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mari-the-bimbo · 2 days ago
Dorm mate Gojo: babysitting lil Megumi
A/N: this is kinda ass but whateva
Tumblr media
Today was one of those rare days where dorm mate Gojo would disappear and you and Geto didn’t question it
Well that’s what you thought until you heard the front door open and close with Gojo’s obnoxiously loud laugh.
“Gojo?” You called out from the dorm living area
“Hm? Pea brain?” You heard him say as he navigated the sound of your pretty voice, eventually entering the room, giving you a big grin once he spotted you.
“Hey y/n, remember that time you impregnated me?”
“That literally never happened”
“And I gave birth to the baby behind your back!” He added dramatically, clutching his chest for emphasis.
“That’s not possib-“
“Well here’s our son now! TA DA!” Gojo exclaimed suddenly grabbing Megumi from behind the door and holding him up high in the air, making you gasp in excitement.
“MEGUMI!!!” You cheered happily.
It’s been a while since you saw Megumi, who you and Gojo occasionally babysit. He looked a bit older now! Maybe 6 years old.
“OUR SON IS BACK!” Gojo blatantly lied with way too much enthusiasm, grinning from ear to ear, you couldn’t help but giggle at his admirable stupidity.
“So that’s why you were giving such a dramatic backstory?” You asked Gojo with an amused smile tilting your head to the side slightly.
“I wanted to surprise you pea brain” Gojo said, mimicking your head tilting to make you laugh.
You approached them both closer and turn to Megumi “Hey ‘gumi! How have you been?” You ask.
“Hi y/n” Megumi replies, a small ghost of a smile on his face. And before you or Gojo could comprehend what was happening, Megumi elbowed Gojo in the face and ran off to the dorm kitchen to greet Geto.
“Aww he’s gone to greet Geto! He’s so well mannered!” Gojo heard you coo while he groaned, clutching his bruised face.
Yet the rest of the day went well. You, Gojo and Geto giving Megumi the quality time he deserved. Baking, movies, and Gojo managed to teach Megumi more about his new demon dogs.
You rested your chin in your hand as you watched Gojo teach Megumi a few tricks with his dogs. You couldn’t help but sigh as you admired him, he might be a man child sometimes but he was so good with kids, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t find it hot.
Eventually Gojo caught your lovesick gaze and smiled cockily at the sudden attention from you. He rested his arm against one of Megumi dogs and wiggled his eyebrows at you suggestively. You giggled at his flirty attempt, which then caught Megumi’s attention.
Now Megumi is one smart ass child. His big blue eyes kept flickering from you and Gojo until he spoke.
“So are you finally Gojo’s girlfriend?”
Suddenly the atmosphere went from flirty to shy and bashful. You averted your gaze as you blushed and Gojo laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.
“Yeah y/n’s my girlfriend”
— —
Soon it was nighttime and everyone suddenly remembered there was no spare rooms for Megumi.
“It’s cool, I’ll sleep on the sofa and Megumi can sleep in my room.” Geto suggested with a shrug of his shoulders.
“NO! Actually uh-“ Gojo interrupted, grabbing Geto’s shoulders suddenly making Geto raise an eyebrow in amusement.
“Uhhhh why should my precious Geto give up his bed huh?” Gojo claims dramatically. “Because I do it all the ti-“ but Geto was unable to finish his sentence as Gojo placed a finger on his lips.
“Shhhh don’t worry pal, Megumi can sleep in my room and me and y/n will share her room!” Gojo says rather enthusiastically, avoiding Geto’s knowing smirk and patting Megumi’s head before hauling you onto his shoulders and running off with you before you could have a say.
As Gojo enters your room with you in his arms, he throws you onto your bed and jumps on top of you, both of you giggling like idiots when he pretty much suffocated you.
“Hey pea brain, I wanna have your babies one day, okay? And you can’t say no!” He playfully demands, pointing a finger at you.
You cackle at your boyfriend as he tries to shove his finger up your nose. “Alright you idiot, one day maybe” you giggle with a smile that almost stops Gojo’s heart.
Tumblr media
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sakusins · 12 hours ago
Rich boy Gojou angst to fluff smut where you guys have been hooking up for a while and one night it almost feels like love and rich boy can't take it anymore and says he wants more 🥲
y’all holding this rich boy gojo over my head :,)
Tumblr media
tags: afab! reader, unprotected sex, creampie, porn with plot for once would you look at that
part 1 ; part 1.1 ; part 1.2
Tumblr media
gojo is pretty sure he’s in love with you. he doesn’t have a lot to base it off of, but he thinks this is the feeling if he can put a label on it. and at first, it was just thrilling to chase after you, but soon, it became a dull ache of longing, and now, it’s painful every second he’s not yours.
and you’re so cruel, one second kissing him back like you need him to breathe, letting him slide your clothes off and undressing him too, letting him feel you around him as you breathe out his name like a prayer. he collapses onto his bed, body limp by your side, sweaty and still working through the aftershocks of euphoria, and he thinks maybe, just maybe, you’ll stay for once, and he’ll wake up to you wrapped in his arms like you are when he falls asleep.
but morning comes, and gojo is left with the heavy, gut sinking realization that you’re not here. even the small traces of you are gone. like the scent of your perfume, overpowered by the lingering smell of sex, a reminder that it’s all he’ll ever get from you. the small dips of the sheets from where your body laid are gone too, you’ve smoothed them out before you’ve taken your leave, and it’s almost like you were never there in the first place. the only trace of evidence left of you is the slight swell of his lips, and the scratches on his back, and gojo curls up under his sheets and tries to remember every detail of the night before.
how you moaned his name, how your fingertips danced over the slopes of his muscles, how your walls clamped around him and made his breath choke, how his head felt on your beating chest as he collapsed over your body. there, in those few moments that he grants himself to break, to miss your touch and wonder what about him could seem so repulsive you can’t find just one morning worth staying, he feels the cruelness of reality sink in that he’s only that much more attached to you—and you’ve not changed your mind about him even a little.
and it’s that realization that makes him so much needier today, kissing you like you’ll disappear, hands shaking as they roam over every inch of your skin, breath erratic as he sinks into you and feels your warmth surround him. you squeeze around his stiffened cock, and he chokes on a cry of your name, rutting his hips into you desperately, trying to cling to any feeling of intimacy he can find as he thrusts sloppily into your cunt.
“fuck, satoru,” you gasp, hands finding his hair and tugging at the strands as he slams into you, his swollen tip kissing the spot that makes you see stars, “satoru i’m..” you trail off, eyes closing and mouth agape as he pounds into you, and gojo stares at how pretty you look like this, so overtaken by pleasure.
but he also wonders how pretty you look when you wake up in the morning, when you laugh as you do small, mundane things, when you get excited over something you love, when your eyes soften as they land on him. he doesn’t quite know, but he does have a feeling it’ll make his heart clench if he ever caught sight.
“you close?” he groans, and there’s a soft whine that bubbles from his throat as you angle your hips up, meeting his thrust and making him sink deeper, and he buries his head into your neck to get as close to you as he can. “fuck, i’m—i’m so close,” he chokes.
your nails are digging into his skin, voice mewling his name as his cock drags against your walls, and when his thumb rubs circles on your swollen clit, you dig into his skin a little deeper, and he prays the marks will last a bit longer this time—just so he can hold onto pieces of you a bit more when you’re gone.
“g-gonna cum,” he babbles, “cum with me. please cum with me,” he pants, voice needy and lust hazed as he speaks into your ear, and he doesn’t know if his eyes are watering from the pleasure that runs down his spine, or from the gentleness of your fingers as they card through his hair.
gojo would stave off his high longer if he could, he’d feel the dull ache between his legs for much longer if it meant he’d get to cage your body against his mattress and cradle you in his arms for a few extra moments. a bed as large as his is bound to feel lonely if it’s occupied alone, and he wishes he could find solace in your arms under the sheets.
“you feel so good, toru,” you moan, and he thinks it’s just plain mean you use that nickname, only gracing his ears with the soft tune of your voice singing it when he’s fucking you like this.
“f-fuck,” he rasps, “‘m gonna…’m gonna cum.” and soon, he’s choking on a string of curses as his cock twitches and empties his load into you, thick spurts of cum painting your walls white as he ruts his hips and works himself through his orgasm, and up to your impending one.
his thumb rubs over your clit a few more times, and then he’s feeling the squeeze of your walls spasming around him as you cum, body arching off the mattress as you lean up and pull him into a searing kiss. he drinks in the sounds of your cries, and he wonders if your lips kiss anyone else’s like this, if your walls spasm around anyone else’s cock as they are, if there’s someone else you think staying in the mornings are worth it for.
you both finish with a few choked moans, and his body plops on top of yours. you rub over his sweaty back in slow circles as you both collect your breaths.
he breaks the silence first.
“fallen in love with me yet?” he hums, poking your ribs and making you scowl. you shove his hand away, and he smiles into your neck.
“how do you still have the energy?” you groan quietly. gojo thinks your voice is prettier like this, when it’s breathless and gentle and almost a quiet whisper. it feels like the only person you ever speak to is him when you sound like that.
“you didn’t answer my question,” he insists. “i can keep a secret. you can admit it, it’s okay,” he teases lightly. he wonders how you’d react if you knew it’s more of a plead rather than a joke.
“no,” you roll your eyes. “i value my sanity.” he tries not to let his heart drop too much, tries to convince himself it’s just a part of the banter you share. gojo has never not gotten what he’s wanted, and he’s never not been the one being wanted either.
he wonders why on earth he’d have to fall in love with the one person he can’t have, the one person that doesn’t want to have him.
“i think you’re secretly obsessed with me, hm?”
you snort, pulling the soft sheets of his bed over your bodies as he lays limp on you, pressing more weight when you try to push him off.
“absolutely not, now get off,” you grumble, gently swatting at his shoulder as he clutches onto you tighter, grinning when you huff.
“i’m comfortable this way,” he shrugs.
“your mattress probably costs more than our tuition, i’m sure you’ll be just as comfortable,” you deadpan, and he chuckles, lifting his head and flashing you a grin. you stare into his eyes for a second, and he almost thinks he sees yours soften for a moment—but it’s fleeting, and you look away before he can be too sure. he feels his heart hammer a little with hope, and before he can stop himself, he’s blurting out words he knows he shouldn’t.
he knows he shouldn’t tread this path, but here he is.
“is that why you spend the night? cause you like my mattress?” he quirks a brow, and you sigh exasperatedly, pursing your lips as he slumps back on top of your body. you roll your eyes and brush a few stray strands of hair from his forehead. and once more, there’s a small bit of hope that resonates through his bones at the gesture.
maybe, just perhaps, there’s a small chance you feel the same way.
“might as well make good use of your riches while i’m here,” you quip, and he pouts up at you, fake hurt sketched across his face.
“well, breakfast is good here too,” he mumbles, “you could always stick around for that.”
it’s silent. and for a moment, he regrets opening his mouth. it was probably better to stick with the back and forth teasing, and you’ll probably insist you both go to sleep after this. gojo stares up at you, trying to find any falter of your composure, any cracks in your resolve—but he finds he can’t read you in this moment.
“i wouldn’t want to intrude,” you say slowly. “i’m sure your family—”
“it’d just be the two of us,” he says softly, and you exhale, gently pushing him off to lay next to you, turning your body to look him in the eyes. his arms itch to wrap around your figure.
“gojo,” you sigh.
“satoru,” he corrects, but you pinch your nose in irritation, and he feels small, eyes drifting to stare down at the space in the sheets between your bodies.
“gojo. we can’t keep doing this if you’re going to keep trying to make something out of it,” you spit, and gojo wonders if you can hear his heart crack in his chest, if you can sense the slight sting of his eyes, if you can make out the faint wobble of his lips.
“is that so bad?” he tries to chuckle, face faltering when you look at him unimpressed. “am i so bad?” he asks finally, voice quiet, and this time, you can make out the hurt clearly.
gojo satoru doesn’t get his heart broken. he does the heartbreaking and he’s the one who walks away unscathed. but right now, he feels pretty fucking heartbroken as you stare at him like this is nothing to you.
“you know this will never work—”
“why not?” he finally breaks, voice rising an octave as he stares at you in bewilderment. “why not? you don’t even fucking know that—”
“please don’t yell at me,” you say quietly. he pauses, staring at you for a moment, blinking once, then twice, before he chuckles lowly—but there’s really no humor as the sound vibrates from his chest.
“can you just…can i just know why?” he asks quietly. “i just…i just need to know why,” he mumbles.
“because you can’t have a relationship if you don’t feel something,” you frown, and he props himself onto his elbows, lips curling into a scowl as he stares at you in disbelief.
how could you not see he does feel something.
gojo knows you by heart. he knows your schedule, he knows what spots on campus you love most, he knows your favorite coffee order, he knows your nose crinkles when you read something you don’t understand, he knows you tap your pen on the table when you’re bored, he knows you tend to slap the table gently when you’re laughing hard, he knows you hate when it’s too windy out, he knows you lick your lips when you’re thinking deeply—he knows so, so much more, and he doesn’t understand how else he can show you just how much he feels.
because he does. he feels so much, and he feels like he’ll never be the same if you don’t feel it right back.
“i feel something,” he whispers. “i feel a lot.”
you stare at gojo, eyes dancing on the edge of either disbelief or denial—or maybe both, he’s not too sure. but he knows you’re trying to find truth in his words.
“you just feel frustrated. because i’m not head over heels for you like everyone else—”
“this isn’t about winning you like some damn prize,” he argues, frustration leaking into his voice. you raise a brow, squinting at him like he’s crazy.
“name one thing you feel about me—”
“i feel like everything’s going to be okay when you laugh,” he cuts you off, “and i feel like i’m on top of the world when you call me satoru, and i feel like i’m doing something right when you smile at me, and i feel like i love you when we fall asleep together,” he says all at once. “that’s how i feel about you,” he says firmly.
you stare at him for a moment, take in his words, drink in the sight of his messy hair and defeated face, watch as he fiddles with his fingers and looks so vulnerable for once, and you decide maybe gojo satoru is capable of a lot more than you thought. he’s human—a really obnoxious, frustrating, and very flawed one at that—but deep down, he’s just a guy, and he’s trying his best.
for you.
“that’s…that’s a lot more than one,” you mumble, unsure what else to say.
“there’s a lot more,” he adds quietly, and you stare down at your lap.
and you could keep trying to shield yourself from someone like him, someone who’s been spoiled since before he could walk, someone who’s never been told no, someone who’s never been forgotten. but you could also just give him a chance, find out what he likes and what he dreams about, find out what his favorite movie is and what music he listens to, find out the stupid habits he has and what his biggest fears are.
you could look past gojo and take a glimpse at satoru—just like he’s always been asking you to do, all this time.
“oh yeah?” you ask gently, scooting closer. he hesitantly lays back down, shuffling closer until you’re both laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, arms brushing against each other.
“yeah,” he murmurs.
“well, are you gonna tell me them?”
“that depends,” he glances at you from the corner of his eyes, “are you gonna give me a chance to?”
“maybe i’ll hear about the rest over breakfast,” you offer softly, grabbing his hand and brushing your thumb over his knuckles. satoru squeezes your hand as if to silently say thank you.
“i make pretty good breakfast,” he says with a goofy little grin, and he couldn’t hide the excitement in his voice if he tried. you giggle quietly, shifting to lay your head on his chest, and his arm curls around your body instantly. he notices how perfectly you fit against him, and you notice how fast his heart is beating.
“can’t wait,” you yawn, and the last thing you feel before drifting off to sleep is the gentle press of satoru’s lips on your forehead, and a quiet me either that he mumbles into the skin.
Tumblr media
this was supposed to be a short drabble but it’s 2.5k words but it’s okay nakdkakjd
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hahanicedude · 2 days ago
When someone hits on you..
For your guys date night Suguru wanted to treat you to an extremely fancy dinner. He made reservations at the most expensive place he could find, bought you a new formal outfit, and even paid for you to go get your nails done beforehand. You two get there and walk into the waiting area but unfortunately the hostess wasn’t there so you had to wait a moment. Geto’s phone starts ringing and he apologizes and tells you he’ll be quick as he walks back outside. You pull out your phone and start scrolling away on social media to pass the time before you’re quickly interrupted.
A man dressed in a bright red suit walks up to you “Hey, so sorry to bother you, but do you have the time?”
You look up from your phone “Oh it’s uh.. 7:53”
He quickly thanks you checking his watch “You look absolutely stunning by the way”
“..thanks” You roll your eyes and continue looking at your phone
“What’s a pretty thing like you doing here by yourself?..” He laughs “Why don’t you have dinner with me?”
“Thanks, i’ll pass” You bluntly state
“You’ll pass?” He scoffs “What, am I not good enough for you?” He says in disbelief
“Yeah you aren’t..” Chimes a well timed Suguru just now arriving behind him “I leave for two seconds and you can’t help but bother her huh?”
The stranger turns around looking Suguru up and down. “And who are you supposed to be?” He laughs
“What are you, deaf? We’re here together” He states unamused “Listen man, it’s a nice try..” He leans in closer quietly saying “there’s no way in hell you’re ever going to pick up someone like that in such a tacky suit..”
“What the hell did you say to me?” The stranger raises his voice
Suguru sniffs the air “God is that smell coming from you? Even your cologne is cheap” He laughs “Don’t even get me started on that ugly ass watch..”
You can’t help but laugh and the stranger turns around to face you. “Oh you think this is funny?”
Geto quickly grabs his shoulder pulling back away from you “I don’t think you should get any closer..” The stranger's face winces in pain as Sugurus' grip tightens. Annoyed with the situation, Geto decides it’s not worth it to stay here anymore and leads you out of the restaurant.
“Aw i was kind of excited for super expensive food that’s definitely not going to fill me up” You joke
Suguru smiles and kisses the top of your head “I know i know… It’s too bad, you do look beautiful tonight..”
You two went for a walk in the park and stopped by a food truck selling crepes. Gojo bought you one and you walked over across the path from the truck and sat on the vacant bench to eat it while you waited for him to get his. You were enjoying your night out with your boyfriend until some guy sat next to you trying to start a conversation.
“Sweet treat for a sweet lookin lady” He smiles winking at you
“thanks?..” You groan taking a bite
“Your hair looks gorgeous, I bet you’re a model, aren’t you sweetheart” he laughs
At this point Gojo overhears the conversation and nonchalantly turns around to find his very annoyed lover being pestered by some creep. Gojo can’t help grinning ear to ear at a “great idea” that passes through his mind.
“Excuse me miss!” He calls out waving to you “i can’t help but notice you love crepes as well..” He sits down on the vacant side by you. Choosing to ignore your irritated glare he continues. “I just had dinner not too long ago and i don’t think i could finish this crepe by myself, would you mind helping me out?”
Before you could answer the stranger from your other side chimes in “Listen pal, i think the little lady needs someone with more… experience..” He smirks
Gojo can’t help but laugh hysterically, nearly dropping his freshly made crepe. “Experience!? You’ve got to be kidding me!” He stands up grabbing your hand still stifling giggles “Like she’d waste time with some shriveled dick douche bag like you..” His demeanor changes as he sternly warns “Don’t ever talk to her again..” Before quickly returning to his cheery personality and walking down the path with you hand in hand.
