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New Eddie and Dustin from Stranger Things
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cockwarming eddie while he rolls a joint
summary: literally what the title says
warnings: 18+ minors dni, smut, dom/sub dynamics, cockwarming, unprotected sex, p in v, degrading, slight dacryphilia, drug use, eddie himself should be a warning
you try to remember how you ended up in this situation but your mind was too fogged up to recall. one thing was for sure though, you didn’t wake up that morning and think you’d be sitting on the town freak’s cock as he rolled a joint for you to share with him.
frankly you weren’t surprised, given you were hopelessly devoted to him and anything he did or said. yet as you walked into his trailer at 5:07pm that afternoon it took you little time to realize how the evening would unfold. wondering where wayne was since his shift was nowhere near, you followed the mop of hair into his room as he explained that his uncle was running a few errands before going to the plant.
so what could two promising young adults have in mind to combat the boredom of a crisp late summer night? get high.
that could only be, in your dazed mind, the mere reason for your current situation. as you tried to remain as poised as possible while you were being forced to stare at his hands. getting more agitated as the seconds passed, the pressure on your lower stomach was making you impatient. “stop that” you heard him say extremely close to your ear, but that proximity allowed you to also catch the slight hitch in his throat, consequence of your testy fidgeting.
“eddieeee” you dragged his name in hopes that it would get you what you wanted, but you weren’t even sure what is was that you craved at the moment. for him to forget the fucking blunt in his hands that apparently took all his attention? or for him to fuck you in that same position and then continue rolling the joint, making you feel like the whore you needed to be for him? or perhaps for that same roll of paper that was seemingly your enemy at the moment to be at your lips as you inhale all it’s contents, given you can feel the effect of the previously smoked blunts subside?
“if you move your hips one more time i swear i’m pulling out and not fucking you for a week, you understand that?” all you could do was whimper and cuss at him, aggravated by the growing need that you could feel in every vein and artery. “wasn’t this what you wanted? to be treated like a whore? nothing more than a cum dump? why are you complaining now, hm?”
tears welled up in your eyes, yet it wasn’t because of his words. he knew what he was doing and it was working. eddie loved to rile you up so much that you’d end up taking control, and the jezebel in you would come out. he knew the potential you had and loved to exploit it. yet it could be one of those days where you’re so needy and in such a submissive head space, that you’d go brain dead and not function until he pumps you full of his cum. and that seemed to be the direction in which this night was heading.
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Teach Me • Part 2 [Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader]
Tumblr media
{Read Part 1 Here}
Summary: Your relationship with Eddie goes public, attracting some negative attention that causes Eddie to risk graduating.
TW/CW: Angst, violence, smut (18+ only, minors DNI), fluff, rough!Eddie, PIV
A/N: You asked for it, so here it is! I can't thank you enough for the feedback and love on part one. I love this man and I love this series. Can't wait to see where it goes ♡
Tumblr media
You and Eddie had been almost inseparable aside from your evening shifts at the diner and his D&D campaigns. But he had finally convinced you to come and try out a game tomorrow night.
His uncle was almost always out of town, which worked out well considering your mom worked constantly. She'd met Eddie and though she was wary of his "scary" exterior at first and how much time you were spending with him, she loved how happy you were, and she trusted you to make good decisions.
"We could play hookie, princess. Don't you wanna stay in bed all day? Right here... with me?" Eddie asks with a raspy, sleep-coated voice as he looks up at you with a sexy smile and those sweet doe eyes. You give him your best attempt at a disapproving look as he strokes his hands over your bare back, not making it easy to tell him no.
"We can do this," he says as he kisses your jawline, "and this," kissing lower onto your neck, "and even this," he breathes against your collarbone before attempting to suck a small bruise onto the skin. You pull away despite your heart's most desperate desires to stay and let him have his way with you.
"What is this sorcery?" You giggle, letting your head fall against his warm chest as it shakes with his giddy laughter. He doesn't let up his charming ministrations for even a second, playing with your hair with his free hand as he continues rubbing soothing strokes up and down your spine - coaxing you to stay instead of facing Hawkins High on this bright, early Thursday morning.
"I want to. You know I want to... But we can't, Eds. We have finals coming up, and you have to really buckle down so you can walk that stage with me next week," you say as you reach up to place your hand on his face.
A corner of his lips pulled upward into a smirk as his sleepy eyes scanned your features. "You know, I hate when you're right. How dare you woo me with your alluring looks and speak with logic and reason. Witch!"
You squeal as Eddie suddenly attacks your sides, tickling you with the same fingers that were just strumming your clit and teasing your nipples an hour ago.
You managed to wiggle free, rolling out of his bed to fetch your clothes and start getting ready for school as Eddie reluctantly follows you in doing the same. He playfully slaps your ass as you stand in front of the floor length mirror hanging on his door, placing soft kisses on your neck whilst you tie your hair back.
You drop your arms to cover his as they snake around your waist, holding you against his chest as you both admire the reflection of each other like this.
"Gorgeous," he says as his eyes focus on your face in the mirror, placing a kiss on your temple as you lean into him. "And mine."
You hum sweetly at his possessive comment while your hand moves into his mess of curls momentarily, scrubbing his scalp a few times as he growls. "Don't start something you can't finish..."
"Come on, lover boy. Don't wanna miss the first bell," you retort, giggling as you pull him from the trailer - a pathetic puppy dog look across his face.
It had already been a long day of classes. Math and science had basically bored you into submission and you couldn't wait for the energizing lunch period ahead of you. You'd eat, you'd chat with your buddies, and best of all, you'd get to see Eddie in one of the elements he thrived in - discussing his special interests with the members of Hellfire Club, his humor and exuberance on display for them and anyone sitting too close to witness.
You walked through the large double doors, the buzz of teenagers talking and shouting filling your ears as you squeezed by groups and cliques, looking for your usual table.
You felt a slight unease run through your body as you walked by the jocks and cheerleaders, as you were usually the subject of their judgmental stares and snickers. You glanced over, seeing Jason Carver eyeing you with a particularly intense gaze.
You swallowed nervously, shifting your eyes back in front of you as you searched for Eddie, feeling your heart swell when you saw him stand from his seat, waving you over with that big, handsome grin of his. Your safe place.
"Make some room for the lady, huh? Show some respect," Eddie demanded, causing Dustin to slide down and make plenty of room for you to sit between him and Eddie. You gave Dustin a sweet smile as you both rolled your eyes at your boyfriend's usual dramatics.
"Fill me in, what'd I miss?" You ask, looking around as everyone seems to be fired up about something.
"Eddie found an article about D&D in Newsweek and he's on a whole tangent," Mike whispered across the table, nodding to Eddie who was flipping through the pages, snickering in disbelief.
"We're the freaks because we like to play a fantasy game..." He says as he slaps the magazine down dramatically, alerting you to an approaching outburst as he quickly stands and climbs onto the table. You hide your face with your hands as Dustin tries to help shield you from the attention Eddie was undoubtedly about to attract.
"But as long as you're into band or science..." he drawled as he walked the length of the table like a catwalk, "Or parties... Or a GAME where you toss BALLS into LAUNDRY BASKETS-"
"You want something, freak?" The preppy male voice called from across the cafeteria, interrupting Eddie's speech.
You slap Dustin's hands away from your face as you look up to see the voice had come from Jason, now standing at his table, glaring at Eddie with a threatening stance.
You glance up to Eddie who just grins, his hands shooting up on either side of his head to imitate devil horns, snaking his tongue all the way out to mock the athlete that tried to intimidate him. The table busts into laughter beneath him, only egging him on as he keeps his eyes on Jason.
