skin in pleasure. It’s good, possibly the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your life. The relief feels almost instant, and it feels like your mind has gone completely blank from pleasure.
You’re almost there, he thinks. You just need a little more.
His mouth moves to your neck, leaving dark marks on the skin. 
A big, clawed hand reaches up to your breast, tugging at your nipple slightly. Your back arches into his touch, forcing more of the flesh inside his hand. A broken moan rips through your throat as you feel him roll the perked bud in between two of his claws.
He’s teasing you, hoping that you’ll finally decide you can’t take anymore teasing. 
It’s barely audible, and even he’s not sure if he heard it clearly.
“What was that? You’ll need to be a little louder.” The smirk is evident in his voice, but you can’t seem to care.
“Please. More. ‘Need more.”
His eyes squeeze shut as he fights the demonic urge to tear you apart right then. He has to be careful with you, he reminds himself.
You gasp when you feel him press a few inches deep inside your cunt. You can feel yourself stretching even more to accommodate the girth of his cock. You let out a pitiful sound when you feel something pressing deliciously against the walls of your body. It’s almost like… ridges? 
Gaining the courage to look between your legs, you bite your lip nervously. You see over half of his textured cock still remains outside your body. The ridges look intimidating. It if weren’t for the way they ghosted over your g-spot deliciously, you’d likely try to stop him from pushing any more into you.
“You like what you see?” His voice is thick and sultry as he speaks, immediately causing your cunt to squeeze him once more. 
“Yeah, baby, I know.” 
Your head dramatically drops back onto the pillow as you dig your nails into him once again.
It’s too much, but not enough at the same time. 
Suddenly, the wind is knocked out of you when he thrusts particularly hard. At this point, he’s focused on stretching you out so you can take as much of him as possible. 
With each passing thrust, he gets deeper and deeper inside you until he’s pressed against your cervix. 
You don’t have to look down to know he’s still not all the way inside you. You know that there’s easily still another two or three inches that remain outside your cunt. You’re thankful he doesn’t try to force it inside you, instead choosing to pleasure himself like this.
You think it’ll be easy, until you feel his hands hook under your knees and push them to your chest.
He takes in your stunned expression, smirking down at you as you begin to quake in anticipation. If you’d thought any of this was good up until this point, you were in for a rude awakening.
The first, rough snap of his hips has you trying to squeeze your thighs shut in pleasure. It feels so good. No toy has ever made you feel so full, or rubbed against your walls like this. Squeezing your eyes shut, all you could focus on was the pleasure. 
Every inch of your skin felt like it was on fire, throbbing in desire. 
With each harsh thrust, he was slowly feeding. With each little bit, he was able to fuck you harder- fuck you even rougher than before. He could feel himself getting high off the pleasure, and he was in heaven. Well… as close to heaven as a demon could get.
He concludes that every moment of starving himself had been worth it. There was something about you that drove him crazy. Maybe it’s because he’s been watching you for so long. Maybe it’s because you weren’t tainted with another filthy human. Whatever the reason, he didn’t care. You were his to keep.
Under him, you were fucked dumb. The only thoughts flowing through your mind were “more.” 
Stupid little human, didn’t you know that anymore would break you? Of course not, how could you after all he’s done to you– filling that pretty little head of yours with him… only him.
He fought the urge to chuckle. You really must’ve been stupid. You could hardly speak, and yet you’re begging for more? Fine, but don’t say he didn’t try to warn you.
Your body slightly jumped when you felt something glide across your asshole. You could faintly tell that both of his arms were still caging you under him, but you didn’t care at this point. All that mattered is that it felt good.
His tail continued to circle the entrance of your ass, threatening to push past the entrance occasionally. 
Your body jerked again when you felt something sharp swipe across your clit. Cracking your eyes open, you nearly screamed. His tail… was caressing your clit… and ass.
You barely mumbled out a broken whisper of “how?” Wordlessly you watched not one, but two forked ends of his tail swish teasingly behind his back. 
Your reaction is cute. It’s almost like you want to be horrified, but can’t find the strength in you to be. He likes this. No, scratch that. He loves this. Finally seeing his little human so desperate for him, desperate like he’s been. It’s almost as good as fucking you. Almost…
Your eyes plead him for release, a release that’s much needed. Leaning in, he places a kiss against your temple. The simple action grounds you, bringing you back to him. Shaky hands reach up to his face, pulling him back to your lips. The mood in the room immediately shifts.
Something akin to raw passion flows between the two of you. 
You’re not really sure what causes the change but you can’t bring yourself to care. All you want at this moment is him. You want everything he has to offer, even if it destroys you in the process.
He’s in your mind, hearing every incoherent thought of yours- all the thoughts about him. 
He’ll give you everything you want and more, anything for his little human.
One forked end of his tail makes its way back down to your clit, flicking the sensitive area with the sharp tip. With every few flicks, your body jumps at the sensitivity. It feels good, better than anything you usually put on your clit, but it’s still a lot. 
You can feel the knot in your stomach, signaling how close you are to your orgasm. Your legs begin to quiver in anticipation, shaking in his hold. He enjoys the sight, that much is undeniable. Something about watching you shake in utter pleasure drives him crazy.
He’s caught off guard when he feels your feeble attempt to pull his upper body into you, but he humors you. With the new position, his chest brushes against your nipples with each heavy thrust. A demonic groan is ripped out of his throat when he feels your hands wrap around his horns.
Immediately, it’s like a switch flips in him. The almost passionate demon above you is gone, replaced with someone much hungrier. Unfortunately for you, you’re the only thing that can satiate that hunger.
His hips slam into you violently, forcing you to take each agonizing inch of him. The sound is absolutely filthy, borderline embarrassing. Each thrust is wet and sloppy, almost reverberating through the room. You know you should be embarrassed by the way strings of arousal connect the two of you, but you don’t.
How could you when you feel the way he’s animalistically fucking you like it’s the last time he’ll ever touch you.
Your body jiggles with each thrust as you’re basically pushed up by each of his thrusts. By this point, you’re not sure if your vision’s blurry from the tears in your eyes or the way he’s physically forcing your body up with his hips. 
With a few more flicks of his tail, you’re cumming around him, squirting clear liquid against his lower body. 
“Messy little human..” Though his words sound condescending, you can tell he’s thrilled by your actions.
He could hold his orgasm off, but he knows you’re almost at your limit and he wants you to remember this. Your hands continue to weakly pull on his horns, sending waves of pleasure through him. 
Your cunt is beyond spent by this point, stretched out and seeping little rings of cum around him. He almost feels bad for the way he’s wrecked your pussy, knowing that you’ve never had this much pleasure in your life. A part of him wonders if any of those pathetic little toys will even please you once he’s done.
Despite your fucked out state, you still manage to suck him in with every thrust. It shouldn’t be possible, but you’re still squeezing his cock like you’re afraid to let it go. It’s good, better than he’d ever imagined. Part of him contemplates turning every single sex toy you own into ash. Nothing else should ever touch this angel cunt of yours, not even those silly pieces of silicone.
With each little whine of yours, he’s pushed closer and closer to his orgasm. 
It’s actually almost suffocating, even to him. Everything about this feels overwhelming.
His cock starts to throb the closer he gets to his orgasm. He can feel his own skin become hot to the touch. In his moment of pleasure, he almost loses control of himself. There will be a time for that, but it’s too soon. He’d absolutely tear your little cunt to pieces if you took his demon form entirely.
It’s almost sick that he enjoys the thought of that– of ruining your cunt for anyone else. Even after fucking you like this, nothing else will ever satisfy you again. Nothing will stretch you out like he has. You know it and he knows it, but neither of you seem to mind.
“Tell me- Tell me how good it feels.” It’s not a request. No, it’s an order– one you’re unable to deny.
“Good. ‘ts so fucking good.”
Little broken cries of “so good” leave your mouth over and over as he nears his end. It’s sweet how you mindlessly praise him, basically begging for him to finish.
He finally gets to a point where he can’t hold off his orgasm anymore, spilling an obscene amount of cum deep inside your cunt. You gasp as you feel the overwhelming amount of cum begin to ooze out around the base of his cock. Your hips hump up into him, milking him for every last drop he has. After what feels like minutes he’s done filling you with cum.
You can faintly feel him quaking above you, overwhelmed by his own orgasm. His chest rises and falls at a rapid pace as he tries to catch his breath. 
For the first time since you woke up, you finally feel like your desire has been resolved. It finally allows you to relax a little bit, despite still being stuffed with Gojo’s cock. 
You close your eyes briefly, nearly dozing off until you feel his cock begin to slip out of you. 
He pulls away from your body, desperate to see the way your pussy gapes when he pulls his cock from you. As soon as his cock pulls all the way out, a large shit-eating grin spreads across his face. That pretty little cunt of yours truly is gaping, a hole only he can fill.
It’s a pretty sight, and what should you do with pretty sights? Savor them.
Before you know it, he’s fucking his tongue back into you, moaning at the way your cum mixes together.
You begin to thrash under him, causing him to hold you down. 
He knows he’s being mean, but he can’t help it. Besides, it’s not like you were anywhere near being done.
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spicy jjk headcanons
note: okay i have a full on smut in my drafts but i want to heat the waters first but also i hate that fic rn but anyways here is my first #spicy tag with a bit of crack. if this blows up, might do a part 2 cause i have so many of these that i cannot put them all in here lol
warnings: nsfw, minors dni pretty fucking please
characters: gojo, geto, nanami, toji
Tumblr media
⁜ big dick energy big big dick
⁜ i have a feeling that he wouldn't really care about the opposite side's pleasure as much if it's a one night stand or just sex on first date kinda stuff
⁜ he will take his time to make it enjoyable for the both of you in a relationship tho
⁜ irregular sex aka 6/7 days a week at weird hours
⁜ head pusher sorry i don't make the rules
⁜ okay one night stand satoru and boyfriend satoru are two completely different people
⁜ one night stand satoru is rough as fuck while boyfriend satoru is gentle and loving
⁜ is he kinky? yes, but in the most vanilla way possible
⁜ up to try anything tho
⁜ picks up calls mid sex, doesn't even halter or slow down. no problems with the slapping noises cause there never is one, his dick is that big. the only problem would be your moans, which is easily muffled by satoru's bigass palms
⁜ soft dom except for when he's not, will want you to dominate him at times tho
⁜ this man is only a dom cause he wouldn't last a minute as a sub
⁜ bbbbbbrat tamer
⁜ brat himself
⁜ rope bunny too
⁜ morning quickies before work
⁜ shower sex too lkmdawlkm he's just horny all the time
⁜ has this habit of taking a picture of your face as you reach your climac, sometimes afterwards. he looks at them and cherishes how good he makes you feel, gives him a lil ego boost. this means that there is a camera on his nightstand that only he can open. he keeps these pictures like they are a hidden treasure
⁜ against condoms cause it makes it harder for him to cum. this man already lasts for hours
⁜ brings up sex at very inappropriate moments with no shame
⁜ i cannot believe this man doesn't have any kids yet
⁜ kinky
⁜ the kinkiest of them
⁜ not against anything unless it involves him bottoming
⁜ hard dom
⁜ won't even let you ride him tbh
⁜ respectful of boundaries
⁜ i don't really see him as a one night stand guy, or even a sex at first date kinda guy
⁜ i feel like he would want to make sure the person would full on agree with his fetishes/ways first
⁜ uhmmmm self insert but maybe a bit bloodplay would make him turnt on
⁜ high stamina, will last the longest out of the four
⁜ BIG on eating out
⁜ he could eat you for hours. he will make you cum at least 3 times JUST by eating you
⁜ let's take a second to appreciate this imagery. suguru between your thighs, eating you out like he was starving for weeks while his eyes are glued onto you, watching you squirm with every lap of his tongue, slowing his pace once you get closer to your climax just to tease you and make you beg him for more, pulling his loose hair tighter and tighter
⁜ this mf would honestly enjoy eating you out more than you would, which says a lot, and he would show this by moaning right into you pussy
⁜ "you taste so fucking good"
⁜ degradation with praises here and there
⁜ not a brat tamer cause you won't even have time to be a brat to him
⁜ fucks you so dumb you won't be able to hold a proper conversation after hours
⁜ will play ambient songs to set the mood
⁜ big on foreplay and aftercare
⁜ honestly, relationship suguru and sex suguru are two different people
⁜ he is a super respectful boyfriend, no need to even write it, but he is the most disgusting person during sex
⁜ unless you don't want him to, he might hit you here and there. not hard, but not too lightly either
⁜ won't kiss you during it. if you try to kiss him too much, he will make you earn it first
⁜ makes all the absent kisses afterwards, will make out with you for hours if needed
⁜ prettiest moaner ever
⁜ moans AND growls
⁜ i just need one night with him
⁜ vanilla? oh honey, no
⁜ he puts all his emotions to sex
⁜ considering he is an unsatisfied salaryman, you can assume he isn't always having happy sex
⁜ lkmdsaalkemwf his respect for you sometimes leaves his mind and he gets rough, then he remembers his morals and checks up on you
⁜ very interactive
⁜ talks a lot cause he can just list groceries and i would just come to that jfc
⁜ sorry went off topic AHEM
⁜ talks a lot, praises you a lot but also asks if you're okay if things get rough
⁜ hand over your head in case you hit your head on the headboard
⁜ one hand is always pushing you down to the bed. by your hip, chest, wrists over your head, neck
⁜ the og brat tamer
⁜ other than talking, he's pretty quiet, not much of a moaner. would probably rather hiss
⁜ face is always either stoic or angry
⁜ lkwamdklasmw literally just pounding into you, thinking about everyone that annoyed him that day
⁜ will feel sad for going rough on you after the deed is done so he will try to pay you back with kisses and cuddles
⁜ he refused to degrade you for the longest time. never had done it before. until he couldn't stand you begging him to do so. it awakened something in him
⁜ spanking
⁜ if you moan fuck or shit, he will sternly say "language"
⁜ the ONLY time he will come close to moaning is when you scratch his back, dragging your sharp nails all across his broad shoulders to his back (sadistic tendencies, would make a good sub if he ever was one)
⁜ hard dom (are we even surprised)
⁜ probably never had meaningful, loving sex before
⁜ nevertheless, cares about both parties' pleasure
⁜ group sex is a no no, doesn't matter if it's a one time thing or not
⁜ sex is his way of communication, basically
⁜ angry? rough, punishing sex. happy? he will treat you right. stressed? he will take it out on you
⁜ small aftercare. he will toss a wet sipe your way
⁜ once you begged for him to stay after sex. he huffed and puffed but fell asleep with you on his chest the moment he held you
⁜ very touch starved. enjoys it when you wrap your hands around his neck and bury your head
⁜ sloppy kisses. the only time he will let your mouth go is to breathe, to eat you out, for you to eat him. otherwise, he will kiss you even if you're on all fours
⁜ favorite position is probably doggy. it's easier for him to hold you (your tits, mostly) and makes it hard for you to get a hold of yourself (aka corruption kink)
⁜ looks so sexy with sweat all around his body. his hair somehow stays perfect all throughout with just a couple strands matted to his forehead
⁜ degrading
⁜ will treat you like you're filth and like you disgust him when in real life he just adores everything about you
⁜ if you ever were to ask him to go easy on you for once, he will make fun of you and decline. he will go easy on you
⁜ no edging, honestly. he lasts long enough to have you all weak and overstimulated anyways
⁜ unpopular opinion but he actually cares a lot about safe sex. he goes around with lots of women, i don't think leaving them pregnant would be his only concern
⁜ he will make you buy the condoms tho
⁜ if he's feeling like it, he might cum on your back or your chest but he mostly prefers to cum inside, or your mouth
⁜ can do it anywhere. literally. not in terms of preference, he is just physically capable to. he can fuck you in zero gravity if he wants to
⁜ always makes sexual jokes in your daily life. mans is the embodiment of 'that's what she said' and 'title of your sex tape' jokes lmaoo
⁜ if you act bratty, he will stop everything he does and sits back. if you want to cum, make yourself cum
⁜ always asks for nudes
⁜ "good morning toji"
⁜ "morning. send nudes"
⁜ his gallery only consists of you, and mostly your nudes
⁜ will take pictures of you after sex
⁜ sensitive tip, you can steal a moan from him if you suck on it
⁜ into slight gore. he loves in when he makes your lips bleed after kissing
⁜ not against hitting you, won't question it. won't do it before you ask him tho
⁜ honestly? consent king. won't do anything unless you want him to
⁜ also fat cock so he will wait for you to adjust to him anytime you need to
⁜ his sex is just... how to say this... modifiable. it's like he has a default mode, which is fucking amazing, but he will arrange his usual routine as your pleasure
⁜ masturbating is impossible for you because you can never make yourself feel as good as he makes you feel
⁜ enjoys a cigarette after sex. will also like to have drink with you, cuddled up under the blankets and chit chatting
⁜ enjoys dumbifying you. fucks you so dumb that you can barely call his name out
⁜ will probably accidentally say i love you during it. won't think much of it until afterwards
⁜ after that, yeah still degrading but will also say stuf like "you make me feel so good", "fuck i love you so much" and "all mine"
Tumblr media
thank you guys for 400 followers! slurpy mouth kisses to all of you (❁´◡`❁)
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driftingrory · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
→ Gojo Satoru x Fem!reader 
Genre: NSFW 18+, FWB, Smut with a sprinkle of fluff and a dash of angst.
Summary: When your designated fuck buddy is uncharacteristically sweet to you during sex, you find yourself getting emotional.
WC: 2.2k
Authors Note: Anyone waiting for chapter two of my Kaku fic I’m sorry!! I’m trying my best to get it done but I just can’t seem to get passed this one FRUSTRATING ass but crucial scene 😭 I’ll post as soon as I’m over this weird block promise🥲🥲. For now enjoy this random Gojo brain rot I had this morning. Might turn this into a university!au with fuck boy gojo vs fuck boy Eren but maybe not idk yet.
Warning: 18+, heavy smut, explicit language, dacryphilia, dirty talk, mentions of tummy bulge, praise. Readers discretion is advised.
Tumblr media
"Look at me," Satoru demanded, fingers cupping your jaw and making your lips pucker as he turned your head towards him. You quickly averted your gaze elsewhere, finding it uncomfortable to look your friend in the eyes while he was buried deep inside you like this.
Satoru released his grip on your jaw and cupped your cheek, his other hand bracing him up as he admired your erotic expression while he continued to rut into you at a relentless pace, already making that coil in your lower stomach ready to snap for the third time tonight.
"so... so fucking pretty," he panted, eyes trailing down your body towards where the two of you connected, the sight making him grit his teeth.
You couldn't help but frown slightly, hating how Satoru's unusually sweet words drove the butterflies in your stomach crazy and increased the dampness between your legs. You wanted to open your mouth and tell him to shut the hell up and just fuck you hard and rough like he normally did, but all you could manage was to fist the sheets beneath you and try not to scream at how incredible it felt every time he hit that spot.
