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It’s been 7 months since the last of us part ii was released and I still think about it every day

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Alright ill admit I kinda have a problem but I just love editing photos especially of the last of us…

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Have you ever thought about Joel collecting all these artifacts of notes written from parents to children in the first game? How he perhaps briefly feels relief that he never had to leave Sarah to defend herself and do horrible things to survive, and then how guilty he feels after that brief sense of relief?

Or is it simply a window into another universe for him, does he read this and see himself telling Sarah to save her bullets, make each one count, and if she must, run and never look back? Does his heart break again knowing even if she lived, this would have been their future? Her sweetness turned razor sharp, her kindness overshadowed by cynicism until she herself became a ghost?

Or do those letters make him feel relief that she’s never had to see how far he’s fallen? How it must look like a stranger took residence in her dad’s body and wonders what she would think of him now, a shell of a man who slowly lost his humanity in order to survive, reading letters from parents who were the ghost of his old self?

Mostly I think he reads these letters, and with a feeling like someone has walked over your grave, sighs, and carries on.

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Didn’t know a quote from either of the games to put so here’s an edit I did of Ellie and Joel. I love Ellie and Joel’s relationship. Grant it its a rocky one but a good one I think. It shows you how someone who lossed alot and go from being kinda a “bad guy” to caring for someone he calls his daughter when he lossed his own daughter. He didn’t have to look after her and take her to the fireflies. He didn’t have to do what he did to save her. And grant it in the end both him and Ellie lose something. But for Ellie that’s what grief does to you. I know not everyone doesn’t understand the concept that I feel like Niel Druckman was trying to say with The Last of us Part II. But one persons decision can cause damage. Like in this case to Joel he saved Ellie in that hospital and lied about it. But when the truth came out Ellie was pissed which caused shit to change in there relationship. I understand why Ellie went after Abby and why Abby did what she did. Grief changes people her going after Abby yea if you think about it is revenge. But to me and this is my opinion Ellie went after Abby because of grief she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, she didn’t have a chance to forgive Joel for what he did. And the same is kinda for Abby as well. Joel killed her dad and that’s why Abby did what she did was out of grief she didn’t get a goodbye either. And with the ptsd that Ellie has and thinking killing Abby will fix things. When untimely they don’t. Why she didn’t kill her at the end. Because revenge won’t bring back what you already lost and I belive Ellie realized that. And then her going back to the farm house just to see all of Dinas and JJs stuff gone but her’s still there. Along the way of “revenge” you will lose the people you love. This game along with the first one has important messages. Some will understand some will not and think its just a game. I do hope there will be a 3rd game but I highly doubt there will be. And if they do make a 3rd game i hope they show were Abby and Liv are. Also see what kinda journey Ellie is on. Like did she go back to Jackson to look for Dina or did she go off on her own? Because the ending to Part II I think is really well done and deserved to be left open for players to interpret what they think happens next.

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Today I started with an error, I’m rewatching tlou part I after watch tlou part II.

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Hello once again! I’ve come to let you all know that ch. 6 of ocacg is now out!

If you’re new to this fic, please heed the tags and the warning in the summary.

I’m very excited to be releasing this chapter, and thank you so much for reading!

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Ellie williams and marceline abadeer Parallels

They have such similar stories!! and I didn’t see any posts about it so here I am.

  • Post-apocalyptic world

(One is Nuclear war and the other is a zombie apocalypse)


  • They both play guitar/sing/write songs

  • Adoptive fathers

  • Losing said adoptive fathers

( one to Insanity and the other to literal death)


  • An ability that make them special

(one is immune and the other is a vampire)

(Ironically they both got it because they were bitten)

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The way I tortured myself by watching this scene over and over again to get reference pictures :(

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Just thinking about how Joel is the last thing Sarah ever sees before Joel becomes a shell of himself, and how Ellie is the last thing Joel sees before she becomes a shell of herself and the symmetry of it all and lads I need to go lay down now

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“I Struggled For A Long Time With Surviving. And No Matter What, You Keep Finding Something To Fight For.” ~Joel

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Joel x Reader - Home (Chapter 6)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 TBA 


Originally posted by jdmorganz

Warnings: for cussing and smut/sexual content 

Chapter 6 - A Different Pace to Life 

“Where did you get some of these records?” You call to Joel who is in the kitchen. After sneaking out of the dance unnoticed you offered to help him set up his record player, which actually ended up being pretty straightforward. 

