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xpeachesncream · 3 months ago
fun & games | lowkey drabble
Tumblr media
fun & games // drabble two
↘︎ ft. the lowkey!couple
summary: jungkook has never gotten nudes, ever. until now.
words: 3.9k
warnings: cussing, mature language/implied sexual content, sending of noodz, short-haired kook working out, unprotected sex, cock riding/straddling, reverse cowgirl, maybe sub!jk if you squint?, some marking, breast/nipple play, cuddling, kissing/making out, peanut wears lingerie (a white lace bodysuit), pretty unedited so if you see any mistakes pls im sorry
Tumblr media
note: posting this early since i have a few things to post/work on this upcoming week. a little drabble in honor of jungkook’s birthday coming up. happy early birthday to our boy 🥰 hope you all enjoy!
Tumblr media
"Hey!" You greet Jimin and Hoseok as you walk through the door and head straight to the fridge to leave the food your mom made for the boys. Jimin was eating some cereal while Hoseok was playing another game— no Taehyung in sight. "Aren't you guys supposed to be leaving?"
"Yeah in a bit, we try not to get there as early as the crowd does." Jimin slurps his milk. "You look nice today, are you doing something with Sunmi?" You shake your head.
"No, it's just nice out. I do need to stop by and get some groceries though." Your lips come out in a pout. "Other than that, I think that's about it." Jimin and Hoseok nod. "Kook in his room?"
"Ya, he's working out I think." Your eyes light up because you had never really caught Jungkook in a workout. It was always before, or after. Never in the process.
You walk over to his slightly opened door, enough for you to see him doing pushups on the floor. He was shirtless and wearing basketball shorts, back muscles looking good as ever from this angle. You give it a few knocks before you poke your head in.
"Can I come in?" He finishes one more pushup before he's standing to face you, pushing his hair back with his hands.
"Hey peanut, of course you can." He smiles, sweat gleaming as it smothers his upper body.
"Never thought I'd catch you working out like this." You bite onto your bottom lip, making him blush.
"It was just a quick one before we go." He keeps some distance between you two since he feels gross, but he gently lays his hands on your cheeks, placing a kiss on your forehead and nose before coming down to your lips. His eyes roam down to your neck and down to your breasts, cock lightly stirring at how immaculate your top makes them look.
God, you were so fucking pretty.
"So, excited for your little gaming convention?"
"Princess, it's not just any little gaming convention. It's the Game for Game convention. They finally opened it up to the public and it was hell getting tickets since it's the first one ever here." He does a slight head tilt as he wipes his neck down with a towel.
"You're right, the Game for Game convention." You giggle. "Sounds fun. Is it in the city?" His eyes are still roaming up and down your body.
"Yeah it's in the titty— I mean city." His doe eyes shoot from your breasts, up to meet yours.
"I seeeeee." You tease.
"I'm sorry. You just look really good, I can't help it."
"Thanks babe, so do you." You poke at his abs. "I just wanted to drop by before getting some groceries. Left you and the boys some food that mom cooked." He nods.
"Thank you. You sure you don't wanna come along?" He shyly asks, rubbing at the nape of his neck while his thumb is caressing your wrist.
"You go have your fun, I'll wait for you at home. Besides, I'd probably only slow you guys down." You hold onto his hands and tippy toe to give him another kiss on the lips. "Tell me all about it later, okay?"
"Okay, peanut." He blushes. "Have fun with your groceries?"
"I'll try." You giggle.
"I love you, pretty."
"I love you, too." You smile at him before walking out of his room. You bid your farewell to Hoseok and Jiminie before leaving their apartment, getting ready to make your way down to market for some groceries.
On the way over, you decide to stop at the nearby mall to shop for yourself a little bit. You promised yourself you wouldn't stay long, but it had been awhile since you've shopped for yourself. You don't even know if there's anything in particular that you're looking for, but hey, it's a nice fucking day— you have this shit to yourself and you were going to make the best out of it.
And by the best, you mean.. grabbing lingerie? Honest to God, this wasn't even your plan, but the cute, white lace bodysuit was calling for you ever since you passed it on the rack. Hasn't left you alone since, even as you walk throughout the entire store, barely grabbing a shirt or two.
You needed to have it.
You walk back over to the rack, hoping the same, cute, white lace bodysuit was still hanging there in your size after all the time you spent stalling in the store. And it sure is sitting there, looking pretty and angelic as ever, even though the real reason behind lingerie is anything but angelic. A small smile creeps up on your face, thinking that this is something you could try out, something you could show Jungkook.
You know he'd enjoy it.
Hopefully. Might be a little overwhelming, but this would be a good thing to scope out together. And you had just the right idea— the right idea that would let you dip your toes in the water before diving in.
You happily grab the bodysuit along with the one, two shirts you grabbed and make your way to the counter to pay for your items. Once the bag is handed over to you, you feel like you don't have any other reason to be at the mall, so you head straight for your car and over to the market. You somehow feel complete, satisfied with your purchase for today. Pretty fucking excited to get it on and take some pictures for your man. Besides, it hadn't been long, but you were already missing him, and you more than ready to take him into your arms the moment he steps through your door tonight after the convention.
But in the meantime, you'll do your groceries, clean your studio a little, tease your man a little. It's all fun and games, right? Seems like that's what the theme was for today.
Getting home, you set your groceries aside and clean up a little before lighting up some candles that can burn through the remainder of the evening. You finally get time to try on your bodysuit, smiling at yourself in the mirror as you fluff up your hair and adjust the bodysuit to your liking against your form. You sit on the edge of your bed, facing your mirror, legs spread a bit just to give Jungkook a little taste. You wanted to make this special though, wanted to show off for your man, wanted him to want you and miss you the same way you were wanting and missing him. You've never had to question that when it came to Jungkook, but the thing you were most excited about was hearing his reaction— to see him ogling at you, heart eyes on full blast, fiddling with his own hands because he's not sure if he should keep his hands to himself or let loose.
You switch your positions for each picture you snap, making sure you give Jungkook a good view, getting every angle possible. You looked good, felt good. Lace exposing your nipples through the thin material, cups hugging your breasts nicely, pussy not entirely exposed so oop—
Maybe the bodysuit can go for the next picture.
And it does. You decide you can give him some full on nudes to place the cherry on top of your teasing session. You bite onto your thumb, scrolling through the pictures, choosing carefully, wisely, before sending them off to Jungkook.
"Oh, shit! Let's go check out that booth!" Hoseok says, doing a little dance out of excitement in his seat while the other two sat next to him, munching on snacks.
"No, I said I wanted to check out the Blizzard figurines first!" Jimin whines, mouth full of french fries before he playfully shoves Hoseok aside. "Plus, I have to keep an eye out for that thing Taehyungie wants. Whatever it was, I don't even remember."
"You guys are terrible." Jungkook says, pulling out his phone to check Taehyung's text in their group chat. Or, that's what he intended to do before he saw your notifications. He bites onto his bottom lip unlocking his phone, instantly clicking into your text thread and boy, did he wish he waited. "Hoooly fuck." Jungkook's eyes widen when he sees your sexy pictures, throat suddenly feeling dry, cock suddenly feels like it's suffocating under his boxer briefs. The nudes, the lace bodysuit— looking like you just stepped out of page 27 of a lingerie catalog advertising their new summer collection. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." He says, trying to get out of the text thread when he sees Jimin and Hoseok starting to get nosy. In the process, he manages to let his phone slip from his hands and onto the floor, almost falling over trying to bend down to retrieve it from the ground. When he finally gets a hold of his phone, he hits his head as he tries to stand, making him groan in pain. A mess.
"What the hell just happened?" Hoseok asks.
"What happened, butterfingers? Peanut send you some nudes or something that you're hiding?" Jimin nudges him and laughs, making Jungkook roll his eyes.
"Shut up." He rubs his head. "And it's none of your business." He flashes the phone at Jimin and Hoseok, showing them Taehyung's text from earlier in the day to shift away from the topic.
He just got fucking nudes. Your nudes.
And, he doesn't even know how to act. He literally wants to scream, but at the same time, he just wants to hold you— keep you in his arms, touch your buttery, smooth skin, kiss you everywhere. He wanted to do a lot, but at the same time, nothing at all. Just admire you, your beauty, your body.
He thinks about it so much that the end of the day, the rest of the convention seems like a blur. All he wants to do is go home, hop in the shower and rush over to your studio. So, the moment he steps through his apartment, he's traveling at lightning speed— tossing his shit over to the side, hopping in for a quick shower before he's throwing on his hoodie and sweats. He slips into his shoes, also almost tripping over as he hops on one foot to slip a shoe on before switching to the next foot. Jimin and Hoseok barely have any time to ask him questions before he's darting out the door.
"Wait, shit!" He says, typing in their code on the keypad to open the door once more when he realizes he doesn't have his goddamn car keys.
"Back already?!" Hoseok laughs.
"Shut up, where are my keys?" Jungkook spreads the papers out throughout the kitchen counter, looking behind the bread, under the bananas in the fruit basket.
"Here, genius." Jimin tosses him his keys that he found next to the playstation.
"Thank you." He says, tucking it into his pocket. "See you guys tomorrow." He calls out before dashing out the door for the second time. He hops in his car, drives straight to the studio, smiling at the little sailor moon and luna funko pop that sits in his passenger seat because he loves buying you things that remind him of you, loves buying you funko pops because he sees the happiness and glow in your eyes, loves when you find a special spot for his gifts in your studio just so you can turn to them when you needed some cheering up.
When he swoops the last guest parking spot in the parking lot, he sets the car to park before grabbing the funko pop and doing a light jog over to your building and up the stairs.
"Peanut?" He calls softly after walking through your door. It's quiet, doesn't hear a thing besides the soft music that plays in your room, sees the candle light flickering against your living room walls.
"In the room." He hears you say, teeth nibbling at his bottom lip as he makes it down your hallway. He turns the corner, almost dropping the funko pop in his hand when he realizes you're in that lace bodysuit, sitting pretty on the edge of your bed.
"Wow." Is all he can say, and you giggle.
"Hi." Your giggle turns into a big smile when he comes closer, keeping some distance because he still has his shy moments, still has the jitters when he sees you. But you always push him out of his comfort zone, safely, comfortably, beautifully.
He loves you, and everything you come with.
"Y-you look so good, princess." He says, almost close to a whisper. "Um, here. I got you this." He licks his lips and places the funko pop on the wall shelf, sitting it next to Te Fiti.
"Thank you, babe. I take it you had fun?" You wrap your arms around him, his hands resting on your sides, fingers gently squeezing and digging into your skin.
"Loads. But, after those pictures, it was a little hard to concentrate." You chuckle.
"I'm sorry."
"No, I-I really like them." He says, kissing the tip of your nose.
"I'm glad. I missed you." Your thumb caresses the scar on his cheek before pushing his hair back.
"I missed you too." You press your lips against his, giving him a soft, tender kiss before gently tugging on his bottom lip when you pull back. He keeps his eyes glued on you, curiosity now turned to lust in those pretty dark brown orbs of his.
"Maybe I can show you just how much I missed you?" You whisper against his lips before placing light, feathery kisses along his sharp jawline. He lets out a breath, hands digging a little deeper into your sides now.
"Y-yeah, sure. That sounds nice." He responds, chasing after your lips. You gladly give it to him, deepening the kiss, tongue dancing around with his before tossing off his hoodie to the side. You gently lead him to sit on the edge of the bed before straddling him, his large hands roaming up your back. His hardened cock sits right underneath you, and you can't help but give it a good grind or two, making Jungkook hiss a bit at the feeling.
"Lay back a bit?" You ask as you pull away, hand resting on his chest to push him down further. He rests on his elbows, allowing you to lean forward to swipe the surface of his neck, nipping, sucking, leaving tiny red marks near the edges of his collarbones. You glance at him from time to time as you continue making your way down, planting kisses along his pecs before your lips meet his nipples. His head tilts back, jaw slightly slacked open before he bites his bottom lip. "Feels good, Kook?"
"Yeah, yeah it does." He manages to respond as you move over to the other nipple, kissing it before letting your tongue draw in circular motions around it. You make your way back up, hand gripping near his jaw to give you more surface area to work with, sucking softly against his neck, causing him to let out small moans. Your lips travel up right below his ear, planting yet another feathery kiss before tugging on his earlobe.
"Let's get you out of these?" You say, pulling down on his sweats and boxer briefs as you sit up, giving him leverage to slide the rest down and kick it off his feet. He watches as you sit comfortably back down onto his lap, hand already stroking at his cock. He almost wants to lose his shit when he sees you spit down onto his member, your hand continuing to pump him a few times to spread the wetness up and down his length before letting go. His eyes continue to watch you— watching your every move as you let go of his cock to release the three buttons holding that pretty bodysuit together right below your pussy, watching as you guide his tip to your entrance, watching as you slowly sink down to let him fill you up.
"Fuuuck." He groans. "You're so wet." He says, hands resting on your hips as he lightly guides your pace. You let out a couple of moans while resting your hands on his shoulders. He filled you up just right, enough to make you full, enough to drive you crazy. You work your hips in slow motions, back and forth.
Back and forth.
Hands now coming up to tug on the hair resting on the nape of his neck. He keeps you close, lips grazing yours but not locking you into a kiss— and that's because he wants to see you, all of you. He wants to watch your face as it expresses the pleasure, watch as those moans leave your pretty lips, watch as you bring his fingers in between your lips and suck gently—
"Jesus fucking christ, princess. Are you trying to kill me?" You giggle.
"No, just want to take care of you and show you how much I missed you." You repeat, hand now lightly applying pressure around his neck while you fuck him.
"Gonna make me cum." He furrows his brows, pleasure bubbling within him.
"How about you don't until I say so?" Your eyes tell him so much. They give him a glimpse to all your deepest desires, the lust that's only growing within you, the love that you have for him.
"O-okay. I'll try. You just feel so good." You tilt your head back in pleasure, clit constantly rubbing against him while you continue to ride him.
"You're gonna have to try really hard for me, got it?" He nods. "Kook, touch me please." You grab his wrists, leading him to your breasts. He does as he's told, fingers pinching at your nipple in between. You push his head forward, allowing him to pop in a nipple, his tongue working around your bud before popping in the next and sucking gently before repeating the same tongue technology. Another loud moan leaves your lips and you find yourself pushing Jungkook down onto his back. You quicken your pace, hands resting on his perfectly sculpted pecs, hips working— rolling back and forth, loud moans and your wetness bouncing off of the walls.
Nothing less of pornographic.
You slow it down after a couple of minutes, and Jungkook is panting, feeling like he's too fucking close to the edge but he's trying his best to follow and obey. He peers through half-lidded eyes, watching as you switch positions to reverse cowgirl— your back now facing him while you sink down and begin to ride the fuck out of his cock this way.
This was it.
He was sending himself straight into the pits of hell. Well shit, actually, he wasn't even sure he'd make it after this one.
Jungkook tries to raise his head a little, wanting to get a better view of your ass and the way your pussy is creaming his cock, but it doesn't last long before he's laying back and trying to keep his composure.
"Kook—ahhhgod—Kook, I'm close." You whine, small whimpers leaving your mouth as you continuously roll your hips and grip onto his legs.
"Princess, fuck. Seriously. You're making this so hard." Jungkook groans before letting out a few whimpers himself.
"Jungkook—" You cry, reaching your high a lot quicker than usual. "Fuck, please cum. Cum for me, baby." You moan. Suddenly, you feel Jungkook's chest pressed against your back, his lips pressing kisses on the back of your neck. You get on your feet to bounce on his cock for a bit, giving him something a little different before working him at a quick motion.
"I'm gonna cum— I'm— oh shit, mmmghhfuck. Cumming." He says, in a broken statement. You feel him let himself go, cum shooting straight inside of you and coating your walls. It only takes a few more rolls before you're losing control, tipping over the edge and cumming hard— hard that Jungkook has to wrap his arms around you to keep you close, keep you steady. He's slightly feeling pain from the overstimulation, but fuck, you were so hot right now. Body was pressed against his, trembling under his grip, pussy squeezing the fuck out of his juiced out cock.
He was crazy about you. It might have been fun and games to you, but this shit right here— he was crazy about you. And you were too, you were always crazy about Jungkook. It wasn't just the fun and games— he was your man, and you loved every minute of showing Jungkook this new experience. You always want to experience things with him, always want to share in these moments with him. Because you loved him, you adored him.
Once the both of you finally come down from your highs and catch your breath, you slowly slip yourself off and stand in front of him, allowing him to clean you up before doing so with himself. He then pulls you to him, doe eyes looking up at you and lips meeting yours for a sweet peck.
"I should make you miss me like that all the time." You laugh.
"Yeah, maybe you should." You tease.
"That was new. Pretty hot to see you in control." He smiles at you. "Thank you."
"For what?"
"For trying things out with me, showing me new things. Feeling safe with me." You caress his cheek and nod.
"I always feel safe with you."
"Good." He tugs in your lace bodysuit. "You looked beautiful in this, but can we get this off? I just wanna cuddle you without it."
"Okay, that I can do." You chuckle, slipping your body suit off and following Jungkook under your covers. He presses his body closely against yours, arms wrapping tightly around you while his face hid behind your neck. You feel his breath against your skin, causing chills to run down your spine.
"Peanut?" He cutely calls for you while lacing his fingers with yours.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, Kook."
"Can I, um, keep getting those photos from time to time?" He says in that adorable, questioning tone. "If you're comfortable, of course. I've never really gotten those before and it's kind of nice to get. It's a nice present, reminds me of how lucky I am." You laugh a bit.
"You don't have to ask, Kook. I'll send you those as long as you're comfortable getting them."
"Oh yeah, yeah. God, yeah." You nod and smile. "Please."
"Okay, babe." You shut your eyes, exhaustion from all that work suddenly hitting you.
"Don't get me wrong—" He pauses.
"I love the bodysuit."
"But I love seeing you naked more. You're so pretty." He kisses your shoulder blade. "Nudes are at the top of my list, if you cared to know."
"Oh, okay. Noted, for sure." You chuckle.
"Your nudes were gonna send me straight to the grave. I dropped my phone and hit my head." You laugh loudly now, teasing him about his little incident.
"No, you did not."
"What, do you think this is all fun and games? I swear. I'll probably wake up with a contusion tomorrow."
"You are not going to wake up with a contusion. Go to sleep, Jungkook."
"Okay, fine." He quickly surrenders, hugging you tighter. "I love you, princess."
"I love you, too."
"It'll still be on you, though—"
Tumblr media
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springalwayscomes · 2 months ago
Not even a gift
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plot: Since the moment Jungkook saw your ass he swore he never saw something that beautiful. But then you turned around, and well, that was a total different thing. The poor man couldn’t even stand beside you without embarassing himself or embarassing you, and evey time seems to get worse and worse and...worse. 
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Dancer AU, Fluff, Humor, Smut, One Shot
Wordcount: 30k
Content Warning: Jungkook can’t stop embarassing himself, swearing, sexual innuendo, sexual tension, awkard situations, masturbation, sexual fantasies, a lot - a lot - of fluff, Reader with stress issues, overwhelming parents, trust issues
A/N: I wrote this when I was just joining the fandom, last year for Kookie’s birthday. I remember wanting to pst this so badly but it stayed in my drafts because I wasn’t sure it was good enough and I was a little insecure about the ending. I told to myself that someday I’d rewrite a new ending and post this, but knowing myself and how I work with my writing, I know that that day will never come because even if did so, I’ll probably end up with not liking my style of writing anymore and editit all out, leave it like this or delate it. So I told myself that I’d rather prefer to publish it. cause at the end this story was incredibly funny to write - sometimes I would laugh all alone like an idiot while writing it - and to be honest I think it’s pretty good. It’s the very first fanfiction I wrote about BTS so it’s also very meaningful for me. For reasons as the ones I already mentioned I decided to not edit this, so you might find some grammatical errors, please understand that this was the first time I wrote something from scratch in english. If you’d like to read it in episodes I’m going to publish it on youtube as a series too, where you’ll be able to live the full experience of the story since there you can visualize it too, as for the story it’s exactly the same as here. Enjoy reading this one, I know you’ll have fun!
Watch the first episode on Youtube
Tumblr media
Since the moment Jungkook saw your ass he swore he never saw something that beautiful. It wasn’t just fit and solid, it was the way you were moving it on the beat, making it look like something he’d die to touch, squeeze, hold.
That was the very first thing he noticed about you.
He couldn’t help but fantasize how you’re face would look, watching your back from the doorframe of the ballroom. He imagined you sweat, little drops forming on your forehead caused by the the movements. He tried to focus his attention on the other dancers, fixating his gaze on the girl beside you making the exact same moves as you, but something about your presence kept on calling him like you were a mermaid and he was a poor sailor.
His dark doe-eyes ended again on your body, being in the last row it was hard for him to find your reflection in the mirror, other bodies moving endlessly making him grimace. He was running out of time, the poor man got stuck in traffic on his way here, already twenty minutes late, and god knows why he stopped looking at you dancing.
He shook his head when even after the music stopped your back was still facing him, not that he minded, but he was really dying to know how your face would look like.
Someone must have been both incredibly hungry and in love with him, cause a second later, you were bending over, resting your elbows on your thighs and giving him an even more beautiful view of your ass while trying to catch your breath. 
Breath stuck in his lungs, Jungkook gulped hard, making his adam’s apple jump up and down.
The girl next to you said something that made you laugh, back invaded by the spasms of your laughter, something he couldn’t hear because of all the talking that was going on in the room. He wished he could. He imagined your voice, soft and sweet, and soon enough is mind was already wondering about your features.
Snorting and getting out of his trance, he remembered himself he had to practice. Ready to take the first step away from the ballroom which he didn’t belong to, he shook his head a second time and turned, ready to leave his thoughts about you in that room and never meet them again.
But a second song started. And this time, he recognized the beat. Holding his breath again, he faced the entrance with a speed that got him shocked by himself.
Your hips were moving again, slowly and sensually, hands drawing abstract shapes in the air, hair attached to your skin. Your sweat shorts were doing nothing to hide your skin from his dark eyes, all he could think about was the way it seemed to shine under the lights of the room and the way your sweat would make it look even more glowing.
He hissed through his teeth, trying to push away the though of his hands against your skin, the way he’d like to trace your thighs with his fingers, leave pecks against your body and mark your hips with his lips. He brought his gaze back on your ass, sinful eyes burning against your skin and jaw clenching, Jungkook licked his lips and watched you arch your back before bringing your left leg to your head, holding it with your hands as you tiptoed your right foot.
«How long have you been here?»
He literally jumped, locking his gaze with whoever gave him a heart attack. Standing beside him, looking at him with his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes wide were Yoongi.
«You know this is the wrong room, right?» he looked at him with a blank expression, trying to understand what Jungkook was actually doing standing at the doorframe of a different studio, without even caring about the fact he should be practicing with him and the others.
«I know, I was just... looking around.» he managed to let out, before taking a deep breath and stepping towards Yoongi.
The moment he realized he was rocking a half-hard just by his previous sight, he clenched his jaw and gulped again. If Yoongi had already noticed his situation then he wouldn’t know cause his face was no longer on him, neck turned to peek into the room that stole the maknae’s attention before. The youngest one used that moment to bring his bag in front of him, and then headed to their dance class trying not to draw too much attention.
That was the first time he saw you.
Tumblr media
Jungkook dropped his bag to the ground as soon as he entered his bedroom, removing his sneakers and his socks he headed to his bathroom in a matter of seconds, begging to feel the cold drops of water wash away all the sweat on his skin and the heat of his body, even though the last one wasn’t because of the workout.
His cock was aching, so damn hard and throbbing against his sweat pants.
He wished they finished their practice just a few seconds sooner. Dancing was a pain in the ass today, all he wanted to do was head back to your doorframe and peek at you, loose his gaze on your body, trying to steal a glance of your face.
But still, it didn’t happen. He couldn’t help but think about how’d you look during the three hours of rehearsals, he thought about it so much that now he had a clear image of you in his mind. And it was pretty platonic, almost inaccessible.
He removed his shirt and his pants, letting them fall on the ground, and then turned on the water, already hooking his fingers under the elastic band of his boxers. He was so hard that it ached.
Jungkook took a deep breath and palmed himself through the material, immediately hissing at the touch. Deciding it was not enough he let the cloth slowly fall to the ground, creating a wall around his ankles that he surpassed in a second getting in the shower.
He didn’t waste time on lathering, he just shut the glass door and closed his eyes while bringing his hand to his shaft. The fingertip of his thumb collected the precum leaking out of his slit, moving over his head and making him clench his jaw shut, breath already uneven.
He though about the way you moved your hips, he’d like to hold them tight and down on the bed while fucking into you. He’d take such a good care of you. He’d fuck you so good, making you whimper and moan every time he’d hit your g-spot, he’d squeeze your ass in his big hands, leaving marks as a reminder of his touch. He’d kiss your skin, he’d kiss your neck and he wouldn’t even mind tasting the sweat caused by your rehearsals today, but in his mind, that’d be caused by what you two are doing.
Jungkook groaned and stroked himself, bringing his hand now to his base and tightening his grip around his girth. Throbbing, pulsating cock begging to release all his seed.
His movements were firm and clear, his fist moving so fast that his wrist was hurting, head falling back, mouth agape and eyebrows knitted together. The sound of his movements blended with the clatter of the water, his shoulders raising from time to time because of the heavy breathing, hips bucking against his hand. He wished it was you, the only part he’d seen of you, he desperately wished he was fucking your ass, so, so hard he’d make you whine and cry in pleasure. He imagined the sounds you’d made, and even though he didn’t even know how your voice sounded or how you looked, he already knew that it’d be his new favorite sound.
«Fuck» he groaned, fucking his cock in his hand even harder, moving his hips and meeting his hand halfway. He bit his lower lip, flesh aching and almost bleeding under his teeth, bringing his free hand to his heavy balls and massaging them. His pace fastened even more if it’s possible, his hips were snapping so hard into his hand picturing your ass in its place, he was so close he could taste it. He pictured your body bent over his bed, taking him so nicely, moaning out loud and clenching around his greedy cock, so needy and so damn wet for him.
«God, fuck» he growled, shoving fast into his hand. He wished he knew your face, he’d like to picture you taking his big cock in your lips. He already know they’d look so damn beautiful around his girth, gagging and drooling for him, he’d hold your head still and fuck himself into your pretty lips so good, letting you eat all of his seed.
That, that was what brung him to his apex. Abs contracting and rough breath, muscles tightening and eyes squinting, lips open letting out low groans.
«Fucking hell»
Hot white spatters stained his hand and chest as he rode his orgasm, keep shoving himself into his hand. The water washed away his seed, it disappeared so fast he didn’t even see it, and when he opened his eyes he took some time to catch his breath leaning against the wall behind him.
His mind went blank, for just a little. He couldn’t think of anything else than the idyllic orgasm he just had, just the thought of it made his cheeks flash red.
Then, the thoughts hit him. He didn’t even know your name, and here he was, masturbating over you. He was going to change that.
Tumblr media
The second time Jungkook saw you he did  not rush out of his house thirty minutes earlier than he was supposed to. He couldn’t help but ask to himself what was going on with him, he certainly knew he never felt the need to see someone he didn’t even know. God, you didn’t even noticed him. Standing at the doorframe of your rehearsals room, looking at you move your body in such a charming way he swore he never see someone dance like that. Why were you in the last row? You deserved to be in the first one, that wasn’t fair. But, in that way he couldn’t see you, so he stored the information at the back of his mind. When you stopped your movements and you suddenly disappeared into the crowd, he again remembered to himself that he didn’t even know what he was doing.
Come on, was he really going to stand there for about other ten minutes and watch  you dance without doing nothing? He desperately wanted to know how your face looked, by now he could say he had a perfect picture of you in his head. And if he was right, you were probably the best thing he ever seen. 
Just the thought made him lick his lips, taking a deep nervous breath. He needed to talk to you. But what would he say? “Hi, I’ve been watching you dance”? Ew, definitely no. He tried to come up with other possibilities but his mind was totally blank, panic making his way through his thoughts and taking every part of him, leaving him only with sweaty hands and an adam’s apple gulping in his throat.
A voice made him turn, his gaze suddenly traveled to his right side.
«Oh, hey» he blurted out, Taehyung was staring at him with an arched eyebrow and inquisitive eyes.
«What were you doing?» the oldest one got closer, his hands in his pockets and a slight smile forming on his lips. Jungkook shook his head.
«Mh- I- waiting» he stuttered. His friend knitted his eyebrows looking at him for just a few seconds, then his gaze met the ballroom in front of them, where Jungkook’s was again scanning bodies, trying to find yours.
«Are you looking for someone?» Teahyung asked, receiving just a shake with his head from the youngest. But he knew better than that, he knew Jungkook well, maybe too much, he couldn’t even try to hide something from him.
When his eyes finally found you again, Teahyung knew it was you, he could just tell by the way he opened his lips, forming a little “oh”, his eyes never leaving your body.
«So you were waiting, uh?» he scoffed.
«Yes?» the maknae wanted to punch himself in the face, that was not supposed to come out as a question.
«Do you know her name?» Taehyung asked. He turned away in the blink of an eye, staring at him with wide eyes. It took him a few seconds to understand he’s been caught, but eventually he decided to just sigh and shake his head again. «Well, I know it» he shrugged like he had just said nothing. Jungkook looked at him with an unreadable expression, trying to understand if what he just heard was real or if he just imagined it. He studied Taehyung’s face like he was some kind of poem, carefully and thoughtfully, wisely looking for a hint to tell him he was just playing with him, but he really seemed serious.
«I can introduce her to you?» he turned to look at him, the youngest was playing with his fingers, eyes staring at the floor, all of his confidence seemed to fade away.
«Why?» he asked.
«What do you mean why?» Taehyung almost laughed at the maknae’s words, and he almost felt guilty. Almost.
«I- I don’t know...» he sighed. Why was he even acting like this? He wanted to talk to you, desperately wanted to know how your face looked like, his imagination was sending him crazy. How did he even ended up like this? He just saw you dance and his mind wasn’t his anymore, constantly wondering about your face. There was just something about you that was making him insanely curious.
«Oh, come on!» unexpectedly, the hyung grabbed him by his arm, making him almost loose his balance while dragging him into the room, taking big steps towards you. No one seemed to notice what was happening externally or inside of Jungkook, heart beating a mad pace, slippy hands like he just dipped them in the water, mind shocked and freaking out attempting to find anything, literally anything that could’ve helped him. Anything would’ve been good, anything for saving him from who knows what his mind was thinking, neither he could understand himself. He never felt more afraid to speak to someone in his life, he swore. Why was he even freaking out? He couldn’t find an answer in those few seconds that divided you from him, and he ended up behind you sooner than he realized. His body instantly tensed.
Teahyung, like the amazing friend he was, tapped your right shoulder, making sure to keep his grip tight on Jungkook’s arm, afraid he would’ve run away at the first opportunity. And he would’ve.
«Yes?» turning, you met the hyung gaze, two deep dark eyes staring at you, breath held in his throat. Damn, you were beautiful.
Oh, God.
That was the first thought that passed Jungkook’s mind when he finally saw your face, all of his fantasies immediately falling to the ground, breaking into a million pieces. He didn’t even know someone that beautiful could exist. His eyes staring at your face like some kind of piece of art. He definitely did not expect you to look like this, he did not see it coming. He thought you were beautiful, but God, not like this.
«Bye» that was the first and last word Taehyung blurted out, finally releasing Jungkook’s arm. Then, he simply walked away, like he did not just leave you two alone, like nothing. You raised your eyebrows, stunned by what just happened looking at the man head to the door and then simply disappear in the hallway. When you realized you were left with someone you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable, shifting your gaze from the corridor to the man in front of you.
In that moment, Jungkook’s heart started beating even faster, if that was possible. His dark doe-eyes stared into yours for a few moments, not even blinking, mouth agape and breath caught in his throat. He looked like he just saw something... something really-
«Am I that ugly?» you blurted out.
When he realized you were actually talking to him, he felt the need to hide, run away, he wanted the earth to open under his feet and engulf him in. His cheeks flashed red, eyes finally starting to blink.
«No I-» his throat was dry, so he swallowed hard and tried to get a little bit of his nerve back.
«I-I just didn’t expect you to be like t-this»
What? Now he really wanted to hide, what the hell was he thinking? Nothing, his mind was totally blank. He didn’t even remember how to create an actually real sentence.
«Sorry?» you asked. Only then, he realized how your voice sounded, definitely lower than he thought. And he loved it.
«Uh- Oh God. I’m sorry»
And that was it, the end of your first conversation. Jungkook looked at your face for just a second more, than his legs did the job for him, he wasn’t even thinking straight, mind totally blown away and panic invading every rational part of him. He simply turned and started running away, disappearing in the hallway just like his friend did a matter of seconds before.
You grimaced, left standing in the rehearsals room, eyes following his tall and muscled figure until you were left with nothing but confusion.
What had just happened?
That was the second time Jungkook saw you.
Tumblr media
He was drawing again, eyes fixated on the sheet in front of him, colors over colors over colors, sketches and shapes that apparently didn’t have any meaning. It was just a mess, overlapped lines with circles and circles with blurred shapes that he didn’t even know could exist.
He was desperately trying to take his mind off of what he had done, but it didn’t seem to work.
Probably, he was just taking everything too much to heart, and he knew that. He knew he was making a big deal of something stupid but he couldn’t help the way he was feeling.
Why did he have to act like that? Why did he walk away in that way? You possibly thought he was just some jerk playing around, and only that thought made him clench his jaw. But that was his last problem. Not only he did made you think he was an idiot, but he made you feel uncomfortable without even trying. The words you said and the sound of your voice kept on echoing in his mind like one of those stupid songs you can’t seem to send away.
Were you joking? Probably? Did he really made you think he was looking at you in that way cause you were ugly? God, you were way too far from that for him.
And above all of that, why did he even say something like that?
“I didn’t expect you to be like this”, God, what was he thinking about? And what did you think of that stupid sentence? Jungkook let out a low groan, the thoughts invading his head were making it impossible to focus on the drawing.
What the hell did Taehyung do? He said he was going introduce you to him, why did he left like that?
When Jungkook entered their rehearsal room the hyung simply smiled at him and winked in his way, like he had just made some kind of magic happen between you too. Well, it didn’t happen. Everything was just a fucking mess, and the biggest thing heaving on Jungkook’s shoulders was that that was the first time you ever saw him, the first impression you had about him. Now it was gonna be three times harder for him to even talk to you, let alone make a move on you. Jungkook didn’t even answer Tae’s wink, only wanting to end the rehearsals already and go straight home to drown into sleep. But it was late, and he certainly wasn’t sleeping.
Jungkook huffed letting his pencil hit the wooden table.
Was he going to try to change what happened or was he going to leave everything like that? Sure as hell, he wanted to know you. But he just couldn’t help himself, he never felt more frightened in his life to talk to a girl as now, and that feeling made him feel helplessly under pressure. What was he even going to say if every time he opened his mouth, all that was coming out were awkward words? Your face added to the sound of your voice made him look like a poor moron, and he knew deep inside of him that that was your effect on him. It was going to happen again, he knew it. He needed to find a way to not ridicule himself and not make you uncomfortable every time he opened his mouth.
Tumblr media
«What?» Yoongi’s eyes have never been wider than now looking at Jungkook. Now, the maknae was desperately looking for advices, and he knew that Jimin and Yoongi were the right persons for this kind of situation.
«You really did that?» Jimin let his mouth hang open, eyebrows raised.
«Yes» Jungkook sighed «I don’t know what’s wrong with me, God.» Yoongi and Jimin looked at each other, both of their expressions stuttered by what the youngest had just told them. «How can I fix this? I mean I-»
«First, stop dwelling.» Yoongi interrupted his endless rambling, firm tone and eyes pointing directly in his. Jimin nodded. «You’re thinking too much. I mean, do you even think she noticed all of this? Are there any chances she probably already forgot your face?» his words made the maknae feel better for just a bunch of seconds. Maybe you already forgot him. It was a good thing, right?
«You think so?» why did he sound disappointed? Yoongi raised his eyebrows and nodded.
«And if she remembers you, all you need to do is go and talk to her, you can fix this Kookie» Jimin smiled at his friend.
«And say what?» his voice came out louder than he thought, almost breaking in the middle. He was just not that positive. He messed up, and there was something inside him telling him that that was not goin to be the last time.
«Anything?» Jimin made it seem so simple «I mean, anything is better than what you said» he added. Jungkook shook his head. «Sitting here is not gonna fix this» he said again, then taking a sip from his hot coffee.
«I can’t-» his voice suddenly stopped working, his throat holding the words in. His eyes shifted from the wall he was staring to to you, walking into the cafe on your high heels, jeans sticking to your legs like they were handmade just for you, a little bit of messy hair because of the wind running through the streets of the city, hanging from your shoulders. Eyes moving into the cafe like you were desperately looking for something, maybe someone.
«What? It’s her?» Jimin whispered, slightly stretching on the table to get the maknae’s attention. Yoongi simply avoided asking, he knew he wasn’t going to get any answer. So he just turned around looking for your figure in the crowded little shop. When he finally found you, he knew it was you. He had already saw you the other day, and he saw Jungkook’s pants too, but he kept it to himself.
Smirking, he stood up, eventually bringing back Jungkook from his own world. He watched his friend take long steps and cross the room, and his hands started to sweat again, even more than the day before. Yoongi surpassed you just a step before you were in line for the bar, almost making you step on him.
Jungkook could already feel himself going crazy, him and Jimin staring at the scene in silence dying to know what Yoongi had in mind. He saw you stretch over his shoulder trying to take a look at the pastry, in the meantime Yoongi stepped towards when another client left the line. Time seemed to slow down for how much it was taking for every single client to order, Jungkook’s agitation growing bigger every second.
When Yoongi’s turn arrived he still couldn’t understand what was going to happen, watching him through the crowd and shifting his gaze from him to you from time to time was definitely not working. He caught Yoongi talking to the employee and a second later he was paying and turning around with who the hell knows what in his big paper cup. Keeping his eyes on the floor and faking distraction, he stepped on your foot and when he raised his head all he did was giving you a shocked look.
Then he did it, making the maknae line wide their eyes like they were four lighthouses, Jungkook literally hold his breath for what it seemed to be like years. His drink was on your clothes, soaking you, your drenched black shirt dripping on the floor. Your face shattered when you realized you were actually soggy, Yoongi gave you an apologetic smile and then he walked out of the cafe as if nothing had just happened. He really hoped Jungkook would understand it was his turn. Well, again, he didn’t. He just stared at you, your face still in shock and your moth forming the shape of an “o”, people surpassing you on the line without even glancing at you. Jimin shook him awake from his trance making him grimace and pushing him from his chair.
«Go, go, go!» he silently screamed moving his hands in the air. “Oh, lord” was all he could think while looking at you standing still and a scared Jungkook walking uncertain.
You stepped to the side when you noticed people kept on surpassing you giving you upset looks since you wouldn’t move from the line, it only took you a few steps to the side to rush into someone. Your shoulder hit his chest and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. It was just not your day.
«I- I’m sorry?» the voice came from beside you, the man standing still against your right shoulder without even moving. What was supposed to be a statement came out as a question and Jungkook wanted to punch himself again. You had to back away to create a little bit of distance before lifting your gaze to him.
When you saw him, it took you nothing to remember him.
«You? Again?» you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. You were not this rude usually, you just weren’t that type. But today definitely wasn’t your day. First, someone surpassed you, you just said nothing because you weren’t the type to argue for something so stupid, you even justified him thinking maybe he didn’t notice you. Then he spilled his tea on you, and without even helping you he just ran off as if nothing had happened. Now, him. Was this some kind of joke?
Jungkook couldn’t help but frown at your words, silently and slowly making their way through his body until they reached his intestine and tangled every part of his guts together.
«I- I’m sorry?» he said again. What? You locked eyes with him, cocking a brow at him.
«What are you even sorry for?» you sighed, bending over the table in front of you and grabbing a tissue from the plastic container. He brought his gaze to his friend, eyes still wide and throat completely dried. Jimin showed him a thumb up and suddenly shifted his gaze, in a second he turned around with his cheeks now red. When Jungkook turned again he hissed through his teeth, you did not just caught them and you weren’t staring at him with an even more confused look.
«I- I can buy you some coffee?» he blurted out, his voice cracking in the middle of the question making it almost seem like a prayer. Your lips formed an “o” again, suddenly looking down at your clothes and rushing to clean them with that little tissue. You were just thankful it wasn’t hot, whatever thing it was. Jungkook stood there still like a rock, scared of moving and making everything even worse.
«No, but thank you.» you sighed at the sight of your drenched black shirt, drops on your jeans. What were you going to do now? You had to go to work in thirty minutes, you didn’t have time to go back home and change into something else, your boss was already going crazy with all the work he had to, his reaction at your delay wasn’t something you wanted to experience.
«Please?» Jungkook’s voice seemed to light something in you, lifting your eyes and locking them again with his. That was the moment you really noticed his beauty. And he was just that beautiful. In the meantime, he was really trying not to break out and scream, his tongue was just moving by itself. His mind was totally blank and his hands were so sweaty that they would probably as wet as the shirt you were wearing.
«I don’t have time for coffee now, but thank you.» you declined again, trying to bring a smile on your lips but failing. You sighed and turned, making your way out of the cafe in a matter of seconds. Jungkook stood there with his eyes still wide, watching you walk away and trying to catch just that little bit of air enough to make him survive. It was only when Jimin’s face appeared in front of him that he seemed to realize you weren’t there anymore, and in a second his legs made the work for him again, running out of the cafe like a mad man. What was he even doing? What the hell?
Jimin followed him rolling his eyes, all his hopes that his friend had made it hitting the ground. He had never seen Jungkook like that, not even when he dated that girl he had a crush on for a year. Jungkook had always been charming, he never had that much problems with a girl, there had been times he was more shy, but he had always found a way of breaking his barriers.
This time there was just something different.
When he saw you on the sidewalk his legs fastened even more and he only stopped when he was behind you, quickly grabbing at your wrist and turning you around in an abrupt yank that got Jimin to stuck on place and grimace. He even heard you squint from where he was, and he certainly didn’t miss the smack of your hand on his face once you turned and faced him.
Jungkook’s face heated up, suddenly loosening his grip on your skin and blinking a few times, staring into your eyes, his features unreadable. Silence suddenly seemed to fill the crowded street while you two looked at each other, your face looking regretful the second you realized it was him and not someone who was trying to steal your purse or rape you during full day.
Jungkook was at a loss of words, and when he realized now he had to say something, he panicked again.
«I’m sorry?» that was not happening again, he wanted to scream.
«You’re sorry?» you erupted like a volcano, your arm still in the air even thought his grip was no longer on it. Jungkook’s head slowly shook up and down, gulping harshly.
«What are you sorry for?» your question made him knit his eyebrows. Was it really so hard for him to form a real sentence? The answer was yes. His brain just didn’t seem to work.
«About the coffe?» now, he really wanted to scream and tear his hair out.
He had just scared you and hurt you and all he managed to say was “about the coffee”? What was that even supposed to mean?
«The coffee?» you narrowed your eyes at him, he brung his hand to the back of his neck scratching it.
«The drink?» he said again. For god sake.
«Uh?» you just couldn’t understand. What was he even trying to do? He was sorry? Everything was just so confusing, and if last night you thought just a little bit about what happened yesterday with him, you were sure this was going to be in your head for the rest of the day.
«The drink Yoongi spilled on you?» why was every single one of his sentences a question?
«Who is Yoongi?» you whined without even thinking, but then you grasped it. The rude man was someone he knew. Was something wrong with his friends? First that one yesterday, now this Yoongi.
«Yoongi is-» Jungkook seemed to realize what he had just done and he stopped talking, letting out a tremulous breath. He just told you he knew the man who basically ruined your day. Great job.
«So, are your friends all like this?» you didn’t even know what you were doing, but the stress was just too much to handle at that moment. The man stared at you again, eyes shifting to every feature of your face.
«Uh? Wha- what?» he babbled. Jungkook was loosing it. And Jimin could see it from a block away. He wished he could do something to help him, anything to save the situation, but he just couldn’t. What would he even say, anyway? “Sorry, he just likes you so much that he doesn’t even remember how a normal human acts”? That wasn’t going to work.
«Are you friend with this Yoongi?» you asked. Jungkook nodded slowly, almost uncertain of what he was doing.
«And the one from yesterday was also your friend?» you asked again. This time he frowned, making you narrow your eyes.
«Taehyung?» he wondered, confusion blinking in his eyes.
«I don’t know, maybe? Was it his name? The one that poked me and ran away?» you sighed.
«But he- Oh. I can’t-» Reality hit him, and he had to take a deep breath to stop his dwelling.
«I’m- I’m sorry?» there he was again. Was he kidding you? Just when he seemed to know other words, they were there again.
«You already said it, even though it doesn’t seem like you are.» you were really going crazy. Late for work, drenched, without your breakfast and with a charming guy talking nonsense in front of you.
«I am» his voice came out louder than expected, making you unconsciously squint and ward off a little bit.
«Well, thank you, I guess?» you glanced at the sidewalk, then again bringing your gaze to his face. The way the light of the sun hit his eyes made yours stare deep into them, the black pupils and irises almost fading with each other, the little sparkles of the light reflecting in them made them seem like one of the darkest nights, but with the brightest stars you’ve ever seen.
Your mouth ran dry when your gaze met his lips, a soft glow making them look even more captivating, you wondered if he was wearing a lip balm, a part of your mind wondering how it’d taste.
«I’m gonna be late for work» you mumbled. Jungkook shook his head.
«Okay» What? Are you serious, Jungkook? Okay? He visually grimaced at his own words, and for god knows why the corners of your lips raised up just the slightest at his awkwardness.
«I should go now» you gave him a little gentle smile and then turned, finally heading to your car. You had just taken a few steps on the sidewalk across the street when you turned away and realized he was standing still, eyes still fixated on you, but he wasn’t alone anymore. Maybe a friend of his? You hoped he wouldn’t hit you in the head, given the others. You crossed the street again, walking back towards the man and glancing at the ground feeling your cheeks reddening under his sight. 
You stopped a few steps away from him, raising your head and finally facing him. «I’m sorry too» you said, slightly smiling. «You know, for the slap» his lips formed an “o” but he quickly managed to smile, for the first time. And lord, what a smile he had. You swore you never saw something that beautiful. Your breath got stuck in your throat, heart madly beating in your chest, threatening to come out. And you didn’t even noticed, but your smile became a real one, wide and shining with its own light and reaching your eyes. Jungkook’s heart skipped a few beats just at the sight, his legs shaking under his body and a sudden feeling of warmth invading his chest, it was like his guts were back in place.
A drop of rain hit your forehead and in that moment you realized you really had to go, rain wasn’t something you could deal with now, not with your already soaked shirt and your delay. So you just turned again and walked away.
That was the first time you and Jungkook actually spoke to each other, kind of, I guess you could say.
Tumblr media
«Didn’t you two talk?» Yoongi asked running a hand in his blonde locks. There they were again, but this time, thankfully Jungkook would say, they were in his house. He really didn’t know how to handle another one of his friends’ mishaps in your presence, not that he would’ve met you anyway, but here he felt more comfortable. It was normal for them to meet at someone’s place on a Friday night, it’s something they’ve always been doing for a long time that now it was like a tradition. Every Friday they would met and talk, even though they’ve been seeing each other almost every day. And now, it was no difference. Or maybe just one. You. Jungkook wasn’t talking about how much he was excited to perform or how much he loved the new choreography, he was talking about how embarrassing that moment was. Wait, those moments. Thanks to Taehyung, Yoongi and himself, now he had collected a few moments that really made everything seem awkward.
«We did but...» he groaned «Why did you have to spill your drink on her?»
«For you to go help her?» Yoongi made it seem so simple.
«How could I have helped her with her soaked shirt? She had to go to work and you ruined her morning. And if it wasn’t enough now she knows I know you! And you!» Jungkook’s voice cracked in the middle while pointing his accusing index finger towards Yoongi and Taehyung.
«What? How?» Yoongi couldn’t believe his ears. He gave him a chance and he let it slip through his hands like it was a cool chunk of ice.
«He told her» Jimin got in the conversation briefly glancing at his youngest friend. Jungkook was really going crazy.
«And? What’s the end? Tell me you got her number?» Jin rested his forearms on his knees, waiting for an answer that just wasn’t meant to come out.
«You don’t even know her name, do you?» the maknae brung is gaze to Taehyung, his dark eyes almost seemed to surrender in front of all the mess of the situation. The friend sighed, guilt already invading his throat. When he pushed Jungkook in that situation, he thought he was gonna handle it, to him he just needed a little bit of motivation. He didn’t think it would’ve ended like this. He shook his head.
«Great.» Jungkook stood up, unreadable features and body tense.
«But at the end it was good, she smiled at you» Jimin helplessly tried to bring back a little bit of positivity.
«Yes, after I made everything uncomfortable and awkward. How am I even supposed to make a move after what happened? First Teahyung, then Yoongi. Then me!» he bursted out. «The first time was already hideous, but this? I hurt her, let her know that basically all my friends are weird and when she said “I’m gonna be late for work” my answer was “okay”. Who am I even kidding? I-»
«Oh, come on!» Joonie decided to open his mouth, his loud tone made Jungkook shut up, everyone now looking at him. «This is all in your head, Kookie. Stop it. You need to take a deep breath and face this in a different way. Clearly, shutting your mind off and letting your body do the work it’s not what you need.» he raised his eyebrows at him. Jungkook had started pacing, he really wanted to fix things, but every time it seemed to get worse and worse and worse and... worse.
«It’s so frustrating, I swear! It never happened to me, never. I can’t control it, my brain just doesn’t work when I’m with her» he groaned locking his dark locks in his fist and pulling a little.
«Oh, cheesy» Hobi wrinkled his nose receiving in exchange a death stare from Jungkook.
«So you don’t even know her name?» Jin seemed to realize his words only now, eyes wide and moth hanging open. Jungkook clenched his jaw before letting his body falling to the couch. Not even the soft material of the cushions seemed to make him feel better, not even the slightest.
«I don’t know her name» he answered, saying those words more to himself than to his hyung. All of this seemed so stupid.
«Then start from it. Give to this beautiful woman a beautiful name, you can’t keep rambling about someone for about an hour without even knowing their name.» Namjoon’s tone was firm, making its way through the maknae’s ears, his words seemed like playing with him. He was right, he didn’t even knew your name, how the hell was that possible? He had the biggest crush and didn’t know the basics.
Tumblr media
What Jungkook didn’t know and never could imagine was that you were thinking about him in the same moment as he was talking about you to his friends. What happened that morning was still replaying in your mind like a short film, from the moment that Yoongi spilled what you figured out was tea on your clothes to the moment you headed to your car. There was something about that awkward meeting that you just couldn’t seem to shake off. That man was so awkward and charming at the same time that the match sounded both weird and interesting.
Still, you couldn’t hide your annoyance towards him that morning. You couldn’t quite discern if he was just playing with you or if there was a meaning behind his actions and words, I mean, he apologized for his friend so much but he didn’t really act different than him, he yanked you. And apparently without any meaning. He already apologized for Yoongi before, so why follow someone you don’t even know to do it again?
Remembering your slap against his cheek you unconsciously squint your eyes, drowning in the dark. You really wouldn’t have punched him if you knew it was him, but the moment you felt someone’s touch against your skin you panicked. Not that he didn’t deserve it, well, actually he didn’t, but you don’t usually punch people like that, you really thought someone wanted to steal your purse or rape you, You puffed.
You just wished to not bump into him or his friends again, or at least to not be the main character of their misfortunes again.
Tumblr media
Summer was finally coming to an end, and with the end of a season comes the beginning of a new wardrobe, at least for you. You already had clothes for the imminent autumn but with all the money you had saved you could squander a little bit and reward yourself, you worked hard and didn’t even leave for the holidays this year, sad but true. So now you were lowly humming in the street without even realizing it, the music invading all of your senses, the melody taking control of your body like it was made of a thin sheet of glass that could be broken anytime with the slightest pressure.
You entered the shop and removed an earphone, slowly making your way through the crowd and getting ready to buy something as a reward for all of your sacrifices. The sight of the soft fabric of a white dress made your eyes sparkle and your feet started moving towards the mannequin like they were apart from your body, bringing your hand to the cloth you touched the smooth material.
There was no way you were not buying it.
The shape seemed perfect for your body, you could already see yourself wearing it so you were quick to cross the room, ready to grab your hanger. Apparently, not quick enough, but you didn’t notice right away.
Looking through the dresses for your size made you frown, everyone of them either too big or too small. You were almost giving up when your gaze met the tag you were looking for, eyes widening and happiness already creeping up in your body.
Then, a hand came in the way. You watched it grab the crutch, dark ink marking the light golden skin, long fingers closing around the hook. Your breath got stuck in your throat and you really felt all your hopes falling to the ground now. Sure you were not gonna argue with whoever just took away your dream dress, you didn’t even have the right to do it, you should have been quicker before rather than staring at it with dreamy eyes. You were already starting to turn and look for something else with a knot in your throat but you couldn’t help your eyes and followed the arm of the stranger, the skin almost glowing under the light of the shop. You met two broad shoulders, the cleavage of the light shirt he was wearing showing his collar bones and making your fingers tingle at the sight, but if you knew who was waiting for you at the end of that neck you would have already ran away.
The previous night after his friends left Jungkook had spent at least three hours trying to find a way to make a third impression on you, if that was possible, this time preferably good, and he figured out nothing. Eventually he felt asleep all tensed and annoyed, remembering the next morning he had to buy something for Namjoon’s birthday coming in exactly two weeks.
When he woke up today and headed to the shop three blocks away from his house he did not expect to find you there. From the moment he saw you at least a hundred of different emotions had run through his body, starting from worship and ending up with panic, but this time his mind didn’t switch off, or maybe not at all. Listlessly choosing something for Namjoon, Jungkook came up with a plan, and it was apparently clear: buy you a dress and give it to you as both a present and an apology for everything that happened the day before, from Yoongi’s drink on you to the way he kept on making things awkward, and maybe finally ask you out.
So when he saw you staring at that dress with dreamy eyes he instantly walked towards its reproductions, sure as hell that now he had something to work with in his hands. But it was only when you approached the same counter as him that he realized he didn’t have any clue about your clothing size. I mean, he could have guessed it, but it wouldn’t have been the same. He was supposed to ask you and tell you something like “let me offer this to you for making up for yesterday’s mess” and “would you like to hang out sometimes?” but when he tried to speak his voice got stuck in his throat, his hands badly sweating. So he tried to understand what you were looking for, careful not to get caught, and possibly keeping it in mind for buying you something else, and it all worked until he saw your eyes full of that joyful light again. In that moment, his heart skipped a beat as he understood you had found what you wanted.
As I said, this time his brain didn’t stop working, he knew he couldn’t grab the dress practically from your hands, that would’ve been the worst third impression of all times. He just needed to remember the measures printed on that little tag and look for something else. He knew but his hands moved by themselves and Jungkook felt himself stiffening again.
When you locked eyes with him you couldn’t help but snort. What was going on with the universe? You were sure you didn’t do anything that bad to deserve this. And why was he involved in all of your misadventures? Him, him, him, him and him again, couldn’t at least the gods send someone else once in a while to punish you? The fact that it was him made the knot in your throat grow even bigger and you instantly felt a flame of anger burning in your chest. If he was someone else you would’ve probably let go, but not with him and not when he was holding the dress you wanted to buy after long days and late nights of work, stress and a little bit of panic too.
So you did the first thing that came to your mind, you grabbed at the hanger he was holding in his other hand and immediately walked away leaving him with his mouth agape and his gaze digging holes in your body.
You turned the corner and went straight to the changing room, desperately trying to keep yourself from bursting out in the middle of the shop. You closed the curtain behind you and finally took a look at what you were holding. A men’s hoodie. You were going to buy it, wether you liked it or not. Not a big deal, you already had men’s clothes in your wardrobe, right?
Taking a deep breath you sat on the little couch in the fitting room, you were really starting to think he was playing with you. That had to be it. He was just enjoying himself, having fun with making you feel like an idiot. Unintentionally, some tears streamed down you cheeks, all the accumulated stress from work and from the rehearsals you were having almost every day, all the sleepless nights you had in the last three months trying to save money, some days even working your ass off until the first lights of the morning would appear, all the times you felt like you didn’t belong; everything was coming out in the shape of little drops. You hadn’t been crying for a long time and stopping now seemed like light years away, so you got up and went out of the dressing room heading to the checkout without even glancing around.
Jungkook was still in the same place you had left him, and when he saw your cheeks sparkling just in time before you could wipe the tears away he knew it wasn’t because of the sweat this time. His heart broke, features screaming nothing but regret. If only you had turned around you would have seen it even from there.
But instead, you paid your new hoodie and went out, ready to burst out once again you’d be surrounded by the safe walls of your apartment.
Tumblr media
«God, I can’t believe it» Jungkook groaned again for about the tenth time since the beginning of the phone call.
Jimin and Namjoon had been meticulously chosen for today’s vent, and this time he was sure he had something real to ramble on about, it wasn’t all in his head anymore. He had made you cry.
«It was the worst third impression of all times! My plan was good, damn, why do I have to be like this around her? Every single time, it happens every damn time» he hissed through his teeth. On the other line, Jimin was staring at his white ceiling with his eyebrows furrowed and his lips pursed, trying to help his friend as best as he could, but he knew there was nothing he could do. Jungkook had to fix this, again. And Namjoon felt the same way as he took a sip of his coffee, his hair still messy from the long sleep he had just awakened from.
«I know you don’t need to hear it, but you’re the worst suitor on earth» he blurted out rubbing his face with his hands. «How can you expect to be more to her than an awkward weirdo if you can’t even talk or act normally in her presence? At least did you get her name?» Namjoon knew his words were doing nothing but emphasizing the horrible situation but he just couldn’t contain himself anymore. Jungkook didn’t need to be pitied, it would have led him nowhere. The maknae grunted in frustration. That was the only answer Joonie needed.
«Stop everything you’re doing» his words made Jungkook frown.
«I said stop everything you’re doing» he repeated again, then taking another sip from his coffee. The youngest stared at the screen in disbelief.
«I am doing nothing!» his high-pitched tone made Jimin squint his eyes.
«Okay, then come to my place for lunch and bring that freaking dress with you» he ordered, now getting up and putting his mug in the sink.
«Can I-»
«Yes, Jimin, no need to ask» the hyung interrupted his friend already expecting his question.
«I’m gonna shower, but please be careful with that dress Kook» Namjoon’s tone softened and his words almost sounded like a prayer, Jungkook couldn’t help but glance at the piece of cloth laying on his couch with a worried face. That was not the right place for it.
«Okay, I got it, I got it» he said more to himself than to his friend.
«See you later» Namjoon got off the phone in a second, already on his way to the bathroom.
«Kookie, I know you can do it, okay? We can’t do more than what we are already doing, we can’t fix this for you, you have to fix it. But we’re here to support you.» Jimin’s words gave birth to a bittersweet smile on Jungkook’s face and he internally thanked God for his friends.
«Thank you Chimin»
They talked for another ten minutes before finally getting off the phone, Kookie’s eyes shifting again to what was supposed to be your dress now and shutting down.
He needed to fix this, again.
Tumblr media
«So?» Jimin patted his fingers on the wooden table moving his gaze between his three friends. Unexpectedly Taehyung had knocked on Namjoon’s door just before they were about to sit down and have lunch with an expression that promised nothing but bad news.
«I wanted to buy you something for making up for what happened yesterday and the day before, but apparently I screwed up again. This is for you.» Jungkook repeated for the fourth time, then reached his hand out on the table, his chopsticks holding an amount of chicken noodles not even possible to put in his mouth. Namjoon opened his all of a sudden and gobbled them in just one gulp, making Jungkook frown.
«You just ate her dress!» Jimin bursted out laughing at the scene in front of his eyes, the corners wrinkling, his melodious laugh even took over Taehyng’s brooding face, the hyung smiled like a baby.
«I’m hungry and it was the third time he was doing that! He practically saw it coming!» he claimed, already taking with his chopsticks another amount of inhumanly impossible food to eat.
«You have yours!» the maknae tried to sound as serious as he could but his smile fooled him.
«Don’t bother me, I’m feeding you and giving you advices, this is the least you could do in return.» he mocked him with a new beaming smile on his face, Kook shook his head and took a bite of his meal.
«I think it could work?» Jimin brung the conversation back to where it was supposed to be, glancing at Tae and Joonie.
«Just try to stick to that» Taehyung said nodding «and don’t forget to breathe. And please, don’t panic again.» he added. Kookie nodded, this time had to be good. «You think you can do that?»
«I have to» he sighed, already feeling under pressure. Jimin and Namjoon smiled at him, trying to reassure him.
«Alright, now Taehyung could you tell us what’s wrong?» the hyung suddenly shifted his gaze to the other maknae seated next to Kook, who raised his eyebrows and shook his head faking a smile. «Come on, we can see it. Tell your favorite therapists what’s wrong and let us help you.» Jimin nodded at his words.
«Alright, I...» Taehyung took a deep breath, his long slender fingers ran through his hair and fisted a dark strand, slightly tugging it.
«Oh my God, this is so hard to say out loud» he groaned. Now, if there was a tiny possibility that they’re friends weren’t worried about him, his words certainly did their job.
«TaeTae, come on» Jimin widened his eyes.
«Alright. Do you all remember Gillyflower?» his words only brung more confusion to their faces. «The girl with pink hair?» he tried again, and this time a bunch of “ooh” and “yes” made him nod. He took another deep breath. 
«Well, I asked her out and she was about to answer when Tannie suddenly started barking and puling at the leash. I tried to mke him stop but he kept getting worse to the point he yanked me. I- I stumbled and trying to grab onto something I...» he harshly gulped, silence invaded the room.
«What did you do? It can’t be worse than what I did, right?» Jungkook’s doe-eyes were staring at his friend’s face trying to catch a hint of his actions.
«I don’t know, it’s the first time something like this awkward happens between of us, but it’s just...» he puffed letting his shoulders fall and then again shaking his head.
«What?» Namjoon were desperate to know now.
«I groped her breasts. But I was just trying to hold onto something and- Oh my God this is the worst thing I could have ever done» he groaned and hid his face behind his hands trying to cover his cheeks flashing red. Jungkook’s eyes considerably widened, Jimin’s lips formed the perfect shape of an “o” and Joonie shut his eyes , almost forgetting how to swallow. Almost.
«What did you do after that? Tell me you apologized, tell me you did it?» Chimin’s gaze was basically begging him.
«Of course I did, but I was still shocked and... I may have left my hands on her for too much time» his voice was muffled by his hands, still covering his reddish face.
«Oh, God» Jimin let out, tilting his head back. «What the hell is happening to us?» he whined, earning a death stare from Namjoon.
«You mean what the hell is happening to you? This things don’t happen to me, luckily.» he stated.
«Oh, please Joon, your face is dirty for all the eggs you have on it. You know you have your bag stuffed with blunders» Jimin whined again and Namjoon pointed his index towards him.
«That wasn’t supposed to come out!» he argued.
«It didn’t! But I’ll blurt out all of your secrets if you don’t admit you can be a weirdo too!» the hyung puffed.
«Please, everyone knows I’m an oddball, there’s no need to argue on that. But my blunders are far beneath theirs!» he pointed at Jungkook and Teahyung the youngest was now trying not burst out laughing for his high-pitched tone. Jimin groaned.
«What was her answer?» Jungkook asked, carefully looking at TaeTae. He gulped.
«She started laughing and I apologized myself again before entering home. I thought she was making fun of me but I realized it was an uncomfortable laugh just after I shut the door. Now every time I see her in the hallway I hide behind the corners and avoid her. She must think I’m an idiot.» Teahyung’s words made Jungkook feel slightly better, maybe it was selfish but he felt less lonely.
«You need to talk to her» Namjoon mumbled with his mouth stuffed of noodles.
«We’ll make up a speech for you too after lunch, alright?» Tae shook his head.
«No need for it, I can handle it. I think» he sighed for the hundredth time.
Tumblr media
The Sunday that followed got Jungkook incredibly frustrated. In two days it was gonna be his birthday and he and his friends had all agreed to take a day off from the devastating rehearsals to celebrate it together, so now there he was,  meticulously watching his figure dancing in the mirror. He hadn’t slept well and his eyes were praying for just a bunch of minutes of rest, body already tired only after an hour of movement. When the music stopped he thanked Jin with a grateful smile before approaching the bench on the side of the room to grab his towel and gather his sweat.
«I think this-»
«Kookie!» Jimin shouted with his eyes wide, his voice echoed in every single corner of the room and in a second Jungkook realized why. He didn’t really do it, please.He let his hand fall at his side, and yes, there it was. Your dress in his hand, now moist and clammy.
His voice burst in the loudest tone he’ve ever used: «Who the hell pulled it out of my bag?!»
The group immediately got closer to take a look at what he was talking about, Namjoon and Taehyung held their breath when the maknae opened the folded cloth revealing the white peace of dressing he had carefully putted in his bag just in case he’d met you here, even though it was quite impossible being Sunday.
«Oh my God, I thought it was a towel and-» Jin started explain himself but got interrupted again by Jungkook’s low groan.
«I am screwed, I give up.» his chest swelled like a balloon and his shoulder raised almost to his ears just to heavily fall a second later. «If this isn’t fate then I don’t know what it is» he complained letting his body go limp after he seated on the bench. And as if what had just happened wasn’t enough his eyes caught your figure in the hallway, your body managing to move graciously on your high heels even though at a speed that seemed almost impossible for you not to fall, your hair swinging with every step.
«Bad luck?» Hobi kneeled in front of him and Jungkook scoffed, shifting his gaze on his muscled legs once you disappeared behind the corner, his dark locks creating a curtain to hide him from the rest of the world while he rested his elbows on his knees.
«Bad luck? This is a tragedy. And not just because of the dress. Everything I did until now is a tragedy. This is just the cherry on top of it all. Maybe this is just not meant to happen and that’s why I keep messing things up.» he grumbled with raspy voice. And he really believed that for a moment, maybe he was right. Everything, every single thing he had done so far had just messed things up more, even though he was desperately trying to do the opposite. He still didn’t know your name but had however already managed to made you feel uncomfortable, hurt you and made you cry. What a charming suitor he was. At this point he could’ve-
«If thinking about it like this makes you feel better.» Namjoon spoke with his gaze on the maknae. He licked his lips and waited for Kookie to raise his head, but it didn’t happen. «You don’t have the dress, who cares? It’s a peace of cloth, Kook. Your apologies are more important and you still have your speech. You can do it.» he kneeled in front of him beside Hobi, finally catching his gaze. What he didn’t expect was to actually find his eyes shining because of the stressed tears he was desperate to hold.
«He’s right, Kookie. Come on, you’re the golden maknae. And if it goes wrong we’ll have finally found something you’re not good at» Jin smiled at his youngest friend, his words made him lightly giggle, Yoongi nudged him.
«Just try again, okay?» Hobi smiled at him and Jungkook had to take a few moments for himself to finally answer.
Probably, no, wait, sure as hell the easiest thing was to give up. You already had a clear picture of him by now, there was no way you were changing your mind with just an apology. He had already apologized for at least five times the other day, and he had made you cry the day right after. So the possible answers now were two: yes or no. Such a big difference between them but such a thin line for him, especially now that he had lost the only thing that maybe would’ve helped him. He didn’t want lie to himself, he knew it was easier to give up and go back to being a normal acting human, not embarrassing himself anymore and feeling like an idiot all the time. But it was too easy like that, and just the thought made him frown. He couldn’t explain what it was to himself, but there was something about you that made him fatally, hopelessly curious. Since the very first moment he saw you, something turned on inside him, and I’m not just talking about his cock.
«Okay» he whispered to himself, the air of his breath fanning the golden skin of his hands. He took a deep breath and stood up.
«What?» Yoongi asked looking at him. Jungkook nodded.
«Okay, but you promise me you won’t do anything?» he pointed his finger against Yoongi’s face and then moved it back and forth pointing at everyone of them. When they all nodded Jungkook knew it was the moment to leave the room. 
Jimin pursued his lips when he saw him walking towards the door and quickly sided him. «Wait, you’re doing it now? Is she here? It’s Sunday!» he spoke so fast and his tone changed so many times that Kook turned to face him with an amused smile, almost forgetting about what he was about to do. «Do you remember the speech?» he asked again. When Kookie nodded and finally left the room Chimin stayed still with his gaze on him, acting like a mummy leaving her little child for the first time to the kindergarten.
«He can do it» Yoongi patted his shoulder.
Tumblr media
You weren’t supposed to be there, not on a Sunday morning when all you wanted to do was drown in your bed and never let go of your sheets without the clock pointing at least at eleven. But you didn’t have any choice when you realized what day it was. It wasn’t just an usual Sunday, your family was coming at your place for lunch in about two hours from now, and you had promised them to cook something special, or at least to try your best. You were already feeling under pressure and your parents weren’t exactly the definition of easy-going people, always ready to judge everything you would do and every step you’d take. No wonder why you’ve grown to be their total opposite, never daring to judge anyone, and you knew they hated it. But you didn’t care and kept doing your thing, without worrying too much. Luckily, distance had made everything so much easier, until this kind of moments. The stress was running through your blood like it was part of your body, you were practically on the edge. You really didn’t want to hear them complaining about your stupid passion and how you should stop chasing your dreams just to find an even more steady job than the one you already had, so you had quickly decided to bring your gym bag here. You had grabbed everything you could find in your house that could have led their thoughts to your athletic side and just stuffed all in the bag now hanging from your shoulder, from your pointe shoes to your sweat shorts.
