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#jjk x you
sukunababy · 2 days ago
Jjk men reaction to their s/o calling them daddy in bed please 👉🏻👈🏻
Tumblr media
— Fushiguro Toji, Ryōmen Sukuna & Gojo Satoru x f!reader
cw: daddy kink, degradation
Tumblr media
"Did you just call me Daddy?" Toji asks with a smirk thrusting harder against you, your body starting to quiver every time his thick head roughly kisses your cervix.
Your face turns red with shame and fatigue, mewing confusing words as Toji roughly bites your neck leaving purple marks as he teases your ear, "you like it when daddy fucks you so hard, don't you?" he growls licking down your neck. 
Each thrust brings you to your limit as you keep babbling "d-daddy" and his eyes fill with lust, sending him over the edge, "what a fucking slut" you hear him moan in your ear with a smirk as he pours his sticky seed inside you.
Tumblr media
His hips suddenly stop as a "Daddy, you make me feel so good" rolls out of your lips.
A smirk forms on Sukuna's lips as he pushes his fingers into the flesh of your ass with one hand while with the other he grabs at the back of your neck to pull your hair and make you turn your face towards him, "come on, baby, Daddy wants to see your pretty face" he teases you as he starts thrusting against your cunt again even harder, making you moan a blurt out "Daddy, I'm cumming".
And as your back arches welcoming another orgasm, Sukuna giggles in your ear, "you love it so much when Daddy hits you from behind, don't you, slut?".
Tumblr media
Your hands ran to cover your face and your cheeks flushed red when Satoru blurted out a giggling, "shit". 
His thrusts becoming too rough were bringing you to your third orgasm of the night when you spit out a "Daddy, s-so good" from your lips attached to his neck.
"What was that, baby?" asks Gojo kissing your hands and releasing your face from them, "you better say it again if you want daddy to keep fucking you good" he teases you slowing the pace of his thrusts. 
"Da-daddy, p-please..." you meow making him grunt and start fucking the shit out of you again, "if I fill you with my cum, you'll really make me a daddy" Satoru chuckles pushing his hips even more rhythmically against yours making you escape uncontrolled moans against his lips.
Tumblr media
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ryomantic · 2 days ago
jjk boys when they stare/look at you
vv self-indulgent, i watched a fromis_9 clip and my mind blew up so now we have this
Tumblr media
yuuji: stares at you in adoration, the sparkle and glint in his eyes whenever you talk or do something, his focus is on you, and no one can take it.
megumi: shy glances in your direction every now and then, getting lost in whatever you're doing, tries to secretive but is so bad at it
inumaki: very observant, you won't notice him but he keeps on looking in your direction and stares at you also learned the art of speaking with his eyes, very adorable especially when he gets flustered
nanami: acts as if he's not staring, he is. always on the look out, like a bodyguard. has that endearing look he tries to hide behind his glasses, looks at you with love
gojo: you think he's not watching, he's always watching and does this thing where he's staring at you through his blindfolds, thinks it's funny to scare you
geto: unshamed and doesn't care, he's staring at you all the time and is nonchalant about it. keeps his cool but is loving every second of your interaction, especially when you look back at him
toji: openly stares at you, doesn't matter what other people are doing and saying he can multitask what about it. doesn't take his eyes off you, doesn't sleep and think about you all night
choso: quietly watching you while you do your things, doesn't mind if people notice, he's keeping his focus on you and only you. please look in his direction
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dearomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
featuring… fem!reader, toji
warnings… impact play (face slapping), masochism, daddy kink, creampie
word count… 390
a message from shae… toji is a pain slut. that is all.
Tumblr media
“c’mon, baby. you can do it,” he rasps, his voice gravely and saturated with need.
he digs his fingers into the fat of your ass, strong arms working to bounce your hips up and down, rocking you steadily along his thick cock.
he raises one hand, wrapping his thick fingers around your wrist as he guides your hand to lay gently on his cheek.
“do it. just like daddy asked.” he looks at you through lidded eyes, mouth hung open as you raise your hand and bring it down again, watching as his eyes squeeze shut, hands flying toward your ass, your waist, whatever he can squeeze as he groans unashamedly.
“harder, fucking hit me, baby,” his voice is different, almost heavier. it sends shivers down your spine, your hips grinding harder, heat shooting straight to your sopping cunt at his open display of pure lust.
you do it again, harder this time, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head. he plants his feet into the mattress, fucking up into you. his cock throbs and twitches inside of you, a clear sign that he’s close, that you’ve got him this close, this fast. that, deep down, your daddy likes being slapped around by his pretty girl.
this time you don’t hesitate, breathy moans leaving your lips as you rock against him faster, hit him harder. his head rocks to the side when you slap him, a dazed smile stretching across his face.
“again,” he growls, teeth bared, balls slapping up against your ass with how hard he’s fucking into you. the wet slap of your skin against his own almost drowns out his loud, raspy moans as you strike your hand across his face one last time.
he cums almost instantly, arms flexing deliciously, teeth bared, big hands squeezing bruises into your ass as he fills you up entirely, pumping ropes and ropes of his thick, hot cum into your needy cunt.
he’s still panting, still struggling to catch his breath when he squeezes your cheeks between his thumb and forefinger, watching your lips pout as you look up at him through your eyelashes.
“good girl,” he laughs at the small twitch of your hips, the way you're still chasing your own high.
“‘s daddy’s turn, right?”
Tumblr media
© DEAROMI 2021.
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suget · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
˚ ୧ WORD COUNT : 1.3k
˚ ୧ WARNINGS : f!reader, spankings, cock warming, mentions of tears, dirty talk, pet names, suguru calls himself daddy (1), degradation (use of the word 'slut' once), possessiveness, objectification, countdown, creampie.
Tumblr media
You felt as if your body was floating, stopped in time as the hands of the big clock in front of you ticked away another couple of minutes with its usual «tick-tock»; you were so afraid to even breathe too hard that you could only hold onto his neck as if your life depended on it, your feet on your toes, your skin bristling.
Your arms entwined one behind the other, tangled with his disheveled hair that fell like a smokescreen over his shoulder blades, your legs on either side of his thighs; you're wearing nothing but one of his long shirts, one of those black, worn-out shirts with a rock band emblazoned across the side of your breasts and beneath it your naked body trembles with every inhalation, your hard nipples rubbing against the fabric every time you stir sending cold currents down the inside of your thighs.
Your breaths are a tornado compared to his, his bare chest against yours rising and falling like a calm tide while you can't help but shiver, fearful that you're going to clench your insides without even thinking about it.
The fierce crash of his open palm against your ass makes your pussy walls contract, the action makes you clench a second time earning you a couple of extra spankings; by the time he ends the endless cycle of slaps your ass is so sore that all you can think about is how you're going to be able to sit for the next few days. Even when he's not touching you, you feel his palm burning on you like glowing coals.
"Fuck you," you spit through your teeth, heavy tears pooling in your lovely eyes.
Getou laughs ungraciously.
"It was you who wanted this from the beginning, I told you I was busy—, I told you I couldn't be distracted but that greedy cunt of yours can't feel empty, right? You don't get tired of me filling you again and again and again with my fat cock, do you?"
"Shut up." You bite your cheeks so hard you don't know how you don't manage to make yourself bleed.
Despite his obvious discomfort, the brunet feels generous. A hint of guilt fills his torso and there is a distant feeling that covers him and makes him feel that maybe he is being too cruel to you and so he lets his broad hands cradle your burning cheeks, spread them apart to at the same time stretch your folds to feel him even deeper. His long fingers stroke the hot skin back and forth and the pleasurable touch succeeds in making you contract once more (against your will).
"What was that?" he asks feigning ignorance, tugging on his lip to keep you from noticing he's about to laugh at you.
"Yeah, baby? Tell daddy what the problem is."
You have to take a breath of air to manage to find the right words, your consciousness sliding along with your arousal along his length, the sticky trail runs down the girth and travels to meet his swollen balls and formidable thighs.
"I need to cum," you admit, after several seconds of pure silence.
He clicks his tongue.
"Why should I please you? You've done nothing but be a brat all day; you haven't let me work... you haven't let me think and just when I think I have a moment's peace, you come and sneak up and rub up against me like a needy slut." Suguru pauses, taking a handful of your ass between his fingers, squeezing the skin until he makes you moan with pleasure. "You asked me, «please, please let me sit on your cock, that's all I want», if that's all you wanted, to feel it throbbing inside you... Why don't you behave now and take it?," he teases doing a pathetic imitation of your voice as his stroking moves up through the curve of your ass to your waist where he pinches the skin between his thumbs, you gasp. "You have a minute."
The last makes you abandon your position to look into his eyes, you search for some sign that he's teasing you, that he's testing how obedient you are... however, you only find the corners of his lips curved upward and the flaps of his nose dilated.
"Tick tack..., 49..., 48..."
You subtly thrust your hips into him, grinding your hips against his and making his throbbing cock inside you kiss the right places, your clit rubbing against the trace of curly hairs.
Another spank makes you moan in surprise and your lips part letting out a faint, confused: "W-what?"
"Ow honey, I never said I was going to stop spanking you every time you squeezed... 35, 34..."
Shit. You're close, you're so close but he keeps counting out loud and the counting along with the clock song make the perfect combination of distracting you. Your fingers grip his shoulders seeking stability and you begin to bounce up and down on him and soon enough the meeting of your skin and his fills the room with small, sticky «clap, clap». Still, you know it won't be enough to make you cum in the few seconds you have left. Your smart brain searches for a quick solution and you come to the conclusion that you need more stimulation so you reach three fingers towards your puffy clit but before you can reach your destination a deft hand encircles your wrist and pulls it behind your back.
"What are you doing?" The rhetorical question comes accompanied by a frown.
"I-I need it," you repeat a couple of times. He heard you the first time.
"Hm no, who gave you permission to touch my pussy? That's mine, Reader, you can't touch what's mine."
The poor moan you let out makes him widen that devilish grin and that is accompanied by another spank.
"You gonna cum?" you hastily shake your head, so, so close. "Five, four, three..."
You don't know if it's the countdown that makes you break into a thousand pieces, your boyfriend's grunts against your half-open mouth or the way his cock throbs and explodes inside you that makes you cum; ropes and ropes of cum— you can do nothing but let out a chant of back-to-back 'pleasepleasepleaseplease' where you don't know exactly why you beg, you just know you feel so good that you've stopped having coherent thoughts and just feel the way his length expands your silken walls, his thick veins massage your insides and finally, his seed sliding out of you.
You find it hard to breathe normally, the space around you seems covered in a thin layer of fog that prevents you from seeing clearly. You let your forehead rest against his sweaty neck and feel the caresses of his fingertips tickling along the line of your back, drawing circles that end at your shoulder blades.
Regaining your composure, you pull away from him and position yourself in a better posture to see him face to face, black irises heavy with desire and exhaustion. You moisten your lips and move in to leave a quick peck over his mouth.
"I'll let you work now." Getou can almost feel on his tongue the dreamy sigh you speak to his with, your tiptoed feet push you up from underneath so you can get out of the trap that is his arms. You're pleased, this was exactly what you wanted...
But he's not, in fact, he's far from it.
Suguru pushes you from your hips again until you sit a second time on top of him, your eyes widen and search for his without knowing what's going on.
"When did I say you could leave? I'm almost done, five more minutes and I'm going to fuck another cum into you, keep my dick nice and wet."
Tumblr media
© suget — all rights reserved. please do not copy, translate or repost my work. don't share it on tiktok.
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kotarosgirl · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
drabble ; 623 words.
cw; NSFW ! , overstimulation ! , pussy eating ! , fingering ! , pet calling ( pretty girl , princess ) ! , exhibitionism !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
your legs spread across the long wood desk , panties hanging from your ankle, your skirt pushed up , revealing toji's face is buried deep inside your sloppy cunt, as he glides his tongue along your slit. emerald eyes watching you like a predator devouring his prey.
"won't we get caught—ngh!" he laughs against you, placing kisses on your clit, he wanted people to see the two of you, him devouring you on the desk where he does his work, the excitement made toji groan against you
"they get to see how i pleasure you pretty girl" he mumbles before he worships your pussy again.
now how were we into this position..?
- flash back ! -
"Please! professor all i am asking is that you let me make up the quiz!" you try pleading with Mr. fushiguro , holding the paper with a fat F minus on it. Desperately you look dead at his emerald eyes as the scan you up and down, his face monotone with no emotion as toji stands up slowly, eyes locked onto yours.
"and what will i receive in return? hmm? more work to grade or put on hold until later? i'll refuse." he starts walking away to leave the empty classroom before you grip his hand, your head looking away from him as you anxiously chew on the inside of your cheek.
"what do you want, Mr. Fushiguro..?"
