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Taeyong: What's going on in here. Some arts and crafts?
Yuta: Teaching the kids how to make a shank if they ever get jail time to protect themselves.
Renjun: *shaving down a toothbrush* When I get jail time.
Chenle: Been to jail before not too bad now prison is where you fight for your life.
Doyoung: Didn't I tell you Yuta can't babysit anymore.
Taeyong: They're just playing. Right Yuta?
Haechan: Renjun stabbed my arm!
Taeyong: Come here, I'll get you a bandage. Johnny you're in charge.
Doyoung: No, not Johnny.
Johnny: Hey Chenle you got any weed on you?
Chenle: I do if you have money.
Johnny: *slides a twenty* I got you.
Chenle: *gives Johnny a small bag* Nice doing business with you.
Johnny: Who wants to get high in my room?!
Dream: Me!!
Doyoung: Jeno, Jaemin, stay.
Jeno: Look over there
Doyoung: *looks*
Jeno & Jaemin: *runs to Johnny's room*
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pink or blue | johnny suh [M]
Tumblr media
summary ⇾ life couldn't be any more perfect. with johnny suh as your husband and the father of your daughter, you're perfectly content with your little family of three. your daughter, however, thinks there's something lacking still—a sibling. as a mother, you can't possibly refuse her request. you wonder, how does johnny feel about trying for another baby?
PAIRING // johnny suh x fem!reader
GENRE // explicit smut, lots of domestic fluff, just mc and johnny being cute parents
WARNING // 18+, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, dirty talk, creampie, breeding obviously cause they tryna have a baby lol, oral sex (f & m receiving), some degradation, handjob, somnophilia i guess, fingering
WORD COUNT // 10.1k
AUTHOR’S NOTE // this is as self-indulgent as a fic can get :] literally, I grew up despising the idea of marriage or having a kid, but as soon as I started stanning Johnny Suh, suddenly I'm ready to be a housewife. I will crawl on my knees, I will cook and polish ur boots with my spit sir pls let me
Daeun is pouting, doe eyes blinking up at you innocently. You had been prepared to scold her but is now finding yourself in a dilemma as she pleads with you to let her have some milk chocolate in the sweetest voice she can muster up. "Please, can I have some, Mummy?"
You push yourself up from your seat, offering her your hand. She's beaming as she slips her tiny hand into yours, not wasting a single second before guiding you toward the table of sweets Jaehyun's wife had organised for her son's birthday party.
Jungwoo's standing by the table, nursing a glass of a mysterious red drink in his hand as he plucks a mini doughnut from the neat arrangement of sweets and candies on the table. He sees you approaching and smiles as he greets you.
Daeun ignores him completely, pointing at the tray of chocolate slices on the table. "That one, please."
Jungwoo pinches her cheek gently, gaining her attention. "You're not even going to say hi to Uncle Jungwoo?" he asks, pouting down at her playfully.
Your daughter is quick to hug one of his legs, pulling away just as quickly. "What are you drinking, Uncle Jungwoo?" Daeun is curiously looking at the glass in Jungwoo's hand.
"It's raspberry soda. Have you had some?"
Daeun crinkles her nose, shaking her head in disgust as she grabs your hand in her own, nuzzling close to your leg and almost losing her balance in the process. "Daddy says I shouldn't drink fizzy drinks. I don't like it anyway, it tickles my tongue."
"Yeah, well your daddy's right, soda's not very healthy for you."
"Then why are you drinking it?"
Jungwoo seems surprised by her question, taking a few seconds to come up with an answer. "Oh, well, I only drink it once in a while. It's okay if you don't drink it too often."
Daeun seems to have lost interest in her conversation with Jungwoo, tugging at your hand so you would look at her. "Can I have the chocolate now, Mummy?" she asks, thanking you once you hand her a relatively small piece.
Jungwoo's chuckling to himself as he watches your daughter with sparkling eyes. "You know, I'm surprised you and Johnny haven't decided to have another child yet. You'd be lucky to have another little one that's half as clever as this one," Jungwoo says, motioning to Daeun, who is oblivious to what he's saying as she nibbles on her chocolate.
You lightly pet Daeun's hair, pondering a little too long about Jungwoo's words. Johnny and you never explicitly discussed having another child after having Daeun, but she's about to turn four soon, and you don't think you want to wait any longer if you do decide to get pregnant again.
"I've thought about it, a lot, actually," you reply truthfully. "But... having Daeun has been more than enough for me so far, you know?"
"But doesn't she want a sibling at least? Being an only child isn't so fun, I think. I can't even begin to imagine how lonely I would've felt without my sister."
"Hm, you're right. Johnny's mother once told me she regrets not having another child. It's a good thing Johnny's a social butterfly, so he grew up just fine all by himself."
Jungwoo shrugs, smiling. "But not everyone's built like Johnny, right?"
Glancing down at Daeun, you nod. "Right. He's one of a kind, I guess."
You stay at the party for another two hours, spending your time talking to Johnny's friends and their wives as you keep a watchful eye on Daeun playing along with the other kids. Occasionally, Johnny would approach you, hugging you from behind or kissing your temple as he effortlessly joins in on your conversation.
You're speaking to Doyoung and his wife when Daeun suddenly approaches you, hair dishevelled and tiny mouth pulled down into a frown. "Tired, baby?" you ask her as you pick her up to sit her on your lap. She only hums, resting her head on your shoulder.
Johnny takes a seat beside you, cooing at his daughter as she yawns. As soon as Daeun recognises her father's voice, she's scurrying off your lap to climb into his. You let her, knowing the smell of Johnny's cologne helps lull her to sleep somehow.
"She's adorable," Youngmi, Doyoung's wife, remarks as she watches your daughter snuggle into Johnny's embrace. Her hand is splayed on her stomach, rubbing her baby bump affectionately.
You smile to yourself, thinking back to when you were pregnant with Daeun. Your relationship with Johnny had never been stronger than those months you were pregnant. He was always at your beck and call, never hesitating to help you whenever you needed something, even after you insisted that you were more than capable of doing those things by yourself.
He had been nothing but loving to you during those nerve-racking months, frequently showering you with compliments whenever he noticed you staring dejectedly at your enormous belly in the mirror. Being pregnant hadn't been easy, but you got through it with Johnny's help and support.
Even after you had given birth, Johnny never stopped proving himself to be the best husband and father. It hadn't been easy the first year, with Daeun constantly testing your limits of becoming new parents, crying at ungodly hours during the night and wreaking havoc in your day-to-day life that used to be so ordinary before she came along. But you wouldn't have it any other way, not when Johnny's by your side, always managing to cater to both you and his daughter and making it look so easy.
As expected, Daeun falls asleep rather quickly in her father's arms with her face tucked into the crook of his neck. Youngmi and Doyoung keep you company for a few more minutes before Johnny finally decides to call it a day.
With Daeun tucked in his arm, he wraps his other arm around your waist as you both bid farewell to everyone still at the party. You wish Jaehyun's son a happy birthday once more before finally leaving.
You and Johnny speak in hushed tones throughout the ride back home, not wanting to wake your napping daughter. The silence in the car allows your mind to wander back to what Jungwoo had said to you back at the party. Maybe it isn't such a bad idea to have another baby. Daeun had turned out to be such a loving and kind child, and she deserves a sibling.
