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#joey tribbiani

That moment you realize the scene between Wanda and Vision in her room at the compound re-contexualizes everything that happens between them in Infinity War.

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pairings: joey tribbiani x reader

characters: joey tribbiani, reader, horny bitch.

summary: joey loves making you jealous.


Originally posted by multifandomfix

of course he’s doing it, he always pulls this crap. here you were, stood in the coffee house with your boyfriend joey and watching him flirt with a horny bitch. she laughed again, god that noise was so annoying,

“wow, joey you’re so funny,” she smiled, handing me my coffee while still staring at joey,

“yeah well, what can i say?” he smirked, he should be smirking at you like that, not her.

“joey!” you whisper yelled once she had her back turned,

“what?” he asked, oblivious to the fact he was just flirting with someone else in front of you!

“you’re flirting, again!” you scolded,

“what? no i’m not!”

“yes you are! please, can we go?” he sighed before looking back at the girl who was making her way back over,

“look, i’m free tomorrow night if that’s a good time for dinner?” she asked, hopeful,

“sorry, but my ship has sailed,” he put an arm around you and you smirked, walking out with him, not looking at the way the waitress’s mouth hung open.

“you know i love you right?” he asked,

“yeah,” he kissed your cheek and you smiled, he was yours.

- o.s

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Title: The Pilot

Date Air: 22 September 1994

Written by: David Crane & Marta Kauffman

Directed by: James Burrows

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[playing scrabble]

Joey: I will put down this A to make “A”

Phoebe: I will add a T to make “AT”

Rachel: I will add an R to make “RAT”

Ross: I will add to that to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHICS”

Rachel: [flips the board]

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Originally posted by lotsoffandomimagines

joey tribbiani masterlist


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