“You couldn’t have told him to fuck off sooner?” You ask taking a bite
He shrugs “I thought it would be funny to mess with him, but if he does bother you again i’ll beat his ass”
You laugh a little “Thanks Satoru”
“No problem” He brings your hand up and gently kisses the back of it..
You two were enjoying some quality time on your day off at a cafe. Drinking perfectly crafted coffee while reading some good books. Nanami excused himself to use the restroom and you sat alone for a short while.
“Wow a woman’s reading Immanuel Kant?..and a beautiful one at that!” A voice from next to you laughs
You look over and see someone has taken the liberty of sitting in Kento’s seat while he’s away. Annoyed, you spit “Excuse me?”
“Oh I mean no offense, it's just that i’ve never met a woman with your..” His gaze wanders up and down on your body “Intellect..”
You look at him in disbelief before finally saying “Listen you’re in my boyfriend's seat.. Please leave” You attempt to return reading your book
“Come on sweetheart don’t be like that” He huffs “There’s no need to lie..”
“She wasn’t lying” a voice from behind him sternly says “I believe she told you to leave..”
The guy turns around and awkwardly laughs holding up both of his hands in surrender “Listen man, i was just kidding!” Nanami just stares at him in disdain. The stranger stands up to leave but bows before saying “You two enjoy your evening” He turns around laughing to himself as he walks away. Nanami just glares at him until he’s out of sight.
“Glad that’s over..” You sigh, picking up your drink, before you can drink it Nanami’s hand is covering the top trying to lower it from you. “Kento!” You groan
“Don’t drink it” He gently takes the drink from your grasp “I don’t trust him, and i’m not sure if he did anything to it while i was gone” He grabs his cup as well and discards them in the nearest trash can “I’ll buy us new ones that we can drink unbothered at home..”
“Ooh i like that idea~” You muse giggling
He smiles and places his hand on the small of your back leading you back to the counter to get two fresh new drinks..
He took you to some dirty ass sketchy bar on the edge of town. You’ve never been in this part of town nor have you ever seen this building before. He swears it’s a great bar, but by the dilapidated look of the building and half glowing neon signs, you’d beg to differ. Upon walking in you hear old rock music at a surprisingly normal volume, however there’s greasy skeevy looking men covering just about every seat in here except a booth in the corner. Toji tells you to go sit there while he orders you guys some drinks. You can’t lie, you're kind of nervous because from the moment you walked in you’ve had multiple eyes watching your every movement. You try not to let it bother you as you promptly walk over and sit down pulling out your phone. You hear someone shuffle over and sit down across from you, unfortunately when you look up you realize it isn’t Toji..
“Now what’s a pretty little thing like you doing here by yourself” He smirks with his nasty half toothed grin “You’re lucky i’m the one who came here first, there can be some real creeps here ya know?” He leans forward on his elbows as his eyes wander down to your cleavage.
You groan in disgust “Fuck off”
“Oh come on now!” He laughs “Here i am just tryin to be your friend, and you’re being awfully rude” His leg finds yours under the table “Can’t say i don’t like a chall-“ His eyes go wide when someone grabs the back collar of his leather jacket before promptly throwing them out of the booth onto the floor. The stranger, still dazed, stands up ready to fight whoever just did that to him. He turns around and looks up at Toji before awkwardly laughing and walking away muttering something under his breath.
Toji looks around the bar, noticing all the eyes suddenly hiding their gaze from the two of you before sitting down and putting two bottles of beer on the table. He opens the bottle and takes a swig before sighing “I can take any of these pissants.. If they bother you, just say the word”
You laugh and thank him as you both spend a relatively nice rest of the evening together…
You two went to a new bar that opened up down the street. It was fairly nice inside and you two managed to get seats right at the bar. Choso was browsing the drinks and didn’t notice the man sitting down at the vacant seat beside you.
The man leans over and whispers in your ear “It must be my lucky day.. You’re just my type”
“Gross..” You groan, pulling away reaching over to grab Choso’s hand. Choso’s still not paying attention and mindlessly just holds your hand thinking nothing of it. He orders you two a fancy bottle of definitely overpriced rum to share throughout the night.
“Aw come on baby don’t be like that” The stranger laughs “I promise i could show you a good time” He looks you up and down taking in your features
“I’m here with someone, piss off” You bluntly state turning around to face Choso in hopes of ignoring the creep. Your eyes widen in shock when you feel the creep lean forward grabbing your hair and start smelling it.
“Mmmm you smell divine..” He hums “I promise i’ll take good care of ya..”
Thoroughly grossed out you squeeze choso’s hand really hard and hiss “Choso this guy won’t leave me alone”
Choso leans back watching the man fiddle with your hair. If that’s not enough to make his blood boil he just managed to catch the guy snaking his hand around grabbing your ass. Not saying a word and just grabbing the bottle he stands up and swings, shattering it along the side of the stranger's skull. The stranger falls off the stool in a daze and you can hear several gasps throughout the bar.
“Who the FUCK do you think you are?!” Choso yells at the stranger who’s whimpering on the floor. All eyes are on you two at that point and it was making you very uncomfortable. You slide off the stool carefully avoiding the spilled liquor and shattered glass before grabbing Chosos arm and begin pulling him from the bar. Once you two are outside you both just look at each other in silence before suddenly bursting out in laughter.
“Marking that down as yet another bar we can’t go back to” You lightly smack his shoulder
“Sorry it took me so long to notice” He pulls you into a hug “Are you alright?”
“Yeah just a little grossed out”
He lets go and wraps his arm around your shoulder. “I know this great place not too far from here, wanna check it out?”
“Only if you don’t cause a scene” You laugh
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yuujispinkhair · 2 days ago
Yuuji almost always wakes up with morning wood, and you, as his good girlfriend, always tries to slip your hand under his boxer briefs to rub him off or mount him to rub your mound on that large warm bulge just to see him squirm and moan sleepily
That's what sweet boy Yuuji deserves! Getting spoiled even in his sleep! Pairing: Yuuji x Reader (female) Warnings: 18+, somnophilia, handjob, creampie. All characters are of age. 18+! Minors don't interact.
Tumblr media
You just can't help it when you wake up and roll over to see the tent in Yuuji's boxers. He's so big, and his bulge looks so tempting! You know he's ok with you touching him anytime you want, and so you just go for it. First, you just put a hand on his bulge, cupping it through his boxers and marveling at the heat and hardness throbbing against your palm. You move your hand slowly, rubbing him through his boxers feeling him fill out even more. Your gaze slips to Yuuji's handsome face, smiling at the way his mouth opens in those cute soft moans while he's still deep in dreamland. He looks so fucking cute, and he likes it so much. You want to give him more. So you slip a hand into his boxers and wrap it around his thick cock and pump him slowly in your fist, spreading his pre-cum over his hard length and caressing him to his full size. It drives you crazy to feel even more pre-cum pooling at his swollen tip and knowing how much his body enjoys your touch even when Yuuji's still sleeping. And fuck, he looks so pretty! Especially when he wakes up and blinks sleepily at you, but there's already so much arousal in his gaze. "Hmm baby, feels so nice.. please don't stop." "Good morning, baby. You don't have to do anything. Just let me take care of my pretty boy." And he does. Your sleepy boy stays right where he is and lets you stroke his gorgeous cock while he throws his head back on the pillow and gasps and moans, one arm reaching behind him to grab the headboard, making his firm muscles flex so beautifully. His other hand lands on your thigh, squeezing it gently. You would just keep on going like that, give Yuuji a thorough good-morning handjob until he pulses his sweet cum over your hand. But your horny boyfriend has another idea. "Please, come sit on my lap. Want to be inside you." He sounds so cute! Voice raspy from sleep and thick with arousal. He doesn't have to ask you twice. You're impatiently yanking down your sleeping shorts and panties and letting them carelessly fall onto the bed. It's a bit embarrassing how wet you already are but you really enjoyed touching your sleeping boyfriend, and it drives Yuuji even more crazy to feel your creamy folds slide over his hard length when you straddle his lap and rub your pussy against him. His large hands land on your waist. He's still so tired, and so he just lets you take care of him, moaning softly when you take his thick cock in your hand and pump it a few more times before guiding it to your slick hole and then sink down onto him slowly until his gorgeous cock is stretching you open and filling you so wonderfully. You moan his name, and Yuuji's hands tighten around your waist as his hips buck, pushing his cock even deeper into your creamy heat. "Fuck, your pussy's so sweet...ah! Please fuck me, baby." Yuuji's soft moans and mewls are the sweetest sounds! You make sure to ride your cute boyfriend really nice and sweet, clenching around him and making love to his fat cock in a way that makes your sleepy boy mutter the cutest horny things in his sleepy voice. He cums so hard, shuddering beneath you as he pumps you full of his hot cum, moaning so needily and so loud that you really hope Megumi has already left for the showers. Yuuji opens his eyes, honey eyes beaming at you happily, and he laughs that sweet laugh of his as his large hands caress your sides. "What a way to wake up! Thank you, cutie." And then he flips you over, rolling on top of you and kissing you deeply as he settles between your thighs. Hmm, maybe there's still time for a second round.
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earlesskitten · 2 days ago
— 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠. | 𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐢 𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐨
Tumblr media
— 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: one morning, you are in your room with kento.
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: smut, angst, creampie, cervix kissing, mentions of dead bodies, implied spoilers of Shibuya arc.
Tumblr media
At first, he enters with a somewhat abrupt thrust. When he realizes this, he tries to replace it by more gently inserting the already inserted tip as slowly as he can. At no time does he stop looking you in the eye, which makes you feel vulnerable before the sorcerer, even though it is the opposite of his intentions. The vulnerability comes from somewhere else, he is sure of it. He would have slowed down if it was another matter that bothers you. Salty tears blur your vision and enter your ears. Choked sobs get caught in your throat. He doesn't stop, not for a second.
His solemn gaze remains fixed on your overwhelmed eyes. His large hands encircle your wrists. By comparison, he has to squeeze tightly to barely fill them.
He gives the first thrust. The second tightens on your tight pussy. Your walls feel like the finest silk around him, so adjusting the rhythm to something you can both enjoy is easier for him. You bite your lip and arch as your clit makes contact with his pubis, at which point your legs wrap around his lower back, a way of telling him that he can speed up his movements, of telling him that if he could, you would want him more inside you, even knowing that the tip of his thick cock touches your cervix, making you liable to collapse at any moment in him and with him.
Kento doesn't hesitate for a second. Holding your hands against the soft mattress where you are making love is how he makes sure you love him so much, so much that you both accept the life you are about to live together. The wife of a sorcerer, who sooner or later, would have to witness his death, knowing the risk in which they are involved and laughing at the idea that someday they could form a happy family.
Maybe the hope is still there and that is why Kento is making you his wife, looking you in the eyes and swearing that he would protect you, that he would make you the happiest wife in the world and that he longs more than anything to have you by his side.
He averts his eyes to admire and pay attention to how your tits bounce before his onslaught. His ears are delighted by the velvety, delicate moans coming from you.
“Kento...” Words escape, the only ones that can come out soothed by the treatment of the man who loves you so much.
The moment he is distracted, you are able to break free from his grip and embrace his large neck, enchanted by the closeness he has with the sounds of pleasure you produce especially and only for him. Your head buries itself in his chest and Nanami increases the speed of how he is thrusting in and out of you.
“I love you... You are so beautiful...” Likewise, he gasps. All verbal expressions are in abundance when he’s with you.
For a moment you throw your head back and again he is able to make you look into his eyes. A faint smile peeks out and you are able to feel your cheeks heat up, as if the situation you are in now is child’s play and a deep look is the most intimate thing your young souls can aspire to.
Nanami reciprocates the sensation in kind. He is so engrossed in your soft sweet eyeballs that he is barely able to notice that he is about to cum. You likewise fail to notice that your walls are loose around him, ready to receive his white liquid.
The man’s thrusts continue as fast as they started, then when his semen paints a pure white inside your swollen, hot walls, he slows down, only to watch as his seed spills out of you and he re-enters with the argument that not a single drop should be wasted.
The sensations are the same as it seems you’ve been dreaming it 3 days in a row, only to wake up next to him, hugging his shapely body, to make sure he’s next to you and not up early to do some mission. When you woke up, you would climb on his chest and rest your hands on your head to tilt it and watch him sleep, wondering how many mornings you would be able to see him like this.
You were able to count them. 389 mornings.
And three of those mornings were on a loop for you.
On those three mornings, you were able to see how each dawn his body was colder and his features more haggard. The smell in the air was starting to get heavier and putrid as those 3 days repeated in what seemed like an endless dream. They weren’t even able to tell you how they found his body. You think at least those curses were merciful enough to leave him in one whole piece. Tears just won’t come out of your eyes.
You are hollow, just like an empty can, perhaps a product of sadness itself. A sadness and sorrow that are too much to bear and that’s why you prefer to empty it. Your heart was no longer in its place, otherwise you could not explain why you are so indifferent to the corpse in the ground.
It is the moment when you realize that it is the end. He can’t move to bring you closer to his body, to hold you so gently in his arms to remind you that you were his beloved wife. When he embraced you, you knew he would never be able to leave you, youwould be like that for hours. Endless hours that now became a hell enclosed in a bubble, watching how maggots devoured what were once sinews and young joints, thick, nasty, fat flies would make holes in his skin to lay their little eggs and his flesh grow blacker and hang from his face, ready to see the fetid vicera and bones covered in what is now black, clotted blood.
The little creatures hang over your shoulders and arms, but you’ve been so glued to him, enduring the grief of watching his corpse decompose, that now that you realize it, it’s started to turn grangren like your soul.
How could you not avoid seeing it?
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thegetoufather · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
nanami kento x f!reader
w/c: 1k
warnings: 18+, minors and ageless blogs dni, one line of smut, infertility, parenting au, light angst but its all resolved :)
a/n: this is more of a character study about nanami and yuuji than it is a reader insert but you are also present as his wife. yuuji and the crew are preschoolers. consider this all i ever wanted for the two of them. nanami kento, i love you. as always, much love to my betas @whats-her-quirk, @dilfphobes & @yvvji for supporting me when i tried something new <33.
Tumblr media
The walls of Nanami Kento’s house are grey.
It’s a house furnished by a set of well settled individuals, filled with items straight out of magazines. Earth-toned furniture in slate-colored rooms, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Closet spaces filled with crisp suits and Italian silk, oak dressers filled elegant necklaces and signature cufflinks.
From the outside, the house you share is the status symbol the fresh-faced interns in the office yearn for. But when he comes home late yet again, tossing his jacket on the chaise and slouching against the couch, he isn’t met with the comfort his cushy salary should bring. Instead, he groans, his lower back straining against the stiff design of the couch. Nanami knows he should be grateful, but his heart can’t help but ache at the fact that despite all he’s earned, he still doesn’t quite have a home.
You make it easier for him, on the few nights he gets to come early and hear your laugh echo as you recount the tales from your day at the pre-school. How little Megumi drew those big dogs again when everyone was asked to make a picture of their families, or how Nobara declared herself queen of the jungle gym. The vision of you conducting the tiny circus you’re describing turns the corners of Nanami’s lips upwards for the first time that day, and he watches you wistfully as you giggle before sipping at your wine.
He’s lacing his fingers with yours before the happiness in your eyes dims with the end of your story. Nanami doesn’t let you go, even after you move to the bedroom, hands pressing yours into the pillows by your head, holding you steady with each slow roll of his hips. He rests his forehead against yours after he’s spilt inside you, the cool metal of his wedding band placed on the heated skin of your belly as you both make the same prayer between smoke colored sheets.
Nanami figures it’s best to let the dream die rather than continually break your heart. So he resigns himself to coming back even later, slipping beside your sleeping form, but not before wistfully looking at the door across the hall, the one to a nursery that never came to be.
And then comes the day he comes back early at your insistence, finding you standing in the middle of his stone palace with a pop of pink by your feet.
The young boy in the living room can’t be any older than three, dressed in an assortment of primary colors and mismatched socks. He’s clinging to you, little hands dug into your midi skirt as he looks up at Nanami with honeyed eyes. Nanami in turn responds by kneeling down to his eye level, as though shrinking himself will lessen the intimidating aura of his suit or hardened gaze. He expects him to further disappear into the cool blue fabric after you’ve formally introduced your husband to the child on your calf, but instead, he’s met with a smile, nearly knocked over as the boy screams “Hello, I’m Yuuji!” while running towards him for a hug.
Nanami continues to hold Yuuji in his arms long after he has exhausted himself playing with his tie. He sits on the floor across from you as you explain everything — the car crash that took his parents, the grandfather that can barely take care of himself. You talk about how Yuuji’s been waiting by the classroom door longer than all the other kids have lately, holding on to the straps on his tiger backpack as the clock strikes three.
Nanami doesn’t miss the way your voice catches up when you mention how his grip doesn’t falter even when it hits four, Yuuji smiling just as bright when you offered to take him to your home while you sorted things out. He instinctively covers the slumbering boy's ears when you mention his grandfather’s health, as though a child his age could comprehend the words “metastasize” or “respiratory failure.”
At this point, the front of Nanami’s dress shirt has grown sticky with drool, Yuuji’s nose digging further into the dip between his pecs as he snuggles for warmth. The fact that Nanami hasn’t said a word since you’ve started talking makes you nervous, the unspoken question lingering in the air as you both watch Yuuji’s chest rise and fall in the blonde’s strong arms. He maintains his silence even as he walks towards your bedroom, tucking the boy in the sheets before looking at the door across the hall once more.
Nanami returns to the living room with his laptop in hand, wordlessly sitting down next to you as he begins his search for toddler beds.
It doesn't take long for Yuuji to adjust to the house. He learns where his velcro shoes go when he comes back from school and that the cookies are kept on the highest shelf. He knows that he’s small enough to walk under the kitchen island without hitting his head and that he’s bigger than the coffee table. Yuuji’s barely more than 3 feet tall and needs a stepping stool to get on the dining table chairs, and yet he managed to change the way Nanami views his home.
He sees red toys in the hallway and an orange backpack that hangs next to your purse in the foyer. He sees the yellow bananas that Yuuji picked out at the farmers market because they reminded him of Nanami’s hair. He comes home on rainy days and finds Yuuji in a froggy hat, splashing in puddles in green rainboots far too big for his feet. He sees the blues and purples of the galaxy they painted on the ceiling of Yuuji’s room when he puts him to sleep.
The house is no longer the clean model home that it used to be. There’s a maze of Hot Wheels cars on the floor and stuffed animals sandwiched between the throw cushions. Yuuji’s artwork hangs throughout the house, attached to magnets on the fridge and the little paint handprints he puts on Nanami’s suit pants when he comes home from work. And though Nanami sighs when he sees the damage done to his clothes and the yellow fingerprints and crayon marks on his walls, he can finally look at his house and feel like he is home.
Nanami Kento ends up grateful that the walls of his house are grey, because they only make Yuuji shine that much brighter.
Tumblr media
thx for reading! plz don’t recc this on tiktok.
© all rights reserved THEGETOUFATHER 2022. please do not copy, modify or repost my work.
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Tumblr media
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aslutski · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: your two twin brothers, yuji and sukuna, keeps doting on you, their little baby sister.
featuring: twin brothers! yuji & sukuna x sister! reader.
warnings: dark content! modern au, nsfw, incest, dubcon, threesome, creampie, cursing, mentions of grooming / predatory behavior, oral (m receiving)
wc: 1.5k
commentary: repost.
navigation. — rules. — masterlist. — ask box.