You twist your body to look at the backseat where your daughter sleeps in her booster seat, lips parted and head sagging slightly to the left. Johnny doesn't miss the affection in your eyes when you turn back to the front, but you're glad he doesn't question it.
Once you've arrived back home, Johnny immediately carries Daeun to her room, making sure not to disturb her afternoon nap, knowing how grumpy she can get whenever she doesn't get at least two hours of sleeping time during the day.
You feel slightly on edge as you clean yourself in the shower, mind reeling with the thought of trying for another baby. After having Daeun, many things had to be sacrificed in favour of being new parents, including your time spent being intimate with Johnny. Sure, there were times when you and Johnny found yourself alone and used your limited time to catch up on your sex life, but the both of you are fully aware that your daughter should and will always remain your priority.
You hear the bathroom door open and look up through the fogged glass to see Johnny's outline entering the bathroom. He sighs as he strips out of his clothes, and you open the shower door as an invitation for him to get in.
He's worn out, you can tell from his sagged shoulders and lazy smile, but you don't miss the way his dark eyes trail over your body as he approaches you, drinking in the sight of your flushed skin dripping with water.
"Is Daeun still asleep?"
You're sure Johnny doesn't miss the suggestive implication of your question, but he only replies with a nod before closing the shower door.
The groan he lets out as soon as he steps under the scalding water has heat flooding your stomach as you recall the shameless sounds he would make as the both of you make love. He tilts his head back, baring his neck to you. Even after so many years together, the sight of him naked like this never fails to mesmerise you. Everything about him has fire pooling low in your belly, eager to be doused by his touch.
"Johnny," you murmur, stepping closer to him and letting the water rain down on the both of you.
He doesn't hesitate to circle his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him so you can feel his slowly hardening member press against the apex of your thighs. He chuckles when you gasp as you stumble into him. "All these years, and you're still so responsive whenever I do something? Shouldn't you be used to me by now, baby?"
In your hazy state, it takes a few seconds to comprehend what he had said to you, but you decide not to reply, pressing your lips to his instead. You feel the wetness between your thighs when you clench them, and it only encourages you to move things faster, desperate to have Johnny inside you after days of not having the time to touch each other at all.
Johnny's tongue brushes against your lower lip, seeking entrance. You allow him, of course, moaning when his tongue breaches through your parted lips and tangles with yours. Your hand is wandering down his shoulder to the plane of his chest, descending lower until you're scraping your blunt nails on the groove of his abs, and finally... they reach their destination.
You pull your mouth away from his to look down as you wrap your hand around the base of his cock, squeezing it and smiling when you hear him groan. He's nibbling on your earlobe as you stroke him to full hardness, mumbling praises into your ear. "Feels good, baby, keep going for me, just like that."
A bead of pre-cum dribbles down the head of his cock, and you bend at the waist to wrap your mouth around the tip, tongue brushing over the slit to taste him.
Johnny's hands immediately fall to each side of your head, fingers delving into your hair as you kneel onto your knees. The wet tiles underneath you are uncomfortable, but that's the least of your concern when you have Johnny in your mouth like this, trying his hardest not to buck his hips in order not to choke you. He's looking down at you with so much hunger in his eyes, and you can't help but moan around him as your eyes flutter close, imagining how good it would feel once he was finally inside of you.
With each bob of your head, you try to take more and more of him into your mouth, but you find yourself overestimating your capability, gagging each time you attempt to go any further. Johnny must notice this because he's calling your name in the softest voice and smiling at you when you pry your eyes open to look up at him. "Easy, don't rush it. You're making me feel good either way."
With newfound determination, you start to move your head once again, hollowing your cheeks and pumping the part of him you have a hard time reaching in your fist. "F-fuck, your mouth feels so good around me..."
He's guiding you with his hands, grip in your hair tightening whenever you swirl your tongue around the tip and dipping it into the slit. You find yourself beginning to grow irritated when Johnny throws his head back, breaking the heated eye contact you had been holding with him. In an attempt to gain his attention again, you finally pull your fist away from the base of his cock, promptly replacing it with your mouth.
You gag when you feel him against the back of your throat, but you continue to take him deeper nonetheless, not stopping until the tip of your nose brushes against the coarse hair growing on his pelvis. "Oh, shit... shit- slow down, baby."
You stay there until you feel yourself run out of breath, pulling back with a sharp inhale. Johnny is panting when you look up at him. You can't help the satisfaction that runs through you when you see his eyes are fixed on you once again, although they're slightly unfocused and hazy.
You barely allow yourself to catch your breath before you're taking him into your mouth again, tongue skimming across the protruding vein running down his shaft. A gargled moan rumbles from your throat as you push forward, ignoring the voice in your head screaming at you to pull back and take a breath.
You close your eyes as you deepthroat him, letting the tears blurring your eyes trickle down your cheeks. You hear Johnny hiss through his teeth when you swallow around him, one of his hands withdrawing from your head to slam against the shower door.
He chuckles when you pull off of him, eyes looking up at him as if you're waiting for him to praise you. You're panting as you kneel on the floor, knees aching and hands balled into fists against Johnny's hips. "It almost seems like you're trying to prove a point to me," he says with a wide grin, brushing your wet hair back to tuck them behind your ears.
"I'm not trying to prove anything."
With Johnny's help, you manage to pull yourself up from your kneeling position, wincing when you feel the soreness on your knees. You're grateful for your husband's sturdy build as he circles his arms around you, letting you put most of your weight on him.
"Yeah?" He pecks your swollen lips. "So you weren't trying to make me cum in record time?"
"If I wanted to do that, you would've done it by now," you mumble, slipping your hand between your bodies to grasp at him.
He steps forward, carefully dragging you along with him. When your back finally meets the shower wall, Johnny reaches behind him to turn off the water. "Well, for the record, I was only seconds away from cumming before you stopped."
The gentle stroking motion of your hand on his cock halts when he suddenly buries his face in the crook of your neck, mouth latching onto a spot that has you gasping out loud in the humid bathroom. The steam from the hot water has created a thin mist in the air, leaving you lightheaded whenever you breathe in, but you suspect much of what you're feeling is because of Johnny.
"J-Johnny," you stutter, trembling when he turns you around. Your palms are pressed against the wall as Johnny seizes your waists in his hands, pulling your hips back. "Please, need you..."
He squeezes the flesh of your ass before trailing his fingers down to your core, sliding two fingers along your slit. You stiffen, gritting your teeth when his fingertips ghost over your entrance, threatening to dip in. "Not yet, princess. I need to stretch you out with my fingers first. Need to make sure your pussy can handle all of me, right?" He ends his question with a not-so-gentle swipe of his fingers on your clit.
You nod your head frantically, looking over your shoulder to look into his eyes as you plead. "Yes, please, please, Johnny-"
He presses his mouth to yours, effectively cutting off your pleading. You kiss him back, gasping when he sinks his teeth into your lower lip. Your fingers curl in anticipation against the tile wall when his digits finally slip through your entrance, pressing in until they're knuckles-deep.
You lean the side of your head against the wall in front of you, breaths coming out in short puffs. Johnny is pressing kisses to your bare shoulder, muttering praises into your ear whenever you whine and arch into the wall. "My good girl. All nice and wet for me. You just can't wait to have me inside you, don't you?"
