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#jk this is the last of it but if i Do have another idea i will make everyone look at it
frozenmangosblog · 2 months ago
teaser; bedwars | kth (ft. jjk)
Tumblr media
— pairing; kim taehyung x reader x jeon jungkook
— summary; during a night of gaming jungkook comes across an arrogant gamer by the name of taehyung, who just so happens to have his hot girlfriend on display as his discord profile picture
— teaser word count; 1.1k
— genre; smut, college!au, crackfic, pwp, discord!au?
— teaser content and warnings; explicit language, taehyung being a proud boyfriend, jk and tae being frenemies, pure crackfic energy, taehyung having a picture of you with cum on your face as his pfp, taehyung def breaking discords tos, taehyung sending a video of you two getting it on to jungkook
— author’s note; this fic will be coming soon, comment "tag me" if you'd like to be tagged when the full fic comes out!
jungkook never anticipated being in a situation like this, where his boredom got him to the point of playing minecraft bedwars on a sunday night. no other games in his collection of many had been successful in satisfying him, so here he was, wearing a loose white shirt paired with just his boxers while battling thirteen year olds on minecraft.
his teammates and bed were long gone, now it was just him and ta3hyung_, the asshole who broke his bed two minutes ago. jungkook currently camped in yellow's base, they all died at the beginning of the match so it was merely just a pitstop. ta3hung_’s bed was thankfully taken by green, all jungkook had left to do was kill him and drown in glory. but jungkook had been so distracted with buying all necessary upgrades to battle that he hadn’t noticed taehyung already pearled his way to yellow’s base, diamond sword in his hands.
all it took was three simple swings and jungkook’s plans were destroyed. the gameover screen practically laughed in his face. in a fit of pure rage, jungkook attacked his keyboard with violent intent, sloppily typing a snarky comment and sending it without another thought given.
yourmomshot69: absolute tryhard.
jungkook sat in silence, not expecting any sort of response. he had been ready to move on, until this prick said something in return.
ta3hyung_: is that what you typically say when you lose?
the two gamers were automatically being transferred into another game of bedwars together, giving them spare time to argue some more. under any other circumstance jungkook would have let it go, but for some reason this specific player pissed him off to no end. he began typing,
yourmomshot69: stfu, i bet i can beat u at any other game, ur pick and we’ll play.
ta3hyung_: i’d like to see you try.
ta3hyung_: discord is taehyung#???? (don’t want to accidentally write out someones discord username lol).
ta3hyung_: i want to be calling while we play so i can hear your little baby rage.
yourmomshot69: i’m a grown adult i don’t rage (: but sure, i’d love to hear u cry
jungkook scoffed and ignored the last comment, closing out of minecraft before dragging his cursor towards the discord logo that was settled in his taskbar. once loaded, he clicked on ‘add friend’ and typed in the username that was given to him. feeling satisfied once discord notified him that his request had been sent. moments later his request was accepted.
that’s when he saw you. taehyung’s profile picture was you in just a large t-shirt that was too big for your body, and you’re staring at the camera with a sweet smile. something so seemingly innocent at first glance, until jungkook realizes you have cum all over your face, it’s such a filthy sight but the smile on your face is so suggestive and seductive.
jungkook was certain that you were one of the hottest girls he’d ever come across, even with cum dripping down your face. he had been so enthralled with staring that he hadn’t noticed taehyung sent him a message.
taehyung: what’s with you and the number 69? anyway, let’s play bitch.
the idea of proving this taehyung guy wrong was now the least of his priorities, jungkook needed to know whoever this girl was. he would kick this dudes ass later.
jungcock69: who’s the girl in ur pfp? she a pornstar or something?
taehyung: that’s my girlfriend. she’s hot, right?
there were a lot of things jungkook was, but an idiot wasn’t one of them. there was no way someone who played minecraft had been able to score someone as hot as you were. but, he wasn’t willing to give up until he at least had your snapchat. hell, he’d settle for your instagram if he had too.
jungcock69: funny joke.
jungcock69: seriously though what’s her username? does she have an onlyfans?
taehyung: not joking, she’s my girlfriend. want proof?
jungcock69: go ahead.
jungkook was still in denial, he laid back in his gaming chair and waited for whatever this taehyung person was going to send.
meanwhile in taehyung’s apartment, he is practically on his knees asking for permission to send “some annoying idiot” a video of him fucking your brains out to provide evidence that you’re his girlfriend. taehyung had always been so proud to show you off across all platforms on the internet. and many times he had asked if he could send these naughty pictures and videos he took of you two to people, simply just to brag over how perfect you were.
you never said no to these requests, you two had always been ones for fucking in public, and showing one another off with pride. hence why taehyung’s discord profile picture was so openly sexual, he had no shame in it.
“yeah, sure.” was your straightforward response to his question, he broke out into sinister giggles and quickly kissed your lips before returning to his computer to search his files for a certain video.
minutes had passed, jungkook was starting to suspect taehyung had nothing to send so he ran off in shame. the thought made jungkook snicker, but the all too familiar discord notification sound broke him out of his thoughts.
jungkook eagerly clicked the new chat from taehyung, opening it to see a video with the message ‘told you so’ attached to it. without a second thought he clicked play, his jaw nearly dropped in his lap at the sight.
there you were, the girl from the photo he had been so curious about, you were lying on your back with your legs sprawled out to reveal your pretty cunt that was being relentlessly pounded into by whoever was recording (he could only assume that it was taehyung). the sound of your breathy moans rang through jungkook’s headphones and directly into his ears. even on video your pussy seemed tight, and he was quickly mesmerized at the sight of taehyung’s cock disappearing into you with every thrust. he was now imagining it’s him that is fucking you, making you moan so sweetly.
god, the look on your face was enough to turn him on to the max. your eyes were closed, eyebrows scrunched together with your mouth open marginally. jungkook feels the fabric of his boxers tighten, and he instinctively grabs the outline of his bulge to ease the aching tension.  
suddenly, the video ended there. he was ready to click play again, his mouse already over the replay button. until he’s notified of another message from taehyung.
taehyung: try not to cream yourself bud, we have a game to play.
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noteguk · 8 months ago
bad behavior | jjk | m
This is in the same universe as “bad influence.” It can, however, be read as a stand-alone. 
— summary; in which staying late to volunteer at a self-help meeting was the best decision you made in a while. 
— contents and warnings; smut, the endless adventures of badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, public sex (in a church…), dirty talk, fingering, degradation (name calling) but also praise, unprotected sex, clothed sex, creampie, cum play, there is a window and also reflections, rough sex, cockwarming, jk being a lil shit because that’s his main personality trait, jk smokes (only mentioned), enemies to fuckbuddies: dawn of the first day 
— words; 8.2k
— author’s note; for the anon that asked how their first time was like ;) join me as we explore the lore of this godforsaken couple 
Tumblr media
It was your mother’s idea for you to find a new place to volunteer. According to her, it had been a long time since you experienced “the invigorating energy of community work” — last time was when you were trying to level up your college application — and it could really “soothe your anxious soul” during the trying times of college finals. Apparently one tutoring program and two research projects weren’t enough to distract you, but you could see where she was coming from. 
In the end, you accepted. The old places you used to volunteer in had either shut off their programs or were just too far away from college for you to consider. At first, you decided to follow your mother’s suggestion and tried to work with children — “small miracles”, as she called them — in a local daycare. Which ended up being a terrible idea. 
You liked giving back to the community, you really did, but it wasn’t long until you realized that working with infants hasn’t been your wisest decision, and that children weren’t miracles at all. You got tired of going home covered in paint and with pieces of playdough entangled in your hair, and that was when you weren’t unlucky enough to get hit with other, less clean fluids. 
So you eventually gave up — both on the daycare and on the faint idea of one day going into pediatrics — and searched for a new place. After having to yell your way through retirement homes, and getting fed up with washing people’s sidewalks, you finally settled in a program that was flexible and light enough for your intense college hours: preparing (and then later cleaning up) a room that was reserved in a local church for weekly meetings. 
The entire ordeal took about two to three hours off your day, and more than half of it was spent as free time: waiting for the meeting to end, cramming piles of information in a small room next door. You didn’t really know what the meetings were about since they changed practically every month — they were, at first, a support group for teenage mothers, then it became an AA meeting, then a group for drug users trying to quit. Lately, you were starting to think that the church just gave away the room for whoever had the money to rent it, so it wasn’t a surprise when it was reserved for a motivational speaker to give confidence lessons. 
You had researched the guy, some old dude with an unpronounceable name and a sketchy background, and found exactly the type of person you had expected. Yes, you were in the house of Christ, but you were still being heavily judgmental of the fact that he was giving those talks when he had no qualifications whatsoever, and was probably making bank off all the self-help books he regurgitated at least twice a year to prey on vulnerable people. You did share your worries with the administrative office of the church, but they ultimately fell on deaf ears, and you gave up on the idea of kicking his ass out of the holy grounds anytime soon. 
It was after one of those pseudo-motivational talks that you walked into the empty room, ready to clean everything up before rushing back to your place, where your roommate had promised to greet you with some wonderful takeout. The chairs were still placed in a circle on the center of the room, where they had been since forever, and you made sure to align them perfectly before you moved on to the litter that had been thrown around the place. 
One good thing about those self-help meetings was that they were a lot cleaner than a lot of other attendees, so the “picking up the trash until your back started to hurt” part passed by surprisingly fast. You had just moved on to the snack table, analyzing what you could still save, when your soul almost left your body. 
“Hey, you,” you heard a known voice behind you. “What are you doing in here?”
You swiftly turned around, heart thumping violently against your ribcage. You didn’t know how you hadn’t let out the biggest, most blood-curdling scream ever, but that was just the first of many miracles of the night. “Jesus Christ,” you wheezed out, taking one hand to your chest. “You shouldn’t sneak up on people like this.” You swallowed dry, some part of your brain recalling that he had asked you a question. “And I’m volunteering here.” 
“I didn’t sneak up on you, you’re just jumpy.” Jungkook scoffed, leaning against the doorframe with that stupid playful smirk curling up on his lips. You didn’t know they allowed demons inside the church. “And of course you are.” He rolled his eyes. 
Maybe a few months back, his mocking tone would’ve stung a bit more. However, you had been tutoring Jungkook for about three months then, suffering through endless sessions of his whining and complaining, and you’ve grown used to his passive-aggressive antics already. You learned that Jungkook was a shark seeking for blood, waiting for any crack that would allow him to jump into a perverse little joke — about how you behaved, your priorities, or even the color of your highlighter. You, of course, always stood your ground and threw his comments right back at him — which was his initial plan, as you’ve come to realize. Jungkook enjoyed playfully arguing with you, and you thought that it was another level of strangeness and masochism you simply didn’t have time to dissect. 
Still, Jungkook (shockingly) wasn’t the terrible person you once thought he was. Every once in a while — when he was trying to talk you out of teaching him — the conversations you two would have were actually mostly pleasant, and he wasn’t awful to hang around when he dropped the whole badass persona to act like a real human being. You would even dare to say that Jungkook could be actually funny at times, and not in the bitter, sarcastic way he usually was. Sometimes, you dared to think, he could actually be reasonably nice. And also kind of cute. Even hot. 
But you would never actually admit any of that out loud. Or even to yourself, really. 
“And you?” You asked, turning back around to face the table full of half-eaten food. That looked like a battlefield, and you could already tell that there were only a few survivors left standing. “What are you doing here? Repenting?” 
Jungkook chuckled dryly. “You wish. My parents want me to quit smoking,” he said. You could not see him, but you could hear him walking closer to you as you fumbled with the large Tupperware. “We settled on this crap instead of a forced intervention.” 
You scoffed. Most of the food before you was unsalvageable — some of the cupcakes had been bitten once and then placed back, and you wondered how someone like that could function in society. “You don’t seem very motivated to quit,” you mumbled. 
Jungkook clicked his tongue. “I don’t really care.” 
His voice was much closer to you, and you felt the air leaving your lungs for a pitiful instant. You convinced yourself you had only gotten scared again. “You should care about the growing possibility of lung cancer.” 
He shrugged. “Maybe. But it’s not really on the top of my list of priorities at the moment.” 
“And what is?” You asked. 
“Amongst other things…” he trailed off and, suddenly, he was standing besides you, pointing at the chaotic pile of sweets. “I actually came back to grab another one of those cupcakes. The chocolate ones are great.” 
You didn’t know why, but his comment broke the odd tension that you didn’t even know that was there, clicking you back into your previous mentality — the one that you just wanted to finish cleaning up so you could leave soon. “All yours,” you told him, “grab as many as you want.” 
Jungkook hummed in satisfaction, reaching out to grab one special brown cupcake — an untouched one, thankfully. “I love when you talk dirty.” He almost moaned before shoving the cupcake inside his mouth, taking a huge bite off it. Dramatically, Jungkook rolled his eyes and sighed in delight. “These are fucking great.” 
You chuckled, glancing at his direction. Jungkook was dressed in all black, like he usually was, and you were starting to recognize a newfound admiration towards his constant use of leather jackets. What? He looked good. “I’m glad the self-help sessions are paying off,” you commented, swiftly placing the cupcakes inside the transparent container. 
Jungkook was paying attention to your actions now, like he noticed you were there working for the first time. “What are you doing with the rest?”
“The church will probably donate it, give it to the homeless or something.” You shrugged. “Or they’ll eat it, I don’t know. I just clean up the place and leave.” 
Jungkook laughed at that, taking another monstrous bite from his cupcake and throwing himself on one of the nearby chairs. Your eye twitched a little at the thought that he had ruined your perfect circle, but you’d have to fix that on your way out. “Sounds absurdly boring,” he sang. “And they’re not even paying you.” 
You sighed. “After all the places I’ve volunteered in, boring is a blessing,” you told him. You had just placed five hot dogs in the container, and you were starting to wonder if it would be a good idea to feed people in need with those suspicious sausages. “But, yeah, you probably don’t care about any of that.” 
“You don’t know what I care about,” Jungkook said matter-of-factly. You didn’t know if he was trying to tease you, but his voice came out so soft and monotone that you couldn’t really be mad about it. It was true, after all: you didn’t actually know what he cared about. Sometimes you thought that he could read you better than you could read him. “Want me to stay here with you? This place is probably empty already.”
You could not hold back your laugh at that, turning around so you could look at him. “Are you offering to be my bodyguard? In a church?” 
Jungkook pouted. There was a thin line of chocolate on the side of his lips, which he quickly licked clean. “I’m trying to be nice.”
You giggled, turning back towards the disgusting food. The rest was mostly trash, but you were happy enough with the amount you had managed to find in a good state. “That’s new.” 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked. “I’m always nice.”
“Always is a strong word.” You smiled, closing the lid of the Tupperware. You had managed to fill three small containers with the leftovers and, honestly, that was a big victory. “But you can stay or you can leave, I don’t mind. I’m almost done anyways.” 
He frowned. “Is that your answer?” 
You turned around. “What? You want me to beg for your company?” You smiled. “You’re mistaken if you think I’d ever do that.”
“I’m staying.” Jungkook crumpled up the piece of cupcake wrapping and threw it in the trash can besides your body. He watched you for a moment as you started to throw the leftovers away, your back turned to him and a distracted look on your face. When he broke the silence again, you were throwing the last piece of bread in the bin. “Why are you volunteering?” 
“Because I like giving back to the community.” 
Jungkook sneered at your words. “Seriously now. Don’t lie, we’re in a church.” 
“I do, actually,” you stood your ground. There was a vague sound of crickets coming from the half-open window and the low buzzing of the fluorescent lights above you, but, other than that, the city was covered in absolute silence. Perhaps that was why you felt so at peace. “But my mom told me it would be a good thing to keep myself relaxed. You know, take my mind off college stuff.” 
He hummed, and you heard him getting up from the chair. “You always do what your mom tells you?” 
You met his gaze. “Didn’t your parents make you come here?”
He smiled. “Not the point.” 
Before you could hold yourself back, your lips were curling up. Again: Jungkook wasn’t absolutely awful to be around when he actually acted like a human being. “When she says something I agree with, yes,” you told him. “My ego isn’t bruised when it comes to following someone’s idea.” 
He raised his eyebrows. “You’re saying that mine is?”
“I didn’t say that.” You smirked and turned back to the table. You started piling up the used plastic cups, already eyeing all the used plates, forks and knives that you’d have to throw away. The daycare had better eating manners than that. “Thought we were talking about me.” 
“We were,” Jungkook agreed. One of his inked hands moved to the table, and you were about to tell him that he could eat more of the cupcakes when you realized that he had started to reach for the discardable plates, throwing them away. You really didn’t think he’d help you. “Finals are coming up, though, and you care about that shit. Shouldn’t you be using this time to study or something?”
“I study while you’re out here listening to becoming your real self or, I don’t know... waking up the giant within,” you said. “I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” 
He hummed, his nose cringing up at the disgusting remains of food that stuck to the plastic forks. Jungkook seriously didn’t know how you could do that for fun. “You know there are better ways to relax than cleaning up a dusty room, right?” 
“Probably,” you agreed. The cups were already in the trash, alongside with the plates, and there were only a few crumpled up napkins to get rid of before you tasted the sweet nectar of freedom. “But here I am. That’s what I chose for myself.” 
“Literally any other option would’ve been better,” Jungkook pressed on. “Isn’t that obnoxious friend of yours in cheer or something?” 
“Who? Jisoo?” You smiled at him. No one had ever called her obnoxious, but you couldn’t say that the title didn’t fit. Jisoo could be really… intense when it came to standing up for what she believed in. “She is. She invited me to join her already, if that’s what you’re gonna ask, but it’s not really my thing.” 
“It’s a shame,” he mumbled, leaning against the table. It was a beautiful miracle how clean that room had become just by getting rid of the piles of gross food, and you had proudly thrown the last piece of paper inside the trash bin when Jungkook spoke up again. “You’d look really hot in that outfit.” 
You stopped in your tracks, taking a second to digest the claim he had so mindlessly thrown your way. Just like all-things-Jungkook, a pleasant conversation could not last long, so you weren’t even surprised that he managed to ruin that talk with such a fuckboy-esque comment. 
Also like all-things-Jungkook, he managed to awaken a reaction out of you that you didn’t even know could be there. With a faint heat in your cheeks and a frown blossoming amongst your features, you actually felt a little bit of... satisfaction with the fact that he thought that you’d look hot in that skimpy outfit. At the same time, you wanted to slap yourself for falling into his charms so easily. 
In that conflicting turmoil of emotions, all you could say was a monotone, “You cannot be serious right now.”
Even if you kind of wanted him to be serious. 
“I’m being dead serious,” Jungkook didn’t back down, much to the elation of your ego. You felt like a schoolgirl being recognized by her crush, and the idea alone made your stomach curl onto itself. What the hell were you even thinking about? Yeah, Jungkook was pretty hot, but he was also kind of a douche and you didn’t want to get involved with that mess of a person. Or at least that was what you were trying to convince yourself of. “I mean…” he continued, “you’re even rocking this knee-level dress right now, can’t even imagine how you’d look if—“ 
“You can shut up now, Jungkook, thanks,” you interrupted him. Because you didn’t know how to act when he was so blatantly flirting with you, you switched back to the same passive-aggressive behavior that you had given him for the past three months. Call it self-preservation, call it panic, but your mind simply didn’t know where to go from there. “And I’m also done here, so you can skidaddle back to whatever swamp you came out of.” 
“Awn, don’t be mean, princess.” He pouted. Jungkook was a master at getting you worked up, and you had just given that to him on a silver platter. Maybe if you had mock-flirted back, he would’ve baked away. You would never know. “I was just fucking with you, you’re too easy to tease.” 
You pressed your lips together, hip touching the corner of the now empty table. “You were pretty much harassing me,” you said playfully. 
“I was not.” Jungkook smirked, shoving his hands inside the pockets of his pants. When had the two of you gotten so close? There was barely any space between your chests. “But it’s okay, I’m not gonna compliment you anymore, don’t worry. You don’t have to be so defensive.” 
“I’m not being defensive,” you said, defensive. 
“What, is it the church setting?” He raised his eyebrows, taking a look around. “Is it making you uncomfortable?” 
“No,” you answered, crossing your arms before your chest. Jungkook followed the movement and his gaze got stuck on the shape of your breasts for a second too long, making a newfound wave of heat rise up to your cheeks. “Not as much as you’re trying to make me uncomfortable right now.” 
He chuckled. “You do look cute when you’re shy,” Jungkook teased, taking a step towards you, and you took another one back, pretending you were just going to lean against the table. You sat on it in a weird diagonal position, with one leg still on the ground and the other dangling over the edge. Jungkook was so close that, when he spoke again, voice just above a whisper, you could feel his breath on your skin. “If you don’t want me here, just ask me to go and I’ll go.” 
You opened your mouth to respond, but no words came out. The atmosphere was filled with electricity, your body drowning in the warmth of his presence, the sharp seriousness in his dark eyes, and you could not bring yourself to say anything. Did you want him to leave? 
No, you realized in a rush of adrenaline, you didn’t want him to leave at all. 
Jungkook raised one of his eyebrows. “Hm? Nothing?” He smirked, placing himself between your legs. Every nerve of your body was screaming for you to touch him, to just wrap his mouth with yours, and you simply could not respond to any of its commands. “You’re full of surprises.” 
You found your voice at that comment, heart hammering against your chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 
“You’re a smart girl, you can figure it out.” Jungkook placed one strand of your hair behind your ear, his gaze flickering down to your chest. From where he stood, he could see the beautiful mounds of your breasts peeking under the fabric, licking his lips at the sight. “Can I at least say that I like your dress?” 
Jungkook’s palm slithered up your knee before you could even react, moving towards your inner thigh and raising your dress along with it. His touch was electrifying, and you found yourself craving more of it, a sigh caught on your throat at the tenderness of his hot skin. 
“Something tells me that your compliment isn’t so innocent,” you told him, leaning your head back slightly so you could hold his gaze. “Aren’t you gonna complete that and say that I would look better without it?”
Jungkook chuckled. “The idea is compelling, I’ll admit it,” he said, rubbing soft circles on your skin. His other hand slithered around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “But don’t need to take it off to fuck you.” 
Your eyes grew wide at that, brain short-circuiting. You frankly couldn’t believe that was happening — the fact that Jungkook was so shamelessly trying (and honestly succeeding) to initiate sex with you. In a fucking church too, of all places. “What- what did you say?”
“You heard what I said.” His stare didn’t falter. Jungkook was looking at you like he could eat you whole, and you seriously wouldn’t mind if he tried to. You'd deal with the social and psychological implications of that another time. “Just tell me to stop and I’ll do it, princess. No hard feelings, promise.” 
This time, you spoke out and the firmness and certainty in your voice surprised even yourself. “I don’t want you to stop.” 
“No?” His voice sounded like honey, so deep and melodic even through the thick layers of his sarcasm. You had never heard him get so serious, so focused, and the thought that it was all for you was igniting a fire inside your guts. “You wanna get fucked in a church?” 
You bit your lip, blinking up at him. The point was: you wanted Jungkook, of all people, to fuck you. The fact that it was in a church was just the cherry on top, and you didn’t care about it as much as you should — your mom would be weeping blood if she knew what was going on, but you weren’t planning on telling anything to anybody. “And what if I do?” You asked back teasingly. 
Jungkook smiled, knocking the breath right out of you. You could only hope that you didn’t look as horny as you felt, because your pride was still on the line. “Told you that you were full of surprises.” He pushed one of your legs open, making you lose your support on the floor. Now, both of your feet were dangling off the edge, body trapped between his strong arms and thighs on either side of him. “Are you a virgin, baby?”
You shook your head, and your voice reached you a bit later. “No.”
“Naughty,” Jungkook said, leaning in. He stared at you like a lion stalking its prey, his gaze lingering on your parted lips before, at last, he tilted his head to the side, deciding to move towards your neck instead. “But if you have the taste I think you do, you probably had some lame missionary sex with some goodie-two shoes.” 
When he started kissing your neck, you almost forgot to give him a response. You had to bite your lip to suppress a moan, instead producing a low, shaky sigh. “And if I did? What’s the problem with some lame missionary sex?” 
“No need to get mad, I’m on your side here,” Jungkook said, one of his hands navigating up your waist, between the valley of your breasts, before grabbing your boob. That time, you couldn’t hold back the whimper that escaped you. “Did he make you cum?” 
“Sometimes,” you said, slightly flustered. You didn’t think you’d be discussing your sexual history with Jungkook, but, well, there you were. “He was alright.” 
“Only sometimes?” Jungkook chuckled, the vibrations of his deep timbre vibrating through the sensitive skin of your neck, his thumb grazing your nipple. The heat between your legs only grew, your entire body practically begging to feel more of him. “That’s a shame, I could do better.” 
You rolled your eyes. “Don’t start getting cocky.”
“I never stopped being cocky,” he responded without hesitation. Well, he was right. “And I do have a good track record.” 
“Doubt it,” you said, the ghost of a smile lingering on your lips. You knew that you were playing a dangerous game, pressing right at the weak spots of his inflated ego to see how he would react. Perhaps you’d be luckier trying to poke a bear with a short stick. “You wouldn’t know the difference between a real and fake orgasm even if it hit you in the face.” 
Jungkook leaned back and looked at you for an instant. You knew he had caught onto your challenge straight away. He liked it as much as you did, there was no doubt about that. “Let’s see, shall we?” he asked. There was no denying the devilish aura that was all around him now, suffocating you with its tempting heat. “How long do we have?”
“I’m locking up the room tonight,” you said, watching as his eyes sparked with an emotion you could not decipher. “But I wanna get home before ten. Have homework.” 
You could see him fighting against the natural urge to ridicule you for saying something like that at such an odd time, but, at the end, he managed to avoid it. “More than enough time.” Jungkook placed one hand on the back of your neck, gaze darting hungrily toward your lips. “Come here.”
And then his mouth was on yours, and everything else was white noise. Jungkook kissed you much slower than you had anticipated, taking his sweet time caressing your mouth with his; hands exploring the curves of your body and teasing their way underneath your dress. He sighed heavily against your mouth when you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss, his soft tongue poking out and entering your mouth perfectly. Jungkook was a good kisser, you had to admit it, and he got your knees weak sooner than you’d like. 
His body was hot and firm against yours and you could feel the outline of his abs underneath your fingers as you trailed your hands down his torso; his quick heartbeat drumming on your palms. Jungkook’s breathing got heavier as you hooked your fingers on the hem of his pants and tugged him toward you. Instantly you noticed the outline of his hard cock against your inner thigh. 
Then, something switched. Just as you had reached out to touch his hardness, squeezing it lightly underneath your fingers, Jungkook groaned against your mouth and bit down on your lip. You had barely any time to react before he was pulling away from the kiss, gaze darkening. 
“Such a tease,” he mumbled hoarsely, his breath hitting your mouth in soft waves. His hand was hovering over your heat, his middle finger pressing down on your sensitive nub, making you whimper. “You don’t know what you do to me.” 
Jungkook was much quicker than your thoughts and, within a second, the motion of your panties being pushed aside made you fumble closer to him; your hands holding tightly onto his shoulders when he finally decided to touch you. 
“Fuck,” he groaned next to your ear, making your mind go blank for a split second. The teasing motions of his digits brushing your entrance were enough to make you whimper, hips thrusting forward in a failed attempt to make him move further. “Look at this, you’re soaking my fingers. Wanna get fucked that bad?”
But he didn’t let you respond. The sudden intrusion of two fingers inside your pussy made your back arch, nails digging in the leather of his jacket as Jungkook opened you up. “I—” you tried to speak, but it was hard to think when he started pumping his fingers in and out of you. The sounds of your wetness were a filthy symphony filling the quiet atmosphere. “Jungkook, what—” 
“God, that’s so tight,” he groaned, speaking through clenched teeth. His voice was enough to shut you up at the spot, a frail moan dripping from your lips. “Relax, baby, you’re too tense. Let me take care of you, alright?” 
You nodded, eyes drifting shut as he continued to pump his fingers in and out of you. You hated to admit it, but Jungkook was already winning against your ex by a long shot: the way his digits brushed inside you, gradually moving apart to stretch you, got you searching — begging — for more. You were sure you could cum around his fingers and, when he curled them up and they dragged against your sweet spot, the idea became a lot more palpable. 
“Jungkook, you’re taking too long, I’m gonna cum like this,” you complained, chest rising and falling under the waves of your upcoming orgasm. You could feel it building up in your stomach, ready to snap, and you didn’t want it to happen around his fingers. “I wanna feel you.” 
Jungkook breathed out at your needy request, placing a kiss against your jaw. “I’m just getting you ready for my cock, baby,” he said. A loud moan dripped from you when he unceremoniously added a third finger, your legs trembling on either side of his body. “I don’t know if you can take it.”
You scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself,” you said, only half aware of the fact that your voice sounded more like a whimper than a serious comment. “I can.” 
He smirked wickedly. You really were pushing his buttons. “We’ll see about that,” Jungkook responded. 
Within a second, right as your orgasm was about to wash over you, he removed his fingers from your pussy. The frustrated moan you let out was quickly swollen by him, his mouth rogue against yours and the sweetness of his tongue intoxicating you — probably those stupid cupcakes, you thought. 
“Turn around for me,” he asked. 
You quickly did as he requested, putting your feet on the ground before turning your back to him, hands leaning on the table. Jungkook placed one hand on the curve of your spine, pushing you down until you had your chest against the surface, ass perked up and pussy in full display for him. There was a gush of cold air against your flesh when he pulled up the fabric of your dress and tossed it over your waist, exposing your lower body for him.
The boy hummed at the sight, one of his legs kicking your feet apart so he could position himself in the middle of your thighs. “You’re pretty all around,” Jungkook commented, one of his palms grazing your asscheek before grabbing it. His motion was harsh, needy; earning a whimper from you. “Knew you would be.” 
Through the dense clouds of your desire, there was still some part of you that managed to make fun of that situation. “You spend your free time thinking about my ass?”
“Won’t answer until I have a lawyer present,” he joked. 
You felt his fingers hooking around the fabric of your panties, pushing it further to the side so you had your cunt fully exposed for him to see. The drumming of your heartbeat almost drowned out the low groan he produced at the sight of your flushed heat. 
“Princess, your pussy is dripping so much…” Jungkook trailed off, one of his fingers tracing a line between your lips. He felt the urge to eat you out, to lick you completely clean and make you cum on his tongue, but he decided that would have to wait for a different time. “Is this all for me?” 
“Yeah, all for you,” you said, weak. There was a thundering exasperation building up inside you, motivated from your denied orgasm and from the way that Jungkook was taking his sweet time. 
“Good girl,” he mumbled and your chest was filled with pride. “Can’t wait to fuck it.” 
“Then don’t wait,” you practically begged. “Just rush.”
He removed his finger from your heat. “Shh… be patient,” Jungkook told you and you swore you could practically hear the smile in his voice. You could hear him shuffling behind you, the sound of his zipper opening echoing around that still room. “I’m gonna give you whatever you want.” 
You whined at the abrupt feeling of his warm cock rubbing between your folds, its tip hitting your clit after every languid thrust. “Fuck,” you cried out, shaky. Jungkook wasn’t lying when he said that he was big, his length was so thick that you were starting to get second thoughts whether you could take it or not. Not that you would ever admit it out loud. “Just put it in, Jungkook.” 
But Jungkook was having way more fun just teasing you. “Pussy’s so wet for me.” He breathed out, his hands tightening around your hips. You felt him throb between your folds, and the sensation got you searching for air. “You’re soaking my cock, baby. You want it that much?”
Jungkook hummed, leaning in so he could place a kiss on your shoulder. “I’m gonna fuck you like you deserve to be fucked, princess,” he promised, his length still rubbing between your folds. He was so hard and heavy that your mind was spinning, your lungs drowning in expectation. “Gonna fuck you so well that you’re never going to forget it. Do you want that?”
“Yes,” your voice was a pathetic moan, and you hated your body for betraying you so easily. “Yes, please.” 
After another pec on your shoulder, Jungkook leaned back. “Be loud for me, alright?” He asked. “Can you do that for me?”
You swallowed hard — what were the chances that someone would hear you? You had no idea. “Yeah, whatever you want, just fuck me.”
“Whatever I want? That’s a dangerous thing to say.” He moved around behind you, making you flinch when you felt his cock align with your dripping entrance. The anticipation was driving you insane. “Might have to see if you’re up for it another time.” 
There was an answer somewhere in your mind — you could swear there was — but it was quickly forgotten the second that Jungkook pushed himself inside you. The drag of his cock was a delicious torture, streching you out and filling you up to the brim until you were shaking under his touch, both of you moaning at the sensation. 
“Oh my god.” You breathed out, hands turning into fists on the table. Your cheek was pressed against the polished wood, hot breath creating small white clouds on the surface. 
Jungkook released a shaky sigh when he felt you clenching around him, your body desperately trying to move closer to him. “Fuck, baby,” he hissed, his hands holding onto your hips for dear life. Gradually, he moved himself away from your pussy just so he could slam back inside, marveling on the way you trembled at the feeling, crying out his name in the prettiest of whimpers. “Your pussy is so fucking tight. Squeezing my cock so well.” 
Took you only an instant to realize that you were absolutely addicted to the feeling of his cock inside you, the heavenly push of his hardness in and out of you as he slowly started to set a pace. “Oh my god, I’m—” a pitiful hiccup interrupted you, turning your voice into a sharp cry. “That’s so good, Jungkook.”
Jungkook chuckled behind you, his thrusts starting to pick up speed. Your eyes closed in endless bliss, every part of your brain focused on the sensation of his fat length stretching you up. “Told you I’d be, not my fault you didn’t believe me,” he said, but you could tell that his confidence had started to wear itself thin — he, too, seemed to be much more focused on the way that your bodies met. “Do you touch yourself, princess?”
You almost didn’t know how to answer him, a deep heat rushing up to your cheeks. “W-What?”
“When you’re alone, baby,” he practically hissed. You were bouncing on the table then, your body jerking up and down as he fully pistoned his cock inside your heat. “Do you play with your little pussy?”
“Y-yes,” you stammered, embarrassed. “S-Sometimes.” 
“Show me how you do it,” he requested in-between huffs, lust dripping from every syllable. Jungkook spoke to you like a siren, effortlessly inducting you to comply with everything he wanted. “Come on. Don’t be shy, I wanna see you play with yourself for me.” 
You didn’t even know if what you were feeling was shyness, but there was a veil of hesitation that covered your actions. As your hands moved downwards, one of them clenching around the fabric of your dress and pulling it up while the other trailed over your mound, you felt strangely vulnerable, exposed. At the same time, you wanted to do what he asked you to, wanted him to wash you over with compliments until your mind was going blank. 
So you closed your eyes and focused on the sensation of two of your fingers coating themselves in your wetness, then their pressure on your clit. You whined at the feeling, pleasure exploding in your veins as you started to rub yourself, tracing small circles on your sensitive spot. There was no way you could ever reach that sensation again, the sweet motions of your fingers combining perfectly with the thrusts of his hard, fat cock inside you. You were doomed. 
“That’s it… just like that, baby,” Jungkook whispered, obsessed with the sensation of your walls fluttering around him. You had gotten so tight that he thought he would see heaven at any second now. “Feels good?” 
“Y-Yeah, so good...” you struggled to get out, “feels amazing, Jungkook.” 
“So perfect for me,” his praise shot straight up to your core, making you mewl under him. God, the way that you were tightening around him was going to drive him insane. “You feel so fucking good, I can’t stop fucking you.” 
Jungkook took one of his hands to your neck, using it to guide your body upwards until you had your back pressed against his chest; his hot lips assaulting your neck. The new position made it so much easier for his cock to drill inside you, reaching even deeper and hitting sweet spots you didn’t even know you had. It wasn’t long before you were moaning out, eyes fluttering shut as the pleasure overtook you. 
“Just take a look at that, baby,” his voice broke you out of your hypnotized state.  “Look at you. Such a good slut, just taking everything I’m giving you, touching yourself for my cock… fuck. Could watch you like this forever.” 
You had to take a moment to understand what he was talking about, and then you saw it: the window. It stood silently across the room from you, half open, and the glass combined with the darkness of the night gave a perfect reflection of the two of you. You could see yourself, the mess you had become, as Jungkook pounded in and out of you and your fingers worked on your clit; the darkness of his hungry gaze as he followed the motions of your body against his. 
Even if you cried out at the sight, your body freezed up a little at the thought of someone walking by and seeing that private spectacle. The possibility itself was minimal — the window gave way to the side of the land, where a big, thick fence separated it from the nearby houses; most of the ground covered by large trees and bushes — but it wasn’t zero. You couldn’t even begin to imagine the humiliation that would come from being seen like that. 
He, of course, noticed your change of demeanor right away, and you could see in the faint reflection that he had smirked at that realization. “What is it? Are you worried someone is going to walk by?” Jungkook almost groaned against your ear. His cock continued to pump ferociously in and out of you, and you couldn’t even understand your own thoughts for a moment. “That someone is gonna see you get fucked like a good slut?” 
“It’s not—” a moan cut your sentence short. Not like you knew where you were heading, anyways. 
“No one is gonna see you like this, know why?” Jungkook was grunting, his fingers tightening around your throat. You cried out at the feeling, your cunt clenching around him in a way that got him fucking you even harder. “Cause this is all for me. Just for me.” 
Then he was pushing you back on the table, your chest crashing against the wooden surface and his hands yanking you by the waist. Jungkook was fucking you so hard that your worries left you as soon as they arrived, your mind a turmoil of desires and broken exclamations that didn’t give space to anything else but him. 
“You look fucking gorgeous like this, stuffed with cock,” he marveled at the sight. There was a known wave of pleasure hovering over you, ready to crash at any given moment, and you stopped rubbing yourself just so you could prolong its arrival. “Wanna see you cum for me, make a mess for me, baby.” 
The words left you in a confusing, broken order, “Jungkook, I can’t… too much… can’t...” 
“Shhh, you can,” he was slowly easing you into your orgasm, his cock drilling in and out of your pussy. Jungkook fucked like a machine, fast and precise, and you didn’t think you’d be able to forget that anytime soon. “You told me you could take it, so now you’re gonna take it. Don’t you wanna be good for me?” 
“I- I want to… I’m so close,” you cried out, pressing your forehead against the table. You didn’t know how it hadn’t broken yet, with the way that Jungkook was fucking you so mercilessly hard. “I’m so, so close.”
“Cream my cock, baby, come on,” he urged you on, his member throbbing inside you at the thought. Your legs were so weak that you knew you’d fall facedown on the floor if he wasn’t supporting your weight with his strong arms. “Be a good girl and cream my cock for me.” 
And that was it. That was all that you needed to push yourself over the edge, submerging you in ecstasy and making you squeeze him so deliciously. “J-Jungkook!” You moaned out his name again and again, unsure of how loud you were being, but also not caring as much as you should. Jungkook realized he loved hearing you call his name more than anything else. “Fuck! Oh my god!”
“That’s it, baby,” he moaned back, his thrusts a sloppy, uncoordinated mess. He was hypnotized by the view of your cunt hugging him, your wetness dripping down your thighs as you rode out the last seconds of your orgasm. “Pussy’s so fucking tight, so fucking perfect— gonna cum too.” 
You gasped out at the sensitivity that was starting to spread, every movement shaky as you tried to push yourself against him. “Yes, please.” You looked over your shoulder, meeting his hooded gaze. Jungkook looked like a god, his dark hair sweaty and messy and his lip trapped between his teeth. That image would plague you forever. “Cum inside me, please.” 
He groaned loudly, eyes closing for a second. “Fuck, that’s so fucking hot,” he hissed, chest heaving with anticipation. You knew he was close, everything pointed to that, and all that you wanted was to see him reach his high, using your body like it was just a doll for him to fuck. “Didn’t know you’d want to be filled up with cum, princess.” 
“I’m full of surprises.” You smiled — a pretty, fucked-out smile that got Jungkook grunting like a madman. “I want your cum inside me, Jungkook, please.” 
“Gonna fuck you full of my cum, don’t worry— Shit.” The sounds he was making were heavily: those breathy, high-pitched moans that echoed all around you; broken by deep grunts that had your thighs shaking. Jungkook fucked himself in you like he was meant for it, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as he finally found his orgasm. “Fuck! That’s it, fuck—”
Jungkook called out your name and mixed it with praises and curses when he came, spilling himself inside your pussy. You sighed at the feeling, taking in the blissful sensation of having his hot cum spilling out of you, dripping down your legs as he continued to thrust inside you, milking out his orgasm. 
At last, he started to wince from sensitivity. His body collided against your back, his heavy breathing fanning your neck as he tried to collect himself. “Fuck, baby,” he mumbled, “you’re amazing.” 
“You’re not so terrible yourself.” You could not help the smile that appeared on your lips, nor the way that you melted against the surface of the table, drowning in his heat. 
Still, you couldn’t stay there for much longer: it was already a miracle that no one heard the chaos going on in that room, and you weren’t trying to push your luck for the night. Especially since you had a pile of homework (and possibly — now cold — takeout) waiting for you at home. 
You raised your body, leaning against your elbows. “I have to leave,” you told him, taking one of your hands to lay on top of his tattooed one, trying to ease his grip from your waist. “Now if you could just…” 
“Shhh, shhh,” Jungkook hushed, unrelenting. He was much stronger than you, and your muscles were too weak for you to try and do much, so you eventually gave up. “Stop moving. Let me feel you around me for just a bit more.” 
You frowned. “Why?”
“I like it,” he said simply. His breath was a faint caress against the skin of your neck, and you didn’t have much fight left in you. “We all have our tastes.” 
You rolled your eyes. “You’re so weird.”
“Don’t kinkshame.” Jungkook pouted, then pressed a kiss against your shoulder. “You just begged me to fuck you in a church, remember?” 
“Yeah, I guess I don’t have much place to judge.” You laughed dryly, then looked over your shoulder. “Why is your cock still hard? How long is this gonna take?” 
Jungkook groaned, clearly annoyed. “Shut up and enjoy the moment.” 
The so-called moment lasted about two more minutes (which was kind of impressive, you thought) before Jungkook softened and slipped out of you. You hated to admit but you kind of liked the feeling of having him still inside you, completing you as his lips danced around your neck; fingers tenderly playing with your hair. You never thought Jungkook would be so gentle after fucking you like that, but you guessed that you weren’t the only one that was full of surprises. 
Jungkook, apparently, also liked to admire his work. After he had slipped out of you, he made you sit back on the table just so he could stare at his own cum dripping out of you, a glimmer of satisfaction in his dark gaze. He had pushed his white release back inside you and smirked up at you, asking, ever so kindly, for you to go home like that, filled with his cum. 
You, of course, promptly accepted it. 
“By the way,” he called when you two had already stepped out of the church, enveloped by the coldness of the night. There was only one solitary light pole illuminating his features, making him look like one of the saints in the chapel — nothing but fake advertisement, in your opinion. “Wanna know how much I got in that immunology test?”
“How much?” You asked. 
“Eighty two.” Jungkook smiled brightly then, and you found yourself joining him. “Never saw a grade so high in my life. And that counts all the times I’ve cheated too.” 
“Seems like the tutoring sessions are paying off.” You crossed your arms before your chest, the hem of your dress swirling around your knees. The night was weirdly peaceful after everything that had taken place. 
“They are.” He nodded. “I’m looking forward to the next one. Helps that my tutor is kind of a hottie too.”
You scoffed. “So I’ve heard.”  
“And, by the way?” 
“You would look better without it.” He pointed at your dress, a sly smile already sprouting on his lips. “Hope to see it next time.”
“Good night, Jungkook.” You rolled your eyes, already turning around — yeah, like there would ever be a next time. 
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venusiangguk · 7 months ago
let the games begin | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
>>pairing: jungkook x reader
>>genre: pwp, smut, gamer!jk, light fluff at the end, established relationship 
>>word count: 5.7k
>>warnings: dom!jk, BRAT oc, but rly she just wants to be good 😔, big dick koo, spitting, spit eating, boobs, unprotected sex, cream pie, um...oh!, crying, crying during sex, not from pain tho, oc just gets overwhelmed :(, aftercare kinda?, boobies, comfort, idk man, riding, weird pet names lmao, oc is so tiny, big jiggly fat tits, OMG COCKWARMING, that’s literally the reason i wrote this lol, breasts, when jk cums.... v sexy, low key one sided sex 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
>>notes: all gamer lingo is from reddit, bc me and oc are the same in the way that we have no idea what the boys that are ignoring us for video games are saying so if it doesn’t make sense idc 🥲 yell @ me in an ask or sumn
>>summary: just another fic where oc rides jk in his gaming chair 🙄 pls still read it tho lmao its hot i promise
Hours. Several increments of 60 minutes. Multiple thousands of seconds. It’s been hours since Jeongguk has even acknowledged your presence. You huff and sigh dramatically, rolling around on his bed, accidentally knocking his Zero Two body pillow off. Good riddance. She’s part dinosaur. But still, nothing takes his attention from his prettily lit gaming set-up. You’ve come to your last resort.
Laying back on his pillows, you bunch your skirt up around your waist and then slip your hand down your teeny tiny, baby pink silk panties. They say ‘slut’ in small little silver rhinestones on the front. A gift from you’re extremely rude, extremely sexy talented gamer boyfriend. You let out an over the top moan, hoping to break through the sounds of his game. He does not move a single inch. Ever persistent, you stay at task, actually getting a little turned on with your quick moving little fingers rubbing over your clit. You let moans fall from your mouth freely, thinking about one of the few times he actually let you support him from under the desk. You drooling all over his swollen, uncut cock. Him leaving his mic on at your request. Him struggling to get out coherent sentences to his teammates. Him struggling to keep from moaning as he came silently down your throat. Mmm.
“Tae, Min, rush the blue zone?” He speaks into the mic. You can hear the clicking of his keyboard, as his fingers flit over the control keys. His head moves slightly as his eyes jump between his two monitor set-up trying to take everything in. And just like that, at the sound of his pretty voice, cute lisp and all, your mood is broken. You wanna hear that voice in your ear, calling you names (mean or sweet, you’re not picky), not talking about blue rushes or whatever. Your eyes roll.
You take a deep breath to calm yourself and slow your rapid breathing before you crawl to the foot of the bed, closer to him. His room is rather small, so the elaborate set-up he has extends almost to the end of his mattress, barely enough room for the gigantic chair to swivel around. However this is a plus for you because it makes it so you can rest your chin on his shoulder without disturbing him too much.
“NO! Do not rush blue! Are you stupid or just a fucking idiot?” Jeongguk flinches from how loud Jimin’s shrill voice is, coming from his headphones. Even you can hear it. “We just lost Hobi. We are outnumbered 6 to 3. In what fucking universe would a rush be a good idea? Are you trying to get flamed in a ranked match?”
“Okay damn, I forgot Hobi got no-scoped,” Jeongguk chuckles. He gently, minisculely, oh-so softly shrugs his shoulder, hinting that he wants you to get off, without saying it, knowing you would very-likely, potentially be offended and a little upset. But you don’t move. If he wants you off he can be a big boy and tell you. Maybe you even dig your chin into the tendons of his shoulder on purpose just to be a brat. He still doesn’t say anything apart from a tiny hiss of pain. In fact he deals with you pestering him until you start to mouth at the side of his neck, biting gently. Wet, open mouth kisses leaving a shiny trail on his pulse.
“Okay, you can’t do this right now.” He says, shrugging his shoulder hard, making you accidentally bite your lip. You whimper. “I’m in a ranked match, and we are already getting our asses handed to us. I can’t focus on you right now.” He doesn't even look at you, face glowing in the light of his pc. He probably doesn’t even register how harsh his words sound, too engrossed in the game.
You’re still close enough to hear from his head set when Taehyung says, “Is that __?” He sounds like he’s trying not to laugh.
“Yeah.” Is all Jeongguk says in response.
“Hasn’t she been at your place for like 4- On your right! On your ri- nice Kook- for like 4 days?”
“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend.” His tongue sticks out as he types in a combo attack. He smiles when he lands a kill.
Not for long you think. If he keeps this up, you’ll be finding other ways to spend your time. Like giving yourself a manicure with those cute little sanrio decals he got you the other day. A pretty manicure that would look so cute wrapped around his even prettier thick, hard, pink cock. Keywords being would look, not are going to look. He’s getting ignored for at least 15 minutes. You pout thinking about how you’ve been ignored for at least 3 hours. But still! You remain resolute in your punishment. No kisses, no handjobs, no nothing.
“I literally always hear her bitching about you playing,” Jimin chimes in, snickering. “Tell her to go paint her nails or something.”
Your jaws drops. Then Jeongguk has the audacity to chuckle. You see red.
“FUck this! And fuck you, and fuck your friends, and fuck your stupid ass no-scope, flame ass, rush ass game. And especially fuck you Park Jimin, I hope you never receive a blowjob ever again!” You stand up, pushing your skirt down, and buttoning your sweater all the way to the top. He will not be seeing your cleavage as you make your exit.
“AFK AFK-“ Jeongguk says quickly, getting tangled in his wires for a minute before accidentally tripping on the leg of his chair. You can hear the distant protest of his teammates coming from the abandoned headset. He hisses at the pain from almost falling, and grabs you by the arm, pulling you back.
“Let go of me!” You try to yank your arm out of his hold, very much throwing a fit. But he’s too fit, and you end up facing him, mouth set in a firm pout, and your eyebrows are scrunched in anger. You’re very tiny, but you hope you look evil. You’re eyes watering out of frustration probably doesn’t help though. His hands are firm and strong on your shoulders, keeping you in place.
Close the fucking gyms.
“Hey, hey,” He says, like he’s trying to soothe you. His big hands rub up and down your arms. You hate how it makes your anger die down just a smidge. “What’s wrong, why are you leaving?” He asks. He’s bent a little at the waist so he’s face to face with you, his big eyes searching yours.
Your bottom lip wobbles and your chin gets those ugly dents in it as it quivers. You sob. “B-because you’re n-not even paying att-t- attention to me!” Big cry baby tears roll down your cheeks. Jeongguk looks like he’s trying not to laugh and you give up. Head falling back, mouth hanging open in miserable wails as you drop to the ground defeated. You’re sat in a ‘w’ your skirt pillowing around you. You think you’re much too cute to lose your boyfriend to a video game. But you did your best, fought a valiant fight. It happens to the best of girls, you suppose.
“Chicken,” He coos the odd nickname he had bestowed upon you in the first month of dating. He drops to the floor as well and you can still hear the laugh in his voice. It only makes you cry harder.
“You’re laughing at me while I’m c-crying?” You blubber.
“I’m not!” He says, very much still laughing. He cups your face in his palms, thumbs wiping away your tears only for new ones to quickly take their place. He does his best to still his features into a more serious expression. A hint of a smile still lingers. “I’m not. I just think you’re cute, that’s all.” He kisses your nose.
You blink wide eyed, at the little affection. Then you remember you’re supposed to be having a tantrum. You sniffle.
“Will you please get back on the bed? I’m almost finished.” He asks gently.
You groan. “You’re still going to finish your game? While I’m crying?!” You blink rapidly, willing some more crocodile tears out of your eyes, that had been mostly dry prior.
“Chicky,” He whines, “It’s a ranked match, you know I can’t just quit.” He looks like he’s about to beg you to understand.
And you do. Gaming was really important to him, and he was really good at it, even earning a side income from streaming. But you’re a brat. One that has been neglected and ignored for hours. One that is always desperate for his attention and affection. Not to mention you’re still wet in your panties.
“Your friends were mean to me. They laughed at me.” You whisper, pout turned on heavy.
“They didn’t mean i-“
“And you laughed with them.” You cut him off, tears once again welling in your bambi eyes. You know you’re being a baby, but him laughing really did hurt your feelings.
His face falls and he looks like he’s grasping at straws trying to find a way to defend himself, but ultimately he gives up. He sighs and his head falls. “I know. That was mean of me, and I shouldn’t have done that. But I didn’t mean it,” He looks at you again. His fingers play with the edge of your skirt. “You know I didn’t. And you know I’m sorry. Right, chicken?”
You fight an unwanted smile and swat his hand away. Your resolve is crumbling quickly, but you still have it in you to be petty.
His shoulders sag. “What do I have to do to make you see I’m sorry?” He tucks a piece of hair behind your ear, his fingers running down your cheek and your neck to fiddle with the top button of your done up cardigan. He catches your face lighting up and quickly interjects, “Besides quit the game.”
You huff.
His fingers undo the button he was playing with. “Do you want me to yell at them? Hmm?” He nuzzles your cheek, placing a soft kiss to the apple. He’s undoes another button. With the pull and tension the sweater had on your tits gone, they fall just a little and jiggle lightly. You still say nothing. “What if I let you sit with me while I play?” Another button. “And why are you so covered? Can’t I see?”
You’re a weak, weak girl.
You don’t protest as he removes the sweater from you completely, and pulls the collar of your shirt down so that your big tits spill out the top. He cups his hands around them and squeezes. So squishy and so so soft. Plush. He groans and buries his face in between them.
“You could suffocate me with these and I would say thank you, I love them that much.” He swats at them lightly watching as they bounce before settling back into place, perky and waiting for his mouth. But he doesn’t give in easily, pinching a nipple instead.
“Ouch!” You whine. You cup your little hands around them, to protect yourself. There’s so much overflow it’s obscene.
He spanks your butt lightly. “Alright, up. Let’s finish this game so that I can make you my own little creme-filled donut.”
Your eyes light up and you hurry to get to your feet. Cream-pies were a treat.
He settles all the way back in his gaming chair, and opens his arms for you. You straddle his waist, facing him, knees on opposite sides of his hips and you scoot as close to him as you can, arms wrapping around his neck. Your boobs are pressed to his chest, still out and bouncing freely with every shift of your body. Incentive for him to end the game quickly. You can feel a little semi in his pants. A sweet pink feeling bubbles in your chest. He got kinda hard just from touching your tits a little bit. True love. You settle over his cock, wiggling a pinch more to get comfy. He hisses and grips hard at your hips, trying to keep you still.
“If you’re up here you have to be good.” He warns, pushing you back some so he can look you in your eyes. You avoid eye contact, looking everywhere but him. The led lights look really pretty on the baby blue setting.
“Chicken…” He lowers his voice, sounding stern.
You whine, dropping on his lap even harder. “Fine but like- you have to hurry.”
“I will, now quit moving and hand me the headset.”
You reach back and grab it. “Don’t forget to yell at them.” You remind him with a kiss.
He gives you an exasperated look before turning the mic on again. “Back.” He says, adjusting the mouth piece.
“Finally! Jesus. Tae’s dead-“
“I’m still here though.” Taehyung interrupts.
Jimin carries on swiftly. “And I’m low on health, what took you so fucking long?”
“You were an asshole and I had to fix it.” You look at him while he looks past you, typing away.
“Me?!” Jimin squawks.
“Yes you. Both of you. You laughed at her.”
“So did you!” Taehyung defends.
“Yeah and it was fucked up.”
“Meet me by the tower to give me a med-kit. God she’s such a prissy little baby, Kook. You are so pussy-whipped.”
Before Jeongguk can reply you speak into the mic. “And you’re such a prissy little dwarf Jimin, shut the fuck up.”
You hear Jimin's loud cackle through the speakers on Jeongguk’s ears. “You’re all of what? 3’6? I don’t even know how Kook can be so whipped for someone who can’t even take his dick properly.”
Taehyung laughs, and Jeongguk starts to speak up, but you beat him to it. “You’re awfully concerned with what my boyfriend does with his dick. If you wanna ride it, just say so.”
“Oh you know I would, baby.” He’s still laughing when he says it.
Everyone’s kinda chuckling except you, small hands fisting Jeongguk’s shirt. He gives you a side-glance, and notices the angry scowl you have on your face. He brings a hand down and squeezes your butt for a second, showing you you still have his attention, at least somewhat. “Alright, that’s enough. Both of you.”
“Tell them I’m the only one that can ride it.” You pout, fingers scratching at the base of his neck, hands playing with his long hair. He nudges into the touch a little. Pretty kitty.
“Shhh, they know and you know. Everyone knows you’re the only one that gets to ride my dick.” He kisses you quick, and you hum content.
You hear a gagging noise in the background. Taehyung probably.
Then there’s a ping.
It happens so fast, you really can’t even be mad at Jeongguk.
“Oh that’s Yoongi! He wants to play ranked.” Jimin says.
“Uh-“ Jeongguk tries to speak.
“Just leave this match and we can join one with him, I’m tired of just sitting here. I don’t care if we drop down the rank list a little.” Taehyung says.
“Guys wait don’t a-“
“Okay same, I just accepted. Yoongi, you there?”
You hear a confirming grunt from the speakers. Jeongguk looks at you, panic in his eyes. Your stare back is sharp as daggers. Cold and hard.
He whines. “You guys are shit ass friends. You know she’s not gonna suck my dick for like a week now.”
His friends laugh and your little brain forms a thought. A very good one indeed.
You card your hands through his newly bleached blonde hair, still soft and silky despite the chemicals. Demeanor quickly changing from small and evil to small and cotton-candy sweet. You kiss his nose sweetly. “It’s okay, baby. Do your best. Show them how good you are. I wanna see you win.”
He looks at you with wide doe eyes. “Really?” You nod. “If I win this match I might go up a tier.” He smiles and sounds so happy. You almost feel bad for being a brat earlier. And for what you’re going to do now.
You’re good for a while. Let him play his little heart out. You let him do his thing for long enough to ensure that he’s fully engrossed in it once again. His little mouth is hanging open slightly , and his eyes move frantically across the screens. He keeps talking gibberish to his teammates, the ones that you’ve all but tuned out at this point. You take your chances, and press your lips to the side of his neck.
Jeongguk stills for a split second, but otherwise pays you no mind. Which is no problem. You weren’t very patient often, but you could be when you needed to. In the right circumstances. You place another kiss, this one wetter, your tongue coming out to meet his skin before your lips do. You keep your kisses light and quiet so his teammates don’t hear. You take in his scent, so sweet and gentle and just him. After nuzzling in for a small moment, you nibble at the vein running up his neck. You gasp softly and your pussy pulses in your panties when he just barely tilts his head, giving you better access, and more room to kiss and suck.
You pull back a little to look at him, but he doesn’t even seem like he’s aware you're there. If it weren’t for his subtle eager movements, you would think he’s ignoring you again. But this is good. You like him like this. Eager but nonchalant at the same time. It’ll make it even better when he loses it after trying to keep it cool for so long. You squirm until you’re off his lap and on your knees looking up at him.
Finally he meets your eyes. He shakes his head.
“No.” He mouths when your hands reach for the waistband of his sweats.
You jut your bottom lip out and whisper, “I’m not gonna suck it, I promise.”
He regards you silently for a moment before not saying anything and returning right back to his game. You grip the elastic of his pants and when you gingerly start to pull them down, he lifts his hips just a little bit to help you. You have to bite your lip to keeping from moaning.
Something about him ignoring you while simultaneously helping you in the slightest, most basic ways makes you go crazy. Like pussy pooling, mouth drooling, brain shorting crazy. It’s almost like you’re so irresistible to him that he just can’t go without you. Needs you just as bad as you need him, even though he fights it. But giving in tastes sweet, just like you. That’s why he always does it. Just for you, all for you.
With his sweats down his thighs, you see his cock. He went without briefs today, making your job much easier. Sometimes the stars just align and you’re meant to have a cock in you. You sigh and you look at his, resting against his leg. Your mouth waters and you just want it in your mouth so badly, desperate for it… but you deprive yourself for the sake of what you have in mind. He’s not hard yet, cock just a little plump and heavy with arousal. You spit in your hand and rub it on his cock just enough to make it wet, not wanting him fully erect yet.
As you raise to your feet his eyes go back and forth between you and his monitors. He looks confused.
“Uh- Yeah let’s rush…” He says distractedly as you climb back onto his lap.
You look at him as you move your soaked panties to the side, and run a finger over your clit. Your mouth opens in pleasure but you don’t let yourself moan. Your expressions are enough to make his pupils blow out and his irises to darken. You bring your shiny fingers up to his mouth. “Taste?” You whisper.
Again, he does the bare minimum. Just barely parting his lips, not moving forward even an inch to suck them into his mouth. Once they are in, he sucks lightly, gently, almost like he’s teasing, like he’s kinda bored. His tongue licks lazily at the tips, and slips between them.
You lean down and move one side of his headphones off his ear. You whisper, “That’s it, drool all over them.” You shove them in farther and press down on his tongue, trying to take just a little bit of control, but the slight change in your tone, and your actions makes him bite down on your fingers. Letting you know that that was not how tonight was going to go. That was never how it went with you two. You pull them out with a gasp. You scowl at him angrily. All he does is raise an eyebrow, before returning to his game. Jimin’s screaming at him through the headphones asking him where the fuck he is.
“Hey, sorry I got distracted. Where are you guys?”
“Get your dick sucked on your own time, Kook….”
You tune them out once again, reaching your hand in between yours and your boyfriend's body. You grab his cock, just a little firmer than when you were on your knees. You grab under the tip, and push it into your core about an inch before Jeongguk’s covering his mic and whispers scolding, “I’m not hard, __.”
You look at him, and nod cutely. “I know, I just- I wanna just feel you a little bit. Keep it inside me while you play. Feel close to you.” You give him soft baby kisses all over his cheek while you push it in some more. You’re dripping so even though he’s still kind of soft, it’s not too hard to get it all the way in.
“I’m not fucking you while I play.” He warns you.
You shrug against him. “Don’t get hard then.”
And just like that, the games begin.
Jeongguk playing, doing his best to ignore you just enough to seem disinterested. You kissing his neck, biting his collarbones. ‘Accidentally’ rolling your hips. Of course it happens. Jeongguk really did put up a good fight. Barely gave in the whole time you’ve been bothering him. But you both know your pussy is too good to ignore. Warm and wet around his slowly swelling cock.
“Getting a little tight huh?” You whisper. You suck his earlobe into your mouth, tongue playing with the big ring as you subtly grind forward, your clit just barely rubbing against his lower belly area.
His jaw clenches and he swallows thickly. He raises his shoulders in faux nonchalance.
You smile, and hum. Your hand travels to his nipple, grazing over the small bud through his thin shirt. His mouth drops open, and his eyebrows furrow. Visibly, that’s the only reaction you get. No moan, or praise. Inside of you, however, you can feel him finally grow to his full length. Your cunt is stretched around his fat cock and when you drop your eyes to your tummy there's a small bulge protruding where his cock is, buried so deep inside of you. You poke it, before rubbing your palm over it. So full.
“You fill me up so good, Koo,” You whine high pitched and breathy.
Finally now that you have him exactly right where you want him, you get comfy and then cease all movement. Truly just cockwarming him. Holding him inside your tight little pussy, while he fakes ignorance about how badly he wants to fuck up into you. You can tell he is struggling to maintain his facade by the light mist of sweat by his hairline. By the way all his answers to his friends are curt and short. You can tell how bad he wants you because his legs spread wider on their own accord, causing you to sink even farther down onto his big cock. You gasp as the tip nudges something deep inside of you.
You're wrapped around his body, arms looped around his shoulders. You have your face pressed into his neck again, and you’re breathing in his scent when you inhale, pressing soft kitten kisses when you exhale. You won’t beg. You’re desperate, just like always, and you want him so fucking bad, but you won’t beg. Not this time.
He lasts barely a minute longer. Hand coming up to cover his mic again. “Move,” His voice is strained, lust dripping down his chin. He’s flushed from arousal, and hot to the touch.
You shake your head where it's hiding in his neck. “Not while you’re playing. I want you to pay attention to me only.” You’re whiny and difficult, you know. But so does he. He knew how fussy and unbearable you were when he first started seeing you, you never bothering to hide it. You commend him for sticking around for as long as he has. You love him for it too.
You hear him groan in annoyance before he exits the game with nothing more than a short, “I gotta go.” effectively cutting off his friends yells of complaint. It was a ranked match after all. You smile smugly into his neck.
He grips the hair at the back of your head, yanking to make you look at him. You’re still smiling that obnoxious self-satisfied grin, even through the pain blossoming on your scalp.
“You think you’re so clever,” His eyes are roaming all over your face, a small smirk on his lips. He drags your mouth to his, kissing you deeply, more tongue and teeth than anything. He bites hard on your bottom lip, pulling till it snaps back. “Move.” He demands against your mouth. His breath is a little shaky, giving away just how turned on he really is.
And you’re such a good listener. You’re bad and difficult, but you’re also so so good for him. Yearning for his approval, always. Lifting your hips just keeping the swollen tip in before dropping back down onto his cock. Your skin smacks against his, while you whimper pathetically. “You’re so deep inside me,” You whisper, bouncing again. Jeongguk’s head falls back and he moans deep and loud.
“Fuck, love your pussy so much.” He says, eyes closed, just basking in the feel of your slippery cunt sliding up and down his cock.
You set your pace, and you feel his big hands slip under your skirt to grip at your ass, pulling your cheeks apart, digging in hard. He’s lifting you up and bringing you back down, setting the pace that he wants. Not caring much at all about how it feels for you. A little doll for him to use, and you let him because you’re so good for him. He can use you however he wants, and the pace he wants is a hard one to keep up. Not only is it fast, but it’s hard. Gasps and whines fall from your mouth.
He gives you a little break, taking a moment to play with your tits, bouncing all over due to the force of you riding him. His lip is drawn between his teeth as he watches you bounce, his hands coming up to cup your underboob, his thumbs rubbing over your nipples. You throw your head back at the sensation, a gasp filling the room.
“God you’re such a pain in my ass, but you’re such a pretty girl, my pretty, pretty girl,” He moans as he takes you in, your hair a wild mess, his cock poking your belly every time you fall back onto it, sweat dripping down the valley of your tits. His hands grip your tiny waist, pinkies almost reaching in the back. It really is a wonder how you can take his giant cock like you do. So tiny and so perfect. Made just for him. His lips latch onto a nipple, and your body curls in, cradling him to your chest, soft pants falling from your mouth as you let him make you feel good. Your palms land on his cheeks, and you guide his head away from your boobs so you can look him in his eyes.
“Will you help me?” You ask, breathless. You’re still moving, but your hips have slowed.
He hums. “Why?”
“‘M tired…” You say quietly. “Please?”
“No.” He says, shaking his head.
Your face falls and you feel like you might cry. “Why?” You whine.
“Because I said so. You wanted this so bad you had to interrupt me twice to get it. So do it yourself.” He smacks your ass lightly, urging you to hurry up.
Your palms on his face squeeze, trying to convey how badly you just want him to fuck you like you deserve; punish you for being so bad when you should have just been good for him. You never learn. You squeeze until you’re sure it stings a little. “Please.”
“I said, no,” He spits, a glob of it landing on your face. And you gasp in shock before your pussy contracts. Jeongguk grits his teeth, hands digging into your ass. “Fuck you just got so tight from me spitting on you, you’re so-“ He’s caught off guard, watching as you gather his spit on your cheek onto your finger before sucking on it and drinking it down. He groans and you feel him throb inside of you. “Fuck make me cum.”
You’re so tired and your thighs and knees are killing you, but you try to set a decent pace, one fast enough to make him cum, but moderate enough for you to maintain it. Your pussy squelches every time you bottom out on his pelvis, your slick making his lower abdomen shiny and sticky. His t-shirt is barely pulled up, just the bottom portion of his abs showing, but you see them flex and tense as he gets closer.
That fact that you both are still mostly clothed makes something hot burn inside you. Both too desperate to get naked, too turned on to even give it thought. Clothes must be on Jeongguk’s mind as well. He bunches the front of your skirt in his hand pulling it up so he can see where your bodies meet. Your panties are now dark pink, your arousal seeping through and getting all over the place, and your poor little pussy is so red and swollen from the force of you slamming down onto his cock.
“Awe, poor little angel.” He braces his hand on your belly, his thumb slipping in between your puffy pussy lips to rub at your clit, finally helping you get off. “Does it hurt, baby?”
You’re still bouncing as you nod and whimper. It doesn’t actually hurt that much, but you want to be coddled, needy and desperate for his affection. Always so needy and desperate when it comes to him.
He coos. “You’re doing so good for me, just a little longer, I’m almost there. You can do it right?”
You’re not sure when you started crying, but you are. Out of both pleasure and exhaustion. Or maybe you’re crying because he moved his hand away from your clit, but whatever the reason, a tiny little sob slips past your lips, and again you’re nodding frantically, assuring that yes, you can do it.
He settles back farther into the chair, hands coming up to just fondle and hold your bouncing tits. Not helping you at all, making you work so hard to prove yourself to him. His mouth is parting and his eyes are hazy as he watches you make him feel good. “That’s it baby, make me cum… fuck yeah, make me cum-“ His eyes squeeze shut and his back arches off of the chair. The hands on your boobs tighten.
“Please Kookie, please cum inside me, fill me up.” You beg, using the last of your energy to keep up the fast pace. “Show me how good I am, how good I make you feel. Please.” You hiccup, as you cry for him.
He’s nodding along with your words, breathy moans coming out with every breath he takes. His face is pulled in pleasure, and he’s looking at you when his eyes start to flutter and his brows scrunch. He whispers, soft and sexy, “You’re gonna make me cum baby. Just like that… I’m so close-” His body tenses, and his hold on your tits hurts. “Fuck, I’m cumming- fuck, baby,“ His mouth falls open, whines tumble from his lips and he cums. His big cock throbs as he spills inside of you. You can feel every pulse of it, can feel every spurt of cum fill you to the brim.