“I went back to the music store during a patrol with Jesse. Managed to salvage a few more to add to what you gave me” Joel explains standing in the doorway of the living room.  You continue to flick through the different records, ‘aha’ you thought, sliding the vinyl out of its sleeve, you set in place and gently drop the needle hearing the slight crackle.

“Van Morrison, I like your choice” Joel comes and sits by you on the floor you’re backs propped against the sofa.

“Why thank you. If I had clocked it in the store I think I would have taken it for myself on our first patrol” you laugh but he just gives a short laugh “Hm, I liked that day. I think we made a good team and then you just avoided conversation on the few patrols we had after”. “Me?”You think, he had avoided you just as much. If not more, wasn’t he the one who ignored what happened between you and still hadn’t brought it up to this day.

“Well I think it’s pretty difficult to say who’s been avoiding who in the past few weeks” you sigh letting your head fall back onto the sofa, looking up at the ceiling. 

You both take a sip of whiskey in the silence, you were both defiantly beginning to feel the affects of the spirit.

“Won’t Ellie be back soon?” You ask trying to break the silence hanging between you both.

“Not tonight, she is staying at her friend, Dina”. That must have taken some convincing from Ellie you think. Joel was so protective of her, watching the way he was with her did make you feel warm in your chest even when you were mad with him.

“I am sure she will have-“ you begin but Joel cuts you off.

“I didn’t want to avoid you” he is finally looking at you for the first time since he sat down, you follow him and look right back at his hazel eyes.

“Joel, I find it completely impossible to know what you want”. It was true, he had always been so quick to end the conversation first even before the kiss and then after the kiss it felt as though he couldn’t get away quick enough.

“I ain’t doing it on purpose. I just spent the past twenty years on my own surviving day to day, literally! Then I met Ellie and it was even more difficult. Keeping us both safe, worrying about her every damn minute but then we made it here to Jackson.” He begins to rub his legs obviously uncomfortable at the prospect of opening up. 

“This pace of life, it’s so different. It’s been a long time since I was able to sit and watch a film, cook a proper meal or sit at a bar and meet a person that knocks the feet from under me. I haven’t been allowed to let myself care or think about the prospect in my life for a long time”.

You reach out and place your hand on top of his to stop it from moving in an attempt to comfort him.

“I can understand that. It’s a lot to let your guard down and enjoy life in Jackson. We spent so many years thinking living like this wouldn’t be possible” you sigh and feel his hand slightly tighten around yours. His hand gently pull you towards him, you move in closer to him, his hands guiding your legs over the top of his so that you are straddled on top of him. 

Looking down at him, he pushes the stray hair from your face, pulls your face towards his and you can’t help but let out a small sigh as his lips reach yours. There is more urgency in this kiss than the first, maybe that was the alcohol you could taste upon his tongue or maybe it was the result of dancing around each other for weeks. Joel trails a line of kisses from the corner from your mouth to your neck “I want you” you hear him murmur against your neck. Grabbing the hair at the back of his head you pull his face back to look at you, you wanted him too as you raise your arms in an attempt to ask him to remove the clothing between you both. Before he does he guides you upstairs to his bedroom. 

