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#john x olivia
mesho11 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Is this person abuser and a cheater, John literally has a heart eyes when he is looking at Olivia
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wanda-walker · 4 months ago
Escolha o seu casal favorito! ♥
Tumblr media
John Walker e Wanda Maximoff, o agente americano e a feiticeira escarlate <3
Particularmente falando, são meu casal favorito de todo o MCU!
Tumblr media
John Walker e Sharon Carter, o agente americano e a agente 13 <3
Eu shippo muito eles, são muito lindos!
Tumblr media
John e Olivia Walker, casal oficial da Marvel. 
Eu não shippo muito, mas ok, vale o lugar na lista.
E você??? Qual seu favorito??? Comente aqui :)
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kestiscroft · a month ago
John walker totally memorized the "to be or not to be" monolog to impress olivia
so true🥺💕 john was definitely a major dork around olivia in high school. I feel like around everyone else, he was probably very charming, confident, popular, but whenever olivia would talk to him, that boy would freeze up like a deer in headlights and could barely form a coherent sentence skdkd
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tramamakesyoufunnier · 4 months ago
We usually talk about how sweet John and Olivia are, but since John is one of the best soldiers, it might be possible he went out for missions or take a turn for a whole year. Imagine he had to stay in a strange country, and it's not allowed to connect Olivia. He got seriously injured in battle and missing her so badly, but the only thing he could do was staring are the moon in the sky and preparing for a chance to break through the gun fire block. At the same time, Olivia staid at home alone, desperately watching the news on TV, and bursted into tears or felt relief.
When the turn was finally over, John went back, and Olivia opened the door for him. They got a year's words to say, but all of the words were just stuck. In the end, Olivia just said "welcome home", and gave John a hug.
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pianotuna · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters: John Walton and Olivia “Liv” Daly Walton
Media: The Waltons (1972-1981)
Played by: Ralph Waite and Michael Learned
Setting: 1930s, Walton’s Mountain
John Walton is a hardworking, industrious sawmill owner who, despite his temper and tendency to be a workaholic, is a devoted family man and upstanding member of the Walton’s Mountain community.
His wife, Olivia Walton, is the glue that holds their family together, wise and soft-spoken with deep religious convictions and traditional ideas that blend with the changing times.
John and Olivia’s marriage is the catalyst for many important events on Walton’s Mountain, including the lives of their seven children (John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob, and Elizabeth). Though they are different in their ideas about religion and dreams for the future, John and Olivia share a love that has lasted since their teen years, and their spark of affection has never died even after more than twenty years of marriage. Countless tribulations befall them - the Great Depression, bouts of polio and tuberculosis, family separation, and finally WWII - but John and Olivia stand strong and stand together in the midst of any trouble.
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bluebeatlesgirls · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I'll tell you one thing for sure: once you get to the point where you're actually doing things for truth's sake, then nobody can ever touch you again because you're harmonizing with a greater power" -George Harrison
"If there was one word I would use to describe George, it's 'disarming.' He would just disarm you, and especially if you were struggling; he had a way of deflating it and taking you somewhere else and making you see things in a different way" -Olivia Harrison
"I think it was his absolute charm and endearment. He was very endearing...he was just eternally sweet to everybody. He was very easy to be with. He was very soft and lovely." -Pattie Boyd
"George had so much love in him. I realized it more with him gone that he was just pure love" -Tom Petty
"Sometimes I just feel like l'm actually on the wrong planet, you know? I feel great when l'm in my garden, but the moment I go out the gate I think, 'What the hell am I doing here?!'" -George Harrison
February 25th, 1943. 78 years ago
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the80s · a month ago
Tumblr media
Summer lovin’ happened so fast…
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beck-alicious · 4 days ago
so was anyone gonna tell me John Mulaney is having a child with Olivia Munn or was I supposed to find out via a Lil Nas X meme?
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Olivia: bring Alex to me.
John: she’s working and asked not to be disturbed.
Olivia: just tell her I said something.
John: said what?
Olivia: anything factually inaccurate.
[10 minutes later]
Alex: I’m sorry, the sky is blue because it's reflecting the color of the ocean?
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wanda-walker · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Eu não shippo esses dois. Não vejo muita graça nesse casal. Mas como tem muitos fãs de John x Olivia, eu quis fazer por vocês.
