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Yes plz share the spreadsheet layout


Okay so when I was applying to jobs the first thing my advisor told me to do was to make an excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. This is my spreadsheet. It’s 4 pages.


This is the main page! I blacked out the specific companies I applied to because it felt weird to say exactly where, but you should have a spreadsheet organized like this. List the number of application it is (this I’d extremely important for referencing back and keeping track), what company you applied to, position name, posting number (for if they email you about it later and you applied to multiple jobs). I also had my source son how I found the job because sometimes they ask in interviews. Then you should have columns to indicate whether or not you have submitted in your applications and everything. I have resume submitted and whether or not I have received a denial yet. You can also add whether you have written a cover letter yet or if you have screenshotted the job posting.

PAGE 2! This should literally be screenshots of the jobs you applied to. It’s the job description. Go back to those job descriptions and write cover letters using the specific words they use. Companies use algorithms to pick out applications and you need a certain amount of keywords within your cover letter and resume. I find it a lot easier to add them to a cover letter than a very highly formatted resume. Anyways, sort these job descriptions by the number you assigned it on the page before. That way you can go back and reference it if you get an interview.

PAGE 3! This page seemed dumb at first but helped me a TON.


I majored in biomedical engineering so I made a list of all the medical companies I could find. Then I started organizing them by how to get a job from them. At first I sorted by how easy it was to find entry level jobs (color coded). Then I sorted them by what words to search to bring up relevant jobs. Then I put the last day I searched their website. A lot of career websites will sort by last uploaded. This made it easier because I only had to search back to the last day I checked their website.

This page also included my logins for the websites that made me make an account. It’s easier if you keep that all organized somewhere.


My last page was actually just advice I got from my advisor at the very beginning. He focused a lot on actually talking to companies but I think it takes forever to get to that stage. You need to stay organized and persistent to get a job. One of my coworkers took 2 ½ years to get his first entry level job and he had an extremely valuable degree. I applied to 98 jobs and got a job my first interview. (I knew I really didnt have any second chances. I had to be on it.) It’s REALLY hard to get your first job. But if you stay organized it’s a lot easier to be motivated and get your work done. I know this was a ton but I hope it was helpful for some of you!

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Applied for a job in my industry in a role that I have experience in and for which I spent hours preparing my application. Didn’t get an interview but was emailed today and told they “have decided to progress with candidates that have stronger claims to the role.”


Just say you had a number of talented applicants and you regret to inform me that in this case I was not successful.

No need to tear me to shreds.

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I’m starting a running post with all of the problems I have with job hunting in the US (from my limited perspective as someone about to have a liberal arts degree in economics). If a hiring manager for a position I applied for has somehow found this blog, 1. kudos to you on your inimitable research skills, and 2. this isn’t about you, it’s about all the other worse companies I applied to (:

to witness me at my ranty, venting worst, feel free to click read more

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What is with job applications and questions like

Please select the response which most applies to you:

I am willing to set aside my personal life and well being to not only robotically serve the orders of those above me with a smile in the face of crushing pressure and narcissistic customers, but also do more than what is expected of me and my coworkers for no additional compensation.


I prefer to have balance between my work and personal life and don’t always believe what my manager wants is right or feel comfortable in highly stressful situations, and also I believe in doing only what is expected of me at my job and wish to make a livable wage while doing so. 

Like, could you make it at least a little less apparent you only view your employees as expendable cogs in a giant money-making machine?

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I got fired/let go/whatever from my stupid job the other night, and while it is – in the big picture – a good riddance situation that should be a stepping stone to bigger and better things, it’s currently a stressful pain in my ass, and I am so grateful that a friend and I bought concert tickets for this coming Saturday literally months ago. Gotta have something to look forward to.

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Best required action I’ve had on an application is to attach an image of my favorite meme or funny animal. 


It’s even better because cover letter is option but meme is required. 

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Fun game while job hunting! Check the asked for skills and requirements and tally up how many years of experience they’re -really- asking for. 3 years customer service? 1 year as a barista? 1 year learning photoshop? 4 years (at least) for a degree? Please, apply for this entry level position with nearly a decade of varying skills while we pay you less than a living wage.

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Hi Jennie, I’ve been really struggling with rejection lately- it seems to be a really repetitive theme in my life right now. Since I started college, I have been rejected from literally everything I’ve applied to, and not for lack of trying. I’ve been rejected from at least 4 school programs, two jobs, and then when I got a job, they ended up letting me go almost immediately. It’s really hurting my self-esteem. I keep picking myself back up and trying again, but I feel like quitting. Any advice?

It sucks that you’re experiencing a lot of rejection right now. It might feel like you’re suddenly being rejected a lot because of something that’s wrong with you, but the truth is, you’re being rejected a lot right now because you’re currently applying for a lot of programs and positions and things that people get rejected from all the time. Being rejected from college programs is a pretty common experience. Being rejected from jobs is a very common experience, and it can take a lot more than 3 job rejections to find a job that works for you. I got my current job after applying for over 20 positions and only getting positive responses from two, and I was lucky that it happened that quickly! Applying for things is hard, and a full-time job in itself, and for most people it takes a lot of time and effort for an application to finally be successful. 

It can be disheartening, especially if you’re placing high expectations on yourself to get into exactly the right programs or get a job within a short amount of time. But the worst thing you can do for yourself is quit. If you quit, you’re sabotaging any chance you could possibly have of getting into a school program or getting a job. If you keep going, you still have opportunities. It might be hard, but it sounds like so far you’ve done a great job of picking yourself back up every time. Keep doing what you’re doing, and be kind to yourself. 

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