"Prick..." Jason scoffed, rolling his eyes as Eddie hopped down from the table. He immediately noticed how shaken you looked and retreated to his seat next to you.
He wrapped his arm around your neck, pulling you in as he kissed your temple, leaning in to discreetly whisper a check in. "You okay?"
You nodded, feeling the nerves wash away as he pinched your chin for a moment, scrunching his nose at you to make you laugh. He was a fool, and you were crazy about him.
Jason watched from the other side of the cafeteria with disgust and resentment as your boyfriend loved on you. He couldn't believe you were with Eddie Munson, "satanic leader of the Hellfire Club," which he had convinced himself and all of his zombie friends was a cult.
"You're coming to the campaign tomorrow night, right?" Mike asked you, causing some of the other guys to turn and eagerly await your answer. Eddie smiled proudly next to you as he saw the interest you'd piqued amongst the group.
"Yes, but I literally know nothing about D&D so please don't make fun of me when I screw up," you laugh.
"No promises, princess. It's pretty much a rite of passage in Hellfire to be ragged on," Eddie said with a wink as he chewed on a piece of celery.
"I bet she kicks your ass," Dustin pipes up, causing Eddie to all-but choke on his leafy vegetable stalk.
"C-come again?" Eddie coughed with a dumbfound look on his face, causing you to giggle.
"You stick with me and you'll be wiping the floor with Eddie's campaigns before you know it," Dustin says with a toothless grin.
"Are you hitting on my woman, Henderson?" Eddie asks with narrowed eyes, your other friends making dramatic oooohs as the two start throwing almonds at each other. "Because that crime is punishable by death."
You playfully push him with your shoulder, sighing as you hear the bell ring. Lunch was always so short and you still had to run by the journalism room for some notes you'd left.
"See you in English?" You ask Eddie, giving him a quick peck on the lips as he smiles.
"I'll be the one in leather," he says with a smirk, big brown eyes sparkling up at you. You roll your eyes at his silliness and wave to the others as you make your way out of the cafeteria, Eddie's eyes on you until you eventually leave his line of sight.
"Munson's in loooove," Mike snickered, causing Eddie to throw an almond right at his nose.
"Shut up," He snaps before he stands, grabbing his things and heading toward Ms. O'Donnel's. He promised you he wouldn't get any more tardies this year.
English went the way it always did. You'd kick the back of Eddie's chair when he wasn't paying attention, he'd pass you a silly note that read "will you go out with me yes or no" and you'd be in tears from trying to hold back your laughter.
He had the most wicked, out-there sense of humor and you loved/hated him for it, especially in public settings. But whether you wanted to admit it or not, he was getting you out of your shell. And he loved watching you blossom.
The final bell rang and Eddie spun around in his chair, giving you a sweet grin as he waited for you to pack up your bag so he could carry your books for you.
"Mr. Munson, a word?" Ms. O'Donnel called as the rest of the class began to clear out.
"Yes, your majesty?" Eddie said sweetly, turning to playfully bow in his seat as Ms. O'Donnel stifled a laugh.
"I'm really impressed with how hard you've been working. I don't know what's got you so focused and determined..." She said as she gave you a wink from behind her desk, "but it's working. Stay back a few minutes, I think I may have some extra credit assignments to help pull that grade up."
Eddie turned to you quickly with wide eyes and an open mouth as you beamed proudly at him. He really had been working hard. "I'll wait by the van," you whispered as you squeezed his shoulder, quickly leaving as you waved goodbye to your teacher.
Your locker was a good distance from Ms. O'Donnel's but it was near the exit to the student parking lot. You were almost there when you saw Jason walk into your line of sight.
You contemplated turning around or just heading straight for Eddie's van, to hell with the locker, but you had several textbooks and Eddie's still had the keys. So you swallowed your nerves, taking a deep breath as you quickly entered your combination. Maybe he would just keep on walking.
Why wouldn't he?
"You're Y/N, right?" Jason asked, causing you to exhale the breath you'd been holding as you finished putting your things away. You shut your locker, turning to face the jock with a polite half-smile.
"Yep. That's me," you said timidly.
"Yeah, I've seen you around. You're on the newspaper, right?" He asks, smiling kindly as he crosses his arms. You nod as you shift nervously on the balls of your feet.
"Well it's nice to finally meet you. I'm Jason," he says as he reaches for your hand, which you keep firmly grasping your backpack strap. His friendly face falters momentarily, letting you know you were right not to trust him. He wasn't genuine. The charm was just an act.
He chuckles as he struggles to maintain his false kindness, crossing his arms again as he looks to the floor. "So, was I seeing things right today in the cafeteria? Because I swear it looked like you were snuggled up with that guy, Eddie... Eddie Munson," he spat his name with disgust, his face twisting up like it was hard to even say.
You gulped as his face changed into the one you'd seen in the cafeteria. It was threatening, like he was dying for you to tell him he was right.
"Yeah, and?" You asked, growing more and more irritated that he was talking badly about Eddie in front of you.
"Come on, you're too good for him," Jason says quickly, looking down at you as you feel trapped between him and the lockers.
"You don't even know me. And I don't think it's really any of your business-"
"No, it actually is. I know you're a good girl, Y/N. And he's a freak. That little club he runs... you know it's like a cult, right? I'm just trying to protect you."
"Thanks for your concern," you say sarcastically as you glare up at him, "But you're wasting your time. Eddie does protect me," You say as you go to slide out of the cornered state he's put you in.
Jason grabs your arms and throws you back against the lockers with a loud thud, causing you to yelp as your head hits the metal, knocking the wind out of you. "I thought you were shy and sweet. Munson's already corrupting you, can't you see that?" He asks, leaning close to your face as you struggle to turn your head. You want to knee him, headbutt him, anything to get free but he was physically much stronger than he looked.
You look up at him with wide eyes, filled with fear as he's seething now, holding you against the lockers by your shoulders.
Eddie rounds the corner to see Jason being a bullying prick as usual, preparing to pull him off of whatever poor loser he was trying to intimidate.
"Why don't you pick on someone your own fucking size, you idiot?" Eddie starts as Jason's head snaps to face him, and he gets a glimpse of you, trapped and frightened against the lockers.
You watch as Eddie's face changes, his eyes holding a darkness you've never seen before.
"Oh, now you've fucked up," Eddie says lowly as he approaches Jason, quickly coming out of his vest and jacket as he pushes his sleeves up.
"Eddie, don't!" You cried, seeing his face fixed on the jock he already couldn't stand. Eddie looked like he could kill him, and you didn't want him to throw his chances to graduate away over this.
"Listen to your little slut, Munson. You don't want any of this," he threatens, holding his fists up defensively as Eddie heads straight for him.
That was the boiling point. Eddie doesn't hold back as he throws his fist into Jason's stomach, forcing a loud grunt from his lungs. He immediately snatches him up by his varsity jacket, slinging him into the same set of lockers that Jason had trapped you against.
"Eddie, stop! Please!" You begged as his wild eyes scanned Jason's face, his jaw clenched as he held him firmly in place. Jason tried to get free but Eddie's grip wouldn't budge.
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't gut you right now," he says lowly, causing Jason to laugh with what little breath he had conjured back into his chest.
"Fuck you," he spat.
Eddie swings, landing a sharp blow across his face with no warning, a small gash splitting across his cheekbone as Jason cries out.
"Last chance, you entitled piece of shit," Eddie said through gritted teeth. "You think I'm a freak?" You've got no fucking clue."
You saw a hint of fear in Jason's blue eyes, his face stinging from the new laceration Eddie's rings had caused.
"Eddie, enough. It's not worth it!" You cry, but you're not even sure he can hear you as his eyes stay fixed on Jason.