Tumblr media
Such sibling goals! Any reasonable and normal person looking and observing the relationship of brother and sister would think to themselves. The perfect sibling trio; Nothing odd, immoral or incestuous here! I mean, which perfectly sane person seeing brother and sister would think that? Really? That's your first thought when you see family? How disgusting, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. On the outside, nothing seems to be the problem, however, when committing a crime one simply wouldn’t show they’re hand, now would they? Of course not.
But it isn’t too far-fetched when specifically analyzing your relationship with your brothers; They’re so overprotective and possessive over their little sis, yet still understandable because most siblings are like that. But they’ll kiss you in public in front of everyone to see, even in front of your parents as well as friends and other family members. And though many family does this simple and platonic act of affection without much thought, there’s just something about how the kiss, how it lingers a few seconds to long, or the look in your eyes when they do it, how they’ll try to deepen the kiss and hold you closer but you become shy and try to push them away.
Hmm or what about putting a hand on you just to show authority over you, is that also considered normal between siblings? Or how they’ll take you shopping, buy you anything you want and keep staring you up and down like a hawk in all those whorish, trendy outfits? Or perhaps all those inconsistent touches over your body like if you were their property? How truly odd.
They quite literally acted as though they’re your boyfriends. The nicknames they use for you are questionable and no one could ever really miss the glint in their eyes when they spoke about how much they love their pretty little sis. It all was too obvious, but no one dared to investigate or inquire about it because I mean… that’s just plain rude and disturbing.
Aww, that’s so sweet! It’s adorable really, how you get along so well with both your big brothers, how unbelievably close you guys are! I'd say a ‘little’ too close, but ‘a little’ would surely be an underestimation. In fact, you guys are so close that you can literally feel your big bro’s huge, hard cock fucking your tight, velvety walls! So cute!
Your soaking wet pussy spasmed ‘round Sukunas’ cock, his hips actively snapping forward to meet yours as his hefty balls slap your skin and the sound echoing irritably loud. Sweat dripping deliciously off both your bodies, his huge hands on your ample hips and never missing the opportunity to firmly smack your fat ass whilst rhythmically matching his brutal blows. Moans, groans, wet noises, soft curses under both your breaths all resonating and surely being heard.
“Fuck, my lil sis pussy’s the best! So fuckin’ needy ‘n greedy for me, your big bro.”
“P-please, Sukuna! Do-don’t be so roughhh!
All you could do is mewl and whimper whilst your big bro Sukuna hammered your slick count down. Tears quickly build up while you try desperately to hold them back with your thick lashes, but of course all in vain.
“Sukuna, when’s my turn?”
One bored Yuji grumbled out, he sat quietly watching the beautiful scenery of sister and brother affectionately and roughly fucking. Yeah, ‘aw’ some more, maybe it’ll make this all moral and acceptable in the eyes of society. Sukuna huffed violently, somewhat like a scoff as though he was meaning to say,
“Shut the fuck up and wait till I’m done,” Oof, he just said it.
With that Sukuna harshly directed your head down into the mastress, fucking you in your pussy from behind whilst holding both your hands in his other, headboard slamming into the wall repeadly, bed screeching; His release was nearing. Your cervix was being crushed by his monstrous cock jabbing in and out of you, railing you senselessly.
“F-fuck,” sukuna’s deep, husky voice growled.
“Whatever, I’mma take her mouth then.”
And with that, Yuji got up from his spot and positioned himself right in front of you on the bed. He stood as you were facing the end of the bed. Sukuna slows his pace, removes his hands from your head and releases your hands so that you can support yourself properly. Your scalp stings tremendously, you almost have a slight headache. Your wobbly, weak and tired arms shakily try to maintain your balance. Yuji instantly notices this and decides to sit on his knees on the bed instead, resting you on his lap and lovingly cupping your cheeks while Sukuna claps your other ‘cheeks.’
Yuji kisses up the drool at the side of your lips, “Hey pretty girl,” Yuji starts, “you're doing so well, you’re such a good slut for us. Ya’know we love you so much, right? Always and forever—”
“Yeah, no other girl can compare to you sis, we took your virginity and fucked you everyday since. Now we’re the only ones who can please you cause we’ve studied your body for so long, even molded your holes perfectly into the shape of our cocks.” And Sukuna finished.
It’s absolutely disgusting and disturbing how much they both manipulated and brainwashed you, their own little sister, into believing this is all normal, that all siblings do this type of stuff, that ‘physical affection’ is what people usually did with others whom they loved and that your parents fully support this. Really fucked up how they smile so warmly back at you with so much delight and satisfaction with what they’ve done to you and still wanting to cause more damage. Sick fuckers found it all amusing.
Not wanting to waste anymore time, Yuji hurriedly pulls his sweatpants and boxers down. Out springs his semi-hard cock almost whipping you in your pretty face.
“Hey baby, open ya’ mouth for me.”
And you did, you obediently nodded and opened your mouth for Yuji to fuck your throat. Giving it a few pumps and wiping his precum on your tongue before putting his dick in your mouth all the way up to his pubes. Slightly gagging but swiftly catching yourself you start sucking and swirling your wet, pink and long appendage around his cock-head. Sukuna only picks back up his pace, sending you straight into Yuji’s pelvis even more, creating a rather neat and consistent rhythm.
“G-goshhhh, you’re so good for us baby! Yeah we’ve trained you into such a splendid slut, fuck!— You’re so good!
“Our little toy, you’re all ours to play with. Aghh yes~ Don’t you ever dare give up yourself to anyone else, right bitch? You’re all ours, no one else. We’re the only ones that know you oh-too-well, we’re the only ones who can bring you pure ecstasy…”
“f-uck ye-yeah, your holes are for our personal use only.”
All you could do— all you’ve ever done and know to do is moan and nod your head ‘yes’ while taking their huge, heavy cocks in you. Being their perfect little sister and following their orders like their slave as they take advantage of you without you even really knowing. It must be so difficult and traumatizing for you yet your innocent eyes don’t see the demons that lurk within the shadows of that brother façade. It’s sad.
“Aaghh ughh! Play with my balls too, don’t leave it lonely.”
And so you did that too! Turning your attention to his hefty ballsacks, squeezing and toying with it whilst stroking his beefy cock.
Sukuna’s dick started twitching violently as he approaches his high, his pace becoming a relentless mess. Your mind is honestly all blank right now since he’s punishing your cervix so brutally, zoning in and out with hazy vision you don’t even know what’s going on anymore. All you know is that your body is being weakened and your moments are becoming extremely sluggish.
“Hey hey, wake the fuck up pretty princess, you still got your job to finish.”
Yuji practically raises his voice at you, slapping your cheeks and immediately getting back on track. You feel your walls clam down on Sukunas’ cock as soon as Yuji’s cock hit the back of your throat and you completely felt numb from all the pleasure and excitement rushing to your brain, you went into a frenzy as that familiar, feverish feeling in your abdomen starts to blossom rapidly build up. Toes curled, disoriented orbs undulating back, body collapsing, heart racing, mind completely blank and numb at the same time; You already know what’s about to happen especially with Both Yuji and Sukuna both hustling it up. The rattling release is about to take place!
And so without warning it all crashes down on you, both your brothers hips stilling as they release and dump their tepid, mucilaginous load in you. Of course not without letting out deep, delicious pants and groans coming from their chest. The tranquility that soon follows calms you down a bit as you try and work through your orgasm while your pussy is still fluttering around Sukuna’s cock. Sooner or later they both pull out and sigh breathily.
“Hey, lil sis looks particularly pretty covered in cum today, maybe I should take some pictures so it’ll last longer, whatchu think bro?”
“I mean we already got dozens of those but you can never have enough. Plus, I'm just looking for a second round so make it quick. ”
I guess blood is thicker than water huh.
Tumblr media
© aslutski 2022.
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kentimestwo · 2 days ago
CUM LUBE ! ft gn reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The video is far from innocent—he’d bought you a bottle of lube a month ago that looks just like cum; it’s stringy and sticky and despite how you whine in the video about wanting it to be his, about wanting it to be in your mouth and not just buried deep inside you, it will do while he’s away.
It starts with you sitting naked on your knees on the bedroom—there’s a towel beneath your knees and your favorite dildo and the bottle of white translucent lube beside you. You’re feeling your body up; hands are roaming your skin the way he might if he was there, down over nipples and past your tummy to feel at your sensitive spots between your thighs.
You don’t speak at first. He wishes briefly that you’d say something—tell him you wish he was home, that you wish it was his cum that now coats your toy and hand as you jerk a fist over the ‘cum’ covered shaft. But he can’t quite mourn the loss of your voice, especially when you move the toy to your hole and sink down on it, moaning low and long as you lower yourself on the fake cock.
The slick sound of you bouncing and your pretty, high pitched moans are loud coming from his phone and he’s grateful that he’s alone, because the way you whine like a whore as you fuck the fake cum in and out of your tight little hole is something he would never want anyone but him to hear.
The video goes on until you’re cumming around the silicone dildo, and when you’re done and pull it out of you, thin, glossy strings of cum connecting your hole and the head of the cock, dropping it in front of you and smiling directly at the camera before it’s cutting off there—no words, just a cheeky little grin and then a black screen.
What is he going to do in response?
Tumblr media
He sends you a video back—it’s a clear view of his cock as he wraps one big fist around it and pumps up and down quickly, his precum drooling from the tip of his cock making the slide easier. He’s painfully hard; his cock is visibly throbbing in his hand. And of course there’s the dirty talk—he’s growling and moaning and mumbling filthy things almost absentmindedly.
“You want my cum, baby? You want me to fuck a load into you and then go some more? Or maybe I’ll fuck your face and cum down your throat first before I fuck you full of my cum,” he growls.
His abs clench as he fucks into his fist—you can imagine he’s thinking he’d rather be surrounded by your warm, tight hole, rather be cumming inside you instead of on himself. His hand speeds up on his cock, focusing on the sensitive, flushed head until he’s cumming in thick streaks with a low groan over his fist.
“I’ll be home soon,” is all he says before the video ends.
Kyoutani, Osamu, Matsukawa, Tsukishima, Akaashi, Bokuto, Suna, Suga, Mikey, Ran, Aizawa, Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou, Dabi, Getou, Nanami
He immediately calls you—you’re laying in bed after a quick shower when your phone rings loudly with his ringtone. You answer, of course, and before you can even say hello he’s panting, groaning into the phone as he fists his cock to the thought of filling your cute little hole with his seed.
“Do you get off on teasing me?” He questions breathlessly. You can hear the slick, wet sound of his fist pumping over his cock beneath the sound of his moans and growled words. You almost giggle in response to him—he sounds so riled up, and you can only imagine how he looks right now; flushed down to his collarbones, leaking cock disappearing into his fist and chest heaving with his breaths.
“Maybe,” you reply cheekily instead, adjusting yourself on the bed so that your legs are spread. You just came not long ago, but you can feel the familiar throbbing between your legs return despite it all just at the thought of him getting off to you fucking fake cum into your hole. “Tell me what you wanna do to me when you get home.”
He growls on the other end.
“I’m going to fucking ruin you.”
Iwaizumi, Daichi, Ushijima, Sakusa, Hanamaki, Konoha, Aran, Kuroo, Semi, Ukai, Draken, Sanzu, Kisaki, Taiju, Bakugou, Shigaraki, Sukuna, Toji, Megumi
He’s on his way home as soon as he has the opportunity. If he’s at an away game, he’s spamming your texts, rambling about how he’ll be home soon and the nasty things he’ll do to you when he gets back.
It’s absolute filth, the things he texts you. Things like exactly how he’s going to fuck you, the options he’s going to give you and which positions he’s going to fold you into. He’s sending pictures—snapshots of his hard cock lying against his stomach before and after he’s painted his abdomen in streaks of white.
And when he comes home? He’s fucking you right in the middle of the entryway—against the door, on the floor, anywhere where he can pump you full of hot, real cum and make you cum countless times around him. By the time he’s done with you, you’re absolutely dripping with it, the thick seed leaking down your inner thighs.
And he’s a gentleman, so of course he cleans you up with his tongue afterwards.
Tanaka, Kageyama, Kita, Yamaguchi, Koganegawa, Aone, Nishinoya, Yaku, Kenma, Hoshiumi, Goshiki, Asahi, Hinata, Angry, Takemichi, Hakkai, Kazutora, Shinichiro, Deku, Denki, Iida, Tamaki, Tetsutetsu, Inumaki, Yuuji
He FaceTimes you—not seconds after he’s done watching the video he’s pulling his pants off and pressing call, leaning his phone up against something so that it’s angled just so that his face is still in the shot.
When you answer, he’s spitting into his palm and wrapping a hand around his throbbing cock and slowly, teasingly stroking, running his palm over the head and throwing his head back to moan. He sends you a cocky little smile as he gives you a show—you press your thighs together and watch, nearly drooling at the sight of him getting off to the thought of you.
“Like what you see, baby?” He asks. You nod as your free hand moves down between your legs to run a hand over your core. He laughs a little breathlessly, twisting his hand on an upstroke and biting his lip to stifle a moan. “Is this what you wanted to see? You wanted to see me all riled up and horny thinking about filling your cute little hole with my cum?”
“Show me how you want me to fuck you, baby.”
Atsumu, Tendou, Lev, Yamamoto, Oikawa, Daishou, Terushima, Baji, Rindou, Smiley, Hanma, Mitsuya, Wakasa, Sero, Hawks, Mirio, Shindo, Gojo
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katsukidotcom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
imagine movie nights with your fav. instead of this one taking place at his apartment as they normally do, you invite him over to yours for a change. though, before he arrives he receives a text from you letting him know that you’re hopping in the shower. you give him the okay to himself in with your spare key and pick out the film as you’re finishing up.
so he does, getting settled on the couch and picking up the remote to browse through the catalog. he can hear you in the bathroom down the hall. something hits the floor followed by a lewd moan loud enough to make out over the running water. he clears his throat in hopes of ignoring the noise, but it’s impossible as the next sound you make is louder and one that resembles the syllables of his name. he can practically feel the blood rushing down south, feel his boxers becoming more confining with each moment. the water cuts off, signaling that you would be joining him soon. he’s able to hide his tenting pants with a blanket before your footsteps lead you to the living room. you send him a quick sorry for taking longer than you anticipated as you plop down on the other side of the couch. though, your apology flies over his head because he’s more focused on the skimpy sleep shorts and transparent tank top you wandered out in. 
he only nods in acknowledgement and starts the movie.
your unusual touchiness doesn’t go unnoticed by him. he doesn’t miss how you gradually make your way closer to him, how your fingers trail down his arm, following each vein like a line on a map. he doesn’t even speak up when you sneak your way under the blanket with him. he’s willing to keep quiet until your hand makes a home over his crotch. your fingers dancing over his erection draw his eyes away from the screen and over to you. you’re already staring at him through your eyelashes, your tongue running over your lower lip leaving it glistening in the darkness. you’re shameless.
looks like he’ll have to teach you a lesson about behaving decently. hope you’re in for a long night.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments are reblogs are appreciated <3
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satorusbrat · a day ago
Tumblr media
> HC: spending the day with the jjk boys. ૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა
— ✿ reblogs & feedback is appreciated!
ㅤㅤ⤷ genre/mentions: icky fluff, comfort & humor
𓏲 a/n: this messy and not proof read!! & my requests are open! i had a hard time writing for gojo’s?! idk why but i hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ 虎杖悠仁 | itadori yuji
gosh this boy would drag you out of bed the moment the sun started to raise.. no sleeping in today!! oh no!
the day would be spent somewhere outside of the school for sure (arcades, carnivals etc)
WOULD NOT HESITATE TO SHOW PDA!! (only if ur comfortable ofc)
finally, a day without any missions or training. yuji thought it would be a great idea to adventure out beyond the school walls and dorms since it does get pretty boring.. so off to the arcade you go! p.s he would look like a puppy following you around!! puppy love is so cute :((
yuji wouldn’t let go of your hand, kissing your cheek here and there (sukuna hates the affections he shows to you..) his arm wrapping around your waist when you both walk close to huge crowds or traffic to make you stay near him so you wouldn’t get lost or hurt. (!!! such a gentleman)
stopping at clothing shops, trying new food vendors is a must or going to check out a new comic book store that just recently opened up. this cutie would melt when you back hug him as he was ordering you both drinks, he would place his hands above yours and give it a reassuring squeeze.
i’m pretty sure yuji would tell you all about the missions, curses he fought or what he learned during your walk. "babe, i know.. i was there." PLEASE he would be so cute about it but would continue on about cool it was. although, soon as you make it to the arcade, he would drag you to every game there is!
it wasn’t really surprising how the both of you were good at every game you tried. (the owners were convinced that you both were cheating) since yuji and you always played games during your free time!! (esp with kugisaki) so winning prizes for each other was a breeze~
big plushies won, eating lots of junk food.. running back & forth in the arcade!! (almost ran over small children in the process omg)
but he eventually broke one console to a game.. -_-
the reason? both of you were competing with other teenagers in the arcade
"go go yuji! kick his ass!" you cheered your boyfriend on as he was leading in the mario kart game. both of the boys were heated in the last moment of the lap, that as soon as yuji won first place, he jumped out of the chair with excitement and.. the steering wheel in his hands.
panicking, the owner yelled and scolded at yuji for breaking the console. "well.. you know. back at home we use to do this thing where we would avoid this type of confrontation.." before yuji could question your words, you zoomed out with him hand in hand and your prizes out of the arcade. out of fear, none of you went back just for the sake of not being fined for the broken console.
but rest of the day would be fun with yuji, living your teenage years somewhat would feel foreign to you both since young sorcerers in training could barely spend their years doing actual teen activities. you were just glad you were able to meet yuji throughout the chaos with his positive and caring personality.
