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I think one of my favourite parts of this fandom when it comes to the fanfiction aspect on archive of our own is the tags. My personal favourite will forever be the sarcasm of (JohnWinchestersA+Parenting) It will forever be one of my favourite tags on the website as it perfectly demonstrates the mutual hatred felt by the fandom towards the boys’ upbringing. He was a horrible father to the boys and nothing will ever change my opinion on that. He attempted to mould Dean into this emotionless machine from such a young age, teaching him to kill anything that isn’t human yet also making him believe that his human instincts and emotions were something to be punished. And while he was busy manipulating his oldest son into the perfect little repressed soldier, his youngest developed dreams that were punished and hated that the oldest had to pay for. He was an awful father and how he brought up the boys is not excusable. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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What if Supernatural collaborated with The walking dead. Like they have an episode where the go through a portal to another demention and they end up in the walking dead where Negan is still their dad. And they have to fight their way through the zombies and survive so they can try to get home. I think that would be the coolest thing ever!!!


Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

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Summary: John falls in love with a young singer that works in one of his many nightclubs. The woman is the same age as Sam, but John discovers that she is entirely willing to be with him despite his age. John thinks he’s found love…but he’s only actually just found a woman undeserving of any kind of love; at least, that’s what she thinks of herself.

Pairing: John Winchester/Reader, Past Crowley (Fergus)/Reader

Characters: Reader (Y/N), John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley/Fergus MacLeod (mentioned), Rowena MacLeod (mentioned)

Theme: I Love You Too Much (Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla)

Word Count: 4.7k

Warnings: Smut, fluff, drinking, smoking, age difference, minor sugar baby/daddy themes

For @winchester-fantasies’ 1k follower challenge and for the @spnquotebingo challenge.

Square Filled: “Which one am I? The virgin or the skank?”

Prompt Filled: 1. “I told you not to fall in love with me.”


John quietly enters the booming club, eyes flitting around the main room warily. While he owned the place, that wouldn’t stop a bullet leaving a gun if someone felt especially brave.

The talking in the main room goes silent as a woman that John could only describe as stunningly beautiful walked onstage. She fiddles with the old style microphone before her before smiling softly, glancing about the filled room. All of the patrons were looking at her eagerly; John realized that this must be the singer that the MacLeods had lost due to insufficient pay. It was rumoured that she had the voice of an angel and a face to match.

The rumours were true.

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Supernatural Kill Stats Season 1

What have I been doing with quarantine? Rewatching supernatural and compiling a chart of all kills and deaths. So lets start the break down shall we?

*The official kill was given to whoever dealt the fatal blow

*Specific characters are given a separate listing from their general category (i.e. mary’s killer is listed separately from demons, and Sam, Dean and John are listed separately from humans)

*These are all approximations as specific numbers weren’t always given

*Very few kills were referenced to John so his number reflects on screen kills

In order of who had the highest kill score is:

1.) Demons: 696

2.) Humans: 367

3.) Shtriga: 72

4.) Ghosts: 53

5.) Wendigo: 13

6.) Dean: 11

7.) Reaper: 9

8.) Pagan God: 8

9.) Meg: 4

10.) Mary’s Killer (Yellow eyed demon) and curses: 3

11.) Deavas and Vampires: 2

12.) Shapshifter, Sam, Tulpa, and John: 1

The biggest losers (groups with the highest murder rate) are as follows:

1.) Humans: 1228

2.) Ghosts: 10

3.) Vampires: 2

4.) Wendigo, Shapeshifter, Pagan Gods, “Rawheads”, Tulpa, Shtriga, Demons: 1

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Did I die?

Dean’s heart skipped a few beats, as his lips parted to speak ultimately nothing came out. Did he die? Did Sam die? A disgusted shiver shot up the eldest Winchester’s spine, glancing at Sam from the corner of his eye. “Dean, look at me,” Sam’s voice rang out, a hand on his shoulder shook him to reality once more. “Answer me truthfully. Are you alright? What the hell—“

Gripping the steering wheel he slammed on the breaks, the impala screeched—coming to a complete stop in the middle of the road. The youngest Winchester was not happy to be thrown around like a bottle of pop given to a three year old. “Sam—“

“No, Dean, what the hell is going on? Where are we?”

