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#jk rowling
Tumblr media
Jk Rowling is going to super hell just so we can poke her with our wands, step on her toes and hunt her for sport!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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katrina130 · 2 days ago
if i started selling (cheap-ish) harry potter common room scented wax melts on etsy, would they be popular? like slytherin would be like peppermint, evergreen, pine, rain. and raven claw would be like old books, rainstorms, ocean breeze. and griffyndor would be like cinnamon, orange, cardamom, burning wood. hufflepuff would be like morning dew, rosemary, basil, like rich dirt sorta smell. do you think it would be popular and is there anything you would change about the smells and stuff?
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moonys9padfoot · a day ago
Sirius: If Bellatrix and I were drowning, who would you save?
Regulus: You two can't swim?
Sirius: It's a hypothetical question, Reg! Now answer to who would you save?
Regulus: My time and effort
Narcissa, appearing out of nowhere: Come to think of it, you asked the wrong person as Reg himself can't swim
Regulus: I— I'm going upstairs
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1237tnb · a day ago
Honestly, I don't know if I will ever understand why JK Rowling didn't make Harry x Hermione Canon.
I've spent the last couple of weeks on HBO watching the Harry Potter movies from beginning to end. I watched Harry and Hermione dote on each, support each other, comfort each other, protect each other, and watch out for each other. I've watched them do it all without envy, bitterness, jealousness, or spite.
I've watched Hermione exhibit tremendous bravery for Harry's sake. I've watched Harry show Hermione tremendous empathy and emotional perceptiveness.
I have watched Harry and Hermione fight and quickly makeup. I've watched Harry and Hermione apologize to each other when they are wrong. I've watched Harry and Hermione look after each other when no one else was paying attention. I'm watched Harry and Hermione be each other's shoulder to cry on.
I've watched Hermione cut Harry's hair, and I've watched Harry ask Hermione to dance. I've watched the two of them confide in each other the way they confide in no one else including Ron and Ginny. I've watched Harry and Hermione understand each other in a way that no other wizard can, because they both grew up in the Muggle World.
Yet, JK Rowling didn't make the two of them cannon.
I think I understand why. It's because if Hermione married Ron and Harry married Ginny then they would all be Weasleys, and they would have restored what they had both lost: a family.
However, when I think about Harry and Hermione's relationship, I see a friendship that could have become a marriage of two people that most people could only dream of.
When I see Ron and Hermione's relationship, I see two siblings who bitterly bicker without relent. That some how subtly snuck up on us and become a relationship, and not necessarily a great one.
When I see Harry and Ginny's relationship, I see something that quickly went from being under the radar to a relationship based on the most exciting characteristics of both characters seemingly overnight. However, their relationship isn't based on the same quiet, serene, intimate moments that Harry and Hermione enjoy so much together.
As an adult, I can see the build up for all three relationships. However, if I had to choose the perfect marriage for myself, I would choose what Harry and Hermione have ALL DAY EVERY DAY. They have the one relationship taht I truly believe could last a lifetime and longer.
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tenoko1 · a day ago
Okay I saw a take that said that we can't ethically interact with Harry Potter anymore - even FANWORKS - because if JKR which I kinda don't understand.
I mean, yeah don't give her a platform to stand on, no more money, don't support her in anyway is a stance I can get behind.
But even fandom?? On Tumblr where she'll never have a platform? Enjoying fanfic? Discussing headcanons with people? Why should we stop all of our own private enjoyment????
I'd go do far as to say that fanfics actively ruin her seeing how she hates it.
What do you think?
I think cancel culture is a disease and kids are no longer taught critical thinking skills.
Have a seat, let me explain, because it’s not as simple as JKR and HP. Why? Because they’re one example in a whole topic. A facet. A detail. A thread.
Do I think people should invest money into her future stuff? No. Luckily, actors are already paid, so you don’t have to worry about punishing them for someone else’s sins, just the studio and JKR.
Would I condemn someone who did continue to see the Fantastical Beasts movies? No. I get the need to know how a story ends and being emotionally attached. There’s still an inherent limit to their involvement.
Would I condemn anyone for buying HP merch or going to Harry Potter world? No, because then I’d need to condemn anybody who ever went to any amusement park or ate at any restaurant or did anything that supported something where someone in the chain of command was a shitty person— not to mention, “let he without sin cast the first stone” is pretty solid advice.
Do I think JKR is hot garbage even rats shouldn’t nibble on? You’re darn right.
Has she also positively impacted a lot of lives and saved/changed lives? Right again.
Cancel culture is as asinine as purity culture. Worse, it’s dangerous. Don’t believe me? Take a look at everything going on in China right now: an openly queer actor’s entire career ended and blackballed because he was in pictures at a particular shrine in Japan— he was there for a wedding and just sight seeing, he didn’t know, or China just outlawing “effeminate men” and controlling what media people are allowed to have access to— only Chinese, with things like k-pop and American media getting banned— how much time kids can have access to such things in their own homes (one hour. On the weekends.), Chinese dramas that are queer love stories are having to get creative to push the queer narrative without actually STATING the queer narrative, because subtext and contextual readings are the only means they have if they want to get past censorship laws that ban support for LGBQ+, and this isn’t even getting into their history of arresting fanfic writers for writing queer pairings or the sudden deluge of Chinese fans turning to AO3 because of the protections it offers.