"Yes! Y-Yes, please..."
He curls his fingers, stroking your velvet walls, revelling in the stuttered moan that slips past your lips when he does. "Gonna cum for me, sweetheart? Gonna cum all over my fingers like a good girl?"
"There, right there... Gonna cum, Johnny, g-gonna cum!"
Johnny has the audacity to chuckle under his breath when he feels you tightening around his fingers, only seconds away from crumbling right in front of his eyes. He loves the sight of you like this, so compliant and ready to please him. You're still so sensitive to his touch, as though every time he touches you, he's touching you for the very first time again, in his old bedroom, under the covers at midnight.
As you reach your high, Johnny watches in awe as you arch against the wall, choked moans escaping your lips. He thinks you're still just as beautiful as the first time he ever saw you, maybe even more beautiful now that you've carried his baby in your stomach.
A thought passes his mind, a vision of your stomach all big and swollen with his baby, but he loves you too much to pressure you for another baby when you've still got your hands full with Daeun. He doesn't want to burden you, so he says nothing, pushing the fleeting thought into the back of his mind.
Your thighs are shaking from the effort of holding yourself up after such an intense orgasm. It doesn't take long for Johnny to notice your buckling knees, and he's quickly wrapping an arm around your waist to keep you in his hold.
You feel him nuzzle his face into your neck, brushing the tip of his nose against your pulse point. You're trying to catch your breath, knowing your time is extremely limited and Daeun will most likely be waking up in the next hour or so, but you find yourself recovering rather quickly when you feel his length resting heavily against your back.
"Need you inside, please..."
Johnny chuckles, feigning amusement, although you know he's just as eager as you are. You feel the tip of his cock brush over your slit and you jolt.
"W-Wait, Johnny..."
Your words feel like a lump in your throat as Johnny looks down at you questioningly. You've talked to Johnny about having another baby, and you know he's open to the idea from the previous discussions you've had, but so far, he hasn't said anything and you're starting to wonder about whether he still wants to expand this little family you both created.
"I was thinking... what if we-"
The loud banging on the door cuts you off, followed by your daughter's voice, still croaky from being asleep. "Mummy, are you in here?"
"I'm here, sweetheart? Is something wrong?"
"I'm hungry, I tried to find Daddy, but he- um, I can't find him anywhere."
"Okay, honey. Can you go wash your face and wait in the living room for me? I'll be right out, okay?"
You hear her call back to you before you hear soft footsteps padding out of the bedroom. Johnny chuckles when you breathe out with relief, turning the shower back on so the both of you can wash off the sweat and the slick on your skin.
"You think she woke up cause you were too loud?" Johnny jokes once the both of you have thoroughly cleaned yourself.
You look at him with mild horror as you dry yourself off. "I'm really hoping she didn't hear anything."
"She wouldn't understand even if she heard anyway."
"That doesn't exactly make me feel any better."
As you wrap yourself in a towel, ready to exit the bathroom, you can't help but let your eyes wander down Johnny's figure. His cock still stands upright, and you look up at him pitifully. "Hey, I'll go take care of her. Why don't you stay in here a little longer and take care of your little problem, hm?"
You don't give him a chance to refuse, quickly leaning up and pecking him on the lips before slipping out of the bathroom. Your bedroom door is slightly ajar, the only indication your daughter had been in the room. The sound of one of Daeun's favourite cartoons playing on the TV can be heard as you rummage through your closet for some clothes to wear.
You let your mind wander back to the incident in the bathroom. You had been so close to telling Johnny about your little predicament. Now that you think back about it, perhaps the bathroom isn't the best place to talk about such a heavy topic.
Daeun's still a little disoriented when you finally give her some snack, blinking sleepily at the TV as she munches away on her food. When you ask her the reason why she woke up from her nap so early, she sheepishly admits that she had a nightmare. Her lips tremble as she recounts her dream, but she manages to hold back her tears. You make sure to praise her for being so brave.
Johnny arrives a little later, dressed in a clean pair of sweatpants and a comfortable white shirt. Daeun's mindlessly watching the TV, still drowsy from having been awakened from her nap too soon.
Johnny leans over the back of the couch to embrace his daughter and plant kisses all over her small face. Daeun bursts into fits of laughter, the cartoon she had been watching long forgotten as she tries to push Johnny away. "D-Daddy, no! No! Mummy, help!" She's squealing, trying to roll as far away from her father as she can.
Her efforts prove to be futile when Johnny suddenly picks her up from the couch, carrying her to the kitchen where you stand behind the counter, making yourself some tea.
Johnny stands beside you, swiftly kissing your temple before setting Daeun down on the counter. You find it so endearing when her little legs dangle over the edge, swinging back and forth as she grins up at her father.
"Mummy, do you smell that?" Johnny suddenly asks you, sniffing the air.
You set down your cup of tea to copy his action. "Smell what?"
He leans down toward Daeun, burying his nose into her hair before recoiling back with a look of faux disgust, which earns a giggle from Daeun, who has grown to be familiar with her father's teasing nature. "I think it's little Daeun here who's stinky because she hasn't had a shower yet."
"But I don't wanna shower yet."
Johnny hums. "How about a bath then? I'll make sure to put in some of that soap that turns the water all bubbly."
Daeun perks up at that, eyes widening as she enthusiastically nods, reaching up to wrap her arms around Johnny's neck. "Alright, bub, come on. Let's get your stinky bum in the bath and get you cleaned up before dinner, hm?"
"I don't stink, Daddy." You hear her mumble as Johnny carries her towards the hallway. You watch from your spot in the kitchen, heart feeling full at the sight of your daughter leaning her head against your husband's shoulder. Maybe another child wouldn't be so bad.
You smile down at Daeun from where you sit beside her on her bed, brushing your fingers through her hair and watching as her eyelids start to droop from fatigue as you sing her a lullaby. It's a song your mother used to sing to you when you were only a child.
Upon reaching the end of the song, you prepare to stand up and let Daeun sleep for the night, but it seems she has something to say before you leave. "Daddy said Uncle Mark and Auntie Erin are going to get another baby."
"Oh... Daddy said that, did he?"
Daeun only nods, tugging her fluffy blanket up to her chin. You can't help but coo quietly at her adorable doe eyes and pudgy cheeks.
"Are you excited to see the baby? You'll be able to see him in a few months."
To your surprise, Daeun shakes her head, lips forming into a pout. "But Uncle Mark's not going to let the baby stay here with us."
Chuckling, you lean down to press a kiss on Daeun's forehead. "Of course the baby's not going to be with us all the time, honey, but we'll visit them when we have time, and we'll invite them over so you can play with Myunghee and Minjun... and the little baby."
"Why can't we just get another baby, Mummy?"
You blink, startled by the implication behind your daughter's words. When you had told Johnny that you would tuck Daeun into bed, you hadn't been expecting to have this conversation. Daeun seems wide awake now, staring up at you with anticipation.
With a nervous laugh, you take her small hand into yours, rubbing your thumb over her chubby fingers. "That's going to take many, many months. You really wanna wait that long?"
Daeun doesn't hesitate to nod enthusiastically, her dark eyes sparkling with excitement. "As long as they can stay with us forever."
