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#johnny cage
If you can, can you write how certain characters would react to the Animal Crossing animals insulting the shit out of them? They were crazy ruthless in the past.

GOOD NEWS ANON! Their still sarcastic pieces of shit! I went to talk to one and he was like ‘Oh it’s you again’ mate, this isn’t the The Piña Colada Song. Don’t Oh it’s you me! Okay very brief one line reactions!

  • Kabal: Did this little shit just say?! Shut your whore mouth Florence!
  • Kuai Liang: I believe a… Bald Eagle just sassed me Y/N. This game is wild.
  • Cassie Cage: Really, those shoes with that dress?
  • Bi-Han: Hey! Nobody talks to me like that… Except my brother, and Frost, and Smoke and now you. Fuck sake.
  • Erron: We’ve got a big problem partner.  
  • Havik: Yes. Let the Chaos flow through you, my young Koala apprentice. Spread the Chaos throughout Berry Tide Island.
  • Hotaru: STOP RIGH THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! You were rude to me.
  • Jacqui: Geez sorry for trying to return your missing item to you. Sorry for been a good citizen. You know what, next time find your missing book yourself.  
  • Takeda: HAH!  After training under Hanzo, your words don’t hurt me, you sassy little penguin.
  • Frost: Eugh.
  • Kano: *Complains to Isabella and gets them removed. * GOODBYE YOU LITTLE SHIT!
  • Johnny Cage: Do you know who I am!?! Acting like you’re somebody?! Have you got awards? Didn’t think so.
  • Hanzo: *Feels lied to* This was supposed to make me feel better. But I’m in debt and just got shouted at by a horse wearing a pink t-shirt. I hate this game.
  • Sonya: *Writes a passive aggressive note on the noticeboard*
  • Kung Jin: I came out to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • Jax: Unimpressed dad stare at the screen.
  • Raiden: I must consult the Elder Gods to find out why the Squirrel is angry and insulting me.
  • Geras: If I could turn back time to stop this conversation happening… OH wait I can! 
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I hold a question that will change the course of the Mortal Kombat fandom itself.

Would you watch Ninja Mime?

Answer honestly. Your souls depend on it.

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Raiden spends some time with little Cassie and Jacqui

“Grandpa Raiden!”

“G-pa Raiden!”

“Hello, little ones,” Raiden chuckled, bending down to pick up the small forms of Cassandra and Jacquiline and hold them up in his arms.

“Hey! Ray-dude!” Johnny grinned as he finally caught up to his overeager daughter. “Sorry about the kiddos, they haven’t seen you in a minute.”

“I never mind their enthusiasm, Johnny,” Raiden smiled.

Johnny, Sonya, Vera and Jax had decided to catch up and Johnny had invited Raiden out to come see the children. Always happy to see them, Raiden had come along and now he held his pseudo-grandchildren in his arms as the adults sat around a table in a local park and chatted idly.

“Can you push us on the swings?” Jacqui asked.

“Yes, I can,” Raiden smiled.

Cassandra and Jacquiline eagerly clamored over to the swings, listening to Raiden in asking them to not run to avoid stumbling and falling, and taking swings next to each other before eagerly waiting for Raiden to catch up.

“Not too high,” Raiden cautioned, bending down a bit before placing a hand each on their small backs and giving them a light push.

“Aww!” Cassie said, but smiling that they were getting pushed regardless.

They happily swung for a bit, hardly bothered by the fact that Raiden would not push them too high, until they grew bored and wanted Raiden to follow them to another piece of playground equipment. They both wanted to show off how strong they were by swinging from the monkey bars, and also by having him sit one one end of the seesaw and trying to push down his weight (not at all keen to Raiden moving his own weight to make it seem like they were bobbing him up and down). They also asked for him to spin the roundabout for them, though Raiden insisted on ‘not too fast’.

“Hey kiddos! Wanna take Grandpa Raiden for lunch?” Johnny called from where he was seated with the other.

“Yeah!” They both clamored.

“Well, get his big butt over here then!”

Beating them to the punch, Raiden scooped up both giggling girls and walking over to their parents.

“Can we play after lunch too, Grandpa Raiden?” Cassie asked.

“If your parents are willing,” Raiden smiled at the two of them. “I am always happy to spend time with the two of you.”

The two little ones beamed and Raiden could not be happier.

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What do Johnny and Sonya miss the most about each other during there time apart

They miss each other’s sharp wit. Johnny misses Sonya’s snuggles. Sonya misses the forehead kisses that she’d get from Johnny.

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The Bois reactin to you bringin a dog home….

Kuai Liang is reluctant, he knows animals are a handful and that he doesn’t have time enough as it is, but when you pout and plead, he grumbles quietly and nods, letting go of a little bit of his reluctance. “Fine.”

