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I have an idea to pitch and if anyone takes it and turns it into reality - bless you, you are awesome!

Anyway, how Carole Baskin won the land of Greater Wynnewood Zoo, someone should buy the land from her and build a hotel/BnB. Or just build one in Wynnewood, but the original site would be best for ample affect.

Of course unless you have a deal with Netflix you probably couldn’t call it ‘Tiger King’, but maybe like 'Safari King’.

Each suite is tailored after the main people and should be as follows, might have to give the rooms generic names if their namesakes don’t sign off on it:

Safari King (Joe Exotic) - Lisa Frankesque rainbow animal print and psychedelic patterns, beaded curtains, water bed, karaoke machine with Joe’s music and the rest are his all time favorites. And a blown up version of the wedding blanket hanging over the bed. In the bedside drawer are his self branded condoms and underwear.

Crazy Cat Lady (Carole Baskin) - Natural animal prints, but with throw pillows shaped like hunks of meat. And reenacted photos of every awkward picture she’s ever taken, including her cringe worthy wedding photos. There’s also a satin fur-lined bed robe with matching slippers, so you can tell the cops how your significant others disappearance is a tragedy.

Five Knuckle Shuffle (Jeff Lowe) - A Las Vegas nightmare with a mirrored ceiling, original Ed Hardy designs you won’t find anywhere else, plush velvet carpeting, and biker gang memorabilia. The bathroom is stockpiled with Axe body spray and Aqua Velva.

Karmic Dharlimma (Doc Antle) - An Alaskan king sized bed with blackout canopy curtains and silk sheets. Arabic and Moroccan style sitting pillows, candelabra, a throne reminiscent of the Iron Throne from GoT except made of wedding rings, a giant hookah, and BDSM gear, perhaps a gimp mask stylized as an elephant.

(Mario Tabraue): Is tastefully decorated in the best Columbian drug lord fashion, the only exception is a portrait of Mario dressed as a suave mobster. And maybe some decorative boxes and dressers with secret drawers.

One Job Bob (Allen Glover): Is filled with camo, bullseye’s, reptile and pachyderm patterns, walls covered in giraffe print, and just purposely tacky. Maybe some dart boards.

There can also be a cat cafe on the premises with domesticated cats that look like miniature wild versions. A swimming pool that looks like an oasis, etc.

I bet Joe Exotic and Doc Antle would stay in their designated rooms.

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Tommy Tallarico is the Tiger King of videogames. Like Joe Exotic, he is a flamboyant, big-talking, image-conscious showman who loves to be the center of attention. He loves having rivals and enemies, because trash talk brings him more attention.

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This is the stuffed tiger cub I got from the tiger king people back in the early 2000s when they were still hauling the tigers around doing shows. My grandma lived 20 minutes from the oaklahoma border

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The only tiger king I care about. Profits from these tiger themed postcard purchases will go directly to the Tiger Sanctuary where they are trying to increase the number of wild cats in the wild and protect them from poaching.

Follow the link to get involved: 

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