Tumblr media
★ 伏黒恵 | fushiguro megumi
he would make you stay in his dorm the night before and would not let you go when you finally cuddled in his arms
homebodies? yes! your day would be spent together in his dorm as it stormed outside so yeah, you didn’t really have a choice to leave the school
catching up on shows, reading to each other or doing facial care is what your time was mostly spent on
megumi would not leave his bed when he finally had you in his arms, your warmth is all he wanted after the long week. (this boy is absolutely touch starved, you can’t tell me otherwise.) waking up before you so he can admire your features, studying the scars or freckles that kissed your skin.
in private he would be the most clingiest between you both. (pls don’t bring it up to him or he’ll get embarrassed pretty quickly) during the morning, he would slowly get out of bed and head over to the schools kitchen to make you both breakfast and your favorite drinks. he’ll be so sweet to you once you wake, it’ll make your teeth rot!!!
sitting next to his windows, enjoying the nice breeze and scent that the rain was producing before having to hurry up and shut it as the storm rushed in. which almost ruined your breakfast. shakes head but anyways, after your meal, megumi would probably turn on his playlist as you both do self care or just bask in each other’s warmth.
i feel like megumi would have a s/o whose personality matches his so there would be times that comfortable silence would mean a lot to you both, his actions would speak louder than his words. how so? well he’s super gentle with you. he’ll trace any mark on your body and even kiss it during moments like those. (uGGHH!! lover boy)
(matching headbands)! he’ll be adding lip balm onto your lips as you put eye patches onto his face, sometimes you’ll make funny faces to mess with him
for fun, megumi will try to do your hair! he’ll be so creative when it comes to doing your hair that you were jealous how he did your hair better than you..
he’s clean and tidy.. so there’s a chance that both of you would do some chores to pass time but only end up singing or randomly dancing through the mist of it
megumi is a private person so when you’re alone, he’ll try his best to open with you about certain things, venting and ranting would take a big part of him opening up!! you also find it adorable about him complaining about stuff all while pouting. since you guys having been dating for awhile, you still had a lot to learn about and from each other.
when rare days like this occur, megumi will be more smitten with you. it was a reminder how he fell in love with you and that he knows he can’t let you go. but finding love as jujutsu sorcerers? it was a curse itself. he knew the dangers that came with it but you encouraged him to live a little even in the world you both lived in. skipping ahead, he’ll risk anything just to be in your presence.
overall, your day spent together would be filled with long talks, comfortable silence and cuddles. kisses? please kiss him first, he’s a shy boy. but but!! megumi sees you as his comfort, like a safe place when he needs it the most and sees you as aura filled with warmth and comfort that he was desperately looking for. gumi is just head over heels with you <3
Tumblr media
★ 五条悟 | satoru gojo
19 year old gojo.. chaotic but caring, literally the best guy when it comes to hugs
gojo could sense that you were feeling burnt out since the pass couple of missions have been draining for everyone
stopping by your dorm to drop off his favorite sweets, he wondered how you still put up with his teasing
"because i like the way you laugh, it keeps me going dummy...and i missed you." his heart would melt the moment he heard those words come out from your mouth! gojo.. quiet for once? omg. "kikufuku~ you’re so cheesy~ i missed you more~~" he would tease as he pulled you into a bone crushing hug.
satoru felt guilty in way, seeing how tired you were that you didn’t even fight him back his affections!! (he’s in denial, he’s just not use to you being vulnerable with him) now that you’re in gojo’s hold, he wouldn’t let you go and demanded that you hangout with him for rest of the day~
since the both of you weren’t official yet, gojo declared that this was your first date with him (he’s just worry about you in the moment so just be prepared to be spoiled) he would bring you to a really nice restaurant to grab bunch, catch up on about life. like yuji, he would tell all about his adventures with the duo and complain about principal yaga. his small rant would make you giggle. gojo: (๑♡⌓♡๑)
after bunch, gojo would spoil you without a doubt (like i said before) especially with your favorite stuff
seeing you being so clingy with him would make him drown in his own thoughts, you haven’t let his arm go since this morning (⸜(ˊᗜˋ)⸝ ٩̋(ˊ•͈ ꇴ •͈ˋ)و < gojo on the inside)
after the shopping spree, both of you would skip to the cherry blossom trees and just enjoy the spring weather
having a small conversation filled with giggles, stolen cheek kisses along the bridge: you already felt better but the way gojo tuned down his chaotic energy, you were enjoying this side of him like he was enjoying this side of you. so win win for you both. ~
"i like you, gojo." you confessed suddenly. leaning his head onto yours. “i know." he would say to only make you roll your eyes. "and you don’t like me? ouch." you teased as let you go of his arm. poor boy thought you were being serious. "no no kikufuku, i like-" the way you couldn’t help but burst into giggles as soon as he made his ‘serious’ face.
whining on the way back to school, gojo asked you to hold him again. ‘not until you apologize!’ holding the sweets bag close to you, gojo swiftly grabbed your body and pulled you into his. "i’m sorry kikufuku, i really like your cute face too.” snuggling into his shirt, you inhaled his cologne (couldn’t help it) "good that’s all i wanted to hear, dummy."
Tumblr media
all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify or repost my works and claim it as yours.
Tumblr media
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xsat0ru · 2 days ago
more boyfriend gojo for y’all since you guys seemed to like the last one<3
boyfriend!gojo who takes you shopping whenever he gets the chance to. He loves spoiling you with gifts and surprises just to see that cute little smile on your face.
boyfriend!gojo who is overprotective of you. Although it’s rare to see gojo jealous, (since he’s the most hottest and popular fk boy in town everyone knows this) he would be super possessive of you especially in public. Always holding and grabbing your hand whenever a guy smiles at you. He just needs the entire world to know you’re his.
boyfriend!gojo who fingers you under the table when you guys are having dinner with friends, playing and teasing your wet little pussy like a madman. Geto always seems to notice that gojo is doing something to you under the table because of your nervous expression and gojos statistic smirk. Because of that gojo purposely makes you wear skirts/dresses when you’re are on a dinner date. Sometimes even pressuring you to wear no panties, he claims it’s to ‘challenge’ and ‘have some fun with you’ but it’s clearly because this mf gets horny anywhere, anytime.
boyfriend!gojo who is not afraid to beat someone up if they glance and smile at you. Nobody smiles at his angel expect him. Only him. Although he sometimes can get a bit overboard with the protectiveness you still love him. Like c’mon who dosent?
I love u angel and that will never change. You’ll always be my precious little princess.
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calypsotheblade · 3 days ago
𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇 𝐒𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐋 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐅𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 ↠ 𝐢. 𝐲𝐮𝐣𝐢, 𝐟. 𝐦𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐦𝐢, 𝐠. 𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮
summary: just stupid little high school confession headcanons warnings: general awkwardness, kissing, slight suggestiveness for gojo, lots of writing (i got carried away-), not beta read so,,, pronouns: not used word count: 4065 (ITS BC ITS THREE PPL OKAY)
Tumblr media
itadori yuji
you first meet in class
it’s first period, you were one of the first in as usual, you had a penchant for running early to things
you had grabbed a seat by the window, the soft breeze brushing across your forehead, cooling you down
the bell rings, an ugly, irritating noise really, and the final few straggle into class, choosing their seats
you’re delighted to find out that you’re left partner-less, you’d much rather skip out on whatever terrible icebreakers your teacher has planned
its junior year, you really hope icebreakers can be put behind you
the teacher, a woman with a soft face and kind smile, begins speaking and you shift your attention away from the little doodles in your planner, to her
she’s about a sentence into her introduction when there’s a loud noise, like someone slamming into the door, and then a pink-haired boy steps inside
he’s rubbing his nose, smiling in silent apology as he stumbles to the nearest open seat
which just so happened to be the one next to you
you internally groan and your teacher continues with her introduction, something you barely pay attention to with this boy shuffling around next to you
she hands you all pieces of paper with a few questions about yourself, and the boy pokes your shoulder
“do you have an extra pencil? i didn’t bring any,” he grins awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck rolling your eyes, you give him one (your least favorite because you somehow know he’s gonna steal it) and he gives you his name in exchange, “i’m yuji! nice to meet you…?” you don’t really want to give him your name, but when he’s smiling at you like that, it’s hard to really do anything but, “i’m y/n.”
shockingly yuji ends up stealing your pencil.
you don’t really care- after all, it was your least favorite one
but as you’re leaving for the day, backpack heavy on your shoulders with all the textbooks, you hear someone call out your name
yuji runs up to you, panting heavily with his hands on his knees
“what do you want?” you ask, maybe a bit harsher than you intended but it was late and you really wanted to be home “your pencil, i-” he takes a deep breath, straightening up, “wanted to give it back to you.” you take it from him hesitantly, ignoring the way something sparks at your fingertips as they brush his own, “...thanks, yuji.”
he simply waves you goodbye, running off with a smile and you can’t stop yourself from returning it
you end up really looking forward to talking to him, you convince yourself it's because you don’t really know anyone else in your class
but then again, you sit with him and his friends at lunch, and he walks you home
eventually, you’re spending all your time with yuji and you have no complaints
you even spend time hanging out at the basketball court while he plays because you’re just that great of a friend
it's totally not because he looks hot with sweat dripping down his forehead as he pushes his hair out of his face, pulling off his shirt mid-game
nope definitely not.
he begins to get a little clingy, clearly enjoying the extra attention you award him with in comparison to all your other friends
he likes to watch you doodle instead of taking notes, always begging you for them at the end of class when he finds out there’s going to be a quiz next week
yuji will sometimes add his own doodles to your notes; they’re kind of ugly and a little wobbly, but he’s so goddamn proud so you appreciate them nonetheless
says “this one’s for you, y/n!” when he’s about to shoot for basket and then misses completely cause he’s too busy staring at you to actually aim
he’ll get you your favorites snacks when he sees them, little trinkets that remind him of you, stationary if he knows you’ve been needing some more
you end up with so many little keychains, stickers, notebooks- yuji says its ‘cause you’re always on his mind
you often find him leaning on you, his head laid on your shoulder while he naps (you have to shake him awake before he gets caught sleeping in class)
its comfortable and you’re perfectly content with whatever you have with yuji
until he gets asked to the winter formal. by someone in your class. in front of you.
she smiles at you, not maliciously, not even apologetically- it’s genuine, out of excitement
its then that you realize, despite what you may feel about your friendship with yuji (something that really borders on relationship if you’re being honest), others clearly see it as nothing more than a friendship
you’re just yuji’s close friend and he’s yours- nothing more
it pains you in a way you haven’t felt before, in way that confuses you and leaves you frozen on the spot as yuji accepts her proposal
and when he turns to you excitedly, rambling about how he’s never been asked to a dance before, all you can really do is respond half-heartedly, not being able to understand this sinking feeling in your stomach
you’re kind of distant to him after that, not on purpose (well- maybe a little on purpose), just because you’re trying to unravel the messy jumble of wires that is your feelings for yuji
he notices, oh he definitely notices
and he doesn’t like it.
he asks the others if they think he’s done anything to upset you, and eventually, he asks you too
you respond with something lame and unbelievable, “oh- i’ve just been really busy is all!”
but yuji doesn’t think it’s just you being busy when you subtly move your notebook away from him as his pencil hovers over the page, or when you move his head to the desk as he falls asleep
or when you look away when he tries to make a shot for you, sometimes not even bothering to show up to the basketball court
he knows he doesn’t like it- he doesn’t understand what happened for you to push him away all of a sudden, but he’s determined to figure it out
the dance rolls around before either of you really notice, and you debate even showing up, but you do anyways because nobara threatens you-
despite your initial reservations, you end up having a lot of fun: you dance with nobara and sit with megumi
you don’t even notice yuji (or you force yourself to not look over at him, even though you’re always acutely aware of him and his pink hair)
but he notices you, you’re the first thing he notices, you’re who he looks for when he first gets there
he notices you in your sparkly attire, with your hair perfectly done, and the smile on your face that you’ve deprived him of
yuji glares at you as if to tell you to look over, meet his gaze, read his mind so he didn’t have to tell you himself how he felt about you
you don’t, and eventually, you get up to dance with one of the other guys in your class and yuji feels wounded
he almost wants to ditch his date to talk to you, but he doesn’t
instead he waits, he waits until he sees you take your leave and runs after you
the slam of a hand on your shoulder startles you, and you turn around to find yuji standing there, panting, just like the day he returned your pencil to you. “y/n! i have to tell you something!” you stare at him, willing him to continue, and he does. he wrings his hands together, brown eyes shifting from your face, to the ground, then back to you. yuji catches his breath, taking your hands in his as he says his next words, “i like you a lot. please don’t push me away because i don’t know what i’d do with myself if i don’t have you.” you think you’re dreaming, you stay silent because surely this is a dream, until you feel him falter, “you probably don’t feel the same- that’s okay! i just want us to be friends again.”
yuji is an idiot, you think (as if you weren’t one too-)
you throw your arms around him, feeling the weight of his around your waist as he tugs you closer. “i like you too, yuji,” you mumble against his neck, coming up to press a kiss to his cheek. but he turns just in time and you catch his lips instead, not that you’re complaining- not when he grabs your chin and tilts his head, his nose brushing against yours, and holds you there.
fushiguro megumi
you’re pretty certain your lab partner hates you
it’s no good really, you’re about two weeks into school starting and doing your first lab in chemistry
your lab partner, the guy you happen to be sitting next to, hasn’t said a single word to you
he’s scratching away at his corresponding worksheet, his handwriting neat and tidy
you try to make conversation, ask him what he thinks of the lab, even what his answers are
for everything, he looks up, briefly meeting your eyes, before going back to his work
you know his name, fushiguro megumi, but you wonder if he’s aware of yours
you had introduced yourself to him on the first day, when you took a seat next to him, but he had his nose shoved in book; you wonder if he ever bothered to remember your name
you shouldn’t be so upset about megumi practically ignoring you, but it hurt
you didn’t think you were so insufferable that you had to be blatantly ignored, the guy barely paid you even a single glance
for a while, you dealt with it; you let him ignore you and refuse to participate in discussions with you, or share his work
but you’re tired of it and this lab was 45% of your grade, so you snap:
“listen, i don’t know who you think you are,” you seethe, gritting your teeth under your breath as you press your hand into his wrist. “but you could at least talk about this lab with me.” you’re met with indifference once again, deep blue eyes staring at you with an unreadable emotion that you chalk up to contempt
you’re exasperated; the bell rings and you hang behind to talk to your teacher
the next day, as you take your seat next to megumi, he does something unexpected
he talks to you
“here’s my worksheet from yesterday, if you never finished,” he mutters, sliding the paper towards you
you stumble over your words as you thank him hurriedly scribbling down and filling any blanks
this is progress but you’re glad to be out of his hair for labs
your teacher lets everyone continue the lab from yesterday and megumi walks to your assigned lab station, confused when you don’t follow him
instead, he watches your figure walk to the other side of the room, joining yuji as his usual partner switches with you
you switched partners.
working with yuji is fun! fun enough that he invites you to sit when him at lunch
when you meet him, you’re disgruntled to find megumi also sitting at his table
“didn’t realize you knew megumi,” you comment, sliding into the seat furthest away from the raven-haired boy. he looks up from his food, glaring at you, and you employ every single restraint you can muster to stop yourself from punching this kid. insufferable bastard.
yuji tries to break the tension with a joke. you think it’s funny but you don’t laugh, and megumi doesn’t bother. yuji thinks it didn’t land so he tries again and is still met with silence
nobara saves you when she sits down, greeting you and asking if you’ve seen one of the newer movies that came out a few months ago
the two of you get up to throw away the trash, you notice megumi talking with yuji, no doubt banishing you from the table
the next day, when you try to wriggle out of yuji’s lunch invite again, he doesn’t let you
in fact, he grabs your wrist and drags you over to where megumi and nobara are seated already
its awkward, you don’t want to speak unless spoken to and apparently neither yuji or nobara want to talk to you
megumi seems content, though
“if you brought me here just to stare awkwardly, i think i’ll just go have lunch somewhere else-” you grab your food tray, ready to leave when a voice interrupts you. “you should stay.”
once again, megumi manages to surprise you, yet you wonder what this guy wants from you
he doesn’t ever make a move to speak to you, yet looks upset when you stop being lab partners with him, when you leave his table during lunch; the mixed signals were pissing you off
but you stay, and conversation flows rather smoothly this time around- megumi even contributes a few times, though you notice he always avoids eye contact with you
everything is fine until group projects are announced in science (what do you even need group projects for in chemistry?) and you’re partnered with the one and only megumi
you try to change partners but your teacher is fed up with your demands and refuses
you slump back to your seat, noticing the slight frown on megumi’s face in your peripheral but choose to ignore it; he’s always irritated anyway
“where do you want to meet up for this project?”
megumi invites you to his house and you’re rather surprised at his willingness you even allow you near his home, but you agree
and you find yourself more nervous than you need to be when you get dressed, ticked off “look good”
when you finally decided on an outfit and make it to his home, you’re a few minutes late
megumi opens the door and, of course, he doesn’t notice the extra effort in your outfit. whatever, as if you cared to begin with.
the two of you work efficiently, but silently, for most of the time until you yawn and decide you need to take a break
and megumi surprises you for the third time: “wanna watch a movie?” he deadpans
you’re too shocked to say yes and he just assumes you’re sputtering is one of agreement as he walks over to his kitchen to get snacks, muttering for you to get comfortable on the couch and maybe pick a movie
you decide on horror, though you do tell megumi that it’s fine if he doesn’t like it, you’re fine with picking something else
he only grunts and presses play
you’re about five minutes in and you can feel him stiffen every time the music score gets faster, higher, or goes quiet
you don’t even notice him grab your hand at some point, squeezing tightly
actually, you definitely noticed but you pretended not to, somehow knowing that if you pointed it out, you’d lose the comfortable warmth of megumi’s hand tightly wound around your own
his thumb brushes against the back of your hand, your palms pressed so close together, and you close your eyes to still your breathing
neither of you finish the movie- you fall asleep, rolling your legs up to your chest and letting your head flop to the left
megumi catches you, allowing you to rest on his shoulder, but he’s too scared to keep watching so he turns off the movie and, inevitably, falls asleep as well
you wake up to find your face pressed into megumi’s chest, his arms around you, pressing you to him
his breathing is too fast for him to be awake, you think, and when you peek up at him, you can see him looking down at you
neither of you speak, until:
“i’m sorry i ignore you, i don’t mean to you just-” he takes a deep breath and you can hear his heart pounding against his chest, “you make me really nervous.” gentle fingers reach up to rest against his cheek, accompanied by your soft smile, “what’s there to be nervous about?” “just you. i don’t want to look stupid in front of you but its hard when i like you so much.” you still, and so does he, but before he can second-guess or take back his words, you rush to fill the silence. “i like you too, fushiguro megumi,” you whisper, draping yourself into his warmth, letting him lean down and kiss your forehead.
gojo satoru
god. where to begin?
you meet gojo when you find yourself volunteering to be a peer tutor
normally, you’d never go for something like this, you’re a diligent student but you want a life outside of school
still, this is what’s gonna get you those sweet, sweet volunteer hours that you need to fill to stay on your school’s national honor’s society
so when you’re math teacher approaches you with the offer to tutor one of the kids in his third period, you agree with a smile
you’re dreading it.
not once have you had to teach a concept to someone else
they say that you only truly know something once you can teach it; apparently, you know nothing.
hesitantly, you enter the library and take a seat at one of the empty tables, waiting on your tutee
“his name’s gojo satoru, he has white hair, you can’t miss him.”
once by one, people come and go from the school library, yet not a single one has white hair or is named gojo satoru
you begin to get irritated at how late he is, checking your phone over and over again for the time and glaring incredulously at nothing in particular as you curse him out in your head
it’s then that you hear the chair across from you scrape across the floor, a tall, lanky guy taking a seat in front of you
he yawns, expressing his boredom with you, and math, already
“you’re thirty minutes late, you know,” you say, looking up at him under furrowed brows he grins, “i liked you better without that frown, but you manage to look cute when you’re angry too.”
you throw your eraser at him, then attempt to teach him something
the key word being: “attempt”
gojo doesn’t want to learn anything, he seems more preoccupied with finding out more about you, specifically if you have a significant other
your head is in your hands, fingers tugging at your hair while you’re on the brink of what you think is insanity, “for the last time, gojo-” “satoru,” he interrupts, as if he doesn’t notice the way you’re at your wits end. “why do you keep calling me gojo?” “who cares?! just stop asking if i have a boyfriend!” you slam your hands down on the surface of the table, the sheer force behind it hurting your palms. “it’s not gonna help you pass.”
the librarian shushes you rudely and gojo bites back a laugh, earning him another eraser to the head
he does start being more serious from then on, however, listening to you, actually trying at solving the problems
he beams like a little kid when you praise him for his work, and eventually, he grows to expect a “good job!” for even the littlest things
“guess what, y/n? i wrote my name and the date on all my worksheets today! bet you’re real proud of me, right?”