Kung Lao is ecstatic, he’s never been able to have a pet before, and he’s glad he gets to own one with you, he’ll make a fuss of the dog and grin before kissing you and pulling you close enough to feel your heartbeat. “What are we gonna call it?”

Erron Black just laughs, he doesn’t know where you found the dog, but at the same times, it’s a signal of settling down, owning a pet means commitment, it means spending more time at home with you, and he’s happy to do so. “You ever gonna tell me where you found him?”

Johnny Cage isn’t really sure how to react, he likes dogs sure, but he doesn’t know the first thing about owning one, but when he sees the smile on your face as you pet the animal, he can’t help but to cave in. “Babe, I think we need to go on a shopping trip again.”

Arthur Morgan is pretty happy about it, he loves animals and he likes dogs, so he’s happy to let you bring the mutt into his tent, he agrees that you can keep it, even if he does worry about how Micah will treat the poor animal if it goes sniffing about camp. “Just let me know if Micah pulls any shit.”

Ben Daimio has said before that he’s more a dog person, and it’s true, when you bring a mutt into the house, Ben smiles and shakes his head a little fondly, not questioning about where you found the animal and not wanting to know. “When I said I was a dog person…”

The Mandalorian is confused, to say the least, he’s never been much of a person for pets, and it takes a lot of begging and pleading from you to eventually make him grumble and shrug as he observes the animal. “You’re looking after it.”

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more soft things…..

Kuai putting his mistrust of technology aside and getting a phone so he can text you throughout the day to make sure that you’re safe and sound.

Lao taking naps in the sun with you after training, his arms tight around you as your head rests on his chest, his breathing soft and gentle and lulling you into sleep.

Erron engraving your initials into one of his guns and then grinning and telling you that it’s so that he can always keep you with him and it’s for good luck.

Johnny always wrapping his jackets/hoodies/coats around you whenever he can, his arm around your waist as he grins and proudly shows you off.

Arthur drawing you in his journal and quietly telling you to sit still bc he wants to get every single little detail down right, he wants to make sure he captures your smile well enough.

Ben letting you sit on his lap as he works, letting you press your forehead against the side of his neck as he holds you close and runs his hand up and down your back.

Mando finding little bits and pieces to bring back to you, just small trinkets and things that remind him of you, he never says anything, he just leaves them on your bed like a cat.

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Kuai Liang;

he’s patient and makes sure that you know he’s there, he’ll make you tea and get you any food if you want it, he’s more than happy to stay up with you and listen to you reading or talking; catch him on a good day and he even have a few other ideas on how to help 👀

Kung Lao;

he straight up suggests having sex as a form of helping, but if you say no, he’s still more than willing to stay up with you and talk to you about whatever crosses your mind at whatever moment; he’ll get snacks and watch the television, too, if you’re up for it.

Erron Black;

Erron takes a much more laid back approach to it, offering to go on a walk with you to get you out and help to clear your head a little bit, he doesn’t care how long or short the walk is, he still has his hand in your back pocket to keep you against his side and as close as possible.

Johnny Cage;

his first instinct is to make a few teasing jokes about it before pulling you onto his chest and wrapping his arms around your waist, smothering you in kisses until you’re laughing and begging him to stop; Johnny will spend the entire night like that - making you laugh.

Arthur Morgan;

this is a man who knows insomnia like an old friend and will sit up in your tent with you showing you the drawings from his adventures - he’ll tell you all about the different animals he’s seen, and all the different herbs and plants he’s found out and about; he knows it’s better to keep your mind focused on something other than sleep deprivation.

Ben Daimio;

Ben’s used to sleepless nights and doesn’t mind just crashing on the sofa with you and holding you close, watching stupid Disney films that make you tiredly sing along; while he loves the sound of your voice, he knows you need sleep, and will get everything and anything he can that he thinks might help - from tea, to condoms 👀

The Mandalorian;

Mando, like Arthur, has his own insomnia, and while he won’t talk a lot to you throughout the night, he’ll let you sit on his lap and fill the ship with your voice; he’s happy to let you tell him things about this, that, and the other. He worries, although he won’t let it show, and makes a note of a list of things to try and grab in town so that he can at least try to help a bit more.

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more Soft Things bc I need a distraction, but, uh,,,,,

Kuai going out of his way to find your favourite books and then spending hours sat with his head in your lap listening to you read them.

Lao staying up late with you just bc he hates the thought of you being alone and wants to be with you, even if you’re just watching Netflix all night.

Erron buying box sets of Western films on DVD and crashing with you for the night, making sure to get takeaway and some snacks and drinks.

Johnny letting you fall asleep in his lap and refusing to move bc he doesn’t wanna wake you as he keeps up a steady rhythm of carding through your hair.