Satoru sucked in air through gritted teeth, feeling your warm walls flutter and clench around him while he continued to thrust deep inside you, his cock throbbing almost painfully. But he couldn't cum yet, not until he was sure you would catch your high right there with him.
"Feel so fucking good, y/n... can't get... enough of you..." he rasped in between each snap of his hips, V-line brushing against your clit and sending jolts of pleasure through you.
You whimpered at the feeling, gripping the sheets between your fingers like your life depended on it. You wanted nothing more than to wrap your arms around Satoru's broad shoulders, for your nails to dig into his back and leave marks as you held onto him for support. But you couldn't bring yourself to do it; it was just too... intimate. Even all this praising and eye contact was a bit more than you were used to, but you couldn't bring yourself to put an end to it either.
But as if reading your mind, Satoru tangled the hand holding him up in your hair and dropped down onto his elbow, his face now inches from yours as his other hand reached over and grabbed your arm, wrapping it around his neck. "Hold on to me," he murmured, resting his sweaty forehead against yours, eyes never leaving your glossy ones. "I wanna feel you close." 
You clenched your eyes shut, suddenly feeling really overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing through your veins, overwhelmed by Satoru's frame so close to you, overwhelmed by his sugar-laced words. You weren't used to this sort of affection, not from any of your previous or current relationships, and you weren't sure what has gotten into your platinum-haired friend, but you didn't like it; it made you feel vulnerable— he made you feel vulnerable, and you despised that feeling, you despised the thought of anyone, especially Gojo Satoru, having that sort of power over you.
Satoru's movements suddenly halted, sensing something was wrong, and sure enough, he watched as tears slipped down the sides of your tightly sealed lids, teeth digging into your button lip as though you were desperately trying to hold back from either crying or cumming. "Open your eyes, y/n," his thumb tapped your cheek. "Look at me," he urged, resuming his gentle caresses when your lids obediently fluttered open.
"What's wrong?" He asked, brushing your hair back as his beautiful blue orbs continued bouncing across your face, studying you.
God, those eyes, those lips, that fucking face; you'll be the death of him, Satoru was sure.
"Nothing... please just... don't stop," you whimpered, wriggling beneath him in a desperate attempt to feel him move inside you again. You didn't know what possessed you to blurt that out because stopping and ending this relationship immediately is probably your best bet at not further damaging your friendship. But the logical part of your brain was so easy to ignore when Satoru's cock was buried inside you, twitching and grazing against the sweet spot that had your vision turning white and brain into mush.
Satoru chuckled, his hand moving to grip behind your knee, pulling it up to rest your thigh by his hip. The angle made you hiss, your eyes watering more from the sting of how deep he was reaching inside you, "too m-much Toru!"
"You can take it, y/n. I know you can," he cooed, azure eyes dipping to your lips as you bit down on it, feeling him pull out again, all the way to the tip of his leaking cock before sliding back in at an agonizingly slow pace, deep enough that you swore you could feel him in your stomach. "See? Taking me so well, baby. Such a good fuckin' girl," he groaned, lids hooded as he watched your face contort with pleasure and pain while he continued his slow and deep thrusts, thumb pushing down on your chin and forcing you to release your lower lip so he could slip it into your mouth. He leant in, resting his forehead atop yours again, pressing his thumb against your hot tongue and swallowing when he felt you suck on his finger. Your teary eyes watched him watch your mouth hungrily, slowly slipping his thumb back out and dragging down your lower lip in the process. He wondered what the soft flesh would feel like between his teeth.
"T-toru!" you cried out in desperation, nails digging into his shoulders. You felt so full, each deep stroke sending a rush of pure bliss through you, quickly followed by a jolt of pain as his cock reached impossibly deep inside you.
Satoru's eyes darted back up to yours, the sound of you moaning his name making his heart race and hips stutter. "I know, baby. I know," he cooed, your wet cheeks and teary eyes making him stiffer than imaginable. "My cock too much for you, pretty?" His voice was laced with faux sympathy, the hand pinning your thigh to his side moving to rest on your lower stomach. "Hm? Can you feel me in here, deep inside you?" He murmured, pressing his palm down and watching with admiration as your head tilted back into the pillow, eyes rolling back, and lips parted in a silent moan. With each deep stroke, he could feel your tummy bulge beneath his heavy palm, your gooey walls clenching around him almost painfully, sweat beading on his forehead as he resisted the urge to fuck you unconscious.
"Fuck. If you keep squeezing my dick like that, you'll break it," he groaned, moving his hand off your stomach to pin your writhing hip down.
You only managed to whimper back in response, brows furrowed from pleasure and pain as you turned to look at him with pleading eyes, desperately needing him to pick up his pace.
"Don't look at me like that," he hissed, gritting his teeth to keep himself from cumming inside you right then and there. "I won't be able to control myself," he muttered, eying your lips again.
You felt your cheeks heat even more, eyes dipping to his lips. You knew what Satoru was contemplating, and frankly, you didn't think you quite minded if he broke your one rule; no kissing. You also knew you shouldn't, but his lips just looked so soft and warm, and his minty breath made you unconsciously lick your lips.
That didn't go unnoticed by your platinum-haired friend, who only got further enticed to press his lips against those delicious-looking ones of yours. He couldn't help but tilt your head up with his thumb under your jaw, lifting his forehead off yours as he ever so slowly leant in, giving you enough time to stop him from breaking your rule but knowing you wouldn't.
The moment his lips brushed against yours, he felt his mind whirl, the taste of your peachy lip gloss and the scent of your perfume making his brain go hazy. He halted all movement except for his lips pressing further against yours. And the feeling of you finally moving your lips against his sent hot blood coursing through his veins. He cupped your cheek, angling his head to deepen the kiss, using the first opening he had to slip his tongue into your hot mouth, and groaning at the feeling of your delicious tongue sliding against his. Satoru's mind went completely blank when he felt your other arm wrap around his shoulder, your fingers running up the nape of his neck and tangling in his hair, pulling him closer until he was completely pressed against you. He moaned against your lips, hips unconsciously beginning to move again. He could feel your warm walls fluttering around him, squeezing, and pulling around his pulsating cock, but all he could focus on was the feeling of your hot mouth against his, making him dizzy as an overwhelming sense of affection soared in his chest.
Satoru's lips chased after yours when you tried pulling away, not letting you escape until his body forced him to break the kiss and take a breath. His forehead fell back onto yours, eyes remaining shut as he desperately tried to collect himself, not wanting to reach his orgasm until you were coming undone beneath him again.
"M'gonna—" your breath hitched, choking down a moan as you let your head fall back into the pillow.
"Stop holding it in," Satoru rasped, mouth latching on to your exposed neck, grazing it with his perfectly aligned teeth. "Let me hear you, y/n. I wanna hear you scream my name while you cum… cum for me, baby." 
You could do nothing but obey and cry out his name as that familiar knot in your stomach snapped once more, your fingers tugging on his hair as hot waves of pleasure shot up your spine, forcing your back to arch.
“That’s it, cum all over me. Good girl, good fuckin’ girl,” Satoru cooed with lustful eyes, thanking the gods— but mostly himself— that you finally came, because his own orgasm involuntarily rippled through him seconds later, his lips melting back onto yours as he continued fucking you through both your highs.
"Fuck..." Satoru huffed against your lips, resting his forehead on yours again. His fingers untangled from your hair, moving to wipe your wet cheeks with his knuckles. Both of your chests heaved with shared pants, and you quickly released your hold on him, moving your hands to push against his pecks. Satoru took the hint and slipped out of you, falling onto his back by your side.
"You're something else, y/n," he mumbled, still breathing heavily as he turned to his side to look at you. "Sleepover."
You shook your head, staring up at the ceiling as you caught your breath, praying that Satoru would continue pretending like you didn't just cry during sex. When your heart returned to a normal pace, you slowly got up. Moving to sit on the edge of the bed, you picked up your shirt, quietly slipping it on as you tried to process what just happened.
"It's late. Just stay the night and leave tomorrow morning," Satoru insisted, sitting up on his elbows as he watched you slip your panties on, eyes glued to your rosy ass, smirking at the way his handprint was still visible on your bruised skin. "Then we can have morning sex too," he teased, leaning closer to you as you sat back on the bed to put on your socks.
"Can't," you declined, feeling arms snaking around your waist. "Let go Toru," you mumbled, looking down to find his head pressed to your hip as he tightened his hold around you. "I'm tired, come on."
"Exactly!" He slipped a hand under your shirt, thumb caressing your stomach. "You shouldn't drive if you're tired, you might get in an accident. It's best you sleepover."
You couldn't help roll your eyes, fingers tangling into his hair and pulling on it to make him get off you but all he did was release a lewd moan and tighten his hold even more.
"Not gonna work, you know I like it when you pull my hair," he giggled, slowly laying back down and dragging you along with him. "Stop being stubborn and go to sleep," he mumbled against your hair as he tucked you into his chest, legs draping over your frame to give you even less of a chance of escaping his grasp.
You wanted to put up a fight and struggle out of his grasp, but despite how much you hated to admit it, being spooned like this felt so nice. Satoru was warm, and his tight hold around your shoulders with his leg draped over your waist was admittedly comforting. Feeling the steady rise and fall of his chest against your back, his cheek on your head, and his thumb caressing your arm, all made the heaviness in your lids unbearable, lulling you to sleep.
And before you knew it, your eyes were fluttering shut, falling asleep cuddling with Gojo Satoru and breaking all your own promises. Promises that were meant to protect you from what was bound to happen now.
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yuujispinkhair · a day ago
Hm we talked bout megumi with a bunny girl but winter what about... Gumi sharing his precious bunny girl with his strawberry haired friend? And yuji just getting pussy drunk because she looks so cute squirming under him as he pounds her into the mattress...
Tumblr media
Like Rabbits
Pairing: Yuuji x Reader (female bunny hybrid) x Megumi Genre: smut Word Count: 1.5k Warnings: 18+, smut, bunny!girl hybrid, voyeurism, creampie, fingering, breeding, poly, threesome. All characters are of age. This story is 18+. Minors don't interact.
Tumblr media
Megumi knows that he owns the cutest bunny girl! And he also knows that his best friend thinks so too. Yuuji loves coming over, and he's always so happy that Megumi allows him to play with his little pet too.
"Aww, come here, cutie-bunny. You look so pretty in that dress! Are you happy to see me? Aww, yes, you can sit on my lap!"
Megumi can see the way you snuggle against Yuuji. He sees your cute little tail wiggle, sees your ears tremble with excitement when Yuuji pets you. He sees you pushing your little nose against Yuuji's neck, rubbing it against his skin.
It's obvious that you are very smitten with your owner's best friend. But Megumi doesn't mind. It's adorable to see the two of you together.
And he can't help but also find it very sexy. Which gives him an idea.
You are such a good little pet. He trained you very well, and you are so sweet and eager to please him. You would be so good for Yuuji too. And Yuuji would be good for you. Especially now that you are in heat again.
"Yuuji has a nice big cock. He can take very good care of your needy bunny-pussy. Do you want that, sweetheart? Can Master Yuuji help you get through your heat?"
You nod eagerly, jumping up and down in excitement.
"Yes, please! Master Yuuji is so sweet to me! Want him to breed me! Want his bunny babies!"
Megumi laughs softly,
"Sweetie, you know he can't give you little bunnies. But he'll make you feel good."
When Megumi tells Yuuji about it, Yuuji's eyes widen, and he smiles so happily.
"Aww, Gumi, really? You would share her with me? That's so sweet! I promise I'll take good care of her."
"I know you will. That's why I'm asking you. She can be pretty exhausting when she's in heat. But I know you have a lot of stamina, so I'm sure you can help her."
And Megumi is right. He watches his cute bunny girl go absolutely crazy for Master Yuuji. You're always so needy when in heat, and the way you're rubbing your slick bunny-pussy against Yuuji's muscular thigh and whine and sob is cute as hell.
Yuuji is so sweet to you, so caring and loving. Megumi is glad. It was the right decision to ask Yuuji to help him with his horny little bunny.
And the two of you look so cute together! Your little bunny-pussy stretched open around Yuuji's thick cock as he bounces you on his lap, his heavy balls smacking against your cute fluffy tail, making you cry out and ride him so eagerly.
But of course, Megumi was right, and you aren't sated after that first fuck. You're happy, yes, rolling onto your back and beaming at Yuuji.
But you're also still very horny, whining for Master Yuuji and pulling your spread legs up to your chest, showing Yuuji your cute bunny-pussy, smeared with your cream and Yuuji's cum trickling out of it.
"M...Master Yuuji... please... please...I need more!"
"Aww, you're such a cute bunny. Look at you! Don't worry, I can go a few more rounds. I'll take care of you, sweetie."
Yuuji is indeed very good at taking care of bunny girls, Megumi can see that. He gives you exactly what you begged him for, pushing his cock deep into your needy twitching pussy while having you in a mating press.
Megumi watches intently. This is his favorite position to fuck you. You always go so crazy when you're folded like that, always thinking that your owner will really fuck a bunch of bunny babies into you.
You always lose your cute little mind in this position. So now Megumi is curious to see what will happen when Yuuji fucks his sweet bunny like that.
And of course, it's the same today. You squirm wildly under Yuuji, moaning and sobbing loudly, lifting your hips and rutting needily against him. And Megumi knows that your bunny-pussy must be sucking Yuuji's cock into your tight heat and gripping it so snugly, milking him so good.
"Yuu... Yuujiiii... please..please, I want your little bunnies... please..."
And that's when something happens. All of a sudden, Yuuji growls.
"Ah fuck!"
Megumi sees his best friend's large hands tighten around your legs, pushing them even closer to your chest, and he leans down over you, pressing you down into the bed, covering you with his heavy solid body. His hips snap forward erratically, fucking his thick cock into you at a frenzied pace.
Megumi is a bit worried that his best friend will break his bed. Gosh, he knows that he is rough and can fuck you really hard, but Yuuji is a beast when he's pussydrunk.
Megumi's little bunny girl seems to like it, though. You're making the cutest noises, high-pitched mewls, and shaky moans. Your little sharp nails are digging into Yuuji's muscular back, leaving deep scratches on it in your desperate need to get even more of your Master Yuuji.
The room is filled with the filthy sounds of Yuuji's thick cock fucking into your soaking wet pussy, and the loud moans of both of you as you cum a second time and Yuuji drenches your pussy with another load of his cum.
But both of you don't seem like stopping anytime soon. And now there's not only a bunny girl in heat, but there's also a very pussydrunk boy with superhuman strength and insane stamina.
And the two of you literally go at it like rabbits.
Yuuji manhandles you onto all fours, shoves Megumi's pillow under your hips, and pushes your face down onto the mattress. And all that in the blink of an eye.
"Yeah, lift that cute tail for me, baby. Aww fuck, so cute!"
Your fluffy bunny tail is flicking back and forth, looking very enticing, drawing Megumi's gaze to your pussy which is already overflowing with Yuuji's cum.
Yet, you are still whimpering and wiggling your ass and begging for Master Yuuji to fuck more of his seed into you.
You don't have to wait long. Yuuji is already behind you, thick cockhead pushing between your creamy pussy lips. And then there's no stopping Yuuji anymore, and he rams his thick cock into you, snapping his hips hard and fast, fucking you exactly like a bunny girl needs it.
Your loud cries are the sweetest sounds, going straight to Megumi's cock, which is straining against his pants almost painfully by now.
You're such a lucky bunny. Yuuji is stuffing you with his fat cock over and over again, fucking you so full of his thick cum that even a horny little bunny girl like you is satisfied in the end.
You sigh happily and snuggle against Yuuji's chest, nudging it with your cute little nose. You're smiling when Yuuji scratches your bunny ears and plays with your little fluffy tail before pushing his middle finger into your cute bunny-pussy, slowly fucking you with it, making sure to push all his cum back into you, just the way you need it.
He's such a good pet owner. Megumi's heart feels so full as he hears Yuuji talking so sweetly to you:
"See, I promised you I would take good care of you. You were such a good bunny! You're so cute. I wish you could really have my baby bunnies."
Megumi sighs contentedly. It was an excellent decision to ask Yuuji to help him take care of his bunny in heat.
He finally gets up and joins the two of you on his bed, discarding his clothes on the way. He slips into bed behind you and gently pulls Yuuji's finger out of your pussy, giving it a kiss while smiling at his best friend.
He can't help but groan softly when he licks his lips afterwards and tastes a sweet mix of your bunny cream and Yuuji's cum.
"Thank you for your help, Itadori. I'll take over now."
He laughs when you press your ass against him immediately, always so eager for your owner. Megumi wraps a strong arm around you, sandwiching you between him and Yuuji, and presses a tender kiss to the back of your neck.
"Gonna make sure Yuuji's cum stays inside you, my sweet little bunny. I'll put some of mine on top."
You moan his name when his swollen tip pushes into your hot pussy, which is already so stretched out from Yuuji's cock. You feel heavenly around Megumi's dick. So wet and slick from Yuuji's cum. Yuuji really made sure to fill Megumi's bunny to the brim.
Megumi's gaze meets Yuuji's as he rolls his hips and bottoms out inside your sweet bunny-pussy, feeling his best friend's cum slicking up his cock. He has never felt so close to Yuuji before.
Sharing a cute bunny girl with his best friend really takes their friendship to another level. They should do this more often!
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for this wonderful thirst!! This is the first time I wrote a hybrid story, so I hope this turned out ok lol. I am definitley losing my mind A LOT over Yuuji fucking a cute bunny girl, especially when it's Megumi's bunny! Yuuji and Megumi sharing someone will always be one of my favorite things!!
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daddy-toji · a day ago
𝕚 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕔𝕒𝕟’𝕥 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕞𝕪𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗
Tumblr media
𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖…hdcs, nsfw, dark nsfw
𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤...how he is in jealousy
𝕔/𝕨…knife kink, name carving, jealousy sex, possessive, semi-public sex, marking, degradation, dacryphila, taking away safe word during punishment, daddy kink for toji
ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕠…
Kento gets more jealous than he lets on. Just a person looking at you gets him riled up. But as long as you aren’t paying the person any attention then he can hide it.
If the person does get your attention and get you to laugh. He will act on it, the most rational man on this list. He just calmly talks to you about how he is feeling.
Your reassurance does little to quell his jealousy. And it always comes out during sex when Kento in his words, “Is this pussy mine? Then you’ll cum when I tell you to right? I’m about to cum deep in my beautiful pussy of my lovely wife and I want you to cum for me. Go on my love you look so hot making that face. No one else can make you cum this hard.”
𝔾𝕠𝕛𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦…
You never thought Satoru to be the jealous type. And he normally isn’t, unless he thinks Suguru has a better chance than he does. Why have you been giving Suguru more attention than him?
Tries hard to get your attention by trying to make you laugh. And if that doesn’t work then he starts getting mean a little towards you. Till Suguru clues him in you like him but are trying to pretend you don’t. Which drives him crazy.
