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1 year ago, the mick rock exhibition of queen photographs arrived in buenos aires. It was beautiful to see those photos live and see her story plastered on the wall and listening to her music while watching the show and a huge mural of the queen ll album, live music from tribute bands. It was a great show that I will not forget

I liked it so much that I took a little souvenir

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Originally posted by submersivemedia

Hey guys, so I’m exceptionally bored at work right now (4 hours, 30 minutes and counting until I’m finished for the day, before we repeat the whole process again.)

So with that being said, I would love to try my hand at doing some pairings/ ships for you guys and the members of Queen as well as the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Just send me an ask (can be anon or public, all will be answered!) Let me know if you want to be shipped with a member of Queen and BohRhap cast, or if you would just like one. And tell me a little bit about yourself so I know who I’m setting up (have fun with it!)

Let’s see how this goes!

Happy shipping!

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A Day At The Studio | 77! John x Reader

Prompt: You decided to tag along with John at the studio for a day of recording for the new album, and throughout the day you’re feeling incredibly horny. So when John is on his break for the day, you decide to use the time wisely.

Warnings: Smut obviously, Thigh riding, Oral (F Recieving), Daddy kink, Filth talk, Pet names, Cussing, Slight spanking

(This is dedicated to my friend @sweetiedeaky1991 in honour of her birthday, ily!)


You loved days like these, tagging along with John for a day at the studio. You loved watching them record, especially John, observing each movement he made while he played his bass. The way he moved side to side in sync with the beat of the music, how he jerked his head foward along with the rhythm, and the thing he did with his fingers, taking them into his mouth and licking them when the strings of his bass got sticky.

It amazed you how your body could be affected by such a small action, it aroused you more than you’d be caring to admit. However today your sex drive was higher than it had ever been, you were most sure. You’d never felt so needy or horny in your entire life. And watching your boyfriend’s speedy fingers strum his bass strings in deep concentration only worsened your state.

Halfway through the day, you had hit your limit, you needed release, and the only way you were getting it at this point was either with your fingers or from John, but it didn’t seem that he would be on his break any time soon. At least that’s what you thought, until John walked out of the recording booth and started strolling over towards you.

He was covered in a thin layer of sweat, it was rather humid today, as it was around mid august. His hair looked incredibly untamed, sticking up in all sorts of places from the sticky heat and the headphones that were one sat snug on his ears and head.

“Hi love, are you alright?” He asked, grabbing a bottle of water that was standing on the small oak table. “Yes John, i’m fine, how did it go, are you on your break now?” You questioned back in respone. “Yes, i’m free for the next half an hour!” John replied cheerfully.

You finally had a chance, a chance for release, you were so desperate and all you could think about was John, touching you, his hand deep down your underwear with two of his lengthy, calloused fingers plunged deep inside you, pumping them in and out at a fast pace.

He plopped himself down onto the worn, blue leather sofa, a relaxed, content sigh escaping from his lips. You walked over to him, swaying your hips sexily for him to see and understand what you wanted. He looked up at you with confusion written on his face. But then he knew exactly what you were implying.

“Are you all hot and bothered, sweet girl?” John responded, lust evident in his voice, a smirk overtaking his features. “Please John, I need you.” You whined, wanting him to grab you by the hips and throw you into his lap. “How about I let you ride daddy’s thigh, sweetheart? Hm? Is that what you want, you little minx?” John growled, your panties becoming increasingly wetter, soaked with your flowing arousal.

“Fuck yes, daddy, please.” You moaned out, and John snaked his hands around your hips and sat you down on his right thigh. He moaned when he felt how wet you were through your jeans. “Christ darling, you’re drenched, who did this to you? Was it daddy?” He asked with a knowing tone. You whimpered in response, which recieved you a harsh spank to your thigh.

You moaned loudy in response, and John shushed you. “I want an answer sweetheart, otherwise daddy won’t give you what you want.” He replied. “Yes daddy, god, it’s all for you, and it’s all because of you, you make me so wet daddy.” You whined, bucking your hips against his thigh, in a desperate search for some friction. “Ah ah darling, patience is key.” John said, cockily grinning at you.

“Go on my sweet girl, what are you waiting for?” John asked, and you began to move yourself back and forth along John’s thigh, a whimper escaping from your lips with each movement of your hips. As you continued to ride John’s thigh, he started peppering kisses along your neck, leaving marks in his wake.

“P-please daddy, i need more, touch me please!” You whined loudly, your clit throbbing with need, and John looked straight at you, lust clouding his vision. “What do you want, my dear girl? Do you want daddy’s fingers?” John answered back in response, knowing exactly what you craved most. “Yes daddy- fuck!”

You unzipped your trousers, shimmying them down your legs quickly, you couldn’t wait another second. Once you were comfortably sat on John’s thigh, he snuck his right hand down into your green silk panties and started to massage your clit gently, rolling it between his fingers.

You moaned in delight, grinding yourself against his fingers. Before you could completely lose yourself in the pleasure, John took his middle finger and plunged it deep inside your hot throbbing core, and you squealed with pleasure. “Fuck yes daddy! Just like that!” You placed your hands on John’s chest, he was wearing a tartan shirt, his newly grown baby chest hairs out on display, you loved them, they made him look even sexier if that was possible.

“You’re doing so well, my sweet girl, riding my fingers like a good girl.” John encouraged you, bringing you closer to the edge. You felt yourself getting nearer to your high, and you started to grind against John’s fingers even faster. “Shit! Daddy i’m so close! Please can I cum?” you cried out, ready for your release. “Not yet darling, I want you to hold it.” John growled.

He took his other hand and started to rub your clit harshly at a fast pace, determined to make you cum hard. “Please- please daddy shit, I can’t hold it!” You whined out. “Let go for me gorgeous, cum all over my fingers like a good girl for daddy, I want to see you lose it.” John whispered into your ear seductively.

With one more flick of John’s fingers against your walls deep inside your cunt, you were gone. Your coil snapped and you screamed out in pure escasty. John helped you to ride out your orgasm as it washed over you, and you relished in the feeling. He slowed his movements and took his fingers away from your overly sensitive clit. You sighed out, feeling blissed out.

“How was that, darling? Feel better?” John cooed, as he kissed your forehead which was covered in a layer of sweat. “Yes Johnny, thank you, I love you so much.” You responded sweetly, giving him a small peck on the lips. You changed back into your jeans and you realised that John’s break was over. He got up, making his way to the recording booth door, giving you a small wink as he walked out of the room. And you smiled contentfully. How lucky you were to have your sweet John.

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