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#jjk spoilers
afternev · 2 days ago
Satoru was the one who has been assigned to execute Geto Suguru.
Of course he was. Only a special grade can end a special grade and Satoru is even more powerful than the average.
He was supposed to find Geto and kill him.
Sure, he said he was looking for him, but never really. He always told them, he couldn't find him, he had hidden himself from him.
It was so obvious he was lying but nobody could do anything. No on can force Gojou Satoru to do his job and no one else can execute Getou Suguru.
Satoru told himself, as long as he won't come find me. As long as he doesn't overstep and bends the rules, I can let him go.
Getou lived, 10 years, thanks to Satorus mercy. And he knew it. That's why, as he came to the school and declared war, he only huffed "come on now" as Satory declared he wouldn't let him go again. Because they both know he would.
But Getou was ready to die, he had raised his girls mostly and with Yuuta on the horizon there came a one time chance. If he'd make it happen, he'd won. If not, he was fine with losing.
Needless to say, he lost.
And there is such a tragedy and pain in Satoru always asking for the last words. He's the executor and there is no running from him. Be it Touji, be it Getou, or anyone, once Satoru found you, you can not run from him. It's a pointless resistance and when you state your last words, you too admit to it.
This is the moment you'll die.
The responsibility on Satorus shoulders is limitless and after he's done his duty he's always alone.
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miizore · 2 days ago
thinking about why shoko as a character feels so tragic to me, she’s lost so much along all the years of being alive whilst being forced to stand at the ‘safety’ of the sidelines, forced to watch all her friends and family die one by one as she desperately tries to save them, she watched them lose their minds and drift away so far to a place she could never reach them, but she never shows it??? never lets her nonchalant uninterested facial expression fall ??? she looks so put together until u see how many cigarettes she had smoked that day… and just that one tiny detail was so sad because it truly showed how broken she must be, how she’s holding everything in and how it DID affect her ,, but she’ll tell nobody, never let that facade of being ok fall, if anyone’s gotta stay neutral and strong it should be her right ?? satoru is too emotional and suguru is …. gone already. shoko is all alone, shoko is the observer in this series, the sole viewer to all the tragedies.
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roscgcld · 8 hours ago
GETO SUGURU || a living memory
note: am i writing instead of studying again? ...maybe, but isn’t this a good way to spend my time as well? spreading my creative juices and using my brain for something good instead of mindlessly scrolling on tiktok? or am i just being stubborn and refusing to return to reality when i so clearly need to because my finals are coming up?
only the big man up there will ever know c: 
pronouns: them/they
disclaimer: manga spoilers ahead!, a little bit of obsessive!geto and yandere!vibes, very shitty and unread - good luck
jujutsu kaisen masterlist
Tumblr media
“Suguruuu? Can you please come over for a sec’?”
When he had woken up from his nap, his sleepy eyes blinked in confusion at the sight of off white paint on a ceiling; far too clean compared to his somewhat cramped apartment in the sketchy parts of Tokyo. There wasn’t a single crack on the pristine white surface, nor that pesky comb web in the corner of the room that he had been meaning to clean for months now; even the shade-less bulb that looks like it is a few blows away from falling from the ceiling was gone. There was a window opened somewhere, cooling and fresh air blowing into the living room he was sleeping in.
Quietly Suguru shifted on his side, blinking once more when he felt the surface of a warmed tatami mat beneath his rough hands. His apartment does not have tatami mats; those are somewhat expensive to maintain, and there was no way his cheapskate landlord would be willing to maintain it at his own expense. He was used to having simple wooden paneling in his apartment. Plus, he can’t remember turning on the heat before he went to bed.
He was so lost in his thoughts that he did not hear a pair of approaching footsteps entering the room he was in until someone cleared their throat; causing him to snap his wide eyes over at them in shock.
“Honestly, Suguru, are you still sleeping?”
Suguru’s wide eyes scanned over your annoyed features, which irked you even more since to you, he looked like a child having been caught in the act of stealing cookies. “It is 2 in the afternoon - you promised that we can spend the weekend together with no disturbances. But you are the one sleeping it away,” You grumbled as you turned your back to him and made your way to the kitchen, grumbling to yourself about your ‘lazy and no good man’ that is your boyfriend.