“look! i actually tied my shoelaces so i won’t trip on them. i think that deserves a good job, don’t you?”
but now that he’s moved away from asking about your nonexistent boyfriend, he’s now bothering you with dates
gojo seems to be dead set on taking you out, despite you rejecting him.
he leans over, brushes your hair out of your face, pretends to wipe imaginary crumbs off the corner of your mouth
he leans down, breathing flirty comments into your ear, hot breath fanning over the side of your face and making your skin grow warm, uncomfortably so
he uses terrible pick up lines on you.
and even with all the effort gojo puts in, he still doesn’t understand why you haven’t agreed to go out with him yet
honestly, it’s a little offensive that you keep rejecting him
have you seen him? he’s throwing himself at you and you have the gall to say no. rude.
but with the upcoming final, gojo has an idea
you walk into the library, approaching your regular table to find gojo…waiting there?
you almost rub your eyes, wondering if you’re hallucinating him (you had been having tons of dreams featuring him- it was…irritating)
but gojo just grins at you, patting your side of the table excitedly as you cautiously sit down. you don’t like how happy he is to learn.
“i’ve been asking you out for like a month now and you keep saying no, so, i have a proposition,” he says, leaning back with his legs spread and you have to tear your eyes away from the way his pants catch on his thigh “what?” you ask, unimpressed and wanting to get on with the tutoring session so you can disappear from his steady gaze. it made your skin prickle, goosebumps running across your flesh. he hums, “as you know, the final is coming up. basically, if i pass the final, you go out with me. if i fail, you don’t and you can stop tutoring me too. deal?” you scoff, “passing is a c. that’s way too easy, satoru.” he always has to pause when you say his name. it’s not often but he loves the way it sounds paired with your voice. “fine. if i ace it then,” he offers, seemingly nonchalant. “i get 100% and you give me a date.”
you don’t know what you’re thinking, but you agree. there’s no way he’s getting 100%.
you’re bested when, a few days later, gojo shoves the paper in your face, a bright red 100% staring back at you. mocking you.
of course, he’s taunting you, talking about how he knows you never expected him to do so well
you consider asking if he cheated but you find yourself not wanting to overcomplicate things
as much as you want to deny it, you really do want to spend some time with gojo outside of this little library, yelling about math
“you know what?” you say, huffing out a laugh, “good job, satoru. you did…really well..” he stills, dropping his paper. but his terrible grin is back on his face instantly, and he’s taking steps towards you, backing you up against a bookshelf. he traps you there, hands on either side of your head, “now that i think about it…don’t you think i exceeded your expectations? that deserves more than a date.” you open your mouth to protest but he continues, leaning down so close, you can feel his steady breathing against your lips. his nose bumps yours as he speaks, “i think i deserve a kiss.” you don’t even know how to respond, gingerly resting your hands on his chest with the intention to push him off, but not wanting to once you feel his warmth. gojo simply smirks at your wide-eyed gaze. “what happened? you’re normally so quick to chew me off, where’d all your words go?” it pisses you off just enough for you to scoff, wrapping your arms around his neck while leaning up, pressing your lips together in one fluid motion. gojo’s caught off guard for a millisecond before he’s returning the gesture, large hands gripping onto your waist, fingers dipping into your flesh. he burns through your shirt, you’re tugging at his hair, he’s nipping at your bottom lip. he pushes you harder against the bookshelf, and you feel it shake a little, but neither of you seem to mind much, too caught up in each other to notice. too caught up in each other until gojo mutters against your lips, “if it’s not obvious already, i like you.” you gasp as he bites down on your neck, below your jaw. it’s gonna leave a mark, “i like you too, satoru.”
Tumblr media
note: decided to let this one out of the drafts. im in love with gojo satoru <3
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sakusins · a day ago
Tumblr media
nanami has always put love off. he’s always told himself it’s better to wait, to promise himself a home that he can return to with no signs of blood seeping through the cloth of his shirt, to give you a peace of mind when he pecks your lips as he walks through the door. and nanami knows that this is not his plan at all, but he can’t stop himself when his large hand cradles your jaw, and his lips press onto your warm ones, and his nose gently grazes against your skin as he breathes you in and out. he could never sit through this, and promise himself it’s his last time.
there’s a lot nanami has told himself he’ll do right, and this certainly isn’t following through with that, but how can this be wrong when it doesn’t feel that way? on most days, he’s not sure if the breath that tickles his neck as you breathe comforts him, or makes him drown in guilt, but he knows that he’ll keep coming home to you and seeking out the feeling no matter how much he tells himself this isn’t right.
because maybe it’s not, but it makes everything wrong in his life feel small, insignificant, like it doesn’t matter. and for once, perhaps two wrongs make a right after all.
“there,” you say quietly, voice a gentle hum as you wipe the blood off of his chest. the cut is small, it’s not deep, but the twisting feeling of his gut is, and he fights the urge to apologize when you stare at it with a twinge of sadness in your eyes. “that should be clean.”
“i could’ve done it,” he murmurs, eyeing you as you set down the bloody cloth.
you pause your movements, and you sigh deeply. you know this is nanami, that this is how he is. he’s a whisper that brings goosebumps to rise on your skin, and he’s a moment that ends all too quickly and leaves you reminiscing.
you wish he’d let you see more of him. more subtle touches that he leans into when you feel him briefly, more fluttered eyelashes that hit his skin as he closes his eyes and lets you clean his wounds, and more soft exhales of relief as you rub over the tenseness of his shoulders with your thumbs. you wish he’d offer you just a little bit more of himself, but you selfishly latch onto what you can get.
because that’s love—it isn’t always right, but it could never be wrong.
“you should let me take care of you more,” you chide gently, frowning as you run your thumb over his brow. he hums, and his eyes close once more, and your breaths are one as they mirror each other’s patterns. he steps a tad bit closer, body in between your legs as you’re sat on the counter, and your hand grazes over his skin—running over the slopes of his muscles, trying to find more of him in each crevice, trying to search for an opening that’ll let you in a little further than he keeps you.
let me in. let me in, and never shut me out, your touch all but begs, but he takes a sudden sharp breath and grabs your hand, lifting it up and pressing a kiss to the palm before letting it drop to your lap.
“i shouldn’t bring all of this home to you in the first place,” he mutters, “you’ve got enough to worry about.”
“it’s more worrying when you brush off a gash like it’s a paper cut, kento,” you scold lightly, brows furrowing as you wet your lips with your tongue briefly. he almost leans in to press a kiss to them, but he knows now’s not the time.
“i’ve sat through worse,” he argues. this is exactly what nanami tells himself is wrong. why he shouldn’t—and can’t have room for love and this work at the same time. it’s cruel, he thinks, to himself and to you, to sit through and watch the pain the blossoms in your eyes, and lingers in your touch as you trace over each new scar that mars his body when he comes home to you every day.
a quiet, bitter scoff ripples through the air as you roll your eyes at his words.
“i’m not weak, kento,” you scowl. and he wants to cup your cheeks and breathe out that he knows, he knows you’re not. you’re not weak, not when you sit through him and the burdens he brings home to you, not when you sit through it with a smile and a gentleness in your touch, not when you fight off the urge to selfishly keep him with you each morning, and selflessly let him out the door.
you’re not weak, but nanami is. he’s weak to you, and it’s wrong to keep you here when his life and its hurdles throw all this at you, but he still can’t find it in him to let you go—to leave you behind.
“i never said you were,” he frowns.
“you’re implying it.”
“of course i’m not,” he says instantly, “you just shouldn’t have to deal with this.”
“i don’t deal with it,” you whisper, but it sounds more like a beg. like you’re pleading him to listen. you sigh, cradling his cheeks and pulling him to press his forehead to yours. he finds solace in the warmth of your touch, and you find peace in the kiss he places on your palm. “i don’t deal with you. you don’t deal with someone you love,” you remind him.
and there it is again, the blistering pain in his chest that here is love, and here is you, and outside of this apartment he comes home to, there is a whole other world that could easily sink its claws into what you’ve built together. nanami comes home to you today, but he might not tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. it’s wrong to keep you waiting here. but you love him, and he loves you.
and that’s love—it isn’t always right, but it could never be wrong.
he lets out a shaky sigh before closing his eyes, breathing you in and out for just a little bit longer. and you’re right. he knows you’re right. you’re well aware of it too, of all that could go wrong loving someone like him, but someone who lets the thoughts of tomorrow taint the possibilities of today is nothing if not a fool. you run your thumb over the warm skin of his cheek, each back and forth motion a reminder that you’re here, and he is too, and it’s okay. for now, it’s all okay.
“there’s a bruise on my arm,” he mumbles, peeking an eye open to take in your face. he watches the light break over it as you give him a soft smile.
“need me to ice it?” you ask, and he chuckles lowly.
he pulls you a bit closer, almost as if he’s letting you in further than he has before as he whispers, “that would be nice.”
Tumblr media
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saturnsepiphany · 20 hours ago
Vocal In Bed w/ the JJK Men
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNING: this is technically smut, so minors and ageless blogs will be blocked if you interact.
Tumblr media
The loudest bitch in town, like I wouldn't be surprised if all of Tokyo could hear him.
Will not shut the fuck up to save his life, and it will leave you in a state between "will this man ever shut up" and "I am laughing and I hate it here."
Moans are so breathy and echo throughout the entire house.
Probably uses degrading nicknames, but uses them as he praises you.
He would probably try to have an actual conversation with you at some point and it's up to you if you would be over it or not. I know I would be.
He is a pretty good balance between moaning and grunting. Isn't too loud but isn't too quiet.
He talks during sex, but it fits the mood and oh lord does it make the entire thing better. Seriously would be one of the best at dirty talk.
He praises you a lot and is really gentle when it comes to talking to you. Not so much in the act of actually fucking you.
Don't worry, he does degrade you as well but he seems like a big praise guy.
Will randomly let out a low chuckle and honest to god, that alone could make you cum immediately.
Rarely ever moans and mostly grunts with a lot of heavy breathing.
Degrades you and will very rarely praise you. Sorry but it's true.
Dirty talk game is really fucking good.
He won't be the most vocal guy, but you will be screaming and crying and maybe even throwing up. And he absolutely loves it.
Like Suguru, has a tendency to laugh sometimes during sex, but don't worry it's weirdly really hot.
Nanami the love of my life
Is probably the quietest of the bunch who mostly just breathes heavy and every once and a while with grunt.
BUT he is constantly praising you throughout the entire thing and is really gently and loving.
Although he switches up when you ask and he will degrade you like there is no tomorrow.
Every once and a while after he gets back from a long work trip and decides he needs you, there is a very small chance he will let out a loud moan as he cums. and it is truly the hotest thing to ever happen in all of existence. or maybe im just a simp.
Like Toji, he may be quiet but he absolutely loVES to hear you get vocal. It makes him want to stay entangled with you forever.
Tumblr media
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angeldlust · 15 hours ago
Boyfriend Material saves your contact with their last name and get all cocky and smirky when you find out about it, cuz your flustered face is priceless "What's wrong Angel ?" " You saved my contact with your last name" " Do you have problems with that ?... Huh ? i thought so"
Tumblr media
More in Cut Scenes
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ghostbeam · a day ago
must be like the genesis of rhythm
Tumblr media
That’s when he sees it, the crack in your resolve, the flicker of truth in your eyes. That’s what you thought? That he liked you because you didn’t like him back? No, you liked him back. He knew you liked him back.
Gojo liked you because you were powerful, one of the most powerful sorcerers he’d ever met. He liked you because you didn’t take his shit, because you always had a comeback. You kept him on his toes when no one but Suguru was able to. You’re gorgeous, and you're funny, and–does he more than like you?
Notes: the Gojo brainrot is SO real rn. Cant stop thinking about this bastard of a man. I wrote this pretty quickly, but I hope it’s still good!! Thanks for reading!! Hope u enjoy<3 (title from hot knife by Fiona apple)
Warning: 18+, minors dni, degradation, dacryphilia, gojo is pretty rough with u, he spanks you once
Words: 3.9k
Tumblr media
He calls you princess as a joke because you’re anything but. You’re all hard edges and loud words. You’ve never been the kind of girl that’s rewarded with such a sickeningly sweet pet name like princess. He likes to use others too, sweetheart, honey, angel, baby. These are your favorite, but you would sooner fall off the face of the earth than admit it to anyone. 
You don't have to say that you like them, anyways. Satoru knows you like them by the way you spin the ring around your finger and avoid his gaze as you try to hide the unconscious smile that wants to spread across your face.  
You were never supposed to mean anything to him. You were so cute when he first met you, sitting next to Shoko on the first day of his second year. You were timid when he first met you, even though you tried to hide it. You’d be a good pet, that’s all. He thinks about you a lot, how shy you were all those years ago, and wonders what changed. 
You roll your eyes when you see him, walking up behind Shoko as she entered the cafe you two were meant to be meeting at, a cafe that Satoru was not invited to. You try not to seem startled by his arrival, playing like it didn’t affect you whether he was here or not. You stood up to hug Shoko, the woman being one of your closest friends since high school. You asked her how she was and exchanged quick niceties before Satoru was pulling you away and wrapping you in an unwanted hug. 
“Been a while, princess.” He says, his cheek pressed against the top of your head. Princess. Fucking princess. It’s enough to make your blood boil and your heart flip out of your chest. You wrench yourself out of the large man’s arms, sending Shoko a look and adjusting your skirt after being manhandled by him. 
“Satoru.” You nod, clearing your throat and sitting down in the chair next to your friend.
Satoru. You act so bothered by him, but you still call him by his first name. Satoru. It sounds fucking perfect coming from your pretty little mouth. If he had any say in the matter, if he had any control over who could and couldn’t say his name, you would be the only person on the planet allowed to use it. You’ve spoiled the sound from anyone else’s lips. 
“You’re always so cold, sweetheart.” He sighs, sitting down in the chair across from you and spreading his way too long legs across his seat. He’s wearing those stupid vintage sunglasses that always made you weak, and he’s got them pushed far enough down on his nose to allow you to see the smallest hint of ivory lashes and sky blue eyes. 
“That’s how people normally tend to act towards people who weren’t invited.” You shrug, before turning your attention to Shoko. She tells you about the high school, about her work, things she’s researching. Satoru tells you about his students, about Yuuji Itadori, who you’ve been kept updated on since you were told he was Sukuna’s vessel. He orders pastries for the three of you, most of which he eats himself. Shoko asks you about what you’re up to, about your missions, your life, the things you get up to when you’re not meeting her for lunch (it’s not much, honestly). It’s small talk. It’s polite. It’s exactly what you need when you live in a cursed world, one you're tasked with protecting. 
Things are good, easy. Shoko is a good buffer between you and Satoru. He won't go any farther than your stupid little pet names in front of her. He doesn't even touch you, not once (even though you find yourself wishing he would). Things are good until Shoko is called back into work for an emergency.
Leaving the two of you alone in an almost empty cafe. 
He’s so smug about it, looking at you over his stupid shades, pretty lips curls into a smirk. He lets his eyes wander the length of your body, how your legs look in that skirt, plush thighs pressed against your chair. When his eyes leave your body and find your own, he speaks. 
“C’mon. I’ll walk you to the train station.” He tells you. You nod and let him guide you out the door, one large hand on the small of your back. You pretend it’s innocent. You’ve always tried to pretend that Satoru’s touches are innocent. A hand on your thigh, an arm over your shoulder, his knuckles on your cheek. It’s never meant anything to him, you know that. So why should it mean anything to you?
You’re halfway to the station when he speaks.
“Princess.” His voice is teasing, playful. He just wants a reaction.
“Don’t call me that.” You tell him, but there’s no real bite behind it. You’ve learned, after years of dealing with his teasing, that it’s better to act indifferent. You’re learning to beat him at his own game.
“Angel?” He tries. You shake your head, still walking towards the station. 
“That either.” 
“Sweetheart?” You like this one. You don’t tell him that, though. 
“Nope.” You cross your arms in front of you.
“Baby.” His voice is low in your ear. You don’t know when he got so close, or when his hands found your hips, but you know you don’t want him to let go. You freeze, a shiver running down your back at the pet name, and you pray that he doesn’t notice. 
“I fucking hate you.” You spit, still not pulling away from him. He chuckles behind you. 
“No, you don’t.” You sigh, shoulders slumping forward. You think it over for a moment. What was the worst that could happen? He’d laugh in your face? Tell you that he was never serious, that it was all a joke? That you were just a game to him? At least he’d leave you alone then. 
“No,” You turn around, pushing his hands off of you and looking at him. Your hands come up to pull his sunglasses from his face, and you sigh once more, “I don’t. Is that what you want to hear?”
“Well, yes.” He’s surprised. In all the years that he’s known you, you have never once told him to his face that you were interested. Sure he watched you smile and wring your hands when he came onto you, watched the way he gave you chills if he got too close, but you had never once admitted that you wanted him back. 
“Is that how I’m gonna get you off my back, ‘Toru?” You question, “Tell you I’ve wanted you since the day you walked into class with those stupid bandages around your eyes? Tell you that I like it when you call me princess? That I think you're so pretty that it hurts my eyes?”
“You–” He tries to speak, but his mouth has gone dry from your confession. You slide your hands up his chest. When did you get so close?
“That’s what everyone else thinks, right? Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer, the most wanted man in the world.” He’s speechless. He’s never seen you so confident or sure of yourself, not while you weren’t exercising a curse, “But isn’t that why you like me? Cause I’m not like everyone else?”
That’s when he sees it, the crack in your resolve, the flicker of truth in your eyes. That’s what you thought? That he liked you because you didn’t like him back? No, you liked him back. He knew you liked him back.
Gojo liked you because you were powerful, one of the most powerful sorcerers he’d ever met. He liked you because you didn’t take his shit, because you always had a comeback. You kept him on his toes when no one but Suguru was able to. You’re gorgeous, and you're funny, and–does he more than like you?
“You gonna answer me, handsome?” You ask him after you watched him get lost in his head. 
“I fucking knew you wanted me.” He mutters. He’s on you in an instant, even closer than before, if that was even possible. You’ve been pulled into an alley and pushed against a brick wall, while Satoru invades your mouth with his tongue. His hips grind into yours as he places bruising kisses down your neck.
“Wait,” You breathe between moans. You want to speak. You want to tell him to stop, to talk to you, but he feels so good, “W-wait!”
“No,” He growls into your mouth, “No more waiting.”
For a brief moment, your vision turns white, and you can’t feel Satoru against you anymore. In a blink, you’re no longer outside against a wall. Your eyes adjust from the brightness, and you see the ivory-haired man in front of you, giant open windows with a view from above behind him. 
“I hate when you do that.” You tell him. He chuckles, shaking his head, before your back in his arms. You’re in his bedroom, you notice. You don’t think you’ve ever been in here before. You can’t remember if you’ve ever been to his place before.
His hands find your waist again, sneaking their way underneath your sweater as he kisses you. He backs you up until the back of your knees hit his bed. You let out a loud squeak as you fall onto the bed, Leaning back onto the bed, you watch Satoru pull his shirt over his head. It’s not fair that he’s allowed to look like that and make your otherwise logical brain shut off at the sight of his v-line. 