He pulls both your tops over yours heads, you notice a few of the scars on his chest and trace them with your fingers. Kissing him in between the crook of his neck and collarbone you hear a slight moan escape his lips. As if he can’t wait anymore he pulls at your pants and gets on his knees in front of you. Moving your legs slightly as you feel his lips and tongue against your folds. He has no issue finding your clit and knowing just what to do. “Christ” you call in between moans, you can feel his soft chuckle against your legs and you cum there and then. Joel rises from his knees and is visibly proud of himself, you wanted to make him feel as good, so your hands reach for his visible bulge and begin to rub him in your hands which makes him inch himself even closer to you and you feel the hardness of it against the insides of your legs. “Aw fuck Y/N I need you right now”. You pull him onto the bed on top of you, you separate your legs giving him permission. 

“Its been a while since I did this” he sighs

“Believe me you wouldn’t know it” you laugh before gasping as you feel him enter you. He gives you a look like hmm how do you like that and you do, a lot. Joel has the ability to both be rough and gentle, knowing just how much to give to make you moan against his lips. Your hips begin to meet his and match his pace as he kisses and nibbles at your breasts. It couldn’t get better than this you think as Joel presses his forehead against you and all you can hear is his breathy grunts and cussing in pleasure. Your walls begin to tighten as feel close to the edge once more, you call his name as you climax . Hearing you call his name like that sends him closer “Aw fuck I am gonna cum” he moans as he pulls out and you feel the warm sensation of come against your leg. Joel reaches out for a towel on the floor and cleans the remnants before lying next you. You crawl closer to him in the dark and lean on top of his chest looking up at him. 

“Well I don’t think we are going to be able to avoid each anymore” he mummers against your head as he kisses the top of it and you fall asleep with Joel drawing lines with his fingertips against the small of your back. 

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You aren’t sure if there’s an unwritten rule out there that says how long to wait before going from second to third base. If so, you ignore it. The night after Joel’s visit to your place, you spend about an hour preparing yourself like you were going into battle before grabbing the tea cannister and heading to his house. A flutter of ‘do it’ and 'turn back now’ thoughts pester you the whole way there, your nerves on the fritz. It felt like such a big leap to get in the sack with him, but you really want it.

Much to your disappointment, nobody answers when you knock and wait a few minutes. You take a quick peek around back, not wanting to trespass, and with a heavy sigh you turn back onto the road home. Maybe for the best, you didn’t want to rush things. You briefly notice a group of people pass you by, then startle as one of them stops and touches your arm.

“Hey you,” Joel says. You recognize his voice before you leave the thought clouds and drop back to the dirt, looking up at him with a smile.

“Hey yourself,” you reply, playing it cool. Your eyes shift nervously to the rest of the group he was with, then notice all the gear they were carrying. “Must have been on patrol?”

Joel scratches his beard. “Yep, jus’ got back a few minutes ago.” He turns to them. “I’ll drop the gear off in the morning fellas, need to get some sleep.” They say their farewells, one of the guys winking at Joel as they leave the two of you alone.

“I’m sorry, I’ll let you get some rest and come back some other time,” you say.

“No it’s alright. What brings you here anyways?”

Well…I was hoping you’d fuck my brains out…"Um, nothing in particular. Brought back your cannister like you asked, and didn’t have anything going on tonight. But hey, you look tired and I’m sure patrol is exhausting so I can-“

Joel drops his head and steals your breath away in a kiss. Clearly caught off guard, you let out a muffled gasp. The kiss was hot and full of urgency and need, over just as soon as it began as he sucks your bottom lip on the way out. You stand there shellshocked, frozen in the moment. "Stay the night with me,” he says, voice gravelling out in that way that makes your pulse quicken. Your head immediately nods and he puts an arm around your shoulder, guiding you back to his house.

As you climb the patio steps and wait for him to unlock the door, you start to wonder if something had happened on patrol. That kiss wasn’t a 'nice to see you again’ kind of deal, it was more like Joel needed to release something and he was turning toward animalistic desires to unleash it. Whatever the case…you definitely aren’t complaining as he guides you inside, shuts and locks the door, drops his pack and takes your face in his hands. His body closes the distance between you two and his lips claim yours once more.