- end flash back !
now those chain of events led to you getting your pussy eaten like there was no tomorrow, his tongue focusing mainly on your clit, curling his tongue right angles making you squeal .
your legs shaking at the intimacy as you've been at this for an hour now, your fourth orgasm peering closer and closer. toji pulled you closer to him , lapping up your wetness and allowing him to taste every crevice.
"professor—need ta cum— oh god!— toji" he pulled his head away to hear protests and whines , begging him to let you cum but he only laughed and slid his fingers down your slit, sinking into your throbbing hole. "they slipped right in huh?"
the cocky tone pissed you off but you couldn't focus on that too because of how good it felt, his digits inching closer and closer to the spot you wanted him at.
toji didn't want you just begging, he wanted to pull screams from you, his fingers go deeper, then your body jolted a bit . his thick fingers curving just a bit and scissoring you to your orgasm any minute now, his thumb pressing against your clit as you tremble from the immense pleasure.
"oh look at that, i found your sweet spot princess" he smiled arrogantly as he kisses you , swallowing your sobs and whimpers , his fingers moving faster until you become undone, pulling away from his lips to let out a sweet scream finally, music to his ears.
"good girl let everyone hear how good you feel, how good i'm making this pretty pussy feel." he huskily says in your ear, pulling his fingers out of you and licking your juices off of them, looming over your small figure. you look down to see in his slacks a nice outline of his cock, your breath hitching at the sight. "you see this darlin? this is what you did, so now your gonna finish it , " he undoes his belt, "for that grade right?" pulling your chin to look him dead in the eye as you slowly nod a yes.
a smile spreads across tojis face before he kisses you again, thats all you had to do for one grade right?
not knowing your teacher became obsessed with you.
Tumblr media
®KOTAROSGIRL - do not copy, plagiarize, repost, or translate my content on any platform. do not recommend me on tiktok. also; refrain from copying my theme and layouts
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scratchonthelip · a day ago
𝐅𝐥𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐬
pairing: Nanami Kento x fem!reader
warnings: smut 18+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Outside the window, the sun, becoming dim, began to hide behind heavy dark clouds.They gradually absorbed the fading rays and the blue sky turned gray.The first drops of rain were small barely noticeable, but after a few minutes it intensified.
Looking at this picture you got bored.Sighing, you felt the coolness that covered your skin, which subsequently caused goosebumps all over your body.
Going into the living room, you noticed a man who was reading a book.You sat down next to him and put your head on his chest.Kento kissed you on the temple and pulled you even closer to him.
The room was dark, but the only light source was the fireplace.Logs crackled softly in it, and the blazing fire pleasantly warmed your bodies pressed against each other.
The reflections of the light coming from the fireplace fell on his face, helping to better see the well-defined sharp cheekbones, straight nose, and soft lips.
Your fingers involuntarily began to trace the contour of his neck.Gradually you moved on to his collarbones, your soft hands walked over it.
Touching made the man's blood run through his veins and his heart beat wildly.
It gave you great pleasure to see his reaction.
When you smirked slightly, Kento put down the book and looked at you with interest.
In his eyes you could see the reflections of the flame forcing you to move closer to him.Sparks of fire played in his eyes, but it was not the fire that crackled softly in the fireplace, but the one that ignited violently only from your affectionately hot touches.
Kento wanted to tell you something, but you didn't let him do it because you pressed your lips to his.
"You're driving me crazy."
He sat you down on his knees to touch your thirsty lips again.
You bit his lower lip and slightly pulling it made the man groan from the resulting excitement.
His hands explored your shoulders moving smoothly down your back pulling you closer to him.
Breaking away from his lips, you shamelessly threw the man on his back and straddled him.
As soon as you started to pull off your hoodie, Kento's hand stopped you.
"Will you let me do it?"
You didn't have to think — you instantly raised your hands.
He took off your outer clothes and you were in your underwear.
His gaze was full of admiration and desire to quickly touch your skin and leave fervent traces of kisses
The man's hands touched you, gently running his palms over your waist.Then his fingers slid down to your thigh, and you bent slightly to straighten his stray lock of hair that.This movement was enough for him to deftly turn you over on your back.Now you're lying under him.From such a suddenness, you opened your mouth slightly, noticing this, Kento turned his gaze to your scarlet plump lips.
"Now what are you going to do with me?"
"Hold on, let's see..."
He kissed you on the lips and then went down to your neck.From pleasure, you arched your back and began to expose your hips to him.Your skin burned from his pleasant touch.
Your hands slid over his chest to quickly pull off his shirt.Kento noticed what you were trying to do so he took off his clothes.
Looking at him, you couldn't take your eyes off his embossed abs.And biting your lips, your fingers involuntarily began to trace his figure.
"Impatient, right?"
He grinned and with a smooth movement of his hand began to pull off your lace panties.Taking it off you, his strong hand stroked the inside of your thigh, pulling you closer to him.
The head of his cock pressed against your entrance and from this you quietly moaned his name.
Kento continued to enter you deeper and the heat of pleasure began to spread through your stomach.
Strong but at the same time neat movements gave you the opportunity to get used to his length.
A low moan escaped from his lips and he took your hand in his.Your fingers are tightly intertwined as if you were afraid to let go of each other.
The pace of his hips became a little faster from which your tight wet walls began to stretch trying to accept him completely.
From this pleasant pain, you wrapped your free hand around Kento's back, leaving light scratches on it.
In response to your actions, he approached your neck and began to kiss it and then nibble, giving you great pleasure.
"You would know how beautiful you are."
"Only for you and always for you."
He began to accelerate and your muscles tensed with acute bliss.
The blood burned and throbbed in the body.
You were both starting to feel that you were close to the very peak.
Therefore, without sparing his strength, he began to enter you faster and rougher.You moaned louder because you felt so deeply his cock was inside you.You could see a barely noticeable small bump in your stomach.
There was not enough air in your lungs and you swallowed it while continuing to moan.
At this time, Kento could feel the sound of his wildly pounding heart.
You could feel how close he was.
You squeezed your eyes shut and said with difficulty:"Please,cum."
In the lower abdomen, you felt the approaching spasms.
And he pushed into you for the last time abruptly and roughly cummed in you.
The fire that was inside you flared up even more.You felt the way he filled you to the brim.
Thousands of little stars were falling in front of you and you closed your eyes, lost in your pleasure.
At that time, Kento slipped out of you and started blowing drops of sweat from your forehead.He was carefully adjusting your disheveled hair.
His muscles were numb, but he liked the feeling — a unique delight.
He snuggled up to your shoulder and put his arm around your waist.You could hear his breathing gradually calming down.
Your lips stretched into a small smile.
"Hey,look at me."
As soon as he raised his head, you began to remove drops of sweat from his vesques.His golden hair was slightly disheveled, but you liked such an image.
You were going to get up but Kento gently picked you up in his arms and carried you to the bathroom where you rested together and slowly recovered.
"Oh, you are a gentleman as ever."
And your lips touched his cheeks to kiss.
"Just for you,sweetheart."
You were pressed against Kento's back and he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.
The foam in the tub smelled of lavender, which enveloped in a pleasant shroud, creating the feeling that you are somewhere in the clouds.
When you were done with that, both of you fell on the soft pillows on the bed and hugged each other tightly.
You buried your face in his chest and began to fall asleep, and he slowly stroked your head soothingly.
It was still raining heavily but you didn't care because you were warm with this wonderful man.
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ara-mitsue · 2 days ago
wherever you are
Tumblr media
summary; choso always manages to find you
- pairing; choso x gn!reader
- genre; angst, fluff, hurt/comfort
- w.c; 1.1 k
- warnings; not canon compliant whatsoever, talk about death/dying
a/n; for @tunamiya after one thousand six hundred and eighty YEARS i am done!! i am so sorry for the long wait-- i ended up scrapping the original fic and rewriting it but i'm so glad i did. this came out much better. ☺️ i hope you like it <3 choso + wherever you are by one ok rock
*this fic is a part of my 500 follower milestone event. check out the other fics here!
Tumblr media
The cut on your leg hurts. It really freaking hurts.
You try not to flinch, try to not scream as you teeter on one leg, dragging the injured one across the ground while you hobble over to the nearest tree. There's a curse twitching and disintegrating behind you, a semi-grade 1 that was a bitch to fight but you managed to kill it on your own, by sheer dumb luck, you morbidly amuse.
Groaning, you slump against the trunk, carefully sliding down until you’re sitting with both legs stretched out in front of you. You pull your phone from your pocket and scowl at the newly cracked screen, turning your frigid gaze to the corpse as though that will somehow miraculously fix your phone. But the curse remains dead and you remain with a spiderweb of cracks on a phone that will no longer turn on no matter how many times you press the power button.
Killing the curse really drained your "luck-for-the-day" pot it seems.
You thump your leg with your fist and nearly shriek when a shot of pain runs up your spine.
Bad move, very bad move. Quite frankly you’re ready to roll over and play dead, maybe take a nap and risk the chance of getting eaten by a wild bear as you contemplate your next move, tilting your head back until it touches the rough bark. You can see the moon, a waxing crescent peeking from the treetops without a cloud in sight.
You had lost Yuuji and Choso at some point during the battle— they were pulled in the opposite direction to fight an even stronger enemy and without a phone, you’re uncertain how they are going to find you in the middle of a dark forest. But they would never leave you, so you try and make yourself as comfortable as possible, resigning to the fact that you might be stuck here for quite some time.
You must have dozed off at some point despite the dull throb in your leg as you jolt awake when the bushes a few feet in front of you rustle. You bring your hands up in a defensive stance, pulse accelerating as your fight-or-flight instincts kick in and then the figure emerges— you sigh in relief.
Choso stands before you, slightly panting and disheveled as he towers over your seated figure, his dark eyes scanning you from head to toe. You fight the urge to touch your hair, to check and see if there’s any drool on your chin when his eyes fall on your leg and he says, “You’re alive.”
You blink up at him. “Um, yes? Am I not supposed to be?”
He gives you a dark look, falling to his knees and gathering you in his arms. “When Yuuji called you and it went to voicemail… I wasn’t sure what to expect.”
You melt against his touch, relishing in his warmth before he pulls back to examine your wound. You try not to wince away from him, mindful not to accidentally kick him when he gently turns your leg. Choso freezes when you let out a muffled whine.
“Sorry,” you say through gritted teeth. “S’kind of painful.”
He presses his lips into a thin line as he reaches up and takes his scarf into his hands, to rip it. You watch, wide-eyed and mouth agape as he carefully winds the torn fabric around the injury. “It doesn’t appear to be broken,” he supplies, gently securing the material by tying the loose ends into a knot. “It'll heal in no time.”
“Y-you didn’t have to ruin your scarf,” you say weakly as Choso leans back to admire his handy work. He takes your hand in his and kisses your palm, placing it over his cheek as he looks at you.
"You were bleeding and I had to stop it with something." He reasons, unaware of the way your heart jumped from your ribcage to your throat. Warmth washes over you, making your cheeks hot as Choso turns and presents his back to you. Six months of dating and you still felt like a primary school student with their first crush.
He glances at you from over his shoulder, and asks, “Will you be able to climb on, or would you prefer if I carried you in my arms?”
You’re quick to clamber onto his back before he can turn around. His large hands grab the back of your knees, mindful of your make-shift bandage before he stands and begins to walk. You place your forehead against his right shoulder blade.
“Where’s Yuuji?”
“He’s calling for the car,” Choso explains. “I told him I would go and find you.”
You move to press your cheek against the fabric of his shirt. ”I'm glad you did. I was getting worried."
Choso clenches his jaw, looks ahead without really seeing as he continues to walk. “I should have stayed with you,” he laments. “Maybe then you wouldn’t be hurt.”
“You had to help Yuuji,” you gently remind him, rubbing soothing circles along his back. “And I’m okay! Like you said, my leg will heal in no time.”
“You could have died.”
You furrow your brow, “I could die on any mission, this won’t be the last time something like this might happen.”
Choso stops and turns to look at you over his shoulder, the tips of his hair tickling your nose and causing you to wrinkle it. “Don’t say that.” He tightens his hold on your legs before immediately relaxing the grip. “Do you know how worried I get every time you go out on your own?”
“Hey, hey,” you say softly, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “Everything’s okay. Don’t worry.” You wrap your arms around his neck and give it a gentle squeeze. “How did you find me anyway? It's not like you could track my phone.” You flick at a strand of his hair. “I could have been in a ditch or something.”
Choso tilts his head to the side. “I just knew,” he confesses, struggling to find the right words. "Once I started looking, it was like my heart lead me to you."
He glances at you over his shoulder, the black strip along his nose and apples of his cheeks looking much too kissable from this angle.
“It’s comforting actually, to know that wherever you are, I will always find you. ”
You bury your head against his back, smothering the wide grin that threatened to take over your features as he continues through the forest. Maybe you had just a little bit of luck left at the very bottom of the pot after all.