You reach down and rub at your clit frantically, left to find your own orgasm. Fucking him got you close so you don’t need much, you’ve been on edge all night, really. Underneath you, Jeongguk is panting, trying to catch his breath, body twitching, overstimulated from you grinding on his cock. He’s looking at you in awe as he lazily plays with your tits, still not helping one bit, aside from the occasional brush of his fingers on your nipples. He listens as desperate whimpers fall from your lips, working so hard to cum. But still, it takes not even a few minutes before you’re there, shaking and trembling from your orgasm, pussy contracting and gripping tight on Jeongguk’s sensitive and softening cock, still nestled inside of you. He winces from the hold your pussy has on him, but just grits his teeth and bares it, still watching you with an awestruck look on his face. As you finish, so tight around him, you can feel your cunt push some of his cum out. Jeongguk can feel it drip down his balls to the chair. Messy.
You’re trembling from the force of your climax, and soft teeny hiccuping sobs still escape your lips as you wrap yourself around his body, face buried into his neck to try and quiet your cries. His soft cock is still inside of you, keeping most of his cum from leaking out. He knows you like it when he stays inside, knows it makes you feel closer to him in some way.
Jeongguk is running gentle fingers up and down your back, cooing soft praises to soothe you. “You were so good, such a good girl for me.” He kisses your head. “You don’t have to cry, chicky.”
You sniff a few times, “I’m sorry for being bad,” you whimper.
He smiles, laughs lightly. “Don’t be sorry, you’re okay.” He wipes under your eyes, trying to clean up some of the mascara running down your cheeks. He lets you calm down for a little while longer before he hums. “Want me to help you with your nails?”
You quiet yourself. Sniff. “The kuromi ones?”
You nod, before adding, “Yes, but you have to make sure you actually listen to me and do them right this time, okay?”
He rolls his eyes playfully. You’re nothing if not insufferable and bossy and desperate and so so good for him.
isn’t oc so cute 😔 anyway! i hope you liked it! sorry the ending low key sucks... i never know how to end smut scenes like... just kiss or something? as always, comments, notes, and feedback are so so loved and appreciated, as are asks and messages! i want to be friends !! thank you for reading ily :*
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svenotes · 8 months ago
stay with me | jjk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ maybe staying another night at your boyfriend’s isn’t such a bad idea ❞
[ PAIRING ] : jeon jungkook x reader
[ GENRE ] : established relationship au + smut and a smudge of fluff
[ WORD COUNT ] : 6k
[ WARNINGS ] : oral sex, some real good tongue technology on jungkook’s part, fingering, overstimulation, penetrative sex, creampie, LOTS AND LOTS of dirty talk, jk calls oc ‘baby’ and ‘pretty girl’ way too many times, oc worried that her bf is going to get tired of her, some mentions of anxiety, jk is the sweetest bf and even sweeter at sex, there is barely any plot and just a lot of sex im so sorry 
[ AUTHOR’S NOTE ] : i'm on my period and i got horny and then this happened
Tumblr media
masterlist | wattpad cross post | ao3 cross post
Tumblr media
Jungkook shuffles behind you, the bed moaning. “You don’t even know what I’m going to ask.”
You shake your head, failing to suppress your smile as you slip on your thong. However, it does little to hide you from him. Glancing at the mirror, you see him shamelessly stare at your ass, licking his lips before he meets your gaze through the glass with a boyish grin.
You turn around to face him. “You’re going to ask me to stay.”
Jungkook hums, eyes dancing across your bare skin, darkening. Heat rushes to your cheeks as he admires you, confidence swelling in your chest and you take a moment to admire him. He sits at the edge of the bed, naked and yours, white, silk sheets pooled around his lower abdomen.
Your eyes trace over his rigid muscles, and your fingers itch to touch him. Even under the dim light, he is beautiful with his dishevelled hair and swollen lips. You finally meet his gaze and swear your knees almost give out. Heat pools in your stomach when you see the hunger in his gaze, breath hitching in your throat. Your thighs press together reflexively and it doesn’t go unnoticed by him.
“Wrong.” Jungkook pulls you at you until you're straddling him. He cranes his neck to press butterfly kisses along your jaw. “I was going to ask you to not leave.”
“Baby.” You thread your fingers in his hair, tugging at the strands. “That means the same thing.”
“Don't care,” he hums, pressing a firm kiss against your lips. “Don’t go.”
His plea tugs at the strings of your heart. It’s hard to say deny him. It’s especially hard to deny him with his dick hard, prodding against your thigh and his lips coercing you to stay cocooned under the sheets with him. However, the anxiety that builds in your chest is overwhelming and the thoughts that kept you up the night before still linger.
“Unless you’re telling me you're staying, I don’t want to hear it.”
You giggle, leaning down for a sweet kiss. Minutes pass by before you pull away with a burn in your lungs and clouded mind. He chases after your lips, but you tilt your head for his lips to press against the corner of your lips, to his reluctance.
“Baby,” you start, “I need to go home and get new clothes. I’ve spent the entire weekend here and now I have nothing to wear.”
“I like you naked, anyway.” He grins as you slap his chest, failing to bite back your smile. “You can wear my clothes.”
“I have no underwear left.”
“I have a laundry machine.” He traces every curve of your spine, sending shivers down your back. “You’ll have clean clothes tomorrow.”
You brush the long strands of his hair from of his face. “I could grab some new clothes and come back tomorrow.”
“It’s going to be dark soon,” he reasons, unhooking your bra with two fingers and you cock a brow. “Leave in the morning — after breakfast. Dangerous people come out at night, y’know? I don’t want anything bad happening to you.”
“You would’ve won me over with that one if you didn’t unhook my bra,” you remark, pinning him with a look.
“Really? Wait, lemme redo that—!” You let out a heartfelt laugh, throwing your head back and he grins. “Seriously, don't go. I don’t want you walking outside late at night.”
“The sun’s only about to set, I can get home before it gets too dark.”
Jungkook’s brows pinch together, lips curling downwards. “You’re trying so hard to leave. Why?”
Your heart misses a beat and you pray he doesn’t notice the hesitation in your eyes as anxiety swells in your chest. Your worries flood your mind as a reminder as why you must leave.
“You're going to get sick of me if I don't give you some space.”
“I could never get sick of you,” he retorts, holding you closer with a shake of his head. “And I don't need space from you. Wanna keep you in my arms forever.”
Your gaze softens on him and his cheeks are coloured pink. “Kook.”
“I don’t want you to leave — not tonight.” He presses hot, open-mouthed kisses against the column of your throat. “Want you to stay with me.”
You indulge in the idea; one more night. You could stay one more night. You could. However, the fear in your chest does not allow for it. You’re scared — worried if he spends every waking moment with you he’ll soon get tired of you. Perhaps it’s a stupid thought considering you’ve been dating for over a year now, but the dread still lingers. No matter how much you reason with it, it haunts your thoughts — keeps you awake in the middle of the night even as he rests in your embrace.
He drags you from your reverie, pressing a kiss against the sweet spot under your ear and you let him have his way for now.
“Don’t go,” he says again in a whisper, pleading with his eyes. “Please. I want you to stay.”
Before you can answer he leans down to press his lips against yours. His lips meld with your own in a fervent kiss, his hand trailing down your body and tracing the curve of your ass, as he presses himself against your core. You roll your hips against him as the kiss becomes more sloppy and desperate with every press of him against you. Waves of pleasure shoot down to your core, your pussy clenching around nothing.
“Jungkook,” you moan.
His lips trail down the underside of your jaw, pressing a wet kiss against your pulse. A coil of desire begins to tighten at every nudge of his shaft against your nerves, nails digging into the skin on his back in response.
“Ngh — Jungkook, please,” you urge as presses his hips against yours, applying pressure to your bundle of nerves.
“Please, what, baby,” he hums, smirking against your skin. “Use your words.”
“Touch me. Please, ah,” you moan, throwing your head back against the pillow. “Need you to touch me.”
He throws your unhooked bra to the side. Bringing a hand to wrap around your breast, he squeezes it adoring how soft and pliant you are under his touch. You arch your back as his tongue flicks against your perked nipple.
“Are you sure?” He asks, his warm breath fanning across the pebbled bud on your breast. “Thought you had to go, hm?”
“I won’t stop until I’m satisfied,” he says, hoarse, searching your eyes for an answer. “I won’t let you go until you’re begging me to stop. Do you want that?” He rolls grinds his cock against your core, groaning. “Won't stop ’til I feel your hot, tight pussy milk me for every last drop. Ah, wanna feel you fall apart on my cock, see you all pretty and full of my cum, hear you beg for more and more until you break.”
You gasp at his vulgar words, the hot, white coil tightening in your stomach. You wish so badly for him to be inside of you when you clench around nothing. His lips wrap around your perked nipple, licking and biting you, eliciting the sweetest of moans from your lips as his tongue swirls around your bud.
Your thread your fingers through his hair, pulling at the strands at the nape of his neck how he likes it. He moans against you as you continue to experimentally roll your hips against him, desperate for some friction — for him.
“Do you want that, too, baby?” He asks, leaving a trail of kisses up the valley between your breasts. “Means you can’t go home though. You’ll miss your train if you let me do the things I want.”
“Are you sure you’re not going to get tired of seeing me every day?”
You try to laugh, but your voice comes out strained and full of worry. It doesn't sound like a joke as you hoped, voice shaking as you ask your question. Your heart thunders in your chest and you wonder if he can hear it.
Jungkook stills, his lips brushing against your collarbone. He pulls back to look at you, brows furrowed and eyes full of confusion.
“You think I’m getting tired of you?”
You look away from his piercing gaze and he doesn’t like it. Taking your face in his hands, he urges you to meet his eyes and you find yourself meeting his concerned gaze.
“Talk to me,” he says, softly.
You take a deep breath, eyes flickering to your hands resting against his chest. Mustering the courage to open up, you meet his gaze again as he patiently waits for your response, a thumb rubbing soothingly against the soft skin of your cheek.
“I—I’m scared that you're going to realize I’m not as great as you think I am,” you begin softly, voice shaking. “I’m worried if you spend too much time with me you'll get sick of me. I’m scared you’re going to get tired of me and leave me.” You pause, noticing the bewildered expression on his face. “I wanted to leave so I could give you space in case you wanted it. I didn’t — I don’t want to suffocate you.”
He’s silent for a long moment and you know it’s because he’s collecting his thoughts. However, a part of you still worries. You worry it's because he realizes he has grown tired of your presence. You worry he realizes that you have too much emotional baggage and doesn’t want to deal with it. You worry because you have a hard time accepting someone’s love.
“I haven’t done a good job at being your boyfriend,” he starts and your eyes widen, “if you’re thinking I’m going to get sick of you.”
“No,” you reply immediately, cupping his face. “It's not you. It’s my insecurities — my anxiety. You’re more than perfect. You say and do all the right things, Kook. I just… I’m scared one day you’re going to get tired of me — tired of constantly reassuring me, sick of having me around all the time and clinging to you.”
You’ve talked to Jungkook about it before. He knows about the thoughts that keep you up at night — the worries that gnaw at you until you’re in tears. He knows and he stays. He tries to help you in every way he possibly can. He holds you when you need it, whispers reassuring words, comforts you no matter when or where. He’s there for you in every possible way because he loves you.
But sometimes your anxiety gets the best of you — especially when it comes to him.
“Baby,” he starts and it’s hard to meet his eyes, “I will never get tired of you. I will never get sick of you.”
“You don’t know that—!”
He cuts you off, “But I do. I know because I can’t get enough of you. I don’t think I ever will. Every moment you’re not with me all I want is you. All I can ever think about is you. You drive me crazy and you don’t even know it. All I ever want is you beside me, in my arms, in my house with me. I always want you right beside me — right where you belong.” A pause. “You know I love you, right?”
“I love you, too.” Your response is almost immediate and he smiles, leaning to press a soft kiss against your lips.
“Do you know how much I love your laugh?” You’re silent. “Do you know how much I love making you smile; how much I love waking up beside you and falling asleep with you in my arms. How much I adore your victory dances when you win games and your snoring—!”
“Hey!” You complain, but there’s a smile curling on your lips to match his.
“I love you so much — every single part of you — I couldn’t possibly ever get sick you. I love you so much I don't ever want to let you go.”
Hesitantly, you look at him and let the sincerity of his words sink in. His eyes are full of adoration for you and your heart is enveloped by a sudden warmth only he can elicit in you. Lifting your hand between your bodies and extend your pink finger to him.
He doesn't hesitate to wrap his small finger around yours before sealing the promise with a sweet kiss. “Promise.”
“Okay,” you say, gnawing on your bottom lip. “I wasn’t being too clingy this weekend? I wasn’t bothering you or being annoish—!”
“I’m going to stop you before you say more things I don’t like.” He smothers your face in his hands, eyes narrowed. “Remember, I wanted you here this weekend, too. And I want you to spend another night because I love you and I’m going to miss you when you’re gone.”
“Okay,” you murmur, shyly. “I’ll stay the night.”
“Good. I want my pretty girl beside me,” he chuckles under his breath, tucking a loose curl behind your ear. You notice his eyes grow softer, an emotion you cannot decipher hidden behind the awestruck in his eyes that leaves butterflies in its wake. “Move in with me.”
You blink. “What?”
“I—!" His eyes are wide as if he didn’t expect himself to say the word himself. His eyes flicker downwards before they meet yours again with purpose. “I want you to move in with me.” A deep breath. “My apartments too big for just one person and I miss you whenever you’re gone. You spend more time here than you do at your own place anyway. Move in with me.”
You search eyes and all you're met with is sincerity. “Are you sure?”
“Yea,” his smile is soft but it makes your heart swell. “Yea, I'm sure. I’m tired of waking up every morning and not having you beside me.”
“Moving in?” You ask, uncertainly.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while, but I wasn’t sure if you were ready. And you don’t have to give me an answer tonight or tomorrow. I want you to think about it and if you’re not ready, that’s okay because I’ll wait for you. You’re worth the wait.”
“I already know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, ___.” Your eyes widen at the declaration and his cheeks are coloured pink despite the bright smile on his lips. “I know we’re not there yet, but I want you every single day for the rest of my life. So while I wait for you to be my wife, I want to move in with you.”
Jungkook momentarily stills before he realizes the soft pressure against his lips is your own, smiling into the kiss as he closes his eyes. He kisses you tenderly and sweet, but there is desperation behind them. You’ve kissed Jungkook thousands of times but he still makes your head dizzy as he slips his tongue between the seams of your lips. You’re not sure how long you stay like that, your fingers tangled in his hair and his own pulling you closer towards him.
He pulls back first, a string of saliva connecting you before he places another firm kiss against your lips. “Was that a yes?”
“Yea,” you breathe, grinning. “Yea, it was.”
He flips you onto the bed with practiced ease, your back hitting the mattress as he hovers over you. You giggle as he places butterfly kisses all over your neck and shoulder.
“I love you so much,” he breathes, face hidden in the crook of your neck. “My pretty, pretty girl.”
“I want to cum.”
He laughs, pulling away. “Shameless, too.”
He leaves a trail of kisses down your body until he’s a hair's breadth from your cunt. His fingers brush against your closed slit, arousal leaking through the flimsy material as he presses against your core. Your breathing becomes erratic when he presses a kiss against your clothed lips.
“Baby — fuck.” Your eyes roll back as he drags his tongue to your clit, the friction from the fabric on your nerves driving you crazy. “St-stop, agh, teasing.”
“You’re not in the position to make rules, baby,” he says, rubbing against your clothed clit. “I’m going to take my time with you — have you begging for me to taste your cunt. And when you do, I’ll use my tongue to lick every little drop of sweetness from your pussy. Make you come on my mouth over and over until you’re begging me to stop.”
You whine, “Please.”
He teases you, moving your underwear aside just enough to lick a long stripe from your pussy to your clit. Groaning, he meets your eyes as your underwear slides back in place.
“You taste so good, baby,” he purrs, pressing a kiss against your thigh. “And you're so fucking wet. Bet I could slide right into you.” His fingers are back on you, brushing against your clit but not enough to do anything. “You want me, baby?”
Your arch your back in response to his next ministration. “Yes.”
His touch is gone just like that and you whine, brows furrowed in frustration. He snaps the waistband of your thong against your skin with a smirk.
You’re about to complain, but he cuts you off. “Beg or I’ll fuck myself using that pretty mouth and leave you dry. Tell me, baby, how bad do you want me?”
“Please, baby, I need you.” Your hooded eyes meet his heated gaze. “Need your fingers, mouth, cock — you. I need you so bad. Wanna feel you so bad, please.”
“Could be better,” he muses before he presses a kiss against your clothed core. “But I’m impatient.” He taps your hips. “Up.”
Helping you out of your underwear, he brings his face towards your core, blowing against your opening. His nose brushes against your thigh as he places another kiss against the soft skin, hooking your legs over his shoulder.
“You’re soaking and I’ve barely touched you.”
You hum, contentedly when his tongue brushes against your slit. “All for you.”
“My pretty girl,” he rasps, nose brushing against clit. “So wet and needy for me.”
Before you can complain again you feel his hot, wet tongue press harshly against your lips before he drags it up to your clit. He swirls the rosy muscle on your clit, teasingly until your moaning and breathless. Without warning, his lips envelop around your throbbing bud, sucking in full force you scream his name as your hips buck. Warm hands hold your waist down as he hums, tongue licking against your entrance again. For a moment he dips inside you, moaning at the taste of your sweetness before going back to suck at your clit the way you love it and you see stars behind your lids.
He repeats the motion over and over, swirling his warm tongue around your swollen bud and sucking it in a way that has you forgetting your own name. Against your slick lips, he whispers praises, before he slips two fingers into your warm cavern and curling his fingers inside you.
“O-oh, fuck—!” you gasp, fingers tangled in his hair. “Don — mmngh — don’t stop, ngh.”
“Gotchu,” he grins when he finds your sweet spot. “Does it feel good, baby?”
“S-so good.” Your nails scrape against his scalp and he emits a low groan. “So fucking good, fuck.”
His fingers continue their onslaught at a new pace, brushing roughly against the spot that leaves you breathless. His lips are back on your clit like a hot suction and you scream out from the overwhelming pleasure.
“So fucking tight,” he muses, pressing a kiss against your bud. “Your pretty cunt's taking my fingers so well, baby. You sound so pretty while I fuck you with my fingers, but you sound prettier when you cum, you know that?”
Your head is spinning from euphoria, ecstasy and the lack of oxygen, but it doesn't matter — not when he's bringing you closer and closer to your release.
“Mngh — J-Jungkook!” He sets a new violent pace that leaves you overwhelmed as he hits your sweet spot. His name falling out your lips like a broken record while he licks at your juices, groaning against your cunt when you fist his hair and pull him closer to you. An electrifying coil in your lower abdomen tightens, building further when his ministrations bring you closer and closer to your peak. You clench around his fingers, bucking your hips further into his hand, whimpering as you say, “God, yes — ngh, fuck. I’m so close.”
“Cum for me.”
Euphoric pleasure slowly, yet surely floods through your body, his lips enveloped around your sensitive bud as he curls his fingers against your soft spot. With one last flick of his tongue, you fall off the euphoric cliff as he laps at your juices. He presses harsh, but sure circles against your clit with his thumb as you ride out your orgasm. Your hip spams, thighs trembling as he coaxes you through an indescribable, mind-blowing release that leaves your vision white.
His lips don’t leave your nether regions, wincing at the oversensitivity. You tug at his strands of hair but he shakes his head.
“Not done with you yet,” he whispers, licking the fruits of his efforts once his fingers slip out of your dripping cunt. “Wanna have you crying my name. Wanna show you how much I love you. Will you let me?”
You lift your head from the pillow, leaning on your elbows as you sit up. He holds your stare, smirking before he flattens his tongue and drags it up your slit to your sensitive bud and you shudder. His grip on your thighs tightens to keep you in place before he lowers his head between your thighs, the hot suction back on your clit.
“Agh, Kookie.” You throw your head back, chest heaving. “I’m too—” Gasp. “—sensitive.”
“You can take it.” A kiss against your nether lips. “Wanna show you how much I want you — how much I love the taste of you. I’m not letting you go until you’re begging me to stop. You up for that? Want me to remind you how good I can make you feel?” He dips his tongue back in you and you hiss. “Can you be my pretty, little slut, baby, hm? You wanna make me happy, don’t you?”
You feel him smile against your thigh. “Who does this pretty pussy belong to?”
“That’s right.” A rewarding stroke his tongue. “This pussy belongs to me. You’re mine. This pussy is mine. Will you let me play with this pretty cunt, baby?”
He watches you with hunger in his eyes and the desire to have him use you as he pleases to seek his own pleasure overcomes you.
He brushes his tongue against your swollen nub, and you gasp, “Yes.”
“Pretty girl,” he hums and you’re immediately wrapped around his finger. “Do you want to be my perfect little slut?” You nod, meeting his heated gaze, a wolfish grin curling on his lips. “You're too good to me, you know that, baby?” He teases his tongue around your entrance, eliciting a whine from you. “My pretty girl.” Lips wrap around your clit and you scream, body falling limp against his sheets. “My perfect, little slut.”
And with that his tongue is on you, violently bringing you to another release. You are oxygen and he is a man deprived, burying himself deeper in your cunt. A growl emits from the back of his throat as you thread your fingers through his hair, your winces from oversensitivity shifting to moans of pleasure. He finds home between your thighs, reluctant to leave as he licks at every drop of sweetness you grant him. Jungkook brings you to release over and over until your tears stream down your face and you find it hard to take the pressure of his tongue against your overly-sensitive nerves.
With one last wave of pleasure washing over you, he pulls away. His cheeks are coated with a warm fuchsia, lips parted as he looks at your cunt with a predatory gaze. From his nose to his chin, he is covered in a sheen of your juices, eyes blown out as they meet your own.
He adores your fucked out expression, your chest heaving while you catch your breath. His tongue swipes at the remnants of your release on his swollen lips, the back of his hand wiping the excess off his chin before he leans down to catch you in a short kiss. When he pulls away, his eyes search yours for any sign that you want to stop, but he finds nothing.
“You did so well, baby,” he whispers against your lips. “How are you feeling?”
“You told me you would make me pretty and full of your cum.” His gaze hardens on you, dark eyes trained on your own. “‘M not full of your cum yet. Can you fix that?”
“Such a greedy slut.” A smile grows on his lips as he leans down to your neck, nipping at the skin. “I made you come on my mouth so many times, but you still want more. Greedy, needy slut.”
“For you.” You wrap your legs around his waist as you grind yourself against his dick. “Only for you.”
He groans, hips rolling in rhythm with yours. “You like being my slut?”
“I like being yours.”
He stills for all of a second before he breaks out into a grin, laughing as he presses a kiss against your lips. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
You wrap your arms around his neck and pulls his lips back on yours. As he leans towards you, his shaft presses against your folds. You’re barely able to focus on the kissing as you lose yourself in the overwhelming sensation as he grinds against you, coating his length with your juices.
A knot forms in your lower abdomen like a hot, tight coil wanting to snap. You can already feel yourself get needy at the feeling of his length against your folds, but before you can act upon it—!
“Tsk.” Jungkook clicks his tongue against his teeth as he catches you trying to slip his cock past your folds. “You want my cock?”
“Mhm,” you hum in a daze, eyes lazily meeting his. “Want you inside me.”
“It’s not going to be that easy, baby.” You furrow your eyes at that, mouth opening in protest. “Beg for it. Tell me how badly you want to be fucked by my cock.”
You frown. “That’s not happening—!”
There’s a teasing pressure against your pussy that makes you gasp, eyes rolling back as your mouth hangs open. A soft whimper escapes from you as he adjusts his cock to rub against you, mixing his pre-cum with your juices.
“What was that?” He asks, smirking and you glare at him through your lashes. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be. I can give you everything you want if you just—” he leans down until his lips brush against your ear, his finger grazing over your sensitive clit and you hiss, pushing your hips against his hands for more, “—beg.”
Again, you ignore his request but more so because he aligns his cock to prod against your cunt and you cannot focus on anything but your need to have him buried in you. You can feel the sudden weight in the pit of your stomach as you lick your lips.
“So hungry for my cock,” he grunts. “You want something to fill you up so good you forget your name, don’t you?”
“Yes,” you cry at the lack of attention on your sex. “Please.”
“Please what?” He asks, lips curling because he knows he has you exactly where he wants. “Words.”
“Please fuck me,” you give in, frustrated as your walls clench around nothing. You’re hungry for more — body craving more of what he’s willing to offer; of the undeniable pleasure he would provide if you just gave in. “God, I want your cock — need it. Need you to fill me up, need you to fuck me — nngh!” You moan, body going rigid against his as his head rubs against your swollen bud, fingers tweaking at your perked nipples. “Want you so bad, baby. Wanna be your perfect, little slut so bad. Have me however you want, I don’t care — do whatever you want to me. I don’t fucking care.” You grind yourself against him, chest heaving as the desire for him to fill you up becomes desperate. “Just fuck me, baby, please.”
“That’s my girl.” He rewards you with a kiss. “I’ll fuck you, baby. I’ll fill you up with my cock. Gonna bury my cock deep inside your slick cunt. Gonna stretch out your walls so good no other cock will be good enough for you — no other cock could ever fill you up like mine. No one will fuck you better than me.”
“That’s right, baby,” you urge. “Make me yours.”
Painfully, slow he slips his cock into your warm cunt, groaning. He’s big, in both length and grith, causing a slight burn accompanied by an abundance of pleasure. Moans fill the room as he fills you up to the brim, inch by inch until he no longer can. Your hot, slick walls clench around him and he groans, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck.
“Stop that,” he growls, brows furrowed in concentration. “You’re so fucking tight, ah. If keep you do that I’m going to fucking blow my load.”
“Do your worst, baby,” you say, eyes hazy. “I want you to ruin me.”
He doesn’t need to be told twice, unsheathing himself from your cunt until the tip is nestled an inch within your entrance and then slams himself back into you. A lewd moan erupts from both of you as the stars decorate your vision. You arch your back, pressing your chest against his, eyes rolling back every time he sinks back into you. With each thrust and roll of your hips, he rubs himself against the spot that leaves ecstasy rushing through your veins.
“You’re so, agh, hot like this.” You can feel the pressure build in your stomach, the coil tightening with every brush of him against your sweet spot. “So hungry for my cock.”
“Feel so good in me,” you moan, watching as his dick slips in and out of your cunt. “Fill me up, ah, so good. Fuck, take what’s yours, baby.”
He visibly shudders at that before latching his lips on your perked nipple. His tongue laps around the perked bud on your breast, spare hand coming to knead the other before he swaps breasts.
You groan, dragging your nails down his back, sure to leave a mark. “Oh, fuck.”
Your eyes roll back as the head of his cock brushes roughly against the spot that has you seeing stars. He has your toes curling, his name coming out like a mantra as he ravishes your body, moaning into your neck. A knot of pleasure tightens, burning like a hot coil and he knows with the way you pulse around his dick that you’re so, very close.
You can taste the bits of your orgasm on the tip of your tongue, but it’s still not enough. You need so much more and he hears it in your pleas.
“Puh—please,” you breathe as you feel him press his lips against your pulse. “Hard—oh, my God.” You barely get the words out of your mouth before he’s ploughing into you with a force that knocks the air out of your lungs. “Ngh, like that, fuck. S-so good, baby. Feels so good.”
“Yeah,” he groans, biting your neck. “So good to me, fuck. Such a good fucking girl.” At that, you squeeze around him and he lets out another lewd moan. “You gonna cum?”
All you manage is a nod and a sharp breath of air. His hand slithers down your body to find your clit and he presses against it harshly, eliciting a hiss from you. It’s oversensitive from the multiple times he made you cum on his tongue, but he doesn’t care because he knows you love it. He’s quick to rub circles around the bud and smirks to himself at your vocal response.
“Don’t — ah — stop.” You feel the coil burn more, pleasure building in your body like rapid fire. So fucking close to your next release, even as the sensitive bud stings. “Gonna — ah — gonna cum.”
His lips are eager for yours, pressing against them in a searing, hot kiss as he tries to coax the orgasm from you with his sinful lips. You can taste yourself on him and hum. His release threatens to unravel before him, but he fights against it so he can feel you wrap around his cock when you cum. He lifts himself off you to admire the blissful look on your face as you slowly become undone before him.
“Pretty girl — ngh,” he whispers, hot breath fanning over your cheeks and you whimper. “All mine. Come — ah — for me, hm? Come all over my cock, baby.”
Sweat drips down both your bodies, your walls clenching around him as he fucks you hard. Every thrust leaves his head nudging against your sweet spot, clouding your vision white. A fire builds within you again, leaving you to gasp for air between every moan.
“Kook, I — ah, I can’t come—” Moan. “I can’t come again.”
Softly rubbing against your clit, he presses a chaste kiss on your lips. “You can take it. You’ve been such a good slut for me, tonight, baby. You can do it. Come around my cock for me.”
And with his words and one last thrust, the burning coil snaps, pleasure rushing through your body in euphoric waves. Your veins flood with ecstasy and he soon follows, his seed coating your walls. Overwhelming pleasure unravels within you both like a wildfire, spreading across your bodies as he continues his pace to ride out your highs. His lips find yours once again, pressing a lazy kiss against yours as you both ride out the last remnants of your orgasms.
Once he’s caught his breath, he slowly slips out of you, lifting himself to admire the way his seed spills out of your pretty cunt. You feel his cum spill out your cunt, down your thighs and onto the sheets beneath you.
“Such a pretty cunt,” he says aloud and your lips curl into a tired smile. “So dirty and full of my cum.”
He leaves the bed, heading towards the washroom to grab a warm cloth and you lay there, tired. Exhaustion seeps itself into your bones, lids heavy as they flutter shut. You don’t hear Jungkook return, but rather feel him when a warm cloth brushes against your swollen pussy, cleaning you up. He’s swift to clean you up the best he could before attending to himself and putting the rag away. Maneuvering over you, he brings the blanket over your bodies, nudging you to lay beside him.
“You were so good, baby,” he whispers as he pulls you closer towards him. “Always so good for me.”
He chuckles. “Are you tired?”
“Yea.” You nuzzle against his chest finding comfort in listening to his heartbeat. “I honestly could’ve knocked out after that first orgasm.”
He laughs, pressing a sweet kiss against your forehead. “Sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.”
“We do?” You furrow your brows. “Why? What’s tomorrow?”
“I’m gonna help you pack your boxes so you can move in by the end of the week.” You laugh along with him, throwing a leg over his own as you get comfortable. “Are you sure? You really ready to move in?”
Unable to hide your smile, you press a chaste kiss to his chest. “Yea, I’m sure.”
"You’ll be stuck with me for a long time,” he hums, exhaustion washing over him. “I won’t be letting you go for a while.”
"You better not.” Your smile quickly turns to a frown when you finally notice. “Jungkook?”
“I'm hungry.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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soft4gguk · a month ago
to build a home | chapter six
Tumblr media
pairing: Jungkook x reader. ceo!jk + dilf!jk x nanny!oc
genre: strangers to lovers. angst. loads of plot. fluff. smut.
word count: 10.7k (lol)
warnings: swearing. straddling. dry humping. fingering. handjob. jungkook big cock. cum – loads of cum. moment of silence bc i didn't write angst once in the warnings.
author’s note: well, surprise! what did I tell y’all about the countryside huh. It does things to me. I love this chapter. I don’t want to give much away but… it’s so soft. and then no it’s not!!! it’s hella hard 🤠. I’m sending a million kisses your way. thank u for all the love always – it means the world!!!! xxxx <3
p.s. happy three weeks of tbah. thank u for being here.
This is a work of fiction. Please respect the members and their privacy. x
Texts in bold + italic resemble a recollection of past events.
Chapter Six
In all your years as designated romantic of your generation you’ve come to pick up on patterns that best describe the feeling of falling in love. Now, you’ve grown close. You’ve fallen, never quite landing in love but you’ve fallen enough to have lived through a couple of said patterns yourself.
Free-falling, now… that’s a different thing.
Songs and poems – black and white movies. They all do a beautiful job at portraying something you always found a bit silly, as much of a romantic as you are. They fixate on this idea that the world seems rosier when you’re falling in love – that you see things in a different light. Take in the world in a different way. That one day you feel love and the next you wake up and your commute to work is brighter; friendly faces and fresh flowers everywhere. They make us believe that love is the door that opens our eyes to the wonders of the world. And as unbelievable as it seems… you can’t deny it.
You see it.
You feel it.
You lay in the grass after a Sunday stroll with Lucy that ended up turning into a picnic. She’s singing along to some love song, swaying her head from side to side as she hums – something about the world ending and no other way that I can spend it. You’re about to full on judge her for playing Justin Bieber but an absentminded smile tugs at her lips and the sight alone is sweet – not to mention the fact that you know exactly which smile put that one on her face.
You smile, too.
You’re not too far off. You look up at the sky again. So far, you’ve made up five shapes in the sea of endless clouds above you. The very abstract outline of a strawberry. A dove – yeah, it’s missing a wing but it’s a dove alright. Two blurry faces leaning against one another, one a bit taller than the other. A croissant. And last but not least, an angel. It’s still up there – face formed by faint specks of white cloud, a perfect halo on top and big wings at his sides.
You try to look for your strawberry, only the shape now resembles a liver more than anything. You wince – it’s love.
You feel it in every song, in the cup of coffee you had this morning. In the yellow dress you’re wearing – the same one you wore the first day you met him. You smile, having had no idea of just what you were getting yourself into back then. Remembering just how much of a mistake it all felt like when you sat there, opposite him, as he teared apart at your every ounce of confidence. He was right – mistakes can be…
“What’s all the grinning for?” Lucy’s voice breaks you out of your pensive state.
The best thing to ever happen to you.
“Him.” you reply, simply. “You?” you roll over to your side to face her, head resting against your arm.
“My him.” She giggles. “What exactly, though? Still digesting yesterday?”
You shake your head. “No. Or yes. I don’t know. Maybe…”
“It’s good, ___. I think what he did was very brave.” She says.
You nod your head, that soft smile back where he left it. “Me too. I don’t think I’m over thinking it. It’s just that…”
“You can’t stop thinking about it.” Her grin is mischievous, knowing.
You roll back, the grass feels cooling against your arms. “Yeah,” you sigh, a bit more dreamily than intended.
The silence is comfortable and you welcome it as you both lean against the tall book shelf in your impromptu seating position on the floor. You stretch your legs in front of you, fumbling a bit with the rings on your fingers and he taps his feet repeatedly in a slow motion – eyes fixated on them.
“So… good mistake or bad mistake?” You say, breaking the ice that feels everything but cold.
Jungkook smiles to himself. No trace of a mistake roaming around in his mind. Just you and your lips against his.
“Good. Just good.”
“Good.” You bite your lip, unsuccessfully holding back a smile. “What now?”
Jungkook waits for the nerves to hit – the regret. But it doesn’t come.
“I guess… I mean, fuck. There are so many things that I still have to… heal from, or whatever my therapist says. I don’t- I would never want to lay that on you, though.”
You nod, taking his words in. A bit surprised at his sudden ability to communicate.
He grabs your hand in his, squeezing it lightly. “But… you. I don’t want to run from you anymore.”
You turn to him, giving him a tender smile. “I don’t want you to run from me either. We can take it slow… there’s no rush. I want to know you- really know you. At whatever pace you set.”
“I want to know you, too.” You shy at his words, gaze looking down at where your hands entwine. “We can… ease into it. I mean, I still have to get over the fact I’m five years your senior.”
You try with all your might but you break, snorting at his words, trying to keep your laughter at a library-friendly volume.
“What’s so funny?” He asks, voice serious but a grin forming at his lips, too.
“Sorry, sorry. That is- preposterous, sir.” You tease, “only add like… fifteen years to that and you could be my father.” You feign shock.
His hand comes up to your face, covering your mouth with his hand as he tries to control his own laughter. “Please don’t say that.”
You laugh. “Sorry, sorry.” He can feel you pouting against his palm. “Jungkook,”
“I- I can’t wait. To know you, I mean.”
His fingers lace around yours once again, a soft, genuine smile when he says, “Neither can I.”
The aroma of fresh coffee fills the air and complemented with the bright sunlight coming through the big window it adds to the overall heavenly atmosphere the morning holds. It’s a Monday and you’ve never felt keener to get out of bed and kickstart the week.
And yes, your commute to work was brighter and filled with friendly faces. Fresh flowers, too. In fact, they sit on top of the kitchen counter – three pretty sunflowers, tall and proud. You always did think the sleek, white space was in need of some oomph – key word for: love. So, you took the liberty. Mrs. Chae held them as if they were a newborn baby, excitedly placing them in a vase with some fresh water.
In front of you, is your breakfast masterpiece – a bright smoothie bowl for Soori who has taken on a passion for, well, all sorts of fruits. You place the neatly cut wedges on top, adding some granola to it. And Cheerio’s. A bit of an odd combination, yes, but the kid loves her Cheerio’s. You cut the strawberries into a heart shape, just like Lucy taught you that one time you were helping her garnish a fruit tart. Everything is more interesting for Soori if it takes on a fun shape and you easily comply – testing your creativity to make life just that more fun for her.
Right on queue with your train of thought, you hear her distant baby babble that grows louder and louder the closer she gets to the kitchen. Your gaze snaps to the direction of the entrance, excited to see her.
Jungkook comes into view – body slightly bent over and waddling a bit before his own gaze comes up, eyes landing on yours as he gives you a warm smile. You return it, frowning slightly when you realize there’s no Soori in his arms, even though you can hear her. He giggles softly, looking down, a proud look to his face. You round the kitchen counter, hands coming to cover your mouth when you see her. Her tiny fists hold onto Jungkook’s middle and index fingers, her short little legs moving rapidly in-between jumps and steps. She’s wearing pink Carhartt overalls with a white baby tee underneath. The tiniest pair of Chuck Taylor’s you’ve ever seen on her speedy feet.
“Oh my Goodness! Look at you, Soo.” You fall to your knees and she shrieks once you come into eyesight, walking towards you excitedly with the help of her dad who still holds her by her tiny hands. Once she’s in your arms, he lets go. You hold her to you, wrapping her in a hug, kissing her chubby cheeks. “That was so good, princess. You did so good!” You coo and she giggles, open mouth returning your kisses – a sloppy slobber all over your face but you don’t care.
“Pretty cool, huh?” Jungkook says, looking down at the two of you, his heartbeat picking pace slightly at the sight. “Yesterday she stood all by herself for 3.7 seconds.”
“What? No way, Soo.” Your baby voice is on and she jumps in your arms. You pull her closer to you. “That’s amazing, bub. You’re going so fast. Too fast,” you pout, surprised by how much you’ve seen her grow in such a small amount of time.
Soori’s hands come to rest at either side of your face – Jungkook thinks about how much it resembles the way he holds her before he showers her with kisses. She’s starting to mimic everything he does and when she leans her face forward and leaves another set of open mouth kisses against your nose his chest flutters – a feeling he can’t quite explain. All he knows is that it feels so light. So right.
“Good morning,” he says finally as you get up from your kneeling position on the floor, Soori in your arms as you place her on the crook of your hip.
“Morning,” you return, a smile forming at your lips at the sight of his. You let yourself get lost in his face, because you can. He looks so ethereal in the mornings. You notice he’s not wearing his usual dress shirt and slacks, having opted for a much more casual look in blue jeans and a flowy blue shirt, the first three buttons tentatively open, exposing his tan skin. “Is it spirit day at the office?”
He scoffs at your teasing, playfully rolling his eyes. “No. Not going to the office today, actually. Well- technically I am. I have to go oversee some renovations at the hotel.”
“It’s in a location by the river. My parents are actually there at the moment. Staycation and whatnot. So, I’m bringing Soori with. And you.”
Jungkook sees Mrs. Chae’s eyes widen at his words – specially the last ones. He walked right into that one though, he’ll admit that much. He clears his throat before he adds, “as in, you know- Soori. For Soori. If you don’t mind.”
You chuckle slightly, biting at your tongue. “Of course. Let’s fill her tummy and we can go.”
He nods, not missing the glint in your eyes and your playful smile before you turn around.
You’re wearing a pretty white dress, the fabric hugging your waist perfectly before flowing at the bottom. Just like Soori, you’re wearing a pair of white Converse. He walks himself right into that dreamy thought, too. Only this one he did purposely.
It’s going to be a long day.
And for the first time in a long time, he looks forward to it.
Jungkook and you divide the task of getting Soori strapped into her car seat – you keep her distracted by letting her fidget with your fingers and he works the harness around her chest and tummy, pulling on it until he’s sure she’s safely tucked in.
“Hey, you’re so good, baby.” He coos at her, pride swelling in his chest at her mellow behaviour. She smiles, holding at his finger and pulling him closer. She has a tight grip on yours too.
Jungkook smacks his lips against Soori’s cheeks, earning himself a giddy giggle from her. She scrunches her little nose when he kisses down her neck, tickling her. She tries to push him away, never once letting go of her hold on your fingers, bringing your hand to Jungkook’s face as her loud snickers fill the car. They’re contagious and soon enough, the three of you are laughing.
“Does Soori have tickles?” You ask her, free hand coming to poke at her sides as she jumps and screeches at the feeling.
“She’s so ticklish.” He says, coming up for air for about a second before he dives right back in, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck. She kicks and screams, full-on cackling now and you can tell that it’s not gonna be too long until she gets fed up. Her hand comes up to either side of Jungkook’s head and you tug at his hair slightly. “Hey, hey. That’s enough. She’s going to run out of smiles and then what do we do.”
Jungkook laughs, heart wrenching at your sweet voice that you reserve just for her – liking how you use it on him, too. “Never,” he says, landing one final kiss on top of her head before he straightens his body. You settle into the seat next to Soori and he frowns, saying, “what are you doing?”
“What do you mean,” you return, confusion in your words.
He bites back a chuckle, a grin adorning his face. “Come sit at the front with me.” It’s more a statement than it is a question and he sees you hesitate, eyes zeroing down on Soori’s hand around your fingers and then back to him. “She’ll be fine, come on.”
You hesitate for yet another second before you’re exiting the backseat of his sleek car, making your way to the passenger’s seat. You both get in at the same time and you watch as he gets comfortable, starting the engine and maneuvering the steering wheel as his free hand flies behind your headrest, body twisting slightly as you exit the parking space. Soori whines in the backseat, something awfully close to Da before she breaks out in unintelligible babble. When he glances at her she’s looking at you, small face scrunched up in disappointment.
“Hey, you. We can share, okay? Let daddy have her for a minute?” Soori diverts her eyes, gaze already focused on whatever is going on outside the window, bringing her pacifier back to her mouth and suckling on it.
You giggle. “She’s growing at speed lighting. She’s full on trying to talk now. And walk!”
“I know. We already made a made a pact though – she’s not allowed to do either when I’m away at work.”
“I imagined she agreed to it right away?” You tease.
“Of course. She’s loyal like that.” He looks in the rear-view mirror, smiles when he sees her eyes on him. He turns to you, “how are you feeling?”
“Good. Very good.” You say, a bit sheepishly. “You?”
“Me too,” a lopsided grin forms on his lips and the sight has you weak at the knees.
“Did Taehyung pick up on it?”
He turns to you for a second, a look on his face that says what do you think. “Did Lucy pick up on it?”
“Touché,” you say, “is that… bad?”
“No. They might tease me a bit but they wouldn’t do anything to make me feel uncomfortable before I’m ready to talk about it. Taehyung and Jimin, though… they just have a sixth sense for that stuff. So, it’s hard to keep it a secret.”
“So, we’re a secret?”
He looks at you briefly, an apologetic look to his face. “Does that bother you?”
You smile, reaching for his hand that rests on his thigh. “No. I think it’s the smartest thing to do. At least until we… figure us out, I guess. I am your nanny after all.”
“Nope. You’re her nanny,” he says, motioning to Soori. “You two can talk business later.”
You laugh, playfully swatting his leg. Before you can move away, he’s locking your hands in his hold – intwining your fingers together. It’s all so overwhelmingly good. The lightness to his mood, the witty jokes, that relaxed expression taking over his face. His hand on yours – finally. You missed it, the feel of his skin. The butterflies it sends to your tummy, the warmth it radiates. You could give up on a steady heart rate any day if it meant experiencing the euphoric feeling of having him close.
“Jokes aside,” he starts, “I wouldn’t want her to… lose you.” His face falls, so evidently that you don’t miss it. You can feel it – the way his head is being swarmed by intrusive thoughts right now. Full of bad news. Uncertainty. Fear.
You squeeze his hand. “I know we have a long way to go of… figuring things out. But she’s important to me, too, and I wouldn’t jeopardize that either. I wouldn’t take that leap if I… if I wasn’t sure. About you. About wanting to try. And getting to know you.”
He only nods. His silence makes you feel uneasy, like maybe you pushed too far, said something that would put him in a compromising position. You know his walls are high and even though the full story is still unknown to you, the pieces you do have form a painful puzzle.
So, you don’t say anything – giving him enough space to process things in his own time. Understanding that trust is a tricky thing when broken. Like a mirror, it reflects on everything that stands its way – morphing our own truths, making us feel unbelieving, undeserving.
And as much as you want to pour all the love that brews inside of you onto him at once – to have him know he’s got you; you figure the best thing you can do is to not aid that reflection further by imposing your own fears onto it. Fear doesn’t cancel out fear but understanding does.
Understanding, you conclude, can sometimes be stronger than love.
Growing up, you were always in a constant state of praise. From your teachers, your parents – hell, even your friends. There was something so captivating to the people around you about how collected you were, how dedicated and applied. Back then, of course, your world was smaller and your priorities didn’t go as far as making sure you excelled in school, volunteered at your local church to put a smile on your mom’s face and be someone your small group of friends could rely on.
So, needless to say, self-control was easy. You used to believe promiscuity was simply a side effect of hormonal angst and not having enough to do. Thankfully, you were exempted. Not from the hormonal angst, no. In fact, sex was always something you felt drawn to in literature and art. But as for not having enough to do, that just wasn’t your case.
And even when a lot of these beliefs went away along with your naivety you still remained somewhat good at keeping desire cool, calm and collected.
But you’re only human.
And only so strong.
You feel like the universe is playing a silly little number on you now – making you pay for whatever twisted wave of superiority you rode as a teenager. It was probably induced by spending too much time volunteering at the church and cringing at the descriptive way in which your heart and road to heaven would be corrupted by having pre-marital sex, courtesy of the nun that taught your bible study group.
Your body shudders, cringing at the memory alone.
Your eyes divert to said silly little number – sporting that perfectly fashionable baby carrier of his, a sleeping Soori flushed to his chest, as he talks business. And you’re speaking business. Casually blurting out numbers that don’t make mathematical sense to you because how does money even work? Correction: how does money even work like that?
He walks alongside the architect as they review plans, numbers, paperwork, strategy – you name it, Jungkook seems to have the lead on everything. It takes you by surprise when he takes a hold of the pencil and tweaks at the paper plan, adding to the perfect drawing of what will be the new rest & relaxation space. In simpler words, a spa. With all the luxury amenities, in perfect tune with the whole essence of the hotel.
The hotel alone surprises you, not having expected the paradisical feel to it. It felt like a small oasis, only twenty minutes away from the city, surrounded by so much green and crisp, fresh air. You’d passed by The West End multiple times, the one in the city, that is. A tall, glass building that spewed modernity and money just by being in its close vicinity. This West End though, as luxurious and modern as it was, had a more relaxed feel to it.
Jungkook seems to be exceptionally involved with this one, that usual passion he carries about his business soaring just a tad higher. To you, it feels like this one in particular hits close to home and you wonder why. He gets visibly excited when the architect retrieves his iPad, showing him a colourful digital visual of what’s to be the final outcome. Soori fidgets slightly in the carrier and he puts a hand to her face, caressing gently in a soothing manner, making sure his voice goes back to its normal pitch. She’s full-on teething now and her discomfort is painful to watch, especially for Jungkook. So, when nap time came and she wanted nothing more than to be held by her father it came as a no-brainer to him – always taking advantage of whatever time he can have with her during the week.
And this right here is just why you think the universe is playing games with you. Torturous, evil games. Because no, that goody-two-shoes behaviour didn’t last a month in university. You, of course, not only matured and fell victim to the freshman fifteen but also navigated through your sexual awakening in a, needless to say, healthy manner.
But Jeon Jungkook is hormonal angst mixed with three out of the seven deadly sins and you have no desire to repent.
If the pull that draws you to him was only physical then you’d make do. Brave it like a good girl and impose that self-control that carried you through your innocence. But the tension that builds in your body for him happens to go slightly beyond just the physical.
It’s his mind, too. That big brain of his, oozing intellect left and right – how effortlessly it comes to him to lead, persuade and gain people’s trust. How everyone that works for him respects him for all the good reasons, as opposed to fear. How he puts his all in whatever it is he does, perfecting it until his interest wears off and then he moves on onto the next big thing – never ceasing his ability to learn and grasp new concepts. You think his mind is exceptional and that just makes him all the hotter.
His humour and light-hearted ways are one hell of a magnet as well. The witty banter and sharp comebacks, funny without ever being mean. The way no matter what his titles are, to his friends he will forever be the youngest one – their Ggukie. And how he lets them, basking on it, welcoming the love and letting himself be babied. You like the way he can’t help but get giddy when something really cool catches his eye – how even though he’s seen a lot, he never acts like he’s seen it all, letting himself still be surprised by the world around him.
And last but not least – how good of a dad he is. How out of all his titles and duties, that one seemed to be the one he carries with the most pride.
“So, what now, darling?” Your dad said.
You’d barely had enough time to remove your cap and gown, finding a comfortable position in the booth at the diner.
“Well,” you hesitate for a moment, trying to find the right words. “I quit my job at the bar.”
“Oh, honey. That is great news. That was no place for a young lady,” your mother adds, relief filling her face. You appreciate her concern.
“That is good, ___. It was only holding you back. What other offers do you have lined up?” Your father presses, curious and, frankly speaking, gullible.
“Well, dad- it’s not that easy.”
“Of course it’s not! Finding a job is a job of its own, ___. When I was your age I walked the streets tirelessly, paper in hand, circling every single option, talking to anyone that was willing to listen about my qualifications-”
“Dad.” He finally stops, looking at you, “I think that’s very admirable but, in this day and age we use Linkdn and no one is really willing to listen. You think you know rejection until a faceless HR worker ghosts you.”
“I understood two things from what you just told me but, nonetheless, darling, the value of good, honest work never goes unappreciated.”
You contemplate his words for a second. “I was thinking about volunteering at the library… we just passed it actually. It’s a book club for little kids.”
Your mom beams at your words, always one to encourage any sort of helping hand. Your dad, on the other hand, looks a bit crestfallen at the thought.
“You know, honey,” your mom takes it upon herself to break the heavy silence that falls around the table, “when you were a little girl you loved playing with dolls. You’d dress them in your old baby clothes and even made me get you real diapers for them! You went on to become a scholar, a bright young woman but… I always did think that you’d come into this world to be a mother.”
You know she doesn’t mean for her words to hit you in the gut like a clean punch but they do. Not because you didn’t share said dream but because you didn’t believe it was your only one. You didn’t think you’d have to sacrifice your talent and brains to be the very first thing you wanted to be when the world was four walls and an endless array of dolls: a mom.
“You’re a good dad.” You tell him, when it’s just the two of you and Soori, who has just begun to stir awake, once again.
He looks at you, surprised by how flustered your words find him. “Thank you. I try…” he replies, voice laced with honesty as he lets out a sigh.
“And a good hotel owner… person.”
He laughs at this, head falling back on his shoulders. “Thank you. Where is this coming from?”
“I don’t know,” your gaze lands on the tall trees as you walk a narrow walkway back to the main lobby. You wish you could hold his hand. “I like seeing you… in action.”
“Yeah?” You only nod and he doesn’t miss the faint rosy tint that creeps up on your cheeks. “I thought you’d find it boring.”
“There is very little in this world I find actually boring.”
“I like that about you.”
God there it is. The gentleness of his soul. The butterflies that set flight once again, having never truly left.
You let yourself stare at him, a liberty that makes the sight of him all that more enticing. He stares back, a desire tugging in his chest to either tell you just how much he likes not just that about you but also the way you always speak your mind and hold his gaze so intensely he can sometimes even read it. Or just kiss you. His mind holds the debate, eyes traveling to your lips as he surrenders into the temptation. He’s just about to lean in when a higher force settles it for him.
“Darling!” You both turn around, slightly shaken as you’re met with the sight of none other than his mother.
“Hey, mom. How are you?” He says, walking towards her.
“I’m good, I’m good. Let me see her!” She’s excited and that’s all Soori needs to fall into her arms as soon as she’s freed from the coziness of the baby carrier and Jungkook’s chest. “Oh, look at those teeth. She looks just like you. Well, she’s prettier- no offense, honey.”
“Non-taken and agreed.”
“___, it’s good to see you again.”
“You too, Mrs. Jeon. I like your hat.” Jungkook can’t help the smirk that tugs at his lips as his mother is taken aback by your compliment. His hand flies to his mouth to cover the impending chuckles that threaten to come out of it.
“Thank you.” She replies, her voice slightly confused but he can tell she’s flattered by the look on her face. “Your father’s at the restaurant waiting. Your meeting took too long, darling. You know he doesn’t like to wait. Let’s join him, shall we?”
She doesn’t necessarily wait for a reply from either of you, promptly turning around and heading to the direction of the restaurant. Soori’s in her arms and from a distance you can see how her eyes widen as her grandma speaks to her as she would a friend. ‘It is almost your birthday. I have no idea what to get you! What are you into these days? I hope you didn’t inherit that god-awful habit your father had back in the day of putting everything in his mouth. It turned just about everything into a choking hazard. What’s your favourite colour? Why don’t I ever see you in a dress…’
You can’t help but snort, a closed-lipped smile locking in your laughter.
“She’s in for a real treat when she finds out she was in tears the other day because I had to turn the Animal Planet off because all of a sudden the screen panned out to a lion absolutely devouring an emu.”
You break, full-on laughing now at the sole imagery of a nonchalant Soori and a frenzied Jungkook fumbling with the buttons of his high-tech remote control.
“Or when she finds out she can’t wear dresses because she likes to show everyone and their mothers her belly button.” You add.
“If I kept them on their toes just imagine her.”
You both remain in a peaceful silence for about a second as your laughter dies down.
“Hm, well… it’s all a karmic cycle so be prepared.” You muse, humming as he frowns.
“Nope. I’m prepared, you see? I at least know the god-awful habit is all babies. Not just me.”
You turn around, walking backwards as you face him. “Nope. I wasn’t talking about baby Jungkook.”
“Ha. Well, I stand my case. I also happen to be prepared. I have a bullshit radar for rebellious teens.”
“Takes one to know one.”
He narrows his eyes at you. “I was an angel.”
“I find that hard to believe.”
“Why is that?”
“Because you look too much like one.”
“That’s just a bonus,” he flirts, picking his pace so he can get closer to you.
You click your tongue, biting your lip before you say,
“No. that’s just deceiving.”
Lunch is a smooth affair. Jungkook is merely an observer as his mother entertains Soori with random lady-who-brunches talk and his dad picks an interest in dissecting your literature degree. At first, it’s a bit patronizing and Jungkook visibly tenses next to you – it almost feels as if he was introducing you to them in the very same sense you’re both very well exploring. But his father, with a deep-rooted love for the classics, caves – engaging in quite the conversation. He doesn’t quite recognize the majority of the names you both throw back and forth but he looks at you in total awe. You talk about things with such passion and excitement. With love. And it is then that the thought haunts him:
You are love personified.
Jungkook doesn’t know just what that means. Or why his heart and brain ganged up on him and put the thought in his mind – engraving it. But it makes sense to him. You have a softness about you, a lightness that you carry that sheds light into the darkest of spaces, breaking down the tallest of walls. The hardest of men, i.e., his very own father.
Now, his parents might fall into most of the stereotype that characterize the filthy rich but, being assholes for no reason is not one of them. So, they welcome you and Jungkook can tell it surprises you. He also knows that a big part of their approach is due to the fact that they can so clearly see how fond Soori is of you and that is the one thing they’ve weakened for in all of Jungkook’s twenty-eight years on this earth. They have a weakness for her he doesn’t even think they had for him and he thinks it’s only normal, especially considering the circumstances. In fact, he’s grateful for it.
You all say your goodbyes, his mother pressing a kiss to Soori’s forehead before she lets her know, ‘table manners will be discussed with urgency during our next meeting’. She just giggles, grabbing a fist-full of her hair and tugging playfully, making her yelp. Jungkook feigns a stern front, attempting to tell her off but in reality, he just finds it hilarious.
Once they’re out of eyesight you turn to him, eyebrows raising in amusement.
“So, Mr. Jeon’s a romantic.” You state, making him wince in surprise.
“Sorry, come again?”
“Come on. Barret, Neruda, Keats… Baudelaire. The greatest poets of our time. All moved by a little thing called love.”
Jungkook doesn’t know enough to agree but coming from you he doesn’t doubt it. He doesn’t doubt you’re so well-read in something you carry so well. Love.
“I’ve heard my dad’s name followed by many adjectives but romantic is a first.”
“Are you one, too?”
“A romantic.”
He hums. “Elaborate.”
“What is there to elaborate in?” You laugh, taking Soori in your arms when she decides to perform her free-fall from her father to you. It’s a good thing you’re both well-trained, always ready to catch her.
“Well,” he gets nervous, your effect on him makes his brain malfunction at times. “It’s a broad term, isn’t it?”
“Mm, depends. How do you see it? Do you see it as love or do you see it as love?” Your voice lilts at the end and he can’t help but laugh at it, half amused and half endeared.
“I don’t know,” but whatever he sees you at, that’s the closest. “But I have my set of beliefs.”
“Ah. So you are.”
He rolls his eyes but you don’t miss his smile. He can’t deny you, really. Because as much as love failed him, he can’t help but see it. He sees it in his parents, in their odd little ways of showing it. In his friends, in how he’s seen even the most untameable of characters be swooped off of their feet and straightened in one swift movement – all because of love. Love walked out on Jungkook but it left him the thing he loves the most. And the one person that he knows will always love him. She has four set of teeth and looks dangerously close to another free-fall as she smiles at him.
And he sees it in you. In the way you take on the world. In the way you speak and read your books and write in that beat up journal. In the way you sing to Soori who will most likely know the entirety of Elton John’s discography by the time she’s two.
Love feels so scary to Jungkook right now – it threatens to break him, even. But he’s not blind to it.
“Come on, I want to show you something before we go.”
“What is it with you and non-traditional means of transportation?”
The three of you stand at the end of the dock that sways softly to the beat of the current of the river. A long and sleek speedboat right in front of you. It’s beautiful – dark wood exteriors with black and white detailing, a royal blue flag with The West End insignia on it. You all but gawk as Jungkook jumps in, unconsciously taking a step back with Soori in your arms.
“You know, for someone who’s so easily entertained you sure are hard to impress.” He says as he digs through one of the compartments beneath the seats, retrieving a small, pink life-jacket, presumably Soori’s.
“What about this screams easy?” You sneer, making him let out a loud chuckle.
“Pass her over,” he tells you, hands stretching out towards Soori who jumps excitedly in your hold. You hesitate for a second, frowning at him. “Oh, don’t worry. She loves this thing. Look I even-,” he points to the tail of the boat and you see it. Soori Blue – her name engraved in dainty, cursive letters.
“Did you consent to this?” You ask her. She returns your question with a giggle.
You pass her to him and he puts the life-jacket around her, adjusting tightly as she distracts herself with her trusted giraffe. Once he’s done, he stretches his arm out for you. You don’t take it right away.
“Come on, ___. It’ll be fun.” He presses.
“No speeding, just boating, okay?”
“Don’t worry. it’s just boating when baby’s in. We can do the speeding another day.” He winks and you know nothing about his sentence was sexual but the action sends a flutter to your lower stomach.
You get in, taking Soori from him and settling in one of the plush seats as you wrap your arms around her, holding her tight. Just like flying, she takes on this activity like a champ, squirming excitedly when Jungkook gets behind the wheel and sets sail, no destination in particular, just leisurely roaming about the waters.
You can’t quite deny it – it’s soothing. The breeze is nice and relaxing and he sets a steady, relaxing pace. You glance towards him, eyes focused on the waters ahead and hands effortlessly manoeuvering the wheel. The wind dishevels his hair but it’s one hell of a sight as the strands fly freely around his face. He eventually tugs his front bangs behind his ears, making him look ten times dreamier.
He catches you staring. You look so beautiful. Hair dancing in the wind, your hand pressing down on Soori’s silky strands so they don’t fly off. Your white, flowy dress falls victim, too, as it pulls up your legs, exposing your tan skin to him. Soori’s fingers point to nowhere in particular and you pull her to you, kissing her cheeks before you nod and say, ‘water!’. His brain short-circuits at the impact the exchange has on him – on how tender you are with her. Jungkook has always loved to see the world through Soori’s eyes and always dreaded the day she’d outgrow that wonder. But in you he realizes that doesn’t have to necessarily be the case. He thinks that if you stuck around for long enough, she might never outgrow it – just adapt it. Just like you.
He brings the engine to a stop once the boat is far enough for the hotel to be a tiny speck in the distance.
“Hey, Jungkook,” you call out to him, “I’m impressed!”
Your smile widens as he walks closer to you, coming to a seat beside you.
“You like my speedboat?” He teases.
“I like your boat.”
You’re both laughing now, so loud even Soori joins in.
“Is it cliché to say that I like to come here to think?”
“No. I get it. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first place to cross my mind but… I see why it is yours.”
“You can’t escape them here. Your thoughts.”
You turn to him. “Do you escape them often?”
“I guess. Sometimes…”
“We all have thoughts that we want to escape, I reckon.”
“Do you have them?”
“Why wouldn’t I,” you ask.
“I don’t know. You strike me as brave. Like you would run straight towards them.”
“Brave? Me?” Your voice is shocked.
“Yeah,” his eyes meet yours. “You.”
“I’ve never been called brave in my life.”
He scoffs light-heartedly. “It was the first thing I saw in you. Really saw, I mean. When you sat there and put me in my place after I nagged at you during the interview. Nobody had ever sat my ass down so poetically, by the way.”
“You deserved that.”
“I deserved worst.”
“No, you didn’t.”
Your eyes are gentle and sincere and Jungkook melts at your words. At all of you.
“___,” he pauses, contemplating something you can’t read.
“I haven’t felt sure of much in… a long time. Other than Soori and a handful of useless things, nothing holds much certainty in my life.” Your gaze deflects to the wooden floor at his words. “But you- I am sure of you. And wanting to try. And getting to know you.” He mimics your words from earlier, a timid smile forming at his lips at the relief he feels over saying them back. They’d been stuck in his chest, tickling up his throat every time he all but glanced at you.
You smile at him, a world of feelings taking over you, an airy voice when you say, “you’re brave, too.”
Your words ring in his ears, straight to his chest, knocking the breath out of him. For a second, he sees himself in your eyes – believes your words. And without much hesitation, he kisses you. Leaning into you, gently cupping your cheek with his hand. It takes you by surprise but you let yourself fall into his lips, scooting closer to him on the seat, both your arms still wrapped around Soori who babbles away as she plays with her giraffe. Your lips are soft and he pulls your bottom one in-between his teeth as you let out a sigh – a delicate sound that he catches with his mouth as his tongue finds yours, allowing him to go deeper.
He pulls back slightly, the both of you gasping for air for about a second before your lips find one another yet again – this time in a gentle lock, as he indulges in the plushness of your lips, how full they feel against his.
Your moment is cut short by Soori’s high-pitched shriek. You both look down at her and she smiles, blowing a sloppy raspberry into thin air, happy to have your attention back on her.
You bounce your leg and he pinches her cheek and that’s enough for her to be satisfied, eyes back on her plushie as she jumps straight back into the previous conversation they were having.
Jungkook leans back against the seat and extends his arm to the side, locking it around you until you’re safely tucked in – a cocoon of his warmth as you lean your head on his shoulder and his hand plays with your hair. Soori is in the middle and she mimics the two of you, leaning her body backwards until she’s resting against your stomachs.
“Oh, God. She copies everything,” you say.
“I know. Get ready for double the sloppy kisses.”
“From you or her?”
He leans forwards, his lips coming to smack at your cheek as he nuzzles closer to you.
You giggle at his touch – Soori follows.
Doorway goodbyes have gotten a tad bit harder with a teething Soori. It’s not that she fights being back in your arms after Jungkook hands her over to you – it’s more so having to see him leave and not having the possibility to alternate between the two of you.
Desperate times have called for desperate measures – aka, distractions. Today is half a pancake she nibbles on, chubby hand drenched in sticky honey. She offers it to Jungkook, always the kind girl she is. You think he’s going to take a fake-bite and fake-chew on it the way he normally does but he actually goes for it. Making you gasp in surprise.
“Heeey. Get your own pancake, daddy.” You say in a serious voice.
“Don’t call me that.” He points a finger at you, a scowl to his face. You chuckle.
“Don’t eat her pancake.”
“She likes to share.” He returns, his Soori voice on as he coos at her before kissing her cheeks. “Hey, by the way… we’re having a pool party on Sunday.”
“Oh. Fun…”
“Yeah. Jiminie’s inviting Lucy,” he wags his eyebrows at you. “I’m excited to finally meet her. Properly, I mean.”
You smile, excited for the two of them to be taking this step. “You’ll love her. You all will. She’s the best. Soori will love her!”
“I’m sure we will. But hey, I was wondering if maybe… you could come?”
“Why,” your tone is more brass than you originally intend.
“I want you there. I mean- I know we said… I don’t think they’ll be surprised. They’ll just think you’ll be here for Soori. Unless you don’t feel comfortable with that or- maybe you have plans which I completely understand-”
You smile a little at his rambling, interrupting him as he narrows his eyes at you. “I’ll be here. For Soori.” You see the fallen expression in his face and you break, “and for you. I like seeing you during the weekend. You get less bossy.”
“Funny, you.”
“Oh, I’m hilarious.”
He scrunches his nose, nodding. “Yeah, you kinda are.”
He scans the room for a second before confirming the coast is clear, leaning closer to you and placing a sweet peck on your lips – getting carried away for a second too long as he deepens the kiss.
He knows you don’t know this but you make doorway goodbyes easier for him, too.
“What is it with him?” Kenny’s eyes are glued to Jungkook as he sips on a beer and laughs at something Namjoon just said.
“I don’t know. He even laughed at something Tae said today.” Mai responds, her eyes fixed on the same sight.
“Maybe therapy has been helping?” Suelgi suggests.
“Yeah,” Mai’s voice drifts right in tune with her thoughts. Her eyes look for you, sat in Soori’s mat playing with her and Dae. “Therapy…”
“Whatever it is… it makes me happy. I mean, I hadn’t seen a smiling Ggukie in a while. I missed it.”
“Me too. And just overall, he seems different.” Suelgi says.
Mai smiles, simply nodding as she sips on her glass of wine.
He’s different alright.
“Hey,” you walk towards the small circle Jungkook, Lucy, Hobi and Jimin have formed.
They all greet you back, enthusiastically.
“Soori sort of drifted. She was with Yoongi on the couch so…,” you say to Jungkook, feeling a bit awkward at not knowing how to approach him with so much people around.
It’s not that you regret coming. It’s just that you don’t really feel like you quite fit in the environment. There are many eyes on Soori, all wanting to give her undivided attention and play with her. So, it’s not like you can do your job and mingling feels slightly out of place considering that you, well, keep one hell of a secret. A secret you try not to make obvious. So, you’ve been avoiding Jungkook at all costs.
“Yeah, the little kids tend to tire her out quickly as she tries to keep up with them. Have you eaten? Are you hungry? Do you want something to drink?” You frown slightly at his words, hoping your eyes convey the words your mouth can’t.
“No. Thanks. I’m actually looking for her ducky. I can’t seem to find it and she’s been making the ducky face so,”
“Oh. Shit, yeah. I think I might’ve left it in the playroom this morning. We were playing videogames.”
“We?” Hobi snorts at your remark and you instantly regret it. “I’ll look for it. Where in her playroom?”
“Not hers. Mine. Here, I’ll come with.” He says and before you can say anything else he starts walking towards the inside of the house.
Once you make it to the long hallway, the same one that leads to his office, he turns to you – face laced with concern.
“Are you okay,” he asks.
“Yes. Sorry- I just- I’m bad at keeping secrets. I feel like my dumb face gives it away.”
He smiles at this, relief flooding his body. “It’s not dumb. And I’m sorry. Maybe it was a bit selfish of me to have you come… I just- wanted to see you.”
“No, no. I want to be here. I wanted to see you, too.” You sigh, leaning your back against the wall. He takes a step closer to you, expression unreadable – perhaps with something dancing in his eyes you’ve never seen before. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing,” he mocks nonchalance.
“Jungkook,” your hand comes to push lightly at his tummy, “there’s like- everyone out there.”
“Why would they come here?” He takes another step forward.
“I don’t know? Bathroom?”
“There’s a bathroom in the pool house.”
“Oh,” he says, finally closing the space around you and clashing his lips to yours in a soft, slow kiss.
You whimper against his mouth, not really expecting to be this close to him today. It’s healing, really, to be able to just be with him after having him so tentatively close to you the whole day yet so out of reach. You hear a nearing voice – Namjoon’s it sounds like.
“Shh,” he tells you, grabbing your hands and walking backwards, opening the door behind him. He closes it, securing the lock.
You look around you – a huge room with blue LED lights illuminating it. A couple of arcade games lining the walls, a pool table and a huge black couch that sits in front of an even bigger TV.
“What is this,” you ask, eyes still scanning the room in awe.
“My playroom,” he states simply, pulling you to him by the hands and closing your lips around his once again.
You realize it, the moment you circle your arms around his neck, fingers getting lost in his dark locks as his hands find your waist, making their descend until they squeeze around your hips. You realize just how bold of a move it was to put the two of you in an empty room. Alone and unsupervised. Not even by the prying eyes of a baby.
Mistake, mistake. But what have we said about those?
