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I HATE anonymous cowards sending hate to creators who don’t do any damage on their fics, like why? If you don’t like something you just pass that fic! Sending hate is a movement that I expect from a fifth grader.

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Half of what I say is meaningless,
But I say it just to reach you, Julia,
Julia, Julia, ocean child calls me,
So I sing a song of love, Julia.

This song, written by Lennon in 1968, serves as an ode to both his late mother and Yoko Ono. The literal translation of Yoko being “child of the sea.” It remains the only Beatles song he wrote and performed by himself.

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Tony Bramwell, Magical Mystery Tours
It was probably in retaliation for Yoko’s constant presence that Paul started to bring Linda into the studio sometimes. Or perhaps, in a nonconflictive way, he wanted John to understand the problems he caused by having Yoko around. But if that was Paul’s plan, it backfired.
Linda was so low-key no one could object to her presence. She took pictures, but she didn’t get in the way and she certainly didn’t venture an opinion about their work. She was relaxed and intelligent, with a sense of humor. She has been accused of being pushy. I never observed this in her. She was always pleasant, never in the way. Yoko demanded service as if we were her personal servants. If she were our employer, the one who paid our wages, there might—just—have been an excuse. But she abused her position as John’s new girlfriend. She wouldn’t accept that she wasn’t a Beatle.
She was actively encouraged in this by John. He expected everyone to treat her in the same way as the entire Apple staff treated him. Everyone, whoever it was, had to do her bidding. But John was always courteous and could be endearing and funny. I came to dislike Yoko all the more because she didn’t have a very nice way of asking for things. She would point at someone and demand quite imperiously, “Get me a jar of caviar,” or “Put my chair next to John’s.” Linda on the other hand would smile nicely and ask politely for what she needed.
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Tony Bramwell, Magical Mystery Tours
When John got the drift about how the others felt, instead of keeping Yoko away out of sensitivity for their feelings and out of concern for the group dynamics, he said, “I don’t want to play with youse lot anymore.” Paul desperately wanted things to work out. He was enormously patient. It was only his great love for John and for the whole Beatles thing that stopped it from blowing up sooner than it did. I remember the exasperation on his face away from the studio. At the time he was Abbey Road far more than John, who mostly kept away.
John’s input was minimal, except on his tracks, or the ones he featured on. George’s input was pretty strong, but Paul was the most visible one, perhaps to the point of being overwhelming. Not in a nasty way, but just being creatively in the lead. I think this was because his personal life was very happy. John, newly obsessed with Yoko, should have been happy, but was exhausted and in torment. Looking for some release, he and George had even taking up chanting together.
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