Mas ainda prefiro mil vezes WandaWalker, hahaha.
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besomebody · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I remember sneaking into this locker room before each game to see you.  It’s probably why we always won. 
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kestiscroft · a month ago
Imagine some idiot were to kidnap a pregnant Olivia to threaten the team but mostly John. I could imagine the team, especially Zemo and Sharon taking a HUGE step back as John short circuits before going to rage mode before storming off to save the love of his life and unborn child. One hour later, he comes back a bit bruised but with a unharmed Olivia who is slightly shaken up and John being all soft and gentle.
no but can you imagine to distress he would be in😭 bc that woman is his whole world. val/yelena/sharon would give him a collective "we know it's your wife but you gotta get your shit together and calm down, and we'll get her back" 'pep talk'. listen even zemo would begrudgingly offer assistance bc as someone who's lost his own wife, he wouldn't wish that fate even on someone else- not even john.
the whole team would be coming up with a plan and john grows impatient and storms off, to take matters into his own hands. and john's got that super strength now, so literally nothing is gonna stand between him and his wife😩❤
(also you keep sending me these john/olivia asks I feel like a have to write a fic of them now as if I don't already have a million sharonzemo fics I need to finish first sksks and there's barely any fics of them out there!)
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oliviartsss · a month ago
Animatic coming soon!!!
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incorrectbensler · a month ago
Munch: I sleep with a gun under my pillow.
Fin: I sleep with a knife.
Olivia: Both of you are pathetic.
Munch: Oh yeah? What do you sleep with?
Olivia: Elliot.
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uncpanda · 8 months ago
Blood is Thicker than Water: Part 1
Summary: You'd grown up around the SVU squad room. The members of your sister's squad had been your family and helped Liv raise you. You left them and your sister behind ten years ago for school and just never returned. When you get a call saying she's been kidnapped by William Lewis, you rush back without a thought. What you find is a very different squad, a broken sister, and a snarky ADA. When you decide to stay things begin to change, and maybe, just maybe you and your sister each find your own happy endings. ( Just a warning that there is a rape warning, for the usual mentions of it in the storyline. There will be no graphic descriptions here.)
Quick thing: Live is younger in this, mainly to make the timeline with the sibling relationship work. So yeahhhh….
Master List 
Tumblr media
You almost do a double take when you run into the building, it’s so vastly different from the station you remember as a child. You push those memories to the side and basically storm the building. The first person you run into is a familiar face, “Finn.” 
There’s a hint of happiness behind the panic in his eyes. “Have you found her? Please tell me you found her.”
Finn stares at you for a second and you call his name, “Finn.” 
“Sorry kid. Lost in a memory. You’re all grown up.” 
It’s been ten years since you’ve seen him, ten years since you’ve left New York. You soften at the look of fondness in his eyes, and you throw your arms around him. He crushes you in a bear hug. 
He leads you into the bullpen and gives you the details, “His name is William Lewis, and he’s a bad dude. I don’t want to scare you with the details.” 
You swallow the lump in your throat, and allow Finn to escort you to Liv’s death. You sit down hesitantly, and he explains, “Everyone else is out looking for her. The Captain had me stay behind to be here to catch you up on everything.” 
You run your hands over your face and into your hair, “I swear my heart stopped when he called. The moment I heard his voice I just went still. Do you guys have any leads?” 
“We’ve followed a few. We’re getting close.” 
“Do you think she’s . . . ?” 
“Liv’s a fighter. She’ll get through this.” 
Your mind flashes back to your mother; her drunken tirades, the slaps, Liv stepping in. Liv had raised you from the time you were ten. Liv was around seventeen years old when you had been born. You’d been the result of a drunken one night stand. Your father had been less than stellar, and your mother even less so. Liv had been your true parent. And now, she was being held by a sadistic rapist. 
You stay in the precinct with Finn. He tries to distract you, he forces you to talk about what you’ve been up to. You tell him about school, your full ride. You tell him about your job, you’re a website designer, and you go into detail about your photography hobby. You talk about anything and everything, in order to keep your mind off of Liv. 
Despite leaving New York ten years ago, you’ve seen Liv at least three times a year since you’ve left. She’s come to you, and you’ve met in other random places for vacations. On top of that you talk several times a week and video chat. 
