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#john walker
fuchszie · an hour ago
I have added a Recommendations List to my pinned post. But I decided to make a post for it as well. Here's the link to it as well.
You can add Recommendations, but just add it like this please:
*Fic Name* (*character*) | *Fic Name* (*character*) [I will edit the fic names into a lighter colour. A dark grey.]
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captainpikeachu · 2 hours ago
I’m not sure if people noticed but when John was fighting Karli in Episode 6, the theme that is used for him is the same one from Civil War when Tony and Steve are fighting, but at first it’s in a minor key. And once we see John choosing to save the truck full of hostages, that music blares out again but in a major key.
The fact that the theme from Civil War is being used for John Walker is actually kind of brilliant because he’s a character whose eternally at war with himself, his light and dark are having their own “civil war” — and using that music from Tony and Steve’s fight is a brilliant thematic parallel with Tony’s desire for revenge mirroring John’s desire for revenge, while Steve’s desire to defend and protect mirroring John’s desire to defend and protect, the darkness vs. the light — and Steve gives up his shield to Tony for Bucky, just as John gives up his shield for the hostages.
And there’s another Civil War link too, while Tony and Steve were fighting, T’Challa finds Zemo and comments on how “vengeance has consumed you, it’s consuming them, I’m done letting it consume me”, and in the finale we see John effectively reaching this same conclusion, to not let vengeance consume him anymore and make him forget who he is and what he came into all of this for in the first place: to do the right thing.
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captainpikeachu · 2 hours ago
Ironically, John Walker throwing away his DIY shield and effectively and symbolically renouncing his claim to the title of Captain America in order to save the lives of the hostages, is the first step in showing that he actually is more worthy of that shield/title than people might think.
And it’s important that he makes this decision AFTER he took the serum, proving that John does have good in him all along, and the serum doesn’t “corrupt” but rather amplifies our darkness as well as our light.
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itsflygtig · 4 hours ago
John Walker is just a man with a thousand insecurities, very low selfsteem I think (that's why he thinks he isn't enough as Cap) and a very VERY VERY weak mind (meaning he can't handle the bad emotions and maybe he doesn't manifest it in a bad way at first but that shit always grows).
The thing is that people doesn't understand this kind of person and doesn't know (or doesn't want to but then they go on Twitter talking about mental health and all that) how to interact correctly with them and that they need to not be bad treated because they only repeat the bad things to themselves.
I mean I sometimes can easily imagine John at his home in a quiet night thinking about the shit that happened yesterday ooover and ooover again.
"Wait wait but Bucky needed also teraphy you see? And he wasn't like John he didn't kill anyone in purpose".
Yes yes yes yesyesyesyesYES. There a difference here. I don't think Bucky is insecure as the word itself. I don't think Bucky has low selfsteem, he just thinks that killing those people was his fault. That is called feeling guilty and I think it doesn't have anything to do with the low selfsteem (but not sure bc I'm not psychologist). And finally he isn't mentally weak. No. He isn't, at least not as much as John. He just needs help but he doesn't go in the shit that a weak mind does.
So I don't know. This is it. John isn't a bad man, he just have a lot of issues that people don't usually like when they see them face to face (even if they can understand very well on Twitter by saying: go to teraphy if you need to ❤) .
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bisexualgendryas · 9 hours ago
So I know that I, like many other valid people lol, got swept up in the sambucky of it all but....esp as someone whose presence in the marvel fandom has wavered in part due to real life politics, it really is just so horridly fitting, so absolutely absurdly white US American,
for the government to take the encouragement of supporting new heroes in the absence of others (like their military-enhanced & then abandoned WW2 extreme patriot and gentleman old man Rogers, have fun in your queer quadrangle in the variant 20th century), from non-super-powered Black heroes whose loyalty those heroes earned,
and decide that not only should the US government appoint a hero who is for the country and not for the world - a world that has banded together with and helped the US and its citizens a very uneven amount, esp considering the very made-in-the-USA lead-up to the Snap & Blip (aside from it presumably being the Intended TVA path but that's another conversation), mind us -
but that the perfect representative of "all Americans" is a white military man who hasn't yet fought alongside any of the heroes who are currently active or who are being missed, that his military service and his abilities as tested by the government qualify him to lead & unite people, either in ways similarly to how Steve had or in a new, timely, inspiring way of his own. That being willing, in a world that's had to unite and attempt to figure out some shit about trying to get along once in a while, to declare enemies of other nations, to be perfectly fine with making things better for some demographics and worse for others - that makes him the right person for the job of representing the US.