He lets out a throaty moan against your mouth as you pull at his hair gently, hissing as your nails soothingly run over the spot. The feeling sends goosebumps down his skin and his hands travel down until they land on your ass. You push into him and he squeezes, hard. You moan when you feel him against your lower belly and marvel at how hard he feels through the thin fabric of his swimsuit. He pulls away some, forehead resting on top of yours as your ragged breaths mix together.
“Fuck,” he pants.
“We can just… kiss a little,” you whisper against his lips.
“Yeah. Yeah,” he ponders. “Slow…”
“Slow.” You repeat and before you can process the lie his lips are back on yours.
He walks forwards, arms around your waist as you walk backwards, letting him guide you towards the couch. His knees hit the back of the cushions and he sits, legs spreading and body melting into the pillows as he looks up at you with hooded eyes. He looks heavenly – red-bitten lips glistening with the trace of yours, ruffly hair and slightly flushed cheeks; the soft tint traveling down his neck all the way to his chest.
“C’mere,” he intwines his fingers with yours, pulling you to him until you’re straddling his lap.
“Hm, feels oddly-” a sigh escapes your lips as his mouth connects to a tender spot at the side of your neck, “familiar- fuck.”
And Jungkook knows he’s a goner. The moment his teeth scrape down the sensitive skin and you whimper and squirm in his hold, hips buckling against his, the way he dreamed of the last time he had you in this position. He knows this is where boundaries come to die.
“These dresses will be the death of me,” he says as his hands snake past the hem, kneading around the soft flesh of your ass.
You rut your hips against his, more firmly this time and you can feel him better now – almost fully hard, long and thick as you drag your clothed cunt over him, tiny little whimpers leaving your lips as your eyes shut at the way you tease your clit with every roll of your hips.
He feels it, too. And he can’t help but get high off of your pleasure, on the way your nails push against the soft flesh at the nape of his neck – the way your mouth parts slightly against his own, your hips picking up pace as he groans, hands on your ass as he aids your rhythm, alternating between rapid movements and deeper slow ones.
He’s fully hard now and he can feel the tension building up in his lower stomach, the way it caves in, making him shudder at the sharp pleasure that shoots through him as his cock throbs inside his pants. He tightens his grip around your hips, pulling upwards and away from him until they’re hovering over his. His head falls backwards, hand coming to run through his hair as he collects himself. “Wait- I’ll cum,” he pants.
“It’s okay,” you assure him.
“No. I want to- can I touch you?”
“Yes, please.”
Your voice is so lenient, so airy it sends Jungkook spiralling right into the very root of his lust.
Fuck slow.
His hands grip at the hem of your dress, bunching the fabric upwards until it rests against your tummy. Your hands replace his, holding onto your dress as his fingers run down the smooth of your legs, coming up to toy with the strings at one side of your bikini bottoms. His eyes divert from your lust filled ones all the way to his fingers as they leave feathery touches on your skin. He sees it then – a small butterfly tattoo that rests on your side, just below your hip at the curve of your ass. He groans, doubting he’s ever seen anything sexier in his life.
“Fuck- what is this, baby?”
The pet name sends your mind down a hazy spiral. “I- I wanted to be able to hide it.”
“It’s so sexy. You’re so sexy.”
He tugs at the string that holds your swimsuit in place, eyes widening slightly as the fabric falls apart on your skin, exposing your pussy to him. Your mouth parts, a silent moan breaking at your throat as his fingers come between your legs, digits rubbing at your clit. They travel downwards for a second before he collects your slick, rubbing it all over your little nub.
“Fuck, you’re so wet. Is this for me, baby?” His question has your eyes snapping open, lazy gaze fixating on him as you nod and moan as his fingers pick up their pace.
“Y-yes. I’ve- been like this all day.” Your confession has him groaning as he brings your face to him, biting at your bottom lip.
“Yeah?” His fingers tease at your entrance, drawing tight circles against it. You nod hastily and when you do, they push all the way in – middle and ring finger sliding right in, hooking inside of you as he finds that spot that has your legs shaking, weak at the feeling as your hips come down to their original position. “Shit- you’re so fucking tight. Your pussy’s so fucking tiny, baby. Swallowing my fingers.”
“Jungkook- m-move, please,” you whimper and he complies, beginning his assault on your snug walls as he drags the long of his fingers in and out of you, hitting that spot repeatedly until he feels you get impossibly tighter around them.
Your moans get louder, sweeter, against his lips as his thumb draws tight circles around your clit. You hold onto him as the tell-tale signs of your orgasm begin to unfold above him. It’s intoxicating, all of you – the way your hips roll against his fingers, pressing on his cock. The way you whimper against his ear before your mouth finds his and you kiss him, deep. The way your thighs close around him, knees weak at your futile attempts to as his strong legs push yours further apart.
“Fuck you’re so beautiful- you gonna cum for me, baby?”
“Yes,” your voice is but a whisper, lips not parting from his. “I’m so- fuck. I’m so close.”
“Let go, baby. I got you.”
You cry out when you feel him press firmly against your g-spot, legs shaking as you cum around his fingers, cunt fluttering restlessly around them, powered by his thumb on your clit, stimulating you from all nerve endings. Jungkook can feel the way you gush all around his hand, not once doubting you’ve made a mess out of his swimsuit, too.
“Oh, fuck,” you say, completely fucked-out as you relax against his body, blissfully coming down from probably the strongest orgasm you’ve had, well, ever.
He brandishes your shoulders with little kisses as he removes his fingers from between your legs, bringing them all the way to his mouth before he sucks on them – eyes closing in pleasure. Before he can open them, your hand is closing around his clothed cock, tight grip as you stroke him. He moans, fingers slipping from his wet mouth.
“You don’t have to,” he says, hand coming to rest on top of yours.
“I want to. Please.”
That damn word coming from your pretty lips will see the end of him. He gives you a faint nod as his hand closes around yours, tightening your grip. But it’s not enough, for either of you. Your hips pull back some, and his body jerks as your bare cunt comes in contact with his balls through the thin material of his swimsuit. You roll your hips, pleased with his reaction. Your fingers hook on the waistband of his shorts and his hips raise slightly as you push them past his hips, just enough to free his cock. You nearly drool at the sight of him – cock springing up and away from the restraints, landing on his pelvis. He’s long and thick, a pretty set of veins running from base to tip where he leaks a tiny pearl of precum, arousal so evident as it twitches and he whimpers. Jungkook is in no position to get cocky, considering how painfully hard he is, but a lazy grin forms at his lips when he sees you gawking at the size of him, trying to wrap your head around it. Your tiny hand travels down his stomach, emitting a groan from him as your fingers wrap around his girth – the tip of your thumb and fingers barely able to meet as your fist closes around his cock.
Your head lowers a bit before your jaw twitches, collecting your build-up saliva before you let a string of spit fall from your mouth all the way to the tip of his cock. Jungkook’s eyes roll at the mere sight, a feral moan leaving his lips.
“Fuck, ___. Yeah- fuck. Just like that.” He praises as your palm closes around his tip, thumb toying with his slit as you collect the precum that builds up at your ministrations.
Your touch is soft but firm, twisting at the upstroke, pace picking up as you feel him pulse around you. You bring your other hand down and close it around his base, gripping tightly as your other hand works his shaft and squeezes at his tip. He begins to lose control under you, fingers pressing on the soft flesh of your thighs and hips thrusting up at the rhythm of your merciless grip around his cock. He doesn’t think he’ll last much longer, especially when you start rutting your pussy mindlessly over his balls that feel heavy at the wake of his impending release.
“Koo,” you’ve never called him that and it does things to him, cock fighting with his heart to see who’ll explode first. “Cum for me, please. I wanna make you feel good,” you plead and it’s that innocence in your voice that threatens to tip him over the edge.
“It feels so good, baby. So fucking good- ffuck. There- don’t stop,” he begs as your thumb presses against his frenulum and your other hand strokes his shaft, tight hold on it as you twist your wrist.
You whine, exceptionally loud and Jungkook’s eyes snap open, met with the sight of your face contorting in pleasure as you bite your lip, your hands on his cock never faltering as the friction of your clit dragging against his balls rips another orgasm out of you. He thinks he’s about to pass out as he feels your pussy flutter as you press down on him.
“F-fuck. Fuck, that’s so hot. You’re gonna make me cum,” his hands fly to your hips, moving them against him even as you squirm in sensitivity.
“Yes, please- cum for me.” You sound delirious and that does it for him.
His head rolls back, leaning against the sofa as a feral groan rips from his chest – throaty and dreamy and you think you can cum again just by the way he sounds and looks as he falls apart under you. Face contorting in pleasure as he pulls his lip in-between his teeth, biting hard as his cock jerks in your hold and he spills all over your hands – so much cum some even lands on his tummy. His abs tense and finally release once he begins to come down.
“Holy fuck,” his voice shakes, hands gently coming down and removing yours from around his cock as he cringes with the over-sensitivity.
“That was…,” you start.
He sighs, tucking a fallen strand of hair behind your ear. “So good.”
You hum in response, face nuzzling against his touch. “I think we should head back. No one is going to believe it was this hard to find a rubber ducky.” You say, looking down at his softening cock.
“Don’t make me laugh just yet, I think I just blacked out.”
You hold back a chuckle, lips gently pressing against his as his hand plays with your hair.
“I’ll go clean up first. I’ll tell them you got a work call or something.”
He only nods, shooting you a lazy smile before you come to a standing position – steps faltering a bit as you regain your balance.
Jungkook’s head is still floating in cloud nine and he lets himself enjoy it for a minute until he can process just how good that was and how it’s about to make slow most likely, probably – impossible.
He walks into the living room, face glued to his phone as he scrolls aimlessly through it.
Yoongi lays on the couch with Soori nuzzled against his side as she suckles on her bottle.
“Hi,” he says when he sees Jungkook.
“Hey, man.” He responds casually.
“You look like you just fucked your nanny,” his voice has its usual monotone ring to it and Jungkook eyes widen at his blunt words.
“Yo. Language.” He scolds, pointing at Soori.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
He sits next to Soori, covering her ears, “I did not fuck ___.”
Yoongi scoffs, diverting his eyes back to the tv. “Really now? Are you gonna hit me with another she just straddled my lap?”
Jungkook stays silent.
Thankful his honesty back then landed him into this white lie so easily.
HI. if u made it this far – i hope u enjoyed!! this was my first time explicitly squeezing my sexy juices out and I ENJOYED THAT A LITTLE TOO MUCH. i never want to leave the countryside. i am, officially, becoming a country girl. i truly hope u enjoyed. let me know what you thought!! i love talking to u guys, but u already know that <333 i’m sending loads of love!!!! xxxxx
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jeongjuk · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: if getting dragged to a concert by your best friend wasn't enough to ruin your night, maybe add a tall, lean and tattooed rockstar to the mix, that’ll be the icing on top of an overloaded cake.
pairing: rockstar!jungkook x f!reader
genre: porn with a semi-plot?, alt/pop rock band au, i’d say s2l except it’s not even lovers, so s2sb? (sex buddies…)
⏤ rating: mature (18+) ⏤ word count: 12k
warnings! cursing (lots), annoying oc!bsf, slight sexual tension at first encounter, mild self-humiliation, banter (somewhat), he’s good with his words and that’s what makes you stumble right into his arms, explicit smut; big dick jk, unprotected sex dw he has a great pull pout game (also stay safe!!), some grinding, finger fucking + sucking, mild spit kink maybe not mild lol i’ve been intrigued by spit lately, a little dirty talk, one derogatory word used; slut, slight praising, hickeys/bruising kink?, jk with his tattoo sleeve, belly bulging, cum eating, orgasm denial!, jungkook thinks everything about you is so pretty, really long descriptions of sex for no reason !!
authors note/: this was my first smut i’ve ever written for this site :0 lowkey felt like I just poured every thought I had over rockstar!jk into it and made it into whatever this is. sowoozoo jk has been driving me insane
important: english isn’t my first language and that’s why this took almost 2 weeks to be released😭 i’m so sorry
Tumblr media
Maybe you should've ran as far away as possible before she even got the chance to ask you the question.
"Okay, what about this?" Nari points enthusiastically. She's holding a dark biker jacket eagerly firm in her hands. "Why do you need a biker jacket for a concert?" you scoff, while resuming your search for an outfit good enough to fit your best friend. In her eyes it has to be a top notch outfit or else you aren't leaving the mall.
And no, you literally can not go home because the bitch snatched and hid your phone somewhere.
"That is not purple," you laugh, seemingly eyeing how the jacket looks on the girl. That cannot be purple, it's way too dark to be purple. Maybe a deep indigo? Definitely not purple.
"Doesn't matter, how does it look?" she does another spin, brushing her hands across the leathery material of the lapels. She looks good, honestly. The jacket hugs her nicely in a way that it still shows her rather curvy body.
But why in hell would she buy a leather jacket to go to a concert? She doesn't even wear jackets in general. "It looks good, yeah." you assure her, nodding your head in approval.
To be fair, you're quite skeptical about this. She hasn't told you who's concert she's going to, or where it's going to be taking place. She hasn't even told you where she got her ticket from, so yeah, it sounds a little shady in your opinion.
"Great! This would go so well with that white short sleeve shirt I bought a month ago," she exclaims while rummaging through some other clothes on the rack.
"Which short sleeve shirt?" you ask, not remembering her buying one recently. "The white one with the zipper, you don't remember?" Nari says, "the cropped white one with a zipper, grandma." Oddly enough, she seems to have a clear representation, while you struggle to even recall her buying a shirt last month.
Wait, cropped?
"Who are you aiming to seduce at this concert?" you eye her amusingly. You can already imagine whatever she has planned and it's legitimately not the best idea. She obviously isn't going to a concert to listen to the music, she's aiming to get laid.
"What happened to; 'I'm done fucking around, I’m just focusing on myself now'?" you question, mocking the stupid vow she made earlier into the year "Please, that was like ages ago, I haven't gotten laid in months. I need to get this dry streak to an end already." she responds, voice sounding distant since she's walking around the endless racks of clothes, in search of a pair of pants. You’ve just been following her this entire time.
"You should too," her head pops out from behind a cube shelf, and she's pointing a finger at you. You snicker, "I don't wanna get laid." even after saying that truthfully, your eyes flicker to the floor, face heating up a little by the mere thought of sleeping with someone in little to over half a year.
"It's not about wanting to get laid, __. It's about you kinda needing to because you've been extra grumpy these past few weeks and we can all tell that you need some good dick in your life." she waves her finger in the air, while rambling about. You roll your eyes, walking away from the girl in hopes to get her to shut up. But she trails behind you, bumping into people until you get to the other side of the room, at the checkout.
"Anyways, that doesn't matter, you're still coming with," she adds, shrugging off the jacket and throwing it with the other stuff she picked onto the counter.
"Wait, what?" you grasp at her bicep, forcefully turning her around to look back at you. "What?" she muffles, eyes wide in shock at how strong your grip on her arm is. "What do you mean I'm still coming with?" You let go of her arm and crossed your own in front of you.
Last time you checked, there was no invite to a concert you got from Nari, so what is she even talking about? "You're going with me, duh. I got two wristbands." She slides out her phone from her back pocket, and opens the case, revealing two pieces of paper wristbands, which you assume should be the entry code to the concert.
"You never told me that!" you whisper-yell, making sure not to be too loud in a shopping store. "__, what did you think I meant when I said 'I bought tickets for a concert'?" she looks at you, expression plain and neutral, but her words sound scornful. "I thought you meant you bought a tickets for yourself, not for both of us," you try to defend yourself, but honestly it does sound a little stupid saying it out loud now.
"Yeah, two tickets?"
"You didn't tell me you bought two tickets." you argue back.
"Whatever, you're going with me." she picks up the shopping bag and heads out the store, you trailing angrily behind her. "No I'm not, I don't even like concerts, and you know that." you state, trying to keep up with her fast pace. "I know, but I need someone to accompany me tonight," she pouts. "And you didn't decline my offer a few days ago." She hugs your arm and swings it back and forth.
"That's because there was no offer to decline, dumbass!" you retort, rolling your eyes and shrugging her off. "I have stuff to do girl, not all of us are free every night.” Nari whines, "but you can't let me go by myself, I need you to go with me!" she opens the car door once you unlock it and heads in.
"You're the only person with a car that can drive me there, and I was kinda thinking maybe you can pick me back up, so instead of wasting your time dropping and picking me back, just go with me." she says, her hands rub together in a praying manner.
"Fine! God, you're so stupid, how do you plan on going somewhere but don't have a ride," you mumble more to yourself than her, but it's obvious she still heard, because she crosses her arms and pouts, but thankfully stays quiet.
Tumblr media
The rest of the day you spent contemplating wether or not you should just ditch Nari and not show up, because quite honestly, you really don't want to go this stupid showcase. Live events have never been your thing, you prefer to have your eardrums intact. But Nari's making it so difficult because if you don't drive her there, she's gonna try and find another ride, and who knows what that girl can do when she's by herself. She's that desperate.
So you've wasted the last hour delving in your closet for something good enough to fit the occasion, even though you still don't know who's concert you're going to, since Nari never gave you the name. Hopefully she'll expose the artist on your way there, because being left clueless has been driving you insane.
You're only tagging along to watch over her, to be her babysitter. The thought of going to concerts still troubles you. you enjoy your personal bubble a little too much to have people breaking into it from all corners. Once you arrive there you're dragging Nari to a spot where there are less people so you can breathe.
You settle for an AC/DC shirt you somehow had hidden all the way back into the furthest corner of your closet—despite not being an AC/DC fan at all (haven't even listened to their music except the mainstream ones), you stole this shirt from Nari a while ago because the print was pretty cool, and the way she cut and sewed it to look better spiked your interest. So you couldn't help yourself.
You paired it with some leather pants, a pair of chunky black boots that you barely wear and a red and black plaid flannel. That's the best you can come up with for an unfair proposition to a concert.
Before even finishing getting ready you get a message from Nari asking you where you are, followed by a missed FaceTime call. She can barely let you get ready and leave the apartment in peace, you can't imagine how it's going to be once you're in the car together on your way to the event.
You really hope she's not going to be too excited about this, or you're going to have to leave her on the streets. But knowing Nari, the girl would probably just call a taxi to take her there. She's so determined and sometimes that scares you.
Once you make it to her house you shoot her a text saying you're waiting outside, to which she replies back 'thank fucking god' and dashes her way outside, climbing into your car in mere seconds.
"If I knew you were gonna take so long, I might as well have driven myself there." she sighed, running her hand through her hair. You scoff, "with what car?" you ask, jokingly so, but still a genuine question. "Ha ha, fuck you, I was gonna take yours." she shrugs her shoulders, sitting back and looking through the window.
"Mine? You thought I was gonna let you borrow my car? Girl, that’s hilarious." you shake your head and poke your tongue in your cheek. "Shut up, headass, you’re driving us aren’t you?" she rolls her eyes.
You side-eye her while simultaneously keeping your eyes on the road. She just watches as the pretty lights flash by in the darkening night. The sun went down about half an hour ago, but the lit sky is still there, not too dark yet not too bright, just the perfect balance of darkness and daylight mixing into each other gradually.
"So do I have the privilege to know who we’re seeing now, or am I gonna have to start naming every artist you’ve listened to this year?" you speak about five minutes into the ride. The thought has been on your mind all day, and your curiosity is just getting the best of you to the point where you actually debated within yourself for a little while if you should try and name every one of her favorite artists.
"Yeah, you should try that," Nari answers dryly, not looking up from the window. "Bitch don't make me kick you out, you've been hiding this from me for two days." you snap back. You deserve to at least know who's music you're going to be listening to after having been dragged into a mess you didn't want to be in in the first place.
“You don't know them, I told you that." Nari softly mutters, not wanting to give away the big surprise. Is it even a surprise to be honest? If you truly don't know them she can just introduce you right now, instead of letting you walk into a concert without any knowledge whatsoever about what music they make.
"Fine, is it only one artist?" you ask. She never mentioned anything about there being more artists at this event, so maybe it's a tour concert from one of those pop singers she listen, that she bought tickets for. "They're a band, actually..." she murmurs, finally looking back at you while she searches for your reaction.
"Band? Like an instrument playing band?" you gape at her, eyes wide with shock. Since when does she listen to bands? She's never talked about listening to them. Nari nods, a small smile displayed on her lips as she looks down. Is she ashamed?
"Wait, what genre are they?" It seems almost impossible to hear that she actually listens to any bands. Nari's music choice has never been the best. "Uh..rock?" she states, although it comes out sounding more like a question than a statement.
You almost choke on cold spit and your eyes bulge out of their sockets upon that sentence. Rock band? We're going to a rock concert? Where on earth did she even find this band? She listens to rock now? You're not judging, no shame in listening to rock, but Nari really hasn't told you about improving her music style and it’s just surprising.
"Since when do you listen to rock?" You go in between snapping your eyes from her and back to the road, genuinely shocked and waiting for answers. "It's not really rock, it's more like a um pop alternative rock that could fall into the rock category because it sounds somewhat like it." she explains.
You sigh, "Nari, alternative rock, is still rock, it's just two genres in one." you clarify, satisfied yet still a little shocked that she chose to go to a rock concert. "I know that," Nari mumbles, and you can almost tell she's pouting just by the way she sounds. "Well, what's their name?" you hope maybe this time it'll subconsciously slip off her tongue.
"You'll see when we get there." she whips her full head of chestnut brown hair you way, smiling so brightly that you can only see the creases of her eyes. You scoff, resting your head on your arm that's propped up on the window. It was worth a shot, you think. She really isn't letting go though, so if you genuinely don't like this band it's really her fault. You're pinning the blame on her.
You still don't understand why she chose to go to a concert of all places to seek a hookup, the club would've been just fine. Actually, the club would've been a million times easier than this. Most people at packed clubs seek a partner to go home with anyway, she could've just picked the best looking one there.
"Is it going to be crowded?" you ask, still a little worried about the amount of oxygen you can breathe in tight places. "Relax, it's not an actual concert. It's like a private event, only like a hundred lucky people won wristbands." she ensures. God, you can't explain the relief that washes over you upon hearing that.
"Are they a known band?" You settle on asking discreet questions, hoping you can get to know them a small bit before getting there. "Hm, I guess so? They have a good amount of streams on their stuff." she says, scrolling through her phone on an app which you assume is probably Spotify, because then she's showing the screen to you.
A list of some of their most popular songs, and you can say that most of them are pretty well known. They have good numbers.
You hum, making Nari turn her phone back and switch it off. She goes back to watching the outside view from the window, quickly flashing by because you're speeding on the road since the destination is still pretty far away. Why is it so damn far away? Almost a 45 minute drive and you're already tired. You're not used to driving for so long.
But you get there.
And when you do, Nari's tenfold more excited (read: annoying) than she was 45 minutes before. She's almost hopping with the way she skips down the parking lot, to the big muscular men you can only assume are securities waiting for the people. You jog up to her in time as she registers your names and shows them the wristband she has on, and you shove back the sleeve of your flannel to show them yours.
When you finally enter the scene, you realize Nari was actually right. The venue isn't as big as you thought, and there are only a few groups of people already, although you believe there are more waiting to get in or arriving. The stage is illuminated with a purple light streak cascading down on it, it looks pretty. How there's a drum set and a keyboard at the back simply waiting to be played on, it almost looks like it's only for show—a display.
You can hear a song playing in the background, faint but there. You mentally praise them for not shattering your eardrums from the moment you walk in, although the group of fans at the front of the stage is doing a damn near good job at it already.
You turn to Nari just in time as you see her pout, crossing her arms like a child as she sulks. "They already took up the front space, how am I gonna get them to notice me now?" she cries out, glaring at the kids at front, hoping they can make way for two more. "Whatever, let's get something to drink," she gives up, walking out of the room, and you trail after her like the babysitter—best friend you are.
"Why do you need them to notice you that bad?" you question, not getting why she seems so desperate for their attention. Wasn't she coming here to find a hookup? "Well how else am I gonna get one of them between my legs tonight?" she answers, loud enough to have the trio of girls that's walking right past you gasp in utter disbelief, or is it disgust? Whichever it is you couldn't tell because they scurry away fast enough with small whispers circulating between them. They look significantly young.
"Wait, you're planning on sleeping with one of them?" You stop in your tracks once you get to the bar. "God—Nari, is that why you did all this? Seriously?" You couldn't believe it. She wants to sleep with one of the band members. You'd understand if it was just a normal fan at this place, but she opted to go for the bigger prize instead. Of course she did, that's what Nari always does.
"What? There’s the problem; I get good dick and a good concert, it's a win win," she shrugs, and you're almost about to blow her head off before she continues talking, "plus, if anything you too can get good dick and a good concert." she winks at you before reverting her attention to the bartender who's asking what she wants to drink.
Your face scrunches up in disgust, and you clear out the thoughts of possibly sleeping with one of these band guys the second they infiltrate your mind. You don't even know them for fuck's sake, and Nari doesn't either. How is she so shameless about this? How is she so sure one of them would be willing to sleep with her? Or you?
Fuck, what if they think you're weirdos for putting yourselves up for sex.
"What makes you think I'd want to sleep with any of them?!" you whisper-yell, causing Nari to whip around and stare at you. Thankfully the bartender walked away before you could embarrass yourself like that. "I mean, they're very fucking hot, but you wouldn't know would you?" she giggles, resting her head on her palm. "Relax, if you don't wanna fuck any of them, then just enjoy their music, I swear they're really good."
"Yeah, I could've agreed with you if you gave me a little background check before we got here." you roll your eyes, scanning the area to see if there is anyone else that could be close enough to overhear your conversation. "Should I go to the bathroom now so I don't have to later?" she suggests, but doesn't even give you the chance to answer as she backs away from the counter and looks up at you, "wait for the drinks, I'll be right back." she states, shooting you finger guns before walking away in search of a bathroom.
She didn't even tell you what she ordered.
Five minutes passed and still no sign of Nari. You’ve already gotten the drinks she ordered and finished yours, leaving hers to coolly remain on the counter. You’ve been staring at it since it was slid there, ice thawing and dissipating into the water leisurely with the time that’s ticking by.
You don’t realize the man that eased his way to the counter at all. Not until he’s standing a few feet away from you and whistling, gaining yours and the bartender's attention. You turn your head to the side, eyes boring into the side of his head. He’s wearing a bucket hat wide enough to cover his hair, and a pair of shades, tinted black.
Why is he wearing sunglasses when the room itself is already dark enough?
Your eyes skim down to the rest of his outfit, mostly consisting of black articles. He looks like he dressed to impress too, just like Nari. Are rock fans always this dedicated? You furrow your eyebrows at the thought of him wearing sunglasses inside again, it makes him look a little funny.
You visibly stiffen your movements when you see him tugging his head back, impassively staring back at you with his lips pursed, and you quickly look back at the guy fixing up the drink he ordered. But you start to feel an immense sense of discomfort when you realize that he’s not letting up his gaze on your figure, so your eyes return to his, in hopes of getting him to stop looking at you.
Damn, the dude is not letting up.
You stare at each other for what feels like minutes—both silent but judging. Then you can hear a faint scoff coming from him as he turns back to his previous position. You don’t know what comes over you but your eyebrows furrow in annoyance, and you feel the need to call him out on whatever he just did, because it left something unsettling inside you and you don’t like it.
“What’s so funny.” you angrily blurt out, but only because of the pent up anger that has been boiling inside you for almost six hours already. He flashes you a glance before taking a sip of his drink (or whatever the hell type of shit they stirred up for him). You wait, quite impatient but still curious.
“You don’t know me, do you?” he finally starts speaking, and his lips curve upwards into a sneer. His voice sounds quite nice. Just the right combination of deep rich and honey that has you shuddering once he begins. “Was a little surprised, that’s all.” he adds, shrugging his shoulders and taking another swig.
“Am I supposed to know who you are?” you ask, turning your body to face him. He definitely has all your attention now. You can’t see his reaction very clearly, the dark shades still hide his eyes well enough to rid you of that. But the noticeable smirk that stays on his lips gives you enough reason to believe your question didn’t take him aback like you thought it would.
“I’d prefer it if you don’t.” he objects, sighing in the process. You stare at him blandly, wondering if he’s being serious or not. “Then what’s your problem?” you fuse out, choosing to ignore the way he cranes his neck to crack it, because although it looks extremely attractive, you cannot help but be irritated. Definitely blaming this on Nari afterwards.
“What’s your name?” he inquires. He looks particularly uninterested. “__,” you say before you can process what he just asked. He nods and reverts his eyes back to the front.
Truthfully, he really didn’t need to get your name—he wasn’t even supposed to meet you back here, you weren’t even supposed to see him—but since you so obviously haven’t recognized him, he figured maybe he could just stay for awhile. You aren’t going to tell anyone anyway, you don’t even know who he is. He’s not going to be overweening and call you out on your mistake, although he felt a gush of sadness wash over him when you said you don’t know him, it hurt his pride just a little bit. He basically lost his chance in using his one true specialty on flirting with a pretty girl.
“What’s yours?” you ask. You don’t actually care about getting his name, but it only seems right to ask him for his after he asked you, so you do. But he backs away from the counter, turning to the side to face you, and he smiles, a seemingly appealing smile that has you blinking back in confusion.
“Don’t worry about that, yeah?” He raises his eyebrows in question, “enjoy the show,” he adds before turning around, and walking through a section of the big room that’s restricted for non-employees. That and the two tall intimidating looking men that walk behind him like personal bodyguards tells you that.
“Thanks?” you whisper, thinking about what he said before disappearing into the dark hallway like some sort of phantom trying to blend in with the shadows. Why didn’t he tell you his name? That’s kind of rude from him, asking you for yours yet refusing to give his. You don’t ponder on it for too long though, because you can hear the squeals of a certain someone while they rush into the room.
She’s panting when she finally stops next to you, chest heaving as if she just ran a mile to get here. “You won’t guess what just happened to me,” she exclaims, bouncing on her toes as she holds your hands for balance. “I met one of them!” she shrieks repeatedly, not giving you a chance to ask as she shakes your shoulders in excitement. “Nari! Calm down, fuck. Who did you meet?” you attempt to stop her over excited jumping, and she takes a moment to down the drink that’s been sitting there for almost ten minutes in one go.
“I met one—”she pants, breathing heavily, “one of the band members,” she says in between big gulps of air. Your eyes widen in shock, “wait, are you serious?” You're not sure if you believe what she just said. How did she just meet one of them? Aren’t they supposed to be preparing to perform? “I’m dead serious! We bumped into each other while he was leaving the bathrooms, and we just started having a conversation and—long story short, he said he’s excited to see me in the crowd in a few!” she squeals.
What the fuck.
“Speaking of which, in a few is literally less than 15 minutes, so let’s go push people out of our way so I can get to see the love of my life.” She doesn’t give you time to answer back as she grabs your hand, pulling you into the small venue again and pushing past people to find a good spot.
While waiting for the performance to begin, you find yourself glancing every two minutes at your phone screen, calculating how long it’ll take for the clock to hit the right time, and each time you switch on the phone, the minutes seem to go by slower.
You aren’t really too eager for it to begin either, you’re hoping in the few minutes that are left something drastic happens that can cancel the entire event so you can leave and head home. Or you can just walk out right now, but that isn’t really an option when you have an excited puppy as a friend. It still bewilders you how she even found them, and got tickets (which not to mention were literally bidded on by thousands yet she managed to win not only one but two) for an exclusive performance.
Or maybe what you don't understand is the fact that she listens to rock now. Last time you checked she still listens to Taylor Swift's old music, and calls them hits. So her listening to an entirely new genre of music had you perplexed the first time hearing it. But seeing her jumping on her toes eagerly just for a band is honestly endearing—she makes it look endearing, in her own little way.
All at once the remaining lights that once illuminated the rest of the room switch off and the faint music that you could once hear is not audible anymore, but you can hear people left and right shouting in your ear, and Nari beside you muttering a little 'oh shit' before joining them. You stay quiet, trying your best not to seem like the odd one in the sea of fans waiting for the long-awaited band to finally make an appearance.
You see the stage getting lit up with brighter shades of purple, while a group of what you guess guys make their way on it, all walking in a line. You can't see them very clearly but they do look seemingly tall. The one standing in the centre says something in the mic, although you can't hear anything and it comes out almost muffled with all the screams and yells that's blocking your hearing. You still try your best to solely focus on the voice speaking through the speakers.
He's introducing them.
You wait a few seconds for the screams to die down, muttering a thankful grace to yourself and focus in on the man talking. He talks about how happy they are to be able to hold a small show for their fans, and everything else you don't really care about, so you ignore the lengthy speech he's giving and avert your eyes on the other men standing beside him.
They all have approximately different heights, not one being the same as the other. They're all dressed in different outfits too. Some dressed in all black while others sport a more lively colored attire.
Despite their faces being somewhat obscured from your line of sight, you still get a well-enough view of their beauty from far away. They're definitely not what you were expecting, some are built while others weren't but that doesn't mean they're any less gorgeous. They're all handsome, maybe a little too much.
You're beginning to understand why Nari picked them.
Speaking of Nari, it's been quite awhile since you've heard her speak. Normally, she gives comments on every little thing, and with the way you've already found yourself mentally praising them without even knowing them properly, you guessed she would be ten times worse. She's oddly quiet though.
Before you can glance at what Nari seems to be doing, there's a loud cheer erupting in the room which startles you. You revert your attention to the stage, wondering why it's suddenly so loud again. The man has given the mic to another one of the band members, and he introduces himself before passing it down to the last one. The cheers seem to get significantly louder with each guy. The last one to get the mic speaks audibly into it, which has the crowd roaring with his unexpectedly nice voice.
But something else catches your attention rather than that godforsaken sexy voice that he has. It's the outfit he's wearing. It looks so familiar, you've seen it before. It's looks way too similar to the guy you-
Holy shit.
Holy fucking shit.
That's the outfit the guy you talked to in the bar had worn, same exact clothes, just now he isn't wearing the black hat and shades he had on before. They're the same person? That's the same guy from before? You realize how he has the same broad shoulders, possibly the same height and overall looks identically to the guy you talked to before. Couldn't be...
Fuck, this so bad, it's terrible.
You feel embarrassed about what you did. It must've made you look stupid to blatantly say you don't know him when you're literally at his concert. God, why didn't he tell you? Could've at least saved you the embarrassment you have to face now that you know he's a part of the band.
Now you understand why he was apparently so surprised you don’t know who he was. It makes perfect sense. And this also explains the terrible choice of disguise he wore, yet still managed to pass with, because you obviously couldn’t see him. He knew you didn't know who he was, and he chose to not tell you and let you find out on your own.
That asshole.
He chose to make you embarrass yourself in front of him and he just stood there looking so proud of himself (which was possibly a little attractive) while you looked stupidly confused. He never gave you his name just so you’ll get it later when he introduces himself. And god, it’s such a brilliant idea but why did he have to do it to you?
It makes you want to crawl into a fucking hole and die. Just end everything right here. This is the most you can take as an adult.
After the introduction they pick it up with a few of their songs from their most recent album. You find yourself enjoying some while others you remain non-responsive. They have some good songs, but you can’t concentrate too much on them, because the only thing that keeps running through your mind is that damn encounter you had a while back with him.
You don’t know why, but his name is the only one that stayed locked inside your memory after hearing him introduce himself. Actually, his name is the only thing that you’ve been thinking about since you’ve learned it. Not only your (painfully embarrassing) interaction with him, but just him in general. How he looked—how striking his features were even though you barely got a good look at his face. It didn’t matter, it was still enough to have you inwardly drooling as he spoke.
He looked good, too good. And it has you hoping you can catch another close (and personal) glimpse at him. Maybe strike another conversation with him, just so you can ogle at how pretty he looks when he smiles. Maybe if you explain your situation he’d understand and laugh it off? He didn’t seem like the type to be too full of himself.
Yet he did make you feel like an absolute fool. But that wasn’t entirely his fault—it’s technically yours for not knowing he’s in the band. No actually, it’s Nari’s for not telling you their name in the first place.
She just keeps finding ways to fuck up your night.
Having enough of the music blasting, paired with the screaming of fans singing in unison— although off-key and even the wrong lyrics— you push your way out of the crowd and take a deep breath once you finally get your personal proximity back. The horde of people practically fighting for their lives to get into the front line drained you more than actually listening to the music.
The set of big double doors looks exceptionally vacant now that everyone’s cramped up on each other. But a place where you don’t have to hear deafening noises would be much more appreciated. So you quickly slip out the room and make your way down the hall, before once again finding yourself in the now empty bar.
The bartender that used to be there is nowhere to be seen, leaving only you standing in the quiet and lifeless room. Though you’re not complaining—the less people the better, in your opinion. But then again, how are you going to entertain yourself now that you left the actual source of entertainment? Because Nari is not here, and she’s certainly not going to leave the performance just to come keep you company.
You stay there for what seems like forever in the quiet room. The big shelf full of bottles of alcohol that you’ve actually contemplated on counting to save time being your only companionship. You’ve scrolled mindlessly through your phone a few times already, to the point where you memorized which folders are placed where and what their contents are.
You wonder what would’ve happened if you were to reject Nari’s (not so much of an) offer to join her in coming to this shitty place. You wouldn't have known this band existed, not to mention they have actual good music that you might find yourself listening to in the future. You would also not have met Jungkook. If you could call that an actual meeting? Technically you haven’t directly met him yet. He spoke a few words then walked away without even leaving his name, despite you still having learned it later on.
It wasn’t the greatest of first encounters, but it was still something.
You would like to speak to him again, a proper conversation this time. Not some bad excuse of an embarrassing interaction with a cute guy, at least this time you do know his name. And despite knowing absolutely nothing about him other than that, you’re confident enough you can at least hold a conversation with him.
You haven’t been really paying attention to anything around you, the last time you looked around the room, there was an empty bottle of something sitting on the table, and the faint noise of the music playing from a couple doors down. You’ve tried your best to zone it out, but it’s like a ringing in your ear that’s very hard to get rid of.
You don't even notice the way your eyelids begin to droop shut over with traces of tiredness.
“Care to explain why I find you sitting outside of the venue by yourself for the second time tonight?” the sudden voice startles you back into reality. Loud and clear and still as attractive as before. You don’t have to raise your head up to even glance at who it is to know. You can feel his presence very clearly now that he’s spoken up. Yet you still do, the urge of wanting to see him again has been eating at you for the past hour already.
He just stands there, all sweaty and weary but he still looks so good. You take a second to rake your eyes down his body, head to toe just to admire how nice he looks clad in black. You wonder if he can tell how good he looks right now. He probably can. No he definitely can. There’s no way he just walks around not knowing it.
“It’s not nice to stare,” he tediously states, his eyes boring into yours after you finally finish checking him out. His hand—the one with all the pretty tattoos comes up to your chin, gently caressing it for not more than two seconds. He sighs and turns away, walking to the other side of the bar-counter and leaning on top.
“Answer my question.” he urges you, a head nod in your direction following to enhance his insistence. You don’t know why that one sentence affects you so much, but it does. Especially right after the chin caressing... What is he doing? You avert your eyes from his, finding it inexplicably difficult now to keep contact. “I want to be alone,” you answer dryly, still not looking at him. It isn’t a lie but it’s not exactly the truth.
“Why? Is the music not hitting for you?” he asks, mostly sarcastic but also a little genuine and concerned. “You know most people would be very happy if they got to win a wristband to a limited show,” he adds, calmly running his fingers over the edge of the table. You glance at him, sending a glare in hopes to get him to shut up. Frankly, now that you’re actually in the situation, you don’t even want to talk about how bad your day has been.
“It’s not everyday you see someone who doesn’t know who we even are at our show, so it’s just a little intriguing,” he claims assuredly, his voice not wavering from the sudden monotonous tone it dropped to. “I’m glad actually.” A chuckle runs through the quiet silence, and you don’t even have to look up at him to know he’s smiling right now, you can oddly feel it. It makes a chill run up your spine.
“It was amusing to say the least,” he concludes. You can hear the clink of the glass as it hits the counter, followed by the sound of alcohol pouring out of a bottle. You raise your head to observe just as he gulps down the liquid like he’s been needing a refreshment for a while.
“Why are you even here?” you ask, evidently groggy from the sleep you’ve been wanting to catch but keep getting deprived of. You’re already so tired and his presence really isn’t helping considering he’s just here to mock you. “To keep you company,”
“You look like you need it.” He slides the once again filled cup toward you, motioning for you to drink it just like he did.
“I don’t need your company, I need my bed.” you rub your eyes as you speak, concurrently while moving the glass back. You’re not drinking alcohol when you literally need to drive you and Nari safely back. “Let me take you home then.” he proposes, a gentle gleam in his eyes as he hopes you accept his (strangely) friendly offer—that he’d definitely not give every stranger he meets, but just this once.
“Do you realize you have a literal show going on that you’re not even present to? You should probably get back.” as anticipated, you decline in confusion. You tip your head, gawking at him as if he just said the most stupid thing ever. And you actually feel like he did. Jungkook shrugs, “I told them I went to the bathroom.” he responds, rather composed for someone who should be busy running back to his guests.
You scoff. “No one takes that long in the bathroom.” Getting up from the stool you borrowed, you sigh as another problem comes back to mind, the one that got you into this. “Besides, I can’t leave anyway, I'm here with a friend.” you say, groaning afterwards at the thought of staying here another hour or so just to wait for her.
“Your friend? You mean the one who hasn’t bothered checking up on you since you left?” he chuckles, shaking his head, “yeah, what a great friend you have,” he remarks. For some reason it pisses you off, maybe because it’s generally true. He’s technically not wrong, but you don't want him to be right.
“I know she’s not the best but no need to insult her. I did promise her I’d keep an eye on her.” you defensively explain to him. He needs to know that you can’t just leave her here with no ride back home. She’s practically by herself surrounded by strangers right now, you should be back there making sure she’s okay, instead you’re here with this asshole with a poor excuse to get into your pants that has done nothing but bother you since you’ve met him.
“Alright, then you don’t have to go home.” he proposes. “Just stay here.” he tells you, and you swear you can’t seem to keep up with him. Can he make up his mind? “I mean,” he continues, making his way back to the front of the bar, “we both know that’s not what I meant when I said let me take you home,” Jungkook saunters towards you and slides in between your legs by slowly parting them open.
You don’t know what comes over you—maybe it’s the shock, or maybe the sudden urge to have him against you, but you don’t do anything to preclude it, watching as he successfully cages you in with his muscular arms. You have to avoid his gaze and stare at his tattooed skin as he leans down. He seems so brawny up close and personal, so big and muscular. You have to stop yourself from getting any ideas by looking down at your lap, you can already feel the heat rising to your ears.
Jungkook chuckles, searching your eyes as you try to not make eye contact. “Hey, look at me,” he murmurs, lifting your chin up with his finger, “you wanna stay here, or do you want me to take you home?” he asks. If anyone would have been eavesdropping into your conversation, the question wouldn’t have had a suggestive innuendo in the slightest. But you do understand what he implied when he asked you it.
You bite your lower lip in thought, not missing the way Jungkook quickly glances down at them before blinking, reverting his eyes back onto yours. You ponder on it for what seems like ages, not knowing what to go for. There’s no one back here, anyway, who’s going to see you? You don’t want to go back to Nari. What’s the point if you’ve already missed half the performances.
“Do we have to go?” you mumble, scared to make too much noise. Jungkook shakes his head momentarily, leaning in closer, so close your noses are brushing. But he halts midway, and patiently waits for your answer. Your jaw locks involuntarily as you peer at his lips, pink and lush, and you wonder how nice it would be to feel them on yours.
Maybe you shouldn’t be doing this, kissing a stranger. It has got to exceed some sort of stranger danger limit, possibly has gone beyond it even. But he’s so close, just right there, in your reach and one tug forwards will send you flying into his embrace. It feels so nice, being within close range of him, being able to smell the perfume he used even though most of its scent has washed away. Being able to access his contact without even having to reach for it.
Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to succumb to whatever trance has you in, he already has you trapped inside, might as well make the best of it. You slowly lean in, still considering on flaking before things get any worse, but the sly smirk that his lips curve into tells you more than anything that there’s no way you’re getting out of this now.
Once you feel his perfectly well kept lips on yours, you melt onto them without even meaning to. The slow pace he chooses to go with only makes the blood in your system surge faster, making your body tense up, wanting more. For someone who you swear you’ve caught checking you out multiple times, he’s sure taking his time with things. Not that you complain, but you’d rather not have anyone see you making out in a practically public bar.
That’s until you feel his arms snake around your back, resting on your ass and pulling you closer to him, you gasp in the process, a meek little sound escaping your throat and Jungkook pushes himself forward, desperately grinding his crotch into you. Anything to have you making that pretty sound again. The strong grip he has on your ass makes it easier for you to inch closer to him. Close enough that his shallow thrusts make a noticeable impact on your body.
The hairs on your skin elevate into a painful reminder that it’s cold in the room and his body heat in contrast does little to prevail it. The useless flannel is not even doing its job anymore. So you part your lips from his in order to remove the fabric clinging to your body. Jungkook takes a moment to leer at your pretty form in his hold, you already look like you’re ready to keel over and he‘s barely done anything yet. He chuckles at the thought of seeing you completely fucked out if this is merely the beginning.
The silky skin of your neck becomes hot as Jungkook attaches his mouth to it, fervently sucking and lapping at it to create blemishes. Pretty bruises that he gets to revel in once he’s done with you. You muffle a whine as you hide your face in the crease of his neck, it’s all you can do as he continuously rocks into you while kissing your neck. But the flashy movement of something in the corner of your eye startles you and you shove him away as you see a girl pass by.
You pant breathlessly as you look at Jungkook, he seems to be dismayed with what you just happened. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he asks, remaining at his spot further away from you, giving you space since he thinks he’s done something wrong. “Um–no! No, just–maybe we shouldn’t be doing this here,” you stutter anxiously, biting your lip as you look around for anyone who might be observing. Jungkook seems to understand what you’re trying to say and nods, grabbing your hand and the shirt you’ve thrown to the ground in a hurry.
You don’t know where he takes you but you follow him, reluctantly glancing back to see if anyone has seen you. It doesn’t take you long to reach a more secluded place, which you’re grateful for because you just want him to touch you, that’s the only thing you can think about now, and the thought of it has you squeezing your legs together in order to not feel the wetness pulling between them.
You don’t care enough to thoroughly inspect the room, you don’t really know where he’s shoved you into, but there’s no one here to interrupt you and that’s all that matters, and Jungkook apparently thinks so too because the moment he shuts the door he pins you to it and nips at your bottom lip, going straight back to kissing. Only this time it’s far more heated than fervent, teeth clashing and tongue sucking like it’s the last time you’ll ever get to taste each other. You can taste the alcohol that still remains on his tongue, compelling you into a stupor created by just his lips. Right before Jungkook parts away from you, he makes sure to swirl his tongue around yours, letting a string of saliva connect both of your lips as he pulls away.
Normally you’d think it’s fucking gross, spit has never really been one of your turn ons—but the way Jungkook makes it look as if it’s the hottest thing ever has you reeling and you knees almost buckling. “Jump,” he insists, patting the back of your thighs to get you to comply. You’re not thinking clearly, which is the only reason why you obey and leap right into his arms. His hands settle on your ass again and squeeze, making you mewl into his mouth and he grunts in pleasure because you finally made that sound again. The one he’s been longing for ever since he first heard it. He can’t get enough, he doesn’t think he ever will.
Upon reaching the nearest table he sets you down, wasting no time ripping the clothes off your upper-halves, he takes a moment to admire your figure. The slight curve to your waist and hips has him almost drooling, he can’t wait to be able to hold onto them so tightly his grip leaves bruises there too. “Tell me what you want,” he mutters, and you have to momentarily stop breathing to sink in what he just asked from you. You don’t respond, feeling sheepish about the request. Why are you all of a sudden so reticent? Maybe it’s because admitting your thoughts out loud will leave you abashed if he isn’t into them. Or maybe because admitting them out loud is just going to leave you embarrassed when he hears the amount of things you’d like for him to do with you.
But fuck, if he wants you to then you’ll do it, anything just so you can feel his hands on you.
Jungkook stops his movements as he doesn’t hear a response from you, “if you don’t tell me what you want I can’t help you, darling,” he states, his fingers gently caressing your cheek. You whine at the contact, the pad of his thumb tracing circles on the flesh of your hot skin, heated because of how Jungkook peers down at you to answer. “Just—fuck me please,” you plead, a coil igniting inside you at the mere thought, and you wedge your legs together again as he smiles at you, “is that all you want?” he asks. He knows that’s not all, of course he knows, but he wants to hear you say it, wants you to tell him everything you want him to do.
You shake your head furiously, glancing down at his hand, the one with all the tattoos, “your fingers—” you stammer, too bashful to say the entire thing, but Jungkook understands, not needing you to say anything else because even though he loves the way you stumble with your sentences, he wants to be inside you, he’s been wanting to since the moment this all began, and god if he doesn’t get to do it soon he might just actually go crazy. “Want my fingers inside you, hm? Not ready to take my cock just yet?” he asks, so quiet, hushed to the point where the deepness of his voice drops an octave lower and influences how goddamn sexy it sounds.
You don’t say anything, opting to just shake your head silently as he traces his fingers on the inside of your thighs. Jungkook relishes in the soft contact your skin has, so pretty and supple and he wants to get on his own knees and mark every inch of the skin just to later admire how it looks. You’re thankful the clothes you chose to wear were easy to get off, the leather pants not being as tight and stuck to your skin as you thought, made it very easy for Jungkook to slide them off. The lacy underwear you oh so conveniently decided to wear (definitely not after Nari called you out on being grumpy and deprived of sex) gets tugged to the side and you feel a gush of pleasure wash over you when you sense Jungkook’s hand near your dripping core.
Jungkook places open–mouth kisses on your shoulder blade, stopping occasionally to suck on the soft flesh. He’s honestly not very sure how much longer he can keep it up. He moves aside some hair that’s been keeping your neck hidden from him, in an attempt to leave a few more marks on your neck, and you try to ignore the agonizingly slow swirls of his finger running up and down your folds. It feels so good, his hand on your soaked pussy feels so warm, but fucking hell if he doesn’t stop teasing and just fuck you already, you’re going to have to do it yourself.
Jungkook pulls his hand away from where you need it most and skims it up, lightly touching your searing flesh, not missing the chance to grab your breast and massage it gently, before earning him a stifled whine. He hums in satisfaction and continues his way up, before settling on throat. He wraps his hand lightly around your windpipe, and you take a deep breath expecting him to press, but he doesn’t. He draws you in closer by your neck, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before his hand suddenly tugs your jaw open, his thumb inching closer and closer to your mouth. Jungkook places his thumb on your bottom lip, tracing the skin slightly before pushing his way past it, placing his thumb right on your tongue.
“You want my fingers inside you, but you’re not willing to work for it.“ he grumbles, shaking his head as he peers down at you. You avoid his gaze by staring at his arm, fresh tattoos inked on his skin and they’re undeniably beautiful. “such a selfish fucking pussy,” he mutters, his other hand trailing down your torso and waist, before giving a light slap to your cunt. You jolt back, moaning around his thumb at the sudden action. Jungkook takes his thumb out, replacing it with two other fingers as you struggle to breathe calmly. “Suck on them, do something useful,” he taunts you, his other hand going back to rubbing slow circles against your clit. You whimper and give his fingers a brief suck, coating them in the saliva you’ve been secreting. You look up at him and his eyebrows shoot up, as if to ask you when you’re going to start doing what he says.
You swirl your tongue around his calloused fingers, coating and soaking them in your spit until it starts eventually slavering down your throat and his hand. You contract around nothing as his other hand presses on your clit, and he pulls his fingers out of your mouth before trailing it back down to your pussy.
You keen loudly once he finally decides to insert a digit in, the slide being effortless as per the slick that has been ceaselessly pouring out of you. Jungkook watches as you arch your back subconsciously in an attempt to grind down on his hand, and he scoffs at your ungrateful behavior. “Is one not enough for you? You need more?” he teases, sliding in another finger as he pumps them in and out of you with a normal pace. The strain in his pants makes it unbearable for him to work with, but he’ll do it for you. Maybe he shouldn’t have chosen to wear jeans for this, but hell, he didn’t know he’ll be stuck with a girl who gets him going more than he could possibly think.
Your moans subsequently get louder with each pump of his fingers, the curving motion that he’s doing makes it harder to resist the need to cum. The way you gradually start clenching down on his fingers gives Jungkook the assumption that you’re near your orgasm, and he stops kissing across your collarbone and cleavage as he withdraws his hand from your wet cunt. You emit a low whine with the loss of contact, how dare he remove his fingers right when you’re about to cum? With one hand Jungkook ghosts his hand around the back of your bra, unhooking the clasp and removing it from your body, while he places the two fingers he just fucked you with in his mouth, lapping up the sweet arousal you’ve produced just for him.
You take a moment to collect your breath, glancing down to the almost prominent bulge he’s been obviously fighting for a while now. A snicker leaves your mouth and Jungkook has to stop himself from turning you around and making you cum on his tongue a few times. And honestly, he’d love to see your pretty lips wrapped around his cock, but he needs to be inside you right now. If it wasn’t for his torturously hard and leaking dick in his pants he’s been so painfully aware of (even you took notice of it for fuck’s sake), he would’ve done it. He would’ve loved to have you gagging on his cock, but if he doesn’t do something about it in the next thirty seconds, he’s worried it might actually explode.
He tugs at your dainty underwear, gesturing you to remove it as he focuses on removing the rest of his clothes. Once he’s done shoving the pair of uncomfortable jeans halfway down his legs, Jungkook takes you by your thighs, lifting you up and setting you back down into the table. You shouldn’t be worrying about how cold the surface feels against your bare ass, not when he’s there, nude and pretty much the exact picture you’ve been imagining for the last—two hours now?
He’s so buff, broad shoulders that could probably be used for carrying heavy loads almost tower above you in size. The sleeve tattoos you’ve been waiting to be uncovered finally revealed and, oh they’re so pretty, running up his arm and bicep, ending just a little above his shoulder. You want to take the time to dote on them, praising every splash of ink dotted onto his skin. But Jungkook wraps your legs around his waist, and pulls you closer, aligning himself with your entrance, you lean back, reclining on the table as he pulls you by your hips to be as close to him as possible.
“Fuck—” you mutter, a quiet moan escaping your lips when he drags the tip of his cock down your slit, coating himself with your arousal before sliding in almost gradually to the point you can feel every muscle stretch around him. He’s so big, fills you up so well, not an inch of you isn't satisfied with the way he fits inside you just perfectly. Jungkook grunts when he feels you clamp tightly around him, making it difficult for him to inch further into you. So he pulls out—unfortunately so, he already misses your deliciously addicting walls around him—and shoves himself back in with an intensity that has you becoming woozy as he thrusts into you.
Moans spill out of your mouth without you wanting them to, and you have to bite down on your wrist to prevent them from getting any louder as Jungkook leans down, catching one of your breasts in his mouth and sucking, sucking and licking until the bud of your nipple is fully perked and the skin around it swollen. He retracts, glorifying your form beneath him, so pretty and fucked out, so sensuous and fragile and he doesn’t know if he can keep it up much longer with how you’re whispering and uttering lecherous mewls. Your hips move on their own accord, sinking down in time with his, making his tip hit different spots in you that have you begging for release.
“Shit—you feel so good,” he grumbles, relentlessly drilling into you with a faster pace. “You’re doing so good, fuck—being so good for me,” his moans sound so sultry in your ears, euphonious sounds echoing in your head like bells, and the words slipping past his lips too, perfect chants and praises you’d like to relish in forever. You whine perpetually at the thought of having him praise you like this endlessly without reason. You want to say something back, maybe about how good he’s making you feel, or how perfectly his cock fits inside you, but you can’t—can’t even begin to think about forming coherent phrases. Maybe if he wasn’t sucking on your tits like his fucking life depended on it while inconsistently thrusting into you, you could’ve formulate a sentence, but instead you just moan, keen in response and Jungkook is more than delighted to be able to hear those pretty whines.
Just as you feel the thread keeping you together snap, Jungkook draws out, and you groan at the delay you have to face yet again. But that’s quickly replaced with a whiny gasp when he flips you over, your stomach now laying flat on the surface of the table, and Jungkook traces his thumb up and down your cleft, glazing his fingers in the mess you’ve made. He lets a small splotch of spit drip down to the crevice of your ass, and he uses his thumb to rub it down your slit, briefly sinking it inside your cunt and pumping in and out, watching as the excessive amount of slick that coats your pussy dribbles down your thigh.
The view he’s been gifted with is enough to have him almost coming, but he replaces his thumb with his cock, and dives himself deep inside you, hitting every spot within you perpendicularly. So gorgeous you look, so pretty you sound, so nice you feel and god, he can’t take it. His hand sneakily makes its way down to your stomach, and he lifts your hips just slightly, placing his bag hand on your lower abdomen. In one fast movement Jungkook sheathes himself all the way inside you, his cock brushing against your sweet spot repeatedly and his hand pressing down firmly on your abdomen. You can feel the way he continuously batters your lower stomach, and you sigh, and you know he can feel how your belly protrudes against his hand. A muffled cry leaves your mouth as Jungkook pistons his cock inside you, brimming you with his girth while he leans down, smothering kisses across your back and nape.
He leans into your ear, nibbling slightly on your lobe before sighing, “so pretty, such a pretty slut just for me, right?” he coos, his heart palpitating and you can feel it against your head. You nod in agreement, you head moving up and down intensely as you opt to slam your ass back against his hips to bury him deeper within you. His thrusts seem to slow down, sloppily ramming into you as he feels himself nearing his climax. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” He didn’t think he’d be coming so soon, but he should’ve known better if it was your pussy he was so generously given to gratify. He takes a few seconds to thrust into you before pulling out, maneuvering himself so the thick spurts of cum land on your back instead.
Jungkook doesn’t fail to notice the way you’re both a moaning mess, and he relishes in the sounds you make, wiping the excess come that remain on his tip before so kindly pushing himself back in, and he instantly notes the way you clench around him, seemingly close to your orgasm as well. He makes a few slow drags, watching as the substance that paints your pussy surges out of you and coats his cock. “Mmh, keep—keep doing that,” you stammer, the first sentence you’ve said since he started fucking you. Jungkook complies, his eyes rolling to the back of his as he pulls out just to push back in. “Fuck—so big, fills me up so good,” you purr, your chest undulating heavily as you try to keep your mind at bay.
“Cream on my cock, baby, I know you can.” he coerces. He thinks it’s about time he lets you come anyways, you’ve been so good for him, so docile beneath him, it’s the least he can do. You give a meek little nod, whining as you feel the coil that’s been pleading to burst finally let loose, and you convulse around him, shuddering and wailing and your legs shake. “Such a good girl,” he praises, caressing the curve of your waist as he waits for you to regain your composure. “So perfect for me, yeah?” he coos, subsequently pulling out and smiling as he hears the small whine emit from your throat. Jungkook stuffs two of his fingers inside your dripping cunt, gaping at the way you spasm around them and the come-covered slick that gushes in and out of you as he fucks you.
He decides to spare you from another orgasm and pulls his fingers out, not paying any mind to your dragged out moan as he laps up the substance from his digits. “You taste so fucking good, __.” he grumbles, and you have to grit your eyes tightly in order to not witness the scene, you’re so close to asking him to fuck you again. But you know if you let that happen, there’s no way you’d be able to walk out of this room, even less so driving 45 minutes back home.
Jungkook flips you around, making you sit straight up. The coldness of the table mixed with the wetness between your thighs makes you arch your back, wanting to escape the feeling. Jungkook pulls you towards him, catching your lips in a heated kiss, you can taste yourself on his tongue and it just makes you dart yours further into his mouth. His hands run soothingly across spine, traveling to your hips and waist, and your fingers tug on his hair in return, making him groan in the kiss. Jungkook pulls away, moving the stray hairs that stick messily to your forehead and backs up, pulling his pants back on and disappearing into another room.
You take the moment to gather your thoughts, catching your breath and sighing. You did not expect whatever the hell just happened, but you’re not complaining, you terribly needed it. Jungkook was just the first person willing to give it to you, so you took your chances, and yeah it was possibly the best sex you’ve ever had, but you don’t know if you want it to happen again. Something inside you tells you there’s no way this would be the last time you see each other though, and that frightens you. How easy it was to sleep together despite the obvious tension you had at the first meeting.
It was a one time thing.
Jungkook comes strolling his way towards you, a towel in one hand and two water bottles in the other. You silently praise him for grabbing a bottle of water on his way back, the dryness in your suddenly becoming palpable. “Here, drink this,” he urges, handing you a bottle, and he doesn't need to tell you twice. You reach out and snatch the bottle, quickly removing the cap and gulping down the water to quench your thirst. Jungkook scorns at you, watching as you attempt to squeeze your legs together to prevent fluid from seeping down.
He separates your legs with his hand, intruding in your personal space again. This time though, he’s sure you won’t be surprised by his actions, and he uses the towel to clean the mess between them. You sigh, a satisfying feeling washes over you when you don’t feel so sticky anymore. “Thank you,” you quietly say, not wanting to invade the peaceful silence and make it awkward. “For what?” he asks, still concentrated on thoroughly cleaning you up before backing away, in search of your clothes.
“For the–um, water,” you sheepishly respond, and you want to slap yourself for becoming so shy again in his presence. Jungkook hums, his eyebrows shoot up in response, “only for the water?” he taunts, a small smile decorating his lips as you feel your cheeks heat up. You give him a bashful nod in return, opting to not give him any more attention to not make you a mousy little bitch in front of him. You slip off the edge of the table and bend down to grab your undergarments, ignoring the slight soreness in between your thighs and the way they still faintly quiver.
Jungkook makes it easier for you by tossing you the rest of your clothes, and he grabs his own shirt and tugs it on. He searches for his phone before quickly cheing the time, “we should hurry, they’re fast walkers.” he jests, and you roll your eyes as you bite back the need to laugh.
The two of you quickly leave the room after making yourselves look somewhat presentable, and you sneak past the way you came from before Jungkook gets pulled back. You watch as he gets dragged by your best guess is one of his friends, but you don’t miss the smug smile he sends you before turning back.
In the corner of your eye you catch Nari leaving the room in search of you, and you try your best not to stagger as you try to catch up with her. “Where the hell were you?” she probes, a concerned and irritated expression visible on her face, and you give her a blank stare before continuing to walk. “I’ll explain tomorrow,” you lie, there’s not a chance you’ll be explaining anything to her, even if she’s your friend. “I just wanna sleep.”
Nari frowns, but doesn’t ask anything else, she can tell that you’re exhausted by the way you speak. “Okay,” she starts, “you know, I didn’t get to sleep with him,” she states, and you stiffen upon hearing her, the memory of you and Jungkook still fresh on your. “But at least I got his number. That’s a positive,” she continues, and you had to stifle a laugh because she failed to do what she came here to, but at least she enjoyed the concert. “Yeah, you’ll get there, don't worry.” you reassure her.
Tumblr media
You want to scream at that alarm.
It’s been blaring for two minutes now, and it’s causing you a headache. You want to turn over and switch off your phone, but the soreness in your muscles are very prominent this early in the morning. So you groan and scour your entire bed for that damn phone. And when you finally find it, you want to chuck it across the room for giving you so much so early. And you would’ve if it wasn’t for the obscene amount of messages you’ve received overnight.
But one catches your eye. A number you don’t have registered in your phone. And you’re suddenly anxious to read them, not knowing why an unknown number would be texting you so late at night. But you sigh and press on the notification, making it enlarge on your screen so you could get a better look.
+ 82 463 7279: So when can I come by for my second round? - J.K
Tumblr media
end notes: i have no clue who’s number it is that i used for this but it’s definitely not jungkook’s.
anyways, i left the ending ambiguous so it looks like it isn’t the last time they’ll see each other, i also implied it into the story as well.
edit: apparently this didn’t queue and i added the wrong time? 😭 i had to schedule it again so i’m an hour late. i’m so sorry !! i hope you enjoyed it though <3
Tumblr media
© 2020 jeongjuk
Tumblr media
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v-hope · 8 months ago
omg so maybe the way y/n would react when someone else flirts with jk and how he’d handle the situation? 🌺
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, slice of life, established relationship, college au
word count: 1.9k
a/n: i don’t think i had ever written y/n being jealous before, it was always the boys somehow so this was fun! thank you so much for requesting! btw, this takes place on their last year of college.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk had eyes for you only.
That was no surprise. You knew that. His friends knew that. Your friends new that. And pretty much everyone with eyes could see that was the case in a heartbeat. It had been that way ever since high school, and now that you had been together for a year and he had you all to himself, it was far from ever changing.
There were certain people, however, who did not know that was the case — strangers mostly, or classmates of his who did just not give a fuck about him having a girlfriend he was madly in love with.
The latter being the case that day.
The two of you had agreed on meeting at the library to get started on a project you had signed up as partners for, as it was pretty much a given by now. And although the library was not your favourite place to go to when it came to get done with college stuff, it was the only place the two of you would truly focus in, which would be much needed this time since you had to turn it in later the next day, yet were just now getting started on, as you had both been too busy with other exams and assignments to even think about this one.
So, he had headed over there as soon as his last class ended, going up to an empty table and taking a seat, wasting no time on leaving his backpack on the chair next to his for no one else to take it as he waited for you. Not like said act of his had been of any help, though, for a girl he recognized from one of his classes —one of the few you were not in with him— had reached his side in a matter of seconds, asking if he could help her out with something from that day’s lecture she had not quite understood, and removing his backpack from the seat he was saving for you; hanging it on the back of the chair as she took a seat next to him before he could even protest.
Biting his tongue as he did not want to sound rude, he decided to just help her out in the meantime you got there. It wouldn’t take that long anyway, would it?
Only it did, for you were taking longer than you should have, and she showed no signs of planning on leaving anytime soon as she didn’t even try to hide her ulterior motives with him — from time to time trying to turn the conversation into a non-academic one, yet having to stick to it as Jeongguk made it clear he was only carrying on with the conversation as long as it was about the class.
“You’re really good at explaining” she smiled brightly, looking up from her textbook and moving her seat closer to him, which only caused him to move his slightly back as he nodded — his awkwardness making an appearance as he did not know what to answer to that. “You think maybe we could go grab some coffee later so we can talk some more about the class?”
“I have a girlfriend” he was quick to go straight to the point, informing her what he knew for a fact she was well aware of, for it was not unusual for you to go wait outside that particular class for him to come out of, since it was right next to yours and you always seemed to be done before him — meeting him with a sweet peck on the lips every single time as everyone else came out of the classroom, her included. “And she’ll be here anytime now, so…”
His classmate had seemed to take a hint as he eyed the chair she was sitting down on, silently asking her to leave. Nevertheless, she did not stand up. “I could really use the help in this class, though…” she pushed it. “Maybe you could give me your number then?”
“Oh, I’m sure you won’t be needing my boyfriend’s number” your voice had both of their heads snapping up in your direction, right as you set two coffee cups on the other side of the table and eyed both the girl next to him and the taken seat you knew was supposed to be yours. “Especially when it comes to something you can so easily ask your teacher about”.
Your cynical smile as you said those words and sat down in front of them, was all it took for the girl to send a glare your way before standing up, sweetly saying goodbye to a quite stunned Jeongguk and then taking off without even looking your way again.
Scoffing at her audacity, you shook your head, not even bothering to look at your boyfriend before you started taking your laptop out of your bag and placed it on the table.
“What took you so long?” he quietly wondered, feeling like he was tiptoeing when it came to finding the right words to say, given your displeased expression.
“Coffee run” you replied simply, staring at your laptop’s screen like your life depended on it as you turned it on.
He bit down on his bottom lip, not being able to ignore the tension in the air, yet having no idea what to do about it either.
It was funny, how before dating you he never had other people approaching him like this, yet now that he was in an established relationship, girls had apparently started to notice him out of a sudden. He was not used to it. He was not used to you being jealous. And although he knew it was not entirely his fault —since he had kept his distance from said girl— and a part of him couldn’t help but feel good about the fact that you were being jealous over him, another part of him did not feel quite as good, for he knew what you were feeling. He had been in your place multiple times when other guys flirted with you, after all, and although you turned down every single one of them, it was still upsetting all the same.
So, not knowing whether he should bring the topic up or not, he had his eyes going to the cups from your go-to coffee shop placed by your side. It was your guys’ usual, he could tell — an iced americano for you and hot chocolate for him.
“Is that one for me?” he pointed at the carton cup that was used for hot beverages.
That had seemed to catch your attention, eyes fixing on the cup he was pointing at and staring at it as you thought about it for a second. And although both of you knew the answer was positive, you shook your head no.
“Couldn’t decide, so I got both for me”.
Jeongguk couldn’t help but let an amused smile curve up the corners of his lips, knowing well enough that was your way of punishing him for letting another girl hit on him. “Oh, so you simultaneously went for a hot and an ice cold drink?”
“Mhm…” you nodded.
“Yah,” he called you out when you still wouldn’t look at him, reaching for your hands and holding them over the table. “Come sit next to me”.
“I’m good”.
“Come onnnn,” he whined with a small pout, pulling on your hands and leaving you no choice but to stand up and go over to him. “I was saving this seat for my favourite girl”.
You couldn’t help but smile at the way he had cooed those words as you sat down next to him, biting on your bottom lip not to let him see, yet being too late as a smile of his own was already taking over his mouth at the sight of yours. Loosely wrapping one of his arms over your shoulders, he pulled you closer to him, laughing under his breath when you could no longer hide your smile after his lips had pressed a lingering kiss to your cheek.
“I thought I was your only girl” you pushed it nevertheless, earning another chuckle from him.
“You are my only girl” he said the obvious. “Plus, my favourite person in the world. There’s nothing to be jealous about”.