That perfect feeling of his beard tickling your face may turn out to be a drug, you think, as his mouth slants over yours. Now that you’re inside, he presses his tongue against your lips and you allow the hot, wet invader inside. Deep strokes of the older man’s tongue against yours distract you as he walks you backwards, your back coming into contact with the door. Your hands jolt up to grasp his salt and pepper hair. Joel’s hands drop, one sliding to the back of your neck to keep your mouths sealed, the other roaming down your side to curl against your ass.

Almost light headed from lack of air, you gasp audibly as his tongue snakes out and breaks the kiss. His calloused hand on your ass curves down to grip your thigh, urging it up to hook around his waist. Your body open to him, he presses fully against you and drops his head to leave fiery hot kisses along your exposed neck and jaw. You moan and tighten your hands in his hair as he nips a little harder than last time, soothing it with a wet swirl of his tongue as he reaches your ear.

“Need you,” he grunts. You could tell. His hard erection is now thrusting up between you two, grinding himself against you. Gods did it feel good as you release his hair and clasp his face to take his mouth in a searing kiss of your own. You swirl your tongue against his lips and move to thrust inside, but are quickly chased back into your own mouth as he plunges his tongue deep inside. You tighten your hold on him and hook your other leg up, both now fully wrapped around his waist.

As you start sucking on his tongue, you feel him reach down to unbuckle his pants. The thought of going too fast reaches your mind, especially at the rate Joel’s tongue is thrusting to reach the back of your throat. A glob of saliva drips from your connected mouths as you glance down to see him shift his pants down. The bulge in his underwear stays hidden for only moments as he lets his cock free, his hands then moving to attack your pants. You can’t catch his eyes.

Your moans turn to words of 'stop’ still muffled by his tongue as you suddenly have no choice but to bite down lightly to get his attention. Joel breaks the kiss, saliva trails dripping from your lips as he finally looks you in the eyes, then down, then back up. “Oh fuck…” he whispers, dropping his hold on you as you unwrap your legs and lean against the door breathing heavily. “I'm…I’m so sorry,” he stammers, bending over to hoist up his pants.

You wipe your mouth and take a deep breath. “Joel…hey, it’s fine, you didn’t do anything wrong. Just a little too fast. You okay?”

He distances himself and avoids eye contact. “Yeah…well, it’s jus’.” He takes a long breath. “I’m no stranger to the horrors this world has created since the outbreak. Seen a lot of shit, but there are some things that will never sit right with me.” He runs a hand through his beard, shaking his head. “Normally our patrol safe houses are secure but this time, some kids broke in and…young, they were young kids and led infected right into the safe house and…”

You walk closer and reach out to touch his arm. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I can stay or I can give you space. I can’t imagine what that must have been like.”

He gives a half-hearted smile and pats your hand. “I want you to stay. So long as you don’t think any less of me after my behavior jus’ now. Feel like a damn old creep.”

You shake your head, wrapping an arm around his. “Joel, you’re no creep. You’re a kind and respectful man and that was one of the hottest moments of my whole life if we’re being honest. I’m definitely down to pick up right where we left off whenever you are…old man.”

He chuckles and gives you a long look. “You sure?”

You open your mouth to say yes and suddenly whoop instead as you’re swept off your feet. Joel chuckles again and starts to carry you upstairs. “Damn you’re fast for an old man,” you tease.

“You keep callin’ me old man, I’m gonna have to prove you wrong.”

“Oh, is that right? How do you plan on doing that?”

Joel pauses for a moment, bringing you into his bedroom and tossing you onto his bed. “Well…what’s your record for most orgasms in one night?”

Lord almighty. “I’ve never kept track. But I’ll promise to keep going as long as you can…old man.”

Joel grins and kneels over you on the bed, guiding you back as he drops to capture your lips In a heated kiss. You settle in and already can tell the change in tempo, the gentle swirl of his tongue as he caresses your lips with his. You resume where you left off, wrapping your legs around him and taking his bearded cheeks in your hands. Your tongues play slowly, tangling slick and hot together in your mouth before he guides them into his. You love exploring his mouth, learning the places to slide your tongue against that earns you the deepest grunts. You tighten your legs around him, feeling his reignited need pressing against your belly as you lick the roof of his mouth, dragging your tongue out and swirling it wetly against his bottom lip.