The lockers were safe and you knew it because you had already done this at least five or six times, so you simply opened the steel door and placed your bag in it with loose motions before shutting it and locking it with you keys. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. The stress of your job, the rehearsals, all the money you wanted to save to buy your house and what happened in the last days were hovering on your mind so much that you knew you would have bursted out if you had to worry about your parents too. So this was the easiest way.
Heading to the door you fastened you pace until you got out, the sun made your skin burn and you harshly puffed, already wishing the winter to come.
At the same time, Jungkook was looking for you in the whole building, he even took the stairs and went to second floor once he figured out you weren’t in your usual rehearsal room. He thought you’d be in the changing rooms but he couldn’t afford himself to the risk of finding you half naked, even though the picture of you he had in mind was making his mouth drier every second more while taking the stairs again. It was when he distractedly looked out of the window that he saw you crossing the street. His feet never ran faster than that moment, praying for you to stay on the main street so that he’d found you more easily. He crossed the hallway and made his friend’s heads turn when he rushed in front of their door, that stupid speech replaying in his head over and over again like a prayer.
«Oh man» Namjoon covered his eyes with his right hand at the sight.
Once the maknae was out of the building he welcomed the light of the sun by squinting his eyes, his already sweating body heated up even more while desperately trying to get to you. The street was not that crowded at this time of the morning with the sun almost at his highest spot and the hot breeze threatening whoever was out, so he thought he could make it. Then, he saw you stopping on the sidewalk. Maybe you noticed him? Impossible.
A second later you were opening the door of a taxi and he didn’t know if rather laugh about his bad luck or cry. He could’ve just let go and talk to you the next day, you were definitely going to rehearsal on Monday, or maybe even on Tuesday. But it’s Jungkook we’re talking about, and by now we all know a part of his brain seemed to switch off when it comes to you. Or maybe this time, it turned on. The stress he felt those days had built up so much that he just wanted to burst out once and for all. He was tired of dwelling about his clumsiness and weirdness when he was beside you and didn’t want to feel guilty for making you feel uncomfortable anymore. So he sped up, his legs almost gave in for the big gap he wanted to close in a matter of seconds. 
But he made it. He knocked at your window with his fist, hands sweating and chest raising desperately gasping for air. When you turned and squinted your eyes because of the light of the sun he again swore he had never seen something, someone that beautiful in his life, the rays of sunshine painting little sparkling stars in your pupils and your skin gleaming.
You knitted your eyebrows at the sight, the charming but odd man staring at you as if he had just seen who knows what. What did he want now? You didn’t have time for his teasing, not with all of the things you had to do before the hurricane that your parents were would show up and take over you for the next hours.
«Please» he managed to say, or at least he mouthed it, and a part of him thanked your shut window for not giving him away, but just a little part. If hearing the lack of his voice would’ve made you listen then he would’ve talked with his hands.
With everything he did he was not really expecting you to listen to him, not when he was making things awkward once again, not in this situation. He was hoping it with all of his heart, but he knew it was not going to happen. Indeed, it didn’t happen.
The taxi started and you fixated your gaze on the street without a second thought, already brushing away the weird feeling that his gaze made you feel. You checked your phone screen: 11.34. Great. You were praying every god in heaven to save you from your parents’ likely early arrive when a thump made you both frown and hit the backrest with your head harshly enough to wince. You realized your taxi just hit the one in front of him in a second. Someone was definitely mad at you.
That was Jungkook’s moment. He widened his eyes at the sight and rushed on the sidewalk before he quickly approached your cab. His heart was beating so fast that for a moment he feared for his life. He opened your door without a second thought, you were hissing through your breath, eyes shut and pursued lips. While he took in the sight you felt a gentle hot breeze on your skin. Opening your eyes you gasped when you saw him standing there. Definitely really, really mad.
«I can’t do this» you bursted out loud, more to yourself than to the men that now were both staring at you.
«It’ll only take ten minutes» the cab driver gently smiled at you. The poor man then brung his gaze to the other standing at your door, holding it so tight with his hand that his knuckles were white. You tried to fake a smile as best as you could.
«I’m sorry but I’m running out of time, I’m gonna make it on foot.» you claimed. Before waiting for any answer you shifted your gaze back to the man who was blocking you into the car, his body stiff and not giving you hits of movement. You waited for something, anything, but he just kept staring at you making you feel like a fish out of water and you didn’t have time to deal with his awkward behavior now, you were really late. So you stood up anyway, almost stepping on his toes, and you held your breath while making your way through his body and the car. The way he kept his dark doe-eyes into yours without any sign of backing off made you shiver.
Jungkook harshly gulped when your body slightly touched his, his skin tickled at the feeling, the lightest of touches creating the strongest of the addictions. «I- I can give you a- a ride?» he stuttered, finally removing his hands from the door of the car. You started walking without even turning at his words, too much overwhelmed by the awful morning you were having. Kook was staring at you still in the same place as before, mouth agape and eyes sparkling at the way you were moving your hips, but when he realized you were already on the sidewalk he forced himself to follow you.
«I’ll give you a ride?» why did he keep doing that? That was supposed to sound more sure, more like a statement maybe? You snorted.
«Please, stop it» his presence beside made you even more nervous, what did he want? Why was he doing that again?
«I- I can drive, I can ride you-» what the hell was that? God, he kept making things worse without even trying. Your face immediately shot up, eyebrows knitted together and blood boiling in your veins.
«What I meant is-» he stopped talking again, his feet did the same and for a moment he considered letting you walk away and just give up. With how fast you were walking you were already disappearing into the crowd. But he sided you again.
«Look, I don’t have time for your teasing now, you can do it tomorrow.» you didn’t need to shift your gaze from the sidewalk to know that he was again there.
«What? I- No, I want to do it now!»
Did he really said that? Turn on your damn brain, Jungkook.
You rolled your eyes. «I can’t belie-»
«Can I just give you a ride?» he suddenly blocked your way with his body, arms outstretched and dark eyes praying yours. «Not in that way» he added, desperately trying to fix his stupid mistakes.
You couldn’t understand what the hell he was doing, standing there in front of you, in the middle of the crowd, praying to give you a ride after everything that he had done in just... three times you met? 
«No.» you shook your head and quickly got over him. «In both ways» you added, slightly smirking at yourself for your words. Jungkook sneered too, following you again like a puppy.
«You’d get there faster, please. Just- just a ride?» his continue pleads made you whine and stopping your steps you turned to face him, realizing just now how much he was taller than you.
«I don’t even know your name» you stated, ready to claim your victory. Jungkook let his mouth fall agape while looking at you standing so close to him, not that it was that close, but the rays of the sun were making everything too much to handle for him.
«Jeon Jun- Jungkook?» he managed to say, to ask, voice cracking in the middle.
«You don’t sound so sure of that» strangely, you smirked. Jungkook’s heart almost stopped right there and then.
«I’m Jungkook» he repeated trying as best as he could to smile without showing his nerves on the edge. You took in the sight squinting your eyes at him.
«Okay, Jungkook. I still don’t know you, so the answer is still no» you smiled at him and were about to start walking again but he got in the way a second time. His brain panicked again when he realized he had to say something now, eyes widened and throat dry. Mind blank, totally blank.
«I wanted to buy you something for making up for what happened yesterday and the day before- oh, shit not yesterday. I mean, yesterday and the day before but the day before that too.» he lowly groaned and shut his eyes, already feeling his face heating up. He watched your features change from annoyance to curiosity and then slightly smirking, but he couldn’t quite define if you were just having fun seeing him struggle or if you were actually smiling for his words.
You can do this, Jungkook. You can do this. Just go on.
«Apparently I screwed up again. This is for you.» the only sentence he wasn’t supposed to say came out like it had its own life and the maknae’s eyes widened even more while staring at your unreadable expression.
«So?» you asked folding your arms.
«I- i can’t- oh God» Jungkook wanted the earth to swallow him in. The embarrassment was eating him alive. «I can’t give it to you» he blurted out without even trying anymore to contain his voice.
«Jungkook, I really, really, don’t have the time to deal with this now. My parents are coming over for lunch and I still have to cook, they’re gonna start a-» you started blabbering but stopped when you figured out you were saying too much. «I don’t have time.»
«I can cook.» he claimed «I can cook, I’m- I’m good at it and I’m fast» His face has never been more red than in that moment, not even when he asked her first crush ever out. Never than when he was with you.
«What are you trying to say?» you sighed, again checking your phone, the bold characters of the time made you whine.
«I can- help you with the lunch?» he tried again.«You can trust me. I swear- my friend is a chef. He-»
«Are you serious?» you interrupted his endless speech with a hint in your voice that neither the both of you quite get. Your question didn’t sound like an annoyed one, it sounded more like... Surprised? Kinda. Desperate? Oh, hell yes.
Jungkook nodded, and in a second your wheels brain worked like crazy. It was almost 12.00 and you knew that your parents wouldn’t arrive at the established time, they were probably already in the car looking forward to the moment you were going to open the door and ready to start complaining about how late you were for everything, how your life wasn’t good for you, how you should’ve been more like them. No, you weren’t playing they’re game, not today.
Going to your apartment now would’ve meant arrive in twenty minutes, then you had to make sure everything was in place and absolutely remember to lock your bedroom, your mother had this weird habit to always pry and snoop in your drawers as if you were still a teenager, you hated it. You had to cook and set the table too.
Oh, lord. You couldn’t believe you were really thinking about this.
«I’m Y/N» you sighed, locking eyes with Jungkook. The information you had just given him seemed to make his features even more shocked. 
Y/N, he repeated to himself, finally having a name for your breathtaking face. You had really told him? After all he had done so far?
«Are you really serious? Cause please, I don’t really have time for your teasing.» now it was you the one almost begging.
Jungkook’s eyes widened so much that they almost fell out as he forced himself to nod. «Yes, I- I’m serious. I can help you?» his voice was shaking.
«If you promise your friend won’t set fire to my kitchen?»
Jungkook’s features lost all their hope in a blink hearing your words. He really thought you were letting him in your place to help you considering all the awkwardness between you two? Well, he hoped it. It would’ve been a good way to prove you he wasn’t a jerk and maybe get to know you a little better. It wasn’t fair to be that much head over heels for someone you don’t even know. But that thought vanished in an instant. It took him a few seconds to understand he had to call Jin.
Please, please. He hoped the rehearsals were over and that he had already taken a shower.
«I promise, I swear he won’t do it» Jungkook’s sweaty hands went in his pockets and grabbed the phone. «I- I’ll call him»
You let yourself sigh when he brung the phone to his ear. This was all too overwhelming, the nervousness was eating you alive and the fact that now you had to worry about his friend too made you hold another sigh. Please, tell me he’s not teasing me again. This was your prayer, the words echoing through your mind like a mantra while the man talked to his phone taking a few steps to distance himself from you.
«Jin, please. You own me this for the dress. And I promise I- I will do whatever you want me to do. Just, please do this for me» he prayed lowering his voice and staring at you.
«You’re lucky I just changed. Alright.» Jin nodded on the other side of the line, everyone was staring at him waiting to know what happened.
«Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you» 
«I know, how can’t someone love me?» he scoffed «Where are you?»
«A few block away from the studio, in front of the crossroad, but please hurry up. Really, she’s running out of time»
«Alright, alright. I’m on my way. Don’t say or do awkward things.» that was the last sentence he left him with.
Jungkook stared at you for a little bit before putting his phone back in his pockets, studying the way you were biting your lips and snorting from time to time, fingers playing with each other in nervous movements. He couldn’t help but ask himself why you were so nervous. Your parents were coming over, shouldn’t you be happy to spend some time with your family?
You were desperate, totally overwhelmed from your parents’s judgement, still thinking about their faces when they would see you hired a chief just for a stupid lunch. “Couldn’t you do this on your own?”, “This is ridiculous.”, their voices were already playing in your mind.
You turned to look at Jungkook, his gaze immediately leaving your face and his cheeks flashing red. You approached him in a second.
«He’s coming» he let out a deep breath, and so did you. You didn’t have to worry about lunch anymore, thanks God. «I- why... Can I ask you why are you so nerv- nervous?» his question made your mouth fall agape. Was it that obvious? 
«I’m not»
«Oh» he puffed «O-okay. I’m sorry» you frowned.
«Why do you keep saying that?» Jungkook gulped harshly.
«I- I shouldn’t have asked.» and now he was looking like a puppy for the first time in front of your eyes. For a moment he didn’t seem the charming awkward man that had made you feel uncomfortable anymore. The silence filled the air even though the streets were chaotic. 
Seeing him like that made you speak: «You won’t tease?»
«Wha-What? Why?» Kook thought the conversation was already over, so when you asked him he really didn’t had his brain working. «I mean, why should I t-tease you?» doe-eyes staring directly into yours.
«You always do it» you shrugged. In that moment, Jungkook really felt awful. You really thought all he had done was because he was teasing you?
«I don’t»
«Yes, you do»
«No, I don’t» his voice sounded firm for the first time. Your eyes left his.
«Then this is you? You usually act like... you acted yesterday? And the day before? And the-»
«No, I- I don’t» he sighed «but I’m not teasing you. I never wanted to?»
«Why are you asking me?»
«I’m not! It’s just-» he let the sentence disappear like a speck of dust blown off by the window. «I won’t tease» his voice made you look back into his eyes and the silence filled the space between you two again, your face lost his brightness.
«My parents are not easy-going people. It’s just that.» Jungkook raised his eyebrows.
«Yes, but a chief?» he let out without even thinking, the second he saw your features changing he wanted to slap himself.
«I know, it’s desperate» he held his breath, the guilt already sneaking in his body for letting you think he thought that.
«No!» his voice came out louder than expected «I-It’s not. I was just curious. Maybe I should hire Seokjin too when my parents come to my place. He cooks better than me» you scoffed and his heart sped up like crazy. Finally, he thought. He was dying to hear that sound escape your lips, and now that he was the cause of it he wanted to hear it more.
«Jungkook!» Jin’s voice remembered him what you were really doing and he couldn’t help but feel disappointed when he turned to watch him get closer with each step. Your mouth hanging open at the sight. Tall, broad shoulders and a charming face. Was it a thing running in his group?
«I’m Kim Seokjin, but call me Jin. I’m your chief for today.» he introduced himself once he stood in front of you.
«I’m Y/N. Thank you for doing this, I’m aware I didn’t give you time to-»
«Don’t worry, really. It’s not a problem.» he smiled. You nodded and gulped nervously before glancing at Jungkook, who was standing there shifting his gaze between you and his friend, praying everything would work out fine.
«Let’s go, you can tell me about what you’d like to eat while we get to your place»
And with that, you nodded at him and gave a smile to the maknae. Jungkook’s heart skipped a few beats.
Tumblr media
«I swear, she has the worst parents ever.» Jin claimed, eyes wide and shocked features. «They really aren’t easy-going people.»
«Did they complain about the food?» Namjoon asked, the hyung raised his eyebrows.
«They didn’t dare, luckily for them,» he scoffed. «but from what I heard from the kitchen that woman really has the strongest self-control ever»
«What happened?» Hobi sat beside him on the couch.
«You mean what didn’t happen. First, when they came in they didn’t even greet her, they just gave her their coats and ran past her like nothing.» he raised his index finger while shaking his head. Jungkook’s eyes widened.
«Then they started complaining about her apartment. “I don’t really know how you like this place so much”, “it’s so small”, “do you even have a second bathroom in here?”, “you should move”. I mean, let her breathe!» he imitated your parents’s voices, an high-pitched tone for your mother and a weird twang for you father. His middle finger went up.
«After that, her mother tried to break into her room as if she’s a fifteen years old teenager. What the hell was that? She even locked it before they came in, I saw her.» and now his ring finger too.
«What?» Yoongi couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and neither the others. Everyone’s expression was only screaming shock, staring at their friend like he was telling them a crime novel. Jungkook had his eyebrows knitted together, mouth agape and an emotion neither he could quite get running through his blood.
«I swear I’m not making this up! They’re the worst!» Jin shook his head. «When they saw me serving the plates her mother raised her eyebrows and waited for me to go into the kitchen before she started spitting out all her venom. “Couldn’t you do this on your own? Of course not. You’re still trying to dance, right? That’s why you don’t even have time to learn how to cook”, “your mother is right, you should start to act like an adult, Y/N. I think it’s time for you to stop with that”. It was like being in hell, and I was in my heaven, you know I love standing in front of the stove. I honestly don’t know how she managed to stay calm.»
«Oh, God. She must feel so much pressure» Hobi muttered, Yoongi and Taehyung nodded.
«I know. I could see it in her eyes when I left, she was acting like nothing happened but she really seemed wrecked. She insisted to pay me but I refused her money, I told her she’s fine since is your “friend”» Jin looked at Jungkook, who weakly smiled as a thank you for his actions. He already knew that your parents were not that easy from your words and the way you acted that morning, but God, he never though they’d be like this. How did you even manage to not burst out at them?
Tumblr media
Your pillow was doing nothing to muffle your sobs, they could be heard even with the sound of the TV on and the sheets hiding you from the light light of the screen. Useless to say, you were feeling like shit. You always tried your best but always fail with them. You were used to it, so why were you crying? Again? You wished your parents were different, more amenable, you even wished you were different, the daughter they expected you to be. But you weren’t, and all you were left with was hope, every time. Maybe the next time will be better, that was what you usually told to yourself, and that was probably why you ended up crying this time too. You needed to stop it and face the fact that it was not going to be better. You weren’t the problem, and deep inside you you knew it.
You simply needed to face it.
Tumblr media
Finally, here comes today. It’s weird for you to think this, but you actually want to meet Jungkook, to thank him. The awful night you had made you think of how hard you try with your parents even though you keep telling yourself it’s not true. After having a chief cooking for you, the only thing you can do is cope with it. You can’t deny you were being anxious for the whole time, still skeptical about the situation, afraid that Jungkook was maybe teasing you again and his friend was no one but a someone looking for fun him too. But he wasn’t, he’s been nice for the entire time, always smiling and trying to make you feel comfortable, he sure knows how to marvel a new client. You saw him blinking a few times because of your parents’s words, but you’re grateful he didn’t tell you anything. He was professional and friendly, and you feel so sorry about not paying him and making him deal with the awkward lunch of you and your parents.
Thus, you are now walking in the studio hoping to find Jungkook or maybe one of his friends, not sure of what exactly are his schedules. You look for him until you realize you’re already five minutes late for your rehearsals so you decide to rush back in your room. What you didn’t expect is to find him at your doorframe, eyes shifting from person to person. His figure makes you hold your breath, his features taken by whoever his looking for, lips pursued, tall and muscled body wrapped in a pair of black jeans and a gray shirt.
«Jungkook?» you call. Jungkook’s heart drops when he realizes it’s your voice, then in a second the embarrassment is there again, making his ears and cheeks flashing red.
«H-hi?» he slowly moves his stare until it’s on your face.
«Were you looking for me?» his eyes wide, he weakly raises his eyebrows and now his lips are slightly parted in a pout.
«N-no? Yes, I mean no, I- fuck» he mutters, shutting his eyes at the end of the uncommon answer and hissing under his breath. You knit your eyebrows. Once he opens his eyes again you can’t help but smirk, just a little bit. With the half-gone sensation of him teasing at you it’s more easy to do it.
«I- what was the question?» he really doesn’t know how to answer you. You scoff and shake your head.
«Never mind, I was looking for you but now I really can’t talk. Do you have some time later?» your uncertain tone makes you cringe, again feeling weird in front of him. You can’t help it, it’s just something that happens every time in his presence.
His brain stops working again. «Oh, yes? Y-yeah»
«What- what time do you get off?»
«I- well, I- uhm... Yoongi!» he suddenly screams, panicking and widening his eyes when he shifts them from you to his friend, his tone radiates nothing but frustration.
Thanks God, he thinks, but a second later he’s already regretting it. You quickly turn to see his friend approaching you in heavy footsteps, and when you link his face to his name another wave of uncomfortableness sneaks in your body.
Yoongi looks at you only when he sides his friend, gulping harshly and trying to fake a smile as best as he can. «Hi, I’m Yoongi?»Why do they all speak like this? 
He shifts his eyes from you to Jungkook and viceversa, hoping someone to talk and tell him what the hell is he doing there with you two. When Jungkook finally speaks his voice his shaking. «What dime do- do we get o-off?» his eyes are basically praying Yoongi to answer.
«I think at seven?»
«Oh» he lets out, lowering his gaze on you again. You try to shrug off the mix of emotions his dark eyes give you.
«Okay, I... I’ll wait for you? I guess, if you tell me-»
«13» Yoongi interrupts your blabbering seeing that the maknae’s face is as blank as a white sheet paper, still in shock from what’s happening, he probably wouldn’t have known how to answer you.
«Thank you. See you later then» you try to smile without letting your uneasiness creep in and quickly enter the rehearsal room, letting out a deep breath.
«You know you’ll have to talk to her later, right? And what was she talking about?» Yoongi asks as soon as you can’t hear him. Jungkook shrugs.
«She- she wants to talk? I’m gonna die in the awkwardness, I know it. I’m gonna embarrass myself so much I won’t even be able to breathe, fuck.»
Tumblr media
«Y/N?» Jungkook stares at your reflection in the mirror, his movements suddenly stop nd Hobi frowns at him.
«Jungkook, what are you doing?» he screams over the music. The maknae blinks a few times before he understands you’re looking at him and he’ll make everything more awkward if he keeps standing still like this with his eyes on you. Thus, he takes a deep - deep - breath and  counts the time again before catching up with the moves.
His body makes you hold your breath, his movements are clean and outright, his style is impactful, even the small details incredibly focused and accurate. His muscles twitch under the clothes, and you can outline the muscles of his legs even without even trying. Only the sight makes you shudder. His body is something you really didn’t dwell on, too much taken aback from the way he usually acts around you, but having a show like this in front of your eyes is something you can’t really turn away to. The way he moves his hips in a particular move has you clenching around nothing, and you suddenly blush at the thought of how he’d move them in a different situation, your heart beats faster.
Jungkook tries to not let your presence influence his rehearsals but he can’t help to steal a few glances at you while he moves on the rhythm. When he sees you blushing and glancing down his body he can’t help but smirk a little bit, even though his heart beats louder with every second. He glances away again when you eventually raise your eyes to his face, body stiffening in an second.
When the music finally stops and you seem to wake up from your trance you find yourself looking at the others, realizing only now that you probably should have asked before coming in the room like this, so you stand up and go out in a second.
Yoongi suddenly runs behind you.
«Y/N? Right?» you have no chance but to turn and nod.
«I’m sorry, I sho-»
«You can stay.» he smiles at you «And I’m sorry for the tea, the other day»
«Are you sure?»
«About the tea? I’m really sorry» he bits the inside of his cheek.
«No, I mean are you sure I-»
«Oh, yes. Jungkook would like it if you stayed» he suddenly points his thumb to Jungkook, who’s staring at the two of you with his lips parted and apparently in trance like you were just a few seconds ago. When your eyes lock with his you shrug to hide the weird shiver sneaking into your back.
«Okay, then» you smile at Yoongi and head back to the bench at the side of the room. 
You spend at least twenty five minutes staring at Jungkook, your eyes rarely meet the figures of his friends, completely taken by the way he moves and the emotions he makes you feel with every song. At the beginning the maknae feels his cheeks heating up and his body as stiff as a trunk, but with the time passing by and the seconds becoming minutes he slowly gains a little bit of confidence, and when you see him even more free and secure you can’t help but take in the sight releasing a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding. He’s like a magnet, some weird kind of energy attracts you to him, maybe it’s the way he speaks with his face or the way his eyes seem even darker and deeper when he sometimes glances at you and immediately glances back. Time seems to run and before you know it the music stops again and the group is lets out uneven breaths, heading to the bench you’re sitting on to grab their towels.
You feel your cheeks heat up when you notice almost every one of them glance at you with a look you can’t really read. Jungkook is still in front of the mirror, eyes completely focused on the way his body moves and repeating movements like a mantra. When he finally stops and turns around his gaze locks with yours, his heart pounds in his chest, palms sweaty all of a sudden.
«Kook, here!» one of his friends throws him a bottle of water and the man quickly catches it bringing it to his lips and taking a few sips. You watch the way his adam’s apple moves from your seat. He closes the bottle and finally heads to the bench, he feels so nervous he’d do something awkward and make you both feel uncomfortable that he almost thinks of running away. The others seem to quickly disappear to go to change and when he finally stands beside you you don’t really know how to act. The silence fills the room and makes you wince, your tongue comes out to wet the petals of your lips, Jungkook holds his breath.
«I like your style of dancing, the way you move» you blurt out. The maknae seems almost shocked at your words.
«I- I like it too» and here we go again. «I mean, I like yours too?»
«You watched me dancing?»
Jungkook groans. «I- oh, ye- yes?» he quickly gives up on lying «I watched you»
«Oh, I didn’t notice» you nervously smile. «Thank you, then»
Jungkook brings his white towel to his neck, wiping the sweat from his skin. That stupid action hits you like a wrecking ball.
«I’m- I’m sorry for everything that happened,» he speaks without thinking «I- I never wanted to tease you. I’m really sorry it- it came out like that. Really sorry.» his tone is shaky and he still can’t believe he managed to let out a full sentence without embarrassing himself or you. For some kind of reason his words make your gaze deepen in his, the weight of your irises almost crashing down Jungkook’s mind.
 You shake your head. «You apologize every time» a smile breaks through your mask.
«I don’t want to... make you feel uncomfortable? It’s just... I’m really so- sorry if it came out in the wrong way. I always end up embarrassing myself but I wanted to make a good impression, it’s just-» he suddenly stops talking, feeling all of a sudden even more nervous to say the words he was almost spilling out, he scraps at the back of his neck.
«You make me nervous» he really said it. 
His words hit you like a train, fast enough to make you doubt you really heard them and hard enough to stun you. «I make you nervous? Oh, I’m sorry I-»
«No, no, no, no» he quickly complaints «In a good way, I- I guess?» 
«What do you mean?»
Jungkook opens his mouth to speak a few times but always fails and closes it, before putting the towel on the bench and harshly gulping. «I- Can we talk about something else? Please?» he almost whines, making a weird smile form on your lips.
«Do you want to go to the cafe?»
He nods at your proposal, lifting his index finger. «Just give me a minute to change and-» he lowers to grab at all his stuff on the bench but unintentionally hits the bottle of water which falls to the ground. He lets out a deep shaky breath, the words I’m so bad at this echoing in his mind. You manage to bend over and grab it but at the same time he takes a step towards it to do the same, stopping when he sees your hands holding the bottle. When you raise back, the view you meet with makes you hold your breath and your cheeks red like peppers, Jungkook is not quick enough to rush back, and you can’t help but feel uncomfortable again, but this time there’s a different emotion too that you’re not quick enough to grasp.
It happens in a matter of seconds, but it seems like minutes when you glance at him, standing tall and looking at you bewitched by the sight of you like this. And he needs to remember himself you’re actually here to hold back the dirty thoughts that are already filling his head. You gulp hard, your eyes scanning his beautiful features and saving the breathtaking sight, his crotch almost touching your cheek because of the lack of distance. And you can’t deny, your thoughts take you to a different dimension that makes you fucking throb.
«Just- give me- give me a minute?» Jungkook stutters with a deep low voice, heavy breath and cheeks heating up.
«This are the kind of things that makes me think of you teasing me» you don’t even know where your words came out from, how’d you manage to make a full sentence still watching him from the same position.
«I swear, I didn’t want to-»
«It’s okay» you unintentionally lick your lips and he finds it even harder to keep a clear head, his cock already hardening. «Go?»
He slowly nods waking up from his trance, and manages to rush back into the fitting room with fast steps and heavy breathing, hoping that the others are not there. Not now that with every steps he takes he feels harder with the image of your eyes looking at him from down.
«Fuck» he hisses letting his bag fall to the bench. Luckily, no one’s here anymore and he’s only left with his boner. What is he supposed to do now? He can’t just change and go out, you’d see it, definitely.
Jungkook quickly heads to the door of the bathroom and takes a deep breath before locking it, lowering his sweat pants and his boxers on his thighs. The second the material doesn’t hug him anymore his cock jumps to his stomach, tip already red and dripping with precum. How do you manage to get him this hard without even trying?
His hand immediately wraps around his shaft, squeezing himself a little bit, just enough to make his head fall back and his lips part letting out a strangled whine. 
«Fuck» he hisses before he starts moving his hand, his mind going back at you and how damn good you looked before at the height of his cock. The first time he masturbated thinking about you sucking him dry he didn’t really think he would ever have a picture of you to accompany his actions to. And now that he has it, he can’t seem to get enough of it. You’d look so fucking good giving him the blowjob of his life, hollowing your cheeks and wrapping him in your mouth, he’d fuck it so good you’d be drooling and gagging for him. His thumb slowly caresses his frenulum and he twitches under his hand, stroking himself faster and harder. He doesn’t even realize it but the image of you he has in mind is making him louder than he usually is, panting and hissing, begging to explode.
«Oh my god, fuck.» he groans.
You can’t hear him from where you are, but your tights are tightening anyway. What happened just a few moments ago is replaying in your mind over and over again. The view he gave you of him staring directly into your eyes while you were basically facing his cock it’s making you go out of your mind. You can’t deny he’s charming, with features that make you feel dizzy, but this was too much to handle even for you. Your mind can’t help but fantasize how he’d fist your hair while you’d lick him, and just the thought makes you clench around nothing, the wetness between your folds already soaking your knickers. You try to push the image away, but the way you’re desperately squeezing your thighs for some kind of friction tells a total different story.
Jungkook bites his lips, his abdomen twitching and his shoulders heavily raising.
«Y/N» he whines, picturing you on your knees for him. In his mind, your hands are one on his inner thigh and the other playing with his nipple, twirling it between your index and thumb and making him even more sensible.
«Shit, so good» his voice is husky, sure as hell it would make you shudder and fall on your knees if you’d only hear it. His movements become more sloppy, the knot in his stomach almost about to burst. He groans and speeds up even more, hips practically hitting his hand with every stroke. He imagines your thighs tightened, the wetness in your folds, the way you’d taste, and he feels even closer.
«So fucking good»
Jungkook spits in his hand. His breath stutters more, and he suddenly doesn’t remember how to breathe anymore as he strokes himself harder, the lewd sound of him shoving in his fist becomes louder, the only sound feeling the bathroom and the fitting room.
The thought of you cupping his balls and massaging it makes him do the same thing, he pictures your tongue licking and swirling around the head of his cock. That is the last chunk he needs to come undone in his palm, spatters of white hitting his chest as he fucks himself through his orgasm until he’s too sensitive to even make one more stroke, letting his head resting on the door behind him. Eyes closed, heavy breath and mouth completely dry, Jungkook takes some time to recover from the heavenly climax he just reached.
God, what he’d give to know that he had the exact effect you had on him, but you’re just too shy to do something about it here. If you were home, well that would be a different thing. You’d help yourself with your vibrator, fucking it into you like it was him. But now, now you’re just trying to contain your thoughts, waiting for him to come out and go to the cafe.
When you realize it’s been a while since he disappeared you decide it’s better to go and see if everything’s okay. Standing up you unsurely walk to the door of the fitting room, the structure of the building being always the same makes finding the way easier. You knock at the door.
«Jungkook? Are you okay?»
«I- uhm, I’m coming, give me a second!» he answers back with a high-pitched tone, so you nod and go back to your bench, waiting for him. It takes him another three minutes to finally come out, his hair are a little bit messy and you think he must’ve ran his hands through them a few times.
«Are we- are we still going?» he asks. With your worries at the door of the fitting room he thought you might have heard him before, but when you nod and smile he lets his previous thoughts fade.
You head out of the studio and to the cafe, trying to ignore the way your panties practically slips against your folds. Jungkook tries to think about what to say and how to begin a safe conversation for the both of you without feeling uncomfortable or awkward but he just can’t seem to find nothing else than the question he asks.
«You wanted to talk?» lowering his gaze to his side he looks at you walking in silence. You quickly nod.
«I wanted to thank you, actually» you turn to smile at him, the butterflies in in stomach invading every part of his body.,«You know, for Jin.»
«Oh, no- no problem» he smiles back, his eyes sparkling and you can’t deny the sudden warmth you feel in your chest. «It’s the least I could do, for what happened?» his sentence sounds again like a question, but by now you’re kinda used to it. You scoff.
«Let’s say I forgive you for the dress and the awkward meeting» you tease. His eyes squint and he wrinkles his nose.
«That wasn’t my fault» he murmurs.
«Your friend?»
He nods. «Teahyung»
«Well, then I forgive Teahyung and you for the dress» you smile again, his heart is beating like crazy.
«How much do I have to embarrass my-myself for the drink Yoongi spilled on you?» he’d like to giggle but he feels so freaking nervous that all he can do is let out a puff.
«I don’t know, you’re pretty good at that. I’d end up enjoying the show eventually and it wouldn’t be fair, I’d let you go on» you tease again. Jungkook’s cheeks heat up. His brain trying to understand if you’d say something like this because you like the way he acts around you or just for the fun of teasing him. The truth is, neither you know it now.
«It’s the thing I seem to be better at» your giggle makes him feel lighter.
«I was kidding» you stop your steps and he realizes you’re already in front of the cafe.
«You’re forgiven, more than forgiven. I actually feel like I owe you something now» you explain looking directly in his dark eyes, and damn, he’s really beautiful.
«Oh- no, no! Don’t, please» he shakes his head. «I- I wanted to make it up to you, you don’t owe me anything»
«Well, let me get you a coffee or something you’d like at least?» you point at the shop behind you. Jungkook licks his lips and takes another deep breath before nodding, following you in and trying to look elsewhere but the way you swing your hips with every step. You’re gonna be the death of him, and he’s slowly falling even more with every word you say.
Thanks to the time the cafe is almost empty, only two or three clients are sit on the chairs at the counter. Nevertheless, you sit at your favorite table, the one in the corner always forgotten by practically everyone. There’s something about this table that makes you feel safe, maybe it’s because no one seems to look at it, sometimes even the waitress forgets it.
«I’ll get a tea» you announce without even glancing at the menu, Jungkook tilts his head to the side and hides his head behind it. You wait for him to choose what he wants and when he’s done you raise your hand to the waitress behind the counter. The woman quickly walks to you, giving you a gentle smile.
«What can I serve you?»
«A tea for me»
«I’ll have a Red Velvet latte» Jungkook says, leaving you amused by his choice. The waitress quickly nods and leaves you with another smile.
«Red Velvet?» you ask «I’ve always wanted to try it but I always end up with tea or coffe» you reveal, Kook raises his eyebrows.
«I like- I like it. Maybe you want a sip?»
«Don’t worry, I’ll get it the next time»
«We can switch drinks if you want» he says as the same time as you.
«Really, Jungkook, don’t worry» you smile at him.
«Anyway, I really am thankful for Jin yesterday. He helped me a lot, without him I’d probably end up having a breakdown» you scoff at the end of your sentence even though it’s true. Jungkook watches you as you speak, completely taken by your words and the way you move your lips, your voice seems to be the only thing catching his ears now, not even one of his favorite songs playing in the background gets him.
«Thank you for being so nice and help me, Jungkook. It was Sunday and-»
«Hey, no problem» he cuts off your rumbling with his hand on yours, and the second he realizes what he has just done he takes it away with wide eyes. The only trace he leaves on your skin is the dampness of his sweaty palms.
«I’m- I’m sorry»
«Stop it, please» you almost whine and his features instantly sadden, afraid he just made another mistake. He tries to hide his expression but fails, and the guilt sneaks into you making you shake your head.
«I mean, stop being so stiff. Tell me, what is it?» you ask.
«What do I do to make you this nervous?» you ask again. «I can try and-»
«It’s not you.» he cuts you off again. «I- I mean it is you, but it’s me. I-» he stutters.
«I can try to hide my face if you want» youironically propose as you grab the menu and cover your face with it. Jungkook frowns but immediately smiles at your silliness. «Does it work?»
«It- It’s not making any difference» he holds back a laugh.
«Are you sure?» you giggle. He shakes his head.
«I am, just- please, look at me» his words play a strange trick on your mind, making you harshly gulp as your heart skips a few beats. It’s noy like he had just said something that important, but your mind goes blank for a second.
«Y/N?» he calls, eyes fixated on the menu you’re holding. He stretches his arm out and grabs at the paper, slowly lowering it from your face. Your eyes, your nose, your lips. Jungkook stares at every feature of your face taking in the sight in front of him, the power you have on him is fucking scary, and he’s realizing it for the first time now looking in your eyes.
«What happened?» he lets out in a whisper, not really certain of his voice at the moment. You gulp and shake your head. You don’t even know what happened, how are you supposed to explain him?
«There you go, your tea and your Red Velvet» the waitress comes in the way, and you thank her in your mind for saving you from the awkward situation you just putted yourself into. However, the interruption is fast and she leaves in a matter of seconds leaving you with your drinks.
You can’t help but glance at his glass, the crimson color of the drink intrigues you and the chocolate chips on top are the perfect frame. Jungkook lifts it from the table and stretches his arm again towards you, putting the drink basically under your nose.
«Try it» he manages to say holding his breath. He doesn’t even know where he gained all of this boldness, he just did it without thinking. And now that you stare at him he’s beginning to think he’s making things awkward again.
Your hands cover his, giving birth to another session of butterflies in his stomach and a shudder running down your spine. Jungkook understands he has to remove his hand from the glass to make you drink and he slips away like he just got burn by a blazing fire.
Taking a sip you let yourself taste the sweetness of the latte and the chocolate chips before giving him his drink again, deciding this will definitely be your next order at this place.
«It’s so good» you whine, Jungkook smiles.
«It’s one of my favorite drinks, Jin- he always tries new things and likes to feed us like babies. He introduced me to this»
«I really like it» you bring your cup of tea to your lips, taking a sip. «My tea is so boring now» his smile widens.
«We can really switch drinks if you-»
«No, don’t worry, really»
He nods, taking the first sip of his Red Velvet.
«So Jin is kinda like the mama of the group?» Jungkook smiles at your comment.
«He is the oldest» he nods. «He likes to take care of us and we like to eat» you giggle at his words.
«His cooking is really good, I haven’t eaten that good in months. I should have insisted more on paying him» you take another sip from your tea.
«Trust me, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it» Jungkook smiles at you, and it’s a matter of seconds before he finally noticed he’s not stuttering anymore. In fact, he feels more comfortable. «He was happy to help»
«Oh, trust me, he helped me a lot»
You try to think what would’ve happen yesterday if it wasn’t for him, the result would have been even worse than it already is. Jungkook’s heart warms up knowing he was really able to help you, he made something right. The smile you have on your face makes him want to work even more to create a brand new one.
«What about Yoongi? Does he spill his drinks on everyone?»
«No, he doesn’t» Jungkook scoffs and avoids telling you the reason why he actually spilled it. «He’s the second hyung. Actually, he’s usually very quiet. His stage name is Suga»
«I heard about him» you raise your eyebrows. «Someone told me he injured his shoulder fighting over a first prize but I didn’t think it was him they were talking about, and honestly I didn’t know if it was true» 
The maknae shakes his head. «It’s not true. He actually got injured while working, he had to find a job to pay for his dance lessons and eventually he started a delivering job. He got hit by a car.» Jungkook stares at the wooden table «People often say that or that he tried to beat one of the judges and got kicked in his ass. I don’t get why they like to make up something so stupid» an heavy sigh leaves his lips.
«Last year I broke my uncle because I was pushing myself too hard for a contest and eventually I didn’t perform. I heard people say I couldn’t ‘cause I was pregnant» you tell him, the memory still makes you wrinkle your nose. Jungkook’s eyes widens before he opens his mouth.
«I hate rumors» he mumbles. «Who- who do you want to know about now?» he stutters a little bit, deciding to bring back the conversation to a positive vibe.
«Taehyung? Was it his name?» you squint your eyes.
«Yes» he nods. «Taehyung is the second maknae and a fashion icon in the group, we always try to look as cool as him but he just has that something that makes you give up and stay in your sweat pants.» you giggle at his comment and he can’t help but smile at your sparkling eyes.
«He doesn’t usually act like the first time we met, he’s pretty confidential.» Jungkook takes the last sip of his Red Velvet and you do the same with your now almost cold tea while you take in all the informations.
«Namjoon is the dad of the group, he’s always willing to give you advices but at the same time able to give you a good shake. He and Jimin are my go to when I need to talk to someone, but the others are pretty good at listening too. Jimin is the third maknae»
«Who’s the first?»
Jungkook puckers his lips. «Me» 
«How old are you?»
«I’m twenty two» he answers, remembering this is the last day he gets to say it. For a little moment he thinks of you at his birthday, but he forces himself to push the picture away, it would be weird to invite you when you’re talking fr the first time.
«I’m older than you!» you can’t help but exclaim, Jungkook licks his lips.
You nod.«I’m twenty four»
«How- how should I call you then?» he bits his lips, a little bit of nervousness sneaks again into him, worried you don’t like the way he has been talking to you.
«Oh, please don’t call me noona!» you shake your head and smile at him.
«Are you sure?»
«Yes, Jungkook. Don’t change the way you were talking to me, I liked it. It was natural» you smile at him, your heart beats faster when a smile shines on his face and lights up his features. Jungkook is trying to be as natural as he can, trying to speak without blubbering still stunned by your presence in front of him, and hearing those words make him less tense.
«Hoseok is the only one left. He’s a ray of sunshine, always able to make you smile and laugh. His stage name is J-Hope. He’s a spring, his movements are as fluid as water. Oh, and he can’t hide his expressions whenever he’s angry, even though it’s difficult to annoy him. His face goes like this» Jungkook’s try to emulate his friend is quickly cut off by your bursting laugh because of his expression, and he can’t hold back his giggles at the sound of your happiness.
«Sounds like a beautiful group» you say when you finally stop laughing, your cheeks are hurting while you take a look inside your mug, realizing only now it’s empty.
«It is, they’re my family» the tone he uses makes a knot built up in your throat, smiling melancholic. And who the hell knows why, Jungkook notices it. 
«Is- is something wrong? Did I say-»
«No, no, no. It’s fine, I’m fine» you quickly say smiling again. He would like to ask you what’s wrong again until you’d probably end up answering him but he thinks he’d invade your personal space and annoying you.
«Are you sure? I- I know I ask this a lot but-»
«I’m sure, thank you for asking» you interrupt him with another gentle smile. Jungkook knows it’s not true, but he nods anyway, bringing his gaze to his empty glass. His action makes you bring yours to your phone, unlocking the screen and realizing only now it’s almost eight and a half.
«I should go now»
He raises his glance, the feeling in his chest it’s telling him to not let you go but he can’t do that.
«I’ll see you tomorrow at the studio?» you ask him while getting up from your chair, rummaging through your purse looking for the wallet. Jungkook is about to say yes when he remembers tomorrow it’s their free day.
«No, not tomorrow» he smiles at you getting up and producing a shrill sound with his chair against the floor, his cheeks heat up for the fiftieth time only in an hour.
«Oh, I guess I’ll see you on Wednesday then? Or whenever we-»
«Could you give me your number?»
If he thought his heart already risked a heart attack many times with you, then now he should be dead from the way it’s beating. Blood running through his body so fast that he can hear it his in his ears, the tip of them and his cheeks flashing red, palms sweating more than before. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked you.
You stare at him for a few seconds, completely stuttered by his question as you gulp harshly and blink a few times.
«You- you promise you won’t send me nudes?» you joke, and this time you are the one who’s left with her mouth agape, wondering where the hell that just came out from. «Oh my-»
«If you don’t ask for them I won’t» Jungkook scoffs, the fact you just said something like that is making him feel lighter. You raise your eyebrows at him.
«I won’t, I surely won’t» you quickly rebut but you’re afraid he might be offended so you keep adding words making everything worse. «I mean- not that I wouldn’t like them, it’s just-»
«Y/N» he interrupts your dwelling. «I- I won’t send or ask for nudes» he laughs at his own words at the end of the sentence, making you grimace.
«I’m- I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that»
«It’s okay» he smiles at you and you let out a shaky breath before putting ten bucks on the table and heading to the door with him.
Jungkook dials your number on his phone and quickly sends you a message to let you save his, still freaking out in his mind for what happened in just an hour of being with you.
The afraid of being awkward he felt at the beginning is still there, but he feels more comfortable now that he knows a little bit about you. He’s still nervous, palms still sweaty and heart still beating like crazy, gaze still trying to lock with yours just to shudder and blush under it. He likes the way his nervousness shaded with the comfortableness you made him feel talking to you, his chest both threatening to explode because of the tension but still tasting the sweetness of the naturalness and ease, the combo is one of the weirdest to ever exist, but it’s true.
«Goodbye, Jungkook» you smile at him after putting your phone back in your purse. You think about your actions for a moment before quickly tiptoeing and leaving a soft peck on his cheek that makes him almost feel dizzy. The way your soft lips touched his skin will haunt him even in his dreams tonight. He’s not rapid enough to smile at you while you turn and walk away, too shocked by your actions, but he smiles anyway.
This is the first time Jungkook realizes he just had a bite of the cake, and now he wants to eat it all.
Tumblr media
«Are you kidding?» Taehyung’s deep voice resonates through the stairwell and Jungkook can hear it even by pulling his phone away from his ear.
«I’m not, Tae» he rushes to the door and hangs up before opening it sure that his friend is already there. In fact, he is. Standing still in front of him in his Gucci palazzo trousers looking like a model.
«Happy birthday, Kookie» he smiles at him and hugs him tight making Jungkook chuckle.
«You just said it on the phone»
«I know» he pats his shoulder. «Where are the others?»
«They’re coming» Jungkook takes a look to his lounge, the table is already set and the food is almost ready, Jin will be proud of him.
«Is she coming too?» Taehyung asks, Jungkook turns like top.
«What? No»
«Why not?»
«I don’t know... we don’t have that much of intimacy. And with you?» he knits his eyebrows thinking of the possible ending of doing something like that. «She’d probably feel like a fish out of water and you’re gonna embarrass me if I’m not the one doing it» he shakes his head.
The bell rings and Kook rushes to the door to welcome his friends, Hobi and Jin are standing there with the biggest smiles on their faces and hands full of envelopes, smiles as bright as the sun.
«There will be a day when you’ll be old and people will make fun of you, and it’s coming! Happy birthday!» Jin hugs the maknae laughing for his own words and Jungkook does the same. Hobi joins the hug, making Tae grimace and run to them.
«I feel alone» he mumbles before wrapping his arms around the three of them, Jungkook in the middle is almost dying, being the burger in the middle of the bread.
«Happy birthday!» Hobi screams, his voice echoing in the hallways remembers Jungkook the door is still open.
«Okay, now set me free» he laughs. «Where are the others?» their grip on him loosen and he finally closes the door.
«They went to buy you a cake, Seokjin made you one but Joon ate it last night without knowing it was yours» Hobi burst out laughing.
«It was obvious! He should’ve known it!» Jin screams frustrated with his eyes wide.
Tumblr media
«Look at that!» Jimin points at the cake through the glass, his eyes sparkling at the sight and his mouth begging to taste the sweetness of the sponge cake. He looks like a baby.
«Ugh, Chimin! It’s for Jungkook, not you!» Namjoon scolds him making the corners of his mouth drop.
«I know what he likes!» he says back. Yoongi shuts his eyes, they’ve been in here for almost ten minutes now, fighting over which cake they could buy and not really getting anything.
«Do you-»
«He’ll like that» Yoongi cuts off Joonie’s words and point at the cake nodding to the pastry chef behind the counter who quickly smiles at him.
«Could you write “Jungkook” on top of it?» Jimin asks with a kind smile, the baker nods and he raises his eyebrows at Namjoon.
«See? It’s gonna be perfect, you need to listen to me!»
Namjoon sighs and shakes his head, taking a glance out of the shop to see his girlfriend still in the car waiting for them, eyes fixated on her phone.
Tumblr media
Your parents had decided to ring your doorbell without telling you they were coming over. Luckily - or unfortunately - it’s Tuesday, and on Tuesday you’re usually home for lunch, but when the doorbell squeaked you didn’t really think it was them. Maybe the postman or a neighbor, but not your parents.
«Surprise!» they both screamed. It was the worst surprise ever. You didn’t know they were coming so you didn’t make lunch for them, didn’t tidy up properly, didn’t hide your things and didn’t lock your door. Plus, you weren’t prepared for another mental breakdown, not so soon after they gave you one just two days ago. And you still aren’t now, listening to them talking while you eat your salad.
«Your mother decided to come visit Ailiseu for a few days and September is already here so we decided not to wait until next month, it’ll be too cold» your father explains, his smile going from ear to ear. You instantly pray for the mental health of your cousin knowing how your parents can be, she’s gonna go out of her mind.
«Exactly! And we’re staying at her place, since she has a big house. Sorry honey, we would’ve asked you but we thought we’d be too much in here.»
«No problem» you try to sound as kind as possible. This is the good side of having a small house, at least.
«How long will you stay?»
«Three days» your father says «but we’re going to Ailiseu for dinner, we’d like to spend today with you»
«Take a day off of work.» your mother points her index finger at you. «We’ll have fun! We could go to the mall and buy some clothes, I really don’t like the shirt you’re wearing»
You stop eating fixing your gaze on your meal and trying to stay calm. This is a nightmare. How are you supposed to not go to work when they saw you were fine this morning? And notify them in half an hour? Your boss is going to go out of his mind and kill you. You won’t even be able to rehearsal today, obviously.
«Mom, I-»
«Please?» your father cuts you off.
You give up. It’s scientifically proven that you can’t beat them at this game without bursting out, that would definitely lead to an argument and you really are not in the mood for it. So you nod and finish your lunch listening to all their stories, your mother complaining about everything: the broken electric hand dryer at the gas station they stopped in, the way your father drives, your shirt - again -, your salad, your house and again your job. All of her words only make you wish to end this day as soon as possible but against your desire, time only seems to slow down while you wait for your her to come out of the bathroom.
You’re ready to go to the mall, you already called your boss and told him you had a setback and couldn’t go back to work this afternoon, and like you predicted before he didn’t sound happy at all, groaning things you couldn’t understand and quickly hanging up. Your mother is been in the bathroom for twenty minutes now making you frown and sink in your couch. When she finally comes out you head to the door in a second.
«Let’s go shopping!»
Tumblr media
Your feet are hurting, if they could talk their exact words would be “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” at every step you take. You’ve been in here for almost six hours now, dragged from a shop to another, from a salon to a shoe store and you’re pretty sure that by now you entered all the shops in the mall.
«What’s the time?» your mother finally stops walking at your father’s question, taking a glance at her golden watch.
«It’s almost eight,» she answers raising her eyes to you «we should probably go. Do you mind giving us a ride to Ailiseu’s place?»
You try to fake a small and force yourself to nod despite your tiredness, all you’d like to do now is lay down and sleep. Your brain health is being put to serious danger today, with all your parents endless rumblings and complaints, your mother even tried to buy you a shirt just for you to go change the one you have on in the public restrooms.
You head to your car with big strides and yawning, your parents’ words behind you about how beautiful your cousin’s house is  and how much their parents must be proud of her are making your chest heavy and your head pound.
You hope not to stay stuck in traffic once you get in your car and get out of the parking lot. You only make it to a few blocks before your wishes and hopes totally fade away, the cars blocking the street and the sounds of the honking filling your ears.
«We’re gonna be late, Ailiseu is waiting for us» your father sighs.
«Can’t you take a different road?»
«How am I supposed to take a different road now? There are cars behind me» you huff at your mother’s words.
«Then honk!»
«It’s not gonna change a thing, everyone is doing that!» you claim. Your dad shakes his head.
You wait at least five minutes before you move again, the silence only filled with your mother’s huffs and annoyed muttering. When you think you finally made it and you’re gonna be home soon, a loud thud makes you shudder and not even a second later you’re being pushed against the wheel because of the swing of your car, hitting your forehead against the glass of the windshield.
It takes you a few moments to realize you just got hit and before you know it you’re already putting on your hazards and heading out of your car. How is it even possible to witness to accidents in just a few days? 
You take a look to your parents while they do the same as you and when you see they’re fine you let out a sigh of relief that lasts as quickly as it came out. Your car is devastated at the back and there is no way you can walk home without shedding parts along your way, you only feel grateful that you and your parents are not hurt.
The man in the car behind you approaches you with fast steps and a worried face, tired eyes and shaky voice.
«I’m so sorry, I should’ve been more careful»
You don’t even understand how he managed to make such a mess to your car with the traffic on the streets now, he probably came out from one of the small roads where there weren’t cars and you were the lucky one to welcome him in the jam.
The man leaves you his number telling you to call him once you know how much this is going to cost you and quickly leaves, you end up calling a taxi for your parents and a tow truck for your car, trying to stay as awake as possible. After forty five minutes of waiting you’re so tired that you could lay down and sleep in the middle of the road if it wasn’t for the cars threatening your life, but apparently someone is hearing your prayers and the tow truck comes to rescue you. Your car is brought to the mechanic and you say goodbye to another one hundred bucks for the tow truck. You’re left alone in the middle of the jam, so you move to the sidewalk ready to call a cab. You had the worst day and you’re already thinking of how much you’ll have to work to get all the money you just lost back.
You’re being caught off guard when someone calls you while you’re bringing the phone to your ear. When you turn and find Jin smiling at you you quickly hang up.
«Jin, hi»
«What are you doing here?» he looks down at you as if he’s the Eiffel Tower and you’re the grass.
«Uhm, my car broke, I was going to call a taxi»
«If you want I can give you a ride? Can you wait a little bit? Just the time to sing happy birthday to Jungkook and give him the gifts, we’re looking forward to embarrass him» he laughs.
«Oh, it’s Jungkook’s birthday?» Jin nods realizing only now that Kook probably didn’t tell you. «I don’t know... I don’t want to bother, I wasn’t invited and I don’t have a gift and-»
«I think you’re thinking too much» he quickly cuts you off. «I don’t think it will be a problem for Jungkook or the others, he’ll be happy to see you»
You sigh. You could call a taxi and wait for it, spend another fifty bucks and head home. Or you could wait a little bit and spend the time you’d spend waiting on the street with them and maybe have a little bit of fun after this awful day, maybe. If things won’t get awkward again. It’d save you money you could use for the groceries, after all.
«Lead the way» you end up saying thanking him with a warm smile. He nods and soon you’re in the elevator waiting for the doors to open, hoping not to look as awful as you feel right now. You still feel sorry to break into his birthday party without an invitation, a gift or even a little bit of more intimacy between you two, so when the doors open and you hear the laughters coming from one of the apartments you think of getting back outside and call a cab. But it’s too late, one of his friends already holds the door open for Jin, glancing over his shoulder with curious eyes and widening them at you.
«Jimin, this is Y/N» Jin introduces you to his friend gesturing with his hands an impossible language for you to understand, not that it does have meaning, he’s just trying to tell him to contain his expressions.
«Y/N, hi!» his voice is soft and it makes you smile without an apparent reason. You link him to Jungkook’s words yesterday, the third maknae and apparently, the friend he often chooses to ramble on to.
«Jungkook!» he screams over the laughters coming from the other room, eyes still fixated on you.
«Teahyung won’t let me come!» At the sound of how happy is voice sounds, laughing and cracking in the middle you can’t avoid the warmth in your chest.
«Come in» Jimin steps aside and lets you and Jin in the house. «You can give your coat to me»
You thank him and give him your coat before you’re following Jin in the other room where the others are. Their laughters stop in a second when they glance at you, now filling the place just with silence. Jungkook’s heart stops beating for a moment, totally shocked and overwhelmed by your presence, mouth agape and eyes widened. He wasn’t prepared to see you, he totally wasn’t. He stares at blankly as if he just saw a ghost and not even when Taehyung finally sets him free from his hold he’s able to say something. Your cheeks are burning like fire under all their gazes.
«I’m Taehyung» the guy who was holding him smiles at you and takes a few steps before reaching out his hand. «I’m sorry about the awkward meeting»
«Oh, don’t worry» you shrug at the memory.
«Jungkook?» a deep voice seems to wake him up from his trance, Namjoon is telling him to do something with his eyes.
«I’m Namjoon»
Soon enough all of them gather around you and shake your hand welcoming you into the house with bright smiles and kind words. The only girl in the group tells you to call her Kitty and tells you she’s the Namjoon’s girlfriend, she seems pretty nice and you end up talking for at least twenty minutes, all of your tiredness seems to disappear. The only one you still didn’t talk to is Jungkook, and you’re afraid he’s annoyed by your presence. The thought makes your head throb, but you wouldn’t blame him after all. It’s his birthday and sure he’d like to spend it with the people he loves, not with you that he doesn’t know much and weren’t even invited.
«You should go talk to her» Namjoon whispers in Kookie’s ear.
As if he hasn’t thought about it already. Jungkook knows he should talk to you, but as I said before, he really isn’t prepared for this. And seeing you talking with his friends and smiling makes the feeling in his chest even more uncontainable. You’re smiling and you seem at ease with them, sipping from your glass from time to time and laughing at Jin’s jokes. He likes this picture, you in his house, all bright and happy. He could get used to it. And all of this, only makes his anxiety grow until it’s skyrocketing.
«I’m gonna say or act awkward and ruin things again, I’m not-»
«And do you think that staying here won’t? She’s in your house, it’s your birthday and you didn’t even greet her. It surely...» he trails off when you take a few steps towards them. Jungkook bits the petal of his lower lip feeling the usual but still new mixture of emotions rushing through his blood until it reaches his chest and totally takes over him. Namjoon pats at his shoulder and glance at you with a kind smile before standing up from the couch with Hobi and heading to the kitchen. Jungkook stares at you for the millionth time, wishing to say something, anything, but the words are caught in his throat.
«Happy birthday» you stop in front of him, glancing down at the pillows beside him. «Can I?»
 He raises his eyebrows and opens his mouth even more before nervously nodding.
«I’m sorry,» you say softly after sitting on the couch «I didn’t want to break in and annoy you, my car broke and Jin offered me a ride home and-»
«You didn’t annoy me, you don’t annoy me. Never- you never annoy me» he blurts out. «You- you can stay as much as you want» his cheeks are heating up, and you don’t even know why but you suddenly smile like a baby, his words make you feel more at ease.
«I don’t have a gift»
«It doesn’t matter» he smiles at you, your heart both stuttering when you lock eyes.
«If I’m being honest, I-» he stops talking, eyes shifting from yours to meet the ground.
Jungkook stays silent for a moment, thinking about what he wants to say over and over again, trying not to make it sound as cheesy as it sounds in his head, but the truth is that there aren’t other words to express it.
«I like you here»
«I-» he gulps «I like you here, with us?» he wants to slap himself. Why did he even think about telling you something like this?
«You seem happy?»
You squint your eyes at him, something about this conversation is making you more nervous than usual.
«I think I am?» why are you asking him?
Jungkook scoffs at your tone, it comes out so naturally that it makes your heart flutter. «You don’t sound so sure about that» he quotes your words, a bright smile creeping upon your face.
«Everyone is so nice and easy-going, and they made me feel comfortable even though I wasn’t meant to be here» you shrug. «You weren’t joking when you talked about them»
«Actually...» he clears his throat «I though of invating you yesterday but I- I didn’t cause I though it would be weird? I mean-»
«Jungkook, you don’t need to explain me why you didn’t invite me. Don’t justify yourself»
«I’m not» he replies fast enough to make you knit your eyebrows.
«But I’m happy you’re here now» the sound of those words are like sugar to your hypoglycemic heart, hearing them makes you feel something you never experienced, something that you missed since you were a little girl. The simple act of being happy to have someone near you and not expect anything from them is something you never witnessed, neither from your parents, even though they love you under those cold masks they wear. People always seemed to expect something from you, always. Jungkook is not telling those words without meaning them, he’s not expecting a thing from you. Not even a gift.
«Jungkook!» Hobi screams from the kitchen, tone breaking into a laughter and soon joined by others too. Jungkook shuts his eyes for a moment and then smiles before standing up from the couch. With boldness he didn’t think he has, he stretches his hand out for you to grab it, waiting with held breath and unsure dark doe-eyes staring directly into yours.
It’s a matter of seconds before you loose up and reach out to his hand, fingers intertwining with each other’s and a shudder running down your spine.
Jungkook stands still for a moment, his hand is limp against yours, he didn’t really think you’d grab his hand, not in this way. You’re not holding it to help you stand up, you’re intertwining your fingers with him. It’s different. The heat rising in your cheeks makes you feel like a teenager with her first crush and only now you realize that that’s why your heart is pounding and your brain is overthinking more than usual. You’re about to split away since he doesn’t tightens his grip on you, mentally slapping yourself for doing something like this. You’re fingers leave his and Jungkook’s chest feels suddenly more heavy. Reaching out again, he grabs your hand, fingers intertwine with yours and this time in a tight and sicure grip. His hands are a little bit sweaty for the nervousness, but so are yours. Your heart stutters, breath held as if you were free diving.
Both of you stand still for a moment before turning to look at each other, not even the time to say something that Hoseok is calling again from the kitchen.
Tumblr media
«Happy birthday!» the screams fill the apartment, Jungkook’s features are priceless with his eyes squinted and his cheeks flashing red, trying as best as he can not to die under everyone’s affections.
«Blow out the candles!» Jimin shouts «I’m the one who choose the cake!»
The happiness and the intimacy in the room is so overwhelming that you feel out of place for a moment, but Taehyung grabs you by your arm and brings you closer to the group.
«Come here, embarrass him with us» he winks making you laugh. Jungkook shakes his head, he’s still at ease for the happy birthday song but he can’t fight the big bunny smile taking over his face. And when he sees you laughing with Teahyung, it takes him just a second to let go of the uncomfortable feeling in his chest only to be left with the desire of the sweet taste of the cake, and not the one on the wooden table.
Taking a deep breath he blows out the candles, eyes fixated over you making your heart skip a few beats. He doesn’t even think of a wish, all he wants it’s here tonight; the warmth of his friends, the love they feel for each other, maybe the new beginning of something, anything.
The candles die out, leaving the room in the dark for a few seconds before someone finally turns the lights on.
«Time for the presents!» Namjoon screams.
«Oh, please!» Jungkook whines and the laughters of his friends grow even more. Yoongi disappears to bring all the bags with the presents in and everyone except from Jungkook and Hoseok seats on the carpet in front of the couch even though it’s empty, you guess it’s one of their habits.
«I’m gonna cut the cake» Hobi announces turning around to face the table and start his task while Jungkook makes his way through the bodies of his friends, apparently towards you. He stops in front of you, still standing still a little bit out of place.
«You wanna sit on the couch?» he points at the sofa and you end up asking yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. You sit on the cushions, eyes fixated in front of you even when he follows you and sits beside you under everyone’s gaze, his friends staring at him before gazing away.
«Here comes the cake!» Hobi is a ray of sunshine with his bright smile while he distributes the dishes to everyone and soon enough you’re closing your eyes and letting out a whine at the taste of the sponge cake.
«It’s so good» you let out with your mouth full, words almost puzzling. Jungkook bursts out laughing and you need to gulp trying not to choke.
«Ah! See?» Jimin points at Namjoon «I choose it!» he turns to you with bright eyes and a big smile reaching his eyes.
«My taste buds are thanking you» 
Yoongi enters the room with his hands full of bags and places them beside Jungkook.
«Alright, let’s begin» he sits in front of the couch. Jungkook takes a deep breath and turns to grab the first bag.
«This is from?»
«Ugh, I forgot to write it again» Hobi murmurs making everyone laugh. Jungkook opens all the gifts, every single one of them makes you know him a little more, a little better, a little deeper. From the sweater of Hoseok to the set of products for his skincare by Jimin, they all tell you something about him. It’s Jin’s turn when he suddenly gets up from the carpet and shakes his head in the jumpiest of ways.
«Wait, wait, wait!» he almost screams. When he realizes what he’s doing he try to fake a smile. «I need to talk to you»
«I need to talk to you» he repeats.
«Jungkook ya! Yes, now!» Jin looks at him with eyes widened almost as if he’s trying to communicate with him but Jungkook can’t really understand what is happening, so he just wakes up and follows Jin in another room, not a second later the hyung comes back just to bring his presence for Kookie with him.
«Alright, I’m gonna take another piece of cake» Namjoon says, her girlfriend gets up from the carpet with him to do the same. Taehyung smiles at you from the ground and quickly gets up, sitting next to you. You end up talking for at least ten minutes, conversation as fluid as the water and a comfortable feeling of naturalness you haven’t been feeling for a long time. You think you’d like to hang out with them more, they make you feel good with their positivity.
Jungkook finally comes back in the room after fifteen minutes, gaze and smile that now you can identify as nervous. He sits on the couch beside you grabbing Jin’s present again, digging in the bag until he finds it. Ripping the paper off, the new set of kitchen tools lights up his eyes. Now that the presents are all discarded, Jin looks at you.
«Do you want to go home now?»
Would that be wrong or weird if your answer was no? You glance at Jungkook, his eyes already on you.
«Wait, wait!» he bursts out, now standing up and heading out of the room. Your expression is blank until he comes back, wondering what just happened. Jin seems to smile when he see his friend rushing back with a bag in his left hand.
«Come ou- out, please?» Jungkook asks. You nod still uncertain and you follow him to the balcony, he makes sure to close the door behind you so that nobody can hear you.
Silence fills the air just for a little bit, the only sound that can be heard is the night, so peaceful and quiet, the light whistle of the wind. Jungkook is again repeating to himself that he can talk without embarrassing himself or making you feel awkward, he did it until now, kinda. He clears his throat and raises his gaze, hand scratching his neck. This can’t go worst than the first times you met, after all. It’s a simple action.
«I-» he stops without even starting.
«Am I making you nervous again?»
His expression changes, eyes widening and mouth hanging agape as he starts to shake his head.
«No, I- I mean...» he trails off and you don’t know why, but you feel the need to reassure him. So you smile at him, one of those warm smiles that makes his heart stutter and wonder if he’ll ever get to see another one, if this one doesn’t kill him. He gathers all his strength to talk through the smile that wants to take over his features.
«I’ve got your dress» he lifts his hand.
«I’ve- I’ve got your dress. This is your dress, the dress you wanted» his cheeks are burning.
«It-it’s not my dress, it’s yours»
«I-» his eyes widen at the thought of the explanation he has to give you, so many words he wants to groan.
«I saw you liked the dress and-»
«You saw I liked the dress?»
«Yes, I mean- I was in the shop when you came in.» he claims. «I saw you looking at the dress and I thought you’d like it as an apology gift? So I- I was trying to understand the size you were looking for and praying that there was on- only one or that you’d let me buy it for you.» he quickly blurts out.
«There was, but you had already found it and I- I should’ve just walk away but I didn’t and-» he stops again.
«You know the end»
He had already told you what happened but you really didn’t think it was this, with the little details it sounds totally different. The silence makes his way again and Jungkook feels like he’s about to explode for the way his cheeks are heating up, so he’s quick to place the bag in your hands.
«I- I wanted to give it to you and I took it at the rehearsals. Jin- he mistook it for a towel and- this- this is a new one don’t worry. I tried to search for it online but apparently they only sell it in his store and Jin found it today and-»
«Thank you» you cut him off, your warm smile reaching your eyes and now setting on fire his. He’s sure he’s gonna burn by the end of this.
Opening the bag and raising your hands to look at the cloth you realize that you couldn’t care less now. It’s beautiful, but it’s just a piece of cloth. It’s the action behind it that you find more beautiful, even though you would’ve never think about it this way just a few days ago. Jungkook searched for it online, and he grabbed it from you because he wanted to buy it for you. Well, maybe he should learn how to contain himself, but it doesn’t matter. He never wanted to tease you or make you feel uncomfortable, it’s just a consequence of him being around you. And that’s exactly why he acted like that.
«I’m sorry»
«We need to stop to say that» you scoff. «I don’t care anymore, not now that I know what happened»
«So- you- you’re not mad at me?» 
«Why should I be?» you frown at him «Jungkook, I’m not. Honestly, I-» you stop talking to glance at him. And the only thing you can feel is your heartbeat raising until it’s skyrocketing, you can feel it in your ears. An insolite warmth, a weird sense of happiness you never got to really feel. And something inside you is telling you to fucking let go of your armor, break it apart and take a risk for once, just one and just now. Damn, how much you would like to know what’s the taste of his lips, of him. If only you were more bold.
«Trust me, I’m not mad at you» you almost whisper, so low you’re not even sure he heard it.
Jungkook shifts his gaze from you to the dress in your hands, and before he can stop himself the words are already leaving his mouth. 
«Do- do you want to wear it?» he wants to slap his face again.
«You’re right, do- don’t. I mean, if you want to wear it I-»
«Jungkook, stop talking»
You look into his dark doe-eyes fighting the urge to drown in them, but it’s just a matter of understanding it, you already are breathless and desperately swimming to get to the surface.
«I don’t think it’s the right dress code for tonight and Jin is probably waiting for me»
«I- I can give you a ride if you want? I mean, you can stay more, you know that?»
«I wouldn’t like to both-»
«You don’t.» he states, eyes never leaving yours.
«Please, stay? Just a little more. Or let me take you home?» he’s almost imploring for a little bit more of your presence, but he doesn’t care anymore, not now. There’s something inside him that doesn’t want to do anything else than let you know the effect you have on him, what a strong power.