"If you so much as look in her direction again, God himself won't be able to help you. You understand?" Eddie growls as you hear the sound of high heels clicking down the hall.
"Gentlemen! What is going on here?" Ms. O'Donnel scolds as she quickly approaches the three of you, observing your shaken state.
Eddie let go of Jason's collar as he fell back against the lockers, his eyes fixed on Jason's face as the jock held his busted cheek. "Did you see that? Did you see this freak attack me?!" He asks with exasperation, playing the victim card well.
Ms. O'Donnel looks between the boys, then at you with empathy behind her eyes.
"I saw plenty, Mr. Carver. And I suggest you keep your hands to yourself, unless you want the coach to find out about this," she says as she cocks an eyebrow at him. He scoffs, shaking his head before he breaks into a sprint out of the back doors.
"Mr. Munson..." She said as she turned to him now, crossing her arms. "Why would you do this? Risk everything? You're so close. You've worked so hard..."
Eddie pinched the bridge of his nose with his ring-covered hand as he exhaled roughly. "I'll drop out before I let that fucker lay hands on her-"
"Eddie," You gasp, eyes blown wide at his use of profanity in front of your teacher.
"Sorry, I'm sorry-" he says quickly, his face twisted up in distress. You sighed as you studied his expression. He was battling some pretty dark demons.
Ms. O'Donnel looked at him with understanding as she reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Eddie, you're not in trouble. But you know you're fighting against the odds here. You have one week left... that's it. No more fights, do you hear me? I want you on your best behavior," She says sternly, craning her neck so that Eddie had no choice but to meet her eyes.
He clenched his jaw as he nodded reluctantly. "Yeah, I hear you. Thanks."
Ms. O'Donnel nodded, giving you a sympathetic smile as she turned and retreated back to her classroom, leaving you and Eddie alone.
He turned to you now as you stared up at him with worried eyes, not sure how to approach him in this state. His face was unchanging, stoic and hardened as he was taking uneven breaths.
You reached out to him hesitantly as he unfolded his arms, noticing his hands were visibly shaking in the air from the adrenaline.
"Oh, baby..." you said sadly as you took them in yours, rubbing the pads of your thumbs over his busted knuckles.
You pulled him toward you, feeling him wrap his arms around you firmly as you clung to his chest. His heart was drumming against his ribcage, you could feel it through his clothes.
"Are you okay?" He asked, pulling you back to inspect you as he held your face in his hands. You nodded quickly, reassuring him.
He was doing his best to be gentle with you but you could still see the remnants of insatiable rage behind those big, brown eyes.
He was quiet the whole drive home. You weren't sure what to say, or if you should even say anything. So you didn't. But after he pulled into the driveway and pulled the keys from the ignition, you reached over and put your hand on his forearm.
He looked at it for a moment before glancing up at you. He recognized your face. You looked concerned, confused. Maybe even a little scared.
"Eddie..." You said softly, trying to start some sort of conversation. "Your jaw is gonna fuse shut if you don't unclench it," you added as you reached up to gently caress the hardened feature. He closed his eyes, leaning into your touch as his shoulders began to relax for the first time.
Like a flame melting an icecap.
"Come on, let's go in. Let me take care of you," you said as he seemed to frown when your hand left his face.
You thought about taking a hot shower together as you walked inside the trailer, but you didn't have time to even get down the hallway before Eddie grabbed your hand, pulling you back to him.
You gasped as he lifted you, helping you wrap your legs around his waist. His lips crashed into yours as he pushed you against the nearest wall, his hands hungrily exploring your body as he pushed them under your shirt.
"Eddie, I-" you started, only to be silenced by another bruising kiss being pressed to your mouth. He was starving, his ministrations dripping with impatience and greed.
You felt the familiar tingle in your stomach as he pulled your shirt over your head with bated breath, his eyes dark with desire as his lips latched onto your skin, leaving marks and wet spots all over your chest. You could feel him hardening under his jeans, pressing the bulge into your clothed cunt as your moans began to float through the empty trailer.
"I'm sorry if I scared you," he says breathlessly as he unlatches your bra, tossing it across the room before burying his face into the crook of your neck again. You sigh as his lips wrap around your pulse point and lean your head to the side, giving him better access to lap at the sensitive skin with his tongue and inevitably, his teeth.
"I'm not scared of you," you say softly, wrapping your fingers in his hair as he nips at your shoulder now, his hands caressing your hips as he starts to unbutton your jeans.
He sets you down long enough for you both to scramble out of your clothes, eagerly grasping for each other again with swollen lips, his eyes still holding a primal glint in the lamp light.
He hoists you back up against the wall, groaning as his cock nudges against your wet folds. He pauses, letting your wetness tease him as he strokes the tip back and forth over your clit. You're trying hard to keep your eyes open as he glances up to you, his brows furrowing slightly.
"I should've gotten to you sooner... I-"
"Kicked his ass," you finished his sentence, correcting the way he was talking about himself as his eyes pleaded with yours. "You saved me, Eddie. You protected me. Defended me..."
"Because you're mine," he says with a husky voice, his eyes boring into yours as he finally rocks his hips forward, sliding the head of his swollen cock inside your entrance.
His words were firm. A promise. An oath. And it sent a wave of arousal through your core as he stretched you wide open. You gasped at the sensation, gripping his shoulders as he bottomed out, groaning something intelligible through clenched teeth.
You can feel that his hands are still shaking as he grips your hips, adrenaline running through his veins as he's still so wound up from before, but maintaining that gentle carefulness he always held for you.
"You're not gonna break me, Eddie. Use me. Let me help you feel better," you plead softly as his eyes flicker back to yours, softening slightly at your instruction.
He hesitates, but only for a moment. He readjusts, hooking his forearms beneath your thighs as he slams his hips into yours, hitting against the sweet spot that makes you curse. He does it again and again, pushing you closer to the edge with each thrust until he's banging you against the wall so hard that the shelf of coffee mugs next to you is rattling, daring to crash to the floor.
He watches you the whole time with a slack jaw as he adores your blissful face and perfectly parted lips, the way your eyes are barely open but he can still see them rolling back each time he slams against your g-spot. He curses through heavy breaths as he feels himself getting closer, your pussy squeezing around him so tight he can hardly handle it.
"Fuck, Eddie..." you whine, pushing your fingers into his hair as he nods quickly, encouraging your movements, hanging on your sweet words.
"I'm gonna cum.. oh, god, just like that... Don't stop!" You cry, pulling his hair as a growl rips through his chest. He fucks you faster, harder, your thighs burning as his rings dig into your flesh.
"That's my good girl, so pretty like this," he praises you through his own staggering moans. "Cum for me, princess, let me hear those pretty sounds..."
You feel every muscle you possess tighten up as your orgasm knocks into you like a tidal wave. You cling to him like a koala on a tree, pushing his face into your neck as you cry out his name like a prayer.
His damp curls tickle your face as you pant, his rocking hips extending your orgasm longer and longer until you start to whimper from the sensation. You relax your arms, allowing him to lean back and study your blissed out face.
He can hardly handle it, witnessing you so cock-drunk as your walls continue to pulse around him, aftershocks hitting you repeatedly as he thrusts deep inside your cunt. He's close, impossibly close and you can see it.
"See how good you make me feel?" You whimper, gazing down at him through heavy lids. "How much I need you?"
He speeds up his thrusts again as they become sloppier, leaning his forehead against yours as he starts to unravel. He hums as you coax him on, begging him to empty himself inside of you.