Tumblr media
taglist: @rintah0e @justanawolf @beautifulblhell @kenmaslov3r @yuutaokkutsu @akaashis-liquidluck @v4mpirinaa @ronnie-xiaoen @kodzucafe @laineeey00-ontherun @chaotic-fangirl-blog @wakasa-wifey @11nolongerhuman (if you would like to be tagged on future fics, fill out this form!)
reblogs appreciated <3
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Imagining driving in the car with Satoru your hand resting in his as the car cruises through the countryside. He takes your hand kissing it then you take his hand and you kiss it. You both sit there in silence your hand brushing against Satoru's as he slowly touches the pads to yours in a rhythmic dance as your fingers curl into his.
You sit there smiling almost in a trance as you watch your hand twirl around Satoru's, he runs his fingers over the top of your hand and down your forearm sending shivers throughout your body.
He chuckles noticing you're instantly turned on, he loves that the lightest touch from him sends you into a frenzy. He gently paws at your thigh lightly scratching at it making you moan out.
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gud-soup · 9 hours ago
Sukuna x reader (jjk fluff)
a/n: Hey y’all! Kind of got tired of writing so i didn’t post that much, but had a few good ideas (and forgot most of them apparently) but not this one, so here it is!
intro: So… we all know that Sukuna IS OLD and remained silent for centuries, it’s quite obvious that he doesn’t know anything about this new decade, therefore… how funny can that be when a kind but short tempered sorcerer tries to explain the curse the everyday life?
➳ Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What is it? Don’t tell me you’ve bought one of those knifes you saw on tv again! I already have plenty at home and stop trusting those commercials, they’re known for the scam!” You screamed from your bedroom, as you were trying to finally watch the new episode of your current favourite series
“Just get your ass here!”
You huffed and tiredly climbe out of bed, searching for his voice
As you lazily walked around the house you saw his back from the bathroom, studying something he held in his hands
“I-it’s pink!” You breathed trying to hold your laughs
“Yes l can tell, how do you make it like before? Is there a reverse button in this thing?” He hurriedly asked while sprinting to the machine and pressing all the buttons in there, alternating them with a few kicks and punches
Your eyes grew bigger as you saw the curse trying to break your brand new washing machine
“Sukuna stop! You’re gonna break it! Do you know how much one of these costs? It took me years to get one!” You said while pushing him away from it
“THIS is a scam! That thing can’t even do the proper work! Look! How am I supposed to go around like this?”
“You shouldn’t have from the very beginning”
“Let’s go shopping!” You quickly said while leaving the room to get your bag
“You look good!”
“It’s disgusting I don’t like it” He replied with an awful expression as you sighed. It’s been an hour and a half of him being picky with any clothing you suggested and god knows how many shops you two have already been to
“That’s better” He said with his hands on his hips and a satisfied look, as he exited the fitting room
“Yeah the trousers are pretty good, where’s the rest?”
“What rest?”
“Well, you have to put something on top”
“I’ll go like this! How dare you tell me otherwise!”
“Sukuna, it’s serious offense if you walk around the city shirtless, put something on so we leave please.”
“AND STOP HUFFING! I’M THE ONE WHO IS LOSING PATIENCE HERE!” You screamed as he gave you a middle finger
You deeply exhaled while turning around
“Sorry about that m’am, is this shirt sold even in black?” You kindly asked (as if you didn’t just shout to a weirdly tattooed man) to a very confused shopping assistant
“Here, take this” you said while handing him the black shirt you asked for. It had a nice and simple design, only a few thin lines tracing flames on the sleeve's hem and a very cool graphic in the back
“How is it?” You asked now defeated and tired
“Ok…I guess…” he mumbled
“You still complaining? I haven’t eaten and I also lost my favorite show on my only day off, just cause your ass still can’t use a washing machine despite me explaining it to you several times! Now take it and let’s leave!” You furiously replied while getting up from your seat
“Yes” he quietly followed, shocked by your sudden outburst
“Your total will be $49,90” the shopping assistant almost whispered, scared by the two of you who just gave a show
“Thank you have a nice day!” you warmly smiled while heading out
“What?” You snapped, now sitting on a bench just to relax a bit, as some kids were playing near the fountain
“I’ve accidentally bought two so…” he mumbled facing away, while handing you a sandwich
“Thanks…” you whispered, now embarassed by your reaction
As you were munching the tasty bread, you were looking at the shops around you
“Do you like chains?”
“W-what? What do you mean?” he caughed, almost choking with his food, taken aback by your question
“See those trousers over there? I feel like you might like them” you simply said while pointing your finger to a mannequin in a shop
“Didn’t know that it could be an item. Do humans nowadays integrate clothings with weapons? It’s a great idea”
“That’s not a weapon, it’s an accessory”
“Yeah, a deadly accessory”
“No! Jeez… let’s just get in and have a look, and don’t complain this time!” you said unwillingly pulling his arm
“Y/n I like them!” he said widely smiling at you
“I’m happy to know that, it might suit the t-shirt I’ve bought you before!” you smiled back
“Oh yeah, I can see that!” his smile only getting bigger
“Oh! Wait here! I might have something for you!” you said turning around
“Here! What do you think?” you curiously asked while showing him some rings, a bracelet and a nice necklace
“I don’t wear jewels" he reluctantly replied
"It looks good tho, people love it!” you insisted
“Do you…love it to? he shyly asked looking at what you were holding
“Of course it will look great on you! Trust me!” you replied with glowy eyes
“Fine...” he sighed
“I still don’t really get it, how did my kimono turn pink?” He suddenly asked as you were putting your keys back and placing the bags on the table
“Well, did you mix it with something red, perhaps?” You asked while taking your shoes off
“No! I’m not stupid! I’ve already done that mistake once and I’ve learned my lesson” he replied following you, remembering how scary you looked that day, it was one of the rare times where he saw you with a completely different aura, that wasn't bubbly and warm as usual, shivers running down his spine
“You messed up my favorite t-shirt, you know how difficult it is to find such a great item for me?” you asked annoyed, that story still bothers you. It really was you favourite and he ruined it with his red sock
“Again, I didn’t know, but I swear, this time It wasn't me!”
“Fine let me see…" you rolled your eyes as you headed to the bathroom to check what happened to the washing machine
"...nevermind, guess the machine is broken!” You hurriedly replied
“What’s wrong?” he asked leaning on the door
“What are you hiding?”
“What’s behind your back?”
“Let me see”
“No” you said, quickly running away from him
“Brat! Let me see!” he shouted as he chased you around the house
"No!" you replied, as he pushed you over the sofa, blocking your moves and pinning your hands to see what you were hiding
"What that yours?" he asked confused, his ears turning to the same colour of what you were holding
"Well it depends, do you happen to wear panties too?" you genuinely asked, making his face turn even redder
"Brat you ruined my kimono! I'm about to ki-"
"Wait! Look at the bright side!"
"Which is?"
"It matches with your hair"
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afternoonlovepaint · 22 hours ago
hiii, nice blog!
But can I ask for all the JJK boys as husband with you having kids and them being loving or in their own nature as a father and maybe you could put how would they be if you were pregnant or what...hehehehe
# requested || jjk men as husbands (Part 1 - Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Toge Inumaki, Noritoshi Kamo and Satoru Gojo)
Taglist : @gojosmoochi
AN: Cutting this into two parts because this post is hella long
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ⊹⊱✫⊰ ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────
Yuji as a husband / father is a fun and loving husband who's child is always giggling because of his funny antics and ways to make his baby laugh. In terms of domesticity, I'd say Yuji is a good 8/10, the guy can cook, he can clean, can take care of his child while he's out doing the grocery shopping or just having a stroll around the neighbor with his little version. While in terms of pregnancy, he wouldn't want you to do strenuous activities and would be so willing to do most of the housework for you. Sure, sorcerer life is stressful and his life every mission is on the line, but the mere thought of his unborn child coming to this world and growing up without a father figure always motivates him.
Megumi as a husband / father is a strict one yet loving because he was once a child too, though he would rather have his child enjoy the joys of childhood simply because he couldn't as a child. The type to wake up early and prepare for his child's picnic event in school and decorates their lunch box in a cute way, add the fact that he'd also leave them notes on their post its, the notes always writes " Have a good day, my baby! " or " Daddy loves you always ". On days when his life isn't hectic, we'd mostly see him doing the house chores to the point that the whole house is spotless clean and the scent of aloe vera wafting around.
Toge as a husband / father would be a chill one. He wouldn't impose a lot of rules on his child / children and his eyes would literally have hearts whenever he's watching them play or do small achievements like rolling on the bed on their own, learning how to open and close their hands and finally learning how to get up and walk. Though he wanted to tell them a lot of things, he sadly couldn't. But never fear, he's learned how to communicate with his child with new ingredients of onigiri, such as: Sesame - How was school? / Unagi - Did you play with the other kids? or Did you have fun learning today? / Umeboshi - I'll pick you up today after classes and let's have ice cream. As a husband, Toge would prefer to help you in cleaning and cooking, please guide him well too as he would be a little confused when it comes to which cleaning material too use.
Noritoshi as a husband / father would possibly be a strict one. His child (especially if its a boy) would be the next in line of the Kamo clan, and therefore, he had to teach him everything he know of. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't let his child enjoy the joys of youth. As a child, he already experienced abandonment and longing, and he wouldn't want to make his child / children look or see him as a scary authoritarian figure. He would always be there for them, behind there backs. Even if his children are in the wrong, he would defend them in public but scold them in private. As a husband, I don't think you'd have a lot to worry about because the Kamo clan's house workers would be doing most of the work for you.
Satoru as a husband / father is a mixture of Yuji, Megumi and Toge. And to be honest, I don't think he knows how to cook and you'll have to be in charge of that department. Like I said earlier, Gojo's time is always on demand. But on days wherein he isn't needed, he would spend quality time with you and the baby. He'll be entertained just by watching his child / children playing or coloring their color books on their own. Sometimes he'd bring them over to those kid cafe's and watch as his baby play around, definitely with hearts in his eyes.
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k-rom1 · 11 hours ago
Characters: Fushiguro Megumi, Geto Suguru
Summary: How they spoil you
Fushiguro Megumi
has a tendency to steal gojo's credit to spend money on you, not him just you
doesn't even bother lying to you if you ask where he got that black card that is very obviously not his just from a glance of the characters on it
buys anything you if you look at it for more than 2 minutes and tucks it away to give you for something important
also i think that he's a great cook so he tends to make sure you eat whenever he's with you
will literally sit you down at the table and feed you himself if he has to
he's very.... nonchalant? about it
brushes you off if you try to mention it and goes red if you try to return the favour of thank him for it
he doesn't know how to express his feelings through words so just showers u in gifts
also when you're in private he will cling to you, smushing your face with his hands and covering you with kisses
Geto Suguru
by not killing you- i'm joking
he takes very good care of you, whatever part of town you're staying at you're in the best hotel, anything less than 5 stars isn't worthy for you to even glance at
continuously gives you gifts, he's even marked it on his calendar when's the next time he's supposed to give you your gifts
never tells you where he got them from or where he got the funds for it
just smiles, pecks your lips and pushes the gifts into your hands telling you to open them
does tend to get you a lot of jewelry, mostly custom made
gives you an ungodly amount of money and will say "well what if you want something and you don't have the money to get it and i'm not there?'
gets you atleast one ring every month and you swear to god they're all engagement style rings
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gumipawz · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
₊﹒pairing . . . toji x fem!reader.
₊﹒warnings . . . reader is black coded / cockwarming / ball worship / facefucking / cum swallowing / masturbation / pet name usage
₊﹒word count . . . 2.2k
₊﹒a/n . . . brain full of toji. minors do not interact!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“. . . . a what?”