“Satoru.” You speak as he tugs on your sweater. You let him pull it over your head, tossing it on the floor and hovering over you, “Shouldn’t we talk? I don’t think–”
“No.” He shakes his head, wrapping your legs around him, and flipping the two of you so that you’re sitting on his lap, “No talking. I don’t want to hear your voice unless it’s to scream my name.”
Fuck it. You didn’t care anymore. You didn’t care if he kicked you out and never talked to you anymore after all this was over, you just wanted him to make you feel good. 
“Do you understand?” He asks, holding your chin to get you to focus on him. You nodded. “Use your words, baby.”
“Thought you said no talking.” He chuckles darkly, a predatory grin falling over his face.
“Aw, you wanna be a brat?” He coos, “I don’t think you have it in you. You couldn’t handle it.”
“No?” You want to challenge him, but you wonder if he’s right. 
“No. You’re a good girl. You’re my good girl.” He tells you, hands running up your sides, and you whimper at his words, “See? You can’t even handle a bit of praise. Not an ounce of brat in you. You’d do anything if you knew I’d make you cum afterward.”
And he was right. God, he was right. You wanted to resist. You wanted to prove him wrong, to slap him, bite him, anything to show him that you wouldn’t sit there and take what he gave you. And maybe you would, one day. One day when your slick wasn’t slipping down your thighs and staining Satoru’s pants over a couple of kisses and pretty words. 
“Tell me.” He whispers against your ear. 
“Tell you what?”
“That you’re sorry.” He cups your cheek in one hand, looking into your eyes, a teasing pout on his lips.
“I’m sorry.” You push away your pride and let the words fall from your lips. He lifts one eyebrow. 
“I’m sorry,” You take a breath, “For being a brat.”
“Because?” You furrow your eyebrows, unsure of what he wants you to say.
“Because I–” You stop short, still not following. He chuckles, placing a soft kiss against your jaw. 
“Because you’re a…” He trails off. You feel so stupid, letting him guide you like this, letting him put words in your mouth.
“Because I’m a good girl.” You whimper. He smiles approvingly, and you feel one of his arms reach behind you to undo your bra. It falls to the floor, your nipples pebbling from the cool air. He wraps his lips around one of them and slips his hand underneath your skirt, pressing his fingers to your cunt through your panties. You let out a loud moan, the sound echoing against the walls. 
“Whose good girl?” He asks, his hand slipping into your underwear, running his fingers through your folds and gathering your slick. Your head falls forward as his fingers circle your clit, and you whimper into his shoulder.
“Y-your good girl! Sato–nhh–Satoru’s good girl!” You cry as he slips two fingers into your dripping heat. You throw your head back, grinding against his fingers on his lap. Letting out another whine, you lean down to kiss him, slipping your tongue into his mouth as you bounce on his fingers. 
“Fuck yes, baby.” He murmurs against your lips, “Use me. Use my fingers to get off.”
“‘Toru!” You cry. He’s moving his fingers in and out of you as you push your hips against them, his fingers reaching places you’ve never been able to with your own hands. “Wanna cum! Wanna–can I cum, ‘Toru?”
You’re even better than he thought you would be, clenching around his fingers and asking to come. He didn’t even have to tell you. You knew your place. You belonged to him completely. 
“Yeah,” He breathes, kissing you passionately again, “You can cum angel. Cum for me.”
You grind your hips against his fingers a few more times before pleasure wracks your body and you cry out the name of that man who’s making you feel so good. You had never come that hard from just being fingered. When you come down from your high, your body goes limp against him, your head falling onto his shoulder. When he pulls his fingers out of you, your head rises to look at him. You watch him lick the arousal from his fingers, moaning around them as he stares right into your eyes. It’s completely obscene in a way that makes you wanna avert your eyes out of embarrassment, but you don't. Instead, you feel yourself growing wetter at the sight. 
“You taste amazing, princess. So sweet for me.” He tells you, placing kisses down your neck, “Wanna make you cry from my tongue, but not tonight. ‘M gonna die if I’m not inside you soon. You want it, baby?”
“Yes!” You cry, one harsh thrust of his hips underneath you lets you feel how hard he’s become.
“What do you want, princess?” He asks, moving his hips so that you’re grinding over his hardness.
“You know, Satoru, please!”
“How can I know if you won't tell me?” He’s starting to feel a little impatient now from how good you feel rubbing against him. If you feel this way through a couple of layers of clothes, then he can’t wait to be buried inside of you. 
“Fuck you.” You breathe, moving your hips with his. You can tell that he won't last long, that he won't make you wait much longer. If you stall enough, you won't have to say it, and you’ll have some control over this, “You know–”
A harsh smack interrupts you, pain ripples against your backside, tingling from the feeling of how Satoru spanked you. You gasp, surprised at the action, and his hand comes to rest around your neck. It’s less to cut your breathing off, and more to hold you in place. There’s no pressure, but it’s a warning. 
“I told you you’re no good at being a brat.” He growls, thrusting up once more, “Tell me what you need. Be good for me or I won’t let you cum. I’ll tie you up and make you watch me get myself off, and I won’t do anything to relieve the ache between your thighs. I’ll leave you here and go bury my cock in some other whore.”
You don’t want to cry, but you can't help the tears that fall down your face. You didn’t know if he was bluffing, but you didn’t want to find out. The possibility that he would go fuck some other girl because you wouldn’t behave hurt. 
“Aw, you don’t have to cry, angel.” He coos, squishing your cheeks between one hand, “You’ll only turn me on more.”
“Satoru!” You whine, pulling him even closer to you, “You can’t! You can’t leave me!”
“No?” He teases, his thumb tracing your lips, “Then tell me what you need.”
“Your cock! Need your cock! Need you to fuck me!” You cry, desperately moving your hips against his, “I’ll be good! I’ll be so good for you! ‘Toru’s good girl!”
He wants to tease you, tell you that it wasn't so hard to say it. He wants to make you wait for it a little longer, wants to swirl his tongue around yours, move your hips and get you real close to the edge, and maybe someday he will. But for now, Satoru flips you over, hikes your skirt up to your waist, rips your flimsy panties from your hips, and releases his cock from the prison of his jeans. 
He’s huge, so huge that you’re afraid he might not even fit. Had you ever thought that about someone you’d slept with before? No, of course, you haven’t, because Satoru wasn’t like anyone you’d ever met. You were sure that his being human was a mistake, because the more he made you feel good, the more your brain kept screaming at you that this was a god. 
He hovers over you, running the head of his cock through your folds, gathering your slick and his precum and coating himself in the mixture. You’re so sensitive from his teasing earlier that you’re afraid you might cum just from this. You don’t get a chance to find out, because Satoru starts bullying his way through your entrance. You were right. He barely fits. 
“Relax, princess.” He tells you, caressing one of the thighs you have wrapped around him, “You can take it. You want to be a good girl, right.”
“Yes!” You whine, trying to relax as he slowly pushes his way inside of you. You want to be good. You are good. You are.
You’re clamping down so hard around him. Satoru knows that it’s just to adjust to his size, but it’s driving him crazy. He tried to be nice, tried to go slow, but you’re not making it easy on him. 
“Breathe for me, baby.” He commands, and when you take a deep breath in, Satoru pushes forward completely and bottoms out. You cry out his name at the mixture of pleasure and pain from his harsh thrust. 
“Fuck!” Your fingers grip the sheets underneath him as you try to adjust to the intrusion, “You’re mean.”
“You love it.” He taunts, placing a kiss on your cheek.
Catching your breath, you feel his hand wipe away the tears that you didn’t know had been running down your face. That’s when he finally begins to move. His hand still cups your face as he moves his hips in and out of you slowly. It’s different from the way he had been treating you before, more tender, sweet, as if he hadn’t just threatened to fuck somebody else.
“You’re so–ah–big!” You whimper, moving your hips with his. He grins, baby blues meeting your eyes as he speeds his thrusts up.
“I know, baby. I know. You like how I stretch you out?” He moves his hand from his face down to one of your breasts, squeezing as he pumps in and out of you, “You ever been this full before?”
“Never!” You cry as he hits a spot inside you that has you arching your back.
“No, ‘course not.” He says, slowing his hips down to tease you, “Gonna ruin you. Gonna–ngh–ruin you for everyone else. You’ll never want anything else but my cock.”
“Satoru!” You cry his name out as his hips speed up again, his hands digging into your side, no doubt leaving bruises from his grip. 
“Gonna keep you. Gonna make you my good little cockslut.” He pants, bringing a hand down to press two fingers to your clit, “You won’t have to be anything but–fuck–but mine.”
“Yours!” You scream, your head hitting the bed as he draws tight circles around your clit. “‘M all yours! Satoru’s girl!”
“Fuck! Yes! My girl!” He grunts, his hips moving haphazardly as you feel him getting closer and closer to his release, “Fuck, you’re so tight. You’re clamping around me so well. You gonna cum, princess?”
“Yes! ‘Toru, I wanna cum. Please make me cum!” You plead, grinding your hips against his. He speeds his fingers up, swiping over your clit back and forth as he pistons his hips into you. Please, please, please, please, he hears you chant in his ear, your fingernails leaving scratches down his back. 
“Cum with me, angel. Cum on my cock.” He commands, feeling you tighten around him. You arch your back as you move your hips with his, feeling waves of pleasure rush over you from your orgasm. You don’t get any time to rest before Satoru is flipping you over on your stomach and forcing your head down into the mattress. He pushes back into you, pumping in and out of you quickly, chasing his own release. 
“Are you–ahh–are you gonna cum in me, ‘Toru?” You ask, your cheek pressed against the mattress with one hand holding you down in the middle of your back.
“Fuck, yes! Gonna cum inside!” He groans, his hips abusing your own, “Gonna breed this perfect little cunt.”
The movement of his hips brings you closer and closer to the edge, spurring on your second orgasm. You feel his thrusts get sloppier, and you bring your own hand down to play with your swollen clit. His hands grip your hips, and you crane your neck to watch him as his own orgasm hits him. Warmth fills your belly and you follow soon after from his thrusts and your fingers. He cries out your name as he cums, keeping your ass flush against his front, stilling inside of you. He leans forward, peppering kisses up the back of your neck, before pulling out of you completely. Before you can turn to lay down, his hands keep you in place, spreading your cheeks and watching his release drip from your abused pussy. It’s so dirty, the way he eyes it, the way his hands dig into your cheeks, mesmerized by the sight.
When he finally releases you, you flip on your back and watch as he walks to the restroom. You hear the water run for a moment, and he returns, gray sweats hanging loose on his hips and a damp towel in one hand. He cleans up your mess, discarding the towel in the bathroom, before coming back to lie with you. He gathers you up in his arms and holds you against his chest. You can hear his heartbeat and feel the way his chest rumbles as he speaks.
“Are you okay?” He questions, running a hand up your back. You nod into his chest. 
“Never fucking better, Satoru.” You answer him. He chuckles into the top of your head, placing a kiss to your forehead, “we’ll talk about it in the morning?” 
“Yeah.” He nods, “In the morning.” 
Tumblr media
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pluviophile-imagines · 2 days ago
sob cry i said i was done but this idea grabbed me by the throat last night and now ive written the longest installment of this little au bc they’re only getting longer n longer 🤡 special shoutout to @saintdabi @reddriot and @venexus for encouraging this bullshit, i should be working on wips yet here i am churning out 3k words for usurper!gojo which is fully long enough to classify as a real fic but im in too deep to pretend it’s not just another drabble 😩 enjoy, as always i lost my mind while writing this he makes me Insane <333
warnings: the end is a little bit intense emotionally but not super bad the reader just has intimacy issues and gojo confronts her abt it, this one uses pronouns for the reader (she/her) in addition to the feminine terms
someone has slipped into your room.
you’re asleep. you have been for hours, yet satoru’s borderline paranoid insistence on you learning to defend yourself even while resting have led to a far less deep manner of slumber, and so you’re roused by the simple sound of the door opening and are made aware of this unwelcome visitor the moment they enter.
it’s all you can do to keep still, even out your breath. your mind conjures thoughts of your guards slaughtered just beyond your door, your maids and your ladies-in-waiting massacred in your vast array of rooms meant to be a sanctuary, your king returning home from his diplomatic trip east to find your own body not even in your shared bed but in the lonely one occupying the queen’s bedchamber, yours in name but so rarely used.
you hear the figure’s footsteps approach you; they sound large, imposing, though you dare not open your eyes until the ornate dagger beneath your pillow is in hand and the possible assassin close enough that it can do you any good.
your fingers find the heavy hilt, wrap around it securely just as the mattress beneath you dips with the weight of the trespasser. the motions are ingrained in your body from weeks of practice with your husband; you lash out, knife against the intruder’s throat before they can realize you’re not asleep, aiming to slash at the throat—but then you pause, thankful that you’d opened your eyes to see the face of your attacker before you spilled their blood.
hardly an assassin at all, your visitor is your husband, back far earlier than anticipated. he looms over you in silence, one knee braced on your bed against your side, arms hovering where they’d been prepared to embrace you but frozen by the blade you hold against his neck. his damned blindfold remains tied over his eyes preventing you from knowing where they might be focused or what they might reveal of his thoughts.
“wh—you’re not expected to return until tomorrow evening.” you remove the knife from his neck. immediately, those hands are on you, tugging your covers away to pull you to him. “you frightened me, i believed you to be an intruder.”
still no answer. for a moment, you feel him breathe you in, certainly allowing himself to bask in your presence after weeks without. but then, in one swift motion, wielding that stunning strength which has left armies in ruin, he slings you over his shoulder and starts for the door.
“what are you doing?” you shriek, squirming in his grasp. “put me down!”
it wasn’t as if you thought he’d do it. but you at least expected a response; your king is nothing if not loquacious (and you hardly say so praisingly) yet he remains stubbornly silent even with your struggling form in hand as he passes through your doorway. your guards stand alert just beyond your door, averting their gaze regretfully as if unwilling to meet your eye. you don’t blame them, for it isn’t as if one can refuse a king—in fact, considering moments before you’d thought them dead by your assassin, you’re a little relieved to see them alive and well—yet the gesture feels too little too late.
“my king—husband,” you try, breathless, because reminding satoru that you are bound to him for the rest of your lives never fails to make him preen, “what on earth has gotten into you?”
no avail. not even so much as an arrogant laugh at stealing his own queen from her bed. you’re insulted at first; even your desperate attempts to free yourself don’t spark any form of response beyond a tightening of his arm around your waist. insult gives way to concern the longer it goes, as he leaves your bedchamber and all but sprints through the intricate series of rooms which make up the queen’s chambers. the first time he passes by a room you know to be occupied by one of your ladies-in-waiting you decide that your valiant struggles aren’t worth rousing every maid and courtier you’ve allowed to take up residence with you. you’d rather they not see your husband’s indecent displays. this, at least, has occurred so late in the night that even if one were to open their door they’d likely be too groggy to understand what they might witness, and there is so little in the way of light that they might not even be able to see a thing.
at least your newfound resignation allows you to appreciate certain things your previous efforts had made you miss—you’re so enamored by his strength, his agility, and it’s admittedly thrilling that he’s so capable of manipulating your form with such ease. an inappropriate appreciation, certainly, but you’re coming to terms with how inappropriate everything about him is. and if you cannot allow yourself to enjoy how your usurper husband can steal you from your bed then you’re not altogether certain what the point of marrying him would have been.
he turns down the corridor leading to the door that connects to the king’s chambers and it suddenly seems to make sense: he’s bringing you back to his room, to his bed, where he’s insisted upon you spending your nights despite the absurdity of such a thing (not that you mind entirely, not that you aren’t flattered by his unabashed infatuation with you even all these months after you’ve wed). the room in which you’d slept during his absence had been used as more of a dressing room than one for rest, yet it had felt too odd to be sleeping in your king’s room without him present and had moved there after the first night. and you’d expected to be awake for his return, not for him to show up nearly a day early long before sunrise.
the mirrored halls, labyrinthine as your own, are empty; he hasn’t filled them as you have, not yet, though at times he receives visitors you recognize as his fellow conspirators from his coup. to an extent you appreciate the privacy it allows, and he remains so confident in his own abilities that he doesn’t bother excessively with guards. it’s hardly an undeserved confidence, either. his height is so towering that he’s forced to duck beneath the doorframe to his bedroom in order to ensure you don’t hit your head on the top. once the threshold is crossed it’s as if his whole body breathes a sigh of relief; tense muscles relaxing, grip on you becoming less fervent and more adoring.
satoru throws you to the bed with little ceremony. he spares a single moment to rip the blindfold from his face and toss it into some unknown corner of the room and then joins you hastily, hands upon you again in an instant, throwing the covers over the pair of you as he tangles his legs with yours, buries his face into your shoulder, and lets out the first noise you’ve heard from him in weeks—a sigh, sweet and self-satisfied, which rumbles in his chest and somehow reassures you.
the way he cradles you is halfway to suffocating, as if he were attempting to burrow into you simply to be closer, and between the silence and the manhandling you think you might have been terrified if not for how gently he carried you. it’s contradictory, certainly, yet despite snatching you from your bed with little regard for your wishes his hands had been so tender with you, as if you were some delicate thing to be handled with care. even now you can feel he’s being cautious, deliberate with how much of his weight he puts on you and careful not to give you too much. you find yourself endeared by that, almost compelled to melt into him with the upwell of fondness that rushes through you and dizzies your mind.
except that you’re still not willing to give him what he wants, not if he’s continuing to be so obstinate. you can’t find a reason for his stalwart lack of speech other than pettiness; it’s normally a trial of perseverance to get the man to silence himself. so you remain still beneath him, denying him his desires and refusing to return the embrace, rather choosing to lie limp as he holds you.
he groans in annoyance, lifting himself up to stare down at you yet still not verbalizing anything. his hair is long enough that it brushes against your face like this, mere inches away, and even in the imposing inky black of the enormous bedchamber beyond his eyes seem to catch on the most fleeting light and almost gleam from within.
one of his hands removes itself from where it was shoved beneath your back to find your wrist and drop your own on the back of his head. you let it fall, raising one eyebrow in simultaneous question and challenge that you can only hope he can see as clearly as you can see the exasperation in his eye—along with something else, something notably more desperate. feral.
you don’t censor yourself despite that, pushing forward to explain yourself. “you’re grown, my king. you can speak rather than silently demanding things of me.”
satoru’s eyes are drawn to your moving lips, the ice within them thawing and giving way to easy veneration. his lower lip pouts. his head falls back down and he nuzzles into you as his hold on you tightens.
“embrace me,” he orders, muffled against your throat. it’s sullen, demanding, and you make no move to comply.
your husband whines wordlessly at you—it’s that noise which calms the tumultuous unease within you, an assurance that whatever mood he’d been in is quickly passing (or that your touch is so important he’ll cast aside any other thoughts in favor of pleading with you). he kisses up your throat, along your jaw, only to nose against your cheek like some affectionate cat. when he speaks it’s a beg; beseeching. “embrace me, wife.”
“talk to me, husband,” you retort. “your sulking is bad for my health. i was terrified.”
against your skin, his lips quirk into a teasing smile. “you’re adorable when you’re terrified.”
“i nearly slit your throat.”