"Let me have it, baby, come on..." you whimper as you cradle his face and plead with your eyes. His hips stutter before he buries himself deep a final time, his head falling against your shoulder as he moans and curses, panting and whining into your skin. You feel his dick pulsing as he unloads, leaving sloppy kisses on your chest as he tries to catch his breath.
He pulls his face away, soft, tired eyes trailing all over your face and chest as he holds you there, bodies still connected.
You reach up to brush his damp curls from his forehead, pushing the rest of his hair from his face and shoulders to help him cool down. He smiles as he gazes at you through hooded eyes.
"There's that smile," you coo as you trace your thumbs across his high cheekbones, admiring his beautiful, god-like features.
He hisses as he finally pulls out of you, lowering you to the ground gently as you feel his seed running down your thigh. He quickly grabs you a towel and helps you to the bathroom so you can climb into a hot shower together.
He hands you one of his favorite band tees with a kiss to your forehead as he pulls on a pair of boxers and climbs into bed. He pulls the blanket back to welcome you in once you've pulled on the oversized shirt, smiling as you quickly curl up on his chest.
"Do you feel better?" You ask as you shift your face to look up at Eddie.
His smile fades as his eyes give you a more serious look. "I'm fine, baby. Just worried about you."
"You don't need to worry," you said sweetly. "I think you gave Jason the shock of his life today."
Eddie smirked as he remembered the fear on Jason's face and how much he undoubtedly enjoyed inflicting it. The guy had it coming.
Eddie's eyes sparkled as he looked down at you. "That may be true. Either way... You're walking with bodyguards 'til graduation."
"What?" You laughed as you leaned up on your elbow to see his face better. He looked so amused.
"You heard me, princess..." he laughed as he studied your shocked face. "If by some chance, I am unable to escort you to and from class... you can expect the company of Dustin, Mike, or Lucas.. maybe even Gareth."
You shake your head as you grin, knowing there's no use in arguing after what you witnessed today. You were just grateful to see him smiling again.
"You're crazy, Eddie Munson..." You sigh as your eyes burn into his, a smirk playing on your lips.
"Crazy for you? Without a doubt," he says as he pokes the tip of your nose with his finger. You giggle, turning your face away from him.
He slides his palm over your cheek, pulling your face just inches from his as he kisses you softly, agonizingly slow. His eyes burn into yours when they flutter open again.
"I think I love you," you say breathlessly, your heart racing in your chest as the sudden admission falls from your lips.
You watch as the corners of Eddie's mouth rise into that signature smirk, his eyes nearly closing from how hard he was smiling.
"Well, I know I love you, princess."
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Eddie + Squatting at Skull Rock
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—  endless gifs of joseph quinn: make up (2019)
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Age Of Consent [part eight]
Summary: Dustin’s older sister thinks Eddie Munson could be a bad influence on her younger brother due to their history. Can he change her mind?
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Henderson!Reader
Word Count: 1,783
What you’ll find in this series: big angst, wholesome fluff, sexual content, drug use, tobacco use, alcohol use, and a lot of profanity. This is a slow burn- buckle up, buttercup.
A/N: This one is short, mainly due to the fact that I had absolutely NO idea where this was headed at any point of writing this. Only two more chapters left! Fun fact, chapter nine was the first part of this story that I wrote. It's all been leading up to the next chapter for me so I am super excited for you to finally read that. Also, just one more time, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following this story.
Read Part Seven
Tumblr media
Dustin was smitten with himself.
In fact, all of the Hellfire Club sat in a comfortable silence at the lunch table come Monday, sharing knowing glances with each other. Their leader sitting at the helm, unable to keep himself from smiling as he recalled this past weekend. None of them had ever seen Eddie like this, but instead of giving him a hard time or jokingly teasing him, they accepted this new found happiness and let him have it.
On the other hand, you weren't exactly sure what you were feeling.
After spending all of Sunday intertwined with Eddie a realization hit you like a brick on Monday morning when you woke up alone: that it was a mistake, that you weren't thinking clearly due to the alcohol, and that you and Eddie just didn't work. None of those things were true, and deep down you knew that, but you just couldn't admit the fact that you were absolutely terrified of the man.
When you broke up with Eddie at graduation you never moved on. You worked and you had your classes at the community college and you'd hang out at home. Occasionally you'd catch a movie with Steve and his friend Robin, or you'd grab lunch with your coworker, but when it came to dating, you just couldn't find it in yourself to even try with anyone else. You'd meet a customer who would drop a flirty line and you couldn't help but notice how their eyes weren't as pretty, their smile wasn't as perfect, or their voice didn't make you weak at the knees. Or you'd meet someone in one of your classes and you'd have nothing in common; they didn't play D&D, they didn't get your musical reference, or they weren't as creative.
Eddie was your first and only.
Moving on was horrifying.
Going back was even scarier.
You had avoided him and Dustin for a few days, blaming it on being busy with class and work. You even picked up some overtime to cover your ass. When Eddie called the house you'd have Dustin tell him you were studying for some big test. Really, you just needed to figure some things out and give yourself time to think and decide on what you wanted; you couldn't do that and be near him.
"Okay, before you ask me for relationship advice- and, I know that's why you asked me to come over here- just remember that it is your decision what you do with that advice and I will not be held accountable for what happens if you did choose to follow said advice."
Robin sat cross-legged on the floor in the aisle you were currently stocking shelves in. You didn't have many friends and you could not ask Steve for love advice. Sure, you didn't exactly know Robin Buckley that well, but she seemed to be pretty observant and highly intelligent.
"So, it's Eddie, right?" She asked. "He's pretty cool."
"Yeah," you smiled. "He is."
"Before I provide you with what might be very questionable advice, is there a way that you could give me a breakdown of what happened between you for starters?" Robin fiddled with the price stamp that sat in the box at your feet, pressing a sticker to her forehead and laughing.
You hadn't really ever talked about this before.
"Well," you began. "We met in freshman year. I really didn't have any friends, but Eddie just kind of stuck around. He was always helping me and making me laugh. I feel like we were always together, even before he asked me to go steady."
"My dad had just passed," you continued and Robin frowned. "My family was devastated. I mean, my mom didn't stop crying for months. I wanted to tell her about Eddie, I wanted them to meet him, but- Eddie was never the type of guy that I saw myself with, and I was afraid that my mom would think that she needed to be worried about me on top of mourning my father."
"So I never told them. We argued about it all of the time, but we were still inseparable. And when we were in junior year, he- well, we- you know, for the first time." Robin nodded. "We were each other's firsts, and he told me he loved me. The day before my English midterm in senior year, Eddie asked me to go out to the woods and hit a joint with him. I knew he smoked, I even smoked sometimes, but never at school. He begged me to go with him- said that it would help with the stress of the final."
"We got caught. We both got suspended. Of course, he didn't care, he hated school. My life, however, felt like it had been ruined- especially because that type of suspension goes on your record, and well, bye-bye Purdue. I was just so angry, I blamed him for so long and pushed him away when it wasn't even his fault. Then at my graduation, he wasn't there, he didn't watch me walk across the stage. He was smoking pot under the bleachers, and that was it. I just felt like he didn't care about me, or himself, and that he was just going to dig a hole that he wouldn't be able to crawl out of and I couldn't let myself get sucked in."
"Hm," Robin nodded and placed her thumb and index finger under her chin; the bright orange price tag still stuck to her forehead. "And since you've started seeing him again?"
"That was Dustin's doing," you rolled your eyes. "He tried to set us up. Gotta give it to the little shit though, it worked."
"But you're still unsure?"
"I guess- I just, I don't know." You slouched your shoulders and sighed. "I'm sure that I love him, but something is holding me back."
"If Tom Cruise showed up on your door step and asked you out, tonight-"
"That has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but no." You laughed. "Robin, I can't even look at anyone else and not wish that it was him."