“an oral fixation,” you had told him while cutely rising up on your tip toes then plopping back down. your hands were interlocked behind your back, and every inch of skin shown underneath your tight, thin strapped, mid-thigh length sundress shimmered with sweet, melon scented lotion. “i read about it. supposedly it, uh . . it sprouts from infancy . . . when,” your eyes avert down to the white french tip neatly swiped along the edges of your pretty toenails. “when oral needs aren’t met . . it’s why i’m always chewing gum and . . nibbling on things, toji.”
toji knows he’s getting up there when regarding his age. he knows he’s a little . . out of the loop with social media, these new electric cars, wireless earbuds, and that nintendo switch hand-held gaming console you love playing while burrowed underneath a pillow fort. but he thinks this, this new . . revelation, really slaps a label on things – on him, to be more specific, labeled ‘old man’ in thick, red letters. he’s never heard of this before. an oral fixation?
it’s why i’m always chewing gum and nibbling on things, toji.
you do like nibbling on things, yes that’s true. from inedible pen caps, hoodie drawstrings, christ, you could barely even sleep if you weren’t suckling on the skin of his bicep, collarbone, or forearm as if he were nothing but a piece of meat you got to sink your little teeth into whenever you wanted . . the random hickies there can prove that much. then there were the edible things such as dual watermelon and strawberry flavored ring pops, popsicles, stretchy bubblegum, and ice cubes. seventy five percent of the time throughout the day something was occupying that little mouth of yours. toji had thought it was just an absentminded thing you do, like the way he pushes his tongue against the inside of his cheek when he was trying to focus or how he made small clicking sounds with it when he’s struggling to remember something.
finding out that you don’t nip at the sleeves of your shirts just for the fun of it is a bit . . jarring. when he asks you if it’s a disorder, you want to burst into laughter at his overly concerned expression. “no, not really,” you giggle while shaking your head, causing your freshly washed curls to brush against the apples of your risen cheeks. “it’s just . . it’s like — a self-stimulatory . . . habit.”
he’s rubbing a wide hand across the short, dark haired stubble growing along his jaw, seemingly processing this and you let him. “but, uhm,” you twist your big toe into the carpeted floor beneath you. “i’m telling you this for a reason.” a reason that you’ve been too timid to approach him with for too many months. but toji, while physically intimidating with a stature of six feet and two and a half inches, broad shoulders, and a decade old scar running vertically down the right corner of his plush, soft lips, there is and always will be a certain . . . delicateness he maintains with you.
you know that if you were to tell him the reason why he wouldn’t look at you in shock or disgust or with hostility; that just isn’t him. forcing yourself to keep that in mind, that’s what has you shyly telling him that you’d like to sit between his legs, open up your pretty, little mouth, and cockwarm him. “you don’t . . well duh, you don’t have to like, say yes. i know this is weird and,” you’re rambling now, something you do when you feel embarrassed. “and maybe not . . normal.”
toji’s staring at you with a lazy smirk on his face, arms folded across his big chest, and legs manspreaded wide. it’s often you get shy, but still, he finds it cute. “relax, shortstuff,” he gruffs out, cutting your clumsy ramblings to a halt. “i’ll let you . . i, uh, i give my consent.”
“you do?” the way your eyes light up is striking. it’s like you hadn’t thought he’d say yes which is more confusing in and of itself because why wouldn’t he? “t-thank you,” your voice is tiny again and you’re taking these small, short steps over so that you can stand between his legs. “thank you, toji.”
you’re fucking adorable. he lifts himself up from the settee so that he can stand and when lengthened to his full height, your head barely meets his pectorals. “anythin’,” he has to lift your chin up with one of his hands so that he can look down into your wide, doe eyes. “and i mean anythin’ i will do for you.”
and so he does. he grabs himself a beer, flicks the football game onto the television, plops a thick pillow down between his feet so that you don’t bruise your little knees, and gets comfortable.
you’re excited, he can tell by the way your fingers shake as you hook them into his sweats and tug them down just enough so that his softened cock is exposed, laying across his fat, swollen balls. you tuck the fabric underneath them, taking one look up at toji to see his eyes focused on the screen of the tv as he took a sip of cold beer. you thank him once more, because only the heavens know how long you’ve wanted to do this. the sheer weight of him on your tongue has always made you go completely brainless and sated and nothing in this world compares. you’ve tried to satiate yourself with objects and food close to his girth and length but nothing comes close.
you sigh with contentment when about half of him is in your mouth and knowing you got to just sit here this time, has you closing your eyes and plopping the side of your face against a thick, muscled thigh. you’re happy.
toji pats your head softly, “you okay?”
you nod.
for him, it’s a new feeling — hot, wet warmth just hugged around his cock but, in a way, he supposes that this is also comforting to him, too. because he has you close, albeit between his legs, it’s almost as if you both are silently bonding. he looks down at you again, at your lashes fanned out across the soft peaks of your cheeks, the cute smoosh of the one laid against his thigh, the tight, frizzed coils of your hair, your glossed lips wrapped around him.
it’s maybe thirty minutes in before he realizes you fell asleep.
he knows it because you start to suckle on him very gently, the same way you do his forearm at night. “lil minx,” he utters, gulping down the last of his lukewarm beer before he’s resting the bottle down on the coffee table. and at the slightest sound of glass meeting glass, you startle just the tiniest bit awake, sleepy eyes opening so that you can look up at him. he shushes you quietly, apologizing for the sound, leaving you to turn and lay the other side of your face on his opposite thigh. you sigh again, before you’re practically melting where you sit, and closing your eyes once more.
seeing you so docile and soft has toji wondering how long you’ve wanted this.
the way you sit so quiet and complacent has him thinking it’s been for a while. he moves his leg in the slightest and you just move along with him, allowing him to bend and shape you any way he wants. you make him huff a small chuckle out of shock, “you doin’ okay down there, doll?”
as much as you want to ignore it though, you can feel the seat of your panties sticking to your needy cunt with your dripping slick. you feel upset. you didn’t want this. this was supposed to be . . innocent — sinless. and in your mind it is, but your body . . . it’s a betrayer. it’s accustomed to toji, so even if you wanted to just guiltlessly cockwarm your boyfriend for a couple hours, your greedy pussy wanted more.
toji hears you huff an angry breath through your nose which has him breaking eye contact with the television once again to look down at you. your threaded brows were pulled taut to mimic an expression of agitation. “aye, what’s wrong?” he asks, concerned.
you don’t answer. instead, you lift your head, straighten up your spine, then drop your mouth down to bury the rest of his cock inside your throat. toji’s thighs twitch beside your head and he’s adjusting his posture with a slight hiss.
just one time, you tell yourself.
you’ll indulge yourself just this once.
when you start to bob your head is when toji speaks up, voice thin and quiet, “what . . what happened to jus’ us sittin’ here, doll?”
you let his cock, fat and throbbing, slip from your mouth with a small ‘pop’ so that you can pout and adjust yourself on your knees to widen them. “i don’t . . . i don’t know,” you feel oddly embarrassed. “can i . . do this too, though?”
you look up into his eyes beneath your lashes. toji has both his arms thrown over the back of the couch now. there’s a hint of a smirk starting to lift the corner of his lips where his scar resides at the sight of your doughy cheeks and pretty pout. “mhm,” with no hands, he makes his cock give a soft jump which always makes you scrunch your nose and smile at how silly it looked. “go ahead.”
your tongue, small and warm, drags a line up to his drooly tip from his balls then back down to where you suckle one in your mouth. your eyes close at the feel and taste of him, firm and malleable over soft, musk-tainted skin. you moan. you roll one of his heavy balls over your tongue, suckling hard until your cheeks hallowed then popping it out to give attention to the other.
toji’s cursing softly above you, starting to stroke his cock and pulls it towards his abdomen to give you more room to work with. “jus’ fuckin’ filthy, aren’t you?” he hums.
you can’t help it. you’ve always had a fascination with toji’s sac that you never wanted to really delve into. all you know is that when you feel them, heavy and swelled with his semen, smacking loudly against the pucker of your asshole while he has you folded with your knees by your ears, ankles clutched in one of his big hands, you go absolutely stupid. when you can practically see them swaying through those thin basketball shorts he liked to wear to bed sometimes, your mouth waters. it’s plain out perverted.
“mmf — good,” you murmur when you’re pulling your throat free from his cock to gape for air and look up at him.
the surface of your eyes are polished with unshed tears and you’re scrunching your nose to cutely sniffle some snot back into your nose. “taste . . s’good, toji.”
“my god.”
his eyes scroll back into his head upon lifting his hips to bury himself to the hilt inside of your mouth. what was once gentle sucks morphs into him grabbing the sides of your face to blatantly use it. “so fuckin’,” his jaw clicks when he clenches it. “disgusting.”
you’re making a mess — foamy, thick lines of spit that dribbles past the stretched corners of your lips and down his shaft to a mat of trimmed pubes. warm tears drip across plush cheeks and your little fingers twitch and wriggle where they grip toji’s muscled thighs, dying to slip down between your opened legs where your pussy ached and pulsed for attention. during moments like these, you’re thankful that your boyfriend knows you so well because with his granted permission, a low groan of, “go ahead. daddy knows it hurts, rub your pretty, lil’ clit f’me.” you’re doing your best to gurgle your sweet thank yous with a mouthful of cock before you’re slipping your fingers underneath your tight sundress, into your little thong, and maneuvering tiny circles along your thumping clit.
it’s perfect.
you do your absolute best to keep your mouth tight around toji while doing so and lift your blurry eyes to watch him tilt his head back, showing off the thick column of his neck where a silver chain hangs off of it that dangles your first name’s initial.
it’s only right that your orgasm creeps on you so suddenly at the blatant symbol of possession — of knowing he was all yours and he enjoyed letting everyone know.
you choke around him, your throat spasms as a gush of wetness leaks out of you to wet your fingers, panties, and drip down the insides of your thighs. toji is not far off. the clench of your throat around his sensitive tip has his body locking up before it relaxes again in spasming intervals as shot after shot of thick, runny, pearly white cum pulses into your mouth. “d-damnit,” he hisses, eyebrows pinched close and fists slowly loosening in your hair with each passing second until he’s all worn out.
you’re swallowing his seed without needing to lift your head to do so. what’s heard throughout the living room are both of your hard pants and the sound of a referee calling a fumble from the television. “fuck,” you hear him chuckle before he’s brushing some curls off of your forehead to get a good look at you. “you okay, pretty?”
your nod is small. “mhm.”
with your closed eyes comes a new bout of relaxation. tuckered out and bleary-eyed, you plop the side of your face back on his thigh, lolling yourself to sleep with the feel of his calloused fingers massaging your scalp.
Tumblr media
© COPYRIGHT. all content belongs to GUMIPAWZ! do not modify, claim, share or repost on other platforms.
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anqelically · a day ago
Tumblr media
WORDS: 443
CONTENT: angst, character death
NOTE: yuji angst is just so easy to do
Tumblr media
you love him.
“you have to do it.”
bodies were littered around the place. then there was blood not only staining the ground but your clothes, itadori’s clothes too.
“no,” the tears escaped the ends of your eyes, “i-i can’t do it. you know i can’t!”
you love him.
the fears of the higher-ups came true, as much as you hated to admit it. the king of curses slaughtered people. it all happened in front of your eyes, a sight itadori watched go down in his own body.
almost all of sukuna was already consumed, and that gave the cursed spirit that temporary edge. his power grew and itadori let his guard down. now here they were.
“please do it,” itadori had wrapped your fingers around the cursed energy-imbued knife.
“yuji,” you laid your head on his one shoulder as your free hand held the other, “we’ll find another way! just… just please don’t make me do this.”
you love him.
he picked your head up, smiling at you of all things. then the pinkette’s lips met your own, and you would’ve never guessed the rough experiences you guys went through together from how soft you two acted.
the way you gently held each other like the other was glass. and that’s how it really was, anything could happen to make your hearts break.
“i love you,” itadori reminded you as he moved your hand over. it was the hand that held the dagger, and he made sure it stopped in front of his heart.
“yuji…” your voice cracked as you tried to swallow, but it seemed like you couldn’t.
you love him.
“i’m glad i met you,” itadori thought back to the simpler days where he was naive. ignorance is bliss as they say. “even though we can’t stay together forever, i’m glad for the memories we made!”
a shaky breath escaped from your dry mouth. you’ve lost so much, just why did the world decide to make you lose another? and not just anyone, itadori of all people.
he was a great person, but death doesn’t care.
”i’m thankful for you,” you came closer to him and wrapped your one arm around him, “and i love you too.”
his body went limp in your arms, both of you dropping onto the ground. the knife in his heart was fatal, and it was because of you.
a loud cry escaped you.
all and any emotions you felt were poured out as you cried, clutching onto the boy. he deserved the world, yet here he was.
“i’m so sorry,” you repeated it like a mantra.
you love him, but you also killed him.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated <3
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ryomantic · a day ago
love through a millenium
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: emperor!sukuna ryōmen x reader
genre: angst, fluff, smut
parts: 1/??
warnings: torture, death, misogyny, sexism, classism
note: read in order of the masterlist and not chronologically; ties in with an unreleased toji and geto fic in the same universe
historical context/explainations |
Tumblr media
april 1705 - sukuna arrives, with the cherry blossoms are in full bloom
november 1683 - the beginning of a harsh winter, the end of a long wait
january 1685 - death comes knocking on the doors of those who hide
. . .
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sukunababy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 19. Corruption kink
Tumblr media
Pairing: dilf!Toji Fushiguro x babysitter f!reader
Synopsis: Mr. Fushiguro is looking forward to becoming a father, again
Warning: age gap, corruption kink, breeding kink, belly bulge, cervix fucking, daddy kink, blow job, fingerfucking, choking, nipple play
wc: + 1 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
As you cradle the baby in your arms the sound of keys echoes at the front door. His footsteps are heavy as he makes his way to the bedroom.