Dean bit the inside of his cheek, taking a brief moment to gather the strength to speak. Why was it always so hard to tell the truth? The truth hurts. “Sam, we’re….we’re both dead. The trials killed you and Abaddon killed me right after. We couldn’t…we lost. I’m sorry.”

And just like that….the world was a much darker place.

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“It isn’t funny, Dean. It took a solid twenty minutes to clear out my photo album. And—” The youngest Winchester paused, sliding the laptop to the side, making eye contact with his big brother. That smirk never left Dean’s face,  was it really so hard to not take 500 photos on Sam’s laptop? No, it wasn’t.

But was it fun?

Hell yes.

Dean’s smirk grew from ear to ear, “C'mon, I’m handsome as hell, who wouldn’t want their boyfriend to take hundreds of photos on their laptop.” The male spoke up, grabbing his coffee cup from the table, bringing it to his lips and taking a gentle sip. “Hundreds of photos with hidden surprises such as naked photos.”

Sam drew in a sharp breath his face reddening, “Gross dude. My laptop isn’t for that..”

“Bullshit. I’ve found your pretty little stash, Sammy.”

And with that Sam went silent.

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Congrtas to your 8k followers. Can I have John/Reader and smut. Maybe she cheats on her boyfriend as John came to town again. PRompt could be: "You will always be mine, Baby Girl."

Baby Girl


Originally posted by stormy3187

8000 Followers Drabble Prompts

Prompt: “You will always be mine, Baby Girl.”                      

Warnings: angst, cheating, smut, unprotected sex, John being a possessive bastard, age gap, language

Pairing: John x Reader

Word count: 418


His hand holds your chin in a tight grip before his lips meet yours. You can taste the sin on his tongue as he slides it into your mouth.

You wanted to resist John, wanted to say no when he walked into the bar, acting as if he never left you behind before his ‘endgame’.

You heard he killed the demon who killed his wife, heard he comes to town and bangs every woman with a pulse.

When he left you and didn’t come back after he killed the monster he was hunting for so many years, you decided to never let him in again - but when he breathes ‘Baby Girl’ against your lips, you are lost like the butterfly in a spider’s web.

While his hands peel every piece of clothing off your body you watch his muscles flex…


Your whimpers turn into cries as he owns your body all over again. Forgotten are your cozy home, your boyfriend and the future you try to build with him the moment John brings you to the peak.

“Say you’re mine…” Husking the words against your throat John rolls his hips and you paw at his body, try to keep him close as long as possible. “Say it…”

“I am yours, your Baby Girl…” Sniffling you hide your face in his neck while you fight against the tears threatening to leave your eyes. “John…”

“You will always be mine, Baby Girl.“  John’s words let a sob escape your lips and you hate yourself for giving in to him once again.

He doesn’t seem to recognize you are close to crying as he grips your hips to move faster.

“Not always…” Mumbling the words against him you close your eyes when the high makes you cry out his name.

“Always…” Whispering the word John looks at your sad face. He’s kissing your tears away and for a moment, you want to believe his words.


When you wake you don’t feel the sheets you are used to against your skin.

Somehow your bed is moving and for a moment you panic as your eyes shoot open and you find yourself tugged in the backseat of John’s truck.

“John? Where are we?” Sleepily rubbing your eyes you look at him in the rear-view mirror.

 I’ll drive you to my home, the place where I live with my son’s. It took me too long to find you but now, you’re my Baby Girl and I will not let you go…”


Tags under the cut.

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Originally posted by cloudcraftmc

Puppy dog looks

Prompt #6: “I swear it wasn’t red!” “Just a bit spit and some hard work and it’s as good as new.” “Don’t give me that look.” 

Warnings: angst, fluff, puppy dog looks

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 603



Prompt #5:  “Get your fucking hands off of me!”   “Stay the fuck away from me.” “Do you need another hole in your body?”  

Warnings: angst, language, fun

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word count: 691


The pie thief

Prompt #22: “Don’t you dare to eat this!” “Hands off or you will die.”

Warnings: language, fun, implied smut

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 603



Prompt #17: “I never said this!” “I got no clue where this is coming from.”

Warnings: angst, fun, a hint of tension, mischief Cas, implied smut

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Castiel

Word count: 626



Prompt #14: “You’re not going out in that outfit.” “I don’t give a shit!” “Not again…”

Warnings: angst, language, implied smut

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 651


Still Family

Prompt #15: “I fucked your mom last night.” “Got nothing to say?” “Thought so.”