“with the knife i gifted you.” the words are crooned, a bit covetous; you wonder sometimes, when he says such things in such ways, about his sanity. you don’t think the phrase madly in love has applied to anyone more than him, though you might be just as deranged as he for how you adore it. “i wouldn’t have let you, though. it’s sweet of you to worry,” his hands tighten swiftly where they rest against your skin, pinching hard enough to make you jump before releasing, “but you’re still no match for me.”
“no.” he kisses you without pulling away, lips brushing past your cheek to press passionately against yours. “though i’d very much like to see you try.”
you speak your response into his mouth, refusing his silent attempts to deepen the kiss. “you haven’t yet apologized for frightening me.”
huffing at you, he removes his arms from your body and pushes himself up to hover over you again. he stays like that, staring intently as if simply watching you will suffice for what you’re demanding. you let him at first—then as the seconds pass grow tired of waiting, and open your mouth to pester him again only to be silenced by his mouth.
it’s fast, there and then gone, too quick for you to respond. he so likes those kisses, a perfect way to keep you quiet, but tonight he isn’t satisfied with it; he does it again when you inhale, then once more afterwards though you haven’t even indicated any further intent to speak. and then he moves on, pressing lips to your nose and your cheekbones and your forehead, dotting them across the bridge of your nose and along your jaw, featherlight and relentless.
he refuses to let up, covering your face with kisses as if to make up for each one he’d have given you if he’d been here. you attempt to dodge, out of sheer obstinacy, but he doesn’t allow you to. so you change course, lift your hands to embrace him as he’d begged you before—yet he catches you, using a single grip to pin both above you as his ministrations expand and he presses kisses to your neck, down your throat, along your collarbone.
“imagine you’re me, hmm?” he murmurs, words barely comprehensible through his affections. “lamenting after weeks without your company, rushing home faster than my party simply to see you sooner, arriving to my chambers expecting to find my darling wife awaiting my return”—he pulls up suddenly, heedless to your discontented whimper at the loss of his touch which peeters off the moment you see the way he’s looking at you; that feral tinge has returned to his eye, infused into the soft devotion he always regards you with—”only to find my bed empty, my exquisite queen missing. how might you feel, do you suppose?”
he’s always been loose with his compliments but something about the way he says them now, so matter-of-factly and laced with a seriousness so uncharacteristic of him rather than a teasing tone, makes your face burn. still you respond, unwilling to let the question stand unanswered. “ah… concerned, i’d imagine.”
“distressed. fearful of misdeed.”
“you frightened me, too, then, did you not?”
“i apologize. you weren’t supposed to be back tonight, i hadn’t thought there was any harm in it. but i’m safe, and i’m here with you now.”
he blinks. for a moment you wonder if he’ll really apologize now—a foolish thought, you know your king better than that. instead he pushes on. “now consider that you leave your chambers, and you demand to know where she is, only to be told that she has refused to sleep in your bed and has instead insisted upon taking residence in an entirely different room. what then? tell me, my love, what is so wrong with this bed?”
you swallow thickly, watch his eyes dart down to the bob of your throat before returning. he lifts an eyebrow in expectation, but your mouth is so dry you can’t find it within you to say what he wants to hear. both wrists still held in his grip, he rubs his thumb against one, quietly contemplative as he scans your face—and this, you decide, is too much. you turn away, hiding your face, unable to take the way he peers at you.
“why do you still pull away?” it’s barely audible. in fact you wonder if the question is meant for you at all, or if it had been entirely for him. his free hand comes to your face, gentle as it cradles your cheek and turns you towards him, forcing you to meet his stare. this time his words are undoubtedly for you. “have i… misinterpreted? is this truly too much? you say it is, call me too bold, but you never insist upon it. you seem happy and yet the moment you have time away from me you run, behind my back. you know i would do anything for you, yes? even… let you go? if that is what you want.”
you can’t find the words to reply right away, can’t parse it all out within you fast enough. you realize quite suddenly that you’ve been unfair—selfish, even—in your passing acceptance of his pursuits. simply because that has been easy, simply because it would be difficult to be even a fraction as bold as he. simply because you do like his boldness, and you do like the way he chases you, and he does it so relentlessly that you’ve never found it necessary for you to return it. you’d have to retrain yourself to speak candidly, to reach out for his touch, and even behind closed doors such things are arduous. yet now you see it—now he lets you see it, the chip in his armor, the one you’ve caused with your avoidance, the one you have the ability to mend. and you decide that you will.
the time that it takes to think all of that through, however, is too much. satoru pulls back; his hand releases yours, his head turns away, his eyes no longer visible. it’s panic that makes you move, panic caused by the way his body turns to remove itself from you. in all the time you’ve spent with him since the coup he’s never pulled away like this.
you hook your leg over him, yanking him back down and clumsily swapping your positions. he lays in bed now, eyes wide with surprise as he stares up at you, and you straddle him with hands bracing yourself on his chest. the kiss you give him is an attempt to find peace of mind but it hardly works—too desperate to prove him wrong with your actions, too caught up in the sensations, your mind fogs. at least he kisses back, hands finding home on your thighs and pulling you close as he melts, though that’s perhaps part of the problem.
the words still don’t come when you pull away, and the way he regards you now is even worse than before, pure exaltation in his eyes as he looks up at you. on impulse you lean in again, brushing lips to that white scar bisecting his brow, and though his eyes flutter closed with the motion it doesn’t help the way you’re feeling in the slightest—a little restless, a little undone, far too seen for comfort. you bury your head into his shoulder in an attempt to quell it, feel the rise and fall of his chest beneath yours as he turns his face into you and breathes you in.
“it was too large,” you manage to say, small and quiet.
“the bed. it’s too large when you’re not here. cold. empty.” you squeeze your eyes shut tight. his hand comes up to your head, stroking softly there, and of everything that seems to finally help. shoving your head even further into his neck, you say even quieter, “i miss you, husband.”
his laugh rumbles through you. it’s assured, arrogant, just like always—it melts away the lingering remains of that unease you’re still sifting through and allows you to finally relax on top of him, easing your legs down to lay tucked into the crook of his arm while he presses a kiss to the crown of your head.
“then i’ll just have to remain here for your sake, wife.”
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beandaifuku · 2 days ago
Redamancy - Devotion
Gojo Satoru x Fem!Reader
TW/content : very suggestive, half-nsfw at the end (minors dni), dark themes, mean!gojo, a lot of teasing, manipulation, age gap, master-servant relationship, very possessive gojo, yandere themes, mutual obsession, petnames, names calling, praises, mild food play, reader might have been brainwashed here lol
Description : You brought his dessert to his room — just like good old days when you patiently waiting for him to finish it while telling stories about your day to him. For all you know, such innocent nights had long gone. Awaiting your answer, he will do anything to have you in his arms — always.
Previous : Infatuation
Masterlist : Redamancy
©beandaifuku 2022
ᴍɪɴᴏʀꜱ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴀᴄᴛ! 18+ ᴏɴʟʏ
Tumblr media
“Wow, you look stunning, (Y/N)!”
“Ai.. Please don't say that out loud,” you replied to your friend, another maid in the house, Ai. You were closer with her than other servants as both your families had served the Gojo clan since long ago.
“What? You really look stunning! And it looks expensive too! Hey, why don't we sell this and travel to Hokkaido?” Ai asked as she felt the cloth between her fingers.
“If I could, I would.”
Right now, both of you are walking down the hallway to the kitchen to prepare desserts for the members of the clan. It was already night and usually, after dinner, they will be served with desserts or sake. So, you and Ai went to prepare them for supper.
Surprisingly, even with how expensive the material is, it is pretty easy to walk in the yukata. You thought the cloth might be heavier than a casual yukata but it's pretty light.
When both of you arrived at the kitchen, there were a few more maids that were preparing dishes. But for some reason, they looked tense.
“Hello everyone!” Ai greeted them happily.
“Ai, slow down your voice... The master is here.” a maid whispered to the both of you. Ai's smile widened but you became as tense as the other maids. Your eyes roamed around, trying to seek Satoru. And you could see a figure was sitting on the floor between the racks at the corner of the kitchen. There he was.
“Oh yeah, I forgot! (Y/N), have you met Satoru-sama?” Ai asked. His head looked up when he heard your name. He was wearing his dark-tinted glasses but you could feel his hard stare on you. He smirked when he saw you noticed him.
“Huh? Yeah.. Yeah, I did meet him earlier..” you replied, averting your gaze. Ai grinned teasingly. She tilted her head to see Gojo and then pushed you by your shoulders towards him.
“You are good with desserts, (Y/N)! Go go!” Ai said, cheering for you, completely ignoring your help-pleading look.
“Wait, Ai. I swear to God..!”
Ai managed to push you to that section of the kitchen and then quickly ran away from there. Your eyes trailed down to Satoru who was sitting on the floor between the racks of sweets.
“Hello, little one.” he greeted.
“Satoru... Why are you here? And why do you sit between these racks?” you asked, trying to ease the awkward air. Satoru shrugged his shoulders. You looked down and saw a jar of konpeito candies in his hand.
“Hey, did you eat the candies secretly?” you asked. Satoru grinned.
“The dinner tasted too savoury for me. I don't wanna eat it anymore. I just wanna stimulate my brain.” he said as he took a few konpeito candies and ate them.
“You are horrible. What if the chefs that cooked those dinners heard what you said? And don't use such complicated words like 'stimulating your brain' when you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth.” you said, slightly scolding him.
"Don't scold me like that, mummy."
“M-mummy?! Can you not?” you sighed. “Enough of those candies. They are for the kids and you are old enough to be called an uncle,” you added as your hand reached out to him to take the jar away but you found your hand stopped mid-air.
Satoru grinned childishly. “You understand what happened, yeah? Drop your hand,” he said. You huffed and pulled your hand back. Your effort is going to be futile anyway when he had activated his Infinity to prevent you reaching him. “Don't mind me, little one. Just continue whatever you are doing,” he said.
You sighed softly before you started to prepare yourself to make dessert. First and foremost, you took the tasuki that was hung on the wall. Tasuki is a long cord or cloth, used for holding up the long sleeves of a kimono or yukata. You have to wear it so your sleeves won't get in the way when you are working. But to loop the cloth around your back is a struggle for you.
“Ai, can you help—”
You felt his presence behind your back. Your breath hitched when you felt your body was pulled close to his frame. “Satoru.. You..”
“You looked very beautiful in this garment,” he said. His voice was sultry and soft. His hand carefully moved your hair to the side, revealing the back of your neck. His knuckles gently caressed your skin.
“Don't... People are watching..” you mumbled, shuddering at the soft touch from him. He chuckled.
“Nobody dares to look at us,” he said. You looked over your shoulder and true enough, his large figure already covered you and you could see Ai was trying so hard to distract the others from sneaking glances at you by using her hyper personality. “See?”
“This is not the time for your flirting..! I need to work,” you said, pushing his hand away from you but you couldn't hide your fluster from him.
“Acting like a maid now, do ya'? Sure. But with your short arms, you can't even loop this cloth around your back,” he said. You huffed.
“You don't have to mention that,” you replied. He smiled as he took the cloth from your hands and looped it around your back and arms, making sure the cloth held up your sleeves properly.
“Is it too tight?” he asked. You moved your arms a little.
“It's a little loose.” he hummed at your response and adjusted the cloth, making sure to ask each time he adjusted it to ensure your comfort.
“Little one, have you ever thought of being gagged with this?”
“... What..? What are you even saying?” you looked at him, unbelievable. Your face reddened. He looked down at you with a smirk.
“Huh? Do you get what I think? Oho~ naughty girl.” he grinned teasingly. He leaned forward and pulled you closed so your head would rest against his left shoulder. “Why is your face red then? Did you imagine that happened to you? Do you want to be gagged and tied so nicely that you cannot move a single inch without begging me?” he whispered against your ear. You could feel his lips slightly touching the back of your ear.
“Satoru.. We are in public..” you mumbled.
“So you would like it to be in private then?”
Damn this guy...!
“It's cute to see how you became this pathetic with my touches when you can basically push me away if you hate me so much. You don't hate me, huh? You are just desperate for me.” he said, cocky. His hand trailed onto your waist and slid down to caress your hips.
“I hate that I'm not the first one to see you in this garment. You must have gotten a lot of praise while walking to the kitchen. Do you enjoy those remarks? Shouldn't you keep this view only for me?”
“You're the one that told me to wear it tonight...” you mumbled back. Your hands held his, preventing him from exploring your body further.
“I told you I own you. You should prioritize your master, kitten. Tsk tsk... You are lucky I am feeling nice tonight.” he said as he pulled his hands away from your body.
“... If you're not feeling nice tonight.. Then what will you do?” you asked but the second after you asked it, you felt like slapping yourself on the cheek. Why the heck did you invite more of his teasing?
He smirked. “Aren’t you a curious little one? Well, I can show you right now if I'm not feeling nice tonight,” he said as he gently pushed you to bend over the counter.
“Wait! No no no! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have asked!” you said, immediately slipping to the side before he could fully bend you over. Your voice attracted the other maids on the other side of the kitchen and you quickly pushed Satoru away. “D-don't disturb me..! I wanna cook!”
Satoru laughed. “Bet you regretted asking that, huh?”
“Yes! Yes, I am!” you replied. “Get out of the kitchen, Satoru! This is for girls only!” you pointed a wooden spatula that you didn't know you had grabbed towards his direction.
“Woo~ scary~! What are you going to do with that? Spank me?”
“Stop saying such things..! Why are you so shameless..!” you gritted your teeth. He will always make things even worse with every response you have and you don't like it. Or do you?
“(Y/N), are you not doing your dessert yet?” a maid asked from the other side. Her voice sounded quite annoyed.
“O-oh! Yeah, I just started.. I'm sorry!” you said before you turned to Satoru.
“This is your fault,” you muttered. Satoru snorted scornfully.
“Well, I'm sorry,” he said, unapologetic and sarcastic. “I won't be in the main hall. Send the dessert to my room,” he said as he took a jar of konpeito from the rack.
“Okay. I will tell Ai to bring it.”
“Don't pretend to be dumb, kitten. I haven't gotten your answer yet,” he said as he flicked your forehead softly.
“Well! Make sure you make mine the sweetest! You know the deal already.” he said. “Then, see you later~” he walked away, leaving you. You pouted and started to work on the dessert.
Gojo passed by the other maids, looking over what they were doing. “Wow, the wine sure looked grand and expensive,” he said, seeing glasses of alcoholic beverages arranged neatly on the tray.
“You think so, master?” one of the maids asked.
“Yes, yes.” Gojo nodded as he clasped his hands together. The maid's face brightened.
“Gojo-sama, if you wanted a serve of this sake, I can send it—”
He held up his hand. “Nope, just prepare a sweet drink for me and let (Y/N) send it to my room,” he said. The maid's smile dropped a little.
“Very well, Gojo-sama,” she replied.
Gojo grinned as he patted her shoulder. “You did a good job. (Y/N) just returned, so you can dump your work to her.” he said. The maid flinched when he tapped her shoulder. It felt different and threatening somehow. Gojo smiled as he leaned forward to whisper to her ear.
“And one more thing, lady...”
“Never stare so disgustedly at her like that. I'll rip your eyes out.”
“...!” the maid backed away, panicked. “I-I will send out these wines first!” she said as she took a tray and rushed out the kitchen. It's a miracle that the tray did not fall to the ground.
You were too focused on your work and you could only hear the maid's panicked voice. You turned around, seeing Satoru was smiling proudly and Ai who smiled awkwardly. Satoru looked at you and grinned before he finally walked out of the kitchen. You decided to ignore the tense air in the kitchen and continued your work.
➽ ───────────────── ❥
Knock! Knock!
“Come in,” you opened the door when you heard his approval. Satoru had changed into a white and gold casual yukata. It took a moment for you to realize the patterns on the yukata were almost the same as yours. Except, his clothes were white.
“Here is your dessert.” you took the bowl of anmitsu and a plate of strawberry mochi from the tray and put them on the small table in front of Satoru. Anmitsu is basically a dessert made of white jelly, water and fruit juice. You did make a few changes from the traditional recipes by putting more syrup, ice cream and cubes of fruits on the anmitsu.
“Wow, you prepared mochi for me, little one? So kind!” he beamed when he saw the sweets on the table.
“My mother made more than needed,” you mumbled.
“Damn, you can just say you made it for me,” Satoru said as he took one mochi and bit it. He hummed happily when he tasted the sweetness of the strawberry paste inside the mochi. “Hmm~! Totally your mochi!” he said.
".... How do you even know? The last time I did them was when I was twelve," you said. You actually relieved it turned out good. As you said, the last time you did them was when you were twelve.
“How could I forget? You are the only person who is generous enough to put chunks of strawberries in the paste,” he said.
“Would you like to taste it too?” he asked as he took another mochi and offered it to you.
“Hmm, sure. Why not.” you tried to take the mochi from his hand but he pulled his hand back. “What?” he did not reply and then shoved the mochi in your direction.
“Eat it from my hand.”
You looked at him, slightly embarrassed. You slid closer and bit the mochi from his fingers. He lightly pushed the whole mochi into your mouth, forcing you to also take the tip of his finger in your mouth too. Your eyes widened at the feeling of his finger lightly pressed on your tongue. He smirked at the sight and slowly took his finger out and brought it to his mouth, licking them while maintaining his stare on you.
“Uh-uh, don't speak while you're eating,” he said as he put his finger in front of your lips, shutting you up. “While I'm eating the mochi, tell me your answer whether you want to leave forever or to stay and the reason for you to do that.. You know what it is.” he raised the plate that contained only two mochi now. “If you don't finish your answer before I eat them all, I will have you follow my decision.” Satoru took one mochi and nudged his head towards your direction to tell you to begin your answer.
“My answer is...”
“Okay..! Mmm, one more mochi!”
“Shit. Well, my answer is that I would like to leave. I don't care if I will never have a second chance as long as I can still see my mother. It's fine if I'm not allowed to–”
“Finished! You're late!”
You couldn't believe it. He really shoved those mochi into his mouth. You could see the bulges on his cheek. Did he use his techniques to manipulate the mochi's space or something? Ridiculous but not impossible. You sighed. “Satoru, let's not take this lightly. I'm talking about my future here,” you said, serious.
“We are talking and you are late. Now, your answer is not valid!”
“.... I will listen to you,” you said, giving up trying to protest to him. Satoru smiled before he took your hand and pulled you closer. His grip was tight. He pulled you to sit on his lap, just like this evening.
“Little one, I know I'm being an asshole right now.”
At least he is aware.
“But I never lie when I say I care about you so much. I know you're capable of being independent, but I could not leave you alone. No, I don't want you to leave me alone.” he said. His voice was soothing, no longer playful and mocking like before. He sounded mature and serious.
His hands gripped your hips, caressing you softly. “If you want to leave, then I will remove you. I will erase your past with Jujutsu society. I will let you do anything. I will help you with anything — college, rent, extra classes, anything.”
“But, in return, I need you. I don't ask for anything else other than you.”
Satoru's hold on you became more possessive. Your heart sank when you looked at him. His face... Though he was smiling and looking at you so tenderly, you noticed the hidden solemn behind that smile. You felt that feeling from years ago. The feeling that led you to promise him to never leave his side.
You felt pity of this lonely man.
But to accept his conditions because of pity... is pretty cruel.
It will make him more pathetic.