«Alright» you breath out. «I’ll stay, but tomorrow I have to wake up at six, I’ll probably have to go in a little bit»
Jungkook nods and feels the guilt sneaking in at the same time.
«Oh, I didn’t know it. You- you can go»
«Jungkook, I’ll stay for a little bit more. Don’t worry.» you lightly scoff, his worrying for you causes a weird feeling in your chest. «I’d be happy to eat another piece of cake.» you smile.
«Plus, I like being with you» 
Jungkook feels his chest warming, the thought of him making you feel good almost sends him dizzy. He knows that he can’t answer you now, he’d just say or blubber something without any sense, so he just smiles. One of those smiles that you really don’t know what they do to you, but you can feel it.
You end up talking for another five minutes before he goes in to bring a piece of cake to share and to tell Jin he doesn’t have to leave now to take you home, you didn’t tell him if he can give you a ride, but Jin usually leaves pretty late, so it’s not a problem for him.
When he comes back again he’s sure he has never seen someone as beautiful as you. The way the light of the moon lights up your features and the shadows of the night make them look even more charming, the way the light breeze makes you hair swing.
Jungkook sits beside the table and you do the same, body facing the city lights that make you feel a little more small.
«Here» he gives you a spoon. You eat the cake, air filled with light laughters from time to time and light conversation. His presence really seems to make you feel good, lightweight. Like you haven’t felt in months. The end of the time you gave yourself quickly arrives and you end up standing up and ask him for the bathroom before you go home.
The tiredness is taking over you again, but you’re not regretting staying more, not even a little bit. Placing your phone and your purse on the washbasin you start to think of how fast things can change in just the slightest amount of time. Just a couple of days ago you thought he was trying to make fun of you with his friends, and now you’re enjoying their presence and wishing the night would last just a couple of house more, so that you could go to sleep later. But it’s not possible, so you quickly grab your purse and rush back where Jin is waiting for you. You told him before you would be leaving with him, even thought the thought of Jungkook giving you a ride home was screaming to come out, you don’t want to ruin the party by bringing away the birthday boy. Saying goodbye to everyone is like a promise of seeing each other again and you end up sharing your numbers with Namjoon’s girlfriend and with Teahyung, telling each other you’d like to hang out together.
When it’s Jungkook’s turn he hands you your bag with your dress in it knowing you left it on the balcony to go to the bathroom.
«I’ll see you tomorrow?» he asks with a low tone as if it’s a secret.
Thinking about what happened today with your car, you’re not quite sure if you’ll make it to the rehearsals tomorrow, you have to work until midday and if your boss lets you, you’d like to work overtime to save more money, you already spent a bunch of them for the tow truck and you still have to fix your car. You’re just glad your mechanic is a friend of yours and will probably give you a discount.
«I’m not sure I’ll make it, I’ll probably work overtime» you grimace. Jungkook‘s features fall a little bit but he’s quick not to show you and nods. You’re about to tiptoe and leave two pecks on his cheeks like you did with everyone when his hand reaches yours and your heart do cartwheels. Your fingers intertwine for the second time tonight and you can feel your cheeks heating up with his.
Jungkook keeps telling himself to not make you feel uncomfortable, this is a bad idea, but he really doesn’t understand you feel everything but uncomfortable right now. The warmth of his body is so close to yours that you’d like to crush in his arms without any hesitation. Looking up at him, he stares at your face, marveled by the way you make him feel before quickly tilting his head. The action is so fast you don’t have time to understand what’s happening, and in a second his lips are pressed against your forehead, gente and dangerously soft that you’d die to feel them on yours.
Without even realizing it your arm wraps around his back and he feels himself stiffening at the contact, he wasn’t expecting it, and neither his cock, now throbbing in his jeans and remembering him that its better if he lets you go. So he does so, trying to smile as best as he can and ignore the reddish of his cheeks. Thanks to God no one is watching you, or he’d be dead by now.
«Good night, Jungkook. And happy birthday.»
And so you smile at him and turn around to head to the door with Jin.
What a birthday.
Tumblr media
It’s only the next day you realize you don’t have your phone. You want to yell at yourself for adding another piece to the puzzle of your stress. You did nothing but run like crazy for the whole morning at work and you thought that at least you could relax during your lunch break but apparently, it’s not possible. You have two free hours and you don’t have any idea about what you’re going to eat for lunch, but you repeat to yourself it doesn’t matter. You’re just praying you told the right address to the cab driver and hoping that he is home. You’re going to Jungkook’s, and the thought alone makes a fluttering sensation rush through your chest, and now you’re even more nervous. You usually wouldn’t break in people’s house like this but it’s the only way, you really need your phone today considering your car is at the mechanic’s and your parents are in the same city as you. You can’t wait until tomorrow and hope he’ll bring it to the studio, this is the only way.
When you find yourself opening the car door and taking a glance to the building in front of you it’s safe to say you feel relieved. At least the address is the right one. Your steps are smooth and you make it to the entrance door without any problem, but when you search for his name on the intercoms you suddenly feel stuck in place, your heart beating faster than usual. Repeating to yourself you need your phone, you press the button and wait for him to answer. A few seconds pass by and you’re already losing hope when finally a bzz signals that the entrance door is just being open. You expected him to ask you who you were but he simply quitted so you stare at the name on the button wondering if you should press it again. Your fingers move faster than your thoughts and a second later you’re waiting for him to answer to tell it’s you, but Jungkook seems to have a different idea and again, he just re opens the entrance door. Sighing gently and giving up, you enter the apartments and get in the elevator.
The thought of being here again is making your chest warm, so warm it feels like a summer day. Last night since the moment your head touched your pillow you thought about him shamelessly, trying to understand the way he made you feel and to categorize it in some kind of way. You found no answer, you don’t even understand yourself when you’re with him. Yesterday has been one of the worst days ever but it took him nothing to make it better for you, even with his stuttering and nervousness, he was able to make you feel... mattered? Since the moment you met him for the first time Jungkook screwed up almost every time you talked, but he always found a way of making it up, maybe with a little bit of unease and already on his way to screw up one more time, but he did. And just the simple fact he cares enough to try even though he knows you so little makes you smile and worry at the same time. You’re not used to all this attention, you’re usually the one who’s always trying to hard, at his place.
The doors open and and you have to go out to let the person in front of you get in the elevator, so you end up staring at his door.
«I’m going now!» a yell comes from inside, you don’t have time to understand whose voice it is or what it’s happening that Jimin is already standing in front of you with his eyebrow raised and a smile forming on his lips.
«Hi, Y/N»
«Jimin, stop teasing me!» Jungkook screams from inside. Jimin widens his eyes and then his lips in a shocked expression as you smile at him.
«Hi, Jimin»
Just the sound of your voice and the maknae is losing it all, rushing to the door to see if his mind played a trick on him. Apparently it didn’t, since you’re staring at him with your mouth open and your breath stuck in your throat, and Jimin has pretty much the same expression.
Why are you... Oh-
«Fuck, I’m sorry» his cheeks heat up and Jimin shuts his eyes as Jungkook realizes he’s not wearing his shirt, fast enough to run to his bedroom that he could challenge the wind. His friend shakes his head.
«I should go, see you» he holds the door open for you to enter and then goes out with a warm smile. The second he shuts it you’re left in a house that now seems ten times bigger than yesterday night, maybe for the lack of people, maybe for the silence. Or maybe because you feel so little in this moment you wouldn’t be surprised if someone stepped on you.
«I’m sorry to break in your apartment like this» you speak out loud, not sure if he hears you. Jungkook bites his lips.
«I forgot my phone and-»
«Here» he shows up from the corner of the short hallway, your phone in his hand.
«Thank you» you grab it and put it in your purse.
«I charged it for you yesterday night»
«Oh, really?» he nods. You smile as another thank you and Jungkook opens his mouth to speak when a low grr fills the air and this time it’s you the one with your cheeks reddening.
«Are- are you hungry?» What a stupid question, of course you are. «I made some pasta if you want it»
«I should be back to work in an hour and a half and I’m not sure I have the time to eat, I have to wait for a cab too»
«I- I can take you? If you want?» he licks his lips. «It’d save you time and the pasta is ready»
He’s right, and your stomach is dying to be filled.
«Alright» you nod and he smiles triumphant, the way his eyes seem to smile at your words makes you wonder.
«Why are you so kind to me?»
Jungkook’s smile turns into a slight pout that makes you want to peck his lips as he raises his eyebrows.
«What do you mean?»
You struggle to find the right words. «I- You... you always try to help me or worry about me, even for little things like when we went to the cafe and you kept on asking me if I wanted to switch drinks. When things become awkward it’s because you try to make a good impression and fail, but you’re always trying.» the tone you’re using makes Jungkook grimace. He can tell you’re not used to this from the way you’re shifting your weight from foot to foot as you speak.
How can he explain it to you? How can he tell you he’s so head over heels for you he can’t even think of stop trying? Jungkook bites the petal of his lips furiously as his mind tries to find the right answer, but there is not and he lets out a strangled groan as he realizes it.
« I... I- I really like you» 
Your expression is blank, totally. His words almost seem not to touch you as he studies every part of your face for a reaction.
«You’re not used to this, ri- right?» he scratches the back of his neck.
«I’m really not» you breath out. Jungkook knits his brows together.
«Do you- you want me stop it?»
«I-» you shake your head «I don’t think so? I’m really not used to it, Jungkook. It may sound incredibly stupid but I never had someone who asked me if I wanted to switch drinks just because he wanted me to taste the best one and not to actually steal it from me.»
«Well, now you have me» his words are firm, so incredibly firm it makes you clench your jaw, and his eyes are the same.
«I- I charged your phone because I was worried you would need it today and couldn’t use it. I’m offering you a ride because I like spending time with you, I don’t want something in return other than you, your time.» his voice his calm and his shoulders seem to loose with every word he says as if he’s letting go of a heavy weight.
It’s all striking you in a second, and the hit is so hard you end up holding your breath. It’s not really the fact he likes you that makes you this stunned, it’s the fact he actually cares. Your parents never showed their affection to you without expecting you to give them something back, wether it was a high grade or a good impression on your neighbors, and when you stopped trying to always give back something their affections towards you had simply stopped, replaced by fake “honey” and other nice words just to cover the fact they didn’t really believe in you enough to show it. And with your friends and coworkers is pretty much the same, always waiting for something in return.
The sudden realization makes your eyes tingle and you vision blurry.
«I’m sorry»
Jungkoook shakes his head and gets closer, the thought that no one ever cared enough to show you how much you matter or acted just for the simple intent of doing something for you and not actually for them wrecks him apart. His mind flies back to when Seokjin told him about your parents and how they acted or spoke to you, he can clearly see the weight of every single word of them in your shiny eyes now, hurting you and making you question his good actions just because you’re used to the most selfish ones. It makes him want to bury you with attention, show you that people can do something for others too and not just to feed their egoistic side.
«Come here» it’s as low as a whisper, but you don’t hesitate a second to let his arms wrap around you, hiding your face on his shirt and soaking it with the tears that are now streaming down your face. His grip is tight and you can hear the stuttering of his heart against your ear, one of his hands gets to your hair and starts to softly, sweetly stroking at them to make you calm down just a little bit, head tilted over yours. His heart is aching seeing you like this.
«I’m sorry»
«Shh, stop saying that. We apologize too much» he holds you even tighter as you fist his shirt in your hands. Jungkook leaves a soft kiss in your hair and your heart skips a beat at the intimacy of the action. It’s only then that you realize you’re really letting someone see this side of you, the one you always try to hide because it’s to fragile to break, the one you hide even from yourself.
Slightly tilting your head upwards to lock eyes with him, Jungkook tries as best as he can to smile at you, even though his chest is has heavy as yours. His hands cup your cheeks, his thumbs caress your skin and wipe your tears away.
«Please, kiss me»
His lips crush onto yours, Jungkook groans at the feeling and you instantly bring one of your hand in his locks as he tastes the salty taste left by the tears. As you lightly bite the petal of his lower lips Jungkook feels like he’s dreaming, and he prays not to wake up. His tongue slides in your mouth, wet and warm against yours, tracing and exploring each other and making you slightly tug at his locks, he moans in your mouth and brings one of his hands to your waist, bringing you closer to his body. The kiss is passionate, so damn needy, but not only in a sexual way. You need love, affection. Jungkook is more than welcome to help you with that, letting you waste all of your insecurities and frustrations on him until you feel completely dried, left with nothing but the realization of his taste on your lips, his hands against your skin, his embrace around you, him. And you need to push away to take it in, letting his forehead hover over yours and his heavy breath crush down on your face. His eyes are looking into yours and they make you feel things you now are able to categorize as humanly impossible, so dark and deep but so bright at the same time, lips still brushing against yours as you both take deep breaths. The frustration in your body is gone, your tears are dried, the only thing left is the need you feel to have him again on you, the desperate desire to taste him again. His mind prepares to the thought of a possible rejection, the idea you begged for him to kiss you just to drift your thoughts away storms his mind but he repeats to himself that whatever thing will come, this was definitely worth it. He’ll just have to face the fact that he just got only one bite of the cake. How can he even believe in it? Your lips are addicting, and he’s already craving for more.
«I could get used to this» you whisper. Jungkook never felt so relieved in all his life than now, letting out a shaky breath heavier than the others.
«Please, do it» he whines making you giggle and bring your lips on his again. This kiss is different from the other, more slow, more sweet, more intimate in a different way cause it’s just about you two. There aren’t emotions to run away from and to waste on the other, the only emotions are the ones you feel for each other. His lips move cautiously on yours as if he wants to taste every single part of you and imprint in his mind, your hand leaves his hair just to reach his neck and then his cheek, resting on his jaw. When you move away he rests his forehead again on yours and tilts down just to leave a few more sweet pecks on your lips, totally addicted to your taste. As you look at him you think this man we’ll send you out of your mind, if he didn’t already.
«Could you get used to me caring about you too?» he breathes. Your smile is bittersweet.
«It might take me a little bit» you answer. Jungkook strokes your cheek with his thumb, showing his bunny smile and making your chest a warmer and happier place.
«Then we’ll practice together, uh?»
«I’d like that»
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mintkims · a month ago
sweet love making w jk and him calling u pretty girl
☆ pairings: jeon jungkook x f!reader ☆ warnings: established relationship, unprotected sex (don't make a mistake, cover your snake), virgin!reader, sub!reader, soft dom!jungkook, profanity, oral sex
bts masterlist | requests are open!
Tumblr media
The second you had given Jungkook permission, your panties were gone, his fingers caressing your folds. You watched him visibly swallow before his pink lips were attached to your clit, sucking harshly. You groaned, legs attempting to swipe shut but his broad shoulders combined with the warning glance he gave you kept your thighs locked in place.
His tongue ventured south, prodding your weeping slit experimentally before slipping inside. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of you; the foreign — but pleasurable feeling making you whimper.
Your nails dug into the coarse material of the couch. Jungkook grabbed your ankles, throwing them over his shoulder. His warm hands ran up and down your thighs, fingers digging into your flesh. Slipping his hand between your legs, you were not prepared for his rough digits to push past your folds and into your cunt.
With a cry, your hands flew to his hair, tugging at the roots at the base of his skull. "Kook - please..."
He curled his fingers inside you in a come hither motion, enjoying the noises of pleasure that escaped your lips. He could feel how your walls fluttered around his fingers, indicating that you were close to finishing. He had imagined this moment several times. A part of him wanted to edge you before letting you cum later that night, but the sight of your fucked out face only pushed him to quicken his movements. This was your first time and Jungkook wanted it to be memorable.
"Are you gonna cum for me, pretty girl?"
A few unintelligible mumbles left your lips before your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your back arched. You felt a weird coil at the pit of your stomach tighten with ever stroke of his fingers. It barely took one glance at the smirk on his face Your walls clamped around him as you squirted all over his fingers.
The feeling was extremely foreign to you. Your legs were partially numb from the overwhelming sensation. You were too far in your headspace to notice the soft chuckle that left your boyfriend's lips, his arms wrapping around you and cradling you in his hold. He couldn't hold back from leaning over and kissing your soft pink lips.
You were left breathless as his tongue pressed against yours, teeth nipping at you bottom lip. Your fingers gripped the fabric of his hoodie pulling him closer despite the burning in your lungs.
"Are you sure you want to continue?" Jungkook mumbled as he laid you down. You nodded, scrambling to your knees (which proved slightly difficult since your legs felt like jelly) and tugging at his sweatpants.
"Yes I want to." You huffed, eyes widening when his cock sprung out. "Do you always roam around with no underwear on?"
"You're noticing this now?" He smirked, fingers pushing your hair back. You rolled your eyes, digits immediately wrapping around the thick base and pumping it a few times. You pressed a kiss on the tip, giving the slit a few licks before putting it in your mouth and bobbing your head. Hollowing your cheeks, you made eye contact with Jungkook. His head was thrown back in pleasure while his fingers tugged at the roots of your hair.
You had watched porn a couple of times but Jungkook was clearly bigger than anything you had seen. You had given up at taking him entirely in your mouth and resorted to using your hands on the parts you couldn’t reach. Jungkook however didn't think twice before pushing your head further making you gag. His hips jerked forward a couple of times, loud moans and curses leaving his lips before you felt warm spurts of his cum shooting down your throat.
"Fuck." He hissed when you swallowed, grabbing your hips and flipping you over. Your skirt rode up at the motion, a gasp leaving your lips when he pushed your hips up. You arched your back when you felt a sharp sting on your ass, hands reaching out to fist the sheets near your face when you felt his cock rub your soaked folds.
"Ready, baby?"
"Please." You whined, the ache between your legs driving you crazy. With a groan he pushed himself inside you, the stretch making you moan wantonly. "Jungkook..."
His cock fit inside you perfectly, and you could tell he felt the same with the soft caress of his fingers on your hips. His grip on your hips tightened when he pulled out of slowly before pushing into you again. You knew there would be bruises along your sides by tomorrow but you didn’t care, all that mattered at this moment was the way he was slowly thrusting into you, filling you up with his cock.
"Faster please." You begged, pushing your hips back.
"Anything you want, pretty girl." He mumbled, hands roaming up as he pulled you closer to his chest. You moaned at the feeling of his lips on your neck, while one hand dipped between your legs and circled your clit. His thrusts picked up pace, cock hammering in and out of you at a bruising pace. Your jaw slackened, letting him use you as you fell limp in his arms from the pleasure. He held you up with ease, continuing his ministrations. Your moans were music to his ears.
After a couple of more thrusts, he laid you down on your back, crawling over you before lining his cock with your entrance once again. Holding himself up with one arm, he used his other hand to pull your leg over his shoulder.
The new position made you see stars; white and black dots clouding your vision. Jungkook was able to reach deeper and hit all the right spots this way.
You clenched around his cock, on the verge of another orgasm. Your body spasmed with every jolt of his hips while your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you reached your climax.
Jungkook's movements slowly became sloppy from how your pussy kept sucking him in with a vice grip.
"Come for me baby." You mumbled, the fluttering of your walls pushing him over the edge. You felt the hot ropes of his cum paint your insides as he collapsed on top of you, exhausted.
"I love you." He panted, nuzzling into your neck.
You giggled. Your soft boyfriend was back. "I love you too."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: thank you so much for reading! i had this crazy idea where i'd turn this ask into a full fledged yandere step dad jk fic, but i've been too slumped to finish writing it :( i hope you guys enjoyed either way! take care and stay safe lovelies ~
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extravaguk · a year ago
sex education
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x virgin!reader
summary: "You want me to... what?" Jungkook chokes on his croissant, and how could he fucking not, with you looking at him with those pleading eyes, asking for something that he knows would get him into jail. Well, maybe not like actual jail. But definitely the Bro Code Jail. The jail where only bros who broke the Bro code went to.
wordcount: 12k+
genre: fluff - smut/college!au/brother’s best friend!au
rated: m (duh)
warnings: alcohol consumption, weed,  cursing, handjobs, fingering, oral sex(f/m recieving), spitting (the good stuff y’know), slight breath play, unprotected sex (f is on birth control tho) and thats it i think i don’t even remember what else there is to it, based on my own experiences with sex lmaoo also demasiada redundancia, but my brain is is dry af so sorry
read sex education 2.0 here!
Tumblr media
Ah, university!. Those years entering your twenties full of new found maturity, new found independence, new found people and experiences. An era focused in the exploration of oneself and the world surrounding, away from family and old acquatances with the sole purpose of learning, something you've always been extremely good at. Learning academmically until being able to build your own future; learning to socialize; learning to not feel lonely against loneliness; or "learning to roll blunts! greatest weed you'll ever have!", as Taehyung had whispered to you the day him and your parents dropped you on campus on your first day.
 And yet, it was an era that had completely and utterly destroyed your expectations of the real world. For now, the only thing you've learned so far was the name of probably four people in your class, to subsist out of packs of ramen practically every day of the week except saturdays and sundays (because weekends allowed you waste money and indulge in Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A) and that you had more of a tendency to roll your eyes than to roll blunts (although you appreciate the fact that Taehyung sneaked his usual pot dealer's phone number, a guy still stuck in college despite your brother having graduated two years prior.)
Always a good student with notables qualifications, finishing high school for you meant only one thing: freedom. A new feeling full of excitement and adrenaline that you hadn't felt since being elected class president in middle school. You were ready to take on the world! You were ready to evolve, to become, at last, the adult you've always dreamed of after being treated like a little girl due to the fact that you were the youngest in your family.
But, so far, nothing about what you thought would happen in college, had actually happened. After months being spent memorizing theorics that made you question if you had chosen the right major; after not skipping class (not even for a day!) and being filled with so much stress thanks to teachers and due dates (a miracle you didn't jump out of your dorm's window); and after working part time at the nearest café to campus while still passing tests with good grades just so you could be able to pay the damn scholarship and not to die in the attempt, the most important thing you had learned in college was: college fucking sucks. 
Yes, frat parties are fun... when you don't drink more than all your friends combined and they have to hold your hair while you puke in a revolting toilet seat that's still dirty with cum from whatever disgusting frat boy. Yes, you have good friends even if you're still a loser lacking social life and your brother's friends are apparently all over campus acting like, well, your brother's friends. And yes, you got good grades and you were sure you would finish your major successfully and get the job you've always wanted and bla bla bla. But none of that mattered to you. Because at the tipe age of twenty two, you lacked in the only department a twenty two year old would never want to lack in: sex.
And it had nothing to do with your appearence or men not trying to hit on you. Not at all. Your first boyfriend, your highschool sweeteart, had treated like any schoolgirl would want to be treated and had let you go down on him on the backseat of his car the night of your graduation. And when you started college, you might have made out with a guy or two (or three, or four...), but it that never went farther than his hand down your skirt trying to clumsily make you cum, and it only ended with you crying pathetically becase you were "broken" and no one could ever make you reach your climax like your vibrator.
And you, not being the type of person that hooks up just for the sake of it (especially if it would always end the same way: you finishing yourself off), had come to the conclussion that maybe sex just wasn't for you. You didn't need it. You didn't care about your hymen being intact. Not when men were constantly proving themselves to be absolutely useless. Not when all those erotica novels you had read growing up had proven to be a scam. Because now that you're an adult, you're a hundred percent sure that it's fucking impossible for a simple kiss to make the main female character in those books feel such electricity and desire from her head, straight to her pussy. 
No way. Just a scam. Never happened to you. Can't relate.
With a deep sigh, you raise your red cup to your lips until there's no more tequila and sprite remaining. Wincing away the taste, you open your eyes and look at your environtment. Yet another frat party that is making you regret putting mascara and lipstick on. You try to hide a yawn until Seulgi's voice snaps you of your thoughts.
"You need to get laid." she slurred her words, trying to refill her cup with more tequila and failing miserably when a splash of white liquor stains here jeans.
"And you're drunk." And water is wet. You slump  back, not trying to supress a yawn this time. You pass her your cup to get a refill as well, helping her balance the bottle with your own hands to avoid a bigger mess. You're almost sure half of the stains on the sofa are hers and half of them... you don't even wanna know what they're from.
"Im seeerrrrioouss, _____." she hiccups and you giggle._ "This drrry spell is-JACKSON DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING OVER HERE WITH THOSE DISSGUSTING CHEETOH FINGERSSS!" she draws her attention back to you. "Does he think I'm going to let him finger me again after that yeast infection he gave me? Ugh-" she sips again from her cup. You do as well after grimacing. Gross. "Anyways, as I was saying, this fucking dry spell is turning you into an even bigger bitch than you already are."
"Bitch, I'm fine. I'm just tired and this party is bo-ring." you swirl your cup, looking again at the landscape that surrounds you. One of the many things you hated about university and specially about frat parties: partys were jungles. People intoxicaded and unable to form coherent sentences caused by drugs that were probably not just alcohol, dancing on top of any surface they could find, breaking anyting on sight, fucking on the pool for everyone to see... Wild animals. "Besides, you know no man is worthy of this pussy."
"Lissssten, _____, I know sex for women is not as s... satis-satisfa-" she pauses and takes a deep breath."-Satisfffactory than it is for men. But maybe you just haven't found a guy that could truly turn you on." You roll your eyes and before you can contradict her, she's already speaking again. "Chose somebody. Life's about trying things and kissing frogs until you find what you like. " another shot and you're debating whether or not you should take the bottle away from her. "Remember when you didn't wanna try those jalapeño poppers and then, BAM, you're in love with the jalapeño popper." she laughs a little to herself. "Why is the word jalapeño so funny? Jalapeñooo... Jalapeño. Haha. Anyways. There's gotta be someone you find cute."
"Seulgi, I'm serious and I don't even want to talk about th-".
"What about that friend of your brother's? What was his name again?"
"Who? Jimin? Hoseok?"
"No, not the gay or the pot dealer. The other one. That one!" you follow Seulgi's finger, scannig the room until you find her target, furrowing your brows. Once you realize who she's talking about, you stifle a laugh.
"Jungkook!?" head trown back, and now fully laughing histerically.  "As in, Jeon Jungkook? The same Jungkook that cried and blocked me on every social media because I won at Overwatch and it was only my first time playing?" "Yeah. He's super hot. Look at those tattoos, ay papi." Seulgi fans herself with her own hands and you remind yourself to keep her from watching more telenovelas unless it's too late and she ends up believing she's actually a latina.
You look at Jungkook again, 5'11 tall, dark hair (longer than the last time you had seen him) falling messily in slight waves, black shirt and blackk jeans suffocating his muscled arms and thighs. Alright, yes. Jungkook was handsome. Like, really handsome and hot. A potential Calvin Klein model. 
But you had also seen each other grown up. Being the only friend your brother had that was closer to your age, you had seen him go through every phase, from childhood, to puberty and  to adulthood, and he had done the same with you. From being that awkward and lanky boy who couldn't introduce himself without his whole face turning pink, into the attractive and charismatic grown ass man of twenty three years of age that he had become.
"Jungkook is hot. But, like you said, he's also my brother's best friends. So, off limits."
You watched as Jungkook chatted with a pretty girl from his year, the girl (Eunji? Eunha? Whatever) obviously enjoying his attention and the way his hand subtly rubbed circles on her waist, pulling her closer while he drank from his cup, not breaking eye conact. Yeah, no. Jungkook also knew what he was doing. Well known fuckboy all over campus. Had no problem getting any girl he wanted so why would he waste his time with you? With a weird feelin in your tummy, you take the tequila bottle from Seulgi and drink directly from it while she slumps back on the couch.
"There has to be somebody, _____!" 
Tumblr media
And there he was.
Lucas Wong.
Lucas was in the majority of your classes, but somehow, he hadn't caught your attention until a few days after that conversation with Seulti. He sat down on the sit in front of yours and turned around to ask for a pen, and just like a stupid teenage movie, the rest of students disappeared and it was just you, and his beautiful face. It took you a few seconds to process his words, but then you started going through your bag with skaky fingers. Its the brush of his fingertips against yours, that friendly smile of his and his warm eyes that made the little voice inside your head scream at you: "Fuck him!"
Even when the class was dismissed and he turned around once again to ask for your phone number and ask you if you'd like to have coffee with him someday, your mouth said ‘I'd love to’ while your head kept screaming ‘Let him murder this pussy!’
And you would've done it immediately if you had known how to. Because after spending so long with little to none sexual interactions and all of them turning out to be heavily disappointing, you realized that you had absolutely no knowledge about the art of seduction or what came after it. About what to do in bed and how to do it. And about what you wanted to be done to you, and in what way.
You considered all your possibilities. The first being, just go at it. An option you discarded almost as fast as you came up with. Because, who the hell would want a desperate viring begging to be fucked? You didn't want to be inexperienced. You wanted to act like a woman, not like a hormonal teenager
The second possibility? Go slowly. Getting to know him. And that was going well, for now. Lucas was respecful, funny and a gentleman. Held the door open for you, shared his brownie even after you told him you weren't hungry, walked you to your dorm. And after three weeks of sporadically dating and texting each other memes non stop, nothing happened. Not even a kiss. Or interlacing your fingers with his. No sexual innuendos. No nothing. And so your desperation for intimicy made you resort to the third possibility.
A third possibility that might not have happened if it wasn't for the deadly combination of Seulgi, Hoseok and a few grams of weed.
"You need a plan C." Seulgi's voice sounds almost in slow motion in your ears and you pass the joint in your hand to Hoseok who's sitting on the floor with his head prompted on a pillow.
"There's no plan C. There were only two options: either ask him to fuck me on the first date or wait for him to ask me to fuck me on the fifth. We're already on our seventh date. I'm fucked."
"Well... you're not really like, fucked, fucked, you know... haha..." you reach out to pull the pillow from under Hoseok's head without warning while he simply laughed and kept smoking. 
"What else can I do? I'm a twenty two year old virgin who only has experience with blowjobs and I'm not even sure if I'm experienced enough in that... I thought it would be easy but-ugh!" you said, pressing the pillow on your face and muffling your own voice.
"Get someone to teach you."
"Teach me what?"
"Teach you the dirty, dumbass."
"Seulgi, who the fuck would do that?"
"Bitch, literally any man would cream his pants if a girl walked up to them and said "I'm a little virgin, would you like to teach me how to ride your cock"?
You stayed silent, blaming the weed for taking in consideration Seulgi's idea.
Hoseok can be heard taking a last drag of the blunt before saying, "Don't look at me."
Tumblr media
Another Saturday, another frat party.
And you again, getting drunk with Seulgi and Hoseok by your side while you cross the names of possible candidates who didn't make the cut on the dirty napkin Hoseok had picked earlier that night to pick his nose with. Vernon is too young, Hoseok is trying to get with a girl from his class. Jimin is too busy eating pussy or sucking dick... Or both. And Minghao is too sleazy and thinks he's funnier than he actually is.
Who would've thought finding a fuckbuddy would be harder than finding a stable commitment in your early twenties?
"This is stupid. No one's apt."
"Either no one's apt, or you're expectations are waaaay too high. Men are trash. You just have to find the least smelling shit amongst the smelliest shit " Seulgi turns to Hoseok. "Don't care if you get offended..."
"Facts are facts." he shrugs, eyes already red while he inhales from the bong he's currently holding in his hands.
"This still sucks. I'm doomed. I'm gonna die a virgin. Why is it so hard to find somebody who I'm comfortable enough with to show him my tits and my woohoo?" feeling yourself wanting to cry out of frustration, you ask Hoseok to pass you the bong.
"Have you really thought about all your options? You sure you're not leaving anyone behind? Like, I don't know, what about-”
"JHOOOOOOPE!" Hoseok's voice gets cut off by a tipsy Jungkook throwing himself unceremoniously on the couch you three are sharing, fist bumping his friend. "Minghao is looking for you outside. Says he wants to buy 50 dollars worth of weed before he spends it on Domino's. Says he's on a diet or something.”
Hoseok stands up with a huff, complaining about Domino's being shit and PizzaHut being the real winner. Jungkook then looks at you and Seulgi, spreading his thighs on the space Hoseok had left available. "Good night, ladies. How's your night going?"
"Terribly. I have to pee. Hoseok, wait for me." Seulgi stands up as well, and you take her hand to stabilize her after she stumbles from side to side.
"Want me to come with you so you don't get kidnapped?" you ask, although too comfortable in your own seat and too high to move.
"Nah, don't worry, mi amor. I'm a strong independent woman. All my women who're independent. Throw your hands up at me!" completely out of tune, Seulgi almost trips when she bumps into someone who's also visibly under the influence. "I'll text you if I can't get my panties back on, alright." you nod.
And now it's just you and Jungkook.
"Well, how's your night going? You look kind of miserable." Jungkook sips from his beer while eyeing you up and down, trying to study your appearence without lingering too much on the way that crop top accentuates your cleavage. He's about to ask if you're cold because he doens't believe the nipples he's noticing through the fabric are a product of his imagination or the six beers he's had so far. He then clears his throat and realizes he's probably more drunk than he thought because the question "are you even wearing a bra?" is on the tip of his tongue. He takes another sip to prevent himself from talking.
But then you're talking and offering Hoseok's bong to him.
"Thanks. You always know what to say to make a girl's heart flutter, Jungkook." you fake a smile while he laughs and ruffles your hair like a child The same way he's been doing since you were ten.  "Don't you got nothing else to do besides disturbing my peace? No new girl to take to your stinky dorm?"
"The answer to your first question is no. The answer to the second question is also no. But the answer to your last statement is,." he says with a hand on his chest and feigning being offended. "my room smells like pine trees and lavander! And maybe a little bit of salt and vinegar chips." You roll your eyes but don't try to hide a smile. He returns it before brings the lighter in his hand to light up the bong. "Not having fun, babe?" he asks before taking a hit. Your eyes have a mind of their own when they travel along his arms, silently admiring the dark design running along with his veins down his hands and fingers. And that's when you felt it.
That small spark of electricity directly into your core and your stomach tying itself into a knot. And you almost cannot believe it because it's the first time you've felt that way since you were thirteen years old and searching on youtube "girls kissing hot". On top of that, you cannot believe it was Jungkook, your brother's best friend for as long as you can remember(the disgusting brat that just laughed of you when you fell down a a hill with you were learning how to ride a bike and who used to wipe his nose on your first pairs of bras just because he thought it was comedically genius), the one who achieved it. And the voice inside your head is screaming at you again this time something you never thought it would scream at you: "You're gonna let Jeon Jungkook fuck you into oblivion."
You swallow thickly when you realize you haven't answered his question and he's looking at you expectantly.
You swallow thickly when you realize you haven't answered and he's looking at you expectantly.
"Hey, Jungkook. Would you do me a favor?"
Tumblr media
"You want me to... what?" Jungkook chokes on his croissant, and how could he fucking not, with you looking at him with those pleading eyes, asking for something that he knows would get him into jail. Well, maybe not like actual jail. But definitely the Bro Code Jail. The jail where only bros who broke the Bro code went to.
He thought he was here to drink a strawberry milkshake and make dick jokes with Hoseok while you and Seulgi threaten them with throwing your burning coffees on their laps if they didn't shut up, as usual. But when he arrived to the cafeteria, with no Hoseok and no Seulgi in sight, just you, waving at him from your table and with a nervous smile on your lips, he knew you were up to someting. He knew, but he didn't know you would put his life at risk in such way.
"Don't make me say it again! Please!" you took his hands in yours, trying to bury the butterflies dancing in your stomatch at the warmth of this touch. Because ever since that night in which you, very drunk and very high, almost asked him to pound you on that very same couch in front of everyone to see if your friends hadn't returned to their spots next to you in that same moment, Jungkook's hands had been the new main character of your sexual fantasies. Fantasies that had been sleeping for so long and now were finally awake again.
"_____, are you even listening to yourself? You want me to have se-!" he stops himself and looks at his surroundings before lowering his voice. "Y-You want me t-to have sex with you, are you insane?!" he whispers instead and you let out a frustrated moan.
"Ugh! I just want you to teach me the basics. That's all, Jungkook. Why are you making this so hard?."
"Because there's a lot of boys on campus you can choose from! Why don't you just pick any of them, like everyone else does!?" you pull your hands back from Jungkook's and grip your cup of coffe instead, finding the belt of your bag much more interesting than his eyes and much less intimidating.
"Because... they're... you know..." there's silence before you speak again Jungkook raises eyebrows, waiting for you to ellaborate. ""
"So?" he says with an exhasperated tone.
"I-" and right now you just want be swallowed by the ground because you have no other option than to explain to Jungkook you're still a virgin and, fuck, if he laughs at you you swear you're gonna cry for real. But still, you put on your big girl pants and decide to be a hundred percent straightforward with him."I've never done it before..." you mumble and finally meeting his eyes. His eyes widen a little bit and he opens his mouth as if to say something, but you don't let him. " Like, I've done... stuff... But never... all the way... " you sigh, still not letting him intercept. "And it's always been disappointing, Jungkook. So disappointing to the point that I-I thought m-maybe there was something wrong with me..." he's listening to you carefully now, slightly relaxing back in his chair while he waits for you to continue. 
"So I've been focusing on school and not on mi personal life for years, and time has passed so fast and now I'm twenty two, and I'm still exactly where I was before, and...and there's this guy. His name's Lucas, he's really cute and nice and I feel so..." you take a breath before adding in a whisper: "...pathetic." You look at him and Jungkook sees your shiny eyes, full of sadness and desperation and he has to look away, considering his options, although there aren't many because whatever he decides, he's fucked up. A few minutes of silence pass, and you decide to speak again.
"I've gone through all my options, and you're the only person around I know and feel comfortable enough with...I know you're Taehyung's best friend, but we've known each other for so long and I know how much you respect me and appreciate me..." you gulp, trying to keep your voice from trembling."I know you would treat me right."
He's bouncing his knee when you stare at him, something tight in your chest, waiting for his final rejection. Then he runs a hand through his hair and then, he looks at you.
"I'll think about it."
Tumblr media
Days go by after that conversation with Jungkook. You expected, well, hoped, for an answer rather quickly (two days max, to be honest) but suddenly two weeks had gone by and you have not gotten a word from Jungkook. At first you felt disappointed, reject and afraid you friendship with him would be compromised by your stupid proposition. You had the feeling you screwed up big time because you had also not seen Jungkook since then, which later made you realize he was most likely avoiding you.
However, your sorrow quickly turned into anger. What an asshole. Okay, so maybe you did make things awkward and he made it very clear he would not touch you with a stick, but he was still supossed to act like a friend, at least out of loyalty for his best friend!
And if you were angry before, you were fuming next time you saw him. Because there he was, at the same frat party you were in, with a different girl than the last one he attended to.
You down the rest of your drink fast before crushing the red plastic cup with your hand and making your way towards him.
"What the fuck is your problem!?" you didn't even know how you would be confronting him and you blamed the alcohol in your system for the way you snapped. Jungkook and the unknown girl next to him jumped at your intrusion.
"_____, what-" Jungkook looks at you like a deer in deadlights and you cross your arms over your chest.
"Wait, is this your girlfriend?" the pretty girl next to him asks, eyeing you both up and down the same way you're doing with her and you suddenly feel self consciouss, because of course with the amount of modelesque girls Jungkook tends to hook up with, you don't stand a chance.
"No!" you both say at the same time. "Chungha, wait-" but Jungkook's attempt at pulling the girl's attention back to him is in vain. "Ok, what the fuck is your problem!?"
"My problem?" you huff, outraged. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact I asked you to have sex with me and instead of being a real man and saying a simple "no" to my face you've been avoiding me for like two weeks?" you don't realized your voice is louder than it's suppossed to be, and you frankly don't care, when Jungkook shushes you, already aware of the wondering eyes aiming at you two.
"Will you keep your voice down, please?" he huffs and pushes his hair back before looking at you, unmoved and still with smoke coming out of your ears. "Let's just... Let's talk somehwere more private. Let's go."
And before you can protest, he's already taking your hand in his and guiding you through the mass of sweaty bodies up the stairs and into an empty room, ignoring the whistles and high fives directed at him. You, instead, ignore how much you like the feeling of this hand against yours and the tingles it sents down your spine at the mere thought of actually getting alone with Jungkook in differente circumstances.
Once the two of you find a bedroom without any horny drunk yelling at you to "close the fucking door!" he lets go of your hand and takes a deep breath without looking at you, hands on his hips. You're more calm now, but you're still mad and annoyed, and worts of all, frustrated. Because you just needed a helping hand, nothing more. If he could fuck any girl he wanted with no remorse, why couldn't he fuck you with no remorse as well?
"So?" you're the first one to speak, crossing your arms over your chest and he finally turns around to face you. " You said-"
"I know what I said! And I've been thinking about it, ______, but for fucks sake, don't you think that's a pretty big decision to make?" he sighs."What you asked me to do... I can't-"
"Why? Why can't you?" you don't care anymore about what he has to say, all you can do is run your mouth. You're hurt, you're tired and behind all the rage you're experiencing, you feel small. You feel like maybe there is someting wrong with you, and maybe you're never getting out of this state of misery. Because it's not just about sex. It's about your self steem and about how much you want to experience something good in that area for one. "Am I really asking such a hard task to do? Is the thought of your dick going anywhere near my vagina seriously that nauseating?"
He flinches at your words. "Wow, wow. What are you talking about? What-"
"So you don't have a problem fucking any pussy with legs on campus but you have a problem fucking mine?"
"Because you're the only one in campus who's my best friend's little sister! Is that too hard to understand,_____!?" he's the one raising his voice now and you flinch, taking a step back. You close your eyes tightly, trying to supress the prickling of tears behind your eyelids, not without Jungkook noticing and taking a step forward trying to reach for you. "____...."
"Fine." you take another step back, dodging his grip. "I'll just get someone else to do it."
You uncross your arms, ready to turn around and leave to find Seulgi, go back to your dorm and probably cry in her arms while she tells you Jungkook is going to wake up the next day with a flat tire, but then he's calling you again, and this time he the grip he has on your wrist is too firm for you to dodge.
"Who? Who are you going to ask?" his voice is strained and you try to ignore the shiver down your spine. You pull yourself together and try to pull your hand back, but he's persistent so you look at him.
"Anyone. I don't care anymore." you try to make your voice sound steady, but it's getting harder with him closer than before and his scent making you dizzy.
"_____, you know that's the dumbest idea you've ever had and you're gonna regret it..." his grip on you softens and his thumb softly caresses your skin, encouraging you to face him fully. Once you do, you resist the urge to look away from his gaze but you feel trapped, internally thanking yourself for putting on high heels, even with him still towering over you.
"Well," you clear your throat, "the smartest idea was getting you to do it but you obviously have no interest in getting your hands on me so-" you're cut off by his hand releasing your wirst and swiftly finding its way on the small of your back, pushing your chest flush against his.
"You think I don't wanna get my hands on you?" his free hand gets moving, traveling slowly from your clavicle, to the pulse on your neck. He tucks a strand of your hair behing your ear, and you don't realize you are on your tip toes, angling your head up towards him, unil you feel his breath fanning over your lips. His eyes bore into yours, almost begging, pleading, for you to understand without having to voice out his desires. Still, you need a confirmation. You gulp before saying:
"You tell me." barely a whisper, you lick your lips, mouth suddenly dry and your insides shaking. He closes his eyes in return and gulps, the warmth of his body engulfing you and the smell of his cologne and fabric softener pulling you closer until his forehead is resting against yours.
"If your brother finds out-" he starts, but you interrupt him again.
"He won't." as soon as the words leave your mouth, his lips are on yours and you both sigh in unision. He kisses you gently, like he's afraid of going too far already and you can't help but finally get out of your paralyzed state to bring your hands to his chest, rumpling the fabric between your hands. He pulls back but before you can complain, he kisses you again, his tongue swiping briefly over your bottom lip, asking for permission. You grant it and Jungkook almost regrets it. Because nothing could've prepared him for the immediate stirring of his cock the moment your tongue meets his and a low whimper leaves your throat. 
Throwing all caution out the window and now feeling powerless (it’s impossible, basically, when you're now running your fingers through his hair and kissing him with such desperation he's already forgetten who you are and who he is and why this is so wrong), he walks back with you still in his arms until the back of his knees touch the edge of the bed, and when you straddle his thighs and roll your hips over his crotch, he lets out a pathetic whine that he swears he's never heard coming from himself before and he resists the urge to pull your hair and land a hard smack on your ass because he's the one who's suppossed to be in charge, not you. But he can't stop kissing you, so he'll save that thought for another time, hopefully.
His hands dance between your waist and your hips and you know it hasn't even been more than five minutes since you started making out, but you already feel your underwear embarrassingly clinging to your folds. So wet you now understand that all those romantic books you'd read in your teenage years were not scams like you had initially thought before, but instead, the ninety nine percent of the male population was (the remaining one percent being Jeon Jungkook).
And all you can think of is more, more and more.
"Baby-," he's trying."hold on." he's trying, he really is trying to stop because fucking you in a frat party is not what you deserve and, if he's going to go through with this, he's going to do it the right way. But it's so hard to think straight with you attaching your mouth to his all over again so he just keeps running his hands over any part of your body he finds."Baby girl, wait..." it's the unusual nickname that makes you come down from the cloud you're currently in, a weird feeling tugging at your chest at the mere thought of him using it with other girls.
"What's wrong?" you whisper against his lips with another roll of your hips that makes the both of you shake and gasp.
"Not like this." he gives you another kiss, his tongue tangling with yours again. Too filthy for someone who's suppossedly trying to keep his dick from twitching and from pulling your panties aside and just sliding in your heat. Finally slowing down until you're pouting with a huff. He almost smiles at the sight before pecking your lips again, still running his hands up and down your back. "We still need to talk about... this and how we're going to do it."
Tumblr media
"I just don't know what's really there to talk about." you complain, mouthful of a slice of greasy pepperoni pizza.
"Well, I think we need to go through what kind of stuff you're exactly trying to... learn." Jungkook's ears turn pink and you're starting to doubt this was the same guy that ruined your favourite set of panties a few nights ago.
"Like I said," you swallow the remaining bit of crust before adding in "just the basics. Just want you to teach me what guys like and maybe learn what I like. I've never been good at giving handjobs, for instance. And I'm not sure if the blowjobs I give are worth it. We could start there and we'll think about the rest as we go."
Jungkook tenses in his seat when the image of you on your knees with your pretty mouth dripping saliva down his cock flashes through his mind. Sure, ever since that night (or maybe even before, if he's being honest) he hasn't been able to think about anything else than fucking you on any position you'd be willingly let him fuck you, but the realization that it's actually gonna happen is making him and his dick feel restless.
He clears his throat.
"Alright, so...Friday night?"
"Mmm, Friday night I'm busy. Lucas is taking me bowling. What about Saturday night?"
Jungkook clenches his jaw, his tongue poking the inside of his cheek while he tries to act like that didn't annoy him.
Tumblr media
"So...Do I just... dive in?"
You're sitting cross legged on Jungkook's bed on Saturday night, wearing some leggins and an old t shirt you'd quickly thrown on thirty minutes ago before making your way to his room. Your hair's messily tied in a low bun and you're not wearing makeup and Jungkook cursed under his breath after letting you in because it's not fair how pretty you look without even trying and he might be already regretting agreeing to all of this once again. There had been some awkward small talk, neither of you knowing how to exactly approach the situation until you got fed up of him avoiding eye contact.
"What do you mean "just dive in"? I'm not even hard yet!" he finally looks at you, with his oversized shirt and sweatpants and his chaotic hair (which he probably had run his fingers through like a hundred times out of nervousness waiting for your arrival).
"Alright, sorry. So how do I make it hard?"
Jungkook rubs the back of his head in frustration, trying to hide the red dusting on his cheeks. "I don't know, maybe..." he swallows the lump in his throat. "Maybe we should make out a little first..."
A tinge of excitement runs from your head to toe and you try to brush aside your inner uneasiness by repeating to yourself that this was just Jungkook, this was just Jungkook, this was just Jungkook. "Ok, I'll close my eyes and you kiss me. This is too awkward already." you close your eyes like you said you would and wait for him to make the first move. 
A few seconds of complete silence pass, and you start to worry, reconsidering opening them up again and asking him if he was alright. But before you do that, you hear him taking a deep breath, almost like he's about to do something risky that he doesn't really wanna do, and then he's closing the distance between you two.
His lips are as soft as you remembered them to be, and, in fact, it does remind you of the first kiss you shared. Except this time, there's not much hesitation and you easily melt into each other. It's your tongue this time that is begging to taste his, with your hand on his cheek and his on the small of your back, pulling you a bit closer, and you hum at the same, like you both were agreeing on how badly you wanted it to happen again. And, god, he's such a good kisser.
The way he takes your breath away, the way he goes from soft and gentle to needy and rough with his teeth nipping at your bottom lip, the way he makes you be vocal with small moans that don't even sound like you, the way he he's taking your hand resting on his cheek and slowly dragging it down his neck, his covered chest and abs, down to his...
You let out a gasp that he muffles with his mouth once again when his hand guides yours over his now fully erect member over his sweatpants. That’s when you finally understand that it's not just his good looks and gym rat body that made girls coming back for more. 
With your hand having a mind of it's own, it's quick to tug at the band of his sweatpants, begging him to at least feel him through his underwear, which earns you a shaky laugh from Jungkook, but he obediently complies.
He's impossibly hard and you're impossibly wet when you grip his impressive lenght through the fabric. So much so you have to pull away, a trail of spit connecting your mouths as you ask him to take off his boxers off. It takes a while for the words to finally hit Jungkook and snap, trembling hands reaching towards his nightstand for a bottle of lube that he carelessly throws next to you before  pushing himself slightly from the bed to pull down enough of his boxers for his shaft to spring free. Your mouth starts watering and you can't take your yes off it, standing proudly long and thick, veinsand  all and a droplet of precum on the head.
You turn your attention back to him when he clears his throat and points to the lube he's holding, waiting for you to spread the palm of your hand in the air to squirt some into it.
"Alright, um..." you say, tone hoarse. "Where do it-"
"Like this." he guides your lubed hand south until his cock is wrapped around it, ignoring the way he himself sounds (like a lame highschooler getting a handjob for the first time). His touch on top of yours, trying to control the pace until you got the hang of it.  "F-firm, but n-no, not so firm. Start m-moving it up and d-down a litt-, okay. M-much better, yeah, much better." letting go, he leans back on the mattress supported by his hands, with his eyes closed as you watch and listen with fascination, the lewd sounds of the lubricant against skin and his cock twitching in your grasp, leaking more precum.
Out on instinct, you collect it with your fingers, mixing it with the lube and smearing it over his tip. He jumps a little, a gasp escaping his throat, and you cease your movements immediately. "I-I'm sorry, did I h-"
"Don't stop." his eyes are still close, his jaw clenched and his voice sounds stern, nothing like just a few minutes ago. A shiver runs down your spine and if your panties weren't completely ruined before, they most likely were now. Before you can help yourself, you're moving on your knees on the floor, right between his glorious spread thighs, picking up again where you left off. "What are you-oh!" and ohmygod, ohmygod, because if Jungkook was enjoying a simple stupid handjob, the feeling of your tongue giving a kitten lick to another drop of precum was almost enough to send him over the edge. 
He curses under his breath, damming you and himself for not jacking off before your appointment so he could at least be more prepared than he was. And with you now wrapping your mouth over his angry red tip and swirling your tongue and your hand not giving him a break, it's him now the one who can't help himself and reach out to the back of your neck, untying your hair from your messy bun and instead combing your hair with his fingers and pulling it into a ponytail himself. 
And it's that action that makes your pussy clench around nothing paired with a whiny moan, still with his dick in the warmth of your mouth, his labored breathing only egging you on to try yo take him deeper. And it's Jungkook and his strained praising telling you "Just like that, so good. So fucking good" that has you eager to take him deeper, as far as your gag reflex would let you, it has you yearning to choke on his dick. You'd never, in the entirety of your twenty two years of life,  been hungry for dick before, but holy fuck, Jungkooks' was making you feel starved.
"Fuck, _____..." Jungkook's eyes are fully on you, and had been for a while now, admiring the sinful sight that was you, bobbing your head up and down his painfully hard cock. With a needy whimper against his shaft again and your watery gaze looking up to meet his, you try to explain to him without words how much you need him to keep talking, to tell you how good you were making him feel.
The faint smile he sends your way seems like a confirmation he understands, because he raises his free hand to let his thumb caresses your cheek and he tries to avoid thinking about how intense and uneven the pounding in his chest feels. "You look so p-pretty with my cock s-stuffing your mouth. Taking m-me so-fucking, well... " he wets his lips, hesitating on whether or not voicing what was really going through his mind would scare you and make you back off. But licking his lips, he couragously decides to push further. "F-fuck, choking on my dick like such a good girl... It's taking everythig in me to not fuck your mouth  until you're scratching my thighs to make me stop."
You suddenly stop, desattaching his dick from your lips with a loud pop, your glassy eyes looking at him and mouth dripping with a mixture of saliva, lube and precum, and he, afraid he might have gone too far, is about to apologize, but before he can do any of that you're talking:
"I need you to cum in my mouth. Want to swallow like a good girl for you."
And then his cock is in your mouth again and he swears he's coming harder than he's ever come before.
Tumblr media
Jungkook is outraged.
He's been late practically to every single one of his classes this last week, he's stained his favourite swearshirt with soy sauce, and he hasn't been able to take a break from assignments to play Fortinte for a few hours.
There's three things Jungkook hates in life: people underestimating him, people provoking him when he's simply just minding his own business and you, in a miniskirt. And it seems like you had decided to ticked all those boxes and test all his limits in just one day.
Because the skirt you had greeted him in inside your room made him hard the minute you opened the door (like it wasn't enough jacking off five times and running out of tissues thinking about that blowjob you gave him a week ago).
And, really, he swears he's tried to restrict himself from lunging himself at you, because his week has sucked ass and he really needs to get his mind off things and he's afraid he's going to take it out on you undeservengly. It was you the one who had inticed him, with that skirt and those glossy lips and the batting of your eyelashes!
But if there's something that has truly made Jungkook enraged is hearing you say you have never liked cunnilingus.
'I just think it's overrated and more painful than pleasurable.' you had said before starting another fervent make out session in your bed.
And fuck, he's afraid of touching you and screwing up and you telling him to please stop touching you. But at the same time he's so eager to see you coming undone under him, to hear you pleading him not to stop, to never stop, and to feel you coming on his tongue and having your thighs suffocating him.
So he's tentative at first, just letting you two get lost in your mouths, in those soft whimpers he's been dying to hear again. But having you laid under him, while softly combing the strands of hair he has forgotten to cut off for who knows how long, and one of your thighs raising just a tad from your mattress has him leaving the hand he currently has rubbing circles on your waist traveling to your hips and to the exposed skin that damn skirt you've been taunting him with is leaving available.
Now, Jungkook prides himself in knowing how women like to be touched, what makes them tick, what makes them putty in his hands. But with you, he wants to go slow even if that means torturing himself in the process.
So his fingers grace your skin, the metal of his rings causing your nipples to perk up under your shirt and a string of arousal leaving your nether lips. You sigh against his mouth, the kiss slow and dirty. He takes that as a sign to take it just one step further, his hand slightly spreading your legs so he can sneak his fingers to the inside of your thigh. He takes his time, his touch warm, not rough nor rushed as he starts moving upwards until he's skimming over the edge of lace adorning your mound.
"Can I touch you?" he asks, and he knows he's supposed to let you answer but his lips connect to yours on their own, too addicted to stop. You just nod, not trusting your voice to give him a coherent response even if you wanted to. And when his knuckles sweep your core, you sob under him and he hates how wet you are and how hard he is and he has barely touched you yet. "Wanna make you feel good." he rasps and you nod again, eagerly this time.
His touch getting braver, he runs his fingers more firmly against your slit, but still delicately like you're made of the finest and most exquisite material in the entire world.  Panties damp, he allows himself to rub his thumb over your nub in circles and you moan again, the material clinging to your lips but he needs more. His cock is aching for more. So he sneaks his fingers under the lacy fabric and his fingers find your bare core, so warm and tempting he wants to die.
"Let me eat you out." he begs and even if his voice is collected, his eyes are yearning, because, god if he doesn't taste you right now he's going to cry. He can sense your uncertainty, wanting you to stop you from biting your lip the way you are and exchaning it with his own teeth. Wih his fingers still caressing your core, he tries again. "Please, _____. I need to eat you out. I swear I'll make it feel so good for you." he pecks your lips, enticing. "Need you against my mouth."
And it doesn't take much for you to say yes and for him to entangle his tongue again with yours before he's pushing himself off you and positioning his head between your legs. Pushing his messy hair out of the way and hiking your skirt until it's bunched over your waist, he growls at the sight of drenched lace, not being able to keep himself from licking his lips in anticipation. But then he looks at you, with the same hungry eyes but also the same reassuring look you've known for so long. 
"If you want me to stop, just tell me, okay? Just want to try something and if you don't like it I'll just back off." he says, while his hands stroke your thighs up and down. When you nod, you swallow the lump in your throat and he inches forward to place a small peck on your covered core. It causes your body to jump a little and your heart to skip a beat. And then he's removing your underwear until you're completely exposed in front of him.
Jungkook sucks on a deep breath, mouth watering, cock strained uncomfortably in the confines of his jeans, allowing himself a minute to appreciate the view. Clearing his throat, his eyes find yours. "Gonna do it slow, alright?" and a hum is all he gets from you. He drops another kiss on your core, and another, and another, like he would with your lips. It makes your insides turn and a wave of pleasure wash over your whole body. But then, ever so slightly, his tongue darts between his lips to finally taste you and you can't help the gasp that leaves your mouth. "Fuck, so, so pretty..." Your fingers threading through his hair as he gets more daring, he himself humming compliments about how good you taste against your heat, content to finally having you spread open for him, small licks turning into long laps at your slit that have you bucking your hips and his hands pushing them back firmly into the mattress to keep you still.
And you had hated oral sex your entire life. Always deemed it as overly glorified for what it really was. But having Jungkook between your thighs and his skilled tongue making your thighs quiver makes the realization down on you that once again, not enjoying sex has never been your fault.
"Feels good like this, baby?" you can barely register his voice amongst the sounds of his tongue and your soft cries filling the room. Too deep into the feeling of his fingers digging in your thighs as he sucks your bud between his lips, more adventorous but still gentle. "Answer me, _____." Jungkook already started to lose himself the moment he got a first taste of you but he can feel himself going insane. Can't think straight with you trembling and moaning and pulling at his hair. He needs to see you helpless, needs to make a mess of you. Gathering a gobble of spit and letting it drop on your slit, his fingers rushing to spread it all over your lips and you nod your head, telling him how good it was, how it has never felt like this before.
Pride swelling in his chest and pushing his own desires aside to focus solely on you, he keeps talking, voice gruff and dominating. "Yeah? Like it dirty and filthy, huh? Like me eating you out and spitting in your pussy?" you manage a desperate 'yes’, tears prickling in your eyes as he does it once more.
Then he coats your slit one more time while his mouth’s still working wonders at your clit and it's the moment he inserts a finger without warning that has the band in your stomach snapping and your eyes closing so tight you see stars, hardly recognizing the animalistic cry that tears from your throat. Jungkook keeps lapping and sucking and fingering you until you're overly sensitive and it's becoming too much and then he's pulling away and placing a kiss on your thigh.
"So, I guess that meant you enjoyed it." such orgasm and Jungkook's cocky smirk don't leave your mind for the rest of the following week.
Tumblr media
To say Jungkook was fucked was an understatement.
He knows this was a bad idea from day one. Knows he should've said no. Knows if Taehyung ever found out he'd break his jaw. Knows you're dangerous territory. Knows he's never considered himself as a weak individual but you're starting to make him question himself and his self restraint. But he didn't know how dangerous this would turn out to be until he kissed you for the first time, didn't know how addictive this would be until he felt you cum around his fingers. He's never been one to be attached. Jungkook has always enjoyed his freedom, has always enjoyed women and sex and never thought about risking his singlehood for a commitment. Never been interested.
 But if there's anything more dangerous than you being his best friend's sister, it's the way his heart flutters whenever you're nearby, the way his stomach fills with a certain type of constraint and excitement every time your eyes meet from across the room, the way the temperature in his body rises whenever you share at complicit smile with each other. Because now he can't stop thinking about it, about you. About your lips, and your hair between his fingers as you suck his dick, your moans and sobs as he fingers you in the library and he's telling you to keep quiet, about your legs and the way they wrap around his waist when you're making out in his bed for hours.
But the worst part of it all was the feeling inside of him whenever you talked about him or whenever he saw you with him. He's even starting to feel nauseaus just by hearig you say his name. 
Jungkook knows what you two were doing had nothing to do with himself. Knows he was just suppossed to be a helping hand, literally and figuratively. But he feels like everything is so unfair.
So unfair because the urge to touch you whenever you were around was becoming unbearable. The thought of kissing you, marking you, or holding your hand in front of everyone to see was starting to become suffocating. So unfair because he hasn't been with another girl that wasn't you  since that night he finally agreed to all of this. So unfair that he doesn't even miss hooking up with other girls. So unfair that you're doing this for someone who's not him. So unfair because his heart wasn't suppossed to feel the way it did. It was never suppossed to go this far, and it was never suppossed to happen so fast.
So unfair he can't talk to anybody about this.
So he suppresses it all, hides it all under the rug, and puts on a smile on his face and just keeps going about his day like nothing's happening inside him. Like everything's okay. He suppresses it until he's alone with you. With you between his legs, your back against his chest and your legs spread, underwear lost somewhere on the floor and he's fucking you with your bullet vibrator. He's trying to hold back, trying not to take his frustration and anger out on you. He tries to be neutral. But he can't when the first thing that leaves your mouth as you let him into your room is how much fun you had with Lucas the day before. So he decides to punish you (and himself) by making you look straight into the TV screen playing reruns of a show he doesn't even remember while he moves the toy agonizingly inside the walls of your already dripping. He's losing in the feeling of you and the sounds your mouth. Holds your head with his own hand around your throat because he loves maneuvering you, loves to think about how good he would actually fuck you with his cock, how good he would put you in your place for putting him through so much crap. Tightenths the grip around your throat, careful, always careful not to hurt you as you cum, legs shaking and you crying for him (only him). He loves seeing you like this. Feeling you like this. Having you like this.
He loves, loves, loves, pretending you're his and nobody else's.
Tumblr media
You liked Lucas. You really did.
Lucas was everything anyone could ask for. Made you laugh, made you smile, was considerate and rather good looking. Had nice hair and pretty eyes. But something was missing. Was smart and could hold long conversations full of different topics.  Maybe the fact that even if you had been going on dates for almost two months, there was no spark. Maybe what was missing was lingering looks, or the pounding in your chest, or the fluttering of something inexplicable in your tummy. Maybe what was missing was the fact that he wasn't Jungkook.
Becuse there weren't enough words or metaphors in this world to even try to describe the way you felt. Suddenly, seeing Jungkook every Saturday was insufficient and saying good bye was almost heart wrenching. And you don't know when everything changed. You don't know when your text messages asking each other to 'come over' started to become so frequent, or when the kisses kept happening even without sexual activities involved. Or when the way he looked at you was starting to resemble the way you looked at him. Jungkook was everything you'd ever dreamed of. So it didn't take long for you accept what you were harboring inside as what it really was (although you weren't even sure what exactly it was) and deciding to just keep Lucas as a close friend with whom you geniunely enjoyed spending time with.
And then came the fear and the anxiety. The fear of telling Jungkook you had no interest in Lucas anymore. The fear of telling him you didn't want to (ever) stop whatever it was you had going on. The fear of opening up a part of you in hopes that he would reciprocate. But everytime you tried to speak, the lump in your throat was so unbearable. Because having Jungkook in front of you and about to lay all your cards on the table was like skydiving without knowing if your parachute would work correctly once you jumped. So instead you chose to kiss him back everytime, drowning in his scent and his touch and accept with open arms everything he would be willing to give you, because Jungkook always felt dazzling, always felt safe, always felt like coming home.
Tumblr media
"Taehyung's visiting in a few days."
Those words had Jungkook having nightmares. Nights of deprived sleep and waking up covered in sweat. Those words had Jungkook fidgeting, whole body tensing and insides turning. Because there were many reasons why Taehyung had been Jungkook's best friend for as long as he could remember. The same stupid humor, same taste in music, same hobbies, the same political beliefs, the same ethics and morals, the trust and fidelity they had proved to each other throughout all those years. Innumerable reasons why they considered one another as brothers. But one of those reasons had been keeping Jungkook up all night:
Taehyung's ability to read him like an open book.
Sometimes it scared Jungkook how someone as aloof and trapped in his own little world of weed and Van Gogh the majority of the time like Taehyung could also be the most intuitive and perceptive person he's ever met. Especially when it came to Jungkook. Sometimes he wondered if he was just that transparent, but Taehyung had proved too many times to be more intelligent (and sometimes a little bit psychic, Jungkook thinks) than people thought him to be.
He'll know. He'll just know. One look into my eyes and he's gonna know I've been the unspeakable with his sister.
And fuck, if it wasn't stressing Jungkook out. You two had successfully managed to keep your arrangement from everybody else but he just knew, he knew Taehyung would find out.
So Jungkook came to a conclussion after giving it too much thought: he had to tell him. He had to be honest with him even if it that meant throwing their fifiteen year old friendship out the window. He knew keeping a secret from Taehyung and him finding out way later would make things worse and he had already fucked up too much to fuck it up some more.
So at Taehyung's arrival, he had waited. Had waited for you and your brother to catch up until he could be alone with him. He waited until the night before Taehyung took a plane back home. He invited him to his dorm to drink beer(Jungkook knew at least one of them had to be drunk for this conversation) and eat ramen cup noodles while they played videogames and prepared himself for the worst.
"Dude, you're all tense and stuff. What's up?" Taehyung said, mouthful of Doritos and fingers dusting the controller orange.
It took another beer and another bag of chips for Jungkook to finally speak. And he did, voice quivering, hands gripping his own controller for life while Taaehyung listened attentively without saying a word and when Jungkook finished, there was a taut silence for what seemed like an eternity.
"You... fucked my sister."
"Taehyung, I didn't exactly fu-"
"No, you didn't just fuck my sister. You've been continously fucking my sister, like- when was the last- you know what, don't even answer that. I obviously don't wanna know." Taehyung sat back, videogame long forgotten in the background and tongue poking his cheek, the veins on his neck visible and strained.
"Taehyung, listen. Please. I-"Jungkook took a deep sigh to try to articulate his words. "I know I fucked up. Big time. I know I've never fucked up before like this. But you need to understand this: what started out as... that, has escalated into something I wasn't expecting. I..." he run a hand through his hair in defeat. "I don't just like your sister, Taehyung. What I feel for her is... way more. Way, way more. I don't know if it's too soon to call it love, but that's all I can think about when I'm with her or when I think about her."
It took a while for Taehyung to take Jungkook's words in silently, before letting out a sigh.
"Then maybe you should tell her. She's been so disgustingly mushy mentioning you that it almost made me throw up and it was like so weird, but I guess it makes sense..." he mumbled and Jungkook's heart dropped. "If you hurt my sister, Jungkook, I swear to god-"
"I would never. Could never forgive myself if I did."
"Alright then...Right cheek or left cheek?"
Tumblr media
The next time you see Jungkook, his eyebrow is split.
"What the fuck happened to you?" you gasp as he opens the door and you slide in instantly.
"Good evening to you too, _____. How was your day? Mine was fairly good, thank you for asking. Well, yes, of course, you may come in!" with sarcasm dripping from his tone, Jungkook tugs the hood of his sweatshirt over his head, suddenly feeling self consciouss and nerves putting him on edge.
"Seriously, what happened?" your voice now visibly concerned, you motion him to sit next to you on his bed, which he does like a trained dog because he really is dying to have you close and enjoying this as much as he could. When he sits down, you craddle his jaw in your hand, turning his face towards yours to take a look at the ugly (but kinda hot if you're being honest) bruise adorning his brow. 
He licks his lips as he stares into your eyes, containing himself from connecting your lips with his and expecting you to kiss it better. God, he needs you to kiss it better so bad. Needs you to reassure him, and cuddle him and brush his hair with your fingers just the way he likes and tell him you're as crazy for him as he is for you.
This was it.
This was the moment where he would put his heart on a platter and serve it to you and he would either end up embarrasing himself and breaking his own heart or being the happiest boy on campus.
"I... spoke with Taehyung."
Your face pales immediately, and even if you already know where this is going and you're not liking it, you still ask:
"About what?"
"About us."
You swallow the tight feeling tugging at your chest.
"What about us?" you daringly ask, again. Jungkook knows he has to pull himself together and finally act like a man.
"About what... we've been doing. About what I... About what I feel." you open your mouth to interrupt but he stops you with his hand. "No, let me just... Just let me... He wasn't happy about it, obviously. But after I explained to him how I felt, I think... I think he understands now. We just thought a punch was only fair. He was aiming for my cheek but Taehyung gets clumsy when he's a little tipsy so..." he knows he's going off topic and is starting to chicken out, but the small smile in your face makes him feel a little more settled.
"And how... How do you feel about... us?" you tentatively ask. You mimic his nervousness, about to pull your hand back but he keeps in in place on the side of his face, leaning into it.