Satoru kisses you during work, trapping you against your desk. And getting between your legs Satoru gets you off. Then leaves you waiting more. “I’m going to let Suguru smell my fingers before I lick your pussy juices off. Remember be at my place with your pussy this wet at 11 tonight.”
𝕋𝕠𝕛𝕚 𝔽𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕠…
Only lets his jealousy show if he knows you like him. He is quick to get physical. With them and with you, if they touch you and he finds out it’s on sight. Then he will pin you in the alleyway he needs to throughly check to make sure your alright.
Toji likes to hear you call yourself his especially after getting jealous. He knows you won’t ever him, no matter how long he is gone for work he knows, “I’m the only one that can please your whore pussy. Come on baby girl I’m getting close and if you want me to stuff my wet, hot pussy then you’ll have to beg for Daddy’s cum.”
There is no way your getting out of this without your throat marked up. And if you have a knife kink then Toji would love to carve his name into you. The way he praises you afterwards let’s you know that the sign of possession is putting Toji in a good mood.
Doesn’t get jealous but he gets possessive. If the is man gets wind someone is flirting with his human then they get a personal visit from the king of curses. You might not be seeing them anymore depends how they play their cards.
Sukuna take it out on you only if it hide that someone flirted with you. He is toxic and blames you saying you wanted it. Otherwise he could talk to them, “If your confused who you belong to then I’ll fuck it into you. I’ll break your fucking brain and leave you a cock drunken bitch on your bed.”
If you say if he jealous then you are losing your ability to speak. He doesn’t want to realize that you are becoming more than a pet to him. And so your going to have to shut your whore mouth for Sukuna.
𝔾𝕖𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕦…
Suguru doesn’t get jealous. He is the only one who truly doesn’t. His ego won’t let him, Suguru can’t understand getting jealous. Unless your genuinely interested in some else. But even then is more possessiveness.
How dare anyone think they have a chance when he, Suguru Geto, has you. It’s laughable, but if the person is persistent they will see Suguru gets handsy. Suguru pulls the strings just right to makes sure that person catches him and you getting intimate.
If you try to make him jealous it won’t end well. Suguru still won’t question your loyalty but this isn’t a form of bratting he will accept. “There is no safe word tonight, I thought I told you that. Your cries for me to stop are pointless whores don’t get mercy. They get used till they pass out.”
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p-antomime · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤ𔘓 ─ ##. breeding kink with itadori yūji!
ㅤ— minors don’t interact.┊wc: 0.8K.
ㅤcontent + warnings: 18+, including: soft dom!yūji, breeding kink, nicknames, overstimulation, (un)protected sex, creampie, mention of mating press.
ㅤpairings: aged up!itadori yūji x f!reader.
request. | jujutsu kaisen masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Doll, please, can I...?", Yuji's voice was husky, interspersed with small sighs and gasps, his eyes fixed on the way you were moving down and up on his lap, taking him completely into your tight pussy.
Yuji liked to have you on top of him because he could both see you bouncing on top of him with your tits going up and down and see your face contorting with pleasure every time he reached a little deeper inside you.
"What, honey?", you asked leaning over his body with hands resting on his chest.
The two of your faces were close enough for his unregulated breathing to beat against your cheeks.
Yuji looked very cute beneath you, trying not to cum inside the condom because he wanted to ask you if he could finish raw inside your pussy, his cheeks flushed in a color similar to his pinkish hair that was now sticking to his sweaty forehead.
"Inside mhm, can I? Please-ahn?", from the way his dick was twitching against the condom and ypir walls, it was obvious that his climax was dangerously close, "R-Raw, no condom, wanna f-fill you, your pussy, can I? Please?"
An amused chuckle escaped your lips.
Yuji was so kind, docile, always trying not to bend over anywhere and just start pounding inside your pussy madly because he couldn't go more than two days without being in a room with his hands all over your body and your pussy serving as a cocksleeve for him.
And even after months of dating, he still felt embarrassed to ask you to satisfy his breeding kink, even though the first time you two slept together, you had tried to wrap your legs around his hips to keep him from pulling out in time and ending up cumming on your crotch.
Deep down, Yuji found it intimate and even a little romantic to cum inside you. He loved to feel your walls milking every last drop out of him and to see your entrance leaking out afterwards in piles because he always ended up cumming in large quantities; there were not uncommon times when his cock ended up getting hard again just watching your tight hole expelling his cream and you readily volunteered to use your hands to help him to get off.
"You could have just taken the condom off from the beginning, honey", you whispered in response resting the knees on the bed to raise your body and letting him out of your pussy to place your fingers at the round base of the condom cupping him.
"I like to feel your fingers pulling it out", Itadori stammered swallowing dryly and focusing his attention on the slow way your fingers dragged the condom up until his dick was free of it.
And you barely gave him time to properly reason out your next actions because you threw the condom on the floor and immediately sat back on his hard cock, now finally feeling every inch of his shaft, every vein around it pulsing against your walls.
Yuji gasped and forced his hips upward with hands digging the fingers into your waist and holding you still so he could finally thrust himself into you almost as if he were using your pussy as a fleshlight.
Itadori's loud moans mingled with yours and joined the mess of wet sounds coming from between your thighs from his dick fucking you.
On a stronger thrust than the previous ones, your lovely boyfriend ended up cumming deep inside you, filling you finally the way he loved so much, feeling you take every last drop inside your too-tiny pussy that ended up letting a few fillets leak out around the edges of your entrance even though his cock was still widening your walls.
You could feel his legs trembling beneath yours and see his totally fucked face with even more flushed cheeks.
But, Itadori knew that you hadn't cum yet and from the way your walls were massively squeezing his shaft and trying to keep all of his milk in, he also knew that you were too close to do it. So his hands forced your body back, you falling onto the bed and him getting on top now, pushing your legs against your tits and forcing you to stay in mating press for him.
Oh, how cute.
Him and his breeding kink and the need to fill you more, make you stay with his cum inside your pussy for the rest of the day.
"More, I wanna fill you up more", Yuji whispered starting to thrust into your pussy again, the overstimulation coursing through his body and making him at the same time want to stop and keep going until he came again, "Keep it all in, yeah? Don't let any drops leak mhm or I'll need to fill you to the brim again, lovely."
Tumblr media
ㅤ🏷 tagging: @wakasa-wifey @dukina @ravenina14 @saaraunicorn @ranilingus @mizurimirai @sleepy3 @kuroaka @slut4manjiro @qudvxnkanx @hirwishin @inu1gf .
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satosuguslut · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
TOJI FUSHIGURO & SATORU GOJO | cuckholding + face fucking
⇨ wiped out! series masterlist
➪ wc: 3.5k+ || minors DNI 18 +
➪ warnings/tags: f!reader, established boyfriend gojo, canonical toji, dubcon to con, noncon nude photo taking, gagging, restraints, oral sex (f. & m. receiving), 69 position, face fucking, cuckholding, light spanking, choking, slight degradation, aggressive cloth ripping, mentions of killing/death, dark themes, "doll, angel, princess" pet names
➪ summary: satoru is late to coming home, and you're instead greeted with an unfamiliar face and intimidating build. luckily, toji finds interest in you, and decides you're worthy of playing around with. little does he know the show he's planning is one satoru is more than happy to watch.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fingers hooked under the material of your skirt, you tug it down with slight annoyance, regretting your decision to take the stairs up to Satoru’s apartment instead of just waiting for the elevator as any average person would. The poor excuse for clothing had ridden up your ass, and you make sure to fix your appearance before knocking on Satoru’s door, not that he’d complain anyway.
Your face crinkles in confusion when the door creaks forward, left unlocked and already open, as you hesitantly slip inside. The lights are out, and you fumble with your purse to find your phone, hoping to use the flashlight to discreetly examine the room instead of flipping the lights on and alerting anyone of your presence. You knew Satoru’s profession was… dangerous, to say the least. Still, he had taught you to always be careful and call him if you ever noticed anything was off, though it was unlikely for curses to linger around his place as they tried desperately to avoid him.
The harsh glow of your home screen makes you blink rapidly for a moment, squinting as you manage to lower the brightness before pressing the flashlight option, eyes scanning across the wide room for anything vastly different or concerning. Everything looks per usual, but something is still evidently off, and you sigh as you go to dial for Satoru.
A large palm covers your mouth, gasp caught in your throat as a prominent figure presses into you from behind, his dark and husky voice leaving your muscles tensed, “Ah, can’t have ya doing that.”
You try to remain calm— panicking never led to the best course of action, and you were certain that screaming would only piss off whoever halted your attempt of calling for help.
“Hm, you definitely weren’t mentioned in the writeup,” his hand remains pressed to your lips, though he moves to stand in front of you, one arm raised to shut the door behind you and back you up into it. Pinned against the wall, your eyes shut when you hear the lock click, blood pulsing as anxiety threatened to take over.
“Let me guess, you’re Gojo’s girl, huh?” His face drops close to yours, mouth at your ear as you internally scream for Satoru to come home, and quick, “That’s real unfortunate for ya— got all caught up in his mess.”
It’s too dark to make out his features, but you can tell he’s huge by how his palm practically engulfed your entire face, goosebumps rising as you hear him shift back to straighten his position.
“Promise not to scream if I drop my hand?”
You nod feverishly, a chuckle escaping deep within his chest as he finds your eagerness to be adorable, “Kay, but don’t pull anything, or I will have to gag you, and we don’t want that to have to happen, right?”
Nodding again, you wait patiently as he peels himself from you, his hand now free as he uses it instead to cup your face.
“No need to be scared, I’m not gonna get paid to kill you, so just play nice, and we’ll be just fine,” you gasp when his body finally leaves yours, creating distance as he takes a step back and you pant against the door, eyes shut as you try to compose yourself.
“W-who are you?” It’s a stupid question to ask, it’s not like knowing his name would give you any answers, but you can’t seem to scramble up anything but mindless questions.
“Awe, why’d ya wanna know? Planning on hiring an assassin anytime soon?”
Your blood runs cold as soon as he says it; assassin.
“What? N-no, I, I just—”
“Are ya scared? You’re breathing kinda heavy,” he smirks, curiosity getting the best of him as he flicks the lights on.
Big mistake.
You’re a mess, eyes glazed as you’re on the verge of tears, both your arms pinned to your sides as you grip the hem of your skirt like your life depended on it. Blood rushes to his cock at the sight, your shaky breaths painting his mind dark with lust, the way your nipples were perked and visible through your thin top from adrenaline. He can practically smell the fear radiating off of you as you gleam up at him, mouth opening in shock as you struggle to take in his sheer size, how he easily towers over you and licks his bottom lip as if he’s just caught his prey and is ready to dig in.
You hate how your body reacts to the view, heat spreading throughout it as his eyes rake it, thighs pressing together in a combination of defense and anticipation. It felt criminal, fucking criminal how badly you wanted to touch him, to feel his muscles flex beneath you, watch in amazement as you compare your frame to his, how he made you feel so incredibly small.
“I told you, no need to be scared, I won’t bite,” his grin is addictive, the scar etched across his lips curving in the most alluring manner as you gulp in response, “Not unless ya ask me real nicely to.”
You drop your head to the ground, needing to avoid the tension you feel between the two of you, reminding yourself this was not the time to have such perverted thoughts. Satoru would be home soon. You were sure of it. You just had to hold on until then.
“Why are you here?” Your voice is tiny, and he sighs as he sees you’re still playing the guessing game with him.
“Your boyfriend’s a real problem, y’know. Lil shit has made it really fucking difficult for my clients to do their jobs. I’m just here to deal with that,” he sounds bored, as if this information is obvious and you’re just wasting his precious time.
“He only works to protect people. Are you trying to tell me that that’s the actual issue here?”
Luckily for you, Toji likes a girl with a bit of sass. He thinks it’s real cute that you have such audacity as you raise your chin to stare at him with a frown, despite how you’re still shaking with fear.
“When people fuck with my money, it is an issue to me. If ya couldn’t tell already, doll, I’m not exactly on the good guy’s side,” your jaw quivers in a flicker of anger, anxiety dissipating into rage as you become defensive in response. Satoru was an incredible person, yet he was constantly getting shit from the higher-ups and his co-workers, your nose crinkled up at just the thought.
“I can tell,” you narrow your eyes in disapproval, a scoff earned from Toji as you cross your arms, “Are you really that cheap? What, do you drop all morality as soon as money is on the table? That’s pretty pathetic—”
He doesn’t care to hear out your little rant, your small boost of pride as you stand up for your boyfriend, a practical joke as he throws you over his shoulder in an impossibly quick manner. You can’t even catch your breath, almost biting your tongue as you’re now much higher up than before and only have the long way down view of the floor. Toji begins traveling throughout the apartment, but you’re unsure of what he’s looking for, too focused on forming small fists to pound on his back and continually attempting to kick him.
“Put me down!” Your voice is getting too loud for his liking, and he rolls his eyes before he finally finds a bedroom, walking in and slamming your body down into the mattress. He aggressively rips a strip of the comforter off, the sound of fabric tearing catching you off guard as you have little time to react to him shoving the material into your mouth, lifting your head to tie it into a tight knot as you were now left gagged. He obviously kept his promises.
“I warned ya, doll,” he tsks with a shake of his head, ripping another piece of comforter to tie your wrists together above your head, your body paralyzed as you helplessly watch him.
He pulls your phone out of his pocket, the one he stole before you could call Satoru, and examines it for a moment before he shoves it in front of you to unlock it with face ID.
“How much do you think your boyfriend loves ya? I’m getting a little impatient, kinda thought he’d be here by now,” he knows you can’t respond, eyes lingering at your thighs as he notices how your tiny skirt has shimmied its way up to your hips. He gets a peek at your panties, white lace making him huff as his eyes settle on the small wet spot at your heat.
“Awe, c’mon now, don’t tell me this is turning you on? That’s kind of fucked up, don’t cha think?” You squeal when he drops the phone onto the bed to use both hands to rip your skirt up the front, “I’m not sure your boyfriend is gonna like that, doll.”
Your eyes squeeze shut when a bright flash comes into vision, the clicking sound of your phone’s camera rippling throughout the room as Toji snaps photos of you all tied up and hostage on Satoru’s bed. He quickly sends the images to Satoru via text, but not before he admires his camera work and how utterly adorable you look in all of them, mouth stuffed as drool trickles down your chin.
“Let’s see how quick—”
It’s within mere seconds that Satoru shows up, teleporting into the room with his blindfold dangling in his hands, eyes crazed as he takes in the sight ahead of him. You try to sit up to move toward him, but Toji’s hand wraps around your throat, pinning you back down into the bed as you peer up at Satoru hopelessly.
“Don’t hurt her,” his tone is sharp, jaw clenched as his teeth practically begin to grind together, “Don’t you dare fucking hurt her.”
“Awe, don’t sound so upset. We’re only having fun. Isn’t that right, little one?” You remain completely still as Toji’s gaze shifts back onto you, thighs twitching as your mind is flooded with sinful thoughts.
“Look, let’s make a deal. Let me play with your pretty girl, and I promise to not kill you tonight,” Toji tilts his head with a shit-eating grin, and your chest rises and falls visibly in anticipation of Satoru’s reaction.
Satoru gets a closer look at you, how flushed and messy you looked, all helpless and vulnerable on his sheets. He feels his cock twitch in his pants, eyes dropping between your thighs as the growing wet spot makes him suck in a breath.
“You’re pretty cocky. What makes you think you even deserve to be so close to her, to begin with,” Satoru smirks as he makes his way to sit beside you, “Take your hand off her throat, she’s a good girl, she’ll stay still.”
Toji obliges the command, loosening his hold before he lets his fingers drag across your collarbone in curiosity, adoring the way you squirm in response. So responsive.
Satoru drops to your ear, his presence calming as you let your muscles relax, “Are you alright? I can kill him right here if you’d like, but you seem to be having a little fun, mm?”
Your eyes widen in shock, his grin mind-numbing as he leans back into a standing stance. You nod slowly, letting him know you’re okay as he smiles sweetly, “I’m glad.”
Toji’s a little confused, if he’s honest, finding Satoru to be taking the situation a little too lightly, watching as he walks to the corner of the room and drops into the seat that resides there. It was as if he wanted Toji to fuck you, and Toji’s in slight shock as he realizes that presumption might actually be true.
“Treat her well, or I will have to kill you,” Satoru unzips his uniformed top down, leaving himself in pants and a tight black tee-shirt as he relaxes into the cushion of his seat, “Oh, and get rid of the gag and restraints, don’t be a pussy.”
Toji squints in response, hesitant as he turns to you, and finds a small smirk playing on your lips. It makes his stomach flip, and somehow he felt like he was the one tied up, Satoru’s gaze piercing as he watches Toji undo his sloppy knotwork.
You sit up with a slight huff, rolling your head in a wide circle to stretch your neck out, “Took you long enough, Toru.”
His chuckle makes your cheeks heat, and you turn to face him as Toji stands frozen in place, “Sorry, angel, plans changed last minute. I received notice that someone was trying to kill me. I didn’t think they’d show up here of all places. It’s funny though, he has no cursed energy, so I never sensed danger here.”
“That’s unfortunate. Sounds like I had the upper hand then,” Toji raises an eyebrow, but he admittedly wasn’t upset, finding this outcome to be the most rewarding.
“We can fight later if you’d like,” Satoru sighs unbothered, shifting in his seat as he switches attention back onto you, “Right now, I think you should kiss him. Real nice and sweet, just like you would me.”
You nod with a slight lick at your bottom lip, nerves settling as Satoru always had a way to make you feel calm in every situation. Whatever anger or fear you felt with Toji had dispersed as soon as Satoru arrived since you knew you were safe now, not that you actually felt Toji was one to hurt you for fun. Otherwise, you were sure he wouldn’t have been so patient earlier.
Toji sucks in a breath as you move to sit on your knees, giving him soft doe eyes that he’s confident he could drown in, warm and welcoming as you place your small hand on his chest. You slowly move closer to him, keeping eye contact as his hands hesitantly find your hips. Satoru inhales deeply, finding pleasure in the way Toji is instantly awestruck at you, a sense of pride streaming through his veins. That’s my girl.
Your lips are gentle against his, painfully slow as you let your arms wrap around his thick neck. You press yourself into his chest, a small moan entering his mouth as you feel how big he is against you, his hold swallowing you whole as he keeps you close.
Your tongue slips testily into his mouth, and he sighs at the sensation, returning the favor as his wet muscle plays with yours curiously.
The kisses heat up quickly, becoming sloppy, hot, and wet as your fingers run to tug on his hair. He groans at the gesture, pushing you both into the bed as he hovers over you, hips between your thighs as you wrap them around his torso.
He frowns when you pull back from his lips, finding himself so lost in you that he was dying to dive back in, and is shocked when he feels you shove him onto his back, flipping the both of you. He’s unsure of how you’re able to pull off the stunt; he must have really been out of it.
Your lips are at his jaw, traveling down his neck as your hands make their way down his chest to admire the muscles he possesses.
