smallest-turnip 2 days ago
馃憠馃憟 Could I have some 100 hours hardcore trio?
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buncha dumbasses :)
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pontsalin a day ago
Empires! Joel is like Pygmalion except he fell in love with a statue of himself
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bctrashtime 2 days ago
Oh Joel.
It seems yesterday with Joonas and not-tour-manager-Santeri was getting drunk time.
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Top comments on Joel's latest instagram post.
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lunaserenade 11 months ago
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haleskaja 2 months ago
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it's over, isn't it?
joel got etho and paid with his life, scott lost it all because he wouldn't betray his friends and all he had to show for it was blood
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tikauniverse 3 months ago
I just saw someone say "they only ship the minecraft sona" for Joel and Lizzie.....BRUH THEY ARE MARRIED IRL 馃う鈥嶁檪
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orange-sheep 7 days ago
I love that joel unironically knows the most about minecraft in 100 hours hardcore. He's like a little rock of stability and knowledge tied to two incredible idiots. Don't get me wrong though Joel is an idiot, just not when it comes to minecraft mechanics.
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seriesymovies 11 months ago
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鈥楾he Last of Us鈥 HBO Series Casts Pedro Pascal as Joel, 鈥楪ame of Thrones鈥 Bella Ramsey as Ellie
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helium-vibes 20 days ago
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I love text post memes so much
Also I鈥檓 going to attempt writing image descriptions for each text post so I鈥檓 sorry if it鈥檚 not properly written; please politely correct me if I do mess it up :)
[ID: Text meme number one is Tumblr user crocodilianilian saying "Hi! (threat)." Next to it is an image of Good Times With Scar's Minecraft 3rd Life skin. Text meme number two is Tumblr user maryoliverpdf saying "sincerity is genuinely really hard like...if i have ever told you anything heartfelt out loud i have had to battle like seven layers of embarrassment and repression to do that." Next to it is an image of Tango Tek's Minecraft skin. Text meme number three is Tumblr user curseworm saying "the fact that i am constantly saying strange and unpleasant things is just part of my charm." Beneath it is an image of Grian's Minecraft skin. Text meme number four is Tumblr user hungwy saying "*grabs your hand* no...WE'RE back on our bullshit." Alongside it is Grian and Good Times With Scar's Minecraft 3rd Life skins. Text meme number five is Tumblr user gobbertstonkles saying "I am SMALL and LOST and AFRAID." Next to it is an image of B Dubs' Minecraft 3rd Life skin. Text meme number six is Tumblr user lnnea saying "I said something once and it didn't really go very well." Beneath it is an image of Smallish Beans' Minecraft 3rd Life skin. Text meme number seven is Tumblr user eclogues saying "fuck therapy i'm becoming a knight." Beneath it is an image of In The Little Wood's Minecraft skin, with Ren's Minecraft 3rd Life skin next to him at half opacity. Text meme number eight is Tumblr user telapathetic saying "*intensely doesn't care*" Next to it is an image of Etho's Minecraft skin. Text meme number nine is Tumblr user thegoodvybe saying "oh, i say as i still don't understand." Next to it is an image of Solidarity Gaming's Minecraft skin. /End ID]
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abril-juvenile 8 months ago
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
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loupe-hon 2 months ago
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Emptober - Day 31 - Beginning
Back to a simpler time.
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writer-room 2 months ago
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I just think that they
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tri-hard-dent 3 months ago
LOVE the way Scar and Joel just like, casually betray each other before immediately going back to calling each other best friend and plotting other peoples murder.
"If you're the boogeyman will you tell me?" "For sure" "I'll tell you too :)" *neither of them do*
Scar tries to push Joel into lava and when it doesn't work he's like "aw darn I totally thought I could kill you there lol" and Joel isn't mad he's just like "OMG this is such a funny coincidence I'm a murderer too!" "No way, that's so funny! Can you help me mine some ores?" "Yeah of course best friend :)"
Joel pushes Scar into the trap pit and as soon as the drama's over Scar is handing Joel all his items back and giving him advice on how to murder people like "here's a shield, you should try burn their house down with this flint and steel, good luck! ^u^"
It's such a good dynamic they just both love being kinda villainous and chaotic and when those tendencies turn on eachother they just don't take it seriously because even if you just tried to stab them in the back, doens't mean you can't still be bros :)
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lunaserenade 11 months ago
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Where is the lie?
