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evviejo · a day ago
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thirteen’s era appreciation: 30/?
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lostcosmos · a day ago
Hearing Jodie say how the the rainbows in thirteens outfit is for pride has me very !!!!!3&;&;£;!:[email protected]:&: ngl
She also mentioned that Mandips jewellery was character chosen, so thassies aren’t clowns on picking up on what earrings Yaz wears :))
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bornto-die-this-way · a day ago
I would please like to refocus the attention back to 13 as she is not gone yet and I am very much still emotionally attached to her
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thirteensfavoritetoy · 2 days ago
On the one hand...
With yet another casting announcement for next year, RTD is doing an incredibly shitty job of "step back, bow to Jodie, we love her" and everything else he said at the BAFTAs.
On the other hand...
If whatever sort of multi-Whoniverse shenanigans he seems to have up his sleeve leads to the possibility of 13 and Yaz being happy together in some version of reality (and possibly making a return appearance somewhere down the road), then I'm OK with it.
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elevenspond · 2 days ago
there are some unconfirmed rumors going around that jodie whittaker’s doctor will regenerate into david tennant for the 60th anniversary, and then will regenerate into ncuti gatwa’s doctor.
i really don’t like this.
i’m very excited for ncuti’s doctor. i think he’ll be incredible and i absolutely cannot wait to see him in the role. i think the moment when jodie becomes ncuti onscreen could be a really amazing one. i do not think it’s necessary to have a “pit stop” regeneration into an old favorite just for nostalgia’s sake in between the two. and i say this as a fan of the 10th doctor.
ncuti gatwa becoming the doctor is a really big deal all things considered. some fans being more hyped over the possibility of david returning temporarily as a mayfly regeneration than for ncuti’s 14th doctor is concerning. i sincerely hope these rumors are false, but if they for some reason turn out to be true, i think it’s very unfortunate to be taking the spotlight away from ncuti’s doctor like this.
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ok ever since the announcement about ten and Donna returning all I can think about is 10 watching 13 and yaz interact for 2 seconds, immediately going “oh fuck I love her [yaz]” and then either:
1) majorly flirting with yaz to the annoyance and embarrassment of 13. 13 pulling him aside being like “my dude what are u doing, that’s MY yaz?!!?” And just generally being really jealous of herself because why does he get to flirt with her and she doesn’t?? And then 10 just giving 13 a cheeky wink and smile saying “well then, maybe u should be the one flirting with her ;))”
2) pulling 13 aside, slapping her silly and making her see how much of a fool she is for holding herself back and not allowing herself to feel everything she feels for yaz. Cos 10 has already been there done that with rose and knows how shit you feel after not actually telling the person you love how you feel about them and then losing them,,,, and can’t believe that she still thinks what she is doing is for the best. And I really hope that after 10 has a chat with 13, 13 can finally look at yaz and say “Yasmin khan, I love you” with 10 just tearing up and hugging Donna in the background, because GROWTH.
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thasmin13 · a day ago
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Can I just remind you of this scene??
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nkp1981 · 12 hours ago
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The Doctor and River Song
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t0o-m4ny-f4nd0ms · 2 days ago
as much as I am really keen to see the new cast for the RTD era and getting to see David and Catherine, it just - it doesn’t feel real if I’m being honest ? And it’s not going to feel real until November 2023. I don’t wanna let Jodie and Mandip go im sorry 😭😭
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> Barges into discussion
> Casts a black Doctor
> Casts a black transgender actress as Rose
> Refuses to elaborate further
> Leaves
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13andherbluebox · 2 days ago
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Courage is knowing something will hurt, and doing it anyway.
lyrics from night swimming by Soccer Mommy
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evviejo · 18 hours ago
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thirteen’s era appreciation: 31/?
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kellyerosen · 6 hours ago
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“I’m with you, whatever happens.”
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It's funny how someone who never had an issue with Michelle Gomez playing Missy has an issue with Jodie Whittaker playing the Doctor.
It's funny how someone who never had an issue with Sacha Dhawan playing the Master has an issue with Ncuti Gatwa playing the Doctor.