"I feel... Like..." he exhales in frustration and damns himself for not being good with words. "Can I show you instead?" you're nodding anxiously and he's kissing you. He's kissing you and it's crazy how your body seems like to act like a magnet to his. How easily you mold against him, how you dissipate into each other and how you mirror the same sounds at the same time as if you can't ever get enough. He kisses you and lays you back, so delicate when his tongue starts playing with your tongue, and still so delicate when his hands run up and down your thighs. "I love kissing you. I love touching you." as he speaks and as his kisses become more fervent when you return them the same way, his hands pull at the hem of your shirt and pulls back ever so slightly to look into your eyes, questioning. You answer so fast, because there's nothing you enjoy more then Jungkook's hands all over you, and when he takes your shirt off, no bra to obstruct the full view, his eyes explore every inch of your skin like you're a mirage of some sort. 
"I love looking at you. Fuck, you're so fucking beautiful. It's driving me crazy." Blushing, you giggle into his mouth but you're caught off guard when his hand wraps around one of your breats and fondles it carefully, thumb rubbing at your nipple before taking it into his mouth and you whimper. Your back arches off the bed as he chants 'mine",takes the other nipple in his mouth, none of your tits neglected. And when he grinds his hard on onto your drenched core while still mouthing at your breasts, you ask him for more.
"Jungkook, ung-please!" you sound pathetic but you're to consumed in all things Jungkook to care. He groans against your chest and then his hands are removing your leggings and your panties at the same time in a swift move. You ask him to take his on clothing off, and then to kiss you on the lips. He complies, desperate to finally feel your skin against his with no barrier in between. He's spreading your legs and lowering himself down until he's preparing your core for him with his tongue and spit.
"Love how dirty you get for me" he says, with his tongue drawing circles and his saliva coated fingers fucking into you making you clutch the sheets under the palms of your hands and gasping for air. "Fuck, always such a good girl for me."
"I need- ah! Jungkook!" you struggle to beg but you keep trying nontheless. "I need your cock, p-please! Need it inside so bad!"
That makes Jungkook's whole body stiff and fuck, if the sound of you pleading for his cock wasn't his favourite song. Lips still wet and not even bothering to clean them with the back of his hand, showering you with hungry kisses.
"We don't have to go all the way, you know that right? Just, shit, just having you like this, naked and so" he nips at your neck, this time not afraid suck and leave bruises on your porcelain skin "perfect... It's more than enough for me, like the world could end right now and-" you cut him off with another kiss.
"I'm ready. I've never been more ready in my entire life."
"Shit, okay, let me grab lube and a condom, I don't want to hurt you."
"Just grab the lube. I'm on the pill." you whisper and the sight of you, with your hair spread on his pillow like that, cheeks flushed and lips bruised plus the thought of fucking you raw have Jungkook's breathing hitching and a drop of his precum falling into your stomach.
With his dick lubed, he looks at you asking for a sign of unsureness, something to make him stop, because he would stop whenever you said so. He would do whatever you wanted him to do. Jungkook is sure he would wait his entire life for you. When all you give him is a smile, and a purposeful grind of your hips to make your slit come in contact with the tip of his cock, he gives in to you, slowly rubbing himself up and down your core.
"Spit on my pussy" your voice sends him to another planet and he tells himself to think about dead puppies if he doesn't wanna blow his load too quick. He does as you say because anyway he loves it fiflthy and he loves it even more if you're the one getting fiflthy with him.
Pushing the tip of the head torturously slow inside your walls, you whimper at the same time. "Fuck" is what leaves his mouth, and "more" is what leaves yours. You're ready and you don't care how much is going to hurt because all you need is to feel all of Jungkook's cock inside of you. So he fucks into you softly, no rush, justletting you adjust to his size, putting both hands beside your head and closing the gap between your bodies to feel all of you. Your legs wrap themselves around his tiny waist, inviting him in. Allowing himself to stretch you out nicely, slowly but surely while he kisses you, with such care and appreciation that it makes your eyes sting and tears threatening to spill out. It's uncomfortable just for a while, but soon the pleasure is taking over and Jungkook is rubbing circles on your nub, comforting you, encoraging you, telling you how 'good you're taking my cock, baby.' and how incredible you felt squeezing around him.
It doesn't take long for you to be more needy, to ask him to move faster, deeper and he still asks if you're sure because he's Jungkook and even if he's dying to pound into you he still needs to know you're feeling good. You shut him up with another roll of your hips and a whiny beg, and then he's picking up his speed.
"Jesus, I fucking love fucking you. You have no idea how you feel right now. Never felt like this." and the more he slides in and out of you you, the more the words seem to spill out. "Love having you just for me, love being the only one that has ever fucked this pussy before. I-fuck I need to be the only one that's ever going to fuck this pussy. No one else. J-just me. Love it. Love it so much." both your orgasms are approaching and Jungkook's rambling is about to send you over the edge, his cock sinking so deep in your cunt and hitting that spot only he knows. "W-wanna fuck you for the rest of my life. S-shit." your cunt is clenching around his cock in what you know is the beginning of your climax, your arms holdin on to him for dear life, but it's what he says next that has you crying out loud into the confines of his room. "L-love you. Fuck, I-love you, _____. I'm in love you with y-you."
It doesn't take much long for him to follow with the way you sound and the way your pussy is milking his cock, spilling inside and coating your walls with his release.
Jungkook forces himself to the side to stop from squashing you, both breathing heavily and spent up. He looks at you looking at him, and can't help himself from reaching out to tuck a strand of hair under your ear. With the little energy you have left, you lean in to peck the tip of his nose and then his lips. "I'm in love with you as well." you bite your lip and he can't contain the smile that is appearing on his face.
"Shit, thank God." he pulls you closer by the waist, needing to feel you closer once again to know you're real in case this is just a dream. "So...Um, Lucas?"
"There's no Lucas. Only Jungkook."
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lavienjin · 2 months ago
01. returning home | love ain't a business
Tumblr media
chapter summary: the worlds collide when a certain someone unexpectedly returns home and crashes the party.
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 5.7k
genre/rating/au: 18+ | fwb, e2l, bfb, and fake dating au | smut, angst
warnings: descriptions of panic, smut in the forms of: unprotected sex, shower sex, multiple orgasms, breast play, fingering
author's note: huge thanks to pals at bangtansorciere for helping me with parts of this fic when i felt a little insecure about my writing!
crosspost: ao3 | wattpad
chapter index | m.list
↠ prologue | [01] | [02] | [03] | [04] | [05] | [06] | [07] | [08] | epilogue
Tumblr media
After forming the verbal agreement in the bar, Jaehyun had introduced you to his lawyer the next week to discuss your contractual relationship at length. There were a few papers you needed to sign – a non-disclosure agreement followed by the contract itself – that made the arrangement more daunting at first, but, when you’re reminded of Jaehyun’s hopeless face, the fountain pen moved on its own as you signed a year of your life away without a second thought.
Plus… the amount of zeroes attached to your ‘monthly stipend’ was definitely a great bonus. With your tuition paid for and the fact that you no longer had to work in the shitty café that served awful coffee to customers who call themselves ‘influencers’; you were living the dream. Until—
“Come on, just move in with me!” Jaehyun pleads, bottom lip jutting out. “What if my parents come for a surprise visit?”
You groaned, shutting your laptop as gently as your frustrations would allow you to. Despite your mountain of homework, Jaehyun had forced himself over, eager to set the plan in motion over pizza and a movie.
“No,” you whined, exhaling irritably before grabbing a slice. “I like my shoebox-sized apartment. Besides, couples don’t have to move in together for their relationship to look convincing.”
Jaehyun tilted his head to the side while tapping his chin with his index finger. “Ah! What if you don’t have to pay rent?”
You won’t lie, he had you wrapped around his finger with that statement. Your mouth hung open for a second before you placed your pizza back on the paper plate and frowned. “Okay… I’m listening…”
Jaehyun began to explain, in great detail, all the free amenities his luxurious penthouse offered, and you tried hard not to drool on your old leather couch at the mentions of a spa, a swimming pool, and dry-cleaning service. Sure, you weren’t all about the money, but hey, a girl’s got to live, and if receiving a monthly stipend was a dream come true, this was now a fantasy in the making.
You tried not to be too eager when you agreed.
In a few short days, you managed to collect any clean cardboard out of the apartment’s recycling to pack your things into, much to Jaehyun’s disgust. Ignoring his comments as he helped you pack, you filled them to the brim with your things – random trinkets, sketchbooks, portraits, clothes, and your meager amount of fabric and sewing supplies. Your apartment was a mess by the end of the first week – various sized boxes littering your apartment. Some were taped shut while others hung open, contents threatening to spill out as they were stacked precariously on top of one another. However, while you arranged for your departure over the course of a couple weeks, you weaved through the chaos expertly like a ballerina, taking care not to accidentally bump into the overflow and risk toppling the mountains of cardboard thus braking whatever was inside.
When Jaehyun called you the morning of your move, frantic that there was a problem in the company, you expected that you’d just be moving your things in alone. However, just as you taped your very last box and observed the single bedroom apartment you lived in through some odd number of years, you heard voices outside of your door followed by a few loud knocks.
Not expecting any visitors, you peeped through the hole to find three men in blue jumpsuits and white gloves. One of them, you assumed to be the leader, was gazing at the clipboard in his hand, flipping papers while he waited patiently. Confused, you unlatched the deadbolt and stuck your head out.
“Yes?” you answered hesitantly.
“Hi, we’re from 2! 3! Moving Company. Helping you move as easy as 1, 2, 3 since 1993,” the man recited cheerily after a quick bow. “We have an order to help you move under the name of one” – he scans the clipboard quickly – “Mr. Jeon Jaehyun. He’s hired us for the entire day. Do you need help with packing your things, ma’am? If you’re done, we can start the moving process.”
“I—no, thank you. I mean, yeah, I’m done with packing. Uh, please, come in,” you stuttered. Slightly miffed at the lack of communication from your supposed fiancé, you make a mental note to reprimand him later when he returned from his meeting.
You opened the door wider to let the workers in, shrinking to the wall by the entryway as they began hauling boxes out of the apartment. As you watched the workers grunt as they lift your heavy furniture, you were ultimately grateful for Jaehyun’s impulsive act.
While the three movers streamed in and out of your apartment, you stood awkwardly to the side, moving robotically around to try and get out of the way. Helping them seemed wrong and you couldn’t offer them water since your cups were all packed away in a box. Not knowing what else to do, you retreated to the floor of your living room and pulled your laptop from your backpack, finishing some last-minute coursework you hadn’t had time for while dealing with the tornado that was your current life.
You didn’t even get to the 500 minimum word count in your essay before one of the workers peeked in from the open door to inform you that they were done. You blinked in surprise, glancing around rapidly to find that yep – you were sitting in an empty apartment, devoid of furniture and the hazardous stacks of boxes.
“We’re going to Mr. Jaehyun’s apartment now. Would you like to join us in the van, or will you be driving yourself?” he inquired.
Closing your laptop shut, you shook your head and smiled, informing him that you’ll see them there. The worker responded with a low incline of his head before closing the door.
After packing your laptop, you stood and slung your backpack over your shoulder, inspecting the apartment slowly before making your way to the bedroom for the last time.
Devoid of your bed and desk, the room felt bigger, especially with the window open and the soft breeze filtering in. You couldn’t help but reminisce at the space you once occupied, thinking about the all-nighters spent studying and sleepovers you hosted over the years.
And though you didn’t consider yourself to be a nostalgic person, the memories flowed into your brain unwillingly, reminding you of an instance of happiness that felt like lightyears ago.
“I got you, baby,” Jungkook whispers, fingers knitting tightly in yours. He kisses your forehead tenderly before moving to your lips. He pecks once – twice before engulfing them with his, letting out a long sigh as you exhale. “Fuck – you’re so good to me.”
Jungkook thrusts slowly while he busies his hands on your tits, alternating between gentle massaging motions and harder squeezes, paying rapt attention to your sensitive nipples as he rolls them with his thumb. You push your head back on the pillow, crying out his name with every languid roll of his hips, the intensity of his gaze making you lose yourself quicker than usual.
He brings one of his large hands to rub circles on your clit, sweet saccharine praises tumbling past his lips, pushing himself deeper into the velvet walls of your cunt. You howl his name louder, your fingernails scratching against his muscular chest before you pull him in for another kiss. When you part, Jungkook rests his forehead on yours and closes his eyes for a moment, inhaling deeply before he rights himself back up, hand returning to its place between your thighs.
“Faster… please?” you whimper, gazing up into his dark gaze.
“Only if you touch yourself for me,” he breathes, pressing your thighs close to your chest as he adjusts his position.
Jungkook pulls away, leaving only the head of his cock before slamming back inside. You squeeze your eyes shut as you tremble, head already swimming as your blood roars in your ears.
“Jungkook!” you cry out, gripping the bedsheets on your side.
You spy the mischievous half-smirk on his face, his tongue darting out to wet his plush lips before he drives his hard cock into your cunt in earnest. Your fingers tremble as you try to emulate his touch, though you need not try so hard when Jungkook’s cock continues to brush against the spot that makes you see stars.
“You’re so much more sensitive today, baby—” he groans, curses falling under his breath. “Are you gonna cum already?”
Nodding vigorously, you force yourself to keep looking at him – branding his intense gaze into your memory. The bed creaks loudly underneath you, but all you hear is the sound of his jagged breathing and the occasional murmur of your name. It doesn’t take you long to cum, not when he so readily obliges your silent requests, changing his thrusts in tune with the small sounds escaping your lips.
“Cum for me—” you moan breathlessly while the sea of pleasure continues to slam against you.
Jungkook grunts as he chases his own high, marking your legs with half-moon indents from his forceful grip. His thrusts begin to stutter after a while, body trembling above you as he struggles to maintain eye contact, his dark hair falling past his eyes.
“Cum deep inside me, baby,” you plead, lightly scratching his abdomen with your dull nails.
“Shit—I’m cumming—” Jungkook unravels at the sound of your voice, grunting loudly as he tips his head back and floods your cunt, pushing himself deeper at the last second to abide your request. You groan alongside him as the warmth spreads, your hands gripping tightly on his arms while he thrusts sluggishly a few more times.
The sound of stuttered breathing fills your room as you gradually bring your legs down. Jungkook cradles your cheek to lift your face towards him before claiming your lips in a gentle kiss, slipping his tongue slowly inside to swipe at yours.
“Sticky,” you mumble into the kiss. “Wanna shower.”
Jungkook hums in affirmation, slipping out of you with a hiss.
Body thoroughly sated with pleasure; your wobbly legs refuse to listen when you try to stand. As you pitch forward with a shriek, Jungkook’s thankfully ready to catch you; his strong arms wrapping around your midsection. Your head bumps harmlessly on his sculpted chest instead of the floor while your cheeks heat up from your clumsiness.
“Whoa, hold on there,” he chuckles breathlessly. “Let me help you.”
He carries you effortlessly into the bathroom before setting you down by the sink while he fiddles with the shower knobs. While you wait for the water to heat up, Jungkook spends a few minutes holding you in an embrace, his hands running up and down your back while his chin rests on top of your head. You swear you could fall asleep to the sound of his soft hums and the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. When the steam fogs your bathroom mirror, he helps you inside by the small of your back, ready to catch you should your wobbly legs fail to keep you upright again.
“Are you gonna fall if I let go?” he teases with a wink.
You stick your tongue out with a scrunch of your nose, nudging him away with your shoulder. “I think I’ll be fine, Jeon,” you emphasize with a playful eye roll before turning around to wash your face.
Jungkook snickers at your response, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Hey, have I ever told you how absolutely beautiful you are?” he murmurs, pressing kisses on your shoulder to your earlobe.
His hands cup your tits, squishing them together while his fingers tweak your nipples, rolling and pinching the buds gently. You can’t help the shudder as electricity shoots down your spine and you press your head to the crook of his neck to meet his lips.
“You’ve mentioned it once or twice, I guess,” you joke, the last few syllables turning into whispers when Jungkook’s hand travels south to play with your clit.
“Mmh, I think I should come over more often then. You know, so you don’t forget,” he chuckles, trailing your jaw with his nose before taking a nip at the shell of your ear, making you whimper and buck your hips into his hand. “Oh, I love hearing you moan. Be louder for me, sweetheart.”
It’s hard to say ‘no’ to Jungkook, not that you want to, and you find yourself pressed against the glass walls of your shower with his hard cock deep inside of you, coaxing out another orgasm from your battered walls before he fills you up yet again. Even when the water drops to a lukewarm temperature, he holds you there, hands cradling your body as he whispers how beautiful you are, proving his claim by marking the words into your skin.
When you finally leave the shower, the water has turned ice cold.
His still wet hair stains his shirt a darker color and you find it endearing when he shakes his head like a dog, laughing when some of the drops fall to you. Once you’re fully clothed and ready to go to sleep, you walk him to your door, hands intertwined together. Neither of you seem to want to part; the grip on your hand tightening when you open the door to let him through.
Jungkook stands in the hallway for a few minutes – shuffling his weight between his feet while he stares at the carpet floor; his mouth opening and closing several times though no sound comes out. When you peer at him quizzically, he shakes his head and offers you a dimpled smile.
“Same time tomorrow?” he jokes, chuckling softly when you shake your head and offer him a sad smile. “Just kidding. I know you have work. Good night.”
“Good night, Jungkook,” you whisper, leaning against the door frame.
Jungkook turns around to plant a kiss on your lips before whispering a final ‘good night’. He opts for the stairs instead of the elevator, turning back for a moment to wave before heading downstairs. In your daze, you almost chase after him – to ask him to stay and to confide the feelings you’ve harbored deep inside for so long. But you bite down the inside of your cheek until it stings and plant your feet firmly on the ground.
And when you no longer hear the sound of his receding footsteps, you close the door to your apartment to whisper the words to yourself instead.
It takes another week after your hectic move before you finally settle into Jaehyun’s apartment, the guest room gradually filling up with your random assortment of knick-knacks and photos. You’re never one to adapt so quickly, but the transition’s much easier when your bedroom is fitted with a large four poster bed, a sleek wall-mounted TV, and a walk-in closet half the size of your old bedroom.
Jaehyun makes for an excellent roommate too, though you rarely see him recently with the mess that’s his office life right now. He’s been complaining non-stop about an incompetent manager in one of the branches that has costed the Jeons a few million dollars because of some misplaced assets, and you listen empathetically, nodding along despite not understanding a single thing.
The times when he is home is full of laughter as the two of you spend time trading memories and sharing stories from college. Tonight, you’re on the couch eating Chinese takeout while watching a bad romantic comedy, criticizing the movie scathingly in a posh, nasally voice.
“I don’t quite care for Jonathan. I think he’s a bitch,” you mock, pointing your chopsticks at the actor on the screen.
Jaehyun laughs, mouth full of food as he tries to talk without choking. “He is indubitably a bitch,” he agrees in the same tone, nose high in the air. He snickers for a few more seconds before gesturing at the remote next to you. In his normal voice, he asks, “Hey, can you pause the movie for a sec? I have to tell you something.”
You press the button on the remote, freezing the actors on screen. “What’s up?”
“So, I’m sure you know it’s coming, but my parents want to meet you. I told them that you’ve been busy with your own thing, but we’ve been engaged close to a month now and I think they’re getting restless.” Jaehyun eyes you closely and when you nod, he continues, “I’ve been thinking of a plausible backstory to our relationship. My parents are not going to be keen on the details, but I think we should at least be on the same page.”
You nod again, biting your chopsticks in contemplation. “How elaborate do we need to get? They say a lie is better when it’s close to the truth, so we can tell them how we met in college and stayed friends before you confessed to me.”
Jaehyun looks incredulous, eyebrows shooting up his face. “I confessed to you? Wouldn’t it make more sense if it’s the other way around?” he teases, nudging you by the shoulder.
The two of you bicker childishly for a moment, laughing while finishing your food. In the end, you and Jaehyun has devised a good enough story about how the two of you met, using your original idea of starting out as friends before eventually falling in love. To prepare even further, you quiz him on your birthday and your favourite colour while he makes you memorize all his favourite food and what he’s allergic to.
“I think that’s about how much I can handle tonight,” you wince, holding up a hand after rehearsing your ‘dating’ story for the fourth time. “When do you think we should meet your parents?”
“I was hoping for this weekend… for lunch?”
Your head falls to the side as you scowl at his sheepish smile. Groaning, you lean your head against the couch, running your hand over your face. “You’ve already scheduled it, didn’t you?”
“Guilty,” Jaehyun chuckles meekly.
“God, you’re so impulsive,” you chastise, though there’s no bite in your words as you prop your head on your elbow, smiling wide at him. “At least tell me about these things! What if I was actually busy with something important?”
“I know, I know, I’m sorry!”
You can’t stay mad at your friend, understanding that he’s only excited about the prospect of his plan working. Jaehyun arranges the takeout boxes in a pile before grabbing the remote and settling back onto the couch. The movie continues with the couple confessing their love to one another before a parade of paparazzies burst into the building and demanded answers.
“Do we have to deal with those?” You point to the TV just as the male lead yanks a camera and smashes it on the ground. “You know… considering the fact you’re the second son of the biggest conglomerate in the country?”
Jaehyun frowns, pausing the movie again. “I guess so, but only during important events. I wouldn’t worry about it since I’m the youngest. Besides, I highly doubt they’ll say anything negative in the press,” he laughs. “I can see the headlines now: ‘Taming of the Son’ or ‘Jeon Corp’s Second Son’s Heart Has Finally Melted’ – you know, cheesy shit like that.” Jaehyun emphasizes by waving his hand, as though he’s pressing the words into the air.
You roll your eyes and throw him a helpless smile while shaking your head. “Well, as long as there’s no rumours about me ‘marrying up’ or – God forbid – ‘being a gold-digger’, I think I can live with it.”
He returns your smile with an empathetic one, placing a warm hand on your knee. “I swear, I won’t let that happen. We can even keep it under wraps until you’re ready too.”
As impulsive as Jaehyun could be, you’re grateful that he still has your best interest at heart. The two of you spend the rest of the night laughing while coming up with other equally ridiculous headlines that might pop up once you reveal your engagement to the press.
Soft piano filters through the speakers while four figures chatter quietly amongst each other. The Jeons have reserved a VIP room in the fancy Japanese restaurant fifteen minutes away from the apartment. You’ve always wanted to try this place, but the number of zeroes behind each meal platter has thoroughly deterred you from stepping foot inside.
To say you’re nervous is an understatement, despite the fraudulent nature of your relationship with Jaehyun, you’re still obligated to convince them into thinking that you’re really in love. So, you let the youngest Jeon hold your hand on the table as you smile demurely at him when he tells them about how you got together, batting your eyelashes for effect.
Mrs. Jeon coos with every story about your fake dates, squeezing her husband’s arm and whispering, “Honey, remember when we did all that?”to which the patriarch simply nods, grunting a few times in affirmation – though the light flush colouring his cheeks suggests that he’s enjoying the attention.
“Okay, I think I’ve heard enough of my son’s voice,” Mrs. Jeon says, shushing Jaehyun with a wink when he gasps dramatically. Turning her attention to you, there’s a glimmer in her eyes when she talks. “Tell me about you! Jaehyun tells me you’re going for your masters, what’s it about?”
In between bites of sushi and sips of tea, you launch into the story of being an apprentice costume designer for the theatre back in college. Realizing how much you loved sewing, what started as a hobby became the centre of your life; from helping your roommate with a few loose buttons to actually designing and crafting the dress her younger sister wore to homecoming. When you mentioned about taking on a few commissions, Mrs. Jeon insistedthat you sew a dress for her, which only amplified the tightness in your chest.
“So, right now, I’m pursuing a major in business, but I’m hoping to ultimately open a boutique of my own. Honestly, though, none of this would’ve happen if Jaehyun hadn’t helped me,” you grin forcefully, ignoring the stabbing guilt by squeezing your fiancé’s arm. You decided to drive the point home by pressing a quick kiss on his cheek, leaving a small imprint of pink on his skin. “I owe a lot to him.”
Hook, line, and sinker.
Mrs. Jeon squeals in delight, fanning herself happily before launching into a similar story about how Mr. Jeon helped her pursue her own passion. You listen attentively, nodding and smiling along while you shift in your seat. When the silence arrives, following the end of her story, Mrs. Jeon’s bottom lip quivers slightly and she brushes off the stray tears that fall halfway through her cheeks. Mr. Jeon whispers her name gently, a withered hand lifting her chin as he dabs the tears away with a napkin.
“Oh, gosh, I-I’m sorry,” she blubbers, half-laughing while pushing Mr. Jeon’s hand away. “I’m just… so glad Jaehyun’s found someone to love.”
Your blood runs cold at the warm display of tenderness. Though there’s no doubt that you and Jaehyun are great at mimicking what a real relationship could look like, the difference is like night and day. In their own personal bubble, the Jeons don’t realize that you’re pretending – that the relationship you’re holding in your hands is built on the foundation of cold, hard cash. All your failed relationships are proof that you’re not suited for this role. What were you thinking when you agreed at the bar that night? How could you convince anyone, let alone them, of love when you know nothing?
You grind your heels into the carpet though every instinct is telling you to run – that you can’t continue to swallow the guilt and act like you’re in love.
Your stomach churns.
Your vision darkens.
Your heart is beating too fast.
Steady your breathing, you reprimand your lungs, squeezing your eyes tight. Do it for Jaehyun.
It’s no use.
The bile continues to rise – filling your mouth with bitter anguish while you sit there and lie.
Liar. Liar. Liar.
Guilt continues to puncture holes through your heart as you helplessly watch the older couple swoon over each other, clearly still madly in love after years have gone by. Jaehyun tightens his grip on your trembling hands, a ghost of a smile on his lips – the counterpart to your deepening scowl.
This was too much, and you only have yourself to blame for agreeing so hastily to Jaehyun’s plea. The needle on your moral compass swings wildly around; torn between wanting to support your friend and coming clean about your arrangement.
The dress you’re wearing plasters to your skin as the temperature rapidly rises, until the confession sitting on your tongue is a sin you can no longer bear. Jaehyun’s best attempts to calm you down through whispers only you can hear are drowned out by the high pitch ringing in your ear and it was only a matter of time before the Jeons caught wind of your trembling figure.
Mrs. Jeon whispers your name softly and the arrow of iniquity lodges deeper into your heart. “Is everything okay?”
You gasp, watery eyes zeroing on her concerned gaze before snapping over to Jaehyun. He shakes his head, a pleading look in his wide-eyes, mouth parting slightly to whisper, “Don’t.”
No. You can’t do this. Not to the lovely older couple sitting in front of you.
After smiling apologetically to Jaehyun, you return your gaze to his parents. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, you begin. “Mr. and Mrs. Jeon—” Jaehyun’s hand squeezes yours in a death grip and you wince, but you don’t let it deter your resolve. You allow the seconds to tick by and in the moments before you reveal the plan, peace washes over you, helping you breathe easier before you continue.
“There’s something I have to tell you. The truth is—"
You’re interrupted by the loud crash of a door slamming into the wall, your private dining area invaded by the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
Only the stranger isn’t mysterious at all.
No, because should the sun ever die and total darkness swallows the earth, you’ll still be able to recognize that face in the sea of shadows.
The sable-coloured eyes that once held great adoration for you; the same ones that would form into crescents when you told a good joke.
The soft raven-coloured hair you ran your fingers through while you watch him sleep peacefully in your arms.
The plush lips that remind you constantly of your beauty – praises whispered into the air or marks carved into your skin.
Great tidal waves of memories slam repeatedly into your vulnerable state, pulling you deeper into the riptide—
The searing touches.
The kisses.
And the almost ‘I love you’s.
Though you no longer do double-takes at every stranger with dark hair and dimpled smile, your heart will always remember.
Because it’s the face that belongs to the one and only Jeon Jungkook.
Once an easy-going senior, now stands a proud businessman, though the rumpled dress shirt and askew tie begs to differ. He’s different – older;with extra crinkles and lines you’ve yet to acquaint yourself with. However, there are still hints of his younger self that exists in the set of his jaw and the moles on his face – the very same ones you’ve kissed to form constellations all over his skin.
You’re still stunned at the way he seemed to materialize out of thin air, eyes blinking slowly while you adjust to this new version of him.
Jungkook squints while his gaze sweeps the room, the corners of his lips turned down into a frown. You almost mistake the look he gives you as softness, but that’s impossible; there’s no way he’d be happy, especially upon receiving the news. Sure enough, in a blink, his hard gaze returns, boring holes right into your face.
The room stops breathing. It waits for one of its occupants to make the first move.
Mrs. Jeon stands abruptly, a half-gasp, half-scream of his name leaving her lips, breaking everyone out of their reverie. His arm slumps around her shoulder in a quick side hug, a small smile on his lips while his mother prattle on about his disheveled state, but he leaves her chattering figure to walk the short distance to where the rest of you are sitting.
Mrs. Jeon falters when her son makes no indication that he’s listening, eyebrows scrunched to the centre of her forehead while she looks over at her husband.
Silence arrives as an uncomfortable sixth guest. It sits prettily in the corner with a wicked smile, its looming presence overshadowing the sunny afternoon and brightly coloured furniture.
Jungkook leans forward to place both his hands on the table, nose flaring as his eyes drag between Jaehyun, your intertwined hands, and then you. If you were already on the verge of running before, you wish for the ground to swallow you whole now.
“Now, what’s all this about a wedding, hm?”
His voice is much too calm, a coldness seeping to the words. You can’t help but wince, feeling like a child chastised for sticking their hand in the cookie jar before dinner.
Oblivious to the tension, your fake fiancé bursts into laughter, standing up to greet his elder sibling with a hug. “Hyung! Oh my god! This is the best surprise ever!” Jaehyun’s eyes flit around Jungkook’s appearance. “Wow! How’s Japan? Did you come straight here when you heard about the news?”
Jungkook tears his gaze away from your figure and you exhale, letting your shoulders sag slightly. He fixes his brother with a concerned look – mouth thinned to a straight line as he grabs Jaehyun by the shoulders. “Jaehyun, listen to me very carefully.”
The room waits with bated breath, four pairs of eyes staring at Jungkook.
“As the future head of Jeon Corp, I don’t – won’t –approve of this marriage.” He spat the last word out in disgust, his head whipping towards you, jaw set, and eyebrows drawn tightly to the centre of his forehead.
You don’t dare look at Jungkook, fixing your eyes to your husband-to-be instead, watching with concern as his face crumples. Sure, you were about to reveal the plan to the Jeons prior to Jungkook’s arrival, but seeing Jaehyun look so defeated unleashed your overprotective side, reminding you once again why you chose to be in this agreement in the first place. You stand abruptly, silverware clattering against ceramic.
“What! You can’t be serious. At least tell us why,” you demand coldly, no longer cowering at Jungkook’s gaze. “Jaehyun and I… we love each other.”
Jungkook remains skeptical, cocking an eyebrow as he released his brother’s shoulder. “Oh? And you’re such an expert on love, is that it?” Never mind that he just called you out on your biggest insecurity, Jungkook laughs, though it’s not the same twinkling laughter you’re used to. No,this one sound hollow – devoid of emotion.
He tilts his head and stuffs his hands into his pants, a cruel grin appearing on his face. Ignoring your stammering, he continues to taunt, “Can you swear to love each other through sickness and in health or whatever bullshit that comes your way?” Every few words are punctuated with a step until he towers over your figure, leaning slightly forward.
Mrs. Jeon tries to placate her son, whispering his name under her breath, but Jungkook silences her with a hand. “No, I want to hear her say it,” he rebuffs, stabbing your shoulder with a finger.
You swat his jab with the back of your hand. “I swear,” you reply firmly, your hands curling into fists by your side. “Don’t you dare question our commitment. I love your brother.”
The confession hangs in the air, neither of you backing down from your staring contest. You even out your breathing as best as you could, trying to avoid giving him the satisfaction of seeing you rattled.
The seconds tick by, five statues staring at each other.
Jungkook’s the first to break, realization dawning in the way he grits his teeth as he faces away from your gaze. You watch him unclench his jaw, yet his shoulders continue to cage him in. When he breathes in, fingers raking through his disheveled hair, it sounds staggered.
Jungkook eyes everyone in the room individually, lingering on his brother. Standing your ground, you don’t flinch when his soft eyes hardened into a glare when it’s your turn before the inner corners of his eyebrows turn up and he shakes his head. Sighing, he pinches the bridge of his nose. When he talks, it’s directed at you, “Prove it then,” he mumbles. “Prove to me how much you love him. I don’t care that our parents have agreed. This is my brother you’re marrying.”
You’re taken aback, your gaze flickering quickly between Jaehyun and his parents. They don’t return your stare, choosing instead to eye the intricate patterns on the carpet floor. Setting your jaw, you look at Jungkook to give him a determined nod. “Fine. What do I have to do to prove it to you?”
Jungkook returns the action with a shrug, “You’ll see,” he mutters before moving towards the door, briefly clasping Jaehyun on the shoulder as he walks past. “It’s good to see everyone again, but I’m exhausted from the flight. So, I’ll be seeing you all later.”
Compared to the cacophony of his entrance, he exits quietly; leaving nothing behind but four stunned figures as the soft padding of his loafers against the carpeted floor disappear with the click of the wooden door.
Tumblr media
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prima nocta | jjk
Tumblr media
summary It was a tradition that had started with his father as a way to consolidate his power deemed jus primae noctis: the right of the first night. The lords would watch him claim the woman they would spend the rest of their lives with physically, and their pride would fall at his feet.
genre king!jungkook, virgin!reader, royalty au
rating 18+
warnings induction of prima noctae, loss of virginity, unprotected sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, an audience during sex, grinding, dirty talk, hickies, fingering, spanking, nipple play, spitting, throat fuck
wc 5.0k
a/n this won't have a part 2 but you're welcome to ask me questions about the couple in my ask box!
Tumblr media
"Your appointment for this evening is ready for you, your highness," the chamberlain announces with a bow of his head.
Jungkook nods as he reads through the documents left in the royal study. "I'll be there when I'm finished."
As soon as the door behind the chamberlain shut, Jungkook buried his head in his hands. He was in the middle of trying to garner an alliance with a nearby kingdom, but the terms of the agreement were something they were still hassling over. There was a small piece of disputed land at the border of the two kingdoms that had long been a source of strife. But it was Jungkook's intention to resolve that issue and finally join together with Kim Taehyung's forces. After all, it would be mutually beneficial to have foreign support for both leaders as Taehyung could use Jungkook's army, and Jungkook could use Taehyung’s power to feign off challenges to his throne.
He had been reading over the agreement Taehyung had sent over, which tilted very selfishly in his favor. Jungkook tried to outline a new agreement that would be fair to both kingdoms, but his brain was fried and he couldn't take thinking any more tonight.
He leaned back in his chair, feeling the burden of the kingdom weigh down on his shoulders. Many people thought he was too young to ascend to the throne, too inexperienced, after his father's untimely death. And it was moments like this when Jungkook thought they were right. Even though he was an adult, he felt woefully unprepared. His father never spent enough time teaching him the reigns, or passing down lessons on how to be king. He instead chose to foster Jungkook's love for traveling, as he awarded him his own boat and crew to traipse around the world for the time he was supposed to be learning crucial information that might've come in handy now.
Of course, Jungkook was no pauper. He had grown up around war meetings and strategic defense planning, and it didn't hurt that his mind was as sharp as an eagle's talon. But Jungkook still couldn't help but feel that his father sending him on a long vacation had more to do with keeping him out of court and keeping him numb to the responsibilities of a monarch, lest Jungkook suddenly made an uncharacteristic grab for power, than it did for his father's true understanding of his son. Now that he really thought about, Jungkook could laugh at the latter; that was never really his father's style.
Jungkook reluctantly stands up from the study, leaving the unfinished draft to wallow on his desk in place of him. He walks out, nodding to the guards, and follows the path he always did on nights like this.
With every step of the way, Jungkook's mind reeled; he couldn't help but think "What would father do in this situation?" Though he had the answer ready before he even finished thinking the question. He knew what route his father would take in these negotiations, and he knew how his father would handle a threat to his throne; heck, at this very moment, Jungkook's feet led him to the exact thing his father did to keep his power.
His father wouldn't bother messing around with a peace treaty, opting for a more violent solution to the border dispute. But Jungkook wasn't his father, he thought adamantly, and things were going to be different now.
He shook his head of his thoughts as the giant doors to the bedroom were pushed open for him as he strode in.
He spares a fleeting glance to the procession lined up on the other side of the bed; the chamberlain, a member of the clergy, the lord chancellor, and of course, a representative of the groom's family, most likely the groom's father, to bear witness to the act that was about to take place.
It was a tradition that had started with his father as a way to consolidate his power, deemed jus primae noctis: the right of the first night. The lords would watch him claim the woman they would spend the rest of their lives with physically, and their pride would fall at his feet. It worked, of course, though only a man as ruthless as the late king would come up with such a rule. He always seemed to revel in this decree, going overboard to prove he was the one in charge. However, with his death came the very strife and competition among the court that would threaten Jungkook's rise to the throne, and so he was in no position to overrule the decree. Not yet, anyway.
He didn't glance over at the small window that was covered in the sheerest of fabric, knowing the court ladies stood blushing behind it. The ceremony was as much a power play for the women as it was for the men of the royal court. Though he knew they weren't technically supposed to be there, it was tradition that they snuck behind the glass, their eyes watching him with every move, vying for a good view.
He strode over to the canopy bed, the white translucent curtains drawn, though he could see the outline of a figure inside. Pulling the curtains back, he ran his gaze over the girl waiting for him, and his heart stopped.
Lying on the intricately-woven comforter was the most beautiful woman Jungkook had ever seen, clad in white lace lingerie, down to the matching sheer stockings and robe. Her hair pooled on the satin pillow beneath her head, a single white rose clutched in her hands as she looks up at him with big eyes. She looked so delicate, so angelic that Jungkook could almost see the halo glowing around her head. There was something ethereal about her, as if the light shining from her was too good for this world. Jungkook had only a moment with her, and already he was bound under her spell.
He was caught completely unawares, so much so he could be knocked down by a feather in this moment. This wasn't supposed to happen, he thinks fleetingly, hopelessly. He wasn't supposed to be captivated by her. It was supposed to be as simple as a business transaction, just a task he had to complete. He doesn't even know who she is, for goodness sakes! And he's the freaking king, it's not like this was his first time seeing a girl all spread out for him. He was used to this scene.
But try as he might, he couldn't stop his heart beating so loudly that he could feel it trying to rip out of his chest and be encased in her embrace.
He was pulled into her spell willingly, as he leaned down to do something he never did: he kissed her. His lips gently brushed her soft ones, asking for permission, before she pressed back, giving her consent.
He could feel the surprise of the people around him, though they didn't dare say a word. The clergymen and lord chancellor were very familiar with the usual interaction; most nights, the king would simply stride in, engage in simple intercourse that would fulfill the requisite, and leave just as swiftly to attend to his busy schedule. They had never once seen such a tender moment take place.
He forgot about the world around him when he pulled back to look into your dazzling eyes. He searched for the reason of his enthrallment with you, trying to explain how he came to be so enchanted all of a sudden, but all he found was your gaze, drawing him further into you. He gently plucked the white rose from your hands and placed it on the bedside table before climbing into the bed, hovering over you. His eyes ran down your body in awe before settling at your midline. He tugged at the thin string holding your robe together to have it fall apart, revealing your garter belt and bustier delicately wrapped around your body. He took in the sight hungrily, wanting to rip those fragile seams apart and have you writhing in pleasure underneath him. But he paces himself, knowing if he did what he wanted, it would be over way too soon for his liking. Not to mention, he has to prepare you first.
He eyes travel back up to meet your hesitant ones, and his heart skips a beat. He leaned down to place a comforting kiss on your lips, his emotion pouring in, communicating his intentions. You visibly relax into his touch, returning the kiss with a fervor you've never known before. You felt safe here in his arms, despite the onlookers surrounding you.
You had been so nervous for this moment, not knowing what to expect on this night. You had heard of the consummation process of prima noctae, but you still had a thousand thoughts plague you before. How would it feel, lying with the king before being resorted to your future husband? The rumors surrounding the king varied, some insisting he was just like his father, but others painting a more empathetic picture. How would he treat you? There were women who had witnessed jus primae noctis before, but they were typically ladies of the court, and they held those secrets of the king close to their chest, like treasure they were afraid to lose it.
Your nerves kept you in constant anxiety, from getting ready in the bathhouse, to getting dressed and dolled up for him, until the moment itself. But as soon as you saw his handsome face peering down at you softly, though, you knew you could trust the king to take care of you, in whatever way he deemed. You were ready to give yourself to the man kissing up your neck right now, confident that he can make you feel better than any other man ever could.
His kisses trail down to your breasts, his hands running down your sides. He pulled one leg up to his hip as he cradled you under his hand. Taking his time, finding his own path down your body as his sensuality led the way. He left open-mouthed kisses wherever he went, a spark running through you everytime his lips touch your body.
When he reaches your panties, he exhales a soft breath at the sight. He lookes up at you, and you catch a hint of a smirk before he puts his mouth on you through the fabric.
Your head falls back as butterflies explode in your stomach. His lips hold you hostage as his tongue swirls around, drenching the fabric. Your eyes roll to the back of your head; he's barely touched you and you were already so aroused. When he is satisfied with his work, he pulls back to admire the now-see-through panties hugging you.
His eyes grew hungry at the sight, and it wasn't moments until you yelp out at the tearing sound and the sudden cold breeze you feel between your legs. Jungkook had torn off your panties, throwing the remains over his shoulder. You blink at him in suprise as he stared down at your glistening pussy, his eyes mesmerized.
As if willed by powers above himself, Jungkook dives down and buries himself in between your legs. You fall back on the bed with a gasp. He holds your folds open with two fingers, exposing you to him, as he licks and sucks at your dripping cunt. The slurping sounds are loud in your ear, causing you to groan. If you didn't feel so blissed out, you would've been embarassed at the sounds coming from what he was doing to you. Your hand unconsciously comes down to squeeze your breast as you buck your hips into his mouth.
A knot starts to build in the pit of your stomach as he hooks his hands under your knees to pull you closer. He eats you out like he was a man starved for a thousand days.
"Are you close, darling?" He coos. The first words he spoke to you. He looks up to meet your eyes in a tender gaze... before licking a stripe up your pussy while holding eye contact with you.
You gasp out, shakily nodding. You're on the brink of feeling better than you ever had before. And all it takes is for Jungkook to plunge his tongue inside you for the tension inside you to break. You sob, thighs trembling as your orgasm washes over you, coating his mouth in your cum. You could feel tears prick at the corners of your eyes, and you choke at how good it felt.
Your body is covered in a light layer of sweat as he climbs back up, taking your mouth in a heated kiss. You could feel your arousal on his tongue as he gently pushed it into your mouth.
When he pulls away, his eyes lock with yours in a passionate gaze. He almost takes your breath away with how handsome he was; long black hair that was originally tied back neatly now falling into his face messily, his sheer black shirt doing little to hide his toned body and pecs from you, his light overcoat framing his shoulders. He is truly worthy of the title "King."
"Jungkook," he breathes, startling you out of your gaze. "You can call me Jungkook."
You nod, hesitantly trying out his name on your tongue, "Jungkook."
His heart almost bursts at the sound of his name falling from your lips. Never was it uttered in such a heavenly way as you did just now. Your voice is like a song, and sweet as sugar. He wants to hear it again, and again, and again...
"Jungkook," you gasp as his lips trail back down to your neck. You could feel him marking you, sucking purple and red into your skin, marks that would be hard to cover up tomorrow. You almost forgot you were betrothed to another man as he brands you as his, and you were happy to be tainted with his touch. You would let him claim you for the rest of your life, if he so desired.
"What's your name darling?" he mumbles against your skin.
It takes you a moment to respond, having to ground yourself from the pleasure he was kissing into you. "____" you mumbled shyly. Saying your name out loud suddenly makes this moment feel so real. This wasn't a dream, and all of reality came rushing back... including the fact that someone else would be uttering your name tomorrow at the altar.
Jungkook seemes to sense your rising anxieties, tilting your chin up to look at him. His gaze fills you with the warmth of a spring day, melting all your thoughts of the outside world away. It's perplexing to you how easily he is able to draw you back into him, and make you think of only him.
He bends down to kiss you softly, his covered bulge rubbing against your folds causing you to whimper into the kiss. Spurred on by your quiet moans, he slowly grinds his hips into yours and deepens the kiss, making you feel every curve of him, the girth making you gasp.
His hand snakes down your bodies, and starts playing with your clit, prepping your pussy for what was coming. He pulls away from your mouth and goes down to mark your boobs as he teases your entrance with a finger. You can feel your cunt throbbing at the sensation, about to suck his fingers in greedily, but you stop him before he goes any further, a hand on his making him look up in suprise.
You don't speak as you gently push him back on his haunches, crawling towards him until you're face-to-face with his crotch. Jungkook looks down at you, stunned, as your hands work his pants open and pull his cock out.
The sight of the veiny shaft with the red mushroom tip makes your mouth water. He is huge, and he isn't even fully hard yet. You aren't even sure if it is going to fit inside of you, but you want to take him so badly. You want to please him, make him feel as good as he made you feel, show him how good you can be for him. You want to take him into your mouth as far as he can go and have him look as fucked out as you looked earlier.
You wrap your nimble fingers around his cock, feeling the texture for the first time. He gently places his hand over yours, making you look at him. "Are you sure?" he asks softly.
You nod reassuringly, your innocent eyes not holding fear or concern, but determination. You experimentally slide your hand up and down his cock, testing the waters. The slide was a bit rough, so you try it out after spitting into your palm, which pulls a loud groan above you from Jungkook. You tentatively put your mouth on his tip, swirling your tongue around before pulling out with a pop. He was already big, but the more you touched him, the more he swelled. You go back in, taking him further, bobbing your head, as you fall into a comfortable rhythm. You look up at him expectantly, and he tangles his hand into your hair, moaning out a "good girl."
You revel in his praise, your hand pumping him faster as you push him into your mouth as far as possible, feeling a tightness in your throat. You can feel your arousal starting to pool in your center just from taking him so greedily, your senses abandon you as all you focused on was the handsome figure above you. His eyes are closed, and his head falls back, but he tries to resist that reflex. He wants to watch you, admire the way you look. He wills himself to open his eyes and look down to see you trying to take his giant cock into your tiny mouth, and he almost falls apart.
Your cheeks hollow as your eyes flutter up to look at him. You hear him whine out your name at the sight of you, and he starts to thrust his hips into your mouth, chasing his high. Your hand comes down to hold yourself steady on the bed as you try to take him. It wasn't exactly comfortable for you, but your pussy was dripping from how he was fucking your mouth. You moan around his length, thinking about how he'd feel inside of you, and the vibrations causing Jungkook to hasten his pace with a groan. You're sat prettily, looking up at him with big eyes as thrusts his ginormous cock into your virgin mouth, and Jungkook knows he won't last any longer with you looking like that, so he pulls out before he spills his cum down your throat, and pushes you down on the bed roughly.
"Fuck baby, you sure that was your first time sucking cock," he groans in your ear, while returning his hand to the original position between your legs to tease your pussy. You wrap your hands around his neck to pull him closer, whimpering and nodding as he plays with your clit, sparking a fire in you that only he'd be able to put out.
"And look how wet you are," he teases, spreading your arousal around in his fingers, "is it because you let me fuck your mouth, sweetheart?"
You whine as he nears your entrance, slowly circling it without ever going in. "Yes, wanted to be good for you," you cry out, bucking your hips into his hand. God, you wanted him so badly.
He chuckles at your neediness before giving you what you want, pushing one finger inside you slowly, using your arousal to pump.
"You were so good for me, ___," he nuzzles your neck, "you deserve everything. You deserve the world."
Your breathing stutters as he adds another finger, slowly stretching you in preparation for his cock. You were thankful, because there was no way you'd be able to take him now, in all his fully engorged glory, without this precursor. He finds a steady rhythm, alternating between pumping his fingers in and out and scissoring you open. You can feel him brush up against a your bundle of nerves as he goes deeper, curling his fingers up inside you. You gasp out, nuzzling your face in his neck as you clutch his bicep, moving your hips in tandem with him, riding his hand.
Once you were clawing at his hand, and bucking your hips up in desperation, he abruptly pulls his fingers from you. You whine at the sudden emptiness inside you, before he muffles you with a kiss.
"Patience, baby," he smiles teasingly as you pout up at him. But Jungkook was a hypocrite, because, right now, his cock was throbbing with an ache to be inside of you. The only reason he had any self-control was because he wanted to cherish this moment, cherish how you look at him, how you kiss him, how you reach down and line up his cock at your entrance...
"You ready?" he asks softly. You're so perfect, all layed out for him, looking better than heaven. He wants you so badly, wants to take you so many different ways, but he holds himself back in concern for you.
"Yes, please fuck me, Jungkook. I'm ready," you beg, pushing his bangs out of his face to get a better look. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life." There was nothing else you wanted more on this earth, and he could feel that in your gaze. He hesitantly rubs his cock against your folds, holding back. You whine at the teasing, bucking your hips up in desperation while pleading his name. He chuckles, whispering "Okay," gently kissing your forehead and entangling his hand in yours, before lining himself up. Your hands braced around his torso as he hovers above you.
He pushes past your walls slowly, and you could feel every inch of him inside you. You could feel him stretching you as he carefully moves, rubbing your waist comfortingly. It feels a little uncomfortable and odd, but he is being so gentle with you, the sensation was easier to bear. Once he bottoms out, he pauses to give you chance to adjust, placing a tender kiss on your lips.
"You okay?" he asks. You can tell he's holding back, his cheeks red and his neck vein popping as he paces himself for your sake. You nod, taking his face into your hands and kissing him passionately. He moans into your mouth, savoring the taste of you on his lips as he was tucked inside of you.
He pulls out slowly, pausing for only a second before pushing back in roughly. You gasp out at the sudden intrusion, digging your nails into his back as he continues his slow pace, trying to loosen you up. You could feel pleasure replace the pain as he repeats the action.
"Fuck, your pussy feels so good," he groans in your ear as he nips your lobe. You whimper at the sensation before you're pulling him closer and whining "faster, Jungkook," in his ear. It takes all of his self-control not to bust right then and there, his heart swelling with the thought of fucking you how he wants to.
His pace quickens as he ruts into you, littering your neck in kisses as his cock slams into you with every thrust. You could hear the thud of the wood against the wall as the giant canopy bed moves with the two you. The curtains around you shudder, mimicking you as your legs tremble around him.
His breath is hot in your ear as your pussy takes him, the squelching sounds adding to the symphony around you. You could feel a familiar warmth blossom in the pit of your stomach.
"Jungkook," you squeak out, "I'm close." Your arms wrap tighter around him as he pulls one leg around his waist, the new angle causing you to gasp out as he nudges the rough bundle of nerves inside you. He snakes his arm down to rub your clit while pressing wet kisses down your neck.
"Already, angel?" he prompts, hitting deeper inside you, targetting your g-spot. You cry out his name as he finds it with it ease, now constantly stimulating it. He kisses you feverishly, panting, "Alright, baby, come for me."
The sensations around you overwhelm you, and you're pushed over the edge with a sob of his name, your body shaking.
Jungkook is peppering your face in kisses as you coat his cock in arousal, but you can still feel his hard cock inside you. You feel him pull out before flipping you over and pulling your hips up, your short, flimsy robe falling over your ass. He pushes it to the side before shoving his cock back into you, slapping his hips against your ass as he finds his new rhythm.
He groans out your name as you tighten around him, the overstimulation already building another knot inside of you. He thrusts relentlessly, chasing his release, gripping your hips tightly as he moves them to match his pace. He tries to slow down, to give himself more time, to collect himself. But the sight of you, your face pressed against the mattress, whiny moans muffled, as you squeezed around his cock, is too much for him to bear. He sloppily ruts into you, tightening his grip trying to get you to move faster against him. His hand furiously rubs at your clit, trying to draw another orgasm out of you, gasping "Come on baby, one more time. Be a good girl and cum for me."
Your body convulses as his encouragement pushes you into another orgasm, falling limply and letting him use your body for his pleasure, officially tapped out for the night. His hips stutter around you, your orgasm triggering his own, and he moans out your name before releasing inside of you, squirting his cum all over your walls.
He falls beside you, heavy breathing matching your own. He turns his head to look at you, capturing your image, all fucked out from his cock, looking ethereally beautiful. He brushes your hair away from your face and kisses your forehead before tucking you into the bed. He moves to the edge of the mattress, pushing the curtain aside to peek out and call the chamberlain over, hissing instructions to him quietly.
He crawls back in beside you, as the chamberlain dismisses everyone in the room, and shuts the window shutters from prying eyes, leaving the two of you alone in the giant bed. He gets under the covers and pulls you into his side, admiring you as you look up to meet his eyes, a heat slowly creeping up your cheeks. You make have been shameless before, but after the bliss of orgasm was lifted from you, you became shy in his presence, and of all the things you let him do to you.
"Your fiance is a lucky man," he breaks the silence. There's something behind his eyes when the words leave his lips, but you can't quite make out what it is.
"Hm," you laugh humorlessly, "if luck awarded him me, I wish he would run out of it."
"You mean..." Jungkook pauses, surprised at your statement. He assumed you would be happy about marrying the love of your life. He shakes his head, "you didn't choose?"
You smile sadly. "I'm from the outer villages. the only bargaining chip my family had was me. I went to the highest bidder and that was all. I had no say in the matter."
Jungkook quietly contemplates your words. You were entering into a loveless marriage. A choice you didn't even make. The man, the lord, you were going to marry was going to parade you around court like a prize, and all the while, you'd be... alone.
You nuzzle into his side as you drifted off to sleep, comforted by his warmth and scent. You feel protected in his arms. Protected from what tomorrow would bring, what the rest of your life would bring. He was the only person in your life who had ever asked you what you wanted, if you were okay, and you wanted to cherish that feeling for as long as you could.
Jungkook watches over you as you sleep. How could he ever live to know that you would belong to someone else? How could he let you go, knowing tonight was the last time he was going to see you? It killed him to think he would never be able to hold you again, never feel your soft kiss again, never have you wrapped around him again...
He could feel physical anguish at the thought. The thought of someone else doing the things you two did. The thought of you lighting up someone else's life with your charm and bewitching smile.
Jungkook sighs heavily, staring down at you. You're the north star in his night; you gave him direction and hope just by sharing your presence. You shone so brightly he couldn't be bothered with any other object in the sky. But just like the star, you would disappear when the sun rose, and day's harsh light would bring real life back at his doorstep.
Tumblr media
The next day, when you were looking at your reflection in the mirror, white dress draped on your body with a veil to match, you didn't expect to see a royal courier burst in, hastily shoving a note in your hand. You expected even less for the letter to read:
"Your wedding to the lord has been called off, by royal decree of the king."
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc. allowed
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jxngh · 3 months ago
I've been thinking about cockwarming with jk and idc about the plot. You can do it whatever, but like it's one of my biggest link so...
I am getting thristy HAHAHAHAHHA 💀💀💀💀
guess who's back!! yup! lav!!... i love it too baby, enjoy ✨
Tumblr media
"but baby..." you pouted "it's been 2 hours."
you and your boyfriend had a free day and he wanted to stay at home because all of the rush he had in the same week.
you said yes to him quickly, thinking he'd show you extra attention. but no... here he was sitting in front of a big canvas, playing with colours and trying to add the right tone as highlights.
"baby, if i stop now i can't finish it...please wait a little longer." he said turning his head to you, giving you a soft look.
you moved closer to him and leaned down, stopping when your mouth is so close to his ear.
"koo," you breathed. "i missed you." and took his earlobe between your lips and sucked it a little, you knew he couldn't resist.
"ah shit." he moaned and held you from your hips and made you sit on his thighs.
"i missed you too, your sweetness." he said leaving wet, messy kisses to your neck and hands going down, undressing you.
you watched him with needy eyes, placed your hands on his and slowly helped him.
then your hands found his belt and you gave him an asking glance. he took you a kiss and started to suck your tongue in a light pressure, humming.
you slowly unbuckled his pants and he took them out, showing you his semi-hard length.
he always got turned on by your neediness, you were the hottest woman in his eyes, irresistible. his body always reacted to your small moans, hands always found your sensitive spots.
"baby, you have to wait. but you can wait while having me inside of your tight walls, yeah?" he said holding your waist with his big hands and lifting you.
you sat down on him slowly, feeling him stretching your pussy. he was filling you so good and you couldn't help but leaving a deep moan.
you tried to stay still but fuck it was too hard, plus you could feel his every inch, every vein.
he was looking alright, taking the palette and paintbrush, keeping painting while his focus is on the canvas.
you placed your head on his neck, taking deep breaths, unable to stop leaving small kisses to his jawline.
"baby." he said with a warning tone. but you kept doing it.
"i'm not moving koo." you said seductively and sucked a mark on his neck, making him moan.
you felt him twitching inside you but no, he kept painting with breathing deeply, trying to not focus on your tightness.
if he's not doing anything you'd make him.
your hands found his palette and took the red paint with your index. he was watching you with dark eyes.
you wrote J to your left thigh, and K to your right.
"fucking hell __, you're so damn hot." he said leaving his materials and placing his paint covered hands on your hips, lifting you up till you only have his tip inside you.
then pulled you back hard. you were feeling your juices coming out.
he repeated this a couple times then you started to circle your hips, pushing yourself harder on him.
"my pretty baby fucking herself on me, having my name on her, shit shit shit." he moaned and made you jump on him harder.
you were feeling so lost, only opened your eyes when you felt him cupping your boobs and squeezing them tightly.
you felt your orgasm coming when he moved himself up to meet your thrusts, it was too much, his moans mixing with yours, your wet sounds filling the room, paints on your body.
"cum as i say baby, i know you're close." he said leaving his big hands to your ass, playing with them.
"now." he said giving you a deep thrust. you two made a mess after his words, breathing each others essences till you're out of the bliss.
"next time, paint me."
.·´ send me more requests in here (i missed y'all let's talk too 🥺)
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jeongjuk · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: if getting dragged to a concert by your best friend wasn't enough to ruin your night, maybe add a tall, lean and tattooed rockstar to the mix, that’ll be the icing on top of an overloaded cake.
pairing: rockstar!jungkook x f!reader
genre: porn with a semi-plot?, alt/pop rock band au, i’d say s2l except it’s not even lovers, so s2sb? (sex buddies…)
⏤ rating: mature (18+) ⏤ word count: 12k
warnings! cursing (lots), annoying oc!bsf, slight sexual tension at first encounter, mild self-humiliation, banter (somewhat), he’s good with his words and that’s what makes you stumble right into his arms, explicit smut; big dick jk, unprotected sex dw he has a great pull pout game (also stay safe!!), some grinding, finger fucking + sucking, mild spit kink maybe not mild lol i’ve been intrigued by spit lately, a little dirty talk, one derogatory word used; slut, slight praising, hickeys/bruising kink?, jk with his tattoo sleeve, belly bulging, cum eating, orgasm denial!, jungkook thinks everything about you is so pretty, really long descriptions of sex for no reason !!
authors note/: this was my first smut i’ve ever written for this site :0 lowkey felt like I just poured every thought I had over rockstar!jk into it and made it into whatever this is. sowoozoo jk has been driving me insane
important: english isn’t my first language and that’s why this took almost 2 weeks to be released😭 i’m so sorry
Tumblr media
Maybe you should've ran as far away as possible before she even got the chance to ask you the question.
"Okay, what about this?" Nari points enthusiastically. She's holding a dark biker jacket eagerly firm in her hands. "Why do you need a biker jacket for a concert?" you scoff, while resuming your search for an outfit good enough to fit your best friend. In her eyes it has to be a top notch outfit or else you aren't leaving the mall.
And no, you literally can not go home because the bitch snatched and hid your phone somewhere.
"That is not purple," you laugh, seemingly eyeing how the jacket looks on the girl. That cannot be purple, it's way too dark to be purple. Maybe a deep indigo? Definitely not purple.
"Doesn't matter, how does it look?" she does another spin, brushing her hands across the leathery material of the lapels. She looks good, honestly. The jacket hugs her nicely in a way that it still shows her rather curvy body.
But why in hell would she buy a leather jacket to go to a concert? She doesn't even wear jackets in general. "It looks good, yeah." you assure her, nodding your head in approval.
To be fair, you're quite skeptical about this. She hasn't told you who's concert she's going to, or where it's going to be taking place. She hasn't even told you where she got her ticket from, so yeah, it sounds a little shady in your opinion.
"Great! This would go so well with that white short sleeve shirt I bought a month ago," she exclaims while rummaging through some other clothes on the rack.
"Which short sleeve shirt?" you ask, not remembering her buying one recently. "The white one with the zipper, you don't remember?" Nari says, "the cropped white one with a zipper, grandma." Oddly enough, she seems to have a clear representation, while you struggle to even recall her buying a shirt last month.
Wait, cropped?
"Who are you aiming to seduce at this concert?" you eye her amusingly. You can already imagine whatever she has planned and it's legitimately not the best idea. She obviously isn't going to a concert to listen to the music, she's aiming to get laid.
"What happened to; 'I'm done fucking around, I’m just focusing on myself now'?" you question, mocking the stupid vow she made earlier into the year "Please, that was like ages ago, I haven't gotten laid in months. I need to get this dry streak to an end already." she responds, voice sounding distant since she's walking around the endless racks of clothes, in search of a pair of pants. You’ve just been following her this entire time.
"You should too," her head pops out from behind a cube shelf, and she's pointing a finger at you. You snicker, "I don't wanna get laid." even after saying that truthfully, your eyes flicker to the floor, face heating up a little by the mere thought of sleeping with someone in little to over half a year.
"It's not about wanting to get laid, __. It's about you kinda needing to because you've been extra grumpy these past few weeks and we can all tell that you need some good dick in your life." she waves her finger in the air, while rambling about. You roll your eyes, walking away from the girl in hopes to get her to shut up. But she trails behind you, bumping into people until you get to the other side of the room, at the checkout.
"Anyways, that doesn't matter, you're still coming with," she adds, shrugging off the jacket and throwing it with the other stuff she picked onto the counter.
"Wait, what?" you grasp at her bicep, forcefully turning her around to look back at you. "What?" she muffles, eyes wide in shock at how strong your grip on her arm is. "What do you mean I'm still coming with?" You let go of her arm and crossed your own in front of you.
Last time you checked, there was no invite to a concert you got from Nari, so what is she even talking about? "You're going with me, duh. I got two wristbands." She slides out her phone from her back pocket, and opens the case, revealing two pieces of paper wristbands, which you assume should be the entry code to the concert.
"You never told me that!" you whisper-yell, making sure not to be too loud in a shopping store. "__, what did you think I meant when I said 'I bought tickets for a concert'?" she looks at you, expression plain and neutral, but her words sound scornful. "I thought you meant you bought a tickets for yourself, not for both of us," you try to defend yourself, but honestly it does sound a little stupid saying it out loud now.
"Yeah, two tickets?"
"You didn't tell me you bought two tickets." you argue back.
"Whatever, you're going with me." she picks up the shopping bag and heads out the store, you trailing angrily behind her. "No I'm not, I don't even like concerts, and you know that." you state, trying to keep up with her fast pace. "I know, but I need someone to accompany me tonight," she pouts. "And you didn't decline my offer a few days ago." She hugs your arm and swings it back and forth.
"That's because there was no offer to decline, dumbass!" you retort, rolling your eyes and shrugging her off. "I have stuff to do girl, not all of us are free every night.” Nari whines, "but you can't let me go by myself, I need you to go with me!" she opens the car door once you unlock it and heads in.
"You're the only person with a car that can drive me there, and I was kinda thinking maybe you can pick me back up, so instead of wasting your time dropping and picking me back, just go with me." she says, her hands rub together in a praying manner.
"Fine! God, you're so stupid, how do you plan on going somewhere but don't have a ride," you mumble more to yourself than her, but it's obvious she still heard, because she crosses her arms and pouts, but thankfully stays quiet.
Tumblr media
The rest of the day you spent contemplating wether or not you should just ditch Nari and not show up, because quite honestly, you really don't want to go this stupid showcase. Live events have never been your thing, you prefer to have your eardrums intact. But Nari's making it so difficult because if you don't drive her there, she's gonna try and find another ride, and who knows what that girl can do when she's by herself. She's that desperate.
So you've wasted the last hour delving in your closet for something good enough to fit the occasion, even though you still don't know who's concert you're going to, since Nari never gave you the name. Hopefully she'll expose the artist on your way there, because being left clueless has been driving you insane.
You're only tagging along to watch over her, to be her babysitter. The thought of going to concerts still troubles you. you enjoy your personal bubble a little too much to have people breaking into it from all corners. Once you arrive there you're dragging Nari to a spot where there are less people so you can breathe.
You settle for an AC/DC shirt you somehow had hidden all the way back into the furthest corner of your closet—despite not being an AC/DC fan at all (haven't even listened to their music except the mainstream ones), you stole this shirt from Nari a while ago because the print was pretty cool, and the way she cut and sewed it to look better spiked your interest. So you couldn't help yourself.
You paired it with some leather pants, a pair of chunky black boots that you barely wear and a red and black plaid flannel. That's the best you can come up with for an unfair proposition to a concert.
Before even finishing getting ready you get a message from Nari asking you where you are, followed by a missed FaceTime call. She can barely let you get ready and leave the apartment in peace, you can't imagine how it's going to be once you're in the car together on your way to the event.
You really hope she's not going to be too excited about this, or you're going to have to leave her on the streets. But knowing Nari, the girl would probably just call a taxi to take her there. She's so determined and sometimes that scares you.
Once you make it to her house you shoot her a text saying you're waiting outside, to which she replies back 'thank fucking god' and dashes her way outside, climbing into your car in mere seconds.
"If I knew you were gonna take so long, I might as well have driven myself there." she sighed, running her hand through her hair. You scoff, "with what car?" you ask, jokingly so, but still a genuine question. "Ha ha, fuck you, I was gonna take yours." she shrugs her shoulders, sitting back and looking through the window.
"Mine? You thought I was gonna let you borrow my car? Girl, that’s hilarious." you shake your head and poke your tongue in your cheek. "Shut up, headass, you’re driving us aren’t you?" she rolls her eyes.
You side-eye her while simultaneously keeping your eyes on the road. She just watches as the pretty lights flash by in the darkening night. The sun went down about half an hour ago, but the lit sky is still there, not too dark yet not too bright, just the perfect balance of darkness and daylight mixing into each other gradually.
"So do I have the privilege to know who we’re seeing now, or am I gonna have to start naming every artist you’ve listened to this year?" you speak about five minutes into the ride. The thought has been on your mind all day, and your curiosity is just getting the best of you to the point where you actually debated within yourself for a little while if you should try and name every one of her favorite artists.
"Yeah, you should try that," Nari answers dryly, not looking up from the window. "Bitch don't make me kick you out, you've been hiding this from me for two days." you snap back. You deserve to at least know who's music you're going to be listening to after having been dragged into a mess you didn't want to be in in the first place.
“You don't know them, I told you that." Nari softly mutters, not wanting to give away the big surprise. Is it even a surprise to be honest? If you truly don't know them she can just introduce you right now, instead of letting you walk into a concert without any knowledge whatsoever about what music they make.
"Fine, is it only one artist?" you ask. She never mentioned anything about there being more artists at this event, so maybe it's a tour concert from one of those pop singers she listen, that she bought tickets for. "They're a band, actually..." she murmurs, finally looking back at you while she searches for your reaction.
"Band? Like an instrument playing band?" you gape at her, eyes wide with shock. Since when does she listen to bands? She's never talked about listening to them. Nari nods, a small smile displayed on her lips as she looks down. Is she ashamed?
"Wait, what genre are they?" It seems almost impossible to hear that she actually listens to any bands. Nari's music choice has never been the best. "Uh..rock?" she states, although it comes out sounding more like a question than a statement.
You almost choke on cold spit and your eyes bulge out of their sockets upon that sentence. Rock band? We're going to a rock concert? Where on earth did she even find this band? She listens to rock now? You're not judging, no shame in listening to rock, but Nari really hasn't told you about improving her music style and it’s just surprising.
"Since when do you listen to rock?" You go in between snapping your eyes from her and back to the road, genuinely shocked and waiting for answers. "It's not really rock, it's more like a um pop alternative rock that could fall into the rock category because it sounds somewhat like it." she explains.
You sigh, "Nari, alternative rock, is still rock, it's just two genres in one." you clarify, satisfied yet still a little shocked that she chose to go to a rock concert. "I know that," Nari mumbles, and you can almost tell she's pouting just by the way she sounds. "Well, what's their name?" you hope maybe this time it'll subconsciously slip off her tongue.
"You'll see when we get there." she whips her full head of chestnut brown hair you way, smiling so brightly that you can only see the creases of her eyes. You scoff, resting your head on your arm that's propped up on the window. It was worth a shot, you think. She really isn't letting go though, so if you genuinely don't like this band it's really her fault. You're pinning the blame on her.
You still don't understand why she chose to go to a concert of all places to seek a hookup, the club would've been just fine. Actually, the club would've been a million times easier than this. Most people at packed clubs seek a partner to go home with anyway, she could've just picked the best looking one there.
"Is it going to be crowded?" you ask, still a little worried about the amount of oxygen you can breathe in tight places. "Relax, it's not an actual concert. It's like a private event, only like a hundred lucky people won wristbands." she ensures. God, you can't explain the relief that washes over you upon hearing that.
"Are they a known band?" You settle on asking discreet questions, hoping you can get to know them a small bit before getting there. "Hm, I guess so? They have a good amount of streams on their stuff." she says, scrolling through her phone on an app which you assume is probably Spotify, because then she's showing the screen to you.
A list of some of their most popular songs, and you can say that most of them are pretty well known. They have good numbers.
