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does anyone have any adulting resources or experience and could answer me a question:

if i have a job but it doesnt start until august (so first paycheck will be mid-end of august); and i worked my last job until march (left because of covid) but it was in another country and i was paid less than $1000/month: am i able to apply for unemployment? i have read about the able/available/actively looking for work stuff and i just dont know. but because i was claimed as a dependent on my parents taxes last year, and i’m not under 16 or 18 or whatever, I didnt get a stimulus check and my parents received no extra return for me, like they got for my 15 year old brother. and now i have no money till august unless i get another job and truthfully i dont want to go to the desperate jobs that i know (around me, at least) arent adequately protecting their workers during the covid mess, like grocery stores. i mean my parents can still support me until august, which is a big privilege i have, i just kinda wish they didnt have to so much (it’s a big girl job with benefits and everything so its not so much a pride thing to let my parents take care of me till then, i just would like to have some money for my own groceries that i like and the things i would normally pay for with a small income, like gas and my one small non-federal student loan)

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Trans/Queer folk are dehumanized when we have to choose between a paycheck or being out and proud.

My only halfway decent suggestion is listen to music you love all the time.

Truly I wish I had advice. It hurts that I can’t provide relief. But anything I could come up with (especially as someone with zero experience in the Middle East) would be bullshit.

I was in a similar situation and it ate at me until—after several dozen mental breakdowns—I had to do what was right for me and leave. Even though I loved the job. Even though it hurt, and threw my finances into a tailspin that I have yet to recover from.

I’m not going to tell you to leave your job. That would be irresponsible of me. Bu
t any employer who doesn’t cherish and respect your authentic identity is not a good enough employer. They just aren’t. Intentional or otherwise.

Please do what’s best/healthiest for you.

Only you know (or will know) what that is.

Listen to yourself.

Trust yourself.

Accept yourself.

Love yourself, and the answers will come. If not immediately, then eventually.


Photo of me and my office team from 2015. Guess who won the costume contest.

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It’s so crazy to be sheltering in place while Husband starts his new job. He’s SO happy. He LOVES working and setting up his email and all that jazz.

I’m really happy for him, and I’m also really happy that I’m NOT in mainstream work life anymore!

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