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#john hancock

Finally finished this! I had loads of trouble drawing them as people so I went the anthro route. I also cheated and added two extra characters but I really wanted them both.

Tails, Noir and Ham were for @i-dont-need-socks-mom

Charon for @tarberrymentats

Tony and Pepper were for @multifandom9573

Doomguy was for someone over on Twitter

Hancock was a suggestion by a friend

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1) get married 

2) become a lawyer

3) have a kid 

4) get thrown in a fancy refrigerator for 200 years 

5) wake up 

6) forget about your missing child for 60 hours 

7) clap ghoul cheeks 

10/10 would play again

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(Jinx is my sole survivor character)

Jinx sat at her office working on her paperwork as her son continue to guess her name.

Jinx: Hancock and Maccready are listing the worst names ever. I’m surprise Maccready’s son have a normal name

Shaun: Duncan told me his mom named him.

Jinx: That make sense. Anyway Shaun, do you have more guesses?

Shaun: I have three. Heather, Jane and Mary?

Jinx: It’s not Heather, nor Jane. A lot of people thought my name was Mary for some reason.

*laughing as she remember old memories*

Shaun: *sighs heavily and plopped his notepad on his mother’s desk.*

well I’m tired of guessing.. can you at least tell me why your nickname is Jinx???

Jinx: *grabs his notepad and start to write something on it*

I needed a cool name. Once I enter the wasteland I knew my real name isn’t going to send people running away.

*put the notepad back on her desk and walk towards her son*

Do you want a cool nickname too? How about scout or Einstein. Or even better, my little good luck charm!

*start pinching Shaun cheeks and giving him little kisses all over his face*

Shaun: *start pushing his mom away* Mooom!~ Stooop!~ I’m not a kid anymore! Plus those nicknames are lame!

Jinx: *stops, but give him one more kiss on the cheek*

Fine, you’re lucky I have a meeting soon.

*ruffles her son’s hair*

Don’t think too hard, Shaun. You figure it out. You’re a smart kid. See you later, I love you.

*walk out the office*

Shaun: *straighten his hair as he pout*

Mom is so annoying sometimes. And what was she writing in my notepad?

*picks up his notepad and reads it*

Go back home and your father will tell you..

 Part 1   Part 2(here)

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“Once we mopped up, we strolled right into Vic’s quarters in the State House, wrapped a rope around his neck, and threw him over the balcony. And there I am, gun in hand, draped in Hancock’s duds, looking at all the people of Goodneighbor assembled below. I had to say something. That first time I said ‘em, they didn’t even feel like my words: 

Of the people, for the people!”

I’ve been wanting to draw my second favourite companion from Fallout 4 for a while now. I couldn’t really get to it until now though. I’m actually quite proud of this, the background isn’t as bad as I usually make them. Still need to practise lighting.

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(Jinx is my sole survivor character)

Jinx and Hancock hiding in a supply closet from raiders.

Jinx: We are outnumber, low on bullets, and stimpacks… How the fuck we are going to make it out alive???

Hancock: *take 2 container of mentats from his pockets* okay… so like this a dumb idea but this could work.

Jinx: you really think a few mentats can help us??

Hancock: Hell yes and plus we have no plan! We can either go guns blazing or take the mentats to make us smart enough to think of plan and leave out with minor injuries.

Jinx: *deciding for a moment before taking one of the container* Hancock, if we die. I will whip your ass in the afterlife

Hancock: *laughs and wink at Jinx* I always knew you was kinky.

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“This is me” from The Greatest Showman

But it’s just Hancock and everyone in Good neighborhood + Nick and some other synths and DiMa(?).

I’ve just had this playing over in my head, I’ve just had the scene of Hancock doing backflips and dance numbers while singing. It’s just so in character of him. I’ve also jus being listening to “This is Me” nonstop too.


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