"Sorry I'm late," he says laying the heavy bag on the floor and running his fingers through his disheveled hair. You shake your head as you place baby Megumi in his crib, "no problem" you reassure him, "Mr. Fushiguro." 
The black, rain-soaked t-shirt is clinging to his sculpted chest, allowing glimpses of his muscles, "has he been good?" he asks peering at the baby in his crib, making sure he's at least breathing. "Yes, we started eating the baby food a little more solid today" you inform him but the man is too distracted by his phone to listen. "Um come on over I'll pay you" he says walking out of the room after casting one last look at the baby.
"Are you free this weekend?" he asks as you follow him into the kitchen, and when you nod he sits down on the couch and pulls his wallet out of his pocket, "then you should keep him all weekend and Monday too," he says as he holds out the money to you, muscles darting under his t-shirt.  
"You should change before you catch a cold Mr. Fushiguro" he says without thinking, Toji smirks, "mmh yeah?" he asks amused making you sign to sit next to him.
"Oh what a good girl" he murmurs stroking your thigh, "you know since you started working for me I feel like your skirts have gotten shorter and shorter" he says tracing your warm skin with his fingertips. When you blush he pinches your cheek, "that's cute" his hand is getting closer and closer to your panties, "I bet you're already wet" he murmurs in your ear with a smirk on his face. "I'm not ..." you murmur trying to block his hand, "I'm not wet daddy ... I mean Mr. Fushiguro" you mumble correcting yourself.
He bursts out laughing, "am I your daddy now baby?" he asks caressing you between your thighs, the nub coated, sending jolts all along your body, "mmh that's cute" he meows licking your neck.
As his fingers become more insistent you spread your legs and pull your neck back giving him more access. Toji slips his hand inside your little thong and massages your clit with his big finger, "how does it feel baby?" he asks nibbling on your jaw, "is daddy making you feel good?"
His finger gets rougher on your nub, "it feels good" you gasp clinging to his arm, "so good", Toji pushes his finger between your folds and giggles in your ear, "so wet" he says pushing into you. As his finger is sinking deeper and deeper inside your cunt with his other hand Toji holds your ponytail in his fist, "you're such a good girl" he murmurs, pulling you towards him to push his tongue into your mouth, making you moan.
When you reach into his pants his cock is hard and pressing against the fabric of his boxers, "it's been a long time since someone has made me happy" he murmurs sensually, "do you want to help daddy?" he asks pulling his hand out of your eager pussy, and pushing your head towards his cock.
"Can you touch me some more, p-please?" you ask as you release his shaft and lay back on the couch, your ass in the air, he laughs before grabbing your ass cheek, "go ahead baby" he says moving your panties to the side and resuming his work inside you.
The head of his big cock fills your mouth, when Toji pushes you onto his shaft you gasp and your eyes pinch with tears, "go ahead pretty girl" he encourages you pulling his long shaft up and down by your hair.
Your pussy swallows his fingers and your juices slowly slide down your thighs, drool forms on the sides of your mouth, sliding down your chin and onto his balls, "yes that's good" he praises you when you finally manage to swallow him whole, your throat swelling every time you push the head down.
Your sore cunt starts to get more and more eager, and you start thrusting your hips into his hand trying to focus on your breathing, "what a slut" he moans pushing your head down on his pubes and holding you still as his fingers sink more quickly inside your cunt. 
Your moans are muffled by his long shaft, and when Toji adds a third finger inside you your vision blurs, your lower belly begins to be run through by tremors until you come creaming, "if you want to breathe keep cumming" he says holding your head pressed against his body. As if to please him your cunt twitches, cumming again and again.
When Toji lets you breathe the drool joins your abused mouth to his swollen cock, "what a dirty girl" he teases you licking his fingers with your sweet cum, "come here and ride daddy" he says helping you up.
When you're standing you slide your embarrassingly wet panties to the floor and slip off your sweater, "yeah, so cute" he murmurs when you roll your skirt to your hips and climb up his thighs, slowly sliding down his thick shaft.
Although his fingers have slightly prepared you for that intrusion you feel the walls stretch as you slide his cock inside you, "s-so big" you gasp when you manage to take it all in. With a grin on his face Toji grabs your ass roughly and begins to massage it leaving red marks on your warm skin, "let me see you jump, baby" he murmurs taking one nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard.
As you begin to pounce on his cock your limbs relax as the orgasm grows inside you, you can see how his huge cock glimpses into your belly making it bulge every time it hits your bottom, painfully grazing your cervix, "Daddy I'm coming again" you meow rubbing your clit on his pubes.
Without taking his mouth off your swollen nipple, Toji begins to move underneath you.
He holds you up on top of him and then pulls you down his cock hard, making you moan, "Daddy" you scream through tears creaming along his length and onto his balls. "You're such a good girl" he murmurs making you jump up and down mercilessly, "you'd make a good mommy too" he murmurs biting your neck and sucking on the salty skin, "will you make me a daddy again, pretty girl" he asks getting up from the couch and fucking you harder, his balls deep inside you.
"Y-yes da-daddy" you meow unable to formulate any more words.
Every time his cock pushes against your cervix your cunt twitches, "yeah baby, do we want to give Megumi a sibling?" he moans gritting his teeth, "take my cum baby, yeah, that's it" he moans cumming inside your abused pussy, "look how cute".
When his cock stops twitching in your hole Toji puts you down on the couch, "I'm sure you'll be even hotter with a baby bump" he says pressing your cheeks with his fingers, "just a couple more cum shots and we should be done" he chuckles kissing you on your little pout.
When the baby's crying interrupts you Toji lets go of your face, "go mommy, the baby needs you" he murmurs with a smirk.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @saccharinegrll @akinokisetsu @kuroohoeee @cookiesformytummy @ghostietales @kamizama @eremikakisses @softjaegerhours @Nelvvyyy @NamiKawaiiNeko @haobrcndy @heichouswife @nezsded @mutsu422 @justcellie @tangorohamado @atshena @br4tsuki @shawtybethicc @akiko-cum @whalecage @daddykakashisensei @dibhachu @kamustyles @akaashi-todorki @katsuki-baby @zekesblckgf @smilling-death @suga-tofu @bluellama7 @tojibreedingme @tirzamisu @all--that--jazz @hoe-for-sukuna @im-eating-rn @liltals @fiona782 @shoto-daddy @gojoussunglasses @imkumichan @sevenandsea @roppongiperfume @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @dabishutup @yukikurankiryuu @duskamethystgirl @dabibemydaddy @haitanisprincess @conchetucona @quacksonlover81 @christasano @roonilwazlibswhore @Hxrzvf @xowrae @sleepyamaya @ob-levi-on @tonaken @ilovealbert @fr4ncisf0rever @satireyo @hawtlineblingz @fantasyfairysworld @sri-uwu
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𝐉𝐉𝐊 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰
Tumblr media
characters: Yuji Itadori,Megumi Fushiguro,Nobara Kugisaki,Maki Zenin,Toge Inumaki,Yuta Okkotsu (mention of Satoru Gojo)
type: headcanons
Tumblr media
Yuji Itadori
At first Yuji will think that it seems to him that it has snowed, but then noticing that the snowflakes are actually falling, he will start jumping for joy.
He will immediately call you to look out the window to go crazy with this phenomenon of nature.
He will run out into the street and he doesn't care that it's cold because the main thing is that snow has fallen.
You will catch snowflakes together with your mouth.
And the most important thing is that he or you will run down the street together and shout that it's snowing even if everyone is resting.
Megumi Fushiguro
He doesn't care about the fact that snow has fallen because this is a common phenomenon that happens every year.
If you managed to take him outside, then one snowflake will fall on his nose and wince slightly.
Basically, he will stand with a stone face.
But to defuse the situation, you will throw snow down his neck so that his emotions will awaken.
If he refused to go outside, then you will call him to see what you did as a result, a snowball will fly into his face.
While you were laughing, he was already ready..
Nobara Kugisaki
The first thing that will come to her mind is to go to the store for new clothes as soon as possible.
Images of what you will wear together in this weather have long been invented in her head.
If you put aside thoughts about clothes, then she is glad that snow has fallen.
You will sculpt snowmen together, or she will get into some pose and you will sculpt her snow version.
If she wants to take a picture of the masterpiece that you have made, then expect that it will be destroyed by a Panda that suddenly flew at you.
Now this poor guy was buried under the snow.
Maki Zenin
Like Megumi, she won't really attach much importance to this.
But she will go outside with you to get some fresh and cool air.
You will accidentally slip and fall together, turning your heads at each other and start laughing.
A snowflake will fall on her nose and because of this she will sneeze like an awakened cat.
This will make you laugh even harder, but you will be more likely to be touched and Maki will start kicking you slightly with his hands.
Toge Inumaki
He will be glad of the snow, but he will not be able to describe it in words, so he will throw snow at anyone.
You will not have time to turn around as a snowball will fly at you and it will melt behind your collar forcing you to squirm.
He will definitely be happy with his work, but he will come up to you and start shaking the snow off you.
Your clothes will get wet and you will go into your room to change them, but you will hear a plaintive cry.
He decided to lick the metal swing, but his tongue stuck and his cursed technique is powerless here.
Now you were standing and blowing hot breath on him to peel yourself off from the iron pipe.
Yuta Okkotsu
He will be happy and invite you to take a walk outside since the snow was not heavy.
If snow falls from a tree, he will shake it off you and fix your hair.
If you want to make a small snow figure, but you forgot your gloves, then he will help you with this despite the fact that his hands are already numb.
He'll blush a little when you shake the snow off his hair.
With all of them (BONUS)
You will all get together and start sculpting a snow tower, but like a bolt from the blue, the strongest Gojo Satoru will come and blow your creation to hell and then run away from the whole crowd of students with a satisfied face.
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jjk | twitter links II
Tumblr media
-> warnings: twi!ter porn || breeding, spanking, public sex, throat fucking, overstimulation, rough sex, choking, sex toys, fingering, threesome, spitting, bondage, degradation, masturbation, gangbang, creampie, edging
-> featuring: gojo, geto, sukuna, toji, choso, nanami, naoya x reader
-> includes female and male reader
-> jjk twt links I ⎯ jjk twt links II ⎯ jjk twt link III
Tumblr media
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link
fem!reader: LINK!! link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link
Tumblr media
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keizos · 2 months ago
weak to you. // toji fushiguro.
Tumblr media
+ drabble. short ‘n sweet.
+ wc. 800+
+ synopsis. you’re toji’s newest fixation. alt; he’s pussy whipped, you’re cockdrunk, it’s a match made in hell.
+ cw. fem reader. daddy kink. condescending praise. toji is very smug and full of himself as usual. size kink. dacryphillia. overstimulation. mindbreak (but only a little). creampie.
+ a/n. woke up and chose to be a whore. as always, 18+, minors do not interact. (also yes this is titled after the dexta daps song)
Tumblr media
toji thinks he’s found his new obsession when he sinks into you for the third time that day, fourth time that week. he’s absolutely sure of it.
his thoughts only reinforce when he sees your reaction. the way your eyes cross and your back arches up, tits circling and pretty nipples becoming pert to the cold air. he looks down and sees the way your soft tummy tenses up, the way your pussy opens and splits itself to take in his thick veiny cock. you’re addicting, he thinks, watching the way you suck him in and soak him and all he’s doing is just sliding in. his large hands brace themselves on the soft of your hips, thumbs pressing into the front of your waist, and an open mouth smirk rests wickedly on his face as he slowly trails up your body to meet your glossy eyes and twitching lips once more.
you’re already about to cry and he hasn’t even fucked you yet.
he doesn’t try to hide back his amusement, pawing up to you like wildcats to lambs. he licks up the side of your neck, flattening his tongue over the muscle, flicking it over the lobe of your ear and pressing a soft kiss accompanied by a dark chuckle to that soft spot right in the nook of your ear. his breath tickles over the sensitive hairs, causing you to twitch away and clench over him— oh shit, he’s gonna need you to do that again.
“‘s the matter, baby girl?” he coos and it’s mocking. “crying already? i’m barely halfway inside you.”
his dark eyes fall greedily to your reaction. he loves this, being so faux concerned and teasing with his tone. he loves it, because you never failed to give him just what he wanted. those doe eyes rounded off, pupils dilating as your eyebrows drooped, chest rising just a tad- just as it always did before you whined out to him.
“it’s- it’s—“ you can’t finish your sentence and he has no intention of you doing it. he pushes in another inch, humming at the way you stretch around him, messy pussy popping in glee as it desperately tried to accompany his cock. you gasp, and he presses a kiss to your cheek.