"Oh, you are so screwed."
You sighed again, "I am totally screwed."
"There's only one thing to do then," She smirked. "Go get him."
You know what?" You asked, looking up at the clock, noticing that it was twenty minutes til Eddie's lunch block. Immediately, you untied your apron and threw it in the cardboard box at your feet. "You're right. What the hell?"
You yelled at your boss that you would be back and ran to your car, shoving the keys in the ignition and throwing it into reverse. A surprise lunch visit to confess your love in front of everyone? Talk about making him the happiest man alive, he'd absolutely eat it up. Eddie was soft like that.
When you got to the cafeteria of Hawkins High, however, Eddie was nowhere to be found. His favorite part of the day was lunch break, so it was confusing to not see him, especially because you did see his van in the parking lot. You did happen to notice your little brother and Mike, along with some of the other kids you had seen that one time you were at Hellfire.
"Dustin," you asked making your way over to the group.
"Y/N?" Dustin was confused to see you. "What are you doing here?"
"Where's Eddie?" You asked, he shrugged.
"He said something about going out to the woods past the football fields." One of the other kids said.
Your stomach dropped and you immediately began regretting coming here. Yet, you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, so you made the very familiar walk past the football fields to the small, hidden path into the woods. As your feet carried you towards that secluded clearing, you could hear laughter- no, it was giggling- and it wasn't Eddie. Peering through the trees, you could see what looked like a cheerleader sitting on the top of the table, kicking her legs off of the side.
You took a couple more steps, trying to get a better look, and noticed Eddie. He was smiling wide, pulling at his hair. The girl threw her head back, laughing obnoxiously at something he had just said. Was he flirting?
"Hey," you stepped out of the clearing, bringing their attention to you. Eddie's eye widened, his face turning pale.
The girl was pretty. Pretty young, too. She was dressed in that same pristine white cheerleader's uniform that made you remember every insult one of those pretentious bitches would spit at you daily. She looked at you, her eyebrows pulled in.
"Uh, hi?" Her voice was nasally and you could see the shine in her lipgloss from a distance. "Can we help you?"
"Kelly, you should go." Eddie stated.
Kelly looked between the two of you.
"You heard him." You added.
Without another word, Kelly hopped down off of the table and charged past you- she wouldn't even look you in the eye. You stood there, silently, waiting until she was out of earshot, and stared him down, gritting your teeth.
"I guess it's not good enough for you to sell the drugs to the underage girls, you have to flirt with them too?" You finally said after what felt like hours.
"It's not-" Eddie sighed and took a step toward you. "What are you even doing here?"
"I came to see my boyfriend for lunch," you muttered. "Surprise!" Eddie wasn't sure what to say, he was pretty in shock. "But it looks like you had plenty of company," you continued. "So, I'm going to go. This was a mistake."
"Y/N, wait-"
You tossed your hand up in the air, waving him off, and stomped back through the trees towards the school before he could say anything else. That part of your brain or heart or whatever it was, that was against going back to your ex who you had thought changed but was very much still the stupid kid you met in high school, was screaming profanities at you. How could you possibly think that was a good idea? Cheerleaders? Who was he?
So much for not fucking with him, he was the one who was fucking with you this whole time. You felt stupid and embarrassed and disappointed.
When you got back to work, Robin was still in the same spot much to your surprise. She took on a look at your face and frowned.
"You want to talk about it?" She offered after a few moments.
"Not really," you muttered. "But that was definitely the worst idea I've ever had."
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literally how do you not smile everytime you see eddie munson on screen? he makes me so fucking happy oh my god
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I have a VERY unhealthy obsession with this man
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Tumblr media
He’s going to be the death of me
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welcome-to-hellfire · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can we talk about this trio more? It’s giving very much unlikely but wholesome, slightly dysfunctional but still loving household. Worthy of a name. Henderfam? The Henderdads and their feral lovechild? Whatever they’re called, it’s golden, a rare platonic love triangle. A polar opposite pair who dislike each other on principle, whose only common link is Dustin, who they both just happened to form an inexplicable bond with and then the kid totally adopted them as his dads? Only Dustin could manage to Parent Trap an ex-jock and a nerdy metalhead, not to mention the way he scooped Robin so quick as his honorary Cool Aunt™️, this boy is collecting found family like infinity stones and we need to talk about it more.
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Tumblr media
his eyes and his throat i am weak in the knees 🫣🫣
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Spooked [Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader]
Tumblr media
Requested by anonymous: "i was wondering if you could write an eddie x reader, where on halloween night the reader leaves a party to go visit eddie and they end up hooking up?" TW/CW: Smut (18+ only, minors DNI), small mention of alcohol, oral (m!receiving), PIV protected, fluff, bit of roleplaying I guess?
Tumblr media
You rolled your eyes as you looked around the room, noticing you were one of maybe 7 people that actually wore a costume for the Halloween party. The other 50 or so people were just wearing casual clothes, red solo cups in hand, using the holiday as another excuse to get wasted. You sighed as you looked at the clock, and even though the night was still young, decided to head out. You weren't feeling it.
As you walked down the street to head home, you smiled as you noticed trick or treaters skipping about with their pumpkin-shaped buckets in tow, giving their parents a run for their money as they chased them from house to house. You'd jump dramatically with a squeal when tiny werewolves and witches would do their best to scare you.
"I like your wings, miss," a small voice said as you turned to see a miniature Princess Leia standing behind you on the sidewalk. You'd dressed as a half-elf sorcerer, an embodiment of your trusty DnD character, sporting a light blue dress, thigh high boots, and a pair of wings you spent weeks making. You even had a leather thigh strap that held your "poison coated" dagger. But you had to admit- your slender, pointy ears were your favorite part of the ensemble.
"And I like your holster, Princess Organa," you said with a wink, curtsying to her like royalty. She giggled as she ran off with her friends to continue shaking people down for candy.
You were walking up the long, gravel drive to your place, noticing that most of the other trailers were dark and vacant, figuring the tenants were probably out with their kids or at parties themselves. You glanced over to your Eddie's and spotted a flickering light coming from his bedroom window. You couldn't help but wonder what he was watching on Halloween night of all nights so you quickly sauntered over to fuck with him.
You tapped on his window with your elven staff before quickly ducking down, holding your hand over your mouth when you heard his footsteps approaching the window in the trailer. It stayed quiet for a moment as you figured he was checking it out - then relaxed when you heard the TV volume turn back up again.
You leaned up to peek in, smiling when you saw him sprawled out on his bed. You caught a glimpse of Nightmare on Elm Street playing on the TV and decided to have some real fun, picking up a stick on the ground to scratch across the window pane.
You heard his foot steps again, only this time they were going in the opposite direction. You panicked when you heard the screen door open and realized he was coming outside to investigate the noises.
You quickly ducked behind a bush against the underpinning, holding your breath as you heard leaves crunching beneath each step he took, getting closer to where you were crouched.
You counted to 3 in your head before reaching out and grabbing his ankle with a loud "Boo!"
"AH, WHAT THE FUCK!" He yelled as he jumped back about 2 feet, clutching his chest with wide eyes as he watched you rise from your hiding place, where you immediately bent over from laughing so hard.
"Jesus H. CHRIST!" He snapped chaotically, an embarrassed grin spreading across his lips. He couldn't lie, he was impressed.
"You... you should've- oh my god, your face!" You wheezed, hands over your stomach as it cramped from the heavy laughter.
"That's right, laugh it up," he says with a smirk as he narrows his eyes with an evil glint behind them. "You think it's funny, huh?"
