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#john seed
kokogummybear · 2 days ago
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An old colored sketch I did in 2019
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greensaplinggrace · 2 days ago
It’s strange how much I think Far Cry 5 could have benefitted from a low honor/high honor reputation system considering how much I usually dislike that type of thing in other games.
But I feel like the presence of a cult especially is reason enough for a system like that, with how easily cults prey on people and get into their heads. Allowing Rook to actually be conflicted about Eden’s Gate’s ideals and more involved in making decisions would have been nice, especially given how much time the Seeds spend actually trying to sway Rook to their side. Like you can’t tell me their words don’t effect Rook in some kind of way. And the option to either kill/spare the heralds would have been a brilliant opportunity for some amazing alternate endings.
Plus I think there’s a missed opportunity in allowing Rook to be such a bad person that even the Resistance hates them. I feel like a lot of my Rooks would be people neither the Cult or the Resitance likes, and it would have been neat to be able to see that play out.
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oh you think making OC's is cringey? I make OCS for everything. That movie? Made an OC. That series you love? fuck you, I made an OC. Ive got 3 JUST for far cry 5. Ive got 2 for Far cry 4. Ive got an oc for criminal minds, ncis. ive watched 12 eps of JJK and IVE MADE AN OC.
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josephslittledeputy · 2 days ago
Joseph walking into the living room to see only Jacob and John: Wheres Faith?
John, not looking up from his phone: Room
Joseph: Doing what?
John: Sleepover with the Deputy
Joseph: Again? Huh, they must really get along I guess. Good for them :)
John, looking up from his phone: They-
Jacob: Don’t. Just let him figure it out
Joseph: Figure what out?
Jacob and John:
Joseph: Figure what out???
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lulu2992 · 9 hours ago
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John mending his shirt
After noticing that John's shirt looked like it had been mended several times, I imagined him sewing it up himself late at night in his bunker after a long day of work… so I drew this and I'm posting it now because I need to stop tweaking it :’)
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steadywombatart · a day ago
3 years later and i still think about this video 👌🏻
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scungilliwoman · 2 days ago
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microprompt 3: defy
words: 507
warnings: a bit of gore and possessive behavior
Thank you to @aceghosts for requesting this! This is an idea I’ve had in my head for awhile and wanted to try out, so I’m happy you gave me the opportunity 💕
The pungent aroma of decay mixed with bliss flowers is the first thing that greets Charlie as she steps out of the truck.
It smells sweet, she thinks.
She was brought out to The Bridge of Tears by one of John’s most trusted chosen under the guise of receiving a gift. The message was alarming to her. What kind of gift could he possibly have for her that requires her to meet him under a bridge at three in the morning?
She sees it before she sees him.
Her ex-husband Nolan strung up on a beam of the bridge, body disemboweled and adorned with the beautiful white flowers of the Henbane; the flowers he helped create.
“Why?,” Charlie asks apprehensively, unable to take her olive eyes off the gruesome scene.
“Because he had to go and defy me.” John cups her cheeks, forcing her to look him in the eye. “He had to go and defy God and Joseph’s will.”
The Baptist looks crazed, icy gaze frenzied and wild; desperate for her to appreciate his “gift”.
“He was just jealous…” Charlie can’t help but let her eyes linger back to the man swaying ever so slowly above her.
Even in death he still looks handsome, she thinks.
“He was envious and greedy. I did this for you, Charlene. With him gone you can finally move past the damage he caused,” he says as his grip on her face tightens. “But I also did this for us.” His voice goes quiet at that last bit, sounding every bit like a meek boy.
Bringing her gaze back down to John, Charlie smiles sweetly at him. This is just his way of showing he loves her. Like he told her when they first met, the greatest gift is the one you give others. And John’s gifts are never anything short of unique.
“I know, darling. And I appreciate it,” she says as she plants a soft kiss to his lips.
“What will your family say?,” the brunette asks as she pulls away, concern beginning to grow inside of her. Nolan was a major player in creating and distributing bliss around the county. His death could really put a damper on how Faith handles the project members in her region.
Charlie can tell John doesn’t know as she watches him run his fingers through his hair, the realization dawning on her that this wasn’t planned. No, the other man finally pushed his buttons for the last time.
“We’ll find a replacement” is the only response she receives in return as he decides it’s time for them to head home.
As the chosen scramble around them in an attempt to leave no trace that they were there, John pulls her in close to rest his head atop hers.
Charlie knows he’s afraid. Afraid that one day she’ll wake up and want to go back to her old life. Afraid that she’ll leave him.
She gives a deep sigh before wrapping her own arms around him. Fragile she thinks.
So very fragile.
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barkas95 · 21 hours ago
Post about the height of the Seeds
I decided to check it personally and figure it out more precisely. For, I have long been confused by the opinion that "Jacob is a man-mountain", and he is portrayed as very high. And John, on the other hand, is small and is considered to be shorter than Hudson.
I figured out the cutscenes, and came to the conclusion that John is of average height. He is the same height as Joseph. Why does he seem short? It's all about the angles. He always stands behind, and it seems smaller. In the first scene in the church, he stands behind and on the dais, which makes him appear small. In the scene with Hudson, the cultists seem larger due to the fact that they are closer to the camera. And the shaggy cultist seems taller simply because of the hairstyle. But when they are on par, John is the same height as the cultists. As for Hudson, that's the angle again - he's just standing behind her. When he walks past her, he sinks and becomes lower. But in the next step, he is again the size of her. In the church scene, he is the same height as Nick and Jerome.
John is not short at all - he is of medium height. In cutscenes with Joseph, they are the same height. And in the cutscenes, Jacob is the same height as Joseph. Jacob is far from being a "man-mountain", he is just a little above average.
But what will happen if you put the Seed brothers together. John and Joseph are the same height... and Jacob is a little taller, about 5 cm. They are all almost the same height. Therefore, my conclusion is John of medium height. He's not short. Jacob is a little taller than his brothers by a few centimeters. And the fact that John is small is a fandom hoax. As well as the fact that Miller was supposedly a "friend" of Jacob, although Jacob did not say a word about friendship with him. But this distorted information scattered and became "pseudo-canon", as well as the fact that John is short.
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yeetslovescheese · 2 days ago
John, after the Deputy messed up their wedding Atonement:
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lulu2992 · a day ago
John Seed doesn’t have a canonical birthday but, in my head, it’s September 17.
Happy birthday to the version of him that’s been living in my head rent-free for 3.5 years!
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novigrads · a month ago
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video game challenge -   antagonists (3/?) ↳ jacob, faith, john, and joseph seed ♡ far cry 5
“the lord giveth and the lord taketh. pain… sacrifice… these are all part of his test, and we have to prove that we can serve god no matter what he asks.”
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euryalex · 3 months ago
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The Seed siblings at Joseph’s body near the burning tree of Eden...
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