“Y/N, I want you to suck him off, okay? Be real good for him, be real good for me.”
You feel yourself clench around nothing, eyes peering up at Satoru as your mouth dragged down Toji’s abdomen, his shirt tugged up to reveal stiff peaks of abs. Toji hisses when your hands grip eagerly at his waistband, helping you as he raises his hips to remove both his pants and boxers in one heated movement.
You mutter it under your breath, eyes popping as Toji’s heavy cock slaps his stomach, large and throbbing like it was yearning to be touched. Your mouth waters and you practically shake in anticipation, wondering how he’d feel stuffing your small mouth.
Toji laid with his hips close to the edge of the bed, and you’re about to ask Toji to move back, but Satoru cuts your thought, “Baby, how bout you let him see that pretty cunt of yours while you suck his cock, mm? C’mon, give him a lil show.”
You grin mischievously; Satoru always had the best ideas.
Toji turns his head to Satoru, at a loss for words, as Satoru smiles knowingly before removing his shirt, the ball in his court as he calls all the shots and continues to leave Toji speechless.
You crawl up the bed, swinging a leg over Toji’s chest, so your ass hangs close to his face, on all fours as you lean down to meet his girth. Your skirt was doing close to nothing for you at this point, only holding on at the waist with how Toji left a huge slit up the front. You squeak when you hear him tear the rest, flinging the material across the room.
Your eyes shut when you feel his hands find your ass, sending a small squeeze before they trail up and down your thighs. Focusing on the task at hand, you stare down at his intimidatingly huge dick, taking a deep breath before you wrap a hand around the base.
Placing a kitten lick at his tip, your tongue is coated in his pre cum. You press a gentle kiss on his cock, one that drives Toji fucking insane. You were just as bad at Satoru, finding this experience to be almost too fun, toying with Toji as he loses his patience and lands a light smack on your ass.
“Ah, no teasing, angel. Be nice; he’s our guest,” Satoru reprimands you, cock pulsing under his hand as he palms his bulge, your giggle in response making his heart race.
You finally begin, wrapping your lips around Toji’s cock with a small bob, letting your hands work the rest as you get used to his size. Toji audibly groans, encouraging you to continue as you take more and more of him in.
He felt overwhelming in your mouth, and it felt close to impossible to put him entirely in, but you tried regardless, focusing on not gagging as you hollow your lips around him.
You jump forward when you feel a tongue pressing into your heat, Toji sitting up as he holds your hips in both hands, an experimental lick at your clothed cunt placed as you moan around his cock.
“Fuck, yeah,” Satoru runs a hand through his hair before he unbuttons his pants, sliding them down just enough for his dick to spring free, “Eat her cunt out. Such a— such a pretty fucking pussy.”
He’s admittedly jealous that he can’t taste you at the moment, but it’s that jealousy that also pushes him off the edge, cock painfully hard in his grip as he begins to pump it in his palm.
Toji begins making out with your cunt over your panties, holding you tight to prevent squirming as your moans cause you to vibrate around his dick in the most sinful way. He’s losing his mind, hooking a finger to push the lace to the side as he’s met with the wet mess created just for him.
You almost choke on his cock with how distracting his mouth is against you, his thumb fingering your clit as he rubs thigh-twitching circles. Satoru is furiously fucking his fist at this point, breath shaky as he watches Toji fall deep under your spell.
“Mm!” You yelp out when Toji’s hips snap up into your mouth, Satoru exhaling with a sly smirk as he watches Toji begin to fuck your face.
“Atta girl, take my cock, fucking. take. it.” He emphasizes each word with the rise and fall of his dick in and out of your mouth, the praise making you dizzy.
Your nails dig into Toji’s thighs, keeping yourself still for him as he continues to thrust up into you, his tongue delving into you as he begins fucking you with his tongue while applying more pressure to your sensitive bud.
You come quickly all over his face, leaving it a dripping mess as your slick coats it, trickling down his throat. He continues lapping up your juices, sucking your lips with a strong surge of desire— almost feral.
He grunts as his speed dwindles down, thick spurts of cum painting your throat as tears trail down your cheeks, quick to swallow his load as you sit and remove yourself with a gasp for air.
You pant for a moment, wiping your lips as you stand on your knees, Toji’s hands remaining at your hips as he watches arousal drip down your thigh.
Satoru comes sloppily onto his abdomen, tilting his head back as he catches his breath, a lazy smile on his lips as his tongue lolls.
You felt overheated, rushing to remove your top and bra as you were left completely naked.
“Toru,” you mumble lightly, catching the attention of both men as you turn your head to look at him.
“Yeah?” His eyes twinkle with curiosity, and you grin when you spot the mess left on his stomach as his dick remains hard against it.
“Don’t kill him,” you move, so you’re now facing the both of them, thighs straddling Toji’s torso as you hover above it, “Wanna play some more.”
“Awe, princess, you like him? He makes you feel good?” He stands up, walking over to you as he cups your face with the hand he didn’t use to jack himself off. He’d never touch his pretty girl with a dirty hand.
You nod, “Yeah, but that’s not why,” you lean into his palm, and Toji watches, completely intrigued for your following words.
“I want him to watch us next.”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to @satosuguslut, do not modify or repost
jjk taglist (open): @deartoru @savantsoulfinder @cacapeepee @prttyangelbaby @hennnyyyyy98 @ravenina14 @po3ticb3auty @bekky06 @alicekaiba @shoto-daddy @sailewhoremoon @thebeardedmoon
The Neighbourhood. Wiped Out!, ⓟ Columbia Records, 2015
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A s/o with nipple piercings. (gn) 4 this req.
©. # inbox # unedited.
Tumblr media
Kakashi Hatake.
A month after you first got your piercings, he stared harder at the bulging metal embedding your shirt each day. And one day, coming home from work. He had seen you bent over the kitchen counter wiping down your mess. Your nipple piercings poking through the semi-fitted tank top, as it hangs from your neck. He turns dark at the thought of fixating them till they’re all red and swollen. As you turn around, startled by his sudden presence, he starts to take off his jacket, leaving his tight turtleneck, and an unmasked smile.“You gonna say hello stranger?” Walking towards him, he watches how the piercings move with your shirt. Moving to the rhythm of your walk, getting caught in the white threading. Opening his arms for you, yours under his, entangling themselves in his torso. Tightening with your face deep in his chest, he feels the piercings trailing across his clothed chest. “D-Do they still hurt?” Making his cock twitch, he shifts— hoping you don’t feel his cock rising from the curious actions being sexually held back for too long. “Not as much, why?” Getting you on the bed, he’d have you laid back on the plush pillows. Stacking them for your comfort first, as he crawls up from the edge of the king size bed. “Let me know if it hurts alright?”, nodding along, he smiles. Resting your thighs on his shoulders as he pulls your shirt up. The next is incoherent, as this next segment is him spending his time satisfying his sexual thoughts about you and your nipple piercings and him and his hard cock. But he will make sure he didn’t hurt you, and that your nipples get a break from his tongue. Occasionally massaging them, without any sexual intentions. 
Keigo Takami,
Coming home from the hero company, only to come back to you getting ready to bathe without him. His sarcastic remarks, “Damn, not gonna invite me?” only making you smile. “No, I waited for you!” You had gotten his clothes out just in case. So making your way to the bathroom, he follows. You first got your piercings a couple of months ago, any every time he tried to mess with them even as a joke, he’d hesitate. Knowing nothing about piercings then the ones in his ear. He decided to wait some time for them to heal. Now 3 months since then— you told him everything was better. And he believed you, but this time, when he got into that shower with you. The hot water hitting his cock as the soap ran down your backs, he sighed at the steam. Seeming to intoxicate you both at the heat. Moving his hands to your pierced tips he smiles with his head in the crook of your neck. “K-Keigo..” jolting at the actions, the water was already roughly dropping on the metal. Making a certain type of contact. He doesn’t care, coming home more horny than usual, he’ll be somewhat gentle on your behalf. “That is my name.” Chuckling at your hands on his vein runned arms, squeezing him harder than he’s doing your nipples. You spent that night in the shower, Keigo doing worse than the water. He moves his cock in between your thighs. Humping as your legs shift to his chest to the talic wall. He had been helping when you first got them, grabbing you everything you needed to clean them. He waited patiently till he could play with them. 
Bakugou Katsuki.
Bakugou didn’t care when you got your nipple piercings. But he started to care when you’d gasp at the metal caught in your shirt. He started to care when you explained how it felt. It was hot to him, the shiny metal attached to your body. It’s a bad idea to think he’d want to resist. He didn’t watch, he helped you wipe them with peroxide everyday. Even when you forgot he’d sit you down on his lap, and have you face the mirror. Pinching them inconsistently and calling it an accident. “Why are you staring at me??” Peeling your shirt off, you didn’t jump at them anymore. As they had healed enough for you to get used to it. “I’m not fucking staring.” Rolling his eyes, he takes off his shirt as well. Soon after walking out the room, he walks into you, leg crossed and in the silk pajamas he bought you. “They don’t hurt anymore?”, raising your eyes up from your phone, you smile. “Yeah, actually. I was like finally, right?” Nodding without a smile, he doesn’t frown either. Nor is he gonna admit he missed your reactions, even when he wasn’t the one doing it. “Yea.” Having successfully got you under him, and on top of the black comforters, he weighs his fists to the side of body. Making sure you can’t move. He got you stuck under his frame, and tormented your pierced nips. Unknowing that your reactions were worse, made him love that you got your nipples pierced. Making sure to help them rest from being swollen; don’t feel sorry for him when he keeps apologizing making sure he didn’t hurt you. 
Kuroo Tetsuro.
Stop, I'm so sorry for you. His constant teasing, and smiles at your tingling pain from your semi healed tips. His fake “are you okay love?”, while laughing at your facial expressions. “Y-Yeah.” Having you pinch your metal while you're throating on his cock. His hand around your jaw, thumb sliding down your bulging throat. He pokes at the bulge of his cock in your throat. He will help you in the first month, but when he thinks you’re healed he’ll do whatever he wants with them. But don’t think if you’re actually hurting he’s gonna stop, in lost cases he’ll be gentle, or just move to a different part of your body. He will always ask beforehand if you’re hurting or if it’s okay. Unless he knows it’s okay. Sucking on your nipples like it’s the only thing around. He’s quick to shut you up, if you’re making too much noise. He prefers to wait till he’s actually inside you, to hear them. Not when he’s teasing your body just because it’s sensitive. If he’s sleeping on your stomach-chest, he will move his cheek on the one closest to his face. “Kur-“, “I didn’t do anything yet.”, “Okay keep it that way. Keep going and I won’t feel them anymore.” Nodding, he’s not gonna listen. He’s gonna wait till one of those Fridays he's off and you're on his lap showing off your silver dipped nipples. Be ready for constant teasing, touching and exploring with him. Don’t think he won’t make sure you’re okay. Maybe not verbally but psychically he’ll make sure you’re taking care of them and yourself through the days.
Geto Suguru.
Honestly he didn’t care, out of all of these men he did not care. He was willing to wait and do things like when they weren’t on your perfect body. He appreciates how it's like a star on a Christmas tree. So when you told him he was okay to touch them, he took advantage of that. Out of all these men he’s the most oblivious one when it comes to the piercings. And when it came to the words “you can.” Finding you bent over the kitchen sink when he comes home? He’ll be behind you with his arms wrapped around your waist, and his fingers slightly trailing your already inflamed nipples. He did not help with the cleaning process, thinking he’d be too rough. He just let you handle them, and by his views you did a good job. Because now he gets to fuck with them whenever he pleases. Unlike Kuroo he’s not gonna give you a break if you didn’t use the safe word. You know this, and he knows this. We all know this. Your hands gripping the cold edge of the sink, a he twirls them. Roughly pinching and squeezing along your hips. Dragging the fabric of your pants against the fabric of his cock. He’ll give you a break, then come back only to do worse. With absolute no remorse the more you remind him of how numb your nipples are the more turned on he gets. He won’t stop, so if you feel worn out let him know.
Tumblr media
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Toji with a size kink pls 🥺
Tumblr media
- size kink
Tumblr media
warnings/tags: size kink, dirty talk, afab reader
a/n: the way i was like literally abt to write for this one day omg i was thinking about it so much lmao
Tumblr media
“pl-ease toji,” you plead, tears sliding down your damp cheek while you moved yourself on your husbands cock. the most he could muster was a sloppy grin while he pressed hot kisses to the side of your neck, cock plunging in and out of your sopping wet heat.
you snaked a finger down to circle your bud, squealing from the overwhelming pressure you were feeling. toji pulled away from your body for a moment, eyes steadily watching where the two of you were connected. the grin on his face widened a bit and his pace slowed, cock sliding inside of you leisurely. he watched your face scrunch in pleasure, tongue lolling to the side.
you were so cute.
“look at that,” he grunted, pulling out completely for a moment before shoving his fat cock back inside of you. he couldn’t help but admire the way you suck him back in, tiny hole struggling to fit his entire length inside. still, you were trying your hardest, gripping onto the bedsheets beneath you while your body convulsed.
he loves the way you clench on him. it’s just that- your pussy’s so tiny, but it feels so perfect for him. he loves being bigger than you in all aspects. loves how fat his cock is to the point where he struggles fitting inside of you. loves watching you cry out when he finally bottoms out in your tight hole, fingers instantly pinching your clit to distract you from the burn.
he loves how good he feels inside you. his top kisses your cervix while he fucks himself inside of you, small pants and grunts falling from his own sinful lips. “god,” he cries into your neck, pace still as slow as possible, dragging out your orgasm. “this fucking pussy, baby- creamin’ my cock so fucking good.” his words are so dirty in your ear but they only make you react more, pussy buzzing and gushing on his cock until his base is visibly covered in your juices.
he loves the way he cages you in when he’s on top, large hands gripping onto the fat of your hips while he’s on the verge of spilling. he’s gonna cum. he’s gonna fill your pussy to the brim as much as possible, slow place speeding into a sloppier, but quicker one. he knows you’re gonna cum too, judging by the way you squeeze him just the way he likes it.
you can’t help but scream into his chest while you cum, goosebumps littering your skin while you cover his cock in your cream. more tears and falling from your eyes and he keeps going, cockhead bullying your sweet spot until finally, he’s shooting a load just as big as his cock inside of you.
he’s so big. his cock, his arms, his hands. he loves it. you love it.
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misss-chrisss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
He loves to play with you. It’s his favorite pastime nowadays, especially during Monday football. It’s always while having a beer in his hand, eyes trained to every move of ball, with you laid across his lap. To him, it’s second nature, his free hand finding rest along the curve of your ass.
First, it’s the pad of a single digit, rubbing at the plush lips of your cunt. He’s in love with how they conform around his touch. Next, he’s slipping two digits past the supple skin, laying a gentle trove of circles onto the swell of your clit. He didn’t need to look to know how wet you were, not like it phased him to begin with.
His hands got a little curious in all honesty, tracing down your folds to place pulsing nips at your slit. The warmth of your walls enveloped his digits eagerly, purposely curling at your sweet spot. Yet he’s so focused on his favorite team that he can’t notice your hips, so erratic with the desperate need for relief.
The white noise he pushed from mind finally came to, the whimpering mewls pouring from your lips. He can’t say too much, not bothering to remove his fingers from your fluttering walls. All he does as a form of apology is bring his smug grin to your visage, adding a subtle chuckle behind his words.
“Oh, I’m sorry, just out of habit…y’know”
Tumblr media
Gojo, Toji, Nanami, Getou, Draken, Ran, Sanzu, Nahoya, Kisaki, Izana, Tanaka, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Kyotani, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Bokuto, Ushijima, Atsumu, Midorima, Aomine, Konro, Hinawa, Obi, Dabi, Hawks, Mirio
Tumblr media
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tojis-luver · 2 days ago
𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵... 01
Tumblr media
𝘛𝘰𝘫𝘪 letting you scratch, bite him because he wants everyone to know that he's yours. He especially 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘴 when you scratch him, its like a little reward for him. His tits are really sensitive so he likes it when you suck on them.
Tumblr media
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beandaifuku · 2 days ago
Redamancy - Yearning
Gojo Satoru x Fem!Reader
TW/content : general smut (minors dni!), hair pulling, nicknames, praises, slight degradation, missionary, edging, overstimulation, unprotected sex, belly bulging, manhandling, possessive gojo, mild yandere themes, mutual obsessions, reader is quite vocal, finger sucking, master-servant relationship, size kink, age gap, unhealthy relationship, manipulation, gojo satoru, etc
Description : Gojo just wanted you to stay and he will do anything to please you — even satisfying your desire and lust on him. You wonder who really is the servant now.
Previous : Devotion
Masterlist : Redamancy
©beandaifuku 2022
ᴍɪɴᴏʀꜱ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴀᴄᴛ! 18+ ᴏɴʟʏ
Tumblr media
Dominant is always Satoru's main trait. His presence alone is enough to intimidate anyone he wants. Be it humans or curses, he knows that fact and he used it very well. Especially on you. He could let you have your way on him at your own pace. He could relax and enjoy everything you have to offer to him. He could obey your needs and whimpers.
But right now, you are completely under his mercy. Lips connected, sloppily kissing each other, trying to dominate one another. But you stood no chance. His tongue easily slipped into you, exploring your mouth, hungrily and greedily as he rest his hand on the back of your head, pushing you deeper, savouring you whole.
His other hand cupped one of your tits, fondling it. It fit perfectly in his palm. It felt warm against his cold skin. Sometimes he pulled your nipple, rubbing it with his thumb. You trembled at the sensation — also struggling to breathe.
You moaned into his mouth when you felt his hand from behind your back trail down to your thigh, caressing you, barely reaching your sex. You shuddered, instinctively grinding yourself on his lap to get more friction. He parted away from kissing you, chuckling at your desperation.
“Satoru... Please..” you begged, wanting him to touch you of anything already.
“Please what?”
“T-touch me.”
“If my princess says so,” he smirked.
His hand palmed your clothed pussy. You let out a small whimper and immediately pressed your lips together. Then you felt his finger rubbing your covered fold, easily finding your clit behind those red panties you wore. He pressed his finger harder on you. “A-ah!” you let out a high moan, unexpecting that.
“Shh~ remember where we are, darling,” he said. You muffled your moan with your hand, trying to not make loud noises as the walls in his room were made of woods. They certainly were not soundproof.
He continued to rub you behind those panties. Then his fingers moved the panties to slide, finally making contact with your wet pussy. He groaned at the feeling on his fingers. “God, that felt so fucking soft and wet.” tugging your clit and rubbing hard while his mouth moved to your breast, taking your nipple into his mouth, sucking it.
“P-please..!” you hugged his head, pushing him onto your breast as you buried your face in his hair. “Mmm..! Satoru..!”
You felt your panties getting wetter. Your hips bucked, desperate for more. Satoru chuckled as he gripped your hip hard, preventing you to move more. You whined, trying to move your hips to ride his thigh.