You rolled your eyes, focusing them somewhere else as you snorted. “Wasn’t jealous” your bitter words told him otherwise. “She’s pretty, though…”
Jeongguk sighed, cupping your face in his hands and resting his forehead on yours. “I’ve had eyes for no one else but you ever since I first saw you in high school, petal. You know that” his thumbs drew tender circles on your cheeks. “I didn’t even look at her”.
“You didn’t turn her down when she asked for your number, though”.
“Did I even get the chance to?” he pointed out softly with a breathy laugh, bringing heat to your face as you were reminded of the fact you had answered for him the second the question had left that girl’s mouth. “I told her I got a girlfriend before you arrived, okay?” his mouth pressed a brief kiss to your nose. “Don’t be silly now, you know I love you”.
You smiled softly, nodding your head to let him know it was alright, and then giggling when the loving peck he had just pressed to your mouth was followed by another kiss — a much longer, slower one, as he tilted your head slightly back and sucked on your bottom lip.
“We’re in the library” you reminded him in a whisper, voice coming out muffled as you spoke against his lips.
“And you’re the only one I want” he cheesily answered, smiling at your amused reaction and pressing another kiss to your mouth before pulling away. “Now that we’ve established the facts, shall we get started on the project?”
Shaking your head in amusement, you reached for your laptop on the other side of the table and brought it up to you — then reaching for the carton cup as well and sliding it in front of him. “You’ve earned your lame hot chocolate, you sweet bastard”.
A light laugh escaped his mouth at what you had just called him, leaning in closer to you once again. “And a little smooch?” he puckered up his lips.
Getting a laugh out of you at the way he was picking up on the things you usually said, you couldn’t deny him of his petition, placing your hand behind his neck and pulling him towards you so you could press two chaste kisses to his smiling mouth.
“And an ‘I love you, bun’?” he pushed it.
“Yah,” you were the one to call him out this time with a small laugh. “All the attention has really boosted your confidence, hasn’t it?”
He giggled, saying nothing as he instead grabbed his cup and took a sip of the drink you had gotten him. You were right though, for the attention, love and praise you had given him for the past year had indeed helped one hell of a lot when it came to boosting his previous nonexistent confidence.
“Will you say it, though?”
Shaking your head no, you laughed under your breath and leaned closer to the table as you started typing down on your laptop instead. “I love you, bun”.
Although you had not even looked at him as you gave in —embarrasingly fast— and mumbled the words he had been waiting for, he smiled the brightest, knowing he had managed to lift your mood and gotten some love from you altogether.
Funny how you had came to the library so you could focus on the project, yet all he wanted and could think about right then was kissing you over and over — until the last bit of jealousy you had felt that day abandoned your body.
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taegularities · 2 months ago
changes in between (teaser) | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: “Does that mean that I can kiss you now?”
Becoming the roommate of Jeon Jungkook suddenly is the biggest change you’ve ever gotten thrown into - but little do you know that the addition of another man will bring even further turbulence into your (love) life.
pairing: Jungkook x reader (+ some Taehyung x reader)
rating: 18+
genre: roommate au, s2f2l; some crack, fluff, angst, smut
warnings (for the fic): pining, swearing, mentions of alcohol consumption, fear of the dark; explicit sexual content: multiple smutty scenes (one’s milder and with tae), slight exhibitionism lol you’ll see, soft dom!jk, big dick!jk, fingering, oral (f. & m receiving), handjob on the side, breast play, jungkook sucks some tiddies, some masturbation, dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), voice kink lol, praising, biting, soft manhandling, soft sex and rough sex, multiple orgasms, some aftercare; jealous jk :( ... jealous tae :(
wc for the teaser: 631 (around 25k for the full fic, sorry not sorry)
a/n: hi !! i was contemplating on whether i should post a teaser or not :’) but i gave in at last lmao; v excited to share this fic soon !! love my @taemaknae​​ baby for the idea & banner :( further mentions when i post the full thing hehe <3
CONTEXT FOR THE TEASER: blackout night & poor jk comes to oc bcos he’s scared of the dark :( <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m fine. But you seem to be in a cuddly mood.”
“Mmmh,” you hum, flashing a grin in his direction as you raise an eyebrow, “What if I said I am?”
Yes - you flirt all the time. Even if it’s just to tease and without real feelings behind it (or so you think). But when he actually brings his legs up with a grunt and lets your hand go to pull you into his chest, you gasp audibly, eyes shooting open in shock entirely.
“Come on. You’re tired. I’ll just stay here until you fall asleep and then leave, okay?” he assures, words so soft and his voice coated in such a tender tone that you feel your heartbeat increase. Slender fingers settle on the small of your back, and you bring your own up to place them on his strong bicep.
You nod against his chest, still wordlessly wondering what confidence overcame Jungkook to find yourself in his arms like this. But maybe, you think, he finds comfort wrapped around you, too - because his heart thumps steadily against your ear, his hands tracing your back up and down soothingly.
“Are you really okay?” you ask him again.
Jungkook sighs; even when he tries to take care of you, you’re worried about him, thinking of every way possible to make him feel better. He noticed this behaviour in you a while ago - especially on days when you paced through all the rooms, calling your family or friends over and over again when they caught something as harmless as a cold.
“I’m alright.”
You feel him bury his mouth in your hair, the phantom touch of a kiss sending shivers down your spine as he whispers, “I promise.”
Silence falls over you shortly, his breathing and the rain serving as pleasant background music as you feel your body relax. His fingers draw circles on your shirt before he pulls you closer by a bit. His chest rumbles when he speaks again, vibrations in your ear so soothing, so lovely.
“Do you have a poem for me?”
The question catches you off guard. No matter what you expected him to say now, it wasn’t this request. You search your brain for lines he might like, but the sheer amount of love, hate, sadness, family, friends and society poems that flash through your mind have you malfunctioning for a second.
“Which one?”
“Any poem. I want you to tell me one.”
The floating images in your head come to a halt as you settle on one of your favourite poetic pieces and zoom into the paragraphs you love the most. You clear your mind and your throat, trying to keep yourself awake and picking out a few lines as you recite, “Thy belt of straw and ivy buds, thy coral clasps and amber studs. All these in me no means can move, to come to thee and be thy love.”
You stop, gauging his reaction as you look up at him. His eyes open when yours meet his face, and he smiles down at you sweetly and with unleashed kindness in his pupils. A small nod encourages you further, and when he asks you to go on, you place your ear back to where it was before.
“But could youth last and love still breed, had joys no date nor age no need,” your words become slower, your voice a mere mumble as you start to drift off into sleep, the last two lines leaving you nearly as if you’re drunk, “Then these delights- my mind might move... to live with thee and be thy…”
And then, you’re gone, dozed off against his firm chest as he sighs again, arms loosening around you before he finishes your sentence.
Tumblr media
i absolutely love predictions and just chatting about anything, so if you want to talk about the plot and what might or might not happen (or anything in general), hmu !! <3
link to the taglist!
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onlyswan · 5 months ago
love rush | jjk
→ pairing: jungkook x reader
→ genre: fluff, smut
→ warnings: unprotected sex (plz wrap it up cmon), they fuck against the wall, soft!dom jk ? hairpulling, spitting . . . also if you hate cats ?
→ word count: 2.3k
↳ gold rush | love rush | sugar rush | adrenaline rush | zest rush
can be stand alone but to understand their relationship more read gold rush first <3
Tumblr media
summary: jungkook will do anything to keep you safe and happy. also, he’s a needy fucker.
note: i jus looove this couple sm and ideas have been ~forming~ in my head for the past few days. felt like writing some fluff for them,,, for now LOL another part is sitting in my drafts looks around
jungkook’s pouts go unnoticed by you as an avengers movie plays in the television. suffice to say, you aren’t really paying attention. last night, you found a really adorable game while scrolling through indie games in the app store. those are the kind of games you like, really. they’re fairly easy, has simple yet pleasing graphics, and didn’t involve cursing out other people through a microphone like your boyfriend does during his free time. you get why people enjoy that though, having gone through a phase as well years ago. but these days you just want peace and quiet. with your town of little, needy cats.
you claimed to be feeling under the weather yesterday. fatigue was eating away at your bones and you could really use a back massage and some hot chocolate. and so, he went over to stay for the rest of week wanting to tend to you. the first time he stayed over at your place, you made it clear that you will never cook and slave away at the kitchen for a man, to which he countered with an ‘are you sure you’re not just using that to cover for your poor cooking skills?’ but there was no skills to be covered as you never took the liberty to learn anyway. you don’t like cleaning very much, but the satisfaction with how your place looked after makes up for it. therefore, you don’t have any problems with having jungkook stay for however long he wants.
“how is your shelf almost full already?” was the first thing that came out of his mouth when he situated himself on the couch about two hours ago.
“i found two books in my closet. i also bought two a few days ago.” you answered, pulling your knees to your chest and leaning on his side. he chuckled and put an arm around you, kissing your temple.
“have you even read the one from last week?”
“which one?” you wondered out loud. well, shit.
“what do you mean which one?”
you let out a nervous laugh and made a very sad attempt. “oh, yes. the romance-fantasy. i ended up liking the villain a little too much. 7/10.”
he pulled away a little to look at your evidently perfidious expression. “baby, the book i bought you was about outer space.” his eyebrows raised, poking at your cheek with his index finger. you instantly felt your face become warm. so dumb. of course, he remembers. you avoided his eyes and said quietly, “okay, fine. i haven’t read it yet. it’s so pretty, i feel like i’m bound to ruin it.”
she is so adorable. jungkook’s heart swelled with affection. he smiled sweetly, showing off his perfect teeth before planting a kiss on your cheek. “don’t worry about that. just don’t leave it on the floor, baby. it’s hardbound, isn’t it? i don’t want you breaking your ankle or hitting your pretty head.” you winced at the memories of you tripping over your books. you expected him to laugh before helping. like that time you landed on your ass at the ice rink, but he got genuinely scared and worried and he has never let go of it since.
“okay, i love you.” you made sure to look into his eyes while saying it. each time, you just have to. most days, you can’t believe you’re with such a wonderful person. you finally found someone who loved you and respected you at the same time. it’s the little things he does, the thoughtful and loving words that come out of his mouth without hesitation. you have never felt safety and reassurance in a relationship. not like this. it was never like this. it made you want to beat yourself up for ever settling for less, but then you realize your past mistakes have led you to find the last train and ultimately, jungkook. what’s done is done, you decided. all that matters is that you are happy now.
back to the present. you two finished dinner the first twenty minutes of thor ragnarok. he searched up a new pasta recipe and was excited to cook it for you. it was delicious, to no surprise. the man made it his mission to appeal to your tastebuds, and that he did. he pays attention to things you like and dislike, knowledge proving itself useful during times like this. it’s the least i can do, he thinks to himself. you really don’t give yourself enough credit, he would often say to you. there’s nothing he can do to change your past, but he will damn sure do everything he can to make you happy in the now. he can’t take your pain away, but if there’s anything he can do to alleviate it to the slightest, he will make it happen.
he wants your attention. desperately. during movie nights, you are usually cuddled very close to him and making silly little comments on what’s happening in the screen whether it be a psychological thriller or romance film. but not today. your head is leaning on his shoulder and your arm is around his, his hand settled on your exposed thigh, but you are focused on building your silly little town of silly little cats.
“hello, my baby, my everything.” he tries to get your attention, pulling away to slightly shake you. “why aren’t you watching? do you wanna watch something else?”
“huh? why? i like this one.” you briefly look at him before paying attention to your phone again, clicking on fishes that will buy you another cat. you heave a sigh when mimi asks to play hide-and-seek again. my eyesight is bad, mimi. this is rude. you dart around your screen for a few seconds until you notice its tail peeking out of one of the trees. nuri, then, wants to play rock-paper-scissors. you both pick paper.
“i said you’re not watching. what even is this game?” he places his chin on top of your shoulder, observing your screen. he lets out a scoff. “baby, they won’t die if you leave them alone for the rest of the night.” he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls on his lap. “pleaseee,”
you roll your eyes at your needy boyfriend. “and what? you will die if i leave you alone for the rest of the night?” you raise your eyebrows at him. he eagerly nods at your question. “never leave me alone. i’ll miss you and i will die.” how he can manage to keep a serious expression while saying such ridiculous words is beyond you.
“jeon jungkook, you are the most dramatic person ever.” you cry out, slapping his chest. he finally cracks up, his laughter vibrating off his body. his breath tickles your neck, making you squirm away.
since you feel bad for ignoring him and the movie for the past hour, you decide to give up on your game for tonight. “alright, i’m sorry, baby. i’ll just go pee and after this you pick another movie, okay?” you kiss his cheek. he flashes you his beautiful smile and nods, seeming to like the idea of getting to pick the next movie. you toss your phone to the side and head for the bathroom.
meanwhile, jungkook takes your phone in curiosity before grabbing a pack of gummy bears from the table and popping a few in his mouth. he explores what you have made so far. he finds a brown cat named stella all laid out on top of some observatory, which he thinks is adorable. he also plays hide-and-seek with pepper. he had a bit of a hard time, darting all over the screen until he notices its head peaking out with twenty seven seconds left in the timer. he also unconsciously smiles triumphantly when he wins rock against scissors with sniffy.
he quickly turns it off when he hears the bathroom door close, reverting his eyes back to the television. you sit beside him and place your legs over his lap, snuggling close to his chest. he smells like fresh laundry and vanilla and the watermelon shampoo you own. and you’re grateful for tranquil moments like this, when having one person by your side feels as if you can never ask for anything more from the universe because it finally led you to what you’ve always longed for, but thought was greedy and impossible. happiness and contentment.
“oh my god,” your eyes roll to the back of your head, holding on to your boyfriend for dear life as he fucks into you as if he’s getting paid for it and the rent is due tomorrow moaning. you moan his name like a broken mantra. you are sensitive as hell. he made you cum twice on the couch and then carried you to the bedroom, and you were hoping to finally at least lay down on your soft matress. on your silk pillowcases. but no, your questionable boyfriend decided to do a questionable thing and is now pounding you against your bedroom wall. concerned for my health, my ass.
“i fucking hate you,” you cry out, his pelvis grinding against your clit making you tense up and your toes curl. “god! fucking hell, so good. so good.” he is bouncing you up and down like you weighed nothing, even having the audacity to suck all over your neck and chest. you grab a handful of his hair, tugging his head towards you before smashing your lips against his. your tongues chase one another, making for a sloppy kiss. you bite his bottom lip and slightly tug on it before having to let go to moan.
“oh, shut up. you fucking love me,” he smirks against your mouth, moving his hips harder as if to prove his point. the lewd sounds of your wetness and his balls slapping against your ass only drive him further. he looks down at where the two of you are connected. if it is impossible, he just became hornier. the sight is majestic to him, watching you take all of his dick, completely covered in your juices. on the other hand, you notice where his gaze went. that further spurs your arousal and your walls flutter around his big cock, making him choke out a series of curses. “holy fucking shit, baby. so fucking tight. don’t want to let me go, huh?”
“no, don’t want to,” you answer incoherently, wrapping your arms around his neck. you whimper pathetically, tears gathering at the corner of your eyes as you tremble in pleasure in his arms. he presses kisses on your ear, nibbling on your earlobe. you are hyperaware of every sensation in your body, your mind in a haze. “i’m gonna cum, kook. fuck, so close. please.” you whine, tears of euphoria spilling.
“yeah, baby? gonna cum for me again?” he eggs you on, adjusting the way he’s holding you before he’s pounding into you roughly against the wall, just the way you like it. you scream, your fear of falling from before melting away as you near your climax.
he tugs at your hair and levels your face to him. “ah!” you exclaim at the unexpected pain. “look at me,” upon hearing his domineering voice, you force your heavy lids to open. he is glistening with sweat, toned chest rising up and down. his lips look swollen and red from all the kissing and biting. his damp hair makes him look sexier in your eyes. “open your mouth,” you are dazed and confused but you obey right away. your eyes widen as he spits in your mouth, feeling the glob of saliva fall on your tongue. “swallow, baby.” as if hypnotized, you swallow. you feel your body burn up. you are unbelievably turned on, your brain is unable to form any words. oh my fucking god. this man.
“hmm, fuck. that’s my girl. you’re so fucking hot. are you gonna cum for me?” his words of praises drive you towards the edge. your ears are ringing as you reach the peak of euphoria. jungkook continues to fuck you through your orgasm, soon after he’s coating your walls with his cum. you fall limp into his arms.
“you’re crazy. you’re fucking crazy.” you mutter tiredly against his shoulder, sniffling.
“well, did you like it though?” he brings you over to the bed, collapsing beside you. “liked it a lot,” you admit sheepishly, hiding into your pillow.
“don’t hide from me!” he exlaims with a laugh. he snakes his arm under your neck and pulls your head over his chest. “liked it, too. a lot. you know you can tell me if i do anything that makes you uncomfortable, right?” he presses a kiss to your temple and looks you in the eyes. he then frowns and wipes away the tears from under your eyes and your cheeks.
“i know, baby. thank you,” you yawn sleepily. “i’m tired now. this is all your fault.” jungkook snorts at your snappy after sex complaints. nonetheless, he pulls away to do aftercare, which he genuinely enjoys doing.
after cleaning you up, he massages your sore legs. “what’s the name of the game you’re playing?” he asks all of the sudden. his sparkly curious eyes look at you expectantly. you chuckle at the man before you. asking for the name of a cat game as if he didn’t fuck you against the wall and spit in your mouth not even half an hour ago.
“and why are you asking?”
“i just happened to glance at your phone and thought stella was cute.” jungkook shrugs his shoulders. his hands continue to work on your calves.
“okay, liar. it’s called cats are cute.” you reach over to the nightstand and take his phone.
“what are you doing?”
“i’m downloading the game on your phone.” you answer while typing on the search bar.
“oh, okay.”
they’re so cute i’m so fucking sad ok gnnn
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jkstompers · 6 months ago
passing notes | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x female reader
summary: a year of crushing and jungkook’s finally asked you out on a proper date. 
genre: classmates to lovers??!, established friendship, they go on a date <3, jk is so stressed out, !fancy restaurant warning!, jk is A GENTLEMAN!! but wbk, oc is a nerd but is BOLD AF!!
warnings: mature!! (18+!!), SMUT,...they make out, LOTS of built up tension is let out tonite!, fingering, praise kink, handjob, backseat action, semi-public sex?? very strong language, jk overuses the nickname ‘baby’
word count: 9k
author’s note: pt. 3 of seatmate!jk. WE’VE GOT SOME FILTH TODAY PPL!!!!!!! this is my first time releasing a piece of writing that has smut in it so pls!! let me know what u think!!! i’m open to criticism but i cry easily so… pls pls be nice (T▽T) LMAO!! i also completely made up the program for ocean scientists that oc talks about LMAO i just needed her to ramble for a bit hahahah
additional note: also pls imagine jungkook looking like this in class and then wearing this for their date. also if ur curious, this is what i imagined oc’s dress to look like :)
okay enjoy!! thank u ( ˘ ³˘)
Tumblr media
it was the end of the semester and of course, the only time jungkook would be running late to class was when he was finally going to ask you out on a date. so far, everything seems to be going against the idea. his alarm didn’t go off on time, the shower took way too long to warm up, and his car was low on gas. now he’s speed walking, almost running, to lecture to make sure that his seat next to you isn’t taken. 
he wants to make sure this goes perfectly. he spent the past two weeks stressing over the plans. asking for recommendations for nice restaurants in the city in almost every group chat he was in. his friend (the one with parents as ceo’s, eunwoo), helped him and got him a reservation at this one five star restaurant that jungkook’s never been to. eunwoo told him that it was the prettiest place he’s ever been to, said it would be perfect for a first date. 
jungkook specifically remembers you telling him that you’ve never gone on an actual dinner date. ice cream dates, movie theater dates, and amusement park dates were what you were used to. there was nothing wrong with that, it’s just that you’ve never experienced a candlelit dinner at a restaurant, that’s it. jungkook just wanted to be the first one to experience it with you. 
so when his morning starts off this shitty, he wonders if his plans are falling apart. he tries to keep a good, positive mindset, but he’s already so nervous and the universe seems to be telling him: don’t do it, she’ll reject you, you’re gonna look stupid in front of her. 
meanwhile, you’re early this lecture. it was the last class of the semester and you were hoping that you could get a nice conversation with jungkook in before it started. the two of you have gotten a lot closer since you last hung out. the chain of events starting with you apologizing for being so embarrassing, 
[12:44 pm] you: jungkook!!! oh my god i am so sorry for last night 😭
[12:45 pm] you: i don’t take alcohol very well 😖
[12:50 pm] jungkook: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
[12:50 pm] jungkook: no need to apologize! are u feeling sick? hungover? 
[12:52 pm] you: omg no not really
[12:52 pm] you: ur a great drinking buddy, i owe u one 🥺
[12:53 pm] jungkook: it’s alright cutie
[12:54 pm] jungkook: just happy ur feeling okay :) 
[12:56 pm] you: let me make it up to u 😭 i’ll buy us lunch one of these days? 
[12:57 pm] jungkook: ah no can do cutie 
[12:57 pm] jungkook: have to buy u dinner first 
the thought of the conversation makes you smile. that one conversation starting the domino effect of the two of you talking almost everyday for the past two weeks. you couldn’t help but expect jungkook to at least be here, but if he didn’t wanna come, then he didn’t have to. 
you sat in your seat, patiently waiting for the one next to you to be filled by him. the hall was starting to fill now and class was about to start. you look around one last time to see that jungkook is still nowhere to be seen, and that a familiar brown-haired guy was beginning to walk up to you. 
“hello, ___! is this seat taken?” taehyung smiles brightly, you look down at the seat next to you. your bag saving the spot for jungkook. maybe he skipped this lecture, since it was practically for nothing anyway, you’ve already taken the final and there was no other material to learn, it was more so to wrap things up and see if anyone still needed to understand something. 
your brain comes to a conclusion. you remove your bag and say, “no, go ahead,” to taehyung with a small smile on your face, one that hides the disappointment riddling your mind. 
it’s about five minutes after the professor starts talking when jungkook finally walks in. he looks up to try and find you as he walks up the steps of the auditorium. his eyes land on you and taehyung, chatting amongst yourselves. he can’t help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy, that’s his seat. even though there were no assigned seats, the place next to you was always his, that’s just how it was, and seeing someone else sitting there, especially taehyung, makes jungkook’s green monster pop out. 
you feel a presence step behind you while you were talking to taehyung, and before you know it, jungkook is sitting in the seat next to taehyung. “oh! good morning, jungkook!” you’re smiling to him. he doesn’t grant you one of his regular vocal responses, rather he gives you a tight-lipped grin before he leans back into his chair and focuses on whatever the professor was saying. 
maybe he was jealous. witnessing you and taehyung having a wonderful conversation, one that makes you smile and laugh like he does. you didn’t even notice him when he came up the stairs, only greeting him when he sat down. no, he was definitely jealous. 
you’re stealing glances his way, pretending to be interested in whatever taehyung is talking about. he’s wearing the most boyfriend-est outfit in the world. a white long sleeve with grey sweatpants, his long hair tied up in a ponytail. you’re unconsciously biting your lip as you stare at him, he’s just so cool. he’s not even doing much other than looking straight forward. but this angle lets you see his sharp jawline and his side profile perfectly. 
you felt bad, one hundred percent. you should have told taehyung that the seat was taken, because now he was talking your ear off and you didn’t mind it, but you wanted someone else to be talking your ear off and it was the guy sitting next to him. 
when taehyung changes his focus to your professor talking about a summer he had in paris. you steal another glance at jungkook. you catch him staring at you, your eyes meet. he doesn’t keep the connection, cutting it off by moving his head and looking straight ahead. his jaw clenches, arms coming over and across his chest. he seems angry, you pick up on the energy now. an idea pops in your head to try and make him feel better. reaching into your bag to find one of your index cards, writing a message on it. 
feeling okay? 
you scoot your chair back a bit, pretending to stretch as you tap jungkook’s shoulder. he turns his head to you, eyebrows raised. you hand him the paper. he stares at first, eyes flickering between you and the paper. reluctantly, he takes it, unfolding his crossed arms to receive the note. you scoot back into your seat and lean into the table, lowering your chin onto the desk. 
jungkook tries to hide his smile as he reads your little note. how could he ever stay mad at you? it wasn’t your fault he was late. so he replies, his black ink has a stark contrast against your green highlighter. he can already feel his bad mood brightening. 
yeah, didn’t save me a seat? :( 
this time he folds the note, handing it to taehyung and telling him to pass it to you. “really? you’re passing notes? we’re in college, jeon.” taehyung snickers as he slides the paper towards you. 
you let a small laugh, reading the note. taehyung’s scolding continues as you write your response on the index card. you changed your green highlighter out with a blue pen. 
i came super early :( waited 20 mins for u </3 but i didn’t think u were coming so i let taehyung sit here 
you send it back and watch jungkook’s somewhat straight face contort into a smile. there it is, the smile that you know and love. 
jungkook on the other hand could cry. you came early. you waited for him. god, had he royally fucked this up. he makes his mind up now. 
i’m sorry :( let me make it up to u? can i take you out on a date tonight? 
check: ◯  yes ◯ no 
jungkook keeps the paper for a good minute, reading the note over and over again, thinking about how childish this way of asking is. but at the same time, jungkook knows that if he talks to you about it after class, he’ll gloss over the words and never ask you. letting the reservation and plans he made weeks ago render themselves useless. it was now or never. 
so he fully sends it, tapping your shoulder and giving it to you directly. you open the note and scan the words, sending him the sweetest look he’s ever received in his life. he thinks that would be a yes. he hopes. you write something onto the card and pass it back to him, your hand grazing his for a second. 
⚫ yes :) ♡ ◯ no 
the rest of the class passes pretty quickly. not that you were paying any attention. jungkook had emailed you a link to a game that the two of you could play, a weird version of snakes. jungkook kept cheating, you swore it, but in all honesty, you knew you couldn’t compete when it came to jungkook and his computer games. a clap from the professor breaks your attention from your screen, “alright, that was the last class of anatomy 101!” he then goes on a two minute long speech thanking the entire class for their great work this past year. he ends his ment with, “good luck and make good decisions! have a fun summer!” 
you take your time packing your things, a little too long for someone that just has a laptop to put into their bag. taehyung says goodbye to the both of you and leaves first, the seat in between you both empty. now it was just the two of you. a small blush creeps onto your cheeks. you were well past your high school crush phase, but jungkook makes you feel so shy again. 
you try to hide it by speaking first, “so, a date?” 
he sends you that award winning smile that makes you swoon. “yeah, did you change your mind?” 
you shake your head. “is it casual? fancy? want me to wear a dress again?” you tease, finally pushing your computer into your bag and standing. 
jungkook gulps. you looked so pretty that night in a dress. “fancy,” he answers, “you can wear a dress if you want, pantsuits are cool too— whatever you want.” he finishes packing as well, standing next to you as you both begin to walk down the stairs. 
“okay then,” you smile. “what time should i be ready?” 
“i’ll come and pick you up at seven, is that okay?” he replies, hand in his pockets. you both make your way out of the room and start to move towards the parking lot. 
“sounds good,” you nod, approaching your car. jungkook walks you to your door, his eyes focused on your sweet smile and your eyes. if jungkook didn’t know any better, he would have thought you were leaning closer towards him. a small laugh leaves your throat. “see you later, kookie.” 
he sends you a smile, the nickname tugging at his heartstrings. the realization hits him after you’ve already driven away and he’s sitting in the driver seat of his car. an embarrassing blush covers his face, he takes a deep breath and laughs to himself. finally. a year of crushing and he’s finally asked you on a proper date. 
Tumblr media
jungkook is quite frankly, freaking the fuck out. he isn’t sure what to wear and his hair isn’t working with him. the long strands seemingly out to make his life a living hell when he tries to style it. one strand always looks out of place, or the way that it parts doesn’t sit right. he’s pacing his bathroom, debating if he should just shower again and take all the stupid fucking product out of his hair. 
he gives in after ten minutes of deliberation. a quick shower removing all the wax and gel from his hair. the ends of his hair dripping when he goes to check his phone, the time reading: 6:45. he was gonna be late to pick you up. now he’s full on panicking. he has no other choice then to skip the hair product all together and just let his hair dry and part on it’s own. he slides on his all black fancy outfit he had planned out just in case the first one didn’t work out. he steps out of his apartment after grabbing his car keys, wallet, and the flowers he bought earlier in the day for you. 
a friend of his works in a flower shop. jungkook remembers you saying  that you like all flowers and that you couldn’t choose if you had to. so his friend asked what you were like, trying to figure out a way to style the bouquet without knowing your favorites. jungkook said the general things; you’re sweet like an apple, probably sweeter, like candy. you’re so pretty, it’s blessing that he’s able to lay his eyes upon you. you’re smart, too smart for him to flirt stupidly like he always does, ‘cause you outsmart him and flirt with him back in a wittier way. you’re— that was enough information, his friend told him he was babbling again. jungkook only had to wait ten minutes for his friend to finish fixing up a beautiful bouquet for you. 
the bouquet is placed on the passenger seat as he starts his car, texting you when he realizes it’s almost five minutes until 7. 
[6:54 pm] jungkook: fuck 
[6:54 pm] jungkook: i’m gonna be a little late
[6:55 pm] jungkook: i swear i’m not standing u up
[6:55 pm] jungkook: ok i’m putting my phone down to drive to u now, sorry cutie!! 
[6:57 pm] you: ah okay! 
[6:57 pm] you: i was getting a little worried haha
[6:58 pm] you: see u in a bit <3
jungkook drives safely, but efficiently to your apartment. the drive only taking about five minutes because the stop lights were gracing him with green lights his entire way to you. he parks right in front, grabbing the flowers and hopping out of the car. when he knocks on your door, he starts to feel his nerves work against him. the adrenaline from rushing here gave him enough energy to hype himself up, but now as he’s standing here at your door, waiting for you to answer, his throat starts to dry and his hands start to sweat. 
the metal door slides open, revealing you. in your silk dress, draping over your body in the most flattering way. the neckline deliciously hangs down to reveal your cleavage ever so slightly and the slit on the dress, displaying your thigh teasingly. jungkook is speechless at his first glance at you. his eyebrows raise and his mouth drops open, catching himself drooling once you step out from your apartment. 
“h— hi, you look— wow,” he stumbles over his words, taking a step back to admire you once again. “you’re fucking stunning.”  
you brush your hair back behind your ear, your hand covering the blush covering your cheeks. “thank you, you look very handsome, jungkook.” you reach out and play with his black tie. he looks down when you do, remembering that he was holding a bouquet of flowers for you. 
he holds them out, “these are for you.” like a kid giving his crush a dandelion he picked from the grass. 
“these are gorgeous, jungkook! thank you.” you look up to him with your signature sweet eyes, the ones that never fail to make him melt. “just give me one sec, i’ll put these down and then we can go?” you ask, holding onto the bouquet and waiting for him to respond. a quick nod is all you need to open your door and place them in the fridge. you come out a few seconds later, locking your door and standing by jungkook again. 
“that was fast,” he comments. he holds his arm out for you to hold, which you gratefully take. 
“i just put them in the fridge, my grandma showed me the trick, it helps them live a little longer,” you explain. the two of you walking out to his parked car. he never lets your hand touch the handle, always opening the door for you. 
“when they die, i’ll just buy you new ones.” closing the door for you and making his way to the drivers seat. 
you scrunch your nose. when he comes back and joins you in the car, you voice your worry. “it’s kind of a waste, don’t you think?” 
he shakes his head, “if it’s for you, nothing’s a waste.” 
jungkook was a professional with his words. always rendering you speechless. 
with that he starts the car and begins driving into the busier part of seoul. he makes his way into the restaurants parking garage, the building looks to be about five stories. the architecture itself looks expensive, you wonder where jungkook is taking you tonight. he parks the car, turning off the engine, and moving to open the door for you. he takes your hand and you hold onto your dress, fixing it once you get out of the car. god, you’re so pretty. he was so nervous. 
“ready, my lady?” he smiles, his arm out for you to hold. 
it makes you laugh, a snort almost. “i’ve never seen you so proper, mr. jeon.” 
“only for you,” he winks. your heels click against the concrete floor as he leads the two of you into the building. the high ceilings and multiple chandeliers are what greet you first, the brightness of the place giving the sun something to rival. jungkook brings you over to the waiting area, telling you to wait for a minute as he checks you guys in. 
this was crazy to say the least. the last time you went on a date, it was to the movie theaters. you’ve never been in a place like this; a doorman greeting every guest as they walk in, checking in to eat, multi-story, etc. the more you look around, the cooler it is. “let’s go?” jungkook’s voice makes you turn your head. you stand, taking his hand. 
the two of you follow a man wearing a black and white suit, with a long tail jacket. he brings you to the elevators, holding the doors open for you both. you step in and he presses the fifth button, which was the top floor. you squeeze jungkook’s hand. he repeats the action, looking to you and silently asking if you were okay with the look in his eyes and the raise of his eyebrows. you nod, a smile on your face. 
with that the elevator doors open, the metal doors sliding apart to reveal a private terrace. only a couple tables on the entire floor. a few people sitting down and enjoying their dinners. beautiful greenery surrounding the perimeter, the night sky only making it prettier. your mouth is left agape, you’re stuck in the elevator, speechless. jungkook gently tugs you forward, following the suit man to the table. 
jungkook pulls your chair out for you. you could cry at the chivalry. you sit and he pushes the chair in, jungkook follows soon, sitting in the chair across from you. the man hands the two of you the menu and moves away from the table, standing back near to the elevator, waiting until you are both ready to order. 
“this is fucking crazy,” you whisper-shout. the terrace was lit by these bright fairy lights that were hidden in the plants and were above the tables as well. it looked like little fairies and fire flies were in the air, roaming around. 
“i know right!” jungkook looked as surprised as you were. “i asked my friends for some help and holy shit!” 
“they know you’re on a date with me right now?” you ask, raising your eyebrows. 
to this he furrows his eyebrows, “of course they do, i talk about you all the time—”but he stops himself from exposing himself any further. you can’t help but giggle. “i mean, i asked them to help me make this special, and here we are.” 
you swoon. he’s so sweet for planning all of this out and wanting to make you feel special. the two of you look through the menu, jungkook warns you not to look at the prices, telling you to get whatever you want because the price doesn’t matter. but of course, your eyes stray to the numbers, the meals costing a pretty penny for a simple spaghetti plate, the cheapest thing on there. you were craving pasta anyway, you didn’t mind. the two of you order and wait for the food to arrive. 
the city of seoul was just below you, not too high but high enough to turn people into smaller figures of themselves. the night lights look gorgeous from up here. the warm summer night only complimenting the gorgeous atmosphere. 
“the view is so pretty,” you gaze out into the city. the pretty colors from all the lights of the different stores and restaurants complementing each other so beautifully. 
jungkook was in awe, he knows that the city below you is gorgeous, but he can’t seem to get his eyes off of you. your chin resting in the palm of your hand as your eyes search through the streets. “yeah…” he agrees, “very beautiful.” he smiles, only looking at you. 
the food comes and you both dig in. the two of you enjoy some conversation with each other as you eat. the topic of growing up comes up, both of you explaining the occupations you wanted, and you said something that sparked curiosity in jungkook. “your childhood dream was to live in california?” he smiles, chewing on his steak. most of the time kids dream about going to the moon or finding atlantis, but you wanted to go to america? 
you nod, “sounds funny right? when i was a teen, i watched a lot of 90210.” 
“is that all though? you only wanted to go because of a tv show?” he asks. there’s something you’re hiding, and jungkook can see it in the way that you hide your smile. 
at first, you hesitate, but you open your mouth to speak, “well— there is— no, it’s embarrassing.” you shake your head, changing your mind and reverting your eyes down. staring at the plate of pasta in front of you. guys you talked to didn’t wanna hear about it, they thought what you were into was boring, embarrassing almost. a part of you feared that jungkook would feel the same. 
you feel his hand on your chin, tilting your head up. “i wanna hear about it.” his face telling you the truth, the sincerity in his eyes as he patiently waits for you to explain. 
“there’s this science program in california, they explore new ideas for researching the ocean, like trying to see what lurks in the deep blue, helping fix the rising oceans, everything-- oh my god, and they like go on field trips to different countries to see the coastlines and historical sites—” you cut yourself off when you realize that you’re talking at the speed of light. “i’m rambling.” you were terrified to see his reaction. 
but when your eyes finally meet jungkook’s, they’re full of light. and his smile is so big. “dude, that’s so dope!” he grins, “i didn’t know you were so into the ocean!” 
it was the bare minimum, being nice, but that was hard to find when it came to the majority of the male species. obviously, jungkook is above average, he only proves that the more time you spend with him. 
“oh, i love it! my parents would bring me to the beach and i would cry every time we would have to leave, aquariums too, and the fish section in the pet stores.” you gush, leaning into the table to tell jungkook more. he leans into his hand, resting his cheek against his fist as he listens to you spill your knowledge and love. 
he notes that the next date should be at the beach or an aquarium. it was a great time for him to learn this, especially since it was summer. the weather in favor of the cold ocean waves. jungkook swears he can listen to you talk until the end of time. your sweet voice can be the narration to his life, he’d never get sick of it. 
the food on both of your plates had been cleared, the conversation sizzling into a comfortable silence before the man came back to give you the bill. jungkook doesn’t let you see it, instead just sticking his card in the black folder thing, and giving it back to the fancy suit man. it wasn’t long before he came back, handing jungkook back his card and giving the both of you a lollipop with gold flakes encased inside. 
you gasp at the piece of candy, now that was ridiculous. you weren’t one to reject a lollipop though, gratefully taking the candy and popping it into your mouth. jungkook does the same. it tastes of blueberry. at this point he stands up, moving in front of you and holding his hand out to you. “let’s look around? i heard they have a cool museum on the second floor.” 
you take his hand, “i love museums!” the two of you make your way to the elevator, the man (he never told you his name) kept the door open for you both. he presses the second floor button when jungkook asks him for the museum. the elevator landing on the second floor, the doors slide open to show a completely empty art hall. this place shocking you every chance it gets. you didn’t think it could get better, but it did. 
when the two of you exit the elevator, the man leaves you to it, taking the elevator down and leaving you alone. your eyes scan the place, huge paintings on the walls, small paintings in collages, some sculptures on the floor, it felt like a pop-up museum. you both make your way down the enormous hallway, both sides of the room’s wall displaying works of art. you stop at one specific painting, the familiar work has you spewing random facts. “these are the lovers! i had to analyze this once,” you speak. the art displaying a couple kissing, both of their heads covered by a white sheet. “the real one is in australia, i think.” you laugh, tapping the lollipop against your lips. 
jungkook listens intently, but he doesn’t pay attention to the painting on the wall. everytime he does, his eyes always revert to you. the art doesn’t stand a chance against you in his book. you, yourself, were a piece of art, one that was rare in this world, one of a kind. 
he can’t seem to resist. taking your hand and raising it over your head, the way that they do in ballroom dancing. if a twirl was what he wanted, then so he got it. “beautiful,” he compliments, pulling you in close for a hug. the two of you swaying in the middle of the hall of this stupidly expensive restaurant. 
you look up to him, making full eye contact as the two of you lean on one foot to the other. probably looking like a lovesick couple, getting lost in the moment. which, you were. your eyes flicker from his eyes down to his lips, he seems to do the same thing. his hand moves to caress your face, the swaying ceased. now the two of you are centimeters apart, noses brushing against each other. if jungkook doesn’t kiss you now, he thinks he’ll combust. so when he feels you pushing forward, he does the same, meeting you in the middle. your lips connect. the kiss almost identical to the painting in front of you. 
jungkook swears he felt himself levitating. your lips are sweet, the blueberry flavor of the lollipop lingering on them. he’s had his fair share of kisses in his life. makeouts, pecks, cheek kisses, all types of kisses. but something about this one tells him that he’s in for it. he’ll never be able to get enough now that he’s gotten a taste. 
neither of you want to take it too far; swallowing each other's faces in a distinguished, five star restaurant’s museum didn’t seem very proper. so the two of you make your way out of the building, thanking everyone at the front desk, especially the man that helped you out today, and walking into the parking garage where jungkook’s car was. 
when you get to his car, he moves to open the passenger door for you but you stop him with a hand on his arm. you reach to open the back door handle and his eyes almost bulge out. everyone knows what happens in the backseat, and jungkook did not prepare himself for something like this. 
you look up at him with the most innocent eyes, but there’s something devious hidden in your smile when you ask, “do you wanna talk for a bit longer? in the backseat? it’s more comfortable than sitting in the front.” 
jungkook never took you for someone this bold. it’s either you didn’t know the meaning of the backseat (which was totally fine) or you knew very well, and had plans to devour jungkook (which was also totally fine).
he chickens out, his hands starting to sweat. “do you want to just go for a little walk or something?” it’s not like jungkook didn’t want anything to happen, it’s that he did. if he starts, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever recover from it. he walks a tightrope around you when it comes to his self control. one wrong move, and he’s terrified that he’ll fuck everything up. 
“oh, it’s just my feet kinda hurt from these heels.” you pout, lifting you foot up to show him the almost stiletto heel. 
his eyes widen. why didn’t he think of that? “oh— oh shit, i didn’t even— yeah, let’s sit.” he tugs on the door, letting you slide into the back seat. he follows, leaving a good amount of space between you both to make sure that there was nothing too suspicious going on. you hope your bold moves hide your nervousness, despite your confidence, jungkook’s unsure looks make you want to curl up into a ball. did he not want this? 
the air was different now. in the restaurant the two of you had been so carefree, slow dancing in the museum, and landing a sweet kiss on each other’s lips. but now, an uncomfortable silence tears at the two of you. your hesitance makes you speak, trying to see if a conversation would ease the tension in the air. “i had a lot of fun tonight, kookie, thank you.” 
it seems to comfort jungkook, he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. with a small smile on his face he replies, “me too, i was really nervous you wouldn’t like the food.” 
“oh it was good! i’ll eat anything really, it’s just—“
“you didn’t like the place? was it too much—“
“no, jungkook, oh my god— i loved it, it was just really expensive, i still feel really bad about you paying for all of it,” you look to him seriously. “let me give you at least my half?” 
he shakes his head, “i asked you out on this date, it means i pay, don’t worry about the price.” 
you roll your eyes playfully, “big spender huh?”
a pretty laugh escapes his lips. “hard worker too.” 
to this you smile, you stare at his impossibly-perfect face, noticing a stray eyelash on his cheek. you see a chance to strike and you take it immediately. you lean forward to swipe it off. jungkook almost leans into your touch. he’s so terrified that he’ll embarrass himself right now, so he’s been holding back tremendously. but the way you pick the eyelash off and place it on your thumb with a smile on your face, it eases most of the tension in his chest. 
“make a wish!” you hold your thumb up to his lips. his eyes cross to look at the piece of hair on your finger, but nevertheless he obliged. shutting his eyes tight, making a wish, and blowing the eyelash off of your thumb. 
you let out a small cheer before you ask him, “what’d you wish for?” 
“if i told you then my wish wouldn’t come true, right?” he boops your nose. suddenly, jungkook doesn’t feel so nervous. his nerves calming at the feeling of your soft hands against his face. you make him so nervous, but at the same time you make him so comfortable and make him want to be himself. it seems as though the two of you were staring at each other for a while. jungkook was thinking about how much he likes you, the same ideas run through your mind. the thoughts make you wish for something more. 
“can i kiss you again, kookie?” 
he stares at you, weighing his options. if he kisses you now, then he has to strategically only give you a few kisses, he absolutely cannot make out with you, or else, jungkook will succumb to his desires.
but he takes a little too long to respond. the both of you overthinking the fuck out of the situation. it makes you draw back. “it’s okay if you don’t want—“ 
“no, no, please, kiss me,” he brings you back, moving closer to you. licking his lips in anticipation as you slowly push forward, closing the gap between you both. the kiss is so sweet, like the one in the museum. jungkook can still taste the blueberry lingering on your lips. he doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of kissing you. 
you pull away first. your eyes scanning his face to see any expression of regret. there’s none. his hand moves to the side of your face, caressing your face and bringing you to him once again to meet your lips. he can’t get enough. “tell me what you wished for, please,” you speak against his lips. 
he smiles into the kiss. he wasn’t going to tell you, but since you were asking so nicely, he gives you a kiss on the cheek when he answers, “i wished for a second date.” 
“oh, didn’t you know?” you kiss both of his cheeks before speaking again, “i grant wishes,” with wink.
“fuck, you’re so cute,” he thinks out loud, it makes you blush. pink cheeks out for show and jungkook thinks you look even cuter. he dives in for one more kiss, telling himself this will be the last one, but when you make sweet noises against his lips, it has him wanting more. hands moving down to your waist, pulling you in and letting you climb onto his lap. he pulls away first, trying to get a hold of himself. “i uh— actually, didn’t plan for this to happen,“ he mumbles against your skin, tripping over his words. 
you look down, arms wrapped around his neck. “hm? what did you plan?” 
“we were supposed to kiss on the next date i take you on and i didn’t think— we’re just ahead of schedule, that’s all.” jungkook tries to explain that he didn’t want to rush it, god no. he wanted to take his time, make sure that you didn’t feel pressured to do anything. but now, it seems like you’re taking the wheel and jungkook doesn’t mind it one bit.
“oh so you had like a real plan? like times and everything?” the thought of it makes you laugh, and the way that jungkook flushes makes you want to pinch his cheeks. 
he pouts when you giggle, “don’t laugh, i just really, really wanted to do it right, you’re just so amazing and i didn’t wanna fuck it up.”
you smile at his concern. the fact that you have the uni heartthrob planning dates in his head down to the details and wanting to be sure he does it right makes your head spin. you hope jungkook doesn’t notice the way that your heart is beating three times the normal rate when you go to kiss him again. the only sounds in the car are labored breaths and your lips smacking together. it doesn’t take long before you’re grinding into him. his growing bulge rubbing against your soaking core. a groan leaving him when you grind particularly harder, his hands moving to your ass to grip it. you melt in his arms, small whimpers leaving your throat as jungkook drinks them up
you pull away from his lips, giving his cheeks attention then leaving a trail of kisses as you make your way to his ear. one final kiss is planted below his earlobe before you whisper, “am i ruining your plans, kookie?” 
jungkook tries his best to conceal his groan, tries his best to ignore his incredibly hard dick in his jeans, but you’re so pretty and you’re on top of him, kissing him. it feels like a dream to jungkook. it is quite literally a dream come true. 
he was already playing with fire, your body a flame in the cold, he moves closer and closer until he burns. “fuck plans,” he breathes. a hand comes back to caress your face once again. filthy thoughts flooding his brain. he wonders what being in between your legs is like, what you sound like when you cum. he wants to make you cry and beg for his cock. but he holds himself back, knowing that you’ll have time to try everything out, if you wanted of course. he leans the both of you forward, his large hands splayed on your back to secure you on his lap. your lips find each other once more. “can i touch you?” he asks so sweetly, a hidden poison weaving through that you can slightly hear through the deep rumble of his voice. 
you’ve never wanted anything more. “please,” you nod. your lips chasing his when he pulls further away. 
jungkook smiles at the action. “lay on my lap, baby.” he instructs, tapping your thigh. the nickname rolling off his tongue, his voice seemingly dropping an entire octave. you raise your leg and move it over to sit on his lap, sideways. your back against the car door and his right hand rubbing your thighs ever so gently. 
“like this?” you ask, looking to him for reassurance. he looks to you with eyes that you’ve never seen, lusted and dark. 
“mhm, perfect,” he nods. “good girl.” the praise goes straight to your belly, your panties flooding from how much you want him. his hands move slowly down your inner thighs as he goes in to kiss you again. 
you’re absentmindedly spreading your legs, making room for him. he smirks against your lips when he realizes. he knows what you want, so his fingers move to your panties, lightly putting pressure over your clothed bud. you whimper at the feeling, biting his lip in the process. he moans in response, putting a little more pressure against your bundle of nerves. 
“jungkook,” you whine, pulling away from his lips, “please.” 
“please what, baby?” he kisses your cheek, “tell me what you want.”  
“please touch me, please.” you beg, making eye contact with him. jungkook’s dick twitches at the sound of your begging. he wanted to string you along a little longer, but you’re being so good. 
“since you asked so nicely, baby,” he obliges. bunching your dress up around your waist and noticing the pretty black lace underwear you were wearing, “for me?” he asks. you nod, your teeth taking in your bottom lip. he groans at the thought, you getting ready and picking out these cute, risque panties out just for him. it’s just too bad they’re gonna be on the floor on his car. he’s gonna need to ask for a rain check on admiring you and your cute underwear later.  
you lift your hips to help him, underwear coming off to reveal your soaking pussy. “oh, fuck,” jungkook murmurs at the sight of it. “you’re so wet baby.” he almost starts drooling, he can’t wait to taste you, but he’s still hesitant, only wanting to do what you want to. next time, he can eat you out. right now, he’ll admire the delicious sight and make you cum on his fingers. 
your eyes travel to the window directly in front of you, suddenly feeling insecure. thighs closing, thinking about how someone could look in and see. “what about the windows—“ 
“they’re tinted, no one can see from the outside in, i promise.” he reassures, giving you another sweet kiss on the cheek before asking, “do you still want to do this? we can stop now.” he’s so lovely, his concern and change in demeanor only making you want it more, knowing that he wouldn’t want to push you to do something you were uncomfortable with. sweet was sexy on jungkook. you never thought there would be a day that jeon jungkook fingers you in a parking lot of a five star restaurant, but here you are. and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
so you shake your head, taking his hand, and placing it back in between your legs. “please.” 
“anything for you.” he whispers in your ear before running his middle finger up your slit, collecting your wetness, and spreading it around your clit. he continues making tight circles on your clit, the sensation drives you crazy. you lean your head back against the window, moaning out. it was almost humiliating how reactive you were, you hadn’t indulged in this kind of intimacy in a while, almost a year to be specific. 
it wasn’t helping that jungkook was a fucking pro. the right amount of pressure and the placement of his digits against you has you dripping onto his nice, dress pants. you hoped nobody else was in the parking garage, else they would hear your cries of jungkook’s name. “more, kookie, more— fuck.” 
“more baby?” he questions, the sound of your moans going straight to his already hard dick. he thinks he could cum just to the sound of your voice. he’s one hundred percent fucked when it comes to you. he dips his middle finger into your hole, you gasp in reaction. “like that? hmm? ” 
jungkook knew was he was doing, he had you spread wide in the backseat of his car, already on the verge on an orgasm. he had a few years of experience on his belt, a ‘retired fuck boy’ he was, but he’s never wanted to please somebody more than he does right now with you. you just looked so pretty like this, so eager and begging for more. 
he adds his ring finger now, his thumb against your clit. “oh, god—“ you mutter, the feeling of his fingers and his thumb on your clit is too good. his fingers fucking you better than anyone else’s dick ever has. you found yourself bucking your hips against his fingers. “kookie, kiss me, please,” you look up to him with the eyes he can never fucking deny. so he kisses you, drinking up your moans as you fuck yourself up onto his fingers. 
“i didn’t know you were such a dirty girl,” he murmurs against your lips. your walls clenching around him, “letting me touch you like this in the backseat of my car?” his usual sweet demeanor now contorting into this cocky guy with an ego. it makes you even wetter. the squelch of your pussy every time his fingers push in is loud, the sound is music to jungkook’s ears. 
“only— only for you, jungkook,” you whimper.  you feel a familiar knot in your stomach tighten. he looked so hot like this. eager to please. his bottom lip caught in his teeth and a strand of his long hair dangling in front of his eyes. 
“good girl, all mine,” he kisses your neck. it may seem just like something you say during sex, but jungkook wanted it to be true. wanted you and only you. all to himself. he makes his way to a sweet spot, the feeling makes you tilt your head, giving him more access to kiss and suck along the sensitive skin. the discomfort of your back against the hard door was the last of your worries. your orgasm creeping closer and closer, juices leaking all overs his fingers. “so wet baby,” he growls, “i know i could just slide in, fuck you so good.” 
“p-please, i want it.” the thought of jungkook fucking you senseless, oh, you’d go crazy. begging wasn’t something you did when it came to sex, most of the time it was quiet, moans and breaths were the only things that you’d hear, no dirty words or praises. it was a good change, you never thought that you’d be so into being talked through it. 
he smiles at your eagerness, “patience baby, gotta take you on another date, yeah?” kissing your pursed lips. always so sweet and lovely. 
you feel his fingers push a little deeper, curling to find that sweet spot inside of you. your reaction does something to him, makes him hit the exact same spot, over and over again, in a slow, torturous beat just so he can draw those delicious gasps and moans out of you. jungkook feels close. he’s never felt like this before, so wound up. he ignores it, pushing it to the back of his head to focus on helping you reach your climax. 
lucky for jungkook, he didn’t have to wait very long. his fingers were longer and a thicker than yours, his efforts making you get there faster than you ever could. the consistent deep strokes of his fingers make the warning signals go off in your head. you speak a verbal warning before, “fuck, i’m gonna cum,” your voice pitches a little higher than usual. 
“gonna cum all over my fingers, baby?” he gives you one last sloppy kiss before you’re moaning out and coming onto his fingers, eyes screwed shut as your walls convulse rapidly as his fingers fuck you through your orgasm. “fuck, you’re so hot, ___.” 
you feel a smile break on your face. “you’re not so bad yourself,” you wink, still trying to catch your breath. a laugh slips from his mouth, small smirk on his mouth to match. he slips his fingers out, your body twitching at the over stimulation. 
 “i’m sorry, baby,” he apologizes. inspecting his fingers, your pale almost-white cum coating the digits. he brings them to his mouth, sucking on your sweet sap. you’ve never seen anything hotter in your life. “sweet, just like you,” he smirks. you shrink in his stare, hiding your blush. like you totally didn’t just cum on his fingers. 
you’re distracted by the feeling of something hard resting under your thigh, it’s then that you realize, “what about—“ you start but jungkook cuts you off quick. 
“no, no, it’s okay, it’ll go away soon.” he shakes his head, but you furrow your eyebrows. 
you pull on his black tie, making him lean forward and make eye contact with you “can i?” you ask, so sweetly. 
he stares at you with the most sexed eyes you’ve ever witnessed. “you’re driving me crazy.” 
“you’re always so sweet to me, jungkook,” you kiss his cheek. readjusting yourself in his lap, straddling him once more. “took me on this amazing dinner, always treating me like a princess.” your lips travel down from his cheeks to his jawline, then to his neck. he shudders at the feeling of your lips against his sensitive skin. your hands move from around his neck to travel further down, to the latch of his belt. his breath hitches. “let me return the favor, kookie.”
“i—“ he laughs, the embarrassment evident in the pink tint on his face. “i won’t last very long.” 
you didn’t mind, just assuring him with a sweet kiss on the cheek before you start removing his belt. jungkook leans his head back on the headrest, his neck exposed for you to kiss and suck. you unbutton and unzip, pulling his pants and his boxers down at the same time. his size makes your eyes bulge. he was huge. your mouth waters at the sight. 
“you’re so big, kook.” you egg him on, fueling his ego because he just looked so hot. your hand moves to hold him at the base, he lets out a shaky breath when your soft skin meets his. jungkook’s head is in the clouds, he could cum right now if he let go, but he’s holds himself back, not wanting to look like a fool in front of you. your hand moves up his dick, your thumb collecting the precum dripping from his hole, your thumb running over his slit as he groans. 
his hips buck up, “shit, baby.” he just sounds so good. you could just lick him up. you collect some saliva in your mouth, letting it drip from your mouth onto his dick to lube your hand. he groans at the sight, “you’re so filthy, baby, holy shit.” 
you smirk at the admission, the spit making it so easy for your hand to glide against his cock. the feeling makes him throw his head back again. his chest rising and falling.  the picture of him with his eyes screwed shut in pleasure and his mouth agape makes your lower belly light up once more, you clench around nothing. leaning in as you pump his cock to whisper in his ear, “wanna fuck me so bad? have me crying on your cock? you want that, don’t you, kookie?” 
jungkook twitches at your words. that’s exactly what he wants. was he that easy to read? was that what you wanted too? the thought of it makes him want to explode, “oh— god, ffuck— fuck,” he sputters. his hand coming up to hover above his head, your hand still pumping as the spurts of his cum shoot out. you smile at the action, knowing he didn’t wanna fuck up your dress. instead just making a mess of him and his hand. he takes deep breaths before speaking, “there’s a little box of tissues in the center console, could you hand it to me, baby?” 
you lean back, opening the console and reaching for the small box that sits in the center. before you give it to him, your eyes flicker to the sticky mess all over jungkook’s hand and groin. a sudden urge to lick takes you over, holding jungkook’s hand and bringing it up to your mouth. you lick the dripping cum from the palm of his hand as he watches, maintaining eye contact the entire time. 
jungkook shivers, a smile creeping on his face, “you— you’re evil.” the remark makes you laugh. 
“sorry, just wanted to help clean up.” you smile, swallowing the cum you collected on your tongue. 
“yeah, yeah, you’re not the sweet girl i thought you were,” jungkook quirks a brow. 
you roll your eyes playfully, “you don’t like it?” 
“nope, i love it, you’re perfect.” jungkook wipes off the remaining mess from his lap and his hand. you help him clean up tissues and he picks up your panties that were discarded on the floor. the two of you fix yourselves before stepping out of the back seat, jungkook opens the passenger door for you before he goes to a trashcan and throws away the soiled tissues. 
he joins you back in the car, starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot. you were rambling about how happy you were that no one was around and how there were no security cameras in the parking garage. jungkook blabbers too, telling you about how embarrassed he is that he barely lasted a few minutes. before the two of you knew it, his car parked in front of your apartment complex. 
he stands outside of your front door, leaning against the doorframe. all dreamy and not like he just made you cum in the backseat of his car. “text me before you sleep?” he smiles. 
you nod, “of course,” reflecting the same smile. you wave before closing your door. the date being more than you ever expected. there was no way jungkook was real. he had to be a figment of your imagination, he was the absolute dream guy. 
you lay in bed, staring at the stars on your ceiling. a blush creeping up to your cheeks once more when you think about the events that took place tonight. 
[11:02 pm] you: thank you for tonight, jungkook 
[11:02 pm] you: it was magical <3 
[11:03 pm] jungkook: no problem cutie, i had an amazing time with you
[11:04 pm] jungkook: feeling okay? 
[11:06 pm] you: i’m great!!! more than okay
[11:07 pm] jungkook: 😂
[11:07 pm] jungkook: i’m glad cutie
[11:08 pm] you: lunch on me next time? now that you’ve taken me for dinner :) 
[11:08 pm] jungkook: sure, i’m down :) 
[11:09 pm] you: i’m rlly tired kookie 
[11:10 pm] you: gonna head to sleep now 
[11:10 pm] jungkook: alright cutie 
[11:11 pm] jungkook: sweet dreams! 
Tumblr media
。゚(゚^O^゚)゚。 tag list: @giadalin @ggukkieland
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commercial break: eleven
Tumblr media
this is a netflix & chill drabble <3
SUMMARY You’re too bright, too… there. His shell is too small.
WARNINGS sadness, vulnerabilities, insecurity, self confidence issues, an idea of “feeling ugly”, tw // mental breakdowns and feelings of regression, crying, jk doesn’t want anyone near, oc tries her best to comfort him
RATING e for everyone
WC 1.2k
NOTES i love the idea of jk being the perfect man, but I also want to show moments where he isn’t so perfect and where he’s not the mature man oc thinks he is… I love my boy so much 😭😭 also it’s 1am helloooooo ALSO it’s formatted ugly bc I’m posting this from my phone 😀 I’ll fix it tmrw promise
Jungkook hates to admit it, but some days are harder than others.
Some days, Jungkook wakes up with an uncomfortably stifling feeling in his chest, one that threatens to wiggle its way into the loneliest parts of his heart and find permanent residency. A drowsy one, makes him linger in bed well past his preferred wake up time, the blackout curtains in his room ensheathing him in a sea of darkness that his heart is adamant on replicating. But it’s worse than drowning, because his lungs are clear; it’s just that he doesn’t have the strength, the willpower to force another breath— he just wants to lay there and do nothing.
“Good morning,” he hears from beside him, and a different weight presses against his side. You’re warm in the morning, soft too. He likes how you feel, he always does. But not today. Today, he doesn’t know how he feels about the overwhelming presence at his side. You’re too bright, too… there. His shell is too small. “You sleep okay?”
Jungkook doesn’t answer. The words don’t catch in his throat, but in the recesses of his mind instead, overlapping and overflowing until it feels like tv static, fuzzy and blurry— confusing. You shift beside him, and his heart kicks up an anxious rhythm. It’s not the normal butterflies that beat their wings against the walls of his rib cage when you smile, nor is it the thundering gallops of a dozen horses when you touch him just so. It’s this nauseating, terrified feeling, one that screams at him to answer lest he upset you with his silence.
There’s a hand on his chest, and he doesn’t like how it feels right now, just another suffocating layer to add on, but even worse he doesn’t know how to tell you that.
Luckily, he doesn’t have to. It slinks away, but that warning bell in his head is going off anyway, makes him look over at you in panic, only to find you propped up on your elbow, inquisitive eyes focused on him. Your features are still soft, and Jungkook is pretty sure there’s traces of last night’s makeup clinging to your lash line. You’re so pretty— you always are. Jungkook can’t handle this right now. You’re too pretty, and Jungkook feels ugly. (Ah, so that was the feeling.) You can’t look at Jungkook when he’s ugly, you won’t want Jungkook when he’s ugly.
“Hey,” you say softly, gently. Jungkook’s heart aches. A pair of fingers brush along his cheekbones, drag through the wetness that escapes the corners of his eyes, trails down toward his ears—when had he started crying?—where you delicately tuck his hair back. “I’m gonna get started on breakfast,” you tell him, voice hushed, whispering. Jungkook is hanging onto every single word, feels like you’ll disintegrate before his very eyes if he isn’t careful. You can probably tell. “You don’t have to eat right now, but it’ll be down there if you want, okay?”
You move to get off the bed, scooting away from him, leaving him behind. He’s fine with it until he isn't, until your hand touches the door knob to his room and a shameful sniffle escapes him. Loud too, loud enough to make you turn back in surprise. And that alarmed look on your face is enough to make Jungkook want to hide, hurriedly rolling over onto his stomach, burying his face into his pillow, arms clutching at the softness as he cries. You hurry back. He doesn’t want you to leave, but he doesn’t want you to see either. He doesn’t know what he wants.
“No,” he begs, turning the other way when your face comes up beside him, kneeling beside his side of the bed. “Don’t look at me— please.”
There’s a hand on his back, and Jungkook hates how much he loves it, hates how much he instinctively yearns to find comfort in you at a time like this. He was getting better, he’s been getting better. He swears he has; he has journals full of feelings to prove it, vulnerable text message threads with Namjoon to prove it.
But he won’t lie. The Valentine’s Day incident had left a bad taste in Jungkook’s mind, and these past few months have been hard. He feels like he’s regressing, like he’s back to being a teenager all over again. By itself, that knowledge sucks. Combined with the warm palm on his back and the loving voice calling his name— combined with the fact you've been watching Jungkook these past few months each and every time he’s woken up like this… it’s humiliating. “Don’t look,” he chokes out, each drag of your fingers through his hair sending a confused pang of emotions straight to his heart.
“Why can’t I look?” you ask quietly, toying with the strands of his hair. He sniffles. “What would I see?”
“Me,” Jungkook sobs, wishing the mattress would just up and swallow him.
You’re silent, a fact that Jungkook wishes he could appreciate had it not made the sounds of his anguish even more obvious. It makes him self-conscious, more than he already is, so he forces himself to quiet down. It doesn’t feel better, but it does let him hear your next words. “I like looking at you,” you tell him, and the bed dips down beside him. After a moment, you speak again. “Do you feel ugly today?”
Careful, calculated. Like he’s a ticking bomb and you don’t want him to blow. Briefly, he had explained it before, skirted around it in embarrassment as he talked about the way he felt. It had been months ago— maybe the weekend after Valentine’s —so he’s surprised you remember. Jungkook nods.
“Then I’ll wait,” you announce, and eventually he feels you settle in beside him. His head is still turned the other way, hiding shamefully, but he can feel your warm breath against his skin when you slowly cuddle in close. An arm wraps itself around his back. He doesn’t mind it this time— he just wants to be held now. “I’ll wait until you feel pretty again.”
Part of Jungkook wants to snap at you; he doesn’t want to feel pretty, he’s never felt pretty. Jungkook felt average at best, and on days where you stroked his ego, maybe even handsome. But pretty? That’s not something that’ll ever happen, and he doesn’t want you to waste your hopes on a possibility that does not exist.
But that’s mean, and he doesn’t want to chase you away, scare you away, even if he doesn’t want you to see him like this. So Jungkook shuts his mouth, stays still, tries to match the soft rise and fall of your chest against his side instead.
Some days he’s fine in a few minutes without a single tear shed. Other days are long. Other days are so painful and uncomfortable, he just wants to hide. He wants to climb into his shell and never come out, hide his ugliness from the world and never have to worry about being seen again.
You don’t lie to him, don’t feed him empty promises while you wait. You just lay silently at his side, pulling him closer when his sniffles get louder. You don’t say anything unnecessary and you never make it about yourself.
Lately his shell has grown bigger, wider, comfier. Big enough for someone else to squeeze in, hold him close when he doesn’t feel like himself.
He doesn’t hate it.
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slow | jjk | m | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. It can be read as a stand-alone. 
— summary; in which, every once in a while, the two of you decide to take things easy.
— contents and warnings; smut, a bit of fluff if you squint, pwp, badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, enemies with benefits/enemies to lovers, dirty talk, car sex, semi-public sex, unprotected sex (don’t.), pet names (the usual), clothed sex, the usual bickering, the very well known duo that is creampie and cockwarming, cum stuffing, vague mentions of bondage, jk being whipped out of his mind 
— words; 2k
— author’s note; just a little something before the next big part comes! I wrote this because this ask here got me thinking… Also! Timeline: after bad attitude
Spring nights should be way colder than that. 
That one thought was reverberating inside your head in an endless loop, suffocating any other doubts that might have appeared in its place. You often did that when you were overwhelmed: allowed your brain to hold tightly onto one single idea so you could ground yourself, so you could actually stop and make sense of what was happening around you. At that particular moment, you had chosen the fact that such a night was far too heated to belong in spring. 
The day hadn’t even been that hot — it could barely be considered warm, really — and, as evening approached, it got more chilly, a consequence of the howling winds that fell upon the city. The flowers were blooming, the skies had been as crystal clear as they come: it was spring, and your calendar and Yongsun’s seasonal pollen allergy didn’t lie to you. Yet, the inside Jungkook’s car had morphed into your personal sauna, impregnated with a thick cloud of heat that barely allowed you to breathe in. 
Of course, if you decided to push those stupid meditations aside as to take a rational look at the situation, you knew the reason why that was. And it was the same motive as always. 
“That’s it, baby, slowly,” said motive murmured against your neck, his strong arms wrapped tightly around your waist. The backseat of Jungkook’s car had never felt so small, the sounds you were making had never seemed so loud — and, well, a spring night had never been so goddamn hot. A lot of things didn’t seem right. “Fuck.” A deep growl left his chest as you clenched around him, his lips pausing their ministrations on your skin. “Shit, do that again.” 
You nodded, soon realizing that he couldn’t really see you with his face buried on your neck. Instead, you decided to simply act out his request, your walls constricting around his cock as you bounced up and down on it. “Like this?” You breathed out. 
“Yeah, just like that,” Jungkook moaned, throwing his head back — an airy, needy exclamation that left you wanting to add some speed to your sluggish pace. At the same time, you liked it lazy; liked the way that the lethargic rise and fall of your body allowed you to feel every detail of his length stretching you out. “Shit, baby, you’re gonna make me cum like this.”
“Already?” You teased, watching as a frown overtook his features. Easy like that, all your worries about the abnormal rise of temperature during spring vanished inside your head — it would be way more interesting if you redirected that mental energy towards provoking him instead. “You used to last a lot longer than this.” 
“Fuck off,” he cursed, squeezing your ass for good measure. It was extremely difficult to be mad at you when your pussy was sending him to heaven and back, though, but Jungkook still fought a good fight. “You’ve been riding me for a long ass time, of course I’m gonna cum.” 
You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, right.” 
“Besides,” Jungkook ignored your blatant sarcasm, because it was either that or flipping you around and showing you his own side of the story. Since he wasn’t feeling like doing so — the image of you fucking yourself on his big cock was far more pleasant than that — he chose the path of least resistance. “It’s hard to hold back when you look this fucking hot.”
Which was the complete, unadulterated truth. There was something about having you with your clothes on that got Jungkook horny out of his mind — that grey skirt he loved so much being pulled upwards, red panties hastily pushed to the side so he could sink his hard, throbbing cock inside your pussy whenever he wanted to. Having you ride him was even better: he was a man of culture, after all, and he could die happy having you on top of him, using him to get yourself off; his lips attacking and marking your neck while you produced the most beautiful sounds he had ever been graced with. 
What could he say? Jungkook wasn’t the strongest amongst men, and he certainly wasn’t strong at all when it came to you. 
You laughed, the sound making his soul elevate to a different plane. Jungkook was fucked. In more ways than one, he was absolutely fucked. “Compliments won’t make a difference right now,” you told him, your lips curled up into a mischievous smile. If given enough time, Jungkook could get lost in that moment, a deep moan dripping from his parted lips as you rolled your hips just right, pussy so tight and wet that he felt as if it was sucking him in. “You wanna cum?”
He could barely keep his eyes open, but he was lucky enough to find his voice. “That would be nice, yeah.” 
You leaned in, your breasts pressing against his muscular chest. It was actually too much clothing standing in his way, Jungkook paradoxically thought, but it was the price he had to pay to get you like that. He could suck on your tits another time. “Inside?” You asked, voice slightly above a whisper. 