Eventually, Finn gets called out and you’re left to your own devices. You focus on the bullpen. It’s no longer dark, it’s more colorful, and much more modern. If you focus hard enough you can imagine Munch sharing conspiracy theories, or Finn threatening to hurt your newest crush if they hurt you, you can hear Cragen teaching you how to throw a baseball, and you can see Elliot helping you with your homework. 
“Excuse me.” You’re drawn out of your thoughts, and you turn to face a new face. You don’t recognize him, “Can I help you?” 
You study him for a second. He’s handsome, well dressed, older than you, but still really cute. The thoughts leave you when you remember why you’re there. You hold out your hand, “Y/N Benson.” 
He takes it, his brow scrunching as he does so, “Rafael Barba. Are you . . .?” 
“Liv is my older sister. You’re the ADA, right? She’s talked about you.” 
“I’m sorry, she hasn’t said anything . . .” 
You cross your arms against your chest, “She wouldn’t. She claims it keeps me safe.” 
He looks away from you for a minute, before he approaches again. He gestures with his arm, and you follow him into a conference room. He closes the door behind him, “I wish I could tell you that she’s going to be okay.”
You shake your head, “This isn’t the first time something bad has happened on the job. She’s come back with bruises so many times I lost count. When I was in college she went no contact because she was undercover with the FBI. It’s all part of the job. I grew up with it. I understand.” 
“Doesn’t mean the panic isn’t there. The intrusive thoughts.” 
You nod. You’d done your best to keep those away, but one finally breaks through, “What if I lose her Mr. Barba? She’s the only family I have left. She basically raised me.” 
He sits down next to you, and in a move that says discomfort he takes your hand, “She’ll get through this. She’ll come home, and when she does you’re going to need to give me some embarrassing stories that I can tease her with.” 
He says it with a small smile, and he succeeds in making you laugh, but you can see the worry in his eyes. The two of you settle in, and as you sit there staring at him, your sister’s words come back to you. She’d talked about this man like a brother. She’d recounted his antics in court starting with the belt, and moved on from there. And then one day, she had declared him the best DA that Svu had ever had. It had shocked you. You’d known Alex and Casey. Hell, Alex had gone prom dress shopping with you and Liv. 
At some point both Munch and Cassidy come in. You give the former a hug and glare at Cassidy. He had never been your favorite person. When you brush him off you swear you see Barba grin. You don’t meet any of the other new people. 
It takes another day before you get the news that your sister has been found. You stay at the station the entire time, and Rafael Barba stays with you for the majority of the time. He goes with you to the scene. 
You pass by a smiling Munch and Cragen and run to Liv when you see her. She’s broken, and bloody, but that doesn’t stop her from hugging you. It doesn’t stop her from clinging to you. The next few days are hell. They’re spent in the hospital, and it all passes in a blur. 
“I need to go back.” 
You plop down on the hotel bed beside her, “No. You really don’t.” 
“It’s our home. I raised you there.” 
“It's a crime scene. It compromised. I say we burn it to the ground.” 
Liv rolls her eyes, “Really? I got that place on a uni’s salary in order to take guardianship of you.” 
You nod, “It was the first place I felt safe, and it made mom somewhat get her shit together, but it’s not home.” you nudge her, “You’re my home.” 
She pulls you into a hug. Despite your feelings on the matter, you help her clean the apartment. The two of you talk about your old memories, and you give the place the going away it deserves. The only things you take with you are sentimental items. The rest can be replaced. 
You spend a week finding an apartment. And when you find a nice one with two bedrooms, and a lot of sunlight, you can almost see her exhale in relief. You stay in New York until Liv is ready to go back to work. Together, the two of you go to Serena’s grave. 
You had never made peace with your mother, not like Liv had. You resented her in a lot of ways, and you’re eternally grateful to Liv for raising you. 
You leave New York the same day Liv goes back to work. You hug for a solid ten minutes outside her new apartment building. You tell each other how much you love each other, you offer to stay, and she refuses. Cassidy is the one who takes you to the airport. 
“Still hate me?” 
You’re honest with him, “I think my sister deserves better.” 
“Like Stabler?” 
You shake your head, “Nope. She deserves someone who is going to love her. In the meantime you’ll do.” 
He rolls his eyes, “Thanks.” 