“Think we’re a bit overdressed,” he says, fingers playing along the edges of your shirt. You lay back and let him undress you, closing your eyes and losing yourself at the sensation of his beard rubbing against your neck, collarbone, warm kisses trailing all around as he reaches around to unclasp your bra. Joel claims your lips in another round before dropping down to run his tongue down between your exposed breasts. You moan and tug on his greying hair as he licks down to dance his tongue against one nipple, caressing the other firmly with his hand.

“Oh fuck…” is all you can say as the silver fox follows each swirl of his tongue by sucking on your nipple, then rubbing his beard across it. Repeating this on the other breast causes your legs to tighten around his waist, and you can feel him start to grind again seeking friction. “I thought I was supposed to take care of your first this time,” you say.

“Well darlin’, being as I was raised in the south, we abide by the rule of southern hospitality,” Joel replies, reaching back to unhook your legs from his waist and unfastening your belt. You track his every movement, licking your lips as he slides your pants down. “This good for you darlin’?”

You bite your lip, wondering if it was worth it to mention. Ah fuck it, why not. “Well, there’s one thing missing and tell me if you’re not into it.”

“Anything you ask is my goal.” Joel’s eyes never leave yours as he slowly starts to drag your panties off. The sight is still surreal.

“You mind talking dirty to me?”

Joel smirks, tossing your panties to the floor. He sheds his shirt and tosses it as well, revealing a chest full of salt and pepper hairs with a happy trail disappearing past his pants. He leans down to hover over you, getting close enough that you can feel his scent permeating your senses. “Jus’ stop me if I ever go too far,” he says, silencing your reply with a kiss that deepens to the point that you have to stop yourself from flipping him on his back and taking him right then.

“You’re doin’ things to me baby,” he whispers, taking your hand in his and pressing it against his tented bulge. “Feel how much I want you.” You muffle out an agreeing tone as you cusp his strong neck with the hand not groping him and bring him down for another kiss. Swallowing a deep grunt as you squeeze his manhood, you can’t help but let the kinky side take over, licking up from his bearded chin to slide across his lips leaving them glistening. “Mmm, you like it a little sloppy don’t you darlin'…”

Words escape you as Joel rubs his wet beard against your face, his tongue dragging across your chin and lips in return. He nudges your mouth open and slides his tongue in deep, holding your face in place with one hand as he starts to slowly fuck your mouth with his tongue. As if this level of pleasure wasn’t enough, you feel his other hand leave you to grope his cock freely as he starts to drag his fingers against your slick core. Your toes start to curl as Joel shoves one thick finger inside and you breath a moan into his ravaging mouth. Your lips finally separate, saliva connecting your tongues as Joel pulls away slowly, letting it break and drip onto your chest.

With speed beyond his age, he drops his head and runs a path down your body with his beard and lips down to join his thrusting finger. “Think I’ll have a little taste,” he rumbles. His tongue dips into your lower lips, sending shocks through your body and sparks in your eyes. Rotating his finger, he uses his tongue and beard to work you up quickly before removing his digit and thrusting his tongue inside to replace it. Legs shaking, you thread fingers back into his greying hair as he slides his hands up to rub and massage your chest and breasts.

He lets out a groan that you feel through your entire body, his lips sucking and teasing as his tongue swirls around. “You taste so good darlin’.”

“Don’t stop,” you moan, back arching up as he reaches a new deep with his slick tongue. “More…more.”

“You got it baby,” he grunts, starting to ravage your pussy like he just did to your mouth. You squeeze your eyes closed, then hear him spit on your core, looking down to see saliva dripping from his mouth down onto you. You don’t last long, his tongue dancing masterfully around your clit as he guides you into your first loud orgasm of the night. You blink down and realize you were clutching his hair maybe too hard, relaxing your hands and soothing his head as he brings you down, lapping lazily like a dog against your dripping core.