“too big?” he all but grins, sparing you that at least. his mercy is short lived, a deep chuckle erupting in the base of his throat. “i know.”
he pushes in more, licking his lips. your thighs start to quake and tremble as he forced the fattest section of his dick into you, barely sparing you any warning. agreeing to fuck him was warning enough. you whine and blink, and the glossiness gets watery, tears pooling at your waterline. you couldn’t get any cuter if you tried.
“too much for you?” he asks again. it’s rhetorical. you can’t answer and he doesn’t prompt you to, he could care less when he knew the truth. he was too much for you, overwhelming your senses until you broke and fell apart almost immediately whenever he looked at you. you shook like autumn leaves in his presence and yielded beneath him like dough. he chuckles again, leaning into your sensitive ear once more.
“i know.”
he pauses, and the anticipation builds up in you both.
“but you’re gonna take me anyway.”
he has to suppress a loud moan when he bottoms out, either from the way you wrapped around him, reacted to him or both. the tears in your crossed eyes break their retention and come running down the sides of your face, mouth opening and closing as you try to adjust to his sheer size. it’s pointless, he thinks, because he never gave you a chance to anyway.
“isn’t that right, princess?”
he could never get enough of how you clamped down around him whenever he said something you liked.
“yes, daddy.”
“atta girl.”
he pushes up onto his knees and grabs onto one of your legs, pressing a soft kiss to the ankle while holding the other one down by the thigh to keep you spread and split for him. his eyes travel down and he curses. every part of you was fucking pretty, but goddamn your pussy was something else. your clit was a pretty shade of rosy pink, engorged and yearning for the smallest touch— a graze from his thumb already had you creaming shamelessly around him. your lips stretched to their limit around the brunt of his cock and he hisses, pulling his hips back slowly, watching the way the silvery streaks of slick and cream coated over his cock thickly. he pulls and pulls until the head is just barely in your walls, and then—
he drills himself back in all at once.
he can’t get enough of this, toji thinks. you’re too much. the way you cry out and babble, slutty little mouth drooling all over itself as you praise and praise him so shamelessly. it’s incredible, he thinks, after you spray all over him for the nth time that day and still cry for more, for him, for all of him. he thinks you’re insatiable when you pull your own legs to your chest, wrapping your hands around the back of your knees and begging him to go deeper, you wanna feel him deeper. he builds up a sweat with you, dripping down the bridge of his nose and onto your already stuck out tongue. you don’t even budge.
“cockhungry little thing aren’t you?” he beams after pulling you to the edge of the bed, propping one foot up on it and bracing the rest of his weight on the floor. “fucked you raw today and you still want more?”
and you insisted. chanted that you needed more, that he had to fill you up, that you needed to feel him dripping out of you one more time. toji wonders if he’s created another monster when you giggle and squeal, playing and pinching your own tits as he sinks into you again and again and again, or if you’d always been like this and no one ever fucked you proper to find out. he’s broken you and he knows it from the way you look at him with your pupils blown drug-like wide, nothing behind your eyes except the desperate need for his cum. he knows when you whimper out and whine for him, locking your ankles around his lower back and pressing him in until his cock nestles and kisses against your cervix and you keep him there. he knows after he pumps his thick seed into you and you thank him, crumbling into the bed while your spent cunt pulses and shivers in thanks as well.
yeah, toji concludes. he’s found his new obsession and he doesn’t plan on breaking away from you very soon.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: babysitting ryomen sukuna’s son, yuuji, has its perks— money comes easy and he lets you do whatever the hell you want...including fucking your boyfriend on duty. that’s only, of course, if you let him join in.
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ PAIRING: satoru gojo, ryomen sukuna x fem!reader.
ʚ♡ɞ WC: 3.2K.
ʚ♡ɞ RATED:   mature, 18+, mdni.
ʚ♡ɞ GENRE: college!au, babysitter!au, smut.
ʚ♡ɞ CW: please read ! heavy smut, ( characters aged to twenties ), age gap, sukuna is in his fourties, reader and gojo are twenty-one,  dom!sukuna, dom!gojo, heavy!degredation, daddy!kink, slight!cucking,  dub-con, threesomes, oral sex ( female recieving ), impact play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, double penetration ( kinda ), unprotected sex, creampie.
ʚ♡ɞ A/N: happy friday my lovelies!! i’m back with another wonderful commission from @pan-cakez who has allowed me to post!! this is my first time writing a full fic for JJK and it was super fun, so i hope you all enjoy!!
ʚ♡ɞ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
babysitting yuuji itadori was easy money.
he was a good kid, well behaved and full of energy—it had taken you years to nail a solid bedtime routine for him, although with him starting had little need for silly cartoons and a warm glass of turmeric milk before bed. so babysitting him was easy money especially for a college student— all you had to do was keep him fed and make sure he’d done his homework.
the kid was practically old enough to take care of himself but you already knew why his father, ryomen sukuna, had kept you around for this long. 
sukuna was a dilf by all possible standards, a silver fox with a charming personality and cheeky quips that would have filled your tummy with butterflies if you weren’t already dating someone. you knew that whenever yuuji was dropped off at school, all parents stood a little straighter and smiled a little brighter to get sukuna’s attention.
not only was he built to the level of gods, bulking out any t-shirts he wore with a jawline that could cut gems rarer than diamonds— ryomen sukuna was the best boss you could ever ask for. he paid well, more than a sitter should probably earn, left money for food and sometimes booze if yuuji had an early bedtime. sukuna let you have whoever you wanted over, never a need to ask permission.
he worked late nights at his tattoo shop, black ink spiralled across his arms and his chest in all sorts of shapes, some even peeking out from between stray strands of strawberry pink hair. the times you interacted with him were pleasant, even when he looked down your top and stared at the curve of your tits mid-conversation.
not that you minded, sukuna was hot, you were hot and it meant that fresh hot cash was flowing into your bank account every week. 
you both were taking advantage of one another, you with the ridiculous money you made and sakuna with the stacks of mental porn he had from the sweet little college girl who babysat his kid.
it was a two way street. 
so you tried not to feel guilty for using this man, especially when you were filthy rich and getting fucked on his living room couch. 
“y’sure—fuck baby— you’re so fucking tight, ‘m not fuckin’ you ‘nough, am i?” your boyfriend, satoru gojo asks in a pant, as he pushes his dick, swollen and red through your honeyed folds and prods at your welcoming entrance. “y’so busy with this stupid kid these days—shit,” you straddle his lap, your arousal stained thighs pulled apart due to him spreading on the couch. you’re barely dressed—cotton panties pushed to the side and your shirt pulled up just enough so that your breasts spill against gojo’s chest. he’s hardly in a neater state than you, sweats and boxers hanging low and tucked under the base of his cock— his shirt thrown into the depths of the room, nowhere to be found. “y’sure we should be doing this?” 
satoru’s breath is warm, almost wet against your bare skin as his head drops to your shoulder to hide the rose blooms on his cheeks, silver hair ticking your chin. your hands, which had not been occupied before, walk their way up the plains of his milky and unblemished skin— aside from a beauty mark here or there. you pinch his flesh until it’s red, sighing in content when his hips jerk and nudge his cockhead into your sensitive walls, a strained whimper laying on the sheen of his lips.
he had always been a pain slut. 
smiling to yourself, your hands wander upwards, lazy circles among other shapes drawn onto the back of gojo’s neck, experimentally squeezing your cunt, running like a tap, down on your boyfriend. your hands resume their dance along to the white hairs that curl against the cusp of his neck, tugging on them. “sukuna won’t be back for hours, yuuji, so cute yet so dumb is sound asleep and you and i,” your breathless chuckle ends in a sweet moan when gojo bottoms out inside of you— his hips flush against yours and pelvis pushed  against your sticky clit. “are alone.” your pussy’s grip on him locks like a vice, lubing gojo up with what drips from your stretched hole. 
“oh yeah, you liked that, didn’t you baby? naughty, naughty, bitch,” satoru teases in a whisper, his sapphire eyes darting up to the side of your face, licking up sweat along your jawline as your body flashes with heat. his hips move slowly beneath yours, building up a rhythm planned meticulously to make you ache just for him, your cunt wet and spasming down on him again. “what about the old man? what if we get caught?” 
you’re light headed already, barely having worked for your pleasure as gojo’s girth pushes against the resistance of your drooling slit, eventually accommodating for his length like it always does—you manage to nod, lips parted in a shaky mewl. “love it toru, you know that, keep goin’,” you breathe, feeling like a rabbid college freshman as he picks up the pace, fucking into you until slow claps of skin on skin echoe throughout the dark living room. “you feel so good like that... if we get caught, let the old man watch he’s a dirty bastard ‘n he’d fucking like it— fuck satoru!” 
your boyfriend kneads your meaty ass, digging into the flesh as he drags you back and forth in his lap, the sheer length of his cock pressing against your cervix—pulsing needily against your walls. “moan my name, a little louder baby, you know i like to hear it,” a grin spreads against gojo’s pink lips, watching your face scrunch up and your head shake, your body collapsing like a temple under your arousal. “talk so dirty for someone with a mouth so pretty, bet the old man would love to stuff it,” 
satoru’s hands drop to your hips, holding you high as his own buck up to fill you with everything he’s got, giving you no room to breathe— you’re a rag doll in his lap, letting him fuck you until your pussy’s raw and all you can feel is gojo’s heavy balls against your bottom. 
“too bad, ain’t it baby? i don’t like to share,” 
responding is the last thing on your mind, especially when gojo pistons himself inside you like this— you can only take what he gives you, let his presence overwhelm you and drag you down into a dark abyss swirling with heated love.
lips drag across your collar bones, berry shades left in the wake of gojo’s poison kiss— love marks and proof in court that you are his and he is yours. you hug his head, burying your own soft lips in silver hair— closer isn’t close enough even with him, even with your bodies pressed against one another, your hips grinding in a passionate dance until your lower back hurts and you can feel the core of your boyfriend’s tummy moving with your own.
“satoru, toru, toru!” you cry, teeth clenched as he teases your bruised cervix, balls against your ass and sexes connected by milky strings of your arousal. 
he grips your cheeks between large hands, squishing them together until your eyes water and you’re gasping for air. “shut up, shuddap, shuddap—shit,” satoru groans, maybe even whimpers when you clamp down on his cock from harsh words. “you’re loud, nasty girl, you gotta be quiet…be quiet f’me okay? do you wanna get in trouble or do you wanna cum?” 
“cum,” you drawl, raunchy and breathless, letting your boyfriend take control of how you bounce on top of him— breasts brushing against his bare chest, mouth drooling as much as your abused slit and not a thought in your pretty little head. “wanna cum, toru!” 
gojo grins, arm snaking around your waist to smack your cunt from behind. “gonna make you cum, ruin the old man’s couch with your naughty lil pussy, yeah?” his skin is licked with perspiration, the will to pound you and push you over the edge driving the very force of his body as he fucks you.
you’re almost there, tasting the wisps of your impending orgasm like euphoria on your tongue. 
that is, until, keys jingle and the front door opens.
“you’re going to do what, with my couch?” sukuna speaks first, making yourself and gojo freeze on the couch itself. the father of one fills the room with an unimpressed aura, exuded from his disheveled form.
your boyfriend’s quick to move, throwing you off of his lap onto the couch and shielding your half naked body from the eager eyes of yuuji’s father as you try to calm your racing heartbeat. “the fuck old man? haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” he curses, pulling you close to him.
“satoru, wait—” 
“knocking in my own home? you’re a funny one, brat.” sukuna laughs, kicking the door shut behind him as he shrugs off his outwear— making himself comfortable at home. “haven’t you ever heard of respect?” 
your boyfriend’s body shakes annoyedly, yours still trembling with your ruined orgasm. you’re humiliated that you were even caught like this, fumbling around for anything to bring back your dignity. “s-sukuna! what are you doing back so soon?” you cringe at the high pitch your voice takes, heavy with embarrassment. 
“pizza.” the single father says bluntly, putting away his belongings, gaze locked onto your barely dressed frame. sukuna’s eyes never leave you, even as he sits on his other couch — instantly man spreading across it. you should feel gross for the way he looks at you, like you’re a piece of meat waiting to be devoured...but your tummy rumbles with desire instead. “thought we could order in, since you stayed so late, but i realise now, you had other plans…” 
“i’m sorry,” you whisper quickly, blood rushing through your ears. “we were just leaving,”
sukuna clicks his tongue as you gesture to your boyfriend to hurry up, making a noise in mock disappointment. “no, stay. after all, you do need to make it up to me.” he keeps his voice level, hiding his pleasure when you freeze.