He swore that he has lived through this scene before; it felt like he was having a huge déjà vu moment. There was something about this that just feels so off, but he decided not to comment much about it as he forced himself to sit up. There was a slight ache to his head, causing him to let out a tired groan as he rubbed the heel of his hand into his eyes. 
Somehow he managed to make his way out of the living room and down the hallway, turning into the first room into his right where there was a strong smell of curry cooking came from the stove. He blinked his eyes tiredly when he peeked into his room, squinting a little at the light that was shining into kitchen. Your back was currently turned to him as you stirred away, humming to yourself as you checked on the curry you were cooking. The smell of freshly cooked rice was coming from somewhere in the room as well, being carried through the comfy home by the wind coming through the open window. 
All the troubles and random thoughts that Suguru seemed to grow silent as he admire you moving about the kitchen; seeming to be floating on your feet from how graceful you moved. Quietly he made his way into the room, his heavy footsteps alerting you to his presence as you turned back to look at the man over your shoulder; eyes seeming to gleam with amusement. “I knew you’d move your ass at the smell of food,” You teased as you tapped your wooden spoon at the side of the pot gently, making sure not to spill any sauce onto yourself or your stove top. “If you’re awake now, I’d love some help plating the rice.”
“Why are you so mean to me?,” Suguru asks with a sleepy chuckle as he walked towards you, pressing a soft kiss against your shoulder as one hand rested on your hip. The other had reached up to your cabinet to pull it open, where dishes and bowls were neatly stacked away on the shelves to be used. All he got in response was a soft giggle as you turned to face him, nose gently bumping into his. “If I can’t be mean to you, who else can?,” You replied back with sass before you nodded towards the rice cooker neatly tucked against the cabinets, eyes returning to the food before you. “Now be a good boy and do your job.”
Suguru snorted at how fast you come up with responses, yet he pulled away from you to grab two plates before he closes the cabinet once more. Dragging his feet towards the rice cooker as he grabbed the rice spoon that was placed into its holder, he clicked it open and mixed the rice as a blast of warmth met him; making sure to mix it properly before he plates some onto both plates. He placed the plates of rice on the dining table just as you placed the pot of curry on a wooden place mat. 
Soon you had served them a satisfying serving of curry onto your rice each before you smile over at Suguru, who had settled down on a cushion comfortably. “So, how has your week been?,” You hummed with a warm smile on your face as you picked up your spoon to start eating, listening to Geto as he lets out a tired sigh before he grabbed his glass to take a sip from his water. “Like shit - you know how Satoru is. He makes me slam my head so hard on the table that one day it’s going to just crack open.”
“You’re being dramatic,” You said through a giggle as you shake your head in amusement, giving Suguru an amused smile as he gave you an annoyed look. Since he genuinely thought that you were going to be on his side of the argument here. “I am sure that deep down, you rather have Satoru as your partner instead of someone else. You can’t stand those - how do you put it? ‘Old and slimy farts that can’t even fulfil their roles as senior sorcerers,’,” You commented teasingly, to which Suguru lets out a sudden but genuine peel of laughter from his chest. A grin somehow stretching on his face at your words. “Now that is one way to put it.”
All you give in response was a soft giggle, the sound reminding Suguru of the sound of delicate windchimes blowing in the spring air. His spoon remained by the side of his plate as he watches you eat, like a man admiring a painting as you quietly ate your food. Just being in this very moment made him feel at ease, a soft but silent sigh leaving his nose as he reaches his arms back to shift himself forward; intending to dig into the meal that you had prepared for them. 
But his hands never met the tatami flooring beneath him; and soon he found himself falling back into a black hole. The room around him rushed past him in a blur of colour, and the next time he opened his eyes his entire body jolted up violently against his mattress. 
Letting out pants of shock, a hand immediately reached up to grip at his shirt tightly; feeling how rapidly his heart was beating against his chest from the shock. Immediately he sat up to look at the surroundings around him; realising that he had returned to his cramped and somewhat underkept apartment once more. His other hand shakily reached over the side of the mattress to touch at the ground curiously, only to wince at the sharp cold that came from the surface of the wooden floor. 
Maybe he should have turned on the heaters before bed. 