“Taste so good,” Joel repeats, pressing wet kisses against your thighs as he moves his body up over yours. The sight of his beard and lips wet with your juices drives you crazy, your arms wrapping around his neck and bringing him down to claim his mouth. Kissing wasn’t really the right term, as your tongue darted in and out of his mouth, licking his lips and dragging your tongue along his scratchy beard to share your taste with him.

“Now can I…?” you ask, reaching down to squeeze his rock hard shaft. Joel groans and can only watch as you bring back a finger full of his hot precum, licking it clean right before his eyes. Knowing you had him now, you hook a leg around his waist and flip him onto his back. The older man grunts in surprise as moves back to lean against the pillows as you attack his neck with kisses. Your hands thread down through his thick chest hair, moving down to place yourself between his legs and staring at your prize.

“Touch me baby,” he says, chest rising with deep breaths as you take his thick shaft in hand and start to stroke him. You tease out your tongue and drag it up from base to tip, wishing you had a camera to capture the look of pure pleasure written on his face. Teasing licks play across his broad mushroom shaped head, and you lap up the leaking slit, swirling your tongue around as you close your lips and suck. Joel grunts, his hands lifting as if to clutch your head but he let them fall back to the bed.

“Fuck…” he groans as you slide your mouth down deeper onto his shaft, letting your tongue slick the way down. “Yeah take me deep, darlin’.” You oblige and go as far down as you can, which wasn’t all the way but far enough to earn another low grunt from the older man. You watch the saliva drip down onto the base of his cock as you slide up slowly, relaxing your throat and swirling your tongue around the head again before taking him back in.

This time, his hands do rest on your head as you let his cock pop free with a wet sound, giving him a few broad licks before swallowing him again. He doesn’t push your head down, but his hands are firm as he guides you up and down faster and faster. “That’s it, take my cock…balls, play with my balls.” You use the saliva pooling around his balls to caress and squeeze him. “Oh fuck,” he grunts, and you look up to see him squinting his eyes shut, wrinkles forming at the edges like he was near the edge.

“Think you can take me all the way darlin’? Deep in your throat, get it all wet,” he says, and you nod and take a deep breath as your tongue slicks a path for your mouth to take him inch by inch. His hands put pressure down gently, and you could tell he was holding back from thrusting up. You push past the reflex and take the last few inches with pride, nose pressing against his greying hairs at the base as you hold him there.

“Fuuuuuuck…” Joel grunts. You release his cock with saliva dripping freely onto his girth, admiring your handiwork as Joel takes your face is both hands and drags you up to reward you with a plundering tongue, his mouth slanting and sliding across yours. “Edging me good baby, but now it’s time for me to fuck you.”

He wraps a burly arm around you and rolls you onto your back, taking your legs in his hands and spreading them open. Kneeling between your legs, the older man slides his wet cock against your pussy lips in preparation. “I been talkin’ dirty all night but now I wanna hear you,” he says with a slow thrust of his hips. “Want me in you?”

“Fuck yes,” you say in between breaths. You’ve never been this turned on in your life, and the way Joel was making love to you would go down in the record books. And he hasn’t even fucked you yet! “Take me, bury your thick cock inside me old man.”

Joel brings his fingers to his mouth, taking them away with his saliva which he uses to rub your pussy. The moment his broad cockhead pushes into you, you let out a sigh of pleasure and swear you see stars. “Look at me,” Joel says, pushing deeper slowly as your walls adjust to his size.

“Kiss me,” you say, reaching up to clutch at his chest as he dives down to claim your mouth. His cock slides all the way in to the hilt as he moves, both of you pausing with open mouths resting against each other sharing moans of pleasure. The older man closes his lips over yours as you wrap your now free legs tight around him, his tongue moving in slow circles inside your mouth. “Fuckin’ tight baby,” he grunts past your lips and you nod, sucking his bottom lip hard.