You hum, making Nari turn her phone back and switch it off. She goes back to watching the outside view from the window, quickly flashing by because you're speeding on the road since the destination is still pretty far away. Why is it so damn far away? Almost a 45 minute drive and you're already tired. You're not used to driving for so long.
But you get there.
And when you do, Nari's tenfold more excited (read: annoying) than she was 45 minutes before. She's almost hopping with the way she skips down the parking lot, to the big muscular men you can only assume are securities waiting for the people. You jog up to her in time as she registers your names and shows them the wristband she has on, and you shove back the sleeve of your flannel to show them yours.
When you finally enter the scene, you realize Nari was actually right. The venue isn't as big as you thought, and there are only a few groups of people already, although you believe there are more waiting to get in or arriving. The stage is illuminated with a purple light streak cascading down on it, it looks pretty. How there's a drum set and a keyboard at the back simply waiting to be played on, it almost looks like it's only for show—a display.
You can hear a song playing in the background, faint but there. You mentally praise them for not shattering your eardrums from the moment you walk in, although the group of fans at the front of the stage is doing a damn near good job at it already.
You turn to Nari just in time as you see her pout, crossing her arms like a child as she sulks. "They already took up the front space, how am I gonna get them to notice me now?" she cries out, glaring at the kids at front, hoping they can make way for two more. "Whatever, let's get something to drink," she gives up, walking out of the room, and you trail after her like the babysitter—best friend you are.
"Why do you need them to notice you that bad?" you question, not getting why she seems so desperate for their attention. Wasn't she coming here to find a hookup? "Well how else am I gonna get one of them between my legs tonight?" she answers, loud enough to have the trio of girls that's walking right past you gasp in utter disbelief, or is it disgust? Whichever it is you couldn't tell because they scurry away fast enough with small whispers circulating between them. They look significantly young.
"Wait, you're planning on sleeping with one of them?" You stop in your tracks once you get to the bar. "God—Nari, is that why you did all this? Seriously?" You couldn't believe it. She wants to sleep with one of the band members. You'd understand if it was just a normal fan at this place, but she opted to go for the bigger prize instead. Of course she did, that's what Nari always does.
"What? There’s the problem; I get good dick and a good concert, it's a win win," she shrugs, and you're almost about to blow her head off before she continues talking, "plus, if anything you too can get good dick and a good concert." she winks at you before reverting her attention to the bartender who's asking what she wants to drink.
Your face scrunches up in disgust, and you clear out the thoughts of possibly sleeping with one of these band guys the second they infiltrate your mind. You don't even know them for fuck's sake, and Nari doesn't either. How is she so shameless about this? How is she so sure one of them would be willing to sleep with her? Or you?
Fuck, what if they think you're weirdos for putting yourselves up for sex.
"What makes you think I'd want to sleep with any of them?!" you whisper-yell, causing Nari to whip around and stare at you. Thankfully the bartender walked away before you could embarrass yourself like that. "I mean, they're very fucking hot, but you wouldn't know would you?" she giggles, resting her head on her palm. "Relax, if you don't wanna fuck any of them, then just enjoy their music, I swear they're really good."
"Yeah, I could've agreed with you if you gave me a little background check before we got here." you roll your eyes, scanning the area to see if there is anyone else that could be close enough to overhear your conversation. "Should I go to the bathroom now so I don't have to later?" she suggests, but doesn't even give you the chance to answer as she backs away from the counter and looks up at you, "wait for the drinks, I'll be right back." she states, shooting you finger guns before walking away in search of a bathroom.
She didn't even tell you what she ordered.
Five minutes passed and still no sign of Nari. You’ve already gotten the drinks she ordered and finished yours, leaving hers to coolly remain on the counter. You’ve been staring at it since it was slid there, ice thawing and dissipating into the water leisurely with the time that’s ticking by.
You don’t realize the man that eased his way to the counter at all. Not until he’s standing a few feet away from you and whistling, gaining yours and the bartender's attention. You turn your head to the side, eyes boring into the side of his head. He’s wearing a bucket hat wide enough to cover his hair, and a pair of shades, tinted black.
Why is he wearing sunglasses when the room itself is already dark enough?
Your eyes skim down to the rest of his outfit, mostly consisting of black articles. He looks like he dressed to impress too, just like Nari. Are rock fans always this dedicated? You furrow your eyebrows at the thought of him wearing sunglasses inside again, it makes him look a little funny.
You visibly stiffen your movements when you see him tugging his head back, impassively staring back at you with his lips pursed, and you quickly look back at the guy fixing up the drink he ordered. But you start to feel an immense sense of discomfort when you realize that he’s not letting up his gaze on your figure, so your eyes return to his, in hopes of getting him to stop looking at you.
Damn, the dude is not letting up.
You stare at each other for what feels like minutes—both silent but judging. Then you can hear a faint scoff coming from him as he turns back to his previous position. You don’t know what comes over you but your eyebrows furrow in annoyance, and you feel the need to call him out on whatever he just did, because it left something unsettling inside you and you don’t like it.
“What’s so funny.” you angrily blurt out, but only because of the pent up anger that has been boiling inside you for almost six hours already. He flashes you a glance before taking a sip of his drink (or whatever the hell type of shit they stirred up for him). You wait, quite impatient but still curious.
“You don’t know me, do you?” he finally starts speaking, and his lips curve upwards into a sneer. His voice sounds quite nice. Just the right combination of deep rich and honey that has you shuddering once he begins. “Was a little surprised, that’s all.” he adds, shrugging his shoulders and taking another swig.
“Am I supposed to know who you are?” you ask, turning your body to face him. He definitely has all your attention now. You can’t see his reaction very clearly, the dark shades still hide his eyes well enough to rid you of that. But the noticeable smirk that stays on his lips gives you enough reason to believe your question didn’t take him aback like you thought it would.
“I’d prefer it if you don’t.” he objects, sighing in the process. You stare at him blandly, wondering if he’s being serious or not. “Then what’s your problem?” you fuse out, choosing to ignore the way he cranes his neck to crack it, because although it looks extremely attractive, you cannot help but be irritated. Definitely blaming this on Nari afterwards.
“What’s your name?” he inquires. He looks particularly uninterested. “__,” you say before you can process what he just asked. He nods and reverts his eyes back to the front.
Truthfully, he really didn’t need to get your name—he wasn’t even supposed to meet you back here, you weren’t even supposed to see him—but since you so obviously haven’t recognized him, he figured maybe he could just stay for awhile. You aren’t going to tell anyone anyway, you don’t even know who he is. He’s not going to be overweening and call you out on your mistake, although he felt a gush of sadness wash over him when you said you don’t know him, it hurt his pride just a little bit. He basically lost his chance in using his one true specialty on flirting with a pretty girl.
“What’s yours?” you ask. You don’t actually care about getting his name, but it only seems right to ask him for his after he asked you, so you do. But he backs away from the counter, turning to the side to face you, and he smiles, a seemingly appealing smile that has you blinking back in confusion.
“Don’t worry about that, yeah?” He raises his eyebrows in question, “enjoy the show,” he adds before turning around, and walking through a section of the big room that’s restricted for non-employees. That and the two tall intimidating looking men that walk behind him like personal bodyguards tells you that.
“Thanks?” you whisper, thinking about what he said before disappearing into the dark hallway like some sort of phantom trying to blend in with the shadows. Why didn’t he tell you his name? That’s kind of rude from him, asking you for yours yet refusing to give his. You don’t ponder on it for too long though, because you can hear the squeals of a certain someone while they rush into the room.
She’s panting when she finally stops next to you, chest heaving as if she just ran a mile to get here. “You won’t guess what just happened to me,” she exclaims, bouncing on her toes as she holds your hands for balance. “I met one of them!” she shrieks repeatedly, not giving you a chance to ask as she shakes your shoulders in excitement. “Nari! Calm down, fuck. Who did you meet?” you attempt to stop her over excited jumping, and she takes a moment to down the drink that’s been sitting there for almost ten minutes in one go.
“I met one—”she pants, breathing heavily, “one of the band members,” she says in between big gulps of air. Your eyes widen in shock, “wait, are you serious?” You're not sure if you believe what she just said. How did she just meet one of them? Aren’t they supposed to be preparing to perform? “I’m dead serious! We bumped into each other while he was leaving the bathrooms, and we just started having a conversation and—long story short, he said he’s excited to see me in the crowd in a few!” she squeals.
What the fuck.
“Speaking of which, in a few is literally less than 15 minutes, so let’s go push people out of our way so I can get to see the love of my life.” She doesn’t give you time to answer back as she grabs your hand, pulling you into the small venue again and pushing past people to find a good spot.
While waiting for the performance to begin, you find yourself glancing every two minutes at your phone screen, calculating how long it’ll take for the clock to hit the right time, and each time you switch on the phone, the minutes seem to go by slower.
You aren’t really too eager for it to begin either, you’re hoping in the few minutes that are left something drastic happens that can cancel the entire event so you can leave and head home. Or you can just walk out right now, but that isn’t really an option when you have an excited puppy as a friend. It still bewilders you how she even found them, and got tickets (which not to mention were literally bidded on by thousands yet she managed to win not only one but two) for an exclusive performance.
Or maybe what you don't understand is the fact that she listens to rock now. Last time you checked she still listens to Taylor Swift's old music, and calls them hits. So her listening to an entirely new genre of music had you perplexed the first time hearing it. But seeing her jumping on her toes eagerly just for a band is honestly endearing—she makes it look endearing, in her own little way.
All at once the remaining lights that once illuminated the rest of the room switch off and the faint music that you could once hear is not audible anymore, but you can hear people left and right shouting in your ear, and Nari beside you muttering a little 'oh shit' before joining them. You stay quiet, trying your best not to seem like the odd one in the sea of fans waiting for the long-awaited band to finally make an appearance.
You see the stage getting lit up with brighter shades of purple, while a group of what you guess guys make their way on it, all walking in a line. You can't see them very clearly but they do look seemingly tall. The one standing in the centre says something in the mic, although you can't hear anything and it comes out almost muffled with all the screams and yells that's blocking your hearing. You still try your best to solely focus on the voice speaking through the speakers.
He's introducing them.
You wait a few seconds for the screams to die down, muttering a thankful grace to yourself and focus in on the man talking. He talks about how happy they are to be able to hold a small show for their fans, and everything else you don't really care about, so you ignore the lengthy speech he's giving and avert your eyes on the other men standing beside him.
They all have approximately different heights, not one being the same as the other. They're all dressed in different outfits too. Some dressed in all black while others sport a more lively colored attire.
Despite their faces being somewhat obscured from your line of sight, you still get a well-enough view of their beauty from far away. They're definitely not what you were expecting, some are built while others weren't but that doesn't mean they're any less gorgeous. They're all handsome, maybe a little too much.
You're beginning to understand why Nari picked them.
Speaking of Nari, it's been quite awhile since you've heard her speak. Normally, she gives comments on every little thing, and with the way you've already found yourself mentally praising them without even knowing them properly, you guessed she would be ten times worse. She's oddly quiet though.
Before you can glance at what Nari seems to be doing, there's a loud cheer erupting in the room which startles you. You revert your attention to the stage, wondering why it's suddenly so loud again. The man has given the mic to another one of the band members, and he introduces himself before passing it down to the last one. The cheers seem to get significantly louder with each guy. The last one to get the mic speaks audibly into it, which has the crowd roaring with his unexpectedly nice voice.
But something else catches your attention rather than that godforsaken sexy voice that he has. It's the outfit he's wearing. It looks so familiar, you've seen it before. It's looks way too similar to the guy you-
Holy shit.
Holy fucking shit.
That's the outfit the guy you talked to in the bar had worn, same exact clothes, just now he isn't wearing the black hat and shades he had on before. They're the same person? That's the same guy from before? You realize how he has the same broad shoulders, possibly the same height and overall looks identically to the guy you talked to before. Couldn't be...
Fuck, this so bad, it's terrible.
You feel embarrassed about what you did. It must've made you look stupid to blatantly say you don't know him when you're literally at his concert. God, why didn't he tell you? Could've at least saved you the embarrassment you have to face now that you know he's a part of the band.
Now you understand why he was apparently so surprised you don’t know who he was. It makes perfect sense. And this also explains the terrible choice of disguise he wore, yet still managed to pass with, because you obviously couldn’t see him. He knew you didn't know who he was, and he chose to not tell you and let you find out on your own.
That asshole.
He chose to make you embarrass yourself in front of him and he just stood there looking so proud of himself (which was possibly a little attractive) while you looked stupidly confused. He never gave you his name just so you’ll get it later when he introduces himself. And god, it’s such a brilliant idea but why did he have to do it to you?
It makes you want to crawl into a fucking hole and die. Just end everything right here. This is the most you can take as an adult.
After the introduction they pick it up with a few of their songs from their most recent album. You find yourself enjoying some while others you remain non-responsive. They have some good songs, but you can’t concentrate too much on them, because the only thing that keeps running through your mind is that damn encounter you had a while back with him.
You don’t know why, but his name is the only one that stayed locked inside your memory after hearing him introduce himself. Actually, his name is the only thing that you’ve been thinking about since you’ve learned it. Not only your (painfully embarrassing) interaction with him, but just him in general. How he looked—how striking his features were even though you barely got a good look at his face. It didn’t matter, it was still enough to have you inwardly drooling as he spoke.
He looked good, too good. And it has you hoping you can catch another close (and personal) glimpse at him. Maybe strike another conversation with him, just so you can ogle at how pretty he looks when he smiles. Maybe if you explain your situation he’d understand and laugh it off? He didn’t seem like the type to be too full of himself.
Yet he did make you feel like an absolute fool. But that wasn’t entirely his fault—it’s technically yours for not knowing he’s in the band. No actually, it’s Nari’s for not telling you their name in the first place.
She just keeps finding ways to fuck up your night.
Having enough of the music blasting, paired with the screaming of fans singing in unison— although off-key and even the wrong lyrics— you push your way out of the crowd and take a deep breath once you finally get your personal proximity back. The horde of people practically fighting for their lives to get into the front line drained you more than actually listening to the music.
The set of big double doors looks exceptionally vacant now that everyone’s cramped up on each other. But a place where you don’t have to hear deafening noises would be much more appreciated. So you quickly slip out the room and make your way down the hall, before once again finding yourself in the now empty bar.
The bartender that used to be there is nowhere to be seen, leaving only you standing in the quiet and lifeless room. Though you’re not complaining—the less people the better, in your opinion. But then again, how are you going to entertain yourself now that you left the actual source of entertainment? Because Nari is not here, and she’s certainly not going to leave the performance just to come keep you company.
You stay there for what seems like forever in the quiet room. The big shelf full of bottles of alcohol that you’ve actually contemplated on counting to save time being your only companionship. You’ve scrolled mindlessly through your phone a few times already, to the point where you memorized which folders are placed where and what their contents are.
You wonder what would’ve happened if you were to reject Nari’s (not so much of an) offer to join her in coming to this shitty place. You wouldn't have known this band existed, not to mention they have actual good music that you might find yourself listening to in the future. You would also not have met Jungkook. If you could call that an actual meeting? Technically you haven’t directly met him yet. He spoke a few words then walked away without even leaving his name, despite you still having learned it later on.
It wasn’t the greatest of first encounters, but it was still something.
You would like to speak to him again, a proper conversation this time. Not some bad excuse of an embarrassing interaction with a cute guy, at least this time you do know his name. And despite knowing absolutely nothing about him other than that, you’re confident enough you can at least hold a conversation with him.
You haven’t been really paying attention to anything around you, the last time you looked around the room, there was an empty bottle of something sitting on the table, and the faint noise of the music playing from a couple doors down. You’ve tried your best to zone it out, but it’s like a ringing in your ear that’s very hard to get rid of.
You don't even notice the way your eyelids begin to droop shut over with traces of tiredness.
“Care to explain why I find you sitting outside of the venue by yourself for the second time tonight?” the sudden voice startles you back into reality. Loud and clear and still as attractive as before. You don’t have to raise your head up to even glance at who it is to know. You can feel his presence very clearly now that he’s spoken up. Yet you still do, the urge of wanting to see him again has been eating at you for the past hour already.
He just stands there, all sweaty and weary but he still looks so good. You take a second to rake your eyes down his body, head to toe just to admire how nice he looks clad in black. You wonder if he can tell how good he looks right now. He probably can. No he definitely can. There’s no way he just walks around not knowing it.
“It’s not nice to stare,” he tediously states, his eyes boring into yours after you finally finish checking him out. His hand—the one with all the pretty tattoos comes up to your chin, gently caressing it for not more than two seconds. He sighs and turns away, walking to the other side of the bar-counter and leaning on top.
“Answer my question.” he urges you, a head nod in your direction following to enhance his insistence. You don’t know why that one sentence affects you so much, but it does. Especially right after the chin caressing... What is he doing? You avert your eyes from his, finding it inexplicably difficult now to keep contact. “I want to be alone,” you answer dryly, still not looking at him. It isn’t a lie but it’s not exactly the truth.
“Why? Is the music not hitting for you?” he asks, mostly sarcastic but also a little genuine and concerned. “You know most people would be very happy if they got to win a wristband to a limited show,” he adds, calmly running his fingers over the edge of the table. You glance at him, sending a glare in hopes to get him to shut up. Frankly, now that you’re actually in the situation, you don’t even want to talk about how bad your day has been.
“It’s not everyday you see someone who doesn’t know who we even are at our show, so it’s just a little intriguing,” he claims assuredly, his voice not wavering from the sudden monotonous tone it dropped to. “I’m glad actually.” A chuckle runs through the quiet silence, and you don’t even have to look up at him to know he’s smiling right now, you can oddly feel it. It makes a chill run up your spine.
“It was amusing to say the least,” he concludes. You can hear the clink of the glass as it hits the counter, followed by the sound of alcohol pouring out of a bottle. You raise your head to observe just as he gulps down the liquid like he’s been needing a refreshment for a while.
“Why are you even here?” you ask, evidently groggy from the sleep you’ve been wanting to catch but keep getting deprived of. You’re already so tired and his presence really isn’t helping considering he’s just here to mock you. “To keep you company,”
“You look like you need it.” He slides the once again filled cup toward you, motioning for you to drink it just like he did.
“I don’t need your company, I need my bed.” you rub your eyes as you speak, concurrently while moving the glass back. You’re not drinking alcohol when you literally need to drive you and Nari safely back. “Let me take you home then.” he proposes, a gentle gleam in his eyes as he hopes you accept his (strangely) friendly offer—that he’d definitely not give every stranger he meets, but just this once.
“Do you realize you have a literal show going on that you’re not even present to? You should probably get back.” as anticipated, you decline in confusion. You tip your head, gawking at him as if he just said the most stupid thing ever. And you actually feel like he did. Jungkook shrugs, “I told them I went to the bathroom.” he responds, rather composed for someone who should be busy running back to his guests.
You scoff. “No one takes that long in the bathroom.” Getting up from the stool you borrowed, you sigh as another problem comes back to mind, the one that got you into this. “Besides, I can’t leave anyway, I'm here with a friend.” you say, groaning afterwards at the thought of staying here another hour or so just to wait for her.
“Your friend? You mean the one who hasn’t bothered checking up on you since you left?” he chuckles, shaking his head, “yeah, what a great friend you have,” he remarks. For some reason it pisses you off, maybe because it’s generally true. He’s technically not wrong, but you don't want him to be right.
“I know she’s not the best but no need to insult her. I did promise her I’d keep an eye on her.” you defensively explain to him. He needs to know that you can’t just leave her here with no ride back home. She’s practically by herself surrounded by strangers right now, you should be back there making sure she’s okay, instead you’re here with this asshole with a poor excuse to get into your pants that has done nothing but bother you since you’ve met him.
“Alright, then you don’t have to go home.” he proposes. “Just stay here.” he tells you, and you swear you can’t seem to keep up with him. Can he make up his mind? “I mean,” he continues, making his way back to the front of the bar, “we both know that’s not what I meant when I said let me take you home,” Jungkook saunters towards you and slides in between your legs by slowly parting them open.
You don’t know what comes over you—maybe it’s the shock, or maybe the sudden urge to have him against you, but you don’t do anything to preclude it, watching as he successfully cages you in with his muscular arms. You have to avoid his gaze and stare at his tattooed skin as he leans down. He seems so brawny up close and personal, so big and muscular. You have to stop yourself from getting any ideas by looking down at your lap, you can already feel the heat rising to your ears.
Jungkook chuckles, searching your eyes as you try to not make eye contact. “Hey, look at me,” he murmurs, lifting your chin up with his finger, “you wanna stay here, or do you want me to take you home?” he asks. If anyone would have been eavesdropping into your conversation, the question wouldn’t have had a suggestive innuendo in the slightest. But you do understand what he implied when he asked you it.
You bite your lower lip in thought, not missing the way Jungkook quickly glances down at them before blinking, reverting his eyes back onto yours. You ponder on it for what seems like ages, not knowing what to go for. There’s no one back here, anyway, who’s going to see you? You don’t want to go back to Nari. What’s the point if you’ve already missed half the performances.
“Do we have to go?” you mumble, scared to make too much noise. Jungkook shakes his head momentarily, leaning in closer, so close your noses are brushing. But he halts midway, and patiently waits for your answer. Your jaw locks involuntarily as you peer at his lips, pink and lush, and you wonder how nice it would be to feel them on yours.
Maybe you shouldn’t be doing this, kissing a stranger. It has got to exceed some sort of stranger danger limit, possibly has gone beyond it even. But he’s so close, just right there, in your reach and one tug forwards will send you flying into his embrace. It feels so nice, being within close range of him, being able to smell the perfume he used even though most of its scent has washed away. Being able to access his contact without even having to reach for it.
Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to succumb to whatever trance has you in, he already has you trapped inside, might as well make the best of it. You slowly lean in, still considering on flaking before things get any worse, but the sly smirk that his lips curve into tells you more than anything that there’s no way you’re getting out of this now.
Once you feel his perfectly well kept lips on yours, you melt onto them without even meaning to. The slow pace he chooses to go with only makes the blood in your system surge faster, making your body tense up, wanting more. For someone who you swear you’ve caught checking you out multiple times, he’s sure taking his time with things. Not that you complain, but you’d rather not have anyone see you making out in a practically public bar.
That’s until you feel his arms snake around your back, resting on your ass and pulling you closer to him, you gasp in the process, a meek little sound escaping your throat and Jungkook pushes himself forward, desperately grinding his crotch into you. Anything to have you making that pretty sound again. The strong grip he has on your ass makes it easier for you to inch closer to him. Close enough that his shallow thrusts make a noticeable impact on your body.
The hairs on your skin elevate into a painful reminder that it’s cold in the room and his body heat in contrast does little to prevail it. The useless flannel is not even doing its job anymore. So you part your lips from his in order to remove the fabric clinging to your body. Jungkook takes a moment to leer at your pretty form in his hold, you already look like you’re ready to keel over and he‘s barely done anything yet. He chuckles at the thought of seeing you completely fucked out if this is merely the beginning.
The silky skin of your neck becomes hot as Jungkook attaches his mouth to it, fervently sucking and lapping at it to create blemishes. Pretty bruises that he gets to revel in once he’s done with you. You muffle a whine as you hide your face in the crease of his neck, it’s all you can do as he continuously rocks into you while kissing your neck. But the flashy movement of something in the corner of your eye startles you and you shove him away as you see a girl pass by.
You pant breathlessly as you look at Jungkook, he seems to be dismayed with what you just happened. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he asks, remaining at his spot further away from you, giving you space since he thinks he’s done something wrong. “Um–no! No, just–maybe we shouldn’t be doing this here,” you stutter anxiously, biting your lip as you look around for anyone who might be observing. Jungkook seems to understand what you’re trying to say and nods, grabbing your hand and the shirt you’ve thrown to the ground in a hurry.
You don’t know where he takes you but you follow him, reluctantly glancing back to see if anyone has seen you. It doesn’t take you long to reach a more secluded place, which you’re grateful for because you just want him to touch you, that’s the only thing you can think about now, and the thought of it has you squeezing your legs together in order to not feel the wetness pulling between them.
You don’t care enough to thoroughly inspect the room, you don’t really know where he’s shoved you into, but there’s no one here to interrupt you and that’s all that matters, and Jungkook apparently thinks so too because the moment he shuts the door he pins you to it and nips at your bottom lip, going straight back to kissing. Only this time it’s far more heated than fervent, teeth clashing and tongue sucking like it’s the last time you’ll ever get to taste each other. You can taste the alcohol that still remains on his tongue, compelling you into a stupor created by just his lips. Right before Jungkook parts away from you, he makes sure to swirl his tongue around yours, letting a string of saliva connect both of your lips as he pulls away.
Normally you’d think it’s fucking gross, spit has never really been one of your turn ons—but the way Jungkook makes it look as if it’s the hottest thing ever has you reeling and you knees almost buckling. “Jump,” he insists, patting the back of your thighs to get you to comply. You’re not thinking clearly, which is the only reason why you obey and leap right into his arms. His hands settle on your ass again and squeeze, making you mewl into his mouth and he grunts in pleasure because you finally made that sound again. The one he’s been longing for ever since he first heard it. He can’t get enough, he doesn’t think he ever will.
Upon reaching the nearest table he sets you down, wasting no time ripping the clothes off your upper-halves, he takes a moment to admire your figure. The slight curve to your waist and hips has him almost drooling, he can’t wait to be able to hold onto them so tightly his grip leaves bruises there too. “Tell me what you want,” he mutters, and you have to momentarily stop breathing to sink in what he just asked from you. You don’t respond, feeling sheepish about the request. Why are you all of a sudden so reticent? Maybe it’s because admitting your thoughts out loud will leave you abashed if he isn’t into them. Or maybe because admitting them out loud is just going to leave you embarrassed when he hears the amount of things you’d like for him to do with you.
But fuck, if he wants you to then you’ll do it, anything just so you can feel his hands on you.
Jungkook stops his movements as he doesn’t hear a response from you, “if you don’t tell me what you want I can’t help you, darling,” he states, his fingers gently caressing your cheek. You whine at the contact, the pad of his thumb tracing circles on the flesh of your hot skin, heated because of how Jungkook peers down at you to answer. “Just—fuck me please,” you plead, a coil igniting inside you at the mere thought, and you wedge your legs together again as he smiles at you, “is that all you want?” he asks. He knows that’s not all, of course he knows, but he wants to hear you say it, wants you to tell him everything you want him to do.
You shake your head furiously, glancing down at his hand, the one with all the tattoos, “your fingers—” you stammer, too bashful to say the entire thing, but Jungkook understands, not needing you to say anything else because even though he loves the way you stumble with your sentences, he wants to be inside you, he’s been wanting to since the moment this all began, and god if he doesn’t get to do it soon he might just actually go crazy. “Want my fingers inside you, hm? Not ready to take my cock just yet?” he asks, so quiet, hushed to the point where the deepness of his voice drops an octave lower and influences how goddamn sexy it sounds.
You don’t say anything, opting to just shake your head silently as he traces his fingers on the inside of your thighs. Jungkook relishes in the soft contact your skin has, so pretty and supple and he wants to get on his own knees and mark every inch of the skin just to later admire how it looks. You’re thankful the clothes you chose to wear were easy to get off, the leather pants not being as tight and stuck to your skin as you thought, made it very easy for Jungkook to slide them off. The lacy underwear you oh so conveniently decided to wear (definitely not after Nari called you out on being grumpy and deprived of sex) gets tugged to the side and you feel a gush of pleasure wash over you when you sense Jungkook’s hand near your dripping core.
Jungkook places open–mouth kisses on your shoulder blade, stopping occasionally to suck on the soft flesh. He’s honestly not very sure how much longer he can keep it up. He moves aside some hair that’s been keeping your neck hidden from him, in an attempt to leave a few more marks on your neck, and you try to ignore the agonizingly slow swirls of his finger running up and down your folds. It feels so good, his hand on your soaked pussy feels so warm, but fucking hell if he doesn’t stop teasing and just fuck you already, you’re going to have to do it yourself.
Jungkook pulls his hand away from where you need it most and skims it up, lightly touching your searing flesh, not missing the chance to grab your breast and massage it gently, before earning him a stifled whine. He hums in satisfaction and continues his way up, before settling on throat. He wraps his hand lightly around your windpipe, and you take a deep breath expecting him to press, but he doesn’t. He draws you in closer by your neck, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before his hand suddenly tugs your jaw open, his thumb inching closer and closer to your mouth. Jungkook places his thumb on your bottom lip, tracing the skin slightly before pushing his way past it, placing his thumb right on your tongue.
“You want my fingers inside you, but you’re not willing to work for it.“ he grumbles, shaking his head as he peers down at you. You avoid his gaze by staring at his arm, fresh tattoos inked on his skin and they’re undeniably beautiful. “such a selfish fucking pussy,” he mutters, his other hand trailing down your torso and waist, before giving a light slap to your cunt. You jolt back, moaning around his thumb at the sudden action. Jungkook takes his thumb out, replacing it with two other fingers as you struggle to breathe calmly. “Suck on them, do something useful,” he taunts you, his other hand going back to rubbing slow circles against your clit. You whimper and give his fingers a brief suck, coating them in the saliva you’ve been secreting. You look up at him and his eyebrows shoot up, as if to ask you when you’re going to start doing what he says.
You swirl your tongue around his calloused fingers, coating and soaking them in your spit until it starts eventually slavering down your throat and his hand. You contract around nothing as his other hand presses on your clit, and he pulls his fingers out of your mouth before trailing it back down to your pussy.
You keen loudly once he finally decides to insert a digit in, the slide being effortless as per the slick that has been ceaselessly pouring out of you. Jungkook watches as you arch your back subconsciously in an attempt to grind down on his hand, and he scoffs at your ungrateful behavior. “Is one not enough for you? You need more?” he teases, sliding in another finger as he pumps them in and out of you with a normal pace. The strain in his pants makes it unbearable for him to work with, but he’ll do it for you. Maybe he shouldn’t have chosen to wear jeans for this, but hell, he didn’t know he’ll be stuck with a girl who gets him going more than he could possibly think.
Your moans subsequently get louder with each pump of his fingers, the curving motion that he’s doing makes it harder to resist the need to cum. The way you gradually start clenching down on his fingers gives Jungkook the assumption that you’re near your orgasm, and he stops kissing across your collarbone and cleavage as he withdraws his hand from your wet cunt. You emit a low whine with the loss of contact, how dare he remove his fingers right when you’re about to cum? With one hand Jungkook ghosts his hand around the back of your bra, unhooking the clasp and removing it from your body, while he places the two fingers he just fucked you with in his mouth, lapping up the sweet arousal you’ve produced just for him.
You take a moment to collect your breath, glancing down to the almost prominent bulge he’s been obviously fighting for a while now. A snicker leaves your mouth and Jungkook has to stop himself from turning you around and making you cum on his tongue a few times. And honestly, he’d love to see your pretty lips wrapped around his cock, but he needs to be inside you right now. If it wasn’t for his torturously hard and leaking dick in his pants he’s been so painfully aware of (even you took notice of it for fuck’s sake), he would’ve done it. He would’ve loved to have you gagging on his cock, but if he doesn’t do something about it in the next thirty seconds, he’s worried it might actually explode.
He tugs at your dainty underwear, gesturing you to remove it as he focuses on removing the rest of his clothes. Once he’s done shoving the pair of uncomfortable jeans halfway down his legs, Jungkook takes you by your thighs, lifting you up and setting you back down into the table. You shouldn’t be worrying about how cold the surface feels against your bare ass, not when he’s there, nude and pretty much the exact picture you’ve been imagining for the last—two hours now?
He’s so buff, broad shoulders that could probably be used for carrying heavy loads almost tower above you in size. The sleeve tattoos you’ve been waiting to be uncovered finally revealed and, oh they’re so pretty, running up his arm and bicep, ending just a little above his shoulder. You want to take the time to dote on them, praising every splash of ink dotted onto his skin. But Jungkook wraps your legs around his waist, and pulls you closer, aligning himself with your entrance, you lean back, reclining on the table as he pulls you by your hips to be as close to him as possible.
“Fuck—” you mutter, a quiet moan escaping your lips when he drags the tip of his cock down your slit, coating himself with your arousal before sliding in almost gradually to the point you can feel every muscle stretch around him. He’s so big, fills you up so well, not an inch of you isn't satisfied with the way he fits inside you just perfectly. Jungkook grunts when he feels you clamp tightly around him, making it difficult for him to inch further into you. So he pulls out—unfortunately so, he already misses your deliciously addicting walls around him—and shoves himself back in with an intensity that has you becoming woozy as he thrusts into you.
Moans spill out of your mouth without you wanting them to, and you have to bite down on your wrist to prevent them from getting any louder as Jungkook leans down, catching one of your breasts in his mouth and sucking, sucking and licking until the bud of your nipple is fully perked and the skin around it swollen. He retracts, glorifying your form beneath him, so pretty and fucked out, so sensuous and fragile and he doesn’t know if he can keep it up much longer with how you’re whispering and uttering lecherous mewls. Your hips move on their own accord, sinking down in time with his, making his tip hit different spots in you that have you begging for release.
“Shit—you feel so good,” he grumbles, relentlessly drilling into you with a faster pace. “You’re doing so good, fuck—being so good for me,” his moans sound so sultry in your ears, euphonious sounds echoing in your head like bells, and the words slipping past his lips too, perfect chants and praises you’d like to relish in forever. You whine perpetually at the thought of having him praise you like this endlessly without reason. You want to say something back, maybe about how good he’s making you feel, or how perfectly his cock fits inside you, but you can’t—can’t even begin to think about forming coherent phrases. Maybe if he wasn’t sucking on your tits like his fucking life depended on it while inconsistently thrusting into you, you could’ve formulate a sentence, but instead you just moan, keen in response and Jungkook is more than delighted to be able to hear those pretty whines.
Just as you feel the thread keeping you together snap, Jungkook draws out, and you groan at the delay you have to face yet again. But that’s quickly replaced with a whiny gasp when he flips you over, your stomach now laying flat on the surface of the table, and Jungkook traces his thumb up and down your cleft, glazing his fingers in the mess you’ve made. He lets a small splotch of spit drip down to the crevice of your ass, and he uses his thumb to rub it down your slit, briefly sinking it inside your cunt and pumping in and out, watching as the excessive amount of slick that coats your pussy dribbles down your thigh.
The view he’s been gifted with is enough to have him almost coming, but he replaces his thumb with his cock, and dives himself deep inside you, hitting every spot within you perpendicularly. So gorgeous you look, so pretty you sound, so nice you feel and god, he can’t take it. His hand sneakily makes its way down to your stomach, and he lifts your hips just slightly, placing his bag hand on your lower abdomen. In one fast movement Jungkook sheathes himself all the way inside you, his cock brushing against your sweet spot repeatedly and his hand pressing down firmly on your abdomen. You can feel the way he continuously batters your lower stomach, and you sigh, and you know he can feel how your belly protrudes against his hand. A muffled cry leaves your mouth as Jungkook pistons his cock inside you, brimming you with his girth while he leans down, smothering kisses across your back and nape.
He leans into your ear, nibbling slightly on your lobe before sighing, “so pretty, such a pretty slut just for me, right?” he coos, his heart palpitating and you can feel it against your head. You nod in agreement, you head moving up and down intensely as you opt to slam your ass back against his hips to bury him deeper within you. His thrusts seem to slow down, sloppily ramming into you as he feels himself nearing his climax. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” He didn’t think he’d be coming so soon, but he should’ve known better if it was your pussy he was so generously given to gratify. He takes a few seconds to thrust into you before pulling out, maneuvering himself so the thick spurts of cum land on your back instead.
Jungkook doesn’t fail to notice the way you’re both a moaning mess, and he relishes in the sounds you make, wiping the excess come that remain on his tip before so kindly pushing himself back in, and he instantly notes the way you clench around him, seemingly close to your orgasm as well. He makes a few slow drags, watching as the substance that paints your pussy surges out of you and coats his cock. “Mmh, keep—keep doing that,” you stammer, the first sentence you’ve said since he started fucking you. Jungkook complies, his eyes rolling to the back of his as he pulls out just to push back in. “Fuck—so big, fills me up so good,” you purr, your chest undulating heavily as you try to keep your mind at bay.
“Cream on my cock, baby, I know you can.” he coerces. He thinks it’s about time he lets you come anyways, you’ve been so good for him, so docile beneath him, it’s the least he can do. You give a meek little nod, whining as you feel the coil that’s been pleading to burst finally let loose, and you convulse around him, shuddering and wailing and your legs shake. “Such a good girl,” he praises, caressing the curve of your waist as he waits for you to regain your composure. “So perfect for me, yeah?” he coos, subsequently pulling out and smiling as he hears the small whine emit from your throat. Jungkook stuffs two of his fingers inside your dripping cunt, gaping at the way you spasm around them and the come-covered slick that gushes in and out of you as he fucks you.
He decides to spare you from another orgasm and pulls his fingers out, not paying any mind to your dragged out moan as he laps up the substance from his digits. “You taste so fucking good, __.” he grumbles, and you have to grit your eyes tightly in order to not witness the scene, you’re so close to asking him to fuck you again. But you know if you let that happen, there’s no way you’d be able to walk out of this room, even less so driving 45 minutes back home.
Jungkook flips you around, making you sit straight up. The coldness of the table mixed with the wetness between your thighs makes you arch your back, wanting to escape the feeling. Jungkook pulls you towards him, catching your lips in a heated kiss, you can taste yourself on his tongue and it just makes you dart yours further into his mouth. His hands run soothingly across spine, traveling to your hips and waist, and your fingers tug on his hair in return, making him groan in the kiss. Jungkook pulls away, moving the stray hairs that stick messily to your forehead and backs up, pulling his pants back on and disappearing into another room.
You take the moment to gather your thoughts, catching your breath and sighing. You did not expect whatever the hell just happened, but you’re not complaining, you terribly needed it. Jungkook was just the first person willing to give it to you, so you took your chances, and yeah it was possibly the best sex you’ve ever had, but you don’t know if you want it to happen again. Something inside you tells you there’s no way this would be the last time you see each other though, and that frightens you. How easy it was to sleep together despite the obvious tension you had at the first meeting.
It was a one time thing.
Jungkook comes strolling his way towards you, a towel in one hand and two water bottles in the other. You silently praise him for grabbing a bottle of water on his way back, the dryness in your suddenly becoming palpable. “Here, drink this,” he urges, handing you a bottle, and he doesn't need to tell you twice. You reach out and snatch the bottle, quickly removing the cap and gulping down the water to quench your thirst. Jungkook scorns at you, watching as you attempt to squeeze your legs together to prevent fluid from seeping down.
He separates your legs with his hand, intruding in your personal space again. This time though, he’s sure you won’t be surprised by his actions, and he uses the towel to clean the mess between them. You sigh, a satisfying feeling washes over you when you don’t feel so sticky anymore. “Thank you,” you quietly say, not wanting to invade the peaceful silence and make it awkward. “For what?” he asks, still concentrated on thoroughly cleaning you up before backing away, in search of your clothes.
“For the–um, water,” you sheepishly respond, and you want to slap yourself for becoming so shy again in his presence. Jungkook hums, his eyebrows shoot up in response, “only for the water?” he taunts, a small smile decorating his lips as you feel your cheeks heat up. You give him a bashful nod in return, opting to not give him any more attention to not make you a mousy little bitch in front of him. You slip off the edge of the table and bend down to grab your undergarments, ignoring the slight soreness in between your thighs and the way they still faintly quiver.
Jungkook makes it easier for you by tossing you the rest of your clothes, and he grabs his own shirt and tugs it on. He searches for his phone before quickly cheing the time, “we should hurry, they’re fast walkers.” he jests, and you roll your eyes as you bite back the need to laugh.
The two of you quickly leave the room after making yourselves look somewhat presentable, and you sneak past the way you came from before Jungkook gets pulled back. You watch as he gets dragged by your best guess is one of his friends, but you don’t miss the smug smile he sends you before turning back.
In the corner of your eye you catch Nari leaving the room in search of you, and you try your best not to stagger as you try to catch up with her. “Where the hell were you?” she probes, a concerned and irritated expression visible on her face, and you give her a blank stare before continuing to walk. “I’ll explain tomorrow,” you lie, there’s not a chance you’ll be explaining anything to her, even if she’s your friend. “I just wanna sleep.”
Nari frowns, but doesn’t ask anything else, she can tell that you’re exhausted by the way you speak. “Okay,” she starts, “you know, I didn’t get to sleep with him,” she states, and you stiffen upon hearing her, the memory of you and Jungkook still fresh on your. “But at least I got his number. That’s a positive,” she continues, and you had to stifle a laugh because she failed to do what she came here to, but at least she enjoyed the concert. “Yeah, you’ll get there, don't worry.” you reassure her.
Tumblr media
You want to scream at that alarm.
It’s been blaring for two minutes now, and it’s causing you a headache. You want to turn over and switch off your phone, but the soreness in your muscles are very prominent this early in the morning. So you groan and scour your entire bed for that damn phone. And when you finally find it, you want to chuck it across the room for giving you so much so early. And you would’ve if it wasn’t for the obscene amount of messages you’ve received overnight.
But one catches your eye. A number you don’t have registered in your phone. And you’re suddenly anxious to read them, not knowing why an unknown number would be texting you so late at night. But you sigh and press on the notification, making it enlarge on your screen so you could get a better look.
+ 82 463 7279: So when can I come by for my second round? - J.K
Tumblr media
end notes: i have no clue who’s number it is that i used for this but it’s definitely not jungkook’s.
anyways, i left the ending ambiguous so it looks like it isn’t the last time they’ll see each other, i also implied it into the story as well.
edit: apparently this didn’t queue and i added the wrong time? 😭 i had to schedule it again so i’m an hour late. i’m so sorry !! i hope you enjoyed it though <3
Tumblr media
© 2020 jeongjuk
Tumblr media
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chimoona · 8 months ago
Stay | Yandere JJK
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Sub!Jungkook x Fem!Dom!Reader Genre: Smut, Yandere Word Count: 5.4K Rating: M (18+) Synopsis: You had only touched Jungkook once before; a greeting and a farewell all in one motion. Just one night and you would never see him again—you promised. Nearly a month had passed and he couldn't take it anymore. The memory of your touch, fading with each passing minute. So there he was, despite his better judgement, calling you again. Warnings: Obsessive, possessive and manipulative behavior, masturbation (M), stalking, kleptomania, dominant and submissive dynamics (y/n is a bit yandere’ll see), dirty talk, cursing, so much teasinggg, degradation, humiliation, orgasm denial (whiney needy Koo wants to nut so bad), finger sucking, begging, gagging with lingerie (whew boy), rough body marking, rough unprotected sex, creampie. 
A/N: This is one of the many fics that’s sat in my WIPs for months and months. Good news...I finally mustered up the creativity to finish it! A big thank you to @sombreboy​, who gave me lots of positive reinforcement along the way—chu chuu ♡ I hope you all enjoy, please lmk if you love it!
Tumblr media
Jungkook missed the way your lips felt so soft wrapped around his cock. If he closed his eyes and thought hard enough, he could almost feel it again; your throat tightening and releasing as it burned for breath.
You had only touched him once before; a greeting and a farewell all in one motion. Just one night and you would never see him again—you promised.
That night haunts his memory, the one night he can’t stop thinking about. You stood there, as beautiful as could be, wearing a floral sundress that showed too much skin.
“Y/n?” He called as he approached you. You didn’t respond right away, likely assessing whether he was the man you’d been speaking to online for several weeks. He, on the other hand, recognized you right away.
He complimented you on your outfit and not so slyly admired your legs, staring just a little too long. He admitted you were much taller than he thought you’d be. 
How could he, in all his extensive research, not know how tall you were? 
He’d looked at every photo of you available online, and then some. He mentally slapped himself for missing such a crucial detail, only making him wonder what else he could have possibly overlooked...
“Is that a deal breaker?” You asked, seemingly salivating over his appearance too. 
He was dressed head to toe in oversized athleisure, all black. His dark hair poked out of a ball cap so all you could see were his large eyes peeking curiously over a cotton breathing mask. You smiled shyly as he tugged the mask down to rest below his chin, revealing pouty blush lips and a cut jawline.
“No.” He bit his lip the tiniest bit, probably unnoticeable to you. His eyes flicked down the length of your body. “I like it,” he admitted.
That was an understatement. He loved it. His cock stirred at the thought of your long legs wrapped around his hips, grinding in sync with his upward thrusts; head thrown back with labored breaths. 
He took note of how eager you seemed to be, wearing such a short dress on a first date. He didn’t take you for an easy girl, but there you were. Half naked in broad daylight, practically quivering at the sight of him. At the back of the cafe in his favorite hidden booth, he thought of how easily he could inch that flimsy material above your thighs. He wanted to play with you until you were muffling moans into small bites of a summer peach scone. 
He vowed to be good, but you just couldn’t keep your hands off of him. He didn’t want to take things too far, but you kept touching his hand, feeling his bicep, grazing your knee to his. His eyes were wide and dark, demanding more despite his stringent rules. You just couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, snaking them below his waistline, engulfing his length in your silk palm on the drive to your place.  
The night came in waves. Like a jumpy daydream, moving from one indulgent fantasy to the next. 
He pushed past the point of no return. To you it was likely a stepping stone to a deeper understanding. To him, it was so much more—farther than he intended to go, yet you served him well. 
You were the most beautiful host as you slipped that sundress over your head and climbed into his lap, creaking the coils of your plaid garage sale couch. Lips hungrily latched together and tongues tangled for dominance. In the end, you were so compliant and eager to please, still protected by your underwear as Jungkook rutted against you. 
Through breathless kisses and harsh nips against your smooth neck, it was agreed. It would be a one-time thing. 
“Sure,” he nodded, casually, thinking he could be fine with that. It could be enough. 
But you tasted him. You slunk down between his legs, baring your perky breasts, and tugged off his jeans and briefs. You stroked him gently before capturing his length between your petal lips. Swirled his tip with effortless swipes of your tongue until he shook for release. 
You locked eyes on his stern face in a whimper, tasting his cum as it filled your mouth. You didn’t bat an eye and swallowed it completely. 
God, he had never seen such an arousing sight. It was supposed to be enough.
Yet, there he was, not even 24 hours later, calling to hear your voice. It wasn’t his fault he kept calling...and calling. Why did you keep answering? You knew how much he liked you.
He was so shy and courteous the first time he called, allowing you to speak as long as you pleased, fully engrossed in whatever passed your lips. Truth is, he couldn’t get you off his mind, not for a second. He knew you couldn’t get him off your mind either.
“I get too attached,” you sighed. 
He thought, ‘It’s okay, me too,’ but didn’t say it out loud. He couldn’t begin to make you understand his devotion. He was already in too deep. 
A couple weeks passed and he got needier, asking for selfies, loving the fact they were taken just for him. You’d get creative with your outfits, exposing a little more of yourself each time. 
Another week passed and he boldly sent you a gym selfie; his lean body damp with sweat after a hard workout. It was a big step for him to be vulnerable with you, but he did it effortlessly. It was as easy as slaking his thirst on a hot day. 
And now—
Nearly a month had passed and he couldn't take it anymore. The memory of your touch, fading with each passing minute.
So there he was, despite his better judgement, calling you again.
Tumblr media
God, you sounded sweeter each time. If only he could hear you every day. It took a lot of restraint not to call you more. 
“Hi...” He tries to muffle the slick sound of skin on skin. The wet smacks of his hand gliding around his rock-hard length would tell you exactly what’s happening. 
But, alas—
“Tell me what you’re doing, Jungkookie. You sound out of breath.”
“R-right now?” He shies away from the phone clutched in his trembling hand, cheeks blushing as you put him on the spot. “Nothing. What…uh—what are you doing?”
“Nuh-uh. I asked first.”
“Just…got back from the gym. That’s all,” he looks down at his lap and becomes ashamed by his response. What would you think if you saw him openly fucking into his fist to the tone of your voice while the other held your crumpled panties?
Jungkook quivers as he tries to stop stroking, but he’s too worked up. He waited all day until he could hear you, rewarding his own patience. His adrenaline is coursing after a particularly strenuous workout—that wasn’t a lie. Achy muscles and all, he plopped on his bed and skimmed your photos until he couldn’t help but touch. Pulled out his small collection of mementos like the lipstick-stained napkin you dabbed the corners of your mouth with at the cafe.
“Baby,” you speak, calm and soothingly, just how you’ve probably learned he likes it, “Are you touching yourself again?”
He replies with a soft moan. It’s embarrassing, but he can’t lie. 
“I can hear you,” you hum from the other line. “Does it feel good, Kookie? Are you teasing your thick cock for me?”
You’ve memorized his weak spots. You know exactly how to fan the flame to make him melt into a puddle. 
Jungkook picks up the pace at your approval and lets out a slightly louder moan. “Feels good—ahh... W-wish it was you.”
He envisions you just as he remembers, leaning into his lap, starry-eyed from kissing. You palmed him over his pants until he was hard and heavy, begging you to take him out. Your soft hand enveloped his length and trailed expertly over his tip which made him squirm impatiently. He tries the technique with his own hand but whines when it’s not enough.
His swears he heard you whimper from the other side. Is this effecting you just as much? He really hopes so. 
“You’re making me hot. It’s not fair,” he whines. 
“Am I?”
“You’re so cute,” he laughs lightly into the receiver, choked out by a hitch in his breath.
“Kookie?” Your angelic voice calms his nervous jitters. “Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”
Jungkook slows his pace, distracted by your question. 
“What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean. Don’t you want more?”
Of course he wants more. He wanted more that first night but felt selfish taking it. He wanted to bury himself so deep in your cunt that your mind would reset and the only word you could process was his fucking name. 
“I…want more...ugh—“ He gasps as he rolls his slicked fingers over his tip and pumps back into his fist. “B-but...”
He can hear you shuffling on the other end. It sounds like you’re pulling open drawers and stuffing things into a bag. Your car keys jingle. Your feet pad faintly on the hardwood floor. 
There’s a long pause until you’re back again, and he patiently waits until he can hear you speak once more.
“Where are you, Kookie?”
He stiffens at your question, unsure if he’s ready for a guest. But he’s so needy it hurts.
“…My apartment.”
“Text me the address.”
Jungkook bucks into his hand and feels a bead of sweat roll down the back of his neck. His mouth feels paralyzed, unable to push out words as quickly as he processes them. He’s never had someone come to his apartment. Not like this at least. Not someone like you.
“I’ll come over. Maybe wear something cute for you.”
He stills his movements and curses softly into the phone. A smile creeps onto his face. “I’ll text you the address. Just come up—I’ll let reception know I’m expecting a visitor.” 
“Yeah, just a visitor.”
He laughs lowly into the receiver and tongues the inside of his cheek. His hand is itching to continue stroking, but he tucks himself back into his sweats and promises to save himself for you. 
“I’ll wait here then. Please…hurry.” 
“Bye, Jungkook.”
He can almost hear you smile over the phone. You sound nonchalant but he really hopes you’re as impatient as he is.
“See you soon, y/n.” 
Tumblr media
Getting him to share his address was easy enough. Makes you wonder what took that boy so long to invite you over. Well, he didn’t necessarily invite you over—you invited yourself. Despite his horny and vulnerable state, he seemed eager to see you again too. God knows your heart was pounding the second his location pin pinged on your screen.
Knocking on his door was a bit harder. Makes you wonder if maybe you were too forward. 
“Y/n?” You hear him call from the other side of the door.
He pops it open and greets you in a jaw-dropping fit. The boy sure loves to dress in black. Black turtleneck that hugs his chest tight, tucked into skinny black jeans, paired with thick black combat boots. It’s as if he crawled into your mind to discover your turn-ons and brought them out to be a tease. 
“Hi, Kookie.” You’re feeling not quite yourself—a little intimidated and nervous. Now that he’s here, right in front of you, you nearly forget how to speak. 
You step forward to give him a hug, painfully aware that you’ve only ever met him in-person once before, yet the feeling of his body is burned to your memory. 
“You look…well.” So fucking well.
Jungkook returns your awkward smile with one of his own, “So do you.” He eyes you up and down, noticing right away that you made good on your promise to wear something cute—a strappy dress that reaches mid-thigh. Then he tongues the inside of his cheek and looks down the apartment hallways anxiously. “Coming inside?”
You nod and follow him into his large home, greeted by the gentle scent of vanilla candles. The lighting is low, just enough to cast a romantic aura over your joined bodies. Calming acoustic guitar thrums low on a record player in a corner of the room, and you find your body naturally swaying as you walk in deeper while Jungkook’s arm wraps possessively around the small of your waist.
“It smells lovely in here. Vanilla’s my favorite.” 
“Thank you,” he smirks, shaking his fluffy hair out of his face, “Hmf, I should have known.”
You quirk your eyebrow at him. “How could you have known?”
“O-oh, well—you...smell good. You have good taste.” The apples of his cheeks glow with a light blush. 
“So do you,” you breathe sharply as he dips his lips to graze his earlobe with brazen confidence and holds you tight at the center of the room. 
”Mm, sweet, like roses.” He nuzzles into your neck and sucks at the skin softly. His hands waste no time in finding the hem of your shirt and tugging it up, but you had no intention of letting him get this far this quickly.
Needless to say, you have plans of your own.
Just as you did the last time, every move was on your terms. He may not have noticed it at the time, but he certainly will now. Now that you’re dripping wet, hot and bothered from hearing him moan and slide his slicked tapered fingers over the length of his pretty cock. Teasing you, night after night. Torturing you with the calming caress of his angelic tenor as it whines into the receiver. 
His cock is so pretty, from what you remember, but you’ve nearly forgotten what it looks like in detail. 
“No, no, baby,” you tut with wide doll eyes and a knowing smirk, “No yet.”
Jungkook’s hands linger on the bare flesh of your hips for a second before falling to his sides. He looks only slightly dejected as his endearing pouty lips purse to ask why. 
“What do you mean? I thought we—that you wanted to, you know. With me…”
He’s so precious, damn-near close to tears. Hands twitch at his sides to ravish you further. Like any warm-blooded woman with needs, you can’t resist a second longer. You silence him with a passionate kiss and press your thigh to his aching shaft, still so prominent and rigid beneath his hard denim jeans. Mouths part and lips envelop one another in fervid desperation. It’s truly been a long-time coming as you’ve waited to touch his warm skin to yours. To feel him turn to putty in your palms.
It was one thing to hear him pleasure himself over the phone, which he thought he was so sly in doing. It was likely done as a sign of respect, not wanting to push things too far. It was another thing to tease you with it over and over, given you were never supposed to meet again.
Why was that agreed upon?
“I told you, I get attached easily.” You remind him as you break the kiss to firmly push him to a black leather sofa. “I told you to stay away, Jungkook. But you just kept calling, didn’t you?”
Hands brace on the taut muscles of his thighs as you lower yourself down between his legs, just like you did last time. Only this time, you lean forward to give him a hard nip to his plump bottom lip, which makes him groan in surprise. You’re getting rougher with him. Your patience has grown thin. Weeks of torment—forced to touch yourself, alone, after he hangs up to finish. 
Jungkook gasps when you cup his twitching cock, eyes gleaming in visible shock. “I wanted to stop, but—”
“But the photos weren’t enough, hm? Greedy baby,” you giggle, seizing the opportunity to feel the exposed skin of his slender hips, then to drag nails down his tensed abs. 
“Wanted to-ah—wanted to hear your voice. Then it was easier to...imagine.”
“Imagine me in this position?” You fuss with his belt buckle until it falls open and grants you the freedom to tug down his tight pants, which you do quickly.
“Dirty boy,” you tut, but can’t conceal the pleased smile that forms. “Bet you imagined fucking me too.”
He swallows hard. “Many times.”
“How would you do it?” You motion for him to join you on the floor, knelt on a thick white rug at the center of the living room. “Show me.” 
That one night, the one neither of you can stop thinking about, you fell head-over-heels for his dedicated restraint. His body shook to stay still while you lapped at his pearly precum and swirled your tongue teasingly up and down his erection. You couldn’t count the amount of times you sensed his breaking point, but he allowed you to carry on and please him as you wished. Not once did he attempt to slip off your panties or take it further than you permitted. 
It was a test and he passed with flying colors. 
He has no idea that he belongs to you now, even as he dutifully follows your orders and meets you on the rug, scooching off his pants. His wide doe eyes seek yours for approval before looming over your body and coaxing you to lay on your back. 
“I’d want to look at you while I did it. Fuck you really this.” He directs by lifting your legs over his shoulders and using his strength to raise your ass off the floor. Your dress rides up your thighs and exposes your black silk panties, which are already sticky with arousal. 
All of your steeled bravery and mirth dwindle in the heat of his arms as they wrap themselves around your legs. You feel lightheaded as you lean forward and bury your face into his chest to breathe in the sweet musk of his post-workout sweat. Slowly you match his eyes and lose yourself in the wide, darkened pools of his lustful gaze. It’s intimidating, like he could very well eat you alive. So you decide, almost instinctively, you’ll stick around long enough to find out.
“Are you hard?”
He nods and rocks his length against your cunt. “Yeah.”
“May I see?”
Jungkook lowers your legs and palms his achy shaft, averting your eyes. His confidence seems to dip when put on the spot—not as gung-ho when the attention is on him and him only. When he calls you late at night, he has the option of fading into the background to simply indulge in the auditory temptation on the other end. So it takes him a minute, and as he builds up the courage, you regain your control by guiding him to sit back on his butt.
“You’ve got such a pretty cock baby boy.” You praise him, sliding down between his legs and bracing your hands on his knees, feeling him tremble. You’re eye-level with his length which he untucks from his briefs and wraps in a firm grasp. “It’s almost too pretty to touch.”
“Please…” he whines, loosening his grip to allow you to take over.
“Hm,” you smile, pleased with his subservience, “Keep going. A little longer.” 
Jungkook groans and gives himself a couple strokes, but becomes timid, committing half-heartedly to the task at hand. He shivers as you wrap your hand around his and guide the movements. He’s bashful at first, but moves faster until you remove your hand and enjoy his solo display. 
“That’s good. You’re so good. Show me how you were doing it earlier.”
He smiles the shiest dimpled smile, so sweet and innocent. Eyes flick from yours down to his own lap. 
“You’re making me nervous."
Nervous is an understatement, he’s starting to shake. It was a slight quiver at the start but has amplified, especially as your gleaming siren eyes soak him in. That’s something he hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing during your covert phone calls—those eyes. They hook into him and silently demand that he do what he’s told. 
He quickens his pace and nearly chokes on his breath when you hover your lips over his achy tip. You’re painfully close to enveloping him, but not quite there. Instead, you spit onto his cock—the slick sounds amplifying with each stroke and involuntary buck. 
“Mhm. More, baby.” You wrap your hand around his once more and give his cock a tasteful squeeze. All this, without directly touching where he wants you the most. 
It’s your self-inflicted torment to see him in this state and you love it. The whimpers that drop to deep throaty groans when he becomes restless are a symphony all on their own. It’s understandable after all, you’ve made him wait a long time. Deliberate, of course. Everything is.
A prominent dribble of precum slides down the tip of his cock, followed by another. He needs more, but does what he’s told. He proves to be the most willing participant, and frankly, it doesn’t surprise you in the slightest. 
You knew he had a screw loose the first time you met. For starters, you saw him pluck your discarded coffee cop from the trash when he didn’t think you were looking. You watched from the corner of your eye as he stuffed it in his coat, along with your soiled napkin. It was weird. You took a pause before meeting him outside the cafe and inviting him back to your place...but that’s all it was, a pause. 
He seemed harmless enough. Just infatuated, is all. Needless to say, you weren’t surprised when you couldn’t find your panties later that night. It should have pissed you off, but you smiled instead. Let him keep his momentos. It seemed you found a kleptomaniac who was only interested in swiping your invaluables. Only interested in seeing your face, specifically at 3 a.m., when he followed you on Instagram and liked every single one of your photos from college to present. 
You’re just about to grant him the pleasure of your mouth, dipped low with your tongue out. He’s patient. He deserves this reward. That’s what you think right before you catch sight of a polaroid camera beneath the couch. 
“What do we have here?” There are photos stacked beneath the camera, which you grab eagerly with an outstretched arm.
Jungkook breaks his concentration and grasps you by the bicep with a firm grip. “N-no, don’t!” His pupils dilate to black saucers. “Give those to me. Now.” 
You’ve never heard him use this tone of voice—stern, cold, like he’s become possessed. His lips are pressed to a straight line, which he wets between sentences. You should be scared, but like any other red flag, you cast it aside. 
“Let them go, Noona.” The photos are pinched between his fingers but he doesn’t pull them away. He could, but there’s hesitance, like he can’t do it unless you want him to. 
“What’s wrong, Jungkookie? Why can’t I see?”
“It’s embarrassing…” He tries to slide them through your loosening fingers, but you pinch them tight before you lose your grip. “Please, please, I-I’ll…” he begins stroking his cock again, parting his lips to moan for you. “I’ll cum for you. Want to watch me cum? Or—” He releases his hold on the photos to cup your pussy, stroking the damp fabric against your folds and making it messy with arousal.
God is it tempting to just lay down the prints and enjoy the show. He’s less stern now and reverts to submission, aiming to please. Aiming to distract is more like it. He’s skilled with his hand, but not enough to completely divert your attention. You don’t waste a second longer and glance at the photos. The second you do, you wish you hadn’t.
“No! No, Noona,” he whines, bucking his cock into his slick fist and pinching his plump bottom lips between his teeth. “Why would you—”
“This is my car,” you bluntly state, “And my home. Jungkook, how the fuck did you…” 
The photos continue on; covert snaps of you sneaking a cigarette behind the local bar with friends, a shot of your cleavage as you bent over to tie your shoes, even a photo of you changing in your bedroom with the windows wide open, bare ass on display.
Jungkook’s hand moves faster over his rigid length. “L-look. Look at me.” 
There’s a glimmer in your eyes as they land on his blatant show. It’s so clear what he’s trying to do, and it feeds your hunger. He doesn’t even try to apologize, because he knows this is exactly what you want. 
“For you. It’s ah...all yours, if you want it.” 
Nothing seems to surprise you anymore; not even the butterflies that flit in the hollow cavity of your chest when you hear your date’s whines for touch. How could you turn a blind eye to his pathetic dumpster-diving and not see him lurking in the shadows, or the bright polaroid flashes that followed? No matter—you came to release long-harbored sexual frustration, and Jungkook was your prettiest outlet. Still is...despite his lack of boundaries.
“Is it did all this for me?” You flourish your hand in a dignified queen’s wave, hinting at the candles and vases of fresh flowers. “What about this?” His shameful photo collection lays out across the floor. “Who was this for?”
You radiate power. You know what you want and you take it. If anyone can’t respect that, it’s Jungkook. There’s no denying it makes him yearn for you more. The confident way you stand from the floor with the camera in-hand, nice and tall, and tower over his body sends a tingle down his spine. 
“I wanted be comfortable.” The man rocks his hips to seek your attention, but is met with a blinding flash of the camera. “And you’re so...pretty. I couldn’t stop. Mm—I, uh...please, don’t be mad.”
You give a playful scoff. “Baby, I’m not mad.” Maybe you are, but not in the way he thinks. Maybe you’re absolutely insane, entertaining his obsession. You invited yourself over. Walked Into his home. Made yourself comfortable.
Now you snap photos of him as he sits on the living room floor, cock still in-hand. 
“I’m...flattered. A little creeped out, but still, impressed. I think I want the same as you.” You pinch the first photo that spits from the camera and shake it in a rapid flick of the wrist. “And right there, at my feet, you look so fucking photogenic. See?”
You place the photo in his palm to develop. The tips of his ears blush as he slowly comes into view. He’s never seen himself in such a state—flustered, practically on his knees, begging for forgiveness. But you make him this way, and he wouldn’t change it for the world. 
“I like it.” A shy smile dimples his cheek. He takes his hand off his cock and crawls onto his knees to give you a better visual, clutching onto your bare legs and stroking them with his thumbs. “Take more? Anything you want, Noona. Just, please, touch me.”
Precisely what you had in mind.
“Open,” you command in a low tone. The pads of your fingers glide into his mouth and he accepts them graciously. Two at first, then three, stuffing his cute cheeks and making them puff out. “Suck.” Digits move against his tongue and press firmly until his jaw opens to take your deep. 
The way you take charge. He can’t stop staring as you stand above him, fucking your fingers into his mouth and snapping a couple photos of it. Your eyes grow wider when he boldly encircles your skin with his wet tongue. So he does it again, taking you all the way, reverberating moans as he swallows. 
“Shit. You’re loving this, aren’t you?” 
He nods but doesn’t dare speak or withdraw; not until you’ve had your fill. 
“You like having your mouth stuffed?” You scissor your fingers to coat them in his saliva, then slowly slide them out, sucking them into your own mouth to taste. “Mm. Want more, don’t you?”
A rapid nod in response, straightening his posture. He licks his lips before opening them again, pink tongue peeking out cutely.
Panties cling to your arousal now, sopping wet. So you peel it down with one hand and allow your submissive date to take them down your legs. He’s dutiful in his action, needing no more than a smile of approval to carry on. 
“Another thing to add to your collection,” you tut. “Put it in your mouth.”
And he does. Groans as the fabric touches his tongue and tastes you for the first time. 
If you stared long enough, you might have seen his eyes roll to the back of his head. But you fussed with your dress and unclasped your bra. Fell to your knees and straddled his lap; latched onto his neck and sucked possessive marks until he squirmed beneath you, hard cock twitching against your cunt. 
He’s ready. Beyond ready, as your bite marks make him choke around his new sticky gag. He lets you pin his hands above his head harshly. They dig into the rough couch upholstery and become red from the pressure. 
With a rock of your hips, you line his achy tip at your entrance and begin to sink down.
Finally, your bodies are joined. You can feel the stretch of his pretty cock fill you up. The sighs leaving both your lungs are unified, equally relieved. As you stare into his glassy doe eyes and begin to ride him, you hope he never wants to leave.
Tumblr media
It’s all he’s ever dreamed of since the moment he discovered you. The first minute was a blur—tears began to stream down Jungkook’s face when he felt you clench for the first time. 
Don’t cum...don’t cum…
Not yet...
He remained helpless, held tight to the couch as you fucked yourself onto him, breasts rubbing against his chest. He could smell the sweet scent of your skin, like roses in bloom, pressing into his flesh as you break it with hungry bites. 
It’s too much… 
He vowed to be good, but you just couldn’t stop clenching and moaning and bouncing and saying his name. Over and over, like a mantra. 
Risking an outburst, he spits out your panties and captures your lips in a fervid kiss. Matching your aggression to cum together with erotic greed. Biting you back. Sucking every part of exposed skin he can land his lips upon, up and down your neck until it matches his.
You let it happen. You’re a gorgeous fool for releasing his hands, and the animal inside breaks free. He holds you by the neck and flips you onto your back, knocking the wind out of you. But you don’t falter or try to stop him. 
You have no idea that you belong to him now, even as you take every drop of his cum and writhe on his floor, matching his thrusts with broken whines. 
“I love you,” he chokes out, dripping tears onto your hot ruddy face.
You locked eyes, wrapped your legs around his waist and shook out your orgasm until every muscle in your body trembled. Weakened by your own insatiable lust. Breathless panting, with sweaty skin sticking to one another, in a disheveled tangle of arms and legs.  
God, such an arousing sight. But he has only gotten a taste.
“I love you too,” you reply, distant to his ears. Is that what you said? Must have been...
He smiles and lets your body lay slack on the rug to catch your breath. Your eyes droop shut, likely reminiscing on the events throughout the night. 
He wants more. 
You do too, don’t you? 
He strokes your arm gently. In his mind, after tonight, there will always be more. This time, he’s too attached to let you go. 
Do you feel the same way?
As you open your eyes, he presses a desperate kiss to your lips and grabs your legs, entering you again. He thrusts with every ounce of strength he can muster and feels his cum ease the glide of his rigid cock. 
You have to stay. 
You want this, right? 
“Please, Noona...stay.”
Tumblr media
©Chimoona 2021 | Please do not edit, translate, or repost.
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xpeachesncream · 6 months ago
3am with you | drabble (jjk)
Tumblr media
↳ drabbles masterlist
yours (ft. the bands!couple) | drabble three: it’s 3am in europe and jungkook just wants to love you down.
word count: 1.4k
warnings: cussing/mature language, implied sexual content, unprotected soft sex, oral (f. receiving), some (soft) choking, hair gripping, multiple orgasms, fingering, sprinkle of spit play and dirty talk, fluff, playful ass smacking, aftercare, cuddles
tags: @thebeebi​ @miinoongi​ @ggukkieland​ @preciouschimine​ @bluesharksandfish​ @unicornbabylover​ @ayujaded​ @wearenot7withu​ @jimidol​ @jikookiekosmos​
Tumblr media
"Baby." Jungkook grips onto your waist as he whispers into your ear, hands beginning to caress your sides gently. "Baaaaby." He repeats, more of a whine this time. To be honest, he woke up hard as fuck again and wanted more of you badly. As if you two just didn't go at it right before bed.
"Hm?" You stirred in your sleep, naked body pressed against your man's, his throbbing, hard cock pushed against your ass.
"I'm hoooorny." His tongue roams around the surface of your skin right below the ear, sending tingles down your spine.
"I can tell." You chuckle as you feel the wetness pooling in between your legs just from how needy he was being. "What time is it?"