He groaned at the idea, his hands grabbing your ass harder, silently begging you to quicken your pace (which, of course, you did not do). Jungkook could feel his cock throbbing inside you, the idea of filling you up egging him on. “You’re making it real hard not to,” he complained, watching as you laughed at his distress. You could be so mean when you wanted to, and he liked that way more than he should. “Can I?” 
You tilted your head to the side, examining him closely. The lights coming from outside were pale and diaphanous; contrasting shades of white and apricot that melted over his features, enhancing the pleasure amongst them. As usual, the parking lot was completely empty, and all that existed was the world inside his car. “Since when are you so polite about it?” You playfully questioned. Soon, a curtain of understanding fell upon your mind. “Aw, did getting tied up traumatize you that much?”
Jungkook clenched his jaw, sharply exhaling through his nose. “You’re really trying to piss me off tonight.”
You nodded, looking like a demon above him. “Am I doing a good job?” You asked, taunting the remnants of his patience. 
“A great one.” The sigh he let out was shaky, permeated by desire. There was no way he would be able to keep up that conversation with the way your velvety walls dragged up and down his cock; his tip already so sensitive for being soaked in your heat for so long. You were riding him like a champ, changing between a steady rise and fall of your hips to a delicious roll of your center against his that left Jungkook with barely no time to think. He wholeheartedly loved that position, but he couldn’t even handle it sometimes. “Fuck, princess, I’m really close. Your pussy feels so good.” 
Because you were really trying to make him lose his mind, you placed a kiss on his cheek, fingers delicately playing with his messy dark hair. “Yeah? Thought you would’ve gotten used to it by now.”
Jungkook shook his head. “I don’t think that’s — fuck — I don’t think that’s possible,” he responded. His tone was groggy now, stained by the fast crescendo of his pleasure. All that he could think about was you and how much he wanted to see you cum all over his cock. “Shit, baby, I wanna stuff you with my cum so bad. I’m almost there.” 
“Go ahead,” you told him softly, “I’m close too.” 
A faint nod was all that he could give in return. Jungkook was slowly but surely losing his fucking mind, and that wasn’t even funny anymore. He felt as if he was transported to a different atmosphere when he was with you — one which his oxygen was always running thin; his dazed-out brain simply unable to focus on anything else but you. How could it? You were just so fucking pretty riding his cock like that, he was barely producing one cohesive thought at that point. “Baby,” he moaned, fingers digging to the flesh of your ass. “Gonna cum.” 
As if you knew exactly what he wanted, you trapped his mouth in yours, kissing him deeply and muffling his strangled grunts with your tongue. Jungkook came soon after, his cock throbbing and filling you up to the brim, which wasn’t a surprise considering how on edge he had been. 
His pleasure started to die out, but he continued to kiss you hungrily, growling against your mouth as you kept up your pace, trying to find your own high. Since he was such an angel, he decided to help you, his thumb starting to trace small circles on your clit. 
“F-Fuck,” you whined as you broke the kiss, your hips abruptly pausing their movements. Your thighs were terribly tired and Jungkook was still mostly hard, but painfully so, and you weren’t mean enough to drag him through that sensitivity. Not that he would give you the same treatment, though. “Jungkook—“
“Just let it go, baby, come on,” he urged, feeling as if he was about to black out because of the way you were clenching around him; your pretty eyes fluttering shut as you approached your climax. “Cum all over my cock, make me proud.” 
It was almost shameful how your body had grown used to Jungkook‘s antics, quickly absorbing his commands and working tirelessly towards them. Within an instant, you were unraveling around him, your orgasm washing over you as you moaned out his name, lips pressed against his sweaty neck. You rolled your hips a few more times as you came, searching for more, and Jungkook fought through those small shocks of pain as you dragged out the last seconds of your high. 
At last, you relaxed against his chest, a final gasp of relief exploding on your lips. With a hum, Jungkook caressed the back of your head, placing a kiss on your cheek — just returning the favor. “Fucking love when you ride me, baby.” 
You chuckled. “How romantic.” Lethargically, you moved back, meeting his fucked-out gaze. Jungkook looked so hot that, for a moment, you forgot what you had been planning to say, but then his gaze was oscillating dowards, pulling at the strings of your memory. “Wanna see it?”
Jungkook smirked; a silent agreement. He always did. “You know me so well.” 
You rolled your eyes, finding support on the back of the front seats so you could show yourself to him. Jungkook hummed at the sight, two of his fingers spreading your folds apart. “Perfect as always.” Without warning, he pushed his leaking cum back inside you, making you gasp a little over how sensitive you were. He looked up at you, shiny eyes and all, and asked exactly what you expected him to. “Keep it in for me?” 
You smiled at him, pushing his hand away so you could tug your panties back in place. Much to Jungkook’s dismay, your skirt fluttered away from your grasp, covering yourself up. “Sure, since you asked so politely,” you told him, moving back onto his lap. You kissed him softly, yet ephemerally, relishing in the way that he searched after your lips as you pulled away. “I should tie you up more often.”
He frowned — apparently, you were joking, but he wasn’t going to take any chances when you were like that. “Don’t even fucking think about it,” he warned.
check out the rest of the bad influence collection!
tag list >  @minyoongiboongi  @bvrrym0re @marcoazam2 @shojotae @youurkryptonite @fan-ati--c @btstrasht @crazy4myself @ft-multi @kooafraid @dianaaviny @ggukkieland @cryinginmypromdress @kissestothesky @imluckybitches @gyukult @jinsalpaca @we8joon @gamerkooks @study-clouds @myanswer-is-you @pb-n-juju @disaster-rose @spicybangtanwings @fairymagdalene @seagulljk @she-is-dreaming @jjktthpmj1 @pinkysunsett @jkficsiliketoread @1aekooks
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choke me. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
pairing. jungkook x reader genre. smut, absolutely no plot word count. 2.9k warnings. short but sweet filthy, unprotected sex, messy sex, choking (jungkook begs her to choke him), dirty talk, oral sex (f. receiving), face riding, jungkook swears he sees jesus, his not so secret love for gossiping returns summary. now that the line between peeping tom and teasing neighbor had been crossed, entering into mutually beneficial territory, jungkook feels less wary about asking you to wrap your pretty hands around his throat note. peeping tom!jungkook is back for more, technically this is a second installment to come over but can def be read as a stand alone drabble! he lives in my mind rent free so i hope you all enjoy his brief return 🖤(i also wrote this in an hour so theres that) honorable mentions to @suqakoo​ who i promised id tag if i ever continued this story 🤧 @taestybae​ who is essentially the reason why i wrote the first part ily bae & @pars-ley​ i hope long hair jk ruins you once more
Tumblr media
Jungkook absolutely can’t think of any other place he’d rather be than right here, right now. He’s honestly contemplating sending his realtor a bouquet of roses, hell maybe one of those edible arrangements with the melon shaped like petals, anything to show his immense gratitude for helping him buy this house. 
Really, who would have ever thought the chain of events would lead to this very moment, sprawled out on his bed, large palms digging into your hips as you bounced on top of him, the slick sounds of your pussy soaking his cock filling up the room in a filthy manner. He is once again thankful for the narrow distance between your buildings that brought this moment to fruition. 
“Shit,” you gasp, palms resting on his hard chest for leverage as you lift yourself up and drop back with a wet thump, “god, you feel so good.”
Your words are thick and slurred, drunk off the feeling of his cock filling you up deliciously, the subtle ruts of his hips working in tandem with yours making sparks of pleasure shoot throughout your body. Jungkook can only smirk at the way you’re lost in the feeling of it, the arousal dripping down your thighs, pooling around the base of his cock in a sticky mess that he had grown to love. 
“Yeah?” he breathes out, bottom lip victim to his teeth as he bites down. The usual doe eyed look he had was missing now, swapped for a half lidded stare that made your stomach flip when you lock eyes.
“You’re so fucking wet,” he hisses, fingers pressing further into your skin when you tighten around him, not once slowing your movements, the perfect rhythym of your hips making a steady incline of lust course up his spine. “Making such a mess on my cock. You love it don’t you?”
A desperate whine spills out of you, fingernails pressing into the muscles on his chest, leaving half moons in their wake but he enjoys the sting too much to complain. “I just–feel so full, fuck Jungkook.”
He smiles at the way you trail off, your mouth dropped open with pouty lips wet with saliva. His palms can feel the way your body trembles with each thrust, warmth brewing inside of you and threatening to spill over every time he meets your hips with those dangerous eyes locked on you. Slowly, he raises his hand higher, following the soft skin of your sides, tracing every slope and curve of your body until he’s grabbing a handful of your tits, squeezing just enough to make you mewl in desire. 
Jungkook groans out when you speed up your hips, the warmth of your walls wrapping around him tighter than before as he pinches your nipples between his fingers, the new found sensitivity only making you lose yourself further. 
He can feel the cool sweat dampening his body, making his skin stick to the sheets beneath him, could see it slowly coating your neck as you throw your head back, revealing your throat to him and that makes the flash of an idea come back to mind. 
“Fuck, fuck wait–“ he gasps out, heels digging into his mattress as his mind begins to spin at the premise of it all. A curious look sent his way as you slow your hips, a torturous glide being swapped in favor of stopping altogether but it’s enough for him to gather his thoughts properly. “Choke me.”
“R-really?” You stutter out, chest panting from a mix of exertion and excitement, the mental image of your hands wrapped around his thick neck stirring something inside of you. Something about a man like Jungkook, all muscles and strength that couldn’t be matched, asking you to choke him felt so wrong it was almost right. 
“Please,” he’s begging now, skin on fire at even asking and potentially being turned down, but he can see the flash in your eyes, the way it turns you on, and if that didn’t settle him then the way you frantically nod in agreement does. 
“Yeah, yeah i’ll choke you,” your right palm glides up his chest now, feeling the slight trembles that course through him from the steady rocking of your hips, his ragged breaths hitting the air as you gingerly touch his neck. “You gotta show me how though.”
You were very familiar with choking, being on the receiving end of it plenty of times, but you had never been the one in control and the last thing you wanted was to do this wrong. He smiles in appreciation though, a small chuckle leaving him as he places his palm over yours, delicately guiding it to the right spot over his throat. 
Jungkook can already feel his cock stirring inside of you as he moves your fingers correctly, a low groan rumbling in his throat that is felt against your palm when you press down. Your eyes are wide with excitement, seeing how something so simple is affecting him before you have even started. The blood pumping in his veins pulses against your fingers, squeezing down further when he urges you to do so with his palm, a satisfied smile curling his lips up as he sighs. 
“Fuck, just like that.” He rasps out, dropping his hand to allow you full control, choosing to grip onto the sheets as you slowly resume your pace once more. 
Jungkook knew sending you a text reminiscent to the one you sent him before would lead to this, in one form or another, but having you riding him with your fingers pressed into his neck had just become his new favorite fantasy. 
A small moan leaves you as you look down at him, his long sweaty hair raked off his face, allowing you to see the way his brows furrowed together as the sensations flooded his mind. He looked like your favorite wet dream, eyes staring up at you in that dazed way that showed he was lost in the pleasure, tongue swiping at his lower lip as he moaned out your name, tugging at the sheets and rutting up into you with more urgency each time. 
“Fuck, and you called me dirty,” you laugh out, leaning forward to inch closer to his face, pressing a teasing kiss to his lips and giggling when he tries to chase them for more, tightening your hold on his throat until his eyes are fluttering shut. 
Jungkook feels like he’s floating, the low thrumming in his ears getting louder as the seconds tick by, the wet squelch of your pussy creaming his cock mixing in with your soft laughs and its filthy. “Tighter,” he rasps out, blinking his eyes open to see you once more, nodding in reassurance when you look unsure. “Please.”
When you do as he asks he swears he’ll cum instantly, his stomach caving in as the coil tightens inside of him, the heady feeling clouding his thoughts, leaving the edges of his sight speckled and faded, the image of you above him still crystal clear. There's so much want in your eyes, your own orgasm slowly creeping up on you at just seeing how affected he is by you doing this. His free hand drops back down to your hips, urging you to speed up your movements, each glide of your drenched walls feeling like heaven, draping over him in this soft warmth that leaves him gasping lewdly. 
Maybe Jungkook should go to church.
A small shiver racks your body, pushing aside your own pleasure when you start to spot the floaty appearance on his features, the breathy whines that escape him, eyes spaced out, only focusing on the growing euphoric feeling coming from where you two connect, spreading to his every limb until he’s tensing up. “Wanna feel you cum Jungkook, c’mon, make me messy again.”
Jungkook nods at your words, speech wiped from his mind, blanking as you squeeze him further, the hand gripping the sheets shooting up to wrap around your wrist as a desperate moan leaves his swollen lips when his orgasm crashes over him in surprise, a flash of white spread across his vision. His eyes roll back in pleasure, hips rutting up into yours so forcefully you’re nearly falling over him, releasing his throat and allowing him to gasp in a breath, his warm cum spilling into you in spurts that you welcome.
“Fuck, oh fuck.” He chants, eyes squeezed shut as he fills you up like you asked him to, the buzz of pleasure soaking into his bones and leaving him satisfied, limbs limp as you milk his orgasm out of him fully. Jungkook weakly mumbles out your name as you continue grinding on him, the friction against your clit making you moan in response, leaning forward to cup his cheeks as you kiss him gently as he comes down. “Come up here.”
It takes you a moment to know what he means, spoken so slurred together in his post orgasm bliss you think he might just be mumbling nonsense, but as he grabs your hips with both hands and slides you off his softening cock you know exactly what he wants you to do. With shaky knees you crawl over him, sodden folds sliding against his torso and leaving a mess as you make your way to the head of the bed. 
“Fuck, look at you.” He mumbles, arms hooking under your thighs to urge you up until your core hovered directly above him, knees digging into the sheets beside his head with your hand grabbing onto the headboard for support. Jungkook eyes your swollen lips, coated in your arousal and a mixture of his cum still dripping out of you, it’s not like he minds though, determined to have you falling apart because of him. 
“Made me cum so hard I swear I saw Jesus,” he jokes, soft huffs of laughter hitting your inner thighs as he sloppily kisses them, tongue licking up drops of your arousal as he makes his way up. “Wanna return the favor.”
A whimper leaves your mouth as he teasingly licks along your slit, tip of his tongue flicking against your aching clit as he does so, humming in content when you tangle your hands in his hair. With soft, tickling touches of his fingers against the backs of your thighs you lower onto him, only the tops of his eyes visible as he pulls you further onto him, a cheeky wink sent your way before he goes in for the kill.
Jungkook digs his fingers into your skin to keep you in place as he licks a broad stripe up your folds, shamelessly moaning at the taste of you on his tongue, smiling against you when you shudder at the sensation. “Fuck, Jungkook.” You can barely whisper out, hips dropping lower in search for more and he groans, not opposed to the way your thighs cage him in, surrounded by you entirely.
A small shriek fills the air as his lips wrap around you clit, sucking on the swollen nub with intent to make you crumble, moaning against you as you tug at his strands with force, the yank at his scalp only making him keep at it. Stars flash behind your closed lids as you give an experimental grind of your hips, rutting against his tongue until you’re gasping, Jungkook’s fingers loosening their hold to allow you to seek your own pleasure, using his tongue to get yourself off on top of him.
He can feel his cock stirring back to life at you using him like this, fingers pushing his face further up, his tongue flicking against you, lips sucking enough to get you to tremble. “Shit, Jungkook, ah— c-close.”
The slow, deliberate roll of your hips increases as the familiar high approaches you, Jungkook’s hands grabbing onto your ass to urge you, guide you against him with more force. The wetness pools down your thighs, coats his mouth and chin but he swears he could drown here and die happy, fully content to know the last sounds he hears is you chanting his name out like a mantra.
“Shit, I’m cumming.” The heat curls in your stomach, flames licking at your insides as your hips grow sloppy and desperate, fingers clutching onto his hair like a lifeline as you can just barely taste your high. It’s not until Jungkook presses his tongue harder against you, providing you with that last bit of friction you need, that you cum with a shout of his name. His fingers rubbing soft circles onto your skin as he continues to suck on your clit, enjoying the aftershocks that course through you, the small whines and whimpers of overstimulation as he licks you clean. 
“Ah, too much.” you plea, lifting yourself up from his mouth as the pleasure turns painful. He looks absolutely satisfied with himself, a charming smile on his messy lips as he stares up at you with glimmering eyes. 
“That was amazing.” A snort leaves you as you carefully slide off of him, settling beside him with a content sigh, thighs still trembling from it all, something he takes note of as he runs his fingers against them. 
“Who knew you loved getting choked,” you giggle, inching away from him when he attempts to grab you, “my hands weren’t enough for you, just had to go and let my thighs finish you off huh?”
“Shut up,” he whines, fingers wrapping around your ankle and yanking you back to him with more ease than you expected, not content until you were pressed against him once more. The heat of your bodies isn’t uncomfortable as he holds you close, maneuvering himself until you were flat on your back with his body slot between your thighs, arms wrapped underneath you with his cheek against your tummy. “You were totally into it too.”
“Hm, I was.” You can’t even deny it, seeing Jungkook looking so submissive at your hands made a small rush flow through you, the same rush you felt whenever he was rough with you. This was something the two of you could definitely play around with.
Jungkook looks beyond comfortable in his position, nuzzling against you happily, not caring about the way your skin sticks together but just as you’re about to shut your eyes he speaks. “Oh my god,” his cheek lifts from your skin to look up at you with a smile when you raise your brow in curiosity, “did you hear about the drama going on down the street?”
“What drama?”
“You know the preschool teacher that lives in that blue house?” Your hands run through his damp hair as you try to remember, finally putting a face to the person and nodding in confirmation, “Okay well she got that soccer mom’s car towed this morning.”
“Jungkook, how do you know this?” You laugh out, draping your arm across your face to hide the way you found it all amusing, his gossiping tendencies coming out full force.
“Well ever since somebody—” his fingers dig into your skin playfully, laughing as you squirm around, “lied to me about the group chat I got nosey, found this app called Next Door and the drama is top notch.” It was really a gold mine of petty neighborhood tea, keeping him entertained like the morning newspaper, knowing the ins and outs of who was the neighborhood Karen and who you could trust to call the cops if anyone attempted to break into your house.
“You know Jungkook, I never pegged you as the kind to love gossip.”
He rests his chin on your sternum now, eyebrows wiggling mischievously as the words leave your mouth. “Did you say peg?”
“Oh my god, get out of here!” He cackles instantly, allowing you to push his face away from you while you attempt to get up, his hands loosening their hold on you only to allow himself to crawl up your body once more. Your laughs continue to fill the air as he kisses your cheek sloppily, “Get your head out of the gutter.”
“I was joking,” he chuckles, leaning back with a smile, “unless you’re into that.” He tacks on the same ending as last time, winking when you scrunch your face up in embarrassment.
“Go, don’t you have work to do.” Desperately needing him to get away from you before your mind spun up another filthy fantasy at his expense.
“Need I remind you, you’re in my bed.” 
“Yeah well, your bed is lined in egyptian cotton and smells like fresh laundry so don’t mind me, I’ll be here.” He had no qualms about that, giving you a final kiss to your lips before deciding you were right, he had been distracted enough by sending you that text to come over, needing to finish up the work he had to turn in by tonight.
As he walks around his room and gets himself looking decent enough to sit at his desk you flop over with a sigh, burying your face into his pillow and smiling when the familiar scent of him fills your nose. Looking out of his bedroom window and seeing your own bedroom a few feet away makes your stomach flutter with the same excitement as before, his teasing words replaying in your mind now.
Unless you’re into that. 
How many more ways could he use that phrase for trouble?
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hansolmates · 11 months ago
remote learning (m)
Tumblr media
summary; working remote sucks, and you would love a little relief. after buying a new toy to blow off some steam, you’re baffled when you can’t cum. however, jungkook thinks you’re doing it wrong, and shows you a thing or two. pairing; neighbor!jungkook x (f) reader genre/warnings; fluff, humor, slightly insecure mc, this is pure FILTH—use of a remote controlled vibrator, do not and i repeat DO NOT try foreplay during a zoom call in the event u get fired im not responsible, phone sex, jungkook’s a meanie in control, cum eating, doggy, and topping it off with some sweet missionary bc jk has purty eyes, unprotected (wrap the pickle before u tickle folks) excessive use of the petname [redacted] w/c; 5.7k a/n; this fic manifested bc of work. and i!! am!! frustrated!! i think we all need a lil jk relief so here it goes! as always ty to @chillingtae​ / @eerieedits​ for this FANTASTIC fic banner, please go check vivi out if u have taste okok part 2: distance learning drabbles; 01
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Tumblr media
“Tomorrow morning, same time at 9AM. Remember to have your reports alphabetized and itemized,” your supervisor says, but the only thing you can focus on is the abnormal amount of bonsai plants in his living room. 
“Alright now it’s time for the union to talk COVID protocol,” you frown when Mr. Kim moves ownership of the Zoom call to your union rep, who pulls up a Powerpoint. You feel your eyes burn at the sight: an itinerary containing over thirty-eight slides. 
“For fuck’s sake—” 
You so desperately want to turn off the camera and flop in your bed. Since working remotely you haven’t been operating in the most ideal of workspaces. You live in a one-room apartment with a communal kitchen downstairs, so you really only have four square meters to stretch your limbs around between breaks. You’ve pushed your bed aside and shoved an office chair between the bed and the wall, leaving you to squirm between ten centimeters of space. You have no desk because well, the little rectangle space is prioritized for your portable stove and meals. 
The meeting drones on for another hour, until your brain melts to liquid and your limbs feel like Jell-O. Furthering your anxiety as they talk about protocol that never ends up happening, delays that continue to pile up, and the anger that’s been bubbling between the higher ups and little goldfish employees like you. 
When you finally shut off the camera and fling your laptop under the bed, you still feel unsettled. Probably because your work life and home life have merged together, and it’s hard for you to separate work and pleasure. 
Speaking of pleasure. 
Your hand blindly reaches under your bed, looking for the pretty pink oval you purchased last week. Cleaned and ready to use, the little remote-controlled vibrator sits plainly in your palm. 
Needless to stay you’ve been in a bit of a dry spot these past few months. With a fear to go out and meet someone new, you’ve been left with yourself and your fantasies. That’s fine, but lately your old vibrator isn’t cutting it. It’s unfortunate, you think you’re messing up your libido by buying toy after toy, but you’re horny and lonely. 
Linking your phone’s app to the remote, you ignore the messages that have been beeping your feed since early morning. 
[11:21] Jeon: let’s do lunch! 
[11:23] Jeon: hehe i feel like i belong in mean girls. Do lunch💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
[2:20] Jeon: u loozer. Come eat dinner with us upstairs @6
[2:24] Jeon: dropping off a snack for u 
Another element of feeling horny and lonely? Jeon Jungkook. 
You two shouldn’t have even met each other. You live off crumbs on the first floor while he and his roommates are livin’ it up on top in the penthouse. One day a few months ago he crashed into you while working out, having run up and down the whole flight of stairs at least three times before deciding to collapse on you between the second and first floor. 
Despite the black mask that hugged his sharp jawline, you had felt nothing but attractiveness ooze off of him. Under his hoodie was nothing but curved muscle. He smelled so soft and sweet despite the fact that he was damp with sweat. 
The rest is history. After that day he seemed to show up everywhere, jogging more prominently on your floor and doing exercises at your level’s gym. He says he likes you, likes your company. He’s wormed his way intermittently, whether he’s seeing you struggle with an armful of groceries or when he hears you screaming over an Among Us match (according to Jungkook, the walls are thinner on the bottom floors.) 
The idea of Jungkook doting on you doubly frustrates you. He seemingly appears as the perfect man, unaffected by the stresses of the world. Jungkook’s job lets him work from home anyway, and he definitely had enough room in the penthouse for his own office. He works out, probably has a girlfriend and enough friends for you to gradually phase out of this weird neighbor interest. 
So you ignore his seemingly harmless messages, focusing on getting the settings right on the vibrator. You feel your pussy jolt a little in excitement, watching the silver and pearl pink oval shake in your grasp. You smile a bit to yourself, immediately finding your iPad for your favorite videos and some pillows to support your back. 
Half an hour later however, that excitement soon goes sour. 
“Fuck,” you bite your lip, frustrated tears streaming down your face, “fuck fuck fuck!” 
This isn’t a set of explicatives out of pleasure, unfortunately. 
No matter what you do, you won’t cum. You can’t cum. Barely wet, hardly a drop glossing your folds. You don’t even want to bother getting out the lube at this point because you are so disappointed. 
The vibrator is going at the highest setting, one that your neighbors can probably hear if they were home at this time of the day. You cease to care at this point, because the job is undone because you haven’t come undone. 
You don’t know why this is happening. Maybe it’s because you’ve had the liberty to touch yourself in complete silence, now that your neighbors have been confined to their homes indefinitely. Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since you’ve relied only on your touch, that your body is tired of the monotony and needs more.
You bang the heels of your feet against your flimsy mattress, feeling whiny and utterly dissatisfied. Pulling the vibrator from your clit, you glare at the infuriating toy.
“You’re supposed to be helping me out of my dry spell,” you chastise, throwing the toy across the bed, sliding onto the carpet, “I get you’re not Jeon’s dick, but you gotta help a sister out.” 
With a sigh, you fall into a bout of exhaustion. Not from a round of orgasms, but from the week’s stress and no way to let it out. 
Tumblr media
You wake up bleary and disoriented, practically melding through the mattress. The sky is pink and blue, washed in a sea of corals and purples. It comes from the incessant banging. 
“Stop it,” you whine more to yourself than whoever dares to disturb your sleep, pulling up your panties and a pair of navy dolphin-trim shorts. “Whoever you are I’m comin’ so stop!” 
Swinging the door open in two strides you’re met with a chipper Jeon Jungkook; looking all cute and sweet in his big hoodie and smelling like a rosebud. 
“It’s 6:30,” he narrows his eyes playfully at you, “dinner’s in the oven.” 
“You left your oven on,” you deadpan, turning around to grimace at the mess that’s your one-room apartment. 
“Yes, so we have exactly ten minutes before my kitchen explodes in flames,” Jungkook chirps, closing the door behind you. 
You don’t even bother to tell him to excuse the mess, ignore the pile of bras hanging on your vanity and the unpacked groceries that sit at the edge of your mini-fridge. It’s far too late to salvage your dignity and Jungkook’s too damn polite to call you out on your state of slob. Although, as you pull out a bottle of wine tucked in the back of your fridge you blurt, “I can hear your fingers tingling to clean up my mess.” 
When you turn around Jungkook stuffs his hands in the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie, supposedly to stop himself from cleaning up. With a pout he says, “Can’t help it, Jimin says I’m currently manifesting a strong display of Virgo energy this month. Whatever that means.” 
Jabbing your feet in a pair of slides you follow Jungkook out the door. The hallways are quiet and barren, yet the silence isn’t suffocating as you two pile into the elevator. Jungkook opens the keypad underneath the regular boring buttons, revealing a sleek little set of light-up buttons that have the code to the penthouse. Faaaannnnccy. 
“Tryna look?” he jokes, cupping his hands to block your vision. 
You scoff, “I’m sure it’s something easy like 0000.” 
“You’re wrong. It’s 1234,” he replies cheekily. 
The door dings open and you’re met with yet another door. Jungkook presses his thumb to the biometric scanner, and a pleasant ringer tings in response. 
The penthouse smells like a mix of tonight’s dinner, savory, combined with a cinnamon apple candle. Jungkook is a fan of scented candles, ever since he got a whiff of your lavender vanilla burner. 
“Where’s Taehyung?” you ask, more out of your own anxiousness than anything. Taehyung’s  your buffer, the hyper roommate being someone to distract you from Jungkook’s incessant aura. 
“Dunno,” he shrugs, flicking on the oven light to peer inside. You see the telltale signs of a mean lasagna, the shredded cheese on top crisping to a delicious-looking golden brown, “anyway, you’re my friend first.” 
As grotesque as it sounds, Jungkook always finds his way to worm his way under your skin and find homage there. “Possessive much?” you quirk a brow, folding your arms over your chest even though there’s nothing to hide. 
“What can I say,” Jungkook’s legs stretch out as he squats down to your level, “I really fell for you.” 
“Gross,” you try to convince yourself, ignoring the thudding in your chest, “you technically fell on me, weirdo.” 
Dinner is a quick affair. He cuts slices of lasagna and brings it to the couch, where you’re pouring glasses of wine in crystal glasses. They’re so clean and shiny you can see your reflection in the gold liquid. You grimace at the bottle, normally this would be poured in a mug or your sippy cup, tonight your liquid’s getting a high-end pour. 
You two pull up an old anime to fill up the room, but most of it is spent in playful banter. Jungkook prattles on about his day, showing you all the cool updates he’s achieved during work. An app developer. A very on-brand, lucrative job for him. You love your job but it isn’t nearly as exciting as Jungkook’s, so you just let yourself be supportive and ask questions when needed. 
When the subject of you comes up, you shake your head and stuff your face with another cut of al dente pasta.
“Not interestin’ Jeon,” you mumble, groaning at how delicious his cooking is. What can’t he do? “Is this oregano? Is the secret ingredient toasted oregano—” 
“You’re deflecting.” 
Your shoulders slump, “I’m not very interesting, I tell you everything I do during the week and nothing has changed since March.” 
“Oh, not everything,” Jungkook mutters under his breath. You furrow your brows as his hands stuff themselves in his hoodie pocket. Is he upset you won’t tell him about your work stress? “And you’re very interesting, I’ll have you know.” 
“Yeah?” a small smile tugs on your lips. You sink further into his cottonball of a couch, feeling utterly soft and meldable at his words.
“Very,” Jungkook gets up from the couch, looking down at you, “want something sweet?” 
The prospect of dessert has you excited. Jungkook really is the perfect man, so kind and knows exactly when you’re craving something for your sweet tooth. You move to get up, only for you to sink further between the two large cushions of the loveseat. “Help me, ’m stuck,” you pout.
Jungkook giggles, and holds out his palm, “Hand,” he says simply.
You immediately reach for his larger palm, and you gasp when you feel something cold and soft touch your palm. As if you’ve been burned, you tug your hand back. But Jungkook’s hand is massive, the large ink-painted palm curling around your own, and it’s almost painful the way he clutches your hand so fiercely. 
When he’s sure you’re not going to drop it, he releases your hand. 
Nestled in your palm, is the new vibrator you left on the carpet this afternoon.
“Jeon,” you laugh tonelessly, hating the way Jungkook’s neutral expression mocks you, “you found my USB? Thanks, I know—” 
“Know that you’re having a hard time coming?” Carefully extracting your plate from your lap, he places it on the coffee table before Jungkook cages you between the couch. You shrink further into the plush seat, “I tried being a good neighbor, but you didn’t answer my texts. I heard you when I tried dropping off some snacks before dinner. Didn’t know you were into toys.” 
“Oh, c’mon Jeon. It’s 2020 and we’re confined,” well, in this scenario you’re confined, “everyone has a sex toy.” 
“Hm, I don’t have one,” Jungkook bites the inside of his cheek, pretending to be deep in thought, “so, can you be my toy?” 
It’s then that you feel the tell-tale signs of arousal. Your eyes widen, innocently surprised at the fact that Jeon Jungkook contained so much power in so few words. You snap your legs shut immediately, sealing any possibility of you dripping down your panties. 
“I heard how disappointed you were, doll,” his arms have no problems as he bends down so he’s eye-level with your crotch, “it was pathetic, really. You couldn’t even cum on your own? You need someone to help you?” 
“N-no,” you cross your arms defensively, frowning, “you–you’re being mean, Jeon.”
“And what, you’re gonna cry about it?” Jungkook smirks, now sitting on his knees. His hands run over the velvety fabric of the couch, making a beeline for your thighs. Gooseflesh rises to the surface, and he immediately presses down to iron out the little bumps that travel across your skin, “I do wanna make you cry, but not because you can’t cum. You’ll cry because of how good I’m gonna make you feel.” 
You gape, clutching the vibrator in your hand. 
A little bit of your sweet, cute Jungkook resurfaces, softening when he notices your lack of response, “If you’ll let me, of course.” 
You finally drag the words from your throat, “I-it’s been a long time since I’ve… been with someone.” 
He tilts his head, “Same here. I just figured we could break that spell together.” 
What are you going to say? No? A dishonor to your sexuality, that would be. Jungkook’s offering himself up on a silver platter, and even though you do wish it was a little more you’ll take the sex. 
You nod, forgetting to speak again. Jungkook chuckles. 
“I want to hear you say it, doll.” 
Doll. Like you’re his little fucktoy, malleable and bendable to all his whims. Fuck, why is that so hot to you? “Yes, I want to have sex with you,” you declare, your voice sounding more breathy than confident, “a-and, you can be mean. If you want.” 
His thumbs press little light indents in your skin, over and over as if fascinated by the way your skin is so soft and gummy in his grip. “Okay,” Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to pull out his phone, jabbing a few things that you don’t see, “let’s do a little test drive, then.” 
In seconds, the little egg vibrates in your touch. He puts it on the lowest setting, a soft buzz echoing in the large living room, then at a bruising pace that forces you to curl your fingers around it otherwise it’d fall. Your eyes flicker over to Jungkook’s, who’s focusing entirely on the way the pink and silver egg moves, dilated in interest. 
“Fuck, and you thought this thing was broken?” he asks, taking it out of your palm and turning off the app. 
“Maybe I’m the broken one,” you admit softly, wringing your shirt. 
Silence seeps. Jungkook looks at you, brows furrowed as if he’s annoyed. “Don’t ever say that,” when you don’t respond, he grabs your chin, and you gasp when he forces you to look at him, “you’re not broken, doll. Everyone’s body is different, and we’re going to discover yours together. Got it?” 
“Y-yes,” you reply immediately, mesmerized by his seriousness. 
“Good,” he slaps the vibrator back in your palm, “and in case you’re wondering, this goes inside.” 
“I know how it works,” you scowl, “but won’t you show me, just in case?” 
“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” Jungkook gets up for good, piling the dishes in his arms and walking to the sink. You immediately miss his warmth, “but I think patience is a virtue. I have a developer meeting with some clients in America a little bit, actually. So just wait for my call, yeah?” 
You frown, looking down at the vibrator in your hands. How much longer would you have to wait? 
Tumblr media
It happens at exactly three in the afternoon the next day, at the start of your staff meeting. You’re so tired of the same information being thrown back and forth, coupled with Brian and Jae having to fight over some mundane subject in the itinerary that no one cares about. For goodness sake, it’s Friday! What else would you possibly need to be meeting about? 
You’re wearing a button-down dress shirt on top, no pants on the bottom. Your bare feet slap against the hardwood floor, antsy. It’s been a long day at work and your back hurts, you’re half tempted to dip out of this meeting and hope no one notices. 
Your phone buzzes on your bed, and you blanch. 
[3:01] Jeon: thanks for waiting, doll. It’s time 
[3:01] Jeon: put it in
Shamelessly, your vibrator sits next to your phone, cleaned and ready to go. 
[3:02] Jeon: need help? Answer my call
Making sure that your Zoom call is muted, you quickly answer the incoming phone call. Jungkook and you say nothing at first, waiting. The phone just ticks with the amount of time passing, one minute, two minutes, and so on. 
Mr. Kim drones unknowingly, “So when we do return to live instruction, expect a strict process when returning. PPE must be enforced so our response team will—” 
“How wet were you last night when you went home?” Jungkook asks languidly, speaking over your boss’ voice. 
Your eyes widen, flickering back and forth between the phone and the camera displaying Mr. Kim’s boring speech. 
“Doll, are you hard of hearing?” 
“N-no,” your lips barely move, eyes glued to the camera and plastering an expressionless face, “I heard you.” 
“Then give me an answer,” he says patiently, “how wet were you?” 
“Very wet.”
“Little more detail.” 
“Soaking wet,” you flush, thankful that your work laptop can only stream in 360p. “I haven’t gotten that wet in such—such a long time. My pussy was practically clinging to my underwear when I washed up that night.” 
A heady, heavy groan resonates through your phone. You feel that voice straight into your panties, jolting the nerves awake. 
“Fuck, you have a way with words, don’t you?” Jungkook chuckles breathlessly, “c’mon, touch yourself for me. Swirl your fingers around your clit, slowly.” 
It takes a second for you to position yourself, spreading your legs in a way that your coworkers don’t question why you’re moving so much. A quick scan over all the tired faces says that you’re okay. Shyly, you press your fingers against your clit, doing as he says. 
“Oh,” you say more to yourself than him, feeling the wetness already coating your fingers. This is earlier than usual. 
“I’m already wet,” you say, amazed, “I haven’t gotten wet this quickly in a long time.” 
He scoffs, “If you’re so wet now, shove it in.” 
You frown. You did tell him to be mean. But the idea of him telling you what to do, giving you all the porn-worthy experiences to accomplish has you relenting. Discreetly grabbing the egg from the bed, you bring it down to your panties. Swirling the cold metal around your clit, you coat it in your juices. 
It’s still a little too early to be putting anything in, but you can take it. Slowly relaxing, you slip the little egg in your pussy, wiggling it a little to make sure it’s secure. It’s a strange sort of pressure, and it pokes against your clit from the inside, but you enjoy the stretch. 
“It’s in,” you reply softly. 
You wait. You listen to Jae make yet another speech about the importance of masks and gloves, and then Brian has to interject and say that gloves are literally useless because they spread germs around no matter what. Even though everyone else is muted, you can practically feel the misery seeping through the screen. For a second you almost forget about Jungkook on the line. Why isn’t Mr. Kim stopping them? This is the thin line stopping you from the weekend, unbelievable! 
“Eep!” you jolt in your cheap seat, the egg buzzing in your pussy. Your hands fly out, gripping the edges of your computer. 
It hits different when Jungkook is in control. Knowing that with a flick of his thumb he can have you careening, whining for more or less depending on how hard he wants you go. Your folds hug the egg, nestling it a fleshy grip as it brushes against your clit the more you squirm. 
“You look so pretty, trying so hard to hold in your moans,” Jungkook says wondrously from the other line. 
“W-what?” you frown, “you can see me?” 
And immediately, you go to your trackpad to fish between the hundred-and-one employees also in this call. At the very end, you see a very simple name with no mic or camera: Jeon JK. He’s here. 
“Worked in IT, doll. Know a thing or two,” he says, “now, tell me. What are you thinking about right now?” 
“Y-you,” you mumble shyly. 
“So,” Mr. Kim finally ends that part of the meeting, thank goodness, “what’s everyone’s plans this weekend? I’m going apple picking with a couple of my friends from college. Hoseok is a bright bean who loves to take long walks—”
What the hell. You squirm uncomfortably in your seat, hyperaware that Jungkook’s watching your every move. You make glossy, stubborn eyes at the camera, trying not to move when he jacks up the vibrator to a higher setting. 
Jae’s of course the next employee to unmute his microphone, “Well, me and the bae are going house hunting…” 
“Fuck!” you cry, moving the computer to the left so you can pretend you’re picking up something. But in fact you're leaning your head against your mattress, frustrated. “I don’t fucking care about your weekend plans, Jae! Shut the fuck up! You wanna know my weekend plans?” Jungkook’s laughing at you from the other line, but it only spurs you on, “my plans are fucking my super hot neighbor! He’s a hundred times more interesting than you and he’s going to make me come a hundred times this weekend—oh fuck!” 
Your fingers latch onto your panties, drawing random squiggles and letters between the fabric. You’re damp, soaked to the core. You need some sort of friction, a reprieve from this hellish week.
“You flatter me, doll,” Jungkook is definitely grinning through the phone, you can practically hear his shit-eating grin, “I think you deserve a reward. As soon as you put the camera back on your pretty face.” 
Quickly, you sit up to put the camera on you again. Once again, the employees are in a daze, listening to whatever the next person gabs about their weekend. Even though you can’t really see it, you’re sure Jungkook has a 1080p camera upstairs that shows off your blotchy face. You moan a little bit, lips closed as the egg buzzes against your pussy lips. 
“You’re so cute, doll,” Jungkook praises, “you look so professional, holding it in. What could I do to make you unravel? Hm, what if you imagined the taste of my cock on your lips? Fuck, I’d love to slap your cute little face with my cock, baby doll–”
“y/n?” Mr. Kim calls your name, and you freeze, “what about you? Any plans this weekend?” 
Jungkook doesn’t sound angry that your boss has inadvertently cut him off. “Answer him, doll. Be a good little employee.” 
Like a zombie, you move towards the unmute button. “I–I uh,” you shake your head, trying to formulate a coherent response, “I’m going on a date this weekend.” 
Jungkook jacks up the vibrator to high, and your legs are shaking. 
“Awh, a date!” Mr. Park unmutes himself, practically shoving the camera in his face, “how much do you like the lucky lad or lady?” 
“I like him uh—ah—” you pretend to think, covering a hand over your mouth to hide the fact that you feel your orgasm fast approaching, “I like him a lot!” you finally blurt, “I’m, uh, really excited to see him.” 
“Best of luck to you,” Mr. Kim says brightly, “so Jimin, any news on those investors you had dinner with this weekend? I heard a lot of positive things…”
You immediately mute your mic, and pretend to lag as you fumble around with the camera. Shoving the laptop to the side once more you groan into your sheets, “Fuck—fuck yes—” you moan, shaking your head as you dip your fingers into your panties. The vibrator still continues at its bruising pace, spurring you to a high you haven’t peaked to in months.
“Good job,” Jungkook says simply, “could barely notice that you have a little helper fiddling around your dripping pussy.”
“J-Jeon,” you cry, “I’m, ’m gonna cum.” 
“Yeah?” Jungkook eggs you on, “you’re gonna cum around that cute little vibrator? Gonna soak it in your juices?” 
“W-wish it was your cock I was soaking,” you whisper truthfully, letting your orgasm take you at the thought. Your folds flutter around the vibrator, bringing you to a level of sensitivity you’ve only dreamt of, “Ah, yes, Jeon. It feels s-so good!” 
“Yes baby,” Jungkook groans through the line, “feels good, huh?” 
Mr. Kim interrupts for the last time, “And with that, I think our meeting is adjourned. Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe and—” 
You slam the laptop shut, grabbing your phone and keys. “I’m going up,” you mutter impatiently, already jabbing your feet in a pair of slippers and locking the door to your apartment behind you. 
“I’m waiting,” he replies, eagerness trimming his voice. 
“Password?” you ask quickly, jabbing the elevator door shut once you step inside. Thank goodness you’re alone, you think as you pull your dress shirt further down your ass. 
“Did you forget already?” he teases, “I told you, it’s 1234.” 
Thankfully, the doors zip you up straight to the penthouse. The connection is always a little spotty in elevators, and you sigh longingly when you feel the buzz jolt and leave it’s momentum, quickly losing its rhythm between your dripping folds. Once you get to the top and the elevator doors open the second door immediately swings open, revealing a soft but aroused-looking Jungkook. He looks fresh from the shower, absolutely radiant and delicious looking. 
You don’t hesitate to run up to him, and Jungkook immediately cups his face in your hands, pressing his lips to yours. 
You’re practically on your tippy-toes, and you squeak against his lips when he hooks his arms around your shoulders, immediately lifting you up. You wrap your legs around his trim waist, not wanting to stop kissing him. He’s like the sweetest ambrosia, a taste you can’t get enough of. 
The connection to your vibrator has resumed, and you can’t help but grind helplessly under Jungkook’s clothed abs as he carries the both of you to his bedroom.
“N-need you to fuck me,” you bury your head in the crook of his neck, pressing quick kisses to his jawline, “I want you s-so badly.” 
“Hello to you too,” he husks, shutting the bedroom door with his foot. 
Jungkook drops you unceremoniously, and your limbs splay out on the fresh bedsheets of his feather-soft mattress.
“You look gorgeous like this, doll.” he sighs longingly, a hand going under your buttondown to press against your soaked panties. His hand lingers on the way your pussy moves in tandem with the vibrator. 
“J-Jeon please I can’t take it—” 
“Stop calling me that,” he snaps, hands leaving your skin.
You whine at the loss of contact, “Jeon, no. Jungkook. Kook, my Kook. Please, I need you.” 
That gets him going. His pretty chocolate brown eyes zero in on you, and he immediately shucks off his shirt and sweatpants, “How much do you need me?” he asks, pulling out his phone and pressing some buttons, “how much do you need your Kook?” 
The vibrator stops. You cry out in frustration, unsure if it’s because it’s off or because Jungkook’s taking too damn long. “I need you so much, Kook,” you warble with a pout, moving to undo the top buttons of your dress shirt to reveal your cleavage, “honey, you can have me all you want later today. I want you to slap my face with your dick, edge me until I cry, anything. I’m all yours, I’m your little doll. But please for now, I need to feel you inside me.” 
“Say no more,” his lips latch onto your neck, and you sigh at the skin-to-skin contact. His hand fiddles under your shirt, clutching a breast and slapping it so hard it bounces back and forth, “fuck, you’re so pretty.” 
His hand moves to your plain cotton panties, immediately shucking them off, “doll, you really are dripping,” he’s impressed, surprised when he has to untack the fabric from your glossy legs. He hangs the panties on his wooden headboard, a little ornament for him to jack off to later. 
His fingers brush over your folds, wasting no time to slip the vibrator out. He holds it between your faces, forcing you to stare at the pearly substance that coats the entirety of the egg. “Mm, tasty tasty,” he cooes, pink tongue darting out to lick a long strip across the oval. 
You tug him closer, pressing his lips to yours. He tastes a mixture of his own saliva and your arousal, and you grind helplessly against him. You feel how big his cock is, rock-hard and trying very diligently not to bust. He must have a crazy amount of control, and it drives you nuts. 
“Kook,” you frown, bumping your crotch with his.
“Impatient, good thing I am too,” he shucks off his boxers while you unbutton the rest of your shirt, “knees and hands, doll.” 
You don’t care how or what way he’ll take you. Fuck, he could bend you into an Auntie Anne’s pretzel and you’d comply. 
Arching your back so your ass is in the air, you wiggle around, hoping he’ll take the bait. That’s when you sigh, feeling the tip of his dick brush against your wetness.
“Soaking my cock already, baby,” he says, “you’re so good to me.” 
And finally, finally, he slips in. You don’t even care that it stretches you a little too far and too long, it’s been too damn long since you’ve had decent dick and Jungkooks far more than decent. 
He goes at a quick pace, finally showing how impatient he’s been all this time. Your moans and groans fill the room, a symphony of pleasure and pain as he stretches your walls to the brim. You hold a pillow to your chest, feeling woozy at the way his fat cock stretches you out. 
“F-fuck yeah,” the pace is hard, you practically feel it in your belly, and you love it. “You feel so fucking tight, baby,” he’s all up in your ear, kissing the lobe briefly, “I love the way you suck my cock back in.” 
“Kook,” you press your ass back, “harder, please. I’m your little doll, right? Y-you can fuck me however you want, as hard as you want! Please, ah—! Use me!” 
You cry out when he slips from your folds, immediately flipping you on your back. He wastes no time to wet his dick, lifting one leg over his shoulder to have you deeper. This position is far more intimate, and your noses are practically touching as he thrusts into you. 
You can’t believe you’re in bed with Jeon Jungkook. This must be a dream, a really great, really long wet dream. You crumble in his grip, and you lift a shaky hand to run through his thick black strands. 
“Why’d you make me wait so long?” you cry, staring right into his glittering eyes, “why couldn’t you come for me after your call last night?” 
“Why’d I make you wait?” he grits, crushing the flesh between your hip bones so he can have more leverage to pound into you, “why did you make me wait? Since March, I’ve wanted you. I told you I liked you, told you I fell for you.” 
“T-thought it was a joke,” you warble pathetically, breasts bouncing at his relentless rhythm.
“You think th-this is a joke?” for further emphasis, he glides slower, making you feel just how large and thick he is against your folds, “I want you, doll. Y-yeah, fu-fuck. Want to feed you every day, feed you lasagna, feed you with my cum, make you happy.” 
“I—I want that too, Kook,” you’re a pile of pink mush, and you feel your eyes prick from the overwhelming emotions that have washed over both of you. “Sh-shit, Kook. I think, I think I’m gon’ cum again.” 
“Good, you first,” his hand plays figure 8s with your precious pearl, seeping with arousal and coating his cock in delicious lubrication. 
It doesn’t take long for you to cum. You’re holding him as tight as you can, nails digging into his shoulders as you clench around his cock. Jungkook cums shortly after, and you keen at the sensitivity when his hot cum coats your walls. “Baby doll,” he exhales, thrusting lazily. The both of you feel your combined arousal drip between the two of you, onto your skin and onto his sheets, “y-you’re amazing.” 
His softened cock slips out of you, and his hands immediately reach over to swirl around the heady cream over your engorged pussy. You moan when he brings his fingers to your lips, “Open, doll.” 
It tastes salty yet sweet, and you suckle around his finger with a cute little pop. Jungkook grins brightly, feeling like he won the lottery. 
“Are my walls that thin?” you pout, pressing closer to him when he pulls the blankets to your chest. 
“Very,” Jungkook nods with a chuckle, tucking the two of you in, “now get some rest, doll. You presented a lot of offers to me earlier, and I intend to go through with them.” 
You smile into his chest, melty and feeling utterly sated. 
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soft4gguk · 2 months ago
to build a home | chapter two
Tumblr media
pairing: Jungkook x reader. ceo!jk + dilf!jk x nanny!oc
genre: strangers to lovers. angst. loads of plot. eventual smut
word count: 8.8k (y’all still need context but introduction to oc! and her super cool best friend I’m growing emotionally attached to)
warnings: angst. more angst. swearing. more crying baby </3. and more crying jungoo </3. also, jungkook’s an asshole (im sorry ok my mans is going thru it can u blame him). but! jungkook best dad. mentions of alcohol. mentions of abandonment. that’s pretty much it. last one was too heavy.
author’s note: hi <3 first of all, i wasn’t really expecting my little (sad) story to get half of the attention it’s getting so i want to make sure i come in here and say thank u from the bottom of my heart if u took your time to read it and/or leave nice comments. you’re the best. now, getting to the juicy stuff – hi. this was a handful and im sorry but also im not??? this chapter introduces new characters that were so much fun to write and also our sexy nanny oc queen!! i almost almost blue balled u and left their first meeting / thoughts on one another for the next chapter but i honestly got so excited about it i couldn’t do that to yall. jk has no idea tho. his heart still hurts its been two minutes be patient w him. but the very last paragraph… yeah. thats all im saying. anyways ENJOY <3 xxxxx
This is a work of fiction. Please respect the members and their privacy. x
Texts in bold + italic resemble a recollection of past events.
Chapter Two
You love Saturdays, not afraid to fall into the cliché that coincides with pretty much 99% of the population that looks forward to the weekend. But Saturdays feel different. And here, let me throw in another cliché – they only get better the warmer the weather gets. A Saturday and summer type of person? Predictable. But you’re not one to shy away from clichés. You’d be out of a passion and perhaps have grown to hate your degree, making your four years of higher education exceptionally tedious. You’re diverting, though. Point is, you’re not afraid of being a little predictable in the name of a good cliché.
You woke up this morning and the smell of freshly baked goods had you jolting out of bed. The mornings are still chilly and you keep making the mistake of heading straight to the kitchen barefoot. Excitement usually has you making it in four to six strides and that’s all it takes to be embraced by warmth again. Your kitchen is tiny and the oven does wonders at keeping it in a steady cozy degrees Celsius.
“Good morning, lover.” Lucy’s sweet voice adds to the warmth.
Roommate, best friend and future pastry school graduate – the pet name you two share fits her like a glove. A human being so sweet people stick to her like flies often do to sticky, yummy forgotten treats. Her graduation is coming up in a couple of weeks so she spends her weekends diligently perfecting recipes. You are able to bask in the benefits as her personal guinea pig. And it’s never bad so you gladly comply.
“It is indeed, lover.” You return. She laughs, placing a scone in your hand. It’s plain but nothing about it feels so when you take a bite. “What do you even put in these? Crack?”
“Ding, ding, ding!” She exclaims, pointer finger in the air for dramatic effect. “Here, coffee – freshly brewed so you better not-” but before she can continue, you’re already burdening her existence, a handful of ice cubes falling into the drink she’d poured in your favorite jar.
“Sometimes it’s better to apologize than to ask for permission?” You look at her sweetly, feigning innocence.
“You are stripping my perfect scones of flavour by numbing your tongue with all that ice, ___!” She whines, making you laugh.
“Wait ‘til you see how I lather it with cheap, synthetic strawberry jam.”
“I give up on you.”
“No, you don’t.” You say, big smile plastered on your face. She smiles back.
You sit opposite her, propped up on a stool before your little kitchen counter and watch her work as you reap the benefits.
“You know… I have a good feeling about today. Today’s the day. I just know it.” She tells you.
“You think I’m breaking into the corporate world on a Saturday?” You ask, incredulous but humour lacing your tone.
“Shut up. You don’t even want in the corporate world,” she begins, eyes still glued to her scones, “just… keep your eyes open. You never know.”
“Will do.”
With eyes wide open, you make sure they’re glued to the half a dozen of children spread around the kid’s section of your local library. Saturdays are good because of scones and the undivided (although at times a bit disperse) attention of your very enthusiastic book club of keen readers aging from 4 to 6. Best age to start if you do say so yourself.
Today’s pick is Julián Is a Mermaid and it seems to be sparking a fairly good discussion within your avid readers.
“I want to be a mermaid.”
“Well, you can’t. it’s a book. Miss ___ say’s its fiction.”
“Miss ___ says we can be whoever we want as long as we’re kind.”
“Yeah, but mermaids don’t exist!”
“Okay, okay! Eyes up here. Let’s discuss calmly.” You break the discourse, even though you were secretly enjoying it. “Although it is true that this is a work of fiction like Seojun says, we can be whoever we want, like Kisoo says. In this case, Julián being a mermaid is simply a fun way to let us know that. We prefer fun stories, don’t we?”
They all break into a cheer, affirming that yes, indeed, we prefer fun stories. You give yourself a mental pat in the back. Good saves are a talent you’ve learned to master with little kids who oftentimes lack a filter. You wish you could be like that at times. Bold but soft and (most often than not) kind.
The clock on the wall nears 12 o’clock and you close the book in your lap, turning once again to the kids.
“Okay, kiddos! Did we have fun?” Your question is received by yet again another burst of cheers. You giggle. “Are we looking forward to having even more fun next week with Duck Rabbit?” Another cheer, this time louder. You feel like a Rockstar. “That’s what I like to hear. Okay. You guys can play, draw or have some free reading time until pick up.”
They disperse, gathering in little groups or finding various interests around the colourful play section surrounded by high shelves heavy with more books than you can count.
You engage into brief conversations with the parents as they reunite with their overly hyper children, swarming them with detailed recounts of their participations for the day, their favorite parts of the story and loads of bold ‘I want to be a mermaid!’ statements. That’s usually your queue – you’re not one to break a heart with the harsh truths of the world.
There are only two kids left, quietly sat in one of the small tables, fully invested in their drawings.
Your eyes divert to the window and you see Dae’s mom. A pretty brunette that, if you didn’t know better, would be convinced she’s the ripe age of twenty-three, just like yourself. You’ve actually found yourself looking forward to your small talk with her during pick up – time and time again making sense of Dae’s sweet and light-hearted personality through his mom.
You walk over to the little boy, kneeling in front of him. “Hey, Dae…,” you say softly, not wanting to disrupt his focus.
“Whaff?” He replies, turning to you slowly, one eye still glued to his drawing. You melt at the slight lisp he gets sometimes when he’s a bit distracted.
“Look who’s here.” You say, and right that moment his mom makes her way through the doors.
“Mama!” He all but screams, voice so sweet it sounds gooey, making you melt.
“Ahhhhh, hi baby! Did you have fun? We missed you so, so much. Daddy’s next door getting you donuts.” Mai says, knees coming to hit the ground as she wraps the little boy in her arms, a mischievous smile at the mention of sweet treats.
“Donuts?” It’s the only thing Dae can grasp from her sentence.
She laughs. “Yes, but only after lunch, okay? We’re going to grandma’s today, remember?” he nods, excitement written all over his face. Only now do you notice just how much it resembles his mother.
Mai gets up from the ground, sending Dae off for his backpack before she turns to you, smiling.
“___, you make his Saturdays so magical. My husband is considering never taking him to Disneyland again.” She says, earning a laugh from you.
“Please, don’t let me be responsible for that.” You tell her, light chuckles still leaving your lips. “They make my Saturdays magical, too.”
Dae makes his way back, coming to stand in between the two of you. He looks up at you, soft curls coming to rest in front of his eyes before he brushes them off.
“Thank you for having me today, Miss ___. I had fun.” He sounds shy when he says it but never once breaks eye contact.
“I had fun, too, Dae. Thank you for coming. Can’t wait to see you next week!” You tell him and he beams at your welcoming words. He softly nods and turns to his mom who’s looking at him proudly, as if he’d nailed the previously rehearsed sentence.
You wave at the two of them and see them out, promptly repeating the same actions as you did with Dae, this time with the last kid and parent encounter of the day. Another sweet goodbye before you’re turning around, ready to tidy up after today’s session.
You’ve only just had enough time to put away the box of crayons littering the floor before the sound of approaching footsteps makes you turn around. You see Mai walking towards you, Dae nowhere to be seen this time.
“Hey, is everything alright? Did Dae forget something?” You ask.
“Hi again. Yes, yes. Everything’s alright. I wanted to talk to you actually.” She says, finally coming to a stop in front of you.
“Oh… sure. What’s up?”
“What are you doing after this?” She asks and immediately realizes how nosy she must sound at the way you wince slightly at the question. “Oh God, I’m sorry. Let me rephrase that… what do you do? I mean, do you work, study…?”
You notice her tense up, nerves brewing at her sudden intrusion and you reassure her with a soft smile. You don’t blame her – you’d want to know, too, if your child was spending time with someone who could very well be considered a stranger.
“I, um… I graduated three months ago. Literature. That was my major. I worked the night shift at a bar through most of university. I recently left, though. The atmosphere was getting heavy, I guess,” you say, sparing her the details, “I do work freelance for some publications at the moment, but you could say I’m just… floating for the time being. Looking.” Your admission makes you shy, gaze falling down.
“Oh… I thought you’d be pursuing a career in education.” Mai says, though she doesn’t sound surprised.
“No, no. I volunteer at the book club because it sort of gives me a sense of purpose. It’s easy to lose that when you’ve recently graduated. I didn’t want to feel like my life was in a complete pause. Plus, I like the kids. They keep me hopeful.”
Mai tries her best to keep her facial expression as stoic as ever – offering gentle nods and smiles as she takes in your words. But inside, she’s plotting. You’re too good to be true. Granted, she’s known this for a while – Saturday book club excitement begins as early as Thursday for Dae. Your entire essence feels trustworthy, sweet and patient.
So, Mai plots.
“I have a friend…,” she starts, taking you aback, eyebrows raising up in surprise. “I think he might need your help.”
“So? What did you say? Did you agree to it? I told you I had a good feeling about today!” Lucy’s frantic, bits of flour dust her cheeks lightly. She hasn’t left the kitchen since you left this morning and now the scones are accompanied by batches of croissants, madeleines, eclairs – you name it. Her own personal Café de Fleur.
You have to admit, her excitement is contagious.
“I mean, I agreed to have her give him a call. To put in a reference for me. But I don’t know, Lu.” This earns you a scowl from her
“What do you mean you don’t know? This could be amazing, ___. Enlightening, even!”
“Enlightening is a stretch.” You say, hand coming to rest at your hip.
“Now, don’t be ungrateful. What else do you need? She all but gloated about her more than financially willing single dad friend that’s in desperate need of a hot nanny-” now you’re the one scowling. “Sorry, a nanny. Kids come naturally to you!”
“She’s nine months old! She’s a baby, not a kid. I can’t bribe her with lollipops and picture books.” You protest.
“Even better! Babies are less demanding of attention and bribes. You just have to make sure she stays fed and out of poopy diapers and voila! Happy kid- baby. Happy baby!” she says. At what sounds like a defeated sigh coming from you, she presses, “besides… you could have time to work on your writing, in-between naps or whatever. What other job gives you the benefits nap time does?”
She has a point. It shouldn’t take too much to convince you – you do need the job. The savings you’ve been amounting to since university will not last you forever and you couldn’t solely rely on the hopes of getting your big break as a writer overnight.
“Yeah, I guess you have a point.”
“Plus… being a single parent must not be easy.” You smile at your friend’s inability to remove her feelings from the vaguest of situations. “You could actually help out a family more than you’d realize, ___.”
Her words make your heart sink a little, even though you can’t quite put your finger on why. As much as you make fun of Lucy for shining subjectivity into every context, you can’t help but admit you’re the same. You don’t know anything about this family; let alone anything that would spark the uneasiness that tugs at your heart at her words. Yet you can’t control the flutters in your chest at Lucy’s suggestion, insisting you could be of help.
In that moment, you find yourself hoping you can be.
It’s Monday.
Jungkook hates how much of a Monday it feels like. He was never one to fixate on the days of the week as such – usually having his secretary keeping track of his days, making sure to fit personal time and Soori’s doctor’s appointments in the middle of his crazy work schedule. He’s never attached days to feelings.
But today is a Monday and it feels like Jungkook’s own personal idea of hell. The weekend was hell, too. He decided to bring Soori along on his business trip, her recent clinginess to her father breaking Jungkook’s heart during every parting. Mai tries to soften the reality around the edges a bit, reassuring him she only cries for a little longer once he leaves her in the mornings before heading to the office.
Suelgi had tagged along for the trip and would babysit during the day as Jin and Jungkook oversaw the advancements in the project. He felt proud. This was the first of his hotels that he has overseen from the very beginning. An idea that’s now materialized into a twenty stories high beach front resort. Soori was not in the mood to necessarily celebrate, though, amounting to a two-day, one (sleepless) night hellish weekend trip.
The back and forth has really been taking a toll on her schedule as well, leaving them with odd feeding hours and a regression in her sleep training that has Jungkook fearing for his ability to function on sole motor skills.
He’s in the middle of changing her diaper as she fidgets in his grasp, mindlessly playing with a bunched-up sock. He squints. His bunched-up sock. Where did she even get that? He checks his watch – 7:20 AM. Not bad. Mental pat in the back, because he basically lives off his own reassurance nowadays. The pleasure of the accomplishment of not running late for once is short-lived as his phone starts ringing loudly. His eyes search for it and although he can hear its proximity, it’s nowhere to be seen.
“Fuck.” He mutters. Soori coos at him and he covers her ears quickly, “you didn’t hear that.”
The ringing stops and he continues his task of getting her clean and changed for the day. Another short-lived moment of bliss as the ringing fills the walls of the nursery again. Now he worries – it could be a work emergency. Or Suelgi reaching out to let him know something came up and she won’t be able to look after Soori today. He takes another glance around the room and sees the buzzing device camouflaged by a family of plushies on top of one of Soori’s toy baskets. It doesn’t stop ringing.
“Don’t move, okay?” He says to Soori, who’s laying on top of her changing table. The second the words leave his lips he realizes the calibre of stupidity the request holds. He closes his eyes, shaking his head in disbelief. “Intermission,” he says, taking a very butt-naked Soori in his arms and heading to retrieve his phone. How did that even get there? He recites a mental prayer in hopes his daughter doesn’t have an accident – one all over his tightly pressed white button up.
Mai’s name flashes on the screen of his phone.
“Gguk. I have the best news.” She says, way too cheerful for 7 am.
“Enlighten me.” He responds, immediately regretting the sarcastic ring to his voice.
Mai doesn’t seem to mind, he can hear the smile on her face when she says, “I found you a nanny!”
“Send her CV my way. I’ll check it out as soon as I get to the office.” He returns.
“I’m her CV! And her letter of recommendation.”
“I’m not going to leave my daughter in the care of someone that doesn’t have the right qualifications and/or enough years of experience to lack a proper CV.” Jungkook’s voice is stern and he knows Mai is rolling her eyes on the other side of the line.
“Oh, Ggukie. You’re funny. If employment worked that way you’d be out of a job.” Her voice doesn’t hold an ounce of menace but she knows she has to be stern, too.
“Hotels can fail. My daughter’s wellbeing, cannot.” He argues, voice sounding defeated.
“Okay. Hear me out. She’s Dae’s teacher. From Saturday book club – you know how he’s always telling you about it?” Mai explains.
“Oh, she’s a teacher?” He admits that grants him a glimmer of hope.
“Well, no,” and before Jungkook can object again she continues, “but! Gguk, she is sweet, and patient and I’ve seen her with the kids, she can easily reason with them. They love her. And respect her. Come on, just one interview. Get to know her. Let Soori get to know her, too. She can’t be worse than all these nannies you’ve been interviewing that look straight out of that one scene in Mary Poppins. Please?”
Jungkook is about to object again, having made up his mind at ‘well, no’ but before he can begin to form a sentence, he feels a wet patch growing at the center of his stomach, quickly spreading down in a steady stream. He looks down at Soori who looks back at him innocently, unaware of her accident, slightly relieved at having an empty bladder. She smiles at him, a soft giggle falling past her lips.
Now they’re running late.
“Gguk just- what?” Mai says, astounded.
“Give me her number, I’ll have my assistant arrange the interview.” He sounds defeated, but Mai doesn’t miss the sudden determination in his voice.
“You won’t regret it, Gguk. Trust me.”
And in that moment, he finds himself hoping he doesn’t.
“So, it’s a coffee date?”
Lucy’s voice nears as she enters your room, pushing the clothes that you’ve aggressively scattered all over your bed to the side. She takes a seat, hands wrapped around a scolding hot cup of tea. You can see the steam dance out of the mug in little twirls.
“No. it’s not a coffee date. His assistant just asked me how I liked my coffee. Must be a rich people thing, you know?” You argue.
“Politeness?” She asks, raising a brow.
“No. Planning ahead of time.”
“And what did you tell her?” She presses, bringing the mug to her lips as she takes a sip.
“About how you like your coffee.”
“Iced americano.” You tell her, a wicked smile tugging at your lips.
She rolls her eyes. “Please, it’s like you want to butcher this!”
“Not actively attempting to, no. But if I can’t find anything remotely appropriate to wear then that might just be the case.” You say, exasperated. You’d spent the good first half of your morning rummaging around your tiny closet for anything that would resemble even an ounce of professionality. Needless to say, your pastels and florals, mostly making up an absurd amount of sun dresses, were not quite cutting it.
“Please, ___, you dress like a grandma that picks up gardening as soon as the weather goes any higher than 20 degrees. Or, even better, -” she continues but you turn around, narrowing your eyes at her. “The cutest grandma, though. Sexy, too.” She winks at you and you can’t help but smile.
“It’s just not… professional enough.”
“Since when do nannies have to look cookie cutter corporate? I’d be content enough with someone that didn’t pose any immediate threat. Like say, you walk in there with a spike collar on – that might be dangerous. But then again, you can’t really judge a book by its cover.” She concludes, assertive nod to the head before she takes another sip.
You laugh, shooting finger guns at her, giving her the point.
She’s right. Your choice of fashion was never a matter of inconvenience during Saturday book club in the library. And you do sort of sport the grandma-chic. You should be fine.
Yet you can’t shake the slight intimidation you feel. You know it’s only normal to dwell on nerves or pre work interview jitters. As much cookie cutter corporate this isn’t you still want to do well. You still want his approval.
The intimidation dates back to two days ago. Mai had called you, having asked for your number to give you further details, and she gave you the good news! As she’d exclaimed.
“His assistant will call you to arrange an interview. It’ll probably be sometime this week.” Mai’s voice still held the same enthusiasm as it did a couple of minutes prior during her call with Jungkook.
“That sounds perfect,” you say, although you have to force the words out of you. You weren’t expecting everything to unfold so quickly.
“You’ll do good. Soori will love you.”
“Thank you for this opportunity, Mai. It- the timing was just right.” You don’t feel like putting any pressure on her by admitting just how desperately you need this. This is just an interview after all.
“Trust me, likewise.” She says this and it leaves you wondering for a minute. Her voice sounds serious, but you don’t press.
You’re about to say your goodbyes but her words stop you.
“Jungkook.” She says, seemingly out of nowhere.
“Huh?” You frown, a bit lost by the prior.
“Jeon Jungkook. That’s his name. Just realized I never told you.”
Jeon Jungkook. It’s in the name. That’s where your intimidation stems from. He sounds like he belongs in the list of professors you avoided in university. The ones that led the elective subjects you took to build up credit. Like accounting and introduction to physics 01. You shudder at the thought.
Another look-over your messy clothes sprawled all across your bed earns you another shudder, followed by a loud groan.
Lucy scams through it, giving it one last glance before she grabs a handful of yellow fabric. She doesn’t gravitate towards it for any reason in particular – simply with the intention to ease your torment and put an end to this discussion.
“Here. Wear the yellow dress.” She says, sure of herself, even though she has no idea what the yellow dress actually looks like. It could be one of your grandma chic but make it ass cheek length for all she knows.
But the angels are on Lucy’s side today and when you reach for the dress, holding it against your body as you stare at the mirror, it’s not half bad. It cuts in a straight line over your chest, fabric rouching slightly at the top before it falls seamlessly right above your knees. Discreet enough. Cute bows at the strings that hold it over your shoulders, too. You are keen on the gardening look, aren’t you?
“It needs a cardigan.” You say, reaffirming your previous realization.
“How Victorian of you. Please refrain from showing any ankle – the man might have a heart attack. I heard nine months old are judgy, too.” Lucy remarks.
“I was planning on wearing my converse – is that too casual?” You ask, completely ignoring her witty remarks. She rolls her eyes at you and watches you pace around your room, trying to tidy up the mess you’d make.
You’re looking through your cardigans when she breaks the silence.
“What do you think happened?”
“What do you mean?” You ask, turning around, eyes meeting her serious ones.