His hips begin to thrust now at a steady pace. “Feel good?” he askes between long kisses. “Like how my tongue’s in you, my cock’s in you?”

“Fuck yes,” you reply, squeezing your legs and your walls around him. “Go harder.”

He grunts and steadies himself before picking up the pace, replacing slow, deep thrusts with hard pistons inside you. Your fingers dig into his shoulders, urging him forward as his balls slap loudly against your cheeks. You start to feel another orgasm climbing, holding him closely as he nuzzles his face into your neck. “Mark me,” you whisper into his ear, getting a jolt of pleasure as he nips hard, soothing it with his tongue. “Oh fuck I’m close,” you say.

Your words spur him to thrust harder, and once he hits your spot you break and crash into your second orgasm. Legs and arms wrapped tightly around him, you rock your body with his as he continues to pound into you. “Fuck you’re milkin’ my cock good baby.” Joel nudges you into a kiss, never slowing his pace as he starts to grunt with each thrust, mixing those deep guttural noises with the slick slap below. “Makin’ me real close.”

A few more thrusts does it, the older man giving one last deep push before withdrawing. His cock spurts a thick load onto your stomach, grunting hard as his seed marks you. “Ah, fuck…” Joel sputters, the final drops falling from his clenched fist. You smile up at him and take his hand, drawing it close and licking him clean. “You little minx,” he says between exhausted chuckles. “Haven’t come that hard in years.”

Joel watches you with intense curiosity as you swirl your tongue through his fingers, moving his hand down to swipe up more of his load and cleaning that handful too. “Bet you won’t kiss me now,” you tease. Like always, the older man already has the upper hand and flops down on his back next to you, drawing your face in for a kiss. Surprised, you let your tongue dance lazily with his as he draws an arm around you to cuddle.

“Well mister brags-a-lot. I only came twice…not to knock you off your high horse or anything.”

Joel nips at your bottom lip, chuckling. “Who says we’re done for the night?”


More? I can write more if people enjoy this and want me to continue.

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Her family

Ellie x reader

Warnings: mentions of killing, gore, cursing.

Words: 1205

They/them pronouns



He waits for no one. 

He’s forever taking and forever unforgiving. 

Imagine if he’d go backward, at least once, to let us undo the mistakes we’ve created. Relive those happy moments. Save the ones we love the most. But Time is cruel and he knows it, tries to apologize by moving on to have us see that the pain goes away but for some, the pain seems to simmer until it boils over ruining all around them. 

Ellie learned that first hand. 

Going after Abby meant that she would lose her son and her wife. Coming back to an empty house knowing it was your fault as laughter seized to be heard from the living room or the radio no longer played old country tunes through the house. How did Dina expect her to just let that killer go? Not after the pain she’s been through, not after Abby tried to kill them all. 

Perhaps she didn’t need her to understand. The only two people who really understood her emotion-based and impulsive actions were dead. Joel practically raised her and (Y,n) made her into the person she is today. Ellie was no longer shy because of them, learned to keep her mouth shut for the most part but more importantly, they were always by her side no matter how many fuck ups she made.

Ellie would wake up in cold sweats, having nightmares about the dreadful day that brought their two lives to an end. She remembered going down into that basement and seeing Abby pounding away on Joel as others forced (Y,n), his kid, to watch in horror. As they yelled out for their father in tears, the muscular woman grabbed (Y,n)’s hair and turned her head to Ellie who was pinned to the ground who felt weak and helpless in the moment. Abby slit her throat. Letting her choke on her own blood while staring into Ellie’s eyes as their mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. 

“I’ll fucking murder you! Every last one of you!” 

There was no way Time could ever take that memory away from her. Her best friend’s throat sliced open, staring right into her soul while bleeding out. Her father figure behind his kid, nothing but a beaten corpse left. If Time could erase those horrendous scenes from her mind Ellie would rejoice in pure happiness. 