Having no response from you, he laughed, defeated. “I never had this kind of difficulty wooing a woman before,” he muttered under his breath. “You know, let's just forget this—”
“.... Alright. I will accept your answer instead.”
He looked at you, actually surprised. “Eh?”
“W-what? Did I say something wrong?” you asked, now awkward.
“Kitten, are you serious with what you just said?” he asked. You nodded.
“You don't do that out of pity, do you?”
“Truthfully, I was thinking about that too. But...”
Exactly what is wrong with being by his side?
He has looks, he can charm anyone but he chose you – a daughter of a servant.
He is wealthy. Financial issues are something he never had. He can take care of any responsibilities.
He is strong – with just one flick of his fingers, he could send any potential threats and danger away from you. You would always be safe when he's around.
He surely is a busy person – but doesn't that give you more opportunity to enjoy your time alone? That little freedom you might have?
“Satoru, what do you actually feel about me?”
If both your feelings are one-sided, that's not a bad thing, right? But wouldn't that be hurtful in the near future, knowing you are stuck forever with someone who doesn't feel the same way?
“I adore you so much, little one,”
“No, I mean... Do you actually love me?”
He stared at you behind those glasses. You reached out to his face, taking off his glasses, revealing his face. Unchanged and still beautiful as always. His white lashes, his azure irises. You wondered if you were really worthy of seeing this beautiful face up-close.
“Wouldn't we kill ourselves softly if we stay together without any feelings?”
“Your eyes are too dreamy while staring at me.” he said, chuckling. He noticed how you were breathless seeing his full face, especially his beautiful azure eyes. His hand reached up to your face, caressing your cheek fondly.
“For your question... of course I do, darling. I do love you, very much. I never stop caring about you.” his hand trailed to your hair, brushing his fingers against them. “You feel the same way as I do, yes?” he asked.
Does he really never stop about caring for you? Does that include years and years ago when you're still a youth?
Well, again, you thought, what is wrong with that? The two if you feel strongly with each other. That's enough, right?
Staying silent on his lap, a short thought appeared at the back of your mind. You wondered if the two of you mistakenly believe those feelings of infatuation and admiration as love.
You were curious of what on his mind. You wished to explore everything of him. His point of view, his perspective, his feelings, his sentiment. Everything.
“What if we have mistaken, Satoru?”
“Mistaken? About what? I know you love me the same way as I do. If it's mutual, there's nothing wrong about it, right?” Satoru asked.
“What if you feel that way just because you lost someone?”
His smile dropped. You became nervous. Did you trigger his hurtful past somehow? You did, huh? You pressed your lips together, nervously looking back at him. “I.. I didn't mean to say that.”
“No, I'm not mad. I understand where you were coming from.” he replied. “But I'm sure to myself that I want you not because of my past. I am truly in love with you.” he said.
“You're scared.”
“N-no, I'm not. I'm just thinking...”
“Don't think anymore. Follow your heart, darling. Your brain might think we are wrong in some way or another but you want this. Your heart want this.” he said.
Suddenly, Satoru let go of his grip on your body. He leaned back, against the wall. "I won't force you any longer, darling. I will give you a final opportunity. This is your last chance. Leave this room and nothing ever happened," he said.
"But, if you desire me all the same, then stay with me, here."
Don't lie to yourself.
You desire him all the same, don't you?
Silence. Still. Unmoved.
His hands reached you, cupping your face. His thumbs caressed your cheek so tenderly as if you could break at any moment.
"Are you certain?"
You nodded. He leaned forward, hugging you so tight that you could feel the muscle of his cheeks moving. He's smiling.
"(Y/N) my dearest little one..." he mumbled in the crook of your neck. His body easily hovering over you, keeping you nice and warm in his arms. You feel conflicted but it feels right.
It will be alright. Everything is fine.
Both of you stayed in that position for a few minutes, with your face nuzzled against his soft white hair. They smelled good too. He hummed when he could feel your face against him. It felt comfortable, just by being with each other. All those conflicted thoughts were gone as the only thing you could feel is him and him alone.
"The ice cream..."
"Hm?" you looked over your shoulder, causing Satoru to pull his face away. "Oh no.. the ice cream on the anmitsu has melted already," you mumbled. "Satoru, I will make another new one. I think the main ingredients are still in the fridge," you said. You know Satoru prefers cold frozen ice cream rather than the melted one. And you could grab a few random fruits as toppings. Remaking it isn't hard.
"No, leave it. I will eat it," he said as he took the bowl and scooped the jelly along with some fruits. He brought the spoon to his mouth, feeding himself. He hummed happily at the taste. "Hm~! It's still good!" he said as he ate another scoop. You smiled, appreciating him for eating that. You were a little relieved that you don't have to travel back to the kitchen that is probably kilometres away. Okay, that is an exaggeration.
"You too," he said as he gave you the bowl. You took it and scooped a few cubes of jelly with melted ice cream. Before you could feed yourself, suddenly you felt cursed energy emitted in the space in front of you. The space between you and Satoru distorted and knocked out the bowl from your hand. The anmitsu fall onto your clothes – the hella expensive yukata.
"Satoru! Why did you do that?!"
You moved away from him and held your yukata. You just realized the material was quite silky-smooth and soft, it caused the anmitsu to easily drip into the inner cloth and onto your body behind the cloth. "Oh no, it's dirty already.." you mumbled. "Tsk, you're still an asshole. I will go clean myself and chan–"
He gripped your hand, pulling you hard to straddle on his lap again, even closer to his crotch. He smirked as your eyes locked with his azure irises. 
Clear lust in eyes, he tugged on your yukata that now smelled sweet like anmitsu. Your face reddened as you understood his intention. He had been giving lots of hints of his desire to touch you. You were not a fool to be so naive with his innuendos.
“Who is it?”
“You... You understood my hints almost too quickly for a virgin. Who is it? Who's your first?”
“I... Urm..”
Would you dare telling your first was your classmate in college? You are not that pure and innocent per se. You drank sometimes and hooked up with at most two to three of your classmates. You know enough.
“Answer me, sweetheart.”
“A classmate...”
“A classmate, hm? Why don't you tell your master about them? What did the two of you do? Was it great? Did you reach heaven with them? I would like to know, that experience.” he said as his hand tucked the string on your obi. “Tell me.”
“He... He is just my friend. And we often—” your words cut off by the tug on your obi. Satoru's thick fingers pulled the obi, releasing the bind on your clothes.
“We.. We are in the.. Oh.... s-same group a lot..” your words slurred as he trailed his hands to part away your yukata, slowly and painfully. His hands barely touched your skin and it only makes you crave more of his touch. “S-Satoru..”
“And then? What happened when you're in the same group as him?”
“J-just talking.. And.. hanging out at night— Aah.. Wait, Satoru..” he pulled the top of your yukata off your body, revealing your bare torso, covered with only a red bra.
“Oh my... Matching with the yukata, darling? Cute.” he muttered under his breath as he leaned forward, licking your collarbone that was a little sticky due to the anmitsu that dropped on you earlier.
“Let me clean you up, yeah?” he grinned as he softly nibble on your skin — sweet, he thought. You gripped his shoulders, shuddering at the warm touch of his tongue. He trailed kisses on your collarbone down to your chest. His eyes were fixated on you, observing your reaction each time he tasted your skin.
You breathed heavily as he trailed his tongue up to your neck, peppering kisses on your throat, up and up to your jaw. Your hands desperately clung around his neck as you muttered his name under your breath.
“Did that boy make you feel like this?” you shook your head. No way in hell you could compare his touch to your mere friend. The butterflies in your stomach certainly feel even more twisted when Satoru touched you.
“Did he touch you here? How about here?” his hand travelled around your body, squeezing one of your tits as the other hand caressed your back, trying to unhook your bra.
With just one swift move on the hooks, he took off your bra, revealing your boobs. He leaned back, taking a good look of your naked top, burying this image of yours to the back of his mind.
“Oh my darling, you're so gorgeous, you know that?” he smiled at you. You gazed away, embarrassed. His fingers tucked your chin to make you look at him. He closed the gap between the two of you, whispering softly to you.
“Should I make love to you like a man would to his forever lover or fuck you like a master to his pretty little property?”
Tumblr media
Yes, the next part is full-on smut.
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tatakaebomb · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Stepdad!Gojo x Reader
ꕥ Synopsis : maybe submitting to a man your whole life is something you want after all?
ꕥ Word count : 1.9k
ꕥ TW : MISOGYNY, dominance, betting, manipulation, vulgar language, sex, smut, thigh riding, thigh humping, dumbification, age gap, step dad x step daughter relationship, step cest, NSFW, perversion, cheating, intrusion, bad relationship examples, controlling behaviour, forced confessing, sub! Y/N, teasing, harsh fucking, hate fucking (LOL), itadori slander (I love him really), 18+
Tumblr media Tumblr media
'Y/N. I'm all about women empowerment, but you’re not leaving the house. You look like a stripper.'
Gojo Satoru. 40. Been married to your mother for 3 years now, and for those 3 years he's been nothing but annoying.
'You’re not wearing that.'
'You’re not going out like that.'
'You’re not doing that.'
Self entitled dick head who feels his opinion over rules all. Your 20 for christ sake. You can do whatever you want.
With those comments come your remarks. The same cycle over and over, a little argument as you leave the house in your scandalous outfit, only for him to sneakily put leggings in your bag, or leave a spare blouse on the passenger seat of your car. Not like your mother cares enough, her and gojo cheat on each other when the sky's blue, only for them to come back home and have sex day and night, the banging noises from your room still scarred in your mind.
'With all due respect Gojo, I don't appreciate you constantly telling me what to do. I'm a grown adult I can wear what I want.'
You applied the lipgloss to your lips as you stared into your phone camera, watching the way the little strands of it connect between your lips.
'Right. Well when you get raped don't come back crying to me.' He snarled, body slumped on the door frame behind you. Scoffing you couldn't help but get annoyed at his misogyny sometimes, he's such an obnoxious man it physically hurts.
'Seriously? The length of my clothes doesn't determine my respectability levels'
'Sure it does! See y/n if I saw you right now I'd think you sleep with every other guy and on your knees every night, however if you wear that lovely sweater on the staircase I'd think your a lovely modest woman deserving of love' he smiled. His stupid white hair flopping past his eyes as his eyes once again dragged up and down your body, not missing the way your cleavage pushed up through the fabric of your clothes.
'How disgusting. I don't know how my mom ever got with someone like you.' You trail over to the door grabbing your clutch and keys and walking down to your car. Starting your engine you glimpsed out the window only to see him standing by the door, watching you like he always seems to do.
'I think it's quite clear why your mom's with me y/n. Anyways, have a good time try not to get molested.'
How could he say that with such a smile on his face?! Fine. Game on.
You knew what you were doing. 8AM washing the dishes in those skimpy shorts? Water running down your leg as you just happened to ‘bend over and pick up the fallen towel’ leaving nothing but your covered hole to the imagination. Knowing that gojo was right behind you, watching your every move, almost disgusted in the way your acting.
You knew what you were doing. The following day when you just happened to leave your slutty bra and crotch less panties just ‘outside’ of the washing basket. Only for gojo bring the only other person in the house able to pick it up and put it where it belongs.
You know what you were doing. The next week when you were doing nothing but walking downstairs in the dusk of night, needing a snack, knowing gojo is up until morning doing his work. Half naked body reaching up to grab a snack from the tallest cupboard, tits overfilling in your tight bra as every move makes your skin shake and wobble, unmissible to Gojos eyes.
You were unbearable, and you knew you were. You knew how torturous you were being, how unfair this was towards poor Gojo.
Maybe he did deserve it, this’ll finally teach him a lesson towards his patriotic views. Your doing him a favour if anything, removing that internalised misogyny he has engraved inside him. Your such a good girl, mother would be proud of you. Shame she’s off on a two week trip to Hawaii. Oh well, gives more opportunity to drag his life to misery. Right?
‘Ah fuck yes yes harder harder! God you feel so good I’m gonna cum!’ You screamed, head swung back on the pillow as your body shook underneath the strangers touch.
You knew Gojo was home tonight. Up late doing an important project needed for work tomorrow, but what’s a little harmless fun gonna do.
Your touch pulsated as you exaggerated slightly the feeling of this random guy over you. From what you gathered his names itadori and he’s the same age as you. He definitely fucks like an amateur, but a little ego boost doesn’t hurt anyone.
Shortly after he climaxed and you - sadly - didn’t, he was knocked out beside you, whilst you remained wide eyed awake in your bed, almost embarrassed in the fact you screamed for a man that didn’t make you accidentally moan once.
Shrugging yourself out of bed you strolled downstairs in a lazy over sized shirt, moody and stroppy at the thought of his bragging tomorrow morning. Rule 1. Never fuck dorks.
‘Guess you were the one fucking him huh?’
Gojo appeared from behind the fridge door, having you startled at the fact his eyes r still so bright with no lights turned on. He stayed sat at the counter, laptop shoved closed as he cupped his hands leaning forward to look over at you.
‘Fucks that meant to mean?’
‘Oh, nothing. Are you not a bit ashamed at the fact your step dad heard all that? I mean clearly not considering what you walk around the house in’
You couldn’t take it, after all these attempts he still failed. He’s just such a dickhead, snarly, cocky, dickhead.
‘Just fuck OFF. Your always in my fucking space I’ve had it up to fucking HERE WITH YOU! YOU ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY YOU ALWAYS COMMENT ON MY CLOTHES YOU ALWAYS-‘
‘Did he make you cum?’
Your lips pursed shut, correlating the words that just so casually happened to fall out of his mouth.
‘Did he make you cum..?’
‘N-no but I-‘
‘This is what I mean. You wear ridiculous outfits and you don’t get respected enough to find a good enough man, one that atleast makes you orgasm’
You felt yourself get annoyed at him, trailing your way over to him he lazily looked into your eyes, smug look draped over his face even though he’s hardly slept a wink. Excitement in the way you got angry.
‘I doubt you’re exactly a pussy pleaser Gojo.’
‘I’ll make you cum without my fingers or cock even touching you, if I do, then you gotta admit that you were wrong and that your mighty ol’ step dad here knows everything…’
You looked straight at him, his eyes not once wavering from yours. You were stuck with his offer, the way his narcissistic grin beamed at you with every second you took.
‘You know what. Fine. Deal.’ Your hand held out to him as he shook it hard, quickly after pulling you onto his lap, his face not far from yours as your eyes widened at the feeling of his breath fanning against your lips. Slowly moving forwards you leaned in to kiss him, only to get rejected with his leg beginning to bump up and down.
‘Silly girl, you don’t get kisses, you earn them.’ He snickered at his remark as you slung your arms around his neck, pussy getting humped by the feeling of his skin underneath you. The narrow bone in his leg hitting your every spot as your head already began to swing back mouth gaping open as you silently moaned. Tits moving frantically up and down through your shirt as you felt yourself almost break a sweat from the pressure.
‘Gojo…’ you breathed, eyes falling down to connect w his as you once again moved towards his lips, only to merely hover over them. Body practically begging for some more attention as you moved yourself further up his thigh, rutting against his leg for some sort of release.
‘Gojo? Nah baby say my real name…’
‘Daddy please- I’m gonna cum- need you…’ you pleaded lips trembling at the thought of you wanting to latch onto him so bad. Suddenly his tongue swiped yours and that’s when you granted your entrance. A moan spilling straight into his mouth as soon as you came all over his leg, liquids spilling straight down him as he continued to hump into you, over stimulating you as you greedily continued kissing him. Heavy breathing and groans shared between the two of you as he picked you up and laid you down on the counter, pantyless crotch on full display for his greedy eyes.
‘Told you baby, now I feel like I deserve a lil’ apology hm?’
Your head swirled back into place as you looked up at him embarrassed for what on earth just happened.
‘Go on then, I’m waiting beautiful.’ You felt his hard cock tease your slit from beneath your shirt, your mouth starting to drool at the thought of his huge length pounding balls deep inside of you.
‘I-im sorry.’
An inch pushed inside of you, a moan leaving your lips as you got more and more excited at the idea of it all.
‘Sorry for what?’
‘Sorry for thinking you were wrong…’
Another inch narrowed inside of you.
‘And…a-ah..you know everything. My m-mighty ol’ step dad knows everythin’
Suddenly he slammed inside of you, a moan screaming out your mouth as his balls slapped against your ass, your legs being pushed towards your chest as he narrowed his tall figure to peer down at you, flushed lip from how hard you were biting down on it and lust blown eyes thrown to the back of your head at the feeling of him repeatedly hitting your clit.
‘Dadddyyyyy….fuckkkkk’ you stretched out, mouth blabbering nonsense at the feeling of his 8 inches knowing exactly where your g spot is.
A slap to your clothed tits had you wince, gojo mesmerised with how much they move from even you laying flat on your back.
‘Shit, gosh your so much better at this than your mother. Your sucking me right in.’ He grinned, teeth biting harshly on his bottom lip as his dimples beamed out of his teeth, smirking at the way you drip around him.
‘Gnnnnna cummmmm….’ You slurred, head in a completely different mind space as gojos hands moved to grab your legs and wrap them around his neck, still balls deep inside of you sinking his teeth into a deep kiss with you. Your tongue lolling out the side in heat.
‘Yeah? Gonna cum for me hm? Fucking do it slut’
You both emptied out at the same time hollow fucking and slapping noises still filling the room as you could hear some of the semen drop onto the floor and drawers beneath you. Your chest rising up and down with every breath you take. That was by far the best sex you’ve ever had….
Who needs feminism after all?
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shesinmy · 2 days ago
how do you think Megumi and Gojo would deal with a s/o who can say cheesy crap randomly, casually and smoothly without making a scene about it. They say it genuinely and off the top of their head in the moment, like you’re admitting what your favourite food? “I actually love having you around… oh! Pizza rolls!” “your eyes are so lovely… you know what they just reminded me of something that I have to do. You can come with me if you want. *this one is directed at Gojo specifically*” Just examples and not stuff you have to use.
Tumblr media
1. Gojo Satoru:
When he noticed this side of yours he got a little shocked.
He never knew someone that could talk things as easily as him.
So for a moment he needed to get used to it.
But, it didn't take long and now he is the happiest man in the world.
He feels that you two understand each other.
He is always waiting for your cheesy phrase.
And he always replies to it.
You guys became unbearable.
"Y/n, have you ate yet?"
"Not yet. I was actually thinking about your beautiful smile, so couldn't come to eat just yet.".
He gives you a huge hug.
"OWN MY MOCHIMOCHI!!! I was think about how beautiful you are. Now, let's eat!".
Everybody is dying around you. Except for Itadori that finds it really cute, like his inspiration for a couple.
2. Fushiguro Megumi:
For him is a death sentence.
Whenever the cheesy words come, he is so embarrassed that he wants a hole to hide.
It doesn't matter how many times you do it.
His cheeks always burn and he tries to hide it with his attitude.
"Tch, stop this cheesy shit, Y/n".
"What are you talking about, Gumi? Your eyes are really beautiful, what is so cheesy about saying the truth?".
And he dies again.
How could you be sou straight about this things?!!
He will never admit it, but your cheesy words certainly make his day better.
Since you two started hanging out he became less grumpy.
Gojo is always teasing him about this.
"Y/n really knows how to soothe you, hum Megumi?"
Now he's grumpy again.
HAHAHAHAHA I LAUGHED!! Thank you so much!!
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