“What a greedy little one. Did you really had a cock in that cunt or you're just imagining things? You're sure you're not a virgin? Seems like one to me.” he snickered as he pushed a finger into your cunt. With his thick and long finger, you felt full already.
“Ah..! A-ah..!”
“Hm~ You like that? Should I add more?” he grinned sadistically as he pushed two more fingers into you. You moaned — loud and then bury your head onto his shoulder, trying to suppress your moan. Your whole body trembled. You felt too full with three fingers spreading you open so nicely for him.
“Ngh..! Too m-much, Satoru..!” you whimpered, tears began to form as he slid his fingers in and out of you painfully slow. Your nails clawed onto his garment as you moaned against his neck.
“Too much? But you're enjoying this, darling. Look, you are the one sucking my finger into that little tight cunt.” he chuckled as he looked down, seeing your lewd twisted face. He thrust his fingers in your cunt faster while his thumb rubbed your clit up and down, giving you the friction you were so desperate for.
Your moan gradually became louder and your legs trembled as you felt your orgasm reaching. Satoru held your head with his other hand, kissing you deeply. With a few more thrusts, you released, moaning into his mouth.
You broke the kiss, trying to calm your breathing as he pulled his fingers out from your messy cunt. He raised his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean.
“That boy surely didn't make you come with just fingers, did he?” he chuckled. You nodded, actually half-processing what he said. “He shouldn't be that greedy to bury his little cock in you after some make-out session. Damn, teenagers can be pretty wild, huh?” he said as he pushed the table away. You glanced up to him, actually wondering how did he know such an accurate thing.
“Ah, shush, shush, sweetheart.” he put his finger on your lips. You looked at him. He smiled as he gently pushed you down to the floor, sitting you down on the soft bedding. He stared at your naked form, only with your yukata robe draping over your body.
“It hurts me that I'm not the first for you, little one.” he used the back of his hand to caress your face. “I want to be the first for everything you do. The first person you fall in love with, the first person you hug, the first person you kiss, the first person you make love with — everything.”
But seems like I'm not.
The thought of having another person than him to see you in this such vulnerable state made him mad. Especially if they touched you so explicitly and he was sure that they marked you somewhere on your body. He saw it after all.
I'll have 'em disappear.
But now...
“Satoru?” your small voice woke him up from his violent thought. He smiled at you.
“Satoru-sama. I'm your master, remember that.”
He pushed you to lie on the soft mattress. “Be a good girl and respect your master, doll,” he said. His calloused hands caressed your thighs as he spread your legs apart, giving him room. He eyed your wet cunt, moaning at the sight. “Look at you, all ready and wet for me.” he leaned down to your sex, inhaling the arousing scent of your mess.
“Sato— Oh, God!”
“I told you to call me 'master', not 'God'. But I guess it's fine too.” he grinned teasingly, gripping your thighs tighter as he gave your clit a long lick, tasting your juice and humming from the taste. Sweet and arousing just like how he expected from such a sweet girl like you. He could drink you all night, savouring your taste just to have any traces of you within him.
Satoru proceeded to keep licking, giving your pussy sloppy kisses and tugging your clit between his teeth. He desired to taste you even more, finally plunged his tongue in your cunt.
“Wa.. Wait...! Wah! Master..! Ah..!”
You couldn't even say anything comprehensible with how good you felt. Your hips bucked up with your hand trying to grab his hair and pull him closer. At the same time, your other hand was clawing his shoulder. Though he couldn't exactly see your state above, he certainly enjoyed feeling how desperate you are by the way your legs tried to clamp onto his body.
Satoru moved his tongue in and out of your cunt while his finger rubbed your swollen clit fast. You were very wet, even some of your juices trailed down his chin. But he did not care. He wanted it all, so he tasted everything you offered to him.
He wondered, who really is on someone's mercy right now. Him, worshipping every crook of your body or you, desire to obey and let him do anything he wanted.
He continued to eat your pussy greedily and desperately. His hot tongue, his fingers — everything was too overwhelming for you that you can't even form words other than his name. Even so, his name still came out slurred and stuttered.
“Satoru..! 'Toru–sama! Wait! Please! Please, master!”
Forgot about being silent, you did not care anymore. And Satoru couldn't give two fucks about it. Let the whole house know you two were fucking each other. Let the whole clan know who made you feel this fucking good.
He felt the tug on his hair become tighter. You were close. Very close. If this was your routine sex, he would part away and not let you cum but he's feeling nice today. He let you released in his mouth. Even when you were cumming, he still sucked you just to give you the sensation while you were being so damn sensitive. Your hips bucked onto his face as your legs trembled terribly.
“Ah...” you breathed heavily and looked at Satoru who had become a mess. Wet on his face and messy on his hair. He looked up and hovered you before connecting your lips.
“Beautiful. Really beautiful.”
He sat up and tugged on his obi around his waist, letting his own yukata come undone. Just like you, he stripped himself naked but left a robe draping over his body. Your eyes trailed down to his half-hardened thick cock. He smirked as he pulled you up. Your chest heaved, trying to calm down from your high. He laughed mockingly at your fucked state. You looked like you could think of nothing other than him as your eyes looked up to him with haze and strong yearning.
“Why don't you show me what this pretty mouth of yours can do, gorgeous?” his thumb rubbed over your lower lip and he slipped two fingers into your mouth. He pressed them on your tongue and slid them deeper to the back of your throat.
“'Toru..” you gagged a little, struggling to even moan his name. Drool slipped out from the corner of your lips. He grinned sadistically as he pulled out his fingers and tucked your chin. He brought his face close and licked your drool up to your lips. He pulled your hair and dragged you as he moved back to sit against the wall. His action forced you to crawl with his hand grabbing you by your hair. He sat down as his eyes trailed to your thighs and he could see your wetness dripped down from your pussy. Giving you a peck of a kiss, he then guided your head to his cock.
“Come on, show me how much of a cockwhore you can be, darling. Wouldn't you like it to see your master is pleased with you?” he said. Your trembling hand reached to his cock, wrapping your fingers around it. You began to stroke him, up and down. He hissed when you gave pepper kisses on the veins around his dick. You gave some kitten licks on the tip. He chuckled but you could hear his breathing start to get slurry.
“Oh, fuck... Look at how tiny your fingers are. Can't even wrap around me fully,” he said. He rested his hand on the back of your head as he pushed you down to his cock. You took his dick into your mouth, whimpering when you felt your jaw was getting stretched.
“Holy f-fuck... So tight..” he moaned. You took him even deeper, making him shudder at the warm sensation of your pretty mouth. You started to bob your head up and down his girth, also using your hand to stroke him.
“Oh fuck, darling...” he breathed. His fingers gripped your hair, guiding you on his cock. You moaned at the feeling of his large palm on you, sending vibrations from your throat through his cock. He shuddered a little, letting out a soft breathy moan. After a few minutes of sucking him off, he pulled you away, lightly pushed you to the bedding.
You coughed. Your throat felt sore as your saliva mixed with his precum drooled out from your mouth. He then gripped your chin, forcing you to look at him. “Rather than my servant, shouldn't you be my pet instead? Drooling like a cute dog in heat, huh?” he laughed softly and mockingly at you. You whimpered at his words much to his pleasure.
“Well, since you look that excited being my cute pet, let's save that for later, alright?” he said as he positioned himself between your legs. He took his cock and rubbed the tip on your wet clit. You whined as he hissed, feeling the warm slick of your pussy.
“Shit, you're so fucking desperate, humping the air like that.” he chuckled, noticing your hole clenched around nothing. "Beg for this cock, baby."
“Ah.. P-Please..”
Satoru didn't reply, just keep rubbing himself on your cunt, edging you to have you beg for his fat cock. You whined. “Please, master..! Fuck me!” you whimpered, clawing his arms at the sides of your body.
“Please, please, please..! Fuck me, Satoru-sama...” you moaned with tears streaming down your cheek. He smirked as he raised your leg and pinned your hips on the other side.
“If my good little maid said so.”
“I'm gonna fuck you so hard 'til you can't even remember you had fucked before.”
“Aah! Oh, God..!” you felt like screaming when he plunged his thick cock into your cunt. Your body twisted, trying to adjust to him. You felt weird by the feeling of a raw dick in your cunt and not just some rubber of a condom. He exhaled softly at the feeling of your warm cunt. He had been holding on for a while and this really felt like a reward.
“Nod if I can move, kitten,” he said, waiting for you to feel comfortable again. You took a deep breath, still feeling a little weird and painful. You felt like you're a fucking virgin — as if you never fuck before. Or perhaps his cock was too big and fat enough to stretch you out like that.
You finally nodded and he started to push himself further in. Each time, he rubbed your belly and kissed your tits in an effort to ease your pain — though you could only feel his cock. When he finally buried himself in you, you let out a strangled cry. He awaited your signal as his hands caressed your body all over.
“Y-you can move, m-master..” you mumbled, face reddened. He smiled at you as he planted a kiss on your lips. He started to thrust into you, slowly and carefully.
“Ah.. Fuck.. You're so hot and warm.” he sighed. You moaned at the feeling of his cock stretching your inside. You could feel his dick touch every spot in your cunt. Your moan gradually became higher and louder as his pace started to catch up.
He started to thrust into you faster and more desperate. He loved the way your pussy tightened and clenched around his dick. He could feel you touched every vein on his dick.
Satoru raised your leg higher as he thrust deeper. You let out a strangled moan. He pulled you by your shoulder to raise your body up a little.
“Look how well you take me, kitten,” he said, trailing his hand down to your belly that was bulging of his cock. He pressed his hand on your belly, hard, making you whimper and dropped back to the bedding.
“Oh, f-fuck, kitten. You're so good.”
His thrusts were fast and merciless. He opened his palm on your belly wide enough to have his finger reach your swollen clit, rubbing it hard. Your body twisted when the tip of his cock kept pressing on that spot. Your hands were all over the bedding, trying to grab anything. In the end, you pulled his hair instead and clawed at his back. It was too overwhelming, too much, too good.
“Eyes on me.”
His hand reached your neck, choking you a little as he forced you to look at him. Sweat beads appeared around his forehead. You opened your mouth to speak and he rested his thumb in your mouth.
“'m c-close, master..” you whimpered. He snickered as he thrust into you harder, hitting your pelvis with his. You cried out, clenching him as tight as you could as you released on his cock. Your hips bucked up but he pinned your hips down. You whined. “Master..! M-master, please!”
“Oh fuck, darling... What a cute slut.” he chuckled but his voice was trembling because he too felt so fucking good in your cunt. Your chest heaved heavily as you tried to calm down.
“I'm not done, darling.” he gripped your thigh, burying his nails on your skin as his thrust started to get faster but sloppier and more desperate to chase his own orgasm. You lied beneath his mercy like a ragdoll, letting him handle you however he wanted.
After several sloppy thrusts, he pulled out, cumming onto your belly. You moaned at the warm feeling on you. He moaned at the sight of his thick white cum painting your body.
“Fuck, sweetheart. You are so so good. What a good girl.” he leaned down to you, kissing you passionately as his fingers collected the white substance on your belly.
He parted away from you, replacing your lips with his cum-coated fingers. He tapped your lips and you licked his fingers clean while maintaining eye contact with him. He chuckled. “Good girl, you sure know what you're doing.” he pulled you up to embrace you.
“You're such a good little one. My dear girl.” his hand rubbed your back, slowly trailed down to your ass and groped you. “So soft and plump...” he whispered. Oh, how he was really holding back from slamming his hand on your ass — spanking you hard until you can't sit properly. But seeing your tired state, he decided that spanking you would be for another time.
“Mm.. Toru... 'm tired..” you murmured against his skin, tracing his chest with your fingertip. Satoru chuckled.
“Then let me serve you for tonight, princess.”
➽ ───────────────── ❥
Naked against each other, you leaned against his chest comfortably as his hands rubbed your body with soap. Satoru brought the two of you to the bathroom and quickly prepared a warm bath in a tub. You couldn't comprehend completely how did he travel here so fast without being noticed by any other clansman.
“Are your legs hurt, darling?” he asked, worried.
“Haha, sorry for that.” he chuckled. His eyes trailed down to your thigh, seeing his handprint and the marks from his nails. He frowned.
“Are you sure you're not hurt?” he asked again.
“Hm... No, not really.” you wouldn't mind much about some scratches from him. When you were his student two years ago, he also trained you on your combat skill sometimes. To be fair, his hits when you trained with him hurt and humiliated you more than a grip on your thigh.
You remembered being thrown to the floor with an easy flick of his wrist, being pinned to the wall with his hand wrapped around wrists — sometimes your neck and being slammed to the wall while trying to block his kick with your weapon.
At that moment, you surely felt very bad and humiliated by how cocky he was — being able to beat you without much effort. But then, your mind was reminded of when he pulled you by your hair to have you crawl up to him to give his cock a good suck.
Oh, wouldn't it be great if he would pin you to the wall and fuck you rough while you're struggling to stand on both legs? You would fall to your knees and he would force his cock into your mouth instead. Perhaps he could throw you to the floor and flip you over, fucking you from behind with his balls slapping your clit while his cock thrust in and out of you. Maybe he could pin you down by pressing your legs up to your body, breeding you full with cum like a good whore.
“Little one.”
You looked up to him with blushes on your face. Shit, you can't believe you were thinking about some sinful thoughts when you should be savouring this sweet moment between the two of you right now.
He shoved his arm in your direction. You looked at him, weird. “What?”
“Bite me.”
“I feel bad for you and your gorgeous thigh! Aww, my poor little servant! Your master didn't mean to grip you so hard like that!” he cooed at you like a literal man-child as he hugged your body, caressing your head gently.
“I'm not going to bite your arm.”
“But I want you too. Just bite my arm, here here.” he pouted as he nudged his arm towards you.
You stared at him for a few seconds before you clung to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He looked at you, amused. “What are you doing, little one?”
You smiled, “I wanna do this instead.”
You latched your lips to his chest, sucking on his skin. He chuckled, caressing your hair fondly.
But suddenly, he moved you to the side and covered you with his body. You were shocked by his sudden moves. But before you could protest, the door to the bathroom opened.
“Ah! Gojo-sama..!” a male servant entered the bathroom. He was clearly shocked by Gojo's presence in the bathroom.
“Oh, hey, Asahi. What are you doing this late at night in the bathroom, huh?” he asked with a friendly tone as he pushed your body down a little into the tub to hide you.
The male servant, Asahi looked at Gojo awkwardly. His eyes then locked onto the discarded yukata robe at the sink. A white one, Gojo's yukata. He remembered he saw him in that yukata before. And then there's a beautiful red yukata too. The only person who was wearing such expensive yukata on this casual night would be...
“Yeah? Did you notice something? Cursed spirit on the sink maybe?” Gojo asked, completely aware of Asahi's eyes noticing his and your yukata.
“Urm, I will just use the other bathroom! Good night, Gojo-sama!” he retracted out from the bathroom, slamming the door. Gojo chuckled when he heard the panicked footsteps running away from the bathroom.
“Damn, guess the whole house knew I fucked you good.”
You went silent. You did not mean to be loud and you were pretty vocal during sex. But the thought of the maids or servants looking at you with mockery or disgusted eyes made you feel horrible. You couldn't even imagine how Satoru's reputation was at risk too. You knew he might not care — he is the strongest, he can do anything. But you aren't and you cared about your image at the very least. Your image as a runaway and troublesome maid had already spread across the clan after you ran away last year. You also heard from Ai that you were called betrayer for leaving Satoru while you were the one who admired him the most since you were young.
“Come on, let's clean up quick and I will tuck you to the bed, with me,” he said as he helped you to sit properly again. You grabbed his arm.
“Satoru, can I go back home after this?”
Satoru stared at you. Then he smiled, caressing your face with adoration. “Wary about the people, little one?” you nodded, there's no use of hiding from him after all. “Don't think about them too much. Nobody will look at you that way.”
“What makes you so sure about that?”
“I will make sure no one will look at you so badly. Can you trust me on that?” he asked. You pressed your lips together and gazed away, unsure.
“Say yes.”
“Only if I'm going back to my place tonight.”
“... Okay. I will bring you back home.”
Home... Finally you can go back to your comfortable cheap apartment. To your sweet home.
“Yes, sweetheart?” he smiled at your unsure face. You looked out the window, seeing the tall building of an expensive apartment. It looked so grand and luxurious. And certainly, your cheap apartment couldn't even compare with this luxury.
After both of you cleaned up, Satoru and you sneaked out from the house and he said that he will drive you home. But you did not expect that he would bring you here.
“Where are we?”
“But this isn't my apartment.”
“I told you, you're going to stay with me. This is where my apartment unit is located at. And this is also going to be your home.” he said before he drove his car to the parking basement.
“But my stuff at my apartment?”
“We can do that later. It's almost four in the morning. You haven't slept either.” he said. He parked his car in his designated spot but he did not turn off the engine.
“Are you still unsure? You decided already, right?” he asked. You looked at him, rubbing the back of your neck.
“I think... I think it's just the change of lifestyle..” you replied. Satoru stared at you before he tucked your chin with his fingers and raised your face.
“I didn't mean to revoke my decision, Satoru! I really am not.” you tried to explain yourself. Satoru smiled as he leaned forward to you.
He gave your lips a soft kiss. His lips were so sweet and soft, they made you immediately enchanted by it. He pressed his lips harder and the soft innocent kiss turned messy and wet. Your hands caressing his hair, pulling him closer. His hands rested on your waist, rubbing circles with his thumb.
Tapping his shoulder as a sign, he let go of you. You took a deep breath as your eyes stared at him. He smiled.
“In the clan's house, you are my servant.”
“But not in our home, princess.” he placed his hand on your face, letting you nuzzle against his palm.
"I will serve you of anything. Luxury, needs, sex, affection, gifts, hugs, kisses — everything."
“Remember? All I want is for you to be by my side — always. That's all I need.”
“But, wouldn't it be unfair for you?” you asked. Living with everything completed for you is certainly not a bad thing. But in a relationship, shouldn't things be mutual?
“Hm? Are you suggesting that you will be my servant? Will you provide those for me? I would accept your pretty pussy ready to be fucked any time, kitten. But even luxury?” he asked teasingly. You huffed and looked away, hiding your reddened face at his explicit remark.
“I welcome anything you offer to me, darling. I know you won't disappoint me, right?” his fingers gripped your chin, forcing you to face him again. “Right?”
You nodded.
“Good girl. Now let's go home.”
“I promise I will cherish you. You will do the same, yes?”
You nodded again. Perhaps being this infatuated with one another isn't that bad. You looked at Satoru for one more time. His adoration and his infatuation in his eyes were clear to you. He looked as if he had found something so precious that he would keep forever in his possession.
Even if it ended up hurting one another, he won't let go of you. And you won't let go of him. He won't leave you and you will stay by his side.
Why not? You promised after all.
The end! There will be a bonus part on Gojo's POV but this is the last part. Thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
Bonus part is coming soon!
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iambilliejeanok · 2 days ago
Is he too much?