Is JKR a terf and horrible? You betcha.
Is life strictly black and white? No.
Should there be limits to people’s conduct and ability to make a living? That’s where things get tricky.
Like I said: life isn’t black and white. Do I think JKR should get blackballed? Yes.
Do I think all people who voice opinions I disagree with should be silenced? No.
Why? Because who am I to say who can or can’t speak? If I’m given that kind of power, where does it end?
Like I’ve said before, I can walk you through a bookstore and point out books in every section and on every row— including the kids’ section— that people will be offended by and think inappropriate, offensive, or vulgar. I can take you to my small local library that only seems to stock books romanticizing the Civil War but doesn’t stock YA novels because mostly women read them, and they definitely don’t have anything for minorities— save for the ancient computers with internet access in the corner.
I’ll remind you that censorship is always a violent affair, as with book burnings— which are not some archaic thing of the past. They’re still done. Hell, they were done when the Harry Potter books were first being published. Heck, when my mother was born (1960), segregation was still legal, and lynching still isn’t a federal crime. Lynching was a very popular form of censorship in the South, especially a way of silencing minorities. In fact, authorities have tried to cover recent lynchings of Black people as suicides.
Cancel culture and purity culture are ignorant and dangerous.
People should be afforded the courtesy of being able to think for themselves— whether or not they know how to use and apply critical thinking— and to make their own decisions.
They should also be afforded the courtesy of being allowed to grow as people, to make mistakes and learn from them. People are not infallible. You will make mistakes. You will see the world one way, only to realize you only saw the room from a set perspective. You will look back at your own choices and cringe at how stupid you used to be— all while loud and proud about it. You will. We all have. That’s part of growing up. It’s part of learning. It’s a lifelong endeavor.
Fanfiction is the epitome of “death of the author.” It has always been an act of rebellion, a place for minorities to take mainstream media and transform it into something where they can see themselves. Fanfiction writers were doing this when doing so was illegal, when fanfiction was scorned by creators and they would wage lawsuits against fanfiction writers and hosting sites.
Before getting swept up in crusades, remember the actual crusades were hate-fueled violence against those deemed immoral by those who claimed to be righteous.
Feel free to talk to any Fandom Old™️ and they will tell you of the years of history with people trying to “purge” content deemed inappropriate or offensive or supporting something that shouldn’t be.
If you want to write fanfic? Write it.
If you want to read fanfic? Read it.
If you want to gatekeep and dictate who is allowed in or allowed to do what… let me stop you right there, because you need to sit down and be quiet.
That’s not a right you get to have.
You have the right to your opinions and choices, but you do not have the right to dictate what others are allowed to think, believe, or do.
Too many young fans came on to the Internet never asking what the rules of etiquette and respect were, and thus we’ve gotten to where we are now, where negativity, habitual offense, and outrage are a person’s entire personality.
Let me remind you of some of the basics:
YMMV: Your Milage May Vary
—This was my experience, but you might have a different one.
YKINMK: Your Kink Is Not My Kink (and that’s okay)
—This goes beyond kinks and is meant as a general “people like different things and that’s okay” rule. People don’t have to like the same things or like them the same way. You agree to disagree and go back to what you enjoy, you don’t fight with them because what you like is the “right” way. You may be repulsed by what someone likes and not understand it. You don’t have to. It doesn’t affect you. It’s not about you. Go play in your sandbox and leave others to theirs.
The Back Button Is Your Friend
-Self-explanatory, and yet: here we are. You are responsible for your experience online same as in the world. You actually have more control online because you can just hit the back button and go somewhere else or scroll right on by something and keep going. If you have the confidence and arrogance to think you can tell someone what they can/can’t do or like, I expect you to have to common sense to know not everything will be to you’re liking and you’re not supposed to get mad about it.
Media is a buffet. No one said you had to eat something you don’t want to, and if you do: that was a choice you made, not the choice of the creator. You are responsible for your own actions, and your actions going forward if you encounter something you don’t like or want to eat again. This is very, very, very simple. Stop being a Karen. It’s embarrassing.
If people want to read HP, that is none of your business. If people want to write HP, that is none of your business. If people have a tattoo they want to keep, that is none of your business. If people have an entire wall displaying all their HP merch and artwork, that is none of your business.
Because, see, common element here: other people making choices for themselves and how you don’t get a say in the matter.
You can disagree. You can vehemently disagree on something. You can do the exact opposite of what someone else does. You can block that person or blacklist tags. You can do whatever you want regarding your life and experiences.
You can’t dictate decisions for others, nor project reasoning and motive onto the actions of others. You don’t get to speak for or over someone else.
I don’t care how righteously indignant you feel, how justified you think you are, or how morally correct or superior your stance is. You control you and only you, and when you step outside of that… then you are the problem.
