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I just completed Joel’s chain quests, and in the end his dad ‘has on his way back to the city’.

I don’t wanna believe it, but… is it implied/meant that his dad has actually died? 😢

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About to self-reblog a lot of our older posts because I think they’re worthwhile, and it’d be cool for more people to see them since the blog has grown considerably.


- Joel

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Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.

-Proverbs 13:20

Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live. There are people whom God ordained to come across your path to help you fulfill your destiny.

The right people have already been lined up to inspire you, challenge you, and make you better. But if you’re hanging around people who are dragging you down, causing you to compromise, and draining your energy, you’re going to get stuck. You can’t hang out with chickens and expect to soar with eagles. You’re going to become like the people with whom you continually associate.

If your friends are people of excellence, kind, considerate, and generous, those qualities are going to rub off on you. But if your friends are negative, critical, unmotivated, and compromisers, this is your wake-up call. You’re not going to become who you were created to be hanging around them. You need some new friends.

Life is too short to waste your valuable time with the wrong people.

Father, thank You for the friends in my life who inspire me, challenge me, and make me better. Help me to be wise about whom I spend my time with and to know the friendships I need to distance myself from and the friendships I need to develop. I want to walk with the right people. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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not me out here thinking about how ellie sings soft and unsure of her voice even  though it’s decent because she learned how to play from joel who was  probably a self conscious singer but his actions taught her that songs are  special and made to be shared with people you love and she took that to heart. they both aren’t the best at expressing themselves but they try because they want to show love the only way they know and that way is achingly beautiful covers

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Don’t be misled — you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

-Galatians 6:7

Have you ever looked at a large, old tree and wondered how long it has been there?

It’s amazing to think that at one point that gigantic tree was merely a tiny seed. In the same way, our words and actions are seeds. Our words may be small, but they grow when they are planted. We will always reap a harvest on what we sow!

Think about the types of seeds you have been sowing. Are you sowing encouragement, hope, blessing, love? Then that’s what you’ll reap in the future. But if you’ve been sowing criticism, judgment and anger, you’re probably already reaping a bad harvest. It’s time to start changing your seed.

Today, I encourage you to pray and ask God to help you uproot any negative seeds you may have planted in the past and begin sowing good seeds for your future. As you stay obedient to the Word of God, you’ll see those seeds grow. You’ll rise up higher and enjoy the harvest of blessing God has promised you.

Father, search my heart today. Show me any bad seeds that need to be uprooted. Help me, by Your Spirit, to plant good seeds for my future. Use me for Your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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He said to His disciples, “Offenses will certainly come.

-Luke 17:1

Jesus didn’t say that offenses might come to us. He didn’t say that if you’re kind, if you pray and quote the Scriptures, you’ll be exempt from grumpy people and people who cut you off in traffic. He said offenses will certainly come.

You will have opportunities on a regular basis to get upset, to argue, to become offended and bitter, and to try to pay people back. That word “offense” comes from a Greek word that means “to bait,” referring to the bait that’s used to lure animals into a trap. When you’re tempted to be offended, when someone is critical, rude, condescending, or says something derogatory to you, recognize that the enemy is trying to deceive you into his trap.

He’s saying, “Come on, get upset. Argue with them and tell them off.” Instead of letting it upset you, say, “No, thanks. I’m not taking the bait. This is just a distraction. I’m going to enjoy this day and keep my peace.”

In return, you say this in prayer: “Father, thank You that I can guard my heart and keep it free from all the negative things that try to bait me to let them enter in. I declare that I will not allow offenses to get inside and make me upset and bitter. I declare that I’m not taking the bait, and I’m keeping my peace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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I’d be happy to answer this, but as far as I know we’ve never experienced a fusion.

- Joel

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The King is dead

Long liv- ah who am I kidding, there’s no replacing him.

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They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.

-Daniel 3:27

In the book of Daniel, when three Hebrew teenagers wouldn’t bow to the king’s golden idol, they were thrown into a fiery furnace.

To just survive would have been a great miracle, but notice how today’s Scripture describes how God works. When He restores, there’s no sign of the fire you’ve been through—the trouble, the injustice, the bad break—not even the smell of smoke. Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. The flames will not harm you.” We all go through the fire—things that are unfair, things we don’t understand.

In the fire, you have to remind yourself, “These people are not going to harm me. This challenge is not going to keep me from my dreams. This sickness is not going to stop my purpose.” You’re going to come out without the smell of smoke. Things are changing in your favor right now—healing, vindication, promotion, and breakthroughs are on the way.

Father, thank You for Your promise to be with me through the fire and flames. Even when life doesn’t make sense, I choose to trust in You and believe that You are working behind the scenes for my good. I believe I will come through without the smell of smoke. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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A/n: I decided to do a sequel to Baby’s First Kicks because I said so.

 “its called the “pregnant privilege”.


It was nice to get out of the home, to be able to relax with your daughter and husband. While Joel thought it was a horrible idea to head to the Science Museum you couldn’t say no to Sarah, it may have been cutting close to your last trimester but this was the last week for her favorite exhibit. 

“This…is a horrible idea.” Joel muttered, his arms wrapping around your waist. Sarah beaming at you while Tommy kept his eye on her.

Rolling your eyes you gave him a smile as you rested your head on his shoulder. “Look how happy she is though you need to stop scowling or your hair will turn grey.”


Through out the day you let Sarah egerly explain each exhibit to you but you couldn’t help but think how cute it was when the young girl would put her hands on your stomach telling her little brother what was going on and how she couldnt wait to show him everything.

It was getting close to the end of the day when you felt the need to take a break. Finding the nearest bench you were about to sit down until a younger man almost knocked you side as he slipped into the spot. Biting your tongue you ignored the rudeness of it about to find a new spot until Joel stepped in.

“Hey asshole! Who do you think you are?” His accent slipping through cause several heads to turn in yours and his direction.

“Listen bud, she should have moved faster. Not my problem.” He stated not looking up from his phone.

“Joel its okay.” Keeping his hand on your lower back to keep you steady, Joel scowled ripping the phone from his hand.

“What did you just say, my wife is pregnant! You look awfully fine too me…Now in my book I think she…well I like to call the “pregnant privilege”…so you should move your ass before I take this phone and shove it up said ass so you will get a good spot to sit.”

Now looking up at Joel, the young man shrunk under his gaze quickly standing up. “S-sorry lady.” Grabbing the phone out of Joels hand the young man took off running as you let Joel help you on the bench.

“Was that necessary.?” You gave him a crooked smile as Joel knelt in front of you, his hand rubbing your belly.

“Course it was, what man makes a pregnant woman stand.” 

Letting out a laugh you shook your head as you noticed Sarah and Tommy walked towards you. “ If he calls security….I don’t know you.”

“Fair enough.” Smiling Joel lent close giving you a gentle kiss, you couldn’t wait for your son to be born, you knew he was going to be very loved.

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