Gojo x reader
Warnings: 18 +, dacryphilia, overstim, nsfw
Tumblr media
Just thinking out loud but…
I feel like having sex with Gojo would be so confusing.
Because he’s so mean but he’s very kind at the same time?
To a point where, when you’re at your limit and don’t think you can possibly handle another orgasm, you’re not even sure what his reaction would be to you asking for a little mercy.
He might smile and wrap his arms around you, holding you in a warm embrace until you’ve calmed a little, or he might just tease you, and make you take another one.
His vibes constantly ranges from “it’s okay love, you’re doing so great for me, one more?” To “good grief babe, it hasn’t even been thirty minutes. Stop whining”, before he does the very thing you were whining about not being able to handle, making you squirt hard, your puss gushing all over him.
Maybe it depends on his mood tbh? He’s not good at showing his true emotions, so he masks it by being extra goofy, so you might think he’s just teasing you and playing with your body, when in reality he’s really fucking all his stress away.
Like even when he’s fingering you or eating you out, it’s like when it comes to your pleasure, he genuinely doesn’t care about what’s “too good”, or “too much”. All he knows is that you’re enjoying yourself with the way you’re reacting.
He’s also the type to fuck you through it you know. He knows he’s being very mean and he knows you’re probably seriously overwhelmed. I mean it’s not that hard to tell with how you’re crying and gushing, babbling shit he isn’t going to try and translate to normal words.
Like he’s deep stroking you, holding your thighs down, his thrusts hard that they’re making your entire body jiggle, and he’s genuinely trying to figure out why you’re apologizing? Is that supposed to make him stop? Or what? What’s “I-I’m s-so sorry p-pleeaassee d-daddy?”
What’s too much, why are you crying?!!! He’s making you feel good, stop pushing him away and just cum got damnit. He doesn’t have time for this.
Loves seeing those tears though. Loves hearing those strangled moans and whimpers. He’s watching you and he thinks you’re so cute, crying because of he’s making you feel too good.
Listen to me when I tell you this man is strong. There’s no such thing as running away from him because when he puts his hands on you, trust me when I say he’s keeping you right there. You’re going to let him suck on your overstimulated, swollen clit until you cum again. You’re going bounce on his lap even if you’re brain dead and drooling. And he licks up that thread of spit dangling from your lips before he kisses you, wiping away your tears and hugging you on occasion.
Plus he has that monster dick😭😩
Yeah personally, I’m not tryna have sex with people like this.💀💀
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kxisuke · a day ago
Tumblr media
by your side
Tumblr media
pairings: megumi fushiguro x fem!reader
summary: he can't live without you. you can't live without him. you're the perfect match.
warnings: NSFW/smut content ahead, 18+ only! strong/vulgar language, unprotected sex, creampie
word count: 1.2k
a/n: finale to the 'big bad wolf' series! i know it wasn't long, but i hope you guys enjoyed it nonetheless :) i find it quite amusing that this went from a series of smut fics to a whole emotional rollercoaster but it was really fun. thank you to all of you who contributed ideas and helped me in coming up with the idea to make this a series :))
part 1, part 2, part 3
tags: @tweetybomb, @ezzui, @mineyrella, + anyone else keeping up with the series :)
Tumblr media
Your knees are tucked close to your chest, your sobs muffled by your hands. The only light in your small room is the lamp sitting on the nightstand, but it doesn’t do much anyway. The rain pours down from the sky on the roof, and you can hear the wind pushing against the window. There’s a small knock on the door and you raise your head, making sure that the dresser in front of the door is still in place.
“Go away.” The wind blows your window open, and an idea pops into your head. Your window is large enough that you can fit your body through it, but the drop to the ground is quite high. But it’s nothing you can’t do.
“I’m leaving food by the door, y/n. You should have something to eat.” You scoff at your mothers words, raising from the ground and going to your closet. You eventually hear her footsteps retreat, and you pull out some clothes. You shrug on your black shirt and pull on a pair of matching pants. Thankfully, your cape is still upstairs from earlier, so you put that on too. It might help to have some protection from the storm.
I need to see him again.
That’s the only thought running through your head as you open the window fully, squeezing out until you’re balancing precariously on the roof tiles. You pull your window shut behind you and take a breath to stabilize your racing heart. Getting down into a sitting position, you push off the roof, landing surprisingly steadily on the wet ground. You immediately take off in a sprint without looking behind you, racing towards the village gates that lead to Megumi’s part of the forest.
It’s been five hours since I last saw him. He has to be home by now.
With each step your boots sink into the mud, spraying the backs of your pants, and rain pours down onto you, soaking through your cape and sending a chill to your bones. But you continue running, past the clearing and onto the familiar side path that leads to his place.
You see the house in the distance, and you push yourself to go even faster, almost crashing into the door. You knock loudly, praying that you’ll get an answer.
“STAY AWAY.” You recoil at the sound of his voice, but press your palm on the door, silent tears running down your cheeks.
“Megumi. It’s me. Please, let me in.” In seconds, the door flies open, almost off its hinges, and Megumi stares in disbelief down at you. You run forward and he collects you in his arms, and you hear him let out a sob.
“It’s okay, I’m right here. I’m not leaving you.” He breaks down, dropping to his knees and pulling you close to his chest.
“I thought I lost you, I thought that I’d never be able to see you again.” You pull out of his embrace, kissing him gently.
“You’re never going to lose me. I promise.” He stands and sweeps you into his arms, shutting the door so the rain doesn’t get into the warm house. Taking you to his bedroom, your body is trembling from the cold, your body finally registering your soaked clothes. Megumi is quick in his actions, sitting you on the edge of the bed and gently removing your cape and other wet clothes, hanging them all over the heater to dry. You wrap your arms around your form, and Megumi approaches you slowly. Capturing your lips in his, you know exactly where this is going.
You can feel the need in his kiss, in the way his hands explore your body like it’s the first time. This is completely different than the other times this has happened—you can feel more than just raw passion. You can feel his love for you in his every action, in his every touch. You run your hands up his stomach and chest, pulling up his shirt over his head, and he pushes you back onto the mattress. He unclasps your bra and slides your panties down your legs, and your heart starts to pick up speed. He teases your entrance with his cock and gently pushes into you. A gasp slips out of your mouth, and you bite down on your lip. You look up and meet eyes with Megumi, and it's like a totally different person is over you. You see the care and tenderness in his eyes, and he gently caresses your cheek, bringing his lips to yours.
His first movements make you see stars, and you grip hard on your shoulders, moans and curses tumbling out of your mouth. He lets out a low groan, the feeling of his cock dragging against your tight walls feeding the overwhelming desire he has to completely make you his. He wants it all, your love, your touch, your body, everything.
“Shit, Megumi... ah!” His cock trembles at the sound of your moans, and he curses under his breath.
“God, y/n...” His thrusts quicken and your back arches off the mattress, a cry slipping out of your lips. Your fingers dig into his shoulder blades, brushing against the scars lining his back. Megumi almost loses his balance, letting out a whimper. His vision goes white for an instant and he lets out a shaky breath, his orgasm dangling in front of his face.
Your own senses are overloading, with each thrust of his hips, Megumi seems to brush against that spot inside of you he always seems to find.
“Ah, fuck... Megumi... right there...” Your head is going fuzzy, and you can feel the spring of pleasure coiling tight in your abdomen, moments away from being released. Megumi’s breathing is heavy and he bites back a groan as your fingers move across his back again.
“Y-yeah? Go ahead and... Christ... c-cum for me...” With his words alone, the world seems to stop spinning for an instant, every trigger in your body releasing and flooding your senses with white hot pleasure. You hear Megumi’s breath hitch and feel his load spill inside you. He takes a second to catch his breath before smiling down at you, brushing his hand across your damp forehead and down your cheek.
“I don’t know what I'd do without you, darling.” He coos, leaning over and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I think I'd go insane because I love you so much.” He gently pulls out of you, smiling at the whimper that passes through your lips, and quickly and tenderly cleans you up.
Your wrapped in Megumi’s fluffy blanket like a little burrito, a cup of tea in your hand and little yawn occasionally making their way on your lips.
“If you’re tired, get some rest, okay baby?” He walks by the bed, pausing to kiss your forehead.
“I’m fine, I’m fine.” You lean into his touch as he places a hand on your shoulder, arranging stuff on the nightstand after the mess you both made. “I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m scared I’ll wake up and realize this has all just been a dream.” Megumi’s eyes soften and he sits down next to you, wrapping his arms around your blanket burrito.
“I’ll always be right here by your side, okay?” You nod, and he smiles. “Promise me you’ll stay by mine?”
“I promise. No matter what happens.”
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kokosblackgf · 2 days ago
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
summary: Gojo catching Y/N masturbating
cw: Slight mutual masturbation…I think that’s it
word count: 440
a/n: I’m sorry this is so short
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
Gojo took his first step into your apartment, and as he was about to call out your name he heard small moans coming from your bedroom. He quickly put all his stuff down and began to move quietly to the source of the noise. Halfway to the door of the room, He started hearing a buzzing noise and a smirk grew on his face.
When he got to the entrance of the room, sure enough, there you were trying to get yourself off with a vibrator. "Well, Hello there, Y/N!" Gojo cheerfully said while walking into the room. A small scream left your mouth. You quickly covered yourself and turned off the toy. "Satoru! Why are here?" You shouted at him. "For our date," Gojo started walking towards the bed you were laying on "But you can keep going, I don't mind." Your eyes followed his hand as he palmed his growing erection through his pants. He placed a finger under your chin to guide your eyes back up to his. "Don't get shy now, Y/N." You nodded up at him. Gojo landed a quick kiss on your lips. He backed away and stood, watching you. You turned the toy you were using back on and uncovered yourself. You were about to place the vibrating toy back on your clit, when you looked back over to Gojo. He was looking at your body as if he was in a trance. Your eyes wandered past his face, his boner now visible through his pants. "You're not going to just watch are you, Satoru?" You asked him in a voice that made his dick twitch. "Oh," He smirked and began unzipping his pants. "I didn't know you wanted me to join."
A whimper fell from your lips as you placed the toy back on your clit. "Fuck, Baby." Satoru mumbled while grabbing his cock. You watched him as he started stroking his cock. Small moans of "Satoru~" left your mouth as you felt your orgasm quickly approaching. Gojo continued to stroke his cock with a smile on his face. "Shit, Y/N, You look amazing right now." he moaned, speeding up the pace of his strokes. "F-Fuck, Satoru," You whined closing your eyes, preparing for your release. Before you could tell him you were going to finish, The vibrations you previously felt were gone. You opened your eyes to see Satoru Gojo over you, taking the toy and putting it aside. You looked at him with a pout. "We both know that toy won't make you cum the way I do." Gojo said with a condescending smile painted on his face.
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daddy-toji · 8 hours ago
𝕗𝕒𝕧𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕖 𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕙𝕚𝕤
Tumblr media
𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖…hdcs, nsfw, dark nsfw
𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤...3 of his favorite things to do during fun times
𝕔/𝕨…daddy kink, dacryphila, somnophila, knife/blood, dehumanization, degradation, praise, worship, dp, king/sex slave, bondage
ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕠…
daddy dom/baby girl sub; Kento has a huge daddy kink, and he loves calling you various names, from baby girl to princess to darling. He would want you to call him Daddy only in private around the house. But whispering it in his ear in public turns him on a lot.
thigh riding; You make a mess of yourself for him on him. You can stroke his cock and he will play with your nipples but it’s all you. Kento pays great attention to every move of your hips and every sound you make. It’s wonderful foreplay for when he is tired after work which is most of the time. And you never complain since his thighs are hard and wonderful against your clit. “Your not thinking about stopping now are you? You’ve only finished twice, I thought you were unbearable horny that I had to rush home right away. So keep going till Daddy tells you to stop.”
praise/worship: This man is a giver when he is home, maybe it’s because he is trying to make up for working so much. Either way when you behave Kento worships your body and praises your body. You aren’t insecure with this man.
𝔾𝕠𝕛𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦…
mirror sex; Satoru is vain, your a beautiful woman and he is a beautiful man. He gets off on seeing him fuck you just as much as he is getting off on fucking you. It’s a bonus for him if it flusters you, “Don’t look away, look my pretty cock pounding your sweet little puss. Your taking me so well, might have to let you stay the night for another round.”
boob job/face fucking; He wants to have your head dangling off the bed whilst you hold your tits together so he can switch back and forth between fucking your wet tits and hot mouth. He wants to hear you gag, “You like my balls hitting your face stupid, cute little slut?”
somnphilia; with your permission. You’re at your most vulnerable state when you sleeping. And when he gets done with a mission sometimes there is just left over adrenaline keeping him awake. Satoru’s mind drifts to you. So he lets himself in and pays you a surprise visits. Satoru doesn’t care what you have going on the next day. Getting his dick wet and hearing your sleepy moans of his name are more important.
𝕋𝕠𝕛𝕚 𝔽𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕠…
cock warming; He can cuddle you without saying he wants to cuddle. And he can feel your gummy walls squeezing him whilst cuddling you. So that makes the cuddling even better. He is strict about you not getting yourself off on him during cuddling. “Ya waiting for me to come home. You can wait some more, I don’t think your wet enough for me.”
size kink/manhandling; This means trapping you with his body, trying to make you feel smaller. And moving you how he wants without warning. This man will stand up and slam you down on his cock with his hand around your throat.
daddy/babygirl; call him daddy anywhere at any time. Everyone needs to know your being taken care of by him. And just whose you belong to. As if the hickeys on your neck weren’t enough. “Say my name baby girl, let me know whose pussy this is.”
double penetration; Sukuna will switch between wanting both cocks in the same hole and wanting to fuck both your pussy and ass at the same time. Either way he is obsessed with how you take both his cocks. “Cock drunk slut taking my monster cocks, just like that! I’m going to break your tight pussy. Fuck, my pet is stretched so fuckin wide because of me.”
knife/blood; Sukuna wants to hurt you and see the blood drip from your skin. He wants to see you writhe and try to jerk your body away. And as you loose more blood, whilst he plays with your pussy, in your pleasure and pained state your going to slowly loose all energy to fight. Afterwards the scars on your body remind you who your soul belongs to.
king/sex slave; Be the willing sex slave for Sukuna, call him king and worship the ground he walks on. And let him use your body however, whenever and he can’t explain to himself why he loves your utter devotion. “Your always wet for me aren’t you. Tell me did you think about your King coming to use his pussy all day?”
𝔾𝕖𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕦…
dacryphila; Overstimulation, edging, pleasure or pain Suguru is going to make you cry from it all. And he prefers if your wearing make up to use the kind the runs. So you look extra messy for him whilst he fucks your throat. He likes hearing you say it’s too much and that you can’t handle it. And he loves how you won’t use your safe word, “That right fucking take it! You want me to stop? My cock is hurting your little pussy but you still need to take the rest of me like a good little slut.”
bondage; This gives him so much control over your body. He can splay your body out and take away you ability to squirm away from him. And if he is in a good mood you’ll be comfortable tied up, but if you’ve upset him then the position will be painful. “Satoru is coming by for a little while, be a good girl and keep your slutty loud mouth quite. I know that vibrator makes it kind of hard but I have important things to discuss with him whilst you hang here looking so beautiful all for me.”
dehumanization/degradation/praise; Suguru mixes the three. Leaning some times heavily one way or another between degrading and praising. That all depends on how his day and your behavior. But either way your being dehumanized.
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kofic · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
the case of mutual sharing
paring: toji fushiguro × f!reader
genre: angst / plot to smut
warnings: +18; cursing; adult themes; Toji is possessive
word count: 6k
𓍯 in which you are paired with detective Toji & as the first, same, many impressions later the feeling of regret is still there, it wont go and he makes it worse, consciously or unconsciously
authors note: my current Toji brainrot giving birth to this; ah its been few months that im busy with work but i was finally able to put something out for which i wrote like crazy! haha; but im soo happy!! anyways i have few drafts i have to work more on cause im not yet happy with them until then enjoy this one; support is appreciated / a gift at the end
⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
i can’t fully get to the bottom of it, but you met Toji in the most unconventional way that there is and which also, later the same day and many days after made you wish you didn’t
Toji like yourself is a detective and a very much praised individual in the investigation world of Tokyo, a master in solving crimes and hell for the underworld, who also, quite the opposite of you, doesn’t just sit, most of his time, behind the desk but thrives in the joy of getting dirty, soiling his hands with blood if needed. living off of this job like his life depended on it, hating the guts of the ones to commit the vile, working day and night into tracing them down, locking them up - secured tight, so they rot for the rest of their pathetic lives
but what Toji didn’t predicted this one time, is probably you
this case he was working on, was far more complicated, rest assured, if not the worst case he worked on. his upper management having no space for thought but assigning him another person to help with the case - no other but you
to his luck or not, you were there to help him, yet to him you were just someone he found annoyingly, a boring luck of an individual, who was there to interfere with his case rather than put two and two in use and actually move the case forward. you maybe, kind of, remined him of the fact that he maybe was, in a sort, lacking. not that he ever did, but you wouldn’t be here if he was doing the job right and conducted it in estimated time enough for his superiors to be contented
no “hi” or “hello”, was uttered that first day. he didn’t seem at all happy to be sharing his case with another "good detective" like yourself. to him you weren’t good, like at all. your title of a good detective must have followed you by some strange luck, he thought, or because someone in the field liked you, in a way to have set high standards on you
days turned into weeks and this became not hell for him but hell for you too
he dismissed you almost immediately, to his logic, you were no more but someone who was definitely going to slow the case down. you had no other choice but to follow him like a lost puppy all day long, trying to catch on the signals he was giving, if he gave them that is and pretend you were doing your job for the day
trying to make sense with him was out of the question and it made you sick to your stomach his way of living, existing, the way he was with people - as if they wronged him for life; his way with you, his arrogant self ... all this boiling to a point you had to stop, retrace and lay it upon him, all the wrong he was doing to you primarily
but to your surprise or not, the result was pretty much always the same
he did not care, nor for you, nor how you felt about him and his situation, the way he was with others and above all how he was with you
as so on days went, piled on like a stack of blank paper, an endless loop of things, and the same old disgusting feelings - making a run for your life, away from his car, once he drops you off home, every night, day after day, same - not achieving the desired results of catching any culprits - showering and scratching away the remains of his existence that followed your body, and recently mind too - each night going to bed hoping the nightmare to finally end
and Toji, going over and basically doing the same routine like you
it felt to him like, like this had no end. it was endless, like he predicted it, you were useless. useless to him and to the case. he knew
and so, what happened once, turned out to be an almost reoccurring ritual - each night, after he had terminated you from his life, dropped you off - he would go straight back home, hop and hide in his shower, his turn of washing away all the remains of you that polluted his mind, body and soul - get out, stare at his wide bathroom mirror, conclude you were out of his system and if not, which to his bad luck, recently you were far more dug into him that he ever liked or wished for, and so he would go on pour few shots of whisky hoping, badly needing for his body to reject and kill every imagine of you swirling in his mind like a tornado
and to his bad luck, as this whole hell of a case, - you would not get out of his head even when he would call it a night, desperately needing to fall asleep, get the energy he needed and a fresh head to start the next day and maybe once and for all put and end to this nonsense  
what troubled his mind was your neck, your hair, your mole, your lips ... he would go on to even hate you for these beautiful little details of yours. they started becoming far more evident to him the more time he spend with you - not letting go of him, itching his body, even long after you would step out of his car, happy that your day with him was over - that much was obvious to him. he too, knew, you hated every second of the day you had to spend with him cause you simply had to. your job requiring it
these details troubled his mind each night, up until some ungodly hours of the night, and he would often ask himself: why does he needs this info, those details of you? what good does they serve him? what is, actually, this need in him, building, expending, widening to the point where even in his job he wasn’t as much effective as he was before, because most of the time, frankly, he would have thoughts of you than be all hands-on deck with the case
Tumblr media
on a night when the whole department gathered up to celebrate new year’s, you, of course had to be there - to his bad luck or than maybe not so ...