It's funny how now Doctor Who is 'pandering' to its audience, by having 'the token woman' and 'the token black man' and apparently now with the casting of Yasmin Finney it's 'the token trans actor'
Anyway this is why I don't talk to my mother about Doctor Who.
Who cares if the actor is a woman for the first time, a black man for the first time, a trans actor for the first time.
If their perfect for the roll, then their perfect for the fucking roll.
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thirteensfavoritetoy · 19 hours ago
Part of the quote from RTD regarding the return of 10 and Donna:
Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world. Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback.
Much of the article is then spent exploring the possibilities of each of these scenarios, with the author of the article ruling out "flashback" but saying that all the others could be true.
Two quotes from the author:
Davies absolutely intends to capitalize on the unlimited story opportunities the Jodie Whittaker era opened up. In fact, he said something to this effect in 2020 when Doctor Who Season 12 originally aired, “the Thirteenth Doctor has shown us Doctors galore, with infinite possibilities. All Doctors exist. All stories are true.”
Any new ideas he has for the Doctor that would not have been possible to explore prior to the Jodie Whittaker era can now be tapped into.
I have two takeaways from this:
1. Whittaker era getting some proper respect. Fuck yeah.
2. The various scenarios RTD mentioned (parallel world, missing story, etc.) leave open the possibility, however small it might be, for an eventual return for 13 and Yaz.
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ssaalexblake · 10 hours ago
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This is absolutely their dynamic and no you’re not allowed to argue
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elliesgaymachete · 2 days ago
Ok but if Donna comes back to doctor who and doesn’t meet thirteen what is the POINT?!
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thasmin13 · a day ago
Thasmin is real, the Doctor loves Yaz and Yaz loves the Doctor full stop.
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dulharpa · 5 months ago
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the masculine urge to commit violence because jodie whittaker (x)
[image id under read more]
[image id:
All are screenshots of tweets.
Quote retweet from @spacethirteen which says: "i did not have “jodie whittaker being blamed for the existence of crime in the uk” on my 2021 bucket list but here we are". Original tweet by @AdamBienkov, which says: "Conservative MP Nick Fletcher says Doctor Who being played by a woman has pushed young men into crime." All quote retweets will be from this original tweet.
Quote retweet from @lannistcrdis: "before the doctor was played by a woman i used to commit so much crime because i had no women to look up to but once jodie whittaker was cast i stopped criming immediately so many lives have been saved thank you jodie". Original tweet by @AdamBienkov.
Tweet from @spacethirteen: "i am so disappointed in jodie whittaker. i loved her and supported her in everything she did. she was my idol. but she's gone too far. this is unforgivable. i just cannot support someone who is single handedly responsible for every crime committed in the uk since 2017."
Tweet from @spacethirteen: "the tories blaming crime on the uk on jodie whittaker to avoid taking any accountability is the most tory thing to ever tory"
Tweet from @josephattard: "Me, after a single episode of Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who...". Reaction image is the "father I crave violence" cat meme, replaced with "father I must crime".
Quote retweet by @shawnwkeaveny: "He’s right. It’s Jodie Whittaker’s fault young men commit crimes. Not years of austerity, mental health and social care provision cutbacks, fewer pathways into real careers, under investment in poorer communities and abject failure of hope. It’s definitely Jodie’s fault." Original tweet by @AdamBienkov.
Quote retweet by @TrilbeeReviews: "The data is in, folks. / Men did no crime before 2015. / Who is to blame now? Rey, the Ghostbusters and Jodie Whittaker."
There is an image of a graph below the tweet labelled "When Men Do Crime" with the y-axis labelled crime, with 0 as "None", midway up the graph "Mid" and the highest as "Lots". The x-axis labelled with "Year", with the origin at "Year 0", then at the rightmost side it is "2014" and "2015, 2016, 2017." Below the label of 2015 is an image of Rey from Star Wars, below 2016 is a parodic version of the "We can do it" poster saying "We can bust it," referencing Ghostbusters, which have female ghostbusters. Below 2017 is Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor or the female doctor. The line of the graph is horizontal at "none" on the crime scale from "Year 0" to "2014". Between 2015 to 2017 it spikes up to "Lots" on the crime scale. Original tweet by @AdamBienkov.
/ end id.]
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thirteenstardisfam · a month ago
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