“put on a little show with your brat boyfriend here, yanno, for ruining my couch…”  your boss trails off, letting his lewd words echo throughout the quiet living room while you stop mid-search for your belongings. “or, you could let me take a crack at making you feel good,” everything sukuna says has you hot at the collar, thighs pressing together while your cunt oozes— it shoots straight to your core, making desire pool in your lower belly. you shouldn’t want this, feel turned on by what yuuji’s dad says to you— but after having your orgasm torn away from you before, you can’t help it.
you’re brought back to reality when gojo scoffs from somewhere beside you—warm hand encasing your shoulder. “old man, ‘m warning you,” the silver haired man growls, bright diamond eyes fading into dark.
sukuna ignores the warning from your boyfriend, eyes falling back on you, testing you. “i know you want me, little girl,” he goads you, calling out for you like a siren in murky waters. “i see the way you look at me, how you pretend not to notice when i touch you a little lower than i you ignore me when i look up your skirts,” he groans, adjusting himself on the couch and you watch ryomen’s cock twitch from under his pants. “you want me, this dirty—nasty— old man, don’t you?” 
you feel hot underneath your collar, whimpering helplessly as your neediness to orgasm increases— you should feel shameful, especially when gojo’s right beside you. 
but you can't, not when everything sukuna had said was true.
satoru snarls possessively, shielding you as if to cover you from the eyes of the devil. “i’m taking you home,” 
“so fast, brat?” comes sukuna’s malicious chuckle as he spreads himself further, palming his hard on to the delight of your watering mouth. “are you mad because your little girlfriend acts like a whore or because you’re afraid i could fuck her better?” 
that flips the switch.
satoru chuckles darkly— sending another wave of heat down to your fluttering core. “y’know what, baby? let’s give the old man a little treat. only god knows the next time he’ll get laid,” your boyfriend decides, amusement sticking out at the end of his words. “i trust you, go on,” he whispers to you, sending you a warm look that turns your insides to mush.
“excellent,” sukuna hums, grin returning before he pats his lap. “come now pet, come sit on my cock. crawl to me.” 
your move before you can stop yourself, gravitated and crawling towards sukuna— until he manhandles you into his lap, tugging down his pants. he positions you like gojo once had, only this time, your back hits ryomen’s firm chest— giving him full access to your body. hands laced with jet black ink, then settle firmly on your hips, tearing off your panties so sukuna can grind your bare cunt against his weighty girth.
you can feel every vein press along the length of your slit, making you jolt in his grip as his hands ascend on your breasts and curves alike—pinching them raw. “you’re good at this pet, filthy even,” the father of one breathes into your ear hotly, pushing his tip through your folds and letting it bump your aching clit.
“mnno, toru—” you gasp at the feeling but can’t help but call for your boyfriend, knots twisting in your stomach. “wan’ toru too…”
“that’s it, dirty out to him while your daddy fills you up,” sukuna turns to gojo next, finally pushing into your sopping pussy and filling you up to the brim, he tweaks your nipples—tugging at the hard buds to make you wiggle your hips over his. “look at that, ain’t she a perfect fit, brat?”
“you’re sick old man,” gojo can’t help but laugh, watching you—his girl— struggle to sink down on a dick that isn’t his. sukuna is thicker where gojo is longer, fat and ballsy as he stretches out your gummy walls and hooks against your ribbed walls. you can’t help your high pitched whine as your boss starts to fuck up into you, his muscled arms hooking around your thighs to keep you spread and on display. 
god, it hurts—it hurts so good to be used like this, squirming above sukuna’s cock like a desperate little thing, fucking him back until your pussy’s foaming at his base. when you tear up, satoru finally makes his way over, cooing over the obscene slaps of sukuna’s balls against your swollen clit. “baby, ease up, you can’t take him all the way if you’re tight like that,”
your cunt creams, an embarrassing amount, at this— making the two men manipulating your body, groan deeply in unison. with a hazy head, blurry vision and limp body,  you watch as gojo sinks to his knees before your wet cunt. “toru…”
“trust me baby, daddy won’t let anything happen to you,” he shushes you, sapphire eyes locked on yours, lips now on your clit and sloppily kissing the puffy bundle of nerves. electricity jolts through your veins, tingles deep inside your sex—the feeling only amplified by the slow strokes, weight behind them, sukuna gives to your abused cunt. between gojo’s tongue flicking at your leaky pussy and the heavy cock that bruises your cervix, you become overwhelmed, spasming and drenching him in your juices until even he is struggling to breathe.
“stop that, brat—fuck off,” sukuna chokes on a moan, rolling his hips up and into yours and coaxes more simpers from you. “your filthy slut’ll cum soon if you keep that up,”
gojo breathes heavy into your swollen lower lips, entertained by the way you drip down sukuna’s balls so much that your juices run down to his asshole—you milk him so much just from having your princess pussy played with, riling gojo up as he humps the floor. “the thing about my girl, old man, is that she plays favourites,” he spits onto your hole, watching your hips jump up and squeeze sukuna hard. “daddy’s her favourite, i’m her god. i’ll make her cum before you can even spell your name,”
you twitch and sukuna speeds up, forcing his shaft deeper and deeper until you’re dumb and drooling. “wanna bet?” he asks.
“don’t need to, got her right on the edge.” 
it’s an all out war from there, satoru slipping his pink tongue against your ravaged, puffy pussy as ryomen pumps himself in and out of you— both at unruly paces. you feel hot all over, sandwiched between baritone moans and syrupy precum that smears your insides, accompanied by thick trails of saliva lost within arousal that adds shine to your folds.
shakily, your fingers curl in strawberry and silver locks of hair— yanking them tight when sukuna’s oozing tip smashes against your g-spot and satoru sucks on your clit just right. “s’too much! hurts, s’too much!” you drawl, eyes crossed, spit dripping from your mouth.
you look like a dirty slut, you feel like one too.  
“does she ever shut up? got a mouth on her that runs like a whore,” ryomen grunts through gritted teeth, focused on using his dick to abuse the pleasure button deep within your cunt— determined to make you cum first. “shut the fuck up, keep your hands to yourself and take it,” 
he growls the last part, chest burning against your back with rage as he scoops up your wandering hands and squeezes your wrists together.
“why? afraid her dirty mouth’ll make you cum before she does?” gojo teases, words muffled as he tongues where yours and sukuna’s body’s meet— tasting the mess that gathers there. “leaking so much princess, so fucking messy,” 
truth is, you can’t tell, succumbing to both men while gojo smacks at your sex— toying with your clit and sliding his fingers into you alongside ryomen’s cock— massaging your walls where the other bruises them. you’re so dizzy, between their words ‘look at this mess, you’re so nasty,’ and ‘what a dirty bitch you are,’— you’re not sure if you can last anymore.
“stop, it hurts— toru! kuna! it hurts,” you blubber, overstimulated. you don’t want them to stop, but the pain of holding back your orgasm makes you feel so on edge. “stop!” 
“yeah? then you know what to do. cum angel, cum f’me,” satoru cackles, smacking your sex repeatedly as you flinch. sukuna follows his lead, slapping your breasts as they bounce, mumbling nonsense about you cumming for him instead.
then you’re hurtling over the edge, squirting as you let go and gush over fingers and dick alike. your body is wracked with trembles— forcing sukuna to breed you with his hot seed, spewing out of your hole as you gush and gush, blood rushing through your ears. the very sight makes gojo cum too, staining his pants while white pours from your cunt along with your slick.
“fuck—!” sukuna chokes out. “fuck that was good,” 
“yeah it was,” satoru laughs breathily, kissing your shaking thighs. “but who made her cum?” 
both men look down to you, passed out and oozing cum— both of their cocks twitching to life again. “i’m not too sure, let’s call it a draw.” sukuna grins evilly.
“round two then, old man?” 
“round two, brat.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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duskamethyst · 7 months ago
stranger danger.
Tumblr media
a/n: did i sit on top of my car to imagine this? sure did. a part of the jujutsu hub collab! thank you vee @suna-reversed for organizing this horny event for us horny people.
word count: 3.8k
genre: smut, nsfw, pwp
warnings: dubcon, literally dumbass porn, degradation + praising kink, daddy kink, gun play, mentions of alcohol consumption, dui and death, public sex, overstimulation, squirting, creampie, implied kidnapping
pairing: criminal!toji x f!reader
summary: dozing off in a parking lot seems dangerous but it seems like the right thing to do. that is, until a mysterious man taps on your window.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you shouldn’t have trusted yourself. you’ve vowed to yourself not to drink tonight, especially when you were driving to the city by yourself. maybe one drink wouldn’t hurt, you thought. but that one drink led you to another until you eventually found yourself light headed and could barely walk in a straight line let alone drive home.
so now you decide it’s best to just stop in a random parking lot and doze off for a couple of hours until you’re certain that you’re sober and ready to continue your journey back home. thankfully the lights are on and there are a few other empty cars in the lot, giving you somewhat a sense of security.
even though you aren’t completely sane at the moment, you make sure the doors are locked, turn off the engine and roll your windows down slightly to allow ventilation. if you could avoid a possible car crash, might as well avoid dying from inhaling some fatal gas. so you push back your seat and close your eyes to let sleep take you over.
but it isn’t for long until you hear a knock on the window.
startled and confused, you instantly get up thinking it would be one of the securities patrolling the area, telling you to scram but you’re only met with a rather handsome man, tall and brawny standing next to your car.
he leans down to your eye level and glares at you intimidatingly before he speaks, “get out.”
in such a panicky situation, your heavy cluttered brain doesn’t really tell you what to do nor what the hell is happening so you only stare back at him tongue tied, unable to properly gauge the situation thanks to both chemicals in your system and adrenaline pumping through your veins.
“are you deaf?” he snarls with anger distorting his face.
the sharp eyes piercing through you coupled with the discernible scar on his lips go so well into his menacing demeanor and you’re aware he’s getting impatient. unsure of what to do, your hand reaches for your keys to turn on the engine, thinking it’s best to leave but he bangs on the window as if to tell you that isn’t what he wanted.
“i only told you to get out. so, get the fuck out. now.” toji waits for you to comply, but instead you just sit there frozen and he sighs in exasperation. “look, i have a fucking gun. and if you don’t do as i say, i won’t hesitate to shoot your brains off. you don’t need it anyway, right?”
toji fishes out his gun, waving it in front of you in warning. “and you’d be fucking dumb to think it isn’t loaded.”
the threatening sight of the firearm is finally what makes you unlock your doors and he immediately swings the door open and pulls you out from your vehicle by the wrist. toji eyes you up and down, taking a special interest in the mini skirt you don with a filthy smirk across his face. he peeks inside the car briefly, delighted over the fact that you’re all alone in the middle of the night– in some deserted parking lot, no less.
“where were you from?” he suddenly asks with less gruff in his tone. the eyes raking up and down your smaller frame so flagrantly makes you feel small and vulnerable.
you lick your lips to return moisture lost to parched skin as your eyes shift from his gun to his face. “a party.”
“a party, hm?” he does a double take on your whole skimpy outfit, sending a plethora of titillating thoughts to run in his head and waking up his primal instincts. he hasn’t gotten his dick wet for a while and opportunities don’t come by so easily when he’s a man on the run. he’d have to be an idiot to let this chance slip through his fingers.
“must’ve put a lot of thought on your outfit tonight. why don’t you give me a little twirl?”
toji deliberately taps the gun on the side of his thigh, reminding you what could happen if you either scream or run. getting the hint, you decide to entertain him, knowing well that you could end up with a bullet in any part of your body if you try to escape.
but do you oppose the idea of a sickeningly attractive man trying to check you out with a weapon in his hand? not really. if anything, the alarming nature of the affair only gives a delicious thrill to your already messed up nerves.
his predatory gaze is fixed on your voluptuous curves and the little sway of your hips as you gracelessly turn around in your heels, making blood rush straight down to his cock before telling you to stop.
“get in front of the car.” he urges.
“huh? why?”
toji cocks the loaded gun in front of you, his expression turning stern and serious once more. “no talking, just do it.”
you walk towards the front with the gun behind your head, careful not to miss your step until you’re facing your car.
“hands on the hood.” he demands, dark eyes silently watching you do as you’re told like a well-trained dog.
you’re certain he can see your ass cheeks peeking underneath the hem of your skirt as cold air hits your skin. the thought of a pair of eyes staring you down hungrily forms an anticipative knot to pull tightly in your stomach as your mind wonders about the dirty things he might and could do to you.
the next thing you feel is the cool metal of the barrel under your skirt, making you shudder as it caresses your puffy folds before dragging upwards to hike up the hem of your unbearably short skirt in favor of checking your panties but oh, what a delightful surprise– not a single thread underneath it all.
“no panties?” he bites back a groan when he notices the glistening slick coated around his black gun. “don’t tell me you’re getting off to this?”
“‘m not–” you deny meekly despite the blossoming heat between your thighs growing bigger when you feel the tip of the barrel against your drenched cunt again.