moving the case forward was far less of a concern now that he had his hand on your waist. how this happened, you and him dancing, was just a mare coincidence - your colleagues, always making fun of you two, having sensed your disliking for one another, coaxed you into doing this
your body lined up in front his, him towering over you, one of his hands on your waist the other strongly gripping your palm. his breath closing in on every escape of him, a closed alleyway you can’t run away from, a dead end and its him catching up on you
in his arms you are small and he, as much as he doesn't want to admit, finds weird feeling of joy creeping and nestling up in some deep part of his ribcage as an aftermath. he, not wanting to admit, maybe finds himself hoping for you to look up and maybe reciprocate some stare, he badly craves
the dress you are wearing reveals no skin he can touch with his bare hands but maybe stare at you neck for all he wants because that is on display. he can swear you knew he had some bizarre desire for it so you exposed it just for him, or maybe was luck this time on his side, and so he finds himself sickened at the thought of wanting his hands on it, having them squeeze the life out of you, for all the bad you had caused him
he leans further more onto you, having been granted this once in a lifetime opportunity, he might just make the most of it. his nose is in your hair, almost, he inhales your scent and for the first time in his life he can finally store that into him. having been so close to you, this is not the fragrance you are wearing but it’s the smell of you, your skin, your exitance, your being and that thing deep in his ribcage wants to rip out, tear his chest from within
for some reason, you blame the song in fact for closing in on his body. swaying to the rhythm, lost to the melody, is more like you have glued up your whole body to his, and you can feel it burning. maybe its yours, maybe its his, but the heat is most definitely mutual
you feel him squeezing your hand far more then he should - and the other hand, that supposedly had to lay leisurely on the small of your back, has your wrapped around so tight, you feel like maybe he wants to cut your body in half
in a wake of this, you look up to him, to let him know it’s been too much but what looks back at you, have your body shiver for a hot minute. first thing you meet are his parted lips and it takes a very good amount of seconds for you to bring your eyesight to his - frozen like this
this he notices and tries to not acknowledge it but his body fails him, right now? he doesn’t need this, he thinks. why now? too soon? what the fuck? as his member, like the healthy organ itself, and a mind on its own, shifts and pokes you and its only obvious him wanting to cease to exist - as he moves his head away from you and tries to focus his eyesight on somewhere, elsewhere in the room but just not you, not you right now
as you feel his grip on your hand loosing up, you fear he might drop your hand any second, and you don’t know why you feel this - like a hard knock to your stomach, the sole thought of him letting your hand has you feeling aggravated. now why is that?
you are, to extent, too surprised. you have never thought you would have any effect on him and maybe you really didn’t, but this is only the closeness of your bodies talking - nothing in his mind up there but the mind down there - just sex organs acting out
all this time you do not move your eyes from his face, which he can feel, making his blood run wild. when he finally looks down at you, its when his primal needs give in and he for real wants to kiss you - like no one is there present but only you two, like no one could see, but he knew too well this won’t and can’t happen
you were too slow to catch up on what was his desire - having the same, desire yourself
and the song ends
you grip on his shoulder tightens and you lean to his chest more, wanting to breach through to his heart? i don’t know. his nose is in your hair for real this time, while he seeks space to let go of all the baggage you have hung over him
you let go of each other knowing this was a fatal mistake which would definitely have lethal consequences and mark parts in you both
you hurry away. away from him, trying to not glance or give any more significance to his existence that night - that what happened, just happened - and it had been an outcome of a moment that would and should never happen again
that night Toji could not fall asleep. his member grew strong and he knew he had to take matter in his own hands - for this was your fault. he came, pulling out all the semen out of him brought by you. his body trembled in such aftershock welcoming his cum into his own hands, thinking of you
he wished to have seen you welcome it all of it into your mouth, or preferred? it was ultimately the same thing, he needed it to be you, badly wanted it to be you. his whole body aching for it, in his head it was you, but in reality, it was his hands, doing the job
he grew mad when the act was finished, no way he just came cause of you. there was no way
now, like this, there was no way of going back and he knew. he maybe even grew more hatred in himself for allowing this to happen. this should have never happened. you were barely a good detective - yeah right - assigned to be his partner, in a fucked up never ending case, so he thought - but he also, despite everything, would go on think of you and your lips on his, and his teeth sinking in on your neck, dugged in so deep that blood might come gush out of it
Tumblr media
days after that turned into even bigger of a mess
to his bad or good luck this one day, in a run of your lives, you end up locked up in a very small storage room, so tiny, it barely fits Toji’s legs straight when sitting
how you ended up there, like that, was god testing you both. you were searching for documents of the criminals involved, when in the run of their lives, they have left behind - ones which, supposedly, were going to provide and become of vital importance to this case - turning out they won’t - as you both run your eyes through the lines and lines of words and containers full of more documents, immersed so much into it that after full 15 minutes when you turn around you notice the door is locked  
not only the documents turned out to be shit, but you both locked up in this confined space was going to give rise to anxiety in both of you, turning the whole situation feel even more shittier. the space failed the mobile connection for now, so you had to turn of your phones to save the battery for “more help later”, “please on god”, “someone maybe will figure this out” and stuff like that - and at same, most of all, fearing one another, and the one thing that should never come to light
sitting one next to other, space clogged up with papers underneath you, fucked up light bulb which threatened to give up sooner then later, luck of air flowing and a complete silence is when you feel your heart beating faster then it ever had prior this moment
“This is your fault!”  - you say  -  “If you didn’t insisted we look and run after them during their run, but wait and observe, give them the time to settle, we wouldn’t be in this mess and maybe would be in luck and actually caught them this time! I can’t believe I followed you on this one and ignored my instincts!”
“You always know what’s right once its finished. I’m actually surprised you have the guts to even complain after, like always its someone’s fault but not, a bit, yours! I didn’t put my hands on your neck, didn’t pointed gun to your temple and said ‘Come on follow me’ now did I? I’m truly getting sick of you at this rate!”
you do not dare turn your head but continue staring at your feet that fit enough to the wall in front while Toji struggles in the same, given his large form - your eyes focused on you shoes because given any turn to him would spring significance to something that its already up in the air - floating. coming and closing on both of you, threatening to tear up each of you alive any second now
“And I of you! That feeling is mutual!”  -  as you turn and see his face just inch away from yours and his features angered to a point you think he might whip you one
“I just need this to be over at this point! I’m done with you! Doing nothing and complaining whenever. I need you out of my life. I’m truly tired of you!”  -  he says, as his eyes glist with such rage you have not feel up until now
“You speak in a way of how I have been the problem all along. Always! As if this case is not moving forward because of me - personally, but not the whole circumstantial situation in which is placed. You and me both know this is just a fucked up case, rotten at its core and how it would take time for it to be solved. Its not just two or three people its merely but a chain of organizations and its more of a taking down a group of highly influential people which are involved in this! Its not me ... It was never me! Or me as a bad operative or yo- ... you for a change too. Its just that we can’t bring it down that easy! I’m just mad you always have to put me down, ever since day one! You are such a deranged person Toji!”
at this, you feel your cheeks heating up and you can swear he can sense them - giving he can read almost all the smallest details on your face being within close reach to it, all while your two bodies transfer in the same heat, being so close to each other but despite all, it feels like maybe most of it was brought by the anger you equally shared
sensing your chest rising and falling in a speed of a light, mostly cause of the lack of air, but far more because of the closeness of him, you feel like he knows the uneasiness he is causing you
but what you don’t know, is not only does he notices these things but he, in some unusual way, thrives in the same
your turn to the wall in front again, lacking the guts to face him - being vulnerable like this
it further furies you more, the fact, he can probably sense your discomfort - the one coming in - not cause you failed the case again today, or cause the documents turned out to be pure shit, or cause the place was to narrow and too small and damned to be locked up on top of it all ... no! no you weren’t uncomfortable with him sensing these discomforts which were all that known, but what infuriated you more was the highly possibility of him sensing your mixed feelings in the middle of it all
and its him breaking up the silence first after a full minute of heavy breaths being exchanged in the air, making the tension suffocating you both
“It feels to me, like maybe ... it’s my fault, all this too. Its hard to explain but I know I have let certain things affect me more than they probably should have.”
“What do you mean? What things?”
you look up to him and if your body was hot up until now – well now is burning. you can’t but look at his lips again as he, mostly, is doing the same - looking at yours - it drives him crazy how much after everything he still wants to kiss you, shut you up for life
“You.”  -  he softly says it, as in a way he mulled over the thought for hundreds of hours, if he should ever confess it, but something about the space, lacking in air, must have brought forward some words he should never ever have said
“What do you mean ‘me’?”
“You are the problem.”  
you feel his features soften in a way they have never before. his eyes almost having a pleading effect, even kind of sad - you not getting it straight that this is him fearing that he might get rejected or whatever ... and he, for a second, feels powerless. this you do not know but something about the way he looks at you has some peculiar feeling, with a desirable intent  
“Toji I told you, you can’t continue doing this … I’m going to quit this case just of how unfair you have been to me so far. Cancelling me on anything, never truly being there to acknowledge me in the first place I just can’t do this. It feels like a loop, every day, since the moment I have met you. Why you have to be so egoistic and arrogant?”
“It is a loop.”
you frown your eyebrows as in questioning him this loop
“Endless loop of thoughts about you ... I can’t bring myself to stop them.”
you frown your eyebrows even more, confusion painted all over your face
“ … be specific.”  -  your tone low
you feel him getting closer to your face as his palm lands on your thigh - feeling the heaviness of it, its when it finally hits you that this is finally happening. now more then ever. you both couldn’t fought this out. both of your hearts beathing fast - as he stares at you lips
“Isn’t it obvious?”  -  he asks
you pull on his palm that laid on your leg and bring it to your lips, guiding it with your own, you help him grip your chin as his fingers gently go over the edge of your lips while you slowly, shyly start to bring your tongue into play
“Why are you doing this? As if I’m not already far gone …”
“You want this …?”  -  you are neither sure if this is more of statement or a question - but you proceed onto letting his finger enter and wonder in the warmth of your mouth, looking him straight in the eyes not sure where you have gotten this confidence all of a sudden
but honestly this isn’t at all about confidence but more of a mutual carnal desire, you both have of one another
Toji brings himself to your lips as he slowly pulls out his fingers that you swirled over but proceeds to keep his thumb over the middle - separating your bottom lip just still. his breath almost enraged
“I’m- … fuck.”  
you feel his nose touch yours, his lips barely over yours as he is slowly dragging his thumb to your chin and he pulls you for a kiss
this kiss is - how do i describe it - its unlike any other you had before, mostly because even unexpected in here, was ultimately what both of you secretly, deeply craved. hoped to become reality regardless the faults of the whole situation between you two so far  
Toji isn’t deliberate or cautions or gentle but rather the firmness in the way he holds your chin is needy and desperate. it’s a desperate kiss, not in a way its artificial or just driven out of pure lust but there is longing and yearning and such need that was built in him for months
for months that he had to stare at your lips while listening lots of unnecessary words come out it and not being able to do anything about it
but now, now its him pushing his hand in your locks to the back of your head and pressing on your skull hard, deepening the kiss
leaving you even more breathless than the place already had you, lost in the kiss you suddenly get up from where you were sitting and place yourself on his thighs - his arms landing on your ass pulling you close to him - you could never escape
“You have- …”  -  he pecks your neck and looks up to you  -  “no idea …”  -  comes for another peck  -  “how much I- …”  -  another peck but this one way hungrier then the two ones before and you feel his lips lapping over your most sensitive part just under your ear  -  “… wanted to do this.”  -  you moan throwing your head backwards, looking dizzily in the bad light bulb that was threating to give up any second now   -  “… or how I wished to have you moan like that … fuck y/n!!!”
its clear to you, right now, how much of a terror he probably had to go through to have you right here, right now - like this. but its mutual again. its not like you weren’t going crazy about him, day after day
you stop his actions and take in his face in your palms as he still hungerly stares at you from bellow - feeling his extremely hard member pocking the wetness that build in your core too
“I have always been distracted by your neck for whatever reason”  - a small smile forming on his face and he unconsciously, shyly lowers his stare and his head  - “... as strange that is.”
one of your hands, that’s holding his face, goes in his hair and you pull on it to bring his stare to you
“Expose it more …”  -  you kiss him -  “take my shi-“
his hands grip on your waist, so hard and you feel a lump in your throat and you can’t breathe. you want him so much it hurts. it hurts how much you actually wanted him, that the supposed "want" you had for him up until now maybe felt like a joke - that much was clear and its was only now when you realize how much you actually need him  
Toji moves up your shirt, inch by inch as his hands move along the edges of your waist, your ribcage, the side of your boobs and then it’s him pulling your shirt over your head, leaving you in nothing but your bra
he squeezes his eyes shut and throws back his head hitting the wall
“Fuck!”  -  it’s the only thing he manages to utter before he gives you a hot stare, leaving his eyes pierce through yours and its him biting his lip, head against the wall and his jawline kind of hanging in the air - exposing all his strong veins trailing his neck
yeah, right … fuck is what you could say about him too
a matter of a minute later that his head is buried into your neck and this time he is way rougher. he kisses, wets your whole neck, trails his lips, his tongue and his saliva all over your skin and later does he, himself, grant the permission to dug in his teeth into your flesh, squeeze, nibble and bite hard on the delicate side of your neck
“… augh Toji!!”
“I’m sorry”  - he lies, he isn’t sorry. he waited god knows how long for this
in the process, his hands, masterfully unhook your bra and he drags on the straps along your arms, sending shivers to your spine. he has done this before, that much is obvious. he is skillful, kissing it “sorry” the spot where his teeth had prior sunken, he plays gentle but he really isn’t and he wants all of you, now!
letting the bra down, his kisses go the same way. along your neck, to your chest, to your breasts, as he, again, let’s himself welcome - consuming, stuffing all of your tit in his mouth, as he looks into - you want to burst
its after you pull on his shirt that you do the same with his. you bite his nipple with such intensity as much as he, yours - his chest is big, wide and strong, his shoulders, his neck, that it even feels like he has trained muscles there too
he’s huge and fuck - nah look at yourself being so wet right now! your panties are soaked
you help him unzip his jeans and he pulls them just enough, somewhere to his his knees, enough so they don't bother you in the process that was daring to start
thigh riding, and its only after him confessing his member hurts that this can no longer proceed, but he needs to be in you. immediately
you on the other hand strip of your cloths completely. being flesh naked in front him, for a second causes you lack of confidence and maybe you were far more vulnerable than you ever were with him, but the way he grabs you and sits you in his arms has this feeling of luck shooing it away as fast as you lend on him
he sits you carefully, and its more of him letting you, yourself to slowly slide on him, meticulously, lazily, letting both of you feel every inch of him separating and stretching your little cunt
and its both of you gasping into each other’s mouths as you reach your destination at the bottom of his large dick that is now fully, nonchalantly, living inside the warmth’s of your cunt, up to your belly. he’s big no doubt about it, and wide too and how you take all of it has him gone mad in his head. if you were already driving him insane - now you had caused him severe damage and he is fighting hard to not make this a fast session because frankly you do drive him crazy big time
“Fuck! .. fuck!”  -  feels like maybe that’s the only word he knows from now on, that the whole vast knowledge of language and words have failed him
the way you slide up and down on him and him gracefully landing his palms on your ass, squeezing, digging his fingers in deep into your flesh, and its then him lifting you up and sliding you down again himself while his lips are on your neck, your lips, then back again to your shoulders, then your lips again and then your chest and then its down to finally have your nipples in-between his teeth  
and its him tormenting, and biting, and fucking you violently yet slowly, and as i said, gracefully above all
Toji is a man in the right sense of the word. harsh, arrogant and selfish as you have already concluded but he treats the things he like with care, and he often does not like to share them with anybod-
it suddenly hits him how other men have had shared deal of you naked body too - like this … no, maybe not exactly like this, because this is a very rare case, fucking like this, like you two, in a small space that can bearly be called storage, but men have had you, have hold you and had fucked you and he feels a sense of jealously fueling up in his blood, and so he becomes even more aggressive even more sensual
no way other men can have you … fuck his mind is rotting, boiling. his heart is beathing so fast and his groans become even more louder as he thinks over the idea whether to bring this jealousy thingy to you, acknowledge it to you - regardless if this is your first fuck together, and regardless if it’s just the both of your bodies needs of you ending up like this or maybe cause you both, truly, deeply, wanted this and
and so,
“I- .., I- …”
“What is it?”  -  you ask since you feel he, is in fact, deep troubled by a thought
“I can’t, but feel sense of possession … I- .., can’t stop myself thinking of other men fucking you … fuck … I haven’t been able to sleep for nights but think how maybe you are with someone that night and that wasn’t me …”
you let a laugh at this, maybe you shouldn’t have considering he’s opening up to you and its being real with you among all things and its him, himself letting be vulnerable in front of you right now
“I’m sorry … but why?”
“I don’t know ... I just do.”
“You mean to say you are jealous?”  -  you smirk
“I don- … I don’t know … maybe I am.”  -  he openly confesses it and its his head in-between your tits and his arms on your waist sliding and then keeping you buried deep down on his dick, so to make you forget of what he just admitted real quick
its hurts your core, in a fucking good way the way he makes you feel right now. your spine tightens and your chest and your stomach and it soon feels like maybe he is granting you a free pass to a certain place he only has the key to
“Tell me you need me … tell me you only want me yours … that no one can ever have me … fuck Toji I- …gonna … tell m- …”
“What do you want to hear babe?”  -  as he buries his dick harder, deeper, far more sharper and way more slower  -  “That you only belong to this dick? … fuck … that I’m fucking mad at any men that can possibly ever have or that already had you? Cause yes, fucking yes I am! … but no one can make you feel like this …”
“What no? baby?  … fuck y/n … no one can make you cum like this!”
and he is right. as most times. nobody had you like this. nobody fucked you like this and nobody kissed you like he is doing it right now. waiting on you, guiding you into the bliss while he is being the most careful and most lazy then anytime prior … and he groans while you moan in his mouth - and this gradually turning into more of a love making then what i have called it “fucking” all up until now
“Why are you tormenting me like this? Toji it … it hurts ...”  