After he gave himself a few moments to gather his wits he shuffled out from his bed and into his living room, his footsteps being loud and obnoxious as he drags his sock-clad feet through the empty hallway. Pulling open the shoji doors leading towards the kitchen, he lets out a tired yawn as he made his way towards the small fridge in the end of the room, pulling it open as he scanned over the somewhat empty fridges inside. Letting out a tired sigh he slammed the door shut before he made his way towards the cabinets, pulling out a packet of ramen to cook instead. 
It didn’t take long for him to cook the ramen, and after adding an egg he places the pot on a folded newspaper so the heated pot did not touch the table and ruin the coating. Even though he was hungry, Geto was just staring at the steaming pot before him, his mind wondering to the dream he just had.
The more he thought about it, the more he started to make amends with just what he saw in that dream. It was a memory of his from years before; before he had seen the world that he knows now and chose to live true to himself. You two had been dating since middle school, having been together even through a long distance relationship. You were a normal human, the only non-sorcerer that he will acknowledge as someone worthy to save in the new world he wants to build. You were not a useless monkey like the others around you; if anything, you were like the light in his life. 
Unfortunately that day you had visited his parents, having told him a few days before that you wanted to visit your future in laws to bring some food you’ve cooked for them. He had gone that day to get rid of his parents, the very people who he viewed as nothing more but money-sucking monkeys that he is expected to care for. You were not supposed to be there; you were not supposed to see what he had done. Yet even if you weren’t there, he knew that in order to reach his goal, he cannot be bias on his judgement. 
He knew that even if he had left you alive, this world is too filthy for your bright light. Even if he spared you from the same faith his parents met, the world was just not ready for you at all; you deserved to live in a pure and beautiful world. A world that is free from monkeys and dirty sorcerers who are blinded by their ‘moral duty’ to protect the useless. 
You only deserved the best.
Quietly his hand reaches up towards his neck before his fingers grazed the ends of a gold chain, the feeling of a cold ring pressing against his chest reminding him of the promise that he had made to you that faithful day. “Don’t worry, princess...I am still going to make sure my promise to you will be fulfilled,” He mumbles quietly as he stares down at his dining table, not even making a move to eat the food he had prepared before him. 
He promised you that day, as he cradled your body against his, that he will make sure to cleanse the world from all the monkeys and dirt. That he wants to make sure that you can look down from above and give him a smile, knowing that he was fulfilling his final promise to you and making the world a better place. And as long as he knows that he is making sure the promise he made to you was intact, there is nothing else that matters to him. 
After all, the best way to keep a living memory alive is fulfilling your promise until your final breath.
Tumblr media
want to read more? > jujutsu kaisen masterlist
© roscgcld — all rights reserved to me, rose, the author and creator of these works. do not repost/translate/claim my work as yours on any platform.
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tozhan · 18 hours ago
As resident Gojo lover, what are your thoughts/headcanons on what attracted Geto to Gojo, romantically and/or platonically? It's pretty easy to see why Gojo was attracted to / liked Geto, but not really vice-versa.
How is it pretty easy to see why Gojo was attracted to Geto compared to the other way around? 🤔 Genuine question here because I don’t think that’s necessarily the case (objectively speaking, of course)? Like, I only considered Gojo being stupidly attached to Geto after the soul-dialogue (their friendship was already nice before that, but it was just that for me) and re-evaluated their relationship in hindsight from his pov with that knowledge; Shibuya added a different layer of depth to them. We did get more from Geto in that regard (his reaction to Gojo’s “death”, the fact that even during his spiral he smiled whenever Gojo was brought up, genuinely laughing thanks to Gojo in his last moments etc...) - at least, that’s what it felt like to me.
All subjective takes, hence! I may also be biased, lmao. But once you have a good grasp of both of their characters, either should be easily determined.
I mean, for one, Gojo is gorgeous 🧐 Geto would have to be blind not to notice that 😌 [If we’re speaking romantic attraction, lmao.]
Geto initially was probably drawn toward him because Gojo is different from everything and everyone he has ever known. (Personality, eccentricities, coloring, abilities.) He’s generally even different from most sorcerers, attitude-wise especially, e.g. upbeat, cheerful, bright etc... Plus, Geto might have been curious about the whole “Gojo Satoru, wonder boy” deal - maybe it was curiosity first, then competetiveness (Geto, someone who was new to the jujutsu world and clearly worked hard for his place there, would have aimed to stand toe-to-toe with the best they had to offer), gradual understanding and fondness (Gojo has interests in so many non-sorcerer things too, so maybe he also brought a sense of nostalgia to Geto).