"3." He softly chuckles. "Can I have you?" He cutely asks as he nuzzles his nose against your neck, pulling your ass against him so he can jut his hips into you. He presses light kisses against the nape of your neck before moving down to your shoulder blades. His soft, warm hands send tingles down your spine, adding to how worked up you're getting from this moment alone.
"You can always have me."
"Yeah?" He gently turns you onto your back, body slightly hovering over yours. "Always want my pretty girl so bad." He whispers before planting a passionate kiss against your lips, large hand slowly roaming up your side. Jungkook continues to deepen the kiss, sounds of wet kisses and sucking against your tongue fills the room, along with Europe's hustle and bustle. It was a perfect night for the current season, Jungkook begging to leave the windows wide open with the see-through curtains slightly drawn. The street lights illuminated corners of the room, shadows of cars passing by occasionally blocking it off. "Wanna make you feel good." He whispers in between kisses. "Wanna show you how much I love you." His hand trails down your neck, down your chest, making its way down to your folds to give your pussy a good rub.
"You're always good at showing it, Kook."
"Then I'll keep doing it." He smiles into the last kiss before pulling away to lock eyes with you as he slips a digit in and bites onto his bottom lip. "So wet for me already." You whimper, back slightly arching as he wastes no time inserting another finger inside, steadying his pace.
"Kook, fuck." You hiss. You almost want to whine when he removes his fingers from inside, only to realize he's making his way down in between your thighs underneath the sheets. Your hands grab at his hair as he lowers his lips onto your clit, soft lips pressing light kisses against it before he begins to tongue your folds down. "Mmmmyeah—" You moan, gripping his hair tighter as you slowly work your hips against his mouth. He sucks harder onto your pulsating nub, nodding into it as you continue to grind against his mouth. You feel him spit against your pussy, his tongue spreading his spit all over you. The way he works his mouth, his tongue— god, it's heaven sent. So heaven sent that the more you continue to fuck his mouth, the quicker the pleasure pools in the pit of your stomach.
"Baby, baby, fuck! Yeeeees." Your moan gets louder, completely disregarding the fact that Hobi is on the other side of your wall.
You two were gonna hear from him in the next couple of hours, no doubt.
"Cum, baby. Let me taste it." He moans against your pussy, the vibrations hitting your spot. He begins to rub at your clit viciously while his tongue is going to work on your sweet, wet folds. You roll once more against him, feeling yourself coming undone in his grip, Jungkook groaning against your pussy. He doesn't stop sucking your sensitive nub until he feels your body settle. "Fuck, so good." He says coming out from under the sheets, sweat lining his hairline as he dips down to press a kiss on your lips.
"Kook, please. Want more. Need you inside of me." He nods.
"You're perfect, sweetheart. Always telling me what you want. God you drive me crazy." He hovers over you, hand by your head while the other gripped his shaft to rub his tip up and down your folds. He hisses, teasing you a bit by gently inserting himself into you, only to come back out and run his head in between your lips once more.
"Kookie, stop." You whine. "Just fuck me." He laughs.
"Needy baby." He watches you as your eyes roll to the back of your head, his cock filling you up in the best way possible. The two of you just had some good, rough sex hours ago, and all Jungkook wants to do is love you. Love you down good.
Love you down softly.
Love you down delicately.
Love you down like the world was going to end tomorrow.
He grips onto your pillow as he bites onto his bottom lip, rolling his hips into you slowly, deeply. Your lips graze against his, mouth agape while you let out soft whines and moans. Your hands roam up his sides and back, nails digging deep into his shoulders when he buries his head against the crook of your neck. His moans are loud, but still somewhat muffled against your neck. He licks a stripe on the surface as he works his hips, picking up his pace while biting your earlobe and sucking on the skin below it.
"Shit, your pussy baby." He moans. "Ohhhhhgod— best fucking pussy. Shit was made for me."
"Kook, please— Like that." You whine against his ear, sending goosebumps to ripple throughout his entire body.
"Nnngh— damn, gonna fill you up just like this sweetheart. You want that?" You nod. "Let me hear you."
"Y-yes, babe! Yeeeees." You moan, fingers tangled in his luscious black hair.
"God, I love you so much." He kisses your lips, then nose, then forehead. "I love you, I love you." He repeatedly moans, shutting his eyes due to the pleasure building.
"I love you, too." You whimper. "Close, Kook. I'm so close. Gonna cum again."
"That's it, baby. Wanna feel you first. Cum all over me." He's holding on as much as he can, especially when he feels your walls tighten around him. "Yeah, like that. Let go for me, sweetheart." He picks up his pace, thrusting in and out of your wet pussy, not too fast, not too slow.
Just right.
He raises his body, hands around your neck, giving it just the right pressure as he fucks into you.
"Fuuuuuuckkkkgh!" You cry loudly. It takes a couple of more thrusts before you're hurdling over the edge, Jungkook's grip tightening ever so slightly around your neck while he starts to pound into you to chase his high. The aftershocks of your orgasm ripples through you, body twitching in response.
"Oh shit, oh shit. I'm coming, baby—I'm—" He moans loudly, as he grips your neck tightly, causing you to bite your bottom lip as you watch your man become undone right on top of you. He releases his hold on your neck, head tilted back as he tries to regulate his breathing, sweat beads dripping down his chiseled abs. "Ohhh fuck." He breathes, smiling down at you when he finally opens his eyes.
"Mmmm, so hot." You giggle as he removes himself from within you and steps out of the bed ass naked to grab a wet washcloth to wipe you down. He pulls the sheets from your body, pressing light kisses against your knees as he wipes you down. Once he finishes, he stands to wipe himself while you watch. You give his ass a good smack when he turns to head back into the bathroom, making him mock your yelp when he smacks yours from time to time. "You're annoying." You laugh when he hops back into bed with the biggest grin on his face.
"That's too bad princess, you're stuck with it." He chuckles. "C'mere." He pulls you onto his chest, arms wrapped around your body tightly while he kisses the top of your head.
"Look how pretty it is outside." You yawn.
"I know. Feels nice to be experiencing it with you."
"It does." You nuzzle your nose against his neck. "But, to be honest, I can't wait to just be home with you and Kai."
"Same. I miss the kid."
"I do too. We'll bother him later."
"Sounds good." He chuckles. "For now, I'll take this in though. Pretty view, pretty lady." He kisses you once more. "3am shenanigans."
"Really though." You sleepily chuckle.
"Wouldn't want it with anyone else."
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loomdiamonds · 23 days ago
He’s bad for me, Nevertheless (Series Masterlist)
Idol! Jungkook x idol! Reader
Tumblr media
You knew from the beginning that he never wanted a relationship. He was bad for you and should as run far away as you can from him. But ever time you grow the courage to finally let him go, things don’t go as plan. So what exactly happens when someone new comes into the picture and shows you things Jeon Jungkook never was able to show? Is he willing to change his ways for you? Or will you be added to his contacts he calls when bored?
🛑Genre: 18+, Smut, slow burn, based on Nevertheless. Idol! Female reader.
🛑 coming soon… please see authors note down below
There’s no such thing as a relationship, nevertheless
Hey, so I’m redoing the first part of ‘He’s bad for me, nevertheless.” Why?
Please be patient with me as I am currently working full time and in school. Also click down below to be notified when the part is posted!
Want to join the taglist or make a request?
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ssscentral · 7 months ago
Appetite | for Eva
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook visits you at work - and it seems he can neither keep his eyes nor his hands off of you.
pairing: Jungkook x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: established relationship; smut, pwp
warnings: explicit sexual content; soft dom!jk, handjob, fingering, making out, kinda public sex? they do it in a washroom of a café whoop, swearing, rough sex, unprotected sex (you know how it is, guys), ass grabbing, a little praising, squirting, marking/biting, jk has a big d*ck, i think that’s it?
wc: 2.4k
member: Rid || @taegularities
a/n: fiiiirst of all, thank you so much for beta’ing, @birbdae​!! appreciate you lots! and second  of all - this fic is a birthday gift for the beautiful, adorable, wonderful @aroseforyoongi​!! you have such a big place in my heart, and i truly hope you enjoy the coming year to the fullest! all the best to you, honey - i love you so, so much! 💞 also, sorry for the bias-wrecking again, you did this to yourself... plus, i know you’re a sucker for soft dom!jk-smut, so here it gooooes!
Tumblr media
“Anything else I can bring you?”
Your sweet voice shakes Jungkook awake. Until this moment, he’d been lost in fantasies about you - his mind reminds him that you are soft, warm; your skin smooth. In his head, you smell like vanilla and affection, a scent he has even dreamed of multiple times.
He can’t quite say why he’s relishing in what his thoughts throw at him when you’re right here in front of his eyes, towering over him with a teapot and a gorgeous smile plastered on your face. The way the apron hugs your waist drives him crazy, and he licks his lips suggestively as he eyes you from top to bottom.
Registering his gaze, you roll your eyes, shifting your weight onto your left leg as you ask, “I said: anything else I can bring you?”
Jungkook clicks his tongue and his fingers reach out to trace the skin of your arm, leaving goosebumps in its wake. “Come on, babe. Do you have to be so formal?”
“I’m at work, and that douchebag,” you say, your head nodding to the man near the counter, “observes me all the time.”
“So what? I’m your boyfriend. And you look delicious.”
You roll your eyes anew, but this time with a smile on your face, your red lips twitching as you remove his hand from your limb. You shake your head before you start to move away, ready to serve another customer before you whisper, “My break is soon. Stay here.”
At your tone, Jungkook’s pants tighten, and he crosses his legs before you can see, shifting his attention to the neatly organized lunch in front of him. He has to admit, the way you get work done, is admirable - this café is cute to begin with, but having you place the croissants, flowers and tea on the tables the way you do, is incredibly pleasing to the eye.
And this is exactly what he watches you do for the remaining twenty-five minutes. He never fails to notice how you move your hips, your sweet, little skirt always sliding up your thighs a little when you bow down to pour tea into your customers’ cups. His chest burns with impatience, his fingers drumming on the table - until he finally sees you walk away, slowly removing your apron as your eyes meet his for a split second.
Taking this as his cue, he immediately stands up, rushing back to where he knows you will be; and you haven’t gone far yet when he reaches you and grabs your arm from behind, pulling you into the washroom. You gasp at the sudden movement - but he doesn’t give you much more time to react as he locks the door behind you, pushing you against the door and crashing his lips onto yours.
You immediately react to his touch, eyes closing while you grab his hair. You let him press himself into you, his neediness obvious in the way his hands settle on your ass right away.
Jungkook parts from you, panting against your lips as he says, “You’re driving me insane in this fucking skirt of yours.”
In between heated kisses, his fingers find the hem of your skirt and abruptly slide it down as he presses himself harder into you.
“All I could think of the whole time,” he breathes against your skin, leaving a wet trail with his tongue, “was your sweet, little pussy on my dick.”
“You know my break only lasts thirty minutes, right?”
“Baby, this is more than enough time.”
He pulls down your shirt in a haze, revealing your breasts before he starts sucking on the swell of them hard, making sure to leave beautiful, purple marks on your flesh. Throughout the whole afternoon, his hunger for you had increased at a rapid pace, and he desperately needs to still it right fucking now.
And when his fingertips find your clothed core, he starts rubbing circles against your clit, hissing at the hot wetness that soaks through your lace panties.
“Fuck, so wet, Y/N,” he mutters, biting his lower lip when he sees the gorgeous expression on your face. “My god- I want to be inside you so bad.”
“Well, what’s stopping you?” you ask, throwing your head back, well aware that you will spend five minutes later to fix your hair for the second part of the shift.
“You’re right.” His voice is hazy, quiet, playful and seductive. “Nothing’s stopping me. Especially not you.”
You grin with closed eyes when he pushes your panties down, now running up and down your wet folds - so teasingly slow and yet so deliciously satisfying. In all honesty, you can’t say what drove him up the wall today so much. Usually, he finds it easy to stay patient. You’ve noticed that on multiple occasions, and him edging you for an hour sometimes is not the sole proof for your assumption.
But today, he is out of control. And he doesn’t wait long until he slides two of his fingers into you, eliciting a moan out of you that is loud enough for people outside to hear if they happen to walk by the door.
“Shh,” he orders, biting into your lip, “can’t have anyone hear us, right?”
You nod slowly, your mouth falling open wider when he reaches the perfect, sweet spot, curling his fingers inside you as his other hand grabs your hair. He pulls your head to the side before he attacks your neck with harsh kisses, his tongue swirling and licking your skin so intensely that it has your head spinning.
“No… marks,” you manage as you grip his shoulders hard, most likely leaving crescent-shaped marks even through the fabric of his shirt.
You feel him smirk against your skin - nothing you say will affect him. He likes it when everyone can see that you belong to someone, to him. He loves how you look strolling around like that, shyly showing the world that no one can claim you, because you’re his already.
As Jungkook bites into your neck, you trap your lower lip between your teeth, trying so hard not to scream out as your hands fumble with his belt. Soon enough, you slide his pants down along with his underwear until his cock springs out. He aids you, pulling his clothing down to his knees as he gasps into your flesh when you wrap your fingers around his thick, smooth length.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Let me fuck you,” he pants, his breathing becoming laboured, chest heaving hard as he takes in your blissed out state. He’s doing that. You’re losing your mind because of him; and this mere fact fogs his head, his cock twitching in your fist as he groans.
“No one’s stopping you. Especially not me,” you say while your hand moves around his shaft faster, your thumb collecting his pre-cum before you circle his head.
Still pumping his fingers into you at a faster pace, he drowns in the squelching sound that your pussy is providing him with, and the sensation of his digits moving in and out so easily has his cock harden impossibly until he falters.
He pulls out his fingers before he brings them to his lips; watching you intently, he licks them clean of your juices, his eyes rolling back as you feel his cock poke your stomach. You’re helplessly pinned against the door, your legs already shivering from his previous ministrations. And when you let out an involuntarily moan, his eyes snap open, fingers coming down to settle behind your knees as he pulls you up.
You react immediately, wrapping your legs around his waist as he interlocks your lips again. He kisses you hungrily, hard, his tongue seeking yours. Supported by his body and the door, you’re floating in the air, moving your hips impatiently against him to signal what you want.
“Needy much?” he inquires with a grin, grabbing his cock to rub it slowly against your folds. He applies slight pressure - but not enough to slide in.
“Shut up,” you command, your forehead coming down to rest on his shoulder. “Don’t be so cocky.”
He laughs quietly, putting a hand on your jaw and pushing his cock inside with the other. Going in inch by inch, you both groan at the same time, your sounds muffled right on time when you bite into his shoulder.
“Fuck, always so tight,” he states as he bottoms out. His hands squeeze your ass, nails digging into it hard while he waits for you to adjust.
“And you’re always so big. So thick, too, shit,” you mewl, drawing a sharp breath when you feel him move just a little.
Jungkook still waits for you to talk, to give him a sign that you’re ready. When you finally inhale and nod, telling him he can start, his grip on you becomes tighter. And right as you exhale, he pulls back, thrusting into you just once, hard, robbing all the air from your lungs.
“Kook, oh god,” you cry out, wrapping your arms around his neck as you feel his lips and warm breath brush your neck.
He repeats his movements once more before he steadily, graciously increases his pace. His teeth catch your earlobe, nibbling at it while thrusting into you simultaneously; your sounds spur him on further, and soon, he’s hitting spots of you that have you keening.
Jungkook definitely knows your body - he knows just how he has to fuck you to make you feel good, has learned which patches of skin to kiss to put you in a haze. Now that he has figured out how to please you into oblivion, he can’t get enough of your taste and touch, longing for your body and your love every waking second.
“You feel so fucking good,” he tells you, placing his hand under your chin to pull your head back. You look at him through half-lidded eyes, lips parted and breathing heavily. “And you look even better.”
“Baby, you-”
He chuckles at your stuttering, coming close until his lips are only inches away from yours, whispering, “What? Say it. Tell me how good I make you feel. Say my name, baby.”
“So good, Jungkook, so, so fucking goo-”
A sharp, hard thrust interrupts your sentence and your thoughts, and soon enough, he’s pounding into you, having your eyes sting at the intensity and from the pleasure. With every move he makes, your moans become louder, shaky breaths forcing him to stay focused without losing control entirely. But not long after, you hear footsteps outside the door, having Jungkook halt his movements suddenly.
His gaze shifts to the handle of the door, his ears listening carefully before your pussy clenches once around him. You feel his throbbing dick twitch inside you and Jungkook’s lips part, eyes suddenly shooting to meet yours again as he brings his hand up to cover your mouth.
“Be quiet now,” he orders again, continuing the movement of his hips as he pulls out his cock almost entirely before he slides in again. Your aching walls suck in him so desperately that he can’t help but fuck into you roughly again.
He clenches his jaw as he fights the urge to growl out loud, your muffled moans and closed eyes only making it harder. The wet sounds of your pussy become almost unbearable at some point, and he buries his face in your neck again to calm himself down.
To no avail - you feel too good around him, too tight, soaked and warm. He removes his hand to kiss you again, his soft lips moving against yours as he swallows your every sound. Grabbing your ass again, he pushes you against him, fucking so roughly into you by now, his pelvic bone rubbing against your clit, that you feel your high near. The intensity of the moment, mixed with the knowledge that you’re in a public place and not alone on your bed, leaves you utterly excited.
“Fuck, I’m - I’m cumming, I-” you say as you pull away from his lips, his mouth ghosting over your cheek instead and fingers having somehow found their way to your clit, rubbing in an insane pace.
“Yes, god, yes. Cum around my cock, babygirl.” His relentless pounding and his words soon throw you over the edge, having you fall and fall for an infinite amount of time until you land on a pillowy soft ground, your sight so blurry that you feel like you’re seeing stars. And when you clench around him, he looks down to see his dick and balls getting soaked, your juices running down his sex driving him half insane. “Holy fuck, Y/N.”
“Holy shit. Did you just fucking squirt? Oh my god,” he says with a light laugh, fucking you through your high until his thighs start to tremble just like yours are, “oh my fucking god.”
And then, he finally lets go, too, ropes of cum shooting into you repeatedly as he finishes, leaving breathless kisses on your cheek and temple. You feel like you’re outside of your body - your spirit feels so feather-light that you don’t register anything but his fingers stroking your skin, pulling you back to him.
“Baby,” he cooes - and when you open your eyes to smile back at him, you catch him gaze at you fondly, full of love. You wipe away the sweat glistening on his forehead, and he presses his lips onto yours for one chaste kiss before he says, “I love you, my sweet girl.”
“I love you, too, my needy darling,” you answer, rubbing the tip of your nose against his.
You feel him softening inside you, and he doesn’t pull out for now; only stares at you in admiration, worshipping every single inch of your face and every piece of your being. But then, a playful smirk takes the place of the gentle expression, and he wiggles his eyebrows.
“What?” Your voice is somehow hoarse, and you clear your throat before you ask again, “What is it?”
“I made you squirt,” he declares, letting out a proud chuckle. That’s when you feel yourself still leaking, tilting your head to look down.
“Your legs. They’re so- get some paper tissues and clean up that mess,” you say, attempting to push him away - but he holds you tight in his grip, still pinned against the wall.
“Just a little longer,” Jungkook whispers, peppering your face with slow, loving kisses, his hand brushing your ass gently. “Want to look at you a little more.”
You laugh at his sweet words, pulling him closer into your embrace. “My hopeless, horny romantic.”
“Ah, my birthday girl. I can’t wait to go home with you,” he mutters into your hair, wrapping his arms around you.
You’ve never wished your day at work to end as much as you do now.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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jiminiethot · 14 days ago
Blood Ties.
Forget what I said
It's not what I meant
And I can't take it back
I can't unpack the baggage you left
Tumblr media
[song inspiration: JK - Falling Cover]
info: jeon jungkook x oc
genre: gang!au, angst, unrequited love!au, angst, talk of blood, blood, soft smut, the softest gang member Jungkook, surprise guest at the end, crossover fic to Whose The King, Whose The Boss
word count: 5,500+
a/n: well, it's been a few years since I've posted and I thank everyone who has been here and patient. I know it's not one of my many unfinished stories, but it's something. Jungkook, forever my comeback boy.
Tumblr media
A loud series of knocks at my front door startled me from my slumber on the couch, causing me to jolt straight up. I looked at the time at the top corner of my TV display screen, panic settling in. 
12:57 AM
“Oh God.” I thought to myself, the heart in my chest now pounding wildly. Without further hesitation I darted for the door as the knocking got a little louder, flinging it open and finding exactly who I thought I would.
“Jungkook! Holy shit, what happened to you?!” he stood before me with his hands jammed into the pockets of his holey black jeans. He was also wearing his black leather jacket with all the patches I could barely stomach looking at anymore. Thick blood dripped from multiple cuts on his face, his dark hair hanging in his eyes as he shivered violently before me.
“I’m fine, just let me in, Lila.” he grunted, his deep voice sending a chill through me. My hands instinctively reached out and grabbed the edges of his jacket, pulling him towards me to inspect his wounds. “How do you call a busted upper lip, eyebrow, cheek, bloody nose and a partially black eye fine?” I demanded of him, fingers brushing over his unscathed cheek, making him turn his head away from me stubbornly.
“Because I do. Can you stop with the third degree and let me in already? It’s fucking raining and I’m freezing.” he complained, shrugging me off of him. I reluctantly backed away, stepping aside for him to come inside. The only reason I allowed him to talk to me like that was because I knew he was fleeing from something he and the gang had done. His fight or flight instincts were still kicked into high gear and he was extremely anxious. He wasn't trying to be hurtful, he was just trying to get to safety. So, I took a calming breath and just let it go for now. 
“Fine, but you’re going to let me clean you up. I can’t have you getting blood all over my brand new sheets.” I informed him as I shut the door behind us, watching him remove his shit kickers and drop his drenched socks on top of them. “Who said I’d be anywhere near your sheets?” he remarked with a smirk, eyebrow quirked as he stood tall before me now with his jacket in his hands. I snatched it from him, rolling my eyes as I brushed past him.
“It’s one in the morning, Jeon Jungkook. We both know how this ends.” I remarked as I made my way to my bedroom where the master bathroom was. I heard him chuckle lowly as he began following behind me. “Fair enough, Lila.”
I threw the jacket onto the countertop carelessly before stepping into my walk in shower, turning it on and making sure the temperature was to his liking as usual. He began to swiftly remove his wet clothing, leaving himself in only his underwear. I shut the glass door behind me, the steam beginning to fog up all of the glass in the room already.
My eyes dragged over his nearly naked form as he leaned against the counter with both hands and looked at himself in the mirror. Despite the tattoos that littered his body, I could still see bruises forming along his left side. Instinctively I moved towards him, my hands running along his back gently until I was directly behind him. His head turned to the side as my arms slid around his slim waist, my cheek now resting along his back.
“I’m glad you’re okay, Jungkook.” I whispered against his cold damp skin. I felt his left hand come up and cover both of mine, a heavy sigh leaving him as we stood there silently. “What happened, Kookie? This is worse than the last time.” I prodded again, kissing his shoulder gently before letting go of him entirely and coming up alongside him. He brushed away some blood from the edge of his lip, then promptly spit into the white porcelain sink.
“I told you, Lila. I’m fine.” he finally responded, eyes downcast as he turned the water on to wash away the blood that had come from his mouth. “He says as blood goes down my drain.” his head darted in my direction, those black eyes warning me to stop.
“Fine. Take your shower, boy. I’ll be back to put something on those cuts like you promised I could.” I reminded him as I moved towards the door. “Yeah, yeah.” his eyes rolled, but a smirk played along his lips as he watched me until I shut the door. I proceeded to my walk-in closet, quickly going to the tall dresser and getting into the drawers I specifically had for Jungkook and pulling out a pair of clean underwear.
This had happened so many times over the years that I literally had everything he needed in case of emergencies just like this. I couldn’t even count on both hands how many times he showed up, bruised and bloody in the middle of the night. So I just instinctively had things he needed and the things I needed to take care of him.
I heard the shower switch off and made my way back into the bathroom with his underwear, not even bothering to shield my eyes. His naked body wasn’t foreign to me by any means, nor was mine to him. We weren’t shy, so there was no need to start now.
“Here. You can get what you want to wear once I’m done cleaning you up.” I told him as I handed over the silken textured garment. He took them from my hand and simply tossed them on the counter before hoisting himself up next to the discarded item. I let out a heavy sigh, receiving a smirk from him in return. Grabbing the first aid kit from under the sink and placing it beside him, I took out what I needed and positioned myself between his legs. 
Taking his chin in my left hand, I turned his face so I could see the extent of the damage that had been done. He needed stitches for sure for the cut on his cheekbone, but all I had was liquid stitches. I looked up to Jungkook and found his eyes looking down on me, his long black wet hair dangling in his face. "This is new." I proclaimed as I touched the piercing in his right eyebrow. I then proceeded to shove him away with my forefinger and middle finger, pushing on his forehead. 
“You're lucky that thing didn't get ripped out. Also, stop looking at me like that and keep your head back.” I ordered as I pulled the split skin back together as best as I could before applying the liquid stitch. He flinched hard when I applied it, jerking his head away from my grasp in the process. 
"Christ, woman! Stop that! I told you I'm fine." he screeched at me, face twisting in annoyance, but only to mask the pain. “Totally fine as you whine like a baby. What you need is stitches, shithead. You're lucky I don't have any more thread left, or else you'd really be whining.” I replied as I grabbed his chin and forced him back into position. I continued with the liquid stitches, his hands braced on his naked thighs, squeezing tightly. 
“You'd be whining.” he grumbled, my eyes darting up to meet his. “Excellent comeback, I don’t even know how to handle the intensity of your wit. Ouch.” Jungkook tended to pout angrily when he didn’t have a witty response, which was exactly what he was doing at that moment. In return I laughed, kissing his cheek gently after applying a small band-aid to his left brow. “I hate you.” he lied as he gazed down at me intensely. His eyes always gave away his true feelings, at least to me.
I let out a hefty sigh, my hands resting on his lower thighs now, feeling the muscle there as I smiled faintly at him. “If that were indeed the case, Jungkook, you would not come to me to escape whatever shit you’re caught up in in the middle of the night.” his eyebrow arched at my statement. 
“Maybe you just happen to always be the closest?” I felt his fingers brush mine as they inched down his thighs. “Tell yourself what you must. But deep down, you know you love me.” I booped his nose with my index finger, instinctively taking my hands away from his. 
The bathroom grew silent, eerily silent. I knew exactly where this was headed. I could feel my heartbeat speeding up in my chest, my breathing getting heavier as Jungkook’s eyes continued tearing through me. I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander over his bare skin, seeing the water droplets still sliding down his shoulders from his wet hair. He drew my attention back to him, his thumb and forefinger taking my chin and turning my eyes back where he wanted them.
“I’ve always loved you, Lila.” I shook my head out of his grasp, trying to step back, but his hand grabbed my bicep and stopped me. “Jungkook…” he carefully tugged me back between his legs, both hands moving to my hips. “I’m sorry I showed up here again. You’re the only one I can trust anymore.” sorrow filled those beautiful brown eyes, my heart shattering instantly.
I took his still almost boyish face into my palms, pressing our foreheads together before making a desperate plea to him. “You’ve got to get out, Jungkook. You have to.” his head shook back and forth slowly. “I’ll be dead before that ever happens.” my fingers wound into the hair at the nape of his neck, eyes squeezing shut.
“And that’s my biggest fear for you.” the words came out barely above a whisper. “I’ll be okay, Lila. I always am.” his response gave no relief whatsoever, causing me to pull back to see his eyes once again. “The blood all over your face is screaming otherwise.” he let out an exasperated sigh, carefully pushing me back from him and hoping down from the counter. “Maybe, but you know I can handle it. You’ve seen much worse than this.”
“Don’t remind me. I hate thinking about that, Jungkook.” he snatched the underwear he had tossed away earlier, swiftly pulling them on. I just stood back and observed him, seeing the immediate change in his body language. He knew I hated everything about this subject and he was bracing himself for a fight, though there would be no fight from me. 
“I’m sorry, but it’s the reality. I’ve come a long way from where I started and there’s no going back now.” he was drying his hair off with his towel as he spoke, his face back to it’s normal neutral expression. 
“I hate seeing you like this. It hurts.” I confessed softly, my arms wrapping around myself as I looked at the battered and bruised man in front of me. His feet carried him to me, but stopped about a foot away, gaze gentle despite everything else. 
“I know. I’m sorry.” his apology was sincere, but it meant nothing because there was nothing that could change the situation. Not a single thing. “Let’s stop this talk now before we both start saying things we’ll feel guilty about later.” I stated, not asked as I made my way to leave the bathroom.
“I agree. We wouldn’t want that.” his voice was void of all emotion when he spoke, but I knew it was just a normal thing for him to do in order to protect himself. “I’ll go get you some tylenol while you clean up and change. Your clothes are still in their drawer in my dresser. I'll be back.”
With that, I left the bathroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen to get him something to eat, knowing he probably hadn’t done so in a while.
Tumblr media
As I came back up the stairs with some ramen and a sports drink, I found him in my bed under the covers. He had on the round framed glasses he kept here and his favorite book in his hands that had been on the nightstand for months, waiting for his return. It didn’t matter how long it had been since he read it last, he always knew exactly where he had been without a point of reference. He had to have known that book by heart at this point. I noticed he had on one of his giant white t-shirts and honestly, probably those damn black joggers with the hole in the knee he loved so much. But, all I could think about is how beautiful he looked sitting there. No, how absolutely perfect he looked there, in my bed, on his own side, relaxed and comfortable, reading his favorite book. This is the way it should be, but it wasn’t.
“Made yourself right at home, didn’t you?” I remarked to him in jest. He looked up, tilting his head upward to see me because his glasses had fallen down the bridge of his nose, as they always did. He looked so innocent like this, but deep down I knew, he had killed men with those hands that held that book so carefully.
“It’s the closest thing to home I’ve ever had.” the look on his face showed nothing but sincerity, but this wasn’t a topic I wanted to get into with him tonight. “Why do you always do that?” I asked him as I set down his ramen on the nightstand along with his drink, our eyes meeting as I did so. 
He carefully set the book aside, like it was the most precious thing in the world to him. “What, speak honestly with you?” I put my hands into the pockets of my sweats and sighed heavily. “We both know what you’re doing, Jeon Jungkook.”
He gently grabbed my forearm, pulling my hand from my pocket and dragging me to sit on the edge of the bed. “It’s true though, Lila. Why do you think I always come to you?” he brought our palms together, holding them up in front of us. His eyes never left mine as he slowly engulfed my hand in his, idly continuing to touch each and every finger individually as he held it.
“Because you know I’ll always answer the door and feed into your bullshit. And according to you, I’m always the closest.” I took my hand away from him and got up, walking to my dresser to find something to sleep in. 
“You know I was just fucking with you. And it isn’t bullshit, and you know that. Anything I’ve ever said to you was the absolute honest truth. You know I’m a shit liar anyway.” he reminded me as I slipped on a huge black shirt and shimmied out of my sweats. “The absolute worst.” I replied after I had turned back around, receiving a small smile from him at my attempt to lighten things up. 
We kind of just remained silent for a while as I got into bed, him taking it as a sign that he should eat and not push it further. I couldn’t have appreciated that more right now. As I lay down on my side facing him, I watched as he ate his ramen carefully, mindful of my bedding and his white shirt. I couldn’t get over the sight of this beautiful man beside me and all of the things I had always wanted to have with him. Him and him alone.
As if he could read my mind, he set his bowl aside and his glasses before mirroring me and finally speaking. “If I could just leave now and never look back, I would. And I’d do it to be with you, Lila. You’re home. You’ve always been home to me and always will be.” his heavily tattooed hand came up to brush a strand of dark hair from my eyes, then moved to rest along my cheek. “I just want you here with me, Jungkook. I want to go to bed at night knowing you’re there when I go to sleep, and that you’ll be there when I wake up.”
He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, a habit of his when he was telling me something he knew I wouldn’t want to hear. “We both know that isn’t possible. Some nights, yes, it could be. But not every night, and I know those nights are the ones that would break you.” I sat up suddenly, staring down at him as I rested on my left hand. 
“They break me now, Jungkook! I’d rather have you some nights, than none at all like I do right now. I’d rather you know this is your safe place, your sanctuary, your home, than sleeping alone who knows where anymore. I’d give up everything for that!” he shushed me softly as he gently pulled me back down onto the mattress, hand sliding around to the nape of my neck so his fingers could tangle into my long hair.
“I can’t ask that of you, Lila.” he whispered, his face coming close enough to brush his nose against mine. “You’re not asking. I’m offering.” I told him outright. “Is that really and truly what you want?” he pressed as he moved his body closer to my own. “I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t.” his hand left my neck and moved to my waist, pulling me against him fully now. I could feel my breathing coming out in heavier puffs, my heart pounding.
“Fuck…” he muttered, scooching down and wrapping his arms around my waist as his head moved to the crook of my neck. “I don’t want you to get hurt.” his voice was muffled, his breath tickling the sensitive skin of my throat. I rested my head against his, my fingers beginning to run through his soft damp hair as I soothed him as well as myself.
“Nothing could hurt me more than I already am right now, going day in and day out not knowing if you’re dead or alive. At least this way I would almost always know. Almost is better than nothing at all.” I whispered into those wavy locks, a tear making its way down my cheek. “Is it really though?” he questioned, his voice low and gravely. He was getting emotional now and so was I, exactly what I didn’t want to happen tonight.
I thought in silence for a good amount of time, my hand idly stroking his hair as his grip around me tightened. Finally I spoke, stopping my movements entirely. “Yes, it is. That’s what I want. Every night from now until I can’t have it anymore.” he sighed heavily and sat up, placing a hand on my shoulder to push me down onto my back so he could lean over top of me. I found myself just staring into the deep pools of his beautifully dark eyes, wondering how I had gone so many months without seeing them and survived.
“This isn’t going to be easy, Lila.” his calm voice broke my trance, eyes scanning his face before reaching up to caress his check carefully. “Has it ever been, Jungkook?” I replied quietly with a small smile, a feeling of joy, relief, excitement and terror washing over me all at once. He gave me that big grin I loved so much, another thing I couldn’t believe I had gone so long without seeing. “Fair enough.” 
We both continued to stay in the positions we were in, just looking at one another, no words needing to be said. All the things we had wanted for years, no, needed, was going to be a reality. A difficult reality, but, reality nonetheless. “What do we do now?” I asked him softly, my forefinger brushing across his pretty parted lips, hoping I’d get a peek at that bubble gum pink tongue. Jungkook sat up, pulling his shirt over his head before making me sit up and doing the same for me.
“What we do best.”
We connected our lips almost instantly, him quickly discarding his joggers and underwear before placing himself between my legs as we kissed passionately. I felt his already hard cock brush against my inner thigh, him refraining from touching me with it too much to maintain his self control. He was almost always in complete control of himself, wanting to make our encounters last as long as possible. Neither of us knew when the next time would be, or if it would ever be again. We never knew if this was it, the last time, so he always made sure it was the very best he could make it.
I could feel his large hands slowly coming up from my hips, fingers light as they traveled past my navel to gently cup my breast. He let out a low moan, lips leaving mine to move down to my jaw and then my neck. His tongue traced a slow line up until he met my earlobe, pulling it between his lips. It was my turn to moan now, my fingernails digging into his broad shoulders as he sucked gently. He had barely touched me and I was already dripping and desperate for him, and he knew it. He took pride in that. It was obvious with every single touch to my skin, be it his hands or his lips, he knew I needed him just as much as he needed me.
“I love you.” he breathed out into my ear, my heart skipping a beat. “Jungkook-” he stopped my protest by bringing his lips back to mine. “No, let me finish.” he demanded as he hovered over me, plush lips ghosting over mine. I could feel every word caress my mouth, telling me to listen to him, believe him. “I don’t say I love you just to make you feel good. I mean it every time I try to tell you I do. You just never let me.” he confessed, hand coming up to hold my jaw as his doe eyes scanned my face adoringly. “Because if I let you, it would mean I can get hurt even more than I already do. It binds me to you.”
At that moment, I felt his cock slide into me with ease, my head tilting back as he filled me slowly. “Do you love me, Lila?” his voice was low, deep and soothing as he carefully and deliberately moved at a snail’s pace inside of me. “You know the answer to that, Jungkook. You always have.” I answered him breathlessly, hands reaching for the sides of his neck as I focused my eyes on him again. “I want to hear you actually say it to me for once.” he removed his hand from my jaw and onto the bed, our foreheads met as he leaned down, hips circling slowly, almost methodically. I could see his biceps working to keep him raised above me, the veins in his forearms and hands protruding as he kept his control.
“Jeon Jungkook, you are my home and I never want to be without you for as long as either of us are still breathing. I can’t be. I won’t be. I love you with every fiber of my being.” he gave me that big bunny smile once again, his left hand coming up to hold my face. “It feels good to finally hear that from you. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”
Once again we connected our lips, our bodies fully intertwined not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. It felt like the stars in space had finally aligned for us and only us. I felt Jungkook begin to speed up, but only ever so slightly. His lips left mine and began moving down my neck as he continued to pump in and out of me slowly. My fingers threaded through his hair, gently tugging after his rosy lips found my nipple, a chill rolling up my spine. Looking down, I caught him looking at me already, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth as his tongue came out and licked my stiff bud painfully slow. I let out a soft moan as my head relaxed into the mattress as he moved over to the other, sucking a little harder as he thrust into me with a bit more force, hitting me in all the right places as he moved.
“I’ve missed the way you sound when you’re underneath me.” he confessed quietly into my skin, teeth nipping at my breast and collarbones as he came back to me. “I missed the softness of your skin beneath my fingers.” he continued, leaning on only one hand as he grazed his long fingers over my flesh, slowly, deliberately, adoringly even. I took the opportunity to take my hands along his pectorals, feeling the hard muscle there, scratching him lightly with my nails. His hips snapped harder in response, making him grit his teeth and growl at me.
He grabbed one of my hands, removing it from his glistening honey skin, making me let out a whine in protest. “No, no, no, my love. We’re taking this slow tonight. I’m going to worship every little bit of you until you don’t allow me to any further.” wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled him down to me, making him rest his elbows next to my head, still never ceasing his movement inside of me.
“You want to know what I missed?” I inquired, my lips reaching up to kiss along that deathly sharp jaw, eyes watching as his closed and relished in the affection I was giving. “Tell me.” he breathed out as I kissed down his neck, fingers ghosting over the supple flesh of his ass, all the way up to his shoulder blades. “I missed having you all around me, next to me, beside me, inside of me. It’s like suffocating when you’re not here to give me the air in your lungs, breathing life into my bones. I can’t deny myself of you anymore. I can’t.” he panted over top of me now, my words stirring up his desire for me more than I ever imagined it could.
Suddenly I found myself being rolled over and placed on his hips, his cock still lodged inside of me. I braced my hands on his chest, admiring the rise and fall of it as he breathed in and out at a controlled pace. “You are beautiful, Jeon Jungkook.” I told him as I slowly rocked back and forth on top of him, fingers grazing his perked nipples as I did. His head flung back into the mattress, arms behind his head and braced on the plush headboard as he matched my rhythm. 
I let my eyes fall shut, using all of my senses to feel him. I listened to the sound of his calculated breathing, concentrating on the focus he had to keep himself in complete control. I could smell his unique scent, a mix of floral and sandalwood surrounding my whole being. I felt all of the hard muscle beneath my fingers, feeling every dip and curve of his torso as I rode him.
His arms wrapping around my waist brought me out of my trance, eyes opening to see him sitting up, legs parting, preparing to finish us both. Those long fingers grabbed handfuls of my ass, pulling me into him as he stroked into me faster and faster, our eyes fixated on one another. I leaned in and pushed my lips against his, his tongue pushing past the barrier of my teeth and finding mine before stroking the roof of my mouth. I could feel myself getting dangerously close to my release, feeling as if I was going to explode if I didn’t come soon.
His mouth left mine, but just barely. “I’m going to come, Lila, but I won’t until I know you’re going to come with me.” he said against my lips, his breath hot and heavy, mixing with mine like they were one in the same. “I’m ready, make me come, Jungkook.” he inhaled sharply, arms encircling my waist as he began using his powerful thighs to thrust into me roughly, chasing after both of our highs now. My head rested against his chest as I gripped his shoulders and met his pace, bodies truly becoming one as we exhaled each other's names over and over again. And just like that, I felt myself release, head flinging back, back arching, Jungkook’s steady hands keeping me from tumbling away from him as he spilled into me just seconds later. We rode it out together, slowing down with every roll of our hips until we were at a standstill, panting and gasping for air.
His strong arms pulled me against him once again, hugging me tight as I leaned my cheek against his. “Lila,” he whispered, his breath blowing my sweat slicked hair away from my ear. “I love you.” leaning away from his cheek, I took his face into my palms, pressing my lips to his softly, tongue catching the underside of his upper lip before I pulled away. “I love you, Jungkook. All of me is yours and yours alone.” I looked over his flushed face as he smiled widely at me, wiping away drops of sweat from his brow as I swept his bangs from his beautiful eyes before he responded.
“I’ll always be yours, Lila. Always.”
Tumblr media
I walked out of the bathroom after having showered for the second time to find Lila sound asleep. She had showered with me, but only briefly. She must have come out and just gotten straight into bed after stealing the white shirt I had on earlier. I hung my towel on the doorknob and proceeded to walk to her side of the bed. All I could think about as I stood over her is how perfect she was. She had me under her spell the moment I met her nearly a decade ago and it hadn’t broken yet after all these years. Reaching down, I brushed her soft hair from her closed eyes and bent down to kiss her forehead gently without waking her. I had a phone call that needed to be made tonight. A phone call that would ensure her safety at all times, whether I was here or not.
I pulled on my joggers, grabbed my cell phone from the nightstand and proceeded out to the balcony in front of her bed, slowly opening the sliding glass door so I didn’t disturb her. A couple of minutes passed as I leaned against the balcony rail, listening to the rain still coming down, even heavier than it had been when I showed up. I thought about what I was going to say to my boss. How to word what I needed from him, from the guys. How to ask for help at all. But I had to, I needed his help. I needed her to remain safe. There were no other options.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket, using my quick dial to call him. It was nearly four in the morning, but I knew he’d be up. He rarely slept. I listened to it ring, my heart thumping wildly against the bones that caged it in my chest. The ringing stopped, a deep intake of breath could be heard on the other end, making my heart nearly stop.
“Jungkook, my boy, is everything alright?” 
“Yoongi, I need your help.” my voice cracked when I spoke, giving away my anxiousness.
“You need Hoseok to wire Lila’s house and Tae to put up cameras.” he stated, taking me by surprise.
“Yes. As soon as possible.”
“Is she asleep?”
“They'll be there within the hour, Jungkook.”
“Thank you, Yoongi.”
“We’re family, Kookie. Family protects its own, including the ones we love. I’ll see you in a few weeks. I need you to lay low along with the rest of the gang.”
“You don’t have to tell me twice, boss.”
“Yes, sir?”
“You did good tonight. Thank you for your loyalty, brother.”
“Thank you, Yoongi.”
After that, the phone went silent and the call ended. I let out a sigh of relief, hands hanging over the edge of the balcony as my head rested on the railing. I don’t know why I had gotten so anxious about asking for Yoongi’s help. Despite that fact that he was my boss, he was one of my closest friends too. He was family, and I knew with his help, Lila would be the safest she possibly could be. I still couldn’t believe the weight his words had taken off of my chest. Maybe, just maybe, with Yoongi knowing Lila had become a permanent part of my life, things might be a little normal. Maybe we could have a real life and be happy outside of my responsibilities to the gang.
Whether it be true or not, I will spend the rest of my days knowing that she loves me in the same way I have always loved her. 
Whole heartedly, endlessly, fiercely and passionately until we draw our final breath.
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koogalore · 8 months ago
supermodel | jjk
Tumblr media
the last three months have been hell for you, but Jungkook seemed to be living his best life.
pairing: ex-bf!jk x thick!reader
warnings: explicit mentions of body image and insecurities, infidelity, anal sex, oral (male receive), foul language (kinda), etc.
now playing: supermodel by sza
part two part three
Exactly three months ago, your and Jungkook’s 2 years relationship officially ended. Unofficially, it ended about 5 months ago. And for about one month now, Jungkook’s been seeing someone else.
Your heart and mind told you not to do it but you couldn’t help calculating. Three months ago, you were still dating, two months later, he started dating someone else. That must mean he’s known her for a while. Did he cheat on you with her? Well, it’s not like it matters now anyway, does it?
Her name was Yuki, an undeniable Japanese beauty. You were still in college, studying music and she was a famous model who appeared in internationally known magazines. You assumed she met Jungkook during a photoshoot since he was a professional photographer who often worked for companies like Vogue and Playboy. You couldn’t help but compare yourself to her.
It wasn’t the fact that he moved on so quickly that hurt you the most. It was the fact that he knew all about your low self-esteem and how you lack confidence. Especially about your body. And he still went and dated a model, of all professions in the world. He was definitely over you.
If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he did it on purpose. But thankfully, you knew better, he looked too happy for that to be even considered. He forgot about you.
You’re making yourself sadder by remembering all the times he assured you you were beautiful and your body was nothing to be ashamed of. The times he let his fingertips run over the lines of your stretch marks, whispering in your ear how much he loved them and how they reminded him of Tiger stripes. The times he caressed your jiggly thighs and told you how sexy he thought they were.
Then your mind would drift back to the phone in your hand, the Instagram page of Yuki Sakurai opened, careful not to accidentally like anything and expose yourself. Not that she’d notice anyway, she had 3.7 million followers, while you had a private one with 500 followers and no posts, and she gets around 300 to 700 thousand likes on each post, depending on whether she posts random photos or pretty pictures of herself. Or newly, your ex-boyfriend, Jungkook. Oh, how crazy everybody goes whenever she posts him. People love them together. You couldn’t blame them. Two attractive people? Of course, they’re gonna look great together.
Fucking great.
That the end of your relationship with Jungkook would look like this was semi-predictable from the beginning. He did admit to you that he never thought he’d date someone that looked like you when you first dated. And your heart broke a little. But he also made up for it in those two years, it was a beautiful relationship nonetheless.
While you weren’t exactly his ‘ideal’ type, he was definitely yours. You always heard from other women ‘when in a relationship, the man always has to love the woman more than she loves him. Otherwise, it won’t work.’ You never really got the saying until your breakup with Jungkook happened. It was the fact that you clearly loved Jungkook more than he loved you that lead to this.
“Oh my goodness!”, your roommate, Jane, dramatically exclaimed. “Will you stop feeling bad for yourself and do something? That’s not what hot girls do, sis.”
Jane was a lovely girl with a not so lovely temper. She always means well and you got along perfectly as soon as you met. Which was around 3 and a half years ago.
She looked over your shoulder to see what you were looking at. You obviously didn’t want her to see you snooping around your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend’s Instagram but it was too late.
“Seriously, yn?”, she took your phone in her hand and threw it on the bed. “Let’s go somewhere, you can’t do this to yourself anymore. I’m not letting you.”
Jane was clearly worried about you at this point. The only thing you did these last few weeks was eating, shower, cry, sleep and miss a whole bunch of classes. This wasn’t good at all.
“Where?”, your question was short.
“To the mall? Or the nail studio? Anything that’ll get you out of this fucking dormitory.”, Jane sighed, pulling the blanket off of you, making you whine a little. “C’mon, go put on some cute outfit and we’ll go.”
You felt bad since she was trying hard to make you feel better. But it didn’t really work.
You nodded, standing up from the bed, nonetheless. You picked out a cute two-piece dress, that brought back blurred memories of the time you went on a date with Jungkook, wearing the same two-piece. Bet Yuki would look cuter in this...
‘Shut your petty ass up, yn. It’s embarrassing, the way you’re stuck on a taken guy who wants nothing to do with you’
You wish you could change the way you think, even if it’s just for an hour or two. You wish you would stop imagining Jungkook judging you when he saw you naked or when you told him that you wished you could cut off some of your fat with a pair of scissors.
You were beyond ashamed of yourself. Why wasn’t it easy for you to just stay by yourself? why were you so desperately in need of Jungkook by your side to the point where you’d lock yourself in your room for a month just because he isn’t there?
You needed Jungkook. You became so attached to him in those two years, because you always saw him as a permanent, a forever. Not just a temporary, not just a distant memory. You already saw him as the father of your children, as the man you’re gonna marry.
You were so blinded by the fact that you had him, that you forgot you could lose him anytime.
“I’m done, let’s go.”, unenthusiastically, you announced to Jane, who was already waiting for you.
“Let’s get the fuck outta here!”, In contrast to your spirit, hers seemed to be all roses and daisies. “Lord knows you need it...”
“Look at this cute ass skirt, girl”, Jane pointed at a chic, wine mini skirt she was holding. “You know, when I saw it back there I wanted to have it, but it’d look so much better on you”
You took a few seconds to admire Jane’s beauty. She was about 3 cm taller than you, had a great posture, and almond, dark brown eyes that suited her dark skin tone perfectly. Her body leaned more towards the slimmer side.
“Shut up! No, it would not”, you let out a small giggle. “It would look gorgeous on you, buy it.”
She smiled a little at your laughs. She was happy to see you at least a little cheerful again. “Yeah, but I think it’d look better on you. I’m entitled to my own opinion, am I not?”
You knew this debate was gonna go back and forth, because of her stubbornness. “Let’s both buy the skirt.”
You ended up doing so, added by a bunch of bags full of clothing. This may’ve turned into your new coping mechanism. Who needed therapy when you can go on a shopping spree?
Two hours were spent in boutiques and clothing stores and Jane decided she was tired, wanting to visit the local spa.
“No, seriously, these Riverdale seasons just keep on getting worse and worse. Netflix needs to step up their game ASAP”, Jane ranted, making you laugh at how serious she takes it. “It’s getting embarrassing. I’m being for real.”
The two of you were sitting in the whirlpool at the spa, relaxing your whole bodies a little.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, I don’t watch these new Netflix shows anyways. Been stuck on the vampire diaries for the last 7 years”, you chuckled, knowing you hated trying new things. “Can you pass me one of those magazines?”
Jane nodded, grabbing a random one from the table next to her and handed it to you, without looking at it.
The cover of it caught your eyes immediately. How could it not, when your ex’s new girl looks absolutely dazzling on the front page of it.
‘Supermodel Yuki Sakurai talks summer fashion tips, struggle with self-love and most importantly, her hot, new boyfriend the media is going crazy over’ was the headline of the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine cover.
You felt your stomach getting sick and your breath getting heavier, but you still flipped the pages until you found the one with her interview. You began reading it, skipping the boring parts.
‘Int: so, we see you have a new boyfriend. Tell us, how did you guys meet?
Yuki: Yeah, he’s an amazing guy. We actually met about six or five months ago at one of my photoshoots, since he’s a photographer and we exchanged numbers and stuff, and then we made it official mid last month.’
About six or five months ago? You were with him back then, but her answer was too unclear to find out if he cheated or not.
“Woah, yn, you okay?”
You entirely forgot about the fact that you were with Jane, let alone somewhere other than your bed.
Before you could react, Jane snatched the magazine out of your hand.
“You really can’t escape them, huh?”, She sighs, taking you in her arm. “It’s gonna be okay, baby. In a few months, you’re gonna look back to this and think wow I really was stuck on a guy who’s scared of microwaves and cried like a bitch when Iron Man died.”
You laughed, punching her arm playfully. “You know, I actually love these things about him. Shows his sensitivity and the way he perceives things.”
Jane looked at you as if she didn’t believe you were actually saying that stuff. “Girl, you’re overanalyzing this. Let’s just throw this shit in the trash, okay?”
She put the magazine aside.
“I just don't know what I did wrong.”, You murmured. “I know we weren't the best, but we didn't even fight that much. We could’ve talked it through.”
Jane pursed her lips and cooed. “You know, relationships are complicated sometimes. The reason why he broke up, to begin with, is probably not your fault.”
“Well, what if it is? I mean what if I was too fat or too ugly for him?”, you asked. “If he wanted a skinny girl so bad, I could’ve lost weight for him, I don’t get it.”
Jane looked at you like you lost your mind entirely. “I can’t believe you just said that! Even if that was the reason, which it wasn’t, you shouldn’t make yourself suffer because of it. That’s his loss. You’re beyond gorgeous and you have an amazing body.”
“You’re just saying that.”, tears slowly started coming up in your eyes. “But the thing is Jungkook knows all about my insecurities. Why would he do that to me? I know he knows that I’m still not over him.”
You usually didn’t like crying in front of other people, but you didn’t really care at the moment, besides that was Jane. You trusted her with your life.
“Girl, men are trash, I can’t believe you’re crying over one right now, seriously.”, she wiped your tears and held your face between her hands. “You know, honestly, I’ve read so many articles about how models actually hate themselves and have like the lowest self-esteem so in conclusion, no matter how miserable you are, his new girl is even more miserable.”
You knew Jane didn’t mean it in a harmful way, but it sounded harsher than needed. “I don’t hate her, she probably doesn’t even know about me. I’m just really insecure. He upgraded from me. He’s dating a whole model now.”
The situation just felt like a deja vu of these last few weeks laying in your bed, even though you were at the spa with your friend. You were supposed to have fun, yet you didn’t feel like having any.
“Why would you feel insecure when all you’ve seen of her are Instagram posts and red carpet pictures? She’s supposed to look beautiful, it’s her job.”
To a certain extent, Jane was right, but that didn’t really help your situation, you still felt bad about yourself. You stayed silent.
“C’mon, this isn’t fun anymore. Let’s leave.”, Jane mumbled.
it’s been two days since the incident at the spa and you felt a little bit better now.
Those days were spent reading the same three book series you’ve read your entire life, overthinking, hot Cheetos, Indian takeout, and Netflix. It really wasn’t as miserable as it sounded.
You were just taking a little rest before term break ends and you have to go back to the shithole college again.
Jane was using the time until college starts again, but in different ways than you were. She was planning on going to some frat party in an hour and forget about the world’ for a minute. Or till 4 in the morning, where she will most likely drunk call you and ask you for a ride back to the dorms, because the friends she went to the party with were shit-faced as well and were in no way capable of driving anywhere without the cops stopping them.
Going out partying on a Friday night was a Jane tradition. In the past, you’d sometimes go with her, but you mostly spent your time out with Jungkook doing something more fun than partying could ever be. Now you can’t do that anymore, but laying in bed is more ideal than a party for you at the moment.
“How do I look?”, Jane twirled around to show off her black cocktail dress. She looked beautiful.
“You look beautiful.”, you responded to her question. “Are you leaving now?”
“Hm”, she said, to which you nodded. “You sure you don’t wanna come with me? It’s gonna be really fun.”
You shook your head no.
“Alright”, she shrugged, making her way out of your bedroom. “But I told you, it’s gonna be fun.”
You chuckled, rolling your eyes. “I’ll stay here, I have shit to do.”
“Yeah, right, like binge-watching the vampire diaries and taking 5-hour naps”, she said in a sarcastic tone. “Anyway, bye-bye, Vic’s already waiting for me in the car.”
Victoria was perhaps one of the most obnoxious people you know, yet she was too much of a nice person for you to talk shit about her. The voice of your intrusive thoughts couldn’t help but to, though.
“Alright, bye, take care and say hi to Vic from me.”
After Jane left, an hour went by like it was just a couple of minutes. You were starting to get real bored and decided to watch some regular tv in hopes to find something you enjoy. You ended up not finding anything fun, but you still watched it, because you didn’t have anything else to do.
A few moments later, the doorbell rang and you were suddenly worried. Either this is a serial killer or Jane forgot something.
But to your surprise, it was neither, but it was none other than
“Jungkook?”, truly, those were the only words you were able to mutter out at your shocked state. “What are you do-“
At the speed of light, you were interrupted by your ex-boyfriend pressing his lips to yours. He didn’t say a word.
You weren’t expecting him. Not knowing how you were supposed to feel at the moment, you just let it happen. You were sure your mental state couldn’t get any worse than that, no matter how this will affect you in the end.
“Is Jane home?”, for the first time in 3 months, you’re hearing his silky voice again.
Jungkook knew Jane always had some type of special hatred for him with her killing stares and her bitter comments. You didn’t notice either though.
He also knew she must hate him even more after your breakup. Or maybe she liked him more now since she was able to get rid of him without killing anyone.
“No”, your answer was short and it made a weight fall from Jungkook’s shoulders before he continued kissing you.
It wasn’t anything you haven’t done before, yet it felt like it’s been ages since it last happened. Your mind drifted to the thought of Jungkook and his model girlfriend. You were asking yourself what their sex life was like, if she was tighter than you or if she had stretch marks and scars.
Jungkook’s lips were moving south, giving your neck wet kisses, while you were wondering why he broke up with his model girlfriend. Or if he even did. You felt selfish for not caring.
Removing your clothes one by one, you were left in your underwear, while Jungkook only had his boxers on.
This body was yours. You knew it inside out. Where he liked to get touched and where he preferred not to. You knew him better than anyone else. You were sure.
You already moved to your bedroom, since Jungkook effortlessly carried you there. You were sat on his lap, facing him and your hands were in his messy hair. His hands were around your waist, he was slightly smiling into the kiss, as you started grinding on him. He loved how easy it was for him to turn you on. You were still his.
Cutting off the kiss, he looked you in the eyes, while his hand was on your cheek. “Say aah.”, he said.
You widened your mouth obediently, which was followed by him collecting as much saliva as he could in his mouth and spitting it into your mouth.
“Swallow.”, demanding, he spit on your face, his eyes become darker with every passing moment. You did as he said.
You looked at him with big eyes. He knew you loved it. You’ve always had a thing for him degrading and humiliating you during sex.
He started grinding on you almost desperately. You knew exactly what he wanted.
Getting out of his grip, you dropped to your knees and freed his hard dick from his drawers. You reached for it and started pumping it, and licking it. Your spit was leaking down his dick as you used it for lubrication. Then you started sucking on it, just the way you used to.
Jungkook’s groans and satisfied sighs were enough to make you even wetter than before. You enjoyed giving more than receiving.
Your mouth was wet and warm around him, giving him a feeling of familiarity. You lick over the tip a few times, then proceed to fully take him into your mouth.
The bulge in your throat could be seen and the way your eyes were tearing up a little wasn’t bothering you at all. You loved giving.
Jungkook started thrusting in and out of your warm, welcoming mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat multiple times.
“Fuck”, a throaty moan left Jungkook’s mouth, giving you hints that he was about to cum. And he did, releasing in your mouth before you swallowed it. “Shit, baby, that was so good.”
You felt your face heat up and a sheepish smile made its way to your face. Your throat was sore.
The two of you were on the bed again. To you, it felt like it was the times before your breakup again, when you’d purposely start an argument just for the makeup sex because Jungkook wasn’t giving you any anymore. It was like sex was the only thing to look forward to.
You felt attached to Jungkook to a point where it was dangerous. You weren’t okay when he wasn’t around. He affected every part of your life and God knew it wasn’t always a positive thing. Maybe it was the fact that he took your virginity. Maybe because he was your first boyfriend, the first guy that made you believe you were worthy of love and that someone was actually capable of loving you. One thing you knew was Jungkook had an expansive influence on your life.
While you were practically drowning in your own thoughts, Jungkook was busy taking off your underwear.
“You okay?”, Jungkook calmly asked you, looking at your riddled face.
“Huh? Yeah, I’m okay.”, you sounded distracted, Jungkook wasn’t sure about asking you what it is though. He didn’t feel like getting personal.
So he shrugged it off and started kissing you again, his dick was unsurprisingly hard again as he played with your tits. He drew lines over the stretch marks of your thighs and kissed them.
“Can I fuck your ass?”, Jungkook’s raspy, tired-sounding voice casually asked, to which you quickly nodded, knowing that Jungkook’s favorite position had always been anal. He was massaging and gripping your ass firmly.
“This is gonna hurt at first, but I promise it gets better.”, He warned calmly into your ear, while putting some lube on his dick and just went right into your ass, slowly thrusting so you don’t feel as much pain.
He was right, it did hurt a lot when he first put it in, but the pain just changed into pleasure in a matter of time and his slow-paced thrusts helped with the adjustment.
“Fuck, I missed this ass”, he practically growled into your ear, as he kept on thrusting in and out, steadily gripping your wide hips with his big, veiny hands. “It just doesn’t feel right when I’m inside her ass.”
You knew your confidence shouldn’t rely on Jungkook bringing his girlfriend down, but you couldn’t help but feel good about your body when he said that. It’s been a while since you felt even a tiny spark of confidence. You weren’t so fond of him mentioning her while he was inside of you.
Your soft moans rang through the whole room like sirens, while he watched your ass jiggle against his pelvis, thrusting in and out faster every second. He missed this.
You had always thought you were indecisive, but you knew exactly what you wanted. You just couldn’t have that, so you’d eventually have to settle for less.
Jungkook wasn’t to blame for it, you just couldn’t concede your shortcomings. The movie’s villain wasn’t always the real villain.
Your hands traveled to your pussy to make sure you’d orgasm as well, when you heard Jungkook’s breathing getting heavier and his thrusts getting gentler than before, indicating that he was gonna cum soon. You were certain he could make you cum with just anal, but you wanted to cum with him.
With furrowed eyebrows and drops of sweat dripping down his body, Jungkook looked down at your arched back. The whole scene was sticky, especially when Jungkook presses his upper body to your back, whispering sweet nothings into your ear and kissing the spot.
It was kinda odd, having sex with your ex-boyfriend you were crying over just a day ago. There was a certain intensity to it though. Like your long-lasting nostalgia was finally fulfilled.
You’ve realized you couldn’t imagine yourself being intimate with anybody else. Jungkook already knew your body, how it looked without the material protecting it, the strawberry skin, the slightly sagging breasts you swore you’d surgically remove once you had the chance to but didn’t. He knew where you liked being touched, he was the first one to even touch you in those places.
You were unsure what you’d do with yourself when he leaves.
Jungkook’s thrusts slowly started stopping and you too felt the familiar sensation in your stomach.
Suddenly, you two were nothing but desire, fear, and pleasure. And faster than you could process, you came together.
For minutes after your orgasm, you were just laying on the bed, thoughtless. Maybe a little regretful. Not you, but him.
You weren’t facing each other, but you could hear each other’s breathing. Your stomach was filled with something you’d describe as post-sex melancholia.
All of a sudden, Jungkook stood up from the bed, startling your resting self a little, but you decided to keep quiet, wanting to see what he was going to do.
He made his way to the door to leave what he thought was your sleeping body laying there. You couldn’t keep quiet anymore.
“Where are you going?”, your soft voice suddenly rang in his ears. “Don’t you wanna stay?”
He didn’t know how exactly to tell you. You’ve always been a gullible little girl, you were the type of girl to think fucking equals love. Little did you know that wasn’t the case at all.
“Yn.... you know I can’t”, Jungkook responded, you knew it wasn’t gonna be good when he said your name like that. “I got a girl at home and I don’t wanna mess shit up with her.”
There it was. Your suspicion was corroborated. He was still going out with the model and you were a certified home wrecker. Great.
You physically felt your heart breaking. “Bu- but why are you here then?”
You were incapable of being mad at him at the moment. It was your fault for letting him in, again. After breaking your trust and your heart.
“This was a mistake”, he declared, not looking into your eyes. “I’m sorry, yn...”
He’s moved past your room now, already at the exit of your dormitory. He was about to leave.
“You already ruined shit with her when you came here and fucked me.”, your voice was small, but your words were heard.
Without looking back, he left.
And you went back to your room, standing in the middle of it for a minute in silence before your brain fully processed what had happened and your tears started pouring.
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lavienjin · 2 months ago
nock & loaded | jjk
Tumblr media
summary: you should be resting before your big match at the olympics, but can you say no when those eyes are asking you to practice with him one more time?
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x fem!reader
wc: 3.8k
genre/au/rating: 18+ | s2l, olympic athlete au | smut
warnings: pwp • semi-public sex • shower sex • dirty talk • unprotected sex • impact play (ass and titties!) • hair pulling • edging • breast play • creampie • biting • name calling (whore, slut) • fingering • handjob
author's note: i don't know how archery works. happy birthday to the sweetest jungkook. here's to him endlessly wrecking us all! thanks anon for requesting this, it was fun to write (my requests are closed)! and a huge other thank you to @joyfulhopelox for beta-reading! i appreciate you, maria!
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
You nock the arrow in its spot, holding the bow in front of you as your three fingers draw the string taut. The back of your hand is warm against your cheek. You inhale deeply, slowly, as you line up the shot – a little lower than you’d expect, you remind yourself, closing an eye out of habit.
Everything stills.
You no longer hear the incessant buzzing from the fluorescent lights or the soft chattering from the crowd of people practicing next to you.
It’s just you and the yellow bullseye.
You exhale one final time before your fingers loosen their grip; the arrow shooting straight into its intended mark, lodging itself to the target with a thunk.
Padding over to the target, you yank the arrow roughly, returning it to the quiver on your hip as your hand trails over the deep indent on the foam. Slightly off-center, you chastise yourself. With a determined set of your jaw, you make your way to the shooting line to try again. The grip around your compound bow tightens and you roll your shoulders back, stretching your neck in the process before you resume your stance.
Inhale. Exhale.
Eyes sharp and focused, you launch arrow after arrow in rapid succession; the air whistling where you slice it in half, as a volley of fire rains down on the poor, battered target. You don’t stop. Not until your arms tremble and you're unable to lift the weight of the bow in your hand. Sighing irritably, you collect your final arrows – all in the yellow circle aside for one – before shoving them roughly in the quiver and moving the target back to its original position against the wall.
Looking around the gym, you’re unsurprised to find it mostly deserted, save for a few stragglers still practicing their craft. The large clock on the wall tells you that it’s not even midnight and you curse your tired body for its inability to keep up. Granted, your competition isn’t until the day after tomorrow, but this is the Olympics and you wanted to squeeze in as many practices as you could before then. Chugging the remainder of your water, you stare at the wall, running through all the advice your coach has given you in the past to see how you could do better.
You could’ve screamed, heart beating rapidly in your chest when you whirl around to find a man behind you.
“Sorry,” he frowns before chuckling awkwardly as his hand brushes some hair away from his face. A very handsomeface; equipped with shimmering, dark eyes and a dimpled smile. “I’m Jungkook, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
He thrusts his hand towards you and though you’re hesitant, you take it, a half-smile on your face. “Hi Jungkook, I’m—”
“I know who you are,” he interrupts excitedly, pumping your hand up and down. Upon noticing your bewildered expression, Jungkook visibly cringes; eyes shutting and brows furrowing as he groans. “Sorry, again, God.”
You cough, eyes flickering south to hint at your joined palms and Jungkook yanks his hand away quickly. But the force of his action causes you to tumble forward into his chest.
His very toned chest.
Heat rises to your cheeks when you realise your hands are splayed and gently squeezing his body. You can't help the laughter bursting out of your chest as Jungkook helps you regain your sense of balance and it only makes you laugh harder when you spy the man turning scarlet. He joins your mirth, but it sounded a little strained.
“Jesus, I swear I’m not like this normally,” he half-cough, half-chuckles. “I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan. You won gold two years in a row and I’ve watched all your matches since last year." Jungkook hesitates for a second, mouth opening and closing several times while he studies your sneakers. "Okay, that’s all. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bury myself into a hole and never come out now.”
Jungkook turns around to leave, and you can hear him cursing himself under his breath about your interaction. You couldn't help the smile tugging the corners of your lips when you catch him shaking his head vigorously as he groans yet again.
Your body moves before your mind could stop it, sneakers squeaking on the floor as you jog towards him. Jungkook's interesting. And cute.
“Wait—” you call out, reaching out to grab him by the sleeve of his grey sweatshirt when you're near. “You obviously seem to know who I am. But I don’t think it’s fair that I don’t know who you are. Enlighten me?”
Jungkook’s face lights up. “Oh, yeah! I’m the newest entrant for the indoor match. I’m playing after you,” he grins sheepishly, hand resting on the back of his neck. His gaze drifts to the bow in your hand. “Were you done with practice? I was actually hoping you’d give me a few pointers.”
"Is that why you approached me?" You can't help but tease, adoring the endearing way he dips his head and smiles at you through his lashes despite being much taller than you. Though you really should be going back to your room to rest, you can’t find the strength to deny him of his request. “I'm messing with you, Jungkook. Let me grab the target.”
“No, let me!” Jungkook bounds excitedly to the wall lined with the rectangular foam pieces, his loud shoes slapping loudly against the gym floor as he drags one of them behind him. You suppress your giggle as you watch him set it up, his tongue peeking out of his mouth while he measures the distances between the target and the shooting line carefully.
When he finished, he jogged over to where you're standing, picking up his own bow from the floor. He rolls his shoulders and takes a deep breath, fastening the tail of the arrow to the string. "Okay, I'm ready," Jungkook grins with a tilt of his chin. "Should I start shooting?"
You shake your head and motion for him to stand behind the line. “Before you do that, show me your stance,” you instruct, studying as Jungkook raises the weapon at eye level. He pulls the tail of the arrow taut against the string with his other hand to rest it on his cheek. You briefly admire the way his face changes – the innocent facade melting away with the set of his jaw and furrowed eyebrows; his gaze sharp on the yellow circle ahead.
You redirect your focus back to his stance and not at his possibly fit body. The same one you felt just moments before.
Shaking your head away to clear the indecent thoughts, you study his posture by walking around him in circles. You spy something out of place and without thinking, your hands come up to touch his forearms, bending it back slightly— only for the arrow from his faltered grip.