“I mean, single dad… desperately in need for a nanny… rich, assuming from his side of town. Do you think something happened? Where’s the baby mama?” Your eyes widen at her last question.
“Well, I don’t know. But I’m sure it isn’t any of the crazy scenarios flashing through your mind right now. Probably a messy divorce or something.” You declare.
“Guess we’ll find out soon enough.”
“Soo, look here, baby. Open wide!” Jungkook’s words feign cheerfulness but they’re bordering on a plead. As he brings the spoon closer to Soori’s mouth she lets out a high-pitched shriek. By far the loudest since this whole ordeal unfolded twenty minutes ago.
Her eyes are swollen, wet with tears that fall down her face that’s now red from all the crying and screaming lunch time has provoked. The first few days she refused solid food had Jungkook giving in – cradling her in his arms as he bottle fed her until she calmed down. But it’s been three days of this and he needs to be a parent.
So that’s where his Thursday lunch break finds him – standing in front of a very angry baby, completely clueless, a colourful assortment of pureed baby food adorning his kitchen island. Soori’s cries come to a surprising stop and he knows she’s not only tired but also hungry. He tries again, lowering the spoon to her, holding in his breath as she just stares at it. She kicks, body jumping so abruptly inside the confinity of her high chair it startles Jungkook, hands coming to hold her still as he shushes her gently.
Amidst the sea of broken feelings that slowly tear him apart this is perhaps the most painful. He didn’t think Soori would be so receptive to her mother’s departure. Jungkook doesn’t know if her change of demeanour is a reaction of his sulking and suffering, or if she feels Ira’s absence more than he can give her credit for. She’s just so little. Bliss still carries her through most mornings and nights – they were Jungkook’s to begin with, as he took every chance he possibly could at home to spend with her. He likes to believe that her mother’s missing presence isn’t something she doesn’t quite grasp by notion. But he can’t deny that she feels it by instinct. His heart breaks all over again at her innocence. He wonders if she’s confused, tries to decipher her feelings as he stares at her. Her mouth opens and closes in breathy whimpers. His eyes sting with the promise of a new set of tears at the feeling.
“Mr. Jungkook?” Mrs. Chae’s dulcet voice startles him. She looks apologetic when he jumps at the sight of her. “I’m sorry to disturb you. Your assistant has just called to remind you about your interview, sir. I thought I’d let you know.”
Fuck. The interview. In the middle of lunchtime chaos, he’d managed to forget about it.
“Uh- yes. Yes. Thank you, Mrs. Chae,” he takes a glimpse at his daughter, whom he still hasn’t manage to feed. He feels like a failure.
“If you want, I can try?” she says, referring to the get the baby to actually eat ordeal he was engaged in a minute ago.
“I’d appreciate that, yes.” She’s an old lady, and although sweet, lacks the patience to deal with the babysitting duties she’d had to take on ever since Ira left. But Jungkook needs all the help he can get, so he accepts hers. “If she keeps fussing just give her a bottle. She needs to eat.” She simply nods. He feels slightly judged – he keeps breaking. Stuck between a wall and a dead-end street. A bottle or starving his nine-month-old. A really easy one, yeah.
He leans down, kissing Soori’s forehead, whispering, “be good, baby.”
He makes his way from the kitchen to the living room, his pace picking up as he walks straight to the guest bathroom before he locks it.
He doesn’t bother turning on the lights as his back leans against the door, body sliding against it until he hits the floor. He breaks. It’s not the loud sobs he let out the first couple of days – he’s pretty sure he’s ran out of those. It’s the silent tide of tears that build in the corners of his eyes as his lost gaze penetrates an empty spot. He stares so hard until his line of vision goes blurry and he blinks. And only then do the tears fall. He doesn’t know why he suppresses them anymore. He’s just so fucking tired. He doesn’t know where the pain starts nor does he know where it ends. It’s just there. Silent, cold, sharp. An all-consuming overwhelm that shares his days and nights – backstabbing him just when he thinks it’s getting better.
He starts to get angry – what he’s come to identify as step two of his emotional vortex. But before he can fully register it, the doorbell rings, saving him from himself.
Your fingers hover over the doorbell. The touch screen doorbell. You try not to but your mind races with, quite frankly, unproductive thoughts.
Who even needs this much technology? You direct your gaze up, taking in the sight in front of you. People that live in such humble abodes like this one, you think. The house resembles something out of those Architectural Digest magazines you skim through in the library to kill time. It reminds you of a cut out you pasted in your vision board – idea courtesy of none other than Lucy after reading one chapter from The Secret.
it’s big, that’s to put it lightly. The shape almost boxy – wide and long, walls a contrast between white and dark mahogany wood. Two palm trees adorn the entrance, one taller than the other, side by side. Palm trees? You’re gawking now, you know you are. Three cars take up the vast parking space – two that seem to be identical, only in different colours. Black and white. That’s cliché, even for you. A Range Rover comes to view at the far end, almost towering the two coupes – it’s black. You have to admit it’s a satisfying colour palette. But who needs three cars? You shake your head, catching yourself before you free-fall into the incessant prying.
You make a mental note to stop staring as you fixate your gaze back to the door. Your eyes come back to the doorbell.
Does it ever run out of battery?
You’re about to reason with your brain on why that is a stupid question when the front door swings open from the inside. You tense up slightly, running your hands down the front of your dress nervously as your eyes come up to take in the sight before you.
Now, as afore mentioned, you’re not one to shy away from a good cliché; but the one before you finds you perplexed, to say the least.
He’s tall – so much so you have to shift your gaze upwards to meet his face. And when you do, you’re met with something you can’t quite put into words. But he doesn’t need words. His beauty speaks sonnets you’ll never be able to utter with ordinary words – so ethereal you quickly come to an spoken understanding. His hair is dark and thick, falling softly on top of his forehead, parting at the middle. His eyes look red and even though they’re a bit fallen they look impossibly big – if you look long enough, they become starry. You think your own eyes are deceiving you but when he blinks slowly and opens them again, you’re met with galaxies.
He’s managed to make formal attire look effortlessly casual. You take him in – black slacks, perfectly fitted against his toned legs. His white dress shirt exposes more skin than your sanity can bear, the three top buttons undone and his sleeves rolled up. Tattoos that seem to be never ending adorn his right arm that maintains a tight grip on the door as he holds it open for you.
“Mr. Jeon?” Your voice mirrors the confusion that inhabits your head. The title feels off – this man looks like he could’ve been part of your graduating class. But who makes it this big after three months post grad?
The left side of your brain, also known as rationality, hopes this is not Jeon Jungkook, the man about to interview you. For a potential job. To babysit his daughter.
But the right side of your brain hopes it is.
“Just Jungkook is fine.”
Damn it.
“Uh- come in, please.” He says, making way in the entrance for you to step in.
It’s bright – the house illuminated by the light coming from the endless windows that take up the space, floor to ceiling, east to west. The minimal décor perfectly complemented by a perfect view of the boundless shade of green that make up the backyard; the blue of the pool reflecting against the glass.
“Here, my office’s this way. Follow me.” His voice breaks you out of your trance and you nod, following right behind him.
His strides are determined yet effortless, mimicking his essence alone. But you can’t stop thinking about his eyes – bruised with what seems like lack of sleep and red veins so prominent around his irises you wonder if it’s the prior or if he’s been crying.
Stop prying.
He comes to a stop in front of a door that he holds opens for you, letting you go in first. You smile at the action. He doesn’t return it.
“Please,” he gestures to one of the chairs and you sit down, opposite to where you assume he’ll be sitting; a wide table, that matches the overall décor of the house, separating the two of you.
He looks at the tray Mrs. Chae has left for the two of you, seeing his usual coffee order has doubled. He quirks a brow, taking one look at you, but you seem to be lost as you take in your surroundings. He grabs both glasses, placing one in front of you.
“Thank you.” You say, voice soft.
He rounds the desk and comes to sit in front of you, settling into the chair before he takes a sip from his coffee. He clears his throat and this makes you straighten up in your seat. Here we go, you tell yourself.
“Do you have any questions for me before we start?” His gaze finally meets yours, undivided for the first time since you walked inside his home.
But his question takes you aback. He looks like the type to shove you abruptly into the enquiry portion of the interview.
“Um…,” you’re already stuttering and Jungkook tries not to but he looks exasperated. “The dynamic,” you attempt to answer with secureness, “what does it look like?”
His left eyebrow quirks rapidly at your question, almost instinctively. “She’s nine months old. She naps two to three times a day. Solid food three times a day,” his voice shakes at this, “formula four times a day. Quick bath throughout the day if she gets messy, a long one before bed time. Goes through diapers like she’s keeping Pampers afloat. Enjoys anything loud with buttons during her free time.” The last two remarks are more sarcastic than they are funny. Condescending even.
“And yours?” He doesn’t miss the slight irritation in your voice, although you look impassive.
“Dynamic. What does it look like?”
Your question aggravates him slightly. If he were to answer it with outmost sincerity, you’d probably label him as a bad father – a weak one even. He thinks about Soori right now, probably propped up against her favorite pillow in the couch as she suckles on her bottle. The word discipline swarms his thoughts. He frowns. She’s nine months old for God’s sake.
He composes himself before replying, “I work at the office, though I’ve been working from home more often lately. Mornings and nights she spends with me. Lunch time, too, when I’m home. I tend to have seasons where work requires more travel than others, but that time hasn’t come so I’m yet to figure it out. I don’t work on weekends unless strictly necessary.” The brief but packed run down comes to an end but all you can do is remain silent in your seat; eyes still glued to his. “Is that all?”
“Yes,” your murmur.
“Your work experience is… not ideal for this sort of job. Are you aware?” Now you know why he’s loaded. He’s a fucking shark.
“I am aware.” You badly want to say something, anything, to save your ass but your mind is at a complete blank at his unashamed boldness.
“What do you really want to do?”
He exhales loudly. “What career path do you want to pursue? Did you go to school? – Mai told me you volunteer at the library – is that something you want to do long term?”
Damn, he’s ruthless.
“I’m sorry, I should’ve brought a CV of some sort-”
“Yes, you should’ve. But you didn’t. So, we’re just going to have to work with what we have.” He says, interrupting you.
You look up at him, your sincere eyes meet his. They look as tired as they did when he first greeted you. You try to steady your breathing, easing your mind as you pose a brave front.
“I majored in Literature – out of sole passion. I didn’t really think about where it would land me when I started, I just did it because I loved it. I graduated three months ago and no, I don’t love it any less. Even if my degree hasn’t landed me nowhere you’d consider successful.” He visibly winces at your words. “I quit my job at a bar because the atmosphere was making me feel uncomfortable. The library felt comforting enough so I stuck to that. It makes me happy. Volunteering, I mean. Not in the selfless way you’d probably think but in a it brings me more peace of mind than it does them way, I guess. They’re kids, nothing holds their amusement for long enough. I’d hope the books and my words do, but I can’t know that for sure. I’m just a tiny slice of their week. But that’s fine by me.”
Jungkook gapes at you. He takes your words in and has to admit your sincerity takes him by surprise. You’ve uttered more words in the last two minutes than you have since you arrived. His head is pounding. He doesn’t believe you’re any more qualified just because you had a burst of honesty spill out of you. But he’d be a fool not to regard you with admiration for it.
At his silence, you continue, “I don’t know what career path I want to pursue. Or maybe I do, but it somewhat scares me. I like to write, but it’s a tough industry to break into. I’m not worried or desperate to know, though. I don’t know how long it took you to amount to all your success – you look fairly young to me. But I believe even the most successful of people felt at least a little lost at twenty-three,” you catch yourself slipping into a cliché so you mask it with a, “or whatever.”
He nods, but it doesn’t necessarily convey approval. It’s more so as if he’s digesting everything you’ve unloaded onto him. You don’t care at this point; having come to terms you didn’t stand a chance in Jeon Jungkook’s nanny boot camp to begin with.
“I agree,” he says and his words find you wide eyed. “I don’t even believe most people should decide on something they’ll take on for the rest of their lives that young. I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re lost, though. Finding your way seems to be a more fitting term.”
His words are comforting and the warm feeling pooling at the pit of your stomach travels all the way up until it settles in your chest. They feel almost welcoming, even as his gaze remains stern.
“You didn’t ask and at this point you probably don’t care but… I’m a fast learner and there are a couple of things in life that come naturally to me and I’ve been told that kids are one of them.”
He nods, giving you a tight-lipped smile before he’s pushing his chair back and coming to a stand. You follow his movements, walking alongside him in silence as you exit his office.
You don’t expect the loud shriek that echoes through the walls when you walk down the corridor, back to his living room. Concern laces his features and he walks a little faster, but when you make it to the living room and past the front door you don’t know if you should keep following him.
You do anyways.
Upon entering the kitchen you’re met with one hell of a sight. Sat in a high chair is whom you presume to be Soori. A very unhappy version of her, anyways. She’s kicking and screaming so loud you fear she might break free from her constraints, the baby harness holding her back every time. You know she’s upset when her cries are also met with tears – real tears. Not crocodile ones babies often times shed when they can’t express discomfort so they just cry. In front of her, Mrs. Chae is holding a bottle and a pink plastic bowl, eyes going from one to the other and then to Soori, in complete desperation.
“What’s wrong?” Jungkook says, coming to stand next to them.
“She- she won’t take her bottle. I tried the puree again but she doesn’t want that either. I’m sorry Mr. Jungkook.” Mrs. Chae says.
“Has she been crying this whole time?” He asks. Mrs. Chae simply nods.
The both of them keep going back and forth, with Jungkook asking how many ounces she had, if the bottle was perhaps cold. Or too hot.
You look at Soori, who’s crying hasn’t come to a cease, if anything getting louder at her dad’s arrival. You can see the grabby hands she makes at him and it tugs at your heart a little. You walk over to her. She’s probably the cutest baby you’ve ever seen – even when her chubby cheeks are flushed from all the crying and her eyes are swollen. A silky, single strand of black hair is held up by a pink bow – hair coming up in a little sprout. Adorable.
She looks just like her dad – button nose and big doe eyes. Not to mention the puffy cheeks.
Your next move is bold but you know this works. Well, you don’t know for sure but you can try. Her exasperation is getting to you too at this point. You reach for one of the bowls on the kitchen counter – a mush of what smells like peas. You plop a dollop of the puree in the table of her high chair. She looks confused at first, taking in the stranger in front of her and then the green glob that adorns the once impeccably white surface. You notice just how clean she is, as well. You’ve never seen a child this clean during lunch time.
After a couple of seconds her cries come to a stop. She looks at you one last time before she redirects her gaze to her food – hands curiously coming to smack at the mushy peas. Jungkook turns around at the sudden quietness. His eyes look like they’re about to burst out of his skull when he sees his daughter stare at her messy fist, hand covered in baby food. She observes it tentatively before bringing it to her mouth, her whole hand coming past her lips as she nibbles on its content. She looks nonchalant to say the least but when her hand repeats the movement, shoving another handful into her mouth, he feels like he could cry of relief.
“How-” he starts, flabbergasted.
“Um… she’s not going to feel fully comfortable with the sight and texture of the food if she doesn’t get a chance to explore it with her hands first.” You answer.
Soori hums in sweet satisfaction as she feeds herself. Jungkook turns to her, big toothy smile at his baby’s new found sound. It’s the first time you’ve seen his face take on that expression.
“Is it good, baby?” he coos and she smiles back at him, nose scrunching up imitating her father’s, mushy peas up to her hairline.
You smile. God, they’re cute.
But you know this is your queue. You adjust your bag strap over your shoulder, clearing your throat as you prepare to say goodbye and turn around. You can see yourself out.
“Thank you for-”
His next words nearly give you whiplash and it takes you a while to process them.
“When can you start?”
“And then what did you say?” Lucy listens to your detailed recollection of the recent events. She nods and winces and shakes her head at the brutal recount.
“Well, I was about to say goodbye. Yes, that chubby cheeked baby was calling my name but I couldn’t get out of there faster. But then,” you pause, remembering the exact moment, a little too vividly as his voice echoes in your memory.
“What! What?” Lucy’s eyes are attentive, never once leaving your face. But her hands follow another agenda, filling a shot glass to the brim, the clear liquid spilling a bit as she waits for your bomb to kaboom! In her face. This one’s looking exceptionally ghastly. She figures tequila could ease the impact.
“He asked me when I could start.” You finish.
“Wait, what? Come again?” She all but slams the bottle as she sets it back down on the kitchen counter.
“Yeah. I think it even took him by surprise. He went on to tell me that we could take a week of testing the waters before I signed the contract.” You tell her.
“The contract? Who are you babysitting? The next heir to the British throne?”
You laugh at this, “no. She’s cuter than any of those royal babies.” She smiles, downing the shot of tequila that she’d originally destined for you. You don’t need it. Neither does she but, oh well.
“And, Lucy… his assistant emailed me the contract, just in case I had something I wanted to negotiate,” you say, voice coming to a whisper.
“And?” She asks, confused.
“Think sleazy bar pay check,” she winces, “now double that.”
“Now add one of those good months that I would get my work published and we could buy the fancy marmalade,” she nods in excitement, “now double that.”
“We’re RICH!” She screams, hands coming to hold yours as you both jump up and down to the beat of her movements.
“There’s only one problem,” you say, stilling.
“His face…”
“What about it?”
“Picture an angel,” your gaze softens, she rolls her eyes.
“Picture the perfection,”
“I am, I am.” Lucy returns, eyes dreamy.
“Now double that.”
Jungkook enters his bathroom, mind busy with the weight of the day. Bed time went smoothly but he knows Soori will be up in two hours or so. He mentally prepares himself for another night of rocky sleep.
He reaches for his toothbrush, lathering a generous amount of toothpaste on top before letting the water run over it. He hates mundane tasks like these – his mind having to come to a halt, to fixate on the domestic. He thinks about Ira. He can’t help it. He pictures the routine they’d adapted for the past three years – imagines what she looked like brushing her teeth next to him. They’d stand next to each other in comfortable silence, aggressive silence and on really good days, mumbles between mouthfuls of toothpaste, talking about their days, his arm around her waist as he pinned her to the marble counter.
He can’t help but wonder where she is. If she’s well. If she cries at night when she turns off the lights the way he’s grown accustomed to since she left. He wonders if she misses Soori – her baby smell, the squish of her cheeks, the round of her eyes taking her in. She thinks about the fact she missed one of her milestones today – that satisfied hum when she enjoyed her mushy peas.
He wonders if she misses him, too.
He remembers the mess Soori had made during lunch, having to wash baby food off her hair afterwards. Ira would’ve rolled her eyes at the sight. She never liked it when she made a mess.
He wonders what she would think of you, of his decision to have you look after their baby.
He stops his train of thought.
His baby.
The realization exhausts him further and he heads to bed. He wonders when it’ll get easier. When it will stop hitting him in the face every time he lets his mind wonder in meaningless back and forth. He knows the answer to all of his previous questions – none of them are what he wants to hear.
He tugs his hoodie off with one hand, throwing it to the side before he gets under his covers. He sighs, a groan leaving his mouth at the feeling of the pillow against his head. His eyes close instinctively.
And then he thinks about you.
He’s spent a good portion of his day thinking about you, to be fair. The wellbeing of his daughter at the frontline of his thoughts, whether he made the right decision or not. He’d made up his mind pretty early into the interview and all it took was a happy baby enjoying mushy peas for him to break. He’s regretted his decision at least a dozen times today. But then during dinner time he mimicked your actions, an assortment of foods cut into small bites spread in front of Soori for her to explore. She was eating so fast he had to stop her twice and he got to hear her sweet little mmm a handful of times. That was enough for him to break again.
But as he nuzzles into his pillows his thoughts are not laced with parenting. He thinks about you. He doesn’t exactly follow the direction of his train of thought but he’s too tired to stop it.
He thinks of the words you so openly shared with him. He thinks of the way vulnerability took over your face in a way he’d never seen it shown so visibly in anyone before. He thinks about your yellow dress that all but startled him when he opened his front door, so bright you almost looked out of place. He tries to remember what you smelled like. He can’t put his finger on it. In fact, he doesn’t think he even focused on it long enough to remember. Honey, camelias, lavender, roses, wood- he stops himself. It’s a thought with a dead-end street. He finds no point in dwelling.
You were wearing high top converses.
Something about that makes way to his brain and he can’t quite explain it. Perhaps it’s an innocence he doesn’t interact with anymore. He thinks about twenty-three-year-old him – just as lost as you. He smiles but it’s unconscious as he slowly begins to succumb to a much-needed sleep. He thinks you look like a feeling buried down deep in his memory. He’s too tired to put a name to it but as his brain begins to shut down, his vulnerability comes afloat, cradling him. The feeling doesn’t have a name but it comes in a memory he’s not so sure it entirely belonged to him. Perhaps it’s a deep longing he stored inside his heart many years ago.
Salt water. The smell of Taehyung’s parents beach house. Sixteen. Slow days. A fight between innocence and desire. Infatuation masked by love. Promises of forever. Names that danced with his. Lemonade. His first sip of beer. Mrs. Kim’s lemon pie. An old beat-up jeep. Wind. Sand. Days so long they never truly eased into night. Sunrise escapades. The stars in the sky. And yellow. So much yellow.
If u made it this far can we talk about cute, soft, in-between-awake-and-asleep jk being all dreamy and reminiscing!!!! that was so hot of him. i truly hope you enjoyed – this story has been so fun to write so far and my mind is already working like rents due to whip out chapter three as fast as i can!! i, too, can’t wait for the sexy stuff, don’t worry. jk needs healing but its on its way!! hold on tight. also i will make it my purpose to get my girl lucy a match made in heaven for this fic bc she deserves the world. Thank u for reading and feel free to let me know what you thought of the chapter – i love talking to u guys. sending loads of love always!! xxxxx
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venusguks · 4 months ago
Unlike You
Tumblr media
pairing : jeon jungkook x fem!reader
summary : As daydreamy and romantic as you are, you decided true love was going to have to wait for you tonight. That was because tonight, you were getting laid !! ...Your best friend doesn’t make it easy for you when he finds out why, though.
warnings : smut, dom!jk, sub!reader, unprotected seggs, fluff, bsf!jk, degredation, dumbification, possessive jk, jealous jk, fun sexy times, jk is whipped for mc, oral (fem receiving), body worshipping, jimin/reader but only for a sec
Tumblr media
“A club?” Jungkook raised his brow.
He was incredulous and slightly displeased as he watched you pace around your room. It was rare after all, new to see you like this―in a black, satin dress with a slit high enough to make him upset. He didn’t need you catching anyone else’s attention, especially in a neon lit bar full of ravenous people.  “For the seventh time, yes, Kook,” You huff, jarring your mouth slightly to dab a dreamy red over your plush lips. 
You couldn’t recall the last time you felt so confident as you applied mascara and tickled a delicate pink over your cheeks. More than anyone, Jungkook couldn’t recall ever seeing you this way, this excited to be amidst a crowd of sweaty bodies. You honestly didn’t see why he was being so apprehensive, it wasn’t like you necessarily hated parties―you just always preferred the coziness of your home better. Huge social interactions were never your thing, and that was okay. Being an introvert wasn’t something to be ashamed of anyway, but staying in came with the everyday comforts of baggy sweatpants and sweaters.
So could anyone really blame you for your excitement? You just loved the way getting ready made you feel, missed it. You already knew you were beautiful with or without makeup, but damn did it make you feel confident.
“It’s just...” Jungkook furrowed his brows and ruffled his hair. “This isn’t like you, love. Did something happen? Are you okay? We can talk about it, if you want. Whatever it is, I’m here to listen you know.” 
You sighed exasperatedly at your best friend’s reflection through your vanity. His eyes were uncertain and full of concern as he watched your figure with crossed arms. “Koo, we’ve been over this so many times already. I’m nervous enough as it is, and you’re not helping at all. I want to do this, okay? It’s been awhile. Plus, I haven’t seen the others boys in so long.”
A part of you didn’t want to be annoyed at Jungkook for his incessant worrying, but it truly was hard not to sometimes. “You’re being such a fucking dick, you know that?! Can’t I just live my life without you being so fucking hysterical about it every time?! ” It was that winter a few months ago when you unleashed all your pent up frustration. Jungkook had always been overprotective, and you appreciated him for caring, but he just made it so hard for you to even breathe sometimes. It was the biggest argument you guys ever had when you started dating a boy a few years older. You ignored Jungkook’s calls and messages for weeks, but when you discovered that he cheated on you, Jungkook was the first to be by your side. You still remember the assurance and safety you felt in his arms; with his soft lips against your forehead, murmuring sweet consolations as you sobbed on his shoulder. After that day, Jungkook agreed to be less protective. 
“I just don’t get why it has to be a club. We could meet the hyungs anywhere else, baby.”
“Oh sure, maybe a strip club would do,” you said, chuckling when you see his shock. “I’m kidding, Koo.” Though that wouldn’t be such a bad idea...
Maybe you couldn’t blame him for being so appalled. You usually opted out whenever your friends went out to celebrate, which by the way, was rather often. Night after night, the few of them would call you, practically beg until they realized their efforts would end in vain. By the morning, notifications would spam your phone of their wild night; pictures and details that showcased hookups you didn’t need to know about. Now that you think about it, it was sort of ironic that you’d always grimace to the crude texts.
That was because tonight, you decided you were getting laid.
That’s right, to hell with sweet, wholesome love! If true love had to make you wait, true love would have to wait for you too! Your subscribing 48K readers have been expecting a new chapter of Spring’s Breath, an erotica series, which you’ve delayed for 2 whole months now. You didn’t exactly know when your writers block came, but by the fourth hour you stared at your blank screen, unable to come up with any other synonym for dick or thrust or moan; or how the overused dirty talk you wrote made you cringe―you realized the firecracker you had in writing erotica died out.
It was your dear friend, Hoseok, who suggested the whole ordeal. He was the only one who knew your secret, anyway. You had so much trust in him, so when he professed that maybe if you slept with someone, your spark would come back, you had truly considered it. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. After all, no cons would come out of it. It was just odd to think about.
You have always been such a huge romantic, your literature proved it. Jungkook nor you nor anyone would anticipate you hooking up with someone just to hook up with someone. The tenderness, the connection, the intimacy... you’ve always prioritized genuine adoration over whimsical one night stands. You were an honest daydreamer, and maybe that’s why your works would always take off.
But maybe... maybe it was okay to let go once in awhile.
Tumblr media
When you mentioned Jungkook being less overprotective, you forgot to put an emphasis on less―because there he was, his hand possessively squeezing your inner thigh every time you even dared to look at a cute boy. You let out a frustrated sigh when he nuzzles his nose into your neck.
You tried not to mind it. It was just in his nature anyway―ever since kindergarten when he found you crying over your dropped ice cream. Jungkook left only to come back with another cone, rubbing your fat tears away with the palm of his sleeve. In elementary school, he peppered you with tiny kisses when you sobbed over the death of your kitten. You’ve only had him for a month, dedicated all your time to him and skipped play dates to care for your little serendipity―but just like that―he was lifeless. It was Jungkook who found him on the road. In middle school, he’d go through the enveloped confessions in your locker and rip them apart, saying you deserved better than any of them. You’ve always looked up to him througha lens of admiration. Everything he did for you, he did it out of thought and care. It was sweet.
It was times like these where you really started to mind though. 
You’ve been giggling with your friends for the past hour, catching up on every minuscule detail. You were sitting in a booth wedged in the middle of Jungkook and Hoseok, brimming with happiness to see Namjoon and Yoongi again. Its been so long, and your heart would swell to the stories you’ve missed out on.
The night was carrying on delightfully! ...except for the fact that Jungkook sent death glares to whoever even glanced at you. The countless of times you shyly returned someone’s gaze, only for them to rush away when they caught sight of your best friend left you agitated. When the boys were engaged in a conversation about a class they all shared together, you decided it was a good time to bring it up. 
Gulping a shot down, you let out a huff. “Kookie...”
“Yes, baby?” He whispered into your ear, his large hand grazing the access of your slitted dress.
“Stop it.”
“Stop what, love?” You sharply inhaled as Jungkook rubbed sensitive circles on your skin.
Immediately standing up, you squeezed yourself out of the booth. “I’m gonna go dance!” You yell through the loud music, avoiding Jungkook’s eyes, because seriously, the nerve of that man! The rest of your friends cheered, “We love to see you like this, y/n! Enjoy yourself, cutie!” Hoseok laughed when you blew a kiss to him. He made you feel so much more at ease, so much more confident. Okay, you got this! No use in sitting around. You couldn’t get anywhere tonight with Jungkook by your side, anyway.
Fluffing out your hair after you downed another shot, you strut your way into the dance floor. Your hips swayed in a rather alluring manner as you made your way into the crowd, your fingertips tracing seductive lines from your hips up to your waist, your neck and finally, into the air. The alcohol slowly took its effect as your confidence settled in, rolling your head back and moving your body fluidly to the loud music. 
Truth be told, you didn’t know what you were doing, just knew you must’ve looked good as hell doing it as you felt hands grip your waist. You gasped as a body pressed against your back, sticky with sweat.
“You’re so captivating, princess,” His dulcet voice was enough to make you weak...or was it the alcohol? Whatever the case, get your grip together y/n! It was just four words for star’s sake! 
“I, um, th-thank! You too..” Your confidence from only moments ago dissolved with your voice. “So shy now, princess? How come? You were dancing so sexily just moments ago.” He chuckled lowly against your ear, nibbling it. You whimpered to his brazen touch, his hands guiding your hips with his. “Are you shy for me? Is that it? What a cute little princess you are... so beautiful, fuck.”
Annnnnnnnd you truly were fucked. You professed only hours ago that true love could wait, that you’d be a different woman tonight, yet you couldn’t help but feel bashful to the man’s praise. His voice and his nectar sweet words enough to make you feel wobbly.
“I’m Jimin. Can I know my princess’s name?” He pressed his hardened member against your ass, the silk thin fabric barely doing its job of coverage. “Ah Jimin,” you moaned breathlessly as he kissed your neck. “I...I’m-”
“―Mine,” a low, husky voice finished. Jungkook stood behind you, jaw clenched and arms crossed. The veins on his biceps protruded under the incandescent lights; His white shirt and tight, black jeans doing wonders to complement his physique. 
“Are you deaf? I said she’s mine so why the fuck are your hands still on her?” Jungkook had always been intimidating, even when he didn’t try―so in the rare times he did, even he scared you sometimes.
Much to your disappointment, Jimin immediately lets go, hands in the air, “sorry man, I didn’t know.”
“W-what? Wait, he isn’t my...!” Before you could try to reach for the pink haired man, Jungkook firmly takes your hand. “Y/n, we’re leaving.” You didn’t even have a second to feel shocked before he swiftly guides you through the ocean of bodies. Loud music reverberated with your disappointment, and by the time the night’s cold air stings your cheeks, you've processed what just happened―what you just missed. It’s when Jungkook latches your seatbelt on and drives that you feel anger simmer in your chest.
“Why did you...Why the fuck did you do that, Jungkook?” You were exasperated with your emotions. You just didn’t get it. You were finally having the time of your life, finally stepping out of your comfort zone, finally dancing with a guy who made you feel amazing―just to end up on a drive back home before anything could happen. “Seriously, what the hell is your problem? That was my..! He was..!” You groaned, too frustrated to conjure up words.
Jungkook scoffed, “what, y/n? He was what? Your soulmate or something?”
“I didn’t say that! And even if I think so, why does it matter?! I was having fun! I was having so much fun and you just..! (hiccup) I was having so much fun....” You cried into your hands. “I haven’t felt that way in so long, j-just for you to mess everything up. God, I can’t even muster up words right now. I hate you so much.”
“Love...” Jungkook finally sighed, shutting the engine off. You had cried the whole ride home. The anger he once felt diminished with your tears. “Baby, please look at me.” 
“F-fuck (hiccup) off, Jungkook.” You quickly unbuckled your seatbelt and opened the car door. Knowing him as long as you did, you knew he would take your chin to force you to look up at him―but you had enough of him for the night, and honestly, the whole week.
You were just so fucking frustrated at everything. At Jungkook for unnecessarily budging in, at your writers block, at your own sexual frustration left with Jimin. What did you have to offer your readers now? A heartbreak of a possible relationship that never happened with a shitty friend on the side?
You tuned out Jungkook shouting from behind you, striding to you complex and up the stairs.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t long after you slammed the door shut that you heard it click open again. You had forgotten Jungkook had an extra spare of your keys. “Just leave me alone, Kook.” You groaned, storming off into your room.
You kicked your heels off and stomped to your bed, taking out your frustration on your pillow where your sobs were muffled. The bed dips down when Jungkook sits beside you, silent as he caressed your hair in the way he always did to soothe your nerves.
Deciding it wasn’t enough this time, he carefully lifts you up to sit on his lap, sliding his arms around your waist to pull you into his chest. Jungkook knew you long enough to know hugs were the best remedy for you, even at your angriest moments. He knew you wouldn’t push him away.
“You jerk...” You buried your face into the crook of his neck, sniffling. “I don’t get you, Kookie. Why do you always do this?”
“I...I just wanted to protect you, baby. People have bad intentions, I didn’t want to see you end up doing something you’d regret,” His voice was gentle, brushing hair strands away from your face.
“Stars, Kook, I knew what I was doing. Whether I’d end up regretting it or not, that’s for me to sort out. I didn’t need you to ‘protect’ me. I was really enjoying myself, something I haven’t done in a long time. A-and you just..! You ruined it for me.”
Jungkook scoffed, “so you liked it then, how he was touching you? You were just going to let him fuck you?”
“Yes, Kook!” You yelled. “He could’ve fucked me in the public bathroom or in his car―in front everyone for all I care! He was hot and we were in the moment and you just interrupted! I know you care for me and I’ll always appreciate you worrying but there’s a fine line where your protectiveness should be. I’m not a kid anymore, Kook.”
Jungkook was gritting his teeth, and the two of you only glared at each other before he let out a sigh. Despite him wanting to be mad, he didn’t like making you upset. If you were going to cry because of him, he wanted it to be for an entirely different reason. 
He gently cupped your cheeks, holding your gaze with tender, sad eyes. “You know I’d do anything for you, yes? That I’ve always done anything and everything I could to help you?”
You furrowed your brows, unsure of how that related to anything, but nonetheless, you nod. “Yes, I know Kook.”
“Then why didn’t you just ask me to sleep with you, hm? If you needed help so bad, why didn’t you just ask me, baby?” You stared, dumbfounded and mouth ajar as his thumbs brushed the remnants of your tears away.
“W-What are you...?”
“Was so concerned for my baby. Hoseok got drunk and told me everything I needed to know. Did you know how hurt I was? How Hoseok knew something about you that I didn’t? Especially that you were a writer, love. I thought I was your number one, how could you keep that from me?”
“O-Of course you are, Koo! You’ll always be my number one. I just...didn’t want to tell you because it was embarrassing,” you mumbled, glancing away. Damn it Jung Hoseok! After all these years, this is when he accidentally slips it out? “Nuh uh, baby, I’m not having any of that. Look at me.”
Jungkook pressed his forehead against yours, an act you were certainly no stranger to, but nevertheless making your cheeks warm. “Not only that, you wanted to go clubbing tonight just to find a stranger to help you, is that right, baby? Wore this tiny dress just so someone could fuck you? Wanted Jimin to fuck you? Wanted to write about him fucking you in the bathroom stall?” Jungkook was speaking softly, though his words were anything but as his hands left your cheeks to trace sensuous lines up your thigh.
Your hands weakly held onto his shoulders, gasping when you felt his bulge press against your sensitive core.
“What was that you said....In his car? Wanted him to fuck you in front of everybody? Wanted to be a dirty slut just for your readers?” You didn’t know how exactly this moment came to be, but his honeyed voice brought you to a daze as you grind your hips against him. You were desperate to feel more—of anything, of him—only to let out a whine when he forcefully holds you down, burying your clothed center into his bulge. 
“I don’t think so, baby. I don’t think you deserve it,” Jungkook’s hot breath tickled your ear. You whimpered as he bit it, hands squeezing your hips. “You used to be so good for me baby, used to come to me for anything. Used to be a good little girl and depend on me. I would’ve helped you, baby. Instead, you became a dirty little slut, let another man touch you. Is that what you are now? A fucking slut?”
“N-no Kookie,” a new bundle of tears welled in your eyes at his harsh words. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sh-should’ve, ah, went to you,” you felt your body succumb to his touch. His nose brushed your jaw, placing warm kisses all over your neck before he glided his tongue down to your collarbone. “Please forgive me, I-I’ll be a good girl for you now, p-promise.”
“Yeah? Wanna be a good girl for daddy?” Jungkook licks the base of your collarbone before sucking it. “Yes..ah, yes daddy. Gonna be so good for you.” 
“And yet you weren’t,” you cried as you felt teeth sink into your skin. “J-Jung― ah, Kookie stop! Please i-it hurts!”
“You deserve this, fucking slut. You know how much you hurt me tonight? You’re secretly just a desperate whore, aren’t you? Missed your tiny cunt getting fucked so much that you’d let a stranger do it for you, hm? Answer me, slut.”
You felt tears drip down your eyes, embarrassment washing over your face. “What? You’re not going to speak now?” You shook your head in desperation. You couldn’t. How could you? It was too shameful.
You yelped when Jungkook picked you up by your waist and turned you over so your face was smushed into a pillow. “Ass up, now. Don’t make me repeat myself.” He snarled, and you immediately obliged. Jungkook was on his knees, eyes lidded to your position as he rubbed slow circles on your bare ass. “My slut is voiceless now, hm? Begged to be daddy’s good girl but can’t even answer when I talk to you. Why are you being so disobedient tonight, baby?” It happened so fast you could barely gasp as your body lurched forward to the slap. It repulsed through your skin as your right cheek stung with a faint red.
“J-J-Jungkook, ah!” You cried as another slap came, face burying further into your pillow. “I’ll be obedient from now on! s-so please! I’m sorry, I-I’m sorry, daddy!”
Jungkook’s lips pulled to a smirk, grabbing a bundle of your hair before pulling you towards him. You whimpered and he bent down so he could see your face, tisking. “Oh, my poor baby. Did that hurt? Want to be a good little girl for daddy now?” You nodded ferociously, “p-please yes daddy! I-I’ll be so good for you. Please let me be good for you!” 
Jungkook’s dick felt constrained in his tight pants. He licked his lips to your messy, desperate state. Your eyes were red and puffy, lips just the same as heavy tears streamed down your eyes. Fuck, what Jungkook would give to fuck you senseless right then and there. But no, he needed to wait, needed to be patient. You deserved this.
“Make up your fucking mind, slut. If you want to be a good girl, then take your punishment like a good girl,” Jungkook pushed your face back into the pillow before slapping your ass once more. 
You didn’t know how long it went on, only knew the room was filled with your sobbing and the alarming sound of the contact that met your bruised skin. It hurt, it hurt so much. Your thighs were trembling and both your cheeks were a lovely shade of red and purple. But no matter how much you screamed your endless arrays of i’m sorry’s, Jungkook didn’t fail to notice how your juices soaked your underwear and spilled down your thighs
“Already making such a mess baby,” He groaned to the sight, palming himself to his creation. 
“P-please....hurts so bad...please let me l-lay down daddy, can’t hold myself much longer, please,” Jungkook adored the way you sounded for him, the way he corrupted you. You were perfect there, so perfectly powerless under him. 
“Mm, keep begging baby and maybe I’ll let you,” he unbuckled his pants and discarded them, his cock throbbing to your feeble pleads. “Please, please, p-please, please daddy... please. Hurts so bad, I-I can’t... please i-i’m a good girl. I’m a good girl for daddy. I’ll do anything please.”
“Did you learn your lesson, then?”
“Yes, I-I did, daddy!”
“You’ll be a good girl and obey daddy from now on?”
“Mhm!” You nodded vigorously, and Jungkook chuckled to your desperation. He peeled your soaked thong down, lifting your limp legs momentarily to pull it off until he set you back. You were so tired you felt your thighs give up on you right then, but before you could submit to your exhaustion, Jungkook lifted your ass up higher, arching your back deeper with one hand.
“Mm I don’t think so baby. Obey daddy and keep your ass up like a good little girl.” A gasp left your quivering lips when you felt Jungkook’s breath on your throbbing core.
“You smell so sweet baby, so fucking wet for me,” Jungkook hikes your dress up and glides his tongue up your inner thigh, wiping your dripping juices clean. “Kookie, mm, please,” he trails delicate kisses over your skin, nibbling it. “Yes, baby?” 
“P-please...please Kookie..!”
“Use your words, baby. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you want.” Jungkook smiles against your thigh as he hears your soft sniffles muffled by the pillow. His poor baby, always so shy. It was true he loved to tease you, tempt you, and loved making you cry for him—but more than anything, he wanted to take care of you. “Please touch me, Koo, please.”
“Of course, sweetheart.” A sharp shiver crawls across your skin when your pleads are obliged, moaning as Jungkook stuffs his face into your cunt. He kisses your clit softly. One, two, three times before sucking it with his plush lips. His hands were the only thing keeping you up now because you practically melted to the touch. The way his tongue rolled over your sensitive bud already having you see stars. “Ah...feels so good, Kookie.”
“Yeah? Would it feel even better if I do this?” He easily slides his middle finger into your slippery hole, slowly pumping in and out. “O-oh...oh my god, more please.”
“Anything for you baby, but first,” a whimper escapes your lips when you feel him leave you, that is until Jungkook swiftly but gently flips you over so you’re finally laying on your back.
Jungkook’s breath hitches to the sight of you below him, frozen for a moment to the aching pull of his heart.
“You’re so pretty baby, so pretty,” Jungkook’s voice was sweet and smooth as he helped you undress. Fuck, did you know how much you pained him? How much he held back for you, all these years, in this moment? It was so hard not to take you right then, to kiss you until you couldn’t breathe, to touch every single part of you with his lips.
Jungkook has fantasized about you ever since he could remember, but you truly went beyond his imagination. You were so fucking beautiful. 
“ pretty here,” he kisses your cheeks and your jaw, down to your neck. “And here,” he kisses the valley between your breasts, his hands trailing down your curves. “And here,” your stomach...and finally, taking your clit back into his mouth.
“The prettiest cunt baby, dripping so much for daddy,” he murmurs. His tongue rolls around your clit, pumping two fingers in and out of your slick pussy. It was all too much, the sensations overwhelming your senses as ungodly moans escape your mouth. You felt fuzzy and almost light headed, reaching down to hold Jungkook’s curls.
Your back arches and tears stream down your eyes from the intense pleasure exhausting you, his fingers curling into your sweet spot mercilessly. “Do you like this baby?”
“Love it so much, Jungkook,” You moaned breathlessly, looking down at him through your tears and ... wow. 
Jungkook’s brows were creased as he focused on his tongue devouring your wet cunt, plunging his two fingers steadily in and out of you. His bangs were sticking to his forehead, glossed with sweat while your hands curled around the rest. 
You were taken aback with your emotions. Was it strange, how timid you felt then? Doing this with him was supposed to be sinful, yet for some reason, it felt anything but at that moment.
It was the fact that Jungkook looked so intent, so concentrated in making you feel good. How Jungkook showed his care for you, how he always did, how he was doing right now, cherishing you with his best effort. He wanted to give you the best experience he could, wanted nothing more than to make you feel good.
It was unbearable how much your heart swelled for him.
A knot tied in your stomach, and as if noticing your stare, his eyes flutter open to look at you.“Hm, does baby wanna cum now? You can do it love, cum for daddy.”
With that, you came undone in Jungkook’s mouth. Your cries filled the room, and Jungkook opened your hole wider with his fingers, devouring your cream. The sound of slurping made your cheeks heat with an impure red. “That’s my girl, so good for daddy. So sweet for me baby, so beautiful.”
When you went limp in his arms, he gives your lips one last sweet kiss before standing on his knees. Jungkook smiles at the sight of you, already so fucked out even when he was no where near finished with you. 
He crawled forward, his forehead resting over yours once again. “Did that feel good, sweetie?” You nod shyly, your chests heaving up and down together. With rosy cheeks, you weakly bring your hands up to trace his jaw. “Jungkook?”
“Yes baby?” You melted to his dulcet voice, keeping his loving gaze. It held so much affection, so much adoration for you, you wondered why you never realized it.
“Kiss me, please.”
Jungkook smiles warmly. Without hesitation, he takes your lush, sweet lips in his. It was gentle, a kind of kiss that was so tender it made you warm with reassurance. You were kissing Jungkook—your silly, annoying, bratty, and all the while, lovable best friend of 20 years. It was strange and odd but more than anything, it felt so, unmistakably right.
You took Jungkook by surprise when you deepened the kiss, your hand squeezing his hair. He chuckled softly, pulling himself back momentarily to look into your eyes. “I love you,” he whispers.
Your cheeks heat up, but you fight your timidness as you smile back, “I love you too, Kookie.” 
With that, Jungkook delves back into your lips. A kiss that wasn’t so delicate this time. Rather, untamed and furious, as if Jungkook wanted to show you how much, how long he’s wanted this all this time.
You moaned into him as his hands groped your breasts, fingers twirling your perky nipples. “Jungkookie,” you hold your breath, feeling his clothed cock press against your core. “Fuck me please. Please, I need you so bad.”
“Yeah?” He lowers himself to take a nipple into his mouth. “Tell me how much you want it baby.” He flicked, swirled, and sucked it with his tongue, alternating with the other.
“W-Want it so bad daddy. Please, n-need you to fuck my wet pussy mm, daddy please.”
“Since you asked so nicely,” he grins and sits up, pulling his shirt over his head, discarding his boxers and...
Your breath hitched, blinking at Jungkook’s huge, painfully hardened cock. His tip was pink with sticky, white precum dribbling down his long member. It slightly pretruded up and its veins throbbed as if it’s been aching. And truly, he was. He’s been aching to feel your walls wrap around him for so long. You have no idea how hard he’s been trying to hold himself back for you. How painful it was to—and now, seeing you there, perfect and pretty, so shy and red just for him, Jungkook wasn’t sure he could anymore.
Jungkook needed you. He needed you getting stuffed full of his cock right now.
“I-Its so big...” You gulp as he centers himself in between your legs. “I know baby, so big and ready for your tiny cunt. Can you be a big girl and take it for me baby, hm? Let daddy fuck you until he’s satisfied? Let him use you like the little cock slut you are?”
“Y-yes daddy,” you whimper as he rubs his slick tip against your soaked, smooth cunt, sliding it back and forth. “I’m yours so please, p-please just use me daddy!”
“So good for me baby, such an obedient little slut for daddy, fuck,” Jungkook groans, slipping his tip into your lush walls. You cry as he stretches you all the way out, leaving no room for you to breathe with his tip poking your tummy. Your mind felt dizzy, mouth ajar with drool slipping out even when he hadn’t even moved yet. 
“Shiiit you should see yourself baby. Such a fucking whore for daddy’s cock. Can I move, baby? Or can this tiny little pussy not take my big cock?”
“, please, I can take it! Please fuck me daddy!”
“That’s my girl.” Jungkook starts off painfully slow but just as painfully hard, pushing your knees to your chest. He completely draws himself back so he can see his glistening, twitching tip before driving himself back into your core. “Shit baby, your pussy’s so, fuck, tight.” Jungkook moaned to how your breast bounced up and down every time he shoved himself in.
You were sobbing by the time he quickened his pace, the intense sensation having you light headed. Jungkook loved the way you looked under him, eyes rolled back with buried balls deep inside of you. “You like this baby? Love my cock filling you? Answer me.”
“L-love mm love so m—ah, Kookie..! f-feels so....g-good daddy.”
“Look at you, baby. Can’t even talk with daddy’s cock stuffing you. Such a dumb slut for daddy, so fucking hot baby.” Jungkook moans, juices spurting everywhere and dampening the sheets with every thrust.
“I-I’m not d-dumb..!” You whimpered, fat tears streaming down your eyes. Jungkook smirks, licking his lips.
“Aww, of course you are baby. Just a dumb little cock slut for daddy. Can only think of daddy’s cock, can you?”
You can’t bring yourself to answer, your mind too scrambled with each and every thrust. Jungkook was going so fast, so hard, you felt so full.
“That’s what I thought baby. My sweet girl, fucked dumb for daddy. You only need daddy’s cock, nothing else.” Jungkook positioned your legs over his shoulders, clenching on to them to drill deeper into your tummy.
“Oh, o-oh my god, ah d-daddy...! ‘m your your dick so being stuffed with cock.” Jungkook groaned to your sinful moans, feeling his stomach tighten.
“Just want daddy to cum inside you, don’t you? Want daddy to fill you up until you’re dripping with my cum, baby?”
“Y-yes, please daddy! Want daddy’s cum so bad! Please give me cum..!” Jungkook shoves his thumb inside of you plush lips, and god, he’s so proud of his work, so proud of you. You were taking his thumb like a good girl, sucking it as if it were his cock.
Jungkook felt his dick throb inside of you, aching for release. He pulls his thumb out with a pop of your wet lips, coated with saliva, and rubs figures over your clit. You scream, gripping onto the sheets. it was so much, too much for you to handle. Your back arches as he abuses your clit and sloppily fucks your hole.
“J-Jung–Jungkook, ah, please! Kookie! I-I’m..!”
“Its okay, baby, its okay. Gonna cum with daddy, hm? You can do it baby, sweet girl, cum for me,” Jungkook cooes, attempting to soothe your nerves, but his words are breathless and ragged. He thrusts in and out one, two, three, four more times until he burries himself deep inside you, spurts of thick cum filling your womb.
Jungkook groans as your pussy clenches around him, and you’re a sobbing, moaning, wet mess as you milk him. “Fuck, my sweet girl. Taking my cum like a big girl baby. So good for daddy, so fucking good for me.” With his praise, you feel yourself release soon after. Jungkook continues to thrust in and out of you, helping you ride out your high.
When he feels you falter in his arms, he pulls out and lays on top of you. Both of you stay like that for awhile, exhausted and in a daze.
With your moist bodies tangled with one another’s, you shut your eyes. You can hear Jungkook’s heartbeat hammer against yours, you short-winded breaths, and the soft whirring sound of the air conditioner.
Moonlight filtered in through your windows, casting a luminescent glow on Jungkook’s skin when he pushes his upper body up, his shoulders resting on either side of you.
Jungkook had spent the whole night cherishing you, telling you how pretty you were, and yet there he was—so ethereal under midnight’s grace. How could he be real?
You bring your hand to caress his cheeks. You don’t say anything. He doesn’t either.
In that moment, so intimate and sacred, His doe, gentle eyes that you could get lost in—that hold all the lost stars of the night sky, tell you all you need to know.
Tumblr media
You yawn, stretching your arms high up. “Here’s your order maam,” two porcelain cups of matcha are placed in front of you, steam following it’s every movement. You mumble a thank you, smiling before your eyes drift to the man at the other side of the cross walk.
He’s wearing all black as per usual, revealing the beautiful tattoos that adorned his tan skin. His hair was tousled and he looked sleepy—after all, he’d just gotten out of class—but as soon as the crosswalk lights up with green, you chuckle when he sprints across and into the shop.
The bell that hung by the door didn’t even finish ringing before he runs to you, sweeping you off your chair and into his arms. “Kookie, let me down!” You giggle, but nonetheless wrapping your arms around his neck.
“I’m so proud of you baby,” he nuzzles his nose into yours. “You finally published it right? The twenty second chapter?”
Tumblr media
a / n : ahhhhh its exactly 3:01am and i have class in the morning which is why the middle ending is super rushed sorry ! i truly wonder why i do this to myself.
this is my first smut fanfiction so i’m not sure how i did , but if anyone ever reads this , i hope you enjoyed ! i dont think im cut out to write smut, i truly did have headaches thinking of synonyms for thrust and dirty talk . i really admire smut writers ,, writing smut is not as easy as it seems !!
anyways , sending love abundance and happiness your ways. you deserve love, you’re worthy of love, and you are love.
stay safe and healthy starlights <3
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v-hope · 11 months ago
Tiger Lily
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, slight angst, smut, established relationship, College!AU
Word Count: 11.3k
Summary: After finding out your boyfriend was the one to secretly leave flowers in your seat every week back in high school, you have many questions he’s willing to answer. And after finding out the reason the two of you had not gotten together back then was because of your ex best friend, the two of you decided that, first, you were never letting anyone else get in between you, and, second, you were making the most out of your time together from now on.
—Alternarively, the one in which you and your boyfriend finally get your place all to your own and he decides he’s not letting his nonexistent sexual experience stop him from having his way with you anymore.
Warnings: Virgin!JK (a.k.a. male virginity loss), fingering, cunnilingus, handjob (kinda), penetrative sex, protected sex, very slight (male) overstimulation, shy and confident guk keep switching places (when do they not), just very lovey dovey, very intimate.
A/N: Helloo, this is part 33 of my Social Media AU Tiger Flower, but you can still read it if you don’t follow the story. I’m actually shocked by how long this turned out to be but wbk I’m soft as hell for this couple 🥺 so please give it lots of love because I put a lot of effort in this ksñaks. I hope you guys enjoy! Oh, and also, I’m bolding the first and last sentence of the smut part, so if you don’t wanna read it just skip what’s in between the bolded words lol.
Tumblr media
“I’ll get it” Yoongi announced when someone called on the door, leaving you and Jimin alone on the sofa as he rushed up to get it.
As soon as he opened it and Jeongguk stepped inside your shared place, bowing politely to your friends before his stare fell on you, you felt your heart race. Saying nothing, you gave him a closed mouth smile, having him do the same at the sight of yours. Although it hadn’t been longer than a week, it had been the longest you had gone without seeing each other ever since you became friends, and, even though you weren’t really showing it right then —as for some reason you were nervous as hell to see each other again—, it was unbelievable how happy you were at the mere sight of one another.
“We were just leaving” Yoongi informed, catching up on what was going on. After all, you had told both him and Jimin that your boyfriend would be coming over to talk things out.
“We were?” Jimin asked with furrowed eyebrows. “I just got home”.
“Let’s give them some privacy” he tilted his head towards the opened door so Jimin would tag along.
“I can go to my room for that”.
“Yah! We all know your nosy ass will eavesdrop everything that way” Yoongi called him out, and you didn’t miss the way Jeongguk had to lower his head not to show his amused smile, being already used to your roommates’ endless bickering antics by now. “Come on, let’s go see Jin hyung at his pub”.
Simple as that, Jimin left your side in a heartbeat to go to the door. “Well, I won’t say no to drinking” he admitted, stopping right in front of Jeongguk and pointing an accusing finger at him. “Take care of my baby”.
“My baby” Guk corrected him, mumbling his words low enough for you not to hear.
Although, unlike you, Jimin did hear —for that had been your boyfriend’s intention—, he said nothing, instead glaring at him the way he always did whenever that discussion over you took place at least twice a week, and walking out of the apartment for once and for all. Yoongi, on the other hand, gave the two of you a small thumbs up before following behind his friend.
And just like that, with the sound of the door closing, silence was quick to take over the room.
This was probably the first time ever since you met that neither of you knew what to say. Fuck, this was probably the first time in your life you didn’t know how to start a conversation. And it wasn’t like you could go over there and kiss him like you were dying to, could you? You had not completely made up yet. That’s what he was here for after all. To talk, not to make out. Although you weren’t really against that idea, and he most definitely was not either — the way his eyes fixed on your lips even all the way over from the door was enough to tell you so.
It had been a good couple of days since you had last seen each other after all.
“You, uh…” your voice came out quite unsteady as you stood up, fixing the plain t-shirt and cotton pyjama pants you were wearing. “Are you hungry?” you asked, walking towards the kitchen and having him quietly follow right behind as you entered it. “Wanna eat something? Drink something?”
He shook his head no when you turned around to look at him, resting your hands on the counter as you leaned against it. “Just wanna clear up your questions”.
You nodded, for that was what he was here for after all, to clear everything up so the two of you could go back to normal. So you could go back to being the happy couple you both loved so much.
“So what are they?” he pushed it when you stood there with no signs of wanting to speak any time soon.
“I just…” you shrugged, making yourself comfortable by sitting at the edge of the counter. “Why didn’t you tell me before that you were the one sending me flowers back then?”
He pouted in confusion as he came closer to you. “When?”
“When we were friends…”
“It would’ve been out of place back then, petal” he explained. “We were just friends and you were into someone else. It would’ve been awkward for us and I really didn’t wanna lose you as my friend” his voice couldn’t help but come out rather bitterly at that, remembering all the thoughts that had invaded his mind when he first saw his chance to let you know it had been him all along, all the thoughts that kept him back from telling you.
“And when we started dating?” you tilted your head. “You had so many chances to tell me, Guk…”
“When we started dating I just didn’t think it mattered anymore” he confessed, unconsciously resting his hands on your knees. “I had you, I really didn’t care about it anymore”.
“You could’ve still told me…”
“And how was I supposed to bring it up? It’s not something I can just say out of nowhere” he pointed out, having you nodding understandingly. “And what was I supposed to say anyway? Hey there, I’m your flower boy?”
A light laugh escaped his mouth when you playfully shoved him away at his words, mocking what you had once told him was the confession you had been expecting from your secret admirer. Holding your hands, he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter, and hence, closer to him. Taking advantage of that, you intertwined your fingers, enjoying the familiar warmth of his hands as you admired the way he softly swayed them together.
“This is so surreal” you sighed.
“In a good or a bad way?”
You shook your head, not being able to give him a proper answer. “I just… I always wanted it to be you so bad, and for a good while I was sure it was you, but it made sense that you were into Sooyeon instead”.
Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows, the mere thought of ever feeling something for her making him want to gawk. “How could that have ever made sense?”
“She was more like you” you pointed out, rushing to make your point before he could snap at you for comparing the two of them. “Like, yes, she was popular and had lots of friends, but she was the most quiet out of all of us. Believe it or not, she was really shy back then, an—”
“And why would I have wanted more of the same?”
“Huh?” you were taken aback by his question.
“You’re saying she was like me, then I don’t understand why would I have wanted to be with her” he said as if it was obvious.  “If I barely ever speak and so did she… I mean, how would that have even worked out?”
You shrugged, not being able to help the small smile that had started curving up your lips. “Is that why you fall for loud asses like me? So someone else will make up for your lack of talking?”
He chuckled at the teasing tone in your voice, allowing his hands to travel up to your thighs and tenderly drawing circles on them with his thumbs. “Not really” your eyebrows knitted together at his words. “There were a lot of loud girls who would not shut up to save their lives in our class and I didn’t really like them. If anything, they annoyed the hell out of me”.
“Why’d you even want to be with me then?” you wondered, being genuinely curious as to what about your loud, chatty antics, made you different to the rest of your loud classmates.
“You really don’t know why I’ve always liked you?”
You shook your head no. “Why is it?”
Taking in a deep breath, he took a step back so he could collect his thoughts before answering your question. “I don’t think you even remember when I just transferred to our high school in the second year, let alone my first day there. Mrs. Kang made me sit on the empty table next to yours and then proceeded to pass around a surprise test, and me being me, of course I forgot my pencil case at home that day,” he huffed, causing you to chuckle under your breath. “So I just sat there internally freaking out because I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone for a pen, like I couldn’t move and my voice literally wouldn’t come out no matter how hard I tried” a breathy laugh abandoned his lips. “And I was accepting the idea of turning in a blank paper when suddenly a pen was placed on my table. So my eyes followed your hand back to your table and there you were with your eyes stuck to the test, solving the math problems like you had not just saved me from failing on my very first day as the new kid,” you laughed at his dramatism, however, you managed to remember about that moment. “And then as soon as the class ended you were surrounded by people and you were all talking nonstop and I didn’t know how to give you your pen back, so I tried to slide it into your table but you caught me and told me I could keep it, that it was a ‘welcome present’, and then you smiled at me and honestly that was it for me, Y/N”.
“It was?” you wondered in awe, eyes shining when he nodded.
“I didn’t like loud and popular people up until then, which is kinda weird considering Tae’s my best friend” a throaty laugh escaped your lips at his remark. “But although you were those things, you always got me. You just… understood, in a way. Like, you didn’t pressure me to talk or made me feel bad for not doing so, like the rest of the popular kids did. If anything, you would try to make me feel like I wasn’t all on my own whilst leaving me alone like I wanted” he tilted his head, wondering if what he just said had made any sense, knowing you understood his point when you smiled ever so sweetly. “Like when you added me to your group project one time and let me send my part instead of having to go hang out with you and your friends for an entire afternoon, or when you would invite me to your birthdays along with the rest of the class and then proceeded to tell me not to feel pressured to go if I didn’t feel like it. And even now, ever since the beginning you made me feel good about not really being into partying and barely ever talking”.
“You’ve been more talkative with me lately, though” you pointed out as you mindlessly played with the hair at the back of his head. “Although this is the most I’ve ever heard you talk”.
He chuckled, playfully pinching your thighs. “Don’t get used to it”.
“I won’t, I won’t” you chuckled, planting a chaste kiss to his chest. “Anyway, you said I get you but I didn’t let you do your part of the project on your own this year, though” you reminded him with a feigned pout that he couldn’t help but find the cutest. “And I force you to spend time with me pretty much everyday now. Will you forgive me?”
Jeongguk let out a throaty laugh, leaning in just enough for his lips to press to your cheek. “I got to date you now thanks to that, so you’re forgiven” he planted another kiss to the curved up corner of your smiling mouth. “And funny how you think you’re forcing me when half the time it’s me asking to hang out”.
You giggled. “We love a 50/50 relationship”.
Tilting your head ever so slightly to take a better look at him after hearing him chuckle, you were greatly surprised by his lips pressing down on yours.
Although you had jokingly said that last sentence, it was not far from the truth at all. It wasn’t just you chasing after him and wanting to be with him all the time, but him wanting the exact same all the same. So you could tell by the way he was kissing you right then. It was slow, painfully slow, yet the way his hands were firmly cupping your face to keep you from moving away as he deepened the kiss, could not fail to tell you just how much he had missed you, needed you, those past few days you were apart.
Pressing one small peck to his mouth, you tugged at the fabric of his sweatshirt to pull him closer to your body, later wrapping your arms tightly around his waist and resting your face on his chest — a content sigh escaping your mouth when his arms did the same with you and his lips kissed the crown of your head.
“It really never would’ve crossed my mind that you liked me way before the whole flowers thing...”
“Not even when that one summer we would keep running into each other at the park and you would catch me staring from time to time?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
The heat didn’t wait to reach your cheeks at that. You remembered that very well, for it was the summer you caught feelings for him as well, the one right before you entered your last year of high school. You would go out for walks on your own just for the sake of doing something other than staying in texting your friends all day long, and would run into him most of the time while he walked his dog, the one you now knew was named Gold.
Although you had talked in class more than once —or well, you had talked to him more than once—, you were not friends, and hence, neither of you got the guts to come close to one another to try and start small talk. However, that didn’t stop either of you from staring at each other when you were not looking. Sometimes you would catch each other staring, though, and you couldn’t stop an amused smile from curving up your lips when you remembered one particular time he had choked on air when you smiled at him after catching his eyes being fixed on you, just like he had choked earlier this year when you had asked him if you could sit next to him in class. It seemed to be a habit of his by now, at least when it came to you.
“I thought you were just judging me over the way I was always sniffing the flowers and taking pictures of them…” you admitted, for although a part of you did want to believe he was into you back then, you couldn’t really bring yourself to fully believe it.
He pulled you back by your shoulders so he could give you a questioning look. “Judging you with heart eyes?”
“Yah!” you called him out, feeling your cheeks burn.
Jeongguk laughed, shaking his head in amusement. “I really just couldn’t take my eyes away from you, you looked so hypnotized by them and it was the cutest to me”.
“Is that why you thought about secretly giving me flowers?” you couldn’t help but ask.
He nodded, lowering his head. “I know it would’ve been easier to just talk to you, but I really couldn’t bring myself to do it. Fuck, I even was a nervous wreck this year when you first talked to me,” a breathy laugh escaped his mouth. “So I just… thought I could do that for a while until I got the guts to confess. Although I guess a part of me really wanted you to find out, because whilst looking for different kinds flowers I came across tiger lilies and, apart from finding out they were my birth flower, their meaning just fit so well with what I wanted to do and I just—”
“What do they mean?” you asked.
“It’s cheesy” he let you know with pleading eyes, silently asking you not to make him say it out loud. “Like, really cheesy”.
“Come on,” you begged with pouty lips, getting a hold of his hands. “I’ll look it up on the internet either way if you don’t tell me”.
He shook his head in both amusement and embarrassment altogether, knowing well enough you would do just that if he did not comply right then. So, biting down on his bottom lip, he said: “Please, love me”.
Your eyebrows furrowed in clear confusion. “Huh?”
“They mean ‘please, love me’” he clarified at the sight of your puzzled face, and your heart skipped a beat as you froze in your place. “I told you it was cheesy”.
“No, no, it’s not that. I just… is that what…” you pressed your lips together as you tried to compose yourself. “Did you… do you mean that?” it was now his turn to look confused, tilting his head to the side because of it. “You want me to love you?”
And although to you it seemed like a complicated question to answer, to him, on the other hand, it wasn’t. So, nodding his head immediately, he let you know that was exactly what he wanted.
“Back then, even when we were teenagers and barely ever talked, and I knew nothing about love, I was convinced I was in love with you… even if I knew it was one sided. And now that I got to be your friend and then your boyfriend, I…” he took in a deep breath, staring down to your hands in his before his eyes went back to yours. “I know more than ever that I love you. I love you so much, Y/N. And I know loving someone takes time, and I don’t want to push you or rush you at all, but if you could just try and find it in you to love me back someday, I—”
The small chuckle that abandoned your lips caused his mouth to shut close in an instant, not understanding what was so funny about his words and for a split second there feeling uneasy. However, all his worries went away when you cupped his face in your hands, staring at his lips for a brief second before your eyes went up to fix on his.
“I already love you, you dummy”.
Not giving him time to process your truthful words, if anything, knowing it would take him a while to do so, you leaned in to steal a small kiss from his lips, pecking them ever so tenderly a couple of times until he smiled, finally understanding the meaning of your words and placing his hands on the back of your neck to keep you from pulling away as he sucked on your bottom lip.
“Say it again?” he pleaded in between kisses, not being able to erase the huge smile on his face.
You chuckled teasingly. “Nope”.
“Yah,” he let go fully of your mouth. “You’re always speaking nonstop and now that I for once ask you to say something, you won’t?”
“Exactly” you smiled brightly, giggling when he squinted his eyes at you and leaning in to peck his mouth a couple more times. “I love you, bun” you cooed, being done with your teasing way earlier than you had planned to.
And it was the way you loved him back, along with the way you had gone back to call him that pet name he was the softest about, what had him giving you one of those bunny smiles of his that made you come up with that name to begin with.
“You won’t say it back?” you wondered, batting your lashes for him to take a hint.
Nevertheless, he shook his head no. “I already said it twice, we’re even”.
“Yah!” you lightly shoved him off, only to have him standing right back in between your legs like he had been during your entire conversation. “Jeongguk-ah~”
“Yes, baby?” he played innocent.
“Tell me you love me” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.
Letting out a light laugh, he cupped your face and gave your mouth a chaste kiss. “I love you, petal”.
You smiled sweetly, allowing him to plant a few more kisses on your mouth before you pressed your lips to the spot under his jawline, resting your face on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you once more.
“You should’ve confessed back then” you lamented, looking up to his face yet only being met by the sight of his chin. “Why didn’t you?”
He sighed, resting his chin on the top of your head and tightening the hold of his arms around your waist.
There it was, the most important question out of them all. The one he had came here to talk about, yet he had completely forgotten about as he had gotten caught up on making up with you instead. And now that things were finally good between you two, he couldn’t help but fear bringing up said person and what she had done would make things worse all over again.
“I was going to” he let you know. “That was the plan all along”.
Your eyebrows knitted together, sitting up so you could fix your questioning eyes on his troubled expression. “Then why didn’t you?” you repeated your previous question.
He sighed heavily, causing your body to tense up, as you knew right then you wouldn’t like what he was about to tell you. “Sooyeon…”
“What?” you pushed it when he stopped right after mentioning her name. “What did she do?!”
He bit the inside of his cheek. Although he had found out about everything a few days ago and had gotten some time to come to terms with it, it still hurt just as much. All the lost time and what it could have been, all the possibilities that could’ve come with having been with you as a couple ever since your last year of high school, still made his blood boil.
“She found out I was your flower boy one morning and she told me I was wasting my time…”
“What?!” your loud tone was a mix of both worry and anger. “Jeongguk, what did she tell you?”
He shrugged, a weak smile curving up his lips. “Does it matter anymore?”
“Of course it does” you argued. “It does to me”.
Letting out another sigh, knowing well enough he could not avoid this anymore, as you deserved to know the whole story just like he did, he grabbed your hands and gently held them in his — partially wanting to let you know it was alright, partially wanting to feel like it was alright. “She said you had told her you hoped it wasn’t me because you would have to give me a chance out of pity,” the look in your eyes right then made his heart hurt. “Because I was not popular, and I barely ever talked, so you would always be bored around me yet would have to pretend like you were not…”
“Bun, I never said that. I neve—”
“I know” he cut you off before you could freak out completely. “Petal, I know that now”.
“No, but she lied!” you raised your voice for him to hear you out. “I’m never bored around you, you know that, right? And the few times we got to talk back then I was never bored either, I…”
“Baby, I know…” he soothed you, cupping your face and pressing his forehead on yours. “I know. It’s okay”.
“Guk, I had feelings for you back then” you confessed, feeling your voice break.
He took in a shaky breath. Somehow, hearing that coming from you had hurt more than finding out from someone else like he had a few days ago. “It’s okay”.