“Hurts?"  -  he smiles into your mouth - “A lot?”
“Toji!!”  -  and its him looking deep into your eyes as you are cuming on his dick - “mmhm”
"Yes babe."
that shout of his name was so loud to a point you were suppressed by the loudness of it alone - his smile getting wider and his dick harder - throbbing, causing him a beautiful discomfort, while you go over your high its when his one is approaching and its beautiful meeting halfway
his only problem is how to finish off his part - will his cum end up deep into your belly, dripping down your thighs, or maybe on your stomach if he decides to pull out or maybe you are openhearted enough to have welcome his warm semen into your mouth? as the million fantasies he had leaving him wake so many nights? … are you willing to take his fluid deep into your throat into your system … fuck
“I- …”
“I wanna come in your mouth.”
and so you lower yourself in front him. both of you legs on either side of his, on your knees - your mouth stuffed with his dick and both your hands on his thighs to further stimulate his orgasm, your full lips going down and closing on him - sucking the life out of him
he finally ejaculates his warm in your mouth to what can be called a perfect orgasm, and its now you looking at him, straight in the eye, and he throws his head back again, hitting that wall again, throwing his jaw in the air again, and his jawline clenching hard you think it might cut a bitch
yes, that’s right. that was in fact the only word he was able to let go off of himself after such animalistic act
after he came, Toji had felt at peace as he held you close. but that wasn’t all there was to it. he was well aware that there was something more to this. that making love was joining, a connection between one person and another. you receive something, and you also have to give
and so, he pondered onto this thought for a while as you laid on his chest - listening to his heart skipping on a few beats, looking at the light bulb which threatened to really give up this time
umm this song was mostly what rotted my brain during writing this ... like just imagine making love to Toji to it 🤕💫
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iluverenn · 2 days ago
𝐍𝐔𝐃𝐈𝐓𝐘: 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: youʼre always vacant at night, the sight of your boyfriend faint as he departs from you, going elsewhere. you find yourself growing rather sombre at the bitterness that doesn't reside from your bed, and the pleasurable sex before his presence is no more. you catch gojo in the act, the moonlight streaking against his face as he attempts to leave. does catching gojo leave make a difference?
Tumblr media
summary of sexual acts: unprotected sex, subtle roughness, multiple times cumming (m), breeding (practically) + potentially more.
“Satoru,” You murmur, a hint of an inaudible sound matching your tone. You shift within the scarce, newly-adorned bedsheets, your lips greeting the softness of your pillow as you stretch out the space between the both of you, your level-headed heart growing dismal without hearing the fondness of his tone as he laid, the nakedness of his lower body, concealed with the blanket; his abs ripe in the moonlight. “Hm? Whatʼs wrong?” Satoru shifts in his accustomed to placing, his eyes slumbering on your body as you fail to meet his gaze, nervousness thriving inside of your hollow-feeling chest.
“Can you please not leave tonight?” Your tone is meek, smitten with overwhelming qualities as you seal your eyes, afraid of the emotion that would remain in front of you; it takes a form on his face. An indecipherable silence falls in place between the two of you as heʼs unable to answer such a simple question, rinsing his mind of the answer that laid in plain sight. He was rather capable of doing such a thing: answering. But even he was conflicted, despite the fact that heʼd taint the warmth of the bed, fucking you and resting with you, only to disappear when you drift off, asleep.
It was a continuous mentally-engulfing ordeal. You couldnʼt stand for the vacancy of his side, when he came around, in need of you to provide a tender warmth to the both of you. You only desired for him to be resting until at least daylight, not deceiving you in the bleakness of the night, scheming a departure and remaining absent for the following few days whilst your mind was relapsing on him, constantly needing him to repay for the loneliness he left you in, willingly. “Iʼll stay for tonight, just close your eyes and rest. Iʼll be here, lotus.” Satoru chimes, a certain lightness that elicited a sense of trust within you.
“I trust you, Satoru. Please stay true to me, as I do to you.” You murmur, feeling his arms course around to meet your frame as you remained rather light now, the baggage free from your nude frame for now. “Iʼll stay.” You feel as he presses against your body in neediness, smitten for the slither of contact you gifted his toned frame. The broad tip of his now erected dick, rested against your nude cunt, lightly rubbing against it as you shifted against him, subtly entertaining him by patterning your body against his.
“Satoru, I need you. I need you to fuck me again, I miss the feeling of you inside of me.” You whimper against him, your eyes growing lidded as his girthy tip because slicked against your cunt as you let out a soft moan, allowing him to hear how only the subtle tip of him made you display yourself: a foul to the size of his dick. “Iʼve got you, lotus. I-Iʼve got you.” Satoru responds in a trance, his lounging position altering as he raises himself, anchoring himself above your beautiful body. The thick, bland fabrics of the duvets gently dance across his porcelain, broad shoulders as he gently holsters it over his physique, sheltering your nude self and his nude self from the bitter coldness that waltzed within the hemisphere of the night.
Satoru runs his long fingers upon the supple underside of your already love-bite infested thighs. He couldn't help but longingly glance, a subtle ego boost fulfilling him as he had done that to you, pleasuring and embedding a love many yearned for, only a finger and a few items helping soothe the pain that set desire inside of them. His dainty fingers draw your sensitive body in closer to his hips as he aligns the blush-kisses tip of his large cock against your pulsating self, oozing for the pleasant stretch between your parted legs as you adored this closeness of him - having him cater to your insides as you remained glancing at the cerulean eyes of his, that remained alight in the temporary colour of the untelling night.
He slowly slips his dick inside of you, his hand entwined with your own as you squirm in subtle discomfort, physically feeling the thick veins brush against you as his hand held yours whilst your lips were soft against each other. “Satoru, please move. Iʼm ready now.” You feel as he begins to move his hips, drawing out the moans from your lips as he fitted into your body so perfectly, his hips pressing against yours in a subtle roughness as he cursed from his beautiful lips, his nails burying into your hips as you fluttered around him, crying out his name as it was all that you could do right now as he moaned in your ear, guiding butterflies inside of you.
“You feel so tight around me. I love it when you wrap around me like that, sweetheart.” Satoru pressed his lips against yours in an open-mouthed kiss as you were too overwhelmed by the pistoning of his hips inside of your walls, leaving you senseless, clinging onto his back as you gasp, your eyes rolling back. “I want you... to cum in me, Satoru. I want you to fill me up when you're done, you feel so good.” You moan as you grip him, experiencing the bed violently shaking as he picked up his pace, fucking you much faster as you were on the brink of tears leaving your eyes.
“Iʼll fill you up, sweetheart. Youʼre so desperate for my cum, so I guess you're deserving of it.” Satoru whimpers, his pace not halting as he intruded the stability of the king-sized bed, shifting its stance as he fucked into you with passion, paired with a love he shared for you. Satoru continued to overwhelm you as time passed by, filling you up with his cum multiple times as he was rather enjoying the feeling and thought of practically breeding you to a point you couldnʼt keep up with the spillage of his cum, and your legs sore as he fucked you mindlessly, caring for your body after before he laid beside you, monitoring your movements.
You felt a shift in the mass of the bed momentarily, causing your eyes to declare getting a mind of its own. You adjusted to the bleakness, glancing upwards to be met with a changing Satoru, slipping on his boxers, his body positioned in front of you, turned away. “Satoru, donʼt tell me youʼre leaving me. I thought you said youʼll stay? So what is it thatʼs so important that you leave me in the middle of the night, alone and sore?” Satoru never thought of it in that way - but some sort of element replicated something similar to the thoughts you were spewing. “I have important things, thatʼs all lotus, but I promise Iʼll stay tonight. Come lay in my arms.” He says, settling himself into the bed as a few warm beads of tears journey down your face.
“I wanna be like this forever with you, please stop leaving me in the night,” You murmur as you shift in his arms. “Iʼm a cloud in the night, youʼre the sky. In bleakness, youʼll find the faint outline of me, whilst I donʼt need to search as youʼre there, ethereal and captivating, already there, brightened with the stars that gleam around you. Youʼre always going to have me finding you, Y/n, just remember that. I may be a cloud in your sky, but I'm the cloud that holds the most value.” Satoru rambles on, his voice is hypnotic as your eyes fall closed, the puzzle piece of your shared portrait, alive, nostalgic, and pleasant.
You allowed the darkness to whisk you away as you pondered on his words, you are his sky, and heʼs simply just a cloud. Clouds drift and relocate, but his one sticks with you throughout.
Youʼre bonded.
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hellavile · 2 days ago
F*CK LOVE COLLAB, hosted by @gabzlovesu
☁︎ warnings; mafia!reader, adultery, angst, gun use, cunnilingus, spitting, choking, spanking, voyeur?, rough play, reader is in her thirties while toji is in his twenties.
☁︎ mocha’s note; pretty short but not too short. this was crazy to write but I’m also crazy soooo. hope you like. ♡
Tumblr media
love makes you crazy; it’s a proven fact. never in your life would you think you’d let a man control your sanity. make you feel less of a woman. test your loyalty to him. treat you as if you weren’t the one who taught him how to be a better man. you knew it all went downhill the moment you realized your bank account deducted more than the usual amount. checking the receipts to see where your money was drawn from. major designer brands you didn’t even wear. hotels you weren’t invited to. restaurants which served foods you didn’t eat. the pattern became suspicious over the course of an entire month, this same month you were out of the country handling business.
you knew you were crazy when you told your men to have him followed. track his movements, the people he’s around. gather information on them. steer clear so he wouldn’t make their appearances out. when your guys found him with another woman, doing things he usually does with you—kiss her hand, grab her ass, feed her desserts—your blood boiled. how could he betray you? how could he throw away the years of love for some girl he met a month ago? using your money? you took him into your home when he was twenty years old. giving him a bed to sleep in, clothes on his back, a warm shower, and good pussy he always fell quick to submit for.
and yet he takes your shit and gives it to another woman. the men at the front desk bow to you as you stroll inside with your hand in the right side of your blazer jacket, a black pantsuit adorning your whole figure, a lace corset on your chest as your heels clicked along the marble tiles, making your way to the room the two of them stayed in alone. after a single instruction, the men gave you a spare key to the room. you barely ended up using it, pulling the gun from your pocket with a silencer attached and shooting at the doorknob, blowing half the wooden door to pieces.
a woman’s scream bellows in the room as you kick open the door and aim your gun at her, your lips in a tight line, trying your best not to crumble as you witness the woman scramble for her clothing, toji gulping with wide eyes as he pulls the blanket over his naked body. the red headed woman crouches in a corner, shaking with her head bowed with shame. your hand tries to remain steady, wanting to burst in tears so badly. it hurt to see this, it hurt to see him protect her as he shielded her from you.
“baby, listen to me.”
that’s his starter? you scoff, cocking your gun, and keeping your aim. you were ready to blow her head off. but then you had to remember that he had to have lied to her. maybe he told her he was single, lied and said he works for a big company and that’s why he was so wealthy. instead of the truth; that he’s bound to you, that you’ve been together for nine years, that everything he owns is because of you. he surely couldn’t have told her that you were the head of your father’s mafia, no, she’d be too scared to be with him. fearing for her life every day. or maybe she knows everything and is simply just a fool.
“you know, I never thought I’d see this in my life. I’m usually right about a lot of things. but this toji—” your lower lip begins to tremble, tears staining your cheeks. you couldn’t be strong anymore. “this is something I wish I was wrong about.”
toji steps closer to you, zero fear in his eyes. he knows what you’re capable of. you wouldn’t dare shoot the man you loved. “I’m not going to stand here and take pity on you. you’re no more at fault than I am.”
you stare at him in shock. he continues. “you think you’re the victim. you’re so far up your ass about honoring your father who, mind you, is crazy as fuck and has tried to kill me on multiple occasions, not to mention has murdered many exes of yours because he has this sadistic possession over you. you only care about pleasing him, but not me. whenever I see you, all you ever wanna do is have sex. you treat me like I’m a fuckin’ prize rather than your man.”
you watch as his face turns read, flinching the louder he gets. he’s never yelled at you before. “you think because you own everything that I’m supposed to respect you. you still look at me like a kid but I damn sure don’t fuck you like one. don’t play the blame game with me. you need to start respecting me. treating me like a man. you need to start putting me first like I put you.”
“alright,” you nod, registering his words quickly. he’s only right about half of it. “you wanna feel like a man, baby? you want some respect?”
toji’s shoulders continue to lift and fall with fury, darting his eyes to your free hand that begins to pull off your clothes, face straight as you drop your pants and step out of them. he raises his brow at you confusingly.
“how about you fuck me like a man, then. but remember, deep down you’re still a bitch.”
“and why’s that?” he snarls.
“you’re a cheater at the end of the day. instead of being a man about it like you say you are and having an adult conversation with me, you pamper some bitch with designer and give her the same treatment you give me. for god’s sake, you use my card to do it. fucking pathetic.”
his jaw clenches, afraid to admit you’re right. his impulses got the best of him. the redhead in the corner still watches as the scene unfolds.
“show her how you really fuck someone you love.”
“I’m not—”
“or she dies, your choice,” you shrug, the woman now crying. “either way she’s not walking out safe.”
part of him wants to take the woman and run far away, actually developing feelings for her and caring about her safety. the other half still has so much unbearable love for you, his heart aching the more time passed by where you left him lonely. he just wishes he could have you to himself entirely. all day, everyday. he wants you to rest and let him do all the dirty work. but you wouldn’t let him be involved in any of the work you do, too afraid to lose him. but keeping him locked up wasn’t protecting him, in fact, it was driving him insane. he’s not the type of man to sit and watch.
when he grabs your neck it’s aggressive, pressing his nose to yours he breaths though before bringing you closer to the bed and laying you flat on your back. you raise your knees to your chest, toji using all of his strength to rip your lace panties apart, the sting leaving a mark on your skin. the redhead is right beside the bed where she’s watching with wide eyes, swallowing when she realizes toji barely looks her way, your pointy heels sitting on toji’s broad shoulders as he delves his tongue into your sluice cunt, mewling from the foreign touch, a month away from him making you touched-starved. his dark eyes linger on your pretty face, your full lips being sucked on as he harshly grips at your inner thighs to keep them separated, spitting on your clit and studying the way his jaw moves against you.
you throw your head back against the pillow, arm hurting from holding the gun at your target, moaning and trying your best to grind on his face, but he wouldn’t allow you, the death grip he has on you making it hard to do so. wetness dripping on the sheets along with his salvia, his tongue heavy and fat, slicking between yours folds while his pink lips kisses and sucks on your clit. you moan when he smacks the outside of your thigh with so much force it makes you scream, skin stinging as you pant and he lifts his face, roughly turning you around and shoving your face up against the wall.
your back is arched like a cat, cheek on the cold wallpaper as you catch your breath, toji pinning you down with your ass high, your hair in your face with your arm that’s holding the gun is trapped beneath you, allowing toji to have the upper hand, snatching the weapon from you.
“no!—” you try to grab it back but he clutches the back of your neck with his wide hand, keeping you still.
“shut the fuck up,” he growls sternly, turning and pointing the gun to the girl, features vacant. “leave.”
one simple order had her scrambling for the rest of her clothing, crying silently as she dresses herself and leaves. he closes his eyes, upset that he had to scare her like that, but he’ll find time to apologize. the door slams and toji brings his attention back to you, his beloved. he tosses the gun to the floor, setting one hand on your waist while the other palms the side of your face to keep it against the wall, throwing his head back as the ball in his throat jumps, lifting his knees slightly to sink his throbbing cock deep into you, not allowing you to have time to adjust before he’s snapping his veiny hips violently. some of his fingers fall into your mouth after you gasp, eyes scrolling back and smiling sadistically.
“you make me so fuckin’ mad,” toji grunts, bending forward and sloppily attaching his mouth to yours, swallowing your whimpers as he moans and fucks you harder, skin clapping viciously, shoving his tongue in your mouth as you drool on his tongue. “I fuckin’ hate that I love you.”
you cry in response, gripping at his black hair and moving your ass back against him, smiling like an idiot as you see his face scrunch up, little fuck’s falling from him, the pitch in his voice raising as you clench around his dick and throw your ass back, toji spanking either side of your ass hard and tugging at your pierced nipples in response.
you knew you were crazy. and so was he.
Tumblr media
© 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐞, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝. 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞.
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﹙⸻ leah’s 500 follower event ﹚WEEK TWO :: DAY ONE — SATORU GOJO. ⸻ "𝐁𝐈𝐆 𝐎𝐋𝐄 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐊"
Tumblr media
OF ALL THE MEN THAT came into the club—none could match up to Satoru Gojo. A man loved amongst all the employees, dancers, bartenders—shit even the security guards. It was a rainy day the second he stepped foot in the pink-lit strip club. Dollar bills scattered across the floor, tips stuffed in dancers and bartenders clothing. Any person working those nights would leave with thousands. And like all men like Satoru Gojo, he had his favorite employees, one who he couldn’t help but spoil.
Dressed in a little skimpy two-piece set that hugged her curves so nicely, she worked diligently behind the bar, providing various drinks and containers of ice. He could spend hours there, his ice-blue eyes traveling over her body—watching how that little skirt barely covered her ass. “Y/N!” he would call for her in a playful tone, a pleased smile spreading across his face the second she came prancing over to him. “Meet me in the back, love—I got something for you.”
Satoru threw his head back in bliss the second her thick lips connected with his sensitive cock. Sweet moans spilled from his mouth; Y/N would be lying if she said she didn’t like to hear him. Hearing those sounds of pleasure emit from his lips made her body vibrate with excitement. With her ginger faux locs gathered into a ponytail, Gojo guided her head along the length of his sensitive dick; her tongue teased the underside as her soft hands massaged his heavy balls.
It was something about her tongue massaging the head of his cock that made the man go wild. The bass of whatever song was playing drowned out Gojo’s loud and needy moans. Spit and precum dripped down Y/N’s chin as she maintained a steady, he loved sloppy head—the mess they created—the sight of his potent cum decorating her pretty face.
His thighs twitched violently as Y/N worked his cock, “Ohh f-fuck baby. Y-yes.” By now, those same blue eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Japanese curses and sweet promises spilled from his lips as his cock head tapped the back of her throat. “Shit, oh my—fuck baby—I’ll let you empty my fucking wallet if you wanna!” His orgasm hit him like a flood; his body stuttered and shook as his sweet cum flooded her mouth.
Soon Y/N was looking at Gojo’s pink face, his mouth opened in utter awe and satisfaction. A devious smile painted her face as she held Gojo’s jaw before slowly spitting his cum into his own mouth.
“Don’t make that face honey. Swallow.”
Well, she was his favorite for a reason.
Tumblr media
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