"Sorry,” you scramble, hands returning swiftly to your side. Jungkook coughs, avoiding your gaze and your heart sinks at the thought that maybe you’ve made him uncomfortable. “Did I scare you?”
His eyes widen as he whips his head to meet your crestfallen gaze, shaking his head rapidly from side to side. "Oh no, I, uh, wasn't expecting to be touched, that's all," he explains, shuffling his weight to his other foot. "I'm the one who should be sorry. You're taking time to help me practice and I'm mumbling around like an idiot."
You relax at his words, throwing him a smile as you shake your head. "Nah, I should've warned you. Show me your stance again? There's a few things I want to point out."
Jungkook’s more reserved when he draws the arrow this time and though his aim is to the target, you feel his eyes watching your every move from his periphery. Years of training has helped you focus instantly on the small mistakes in his posture, adjusting his footing or arm placement as you lecture. “Here, relax your forearm, you don’t want that sticking out,” you point out, touching his inner elbow to bend it slightly. “We don't want you getting injured.”
You continue your assessment by shifting his stance with slight touches, completely oblivious to the contracting muscles underneath your fingertips. “Tilt your hips more and—”
Jungkook stiffens under your touch and you freeze in place, your hands firmly rooted on his waist. You slowly drag your eyes to study his features. He looks appalled – beads of sweat dripping from his forehead while his cheeks gradually take in the colour of a tomato. Jungkook refuses to turn to you, wide eyes still locked on the target ahead though his mouth is now pressed to a grim line.
A dangerous idea crosses through your mind and you can’t help the mischievous smirk that stretches across your lips. “Focus, Jungkook,” you purr, dropping your voice a few notes lower. “You’re lucky I’m even here coaching you, y’know?”
You dig your fingers into his hips, making him jump and lose his grip on the bow, the equipment clattering uselessly on the ground.
“Pick it up,” you command with a chuckle. He heeds your request with trembling hands, returning quickly to the proper stance you’ve taught him. “Good boy, such a fast learner.”
While you continue your nonchalant lecture, your hands roam all over his body though your touches now linger a few heartbeats longer than before. You observe his reactions with great interest: at his trembling arms, shallow breathing, and glassy, half-lidded eyes. Despite the telltale signs, his gaze is still trained on the target ahead.
You click your tongue at the lackluster reactions. So, you decide to tease him further, squishing your tits firmly on his back as your arms circle around his waist. His chest expands and you hear his thundering heartbeat marching alongside your own. Standing on your tiptoes, you graze the shell of his ear with your lips.
“Go on," you whisper, nipping lightly at his earlobe. "Take the shot.”
Jungkook growls when he releases the arrow, but neither of you know where it lands. The instant you hear a thunk, he chucks the bow haphazardly to the side, the weapon clattering loudly on the gym floor, to whirl around and crash his lips onto yours.
He pulls you in an embrace, a hand circling your midsection while his hot tongue swipes on your bottom lip. Your head swims with his scent and you moan desperately into his mouth, hands fisting the front of his tracksuit to pull him closer. You didn't know if there were people still left in the gym, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care – not when Jungkook’s large hands are kneading your ass and the pool of desire continues to build in your abdomen, numbing all your other senses to focus solely on his touch.
“Showers. Now,” he commands. You respond with a giggle and he pulls you to the direction of the bathrooms, abandoning your scattered equipment on the floor.
The steam from the shower helps you battle the cold tiles against your back. Your eyes are closed as you let out moan after airy moan while Jungkook slams three of his tattooed fingers repeatedly into your aching cunt.
Your own hand strokes his shaft, squeezing and tugging gently while his hips buck in tandem. The shower fails to dampen the loud squelches reverberating the room and you only hope that it’s late enough that no one is around.
“Ngh—fuck!” he grunts loudly when you gently run your thumb across the slit of his throbbing cock head. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve – mmh – fantasized about this for so long.”
The thought makes you cringe, but your snide response turns into gibberish when his thumb traces circles on your clit.
"Oh my god, Jungkook—" you keen, pushing your chest forward when he bends over to latch his mouth on your nipple, grazing his teeth on the sensitive skin before laving the bud with his tongue. The sensation has you trembling, knees about to give out with the sheer amount of electricity shooting down your spine. "Do it again, baby."
Jungkook chuckles briefly before moving to your other tit, swirling his tongue over the nipple while his empty hand pinches the other one. Heeding your request, he bites down a little harder – eliciting a half-scream from your lips as you throw your head back, inches away from colliding with the tile. Marks appear on your tits every time his mouth connects to the skin and you can only moan and tremble under his touch.
"F-Feels good," you sigh, grinding your hips on his fingers. "Fuck, you're so good to me, Kook."
Jungkook grunts your name when you squeeze his cock tighter, eyes falling shut as his body shivers in ecstacy. “God, I love your hand around my dick, but I can’t wait anymore, baby, need to fuck you now,” he groans, rutting faster against your hold.
You nod for a fraction of a second and that’s all it takes for Jungkook to slip his fingers out from your pussy to spin you around, pushing your chest against the blue ceramic while his hand smacks your ass playfully. Giggling, you wiggle your hips in response before arching your back until your cunt meets the head of his cock. Your smirk stretches wider when Jungkook curses harshly under his breath.
“What are you waiting for? Come fuck me already then,” you taunt breathlessly, raising your hips to drag your folds against his shaft.
At your invitation, he seizes your hips firmly before pushing his length into your quivering pussy. You groan when you feel the tip slide in, forehead pressed against the wall as you close your eyes in bliss. He’s filling you gradually, waiting for you to adjust to his girth – and though normally you'd be grateful, you're too high on euphoria and adrenaline to wait any longer.
“Jungkook, come on,” you whine, grinding against the head of his cock. “Why don't you fuck me like you hate me?”
The instant the words leave your mouth, Jungkook growls – your name coming out through gritted teeth – and he lands a sharp, forceful smack on your ass. You grunt at the unexpected slap, nails scratching at the slippery tile as Jungkook slips out of your cunt, leaving only the tip, before plunging his cock all the way in without warning. His hand winds itself around your wet hair, tugging your head back forcibly until your glassy eyes look up at the ceiling above while he sets a brutal pace – spearing your cunt vigorously with his hard length.
“Yeah?" he grunts in your ear when you screech his name, his voice slightly muffled by the shower. "You want me to treat you like a whore? Who knew that the two-time gold medalist is this much of a fucking slut?”
You shiver as he continues the onslaught of words accompanied by brutal thrusts; surprised to see this side of the sweet boy you met only hours ago. As your high-pitch moans reverberate through the bathroom, the coil in your abdomen continues to tighten until you're shaking, relying heavily on the hold Jungkook has on your hips to keep you steady.
Jungkook continues to drive his cock into your cunt, using his grip on your hair for momentum as he rocks you back and forth. He removes his hand from your waist to palm your tits before landing a loud smack that reaches your ears. You grit your teeth to avoid screaming at the sharp pain as tears begin to blur your vision.
"Oh, you like that? I can feel your cunt tightening up," he teases with a husky laugh, pinching your nipple between his fingers while ignoring your howling cries of his name.
After roughly fondling your chest, Jungkook pushes you back to the tile, squishing your tits against the ceramic to give attention to your ass – landing quick, short smacks on your plump cheeks until the torrent of water feels like sandpaper on your skin. You grunt with every impact and sink your nails deep into the tattooed forearm that's pushing your head against the wall. There’s a prickle of worry that you’re breaking skin when he hisses, but Jungkook does not relent, continuing his brutal pace.
“Kook-“ you cry, tears and water blurring your vision. “I’m fucking close—”
You hear his raspy chuckle as he slows down. The orgasm that laps at your feet is starting to ebb and you groan in frustration, eyes screwed shut while your body trembles. You whimper pathetically against his hold, trying to turn your head to no avail. “Fuck—why?”you cry.
Jungkook laughs as he lands yet another smack across your ass. “What did you say before? ‘Fuck me like you hate me’? Should I even let you cum?” he jeers as his hand cups your core to swipe harsh circles on your clit.
No, no, no! Your eyes open wide as you stare at the white ceiling at the threat. “P-Please, let me cum!” you plead, grinding desperately on his cock.
"Look at you. So fucked out just for me." Jungkook sweeps your wet hair away from your face, planting a quick kiss on your cheek while he switches to deep, slow strokes - exiting your cunt only to slam back in. You whimper, pressing your cheek tightly against the tile as your body spasms, and you’re sure that the checkered lines has embedded themselves on your skin.
"Where's that attitude you had in the beginning, hm?" He punctuates each word with a powerful thrust, raking his fingers through your hair.
You garble half-syllables; chanting various forms of "Jungkook, fuck! Please—" in breathy moans.
“You can cum,” he concedes with a bored sigh after a few more thrusts and you release the breath you didn’t know you were holding. “But know that it’s because I let you.”
He relaxes his grip on your head, smoothing out your matted hair to one side of your neck. Jungkook trails his index finger down the column of exposed skin, making you shiver under his touch. “Such a pretty neck,” he mumbles, wrapping his tattooed hand around the base of your throat.
He squeezes experimentally and you clench harder around his dick; his name coming out in the barest of whispers. “Fuck—” he hisses, pressing hard enough that you can hardly breathe, especially with the thick steam from the shower around you. “Does this feel good, baby?”
You can hardly think, brain too muddled with lust and pleasure. It was difficult to talk, but you manage to whine affirmatively. “Yes – shit – feels so fucking good.”
Jungkook hums approvingly. He continues his languid pace and though you prefer the vigorous snaps of his hips, you keep your mouth shut; fearing that he'll continue to edge you when you’re so close, the impending orgasm making your toes curl.
However, your high continues to recede with every sluggish drag of his cock. With a frustrating cry, you can no longer ignore your needs. “Jungkook – harder! Please!”
The lewd sounds of sex are drowned by the cascade of water as Jungkook returns to his harsh pace, loudly grunting your name alongside your own relieved cries. His hand leaves your throat to land another sharp smack on your ass, before gripping the cheek forcibly, nails digging into your skin. Your orgasm is approaching fast – electricity shooting straight to your core when his cock slams repeatedly into the spot that makes your eyes roll back.
"Fuck, you're so tight. Can't wait to fill this pussy – ngh. Cum for me, baby, I got you," he husks.
With Jungkook's words ringing in your ears, the coil snaps. The orgasm makes your legs shake violently, making it hard for you to stay standing. Your vision is dotted in white as your head swims – your mouth repeating, “Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook!”
He chants your name through gritted teeth, helping you prolong your orgasm with every drive of his hard cock inside your swollen cunt. Jungkook’s thrusts gradually turn sloppier as he approaches his own end and despite the encroaching sensitivity in your pussy, you move your hips in tandem with his, aiding him along.
“Fill me up, Kook—” you beg, your voice sounding whiny and desperate.
“Ngh – fuck, fuck!” he groans, bruising your already stinging ass with his grip as he empties himself inside of you, spurts of white, hot cum lodging deep in your cunt.
Exhausted, he slumps over your arched figure, kissing your neck and shoulders, his body trembling as he ruts slowly inside, pushing his cum deeper. You both hiss when he leaves your battered walls and the two of you stand there for a few solid seconds, enjoying the skinship and the warm water caressing your tired limbs.
As Jungkook collects his breathing, you lather yourself up with the soap, wincing slightly at the smarting skin left by his devilish hands.
“That was—”
“Hot,” you finish his sentence with a smirk. “Here’s hoping my joints are well enough for me to compete.”
Jungkook laughs sheepishly, apologies begin tumbling out, which you silence quickly with a press of your lips against his. “None of that, I enjoyed myself,” you grin. “Let’s get ourselves cleaned up and get the hell out of here.”
When you’re fully clothed and sated, the gym is thankfully devoid of its denizens. You put the target back to where it belongs and Jungkook hauls both your gym bags and equipment over his shoulder.You spy the way he bites his lip, suppressing his laughter at your strange gait as the two of you walk towards the exit.
“Don’t laugh, you did this,” you pout, jabbing a finger into his shoulder.
Jungkook raises both his hands in defence. “You asked for it!”
The two of you talk about the upcoming competition while you walk to your respective dorms, a quiet nervous energy flowing through as you make plans to meet up for practice before the match. When you find your door, Jungkook lowers your gym bag and compound bow to the floor, before cradling your cheek with his large hand.
"Thanks for tonight, I had fun," Jungkook whispers, eyes turning into crescents. "Can't wait to see you tomorrow for practice."
He kisses you goodnight; a soft peck on your lips, before adjusting his gym bag on his shoulder and walking away.
“Before you go…" you call out, causing him to turn towards you. "Wanna make a bet with me?”
“Depends on what it is.”
“Win the gold medal for me and I’ll make sure you’re handsomely rewarded.”
With a final wink, you disappear into your dorm room, leaving Jungkook and his bewildered eyes to stare at the empty space where you stood in the hallway.
Tumblr media
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taesinferno · 9 months ago
cocked & loaded | jjk
Tumblr media
summary detective jeon catches you in a shootout right before you escape your group's most recent heist
rate 18+
pairing detective! jk x criminal! reader
genre smut, pwp, e2l
warnings unprotected sex, semi-public sex, handcuffs, degradation, dom!jk, choking, spitting, hickies, manhandling ig
Tumblr media
"Freeze." The words came from behind you, closer than the sound of tire screeches a couple blocks down. You cursed under your breath and slowly turned around to face him, a loaded gun pointed at you held up in front of his handsome face, police cars pulling up behind him.
"Well, look who just joined us." You greeted sarcastically. "The hardy boys are on the scene, fellas. We're in big trouble." The men behind you chuckled.
"Drop your weapons, and hands up where I can see them." Jungkook gestured to your arms with his gun, the other policemen standing in formation behind him.
"Oh c'mon, detective, can't we forgo all the formalities? It'll be a lot harder for me to carry this bag of cash if my arms are sore." You smiled tauntingly.
"We've got you surrounded. You have no where to go." Jungkook states, his eyes dark. "You don't have a choice but to surrender."
Your eyebrow raised, a smirk spreading across your face. "And if I don't?"
"You've always gotta be so fucking difficult, ___." Jungkook growled in your ear as he pounded into you from behind, holding you pressed against a wall of a random room in an abandoned building. You moaned at the quick snap of his hips thrusting into you like he had something to prove, his hands digging into your hips as he moved them to meet his, the wet slapping echo muffling the sound of bullets and tire screeches a couple blocks away. He tugged on your hair to reveal your neck to him as he started to mark your skin with hickies that would be there for days.
"It's not my fault you're s-such a square, Jungkook," you stuttered, whimpering at the hard pace, leaning your forehead against the wall for support, your hands clawing at his arms where you could reach.
"Always such a bad girl for me." He slapped your clit harshly as he nipped your ear, emitting a whine from you as his cock hit deeper into you, finding your g-spot.
"Always gotta put you in your place." He pulled you closer, your back flush against his sweaty chest, his unbuttoned dress shirt hanging loose. He brought his lips to yours, kissing you roughly as his tongue pushed your mouth open. He pulled away, spitting into your mouth, before tapping your chin for you to swallow. You obliged, and he pushed you back against the wall, his weight on you as he fucked you.
"It's over, baby. No more of this cat and mouse game." He groaned, "you're going away for a l-long time." Jungkook's hips reached an inhuman pace as he neared his climax, his panting loud in your ears as you arched your back. Your neck fell back onto his shoulder as you came on his cock, becoming a limp fuck doll, bouncing with every thrust as he fucked his way to his own orgasm.
"Fuck, I'm gonna miss that." You panted. "But sorry to disappoint you, baby, you're gonna keep chasing me to the ends of the earth." You patted his cheek as Jungkook regained his senses after his post-orgasmic bliss.
"Wh-" his eyes snapped down to see his handcuffs around his wrists, and his gun holster empty.
You grabbed your bag full of cash and winked. "Maybe next time," you teased before running out the door with Jungkook's gun and his heart.
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc. allowed
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jxngh · 3 months ago
Tiring day for jungkook but u fuck him when he sleeping, and he cum so hard 👀 is this ok
hii!! yup i just wrote your request 👀 here you go, enjoy ✨
Tumblr media
your boyfriend had dance practices all day, he couldn't even text you about his day, only told you when he's on his way home.
you knew for a fact that he would be sleeping on the car and will fell asleep the moment he gets your shared bed.
after he came home and give you a quick kiss, he promised to wake up and spend time with you. he went to shower. you were in the kitchen, cooking some cookies for the night.
when you finished cooking you went to your bedroom, he was already asleep. his messy dark hair was covering the pillow, eyes closed and mouth opened a little bit, such a beautiful view.
you changed your clothes and got into bed slowly, not wanna wake him up. your eyes widened as you heard him. "ah __, nghh"
fuck-- did he just? moan your name in his sleep?? you immediately turned to him and saw that he's already hard. 'should i wake him up?' you thought but no, he was so tired. so you decided to fix his problem... all by yourself.
you guys actually talked about it before and you both agreed that you can. so you reached up to the only thing he's wearing, boxers and pulled them out.
his hard cock springed up, made your mouth salivated and your pussy clench by the thought of having his spill inside you.
you took the tiny panties you wore out. now you were only in your nightdress. you held his cock, lining him under your entrance. you took a deep breath and tried to not make sounds when you slowly sink.
you left out a deep breath, he was so big and stretching you deliciously. he left out a high yet breathy hum but still asleep. after getting used to his presence inside you, you started to rock yourself back and forth in quiet. his mouth was somewhat opened and leaving small murmurs underneath you "mmmmh yes-oh"
you started to circle your hips, then rocking it back and forth while you push yourself to him harder. you felt him twitch inside your walls, you left a small whimper.
it was all you needed to do to fuck yourself harder on him, you started to go up and down eagerly, causing you both to leave murmurs. his small voices made your core wetter, your walls started to clench and unclench around his hardness.
hearing him getting louder, you felt yourself to getting close. you speeded up and started to ride him unsteadily, trying so hard to not moan.
"ahh __, mmmh" he moaned and you felt your orgasm reach while you still keep riding him slowly. he moaned deeply and you felt him painting your walls in waves, it was too much inside of you, even spilling on your inner thighs.
you smiled and left a peck to his nose after pulling yourself out, thinking how'd he react when you tell him.
.·´ to ask/request click here ❣️
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sokooks · 3 months ago
originally posted on my ao3
18+ its a kind of toxic relationship and jungkook isnt the best type of person in this
Tumblr media
relationship ; jeon jungkook x you
word count ; 21,093
warnings ; rough sex, oral sex, praise kink, mildly dubious consent, cheating, infidelity, possessive behaviour, possessive sex, seduction, dirty talk, angst, choking, overstimulation.
(possible series)
— —
At first, you weren't sure whether or not you should engage with his idea. It was stupid. It would have never worked. Plus, he was your friend. You couldn't agree to see him and treat him the way that he was suggesting. It was absurd! Years and years of friendship, you couldn't risk it. You didn't want to risk it, but he was determined. He was desperate, his heart was hurting and he wasn't thinking straight, but he assured you that he was. He knew what he wanted, he knew the plan that he'd thought of would work. It wouldn't hurt to try, right?
You told me you'd do anything for me. Anything to help.
He started using your own words against you, and you had agreed that you told him that. You didn't want to see him upset, especially not when he was such a good person. A good soul. That's partially the reason why you had agreed, and despite you being so hesitant to agree at first, it had carried on for months. Months of pretending, months of stolen kisses and touches and you bathed in it all. He was the only one you had to be intimate with, you had both agreed it was safe to just sleep with each other, using protection of course. 
You thought back to when it all started.
"Just help me win her back, please" He begged. His voice was pleading, and you could remember the night clearly. When he showed up at your apartment, tears streaming and he was on the verge of hyperventilating as he gripped your hands "You're the only one I trust, the only person who understands. I need you to help me" He collapsed onto you, whispering your name over and over again and carried on pleading. It broke you. 
You told him to sleep it off, dragging him into your bed and holding his hand until he fell asleep before you moved to the sofa for the night. He would be thinking more clearly in the morning, he would tell you what had happened because you didn't get much out of him. You knew that now, all that mattered was your best friend. Throughout the many years you had been joined at the hip with him, you owed him this much. You had never seen him so broken, so fragile and weak and it was because of his feelings. His love. He was right, you did understand. 
By morning he was in the same state, this time there wasn't as many tears. His heart was broken, he told you. She was the only one for him, and she had broken his heart. He told you it all, how it happened and how she had broken it off with him. Apparently after three years of dating, she didn't feel the same towards him? Like, she had fallen out of love? Ah, it didn't make sense to you, but you stayed silent. You listened. You took care of him. You let him stay for the day, keeping him company so he wouldn't go home alone and empty. It was then when he mentioned his previous idea.
"It would work though.. don't you think?" He wasn't looking at you, just at the TV in front of you both where you had played his favourite movie, hoping to at least do something to help. You also didn't need him to elaborate on what he was talking about, because you knew. You wished he hadn't said anything, you wished he hadn't of suggested it in the first place, because you didn't want to do it - but the way he was looking, the state he was in and the way he had been speaking, it hurt you. 
"I don't think it's the best idea" You had to be honest, he needed that right now. You didn't want to add fuel to the fire, you didn't want him to do something he would regret in the future. Plus, you were the only one that was thinking rationally right now "You have to prove it. Prove that you want to be with her. Not try to make her jealous"
"I've already tried proving" He told you, his voice stern and jaw clenched "She won't listen. I've tried everything. She won't answer my texts or calls, she won't answer her door, she acts like she doesn't know me when she sees me on campus, she—fuck, she acts like nothing between us was important or I was never a thing to her and it fucking hurts"
He was getting worked up again, you could see that. You had dealt with heartbreak before, you had been through it yourself and you had other friends go through it, so you were familiar with the feelings that it brings. It was your hand on his arm that made him finally look up at you, and his tear stained eyes told you everything you needed to know. He was desperate, so fucking desperate for the pain to end. He had come to you for that, he had come to you for help and you were denying him. But you had to, right?
"You don't—You need to consider what you're asking of me" You had told him, remaining truthful with him. He shook his head, looking away once more before shrugging your grip from him "I understand you're hurting but this is not the way to go around it, Guk. It could seriously, seriously fucking backfire on you and you could lose her forever. I know how much she means to you, and I want to help best I can and—"
"You want to help? You want to help but won't actually do the thing that I am telling you would make me feel better and give me hope again" He looked at you again, your face burning from the way he looked at you "I have considered this. I don't care if you don't want to do it, I'll find someone else or think of another plan but the way you're talking about it it's like...fuck it's like you think I'm some sort of fucking idiot who doesn't know what's best for himself and it's fucking belittling"
"Just fucking forget it"
He suggested the two of you put on an act. You'd date in front of friends. Maybe in front of family. In front of her. He wanted to win her back, maybe just make her jealous so she could see what she had lost. She sees how good he treats you in a relationship and inevitably ditches her plan of staying away from him and asking for him back. Begging for forgiveness. It was a great idea in his mind, and it didn't sound too bad to you until he mentioned the last part. The part where you would not be able to act in front of others.
You were familiar with sex, of course. You were in your twenties and had relationships and hookups, but when Jeongguk had suggested that the two of you be intimate, you drew a line. He was your friend for fucks sake! The little boy you had grown up with, the one who used to sit with you when you were alone at lunch, the one who had asked your prom date out for you, the one who had stuck by you for so many years and the one you had grown up with. No, you wouldn't do it. You would still be friends, he told you, just friends with benefits. He told you he has needs, as do you. You could help each other out, and it would look majorly bad for the both of you if you were "dating" but ended up being caught sneaking someone else in your house for a late night fuck. 
If you were so against the idea, then why did you agree to it? 
"What if it goes wrong?" You had questioned, by the time you asked this, he had calmed down but was still looking at the TV. A million thoughts were running through your head, every possibility that could go wrong, it could ruin everything "I don't want it to affect anything. If it does, we're fucked. What if one of us catches feelings? What if she doesn't want to take you back despite the fact that you're supposedly with me? What happens if we get too addicted and don't want to stop? Guk, our friendship would be on the line if we did this. Are you really willing to risk it? Because for me it's too high a price" Too high a price. You could lose him. Especially if you caught feelings.
Especially if you caught feelings. Too dangerous. 
"Well that's simple. We'll talk it out like adults, and if it gets too much, then we call it quits. If one of us has a problem, we bring it up and sort it out" He told you "Besides, if anyone is catching feelings between me and you, it'll be you. I know what I want, and I know who I want. It's not going to change anytime soon. Friendship saved" Too dangerous. 
It was her all along, it was her who held the space in his heart. You were happy for him, you really were. You wanted your best friend to be with someone who loved and cherished him as he deserved, and she did exactly that. He wanted the same for you, he would always tell you. It was a good, healthy relationship and it never got in the way of your friendship with him. You were grateful, so fucking grateful, and you could understand why he was in so much pain. The relationship was good, so good for him. Now he wasn't in it, and he was risking everything he had for it back. 
"Okay" Too dangerous "Okay, I'll do it"
"Thank you"
Everything had changed. Everything between you was different. When you saw him around and in friend gatherings, you had to pretend that you were with him. It started with hand holding, then little affectionate touches where you wouldn't usually touch your friends, then little pecks on the cheek when your friends were looking. It wasn't long until they started asking, questioning you both. The story was simple, one that he made up that you just went along with. His story wasn't far from the truth, but different enough to be believable. Instead it had been you who was the first one to make a move. You had wanted to help him, you wanted him to be free from heartache so you offered him a way to forget, and Jeongguk told his friends that he took you and fucked you that night. To end his story, he told them that he had realised how much he had been harbouring his feelings for you all these years, and one night of intimacy had turned his head towards you.
You both told them that you were just seeing how things go. Nothing was serious just yet, just testing the waters. It wasn't until after you heard the story yourself, you realised just how horrible you sounded. 
Someone who took advantage of their friend when he was hurting. Someone who had been waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Someone who had ruined a friendship because you threw yourself at your best friend because he was now single and available. God, how disgusting you sounded. You managed to bring it up with Jeongguk, but he disagreed. He told you that you were helping, not taking advantage of him—but that was just the truthful side of the story. You were helping him, yes, but your friends didn't know the whole truth. 
The first time that he kissed you was around two weeks after you began dating. Nothing had gone further, and you were grateful for that. You were still adjusting, you tried not to get jump scared when he laid a kiss on your cheek or reached for your hand. You tried to resist the urge to push him away when he gripped your thigh sitting beside you, not because you didn't like it or you were uncomfortable, but because it felt foreign. Weird. Unusual. The most affection that you and Jeongguk gave each other was a hug in greeting or in comfort, but this was a whole new level of unfamiliarity. 
So when you saw her, you knew that you would have to do better. 
You had spotted her first, you hadn't been paying attention to the conversation or your friends in the first place as you were pondering about the essay you had due in next week. Dating Jeongguk had seemed to take all your focus from your studies, and you refused to let that happened. You were in college! You couldn't afford to fuck anything up. The bell above the cafe distracted you, and you glanced at the door and could only stare at the way she walked in with her friend. It was her, without a doubt, and she looked... okay?
You didn't want to assume, but considering the state your best friend was in beforehand, you hoped that she at least felt some remorse for what she had done. He was hurting, despite the fact that he looked okay. You assumed it was the same for her. He was smiling with his friends, and she was smiling with hers. You tensed when she made eye contact with you as her friend was ordering. He felt it, he felt the rigidness and was going to question you, until her presence distracted him also.
He knew she could see the way he was holding you. After all, you were with friends so you had to be acting right now. His arm was wrapped around your shoulders and your side glued to his, you were so close to each other in the way that friends shouldn't be and he felt drawn to the way that she was glaring at you both. Was this the first time that she was hearing about the two of you? It had to be. You hadn't posted anything on your social media about each other, you had only told your friends that you were together, so it was obvious she wouldn't know. She couldn't take her eyes off you. Jeongguk felt smug. Yeah, this would have been me and you, but you broke my fucking heart. 
Although your denial for the plan began when you didn't want to throw fuel into the fire, he however wanted to do that. Which is why he slid his free hand over your cheek, turning your head and focussing your attention on him—and he leaned in to press his lips against your own. Firmly. As if making a statement. This was your first kiss with him, in front of your friends and in front of her. In Jeongguk's case, it was the perfect setup. It would now be believable to both parties. You heard your friends scoff at the public display of affection, him moving his lips against your own and you paid no mind to them when you felt his tongue skim your bottom lip before pushing inside your mouth and exploring. It was so fucking good. 
It was when you heard your moan swallowed by his mouth that you gained your senses back, opening your eyes and pulling away from him. Too much, it was too much. Especially in public. You were getting worked up over a kiss. Fuck you even moaned! You thanked whoever was up there that Jeongguk had muffled it with his own lips, and you mentally thanked your friends for carrying on the conversation that they were having. How could she even consider getting rid of such a good kisser? He knew what he was doing, that's for sure. If he wasn't your best friend, you wouldn't have hesitated in taking him home. 
He wasn't looking at you when you pulled away, instead they were set on the person behind you who was in shock at what she had just witnessed. You knew who he was looking at, and you realised that now he had gotten her exactly where he wanted her. This was officially the start of his plan, his plan to win her back. In your mind, not the best of plans, but you had agreed to it. You wanted to help. That's what you were doing, helping.
— —
The second, third and fourth time he kissed you weren't rememberable. Just a peck in greeting or goodbye, nothing that was too major. The fifth however, definitely was.
It was raining when you arrived home from grocery shopping, you weren't too drenched considering you took your car, but your clothes were wet enough for you to be shivering. Quickly as you could, you put all the food away and stripped out your clothes, placing them in the washing basket and sprinted for the shower. You felt better afterwards, more relaxed and settled down in your living room after the day was done while the rain continued. 
It was late when your phone vibrated on the table, and as you grabbed it, you let the TV drown out in the background.
Guk (11:38 PM): are u home?
Guk (11:38 PM): i came over earlier but you weren't there
Oh. Usually he'd let you know if he was coming over. You wondered if something was wrong, that's why he came over. Had something happened? Why was he texting you so late? Or was he worried about you because you hadn't spoke all day? You had just been so busy, being drowned in college work and then going shopping you hadn't had chance to rest properly until now. You had also just realised that you hadn't seen him around campus all day, being too occupied with your studies. 
You (11:40 PM): i am now. sorry, had to go shopping
You (11:41 PM): why? is everything okay?
You received a reply almost instantly. 
Guk (11:42 PM): yes nd no
Guk (11:42 PM): i need the other part of our deal to happen now
Guk (11:43 PM): i know it hasnt been that long but fuck its driving me insane
Ah... that's what was wrong. You hesitated. He was really serious about that part of the deal? You didn't realise this is how worked up he got, you guessed that masturbation wasn't on the table for him anymore. It had been long for you too, longer than him, but maybe it didn't affect you as much considering you weren't in a seriously long relationship. He could also get that sort of relief being with someone, but now he had lost that, and he was resorting to you for help.
Your phone had locked again, and you had only realised that it had when another text message came through.
Guk (11:46 PM): can i come over? pls
Guk (11:46 PM): its ok if not i can figure sumn else out
You (11:47 PM): no its okay u can
You (11:48 PM): i agreed to help didnt i?
You didn't hear off of him after that, and you assumed that the Read underneath your message meant that he was already on his way. Fuck, was this really happening? Was he really on his way over here to take you in that way? It was only last month that you two would have been hanging out as friends, just friends! How had so much changed in a short amount of time? You had never thought that you'd be anticipating his visit like this.
Would you even enjoy it? Would he even enjoy it? Now you just felt sick, sick with embarrassment on top of nerves, because he was coming over to fuck you or do something intimate with you and you wouldn't even know how to make it good for him. You didn't even know what he liked, and he didn't know what you liked. Why did you never discuss this beforehand? This was definitely a conversation the both of you would be having if he decided he wanted to do this again. 
It had just reached midnight when you heard the knock, and you hadn't moved an inch since he last texted. Opening the door for him was different, because you knew what was inevitably going to happen tonight. Were you excited? Yes, but also incredibly nervous and in disbelief that this was really going to happen. You thought back to the kiss that he gave you in the cafe that one time, and how easy it was to forget your surroundings or actions when his lips were against yours. Fuck, now you could really say that you were excited. 
You shouldn't have been feeling like this, not about your best friend. Not about the person who was doing this to win someone back. 
"You're being awkward" You looked at him, you were both sitting on the sofa side by side and you hadn't ushered a word to him. He was getting frustrated, that much is true and you couldn't blame him because you had agreed to this and now you were weird. 
"I know it's just—Fuck, I'm sorry it's just this is weird for me, you know?" You admitted, looking away from him. He nodded, wishing that this was easier than it was "I'm trying not to be, I really am... but it's not like we're two strangers"
"It's not too late to say no you know" He told you, now you were both looking at each other "Honestly. Just... tell me, truthfully before we go any further. Tell me you don't really want this and it'll be okay. I'll figure something out I just don't want you doing this when you feel uncomfortable"
You weren't sure what to say to him, not after that. At first, the idea of you both being intimate was uncomfortable to you. But after you got a taste of what kind of a kisser he was, you did want more. You were just nervous about the aftermath, how differently would things be between you both once this was over? Would he want to do it again? 
You decided to shut your thoughts up, and give him the answer that you wanted to give, so you leaned forwards and pressed your lips against his own. If he was surprised by the sudden action he didn't show it, because he moved his lips against your own and even moved closer to you, and it was euphoric. You had never felt more alive when his tongue didn't waste anytime and slid inside your mouth, skimming over your bottom lip and mixing with your own. Fuck, this was driving you crazy. He pressed against you more firmly, and leant into you and groaned at the way your hands moved up and gripped his face to hold him to you.
You could definitely get used to the way that he groaned. 
“Guk—" You whispered, pulling away but didn’t have chance to speak again as he moved forwards, leaning over you and pressing his lips against your own, nibbling your bottom one.
“It’s okay. It’s okay, just trust me” He told you as your back hit the sofa. You did. You trusted him more than anything. Which is why you went along with him as he guided you. He grabbed your hand and placed it on his cock that was being restrained by his jeans "Touch me, right there baby—Touch me" you did as instructed, treating him like any other lover that you've had. 
You palmed him through his jeans, feeling him getting harder every time you moved your wrist and focussed on his face. He was pressed against you at this point, forehead leaning against your own as his breath skimmed your lips. You wanted him closer, you wanted him on top of you even more and you wanted him inside you, getting more and more impatient as you felt his cock on your palm. 
“Please do something” you told him, moving your hips upwards and adding them to the pressure on his cock. Fuck, you want him to destroy you. 
He shredded his jacket, chucking it on the floor before connecting your lips again. He was breathing heavily at this point, and you could practically feel the way that he was losing control. He wanted to go slow, he didn’t want to rush this with you, considering it was your first time being like this together—he also didn't want to take you on the sofa like this but he couldn’t stop grinding into your hand, he couldn’t pull away from your lips. It had been so long, too long for him, and he needed this. 
He moved down to his jean pocket, pulling away from your lips, placing a foil package in front of your face. Condom. Right, protection. It's a good job he remembered because it had slipped your mind. Like you told yourself, it was easy to forget your surroundings and actions when he was with kissing you the way that he was. He smirked at you, and you moved your head forwards, taking the foil package by the corner and holding it between your teeth. 
He kissed your forehead before undoing his belt and jean buttons, eyes moving away from you. You occupied your own hands, undoing the buttons to your button up pyjama top and opening it, your bare chest now exposed and you couldn't find your actions shameful. Especially when his gaze fixed on your breasts, and he didn’t waste anytime leaning forwards to wrap his lips around one of your buds. 
His hands were still busy with his jean buttons, and you heard him groan in frustration against your chest, clearly overworking himself and getting frustrated. You couldn’t say anything, not with the foil package being held by your teeth, you could just press him further into you with your hands—fingers threading through his hair and you bucked your hips into him when he bit your nipple. Not too hard to hurt, but hard enough to feel the pleasure shoot to your core. 
He forced himself up, pulling away from your chest so he could undo his jeans, pulling them down his thighs, along with his boxers. You didn't have chance to look at his cock properly, but you were still able to catch a glimpse of the size of him. Wow. His impatience was shown clearly to you, because he hadn't pulled his jeans or boxers off completely, just left them at his knees. Before you knew it, he was reaching for your shorts and panties, pulling them down in one go and throwing them to the floor. 
He was on top of you again, pulling the foil package away from your mouth and replacing it with his lips as they moved against your own once more. You gasped into him as you felt his cock brush in between your legs and against your folds, and now it was your turn to be impatience. 
It was sight to see that’s for sure. Jeongguk on top of you, boxers and jeans resting at his knees while his shirt was still on—while you lay on the couch, shorts and underwear missing while your pyjama top was wide open, exposing your breasts and his cock was rubbing against your folds. It was laughable, because you never thought you’d be in this position with your best fucking friend. 
He pulled on your bottom lip again, letting it snap back into place before his eyes moved to the condom in his hands. He opened it, throwing the empty packet onto the floor before rolling it on himself and you watched carefully, now getting a full view of his cock. Fuck, he was definitely the biggest that you’d ever had. Who would have thought that your best friend was packing that in his jeans? How could she have let it go? 
The thought made you remember why you were in this position in the first place, and you grabbed his face to pull you against your lips. This time it was more gentle, and he felt the change as you didn’t bother hiding it. Once the condom was rolled on, he pulled away from your lips and placed hands on your thighs. 
“You still want this?” He questioned, nudging his nose against your own while his fingertips gripped your thighs almost possessively “You know there's no going back after this” He was right, there wasn't.
But you didn’t care, not anymore. 
To answer his question, you moved your hand down and gripped him—feeling him without his jeans on. It was a shame that the condom separated you both, but based on the way that he closed his eyes briefly, forehead pressing into yours once more as he rocked into your hand, you knew that it still felt good for him. Your free hand moved underneath his shirt, raking his back with your nails and you only wished that he had taken his shirt off so you could see him. 
“Just fuck me” Finally. He had your permission. 
Maybe he should have used his fingers first, stretched you out a little, because you were so fucking tight. It was driving him insane, and he thought he would never fit once he got the tip in because you were clenching him so hard he nearly blew his load there and then. He made the mistake of looking at your face, and had to wait a second before he actually did come too early.
It was your expression, the way your eyes were closed and mouth slightly open that practically drove him insane. He never thought that he’d see you this way, so fucked out because of him and he only had his tip inside you. He had worked you up, barely giving you anything other than this and he thought that maybe he wasn’t the only one that would come too quickly. 
He kissed your neck, nibbling your jaw before moving his hand down and between your legs, fingertips circling your little bud and smirked at the way you gasped. 
“Relax for me…” He told you, feeling you nod “Please fucking relax for me—you’re driving me crazy right now”
You were driving him crazy? Well, he should try and take a glimpse into your thoughts. 
The two fingers that were rubbing your clit felt so good, so fucking good and he obviously knew that it would help relax you, because he was able to push into you more and more until he was halfway in. It was clear that he wasn’t wasting any time, because he kept going and going until his hips were flush against your own and he was fully inside of you. He removed his fingers and buried his head further into your neck, letting out a sigh of relief. 
“Oh fuck I–Guk…” 
“I know baby, I know”
He started pulling out, lifting his head away from your neck to see where the two of you were connected and he heard your whimper when he was removed from inside of you, his tip being the only thing that remained. 
He pushed into you again, eyes moving to focus on your breasts and groaned when he was back inside you fully. This was so so much better than his own hand, and he couldn't help but feel a huge amount of gratitude towards you because you were willingly here, underneath him and letting him have you this way. He leaned down to kiss you again, and smirked against your lips when your fingers threaded through his hair again and he moved his hips against your own. 
He stayed still for a moment, his cock nestled inside of you as he rested on his elbows, leaning into you more. He needed to calm down, because he was so close to just having you the way that he wanted to right now, but he didn't think you were ready for that yet. Maybe the next time you did this, you would be. 
Next time. 
“Guk..” You whispered, eyes still shut as your legs pulled him closer by his waist “Fuck me properly” His hands clenched at the way you whispered to him. 
Who was he to deny you?
His arms moved to grip your waist, and you felt the change in his behaviour. Maybe you didn't know what you were asking from him, but the slow pace he had set just wasn't doing it for you. You kissed him again, to muffle the moan you let out as he pulled out once more before sliding his cock into you again harder.
He did the same, not wasting anymore time and pulling out before sliding back in. He groaned at the way you were clenching around him, but couldn't find himself to tell you to relax, because it felt so fucking good. Each thrust he set, he was nudging against your clit and it was just divine. 
“Let me hear you baby” He told you, pulling away from your lips and looking into your eyes “Don't hide how good I'm making you feel” God. 
His pace was now faster and harder, pulling out before slamming back in. His hips were moving and he was pulling you down onto his cock by your hips. Each time he did, you moved higher up the couch and your face was pushing into his own more and more, feeling his frantic breaths against your lips. 
You had never felt so full, and you moaned out loud when he did one particular hard thrust and he smirked down at you because of your reaction. You were gripping his forearms, not bothering to hide your moans anymore at the way he was moving inside of you. You definitely didn't know what you were asking for. 
“So—So fucking good” You told him, eyes closing as he moved forwards to nibble your ear lobe. 
“Yeah? Feels good?” You nodded at his question, unable to say anything else as his cock brushed your insides “Making you feel so good baby” 
He was for sure going to have marks on his forearms after tonight, from the way that you were gripping him so tightly. He would leave his own marks of course, based on the deathly grip he had on your hips to ensure that you were slammed down onto his cock every time he thrusted. 
He was getting closer and closer, each thrust he set but there was something holding him back and he groaned in frustration against your neck. He felt good, so fucking good, but he wanted to feel you more. This position was getting boring for him, and it was refraining him from holding you tighter against him. So when he stopped thrusting, you gasped in surprise and opened your eyes. 
“I can't feel you like this I need—Fuck, it's not enough” He told you, pushing fully inside of you before lifting you up. 
He didn't say anything else, just lifted you up while managing to keep his cock inside you. You tried to hold back the moan you let out, but it was impossible to because when he sat you down on his lap, his cock brushed against that spot which resulted in your legs twitching and you clenching around him.
He paused for a second, back against the sofa while he held you on his lap. He looked up at your face and your head was thrown back, fingers gripping his shirt and you almost almost pulled away from him when you heard his breathy chuckle.  
“Hit the spot did I?” he pulled you closer, and you kissed him almost immediately to get him to shut up. 
You didn't want to hear him be smug about it, because now you were just waiting on your release that was so damn close. Yes, he did hit the spot. He was also making you feel so good right now. You hadn’t noticed that his palms had now moved down to spread over your backside, fingertips gripping and spreading your cheeks. He pushed you down onto his cock even more, his kiss getting more desperate when you clenched around him and you wrapped your hands around the side of his neck, not choking him but just holding him in place.
This time, it was you moving first, as you lifted yourself up with his help before letting yourself fall back down onto him. His cock hit that spot again, and you almost yelped at the feeling it gave you. You realised that you could not control this yourself, not when you were so close and he was rubbing you exactly where you needed. 
“I'm gonna cum...” You warned, your voice muffled by his lips and he only grunted in response, gripping you even tighter if that was possible. You were handing the power to him once again, and he was able to tell that during the kiss you were passing over all control. 
He lifted you up, bringing you back down and bucked his hips at the same time. He was close too you noted, because he began picking up speed, lifting you by your ass and slamming you down onto his cock—so close, so fucking close. Anytime now you would be coming undone around him and you were gripping him tighter by the second. 
“You gonna cum for me?” He whispered to you, earning a nod in response, feeling your nails dig into the skin on his neck “That’s it baby—cum for me. You’re doing so well” 
“Guk—“ It took one more thrust, one more hit against your g-spot and then you were coming undone around him and letting out a moan that he had asked you not to hold back. 
He felt your walls pulsing as you came, and he groaned, slamming his lips onto yours as he bucked his hips again before spilling his load into the condom. You both held each other, your orgasms lasting a few seconds but lips not separating. he licked inside your mouth and you wrapped your arms around his neck, not wanting to let go just yet as you felt like jelly around him. 
His cock was now slowly softening inside you, and he twitched at the sensitivity but didn't dare to move you. He ran his hands down your back, sneaking under your opened top to feel your skin, relaxing you. You were pressed so close to him, your nipples rubbing against his shirt and he was now regretting not paying as much attention to them. 
Next time. 
Oh there was definitely going to be a next time. At least, he wanted to. If you didn't then that was fine. If you did, he wouldn't wait that long, he wouldn't wait to be so desperate. He’d take his time, get you fully naked, pay more attention to your chest and maybe next time he’d use his fingers first. Or maybe his mouth. Or maybe both. He should really stop thinking about it before he gets worked up again.
You pulled away from his lips let out a sigh. He watched you carefully, trying to see any hints of regret. 
“You okay?” He questioned, and you opened your eyes to look at him. You cradled his face and smiled, pecking his lips before nodding. 
“Yeah—Yeah, I’m good” You told him “Better than good actually” 
After that, you let him take a shower. He offered to take one together, but you had declined. No need to go any further than you had to. So when he was done, you took one yourself before getting changed into clean pyjamas. You both settled down on the same couch afterwards, both clean and dressed as you watched a film together. It was around 2am when he left, and you had asked him to stay the night instead of going home so late, but he had also declined this offer, giving you a quick hug before leaving. 
It wasn't until you settled down in bed, you heard off of him again.
Guk (03:16 AM): thank you
— —
A week after you found yourself at your kitchen table with him. Luckily, thankfully, it hadn't been awkward between you both. You had both acted normally when you saw each other the next day. The night you shared almost seemed like it had been forgotten about, because neither of you spoke up about it. Until now, and it was you who brought it up.
"We should talk about it don't you think?" You had ordered takeaway for the both of you, and you had finished yours whereas he was still eating, scrolling through his phone. He looked up at you, and stopped chewing for a moment.
"There's nothing to say. I mean, we had sex" He told you, looking back down at his phone "It was part of our deal. We're both adults who need release and found it with each other. What is there to talk about?"
"When it happens again—If it happens again, shouldn't we at least... I don't know, talk about our likes and dislikes?" His attention focussed on you again, and you shrugged your shoulders "I don't even know if last time was good for you. I don't even know what you like during sex. I don't know your boundaries and you don't know mine. Shouldn't we at least have that conversation?" 
You were right. He didn't know your boundaries, and you didn't know his. Although, there weren't many for him when it came to sex. He was experimental, he would be happy to try anything. Anything that made his partner happy. Were you the same? Or were you more strict on what you wanted to try and do? Ah, maybe it was good that you brought it up. 
"It was good for me" He admitted, locking and placing down his phone "You're right, maybe we should talk about it. I've never really had that type of conversation like this before but considering our situation, it might be best to" You sighed in relief, thankful that he was able to see where you were coming from. Despite the fact that he continued eating, you knew he was listening to you.
"What are the things you like? During sex I mean, or things that get you riled up?" You narrowed your eyes at the way he smirked at your question. Were you being awkward? Ah, probably. How else would you have asked that question? 
"Honestly, I can tell you now, I like anything and everything" He looked back up at you, and you raised your eyebrows "I'm not afraid to try new things. If you want to try something, just bring it up and we can have a go — I don't see why it would be a problem" Fair enough. You nodded and looked down at your lap.
"I said—" Fuck, this was embarrassing "Choking. I like... choking"
"Being choked or choking your partner?" You shrugged at his question, still avoiding his eyes. You didn't mind really, both worked you up just the same "We could try both if you want. What about marks?" 
"You know, hickies. Love bites"
"Only in places where people can't see"
"Why? We're supposed to be dating aren't we?" Right. He was right. 
"Okay.." You nodded and he finished the last bit of food, wiping his mouth with a napkin before leaning back in his chair and looking at you properly "You know if we — Well, when we do, I want you to know that you don't necessarily have to hold back on me" He raised his eyebrows and you felt slightly flustered at your confession. You really said that to your best friend. Fuck, things were so weird lately.
"You mean you like it rough?" Yeah. That's what you were saying. You nodded once more, and he smirked at the way you were obviously embarrassed to admit that "Why are you being weird right now? You're the one who suggested we have this conversation" His voice wasn't firm but humorous, and he quite clearly found your discomfort in this situation funny.
"Because the whole situation is weird! I mean.. just a month ago you were my best friend and now we're having a conversation about things we like during sex and last week we actually had sex" You scratched your head and sighed, feeling better now that you had gotten it off your chest "You don't find it weird? At all?"
"It's only weird if you make it weird" He told you, shrugging his shoulders "Besides. If you don't want to have sex then that's fine too, we can stop. I only suggested it in the first place because it would have been difficult for us to see other people if we were supposedly dating, but I'm sure we would figure something out between us" You didn't want to stop, not really. Especially not after the way he made you feel last week.
"I never said that I didn't want it.." 
"Okay. So, we carry on.." You nodded your head "What about dirty talk?"
"Yes" He chuckled at the way you didn't hesitate to answer him. You liked the dirty talk. You liked the praises he gave you, but you hated the way you felt when he called you baby. It affected you too much, but you weren't about to tell him to stop.
"Hey..." You looked up at him and he smiled "Come here"
You stood up and he instantly reached forwards to grab you, causing you to fall into him. He moved your legs so they spread either side of him and you were pulled onto his lap, straddling him. You looked down at him, and he could only smirk back before pecking you on the lips, moving his lips down to your neck where he kissed more firmly. He seemed to like it when you brushed the nape of his neck with your fingernails. He seemed to like it a lot. The low groan he let out, and the way he nibbled your neck gave it away.
"What are you doing?" You questioned, eyes shutting briefly at the way he was practically making out with your neck.
"Marking you" Oh. Your head instantly moved to the side, giving him more space to do his work. You wanted to do something, you felt kind of awkward sitting there on his lap while he marked your neck. So, you leaned forwards and nibbled his earlobe, and Jeongguk nearly busted there and then “Fuck...”
Now that you liked. You could get used to the way he moaned. You could also get used to the way that he ran his hands up your back as you fisted his hair in your hands. You could get used to the way his skin tasted — but you could definitely get used to the way he threw his head back and groaned when you accidentally rolled your hips.
Well.. maybe not accidentally. 
You wanted him to do it again, you wanted to hear him make that noise because of your actions, so you rolled your hips again and moved one of your hands down his chest and to his stomach, sneaking it underneath his shirt and pinching one of his nipples.
He actually… bucked his hips into your own. Fuck. It caught you by surprise, and you gasped at the feeling of his already hard cock being restrained by his jeans, brushing against your clit that was still covered by your leggings and underwear. You knew how big he was, but you were still surprised at how much you felt it despite how many layers separated you, but fuck did it feel good. 
"You're already hard.." You were teasing him, and he obviously got frustrated at your words.
"Yeah, well—I bet that you're already soaked for me" He pushed you away, causing you to stand up as he towered over you. He pressed his lips against your own, holding your face tightly in his hands and spun you around, pushing you into the chair and disconnecting your lips too quickly for your liking "I wanna fucking see"
He got down on his knees in front of you as you were now sat in his previous space and he reached for your leggings, pulling them down your legs and chucking them behind him. He leant forwards, brushing his nose against your clothed core and one of your hands gripped the table beside you. His eyes made contact with your own, and you gasped when you watched his tongue run up the length of your panties. Well, if you weren't soaked before, you definitely were now. 
"You said—Fuck, you said you wanted to see not taste" He bit the inside of your thigh, replacing his tongue with his fingers, tracing your clit with his fingertips over your panties and you bucked your hips into him.
"What? You don't like me touching you like this?" He pressed down, and the feeling was fucking amazing. Despite the fact that your underwear was separating him, your core still felt every single touch "I think you like it, baby" Baby. Fuck.
"Tell me. Tell me you like it" He pressed down even harder, and you threw your head back "Tell me, and I'll give you more"
"I like it—Fuck, I like it, I love it"
You felt him smile against your thigh, and true to his word, he pulled down your panties before spreading your legs and staring at your bare cunt. You should have felt ashamed, shameful and embarrassed, but you trusted him. It also helped when you kept your head backwards, not looking down at him so you couldn't see his reaction. You didn't have long to register anything, because he leant forwards and licked from your entrance to your clit, and your eyes rolled back. 
You couldn't push your legs together at the feeling, because his fingers dug into your thighs, keeping them spread apart. You gasped when his tongue dipped inside your folds, flicking the bottom of your clit causing you to push into him more. He was now fully making out with your cunt, and it was the best feeling you had ever had. Every few seconds he would tap your clit with his tongue but purposely didn't put enough pressure on it. You were torn, you wanted him to make you cum quickly but you also didn't want this to stop. 
"Keep your fucking legs open" He told you, and you were about to question him but were quickly cut off by the feeling of his middle finger poking at your entrance. 
Now, he paid attention to your clit. His lips wrapped around the small bud and he sucked, sinking his finger further inside of you until it was all the way inside. Your free hand flew to his hair, gripping and pulling and he groaned against you, sending vibrations through your body. It was an overwhelming feeling, but you didn't dare close your legs. The one that he wasn't holding twitched, and you used every bit of energy you had left to keep it open. He noticed it twitching and looked up at you, but your eyes were set straight on the ceiling. 
He carried on, pumping his finger in and out while licking and sucking. You were breathing heavily at this point, but it wasn't enough to make you cum just yet. You were close, yes — but you needed the extra push.
"Guk.." You moaned, making him hum against you "Please... please add another one"
He did as you asked, his second finger sliding inside you and he felt you clench tightly around him. He brushed his teeth against your clit and your eyes flew down to look at him. You gasped at the sight in front of you, and found yourself not being able to look away. His tattooed hand was moving in and out of you, while his mouth continued licking at every spot his fingers didn't touch. You moved both of your hands into his hair, brushing it away from his face before pulling him further against you. 
He curled his fingers inside of you, and your hips jumped slightly at the sudden feeling of his fingertips brushing your g-spot. He figured it out quickly, and pumped his fingers faster and harder, curling them into that spot each time. 
"Oh fuck.. Oh fuck, right—right there" Your head fell backwards again and you kept your grip on his hair tight.
What with his hand holding your leg open, his fingers moving harder and faster each pump while curling against that particular spot, and his lips wrapping tightly around your clit, you found yourself coming undone and you lost complete control over your body. He groaned against you as you pulled him further into you, and your walls began fluttering around his fingers and he listened you to moan his name. He could feel you trying to push your legs closed, but he didn't let you as he helped you ride out your orgasm. 
The whimper you let out when you pushed his head away let him know that you were now sensitive. He pulled away, removing his fingers from inside your walls before pecking your clit once more making you jolt slightly. He licked his lips, cleaning his fingers with his tongue before smiling at the way you just slumped there, head still resting back as you panted heavily. He could make out the line of sweat on your forehead and felt smug at the state of you.
"You alive?" He leaned over you, now standing up despite the ache between his own legs.
"Just about..." He snorted at your response, and flashed you a smile when you opened your eyes.
Your hands moved up once more, holding his face as your thumbs brushed his chin, wiping away any evidence of you on him. You couldn't help but pull him down and kiss him, mixing your tongue with his as you tasted yourself. You didn't care. You were grateful to him. Grateful for him not being weird. Grateful for him making you feel comfortable. Grateful for him being here, as your friend. Grateful for him giving you the best fucking orgasm that you have ever had.  
He pulled away, kissing your cheek before picking up the blanket from the couch and placing it on your lap, moving to clean up the table. You looked at his crotch and narrowed your eyes at the obvious bulge. 
"You don't want that sorted out?" You questioned, and became even more confused when he shook his head "Why? It's the least I could do for what just happened"
"I don't need you to pay me back by giving me a blowjob" He told you, throwing the empty takeaway cartons into the bin and the cutlery in the bowl "Besides, it's late, you're tired and I want you to consider it a way of me thanking you for doing all this for me"
You hadn't realised that it was so late, the clock telling you that it was almost midnight. He was also right about you being tired, after that orgasm you definitely were. You hadn't moved from your position, still slumped on the seat and you could feel the aftermath of Jeongguk's actions soaking the chair you were sat on. Now you felt embarrassed, and you squeezed your legs together but whimpered at the slight sensitivity.
"At least stay the night.." You told him, watching him as he picked up your leggings and panties from the floor, throwing them in your washer "It's late, you said it yourself, and if you won't let me give you a blowjob then at least do this for me"
He sighed, walking back towards you. You stood up, ignoring your legs practically screaming at you and wrapped the blanket around you. His eyes narrowed on the purple mark on your neck.
"Fine, I'll stay" He told you, and you nodded at him "You're taking a shower first though. I'll clean up in here, then when you're done I'll shower myself and fix my little problem" 
"Not exactly little.." You teased, making him snort. 
"Alright, don't fucking tempt me to take you right here" You almost pleaded for him too, but the thought of crawling into bed after a warm shower was appealing to you right now so you kept quiet "Want me to sleep on the couch?"
"I don't mind, you can share with me or take the couch" You shrugged, pulling the blanket closer to you. 
"Okay. Go on then, let me clean up" 
You did as you were told, reaching the bathroom and stripping naked completely before getting into the shower. Jeongguk cleaned up as he said he would, and couldn't help but smirk when he wiped down the seat you had previously been sitting on. 
When he was done, he turned off all the lights before making his way towards the bathroom where you no longer were. He stripped himself, thankful that he had chosen to wear sweatpants so he could return home tomorrow morning commando — not wanting to wearing dirty boxers. He stepped into the shower, turning the temperature to the coldest setting and hissing at the way it hit his skin. By the time that he finished, it had gotten much later and he also couldn't wait to finally sleep. He picked up his clothes, folding them before drying his hair the best he could. 
He walked into your room quietly, your back was facing him but you were clearly asleep. He shut the door slowly, not wanting to wake you up as he placed his clothes on top of your dresser ready for the morning. He made his way to the bed, dropping the towel from his waist before crawling into bed behind you. He wasn't bothered about you waking up and seeing him naked, because it wasn't something that you hadn't seen before. He finally settled down, pressing his face into the pillow as he felt himself getting more and more exhausted.
Before he fell asleep, he let his thoughts drift to her, and only wished that it was her bed that he was in. He wished that it was her he was lying besides, because he missed her—and he wanted her back. It was the whole reason why he was here right now. His heart ached, but he pushed down the feeling of emptiness she had left behind as he fell asleep next to his best friend. 
— —
It had been around 4 months when it happened. Four months of pretending to be dating and being intimate with each other. Although you had only had sex three times, including the first time, the rest of the time it was just him pleasuring you or you returning the favour. You were thankful that you had both remained exactly the same with each other, when you hung out with each other as friends, your intimate actions seemed to have been forgotten about.
Jeongguk was right when he said it's only weird if you made it weird, because it was as if you never did any of that stuff. At this point, you had posted a few dating selfies and posts on social media so it was more convincing, and you were sure that she had seen it all. Especially when Jeongguk showed up at your house randomly one weekend.
"She messaged me.." He told you, walking inside the house with a grin "She messaged me and said that she wanted to talk"
Huh. So it worked then. 
"Talk about what?" You questioned, following him into your living room.
"She didn't say she just asked me if I was free tonight, told me she thought that we needed to talk about stuff" Your best friend seemed happy at this, and you could see the genuine excitement in his eyes "This could be it. I could get her back"
"I'm happy for you, Guk" You told him, smiling at him. You were happy for him, this is what he had been wanting all these months. The whole reason you started this thing. The thought made you frown slightly "What are you going to tell her about us?"
"The truth obviously" He replied, sitting down on the couch "I'll tell her that you agreed to help me win her back, so we pretended to date to get her attention. I've always been honest with her, I won't start lying to her now"
"What about the sex part?" You sat beside him, and he looked at you with raised eyebrows. 
"What about it?" He scoffed "She won't care. I mean, I'm sure she's been sleeping with other people during the time we haven't been together" The thought of someone else being with her like that started off his jealously, and he hoped that it wasn't true. 
"So she won't care that you've been sticking your dick into your best friend?" He flinched slightly at the statement, but it was a valid question. What happens if it ruins things between them? What if she doesn't take him back because she finds out you've been sleeping together? "Guk, if she does get back with you, she's going to be weird around me and I don't really think she will like us hanging out with each other knowing that we've already slept together. What if she thinks we're doing it behind her back?" 
"You're telling me I should lie to her?"
"Not exactly, I just—" You sighed, trying not to upset him "I don't think you should tell her about the sex part"
"That means I would be keeping a secret from her" He replied, and your shoulders slumped, knowing that he was right. You were just looking out for him. You wanted him to be reasonable. This was a chance for him to get her back, great! But if your decision to have sex with each other affected his relationship with her and your friendship, you could never forgive yourself "I understand that she would be paranoid but all I have to do is reassure her that it's purely platonic between us, we were just helping each other out"
"And if she makes you choose?" You knew you shouldn't have asked, but it just slipped out. Judging by his face, he was clearly pissed off at the question.
"She wouldn't do that" He told you, his jaw clenching "Besides, even if she did, you know what I'd do"
"No, actually I don't" It was your turn to scoff now, because you didn't know. Yes, he was your best friend, but he was head over heels for this girl. He loved her, sometimes you thought maybe he loved her more than you, which is why you didn't know who he would choose if he was asked to. You could only hope that it didn't come down to that. 
"She's not cruel"
"No, I know she's not but that doesn't mean she can't be!" You told him, standing up from the couch "Yes, she's a great fucking girl. I'm really happy you found someone you love so much and some who respects our friendship but the minute she finds out we have slept together—not once, but three times, she might not be as respectful. It would't be fair to us if you told her"
"It also wouldn't be fair to her if I didn't tell her!" He was standing now too, and you ran your hands through your hair. It was a frustrating situation, because you were both making valid points. Fuck, more what could you do? "My relationship with her is fragile at the moment, so if I keep a secret from her, it could ruin everything. I have always been honest with her and I am not going to ruin that now"
"You don't even know if she's going to ask you back!" Ouch. It hurt coming from your lips, but technically, you were right were you not? She didn't specify what she wanted to talk to him about, so it might not have even been about getting back with him. Ah, but then again what could it have been about? Maybe you shouldn't have said that, now you regretted it "Fuck, Guk I—Fuck I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that" 
"Do you not want me to get back with her is that it?" What? Is that what it sounded like? That wasn't what you were implying! You shook your head at him, getting ready to defend yourself before he cut you off "Did you catch feelings? Do you want me and you to be together, that's why you expect me to keep it quiet from her and ruin things between us? You know I don't see you in that way, so it would never happen"
"Fuck you!" You raged. How dare he! No, you hadn't caught feelings. You were glad that you didn't. He was your friend, nothing more and nothing less. Was it such a crime to make sure your friend made the right decisions? "Please don't fucking flatter yourself right now. No, I didn't catch feelings, and even if I did, do you really think I would try and stop you from being with the one person you actually see a future with? Do you think I'm that selfish?"
"I don't know, are you?" He actually had the audacity to ask that? Is that what he thinks about you?
Now that did hurt you. 
He could see you were visibly hurt at his comment, as you just stood there to stare at him. A million thoughts ran through your head. How could he... did he really think you were that selfish? He's known you for years, you had always done things to make him happy, it was the whole fucking reason you took part in this deal in the first place! You had done so much for each other, and now he was questioning your intentions?
You shouldn't have said anything. You shouldn't have brought your thoughts up at all. Wasn't he the one who suggested it at the start though? If one of us has a problem, we bring it up and sort it out. He told you that the first night he asked you about the deal. Now it seemed like he had just forgotten everything that happened between you two because she was in the picture again.
You took a guess on what he would do if it did come down to choosing between you both. Her. It was always, always her.
You sat back down on the couch, not saying a word to him or looking in his direction and he watched you. Why weren't you saying anything?
He sat back down also, closer to you now and glanced at you. He didn't think you were selfish, he was just so happy about her finally messaging him and happy about the possibility of him getting back with her, but it seemed like you were making it into a problem. It killed his mood slightly, but he realised now that you were trying to be a good friend. 
He reached for your hand, holding it in his own but it wasn't there for long, because you pulled it away from him instantly. He scoffed, looking at your face and found that you had turned your head away from him. So he had upset you. Right. He whispered your name, trying to get your attention but you didn't look at him.
You felt him move your hair away from your neck, and you jumped slightly when his lips ghosted over your neck. He pecked you, just the once but the feeling of it was enough to make you feel something. He moved higher up, kissing underneath your earlobe before pulling it between his teeth. You closed your eyes, feeling him lean closer to you as his fingers stroked the nape of your neck.
"Baby.." He said, mouth hovering by your ear "I'm sorry" Asshole.
You shook your head, turning it to face him. Your nose brushed his own as you did, and he smiled at you but you didn't return it. If he thought he could seduce you into accepting his apology, he was wrong.
"I'm not selfish" You told him, pulling back "You know me better than that"
"I do. I do, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have questioned you" His hand was now cupping your cheek making sure you didn't lean further back, and he felt your jaw clench in his hold before he leant forwards, leaving a kiss on the edge of your mouth "Let me make it up to you..."
He now pressed his lips against your own, holding you in place. It was firm, and very telling. It was a bit awkward for him, as he began moving against you but you weren't doing anything. You were stubborn, that's for sure. At least you let him hover over you as he pushed you back, your back lying on the couch just like the first night you spent together. He gave up trying to get you to kiss back, so he moved to your neck, kissing you and nibbling you there.
He was relentless, and you gasped at his hand sneaking underneath your leggings and cupping your mound. Your hands were placed on his chest as he rubbed you over your panties, mouth still assaulting your neck. In other circumstances you would have let him, would have enjoyed it, but you couldn't find yourself relaxing under his touch. This was horrible timing! You were pissed at him, and he was about to meet up with his ex tonight to  talk about getting back with her, so you couldn't do this anymore. 
"Shh, be quiet baby. Let me make you feel good" 
"No, Guk we... we can't do this"
"We can. We can, just one more time"
He pressed his lips back against yours, and you gasped again at his hand getting underneath your underwear. It allowed him access to mix his tongue with your own, putting more pressure into his strokes. His middle finger ghosted over your entrance, his thumb brushed against your clit and he groaned against your lips, bucking his hips into your thigh as he felt himself getting hard. You also felt it.
"Stop it" You pushed him away from your lips, grabbing his wrist and pulling it out of your pants. He watched with wide eyes as you moved away from him, getting off the couch and readjusting your leggings "I'm not—We can't fucking do this. Not anymore"
"What's the matter? I already apologised!"
"That's not what this is about!" It was. Yes, you were still upset, pissed off even—but he had apologised and you could forgive him, but you couldn't go there with him, not anymore "It's gonna make things worse if she finds out we did this before you were meant to see her. Please don't make it even more difficult than it has to be"
"Right. Okay.." It took him a moment to reply, and he sighed. He looked up at you once more, getting off the couch and adjusting his jeans around his half hard cock "I should go then, I suppose"
"I think that's for the best"
He didn't say anything else, and you didn't need him to. So he nodded his head, and you watched him with your jaw clenched as he opened the door, not even hesitating to walk out of it as it shut behind him. 
You were right. Even from the start, and he was a fool to think things wouldn't be different.
— —
It had been 6 months by now, two months since you last fell out with Jeongguk. Although, things weren’t bad between you, not necessarily.
A lot happened in the last two months. You hadn’t slept together again, you hadn’t even touched each other in that way, but he still came to see you. The day after your argument he asked if he could come over and you nearly denied him but knew you couldn’t avoid him forever.
He apologised, properly this time, and didn’t try to seduce you into accepting it. He was meaningful, and you could tell that the day before only happened because he felt invincible, high on adrenaline after she had texted him asking for a meet up. 
Oh yeah. Her. You didn’t want to feel smug, but what you had stressed about came true. She was pissed, not about the fake dating but about the whole sex situation. Yes, she had told him she had made a mistake. Yes, she told him she wanted him back. Yes, she told him there were no hard feelings for you after you “dated”. 
Jeongguk shamefully admitted that he was wrong. She had blown up, talking about how you couldn’t possibly screw your best friend, no feelings attached. She had kicked him out afterwards, telling him she needed time to think. You had no idea about what she thought of you, but when you discovered that she had blocked you on social media, you finally got your answer. 
She was definitely pissed.
You also got your answer on who he would choose. You or her. A week after she had kicked him out they met up again, and she had told him to choose. You tried really fucking hard not to be smug. He came over to yours again after it happened, ranting for an hour straight because he didn’t and shouldn’t have to choose between you. You resisted the urge to say I told you so. 
Afterwards he called her, telling her that he wasn’t going to choose, and if she still had a problem with him being friends with you he would ditch her all together. You hated how much that surprised you. 
It had all worked out in the end though, because two weeks ago he told you they were back together. They had been working on it together for a few weeks, and he kept you updated regularly. It was still partially new, but it was as if their little break didn’t really happen. She wasn’t happy about you hanging around with him every now and then, but she had to deal with it, because nothing had changed between you and him. 
He had asked if he could come over tonight for a movie night considering you hadn’t seen each other physically all week. You had been busy with college, considering your second year was nearly over. Some of your friends had decided to celebrate a “good” and “successful” year by going out for drinks tonight which is why you had to decline, telling him to reschedule. 
Jeongguk was slightly worried. He knew you were going out for drinks, but it was so late, and he had no idea how you were getting home or if you needed any help. He refused to sleep, despite the fact that his girlfriend was curled up in his bed beside him. He was worried about his best friend, he hadn't heard off of you in three hours and it was almost 1am. 
What if something happened? What if you hadn't gotten home okay? What if you were in a ditch somewhere? Okay, Jeon, maybe that was a stretch. He was probably overreacting, you were probably home safe, drunk out your mind not caring about anyone. The thought made him scoff. He was sat here out of his mind and you were probably passed out, not a care in the world.