You entertain the thought for a few seconds, recalling the time when Daeun was only a baby and the way you and Johnny were eager yet frightened to be new parents. You recall the sleepless nights and the exhausting day-to-day routines. Looking at Daeun now, you know you would do it over and over again if you could. Watching her grow has been the greatest privilege, and having Johnny by your side throughout the journey has only made it so much better.
"Alright, how about you go to sleep now, and we'll talk about it with Daddy tomorrow morning, hm?"
"And we can get the baby tomorrow?"
"We'll see how Daddy feels about it, okay?"
"Okay... you promise?"
You nod, smoothing down the blanket on top of her body as she shifts to her side to get into a more comfortable position.
"Love you, Mummy. Oh, and tell Dad I love him too."
"I will. I love you... so much. Sleep tight, my little bear."
Daeun's smile at the term of endearment doesn't go unnoticed by you as you slip out of the room, closing the door gently behind you. You don't immediately walk away, leaning your back against the door, sighing blissfully at how perfect everything feels at this moment. A wonderful husband, the most beautiful daughter, how much better could it get?
Johnny's sitting in his home office reviewing some documents when you walk in with a dazed smile on your face. He watches you round his desk to get to his side before leaning back against the edge.
Setting his reading glasses down, his hand immediately reaches up to rest on your bare thigh, brushing up and down. "Something wrong?" Johnny asks after a while of silence.
You blink a few times as if to get rid of the thoughts plaguing your mind. The hazy look in your eyes is still present when you shake your head no. "No, no, nothing's wrong."
"Mhm, if you say so." Johnny doesn't say anything more after this, knowing something is definitely on your mind. He wants you to be comfortable enough to say it to him on your own instead of having to coax it out of you. You've been married for a few years, after all, and Johnny is a firm believer that communication is key in any relationship.
You're fiddling with the collar of his shirt, a telltale sign you're anxious about something. Frankly, Johnny's slightly upset you're having a hard time telling him something that has been weighing on your mind. Your struggle to confide in him—your husband, the person you're supposed to trust with your life—only indicates to him that he has been doing something wrong this whole time.
When you say his name quietly, he hums, listening intently to whatever it is you're about to say. "When you were a kid... did you ever feel lonely? As an only child, I mean."
Johnny hadn't been expecting this question at all. "Um, sometimes. I mean, I had a lot of friends, so that made up for it, I guess."
"Were there times when you wanted to have a sister or a brother?"
"Occasionally, yeah. Gets boring at home when the only people with you are your parents. No bantering, no playfighting. I used to get so excited when my cousins would come over. Why are you asking, anyway? Do you miss your family?"
You're quick to shake your head, brushing off his concern. "No, no, it's not that. I was just wondering."
The corners of his lips tug up into a grin. "Have you been talking to my mum? Is she saying stuff again? She just loves exposing my embarrassing childhood stories, doesn't she?"
You laugh, genuinely entertained by his assumption. "Aw, she just doesn't want to forget those moments, you know? One day you were this cute, little kid, and then next, you were a teenager with an emo haircut, and now you're this tall, brooding, handsome man."
"And this tall, brooding, handsome man is married to the most beautiful, amazing, sexy woman."
"Alright, alright, no need to make it about me," you quip, smiling when Johnny erupts into laughter.
For the first time since you came into the room, Johnny takes his time to take in your appearance, drinking in the way the black, satin night robe glides against your skin when his hand on your thigh inches closer toward the dip of your hips. He's confused, however, when his fingers reach your hips but feels nothing there—no fabric, no cloth, only skin.
His eyes meet yours, and you're able to pinpoint the exact second he realises you're bare of any clothes underneath the robe. His eyes darken, lips parting to exhale a soft breath.
"Pleasant surprise," he mutters, moving his chair to the side to position himself in front of you. "You went and kissed our daughter goodnight wearing nothing but a robe? That's so filthy," he jokes, grinning when he feels you squirm under his touch.
"You say that as if you weren't just about to put your dick in me when she came knocking on our bathroom door today."
Johnny chuckles, leaning down in his seat to press his mouth to your thigh. "Don't act like you weren't begging for it, princess."
With a smile, you push yourself off the desk, pretending to walk away. "Fine then, we'll see who's going to be begging now- hey!"
Johnny has grabbed your wrist, tugging you back rather forcefully. He pushes himself off the chair, rising to his full height. A breath of his name slips through your lips as you look up at him, and he grins. He loves the fact that you're always so taken aback by how much taller he is compared to you.
He presses himself flush to your small frame, cupping your cheek in one hand and leaning down to capture your lips with his. He tilts his head at the last second, nose smashing against your cheek. The kiss is feverish, the hunger obvious in the way he moves his mouth against yours. You squirm against him when his tongue licks at your bottom lip, requesting entrance.
One of Johnny's hands reaches down to grab at the back of your thigh, urging you to hook it around his hips as he picks you up to sit you down on his desk. It takes every last strength you have in order to pull away from the kiss, swallowing when you see the wetness of both yours and his spit coating his swollen lips.
You set your hands on his chest when he tries to dive back in, pushing slightly to keep him from kissing you again. "Wait, Johnny," you mutter, trying to catch your breath.
He pulls away, putting some distance between your body and his. You shake your head, grabbing at his shoulders to pull him back to you.
He obliges, both hands coming to rest on your thighs, gliding up and down as if to comfort you. "So something is wrong." He doesn't sound disappointed when he says it. In fact, he seems more concerned than anything else. "You can tell me anything, you know that, right?"
You give him an appreciative smile, nodding. "It's just, I- uhm..." You can't help but break eye contact, his gaze sending your thoughts into turmoil as you try to figure out how to approach the subject.
"Hey," Johnny mumbles, cupping your chin to bring your gaze back to his. "If you don't feel like doing anything tonight, we don't have to-"
"No, no, Johnny, I want to... Trust me, I want this," you quickly assure him.
Your husband nods, shifting on his feet slightly. The movement causes the strained bulge in his pants to press against you. The friction of his sweatpants on your wet heat sends a sharp surge of pleasure to run up your spine. "Ohh..."
You grab at his hip, pulling at his lower half, using your grip on his shoulder as leverage to buck your hips up from the desk. "F-Fuck, Johnny."
Johnny's lips part as he looks down, eyes zeroing in on the way your glistening pussy drags across the front of his sweatpants, staining the fabric with your slick. His cock hardens even more at the sound of your whines. "Baby," he says, groaning at a particular pressure that sends his mind spiralling. He almost forgets what he was going to say.
Your arms circle his neck, fingers burying themselves into the hair at the nape of his neck. Your movement is frantic, uncoordinated. You're desperate to reach your high.
"Look at me," Johnny demands, fingers digging into your hips to keep himself grounded. When your eyes meet, he has to restrain himself from pushing his pants down his hips and taking you right then and there. "What were you trying to tell me before, hm?"
You shake your head frantically, stomach tensing the closer you get to your climax. "After... I'll tell you after, just, please... I need this."
He chuckles, giving into your request. He hasn't done anything to you yet, but you're already such a mess for him. "Promise you'll tell me after, or I won't fuck you," he warns.
You mindlessly nod. "O-Okay, I promise... Kiss me, Johnny, please," you plead.
Johnny gives in yet again, kissing you while reaching a hand between your bodies. He lays his palm flat on your stomach, dragging it down slowly until the pad of his thumb meets your clit.