I've also talked a lot about how both of them share many similarities and obviously, you will gravitate toward someone like that, someone you feel might be able to get you. For example, they have definitely asshole tendencies, or rather: a penchant to bully people. It’s hilarious, if you ask me. In their youth, both of them were overly prideful. They are also both pretty calm and collected in basically every situation, they don’t freak out. Remember when Toji told Geto that he killed Gojo (and also killed Riko)? Geto was furious, but his anger wasn’t the “exploding” kind, it was a seething, calm one. Gojo’s anger is like that, too - it doesn’t burst out, none of his emotions do, tbh. Even in high stress situations, they don’t lose their composure - it’s easy to see how they would have elevated each other in fights rather than hold the other back. I’d reckon that inellectually, they might have been on a similar wavelength too (although, Gojo comes off as the naturally gifted genius whereas Geto was the studious one). And their perception of strength/power was actually very alike, it just showed itself differently (and eventually brought them down different paths/ended up with them treating “power” and “weak” differently), which brings me to:
I believe that Gojo's honesty about everything he does and his incredible self-awareness would be appealing to someone like Geto who internalized things a lot (bottling up) and liked to hide behind masks and a sense of self-righteousness. Gojo was always unapologetic in what he did and what he believed in without ever being malicious about it. He also tended to challenge Geto in his beliefs, which I assume wasn’t something other people ever did (a regret of Yaga’s); it’s a stark contrast to the echo chamber Geto eventually created for himself. People - those who like challenges - often feel attracted to those who won’t just bow to them and agree with everything they have to say. (Sure, Geto still held onto what he believed in, but one of the things that added to his breaking point was the fact that Gojo and he weren’t able to spend as much time together anymore; he was left alone with his own thoughts, no one to challenge him on them.)
Though, Gojo was probably also a source of comfort for him. With each other, they could always be just them - no overt pretending, no societal expectations, just who they are with their strengths and weaknesses out to see. Being anomalies in both their worlds but equals when together must have been very comforting. Plus, I doubt many people can claim to know who Gojo is behind what he puts up for others - he doesn’t let all of his layers fall for most. The allwayway scene in volume 0 (one of my favorites) demonstrates this so well: Gojo doesn’t pretend when with Geto - he’s resigned, tired, there’s no place for false cheerfulness; he’s completely, unapologetically honest. Geto was fully aware of that, and there’s just something incredible about being allowed to see someone’s naked genuineness (soul) like that. [And Geto, too, let go of his exaggerated, dramatic villain persona and let himself smile and laugh from the bottom of his heart in a world that otherwise seemed too toxic for him to be able to be happy in. He says that and yet, always smiles/is happy when it comes to Gojo.]
I’m sure there might be more but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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blueomi · 2 days ago
satoru and suguru’s safe haven was a home bare of everything but necessities; an armchair worn to threads on the seat from the weight of two lanky boys sharing its space, curled up into one another. a kitchen counter dented and nicked from satoru’s attempts at cooking, floors that creaked by the doors from how little the two left each others side. notches on the wall from measuring their heights, satoru pressing a kiss to suguru’s forehead each time he teased him about “outgrowing him.” a bed of white sheets, one side rumpled and the other made, as if it’d never be laid in again.
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putalittlecherry · a day ago
there's something that's kind of been bugging me for a while, it's about what's gonna happen more in the future jjk chapters/arcs. i don't read the manga but i'm totally fine with spoilers (in fact i seek for it lol), so i probably NEED some of you who DO read the manga, to give me opinions or insights about this: it possible that sukuna is gonna get revived/will be back in his original body, without killing yuuji in the process? because most of us already theorized that this is where megumi's curse technique comes in the picture right? that his technique "raises" the possibility of resurrecting a dead body, that's why sukuna's been encouraging megumi to get 'stronger', so he can use megumi's power for "later" (well maybe not exactly but u know what i mean)
ALSO, yuuji vs sukuna one on one fight in the future is kind of a must don't you think? there are so many reasons why they have to at least being face to face with each other. also because, i've been wondering about this too like..Who is Yuuji Itadori without Sukuna inside of him? is his power going to decrease or even disappear? we need to know this!!!
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