He sighed, looking back down at his girlfriend and smiled slightly. He leant down and kissed her forehead, making her stir slightly. He was about to settle down beside her properly, throw the covers over them both before pulling her into him and letting go. He looked once more at instagram, seeing a story update from one of your friends and instantly clicked on it.
All his worries and thoughts dropped from his mind as he looked at the image. You were in it, smiling at the camera while your friends stood in front of you. You were holding a glass, was it vodka? Or water? It was clear whatever it was. His focus shifted on the seat you were sitting on, or rather the person you were sitting on. 
His nostrils flared slightly, seeing Taehyung holding your waist as his chin rested on your shoulder. He was looking at the camera too, smiling as if he wasn't holding you like you were glued to him. What? Since when had you been so friendly with him? He didn't even think you knew him, let alone be that close with him. 
You couldn't text him back, tell him you were okay, but you could be friendly and cuddly with Taehyung? He was out of his damn mind worried about you! You didn't even have the decency to let him know you were having fun. Previous times you had been out on nights like this he had been there as the designated driver, enjoying himself beside you before he took you home drunk out your mind. He would admit, it would be funny to hear you blabber about how much you loved him and how much he meant to you as your best friend.
Now he was frustrated, and he locked his phone before placing it on his beside table and sighing once more. He lay down on his side, facing away from his girlfriend being too pissed off to cuddle anyone. He was worried about you, his best friend, but apparently you didn't care. Maybe he was being too harsh, you were having fun you didn't needed to tell him that, he wasn't your dad.
But you could have at least told him you were okay? Or how you were getting home? A simple i'm ok would have been fine! God he was being pathetic. He cared too much, but at least he did care. 
He started to feel the exhaustion setting in, but before he fell asleep his phone vibrated and he picked it up.
You (01:11 AM): hey sorry i didnt wanna text you back when i was drunk, ive been tryna sober up a bit
You (01:11 AM): dont worry ab me! get some rest, ill get one of my friends to drop me off home or i can get a taxi im sober enough now
It was a fair excuse. By one of your friends did you mean... Taehyung? What if he tried something? No! It would have been fine you said you were sober, and who was he to question who you slept with? You were single, young and could sleep with anyone you wanted to. 
You had slept with him. Three times, willingly. On top of letting him eat you out, finger you and in return you gave him blowjobs. 
The thought stirred something inside of him. Would you let Taehyung do the same?
The thought almost made him snort. Even if you did, Taehyung would never make you feel the way he did. If you denied Taehyung, he felt smug in knowing that Taehyung would never know what you tasted like, or how you sounded when you came. The noises you made when your neck was being kissed or marked. He wanted to mark you again.
His dick stirred in his boxers and he held his breath for a moment. He should be thinking these things about his girlfriend, not his best friend... then why did he not feel guilty about his thoughts?
He didn't hesitate to text you back.
Guk (01:13 AM): its fine
Guk (01:13 AM): and ill pick u up. dont get a taxi its too late
You replied almost instantly.
You (01:13 AM): no guk i dont want you driving late. ill get a taxi im sober
Guk (01:14 AM): im picking you up, dont even argue ab this
He didn't wait for your response, just got out of bed to grab his sweatpants from his desk chair. He shuffled round the room once they were on, making his way towards his dresser to grab a shirt. He turned around to look at the girl on his bed. Maybe he should wake her up, tell her he's going to rescue his best friend before reassuring her he won't be back late, that would be the proper boyfriend thing to do. So why didn't he do it?
It took him about five minutes for you to tell him where you were at. He sat in his car, fingers drumming the steering wheel as his frustration levels began to rise. You were being so stubborn, telling him he didn't need to worry and that you would get a taxi, but eventually you gave up and told him. Twenty minutes later he pulled over on the curb, seeing you standing with your friends outside the club.
Fuck, why did you look so good? He had never seen you wear that dress before, and to think you were sitting on Taehyung's lap in that fucking thing. 
He got out the car, standing between the door and the drivers seat as he watched you. You didn't notice him arrive, and he shouted your name to grab your attention. You smiled over at him, waving before glancing back at your friends and saying your goodbyes.
You were walking just fine, no stumbling and you weren't even slumping over like you usually did when you were drunk, it was like you hadn't had any drinks at all. Why had you sobered up so quickly? Were you planning on going back home with Taehyung? Where was he anyway? No, Jeongguk didn't care, he was just happy you were okay.
He sat back down in the drivers seat, watching you make a short jog to the passenger size in those stupid heels. You plopped in beside him, shutting your door before sighing heavily. 
"I appreciate you doing your duty as my best friend, but you really didn't have to pick me up Guk. Especially so late" You had leant forwards after putting your seatbelt off to undo your heels. 
"I said it was fine" He replied, pulling away from the curb once his own seatbelt was on "Plus, I didn't really believe that you were sober"
"Asshole.." You muttered, your smile widening as he grinned. 
"Why did you sober up so early anyway?" He had to ask.
"Early? It's almost 2am!" You pulled one of your heels before reaching for the other one "But to answer your question—my head was beginning to hurt, so I knew by then that my body had consumed enough alcohol for the night. Anyway, I kind of wanted to get out of there... now I just wanna curl up in bed and just sleep"
Yeah, he wanted that too.
You leant back up with another sigh, closing your eyes after both your heels were removed. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye, seeing that your dress had ridden up above your thighs and was barely covering your legs. He moved his hand forwards to change gear and 'accidentally' brushed his fingertips against the side of your thigh. You didn't notice or question it, and he must had done a good job at making it look like an accident. He almost smirked. 
Once he parked outside your house, you both made your way inside. He used his phone as a flashlight as you meddled with your keys, heels in one hand as you opened the door. Lights were turned on and you sighed in relief at being home. God, were you really getting that old? You barely even enjoyed nights out anymore. 
"Ah, sorry about movie night.." You apologised, placing your heels by the shoe rack and turning around to face him as he shut the front door "By the time you asked I had already agreed to head out, didn't think I could cancel"
"It's fine, don't worry" He shrugged, removing his own shoes "Wasn't on my own in the end.."
"Get lucky did you?" You smirked, raising your eyebrows as he rolled his eyes "Hey, I'm not one to judge. She is your girlfriend after all"
"I didn't get lucky" He told you, moving away from the door "It seems like you did though"
"What do you mean?"
"Since when did you know Taehyung?" He asked. Oh. The picture.
You wanted to laugh at the thought of you and Taehyung getting together. You had only sat on his knee to take picture! You and your friends were huddled together, it was either kneel down and show your panties to the camera or sit on his knee for a split second. Once it was taken you had gotten straight off. Plus, he was also only with you because his own friends had ditched him, and you had felt bad for him being on his own. 
"Please.. I didn't get lucky either" You scoffed, making him raise his eyebrows "Even if I did, it wouldn't be any of your business" You were teasing him at this point, sending him a quick smile.
"So you're saying that cancelling on your best friend to fuck another guy isn't my business?" What? How could he even say that? You looked at him, trying to see if he was joking around but he looked... pissed off?
"What? I—" You weren't even sure what you could say to that! Why was he so pissed? He was probably tired, it was 2am after all "I didn't fuck anyone, Guk. Plus, I technically didn't cancel our plans, I just told you I was busy tonight and that we could reschedule" 
"Yeah. You've been too busy to see me all week" He replied, making your shoulders slump. Now you felt bad. It wasn't your fault, really! You planned the night out on Monday and he had messaged this morning to hang out, you felt bad for cancelling on your friends after a week of planning. 
"Guk, I really am sorry..." You told him, as he looked at you again "I mean, you're here now at least?" You smiled, trying to lighten up the mood but apparently he wasn't having any of it. 
"Yeah, picking your ass up to bring you home even after you cancelled on me" 
"I mean.. technically I didn't ask so you didn't really have to—"
He kissed you. It took you by surprise, especially when it was so forceful you both fell backwards and your back slammed against the wall making you whimper. His tongue was instantly in your mouth, mixing with your own and you were nearly crushed flat at the way he was pressing so tightly against you. His hands also weren't wasting any time, because both of them skimmed your waist to cup your ass, squeezing it tight.
His thigh was between your leg, and your dress was now hiked up. You felt him flex his muscle, causing it to hit your core as you gripped him and rubbed yourself onto the muscle. He wouldn't let go of your lips, and you were both breathing heavily at this point, he kissed you and you kissed him back and it was getting more and more heated by the second. 
It felt so good, but it was wrong. His girlfriend. 
You were both slightly surprised at your strength as you pushed him away. His body and mouth disconnected from you, now not blocking you against the wall and he was breathing heavily. You couldn't look at him, you didn't want to! What had you done? Why had he kissed you? What was he fucking thinking! You ran your hands through your hair.
"Oh my god.." Was all you could mumble, moving away from the wall and making your way further into your house. You didn't spare him a second glance, and he watched as you walked away from his sight. 
Fuck fuck fuck. What the fuck. No, no you weren't about to be that type of person. Oh you couldn't believe him right now! What if she thinks we're doing it behind her back? You said that to him! So why had you kissed him back? No, he was supposed to be your best friend. Nothing more. This deal ended two months ago. He had a fucking girlfriend. A girlfriend he loved! 
Why did he kiss you? Why would he do that to her? To himself? To you?
You were looking through your bedroom drawers, trying to find your pyjamas. You weren't sure how long had passed. How long ago had it been? Oh god what were you going to do. Would he tell her? It was just a kiss, but it wasn't with his girlfriend, so it was cheating? Oh fuck.  
Your hands flew to your mouth, and you stood there for a moment. Oh you were a horrible person. How could you do that with a man that was in a relationship. You'd be so crushed if that was your boyfriend. No but, he kissed you first! Ah, but you kissed him back. Your head was beginning to hurt, and you stood there for a moment longer. 
It wasn't long until he came into your room. You didn't look at him, you couldn't, oh god what was he going to say? You should ask him to leave. Give you time to think. He should get back home, talk in the morning. Yes, that was the best plan. You needed sleep, he needed sleep. You'd talk in the morning. 
It seemed like he was going to make this even more difficult for you.
No, he was definitely making this harder. He was behind you at this point, you could feel him breathing on the back of your head. His hands wondered, fingers gripping your shoulders before they skimmed down your arms, reaching your waist. You could feel his fingertips skimming the bottom of your dress, not allowing you to be certain on what he was going to do.
He was insane. Your best friend had lost his fucking mind. Especially, especially when he leaned down to whisper in your ear.
"I don't like other men touching you" You couldn't believe what was even happening. What was he...
He shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be touching you the way that he was — but he was here before him. He was your friend, not him. He knew your body, not him. He wanted to be the only one to touch you the way you liked. He wanted you to remember that. Despite the fact that he already had someone at home waiting for him.
"This is wrong" You told him, now feeling his lips against the side of your neck "This is fucking wrong"
"You don't seem to be resisting" He's right.
"Guk, you can't say shit like—This isn't okay, I don't... Guk, I don't understand"
He moved your hands from your mouth, and pressed himself against your back more. Now your hands were behind you, holding his waist, thanks to the guidance he gave you. He moved his mouth so it was against your ear and you clenched your jaw at the way his breath skimmed your skin.
"You don't have to understand much, not right now" He told you, and your heart dropped "I just want you to know that I'm the only one who can touch you like this"
No fucking way.
"I'm not your fucking property"
It was like his words snapped you out of the trance, and now you were past feeling shocked. You were angry. Pissed off. How dare he say that to you, when he had a girlfriend. You? Well, you were your own person. Not someone he could control, not someone he could tell what to do and what not to do. You weren't sure what the fuck had gotten into him but this wasn't your best friend. 
You spun around to face him, your face full of anger and it was hard to tell what he was feeling. So you carried on.
"What the fuck is wrong with you? You have a girlfriend. Who, by the way, you spent months trying to win back. Now that you have her back you want to do this to her? What happened to not lying to her? Not keeping secrets? You painted yourself a good image, the perfect fucking boyfriend and now that you have her back you try it on with someone else? Not just anyone else, your fucking best friend!" He wasn't reacting, and it was only getting you more riled up "Your best friend who you suddenly think you can control?"
"It's not about control—"
"Then what the fuck is it about Jeongguk?" 
"I don't know! I just—" Finally! "I don't know what it is, what this is. I just felt so pissed off when I saw that fucking picture and I tried not to get worked up over it but I thought about how I used to touch you like that... more than that, and I got into my fucking head. It's wrong, yes, but I can't help but want it even more"
"We can't do this, Guk" You told him, and he looked away from you "I'm your best friend. She's your girlfriend. You should be kissing her, not me. We had an agreement, and now it's over. You got the girl, we can move on with our lives"
"I know what you are. I know what she is and I know my place with both of you" He looked at you again, and his eyes were almost pleading "That doesn't mean that.. Fuck, I don't know what all this is. I'm with her yes, and I'm happy about that, I'm happy with her but I feel like there's something unsolved between us and it's making it harder to move on"
"I don't know... but it just doesn't feel right between us anymore" He admitted, and you tried so hard not to be disappointed.
Things had changed.
"I can stay away if you want" You didn't want to, but if it was for the best.
"No. Never" He was adamant with his answer, and his voice was stern which meant that you had no choice in that department. At least he didn't want rid of you, that was good right?
"Then what do we do?" Your voice was quiet. You were lost at this point, completely stranded in what used to be a strong, simple friendship. 
"What if we keep it quiet?" What? Surely he wasn't talking about...
It took you a moment to answer him.
"You're not... You're not seriously suggesting—"
"Yes, I am. I am suggesting that. I know, it's wrong, totally sinful but you don't know how difficult it is to stop thinking about it" What the fuck. No, no he can't be serious "About you. About us, being together. I love her, I do and it might not seem like it but I do. It's just... you. I can't see you and me together like that, being in love and actually building a life of our own, but when I'm with you I fucking desire you and it kills me when I can't act upon it"
"Guk.." No. No, please.
"I know it sounds crazy. Okay? Baby, I know it's fucking crazy. It's insane" He held your arms again, this time it was gentler and you didn't pull away "I don't want you to stay away. I want you as close to me as possible. I told you, it doesn't feel right between us anymore and maybe doing this would make things worse but it might also make things better"
"What if you spend more time with me than her?" You were now pleading, trying to get him to understand how bizarre this was. Maybe flashing your panties in the picture would have been better than this "She's going to start asking questions, especially now that she knows we have slept together in the past. You're going to lose her forever Guk, and I don't want to be the reason for that"
"I want you..." His grip around your arm tightened, and he pulled you closer.
Fuck, what more could you do? Things would definitely be unsolved after this.
"If what you're saying about me is so true, then why are you still with her? Why would you try to win her back in the first place?"
"Because I love her"
"If you loved her you wouldn't be saying all this shit to me right now!"
You covered your face now. You were so frustrated, and you didn't want him to see the way that the tears flooded your vision. You couldn't believe that this was happening, it shouldn't have happened. Things were unsolved? Not the same between you both? It was almost like you warned him about this when he brought up the fucking deal. Ah, your head was hurting even more now.
"I don't want to choose" He told you, leaning his forehead against your hands "I want.. I want you both. It's selfish and it's fucked up but both of you are so, so important to me and I don't want to have one but lose the other" 
You tried to summarise it all in your head. He wanted you, he desired you, but he couldn't see a future with you and he couldn't see you both being in love romantically. So what, he wanted you for sex? But with her, he wanted her because he was in love with her, his heart desired her and she was the one in his eyes. What about their sex? Not something you wanted to think about, but in this case it was perfectly fucking valid.
He'd been having sex with you, and with her? Or he'd just have sex with you, and do the couple things with her? God. He was crazy. She would question him, you would never get away with this. He'd have two people on the go. You didn't want to be reduced to that. You didn't want to sneak around, you didn't want to be in a sexual relationship with a taken man!
"What you're suggesting will make you lose one of us, maybe even both of us" You told him, pulling your hands away from your face and his eyes widened when he spotted the tears "If she leaves you... when she finds out about us, because she will, you are going to resent me. Every time you see me, you're going to be filled with guilt, and hatred, and you'd be eating yourself up about what you've done, and you will never want to lay your eyes on me again"
His hands cupped your face, brushing his thumbs under your eyes, only to allow access for the other tears that were waiting their turn to run down your cheeks. You felt so much at once. Confusion, anger, frustration, guilt. You wanted to hate yourself for crying, but you felt like you had every fucking right to in this situation.
"I really wish that you could understand how I feel" He told you, and he pressed his forehead against your own. You let him "I wish that you could see my thought process behind all this. I don't think you would be able to understand it because I sure as hell don't... but it would give you a better look on what I feel about you, and why it's so complicated between us"
"It's complicated because of what we did" You referred to the offer he made. The offer that you should have never let happen. His nose brushed your own, you let him.
"We can figure it out..." He pulled you closer, and you let him "We always do. We always, always figure shit out together. It's you and me, always"
"Please... please don't make promises you can't keep. Not now, not in this situation" You shook your head, not bothering to hide the way that even more tears were now falling "I can't, Guk I... I don't want to lose you" 
"You won't, baby" He kissed your nose, and you let him "You won't. I'm not going anywhere. I'm yours. I'm yours, and you're mine"
Finally, he kissed you, and you let him. 
Your hands reached his chest instantly, pushing him, but not hard enough to push away. You didn't want to push him away, and yet you did. How could something be so bittersweet? You let him kiss you, you let him move his lips against your own and you let him touch your tongue with his own as you felt him mix the tears that you had shed. You didn't care. You didn't care that your mind was protesting against you, telling you that you were a bad person. You didn't care when you had images of him and her together, despite the fact that he was here with you right now. You didn't care that things were so fucked up between you and your best friend.
Not anymore, you were done caring. You were done trying to make things right, because things weren't right. Not since the first time you kissed, not since the first time you had sex, and definitely not since the first time you agreed to help him win his girlfriend back. 
Fuck her. It was wrong, but you blamed her. You were done blaming Jeongguk, you were done blaming yourself. It was all of you, all three of you that had fucked things up. Her for breaking his heart, him trying to use you to get her back, and you for wanting to do your best in making him happy. You're all fucking idiots.
You were an idiot for the way that you pressed your body against his own, gripping his face, daring him to pull away from you. He didn't, instead he busied his hands with the zipper of your dress and you fucking let him. He groaned when you dug your nails into the side of his face, causing him to buck his hips against your own and you felt his cock hardening. You did that to him. He desired you. 
What if she thinks we're doing it behind her back?
The thought made you bite his lip and he pulled away, looking down at you. His face was flushed, his eyes rolling down your body and his lips were almost swollen, a small red mark was evidence of you using your teeth. You spun around, pushing him on the bed as he sat down, not leaving your eyes once. He was taking too fucking long, too long for your liking, so you took matters into your own hands and unzipped your dress. It pooled at your feet, and his hands twitched at his side. 
No, you were done teasing. You actually had no intention of teasing tonight. So you kissed him again, and he reached behind you to unclip your bra before throwing it to the side and out of the way. He said he was going to pay more attention to your chest, and that's exactly what he did. He made sure to kiss and suck each bud, both of them rock solid by the time he was finished as you were a moaning mess. He pinched them both, watching your reaction and his cock twitched at the way you bit your lip.
Fuck, he craved you.
He pulled you forwards, spinning you around again so you were lying on the bed underneath him, your lips reattached. It almost, almost felt right. It would never feel whole, not with her at the back of your mind. So why did the wrong elements make you feel so fucking good? Knowing that he was here with you, kissing you, rubbing his rock hard cock against your leg while his hand gripped one of your breasts—when she was the one he was supposedly in love with. Was she wondering where he was right now? Or was she fast asleep knowing that he loved and cherished her.
It was stupid. It wasn't love. He wouldn't be groaning against your lips if it was love. Whatever it was, he could figure it out another fucking time, because right now you wanted to be selfish. You wanted him to make you feel good, because he had told you he desired you, which meant you turned him on. Who was the last person that said they desired you? You couldn't remember.
He pulled away from your lips, reaching his hand back and grabbing the neckline of his shirt before pulling it off. His sweatpants were next, and you managed to do it while kissing and you gasped into his mouth when he didn't waste anytime in rolling his groin against your cunt. 
"You feel how hard you make me, baby?" He questioned, pulling away from your mouth to roll his hips again, watching your reaction "You do this to me. This is what happens to me when I remember what it feels like to be inside you.. to taste you" Fuck.
He did a third time, this time harder than the previous two and your head fell back into the pillow. He kissed your neck, and you pushed him further into you causing him to nibble below your jaw. It was euphoric, and you couldn't think why the other times never felt like this. 
"Please don't tease.." You hated that you had to ask this, but it was necessary.
He moved away from your neck and kissed you again, pecking you three times before moving his hands down to your panties, hooking his fingers in the sides and pulling them down your legs. You sighed at the feeling of his tattooed hand instantly reaching to your folds, tracing two fingers on the outside while his middle one dipped inside. The tip ghosted your entrance, and you groaned making him glance at you.
"I got you, baby" He told you, pecking you on the lips once more "I got you.."
Your eyes widened as his middle finger sunk all the way into your entrance, and he placed his free hand around your neck at the same time. Oh. You had told him you liked this at the start when you discussed likes and dislikes, but he had never done it before now. There wasn't much pressure, but just the knowledge and sight of his hand wrapped around your throat made your walls clench around his finger.
He began to move in and out, not slow but not fast enough. You shut up your eyes and held his wrist and he watched you carefully. He picked up the pace slightly, moving his finger faster and he squeezed your neck once. He did it so quickly you almost would have missed it, but it was your nails in his wrist that kept you grounded. 
You moved your hips slightly to the rhythm of his thrusts and whimpered slightly when he squeezed your neck once more. He was driving you insane.
Your eyes flew open again at the feeling of his second finger joining the movement, and the third time he squeezed your throat he kept the pressure there. Now he wasn't holding back, and it hadn't taken you long to get so worked up like this. Your moans were breathy, and you looked at him to see that he was focussed on the hand that was around your neck.
Maybe he was worried he was squeezing too hard, but he was holding you just perfectly. The speed that his fingers were moving in and out of you, combined with the way his fingers marked your throat it was driving you fucking insane. You reached your hands up to bring him down closer, and he let you. You kissed him, it was messy considering your concentration wasn't all there but Jeongguk didn't care. He was just happy to be kissing you. Touching you, making you feel good.
What if she thinks we're doing it behind her back?
His thumb swiped your clit and your hips jolted. He did it again, not even a second later and you gripped the sheets tightly and your lips fell from his own. Oh you were close, so fucking close. The pressure on your neck was no longer there, but his hand was still present. He moved his eyes down to where his fingers were inside you and he curled them when he thrusted in, knowing exactly where to hit.
"You're close, aren't you?" He asked, making you nod your head "You gonna cum all over my fingers? Shout my name so everyone knows who made you feel this fucking good?" You nodded again and gasped when he returned the pressure on your neck. 
"I'm so close.." He kissed you once more, speeding up his fingers as if that was even possible before whispering against your lips.
"Come for me, baby. Fucking come for me"
With two of his fingers moving faster and harder, curling so they hit your g-spot, added with the pressure on your neck and his thumb brushing your clit, your eyes rolled back as you came. You saw white, and for a moment you felt light headed as the pleasure passed through your body. Legs twitching and hands practically ripping the sheets, you moaned his name and he watched as you felt apart underneath him. His fingers were being clenched, and he prayed that he didn't come in his boxers before he even got his dick in you.
The sight of you coming undone underneath him, his hand around your neck as his fingers moved around inside you was enough for him to get extremely worked up. He knew he wouldn't last long at all when he finally got inside you, but that was okay. At least he had made you feel good, at least he got to touch you and at least he got to hear you say his name like that.
What if she thinks we're doing it behind her back?
It took a minute, but he heard you whimper when he moved his fingers so he pulled out, licking the trace of you away. Afterwards, he moved his hand from your neck, noticing the skin was slightly red and he didn't hesitate to kiss it gently. Your eyes were closed, but you felt his lips ghost over the place his hand had previously been. You ran your nails gently across his shoulders, letting him know you were okay and that he hadn't hurt you. Was that his first time choking someone during sex? 
You didn't want to question him, not after the mind fucking blowing orgasm he just gave you. You could barely move, and your legs felt like jelly. So for the moment, you just relaxed as he pecked your neck, his fingers rubbing your hips just as gently. It was different, especially after the way he had fingered you and choked you, on top of the dirty talk. Talk about duality..
"Guk.." You whispered, feeling him hum against your neck "Guk. Guk, I'm okay"
He sighed. He stopped kissing your neck, but kept his forehead buried there, avoiding your face. You opened your eyes and pulled him closer, hands running through his hair as he lay on top of you. You held each other for a moment, feeling his soft breaths against your neck and you thought he had fallen asleep, despite the fact that you were sweaty and still breathing heavily.
You heard it before you felt it, and it almost set you off again. The quietest sniffle, before the drop of liquid that you knew wasn't your sweat. You closed your eyes once more, holding him against you more tightly as you refused to let him go. Everything was fucked.
You both bathed in each others presence, just for a moment. Your fingers in his hair relaxed him, the pulse that was in your neck relaxed him as it pumped against his head. He had ruined everything. Look how selfish he was being. Ruining his best friends life and the girl he loved. Why was his head so fucked up. Why did he have to make stupid decisions that put his friends in the middle of it all.
He pulled away, looking down at you and it was your turn to wipe underneath his eyes. 
"I'm sorry.." He told you, looking at you "I'm gonna make this work. I'm gonna sort my fucking head out. I'm gonna fix things, I'm gonna make things right. They're not okay right now, but that's fine. It's not uncontrollable just yet" He closed his eyes as you brought him forwards, resting your foreheads together.
"It's okay to want something" You told him, making sure to get rid of the new tears that escaped "It's also okay not to have everything under control. Life isn't perfect, Guk, and none of us are. We all make mistakes, we all want things we can't have and we all have to make decisions that are the hardest to make. We're making a mistake right now. You want something you can't have and you're going to have to face a decision soon. Firstly you need time. You need to think, and you need space. No influences, no one distracting you and no one choosing for you. Coming to terms with it all will be the hardest, but you're gonna be able to do it"
Gratitude. He had constantly felt gratitude for you. Growing up together, you did everything to make sure he was happy. You looked out for him, and in return he did the same. It was easy growing up with you, and it was easy being around you. He didn't deserve you. Not after everything he's made you do. Things that were said, the way he acted. He had become a different person, he was barely recognisable to himself. So why were you still here with him?
He kissed you again, and it was softer. Much softer than any kiss you have ever shared together. It was slow, but it felt meaningful and it felt like he was apologising for everything. You felt for him in that moment, because he wasn't being selfish. He was just someone who was given too much at once, and now he was stuck between choosing one or the other. No, it wasn't choosing between you or her. It was choosing what he wanted to do.
Did he truly want to be with her? Was it really her that was made for him like he thought? She can't be, because otherwise he wouldn't be here with you right now. As for you, well he couldn't see that with you either. Even after you shared these moments with each other, he was still your best friend, and he was always going to look out for you in that way.
He couldn't lose you, not after everything. It was so easy with you. You understood him, you stuck with him, but he couldn't imagine calling you his. Which is why it was so difficult when it came to stuff like this. He didn't want anyone touching you like this. Seeing you like this. Only him, just him, but it was unfair to keep you in that way. 
He had no idea what to do.
"Make love to me" You told him, pulling away and he stared at you for a moment "Even if... even if it won't be that type of love, we can still pretend can't we? Although it'll still be some type of love, because you love me as your best friend" He nodded almost instantly, feeling you wipe away the last tear he shed. 
"We're gonna figure this out aren't we?" He kissed you once more, and you nodded against him.
"Yes. Yes, we will, I promise"
He got rid of his boxers, resting his body on top of yours. The kiss wasn't gentle, not anymore, and it was almost as if you hadn't shared that moment with each other. He gripped you everywhere, and groaned against your lips when you bucked your hips upwards. He was yours in this moment. He was yours to hold, to kiss and to touch, and you were his.
"Can I fuck you raw?" He questioned against your lips, and you held his face "Please, fuck—please let me fuck you raw. I'm clean, I swear, I've used a condom with everyone I've been with. I wanna fucking feel you"
You kissed him to shut up him. You were clean. He was also the last person you slept with, and you had used condoms. You didn't have an IUD but you did have morning after pills as backup in your bathroom. You had only used them once before and they were effective, but right now you just wanted to feel him. You wanted him.
He grabbed his cock, rubbing it against your folds and you held his arms tighter. You could feel him everywhere and no where at the same time, your core was aching to have him inside you, especially with nothing between you. Your prayers were answered as he pushed his tip inside, sliding in easily thanks to your previous orgasm and you arched your back off of the bed.
He clearly wasn't wasting anytime and you were glad, because he kept pushing and pushing until he was all the way inside, and he leaned over you with his hands pressed on either side of your head. He glanced down at you, seeing your eyes closed and he felt your hands gripping his waist. He attached your lips again, feeling you clench around his cock causing him to buck his hips.
He pulled out, all the way out until his tip was the only thing you held onto. Jeongguk didn't want this to end, didn't want to blow his load just yet but when he slid back until he was inside of you again, he nearly did when his lips muffled the whimper you let out. He rested on his elbows, kissing you more desperately now and moved out before sliding back in just as quickly.
Your legs were around his waist now, arms wrapped around his neck as he kissed you, groaning and gasping against you. He picked up the pace, sliding out of you and pushing himself back in just as fast. Your chests were together and it felt so intimate, so close, and you gripped him just a bit tighter. No, he was yours in this moment. Even if he would never be yours, you could still pretend. Just for a little while.
What if she thinks we're doing it behind her back?
Clearly all his restraint was gone by now, because he was moving so quickly in and out of you it was difficult to understand how he kept up the pace when you were losing all control over your body. He was well and truly slamming against you now, and each thrust felt fucking fantastic to your body. His lips were gone from your own by now, your ear managing to get all the attention as you heard him groaning into them.
“I’m gonna stuff you to the brim with my cum, so everyone who wants you knows that you’re unavailable” He told you, and you gasped at his words. Fuck. Earlier you had told him that he couldn't make those decisions for you, but why did it feel so good when he said it this time?
"Don't stop.." You weren't sure what you were asking for. His movements, his words, his presence, they were all overwhelming right now and you weren't sure that you could ever get over this.
“You were made for me” He whispered, jolting slightly as you clenched him harder “Made to take my cock. No one is gonna touch you like me. No one can make you feel the way I do. I meant it. He cant touch you like this. No one can, not after me” 
"Fuck—" Your head fell backwards against the pillow, and he kissed your neck once it was available. His teeth grazed your skin and you gripped his hair just as hard as he was thrusting into you.
"So good for me, baby" He praised and you almost saw stars when he hit that spot "So good for me. Never wanna stop fucking you"
You wanted to tell him to move faster, harder, but he was already at his limit. It was delicious, and you were addicted. His cock was hitting you where you needed, at the spot that was most effective for you and his hips clearly had no intention of slowing down or going gentle. You didn't want him to.
"I'm gonna cum" A warning.
"Gonna make you cum so hard for me" He kissed you again, and at this point your lips were nearly sore "I want it. Please, baby, give it to me. Cum for me"
Three more mind blowing thrusts and you were coming undone underneath him. You were thankful, so fucking thankful that he didn't move away from your lips because you could have sworn that you would have screamed and woken everyone up. Oh, it was so fucking good. Your walls clenched him and Jeongguk groaned once more, knowing that you were cumming around him and he felt everything. You did see white, and despite the sensitivity that was beginning to build he carried on thrusting into you just as hard.
Your arms fell to your side, feeling completely wiped out. You were breathing heavily now, body moving by his thrusts and he didn't move away or slow down. It was getting too much, now that you had let it go you were sensitive and uncomfortable, your body overheating but he didn't stop. His grunts were getting louder, and his movements sloppier. 
He moved away from you, straightening his back and placing your legs over his shoulders. You let him. You watched him grip your thighs, using them as leverage to thrust harder against you. By this point, the sensitivity had kicked in and it was nearly painful for you. 
"Give me one more" He grunted, using one of his hands to circle your clit which caused you to reach out for him "Give me one more, I know you can"
"I—Guk, I can't" 
"You can" He lent forwards again, pecking your lips "You can, and you will"
His fingers were rubbing against your clit faster and your nails dug into his wrist. You gasped against his lips, feeling his cock twitch inside of you and he was close. You decided to give him more one, allowing him to rub your clit at the speed of his thrusts despite your body screaming at you. It was surprising at how fast you did cum again, and your hips were uncontrollable at this point, as they twitched from the overstimulation. 
You both moaned against each other, and when you bit his lip as your walls clenched around him, he practically fell on top of you as he came inside you. Jeongguk's own hips stuttered, chasing out his orgasm, and sighed at the feeling of his release filling you. You felt it all, and you felt some of it escape alongside your own, despite the fact that he was still buried deep inside you.
You both panted, and you allowed him to rest on top of you, his head moving to your neck where he rested for a moment. His cock and his cum were still inside you, mixing with your arousal and the three orgasms you had had tonight. How could you let this go now..
You shut your eyes for a moment, feeling exhausted. You couldn't sleep, not just yet, but it was still good to bathe in the aftermath of what happened. Despite the fact that it was wrong, despite the fact that he shouldn't be here, despite the fact that everything between you was ruined. You allowed yourself to be selfish, just for a moment longer.
“You should.." No. Don't ruin it. "You should get back. She might wonder where you are”
“I will just—not now, not yet. I'm okay here” Thank you.
After a few minutes of lying on top of you, keeping his now softened cock inside you, he pulled out causing you to clench your jaw at the feeling. He lay beside you, both facing the ceiling as you gained your breath back. There was no going back after this. Just like he had said when you first had sex. But you both carried through with it. Now look where you were.
The dread kicked in, the weight of everything you had worried about took over and you let a tear fall as he sat up, swinging his legs off of the bed. He sighed for a moment, hand running through his hair before standing up and dressing himself. It took a moment, and it was silent between the both of you. You lay on the bed, still bare as the day you were born as you sobbed quietly to yourself.
No comfort came, no words shared. He heard you sniffle. Once, then twice, then a third time and he did nothing. Just placed his shirt over his head before glancing down at you, seeing the red cheeks and the tears. He didn't know what to say, not anymore, not after that. 
So he spared you one last glance, before walking out of your bedroom, leaving you behind.
You heard the front door shut, your empty house becoming even emptier now you were left to deal with the consequences on your own. Hurt. You were so fucking hurt.
So many people to blame, so many things going wrong, and now you were left in the dark with nothing. Nothing but the presence of the tears that continued to fall down your cheeks as you sobbed, and you let them.
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thatkpophoelife · 7 months ago
PAIRING: Jungkook x Fem. Reader (ft. Taehyung and NCT Jaehyung)
RATING: Mature 18+
GENRE: NonIdol Au. Highschool Au. Smut. Fluff 
WC: 8K
SUMMARY: You and Jungkook have been best friends since the beginning of time. You spent every waking moment together until one night your at a party and the feelings you have been trying to keep inside decide they want to erupt and make your life harder than you ever could have expected. 
WARNINGS: Swearing. under aged drinking. Big dick Jungkook. Oral (Fem. Rec.) Nipple Play. Fingering (Fem. Rec.) Multiple Orgasms. Cream Pie. Unprotected Sex. Slight Daddy Kink. Slight degradation (hardly mentioned). Thigh Ridding. 
A/N: I’m so happy I’m finally done with it. I am so happy with the result. I have been working hard for the last few days getting this ready to post so sorry if anything is spelt wrong or doesn’t make sense. ENJOY! 
You and Jungkook have been best friends since the first grade. It all started when you fell off the monkey bars during recess. Your palms and knees were bloody and scraped. The cement was rough against your skin and you could see those small little rocks in the small cuts on your hands. As a little kid they seemed way worse than they really were. You were scared you would need to go to the doctors for stiches and then they would need to give you a shot. You were like 7, things like that terrified you.
When you looked up through your watery eyes, you could see a little boy with cute cheeks, deep brown eyes, and bangs. You looked back down at the ground and wiped off your cheeks and nose. When you looked back up you saw the same boy but with his hand out for you to grab. You reached out to grab it and he pulled you up with a huge grin and a huff.
“I’m Jungkook but my friends call me Kookie.”
“I'm Y/N. Thanks for helping me up Jungkook.” You though it had a nice ring to it.
“No problem. I have a band aid in my pocket, you can have it”
“Really? Thanks.” When he handed you the band aid you couldn’t help but notice it had a small picture of Woody from Toy Story on it.
In the days that went by, you two hung out nonstop. He told you almost everything that you could learn about a 7-year-old. You learned his birthday was September 1st, he has an older brother named SeokJin that everyone calls Jin, he likes pizza, and loves soccer. You knew other things of course, but those were just some of the basics.
You became best friends extremely fast and spent most of your summer together. You went to the beach more than once a week. Your parents became friends with his parents and there was no going back on this friendship now. You did develop a teensy tiny basically non-existent crush on Jin but it quickly went away when Jungkook called you out on it and asked you to never see his brother in that light again. You agreed because even though you were only now 8, you still had your priorities and Jungkook was in the top 3.  
By the time second grade came around he asked you, aka forced you, into joining his soccer team so you could “spend more time together.” You whined for the entire first practice. Since your mom was excited to finally see you doing a sport, she put your hair up in pigtails and bought you neon pink knee socks with a just as neon yellow visor. You were not happy. When you got to the field you felt out of place and like everyone was laughing at you. Those worries effected how you played. Just because you never played the sport before doesn’t mean you weren’t somewhat decent at it.
You knew how to dribble kind of well and you had decent aim when trying to make the ball in the net. But your real strong suit was goalie. You were never afraid of the ball or of getting hurt. If you needed to you would gladly dive for the ball if that’s what your team needed to win a game. You were never a girly girl so getting dirt on your knees never bothered you.
Despite all of this you still didn’t want to try out. Your mom was loud and never stopped cheering your name, no matter where you were. You had no other siblings so it’s not like she had anywhere else to be. She had her own small company that way she could create her own schedule and get to go to anything you wanted her to and as far as she knew that was everything. All of your class field trips, sport games, school plays, everything. You were too nervous to tell her otherwise because you didn’t want to hurt her feelings. You know that she only went overboard because she loves you so much but sometimes you wished she loved you a little less. And your dad was always busy with his 9-5 job so he never went to any of your things.
You never stopped playing though. You ended up enjoying the sport more than you could have expected. It was even more enjoyable since you were actually good at it, you always got to be goalie in all of your games. You and Jungkook were actually the star players on your co-ed team. And whenever Jungkook would ask you about why you still played even though you “didn’t like it that much” you always said you liked it enough to continue playing and that you had nothing better to do. You knew deep down that he knew you enjoyed the sport just as much as him, but you also knew he would never call you out on it.  
You won almost all of your games, and you and Jungkook always fought over who deserved the trophy’s. Your argument was that the goalie was a key role to stop the other team from scoring. Jungkook’s was that he made most of the goals to keep your teams score up too high for the other team to ever catch up. It always came to a vote among your teammates, Jungkook always won and you knew it was because most of the girls had a crush on him and wanted him to like them back.
Besides that, nothing exciting happend in your friendship for a while. You spent a lot of time playing soccor in parks and when it was soccor season. You spent all of your summers together and both you’re your guys’ parent let you two get a golden retriever to take care of named Olive the summer before 6th grade. She was staying at Jungkook’s though because it was his idea in the first place. It didn’t mean you never go to see her there. You spent half of your summer there so you saw her a lot.
In your summer of 7th grade Olive got hit by a truck. You were both devasted and Jungkook spent a week at your house. All because Jin forgot to let Olive in at night so she decided to run. Jungkook didn’t talk to Jin for almost a month.
Then in 8th grade a boy named Park Jimin decided to throw a “End of the Summer Almost Freshmen in High-School” party. In reality it was more like ten people that were all in some way shape or form a part of his friend circle. You were invited because they needed another girl to come and Jungkook talked you up so much Jimin had no choice.
The night was all fun and games until his parents went to bed. He quickly grabbed an empty 16-liter Coca-Cola bottle and sat it in the middle of the floor and had everyone gather around in a circle. You were beyond nervous considering you hardly knew any of the boys that were playing and you have never had you first kiss.
A few rounds went by and nothing particularly interesting happened. Jimin kissed some girl named Emily that you didn’t like that much anyways. Then it was Jungkook’s turn. He spun it and you could hear your heart pounding in your ears. It felt as if the bottle was spinning non-stop. Past Emily, past Nichole, past Maddison, past Jimin, past everyone else. Then it stopped, and pointed at you.
You felt your heart speed up. You couldn’t kiss your best friend. It was wrong in so many ways. But the chanting of your names in the background couldn’t go unnoticed. You had no choice but to kiss him. Well, you kind of did but you were hoping that by doing something like this people will start to like you more and not look at you as Jungkook’s best friend. You both sat up and looked each other in the eyes.
Slowly the rest of the world started to silently drift away. You don’t know if it was because everyone around you stopped talking to watch the kiss or because you were to focused on Jungkook and nothing else. His right hand slowly went to up to your caress your cheek while his left hand was on the floor keeping him balanced. You couldn’t help but notice the sparkle in his eyes. The way they traveled from your pupils, to the tip of your nose, and finally landing on your lips. The way his thumb rubbed gentle circles into your cheek leaving a burning sensation wherever it touched. The way he locked eyes with you one last time to make sure he had your permission first.
You noticed that the second you nodded your head giving him permission; he didn’t waste a second to kiss you. The kiss was soft but urgent. Like you both have been waiting for this very moment for so long. Once he broke the kiss, he looked you in the eyes and gave you a look you would never forget. He smirked.
You couldn’t help but shake your head in absolute confusion and utter disbelief. Did he want that kiss to happen? Did he do that because the guys were watching? You didn’t know. The only thing you knew, was that you’ve had a huge crush on your best friend since the very beginning.
Ever since that day he helped you up from the dirty ground when your hands and knees you scraped and bloody. Ever since he told you it was a good idea to co-own a puppy. Ever since the last day of middle school when you took a selfie jumping with glee. These feelings had been hiding ever since the beginning, and Jungkook’s lips was the only thing to break down the barriers and release those feelings.
You didn’t bother to sit back down in the circle. You wanted to go home, needed to go home. You didn’t want to wake up your parents and ask them to pick you up. You also didn’t want to walk through the door and have them ask why you came home. You knew exactly what to do.
Call Jin.
He answered on about the fourth ring. “Hello?” said the course and tired voice from the other line. You felt bad the second you heard him speak because you knew you woke him up.
“Hey Jin. Umm I was wondering if you could pick me up from the party?” You were prepared to literally beg him to come pick you up.
“Whatever. It’s the same house Kookie’s at, right?” You couldn’t believe you didn’t even need to ask twice.
“That is very correct. I will be ready and waiting outside for you to pull up.”
“Loser. I will be there in 10, don’t make me wait.” You couldn’t help but smile widely while you were getting you stuff together and putting your shoes on.
“Y/N? What are you doing?” You have got to be kidding.
“Hey Jungkook, what are you doing here?”
“What do you mean what am I doing here. I was invited” You can see it written all over his cute little bunny face that he was so confused.
“I- I'm just not feeling too well, I'm going home” You couldn’t help the painfully obvious stutter as you lied to your best friend’s face.
“How, it’s a sleep over? Your mom won’t be thrilled if you called her at 1 o’clock in the morning.”
“I already called someone, and they should be here any minute now so you can go back and enjoy kissing those other girls.” What did you just say? You couldn’t stop the words before they came out. Would that be how he found out you liked him? Is that the sentence that would ruin your friendship? Sometimes you felt so very stupid.
“Okay I will.” With that he walked back to continue the game of spin the bottle with a huge smirk on his face. You couldn’t help but stare, eyes wide and mouth agape. You couldn’t help but wonder if that kiss meant nothing to him. As far as you knew that was his first kiss, and it was most defiantly yours.
As you were lost in your dark cloud of thoughts, your phone dinged making you jump a little. It was Jin texting you that he was already there to pick you up. If you were honest, you weren’t expecting him to be here this fast.
You quickly picked your bag off of the ground, slipped on your black and white checkered Vans, and made your way out the door. When you got to Jin’s car, you quickly threw your stuff in the back and climbed into the passenger seat.
“Where to Y/N?” You could still hear the sleep in his voice and see it in his eyes. He was wearing a simple grey Champion hoodie with black Nike joggers. His hair was all messy from sleeping and the moon perfectly aligned his features. You couldn’t lie, Jin was one of the most attractive men you have ever seen, but you prefer guys closer to your age. Plus, you like the younger brother anyway. Hey snap out of it you need to not like your best friend.
“Um, Y/N? Where do you want me to take you because if you don’t speak up, I will take you straight home.”
“Oh, sorry. Can I just crash at your guys’ place? I know Kookie’s not there but I don’t want my parents asking questions and to yell at me for waking you up.” Yes, you were playing the, ‘please don’t rat me out’ card. But you weren’t lying to him so what’s the problem?
“Sure, just sleep in Kook’s bed. You tend to snore sometimes.” He reached over to ruffle your hair with a huge grin on his face
“Hey! I do not snore!” You felt like a 5-year-old throwing a fit with the way you pouted out your bottom lip, crossed your arms over your chest, and sank into the seat.
“Whatever dork. Why do you want to leave early anyways? Did something happen?” You could tell he was genuinely concerned, and he was crazy good at keeping secrets so what was the harm in telling him about your mild crush on his little brother.
“At the party after Jimin’s parents went to sleep we all played spin the bottle and when it was Kookie’s turn I suddenly was really really nervous it would land on one of the other girls and I didn’t know why but then it landed on me and we kissed and now I think I have a moderately huge crush on him that I never realized I had before and I'm kind of freaking out. Don’t tell anybody though please,” You finally took a breath after your long and wordy run on sentence.
“You’re just now realizing?” Jin had a huge smile on his face and was laughing but you had no idea why.
“What do you mean ‘you’re just now realizing?’” You had no idea what he was talking about.
“Y/N you and Jungkook obviously have had huge crushes on each other for like ever. He admitted his to me a while ago.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing and you knew you would ask Jungkook about it the next time you saw him.
“Can you just take me to your place. It’s late and I'm tired,” After your friendly reminder Jin drove off to his house so you could sleep. He didn’t poke and prod at it any more and you were grateful. Jin was the older brother you never had and you were the little sister he always wanted.
When you woke up Jungkook was already there. You told him about how Jungkook told him that he had a crush on you. Jungkook shot you down almost immediately saying it was just a way to attempt to humiliate him. You felt hurt. Your best friend of years and your huge crush basically said it would be humiliating to have a crush on you. Lucky for you, you left very shortly after and spent your weekend preparing for your first year of high school and getting over your crush on Jungkook. Mostly.
Your freshman year was chaotic. You and Jungkook had only a few classes together so you almost drifted apart. It didn’t help that ever since the party Jungkook seemed to be hiding something from you. Something big. The only thing that kept you close was soccor and Jin. But after first semester Jungkook started hanging out with seniors and going to parties. You asked to go once, thinking that he would stay by your side and not let you be taken away by some guy you didn’t know. That wasn’t the case.
Once you entered through the doors Jungkook quickly left your side and got drunk. You caught him in a corner making out with a girl you had never seen before. Then you watched as he pulled her away to a room. Your curiosity got the best of you and you followed close behind. After a minute of them being alone in a room you began hearing moans. You were destroyed.
You quickly made your way to the door so you could go back home, when you ran into a very beautiful man. He couldn’t have been much older than you. He had beautiful chestnut hair and two beautiful dimples. You didn’t even bother asking for his name once you saw the mischievous glint in his eye. You let him lead you to a room, know what was going to happen.
That was how you lost your virginity. It wasn’t special liked you hoped it was going to be. You later learned his name was Jaehyun. It didn’t matter because you didn’t plan on talking to him again. Neither of you wanted anything more than sex that night.
You and Jungkook got into a fight one night. You don’t know what happened to start the fight. All you remember is that it ended with both of you in tears and him hugging you like he never wanted to let go. You made up and everything that happened before that was forgotten. Mostly.
You spent the rest of your school years studying hard and getting through all of your actual difficult classes so the only non-elective class you were taking senior year was your English class. Which you had with Jungkook, of course. You spent your summers with him and you both made it into varsity soccor. He knew the truth about your love for soccor when he heard you talking to your mom about it.
You still hadn’t had a boyfriend yet in your sophomore year. You were just too busy with school to actually try to get a dude’s attention, and you said your junior year was going to be different. You would meet a guy, get Jungkook’s approval, fall in love, have the ‘break up talk’ when you sign up for college, and most likely do just that, break up. The only key problem is that whenever you were walking in the halls and saw a cute guy Jungkook would always say he was a dick and that he doesn’t know how to treat a woman. You tended not to ask questions.
But now you were standing in front of your full-length body mirror, smoothing out the wrinkles in your outfit and occasionally touching up your make up or hair. Your first day of senior year outfit was simple but was sure to turn heads. You opted for a tight-fitted white crop top that showed your cleavage, skinny ripped jeans that hugged your ass perfectly that also had a rip under your left ass cheek, and your black heeled Timberland’s. Your hair was perfectly curled and your makeup looked flawless. You asked Jungkook to bring one of his black leather jackets for you to wear over everything. Damn you looked good.
Just as you were shaking out any last nervous jitters you heard a honk, indicating that your best friend was here to pick you up. You quickly grabbed your bag, ran down stairs, and grabbed two slices of toast for breakfast. Saying by to your parents you turned the nob of the door handle and ran out towards Jungkook’s car. As you opened the door to his red convertible, he looked at you and his jaw dropped. You missed the way his eyes scanned your figure and he darted out his tongue to wet his lips. He was eating you up in his mind, hoping you didn’t notice.
“Hey Kookie, do you have the jacket I asked for?” You handed him a piece of toast as your put on your seatbelt, shaking him out of his trance as he gave you said jacket.
“Ready for our first day? You’re going to be turning heads in that outfit,” You missed the way his eyes snuck a glance at your cleavage before driving off.
“I know right. I’ve been single all of high school so far and this year I want that to change.” You had a huge smile plastered across your face as you spoke. “I like your outfit by the way, it’s nice.” He was wearing black skinny jeans, black doc martins, a black tee, and a black faux leather jacket. And because of Jungkook’s new found passion of working out his thighs looked incredible.
“Thanks. Are we still going out to lunch so we don’t need to eat cafeteria food?”
“Duh, what else, and chew with your mouth closed you look like a 7-year-old.” You rolled your eyes and Jungkook did not miss the small and simple gesture.  
“Hey! You’re the one who became friends with this 7-year-old.”
“That’s not fair you were an angel sent from heaven, my savior. Now you’re just a jack-ass.
“I know you love me.”
“Jungkook what would you know. At first you thought that 7x7 was 64.”
“Oh my god woman will you just drop that I was in 3rd grade.” You both just laughed at each other’s silly antics from when you were younger until you pulled into the school’s parking lot. The second you stood up and walked over to walk in with your best friend, every one stopped and stared. It felt like one of those dramatic movie scenes where the wind is blowing and everything turns into slow motion while you hear the main characters internal monolog.
“Why is everyone staring at us, is something in my teeth? Did my makeup smudge?” You pulled at the side of his jacket making him lean down so you could whisper in his ear. Just because you were walking in 4-inch heels did not make you as tall as him.
“No dummy. We look like the ultimate power couple right now. The hottest girl and guy in school, of course they’re staring.” You were so busy nodding your head and looking at other people that you didn’t catch the way his eyes fell to the curve of your ass.
You walked into school going to your respectable homerooms, then meeting up in the hall to go to your shared English class. You noticed that the popular girls kept trying to befriend you. You knew it was because you were now a threat and they did not want you to be prom queen. Last year you weren’t but guess who was, Emily. You still didn’t like each other. You don’t know why you didn’t get along but it’s not like you wanted to be her friend or something.
You and Jungkook sat down next to each other talking about how weird the day had been. People were still staring but who could blame them, you both had huge summer glow ups.
When you looked up at the clock hanging above the door, you notice a boy you’ve never seen before. He was incredibly attractive and had a beautiful symmetric face. You felt like you were drooling while you stared at him. Then he looked over at you and smiled. How the hell does a man’s smile look like that. You finally met the man that would actually rival Jungkook’s own good looks.
“Hey can I sit here?” You jumped when he asked the question, not expecting his voice to also sound hot.
“Yeah, Y/N by the way.” You held out your hand for him to take, but instead of shaking it he placed an opened mouth kissed on your knuckles. Wow he was hot. It made your thighs clench. Jungkook just rolled his eyes.
“Taehyung, it’s nice to meet you Y/N.” You were so entranced by this new boy’s handsome good looks you didn’t see the terrifying daggers Jungkook was sending his way. He read him like a book. He would lead a girl on, take her innocence, and then leave her out to dry.
Jungkook didn’t just guess this either, he had Taehyung’s snapchat and snapped him one summer after he saw him at a party. Taehyung had told Jungkook his tactics, and Jungkook even went to his house where he witnessed him use those very tactics.
“There’s a party at my house Saturday night around 10 pm, if you give me your number, I can text you the details and you can come.” You turned to Jungkook giving him hopeful eyes until he sighed and nodded. After all you don’t go to a party without your best friend.
“As long as Jungkook, my best friend since 1st grade might I add, can come with.” You weren’t going without him and that was that. Taehyung agreed without hesitation and you gave him your number. You quickly regretted it though because once he opened his mouth you lost interest extremely quickly.
All he could seem to talk about was all of the girls he’s hooked up with and how he could get any girl he wanted. You knew what he was trying to get at and became bored very fast. You were actually extremely grateful when the class started.
You and Jungkook passed notes the entire time, all about the egotistical boy next to you. And even though you didn’t like him, you would go to his party because you wanted to actually live a little your senior year. But sadly, one potential future boyfriend was out the door and you were back at square one.
The rest of the week passed by fast and because you had mostly easy elective classes you had no homework over the weekend for the first time in years. Which meant you had all sorts of time to party. You texted Jungkook to pick you up at around 9 so you would have time to get ready but still be at the party in time.
You woke up around noon on Saturday from your alarm. You didn't wake up because you wanted to but because you didn’t want to ruin the sleep schedule you didn’t even have. Why did you wake up again? Anyways once you woke up from you slumber you texted Jungkook to clear up some last-minute details.
are you up yet? I just woke up. why dont I wake up like disney princesses?? I look like a monster :(
Disney princesses are pretty thats why you don’t look like them in the morning or ever for that matter
stfu your no prince charming either
Really? Then why would almost every girl in our school blow me???
If thats the case then why don’t you get some so you can stop complaining to me about how horny you always are??
Because I have my right eye some one
WHO?!?! and why havent I heard about this until now?? and why just your right eye??
Because not EVERYTHING is your business smartypants and dont talk about my left eye
whatever I will find out about this mystery girl though… MARK MY WORDS!! YOULL BE JUNGSHOOK
Whatever you say smartypants whyd you text me anyways?
Right! your still picking me up, RIGHT?!
Its you’re, but yes I'm still picking you up
Good, I will be ready in 3-4 hours :)
You do know the party is at like 10 right
Not how you spell dammit but alright
Stfu english nerd and good bye until 10
 With that your conversation with Jungkook ended and you started to binge watch Haikyu!! until around 6. Then you rolled out of bed and started getting ready. You got into the shower, shaving everything. You didn’t know what was going to happen tonight so you figured you would be extra prepared. You even used your exfoliator, if you anyone got to touch you, they would be lucky.
Then you did your hair. You curled it perfectly and then put it in a high pony tail. Perfect party hair in your opinion. Then you did your makeup making sure to keep it simple yet amazing. You opted for a winged liner, perfectly done brows, and dark red lipstick. Lastly was your outfit. Your room was a complete mess after you threw half of your closet onto the floor but your pretty sure you found a great outfit.
You put on your matching set of black lacy lingerie that made your ass look good and your boobs even better. You than grabbed a different white crop top with a dangerously low cut making your black lace peak out from the sides and small booty shorts that barely covered your ass. Then you grabbed the same leather jacket you wore on your first day of school and put on a pair of sneakers. You went to that party with Jungkook once so you knew how crazy and disgusting the ground could be.
By the time you were completely done it was already 8:47. You didn’t think it would take quite that long to get ready but at the same time you did. You were touching up your makeup when Jungkook texted you he was waiting. You didn’t tell your parents about the fact that you were going to a party and they knew that if they saw you dressed the way you were, they would flip. So like any other teen, you made plans to sneak out.
The only person you to actually worry about catching you was your dad because you knew if your mom caught you, she would laugh at you and tell you to have fun. Your dad on the other hand not so much.
Jungkook parked a block down from your house and turned off his car headlights so he wouldn’t be as noticeable. You opened your window as quietly was possible and began to scale your wall. Thankful that your bedroom window was the one closest to the gutter and that you chose sneakers as your shoes. Once you hit the ground safely, you bolted for Jungkook’s car and got in as fast as you could.
“Hey cutie,” Jungkook said wiggling his eyebrows. Luckily for him, his car lights were off so you didn’t catch him gaping at your breasts.
“Sup, you ready to party?” You asked as he turned on the car and started to drive where the GPS told him.
“Yes, now remember no sleeping with some random dude and no drugs”
“Same to you mister”
“Ok so if you want to stay out late text your mom and ask if you can spend the night at my house because my parents are out of town and Jin is going to this food thing with his friends for like three days.” Jungkook said as he merged into traffic.
“Good idea,” You pulled out your phone and texted your mom knowing she would understand much better than your father. “She said that’s fine”.
“Good so if you get hung over you don’t need to try and explain it to your mom,” Damn was Jungkook always this smart, and did he always look this good.
After driving the rest of the way, you pulled into Taehyung’s house and you were awestruck. It was huge and surrounded by hedges. You couldn’t see another house within a mile which was good because that means the cops won’t be called because of noise complaints.
You stepped out of Jungkook’s car and walked into Taehyung’s house immediately being greeted with the smell of alcohol and weed. You quickly got separated from Jungkook and made your way to the kitchen to fill a red solo cup half full with some beer you found and apple juice. You slammed it down, wincing as it made its way down your throat. It wasn’t the best tasting but it was better than the beer by itself.
Once you were done making yourself the same drink again, you made your way outside and found a huge pool with a jacuzzi right by it. You scanned the area, seeing a couple making out in the pool and three boys you didn’t quite recognize playing around in the pool. As you continued looking around taking another sip of your drink you noticed something strange. Standing next to the pool was Jungkook and Emily.
She was twirling her hair in her fingers and giggling while Jungkook looked her up and down smirking the entire time.
You know you’ve been telling Jungkook to get a girlfriend for years now, but you thought he knew you were just joking. For some odd reason you were upset. You didn’t know why at first. Maybe because you didn’t like Emily, maybe because you didn’t want Emily to steal him away from you. You were Jealous. You hated when it hit you like a pile of bricks. But you definitely  intended on doing something about it.
You quickly downed the rest of your drink in your red solo cup hoping it would give you more courage, and made your way over to them.
“Hey Jungkook I need to talk to y-,” You were walking towards him and before you knew it you were falling into the pool. Your first thought was that you tripped but when you resurfaced from the water you saw Emily looking at you with a sly grin. All you could do was glare.
“Oops,” Emily snickered as she grabbed out her phone and took several pictures of you. Great now your hot ass makeup and hair was completely ruined. Shit you’re wearing a WHITE shirt and BLACK bra that are now wet. You looked down to confirm it and sure enough your shirt was more than see-through. AND Jungkook’s leather jacket was ruined. At least you wore sneakers.
“What the fuck Emily,” You were startled from your stare down with the girl when you heard Jungkook’s low voice. It was loud and honestly kind of turned you on. Wait you shouldn’t be thinking about your best friend like that. You shook the thought out of your head and looked up at Jungkook. His fists were balled up at his sides and his jaw was clenched. He looked fine as hell.
As you slowly made your way to the side of the pool, he took off his leather jacket and knelt down. Once you got to the side he reached down with both arms, inserted his hands under your armpits, and hoisted you out of the water. He then helped you take off his ruined leather jacket and threw it at Emily. “Happy now?” He then took his perfectly fine leather jacket and draped it over your shoulders instructing you to hold it closed. “Come on let’s go get you cleaned up.” He bent down and whispered it into your ear causing shivers to go down your spin. You could only nod in response.
As he led you towards the doors of the house, he yanked his jacket from Emily’s hand and gave her one of the scariest looks you’ve ever seen. All you did was smirk and stick your tongue out at her like a 5-year-old. You were very satisfied.
He led you through the crowd of people dancing and grinding on each other like they weren’t in a public setting. He then led you to what you assumed was going to be a bathroom but ended up being a bedroom. You couldn’t help but wonder how he knew his way around so well.
When you entered the room, you realized it was huge with a bathroom connected to it. “Why did you take me here instead of a normal bathroom?” You asked.
“Because most likely they are occupied by other people and I don’t really want to walk in on some other couple having sex. Especially when I'm with you.” What was that supposed to mean? “And before you ask how I know my way around, I used to be sort of friends with Tae. I only came here once when he tried hooking me up with some random chick and I guessed I just remembered my way around.” He was so honest so easily.
“Did you do anything with the chick?” You felt stupid the moment you asked.
“What?” You don’t know if he didn’t hear you or what but you still asked again.
“Did you do anything with her, the girl he tried hooking you up with?” You felt pathetic.
“I told you have my right eye on someone else.” He said leading you into the bathroom.
“Who is this lucky girl anyways?” You asked sitting on the sink countertop while you took off Jungkook’s jacket.
He paused, “Let’s just say, I played a game of spin the bottle at Jimin’s house before freshman year started. I kissed her. She was the only person I kissed that night. I realized that I had a massive crush on her but she left and felt hella crushed. I stopped playing and couldn’t help but feel like I was losing her forever. But I still spend all of my spare time with her and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. Deep down I’m afraid that she will never like me back because of the girls I slept with freshman year but I want her to know that I only did that to try and convince myself that it I wasn’t in love with her. After I found out she slept with some random guy one night at a party that I took her to I came to my senses and let myself love her. I still regret the night I took her to that party because I wish I was the one to get to take her innocence away.”
You looked at him, you mouth agape, “oh” You knew he was talking about you.
You watched his eyes dart down to your lips as his tongue poked out lick his. His hands drifted down and grabbed your waist softly, just in case you wanted to stop him. He slowly leaned down, brushing your hair behind your ear and whispering in a deep raspy tone that made your panties wet, “You can stop me at any time”.
Within moments his soft, plush lips were on yours. Your hands made their way up his back and intertwined into his black curly locks, tugging harshly. Jungkook let out a low groan that made your body hot. One of his hands crept up and lightly brushed against your nipple making you gasp into the kiss. Jungkook didn’t waste any time and immediately his tongue was exploring your mouth.
Once you broke the kiss, gasping for air, Jungkook placed his hands underneath your thighs and picked you up, causing goosebumps to emit across your body. He carried you out of the bathroom, throwing you on the bed. You watched as he took off his shirt and crawled over you. You’ve seen him shirtless many times but this time it was different. You happy felt up his chest and you didn’t have to worry about him questioning you because he was kneeling over you, devouring you with his eyes.
Before you knew it, he was trying to take your shirt off. You gladly assisted him, pulling off your bra along with it. Once it was off and you looked up at him, you felt shy. Jungkook was just staring at your chest and wasn’t saying anything.
“Do you need to make it obvious that you don’t like my boobs?” Your hands went up to cover yourself. You were always insecure about them.
“Your right Y/N I don’t like your boobs; I fucking love them,” He quickly moved your hands away and leaned down. His mouth connected with your nipple, his tongue making your back arch into him. You felt yourself growing wetter by the second. His teeth gently grazed your nipple and you let out a loud whimper. You really hoped your great-grandma wasn’t watching you right now.
He left of your nipple with a pop and kissed his way to your other, leaving small hickeys marking his path. He did the same things to this one. You couldn’t wait anymore and moved your hand down to your core. You needed some sort of friction, but Jungkook’s hand stopped you.
“Ungrateful slut. I’m giving you all of this pleasure and you can’t wait. I want you to ride my thigh and maybe if I like what I see I’ll let you finish more than once tonight,” You looked at him in awe. When the fuck did he learn to talk like that. It was hot as hell but still.
He went and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at you. You werent sure what to do, so he pulled you onto his thigh. You froze up right away. You were straddling his thigh too afraid to do anything. He looked you dead in the eyes as his hands went down to your waist, forcing you to move. Relief flooded you. You were so happy that he finally let you have some sort of friction.
Your hands went to rest on his shoulders so it was easier to hold yourself up. You quickly started doing all of the work. Moving yourself at a fast pace on Jungkook’s thigh. You could feel his hard through his pants and it only made you more needy. He continuously clenched his thigh making you come undone even faster.
“Oh my god Jungkook. I think I'm gonna- I'm gonna cu-,” You let out shaky breath feeling that familiar knot build up in your stomach. Right as you were about to snap Jungkook stopped your hips from moving.
“Did you really think I was going to let you cum already? Go lay down.” You obeyed him quickly, watching as he kneeled down at the end of the bed. He grabbed your pants and with one swift motion slid them off, throwing them somewhere else in the room.
“Fuck Y/N. You’re so wet. I can’t wait to taste you. This good little pussy” He ripped your panties off of you, eliciting a loud groan. You were becoming impatient, squirming in front of him. He used his hand to hold your hips in place, while his other went to rub delicate circles on your clit. You watched as his face dove into you. Licking a stripe up your folds, collecting all of your juices.
“Fuck Y/N. You taste so good.” He groaned out, quickly diving back in. His eyes were blown out in hunger. He moved his hand away from your clit and replaced it with his tongue. Sliding one finger in you, moving at a slow pace and curling it, reaching your g-spot. A loud moan escaped you as you started trying to rock your hips against his face. Interlacing your fingers in his locks.
He pulled away to take a breath, “Do you think you can handle to fingers? Gotta prepare my baby for later. Yeah? I'm gonna stretch you out so good. Gonna destroy this pussy.” With that he inserted a second finger into you, reattacking your clit with his tongue. His pace kept intensifying. You could feel the familiar knot in your stomach build.
“Fuck Jungkook. I'm gonna-,” your words turned into a drawn-out moan when he hummed against your clit.
“Cum for me baby.” At that, the knot it your stomach snapped and relief washed over your body. You tried closing your legs but Jungkook held them open.
Once he was done lapping up all of your juices, he moved up and kissed you, hard. You could taste yourself on his tongue. Your hands made their way down to undo Jungkook’s pants. He broke away from the kiss and stood up, pulling his pants and underwear off in one swift motion.
You stared at his member for a second in awe. You knew he was big, but no that big. The tip was an angry red and you could see the veins. You were growing wetter just thinking about the delicious stretch.
“I hope you don’t mind,” he said “I'm gonna have to go in raw.”
You smiled up at him, bucking your hips up towards his hard to get some sort of friction. “I'm on birth control.” That was all you needed to say before he slowly started entering you. The stretch being uncomfortable.
“You okay?” He asked worry on his face. You shook your head, “It’s just, new.”
He smiled, “Just tell me when you’re ready.”
After a moment you shook your head, giving him the okay to start moving again. He slowly pulled out all the way before pushing in again, hitting your g-spot as he did. You could feel the veins on his cock, and your legs wrapped around his small waist as your hands wrapped around his neck.
He slowly started to pick up the pace, pulling out all of the way before pushing back in. It wasn’t long before the pain morphed into pleasure. Moans spilling from your lips. The louder you moaned the faster he went.
“Ha-harder, da-daddy,” you didn’t mean to say it, but when you did his head snapped up.
“Fuck, you’re going to be the death of me.” He starting snapping his hips into yours. You could hear the head board hitting the wall with each thrust but you didn’t mind at all. All you felt was bliss.
“Da-addy I-I'm gonna c-cum.” Your walls started clenching around him.
“Fuck baby, cum. Cum for daddy” With that you did. Your release hit you hard. Your legs shaking as you dug your nails into his back piercing a few layers of his skin. Moaning out his name.
Even after you came, he kept pounding into you, chasing his own high. Beautiful moans escaping his lips as he did. Your moans making him close. His body was coated in a layer of sweat.
“Cum in me daddy. Please. Fill me up.” You choked out as he relentlessly pounded into you.
“Fuck, I'm going to cum.” You tightened around him one last time, feeling as his seed shot into you. You both laid there for a moment. Neither one wanting to leave. You could feel your mixed juicing seeping out of your whole as he began to soften inside you.
He slowly pulled out of you, “You need to go to the bathroom.” He picked you up bridal style from the bed and walked you over to the bathroom. Setting you down on the toilet so you could pee. When you were done, he picked you up and set you on the counter, taking a warm rag and cleaning you off making you sigh at the pleasant feeling. He carried you back to the bed and laid you down, getting into his boxers.
He laid down next to you and covered you both with the blanket, before wrapping his arm around tightly around your waist. His chin on your head as he cuddled you. It wasn’t long before you both drifted off to sleep
When you woke up and saw your best friend next to you, sleeping peacefully, you were relieved. Relieved that it wasn’t a dream and relieved that he didn’t up and leave in the middle of the night to leave because he regretted it. You leaned over and draped your arm over his torso and snuggled up to him, resting you head on his arm. He groaned, making you halt your actions.
“Good morning beautiful.” He said with a smile, kissing you on the top of your head.
You smiled happy it was him you woke up next to, “Morning.”
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