You break the kiss, a loud whine slipping past your lips as Johnny continues to draw tight circles on your bundle of nerves. Johnny can't help but smirk at your reaction, trailing his mouth down to your jaw and then your neck. At that moment, he's glad his home office is nowhere near his daughter's bedroom.
When one of your hands tug at the hem of his white shirt, Johnny withdraws for a moment to take off his shirt, tossing it onto the chair behind him. This earns an appreciative moan from you, who immediately rake your nails down his toned stomach.
Your head lolls to the side as he sucks marks onto the skin of your neck. Your legs are trembling from the effort of keeping them up, and you circle your legs around Johnny's slender waist, digging your heels into the back of his thighs.
The action only brings him even closer to you, and the sudden pressure on your heat makes you moan Johnny's name. "P-Please, can I cum? Please, Johnny..."
Johnny pulls away from your neck, biting back a groan when he sees you've untied your robe, exposing your breasts. He's tempted to put your nipple into his mouth, but he resists the urge, wanting to see you unravel from grinding against his clothed cock.
You jolt when Johnny palms at your right breast, twisting the stiff nub between two fingers. "You wanna cum?"
"Yes... please, yes."
Johnny's hand on your thigh slides up to underneath your ass, aiding you in rutting against him. "Cum for me, then. Make a mess all over my pants, hm?"
Johnny swears he almost reaches his own high when you cum with a high-pitched cry. The way you gasp and tremble against him drives him crazy, and he has to back his hips away from yours to stop himself from exploding, much to your dismay.
"F-Fuck... that felt so good," you murmur once you've caught your breath, looking up at Johnny through hooded eyes.
He pecks your lips once before looking down at his pants, causing you to follow his line of sight. Johnny can only smirk at the way your face flushes crimson when you notice the wet patch of your slick on his pants.
"We've been together for so many years, and you're still shy about making a mess on my pants? You're unbelievable," he remarks, dragging his hand down the valley of your breast, feeling you shiver under his soft touch.
"That's 'cause I'm not as shameless as you," you fire back, eyes locked on his naked torso. You reach out with your hand, languidly tracing the ridges of his abs, swallowing hard at how delectable your husband looks in the low light of the office room.
You're confused when Johnny suddenly bends at the waist, aligning his face to your core. He places his hands underneath your thighs, spreading your legs open and leaning in close.
"Johnny, what do you think you're doing!"
He ignores you, mouth closing around your pussy, tongue lapping up the remnants of your cum. You almost collapse back against his desk from surprise, but you manage to support yourself with your hands. You feel dizzy, still sensitive from your previous orgasm.
Johnny doesn't leave a single inch of skin untouched, tongue licking over your pulsing hole, dragging up your slit before flicking against your clit. You're heaving when he pecks the swollen nub once more before returning to his standing position.
He chuckles when he sees your chest rising up and down rapidly as you try to get enough air into your lungs. Your juices coats his mouth and chin, and you frantically pull him down by his arms to kiss him.
Johnny groans when you start leaving open-mouthed kisses down his chin, trying to taste yourself on his skin. "Sweet," you mutter when you pull away, licking at your lips as if you can't get enough of the taste of your own essence.
You start tugging down at his sweatpants, mind set on being stuffed full by your husband's cock. Johnny stops you by grabbing your wrists. "Please, Johnny, I can't wait any longer..."
"I know, baby." Johnny brings your hands up to his mouth, kissing the back of both hands before smiling down at you tenderly. "But you promised me, remember?"
You blink, not registering what he's talking about for a couple of seconds.
"What did you want to tell me before? I wasn't lying when I said I wouldn't fuck you until you tell me."
Johnny hooks both his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants, dragging it down his legs. His boxer comes next, and your mind short-circuits briefly at the sight of Johnny standing in all his naked glory, eyes peering down at you as if he wants to devour you whole.
You gasp when he takes hold of your calf, yanking you closer toward the edge of the desk. Your robe slips from your shoulders, leaving you just as naked as Johnny.
Johnny steps closer to you, taut balls pressed against your dripping cunt. He grabs the base of his cock, squeezing a few times before pumping up the length of it, allowing more pre-cum to leak out at the tip.
He drags the tip over your slit, soaking it in your juices. Your breath hitches when he places his cock head against your entrance. To your disappointment, the stretch never comes.
"Johnny, please," you plead, heel digging into the back of his thigh in hopes of getting his cock to slip in. Johnny is much stronger than you, so he resists your efforts easily.
"Then start talking, sweetheart."
Johnny hisses when your small hand suddenly wraps around his member, pumping just slow enough that it doesn't give him much relief at all.
"I think..." you begin, eyes meeting his.
Johnny nods, eyes threatening to close from the feeling of your delicate hand tugging at his cock. "Think what?"
"I think Daeun wants a sibling."
Johnny feels his mind clear entirely, and he grabs at your hand around his cock, halting your motion. "So this is why you were asking about my childhood. Did she say that?"
"Yeah. I think you might've given her the idea when you told her Mark is expecting another baby."
You're still not sure whether Johnny is pleased or concerned. His face remains expressionless, and for a second, fear washes over you. "Johnny, it's alright if you don't want-"
"What did you tell her?"
"Well, I told her we'd talk about it with you over breakfast tomorrow."
"What did you want to say?"
You pause, gazing into his eyes, wishing you could simply see into his mind and know what he's thinking of. "I, uhm... I mean, I wanted to say yes. I'd love to have another baby. But Johnny, if you don't think it's the right time-"
"How long have you wanted this?"
You search his eyes, gathering up the courage to confess the truth. "Since a long time ago," you admit sheepishly. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."
Johnny feels like an absolute hypocrite. He has always wanted the both of you to trust each other enough to tell each other everything, yet he himself has been doing the exact opposite.
"Then... I'm sorry as well. I've thought about it so many times before, but seeing you take care of Daeun- I just didn't want to burden you even more."
Everything feels so outlandish. If only you or Johnny had been honest enough to disclose your feelings from the beginning, all this mishap would've been avoided, and Daeun might already have a sibling by her side.
"We should probably work on our communication, huh?"
"Yeah... Let's start from now."
"The better communication or the trying to have a baby?"
"Both... Here, I'll go first. I'm going to fuck you full of my cum tonight, and you're going to keep it in you like a good girl until tomorrow morning, then I'm going to fuck it back into you as soon as you wake up. We're going to keep doing that until I knock you up with my baby. Sounds good to you?"
His words render you speechless, and you snicker as you shake your head in disbelief. "You're off to a pretty good start, I'd say."
"Yeah? You should do your part as well, then." Johnny eases into you without warning, and you sigh at the familiar burn. Your arms wrap around his neck, using it as purchase as Johnny inches into you little by little as if he's trying to commit the feeling to his memory.
"Johnny, don't stop," you sigh out, resting your head against his chest with your eyes closed, savouring how utterly full you feel as Johnny finally buries his whole cock into you.
"F-Fuck, never gonna stop when you feel like this, princess," Johnny grunts, rolling his hips experimentally when he feels you start to relax against him. "So fucking tight. Almost like I haven't fucked you countless times before, hm?"
"Oh god, please..." Your eyes roll back when Johnny snaps his hips against yours, your slick splattering against his pelvis.
