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“This is modern couture today, not just dressing the elite!” - John Galliano, in reference to the Maison Margiela Artisinal fall 2020 show.

The Maison Margiela fall couture show gave us insight into the ‘Recicla’ dimension of the Artisanal collection which is Galliano’s treasure of vintage clothing. In the film, which was artfully produced by Nick Knight, we observe a tailored jacket which is carefully taken apart and magically reworked. Much dialogue as well as insight is captured as we watch the beauty of heavenly creatures floating in the lightest of bias cut creations.

Shown, Eirene (Recicla) – Passage n°10

Dark blue heroic-cut Recicla pea coat embroidered with clear material sequins, worn with a white thermocollant dress over transparent tights, a white thermocollant loincloth and white thermocollant ghillies. White-painted pointy shoes with white lace-up overlay worn over tweed Tabi boots

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