That Sam, Rhodey, other Avengers, other allies, can keep up their fight in the wake of their losses, and that the mantle & the shield of Captain America was given up as a symbol because of its connection to Steve and his idealistic, out-of-time patriotism, and the government can just slip the title to someone else; that they can have fought so hard, including alongside others of the world instead of primarily against people of countries that aren't US military allies, and even while they continue doing that work, they have to fight for the credit and the praise not to go to some otherwise uninvolved white man.
It's so on the nose, really - what we choose to strive for, and what's chosen as an example by those with power.
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captainpikeachu · 10 hours ago
Honestly I think the biggest misunderstanding people have with John Walker is that they think at his core he’s just this bad horrible evil person who’s full of greed and desire for glory and power, but that’s not him at all. The core of John Walker is a man who wants to do good, who embodies the desire to do good things and help save and protect people. His problem is that he gets lost sometimes on how to get there. He can fall off the right path, be tempted by the easy way out in seeking solutions, but ultimately his heart is in the right place, he wants to do good and help.
Many people seem to paint him as the horrible evil villain of the story, like he’s Sauron/Saruman or Homelander, when really he’s the Boromir/Queen Maeve of the story. He’s a character who genuinely wants to do good but can lose their way due to their flaws, but ultimately still stand up to the darkness when it matters.
He’s not the one-sided monster people seem to think he is, in fact his even far harsher comics counterpart wasn’t even a monster either, hell, comics Steve Rogers even considered comics John Walker a friend, someone who can be counted to be on the side of good when threats come. I know that it’s easy to just look at MCU John Walker superficially and say “villain” but I think that is a disservice to the clear nuance the writers and Wyatt Russell brought to the character, and it ignores the humanity of the character.
John Walker tried to do his best, tried to do the right thing, and yes he faltered badly in some areas, yes he did some things wrong, and yes sometimes his best wasn’t enough, but he also pulled himself back from the darkness to do the right thing, and that’s not always an easy thing to do when you’re spiraling emotionally. That counts. That matters. And I wish people would remember that instead of wholesale just decide he’s only bad/evil and refusing to accept any notion that John isn’t the monster they’ve made up in their heads.
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
"Ooh, are we showing off? I can do a mile in 3.62 seconds. the flash can eat my dust, I'm the fastest woman alive."
Yeah, but let's be real. Being the fastest man alive really isn't anything to brag about.
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
"Are you... are you ok?"
"I don't know, man. That hit my head pretty fucking hard. Jesus." He covered his face with his hands as he waited for the ringing to stop. After a minute, it still hadn't. He reluctantly looked up and watched as the world swam a little around him. "What the fuck was that?"
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spider145hqs · 12 hours ago
Marvel Vintage: o novo Capitão América
Marvel Vintage: o novo Capitão América
A Panini Comics lança em agosto Capitão América – O Novo Capitão América, mais um volume com HQs clássicas da linha Marvel Vintage, desta vez resgatando uma memorável fase do Sentinela da Liberdade. Lançado apenas uma vez no Brasil, em formatinho, entre 1991 e 1992 pela Editora Abril, na revista mensal Capitão América (edições #151 a 155), esta é a primeira vez que este arco é publicado em…
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
I can do a mile run in 20 minutes
24 sit ups in 2 minutes
75 extends sit ups in 15 minutes
Extends? Like the male enhancement drug they sell at gas stations?
Not that I've ever tried that or anything.
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
OOC- You make me want to quote a vine but make it Captain America themed.
Everything is Captain America themed if you're a real Patriot.
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
I meant Gym
Of course.
Wink Wink.
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
If John was a teacher I’d see him teaching PE or US history.
If by PE you mean Sex Ed, of course!
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captainwalker · 12 hours ago
I need someone who won’t judge me for the time I used my shield to decapitate someone in a fit of rage and depression. 
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