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#john cena

#8: John Cena

There’s a huge timeskip between this and the last image.

This is a seminal work mostly because of how as you can see, this was when I started doing art as a collaborative collaboration competition, later dubbed as an mspain competition.

This also means that from now on most pictures were done under a time limit, usually 1 hour, actually usually we’d extend it but it was supposed to be 1 hour.

I have blurred one of the entries due to it being cringe and somewhat of a racial caricature, I’ll dm you the picture if you ask.

Me not filling in the eyes of John Cena has been a source for many chuckles, it’s a veritable chuckle-factory, a pretty wacky mistake to make.

Sometimes we’d vote on whose image portrait was best, but personally I think we’re all winners for having creatively expressed ourselves.

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I glanced back into the bnha fandom and uhhhh what’s John Cena doing, why is he being mentioned? Like is it him-him or a fan account of him doing something??? He’s a cool dude but what’s going on

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The Miz has one more accomplishment in his goal after winning the WWE championship at Elimination Chamber on Sunday night.

That’s why Miz straight up told TMZ Sports on Tuesday he wants his name add to Mt. Rushmore with Hulk Hogan and John Cena.

Wins the WWE title:

Via TMZ Sports:

“I am the first-ever 2-time Grand Slam champion,” Miz tells TMZ Sports … “That means I’ve held [the WWE Championship] title twice. The Intercontinental more than twice. The United States champion twice and Tag Team Championships twice.”

“I am the only one in the history of this business to be a 2-time Grand Slam champion. So in my opinion, I’m on the Mount Rushmore of WWE.”

The Miz also revealed who’s gets the 4th spot on the WWE Rush Mushmore?

“You can select between The Rock and [Stone Cold Steve Austin] … and Ric Flair,” Miz says.

Truth to the matter is it’s his time and he earned it.

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John Cena

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“Peacemaker” Series Comes To HBO Max

“Peacemaker” Series Comes To HBO Max

As the DCEU expands in movies and miniseries, a new “Peacemaker” series comes to the HBO Max lineup. It will cast Alison Araya and Lenny Jacobson in recurring roles.
They join previously announced series lead John Cena as well as series regulars Danielle Brooks, Chris Conrad, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Robert Patrick, and Chukwudi Iwuji (When They See Us) as a series regular,. Araya and…


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1) What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?

Technically, it was a Gwen/Trent fic Total Drama Island fic on Quizilla lmfao. But I was like twelve, if even that and Quizilla is long gone soooo. The Way Back was the first fanfic I ever posted on and it was a John Cena/Torrie Wilson WWE fanfic lmfao. I actually did revisit recently and went through and had to change some things because it was a little..problematic in some ways. To be fair, I was like fifteen when I wrote it.  It’s not badly written, it’s just cringey. I’m proud of what I accomplished then and how I’ve grown since. 

5)  Is there any fic that makes you super happy to reread and remember you wrote that?

I’m super proud of the current fic I’m writing Where Clover Whitens, but since it isn’t finished and God knows when I’ll have the time to finish, so I’ll say You Were Mine because I put a lot of work into that one and seeing that come to fruition after coming up with it and having a little blueprint for it in a notebook somewhere. Plus, I just really love Jack and Alex’s kids in it. 

19) If you had to pick one fic/scene/chapter of your work to describe your entire portfolio to a stranger, which would you pick?

That’s a little hard, but I think I’d pic the fight scene in Stay Together for the Kids. I love angst and smut lmfao, especially when it’s established relationship angst and smut. And toxic. That’s just kinda my brand lol. And jalex, of course. It’s gotta be jalex. 

Send me asks for the fanfic author meme!

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John Cena boxing and fight pose

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John cena is invisible, that is a fact of life

That means he could be watching you at any time. Do you remember that time you tripped on nothing? That was him. He is creul and does little things to mess with you for his own entertainment.

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“bakugou is the first member of the dekusquad” i say into the mic.

the crowd boos. i step away from the mic and turn around, feeling ashamed.

“she’s right,” i hear a voice say in the crowd.

i look up, hope in my eyes.

and there in the crowd stands is john cena.

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Nia is going to be stuck with the “My Hole” jokes like Cena is stuck with the annoying ass jokes about him being invisible.

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John Cena

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