“don’t lie. you’re a little slut aren’t you? went to a party without your panties on– something tells me you’re an attention whore.” he mocks, poking the gun against your entrance only to observe your little squirms.
“not a slut!” you whine giddily as you spontaneously grind against the long barrel in seek of relief for the dull ache that has formed in your core.
“no? you’re gonna tell me you’re not jerking off to my gun right now?” he chastises with a satirical smile on his lips, feeling his cock harden even more from watching the way you’re eagerly rubbing against the gun he currently holds in his hand.
“i– i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you try not to let your words slur as you play coy, even when breaths are already hitching in your throat.
“oh yeah? ‘cause that cunt is positively leaking right now.” you whimper at his words, being bad and filthy never felt so good– especially to a man you don’t even know. “bet you want me to fill that needy cunt.”
“mhm!” you mewl, gyrating your hips even more salaciously once you manage to find an angle to rub your sensitive clit, sending waves of sensations to every fiber and nerve in your body.
“now that’s an honest little slut.” he coos with amusement lacing in his voice. “why don’t you beg for it?”
you tilt your head back towards him, bottom lip jutting out into a cute pout and eyes pleading. “please..?”
toji lets out a huff, “not good enough, sweetheart.”
your eyes narrow at him, hoping he can read the desperation in them as you call him in the softest mewl that you've used to numerous guys before. “daddy.”
“hmm?” he strokes your clit by rubbing the gun back and forth and watches you quiver with a lopsided grin across his face.
“w-want– need your cock, daddy.” you pant in a shameless expression of your need for him.
“what do you need daddy to do to you, pretty girl?” he studies the barrel, now smeared with your slick.
“need daddy to fuck me– fuck my little tight cunt.”
toji draws his gun away and raises it at the back of your head. “then, get on your knees.”
you don’t need to be told twice as you instantly turn around and face him, the gun now pointing directly to your forehead and follows you even until you’re already kneeled in front him.
“you went a little too fast there, didn’t you?” he chuckles, the sound is smoky and alluring. “so eager. now, take off my pants.”
your hand reaches up to unbuckle his belt and undo his button before pulling the zipper down and tugging off his pants and briefs hastily. your mouth waters at the sight; his thick cock is already throbbing, tip flushing red and leaking precum with a prominent vein on the underside – causing you to quickly disregard the life-threatening weapon in front of your head.
seeing you blatantly gawk at him causes pride to spiral in his chest, as if you’ve never seen a dick before. but is it bad for toji to assume that you've never seen a dick as big as his?
“getting nervous now?” he teases. “fuck that. put it inside your mouth.”
toji exhales sharply once your tongue carefully licks off the salty pre on the tip, rousing him further with only kitten licks until the barrel nudges your head in warning, forcing you to stop your ministrations.
“are you asking to get a hole through your head?” he scowls, showing apparent irritation.
“no.” you answer meekly.
“then? i told you to put it inside your fucking mouth.”
“‘m sorry, daddy.” you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock and give it a few pumps up and down his shaft in hopes to please him and calm him down. “promise i’ll be a good girl.”
“then stop fucking around.”
without a second to waste, you wrap your lips around his cock and hollow your cheeks, squeezing and milking his cock with your tongue and throat as your head bobs up and down. you graze your tongue on the underside and slowly drag upwards, following the curve of his vein before giving a harsh suck on his tip, drawing out a loud groan from his throat.
“look at daddy.”
and you do, fixing your gaze with his darker ones as you slobber his cock with so much drool and you relax your throat in order to force yourself down to the base, devouring him whole even as he tilts the gun next to your head.
“wish i had my phone right now. you should see how you look.” his other hand reaches the top of your head, holding you in place and causes you to choke slightly before jerking his hips forward and begins to fuck your throat.
squelching noises resonate in the silent air, mingled with his grunts. drool starts to seep from the corners of your mouth and tears begin to well up in your eyes as his heavy balls slap against your chin.
“boys must really love you, hm?” you can feel the tension in his fingers as he puts monumental effort into restraining himself and he finally draws his gun away. “just taking it like a good girl.”
you can only whimper around his cock, the praise making you feel hotter that you find your hand between your thighs to push a finger inside your wet cunt.
“fuck– yeah, keep touching yourself like that.” he growls, the sound rumbling in his chest as the vibrations from your muffled moans are slowly sending him to the brink of an orgasm.
you’re too immersed by your own finger pumping in and out to even care about the ache that has formed on your jaw but the moment you feel his cock twitching, you both know it won’t be long until he breaks down.
“you’re gonna swallow all of it. got it?” he states more than questions, feeling his balls tightening as he starts to lose the last remaining control he owns.
you hum in response and flutter your eyes close and you wait until his hips still before he spurts thick ropes of cum down your throat, invading all your senses with the bitter taste of his load.
once he has emptied, you pull away with your tongue gliding along his length, not forgetting to lick off the sensitive slit to clean off any remnants.
“open your mouth.” he demands. you part your puffy lips and stick your tongue out, showing your obedience to his prior order and a delightful smirk makes its way on his face upon seeing that you’ve downed every drop of his cum. “good girl.”
“to be honest, i didn’t think you’d cum quickly.” you blurt out bluntly.
his brows furrow and his face contorts into a scowl. “‘fuck did you say?”
you shrug nonchalantly. you don’t know where it’s coming from either– the alcohol still lingering in your veins or the fact that you feel beyond proud that you’ve made him, some guy who claimed that he wanted to rob your car cum so fast. “well, all the guys told me i give the best head but none of them ever–”
“get up. face the car.”
toji clicks his tongue as you blink at him in confusion and he grabs your arm to pull you up on your feet before spinning you around and bending you down on the hood with his body pressing against your back. you swallow nervously when you feel a nudge against your ass, his dick is still hard despite the fact that he has cummed just a minute ago.
“you’re gonna regret that. once i fucking ravage that little cunt, you’re gonna be begging for me to cum quick.” he leans down to your ear as he threatens, sending shivers up and down your spine.
“i’m sor–”
“no. i won’t give a shit if it hurts you or when you cry for me to stop.”
toji gives a harsh smack on the plump flesh, making you jolt in surprise. with your hands down on the hood, he lifts up one of your knees on top of the car, causing you to spread wide open in an instant before he impatiently pokes the tip of his cock against your pulsating hole.
“but that’s what you want, right?”
your eyes roll back, lips parting in an appreciative squeal as you feel his fat cock stretches you out accompanied with a delicious burn when he sinks in deeper.
“mmh– s-so big–!”
“yeah? never had a dick this big before?” toji pulls out almost completely, eyes fixed on the cock glistening with your slick under the street lights, not missing the white cream attached onto the skin.
“n-no– ah–!”
toji cuts you off with one hard slam of his hips, drilling his cock into your tight pussy in a brutal pace while you keen and whimper as it brushes against your walls, each stretch and drag inside you so exquisite while deep crescent shapes of his nails form on your pliant skin as he holds you firmly by the hips for leverage.
“no wonder you’re so fucking tight. stupid boys didn’t know how to fuck you right.” his words thrum in a burst of heat as he growls in your ear, breaking through your every thought.
you tilt your head towards him with heavy lidded eyes and meet his lust addled gaze. your mouth is gaping in breathless moans, tongue slightly lolled out from your lips as you try to reach closer to his scarred lips, wanting to crash your lips onto his before it stretches into a devilish smirk and you feel warm liquid lands on your palate.
“you looked like you were begging to taste my spit.” he mocks. toji watches as you eagerly swallow it down your throat and he lets out a brittle chuckle. “dirty slut.”
your pussy flutters upon hearing how he degrades you, causing you to buck your hips wildly against him in an attempt to meet his thrusts.
“you liked that, didn’t you? i can feel you clamping down on me like a fucking whore.” he derides, fucking you harder and deeper until your world is reduced into nothing but the way he makes you feel completely stuffed and filled, the cockhead kissing your cervix with each deep strokes.
“please– make me cum, daddy–” you keen as pressure pulls taut in your lower stomach, the slick noises are so loud that the both of you can hear them even through your moans.
your body flushes against his, so close together and you can only focus on the sounds of flesh against flesh, the salacious rhythm making you more delirious.
“then, cum for me. let me feel you gush all over me.” toji brings his fingers to rub against your clit, easily tipping you over the edge by pressing tight circles until you find yourself crashing down with an orgasm exploding throughout your body.
“you want more?” he taunts, helping you ride out the aftershock by continuously rutting his hips into your cunt and not giving you the slightest chance to recuperate.
“ah– ‘s too much–” you whimper as soon as the pleasure begins to numb and you clutch onto his wrist tightly to try and pry his hand away from your sensitive clit.
“too much? don’t think that i’m done with you yet.”
toji finally draws away from you, but only turns you around to face him and effortlessly puts you on top of the hood with your elbows propping your weight. with his hands, he spreads and keeps your legs apart before sheathing his cock back inside your pulsing cunt again, completely mindless of your pathetic sobs. he lifts up your top, not surprised over the lack of bra underneath and he intently watches the way your tits bounce with each merciless pound of his cock.
“s-stop– please–” you whimper feebly as you try to shut your trembling legs together but he doesn’t budge and only keeps his grip on your thighs even tighter, stretching out your pussy for him wider.
“fucking take it.”
toji ignores your plea and his head dips low to your chest, latching his mouth onto one of your nipples and starts to flick it with his tongue coupled with harsh sucks until he pulls back with a pop and watches as the nipple stands erect before assaulting the other, swiftly sending sparks of pleasure down to the bundle of nerves.
“might as well keep you around. be my personal fucktoy. would you like that?” he grins up at you to see your jaw slacking, mouth falling in a wide ‘o’ as the burn down your core begins to cease.
“yesyesyes– make me your slut–!” your toes curl, making your heels drop down to the ground while your knuckles turn white from squeezing your hands into balled fists too hard.
“yeah? you’d do anything for a good fuck, huh?” he sneers at you, although he’s fascinated with your state of arousal.
“mhm– need daddy to fill me up with his cum–” your back rests against the car, reveling in the feeling of his cock abusing your swollen cunt like you’re nothing but a sex doll.
“but daddy’s not gonna cum yet. not even when you’re tightening around him like this.” toji slams your hips down closer to him, fucking into you deeper and harder with his heavy balls smacking your ass.
“t-too deep–! daddy, i’ll–” you babble, losing the ability to form cohesive words as you feel a strange knot twisting rapidly in your guts. the feeling is too intense and unbearable– the refined drags of his vein brushing against your spongy walls is anything but agonizing.
“come on. use your big girl words.” he drags out slowly and quickly pumps back into you ruthlessly. “or are you too dumb already?”
“i’m gonna–”
toji lifts up your legs over his shoulders as he leans down closer to you and he nips on your pulse point, causing your body to tense as your hands find home in his dark locks and tight shirt.
as soon as he lets go, your pupils are blown wide as pleasure washes throughout your body and you feel yourself gushing around the cock still buried inside you along with a broken moan from your lips. the release is oddly more relieving than your prior orgasm, making your body feel lighter as your mind ascends to a state of euphoria. you find yourself panting heavily as you squirt all over him, staining his black shirt with clear fluid and with some of it dribbling down to his thick thighs.
“making such a mess on daddy.” he groans as he feels your walls convulse around him rapidly, milking his cock dry and slowly dragging him down to his own high for the second time of the night.
you can only look at him in a cockdaze with no particular thoughts running inside your head, each one formed gone like popping bubbles. your eyes glued onto every bit of his features; the brows furrowed in concentration, the lips parting in grunts, the damp matted hair against his forehead and you drink the sight of it all even when you’re not sure if you’ll remember it all the next morning.
“fuck– it’d be a shame to not cum inside this pretty cunt, right?” his thrusts turn sporadic, dick twitching as a telltale of his pending orgasm that’s soon to crash down over him. he didn’t need to hear your answer as he ruts into you faster, hips stuttering out of control before a low, guttural sound escapes his throat as he shoots hot ropes of cum, flooding into your womb and stuffing you full with his seed.
and once he lets go of your legs you can feel your whole body sore all over, but you can’t bring yourself to care nor whatever is going to happen after this when the man in front of you has given you what you truly wanted and made you feel satiated like you’ve never felt before.
toji pulls out his spent cock and runs a hand through his hair before putting his pants back on. a cocky smirk graces his lips at the sight of your fucked out body, still splayed on top of the hood with his cum dribbling out from your pussy.
he presses your cheeks together with one hand and forces you to look at him, even as your lids are getting heavy to lift.
“i was serious about you being my fucktoy– and stealing your car.” he cackles. “so, do you wanna be in the back seat or do you prefer the trunk?”
Tumblr media
duskamethyst © 2020 • all rights reserved. do not modify, translate or repost anywhere.
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