You turn to face him, “Are you seriously telling me that you’re willing to marry her? Maybe have a kid? Give her all the things she’s ever wanted?” 
He goes quiet, and you leave the car without a word. On the plane you realize you never met any of the new members of the squad. Maybe it’s better that way. The memories you have in SVU are precious, do you really want to muddy the waters? Your mind flashes to Rafael Barba, and you grin when the answer is yes. 
You’re home for three days when you get a call from Liv. Her voice is quiet, “How you doing kid?” 
You shrug even though you know she can’t see it, “Frustrated. I’m building a site for an impossible person. What about you?” 
“I’m . . .” not okay, you finish the sentence in your head. 
“Do you need me to come back. I’m more than happy to. I can work from anywhere.” 
Her voice is hoarse, “I know. I was counting on that.” You stiffen at that, you’d never expected her to actually take you up on it. “I was wondering if you’d like to come home . . . for good?” 
No, you don’t. You like your little suburb city where you don’t have to worry about someone grabbing you off the street, and where the sounds of the cabs don’t keep you up all night. But this is Liv. This is your sister, your family. 
You lean back in your chair, “You think Barba can get me out of my lease? It’s not up for another few months, and I’ll be damned if I’m letting these guys take anymore money from me.” 
She laughs, an honest to God laugh, and you know you’ve made the right decision. “Barba’s the best. If he can’t do it, no one can.” 
And with that reassurance the two of you start plotting your return. 
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bluebeatlesgirls · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there" -George Harrison
"I love you, George. The joys, sorrows, lessons and love we shared are more than enough to fill my heart until we meet again" -Olivia Harrison
"I would assure all his fans that George was just as beautiful as they pictured him. And maybe more" -Tom Petty
"All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much" -George Harrison
"If there was one word I would use to describe George, it's ' disarming.' He would just disarm you, and especially if you were struggling; he had a way of deflating it and taking you somewhere else and making you see things in a different way" -Olivia Harrison
"Fine is OK, but it is not really good enough, is it ? But George was right, I am fine and I am OK, although I will miss him until my dying day. But he walked his road and now I have to walk mine" -Olivia Harrison
"We had a wonderful time.[...] He was really the sweetest guy and my family loved him, my mother particularly adored him" -Pattie Boyd
"If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there" -George Harrison
"George is adorable. He is a charming, funny, easygoing boy, always full of energy. I love when he wears a simple pullover and blue jeans .... a prince and a beatnik in one single person: I thought that didn't exist" -Pattie Boyd
"I wanted to be successful, not famous" -George Harrison
"I am still having a relationship with him, but it is just not a physical relationship any more. And the sooner one comes to terms with that, the easier it is, rather than feeling George has gone and he is never coming back" -Olivia Harrison
"As long as you hate, there will be people to hate" -George Harrison
Rest in peace George Harrison (1943-2001)
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gay-ass-bitch · 6 months ago
line without a hook | k.s
Tumblr media
NO KATHY SLANDER WILL BE TOLERATED OVER HERE. nope. she deserves the absolute world.
“Y/l/n.” You answered the phone groggy, glancing at the clock. The blurry red lights blared in your face as you sighed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.
“Hey, y/n. I was just calling you to see if you could let Eliot know he left his wallet at home. I figured he was in a rush when he got the call a little while ago and he’s not answering bu-” You eyes finally focused on the time, squinting at them. 5:52 am.
“Kathy, what are you talking about?” You could hear a little commotion in the back, like she moved a pan or something.
“Is there not a case or a victim or-”
“I didn’t get a call Kathy and I always get the call first. So no, there isn’t a case.” There was a pause on the other line and you could definitely hear her scoffing through the phone. “I’m pretty sure he just went out for something-”
“Or with someone.” She finished for you, although that’s not what you were going to say. “What time did Elliot leave work yesterday?” You sat up in your bed, fully awake now.
“Kathy, I can’t-”
“Y/n, please.” Her voice cracked and you didnt need to see her to know her lip was quivering. You tried not to crack. Elliot was someone you worked with, he was your friend and you loved him but that didn’t mean you could lie to Kathy. Kathy and you were great friends, occasionally going out, helping her with the kids. It was great to have someone as a friend you didn’t work with. It was refreshing. You couldn’t lie to her.
“He and Olivia left around 6. I think they said something about going to the bar.” You told her what you recalled hearing and she sighed. Kathy leaned against her kitchen counter, the phone clutched tightly in her right hand.
