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I love how the actors for Joe and Nicky are totally on the opposite sides of the spectrum when delving into the relationship of their characters. One wants to see them happy and together while the other wants to rip them apart and see what happens.

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Some more fanart for @oldguardbigbang2021 - this time for @ignisentis bakery AU! Joe owns a bakery in Malta, and fate brings him and Nicky together. Want more details? You’ll have to read the fic!

Go here to see it!

Thank you again for all the authors and artists participating in TOGBB, and most especially the mods for organizing it. And thank you to @ignisentis​ for being so patient with me and believing me when I said I’d have art ready by posting day!

Venture under the cut for art!

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by Amuly, PG-13, 2.5k, Joe/Nicky but just general immortal family bullshitting and having fun.

CW for mentions of a non-consensual kiss (that was received in good humor, but still)

“Never have I ever kissed a girl,” said Nile. Andy and Booker immediately drank, while Joe took a hit on his pipe. Nicky hesitated until Joe tapped the bottom of his drink:

“If you have to ask-”

“Okay, okay,” Nicky agreed, taking two drinks.

But now of course Nile was curious, so she asked: “What were you going to say?”

“Well, it depends on if you distinguish between ‘kissing’ and ‘being kissed.’”

Nile scrunched up her face. “You mean in a thousand years-”

“Please,” Nicky says, placing a hand over his heart as if he were wounded. “Nine hundred.”

“Nine hundred years,” Nile corrects herself, rolling her eyes gleefully as she did, “You never willingly kissed a girl? Never? Not even as part of a, a job, or something?”

“I don’t like languages, my accent is…” Nicky tilted his hand back and forth, “So if there is charming and talking to be done, it is Joe.”

“But you never?” Nile found that hard to believe. What about sleeping with someone besides Joe? Or just making out at the club? In nine hundred years?! What about like, threesomes or something? Surely him and Joe got their freak on at some point, right?

Nine hundred years!!

“Wait, have you ever-” Nile started, about to ask. But Joe tutted and wagged his finger at her.

“End turn. Booker, you go.”

(Continue reading on AO3)

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Hello TOG fandom. <3 Please tag your posts with #discourse if your are talking about tog discourse. I am currently filtering my tags to avoid #discourse and this is also a reminder that you could too! The discourse has been really disheartening and tainting my biggest source of fun and enjoyment for the past year. Fandom should be our escapism from things like this and I intend to keep the TOG fandom that way for me and hopefully, for others as well. Thank you. <3

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During my life I have been fond of other ships, before JoeNicky. Some of them were “on paper” like Sandokan and Yanez (The tigers of Mompracem) or Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo (Gensomaden Sayiuki). Other “in the flesh”: Dean and Sam, Charles and Erik, Steve and Bucky… but while I see that others keep affection and love for their old ships, since Joe and Nicky existed in my life … well, it’s like the previous ones never existed for me. Even if some of them I’ve followed for some years…

It seems like since there’s been such a beautiful, healthy, balanced and, above all, “real” couple (I mean that I don’t need to create an alternate world in order to see them together) like JoeNicky I don’t need anything else, anymore.

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How to Practice Self-Care with Nicky (feat. Joe)

it’s been an awful couple of weeks, so here is to everyone having a hard time right now and a reminder that it’s okay to have a self-care day. 

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This is a handout for the online event.

I used automatic translation, so my English might be wrong!

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i think nicky converted to islam for his husband

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