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suber-man · 2 days ago
Wish this site would stop ignoring Just Kidding rowlings' transandrophobia in discussions about what a transphobic piece of shit she is
Wish this site stopped pretending terfs don't hate trans men as much as they hate trans women
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rcmused · a day ago
i’m in ravenclaw but i can be your gryffin-whore anytime you want 🥵
from: me
to: ben barnes
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fanonical · 6 months ago
jk rowling may not have caused transmisogyny in the uk, but by being a high-profile figure who actively supports transmisogyny and funnels money into transmisogynistic groups she is a huge influence in keeping it both alive and, more dangerously, seen as a legitimate viewpoint and 'acceptable' in the eyes of the media. it is dangerous to ignore this and to ignore her significant influence
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jeremystollemyheart · 10 months ago
Gonna go ahead and make the rest of my 2020 predictions now:
Christopher Eccleston snaps and assassinates a member of the royal family
Elvis turns up alive
JK Rowling attempts to regain followers by announcing on Twitter that Voldemort is trans
Firefly Season 2
LeFou and the gay extra from the live action Beauty and the Beast get their own Disney+ Series
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mostlygayintheory · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I haven’t seen anyone on tumblr talk or blog about this, so I decided to make a post. And I gotta say I wholeheartedly love this!!
Fuck you, Joanne! And fuck all TERFs!!
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is-the-owl-vid-cute · 9 days ago
This is your unfriendly reminder that you cannot ethically participate in the Harry Potter, fantastic beasts, or any other fandom based on the works of jkr.
You can’t “Miku wrote this” out of this one, and I am going to start blocking people for having hufflepuff or whatever in their bio when I see it or having any icon related to the works of jkr.
She’s a horrible excuse for a human being and I hope she rots soon from all the hate in her heart.
You cannot ethically partake in fandom of works by an author who uses her popularity and money earned from said work to lobby against trans rights to the point the UK has disproportionately high rates of transphobia in both social and legal standing because of her. Her influence has also reached American legislature as lawmakers have cited her and groups she is a part of.
You cannot ethically consume media where the bankers are one of the most disgusting caricatures of Jewish people I have ever seen in my life.
You cannot ethically consume media that appropriates and twists Native American culture.
You cannot ethically consume media made by a woman who believes “biological sex” determines your worth as a human being and character as a person in terms of trustworthiness as kindness. This line of thinking is distressingly parallel to white supremacy doctrine and pseudoscience touted by eugenicists, and even on its own it’s highly intersexist, transphobic, and if I may be so bold, misogynistic.
You cannot ethically consume media from a woman who uses her social media following as a weapon against anyone who speaks against her and threatens legal action for someone highlighting a troubling implication of one of her statements instead of addressing it like an adult. Not to mention the fact she posts pictures of any threats/hate she gets and posts it as “proof” that trans activists are inherently evil, deranged, and a danger to women.
And if we want to tie this back to my blog theme, you cannot ethically consume media that has caused an unimaginable spike in the exotic pet trade of owls on a global scale, which is objectively harmful and dangerous to both the animal and moron who bought it. You cannot imagine the amount of snowy owls, one of the most difficult to keep owl species due to their high-stress nature, that are kept as pets, or suffered traumatic injury and rushed into educational programs without consideration of their suitability as an ambassador animal explicitly because Harry Potter events are profitable and owls grab public attention better than hawks primarily because of Harry Potter.
She is a terrible, miserable person, and since this is tumblr and not Twitter, I can happily say I hope she gets hit by the down with cis bus.
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ileolai · a year ago
Remember when Ursula K. Le Guin called JK Rowling a nasty basic bitch back in like, 2004? We should have listened
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moonys9padfoot · a day ago
Remus: So how's parenthood treating you guys?
Lily: Good. Just that I hadn't expected this much crying.
Remus: Harry's little Lily, he's bound to cry
Lily: What, Harry doesn't cry. I was talking about James.
*From the nursery*
James, sniffling: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HARRY
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queenhelenblackthorn · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A relevant thread
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baixueagain · a year ago
People keep searching for ways to argue that JK Rowling has always been a horrible person deep down as a way of explaining her recent behaviour.
But here's the thing: that's probably not true at all.
Pretending it is discounts the harsher, scarier truth: that even decent, well-meaning people can be radicalised by dangerous, hateful, predatory groups, and given enough time they can become truly hideous versions of their former selves.
It can happen to me. It can happen to you. It can happen to any of us, given the right mix of circumstances. And over the past few years, we've seen it happen to one of the most famous children's authors of our age.
Nobody is immune.
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mmmm-books · a year ago
Tumblr media
Can’t believe Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice in the 2000s
And in 2015 Emily Brontë released literary clsssic Wuthering Heights
Thank God someone paved the way for them...
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fanonical · 12 months ago
never forget that jkr looked at the real british mythology of brownies, dobbies, and other household fae, in which they will clean for you if you're nice to them but don't want to be paid because it wounds their pride (but you can leave out bread and milk cos that's just like giving your bro a beer after he helped you move a couch) and said "i know how i'll adapt them into my books! i'll make them a slave race that's horribly abused but doesn't want to be free!"
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