“Yeah, well, he didn’t get home till around 1 and bow he’s leaving early and lying-” She paused, wiping the tears that were slowly falling down her face as she came to realization.
“No, Kathy. He wouldn’t cheat on you. Especially with Olivia. They’re best friends, that’s all.” You tried to reassure her but she wasn’t having it. Running a hand through her hair, she scoffed.
“Yeah, Right.” Then the line went dead. You looked down at the phone before tossing it on the bed and flopping back down. You laid there for a moment, contemplating on whether or not to go back to bed. You groaned loudly as you pushed the covers off of you, getting up and walking towards your closet. “Goddamn Stabler!”
“Y/n?” Kathy opened the door to find you, dressed in sweats and a big bag of McDonalds. “What are you doing here?”
“We’re friends, Kathy. I’ll be here for you, even at 6 in the morning.” You took in her appearance, an old white shirt with small pair of plaid shorts. Her hair devilish, like her hand had run through it a million times. Her eyes were slightly puffy, face was a shade of light pink, she looked heartbroken. Beautiful. But heartbroken. “I even brought breakfast.” You held up the bag and she opened the door wider, letting you in before closing it.
“You didn’t have to-” You shook your head, heading towards the couch.
“Don’t even do that.” You glanced at her before placing the bag on the table and taking a seat on the sofa.
“Now come on, come eat.” She smiled slightly before taking a seat next to you. You had begun eating in silence, you occasionally looked at her, thinking of something to say.
“I want to believe he wouldn’t do it but the truth is, I don’t even know my husband anymore.” She sighed, placing the breakfast sandwich she was eating bag down on the paper. “I love him, I will always love Elliot but I deserve better. I want someone who is there for me, I need someone I can depend on and Elliot just isn’t there anymore. He loves her.” The tears welled up in her eyes and you reached out to her, wanting to comfort her but she shook her head, pushing your hand down. “I don’t need pity, y/n. Okay, i’m not sad, i’m mad. I’m angry.”
“I’m angry that I stayed this long. Angry that I was so blind and i’m tired. So tired. I have no one and I-” You grabbed her hands, leading her to face you. You watched the tears stream down her face momentarily before grabbing her head. Your thumbs coming up to brush the tears from her cheeks.
“You have me, Kathy. I’ll be here for whatever. You wanna scream, cry, yell, break stuff, i’m here. You wanna work things out with Elliot. I’m here for you. Whatever you decide, I’ll be here. I love you, okay?” She nodded, her eyes tightly closed as she enjoyed the comfort of actually being touched. Her eyes fluttered open, the small smile the danced on your lips being the first thing she noticed. Then the adoration in your eyes, the way you looked at her like she was the only person that mattered. Her eyes flickered down to your lips then back up as she leaned in slowly. You breath hitched as she came closer, so close that you could feel her breath on your face.
Next thing that happened was her lips on yours. Kissing you softly. It stayed like this for a few moments. Her hands rested on your knees while yours stayed on her cheeks. Your eyes fluttered open as her tongue swiped across your bottom lip. You wanted to grant her access. You wanted to explore her. But this was wrong. You pulled back, shaking your head. You missed the warmth of her lips. “Kathy, no.” You whispered as you looked into her eyes, her eyes that seemed to be all the colors of the ocean at once.
“Y/n, pl-” You heard a door upstairs open resulting in you jumping back quickly, so quick you almost fell off the sofa.
“You’re hurting and vulnerable, it was an accident.” You rushed out in one breath before Maureen came downstairs, a grumpy look on her face. “Hey there babes, I brought you guys breakfast.” She smiled softly at you before coming over to give you a hug, you held her close for a moment before joking. “You have to stop growing, practically taller than me.” She chuckled before going through the bag.
“You have to get to work?” You nodded, glancing over at her mother who was looking down at her lap.
“Yeah, kiddo. I’ll see you soon though.” She nodded obviously believing your lie. “See you, Kathy.” You mumbled, not wanting to make things more awkward. Quickly rushing out to your car, you got in and slammed the door. “I am so fucking screwed.”
am i gonna make this a series? hell yeah. because hear me out, yall should write about kathy. also there is probably a bunch of errors in this but yeah. i hope yall are doing good
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