Using her three good fingers to trace the railing up the stairs, she noticed had dust gathered on them. They’ve been gone for a long time. Climbing the stairs, Ellie thought she saw someone walk by and sprinted after only to stop halfway seeing it was just the white curtains blowing in the summer’s afternoon wind. Her guitar was still there, hell, all of her belongings were still there, for some reason it hurt more than not finding a note. 

Maybe this is the note. The emptiness of the house, her things untouched, no JJ or Dina. A small part of her wished her wife wasn’t serious about not staying around for her to return but the rest of her soul knew she was serious, even when the tears fell down her face and Dina begged her to stay but Joel’s voice and (Y,n)’s smile flickered through her head allowing sorrow and anger to block out her wife’s plea.

She was gone for months on end thanks to Time, in search of a buff woman traveling alongside a boy with scars across his cheeks. There were times where Ellie dreamt of her friend and it felt so real. (Y,n) would grab a hold of her face before pulling her in for a hug that seemed to last a lifetime, next thing she knew they were walking ahead of the auburn-haired woman who ran towards them but could never seem to catch up as she was too far. Perhaps it was because there was a moment in Time where the two stopped speaking to one another- when Ellie distanced herself from those who cared the most about her all because of the lie Joel spoke. 

“I understand you not talking to my dad but why me? I wasn’t even there when you went to the hospital," 

"How am I supposed to trust you? What if your just like Joel and fucking lie to my face too?”

“I guess there’s just no way of knowing, huh?” 

Ellie opened the guitar case and gazed at the musical instrument, her eyes switching between the two missing digits on her left hand and the guitar. Her heart raced thinking back to the very moment where she held a knife to the dehydrated boy’s throat. “Maybe I should cut his neck open just like you did (Y,n)’s…” She wasn’t actually going to kill an innocent boy, she just needed Abby to understand how genuine she was about their situation. “Please… He has nothing to do with this, he’s just a kid.” 

Was she really begging? 

Did she not hear (Y,n) beg for their life? Did their pleases go on death’s ears? As if (Y,n) wasn’t too young to die, no one should die at seventeen- no should die begging for their lives the way (Y,n) and Joel did. 

“Then fucking fight me!” 

While pushing the woman underwater with all her strength Ellie saw flashes of her family, they were so happy just a few months ago. She started to forgive Joel and hang out with (Y,n) again but this bitch had to come and take that away from them. Just as Abby’s grip began to loosen Ellie swore she felt someone touch her shoulder, a familiar light touch causing her to release the woman and pull her up from the water with a grunt.

This was wrong.

They wouldn’t want her to do this. Not while Abby is already beaten and broke.

“I’m only doing this for the boy,” she whimpered and sat on her knees as Abby scrambled her way back into the boat. “If I ever see you again… I’ll kill you where you stand.” Ellie watched the boat drive away with heavy breaths, “Do you hear me? I’ll slaughter you where you stand!” 

She let out a loud scream, one filled with anger, sadness, and frustration. She couldn’t kill Abby. As much as Ellie wanted too Joel and (Y,n) wouldn’t and it was her duty to honor them even if it meant letting their killer live. 

Ellie rested the guitar on her lap and move her hands to the correct position. Only a few strings were able to be plucked. It sounded weirdly comforting. As if someone was telling her it was okay. She pressed her cheek on the top and whispered, “I miss you guys so much.” Making her mind, Ellie stood up and leaned the guitar against the windowsill with a content sigh before walking away. 

She had her family awaiting her return in Jackson. 

Time can be a cruel thing but he can also give us things we need most. Comfort. Hope. Contentedness. As you move into the future he’ll hold those you love dearly in past memories you can visit daily.  

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These two deserved so much better…

“If somehow the Lord gave me a second chance, I would do it, all over again.” -Joel Miller

“I’m just a girl, not a threat.” -Ellie Williams





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“My child is absolutely fine.”

Your child has watched TLOU 2 and now she cries everytime she hears “Helplessly hoping”.

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