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the-pandemoniac 3 months ago
alright but. the utter devastation in everyone's voice. nobody meant for this to happen, scar's death was not a product of malice. after sacrificing his lives, after promises of friendship and alliances, after an affirmation of protection and love, the wizard now stands on his last life
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colorfulstudentmuffinmaker 3 months ago
Why not watch Empires? We got
A trio of siblings who have questionable but good intentions all of whom share a love for messing with a cod man (see below) consisting of:
A dracophilic amethyst wizard lady with concentration issues and a giant hat disproportionate to her body.
A vampiresque tinkerer with a number of odd obsessions: deepslate redstone ore, explosions, flags, mountain building and salmon.
A family friendly, exuberant king in the woods with buildmania and a religious devotion to his dog(s from other dimensions) who has released a demon, committed mass murder and killed his siblings, not necessarily in that order, who platonically kissed the codman.
An ancient pair of siblings born from the ocean,
The big sister axolotly lady with living coral roofs, bee-axolotl hybrids, swole axolotl golems, a bigass world map, a longass tunnel and a voice as enchanting as a siren.
The little brother cod man with lots of slime and memory issues with an unhealthy obsession with his codhead (and a possessive inclination to a certain elf), and an intense abhorrence to salmon.
The resident duo who wants to do the nasty with them:
The jaded man whom the axolotl lady wed, with an even more intense case of buildmania, a lot of Harry Potter quotes, hatred of horses, can spit bars and one who chooses to be blind to the plague that troubles the land.
A slutty elf with a ton of wool, golden antlers, a love for owls (and a certain codman), likes to be alone on his mountain, and has a magical destiny of defeating his demon brother and/or plunging the world in eternal winter.
The three queens of nature:
A flower fairy queen who just wants peace in her meadows with the bees, butterflies and sheep but keeps getting dragged into chaos. She also has a disturbing hobby of collecting severed heads.
A mushroom-loving (interpret that as you will) gnome from a faraway land who can't swim and citizens who always die who scattered demonic gunk all over the land like a shoe with dog doodoo. She also loves wolves.
(the former two being fanonically in love)
An unstoppable farmer queen who enjoys playing with the demon and has a merciless flying trial. Her kingdom has lots of paper, and a giant beanstalk, with the mascot being a goose face. Also #ProDragonLife.
An undying, bloodthirsty chaotic evil (yes the noun here is chaotic evil) who killed a dragon for demon dick, he owns a pack of velociraptors for some reason in his Ancient Mesoamerican-inspired kingdom with (soon to be) four elemental temples filled with cat people.
A dedicated, copper-loving, intelligent prophet living in the desert who only eats honey, uses lightning, master pranker and records deaths with candles and lanterns. Literally goes with the flow, guy is awesome, huge dad/uncle vibes. He did commit mass murder at one point too but eh.
Finally, we got a demon... who, in summary, needs millennia of therapy.
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talorly 2 months ago
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boxesblr 3 months ago
something about the image of Joel and Scar standing on two sides of a broken cobble bridge, the first alliance destroyed
And Grian, breaking the cobble beneath Mumbo's feet, their bridge breaking as Grian's desperation mounts, high in the sky that he fell from
Etho, placing a cobble wall down on the ground, a simple line that says 'i want you to stay here, even if you're not allowed'
Something about how fragile cobble is, as a bridge to break or as a wall to build,
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looperhq 11 months ago
Tumblr media
In case you missed it, Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel Miller in the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series! (art by聽mizuriau on IG)
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haleskaja 5 days ago
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Red Wedding AU
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