You pull your lips in between your teeth, stifling your giggles as you try to act serious. You shake your head back and forth quickly. "Nope. Nuh-uh. Not at all," you lie, tears welling up as you choke on your giggles.
"Well now you've scared me, so get your little fairy ass in the trailer because I can't finish this movie by myself," he instructs, holding his arm out to usher you inside as you try not to burst into another fit of laughter.
"Wasn't Tinkerbell's dress green?" Eddie teased as he pulled his curtains closed, now paranoid that someone else would sneak up and scare him.
You roll your eyes as you cross your legs, the flesh of your thighs peeking over the tops of your boots and catching Eddie's eye as you sit perched on his couch. "Ha-ha, very funny, Munson..." You drawl as you adjust your wings so they're not being crushed by the back of the sofa.
"Seriously, what's with the get-up? Enlighten me, o' winged one," he asks as he hands you a beer, falling down next to you on the couch.
"You're telling me you don't recognize the very sorcerer than single-handedly slayed the Red Dragon last week?" You asked with wide eyes, taking a sip of your beer with a tsk. "Gotta say, Eds, I'm offended. That hurts," you add with a half smile as he turns his body toward you, leaning back to inspect the outfit, the wings, and the ears from this angle.
His mouth falls open. "This is Irinix Voymir? The most fearless and badass half-elf in all of the land?" He asks with exasperation as you tip your head up at him in mock disappointment.
"In the flesh, Dungeon Master," you say with a bow, a seductive smirk playing on your mouth.
Eddie bites his bottom lip at your use of his legendary DnD title, focusing especially on the way you delivered it. He narrows his eyes as he studies you, trying to decipher your body language.
"I would say you gotta wear this to Hellfire next week, but uh... That's a no from me," be laughs as his cheeks start to blush a pretty shade of pink.
"And why not?" You ask as you laugh, crossing your arms over your chest in protest.
"Are you kidding me? With those horny teenage clowns we call teammates? We'd never get through a game! They'd be too busy gawking at you, Ms. Voymir," he says with a bright smile, taking a swig from his bottle as you look away with a bit of embarrassment. You could banter with the best of them, but weren't all that great at taking compliments. Especially from a guy you'd had a crush on for over a year.
"Well I don't think you give them enough credit, Eddie," You joke, glancing over to see Freddy Krueger flaying into a teenager on the TV.
"Then tell me why I can't keep my eyes off you," he says, pulling your gaze back from the TV as he looks at you expectantly. "And I'm like... seasoned in pretending not to notice a pretty girl when I see one." He adds with a smirk, widening his eyes as he waits for your response.
"Well, maybe you're just weak," you laugh, pursing your lips as you wait for his retort.
"Oooh, Irinix has a mouth on her," Eddie laughs, setting his beer down on the floor as he sits up, leaning close enough for you to smell his aftershave.
"Don't say anything, because I don't want her to get a big elven head..." he says as he drops his voice into a low whisper that affected you more than you'd like to admit. "But I quite like her."
You sigh as your face heats up, trying to avoid his eyes in hopes he won't see how turned on you already are. He notices anyway as you slip off your intricately made wings, folding them carefully.
"Hate to burst your bubble, o' Master..." you smirk as you put the wings away safely. "But the costume isn't real. The wings aren't really attached. It's just a fantasy game, remember?" You tease with a grin as Eddie's eyes roam over your body less discreetly than he'd intended.
"Probably for the best. Looks like you worked real hard on those and I wouldn't wanna mess 'em up," he says as he scooches closer to you on the couch, leaning forward agonizingly slow to see if you'd take the bait.
You'd been playing this cat and mouse game for months with Eddie, and you'd both tease and play until one chickened out. It was just your dynamic. But lately, ever since he showed you the ropes in DnD, he couldn't keep his mind off of you.
Your breath catches in your throat as he's just inches from your face now, perfect lips parted ever so slightly. You can't ignore the pull you feel, the invisible force pushing you toward him and before you know it, you're all over each other.
You're being pushed back against the couch cushions as Eddie's mouth explores yours eagerly, the dam that once stood between you two has just been blown down by an incredibly strong wave, threatening to rip away everything in its path.
His hands trace up your sides and you can feel his fingers pressing into your back as he wraps his hands underneath you.
He slides his leg between both of yours as it slides your dress up on your hips, and you sigh into his mouth as you feel his thigh press into your panty-covered sex.
"Mm, Eddie-" you mewl against his lips, suddenly aware of how wet you are as the friction of his jeans against your clothed clit causes you to grip his firm, flexing shoulders. He breaks the kiss to gaze down at you, his eyes so heavy they almost look closed save for his sparking brown irises glowing in the dim light of his room.
"Say it again," he breathes, his lips plump and perfect, quivering slightly as he waits for you to repeat his name.
"Eddie?" You say with a small smile as he shakes his head in disbelief, glancing down at your chest as he moves a hand to palm at your breasts.
"Yeah, fuck, again," he instructs more aggressively as he's beginning to pant, pushing his thigh harder between your thighs as you whimper at the jolt of electricity it sends to your core. You wiggle your hips against him as you quietly chant his name. Eddie shudders an audible exhale as you continue to grind against his thigh, squeezing his eyes shut momentarily to center himself before he loses it.
You can hardly handle the looks he's giving you, the sounds of his breathy moans, or the tension building in your stomach as you feel an orgasm creeping up quickly.
You bite your lip as you lean your head back with pure bliss, exposing your neck to Eddie as her gasps at the perfect display. He immediately attacks the skin, sloppily kissing it with lips and teeth and so much audible praise you can hardly take it.
You whine as you don't think you'll last much longer, realizing you have hardly touched him. You need to see him, to feel him as you push your hands against his chest. It takes him by surprise as you push him off of you, worrying for a second that he's done something wrong. That fear quickly vanishes as you push him back against the arm of the couch, fumbling clumsily with his belt as he halts your hands with his.
"Hey, you don't have to-"
"What makes you think I don't want to?" You interrupt with a small smirk, stifling back a giggle as you see how much your insistence affected him when he grins and pulls his bottom lip between his teeth once more.
You focus your attention back to his lap as your undo his jeans, exposing the rather large bulge in his boxers as you look up at him with a shocked expression.
He blushes, his head falling back as he tries not to watch you silently praise him.
You slip your hand into the pocket of his briefs, humming as he hisses at your touch. You pull his hot, throbbing member out, your eyes widening as the full length and girth of him momentarily stuns you. You'd always wondered how big he was with his cocky personality, and now you knew. He was not overcompensating for lack of anything.
You pump his length slowly as you admire the pink skin, reddened with blood flow and a little intimidated by how thick the head was. But you were eager to taste him, and eventually feel him stretching you open.
You wasted no more time as you leaned down, dragging your tongue along the underside of his tip as he hissed, groaning a curse into his knuckles as he tried to muffle the sound. You were endlessly pleased by his moans and the way his legs tensed beneath your hands as you took him into your mouth, wrapping your lips around him as you slid your head further down his shaft.
You glanced up to see his hands shaking as he awkwardly held the back of the couch, his rings glinting in the lamplight. You shyly reached out, grabbing the one closest to you as you pulled it to the top of your head.
Eddie glanced at you with his mouth formed into a perfect 'o', his eyebrows knitted together as he realized what you were trying to tell him. He slid his fingers into your hair, pushing gently as you let him set the pace, guiding you up and down on his cock as he panted heavily.
He was just as enamored watching you stuff him down your throat as you were watching him enjoy it. He looked so soft like this, his eyes glazed over, cheeks pink as ever, and his mouth gorgeously agape.
You broke the eye contact as you took a deep breath in through your nose, forcing yourself down as far as you could handle, gagging as he slipped impossibly far past the back of your throat.