Warnings: angst, demon Dean is an ass, arguments, nakedness

Pairing: DemonDean x Reader, Sam x Reader (brief)

Word count: 551


Pink Passion

Prompt #21. “That’s not funny.” “Stop laughing at me.” “Pink always was my favorite color.”

Warnings: angst, fluff, pranks

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word count: 629


Lost without you

Prompt #13: “That’s too much blood.” “Don’t you dare to die me here.” “I’ll get you out of here.”

Warnings: angst, injured Dean, blood, language, comforting, love confessions, characters death

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned)

Words: 376 (pretty short but angsty…)

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Can you imagine what’s going through Dean’s head in this moment? This very moment after learning what could/would happen to Sam. How they worked so hard to do these trials and for him to learn he would have to lose someone so dear to him. Someone he raised, someone he practically was sealed to the hip to? His entire world is crashing in this very moment and you can see it in his eyes. You can see everything come to a halt—the wheels turning in his head and realization when Sam doesn’t care what happens to himself. They knew it would have some consequence, something harsh—but never thought it would be earth shattering.

And that’s when Dean knew, he had to say no. He had to stop Sam, even if that meant evil would still soak up into the earth. Even if that meant demons would roam the earth freely, hell hounds—one of Dean’s worst fears—would be free to drag souls to their damnation.

But, that didn’t matter.

As long Sam was by his side, his life would be complete. Sam was his other half, and he would die before letting him finish these trials. Even with hell on earth, he still couldn’t feel at home without Sam at his side.

Emptiness and loneliness are two of the same. And Dean didn’t want to ever feel it again. Risks were taken and they dealt with the conquences.

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I want to start off by saying I DONT want to stop writing, however since my recent fic hasn’t really gotten any notes, I would really love it if some of you guys could let me know what types of things you do want to read!

Please, feel free to message me or send me an ask with any suggestions or prompts you would be interested in. I don’t want to lose traction and stop myself from writing, as I’m pretty close to doing at the minute, so any ideas would be amazing! Smut, fluff, marvel, supernatural and the walking dead would probably be the best for me writing since I’ve the most knowledge about those characters, but any suggestion is a fantastic suggestion!

I hope everyone is keeping safe, thanks! ❤

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I don’t have many folks to tag but of the ones that I do, I feel like maybe some of them have gone dormant or just uninterested.  I don’t want to jam anyone’s notifications up so:

If you still wish to be tagged, please let me know by April 8 (REX MANNING DAY!).  If I hear from you, I’ll keep tagging.  If not, I’ll be removing. 

Going forward, it will be one list. Having 5 lists with one or two folk each is kind of silly.  If needs be I can always change that.  

Current ALL Tag folks:   

 @kdfrqqg​​  @lilo-and-stitch-love​​  @dean-winchesters-bacon​​​  @maddiepants​​ @deanwinchesterswitch​​ @waywardasfudge​​   @andkatiethings​​   @arses21434​​​  @kathaswings​​ @just-another-busy-fangirl​​ @hobby27​​



Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

Current Series Tags - Some series are on pause…but ARE in PROGRESS.

Hold On - @cd1242​ @supernaturals7sense​   @flormolero​ @mushroomquee-n​ @roonyxx

DYTTIO -  @thatsnotwhoifuckingam@midnightdream83

At the Table - @prettydeaneyes

All things Castiel - @roonyxx

All things Dean - @roonyxx​  @adoptdontshoppets​   @akshi8278

All things John -   @buckyscrystalqueen​​  @bobasheebaby​​ 

And I never had anyone want to just be on a Sam list… POOR SAM!!!

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Everything here is also posted on multiple sites including quotev, wattpad, and archiveofourown. I’m posting them here as well so everyone can read and enjoy them. 


Originally posted by fogsrollingin

Party of Three Series:

Isabeau Fitzgerald has been a hunter for as long as she could remember. She tried living a normal life with her parents, but being friends with the Winchesters doesn’t exactly allow normal. Then again she isn’t just a “normal” hunter herself. (follows the events of season 1-15)[This story contains polyamory relationships and same sex relationships] (Sam x OC x Dean)

Party of Three (Supernatural Season One)

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