"Almost as if I've never gotten you pregnant before, all swollen and so pretty for me." Johnny wraps his arms around your waist to bring you closer to him. The sound of his hips slapping against yours echoes throughout the room—sharp, hard.
He buries his face into the crook of your neck, pressing his mouth to the patch of skin behind your ear. The action feels so intimate somehow, and you moan, fire spreading through your veins like wildfire. "S-So good, Johnny... Your cock feels so good in me..."
"Yeah?" he mutters against your ear, hot breath making you shudder. "You love this cock, right?"
"Fuck yes, l-love your cock." The drag of his cock against your walls makes you feel delirious—the way you can feel the veins running along his length rub against you and the way the tip of his cock reaches so deep inside you that you can feel it in your stomach.
Johnny reaches behind you, clearing his desk of sheets of paper and his reading glasses. "Lie back for me, won't you?"
You listen to him, of course. The change of position has you sighing in relief, the tension in your lower back disappearing now that you're lying down. Johnny lifts both your legs to settle on his shoulders, pushing your legs tighter together, pussy milking his cock even more.
The squelching noise of your soaked cunt can be heard as Johnny continues to pound into you. He grabs onto your thighs, pulling at the meaty flesh, watching the way his cock disappears into your tight heat.
He watches the way you lift your arms above your head, grabbing at the edge of his desk as your eyes flutter close. The stuttered moans you let out spurs Johnny to go faster, cock rubbing you raw.
Your throat feels dry with how much you've been moaning, lost in the ecstasy, and spit gathers on your tongue. Swallowing is a difficult task as Johnny keeps drilling into you, heavy balls slapping against your ass.
"Hm, gonna get you pregnant again... show everyone how good I breed you, princess. That's all you're good for, right? Being a good wife and carrying my baby."
Your nails dig into the desk, head rolling to the side. Drool drips out of your mouth, pooling on the wooden desk. You can focus on nothing but your impending orgasm. Whenever the tip of his cock grazes your cervix in the slightest, your walls clamp down harder, making Johnny's thrust falter.
His hands settle on your hips, thumbs stroking over the faint stretch marks on your lower stomach—an indication that you've carried his child before. The sight drives Johnny wild, breath hitching in his throat when he realises you'll soon have another baby in your stomach, and he'll watch you swell up again, all glowing and radiant.
"F-Fuck, baby... you're driving me fucking insane," Johnny mutters, cock twitching.
"Johnny, please, I'm-" your back arches, hands scrambling to grab onto his wrists as your orgasm approaches. "I'm-ugh, Johnny-"
"Shh, I know. You can cum, princess. Cum for me, and I'll give you my baby..."
You force your eyes open, looking at Johnny through blurry eyes. Johnny's grip on your waist tightens when he sees your fucked out expression, tongue lolling out the corner of your mouth and hair sticking to your damp forehead and temple.
You look at him with what can only be described as lovestruck eyes, admiration and lust evident in them. His pace doesn't slow as your orgasm wracks through you, hips jerking up, trying to force his cock deeper inside you.
You can hear nothing but white noise, the consuming pleasure so much more than you thought you could handle. You sob—a sound of relief and exhilaration as slick pours out of you, coating Johnny's cock.
It takes a while for you to register Johnny's hand on your cheek, coaxing you out of your post-orgasm haze as he chases his own release. "J-Johnny," you weakly mumble, powerless against the mix of pain and pleasure as Johnny fucks you into overstimulation.
Your legs are no longer on his shoulders, now wrapped around his waist, allowing him to lean down and rest some of his weight on you. "I'm right here, princess... 'm here. Just a little more for me, alright?"
Johnny latches his mouth to your nipple, sucking and tugging at it. He feels as though he's in heaven as he listens to your tiny squeaks and whimpers.
"Can't, Johnny..."
"You can, baby, I know you can. You want my cum, don't you?"
That's all it takes for him to convince you that you can, in fact, take him for a little longer.
"Y-Yes, please, Johnny. Want your cum, want you to knock me up," you blabber, wincing at the stinging pain on your lower half.
"Good fucking girl, my filthy baby, f-fuck..."
You gasp when Johnny pushes himself as deep as he can into you, eyes snapping open at the feel of his warm load shooting into your womb. His thrusts are shallow, cock only withdrawing a few inches before sinking in again. He grunts against your chest, ropes of his cum filling you, some squirting out with an obscene noise, leaking onto the desk.
"Ohh, fuck..." Johnny drawls, chest heaving and brain fuzzy from his powerful orgasm. His heart thrums in his chest, and he pulls you into a soft kiss. "I love you," he says once he pulls away, caressing your forehead with his thumb, pushing the hair out of your face.
Your face breaks into a blissful smile, one that makes Johnny's stomach flutter. "Me too. I love you so much." Your voice is quiet when you speak, barely above a whisper. "We're really doing this, right?"
"I think it's time we finally have a new addition to the family, don't you think?"
You hum, envisioning another copy of Daeun running around the house, two sets of giggles sounding throughout the rooms. "I'm ready if you are, Johnny."
"I've been ready ever since I married you. You know... I never thought you could possibly get any hotter, but then you became a mum, and I'm watching you take care of our child, and my dick's hard all the fucking time."
You slap his arm playfully, face mortified at his blunt words. "I would know. You were all over me after I gave birth to Daeun, you perv."
Johnny laughs, peppering your face with kisses, not stopping even when you try to push him away. He can't remember the last time he felt this happy. He's about to embark on yet another journey, and he can't wait to do it all with you.
Your bare back feels warm, bathed in the morning sunlight filtering through the curtains of the bedroom window. There's rustling behind you, and the bed dips slightly as someone rolls over, encasing you in their arms, pulling you back against their heated chest. Still half-asleep, you only hum.
The cover shifts downward, exposing the upper half of your body to the cool air of the bedroom. Goosebumps erupt over your skin. Johnny notices and pulls you even closer to him, pressing his mouth to your shoulder.
He had initially planned to coax you awake with a few kisses, but he quickly realises he'd rather wake you another way.
His hand slips under your arm to palm at your breast, kneading softly and pinching at your nipple. He smiles when you shift onto your back, agitated by the disturbance. His hand then trails lower, passing over your stomach and cupping your sex.
Your legs instinctively fall open at his touch, giving more room for him to play with you. He starts by parting your folds, middle finger skimming over your slit. When he presses the pad of his finger to your clit, your eyelids twitch as though you're on the verge of waking up.
Johnny lifts himself onto his elbow to get a better look at you. He thinks you look beautiful like this—the glow of your skin, the curve of your lips, the way your hair fans across the pillow.
Johnny doesn't stop his movement, even when your back starts to arch and you're stirring restlessly. You whimper, thighs locking together.
"Morning, Mrs Suh," Johnny says, smirking when you reach a hand down to grab at his wrist. As soon as your eyes flutter open, he pulls his hand away, bringing it up to his lips.
"I could get used to being woken up like that," you groggily say, crinkling your nose at the way he so shamelessly sucks on his fingers.
He chuckles, kissing your jaw and pecking your lips a few times. "Well, don't take it for granted, cause as soon as another baby pops out, he's going to be the one waking you up every morning with all the screaming and crying."
"Yeah, well you're going to have to get me pregnant first, Mr Suh."