"Oh, fuck- Oh god, please-" Eddie whined desperately, knowing he wouldn't be able to last through another stroke of that as he reluctantly pulled you off of him, frantically pulling you up from the couch as he devoured your mouth, his cold rings pressing into your face as he cupped it.
He kicked off his jeans as he guided you back onto his mattress, breaking the kiss to pull off his shirt and toss it off somewhere to the side. You helped him slide your dress up and over your shoulders as he paused to admire you like this, cursing at how fucking perfect he saw you to be.
He reached into his nightstand for a condom, quickly slipping it over himself as he reached down, sliding his fingers through your folds as he shuddered as how wet you were. "Fuck me, you're so wet..." he laughed, a pleased grin across his face.
You pulled him down on you impatiently as he laughed again, happy that you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you.
"Ready?" He asked as he lined himself up at your entrance, waiting for you to nod as you gripped his lower back, gasping as he finally slid inside of you for the first time.
You couldn't describe the way he felt if you tried. It was like nothing you'd ever experienced, the way his thick member stretched you open so gently but with so much force you were going cross-eyed. You'd expected it to hurt, but it felt good. It felt so good, you could hardly breathe.
Eddie was just as moved, his jaw dropped open so far it was almost comical as he watched your face with admiration. He leaned in to kiss you as he bottomed out, a short whine punctuating the way his hips snapped to bury himself all the way in.
"You okay?" He asked breathlessly, struggling to form words. You nodded quickly, grasping at his back and willing him to move again.
He pulled out, rocking back into you harder as you threw your head back into his messy sheets. He was built like a God, you were convinced. He was better in bed than you could've ever imagined.
He thrusted into you over and over, quickening the pace as he gauged your reaction to set the speed. He caged you in with his forearms, nipping at your neck and jawline with open mouthed kisses and gentle bites. You were seeing stars as you neared your release, feeling the coil inside of you twisting up tighter than ever before.
"Eddie, I'm about to-" you struggled to get out, panting as he was fucking you so good you couldn't remember your name.
"Be a good girl and show me," he whispers as he kisses you, tugging on your bottom lip with his teeth before releasing it with a soft grin.
You lose it as he snaps his hips perfectly, nudging against your sweet spot with enough force to send you over the edge.
You dig your nails into his back as you arch yours, feeling him pumping shallow thrusts into you to rock you through your high. You glance up to see him watching you with knitted brows, his lips parted as he feels himself right behind you, groaning loudly as he throws his head back, slamming into you a final time as he stills.
You're still lost in your own orgasm as he finishes, looking up at him like a pink cloud was cast over his features as he smiles sleepily at you, a look of total satisfaction on his face.
He rolls off of you, tying off the condom as he discards it before grabbing a towel and returning to your side to place a soft kiss on your forehead.
After a few minutes of catching your breath, your turn your face to see him quietly admiring you.
"What is it?" You ask shyly as he reaches over to play with your hand, intertwining your fingers.
"I've never shagged an elf before," he muses with a goofy expression, causing you to burst into laughter as you playfully push him.
"Well, Happy Halloween," you joke as he laughs beside you, pulling you against his dampened, tattoo-covered chest for a snuggle.
End ♡ If you'd like to be added to/removed from my Eddie taglist, send me a message!
Taglist: @psycor-e @munsaniac @love-on-the-murder-scene @lovessorrow @equuleus86
Special mention to @strangeh0rizons for giving me the idea to call him Dungeon Master while fooling around xo
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madmaxmayfleld · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Watch your step, big guy.”
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dissociativepouter · a day ago
i know it's over. eddie munson
Tumblr media
fem!reader, fluff, sfw
warnings: swearing, mention of cigarettes, mention of m*rrissey, first kisses, very slight suggestiveness?, literally just fluff, eddie being stubborn, eddie being a nervous loser (as per usual)
synopsis: rainy days at your friend's house are always fun. it's a shame your stupid feelings have to get in the way.
word count: 639
a/n: thank yall so much for all the likes/reblogs on family video!!!! i loooove attention very much it is always appreciated but anyways i know yall wanted a part 2. but i decided not to continue it because i wanted to make other stuff. i kinda wrote this to make up for it (although it honestly could serve as a part 2 if you wanna look at it that way). ALSO QUICK DISCLAIMER i despise morrissey with every fiber of my being and i hope he rots. just clarifying that i dont support him lolz ok have fun reading
you started to sway as the song began. “oh, mother, i can feel the soil falling over my head.” you sung along quietly. he watched with a dorky smile.
“come on, dance with me!” you extended your hands.
it took what felt like a year to convince him to let you put on the song you were obsessed with, i know it’s over by the smiths. he hated the band, calling morrissey’s voice whiny. you didn’t necessarily disagree, but you fought him on it anyway. you didn’t mind the arguing, and evidently, neither did he. you two were crazy about each other, but refused to admit such feelings.
but still, you stood in his bedroom, swaying loosely to the musings of the band while his cassette player faintly rumbled with the bass, accompanied by rain pattering on the tin roof of his trailer on a chilly april night.
he shook his head, folding his arms.
“i’m not dancing to this shit.”
“yes you are. come on.” you stepped towards him and took his hands from his side.
he rolled his eyes and, feigning annoyance, let you guide him towards you.
you pulled eddie in closer, swaying slightly, letting him get used to the rhythm. a blanket of calm and serenity washed over the room, over the both of you. you felt like you were the only people in the world.
you wrapped your arms around his neck. he wrapped his arms, hesitantly, around your waist. you could tell he was nervous.
“don’t be scared.” you smiled up at him half-mockingly.
“i’m not.” he defended.
you rested your head on eddie’s chest, just savoring his touch, feeling the music around you. you could hear him humming. you could hear his heartbeat quickening. your hand found a lock of his hair at the back of his neck and mindlessly curled it in your fingers. then you felt the vibration of him clearing his throat, then his voice as he spoke.
“i’m glad i met you.”
you closed your eyes, smiling to yourself at his confession.
“me too.” you responded, just above a whisper.
“...you’re glad you met you?” that playful, teasing tone arose in his voice again.
you lightly smacked the back of his head, lifting your face to look at him again.
“you know what i mean.”
“no, i’m not sure i do, actually. could you elaborate for me?” he said with that infamous smile.
you moved your hand inwards to rest on the side of his face, your other arm still wrapped around his neck. his face relaxed a bit, just barely leaning into your touch, a half-confused, half-nervous expression on him.
you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth and quickly let it go as you angled your face to the left and gathered all of your courage to stand on your tiptoes, shut your eyes, and press your lips to his.
it was over seconds later than it started, both of you startled, pulling back just a few inches from each other. his eyes were still closed for a second, his face red and warm to the touch. you felt a pang of guilt.
“i’m sorry. i didn’t mean– i can–”
you began an apology but were quickly cut off by his lips pushing back into yours, his hands running up to hold your face. you gasped softly before falling back into the kiss, a dizzying happiness overwhelming you. you moved your hands down to rest on his chest, pulling him in by the collar of his worn out ozzy osbourne shirt. you were surrounded by him. his smell. his touch. his taste, mint and menthol cigarettes.
you stumbled a bit, giggling, before pulling back, eddie resting his head on your forehead.
“you know what i mean now?”
he smiled, eyes glossy. “yeah. yeah, i think so.”