And it was. It really was. You were together now. Somehow, you had managed to find your way back to each other years later and didn’t have to know what your lives were like without each other. However, the fact that it was alright, it didn’t mean it did not hurt. Because it did hurt. Thinking you could’ve been together ever since three years ago. How you wouldn’t have dated that asshole who broke your heart, and how he wouldn’t have gone three years of his life believing he was not enough. All of that, was not something the two of you could easily let go of.
“So all this time... you really believed I had said that about you? Even when we were friends, when we became a couple…” your voice sounded more broken by the second. “You let me back into your life even when I had supposedly said all those things back then?”
“Call me delusional, but I still really wanted to be close to you” he sheepishly admitted. That’s how he knew he would always have a soft spot for you, no matter what. “And anyway, baby, in my mind that was the high school you. You didn’t seem like the person who said those things back then at all when I got to actually meet you” he reassured you, then bitterly adding: “Now I can see why”.
You breathed uneasily. “You’re too good to me…”
“Yah, Y/N” he called you out immediately. “I told you, we’re not doing this”.
“But I really don’t deserve y—”
Your words were cut off by his lips softly pressing down on yours. Just like you would always call him out whenever he thought less of himself, hating it when he did that, he, too, hated hearing you say stuff like that about yourself.
“It doesn’t matter anymore” he whispered against your lips.
“Yes, it does…” you pouted. “She lied to both of us and we believed her. We could’ve been together ever since...”
“I know…”
“Three years, Guk. We lost three fucking years” you reminded him. “What if I hadn’t asked you to be my partner in the project this year, I mean, I wouldn’t even have you in my life and all because of her”.
“I know” he couldn’t hide the bitterness in his words this time. Because he knew very well what you were feeling, for he had felt the exact same a few days ago. “But can we just… forget about it?”  
“No, I want to beat the shit out of her” your determined, poisonous tone, could do no other than earn a loud giggle from him.
“Do that later?” he pressed his lips to the crook of your neck. “She already took enough time away from us, let’s not let her get in between us anymore. We’re making up now, it’s just us two...”
It was now your turn to giggle, relaxing under his loving touch and nodding your head in agreement before you leaned in to briefly press your mouth to his jaw. “We’ll just have to catch up on all those lost years then”.
He laughed under his breath, cupping your face once more as he leaned in just enough for his lips to faintly brush yours. “I guess we’ll just have to do that”.
Enjoying the sound of that, you puckered your lips up right as his soft ones came in contact with them, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck so you could deepen the kiss. Humming contentedly when his tongue made its way inside your mouth, you felt his hands let go of your face and wander down your back, holding onto your hips to bring you even closer to the edge of the kitchen counter, at which you reacted by wrapping your legs around his hips to help him create the friction between your bodies he was asking for.
You found yourself letting go of his neck to dig your hands inside his sweatshirt instead, smiling coyly at the way you felt goosebumps form on his skin. You had discovered not long ago he was quite ticklish on his sides, and you absolutely loved faintly running your hands along them just to get that reaction out of him.
He breathed heavily when your fingertips made their way up his abs, letting his hands go down lower from their current spot on your back and placing them on your ass instead, giving it a light squeeze as he took advantage on said action to grind his hips against your center.
“Mm…” you let out quietly, finding out just then how much you had missed feeling him close like that.
“You think they’ll be home soon?” he asked, referring to your two chaotic friends, as he peppered a trail of kisses down to your neck.
“They must be just getting started on drinking” you let him know, a smile curving up your lips at the sensation of his wet ones sucking on your skin. “Why? You got something in mind?”
The chuckle that left his mouth tickled your skin, feeling one last kiss being placed on it before his lips were briefly back on yours. “Only if you’re up for it”.
Your lips parted in a bright smile, without another word, shoving him lightly out of the way so you could place your feet on the ground — gently taking his hand in yours and having his adoring eyes stuck to you as you guided him over to your room.
Once inside, and as you let go of his hold so you could turn around to lock the door just in case your friends decided to come home earlier than expected, his eyes fell on the multiple tiger lilies he had left on your seat over the last two days, along with the bouquet of flowers he had sent over to your place earlier that day, all of them carefully lying on your desk by one side of the bed. Smiling at the fact that you had kept them all —as he had been worried you would’ve thrown them away when he first sent them—, he turned around towards you right as you were done with the door, cupping your face immediately and bringing his lips to meet yours in a quite needy kiss.
Walking you backwards towards the bed as he refused to break the hot contact between your mouths, he helped you lie down on it as he crawled over your figure, parting your legs open with his knee so he could lie in between them — a light laugh of his resonating against your mouth when your hands were back into his sweatshirt and the trace of your fingertips tickled his sides.
Wanting more of you as well, he found himself digging his hands inside your t-shirt just like he had grown fond of ever since that one time in his room, letting them make their way up to your breasts so he could tease them a little bit. Only, this time, he was met not by the thin fabric of your bra, but with your soft skin instead — feeling your nipples instantly harden at his sudden touch as a small hum abandoned your lips.
Not being able to hide his —very pleasant— surprise, he withdrew his lips from yours; wide eyes staring at you before they travelled down to your still covered breasts.
At his quite cute reaction, you couldn’t help but let out a giggle. “I’m wearing pyjamas, is it really that surprising?”
It shouldn’t be. He knew that very well, considering you had not once worn a bra whenever you slept over at each other’s. However, being so caught up in the moment, he had seemed to forget about that altogether.
Deciding to say nothing, he leaned down instead to trap your bottom lip in between his again, sucking lightly on it as his hands squeezed your breasts in such a way that left you wanting more in a heartbeat.
“Mm… fuck” you moaned ever so quietly when one of his thumbs teased your nipple.
Smiling at your reaction, he moved his kisses all the way down from your mouth to your collarbone, feeling your chest heavily move up and down when his mouth came close to it. Firmly placing his hands on the curve under your breasts, he lifted your body up with ease to adjust you up enough on the mattress so that your still covered breasts were now right under his face.
Not giving you a second to process what had just happened, he lowered his face to your chest, pressing open mouth kisses on the fabric that was still covering it, and getting another moan out of you when his hand went back to teasing one of your breasts under your t-shirt, while his hot mouth sucked on your other one over it.
“Guk, fuck” you gasped, feeling goosebumps form on your skin when his lips travelled down to your bellybutton and his hands abandoned your chest to tug at the end of your top instead.
Biting down on his lip, he glanced up to you before doing anything else. “Is it okay if I?”
Although his question had been left incomplete, you answered him with an eager nod of your head, wanting nothing but to feel his wet mouth on your sensitive buds already.
Tongue wetting his lips in anticipation, he lifted your t-shirt over your chest — leaving it still on yet completely exposing you to his eyes. And it was the way his eyes fixed on your naked chest like the world had just stopped, what managed to make you nervous enough to bring your arms up to cover them.
“I would’ve worn something hotter for you to look at if I had known this was going to happen” you couldn’t help but joke your way out of it.
Jeongguk laughed lightly, leaning down to peck your neck a couple of times, trying to ease your sudden nervousness. “I don’t think anything could ever top this”.
Because although he was sure getting to see you in lingerie would be one hell of a sight, he loved this view the most. He loved looking at you, with absolutely nothing on the way of your body and his eyes.
And just like that, his teasing yet genuine words were the last push you needed to relax under both his touch and stare, allowing him to gently grab your wrists and remove your arms from off your chest. Receiving a small nod from you when his questioning eyes fixed on yours for a second, he planted two short kisses to your mouth before they were back on your chest.
Your back curved up with the first lap of his tongue on one of your nipples, feeling your breathing become heavier when his lips wrapped around it without any kind of warning.
“Jeongguk…” you moaned in what sounded like a plea.
Wanting to hear more of his name coming out as one of your pretty moans, he swirled his tongue harder around your bud, right as his thumb teased the one he had left unattended until then - not many seconds going by before he moved his mouth over to it so he could tease it as well.
“Fuck,” you gasped when his mouth sucked on your skin. “Jeongguk”.
Catching on the way you had pushed your hips slightly up to try and get some friction out of his already hardened length, he found himself giving you one slow thrust that had you both moaning whilst wanting more. Instead of grinding on you again, however, he let go of your breast and let his hand wander down to your pants instead, palming your already wet core through them before he fidgeted with their waistband.
“Please,” you begged.
“Hm?” he hummed against your jaw, as he placed a sweet kiss to it before going to your lips.
“Your fingers” you managed to blurt out, feeling like you were losing your mind over the way his long fingers were now teasingly digging inside your pants. “Jeongguk, please”.
Although he found out right then that he  loved hearing you beg, he wanted the most to make you feel good, which is why he was quick to comply with your wishes. Palming you now over your damp panties, he felt your body shake at the contact — a gasp escaping your mouth when his fingers made the fabric aside and they started rubbing circle motions on your folds.
You felt warmer and way more wet than he had expected, and he felt the sudden urge to run his tongue along your folds to get a taste of your arousal. However, right then, he knew what you wanted, what you needed, were his fingers inside of you. So, he did just that.
“Ah, fuck” you threw your head harder against the mattress when one of his fingers made its way into you.
“You’re so tight...” he breathed out in amazement, feeling himself get harder at the thought of what it would be like to feel your walls tightening around his cock instead.
Slowly shifting his finger inside your responsive walls, he focused on taking in your facial expressions to try and figure out what pace you liked the most — sticking with a faster one after one particular moan had escaped your lips right after he speeded up his pistoning motions.
“Like that?” he asked nevertheless, planting a lingering kiss to your chest.
“Yes” you managed to blurt out, grinding your hips against his finger, being desperate for more.
Catching up on that, he added another digit, hissing at the way your walls had seemed to tighten even more around them. Opening and closing his fingers in scissoring motions as he tried to stretch you out so he could move around with ease, he felt your breathing become heavier by the second, letting out a choked moan when he experimented by curling his digits against your walls.
“Oh, fuck” you whimpered when he curled them once more, managing to hit with them that one spot that could make you come undone in a matter of minutes.
“Feels good?” he asked, admiring your factions as you were too immersed in your own pleasure to remember how to speak.
“Mhm…” you answered with a simple sound instead, mewling when his motions sped up their pace. “So good”.
“Fuck,” he blurted when he felt your juices running down your slit. “Baby, you’re dripping”.
“Jeongguk, don’t stop” you begged when you felt his fingers no longer moving inside of you, desperately grabbing his wrist when you felt them start to pull out. “Don’t stop”.
He reassured you with an intoxicating kiss that made you dizzy. “I wanna eat you out”.
Your breath hitched at his low words, feeling your walls tighten when you opened your eyes to meet his hungry ones. And you didn’t have to even think before you were nodding your head. You needed him, that was all you knew. No matter if it were his fingers, his mouth or his cock, you were desperate for him right then, and would let him have you however he wanted.
Kissing your lips one more time, he felt you whimper against his mouth when his fingers pulled out of you, causing you to close your legs as you tried to replace the way they felt with the friction your thighs could provide you with. It didn’t last long, though, for Jeongguk was quick to pull them open once more so he could remove your pyjama pants along with your panties, licking his lips in anticipation at the perfect sight he got of your dripping folds.
“Fuck, you’re so hot” he rasped, causing your cheeks to burn and another whimper escape your mouth when his thumb brushed faintly over your clit.
“Jeongguk, please” begging seemed to be your only way of communication that night, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying the hell out of it.
Pulling you closer to him, he placed your thighs over his shoulders before he finally brought his face up to your heat. Worrying for a split second there, as he was not entirely sure as to what was the right way to do this, he decided to go with his instinct —just like he had done seconds ago when his fingers were inside of you— and begin by slowly sliding his tongue through your folds. The way your body had trembled and a moan of yours had reached his ears as soon as he did, let him know he was doing well.
Delving his tongue in your slit, you instinctively reacted by pulling your hips slightly away from him at the pleasure his ministrations were giving you, and Jeongguk didn’t hesitate before grabbing your thighs and pulling you closer to his mouth once more, sucking on your wet heat before he pushed his tongue inside.
“Oh, God” you whimpered when he started fucking you with his tongue. “J-Jeongguk, yes”.
Moaning loudly when he pushed a finger back into you, you grabbed onto one of your breasts with one hand, as your other one travelled down to entangle your fingers in his already messy hair, earning a muffled moan from him when you pulled lightly at it.
Curling his finger inside you the way he had found out drove you crazy, his mouth let go of your heat, planting a small kiss on it before he licked his way up your folds and stopped by your clit. Although he was not experienced in all this at all, he did know stimulating that small button of yours could work wonders, and he was willing to give it a try. The second he swirled his tongue around it and you cried out in pleasure, he knew it wouldn’t take much longer before you reached your climax if he kept applying pressure on that particular spot.
Tightening his hold on one of your thighs to keep you from moving away as your body writhed beneath him, he added a second finger inside you, sucking on your clit before his tongue came in contact with it again.
“Mm—ah, Jeongguk. Fuck” you cried incoherently, curling your toes as you felt your climax getting closer. “Fuck, d-don’t stop”.
Feeling your walls tighten around his fingers, he could tell as well that you were close. Pushing his digits deeper into you, he managed to hit once more that one spot you needed him the most.
“Right there” you let him know, curving your back when he followed your words and his fingers brushed over it once more. “Oh, righ—fuck!” you whimpered.
“Let go, baby” he rasped, replacing his mouth on your clit with his thumb and pressing down on it in circle motions. “Cum for me”.
The mere sound of that, along with the way his mouth had came in contact with your folds as his fingers kept fucking into you, were all you needed to finally come undone under his touch, crying out his name one last time as his fingers helped you ride out your orgasm.
Closing your eyes and letting the aftershocks take over your body, you moaned lightly at the feel of your boyfriend’s tongue running along your slit, tasting the juices that were dripping down on it and licking you clean before he made his way back next to you, hovering over your figure and kissing you hungrily yet somehow gently. One of his thumbs caressed your hip as his other one came in contact with your chin, drawing circular motions on your skin as you kissed him back — eyes still closed as you felt your body finally steadying.
“Was that alright?” he asked, planting a lingering kiss to your mouth.
Opening your eyes, you looked at him with disbelief written all over them. “It was amazing” you reassured him with a smile nevertheless, allowing his mouth to come in contact with yours once more.
Pulling him closer by wrapping one arm around his neck, you felt something hard poke one of your sides, causing you to undo the kiss and stare down to the outline of his hardened member against the loose fabric of his pants.
“Want me to help you with that again?” you teasingly raised one of your eyebrows, earning a small lip bite from him at the memories of how good you had made him feel not too long ago.
Although it took him a second, he nodded his head. A smile curved up the corners of your lips at that, only for it to be replaced with a frown when his hand stopped you from reaching for his cock.
“Not like that” he shook his head.
You pouted in confusion. “Then how…”
Wetting his lips with his tongue, he leaned down to brush his mouth with yours. “I want to fuck you”.
You felt a wave of heat hit your body at his words, for although he had just seen and touched pretty much all of you, and you had just offered to suck him off, you had thought that would be as far as you’d get, just like that one time in his room when it had led to nothing else.
“W-What?” your voice betrayed you by stuttering a bit.
“I want to fuck you” he repeated, sounding just as determined as he had before. “You don’t want to?”
“No, I want to!” you were quick to clarify. Fuck, you wanted to. “It’s just… You sure you want this? With me?”
“I’ve wanted to have you like this for so long, Y/N. I could not be any more sure” his words sent shivers up your spine. “Besides, sorry to remind you, petal, but you are my girlfriend, so…”
“That I am, huh?” you played along, pulling him down by the neck of his sweatshirt so your lips could meet his. “Then I guess I’ll be good to you tonight and let you have your way with me”.
Smiling contentedly at your words, he wasted no time in crashing his mouth on yours, burying one of his hands under your t-shirt to give one of your breasts a tight squeeze before he tugged at the end of the fabric — eyebrows furrowing slightly and puzzled eyes opening when you held your top down by pressing your arms to your sides, not allowing him to pull it up so he could take it off.
“It’s unfair you’re about to leave me naked while you’re still fully dressed, don’t you think?” you pointed out with pouty lips.
Rolling his eyes in amusement, he sat up on the mattress so he could take his sweatshirt off, being followed by you right after, as you helped him get rid of it with a smile on your face. Now, you had seen him shirtless once, when you were having food in his room one evening and he stained his t-shirt with soda, proceeding to change into another one right in front of you, but you had seen little to nothing of his torso, as he had turned almost fully around as he did so. And hence now, you could not hide the hungry look on your face as you stared at his toned chest.
“My eyes are up here” he teased you with an amused smile, causing you to send a playful glare his way.
“You didn’t exactly look into my eyes either when you pulled my t-shirt up, so…”
He chuckled at your snarky remark, leaning in to connect his mouth with yours and then tugging once more at the end of your top, just like he had done a minute before. This time, however, you pulled your arms up, letting go of his mouth so he could get rid of that one last piece of clothing of yours that was bothering him so much.
Not wasting any more time, you helped him out of the rest of his clothes as well, giggling against his lips when they needingly crashed on yours once more, with one swift movement lying you down on the mattress as your curious, wandering hands became familiar with each other’s bodies.
A raspy moan escaped Jeongguk’s throat when your hand stroked his member, being followed by a choked one when you tightly wrapped your hand around it, gently moving it up and down his length.
“Fuck, Y/N” he breathed heavily, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he unconsciously thrusted into your hand. “I need you”.
You smiled at the sound of his begging words, leaving a small kiss on his naked shoulder before you released his member from your hold and pushed him on his back, letting him adjust into a more comfortable position as he rested his back against the headboard, before you sunk your knees down on the mattress on each side of his lap — his hands immediately resting on the curve of your waist and a shaky breath coming out of his mouth at the feel of your wet core rubbing ever so faintly against his cock.
“You sure you want this?” you asked.
He eagerly nodded his head, pulling you back to meet his swollen lips. “I want you so bad”.
Feeling a wave of heat rushing through your body at that, you nodded your head, pecking his lips one more time before you reached for your nightstand, opening its small drawer and taking a condom out of it. Going back to your boyfriend, you were met with his rather taken aback expression.
“You knew this was going to happen or…” he questioned with a raised brow and a teasing smile.
You shook your head as a shy smile curved up your lips. “The two idiots I live with filled my drawer with them when we started staying over at each other’s regularly” you explained with a roll of eyes. “They also left a box full of them in my closet”.
Jeongguk laughed wholeheartedly at that. “Well, that’s good to hear. They will come in handy”.
Laughing along with him at his joyful remark, you opened the small envelope in your hands, pulling slightly back so you were no longer hovering over his member and could slide the condom on it with ease — feeling Jeongguk’s breath hitch at both the unfamiliar feel of the thin latex around his length, and the familiar one of your hands on it. Staring back at him once you were done, you stole a sweet kiss from his lips, hearing him moan against your mouth when your hand was once more wrapped around his cock, pumping it a couple more times as you aligned it with your entrance.
And then, locking eyes with him for a second, you kissed him slowly. As slowly as you had started to sink down on him.
Letting go of the kiss as he involuntarily tilted his head back, Jeongguk let out a loud moan, immediately getting lost into what was without a doubt the most pleasure he had ever felt. And he knew right away that your warm, wet walls wrapping tightly around his member, was something he could easily become addicted to.
Staring lovingly at the way his eyes remained closed and his mouth slightly open, you couldn’t help but moan as well as you pushed down lower on him, feeling your walls stretching as you tried to take his entire length.
“Fuck” he rasped when he was completely inside of you.
Tightening his hold on your hips, he pulled you slightly closer to him on his lap, not being able to hold back a blissful chuckle at the way the friction he had just created made him feel.
“What is it?” you wondered with a smile of your own when he leaned in to rest his forehead on your shoulder.
“It feels so good” he let you know with another chuckle.
Joining him on his sudden outburst of joy, you let out a light laugh just as he pressed an open mouth kiss to your shoulder, loving to be the one who got to share this moment with him — to be the one he wanted to share this moment with. Pressing a small kiss to the top of his head, you placed two fingers under his chin to push it up and have him look at you. Once he did, you leaned in to steal a lingering kiss.
“I love you” you said for the third time that night.
He smiled brightly, bringing his lips up to yours and locking them in a slow kiss. “I love you more”.
Opening your mouth to fight him on that, what came out of it instead was a choked moan after he pulled your hips down on his cock.
“Jeongguk, fuck” you let your forehead fall to his shoulder when he pushed his hips up to yours.
Slowly rolling your hips, you met him right as he thrusted up on you once more, causing a small moan to make its way out of his mouth. “Mm… baby…”
With his hands firmly grabbing your hips, you let him guide the pace as you rode him, loosely wrapping your arms around his neck and resting your forehead on his as the two of you grew used to the rhythm he was leading. Closing your eyes, you let your heavy breathings mix as they were now, along with a few moans here and there, the only sound filling your silent bedroom.
“O-Oh, fuck” you gasped when he pulled you down harder on him, somehow managing to push deeper inside of you.
You leaned slightly back when he repeated said action, tilting your head back as well and then humming quietly when you felt his warm lips wrap around one of your breasts, slowly sucking on your nipple, as you had just given him the perfect opportunity to do just that, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and pulling you closer to him as you kept rolling your hips at the same pace he had created for you before.
“Mh—ah! Fuck” he moaned when you pushed your legs up, enough for only half of his cock to be inside of you, to later take it all in again. “Y/N…”
Doing it again, you couldn’t stop the whimper that had just abandoned your mouth as his length had managed to reach that soft spot of yours. Needing more of him, you sped up the pace of your grinding against his hips, feeling him finally let go of your sensitive bud to let his sweaty forehead rest in the crook of your neck as his moans became louder by the second.
“Wait, wait” he demanded breathily, placing his hands on your hips and firmly holding them down so you would stop moving. “Stop”.
“What’s wrong?” you worried, doing as told in a heartbeat.
He shook his head no, quietly letting you know nothing was really wrong, as he buried his face deeper in the crook of your neck and closed his eyes while he tried his best to catch his breath. “Feels too good” he admitted in a raspy voice. “Don’t wanna cum yet”.
You giggled under your breath, finding silent joy on the fact that he hadn’t asked you to stop because he wasn’t enjoying what you were doing, but because he was liking it too much.
Lowering your head to his shoulder, you planted a small kiss on it. “You can cum if you want” you let him know, pressing another soothing kiss to the crook of his neck. “I understand”.
He shook his head no, letting out a heavy sigh as his thumbs drew tender circles on your skin. Maybe it was his ego, or just the fact that he really wanted to make you feel good too, maybe both, what made him refuse to let himself go right then, no matter how bad he wanted to. No matter how hard it was not to.
Smiling sweetly at him, you brought one of your hands up to his damp hair while your other one caressed his back, entangling your fingers in his dark locks as you waited for him to come down from the high he had been about to reach. Letting out a sigh when he felt like he could finally breathe again, he placed his hands on your back to pull you closer — lips looking for yours when your naked chest pressed on his.
Kissing him hard, you opened your mouth for his tongue to meet yours after it had traced your bottom lip, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck and trying your best not to roll your hips like you were dying to. Although you didn’t have to hold back for much longer, for with one last kiss and with his warm hands still holding you down on his cock, he pushed it deeper inside of you.
“Fuck” you gasped at the sudden stimulation, taking it as your cue to start moving as well.
“F—Y/N” he moaned when your hips met his in the middle, as they pushed into you once more.
Helping you lead the pace once again, he held you by the waist, digging his fingers into your hot skin and deciding right there, as you moaned his name and your walls tightened around his cock, that he wanted to take over from then on. So, with a swift movement, you were now under him as he laid your back on the mattress — a light moan escaping your lips when he pulled out of you to make you more comfortable on the bed, immediately becoming whiny as you missed his whole length inside of you.
“No, don’t stop fucking me” you pouted, breath hitching when he grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer to where he was sitting down on the mattress. “Jeongguk, please”.
He smiled at both the sound and sight of you right then, really enjoying them one hell of a lot. It was your messy hair, swollen lips and naked chest that moved up and down as you breathed heavily, along with the neediness in your voice as you were begging for him once more, what made it easy for him to decide he liked being in control.
Catching your bottom lip in his mouth as he adjusted himself in between your legs, he heard you beg one more time against his lips. However, just as you did, he felt one of your hands desperately go down to your center so you could feel something inside of you. Only you didn’t get to, for his hand grabbed your wrist right before your fingers could find their way inside, managing to grab your other one as well and pin them over your head as he pushed his hips down enough for the head of his cock to align with your wet center.
“I’m the one fucking you tonight, petal”.
You moaned at the sound of his words being murmured against your neck — the way such sweet pet name had been said with such a lustful tone right then, making you somehow even more needy for him.
“Please,” you breathed out, overwhelmed by the way his mouth teased the sensitive skin of your neck and he rubbed his cock against your core, not quite pushing into you yet. “Jeongguk, please. I need you”.
“What was that?” he wondered teasingly.
“I need you” you repeated. “Jeongguk, please. Please fuck m—ah!” your head was thrown back in pleasure when he slammed his entire length into you, just the way you were so badly begging for.
Hungrily kissing your mouth, he muffled the moans that came out of it with each thrust of his hips — letting go of your lips as a low groan made its way out of his throat when your walls wrapped tighter than he had felt them do that evening, as you were getting closer to reach your high.
Letting his forehead fall to your shoulder, he muffled a cry against your skin as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your walls tightened once more against his cock, knowing right then he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.
“Harder” you pleaded breathily, arching your back as he wasted no time in complying. “F-Fuck, Jeongguk. Ah!”
“Y/N” he rasped your name, feeling his inevitable release about to hit. “Fuck, I’m g-gonna cum”.
Not being able to form any kind of coherent sentence right then, you settled for an eager nod of your head to let him know it was okay. Digging your nails on the wet skin of his back, you scratched your way down on it when he once again managed to find that one soft spot of yours that had you crying out in a second.
“Right there,” you desperately let him know, feeling your legs start to give up when he kept hitting it with each of his thrusts. “Fuck, right there”.
“A-Ah, Y/N, I’m—” he stumbled upon his own words, not being able to hold on anymore given how much tighter you were getting now around him. “Mm… I’m gon—ah!”
Groaning one last time, he let himself go like he had fought so hard not to — your pulsating walls around his cock finally driving him over the edge.
Although overwhelmed by the intense wave of pleasure running through his body, beginning to feel dizzy even, he did not slump down on you to catch his breath like he so badly needed to. Instead, he kept riding his own orgasm — his thrusts becoming sloppier yet rougher as he greedily tried to drive you over the edge, too.
And it was only a matter of seconds before you did.
“J-Jeongguk, I’m—ahh!” you cried out one last time, feeling your shaky legs give up as you came undone beneath him.
Helping you ride out your orgasm as well, Jeongguk whimpered at the overstimulation, finally letting his body slump down on yours and burying his face on your neck, as he felt his body tremble with each spasm of your walls around him. Feeling his hot, heavy breath hit your sweaty neck as the two of you desperately tried to catch your breath, you entangled once more your fingers on the hair at the back of his head — fingertips ever so tenderly moving in circular motions in a soothing way.
Closing your eyes for a couple of seconds, you felt his thumb caress one of your sides, later having you opening your eyes when he pressed two brief kisses to the crook of your neck and a breathy laugh of his was soon to follow right after.
“What’s so amusing?” you wondered, feeling the corners of your mouth curve up when another chuckle of his reached your ears.
“That was amazing” he confessed, causing your face to burn as your smile grew wider. Pressing one of his arms down on the mattress, he held his body up so he could lock his eyes with yours. “Was it okay for you?”
You bit your bottom lip, shyly looking away for a split second before your eyes focused back on his. “Jeon Jeongguk,” you called his name in a serious tone.
“You made me cum twice” you reminded him, loving the sight of his already flushed cheeks turning even more pink than they already were. “I think that speaks for itself”.
He let out a shy laugh, tilting your chin up as he brought his lips down to yours and kissing you sweetly for a good couple of seconds, later moving his lips over to press an open mouth kiss to your cheek before he finally pulled out of you. Removing the condom from his member, he crawled to the edge of the bed and reached for the small bin you kept under your desk next to your bed, bringing it closer to him and throwing the used latex into it before he went back to lie on his stomach next to you — blissfully letting you kiss his lips once more like you had just reached up to.
“I’ll get better at it” he promised, earning a quiet giggle from you.
“Well, we do have three years to make up for, so I guess we’ll both get a lot of practice” you pointed out coyly.
“And we don’t have to worry about running out of condoms anytime soon” he reminded you, amusement clear in his voice.
Throwing your head back on the mattress, you allowed a throaty laugh to escape your mouth, later looking back at him and bringing your hand up to cup one of his cheeks. Gently caressing it a couple of times, you puckered your lips up for him to come closer and cut the space between your mouth — smiling softly when he complied in a heartbeat, slowly sucking on your bottom lip.
“I love you” he mumbled on your lips, loving the way he was finally able to say it freely, knowing you felt the same, like he had been aching you to all along.
“I love you more” you repeated his previous answer with a smile.
Kissing your lips chastely, he shook his head no, tilting his head towards the flowers that were taking over your desk. “Those are proof that I love you more”.
You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Those are proof that you’ve loved me for longer, it’s got nothing to do with the amount of it”.
“Mhm…” he nodded his head, letting you know with both the tone of his voice and the look on his eyes that you were not convincing him. “Whatever works for you, petal” his lips turned into a smile as he let his back slump down on the bed.
“Yah,” you gently shoved him off, feeling your heart skip a beat when you heard him laugh.
Pulling you to his chest by wrapping an arm around you, he planted a kiss to your forehead. Although you had sighed contentedly after resting your face on his chest, he didn’t miss the way your mind was quite absent right then.
“What’s wrong?” his eyebrows knitted together, growing somewhat more confused after following with his eyes to where yours were staring at and having them fall on the flowers.
“Nothing” you smiled, unconsciously running your fingers along his chest. “I just wish these particular ones would last forever”.
Smiling as he adoringly stared at you, he hugged you closer to his body. “I can get you all the flowers you want”.
At that, your head snapped up so you could lock eyes with him. The mischievous smile that had just formed on your mouth as you cockily raised one of your eyebrows, letting him know right away he was about to regret what he had just said. “You’ll be like my flower daddy then?”
Yup, there it was, the regret.
“Anddd, you ruined it” he lamented.
Letting his head fall back down on the mattress, he closed his eyes as he tried his best to fight the smile that was threatening with taking over his face, knowing he would fail miserably at it when he heard you chuckle next to him — finally giving in to it and laughing as well as you peppered open mouth kisses around his face.
Although popular, loud, chaotic, bubbly, impulsive as hell, and just the complete opposite to what he was, he could not be any happier it was you the one his heart had chosen to fall irretrievably in love with.
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sahmfanficbts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Genre: Military AU, Romance, friends to lovers, love triangle, unrequited love, angst, fluff, smut
Pairing: Namjoon x female!reader, Jungkook x female!reader
Smut warnings: fingering, slight breeding kink, unprotected sex, homecoming sex
Warnings: Major character death (It’s Jungkook), Swearing. Special Ops / War. Grieving. Separation anxiety. PTSD. Pregnancy. Very very brief mention of domestic violence(Jungkook’s dad a shit, no actual scene of abuse, mention of a restraining order in the context of a conversation). If you’re actually military field personnel, please do not read this.
Rating: Mature (Over 18s only)
WC: 16k
Notes: In this AU, JK and OC are the same age, which is one year younger than Namjoon. Just work with me here, okay? Also, I have deliberately kept the identity of their country ambiguous.
Big big thanks to @hobi-gif, @jinfizz for the huge editing work they did
Story collaborator: @httpnamjoonie94reads. Please contact her if you ever are stuck with a story idea. I swear to you, she will give you your breakthrough.
Professional Reassure-er who gives me courage: @bangtanmademedoit
Cheerleaders who give me strength: @xjoonchildx @lcksndkys @yeoldontknow @yournameyn
Two lovelies who hype me up: @shatzkrinslinzki and @vantxx95 Life is better with you.
“Olympus to Icarus 01. Where are you now? Need your ten digit map grid. Over.”
Namjoon checks the map. “Icarus 01 to Olympus. Ten digit grid 1406834822. Request for immediate air support and casualty assistance. Heavy enemy fire. Over.”
“Namjoon…” Jungkook is groaning.
“Roger that. 1406834822. Helos on the way. Casualty assistance and close air support. ETA 10 minutes. Over.”
The line crackles before it dies out as suddenly as it came alive.
“Fucking comms!” Namjoon shouts at the now useless satellite phone. Here in the mountains, the comms have been abysmal. His attention quickly moves to Jungkook, whose breathing has turned ragged. Blood seeps through the rough tourniquet on his thigh, and the young man is ashen-faced.
Namjoon grabs more dirt from the ground to pack it into the wound to staunch the bleeding.
“Hyung? I’m not going to make it.”
“Ten minutes, JK. You’ll fucking make it!” Namjoon shouts over the gunfire which has started up again. They’re lucky they fell into a rock cleft of sorts, temporarily shielding them from the volley of bullets above—but the real test will be during the heli rescue ops, when they’ll be at their most vulnerable.
“Hyung.” Every word is now slow and difficult. “You… you make it. Tell Y/N I love her. Promise me.”
“Fuck no!” Namjoon grabs him by the collar. He can see his own reflection in Jungkook’s dark irises. The fierce camo paint camouflages the features of his face but isn’t thick enough to hide the fear in his eyes. “Goddamnit JK! Tell her yourself!”
The sound of another explosion temporarily deafens them. Shit. Where’s that coming from? Seems like it’s getting nearer.
“It’s going to be okay.” His breaths are shallow now. “Take care of her.” There’s a faint smile on his face as he says this. “Bibimbaps Forever.”
“Don’t fuck around. I’m your commanding officer. Stay. The. Fuck. Alive. That’s an order.”
Jungkook is trying to keep his eyes open, but it’s so hard. “Promise m—”
“It’s an order!”
He’s tired now.
“This is an order! JK!”
The soft plop of the grenade makes it into their rock cleft like an embarrassed guest, late for the party. It rolls down the slope a little before choosing to settle near Petty Officer (First Class) Jeon Jungkook.
Both men see it at the same time.
Jungkook knows Namjoon well enough to predict exactly what his commanding officer, his friend, his hyung is going to do.
Greater love hath no man than this,
With one last ounce of strength,
that a man lay down his life
he rushes low to pommel Namjoon away
for his friend.
only to fling himself over the exploding grenade.
The blast throws Namjoon against the rock wall, and his head strikes the hard, unforgiving rock.
The last thing that should register in his brain is the whirl of the helicopters rumbling in the distance.
Instead, Commander Kim Namjoon’s (Special Ops, Indo-Pacific) last coherent thought was how he has never let you down.
Until today.
The Bibimbaps Forever was formed on a hot summer day, as all reputable childhood clubs are wont to do. Jungkook and Namjoon were playing cops and robbers, but neither wanted to be the bad guy.
“Let’s switch after five minutes,” ten-year old Namjoon, always diplomatic, suggests.
“I’ll go first,” interrupts Jungkook. He may be nine, but already he’s assertive as hell.
“Of course you’ll be first,” Namjoon assures the younger boy, before adding with a smirk, “You’ll be the robber first.”
Quick as lightning, Jeon Jungkook is just about to headbutt Namjoon in the stomach when a voice from the tree branches above stops him.
“Hey! May I play? I don’t mind being the robber.” Immediately, the two boys stare at you.
Hanging upside down now from the lowest branch, your pigtails are askew with mischief, wide smile missing two front teeth. With well-practiced grace, you flip backwards and land in front of them, sassy hands on your hips.
“We don’t—we don’t play with girls…” Jungkook stammers. He never stammers, but god, that no-hands flip looked so cool.
“That’s okay. It’s your juvenile male insecurity that’s driving your motivation to avert emotional and mental anguish when you deny yourself an opportunity to access this thing called fun,” you say breezily. “Y/L/N, 2007.”
Jeon Jungkook is confused. All those big words he doesn’t understand. And what’s with the year at the end? All he can think of is how he wishes he could do that flip like you.
You pity him. Not everyone has a psychologist for a father and a mother. With a dramatic sigh, you look at him solemnly before explaining, “In other words, you’re scared I’m too fast for you.”
The boys look at each other. No way a girl is going to be too fast for them. Namjoon seizes the moment and throws down the gauntlet. “Fine! You’re IT! Five seconds to run before we get you. FIVE. FOUR—”
Before they could count any further, you’ve disappeared in the direction of the bushes. The boys scramble immediately after you, not counting down the remaining three seconds. Who cares about honesty at this point? There’s finally a proper robber now, and he’s—no, she’s fast.
And so the afternoon flies by with lots of games, even more laughter, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a no-hands flip from a tree branch.
Exhausted and hungry, the boys look enviously when you pull out a piece of candy from your pocket. It looks imported. You must be rich. They look away, Namjoon suddenly interested in the sky, Jungkook, in the hard, brown earth beneath his feet. The candy is obviously too small to share.
“Hey, wanna make bibimbap in my house? I bet my mom’s still too busy to notice if we raid the fridge,” you ask them, bright and cheerful, the offending candy already shoved deep into your pocket.
“Only if we each bring something,” Namjoon declares. There’s a hint of pride in his voice. “It’s only fair,” he says quickly. He never wants to be indebted to anyone, not even over a free snack.
“Only fair,” you agree, smiling at him.
Jungkook arrives at your house first bearing a little container of cold spinach from last night’s dinner, his big doe eyes shining with glee that he swiped it right from under his mother’s nose.
Namjoon arrives next, huffing and puffing from running in his hopes to beat Jungkook, one fist round with a hidden raw egg, while clasped in his other hand is a bag of chopped cucumber, looking slightly mushy.
They both gaze at you expectantly, waiting for some kind of affirmation. You put on your best chef’s voice and declare:
“Perfect!” (for the limp spinach)
“Very good!” (for the crumbling cucumber)
“Just what we need!” (for the egg, which, thankfully, does not show any signs of cracking under the crush of Namjoon’s palm)
And from your fridge, there is cold rice and mushrooms.
Honestly, the boys have never cooked before nor cared to observe what their mothers did in the kitchen. Watching you heat the rice and fry a sunny side-up egg, they’re rendered silent, as if watching you perform the most elaborate magic trick, turning day-old stuff into actual, appetizing food.
When three pairs of chopsticks finally dig into the little bowl of bibimbap, nothing ever tasted quite as delicious.
On that hot July afternoon, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, and L/N, Y/N became the Bibimbaps Forever.
“Say: Bibimbaps Forever!
We’re always super clever!
Give up? No! We’ll never!
The three Bibimbaps Forever!”
“Where am I?” Namjoon wakes from surgery. Everything hurts. His eyes. His throat. His back. If he takes a piss right now, he’s sure that would hurt too.
Oh yeah. It hurts.
Ths soft touch of his mother’s hand is cool against the heat of his forehead. “At the hospital. The doctor said it’s going to be tough to move around for a while, but you’ll be fine.”
“Where’s JK?”
His mother’s eyes already tell him all he needs to know.
“The rest of the unit made it. They’re all back. It’s Y/N that needs you now. Memorial service is soon.”
“I can’t face her, Ma. JK died because of me. I can’t just—”
His mother leans over and cradles his face, selfishly grateful that her son is alive. “Listen to yourself Kim Namjoon. I did not raise you to run away from hard things.”
“You don’t understand. If not for me, he might—”
Kim Namjoon has never said no to his mother when she uses that tone. And he isn’t going to start now.
“Yes, Ma.”
Pressing a note and photograph into his hands, Namjoon’s mother gives her son an extra squeeze on his wrists. “Mrs. Jeon dropped this off. She found a photograph in his room she wanted you to have. And there’s a letter from JK.”
Blinking back tears from her own eyes, she stands up and kisses the head of her only son. “I’m glad you’re home. I’ll go talk to the doctors and tell them you woke up.”
It’s only when his mother leaves that Namjoon allows himself to look at what’s in his hands.
It’s a photo of him and Jungkook, when they were not yet Bibimbaps Forever, both of them sharing a huge slice of watermelon and grinning at each other, red juice running down their chins and arms.
“Hyung, we’re so lucky!”
“Lucky to have watermelon on a hot day?”
“Lucky to have each other to share this!”
Namjoon thought it was silly—if he didn’t have to share, there would be more watermelon for him to eat. He took a bigger bite, trying to prove his point.
“Here, have my part too. It’s yours.” With wide innocent eyes, five-year-old Jungkook had held out his half and fed it to Namjoon, startling him.
Namjoon closes his eyes at the memory as he puts down the photograph.
Shit. JK! Why are you always so damn naive! Why are you always so damn giving!
He doesn’t want to read the letter, he’s honest-to-god afraid of what he’ll read in there. But it’s true, his mother did not raise him to run away from hard things. With trembling hands, he fingers the edges of the envelope, decorated with a sketch of three bowls of bibimbap dancing around the border.
Taking a deep breath, he tears open the envelope and reads the last words from the brother who shared everything with him except his last name.
If you’re reading this, I must have been a dumb shit.
You know, I’ve always looked up to you. It’s the way you care for people: the brothers in our unit, for me, for Y/N. It’s something I am always grateful for, something I always try to do myself—care for people like you do.
It was an honor to serve under your command, a privilege to be your friend, an absolute joy to be your brother.
I hope I made you proud.
P.S. Please look after Y/N for me. I don’t trust anyone else. Scratch that. Look out for each other. And I will do the same from above. Because… Bibimbaps Forever!
The Bibimbaps Forever soon fall into the habit of meeting in your home every afternoon. Even when school started in the fall, even with baseball practice and violin lessons and debate club, it is de rigueur to hang out in your kitchen in the evenings before dinner if the three of you can’t do your homework together.
Safe from nosy parents or annoying siblings, Namjoon and Jungkook find the sturdy oak dining table in your home a safe harbor where they can be themselves, refuel with food and conversation before plunging back into being the eldest child in each of their families. Elementary school flies by with games galore of cops and robbers, backflips and frontflips, and of course, many, many bowls of bibimbap, always at your home.
Middle school is stressful, with a deluge of homework everyday. You and Namjoon are reading Manga comics at your dining table during a study break, laughing like hyenas when the creak of the kitchen back door announces the arrival of Jungkook.
On instinct, you holler before turning to him, “JK! You’re late! Come and take a look at this! It’s so funn—”
The yellowish blue bruise on his eye stops you. There’s a cut on his eyebrow too.
“You’re bleeding!” Running to get a first aid kit, you miss the knowing glance that passes between the two boys.
“I’ll kill him one day, JK. I swear,” whispers Namjoon. “He can’t keep doing this. Is your mom okay?”
Jungkook nods. “I made sure she’s safe. She and my lil bro are at your house with your mom.”
“What? Who’s safe? Who are you going to kill one day, Joon?” you prattle on, lugging the first aid kit onto the table.
“Nothing,” the boys chorus in unison.
Narrowing your eyes at them, you look them up and down suspiciously. With a dramatic sigh, you flip open the kit, before taking out the antiseptic cream, bandage, and your mother's arnica gel for bruises.
Punctuating your tirade as you plunk each item on the table, you launch into an Oscar-worthy performance. “Of course, I’m just a girl. So I wouldn’t know anything about domestic abuse and alcoholism. I wouldn’t be of any help at all even though my parents work with lawyers and judges and family courts. Courts—who, by the way, can get restraining orders and cops to drive by your house to make sure your family is safe. Yup. It’s nothing.”
The boys stare at you with mouths agape.
“You can do all that?” Namjoon is skeptical. His plan to protect Jungkok had always been to beat up Jungkook’s father one day. What you’re saying was something entirely new.
“No, silly. But if you tell my parents, they can.” Taking out the gauze, you prepare to dab it on his cut. “Now hold still.”
Jungkook looks at you through his remaining good eye as you take care of his wound gently. The tenderness in your fingers feels like heaven after the rough punches thrown by his father.
Finally done with dressing the cut with a clean bandage, you take his hand solemnly in yours and pull Namjoon’s in as well before murmuring quietly, “So what do you say, huh? Bibimbaps Forever?”
The answer is simple and unanimous. “Bibimbaps Forever.”
You didn’t know it then, but it was at this moment when Jeon Jungkook and Kim Namjoon, in their childhood innocence, thought at the same instant that they’d like to marry you when they grow up.
The memorial service was held in a little church. The entire town turned up to say goodbye to one of their own. But you don’t hear or see any of them.
All you see from the front pew is the black and white photo of him in full military dress, smiling that wide, proud smile of his, and behind, the casket draped in the flag of the republic.
On your finger, the single princess-cut diamond glitters modestly, as if it knows you’re not yet, officially, Mrs. Jeon. Will never be.
Sandwiched between Jungkook’s mother and Namjoon, you’re glad you aren’t here alone, instead, you’re standing with the most important people in Jungkook’s life.
You’ve told yourself you’re all cried out. That Jungkook deserves your dignity. But your body trembles as the voices in the chapel sing the familiar tune Jungkook always hums after he volunteers as a vocal coach with the inner city children’s choir.
“May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rains fall soft on your fields.
Namjoon offers his arm to you, and you clasp it gratefully.
“May the sun make your days bright.
May the stars illuminate your night.
May the flowers bloom along your path,
Your house stand firm against the storm…”
As grief wracks your body, you find yourself unable to stand. Leaning against Namjoon, he shifts so he can support you with both arms.
“And until we meet again, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.”
When the flag of the republic is finally folded in its ceremonial triangular pattern, the honor guard signals for Namjoon to receive the flag for presentation to the Jeon family.
Namjoon whispers into your ear, “You okay?”
“I’m okay. Do what you have to do.”
Namjoon goes up to receive the flag to present it to the primary next of kin as dictated by the order of service.
“Mrs. Jeon?” Namjoon’s voice is soft and fragile.
You will yourself not to look up.
Mrs Jeon—it’s not who you are even though you’ve practiced your new signature a thousand times while he was gone; not who you are even though the honeymoon suite at the hotel was booked in this name and his, not who you will ever be even though that is exactly what he called you when you said yes to his proposal.
“Your son fought well.” Namjoon fights to choke back his tears as he presents the flag to Jungkook’s mother. “He was faithful to this flag all the way.”
You hear her take in a deep, shaky breath before she receives the flag. “You’re a good boy, Namjoon. Thank you for being with him until the very end.”
With nothing to hold in your empty hands, you hold yourself together, and hold back a wave of fresh tears.
Oh JK, where are you now? Give me a map to you.
In high school, Namjoon, despite being the eldest, is more focused on studying than on girls. He’s a late bloomer, and it takes a while before boobs and ass catch his attention. You matured around the same time as other girls your age, happier always when you’re goofing around with Namjoon and Jungkook until you discover the magic of make-up. As for Jungkook, well... Jungkook is always fast at everything.
While your schedules are more complicated and more varied now, it’s an unspoken rule to always make it for Jungkook’s swim meets as the Bibimbaps Forever. It’s times like these where you relish being kids again, screaming for Jungkook, celebrating his wins together, and eating bibimbap after the meet at your house with whatever is in your fridge.
As much as Namjoon loves this, he especially cherishes the conversations with you whenever you both have to wait for Jungkook to appear for his swim events.
It’s when you get to talk to him about your love for cartography, and it’s when he can drink you in, the lilt of your voice, the dance of your eyes. You talk a little faster, smile a little wider when you tell him all about old maps, ancient maps planted with fake towns to catch forgers, maps made of silk and gold thread, maps as big as a house, maps worth ten million dollars.
Kim Namjoon naturally falls in love with you, but he makes himself fall in love with maps because you love them.
He learns about the geographic north and the magnetic north (all the while thinking why he’s attracted only to you). He studies about terrain and contour lines (but dreams at night about the curves of your body). He memorizes the names of the ancient map makers: Shen Kuo, Johannes Werner, Urbano Monte, Nain Singh (although the name he sighs is yours).
In short, he’s utterly smitten.
When the high school senior prom rolls around, Namjoon has only one girl in mind to ask as his date.
To ask you to the dance, he'll give you a hand-drawn map of the town. Then he’ll write the coordinates of the prom venue and tell you he wants to meet you there on the night of the school dance. He’s sure you’ll love it.
Ever the perfectionist, Namjoon takes a month to finish the drawings for the elaborate map. A Map For Y/N emblazons the top in bold, and in small, neat letters next to the prom venue, he writes, Dance with me?
He’s just about to get out his battered set of color pencils when he thinks he should go over to Jungkook’s and ask for advice. Surely, Jungkook would know how to add depth and dimension through coloring.
The back gate of Jungkook’s home is held tight by a simple latch. No lock is needed when everything of value has long been sold to feed his father’s drinking habit years ago—at least the old man is out of the picture for good now.
With practiced ease, Namjoon flips it open and hops in quietly. Expecting to cross the backyard easily, he stops short when he sees you and Jungkook lying flat on the grass together staring up at the big night sky, heads comfortably propped next to each other.
Intuition tells him to get the fuck out of here. He’s about to turn when you spy his tall, strapping form in the corner of the yard.
“Namjoon?” You sit up, squinting in the darkness. “Is that you?”
Namjoon swallows hard. “Uh, yeah.” It’s too late to run now. Quickly he stuffs his hand-drawn map into his satchel.
“Hey hyung! Come join us! I was just showing Y/N the Ophiuchus constellation. We’re going to the observatory in the next town over on the night of the prom. Figured I keep Y/N out of the way in case she pulls a prank on your special night…” Jungkook is too excited to notice the disappointment which flits across Namjoon’s face for a split second.
“Namjoon, apparently they have these ancient maps of the constellations too. JK and I will go check it out and I’ll tell you if it’s worth it. But yeah, you better promise us to give us all the details the next day. And we mean aaaaallllll the details. Because—” you give Jungkook a look and he gets it right away.
“—Bibimbaps Forever!” you chorus with him, before bursting into a fit of laughter together.
Namjoon doesn’t miss the adoring look Jungkook gives to you. It’s something deeper, something new.
“Bibimbaps Forever,” he replies, heartbroken, because he now sees the same in your eyes when you look at Jungkook.
It’s time for him to move on.
The memorial service is taking a long time.
He knew too many people, was too good to all of them. Everyone wanted to pay their final respects.
You’re standing, nodding stoically to all these other people who still have their husbands, their sons, their fathers and brothers. It’s getting tiring.
After a while, Namjoon notices you're looking wan. “Do you want to go home?”
You don’t need to say a thing. Years as the Bibimbaps Forever has attuned him to you. It’s a frequency the three of you can tune into with your own code words and hand signals, a shorthand of sorts to convey feelings with just a glance.
After a short word to Jungkook’s family and his own mom, he guides you into his car.
The ride is completely silent. Words are exhausting when tears are all you breathe.
The road back to the house your parents have left you while they retire in warmer climes is easy and familiar. Namjoon sees you safely to your door, and is just about to turn to leave when you stop him. The looming darkness of dusk is suddenly terrifying to you. “Joon?”
He gets it. He would rather be alone in his own grief, but he knows you well enough. He reads books, tons of them, but he has read you the most. “Sure. I’ll stay.”
And so he settles in on the couch while you head to your room; him surrounded by photos of you and Jungkook, you surrounded by the big, empty bed.
The usual suspects are there: rice, spinach, carrots, a bit of beef, and the obligatory egg. But there’s a palpable sadness as the Bibimbaps Forever congregate one last time in your home. It's the night before Namjoon leaves for the military. As the three of you laugh a little too forcefully, you know that the Namjoon who returns will be a very different one.
No one was surprised by his decision to enlist.
The Namjoon you know has always been attracted to living for something bigger than himself and there’s nothing bigger than serving his country. Duty and Honor beat in his very cells.
The truth, which you did not know, is a little more complicated. Yes, there’s Duty and Honor, but there’s also the one thing he kept from the Bibimbaps Forever: he needs to get out of town so that Jungkook and you can build a relationship without feeling guilty for not including him.
It’s been difficult for Namjoon to witness the way the younger man looks at you like you’re his whole world, harder still to see the way you lean into him like he’s all of your strength. Every damned time, he has forced himself to smile, forced himself to remember he’s truly happy for you both.
Jungkook had approached him after your visit to the observatory together, asked him if it was weird if you two started dating. “Course not. You guys are made for each other.” The words rolled off his tongue easily because Namjoon would rather die than come between his two best friends who love each other.
When yet another loving glance is exchanged between you and Jungkook over the dining table, Namjoon ruminates a little selfishly how this is one thing he will not miss when he’s finally in the military.
“We have something for you,” you say, after Jungkook gives you a little nod.
Namjoon’s chopsticks still dramatically in mid-air. “You guys getting sappy on me?”
Taking out a folder, you bring out a map and unfurl it on the dining table. Namjoon instantly recognizes your handwriting and Jungkook’s sure pencil strokes.
The hand-drawn map is filled with the most detailed illustrations of your town, filled with little stick figure comics on street corners of important moments shared among the Bibimbaps Forever.
There’s the tree where you first dangled upside down from a branch.
Near the bottom left, the burial place of Nana the Mosquito which tormented every human being in your living room for 17 days. (Jungkook finally put everyone out of their misery by shooting Nana with a rubberband in one flick.)
In the north corner by the junior high school was where you fretted about your French grammar test and Namjoon told you a joke to distract you (Past, Present, and Future walked into a room. It was tense.) while Jungkook gave you a piece of his prized purple bubblegum to calm you (he never shares his purple gum otherwise).
So many memories made together.
Namjoon swallows hard. This map is so much better, so much richer than the one he secretly drew for you.
“A map to show you the way home to us,” you say shyly, pointing to your home on the map illustrated with a Bibimbaps Forever flag flying proudly on the roof.
“Yeah, in case you forget,” teases Jungkook.
How could he ever forget?
“Promise me you’ll come back to visit,” you say more solemnly now, suddenly afraid that you might never see Namjoon again.
He searches your eyes and sees how serious you are. He wishes he could squeeze your hand to reassure you. But you’re Jungkook’s girl now. It’s not proper. Instead, he adopts the easy, breezy tone which has served him well to hide his feelings from you and Jungkook. “‘Course I’ll come back to visit. Come on, let’s finish this bibimbap. Who wants the egg yolk?”
Years of sleeping on concrete and on dirt, in desert and jungle has conditioned Namjoon to sleep anywhere. Your couch is a luxury compared to the places he’s been.
He should be exhausted from the day’s events too, but the soft sounds of your slippered feet padding enroute to the kitchen stirs him immediately. Instinctively, he reaches for his M4-A1 rifle, grabbing air, until he finally remembers he’s on leave now. Safe in your home, he drops his guard.
You probably just need some water, he thinks. He tries to settle back to sleep but he finds himself listening to you move quietly in the kitchen—first the clink of the mug, then the low hiss of steam from the kettle, and the lilt of the teaspoon when you stir your two sugars in. But there’s another sound. Soft sniffles.
You’re hurting.
His words to his mother brings him to his feet, and his promise to Jungkook brings him down the dark hallway and into the kitchen. It’s love, though, which brings him to you. In the dim light, the outline of your shoulders shaking with grief are unmistakable.
Wordlessly, Namjoon takes the chair beside you, careful not to take the one across from you that’s always been Jungkook’s, an empty mug marking his spot. Next to you, he observes the quiet plops of your tears into the cup of blissfully ignorant tea.
You try to explain that you had trouble sleeping so you came to make tea; try to explain how sheer habit led you to grab two mugs, one for you and one for Jungkook, try to explain how seeing the empty bed, the empty mug, the empty chair was suddenly too much.
But with Namjoon, there’s always been no need to dwell on explanations. Your face crumples as you turn to reach for him, needing someone to hold you. “He’s never going to come back, is he? He’s never going to come back… never... never...”
In the safety of his arms, you finally allow the grief to pour out after holding it in for so long.
Namjoon steels himself not to feel. Not your soft, warm body clinging to his; nor the jasmine scent of your shampoo filling his senses. Not the way his heart breaks at the loss of his best friend and the loss of your lover.
The one thing he allows himself to feel is your engagement ring from Jungkook, digging quietly into his skin.
No crying now. He has to be strong for you.
He promised.
You were right.
Namjoon is hardly recognizable when he returns for his first home leave from the military. His face is leaner, but everywhere else is more muscled. It’s his demeanour, though, which has changed the most. There’s a calm presence about him and a dignity in his bearing. His speech is quieter, more deliberate, more authoritative.
Jungkook is most affected by this. Suddenly his hyung is now a man and he wants the same for himself. Over bowls of bibimbap in your kitchen, he peppers Namjoon with tons of questions.
“So what will you specialize in after Officers School? Sniper school? Hospital Corps? Intel, I bet!”
“Probably comms and surveillance. Dealing with boring stuff like radios and satellites. Maps, even.” Namjoon shoots you a smile when he says this.
You blush, a little shy, flustered by this new, manly Namjoon. You find it easier to busy yourself with getting the food ready. The first Bibimbaps Forever meal after a nine-month hiatus should be memorable.
Around the familiar oak table, the conversation flutters from what Hell Week in the military was like, to the classes you’re taking in college, to Jungkook’s interest in volunteering as a vocal coach in an inner-city children’s choir. All too soon, Namjoon has to leave.
“Gotta go home for a second dinner. Mom’s cooking and she expects me to eat everything.”
“Is this another of her match-making dinners?” you ask.
“Unfortunately, yes,” he says, swinging his giant military-issue duffel bag over his shoulder. “Wish I didn’t have to go, though. Miss you guys.”
“If it works out, she’s a lucky girl!” you call out to him as he heads across the yard.
Namjoon turns around and tips his hat at you, shoots you a dimpled grin, before going his way into the evening dusk.
“I’m the lucky one,” Jungkook murmurs as he pulls you into him. “I got you, baby.”
“I’m the lucky one too,” you whisper as you tilt your head up for a kiss.
Leaning against each other, you both watch Namjoon’s disappearing silhouette. Even the way he walks has changed. There’s purpose and pride.
Jungkook looks wistful.
You’ve not seen him quite like this before. “Now don’t you join the military too. What’s going to happen to me if you go? What if—” you chide, jabbing him lightly in the ribs.
“Shh. No what-ifs. Nothing will happen, babe. We’re the lucky ones.” He’s tickling you now, all seriousness gone, because he’s just so happy you’ve found him and he’s found you in this great, big world.
Tomorrow, he tells himself, tomorrow he will talk to a recruiter for the military.
Not today.
The throwing up starts the day after the memorial.
Namjoon is sleeping on the couch when the sound of retching wakes him up. Concerned, he hurries to the door of your bedroom and knocks.
“Y/N, are you okay?”
You can barely pause for a breath to answer him as wave after wave of nausea hits you. Namjoon, forced to make judgement calls large and small in his military career, barges in without hesitation when you retch again.
Pale and shaking, you’re kneeling over the toilet, exhausted by the spasms ricocheting through your worn body. There’s nothing much, just some bitter, bitter bile, but it feels like your entire stomach wants to empty its contents.
Namjoon sees the hair hanging over you, as you bend over to retch again. Kneeling next to your trembling form, he gently gathers your hair and holds it at the nape of your neck, waiting patiently while you try to get the nausea out of your system.
The bitter saliva trails down the corner of your mouth to your chin. You wish he didn’t have to see you like this, but you remind yourself that this is your Bibimbaps Forever Joon. He’d seen you when you threw up in the school bus in sixth grade. He’s the same Joon who gave you his sweater when your period came early to tie around your waist to hide the stain on your light jeans. There’s not much you need to conceal from him.
“All puked out?” he asks after a while.
You try to stand quickly to show him that you’re absolutely fine but the sudden movement after kneeling for so long and the lack of blood sugar in the morning causes you to sway unsteadily on your feet.
“Whoa. I got you. Easy there, lean on me.” Namjoon catches you immediately and carries you to your bed. With one arm under your knees and one arm behind your back to draw you into him, he can’t speak; all effort is focused on reining his eyes from straying to the open v of your thin nightgown
He lays you down on your bed gently. Making sure the pillows are fluffed around you, he draws up the duvet to tuck you in. When he comes back with a glass of water, he waits till you’ve taken a few sips before he asks carefully, “Should I call the doctor? Or do you know if…”
He’s quiet, doesn’t want to ask more than what you’re comfortable with.
“I think I might be,” you whisper, afraid to meet his eyes. “It was before he shipped out with the team. Before—” The tears are overwhelming you now. How will this baby grow up without a father?
“Shhh…” Namjoon sits by the side of the bed. Facing you, he holds you as fear and grief overwhelm you again. “It’s going to be alright. I got you. I got you,” he murmurs. “Whatever you decide. I’ll go with you.” Over and over, like a mantra, he repeats it to you, willing his words to fortify your bones, to strengthen the little life within you. “I’m right here.”
You can’t answer him. All you can do is to hold him tighter as your tears wet his shoulder, then his sleeves.
Namjoon thinks of how his field uniform was stained with Jungkook’s blood all over him; but now, your tears are soaking through his shirt. He knows he was never worthy of the former, and will never be worthy of the latter.
But still, he holds you—because he is a man of his word.
Team 613 has always been the most elite unit in the republic’s military. Trained at the highest levels in all manner of close-quarter combat, reconnaissance, hostage rescue, intelligence and cryptology, the men of 613 are always acknowledged with reverence and awe in the hallways of government.
Namjoon knows better. He knows his men are made of flesh and blood; flesh that can tear, and blood that can spill. The only difference between the men of 613 and all other units is perhaps their willingness to stay loyal to flag and country at all cost. He’s thankful he has never lost a man in his unit and intends to keep it that way.
And so, the selection process has come around again. The six geographical commanders are choosing men from a pool of approved candidates who will be awarded the 613 colors to join each of their unit commands. The scene, very much like a round of playground captains picking teams for a game of dodgeball, is rather comical if one forgets that joining the wrong unit at the wrong time could mean death on a failed mission.
For Namjoon, there’s only one name he’s most interested in and his eyes and ears are on alert. As the most junior commander (Special Ops, Indo-Pacific) in the history of 613, he knows he has to defer to the more senior ranked officers. But he’s hoping that he can poach sniper specialist Petty Officer First Class Jeon Jungkook to come under his wing.
Your desperate words to him in the latest Bibimbaps Forever dinner still ring fresh in his mind. When Jungkook had gone to the basement freezer for more ice, you told Namjoon the very words which would upset your boyfriend if he heard them.
JK has his mind set on 613. Joon, promise me you’ll try to get him into your unit. There’s no one else I trust with him. Promise me?
I promise.
After a slew of protracted negotiations, Commander Kim Namjoon has given up his top two picks for advanced demolitions, traded one specialist in advanced ammunitions and the top guy from close-quarters combat—all for just one member of the Bibimbaps Forever.
With a smile of satisfaction, his heart swells with quiet pride that he has kept his promise to you.
You’re grateful for Namjoon’s presence at the doctor’s office. Everywhere in the waiting room, couples are seated quietly, some holding hands, some cuddled together as close as humanly possible across tight angular chairs that look zen as hell but feel far from it.
You and Namjoon, however, are not a couple.
And so you sit awkwardly next to each other. You’re scrolling mindlessly through your phone while Namjoon brings a stack of books from the display shelf to browse in his seat. Curiously, you spy the titles on his lap. The Art of Water-birthing. Hypnobirthing at its Best. The Orgasmic Birth: No Pain, All Pleasure. What the hell?
“Joon. Why are you reading these? Don’t you have your own magazines or books? Like on rifles or tanks or parachute jumping? You shouldn’t be reading these!”
Namjoon is glad to see you mad. You look cute and it brings a little color to your cheeks. The last two weeks have been spent at home as you retched morning, noon, and night. Even plain water became your enemy. For a few days, you could only subsist on sparkling water (with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice) and some plain crackers.
Just for the hell of it, he decides to push this further.
“Why not? It’s good to be prepared. Listen to this… ‘The orgasmic birth is a way of looking at birth as an extended part of the euphoria of lovemaking, the premise being, during active labor, increased blood flow to the clitoris can heighten feelings of intense pleasure and mimic an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Anecdotal evidence—’”
“Kim. Nam. Joon. Shut the fuck up. Don’t… don’t say those words. There are babies in this place. Innocent little ears!” you hiss angrily.
“Which words? The O-word like orgaaasm, or the L word like lovemaaaking? Or do you mean the c-word? Cli-to-ris?” He is teasing now. He can’t help it. “Don’t you think babies know how they’re fucked into the world?”
“Shh! Do. Not. Use. The. F-word. It can hear you!” you insist, pointing to your belly. You know you are surely above whispering level now, but goddamn it, you’re keeping this baby’s ears untainted as much as possible before it comes into the world. And if that means using an outside voice inside, so be it.
“What f-word? Oh you mean fuuck? You said it before I did!” Namjoon feigns indignation.
“Why you little piece of shit! You—”
“You said shit. You said shit!” The motherfucker is straight up laughing at your mental anguish, and you—oh no—you can’t help but start to giggle too. Soon enough, the quiet giggles turn into something of truly epic proportions until both of you are shaking uncontrollably with laughter, gasping for large gulps of air between bouts of more laughing.
“Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N?” a nurse calls out. “The doctor will see you now.”
“Oh, uh, we’re not…” he begins.
“He’s not my…” you say at the same time.
But the busy nurse is already ushering you into the doctor’s office, leaving you with no choice except to keep quiet.
In this little room, only Namjoon, the doctor, and you are present. You do not know this, but you’re not the only one who stops breathing with anticipation when the cold jelly is plopped on your belly for the ultrasound probe.
This huge, ten-thousand dollar medical machine which can see your womb, but not the hole in your heart, hear the flutter of an infant heartbeat but not your crying at midnight—this modern miracle of ultrasound broadcasts the sure and steady heartbeat of Jeon Jungkook’s child, heard in the world for the very first time.
It sounds strangely to your ears like… like an echo of: Bibimbaps Forever. Bibimbaps Forever. Bibimbaps Forever.
Instinctively, you reach out for Namjoon’s hand to hold, eager to share your quiet wonder of this little miracle of life.
His grip is strong and sure, and immensely comforting.
Home leave with Jungkook is a luxury. He takes time to savour your body, to worship each curve, each dip, each slant and slope of your skin.
“You’re so beautiful for me,” he breathes each word into your skin as he tracks his tongue down your sternum, stopping to lave at one nipple and then the other. As your nipple peaks and tightens in his mouth, you moan desperately for more, clutching at his hair to anchor your hands on something, anything really, as he eases a finger inside you. “Goddamn, you’re so wet.”
“Jungkook,” you gasp, “Jungkook, that feels so good baby.” He’s doing the usual thing now, where he curls his finger inside and rubs gently. He loves how only he can make you sound like that. Loves how your walls flutter tight against his one finger, then two, coating them with the slick of your arousal.
“Come on. Come for me, Mrs. Jeon.”
You blush. It seems like a dream, but the ring on your finger he put on just a few hours ago doesn’t lie. He had proposed at the college observatory which you’ve visited together many times after that first night during Namjoon’s prom night. Stars that look so small, so faint, so far away are brought close, brought near, brought real to you through the lens of the telescope.
And at the very same spot, Jungkook brought a far-away girlish childhood dream of yours to be his and only his—brought it to you tonight, made it big, made it real with his ring and his promise. Amidst all the beautiful stars in the night sky, he called you his lucky star, the only one in his sky.
“Oh god. So close.” You’re gasping for breath now as he keeps up his rhythm, tongue and fingers working expertly together, with unerring accuracy. “Come inside me, Kook. Don’t wanna come on your fingers.”
“What Mrs. Jeon wants, Mrs. Jeon gets. Lemme grab a condom real quick.” Jungkook loves to see you come with him, your tight wells squeezing around his cock, your moans filling his ears begging more, pleading please, panting that’s it baby over and over while your hands press urgently on his ass to go deeper, fuck you harder. He’ll never tire of that.
“Kook, no. Come inside me. Please baby. Please.” There’s something different in your voice tonight, a desperation in your voice that’s not been there before.
He forces himself to still.
“What’s going on? Why’s my girl crying?” He’s concerned as he sees the glint of a watery reflection in your eyes. You look away from him at first, embarrassed that you’re getting so emotional.
“N-nothing.” It’s everything. “Just wanna be yours.” You have a fiancé now. He’s calling you his and you want to be, utterly, completely his.
“I wanna be yours too,” he says, pressing his lips on the little teardrops streaking your cheeks. “You sure?” Jungkook’s cock aches to fuck into you. Every time he’s deployed for a mission, he could be gone for weeks, and when he comes home, he just wants you, in every way, in every place. Stopping halfway now for conversation when he’s positively leaking with arousal is not part of the plan, but this is new from you. “What if—”
“Shh. No what-ifs. Just come. Inside me,” you implore him as you reach for his throbbing flesh, and then guide him into you.
The moment your fingers wrap around his cock is the moment Jungkook can no longer say no to you. The tight way you squeeze him, the way he feels so vulnerable, yet so strong with you, in your hands like that, god, he almost comes too soon.
With your soft limbs around his muscled thighs; skin on skin; flesh into flesh, breath for breath, you move with him as he thrusts deep into you, the curve of his cock so familiar to you by now, yet strangely new and exciting without any barrier between you both. A soft sigh escapes from you. “Want you so bad, Kook.”
“Me too, baby. Want you too.” He’s groaning from the sheer hardness of his cock surrounded by your hot, wet depths. It feels too good to know that he can cum right inside you like this. Might even fuck a baby into you. “Hold my hand. Hold tight.”
Blindly, you grope for his fingers, curling yours into his. Jungkook sees the diamond he picked out for you with Namjoon’s help, shining brightly and proudly on your ring finger. He grasps that hand a little more tightly, so happy that he’s got you. “Gonna cum,” he pants, “gonna cum so fucking hard.”
You twine your feet a little tighter behind his back to urge him deeper. “Kook.”
It’s all he needs for his hips to stutter wildly into you and you know he’s cumming right this moment. Clinging desperately to him, you press your body up into his, wishing you could melt into each other.
He comes with a guttural cry, releasing hot, thick cum into you, chest heaving from the intensity of his orgasm. He groans with pleasure, but never forgets you. Still buried inside you, his fingers rub your clit, just the way you like it. He can’t help staring at you as your mouth gapes at the building tension coiling in your body.