Johnny doesn't miss a beat, rolling you over onto your side, tugging his shorts off and slotting himself against your backside. He's hard already, leaking tip shoving against your entrance, threatening to dip in. "Uh-huh, trust me, with the way I plan to fuck you every chance I get, you'll get pregnant by no time."
You reach back to grab at his hair when he finally slides in, simultaneous sigh falling from each of your lips. His hips meet your ass, dick nestled tightly inside your cunt. Johnny stays still for a while, only focusing on the rhythmic pulsating of your walls.
You've done this so many times before, but you can never be fully accustomed to Johnny's size. If he was any longer or any thicker than he already is, you think you might not be able to take him at all.
"You okay?" Johnny asks, slowly thrusting in and out, listening to the sounds you make as the only indication that he's not hurting you.
You nod, body flushing at how overwhelmed you feel by the whole situation. "Johnny, I love you," you can't help but say, lips trembling as you try to hold back your tears.
Johnny replies with a rough thrust and a kiss on your shoulder blade. He knows he doesn't have to say anything for you to know how he feels. It's you and it will always be you, no one else.
You tug at his hair, turning your head to bring his lips down to meet yours. There's a hint of coffee and mint in his breath, and you suspect he might've had some breakfast and washed up before joining you back in bed.
The kiss is sloppy, matching that of an early morning kiss. His tongue ghosts over your lips for a few seconds before pulling back, and you chase it with your own, whining in surprise when he starts suckling on it earnestly.
Your folds cling to Johnny's cock, sucking him in every time he pulls out. With one hand, he grabs your thigh, lifting it higher so he has better access to your pussy.
You feel exposed by the new position, face burning as you bury it further into the pillow. Johnny doesn't speed up his pace, not wanting to ruin the quiet morning ambience. All he can hear is your hushed whimpers, the sloppy sound of his cock pushing in and out of you and the birds chirping right outside your bedroom window.
Johnny shifts behind you, moving lower on the bed to get a better angle. When he resumes his movement, you unexpectedly arch, leg threatening to snap close at the feeling of his cock against your sweet spot. With every buck of his hips, you moan, clenching around him.
"R-Right there..." Your mouth hangs open, sweat accumulating on your forehead despite the coolness of the bedroom. "So good, Johnny..."
Johnny speeds up just a little, and the shockwaves of pleasure that ripple through you is intense, yet still not enough. You slip a hand between your legs, two fingers rubbing at your clit.
Johnny tsks from behind you, seizing both your wrists, bringing them back behind you. "I want you to cum with my cock only."
Swallowing, you look over your shoulder, eyes meeting his. His thrust stutters, raspy groan rumbling in his chest as he tries not to reach his release before you do. You're making it hard, though, with your blissed-out face and half-lidded eyes. Not to mention the way your sopping pussy is gripping him so tight, fluttering whenever he delivers a particularly deep thrust.
"Faster, p-please, go faster..."
Johnny doesn't fail to comply with your wish, knowing he isn't going to last long. He's rewarded with your croaky moans and repetitions of his name, and it only pushes him to move faster. "Gonna fill you up, right? You want me to cum inside you?"
"Y-Yes! Want it inside, please, please, please..."
With a drawn-out whine, you cum around him, walls convulsing as Johnny keeps fucking into you. Slick drips past your ass and onto the crinkled bed sheet as you succumb to the mind-numbing pleasure. You claw onto Johnny's hand—the one still pinning your wrists to your back.
Johnny's hips still when he cums shortly after, strings of his hot seed filling you. He presses his lips to your back, groaning in anguish against your creamy skin as his cock continue to spurt out cum. When he pulls out, he watches as the milky liquid of his cum trickles out of your hole. He collects it with his fingers, pushing it back into you, which pulls a noise of complaint from you.
"Shh, gotta make sure you keep it all in..."
Johnny gently maneuvers you onto your back, bending your knees and pressing your thighs to your chest.
"What are you doing?" you ask, still breathless from your early morning tryst. You can't see his face with your legs blocking the way, but you'd bet real money he has his eyes locked onto your lower half. "Johnny, stop being gross. Quit looking at my pussy."
Half of Johnny's face comes into view, peering over the side of your thigh. "It's mine, so I'm allowed to look at it whenever I want, taste it whenever I want-"
"Possessive much? Hey, can you let my legs down now? It's starting to get sore."
"I read on the internet once that when you lie down in this position after intercourse, there's more chance of getting pregnant."
"Uh-huh, you gotta slow it down with the Buzzfeed, honey..."
Finally, Johnny lets go of your legs, moving up to line his face with yours, propping himself onto his elbow. "How about I take care of Daeun today? You just stay here at home, relax, watch a couple of movies..."
"Is this another thing you read on the internet? Relax more to increase chances of pregnancy?"
Johnny furrows his eyebrows defensively, but you can tell he's fighting back a smile. "Hey, I'm just being a good husband here, okay? If you don't want wanna spend the day relaxing, then that's totally fine with me-"
Johnny makes a move to stand up from the bed, but you don't let him get far, grabbing his arm and sending him crashing back down into you with a laugh. "You're not getting out of this one, Johnny."
"Alright, alright, let me get up then. You gotta clean yourself, and I gotta wake Daeun up."
Johnny disappears into the bathroom, emerging a while later with a clean towel around his waist. He heads straight toward the closet, putting on casual clothes suitable for a day outdoors.
He has one hand on the door handle when you call his name, stopping him in his tracks. "Do me a favour?"
"Anything," he replies.
Reaching over to the side, you open the bedside table drawer, feeling around for the plastic packaging. Johnny steps closer, looking down at the object in your hand.
"Throw these away for me, please?"
He grabs the birth control pills from between your fingers, looking down at it with a grin. "You're not gonna be needing these for another year at least."
"No, I won't, but I will be needing your help getting around once my feet are swollen, like last time."
He leans over, kneeling on the bed, and the cologne he had spritzed on his skin leaves you wishing the both of you could stay in bed the whole day. He kisses your temple once and then draws back. "Anything you want, I'll do it. Until the end of my time."
"You're sappy."
"Have fun having the house to yourself. Don't invite a man over if his dick isn't bigger than mine."
"No one's dick is bigger than yours."
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neopuppy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“Wanna fuck you.” Johnny whispers, lips tugging your earlobe. You nod swallowing down the moan wanting to escape as Jaemin swipes a thumb across his lower lip. “Upstairs, my room.”
Best Friend Johnny-centric smut, bc Jorhnny as fuck🙄
this messed me up
WC: 2k+
Smut Warning: big time size kink, spitting, scratching, biting, slapping, ass play, degradation, dumbification, creampie, cum eating, just smut
“What took you so long?” Johnny’s face slowly drifts to his door where you stand. Half swallowed down water bottle clutched to your chest. Throat sore in the aftermath of Jaemin’s gripping choke hold.
“I’m.. I couldn’t find water” you lie. Rubbing your hand over your neck concerned your best friend had left behind a mark. “Looks like my rides heading home.. you think I can spend the night?”
Johnny smirks, having caught Jaemin watching you both earlier on. Purposely squeezing your ass with both hands to catch his attention. Eyes winking in his friends direction knowing how he wished this could be him. Jaemin never quiet about making sure they all knew how badly he wanted to fuck you.
