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#john walker positive post
enot-kinoman · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
John is not a villain, and never has been.
He chose to save people, not revenge.
I'm proud of you!!!
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thewinterwidow77 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Basically all of Wyatt’s roles so far
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qvillski · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Little John Walkers. I need them. 🥺
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thebunniwagon · a month ago
[awestruck John F. Walker x awestruck reader]
Tumblr media
Parings : John x Reader (Gender neutral)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
John and Y/n, two absolute idiots who decided to work together with a school project back in the 6th grade.
Their class had to create a presentation about the WW2 legend Steve Rogers, John was very excited about it but Y/n was still shy around other kids.
Although their partnership started off rough, the two were too stubborn to admit the other wrong.
Eventually though they both got into their zones, each allowing the other their notes.
Finally the two nearly finished their project and prepared to present the next day, but the both of them have to go to one of their houses.
Y/n volunteers their house to John so they can continue their final documents.
At first John is shy, mostly because he wasn’t used to being in other people’s houses.
Y/n is panicking, they never had a friend come over, only their cousins.
While John builds up the courage to go say hi to Y/n when he reaches their house, Y/n is too busy desperately trying to clean their room to make sure John doesn’t become disgusted by Y/n.
When Y/n’s mothers let John in, they’re exited that their child managed to make a friend, usually Y/n would be too busy trying to study for a test that they still somehow fail either way.
John and Y/n have to awkwardly hug as Y/n mom’s take their picture, this is probably when their checks turn cherry pink and their feelings begin.
In your room nothing much would actually happen, just the two of you working together to complete the project, with maybe every now and then the both of you would look at the other only to find the other is doing the same.
After completing the project, the both of you wanted to hug the other, but settled on a fist bump instead after awkwardly trying to force a hug out of each other.
John and Y/n would most likely tease each other about it for years to come.
Tumblr media
High school was always so good to John, he was into sports and was definitely built for it, he even once dated his friend Olivia for a bit but settled on being just friends.
Instead John and his friends integrated Lemar into the group, one of John’s football buddies.
Everything fine and dandy! Except John’s and Y/n’s feelings towards each other.
The group went out for a delicious ice cream treat after one of John and Lemar’s successful games, Olivia got some Starbucks for you and her, and Lemar got the entire group some greasy McDonald cheeseburgers.
Sitting at park bench in the afternoon, the quartet feasted on the delicious snacks in front of them, John unsurprisingly was the messiest of the group.
Olivia and Lemar would go on one of their ‘nerd walks’ together, Y/n and John knew better though, two hormonal teens heading it into the woods alone? The two of you already made bets.
Y/n however was still too shy around him, so John would place his hand on their thighs, a small ritual that drove Y/n into a blushing mess but for John it was a dream come true. Since you two would always feel more conformable around each other, neither side ever objected to the ritual.
Instead you would welcome it. John’s smooth hands on your sensitive thigh would always make you feel safe, at the cost turning you into a red tomato.
John would always chalk it up to “just being an attentive friend” but everyone knew better.
The two of you warily try to make small talk but would immediately fail due to you blushing, John’s used to it.
Once you two were dared to kiss each other at a party, the both of you were shoved into a closet and you both waited 7 minutes in awkward silence. Y/n would always be thankful to hold John’s hand though, even in the dark.
Even on Valentine’s Day Y/n and John would grab each other a not so subtle ‘You’re my bestest friend!” Cards for each other, with chocolate for each other.
“You’re my bestest friend? Yeah right John” Lemar would point out, making sure to embarrass his friend even further.
“So when are you gonna ask him out Y/n?” Olivia would ask, sending Y/n into a blushing mess while they desperately try to explain that they are just friends.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The teasing would continue up until the high school era was over for both of you, being seniors you two would always spend as much time together as the final months would start. Knowing that this could be the last time you two ever saw each other ever, maybe it’s time to confess?
Y/n built up all their confidence to try to ask John out, with a little pushing from Olivia, Y/n would quickly rush John and say “HEY WANNA DATE!” With a tomato face.
Olivia thought about scolding you for such a foolish approach, but nothing could be done now.
John, flustered because Lemar was pushing him to do the same, would simply reply “YES, I WOULD LOVE TO DATE YOU” As his checks turn tomato red too.
Lemar and Olivia would laugh at your misfortune, but they were glad you two finally admitted it.
After a while Y/n and John would go on movie dates together, both watching romantic comedies that were too cheesy, but somehow relatable to the pair.
The quartet would go on double dates with Lemar and Olivia, both pairs were cheesy in their own right, with Y/n and John always being the romantic couple.
When Y/n and John finally decided to kiss after one visit to the zoo, Lemar and Olivia both fell out of a tree they were stalking the pair in; camera in hand, both awkwardly smiling, already making excuses.
John and Y/n couldn’t stop laughing, but for once Y/n isn’t blushing pure red, well they were blushing but no longer embarrassed about it.
Life’s alright, if Y/n says so themselfs.
They should probably get Lemar to a hospital though, he’s been laughing for too long.
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tramamakesyoufunnier · 2 months ago
John Walker: *pissed Steve Rogers off in every way when he first appeared in comics*
Me: Wow, this guy is interesting. But he will no doubt irritate many audiences if he keep doing that in tfatws.
John Walker: *showed in ep2, being actually very polite, educated and respectful, while bullied by Bucky and Sam*
Me: What was the writer thinking? John is unexpectedly kind here! Are they going to make Bucky and Sam the bad guys? Well, at least audiences will not hate him.
Me: ???????
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bietrofastimoff23 · 11 days ago
did they really decide to nominate "truth" as the best episode of the show, but decided to ignore the person who brought the most success to this episode, giving us the most powerful and emotional scenes? fuck them.
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