“Don’t stop,” you moan. “C-close.” With patience and perseverance, Jungkook works his fingers until you cum around him, shaking and trembling, your own arousal slicking his cock, dripping out from where you’re joined together and down his balls.
Shit. He’s getting hard again.
“Can you take me again, baby?”
“Yeah,” you nod, hands clasping the side of his face now, mapping out his eyebrows, those cheekbones, the soft curve of his ears, tracing his lips that kiss you everywhere so well. You hope your fingers remember everything because he’s going to ship out again tomorrow. “Want you again, too.”
Jeon Jungkook’s heart sings at your words.
I’m the luckiest man in the world, he thinks.
The nondescript package arrives without warning or fanfare. Puzzled, you open it to find a note from Mrs. Jeon. She tells you she’s not well and is moving to where she can receive round-the-clock care for her ailing health. Attached is a letter with your name among Jungkook’s personal effects sent to her by the military.
Scrawled in a weak, spidery script, the note causes fresh tears to spring to your eyes. This should have been given to you. I’m sorry for holding on to it so selfishly. I would have loved you as my daughter-in-law. Take care.
Unwrapping the package, you suck in a deep breath when you see she has sent you the flag of the republic still in its triangular fold.
You clutch it to your chest, breathing in the fabric, wondering if it smells like Jungkook. It doesn’t. It smells like new clothes from the store that haven’t been washed. It smells like sacrifice.
You hug it once more, bringing it close to your belly. Can the baby feel this? The beat of daddy’s heart for his country?
With trembling hands, you take out the letter from Jungkook.
If you get this, then it means I didn’t make it back. I’m so sorry.
I’ve always wanted you ever since we were kids. Wanted to marry you, share life with you, build a family, make babies with you. I guess some lucky bastard will do that now instead of me.
Move on, my love. You were the lucky star in my sky. Let me be yours now.
Watching over you with love,
P.S. Take care of hyung for me. He’s probably taking this worse than you are. You’ve always been the strongest among the three of us.
Bibimbaps Forever.
Little teardrops fall from your face, smudging the ink on the letter. You let yourself cry, and then you wipe the tears away. Jungkook’s right, Namjoon is taking this worse than you. Every time you mention Jungkook’s name to him, there’s only anguish and guilt in his eyes.
It’s time to make sure he’s okay.
The briefing Commander Kim Namjoon received from his higher-ups was like none he had ever attended. The more he listened, the more he was uncomfortable with the whole thing. Too many factors were out of his control and he has never liked to relinquish control to weather or to warlords—both, in this case. The night parachute jump is bad enough, but the terrain will be mountainous and his background in special ops comms tells him that those Iridium satellite phones might not work.
Team 613 (Special Ops, Indo-Pacific) is supposed to get in, get the bad guy, get out. The problem is that the satellite photos are grainy, the maps might be a little unreliable, and there isn’t confirmed intel on exactly how many militiamen are in the area, no info about whether they’re armed with the dangerous shit like rocket-propelled grenades.
Sounds fucked up as hell.
“With all due respect sirs, this mission seems to have highly unpredictable variables. We need more time to see through the details before I put my men’s lives on the line.” Namjoon keeps his tone low and respectful even though all he wants to do is yell at his superiors for coming up with this shit.
“Commander Kim. This is the best we can get. We have intel that if we don’t strike now, this man will strike our country in a way that we have not seen before.” The two older men then launch into the invincibility of 613, how this unit has always been the most dependable, the most decorated, the most desired in the republic’s hour of need throughout history. In short, there is no one else who can try this.
“I see,” says Namjoon. “So this is an order?” His eyes implore his superiors to consider his men. Their wives, their kids. Their mothers and fathers.
Rear Admiral Choi and General Lee look him in the eye. “It always is. And always will be, soldier.”
Namjoon nods like he’s expected to do, salutes like he’s been trained to do, says the Yes sir like he’s been told to do.
The military is a demanding spouse. It commands all of him, consumes him. But year after year, he signs on the dotted line because he can serve no other mistress, nor any other master.
Kim Namjoon is hard pressed to serve even himself.
He has promises to keep though, and he hopes to god to keep Jungkook out of it. That boy just bought an engagement ring worth four months of salary for fuck’s sake.
He calls his next-in-line and gives him his picks for the mission. “Get me Lee and Eun on Combat, Park on Entry. Demolitions, I want Kang and Yoon on it. Prepare the intel file for me. I’ll lead this personally.”
“And sniper, sir?”
“Get me the Cho boy.”
“Not Jeon, sir?”
“No. Keep Jeon as back-up only.”
His second-in-command looks confused. But he takes the order just like he's expected to.
Truth be told, Kim Namjoon doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.
All he knows he has too many fucking promises to keep.
He’s downstairs, putting groceries away in your pantry, insisting a pregnant lady should not be carrying anything heavy. You watch him as he fills your cupboards with prenatal vitamins, sparkling water, and three different kinds of crackers: one fortified with calcium, another made with wholegrain (which you’re sure you’re gonna hate), and the last made of some organic voodoo shit.
He takes such good care of you.
“Why are you here, Joon?” you ask, popping a blueberry (organic, which he washed) into your mouth.
“Well someone has to put away the groceries, and I’m not going to let it be you,” he smiles at you while he says this.
“I mean, why are you here, hanging out with a pregnant woman, a soon-to-be single-mom?” you ask quietly.
“I have no one else to hang out with.”
“That’s bull. You’re telling me out of all the women your mom has tried to match you with, there’s not even a single one?”
“I’m surprised your mother still has to arrange these dinners for you. You’re smart, the youngest commander in the republic’s history. You’re always kind, always taking care of people—” you pause, “—always taking care of me.”
Your eyes meet when you say this, and suddenly your heart is thudding with an ache at how truly good and kind and honorable he is.
Quickly, you change your tone. “And you’re good-looking! They should be lining up by the dozens! Why, one day, I might even—”
“Y/N.” He’s solemn and serious when he calls you like that. “Not everyone can understand the life of a military man.”
It’s true. The long deployments. The worrying. The wondering. You’ve tasted the bitter pill, yet you know this is who Jungkook is. Was—who Jungkook was—you remind yourself. It’s the same with Namjoon. You can’t imagine any other career for him.
“One day, Joon,” you say softly, “you’ll find someone, someone who can understand this is just part of who you are. She’s out there—”
She’s right here.
“—and she’ll know you’re the one for her—”
You’re the one for me.
Nothing is going to change that.
“—nothing is going to change that,” you finish with a wistful smile. “Joon--”
He turns to you, his gaze flitting too quickly from yours, unable to meet your eyes fully, like he’s embarrassed.
“--I don’t know what JK told you out there, but I’m okay. I have savings. I have this house my parents left me. I have my freelance job. I can take care of myself and the baby. And I will. You don’t have to do all this,” you say, pointing to the neat rows of groceries.
“I know. But maybe it’s just something I want to do for you—” Namjoon cannot believe he said this. So he quickly adds, “—as Bibimbaps Forever,” he says, turning away to start checking that all the windows and doors downstairs are locked.
“Joon. It wasn’t your fault. You know that right?” you say, following him around.
He stills for a moment. And you see him flinch in the slightest.
Before you could stop yourself, you reach up to cup his cheeks so he can meet your gaze. You want him to hear it again. “It wasn’t your fault.”
Namjoon squeezes his eyes shut at your words and holds back at the choking sensation which threatens to overwhelm him. There’s so much he wants to tell you. So much that he just can’t. Not yet.
“I’m late for another dinner mom set up. I better go.”
You want to hug him, tell him it’s okay to cry, but you know Namjoon. When he’s not ready, he’s not ready. As you watch his tall, sinewy frame disappear from the doorway, you hope the girl he meets tonight at dinner will know how lucky she is.
Because, he is such a good man.
“One hour late. One hour late! How have I raised you to be One. Hour. Late.” Namjoon’s mother is so embarrassed. She wishes she could twist Namjoon’s ears mid-reprimand like she did when he was younger. But he’s too tall now, and she’s too… Well, she’s too tired of all his antics at these dinners. The lateness. The perfunctory politeness. The boy doesn’t even give those girls a smile. What on god’s earth are those dimples for when he doesn’t put them to good use at these dinners?
“Just tell me where you were, that you’re one hour late for dinner with our special guest? Studying your handbooks? Cycling? Going to museums?” She draws out that last word like a dirty word. It’s not that she hates these beloved hobbies of his. It’s just that if he pulls another one like this, no other parent would allow their daughters to her home for these dinners anymore. And then how? Just how is she going to hold a grandchild in her arms? The boy is practically married to the military.
Namjoon sighs. “It’s Y/N. I was making sure she’s okay.”
Mrs. Kim quiets immediately. She had told Namjoon to take care of you.
“How is she?” she murmurs.
“She’s pregnant, Ma.”
It shocks her into silence. Poor girl, she thinks. “I’m glad you’re taking care of her,” she says softly. Truly, her son has always had a soft spot for you. He’s doing the right thing by the Jeon boy. Tomorrow, she’ll make sure to send a soup to you for the morning sickness.
Shaking herself back to reality, she urges him into the dining area. “Go on, then. This Younha has been politely waiting at the table for an hour. Beautiful manners, I tell you. And her patience… like a saint’s!” And with a slap on his back, she sends him stumbling into the formal dining room, all the while praying to the gods of her ancestors that she will hold a grandchild next year, this time.
“Um, hi. I’m so sorry. I was held up.” Namjoon barely glances at her, but when he meets her eyes, he realizes she’s breathtakingly beautiful.
“That’s okay. I was prepared. You kind of have a reputation,” she says, as a knowing smirk flirts across her face.
“What reputation?” he asks, a little worried. Namjoon has always tried to maintain a spotless name for himself. After all, he has a military career.
“Oh nothing,” she says airily. “It’s just that there were rumors.”
“Rumors?” He’s truly worried now. What the hell?
“Rumors that you’re spoken for. I can see it too, you know. The moment you walked in,” she continues mischievously. “Your eyes. Complete disinterest. There’s someone else, isn’t there?”
Guilty as charged. Called out, Namjoon looks sheepish. “Yes. There is,” he admits quietly.
Younha gets her bag and starts to leave. “Knew it. No hard feelings. But at least tell your mom, okay? Or you’re just wasting our time.” Wait till the girls hear this.
“I’m so sorr—”
She waves off his apology. Truth to be told, she came to see if the Kim Namjoon was really as tall, as dark, as handsome, and as untouchable as all the previous girls have said. They’re right, after all.
“No worries. For what it’s worth, she’s a lucky one.”
Before Kim Namjoon could see her out the door properly, Younha-with-the-patience-of-a-saint has slipped out the door and into her car.
Namjoon is left standing alone in the empty dining room wondering who the hell is the lucky one.
It’s certainly not him, and not you.
And it’s definitely not Jungkook.
The Cho boy, who’s not a bad shot himself (50 confirmed kills over two tours of duty), slipped on the wet bathroom tile at home and fractured his tailbone.
Jeon Jungkook was called up immediately by Namjoon’s second-in command, and makes it for the briefing just in time. Namjoon, surprised to see him enter the briefing room, stops for a split second before starting his briefing as planned.
After he presents the plan for the mission, the men look uneasy. “Chief... it looks like everything could turn to shit real quick,” says Park.
“That’s why we gotta keep tabs on each other. Remember, communicate! I’ll be the spotter for the sniper. If I go down, Lee, you take my place. Let’s make sure we bring Jeon where he needs to be so he can take the shot. Quick Reaction Force will lift us out of the village once he makes the kill. But this is the hour guys. Write your letters.”
Of course, as 613, they always have their letters ready. But the boys know it’s rare that their chief says this.
“Yes, Jeon?”
“What if I go down? Cho’s out. Who’s taking my place?”
The room is suddenly silent. This is jinx talk. Legendary snipers don’t speak of that.
Namjoon looks at childhood friend. His brother. The lover of the love of his life. He then scans the rest of the room. He knows each of their marksmanship scores by heart. None of theirs comes even close to Jungkook’s.
“You can’t go down Jeon. I’ll make sure of it. None of us are cleared to take that shot. Rules of Engagement say we cannot take unnecessary risks with civilian life.”
Jungkook nods. “But what if—”
“If you go down, we’re back to close combat. We know where he's hiding. So secure each floor, room by room, till we get the bad guy.” Namjoon hopes he’s saying this with neutral professionalism. God knows, this scenario will happen only over his dead body. The intel on the exact building where the target is hiding isn’t the most reliable.
“Yes, Park?”
“You didn’t give us the name of this Operation. What are they calling this shitshow?”
Namjoon scans every face in the room. These are his brothers. They will die for him and he for them. “This,” he takes a deep breath, “is Operation Icarus.”
“Goddamn!” Master Chief Petty Officer Park slams his fist in his thigh in frustration.
“Park!” Namjoon barks. “Is there some fresh insight you want to share about the Operation?”
“No, sir.”
“Good. If we stay low, we should be fine. Get your gear.” With a weary sigh, he ends the meeting. “We leave at 2200 hours.”
Jungkook is the last to leave the meeting room. He goes up to Namjoon and slaps him on the back.
“She loved it! She fucking loved Ring Number Two. Just like you said she would!”
Namjoon smiles weakly. “How did the whole proposal go?”
“She loved everything. I’m just happy we found each other, you know?” Jungkook looks starry-eyed now and Namjoon cannot help but be truly happy for his brother and his friend.
“Well. Make sure you get back, JK.”
“You’ve got my back. Nothing’s gonna happen. Bibimbaps Forever.”
“Shit, how many times have I told you not to mention that here. The guys will lose all respect for me if they hear about the name.”
“Bi-bim-baaaaaaaps foreeeeeeveeeer!” Jungkook sings in his falsetto as he sails out the room, confident that nothing bad is going to happen because he has you now as his soon-to-be-wife. And he has Joon on this mission. Maybe even a baby waiting for him when he gets back!
How lucky can a guy get?
You’re feeling better week by week under Namjoon’s watchful eye. He makes sure you’re eating and sleeping well, careful to bring over bland, but nutritious food from his mom to you. Jungkook’s mom has also heard about your pregnancy, but she’s too weak in her current health to come to see you.
As the nausea subsides slowly, you begin taking on commissions again, sourcing hard-to-find antique maps for wealthy clients. You even feel well enough one weekend to ask Namjoon to go to an estate sale with you to hunt for old maps in the lot of vintage junk.
The trip to the Yang estate is a full eight-hour drive. But it promises to yield a treasure trove of goodies. The elderly Mr. Yang was an eclectic antiques collector and you can feel it in your bones that he has a rare copy of the Kangnido, a world map created in Korea, possibly as old as six hundred years.
Namjoon decides on renting an overnight cottage near the sprawling Yang estate in the rural countryside. He doesn’t want to tire you out in your pregnancy, and such a long drive back-to-back would be decidedly uncomfortable for you.
Halfway along the drive, Namjoon stops the car for a stretch break at a little countryside park.
You walk around the park, marveling at the glowing colors of early spring. He points out names of trees to you, little bugs and critters, and you laugh. It feels good to be outside and see this part of Namjoon you miss so much from your childhood days. He’ll make such a good father. You’re just about to head back to the car when suddenly your hands fly to your belly.
“Hang on. Oh my god—” Furrowing your eyebrows in concentration, you try to concentrate on that feeling again, not sure if you imagined it the first time. It was like a little flutter of butterfly wings in your belly.
“Are you okay?” Namjoon is tense, ready to take you to the hospital right now.
Shushing him, you grab his hand and place it on your belly. “Feel that?”
Namjoon shakes his head. You move his hand around your little bump, wanting him to share your delight in the baby moving. “Wait, here. Did you feel it?”
He cannot lie to you. “No?”
“It’s there! Right there!” You press his hand harder into your belly.
Namjoon closes his eyes, partly to focus, but also, partly because he wants to remember this: his hand low on your belly, your hand clasped on top of his, the sun warm on his back.
And he feels it. It feels like the lightest of touches from inside you, a brush of fingertip to fingertip between the veil of your skin connecting the two worlds of the living. “Wow.”
“Pretty cool, huh?”
He can't answer, can’t even look you in the eye. JK should be here. Not me.
You know what he’s thinking. “I miss him too. But you’re here, Joon. You’re alive. It wasn’t your fault. You know what a bullet in the femoral artery means.” You give his hand a long squeeze before letting it go.
Namjoon can only look down as your hand leaves his.
Walking in silence, you let him grapple with his thoughts. Grief counselling has helped you to realize that Namjoon has yet to mourn properly.
Instead, Kim Namjoon pushes down the words that long to come out. Instead, he forces himself to say words that don't need too much feelings. “Come on, let’s go to the rental place. We don’t have much time left.”
Turning into the driveway of the cottage, Namjoon is surprised to see how small it really is. The key he found in the lockbox by the flowerbeds opens the door into a clean but tiny living space. Cottage would be an exaggeration. The kitchenette has a singular heating pod and a small sink. The living room which was supposed to have a couch holds instead an armchair. Off to the side is the queen bed which was advertised. And the bathroom, the bathroom is just laughable. You’d have to practically sit over the toilet to shower.
“Maybe we should go to the nearest town and look for a hotel. This does not look comfortable.”
“And waste another hour driving there? I’m tired, Joon. Let’s just make do. Tomorrow, I want to be the first buyer at the Yang’s.” You send him your most pitiful look hoping to win him over. “Plus, your girl’s starving.”
Your girl? You meant it as an innocent remark. But when the words flew out of you, you pause. How can you be Namjoon’s girl when you’ve always been Jungkook’s? You shake the thought away. It’s just because Namjoon has been around an awful lot, you tell yourself. He’s always making sure you’re okay, going with you to doctors’ appointments, hauling ass to flea markets to help you carry stuff, traipsing from estate sale to estate sale with you. Surely, it’s nothing more.
“I’ll get the food then. Mom made some soup for you.” He makes no indication that he thought your words were out of the ordinary. Meticulously, Namjoon unpacks the food and lays it on the table, careful not to spill a single drop of the seaweed soup from the thermos that’s supposed to be extra nutritious.
Since you’re hungry, he urges you to eat and not wait for him while he takes his turn to shower first in the teeny, tiny bathroom. He hopes to god he doesn’t break anything in there. A quick shower later, he sits with you to eat. Here, in the cozy kitchen, there’s a peaceful glow about you that he’s wordlessly attracted to. “Still starving?” he teases.
“Nope,” you sigh contentedly. “Your mom. Her food. Amazing.”
Namjoon sees you’re getting sleepy. “I’ll clean up. Just go to bed.”
In the shower, the woodsy soothing smell of Namjoon’s shampoo lingers in the steamy air. It smells familiar and safe. But today, smelling it makes your skin tingle involuntarily. Must be the damn pregnancy hormones acting up.
Dressing quickly in a large sweatshirt and shorts, you have just slipped under the covers when you remember there’s only an armchair in the living room.
“Uh, Joon? You’re not thinking of sleeping on the armchair tonight, are you?”
“Well, yeah, it’s either that, or sleep in the car. Don’t worry your pretty little head. I’ve slept in worse places before. Go to sleep.”
“Joon,” you say as matter-of-factly as possible, “just share the bed with me. You’re driving tomorrow, you need the rest.”
“You need your own space. I—I don’t want to hurt the baby accidentally if I bump into your belly.”
“You won’t. My stomach feels like a basketball, it’s really hardy and tough. Don’t worry your handsome little head.”
He can’t help but smile at your little chide. “I’ll think about it, okay?”
“Okay. Promise you’ll really think about it?”
“I promise.”
And knowing Namjoon will keep his promise to think about it, you snuggle deeper into the covers and drift off to sleep, wondering when you’ll feel the baby fluttering inside you again.
Meanwhile, Namjoon is washing the food containers as softly as he can in order not to disturb you. And true to his promise, he thinks about it. He thinks. And thinks. And thinks.
It’s a bad idea. He doesn’t know what the hell his subconscious will do if he falls asleep next to you. The past few weeks find him always so hard when he gets home and crawls into his own bed after a day spent with you. It takes all his willpower not to touch himself to relieve the ache you put him in each night.
Plus, he’s a light sleeper. Any little sound you make is going to make him hyper alert. And then he won’t be able to sleep. And when he can’t sleep, he’d be tempted to reach out to hold you. He would touch you, and urge you to touch him, would kiss you, and want you to kiss him back. He would caress you everywhere in every way and beg you to do the same to him.
It’s a bad idea.
And so, Kim Namjoon folds his six-foot frame into the armchair and falls asleep.
Thirty to fifty percent of pregnant women suffer from leg cramps in their pregnancy. Tonight, you happen to be one of them. It has never happened before, and the pain that shoots through your toes, up your shin and around your calf has you gasping in pain. Moaning, you clutch at the leg, the cramping so intense that you’re crying.
“Namjoon,” you moan weakly. “Help.”
He’s awake in an instant, body bolting off the armchair to your side. “What’s wrong? Tell me where it hurts.” He’s scared. You have never sounded so wrecked with pain before. Miles away from the nearest hospital, he’s frightened that something serious is happening to you or the baby.
“Calf muscle,” you gasp. “Cramp. Hurts.”
Immediately, he pulls back the covers to see your left leg, rigid with pain. Lifting your leg, he rubs gentle circles on the tightness.
The pain is atrocious, clawing into your nerves, and your back arches off the bed. Biting your lip from crying out, you try to bear it while painful tears roll down your cheeks.
“Easy there. Breathe, love. It’s better if you breathe. It’ll help the blood flow.”
He has never called you love before. It’s always been Y/N.
Despite the sharp pain that has your calf in a vise-like grip, you shiver at the sudden slip of his tongue. It must be because he’s so tired.
Slowly, as he rubs and massages your calves, then your shin, and then your toes, the tightening ebbs and the pain subsides. You’re breathing easier.
“Better?” he asks.
You don’t want him to stop. His fingers feel so good against your skin, the touch strong and tender at the same time. “J-Joon?”
“Yeah?” His voice is all hoarse. Now that he knows there’s no imminent danger to you or the baby, he notices how your thin sleep shorts have pooled by your hip as he lifted your bare leg, exposing the length of your thigh to him.
You don’t know what you want to say, maybe you do. But it’s too soon, too forward. So you reach for a safety word. “Thanks.”
“‘Night, Y/N.”
You must have heard wrongly just now. He didn’t just call you love, did he?
The mission is going well, surprisingly. Entry into enemy territory went smoothly, and now they’re where they’re supposed to be.
The team operates with quiet clockwork efficiency. Namjoon is scanning the area, making sure there’s no chance of a surprise attack.
“Icarus 01 to Olympus. We’re in position, over.”
The silence from the comms phone is deafening. Namjoon tries it again. Still nothing. Well, there’s still time for the satellite phone to work. It might still be a couple of hours before they see the target.
Through the scope of his sniper rifle, Jungkook spots him. “Contact. Eyes on target. Two o’clock. 1200 yards.”
Namjoon immediately trains binoculars to the spot at two o’clock. The kid always gets it. It’s the target alright. Immediately he reaches for the satellite phone. “This is Icarus 01. We have visual confirm of target. Initiate Quick Reaction Force to escort us out once we make the shot.”
No answer.
Namjoon tries again. “Icarus 01 to Olympus. We have visual on target. 1200 yards. Nice, clear shot. Requesting for clearance. Initiate QRF, we need cover to get out. Over.”
The transmission back is garbled.
“Hyung, I need to take it. He’s going back inside.”
“Stand down JK. We need clearance.”
“Hyung, I’m going to take it. I can make it. I know I can.”
Namjoon hesitates.
“Remember Nana? I can make this.” Jungkook’s voice is sure and quiet. Nana—that damn mosquito which eluded them for 17 days in your living room was killed by Jungkook’s singular rubberband shot.
Namjoon gives Jungkook the go sign. He switches to radio the team. “Team Icarus. Standby. Jungkook has a clear shot. Comms to base are down. No QRF. We’ll have to fight our way out. Head to rendezvous point A for extraction. Fly low, guys. Over.”
“Roger, chief. Point A. Icarus 02 on standby Over.”
“Copy that. Heading to A. Icarus 03 standing by.”
Thank god the team radio is working.
Namjoon takes a deep breath. All hell will break loose once Jungkook makes the shot. But this is a high-value target and this is their mission. This is for their country.
“Take it, JK.”
Petty Officer (first class) Jeon Jungkook breathes slow, adjusts the rifle just right.
One shot, one kill.
He fires.
Namjoon spots the shot. The sonofabitch drops dead. “You got it, JK.” Namjoon allows himself a split second to exhale. There’s no time to crow. He raises the alarm for the team, “We got him. Icarus FLY NOW and FLY LOW. GO GO GO!”
It takes two seconds before the quiet morning in the mountain valley erupts like a hornet’s nest. Namjoon and Jungkook are heading out from their sniper’s hideout as gunfire begins to explode all around. The entire fucking village is suddenly alive.
They need to make it to the treeline on the side of the mountain. The cover of the trees would buy them some time to get the satellite phone working again to call for an exfiltration of the team. QRF needs to get the fuck here.
“JK! Run for the tree line! I got you covered!” Namjoon shouts as he crouches behind the shelter of a village well to fire his machine gun, holding off the enemy so Jungkook can make it to safety first. It is not in Kim Namjoon to leave before his men. “Go! Go!”
Jungkook’s split second hesitation costs him his leg. The bullet flies swift and sure, piercing the eight layers of skin, penetrating the sartorius muscle, pumps through his femoral vein before diving greedily into the femoral artery.
Namjoon knows that Jungkook’s hurt in a bad way before he even turns to see him.
Jungkook’s pants are drenched in red. But he’s still standing, still shooting.
Spraying a rain of bullets to hold back the enemy, he dashes towards Jungkook who is furiously firing to give Namjoon some cover.
“Just like we practiced, okay?” Namjoon stoops down, puts an arm between Jungkook’s legs and hoists him over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry, keeping his one arm free to shoot. Together, they can make it out alive. They just have to. “JK! Fire at will!”
Namjoon stumbles towards the tree line while Jungkook dangles over his shoulder, firing at the bastards coming from behind. There’s no time to think about the weight around his shoulders. The burden of his promise to you weighs heavier on his heart. Determined to bring Jungkook back to you, he propels his legs agonizing step by agonizing step towards safety.
“Almost there!”
“Shit, Hyung, I’m out of ammo. Hurry.”
Namjoon spies a gap between two rocks and hurtles towards it, tumbling down into a rock cleft with Jungkook on his back.
And then… silence.
The gunfire stops.
They must be looking for us now.
“Icarus 01 to Icarus 02. We are not making it to rendezvous point A. Jeon got hit in the leg. Looks like the Femoral Artery. Proceed as planned. I’m calling MEDEVAC if I can get the fucking SAT phone to work. See you back at the base. Over and out.”
Namjoon hears the gunfire. The cling clang of emptied bullet casings as machine guns fire a torrent of ammunition. He sees Jungkook. The wound. The grenade. Explosions ringing in his ears. The coppery smell of blood everywhere. The windy beat of the rotors from the helicopters.
“JK! JK!”
The low moans wake you, and you hurry to the armchair. He’s broken in a cold sweat, trembling feverishly in the clutches of a nightmare. You know the signs. It happened to Jungkook too when he returned from a tour of duty that was just terrible.
Quickly, you hurry to wet a face towel in warm water. Tucking the towel at the back of his neck, you hope the light pressure from the heated towel will help to calm him like it did for Jungkook. It’s no use to try to wake him when this happens. You must let it run its course.
“Stay the fuck alive! JK! Y/N needs you! Come back. Come back you sonofabitch!” With his face, twisting in anguish, Namjoon continues to sob in his delirium. “I love her, love her so much, it fucking hurts. But she’s yours. I can’t take care of her like you do. You gotta make it JK. She’s waiting for you. Take my place. Take my fucking place!”
The revelation shakes you.
Namjoon loves me.
The little signs. The little signs were true after all.
You don’t know what to think except how vulnerable he looks now, curled in the armchair, crying quietly, still locked in the trauma of his mind.
You wish you could kiss him and make all the bad dreams go away. To rock in his arms and comfort the hurt away.
All you know is you want to protect this man who has spent his whole life protecting others, including you and Jungkook.
But he’s returning to the base after the drive home tomorrow.
Duty calls.
Namjoon is back at the base. On duty, he’s always professional, training with his men, planning ops, talking strategy for high-risk hostage situations. At night, he calls you, asks you about your day, asks about the baby, asks if you remembered your vitamins for the day.
You realize you look forward to these calls. Even after a day of business meetings, even after your daily evening walks, you find that you can’t sleep until you speak to Namjoon.
He doesn’t say much about his work, he can’t. But he does tell you he’s seeing the psychologist at the base. That slowly but surely, he’s learning to let go of his survivor’s guilt.
One night, his call comes late. It’s muffled, like he’s somewhere far away where the connection is terrible. “Have to make it short tonight. Just want to hear your voice one more time Y/N.”
“Joon. What’s going on? Where are you?”
“You know I can’t say. But it’s good to hear you. Don’t forget your vitamins!”
“You’re scaring me Joon. Promise me you’ll make it back. Promise m—”
There’s a long pause.
Kim Namjoon doesn’t make a promise lightly.
“I’m sorry. I can’t. But I promise I’m gonna try. So damn hard. I—I love you.”
The line clicks off before you can reply.
Please make it back. Please. Because I think I love you too.
The elder Mrs. Kim just got off the phone with another failed prospective match. This is the fourth one in as many days who has refused to come for dinner.
Is something wrong with her kimchi jigae? Was the tofu not fresh enough?
Or maybe it’s her kalguksu? She has always been praised for her thin, hand-sliced noodles. Perhaps it’s a trend to have thick noodles these days? Damn these foodie trends. How on earth is she going to keep up at this rate!
Whatever it is, she needs to get to the bottom of the matter. Something is very wrong. Her son is returning from the base tomorrow, and there are no confirmed dinner dates lined up yet. Usually she would have arranged at least six or seven dinner dates by now.
Sighing, she wonders how she’s going to hold a grandchild if this keeps up.
As she bends low to dust the area under Namjoon’s bed, a sliver of paper dangles between the wooden slats of the bed, catching her attention. What in tarnation could that be? Besides her thin kalguksu, she prides herself in keeping a neat house. No stray piece of paper under a bed is going to survive on her watch.
Giving it a hard tug, she manages to wrestle the paper free. It’s larger than she expected. Studying the fully unfolded paper before her, it suddenly becomes clear why her son has never liked any one of her prospective matches.
It’s the map he’d drawn to ask you to the high school prom.
After all these years, he still kept it.
Mrs. Kim ponders the situation.
And then she makes a call to a new prospective match—one she’s never considered before, whose circumstances are a little unconventional, but it’s one who has the best chance among all the women so far in winning her son’s heart.
She calls you to come over for dinner tomorrow night.
Because one thing Mrs Kim is known for, besides her thin, thin kalguksu noodles, is for her complete lack of patience.
Namjoon is exhausted. The post-ops debriefing took longer than expected. The higher-ups wanted a complete breakdown of all the factors that led to the success of one of the most covert, and most dangerous multi-stage missions in the history of Team 613.
He'd received an immediate promotion with the success of this mission and would be given longer home leave before taking up his new position as Captain, he can even make it for the baby’s birth! You got a quick call about it but he had to dash off for the next debrief. The sooner he got through these meetings, the earlier he could come home. He wants to see you. Badly.
Captain Kim Namjoon was supposed to be back by seven-thirty for the first matchmaking dinner of his home leave, but it’s almost eight. He’d rather pop over to your place to say hi than sit through another silent dinner with a stranger. “Ma, I had a really rough day. Must we really do this tonight?”
“You must, not we must. Go shower, you stink like Mrs. Choi’s rotten oyster kimchi.”
“Ma, I’ve been meaning to tell y—”
“Shush, whatever you want to say can wait. This one’s different.”
“But Ma—”
With a defeated sigh, Namjoon says the two words that have kept him out of trouble all his life: “Yes, Ma.”
Shower done, he has barely time to dry off his wet hair when his mother raps on the bathroom door. “Joon, hurry up!”
“Coming, Ma.”
He hurries out of the bathroom to appease his mother, only to be hustled into the dining room. For such a small, wiry woman, Mrs. Kim is surprisingly strong when it comes to pushing her son to find a wife.
“Hey—” you say, when he appears in the dining room.
“Wait. What are you doing here? You didn’t tell me you were coming over for dinner?”
“Well, your mom said she’s making kalguksu. I can’t say no to that.”
Namjoon turns around to his mother. “Ma, what’s Y/N doing here? I thought you said it was another of those matchmaking dinners?”
Mrs. Kim knows when to make an exit. “Enjoy your dinner!” she beams. “Remember to eat for two, Y/N!” are her last words before disappearing in a huff of grandmother-to-be excitement.
“Wow. Wait. Did you know about this?” Namjoon is confused as fuck. What the hell is going on?
Slowly, you walk over to him. “I didn’t know about this.” Reaching into your bag, you take out the map from all those years ago he made.
He’s slack-jawed. “Where did you—how did you?”
“Your mom. She found it and gave it to me. It’s sweet, Namjoon. I didn’t know that you wanted to ask me out then. All this time, you loved Jungkook and loved… me.” You now realize the depth of Namjoon’s selflessness. His loyalty to Jungkook, his dedication to you. “We don’t deserve you—”
“Shh… none of that now.” He places a finger on your lips before he can stop himself. Oh god. Why are your lips so soft against the pad of his fingers? He wants to trace their bend and curve, wants to part them with his own. “I’ve always loved you. If you’re willing to give me a chance, well, you probably need time to think it over, but if you’re willing, I promise I’d—”
“I want to. So, so much,” you look at him solemnly. With a deep breath, you add, “But I also think I need time. Will you be willing to wait for me?”
Namjoon gulps. This is it. This is it.
“I am. I’m willing to wait.”
Behind the door of the dining room, the stealthy Mrs. Kim allows herself a big grin, barely able to contain the huge celebratory whoop which threatens to bust out of her lungs. She can feel the grandbaby in her arms already. It might take time, but for this, she’ll wait too.
Nobody tells you how grief can be a friend as well as an enemy.
Some days, as you waddle, round with child, looking for maps in flea markets and estate sales, a painting you think Jungkook would love catches your eye.
You’ll take a closer look, admire the blend of colors, the brush strokes, and enjoy the painting even more just because Jungkook would have loved that.
Or you might be passing by a church and a piece of choral music would float onto the street and you can almost hear the way he would hum the melody. You’ll stop. Listen. Imagine.
Those days, you would smile, giggle even, in childish delight because knowing and loving Jungkook has helped you to enjoy more of life.
Other days, grief comes stealthily like a thief. You might be doing the laundry, and the smell of the detergent which you’ve used everyday, which he loves so much, would overwhelm you with such longing that you’re brought to your knees, weeping on the floor in a pile of dirty clothes, wishing he would just come back.
But in the good days and bad days of grieving, there’s Namjoon quietly offering comfort. He comes around to sit with you in your grief. Holds you when you want to be held. He’ll murmur words to strengthen the bones of your soul so you can stand and not be crippled by sadness, walk and not be crushed by the weight of loss.
And little by little, Namjoon’s words, Namjoon’s presence, Namjoon’s acts of service build you a map of sorts to navigate your journey through grief. He’s the compass, always pointing you to living a life that Jungkook would want you to live.
And so, like a map you always have with you, Namjoon’s next to you when you want to go for a walk under the stars because the baby’s somersaulting so hard in your belly you can’t sleep. You teach him the constellations Jungkook has shown you, and he holds you close as you lean into him.
He’s next to you when your waters break, when the contractions are so painful, you can’t breathe, let alone stand. He’s here—quietly giving you the strength in his arms, praying courage into your heart.
He’s next to you when you’re pushing long and hard, when you’re exhausted from twenty hours of labor and nine months of carrying precious cargo in your belly. He’s here, holding your hand, urging you not to give up.
And when you hold the precious one, your little star, your Byeol, in your arms, he’s next to you, crying with you because of the miracle of Byeol’s life and the pain of Jungkook’s death.
He’s next to you, when the Byeol has her first fever from cutting a tooth. He’s here rocking her and jiggling her in that special way that always calms her after she has wailed all night.
He’s next to you when you clap your hands at Byeol’s first crawl, her first step, her first word.
Always, in the moments that count for you and Byeol, he’s here, next to you.
And after a while, you realize you don’t want to spend life with anyone else but Namjoon next to you.
You needed time to realize this, and he didn’t mind it one bit.
Because you’ve found your own map to him. You’re here. You’re next to him. And he’s next to you.
And that’s all that matters in this great, big world.
~The End~
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Ref: Greater love quote taken from Holy Bible John15:13
Song during memorial service: An Irish Blessing by James E. Moore Jr.
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Grief is like a lover and like an enemy, it pursues us through our lives. I have grieved for grandparents whom I’ve lost, the collapse of a relationship, grieved for friends near and far, for seasons of life gone wrong and innocence that I’ve lost. Wherever we may be in our grieving, let us not give up hope in the better days to come.
Give yourself time. Give grief time. And give hope a chance.
Love, Sam
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 8 months ago
exclamation mark, m | jjk
pairing(s): jungkook x reader
summary: Oh, Jeon Jungkook knew you all right. He even knew your body. All of your tattoos were done by him. But you haven’t asked for one in a while. He hasn’t seen you since he became single. All it takes is a request for an Instagram picture, his realization that you knew all along, and the removal of your pencil skirt.
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; Jungkook is a pining mess, lol; intense smut (fem reader, mild breath play, dry humping, m-masturbation/receiving oral, facial, cum-eating/feeding, penetrative sex against a desk); non-idol!AU; (slightly) jealous, tattoo artist, dom!Jungkook x tattooed, sub!reader; shifts back and forth between Jungkook’s POV and your POV
happy new year!! i slept in this morning XD yes it’s 2021 Seasons Greetings JK and I changed his shirt to white, because, well, it’s coming off anyway lol
The bell at the door dinged.
He groaned inwardly, eyes flickering to the clock. On the dot, the exact minute he was supposed to lock up. Annoyed, he emerged from the back room, already mid-sentence.
"I'm sorry, but we're closed for the day–oh!"
His voice abruptly died in his throat. 
You were panting a bit, clutching your sleek black briefcase. Sheer stockings, slim black pointed high heels. Your hair was half-pinned with a velvet gray bow that was the same shade as your gray pencil skirt. It was obvious the skirt was expensive, evident by the princess seams and the thick, crisp fabric. On top, you wore a white silk blouse, complete with white gold collar pins in the shape of flowers. 
"Sorry, work ran late. Shall I leave?"
Please, for fuck's sake, no!
He laughed, smiling as he took a few steps towards you. The nerves shot through him like wildfire at your appearance. 
"Ah, I suppose I'll make an exception for my favorite client."
You chuckled, tucking your hair behind your left ear. The semicolon tattoo was barely visible from this angle. The first one he had done, all those years ago. He was still learning at the time, but you had trusted him with your first tattoo. Him, a complete stranger. It had been nerve-wracking during the process and a complete shock when he looked up the meaning of said tattoo after. The idea that someone would let an inexperienced trainee imprint such an important symbol on their body stunned him. It reminded him that as fun as tattoos were, they could also hold grave importance as well. He would always remember you and be thankful for that lesson, even if you had never come back after that. 
But you did come back. 
And, fuck, every time you did, he became more and more of a mess. 
You raised an eyebrow, dark pink lips curving into a small smirk. "Everyone who pays is your favorite client, Jeon Jungkook."
Every time you said his name, it felt like he was dying. Was that dramatic? Definitely. It got worse the more tattoos you got. The last one...!
The last one might have sealed his fate. 
"How are you?" you inquired.
Your eyes sparkled with familiarity. He felt his throat seize up when you looked at him. He smiled back, a cheeky grin that didn't reflect how he was actually feeling. 
I'm dying with how pretty you are, that's how I am!
"I'm great," Jungkook chirped, walking around you. He had to look away. There was only so much his heart could take before it exploded.
"How the shop?" you added, hint of a smile on your lips. 
"Shop is doing well. That's why I'm setting up an Instagram for it." He locked the door. Then he spun around, afraid you would suddenly get the wrong idea. "A-ah, I just don't want any more customers coming in!" he stuttered hurriedly.
You nodded in understanding. "You're tired, huh?"
"... Y-yeah..."
You gave him another small smile and looked into the empty tattoo shop. The stations were packed up after the other artists left for the day. Since Jungkook was the owner now, he was here all day. The hardwood floors were clean, his last step before he went back home. 
"I didn't think you would drop by today," he said softly.
You turned back to him, looking slightly out of place in your pristine office wear amongst the colorful graphics of the tattoo shop. 
Looking prefect. 
"I received your message, so I figured sooner is better than later." You tilted your head. "Besides, you need a photo of my lotus tattoo, right?"
I need a photo of all of you. Fuck. Multiple ones. In every position!
"For the Instagram, yes?"
Jungkook swore his giant smile was becoming a permanent fixture of his face because he literally did not know what to do with his expression anymore. "Yeah, if it's not too much trouble."
You chuckled. "Well, I knew you would want to take it since you're quite picky with composition." You rubbed the back of your head, running your fingers through your hair. His heartbeat thundered in his ears. "And it's on my right arm. My left hand isn't great at taking pictures with my phone."
He made himself wince a little. He was far too close to laughing at your mild joke and he didn't want to look crazy even if he was crazy... about you.  
"Ah, yeah, let me get my camera. Come to the back room!" He strode past you, waving his right arm with a sweeping motion. "I set up a white backdrop for this."
The last time you were here, Jeon Jungkook had been tattooing your crotch. 
His eyebrows had risen halfway up his forehead when you had described what you wanted. His black hair was shorter then, but he still had to tie it into a tiny ponytail to keep it away from his face when he worked. 
"Let me get this straight," he had said, jumpy edge to his normally cool and collected voice. "You want me to tattoo 'GOOD LUCK' on your inner thigh?"
"Specifically," you had said, yanking down your black sweatpants to reveal your seamless, black, French-cut panties, pointing to the space between your right leg and crotch. "Here." Right next to your pussy.
Jungkook had nearly fallen over, eyeballs bulging at the sudden removal of your pants. You had cocked your head. Surely, he had tattooed a lot of ass and upper thigh in his time. He was talented and popular, especially among the younger crowd. Girls loved coming here just to stare at him. He was personable, attractive, and charming. Very different from the nervous guy who gave you your first tattoo. 
He had grabbed the waistband of your sweatpants, yanking them back up. 
"D-don't do that on the floor!" he hissed under his breath, looking around the shop. The buzz of working artists and tattoo machines masked your conversation. 
You raised your eyebrows. "There's a girl with her bra off getting her tits tattooed right now." 
Jungkook sucked in a breath. He made a strange face.
"Is there something wrong with it?" you asked. "I can go to someone else."
You blinked at him. 
He coughed, realizing that he had risen his voice. "I mean, it's fine," Jungkook replied stiffly. "I'll do it. I was surprised you would want something like that, that's all."
Jungkook frowned, motioning you to the back room. "I don't know, because you seem like a good girl?"
You chuckled. "Yes, because good girls get the symbol of the Sith Order tattooed to them as well."
Jungkook grinned. 
"Let me sketch it and we'll go from there."
You knew Jungkook was attracted to you on some level. His eyes lingered on you a little too long, he hesitated a single beat before responding, and he was skittish when you got too close. If he thought he was subtle, he was dead wrong. 
Your suspicions were confirmed on that faithful day that he repeatedly stabbed you in the space between your right leg and crotch with the sharp needle, scarring your skin and writing the letters 'GOOD LUCK' in the font you'd chosen.
The entire time, his impressive erection was fighting valiantly versus his blue jeans, begging to be freed.
The pain was a little intense, but you hadn't made a sound. You had sat there, legs wide open, keeping your position, not wanting to mess him up. He was close, trying not to breathe on you even though you could tell he wanted to. At the time, you were soaking wet. Jungkook could definitely smell it with how close he was. 
You were a little bit of a masochist, after all.
He was very, very careful when he wrapped you up. He completely avoided touching you sexually. One quick flick of your eyes and you realized Jungkook had shoved his erection down his right pant leg to stifle it the best he could. The shape was clearly visible through his tight, light wash jeans.
He pretended nothing was happening the entire time. 
For good reason.
Now, you followed him to the back room, his space and half-office for his own bookkeeping. A large roll of white paper was hanging on the wall, complete with a few studio lights. 
"How's your girlfriend?" you asked nonchalantly.
Jungkook paused for a moment. "She's... not my girlfriend anymore," he said, looking sheepish. "We sort of drifted apart and didn't really sync up. Broke up four months ago."
"Ah, that's too bad," you lamented. "She was quite cute."
Jungkook was staring at you.  He didn't reply, watching you with his large brown eyes. His black hair was long enough to cover his high cheekbones, pulled back into a longer ponytail now. He was wearing a pale blue denim jacket, white t-shirt, light wash jeans. Tight ones that molded to his muscular thighs. You were still holding your briefcase.
"Oh, yes, let me put this down." You placed it on his desk and unbuttoned the pearl holding your right sleeve together. "Where shall I stand?"
He jumped, pointing to the white paper wall. "Uh, here. I'll turn on the lights."
You rolled up the sleeve of your silk blouse. The slippery fabric kept falling. The lights blared, illuminating you with a bright halo. You lifted your head to see Jungkook holding up his DSLR, the strap covered in colorful pins. He came up to you and adjusted your arm. After he was satisfied, he took a test shot. You waited as he frowned at it. 
"Too dark."
"I could lift my sleeve."
You tried it. 
"It's casting a shadow," Jungkook sighed. He seemed displeased, as if he expected this to be quick. "Let me fix the lighting."
"I could take off my shirt."
Jungkook froze. He would have dropped his camera if it wasn't for the strap. Slowly, his head turned to face you. Brown eyes huge, disbelieving. 
You kept your face neutral. "It's just a picture of my arm, yes? I can simply take it out of the sleeve."
You watched his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed hard. 
"Erm, sure. If you're cool with that."
He watched you unbutton your silk blouse. 
Him, Jeon Jungkook, was watching you undress. Normally he would turn around and wait until you're done so he could do his job. But this time, ever since he had known you, he was single. This time he couldn't look away. Or rather, he didn’t want to and didn’t have to. He watched you tease each pearl button from its rightful place of holding your shirt together, your fingers deft and swift. 
He had imagined this moment many times, even, he was ashamed to admit, when he was fucking his ex-girlfriend. Not all the time. Just sometimes. It got worse after you asked him to do that tattoo. Fuck. He could still smell the strong, sweet scent of your arousal, even now. It wasn't the reason why he broke up with his girlfriend, but it was a small reason. 
You had to pull a bit from your skirt to free your arm. Your shirt fluttered open, the slick fabric glossing over your skin. You lifted your forearm, turning it towards him so the inner part revealed your geometric lotus tattoo. 
And your bra-covered breast.
Seamless, smooth white satin, molding to your tits, pushing them together.
Jungkook raised his camera and took a picture. He pulled it back, seeing the photo now saved on the SD card. His photo now – his photo of your arm, shoulder, and bra-covered breast. Your hips tightly wrapped by your pencil skirt. Fuck, so sexy. He looked back up to see you arching an eyebrow.
"Test shot," he said weakly. "Checking lighting."
Your eyes searched him. He felt exposed. He chuckled lightly and took a step forward, trying to mask his nervousness. "A little higher, please?"
He snapped the shot. 
It was perfect. Just the portion of the inner right arm near the elbow where the lotus tattoo was sprawled out. It wasn't his largest work, but he was very proud of its intricacies and the way it had turned out. It would help draw new customers in so they wouldn't feel too intimidated by the larger pieces.
And, perhaps, he just wanted it for himself to post it by his desk.
"How is it?"
Jungkook stiffened as you walked up to him, your high heels snapping in the floor. The scent of your perfume floated around him, blackberries and sea breeze. The perfume that polluted his dreams. He always woke up before anything good happened. It frustrated him to no end. Jungkook turned the camera around so you could see. 
"Looks great. It'll be the first post on Golden Closet Tattoo's Instagram," he said warmly. 
You chuckled. "Me? Shouldn't you post some of the sleeves or back pieces you've done? Those are much cooler than my lotus."
"Yeah, but your lotus is the first of my own art that I tattooed on someone."
He watched your expression change. "Really?"
Jungkook remembered the exact moment you had called in the request. 
"Draw something for me and I'll get it tattooed."
You had mentioned your inner right forearm. 
"Want something to match the placement of my left arm."
It was the first time someone asked him to draw anything he wanted. He prodded you with questions and looked up things on his phone at the same time. He still wanted it to be something that represented you. You came in later that week to his completed sketch.
The geometric lotus gleamed in the studio lights.
"Yes, really."
"Ah, I see," was your simple response.
You retreated, pulling up the shoulder of your blouse, taking your heat and scent with you. Jungkook felt a sudden rush of panic. When was the last time you asked for a tattoo? A long time ago. You seemed satisfied with the five you had. What if you never came back? What if this was it? What if he never saw you again?
You were in the middle of maneuvering your arm into your silk sleeve. "Hm?"
Jungkook shifted his eyes to your face. Locking his gaze with yours. Was he going to do it? Was he? His heart was racing a million miles a minute. There was something flickering in your eyes, burning embers of a fire threatening. Daring him. He was the forest and the fire was before him. 
Say it!
"Could I take a photo of another tattoo?"
The slightest tick of your chin. 
"Which one?"
His eyes dropped down.
To your skirt.
You studied Jungkook carefully.
Then you reached over to the zipper of your pencil skirt. You pinched the top, undoing the hook-and-eye. You used your right hand to hold the top as your left slowly slid the zipper down, down. He was watching your every move, clutching his camera so hard his knuckles were white. The hand tattoos on his right hand seemed even blacker because of it.
Did he know what he was getting into?
He must have some idea, because every tattoo on your body was done by Jungkook.
You released your right hand and the gray pencil skirt slid down your legs and onto the floor. You stepped out of it, heels clicking together crisply. Cold air rushed over your legs. Your white seamless panties matched your bra, the high French-cut as always. Underneath was the white garter belt that held your sheer, thigh-high stockings up.
Jungkook swallowed, the sound louder than he probably intended. You said nothing. Instead, you rested your weight on your left hip and extended your right leg to the side, revealing your ‘GOOD LUCK’ tattoo that sat between your right leg and crotch. Your white silk blouse still sat on one shoulder, the rest holding on by your arm.
“Go ahead.” Your tone was impartial. “Take the shot.”
Jungkook lifted his camera, hands shaking. He wasn’t looking at you. Maybe couldn’t. You waited. He raised the camera to his eyes, viewing you through the lens. You reached to the right side of your panties and yanked up, keeping your elbow back and away from the light, revealing more skin.
He took the picture.
If Jungkook died right now, he would die a happy man.
He lowered the camera, staring at the shot of your crotch that he had taken just now. Oh, fuck. So beautiful, so sexy, so hot. You had pulled back your panties a little so the tattoo shone clearly against your skin. He swallowed again, hard. He had done that. He had tattooed that.
“You’re going to post that too?”
Your calm voice brought him back to reality. Jungkook raised his head, eyes back on you. His brain felt hazy and alert all at once. A nasty, tight feeling threatened in his chest.
He was surprised to find his voice in a grating, dangerous growl.
“This is for me.”
The feeling in his chest expanded. You tilted your head at him. Your left shoulder dropped, silk sliding down your arm, nothing to hold your blouse up anymore as it fell off your wrists, fluttering to the floor. Leaving you in nothing but your underwear and heels, palms turned towards him. The black circle with the four-sided starburst on your left arm stood out. The symbol of the Sith Order.
“Is that all you needed?” you asked quietly.
His eyes followed the curve of your breasts, waist, hips, thighs. Then back up to your gaze. Jungkook realized what that unpleasant feeling in his chest was now.
“Who else knows you have that tattoo?”
It corrupted his voice, dropping it several octaves, eating him from the inside. You spoke frankly, without inflection.
“The other men who have fucked me since you tattooed it.”
Jungkook lifted his camera up and over his head. Backed up, placing it on his desk, next to your briefcase. You didn’t have to say it like that, but you did. You didn’t have to stand there, almost naked, but you were. Your lips didn’t have to look so inviting, but they did.
And your eyes didn’t have to look so wicked, but they dared him to do more.
Obviously, you saw other people. You had to have. He was taken at the time. He couldn’t stop you.
But Jungkook wasn’t taken now and you weren’t stopping him from taking a step towards you.
You lifted your hand, tipping your head back as you traced a line from your chin, down your neck, to the curve of your cleavage. Saying nothing as your tongue danced between your lips. Jungkook took another step. He did not know why he suddenly felt jealous. Maybe it was a combination of suddenly realizing that, yes, other people must have touched you and coming to terms that you were aware of his attraction to you and had done nothing about it.
There was no way that you could have known that for four months Jungkook had been hovering over your phone number, wondering if he should call it, wondering if you would think it was weird that he wanted you despite only being your tattoo artist.
Maybe it was your interesting combination of tattoos. Your banging body? Your elegant mannerisms?
The scent of your arousal that haunted his dreams.
Your hand danced down your side, tracing the outline of the words next to your crotch.
He would need luck where he was going.
Jungkook finally stopped right in front of you. He leaned down, his long dark hair brushing against your cheekbones. He inhaled, deeply. Blackberries. The sea. Your skin itself. And the hint of your juices, slowly creeping through your white panties. His lashes lowered, shading his view of you. He inhaled again, drinking in your exhale, sucking it away from your mouth and nose. Your breathing hitched, ever so slightly.
His lips drifted closer, closer. You breathed out of your mouth.
Jungkook sucked it away.
He could feel himself getting hard with just this. Something about the taste, the action.
“Hold your breath for as long as you can,” he murmured against your lips.
So close that he could tell. There was warmth and suddenly, there was nothing. Your expression unchanged, completely still. The seconds ticked past. He wondered how long you could hold it. He wondered how you had attained such practice. Which was it? Choking or being gagged with cock? Either way, Jungkook was upset that he wasn’t the one teaching you. He saw the muscles in your neck tense.
His lips touched yours, eyes closing.
“Give it to me.”
You gasped into his mouth, so hot and erotic that he moaned into yours, hands suddenly coming up to grab your head and press your lips into his, feverishly inhaling your pants for air, exchanging it with his as he kissed you. He did not think this would be the first kiss between you and him, but holy fuck was it the hottest first kiss that he ever had with another human being, the way you moaned into his mouth so he could take it away, the way you let him slide his tongue in and slowly fuck your lips, closing around his muscle and sucking delicately. And his name, his name whining from your throat.
He broke the kiss, savoring your shudder as his lips left yours.
“I’m the one who saw it first,” Jungkook whispered. “I’m the one who made you wet when it was finally tattooed onto you.”
Your eyes darkened as he leaned over you, shadowing you with his taller frame.
“You did,” you breathed, lips swollen from his kiss.
Those eyes. The wildfire was burning, burning, taking away the trees that hid his true nature. Jungkook remembered how heavy your scent became as he worked on your sensitive skin. The moment was counting down, down. He had to ask. He had to know if his feeling was right.
“You like being told what to do?”
Your lips curved into a devious smile. “Depends on who’s giving the orders.” Your fingers traveled up his white t-shirt, dancing over his racing heart. Pause.
... boom!
“Is it Jeon Jungkook?” you purred.
"How long have you known?" Jungkook murmured against your face. His hands were still in your hair, tipping your head back as he lowered his head. His dark locks brushed against your skin, soft curls of black. 
"Your jeans are usually quite tight."
He chuckled, teeth above your throat. "You saw, huh?"
"You didn't try to hide it."
His breath was hot, so hot against your trachea. "I couldn't hide it."
Your lips curved into an amused smirk. "Is that code that you have a big dick?"
Jungkook laughed, licking up your neck. Your entire body shivered at the unexpected touch. You thought he was going to continue the conversation, but he latched his teeth into your skin, sucking sensually. It made your breath catch in your throat. You had always assumed Jungkook was the type to shyly ask a girl out, go on cute dates, then make love. A good boy. 
Not your style. 
Despite knowing of his physical attraction to you, you did not fuck good boys. Good boys couldn't give you what you wanted. Good boys don't leave red marks all over your neck that you have to cover up tomorrow. Good boys don't yank your hair back so you can't attempt to stop the boulevard of hickeys, not that you wanted him to stop, you just wanted to know. 
Just wanted to be sure that Jeon Jungkook wasn't a good boy. 
You tried to press your body against his but his hand came down to press against your stomach, preventing you. 
"Patience," he growled. "You made me wait forever to see you again."
Your eyes lingered down to his. The intensity of his dark brown orbs made you shiver, hooded by his furrowed brows. His pink tongue slid out, licking down the curve of your breasts slowly. 
"Is that why you wanted to start an Instagram?" you breathed, chest heaving against his mouth. 
Jungkook grinned with his tongue still extended, as cunning as the devil himself. He kissed back up, his face overwhelming your vision once again. 
"When are you getting your next tattoo?" he whispered. 
Your lips brushed against his as you spoke. 
"I haven't thought of it lately," you mumbled. 
Jungkook tilted his head, dipping it against your ear. 
"Then I'll have to make you come back to me for other things."
He placed his hands on your shoulders and pushed you to your knees. 
He watched you descend, far too graceful to be inexperienced. Who was it? The thought haunted him. You looked too perfect on your knees for him, hands coming up to hold and stroke the back of his jean-clad thighs.
"Come on, Jungkook." Just the right hint of neediness, raising your chest to tantalize him. Who taught you this? Or was this how you really were? Jungkook didn't know. He thought he knew you and he thought he knew himself. And yet...
It was like you coaxed out the animal in him, reborn from the ashes of your wildfire.
You cocked an eyebrow challengingly.
"Give me a taste of your power."
Jungkook grabbed your face and shoved it into his crotch. 
Oh, fuck!
He was already semi-hard and your yelp of surprise paired with your sudden warmth ramming against him made his cock swell inside his jeans. He pressed your cheek into it, clenching his jaw as he roughly humped your face with the thick fabric, letting you feel him getting harder and harder as you whimpered under him. Your nails dug into his jeans, clutching tight. His cock twitched in his pants and you moaned, hot breath trickling over his wrist. 
Ugh, so good. 
"You want it?" he chuckled darkly. 
"Y-yes, Jungkook, please..."
Fuck, it made him feel so powerful hearing you say that. 
"I thought you were satisfied with staring at it through my jeans," he taunted, rubbing it against your cheek. 
You bit your lower lip, sinking your teeth into the fullness. So fucking hot. Eyes traveling up to him, shimmering with a mix between begging and accusing.
"You had a girlfriend," you mumbled. "Couldn't touch."
Jungkook slid his right hand along your face, tracing your cheek, nails gazing your lower lip, teasing it out of your teeth. He turned his palm, fingers on the button of his jeans. He watched your expression turn hungry, grip on his thighs getting tighter.
"And now I don't," he drawled. "And you still can't touch me until I say so."
He was going to die with how sexy you sounded whining for him. 
“Jungkook, please…”
He undid his jeans. Pulled the zipper down. Your entire body trembling under him as he pushed the light wash jeans down, taking his navy underwear with it. He watched your jaw clench as he stopped just above his cock, the obvious bulge centimeters from your face. He could feel your hot breath against the back of his right hand.
“Don’t move,” he commanded. “Or you’ll get nothing.”
Your hands tensed behind his thighs as Jungkook tugged the waistband down. He gasped as his cock sprung free, hitting you in the cheek with it. The head already dark red, dripping pre-cum all over your pretty face. You weren’t wearing foundation. He could tell because your beauty marks were visible. He pushed his underwear down further, freeing his balls. Shit. They were more sensitive than they usually were. Even rubbing against his own underwear was making him harder.
He wasn’t going to last if he put himself in your mouth right now.
Ugh, even just putting his own hand on his dick was almost too much. He didn’t trust himself to say anything, so instead he pressed the head against your cheek and began to pump himself, ignoring your imploring eyes. Even this was so, so good. He closed his eyes, tipping his head back as he rubbed himself against your soft skin, smearing his pre-cum back and forth, moaning softly. His balls hit your lips and you breathed hotly against them.
The tingling heat spread throughout Jungkook’s entire body.
He lowered his head, half-opening his eyes, breathing your name.
“Open up,” he growled.
But instead of his cock, Jungkook shoved his balls into your wet lips, groaning as you latched on and sucked on them, tongue pressed wetly against them. You pulled his jeans down further to get more into your mouth, licking feverishly and covering them in your saliva, sending shivers of pleasure up his cock and spine, so hot, so wet, so perfect, everything he could have hoped for and more as he stroked himself. Jungkook could smell it now, the obvious heavy scent of your arousal sweetly creeping up to his nose, soaking through your panties, all for him, all because he was making you suck his balls as he jacked himself off over your face.
“Fuck,” Jungkook hissed. “Fuck, I’m going to cum on your face.”
You whimpered under him, obviously wanting to swallow, but he snickered, looking down with a smirk.
“That’s right,” he panted, jaw clenched tight as he furiously stroked his cock above your eyes. “I’m going to cum on your face, so be a good girl and suck my balls for me.”
So close. Shit, he was so close because you were licking him so deliciously, bobbing your head up and down as you sucked the sensitive skin, your hands gripping his thighs as he rocked his hips into your face, adding more stimulation, more roughness.
Almost there...!
Jungkook ground his teeth, jerking back so his balls popped out of your mouth, the pleasure shooting up his core as he came in splattering white lines all over your forehead and cheeks, forcing you to shut your right eye as it dribbled down onto your lashes. He pressed the hot head into your cheek, moaning as it throbbed against your cool skin.
You just looked so fucking good with his cum painted onto your face.
He drank in the picture for a good ten seconds, breathing hard as he stared down at you and your open mouth. If he had his camera, he would have taken a photo.
But you did deserve a reward for listening and he intended on giving it.
Jungkook dropped to his knees, tongue snaking out, scooping up his own salty orgasm. Collecting it on your skin, your whimper against his chin as he curled his tongue around it, sucking it into his mouth. Getting as much of his cum as he could.
Then he pressed his lips against yours and fed it to you.
Your eyes widened as Jungkook kissed you, spitting his cum into your mouth. You felt your panties drench even more as you moaned, drinking it from him, swallowing everything he gave you. He breathed into your mouth before removing his lips so he could lick more of his drying cum off your face, soaking your skin with his tongue, returning and slipping more between your lips. It was so filthy and erotic that your pussy was leaking, a fucking Rorschach inkblot of your juices being made in between your thighs, sticky and viscous. Maybe you came a little. You were so entranced by Jungkook’s rough kiss and his intense sucking on your lower lip that you couldn’t tell.
Jeon Jungkook was certainly not as much of a good boy as you thought.
You gasped into his mouth as you felt his movement of him flinging off his jean jacket, exposing his tanned arms. His fully tattooed sleeve of his right arm, glistening brightly in the studio lights, and his bare left arm.
You pulled back from his lips, confused. Jungkook didn’t have tattoos on his left arm, at least not since the last time you saw him. But there was one there now, in his inner left forearm, next to his elbow. One you recognized, because the same tattoo was on your right arm.
Slowly, slowly, your eyes connected with his. His dark brown eyes were focused on yours, his torso rising and falling with his heavy breaths, long black hair covering half his face, lips dark pink from kissing you. Jaw chiseled and tight with exertion. He chuckled deep in his chest, almost a feral growl.
“I have been waiting for you.”
He grabbed the bottom of his white t-shirt and yanked it up and over his head, the geometric lotus tattoo on his left arm clearly visible with his movement.
“I need to get a condom,” you whispered quietly.
He ticked his head, long hair swinging over his eyes. “Get it.”
You got up off the floor, going to your briefcase. Retrieved a condom from the inner pocket only to have yourself forcefully turned around and shoved into Jungkook’s bare chest, his muscles flexing under your clothed breasts. Trapped by his powerful gaze as he reached around you and unhooked your bra.
“Why do you have condoms with you?” he breathed against your lips.
“F-for...” You gasped as his hands slid around your back to your front, pressing his callused fingertips against your nipples. He began to rub them, slowly. “F-fucking…”
Jungkook nipped at your lips teasingly, earning soft whines as he pinched your nipples. “You knew how long I wanted you, and yet you still let them touch you?” His breath so hot it felt like fire against your skin.
“That’s not fair, Jungkook,” you hissed out as he pulled at the hardened nubs. “You can’t say things like that when you kept yourself from me too.”
“Yeah?” Your name drifted out of his lips like smoke. “Did you really want me? Did you see my cock straining against my jeans and want it in you?”
“F-fuck, yes.”
He flicked your nipples and you whined, ass bucking against his desk. He pressed his length against your soaked panties and sucked in a breath as your wetness coated his cock. Slowly rubbing himself to hardness against your throbbing core, using the drenched fabric as lubrication.
“You’re so wet for me,” Jungkook drawled. You felt him make his cock twitch against your heat and you moaned, shuddering as he closed your thighs around his stiffness. “What if all you get is this? What if I just make myself cum with your dirty panties and juicy thighs wrapped around my dick?”
“Jungkook, p-please…” His cock jerked in between your legs. It wasn’t involuntary. He was moving it himself, teasing you with his hard thickness. “Please, I want your cock inside me…”
Jungkook grinned, still fucking your thighs.
He sank his teeth into his lower lip, turning it white. “Take off your panties then. Let me see how wet you are for me.”
He slid out from between your thighs, taking the condom from you as you pushed your underwear down, off your legs and placing them on his desk. His eyes flickered to your soiled panties, eyebrow cocking in satisfaction as he rolled the condom down his cock. You lifted one of your legs, still in your heels and stockings, hissing as the cold air hit your glistening heat, scent so strong even you could smell it.
Jungkook inhaled, groaning lustfully.
“Fuck, you smell so fucking good,” he breathed, almost drooling. “Smell just like that day that I tattooed this onto you.” He pressed his finger into your ‘GOOD LUCK’ tattoo, dragging his nail down your skin so hard that you moaned. “How could I let you get that tattooed by someone else, hm?” Jungkook leaned forward, licking his lips wetly.
“You loved it, didn’t you?”
He pushed his cock into you and you gasped, clutching your leg so you could keep your pussy open for him as he entered, sinking in slowly. Pain and pleasure shot up your core, not quite stretched out for his thick length. But such things didn’t matter to you. It only made you wetter, slicker as he buried himself to the hilt. He made his cock twitch inside you, smacking into your walls forcefully, smirking as you squirmed under him.
Jungkook purred your name. Your eyes shifted from your connected hips to his sculpted chest to his teasing dark eyes, pupils blown so wide that his eyes were consumed by black.
“What’s my name?” he drawled.
He pulled back a little and rammed his cock into you so hard your head flung back, tits straight up as you gripped his desk, his name tearing from your lips.
He slammed into you again, nearly flinging you up his desk. Pain radiated up your hips, followed by the scorching pleasure of his cock throbbing against your walls. You could feel yourself leaking down his balls and your thigh, the heavy scent of your arousal filling up the room.
He began to fuck you, hard, intense, hands on your ass to slap your hips together. Your leg curled around his waist, bringing him to you to meet his wild thrusts. Speed was not the key here. Jungkook was going for a bruising, rough pace that fucked an indent of his desk into your ass, panting into your chest, breasts bouncing into his face as you moaned, hands splayed onto his desk as it shook underneath you. Your briefcase fell over and smacked against your arm.
His voice, so gravelly and deep that it shook your heart, growling out your name possessively.
“Who’s making you feel his good?” he snarled.
You felt it building inside you, an uninhibited fire set ablaze by Jeon Jungkook, consuming all your senses and replacing them with the punishing pleasure of his cock repeatedly thrusting into your sore pussy, fucking you into his desk without remorse. Your breathing died in your throat, unconsciously withholding it from yourself, intensifying the pleasure, bringing it to radiating new heights as your knee shook, barely holding you up.
So close, oh God, so fucking close…
And then the plummet, the absolute drop as you could barely take a breath, only able to scream his name as your orgasm crashed violently into you.
It was so intense that it felt like your entire body was pulsating, pussy clenched around his cock and gripping onto it, liquid gushing down your thighs and sticking to your stockings. Jungkook groaned, smashing his hips into you one last time as he came, cock spasming as shot after shot of cum filled the condom. Your chest shuddered at the sensation, so turned on that you felt even more of your juices drip down, coating his balls, your scent becoming heavier, thicker, a memorable sweet-sour.
“Fuck…” Jungkook panted, head falling against your breasts. His long hair was soaked with cold sweat, sticking to your hot skin. “You smell so fucking good…”
You smirked above his head.
Now every time he would remember your scent, he would remember your pussy squeezing his cock too.
“Where’s your coat?”
You shivered in the chilled night air, wrapping your arms around yourself as Jungkook locked up the shop for the night. “Forgot it in the car. I didn’t want to miss you before you left for the day.”
Jungkook’s arms wrapped around yours, pulling you to him. His body was still hot from fucking. You stilled a bit in his arms, letting him rub his hands all over your body. You clutched your briefcase in front of you as he began to walk, nudging you to lead him.
“You wanted to see me that bad?” he whispered into your hair.
“Well…” You sucked in a breath as he kneaded your breasts through your clothes, unbothered by the people around you. No one was paying attention, at least at the moment. “You did ask.”
“Hmm…” he murmured.
You arrived at your car in the parking lot. It was a nice car, one of the newer, more expensive electric cars. He shoved you against your window, making you gasp as he grinded his crotch into your ass.
“Make an appointment soon,” Jungkook whispered fiercely against your neck. “Doesn’t have to be for a tattoo. I’ll do other things for you.”
His left arm hooked on the inside of yours. Through the layers of clothing, the geometric lotus pressed against the symbol of the Sith Order.
“Since you’re my favorite client.”
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