Arthur leaving you little drawings of all the animals he sees whilst he’s out and smiling when he sees from afar that you tuck them all safely away in a little notebook with a grin.

Ben taking you out to the top of a hill one night and laying a blanket on the soft grass so he can lie down with you and look up at the stars, even though his gaze is always brought back to you.

Mando putting his cape around your shoulders when he hears you shiver, he doesn’t say anything, but he squeezes your shoulder a little and hums really quietly.

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Nightwolf/Johnny fluff

“Why is your phone dead, you never–” Nightwolf said, stepping into Johnny’s apartment while looking at his phone’s screen and trying to will it to connect to Johnny’s phone, before looking up and chuckling.

“You know how I was worried about your furry buddies liking me or not? Yeah, not worried anymore,” Johnny said, currently having Komo draped across his back. 

The big bear looked downright shameless as she gave Nightwolf her ‘please pet me’ eyes. It was due to her spiritual nature that Johnny was not crushed underneath her weight, but she was still rather large and Johnny was still pinned underneath what weight there was.

“So that’s why your phone went dead,” Nightwolf chuckled, taking Johnny’s offered phone and going over to the charger outlet and plugging it in before coming back over to gently shoo Komo off him. 

It took a few tries, and Komo demanded that her ears get scratched beforehand, but eventually Johnny was freed. Nightwolf had to pull him to his feet and help him over to the couch, because his legs were quite numb. And to make it up to him, because even if he was not mad and in good humor about it, Johnny did just spend perhaps an hour being pinned underneath Komo, Nightwolf got Johnny to lay out on his couch and rubbed his back for a bit.

“You actually worried if Kiba, Komo or Hana did not like you?” Nightwolf chuckled as he worked over stiff muscles gently, mindful of the blood rushing back into where Komo had laid out on him.

“A little. I remember how you said that they’re part of you but also part of the Great Spirit, and she’s got an eye for people’s character,” Johnny hummed. 

“You have matured well, Johnny,” Nightwolf said back. “Do you think I was always as I am?”

“Kinda hard to think of teenage Grey Cloud.”

“Johnny. I was an asshole. I was an asshole all up until I turned myself around in a split decision. I had to work on myself like most everyone. Very few people come into the world as a shining example of humanity. We work on ourselves all our lives,” Nightwolf said as he worked, feeling Johnny relax underneath his touch. He liked to think that Johnny was also soothed by his words as well.

“… Yeah, you’re right.”

Not feeling any more knots or stiffness, Nightwolf smirked and then flipped Johnny onto his back. Johnny grunted in surprise before looking up at Nightwolf with delighted surprise on his features.

“Hi,” Johnny breathed.

“Hello,” Nightwolf chuckled. “Better?”

“Yeah, yeah. Now I know that look, Wolfy. You gonna bend down and kiss me or what?”

Laughing, Nightwolf did just that, kissing Johnny’s grinning mouth and loving every second.

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okay, but…

Kuai buying hoodies that he’ll never wear except for once, just to give to you.

Lao spending ages trying to find one (1) particular kind of flower that you mentioned once bc he wants to pick one and give it to you.

Erron getting a bandana and learning how to sew so he can put his initials on it before handing it to you.

Johnny doing his best to learn about something you’re interested in, just bc he knows you like it and he wants to be able to talk to you about it, even if he doesn’t understand most of it

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May I have hcs for the mk lads receiving hickies from their s/o but they don't notice until the next day when someone points it out to them? Thank you ♥️

Kuai Liang;

he’s embarrassed and a little angry at you when someone points out the prominent hickeys on his neck, it’s not proper for the Grandmaster to be seen with such things. He goes to find you the second he has spare time, pinning you against the nearest surface, he’ll start to whisper all kinds of dirty things in your ear and then ask how you’d like to be punished for it.

Kung Lao;

Lao blushes but he doesn’t really mind, he knows you’re just as marked up but he’s a little caught off guard when Liu Kang points out the marks on his neck; Lao will wear them with pride, though, he thinks of the hickeys as cementing the fact that you belong to each other, especially when he sees how you’re not even trying to hide yours. Expect him to make comments about it all day.

Erron Black;

Erron just shrugs and laughs it off, he doesn’t really care that you’ve marked him with hickeys, especially when he knows that you’ve got hickeys everywhere, too; he won’t wear them with pride but he won’t try to hide them, either, but if he catches someone getting a bit too close to you then expect him to walk over and start asking you if you wanna repeat last night’s events and mark each other up more.

Johnny Cage;

Johnny grins and proudly shows them off when someone points them out, he’ll crack a joke or two about it as well; hickeys have always been his thing to give to you, but when he finds out you’ve given him some, he can’t help but to grin and get a little turned on by it. His baby getting a little possessive… it’s hot, and he likes it, so expect him to pull you aside and start asking if you want a round 2 or 3.

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