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jessyballet · 2 days ago
This is now a Joseph Quinn Stan account 😍😍
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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simpingrat · 20 hours ago
steve: *gets pinned to the wall and nearly stabbed in the neck by eddie*
me: 🙋🏻‍♀️ my turn
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thisisntmyrightera · a day ago
Always the Freak Girlfriend | Eddie Munson x fem. reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Eddie and y/n have a hate/love relationship working on the music store in Starcourt, Eddie is Eddie and her is such a insecure girl who doesn't want to let Eddie know that she's so crazy in love with him...until some Russian's atack
Note: Inspired in Season 3 but with Eddie on this scenario.
Words: 1,551
Note 2: I was thinking about write this as a fanfiction but i am a little insecure if the idea is good. Please let me know in the comments if you like it.
-This is just a summer job, just a summer job - I repeated internally to myself as I took courage and filled my lungs with oxygen to include me in the intense fight that Eddie had with Erica Sinclair for using the headphones on the sideboard for more than 30 minutes with her friends - Hello, everything alright? - I smiled at the girls as I stood next to Eddie trying to calm the discussion
-You can tell your stupid boyfriend to leave me alone or I'll stick this delicious Scoops ahoy cone up his white and flabby ass - my employee smile turned into an awkward smile looking at Eddie trying to understand how a 7-year-old girl had so much sarcasm inside, but honestly I liked that
-Look girl, I know your brother and I know perfectly well how spoiled you are..
-What? she only comes here to listen to free music on the headphones and it's not even music, look, listen the shit she’s listening - the headphones that Eddie was holding in his hand he slammed into my ears while ''Take On Me'' was playing loud
-Yes – I take it quickly looking at him frustrated- but you can't talk to her like that, she's a...client - I looked at him irritated, giving the headphones to Erica in return, giving her a smile - I'm sorry, you can listen to the music without any problem
-I'll take this boy with me, sorry for the inconvenience - I smiled kindly taking Eddie's arm pulling him carefully towards the counter
-No..why do you always have to be the good policeman in everything?
-Eddie, you were fighting with a 7-year-old girl...7 Eddie! – I look at him furrowing my eyebrows worried about his social relations
-You called me boy...
-Relatively you are, you're still in high school and even though I'm a year younger than you, you must respect me, I'm your supervisor after all -I smiled sarcastically at him while I arranged my inventory book to include the cassettes and vinyl’s that had arrived
-Ok but... this time you didn't tell Sinclair that I wasn't your boyfriend - Eddie leaned on the counter in front of me resting his chin on his hand while he looked at me with those stupid and beautiful brown eyes
- And what's the point of me telling her? Every time you fight with her she says that you're my boyfriend again and although I always tell her that you’re not she never understands and when you fight with her again she repeats it to me, I'm not going to argue with her for something so...stupid
-So you're saying that being related to me doesn't bother you anymore and you see as an option in the future that you and I can finally go out?
-I'm saying that you should go to the warehouse behind and bring the boxes that arrived yesterday
-Yes ma’am – He give me one of his cute and dumb smiles and walk slow to the back of the store
It wasn't even halfway through the shift yet and I already felt anxious to be close to Munson like I did every day, so as always I would start arraging the cassettes that customers left out of place or cleaning the counter while Eddie was in the back "assuming" that he was putting things in the warehouse, although when I go to check the whole place it smelled like weed and I had to end up doing his job.
-Hello ma’am! is Eddie here? - Dustin almost screamed as he walked through the door showing off his new ''pearls'' adorned with braces walking towards the counter
-Eddie, the children came home honey! - I didn't even have to look up to hear the back door slam open and Eddie's quick steps towards the counter.
-Henderson! ready to finish off the beasts of the underworld tonight?
-Better than that, do you want to be part of a real mystery? - Dustin and Eddie pretended to speak in codes so that I wouldn't understand them but they were so obvious speaking in front of me making me laugh at their childish talk
-Hey, don't make fun of this, it's serious- Eddie looked at me seriously making me look at him apologizing with his eyes while i endured another laugh- speak now buddy
-I think I discovered a group of...Russians conspiring against Hawkins - he whispered the latter, getting as close as he could to Eddie, almost covering his mouth
-Russians? What would Russians do in Hawkins? I mean...it's Hawkins
-Eddie my friend there is too much you don't know and you wouldn't believe me, have you ever heard that Hawkins is cursed? - I looked at them honestly intrigued in the story that Dustin was about to tell, leaning my arms on the counter to get a little closer to both of them.
-Of course a lot of times... what about that? -Eddie laughed nervously trying to cover his fear by looking sarcastic
The minutes passed while Dustin told us how he and his friends had killed some demogorgons, his friend had powers and the Russians were about to take over Hawkins and everything indicated that his secret laboratory was in the basement of Starcourt operating to defeat the world and they had to do something to end the ''bad guys''. Eddie looked scared, his fingers wouldn't stop hitting the counter while his eyes shone with tears or maybe just because that's how his eyes were, bright and cute, but honestly the laughter I held in for 20 minutes came out from me without warning.
- You gave drugs to the children right?.. - Dustin and Eddie looked at me so offended and surprised that I dont believe the story that Henderson had told
-What? ... y/n this is serious, Dustin has never lied to me and I believe what he tells me
-Yes... you believe a 13-year-old boy, Eddie, it's impossible that this is happening in our town, you understand... Hawkins is the most boring thing that can exist on earth
Eddie took a deep breath taking his hair physically desperate that I dont have credibility in his friend when suddenly all the lights in the mall went out.
- You see... a blackout! The Russians are diverting energy and this is what happens – Dustin open his arms on the air shouting as always
-Yes, how cruel they are - I raised my hands trying to look scared - it's almost 3 o'clock so I'll take my 30 minute break, ok?
- Take good care of the kid, don't give them sugar or anything that makes him fly - I stared at Eddie as i turned the counter walking to the door
-Where will you be? What should I do if I have to look for you?
-I'll be at Scoops Ahoy, watching Steve Harrington while I imagine I cover him with ice cream. – I bring my hand to my mouth kissing my fingers imitating a chef while leaving
-I hate Harrington, you idolize him and she loves him madly, I'm always second in everything - Eddie rolled his eyes annoyed walking behind the counter.
I lied, of course I wasn't in love with Harrington, I hadn't been in my entire time in high school, less I would be now, but teasing Eddie with that was more fun than I imagined.
Actually I was going to Scoops today to visit Robin, my best friend since the beginning of the summer that curiously we realized that we were neighbors and we took the same road to the mall and since that day we became confidants and inseparable, it was like having met my other half but with more sarcasm and an excellent haircut
-Ahoy sailor! –I ring the bell causing Steve to roll his eyes at the uncomfortable sound - is my woman here?
-Robin, the freak's girlfriend is looking for you
-Finally! - Robin slammed the door, leaving walking out to take my arm- I thought you weren't coming, I have something to tell you, thanks. Steve, I'll be back in 30 minutes.
-Sure...I'll wait for you here- Steve said goodbye waving his hand while he hold his scooper in the air
-Excellent service Harrington - I said goodbye to him while I was being pulled by Robin to leave the fast as we can walking towards the food court where we always sat down to talk while we share a milkshake or a plate of fries
-Any news with the weirdo? -her arm was intertwined with mine as we walked fast
-none, he's still annoying like every day, he was late again, he had a fight with Erica Sinclair and Dustin came to keep him company a while ago to talk about some...Russians or something like that
-Shit, what? - Robin took me by the shoulders stopping in front of me looking at me surprised- I told that boy not to say anything and he said to Munson
-What's wrong with that? he always tells him strange stories don't take him seriously - I looked at her laughing trying to calm her down
-It's just... it's not a story- her eyes changed from having that happy shine to really show fear and concern
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hawkins-high · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
New behind the scenes footage of Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson  [source]
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welcome-to-hellfire · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NEW Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson on the set of Stranger Things
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