“Why should I let you? Made me wait so long. My dicks not even hard anymore.” Johnny’s eyes widen to add mockery. Giving you the up and down to make clear what he wants.
“Don’t wanna fuck me anymore? You’ll end up wasting more time looking for something else down there.” Shrugging you strut closer to where he sits at the end of his bed. Johnny leans back, his opened shirt sliding further off his torso. Ab muscles radiating in definition under the dimly lit lamp.
Johnny always looked best in his tiny swim trunks. Hardly able to contain his thick size. Proudly showing off his fat length every swim meet. Half of your class showing up for the visuals alone. Johnny’s toned physique was a constant hot topic around town. He’d have no trouble finding someone else. Hoping in the back of your mind he wasn’t taking you serious.
“Of course I wanna fuck you baby. I just spent the last hour fingering your little pussy letting you cum three times in a row. You owe me now.” Johnny’s shoulders roll back. Shirt slipping down his biceps exposing the entirety of his broad chest.
“What can I do for you? This is what you wanted right?” Turning around you look over your shoulder. Slowly bundling up the fabric of your dress like a curtain. Inching up unveiling peaks of skin.
Johnny leans forward keeping his gaze locked on yours. Your lower lip instinctively making its way between your teeth in anticipation. His tongue hangs loose lapping the crevice of your ass upward. Working around the perky mound leaving a shining trail behind.
“Aren’t you the one that wants this? Want to be treated like a whore don’t you?” Johnny expresses in a lowered tone. His voice turning deeper the more serious he wants to come off whenever you fall into this game. A large hand shoving between your thighs from behind cupping over your mound. “Answer me.”
You nod burying your teeth deeper into your lip. A salty metallic taste mixing in with your saliva as your hole flutters. Body giving into the hunger not allowing your mind to process his words. Johnnys large palms part your ass open throwing you a lazy hooded glare. Puffs of breath hit your rim, his chest sucking in with each deep inhale.
“Can’t speak already?” He taunts, tongue circling between your cheeks. The strong grip on your backside holding you in place as his nose dips in. “Want me to eat your ass don’t you baby?”
“Please.. please fuck me.” You sigh. Hand reaching back dragging through his silky head of hair. It didn’t take much for Johnny to make your brain feel full of air. His stature over you enough to make you feel weak and lightheaded. Johnny drawing attention off his sheer mass alone. Audible gasps sounding paired with awestruck faces whenever he entered a room.
Johnny flicks your rim with teasing licks, giving so little. Hole expanding in thirsting want needing more. Pulling away only to bite the rounded cleft at the top of your ass. His eyes snap open blaring into yours. Sucking your skin in earnest to pull up blood and leave a mark behind.
“Mmm look at your little hole winking for me.” Releasing your ass with a lewd pop. His tongue pokes out of the corner of his lips. Thumb pressing down on your rim allowing your hole to suck and kiss around him with each push.
“Johnny, n-need….unghh… fuck me. Fuck me hard please.” You dryly swallow. Knees clinking together as his arms wrap around your hips. Johnny tugs you down to his lap. Ass landing firmly against his straining length. Hard member pressing between your backside under his suffocating jeans.
“I n-ne-..need..” your face turns to his begging in cracked whimpers. Johnny sliding three large fingers past your parted lips. Digits pressing down the center of your tongue. His chin nodding up to let you know.
“Open up. Open all the way baby.” Johnny’s lips scrunch together in pout. A slow thick clear dribble of spit spills out. Your drool covering his fingers deep inside your mouth. Johnny clearing the passage ensuring his spit hits the back of your throat. “You like that, don’t you?”
Your head nods with rapid need. His fingers thrusting in fucking spit further back. Your tongue chasing after his every move wantonly held open. Mind lost, too consumed with every touch. Johnny’s calming fresh scent aiding in the the dizziness pushing your sense further away.
“Look at you all fucked out already. I’ve barely touched you. You like me that much?” Johnny smirks. Manhandling you onto his bed as if you weigh nothing. Clothes scattered over the floor, undressing you with no time to waste.
Large hands wrap around your waist nearly able to hide you completely. Shoving you up his soft comforter, kicking your legs open. Adjusting to make space for his much wider frame between your middle.
“Ready to feel me inside of you?” Johnny asks placing his cock between your folds. Tip landing above your bellybutton demonstrating how much bigger he is than you. Cock long enough to reach deep inside your womb. Needing to carve out a space inside of you just to fit.
“Slutty pussies opening up for me already baby.” Johnny pushes on your inner thighs. Hamstrings aching the harder he forces you to stretch open. Hole pulsating around nothing begging for him to fuck you stupid. “You do this to yourself. All dumb and helpless. Can’t even beg for me to fuck you anymore can you?”
Your hips twitch in response, his nails scratching up your inner thighs. Dragging and cutting the sensitive tender skin with harsh scratches. Marks rising on your flesh under the repeated digging.
“P-please…anything. Anything, I’ll do anything.” You weep like a blubbering mess. A few trickles of tears combining with the slop of drool left behind on your chin.
“Of course you will.” Johnny sneers, cock head prodding your entrance. “Sluts like you do anything for dick.”
He pushes in, seething half way only halted by your tightened walls. Cock thrumming and stretching between your core. Veins dragging up your inner walls as he thrusts deeper in. He fucks you full with a plummeting piston of his hips. Lower half stilling, holding in a loud moan hitting the back of his throat. Pussy clenching around his size maddeningly. Your body thanking him with every pulsing grip.
“Such a good slut. Only get wetter for me whenever I call you a silly little stupid whore don’t you baby?” Johnny hums. Hips circling spinning your insides around the tip of his length. Biceps pronounced, flexing with every thrust he sinks inside. Weight shoving you farther and deeper into his bed.
“More, more, gimme more!” Reaching for his broad shoulders with grabby hands you shout. Your lower half lifting up to meet his thrusts. An insatiable need to cum throwing you into a quick pace. Back arching up with every needy weak attempt to fuck him back.
Johnny grits, squeezing at your chest digging his nails in. Slapping across your breasts, jiggling under every precise smack. Gripping you roughly, he shoves your chests up. Releasing you letting out a long drawn out growl.
Fingers trace up to the back of your neck. Circling your throat Johnny’s grip holds your head up. Your stomach sinking in as he bends you up to an awkward angle giving you the perfect view of his cock sliding in and out.
“Look baby, watch me fuck you. Keep your eyes open.” Johnny’s abdomen constricts as he drills into you faster. Cock sliding out to the tip, filling you full with each pointed thrust. “So big, too big for you.”
He rambles on, stare focusing on your skin protruding with every slam of his hips. Your ass clapping into his hip bones between each pounding slap of his front.
“So-so b..big..” you agree ignoring the ache in your spread open thighs. Ass stinging under each bruising thrust. Johnny’s over-powering size keeping your weakened body in place. “Johnny…fuck fuck me. Fuck me full of cum, please please. Need your cum.”
“Taking that big cock like the perfect whore you are.” He moans under a deep growl, finally. Stomach coiling down to his balls, squeezing up. Merciless pace fucking you hard enough to rock his bed. Headboard thumping against the wall with each impactful thrust sending you into an over heated frenzy. Curses shared between ragged breaths as you each chase release.
“F-fuck…cum inside me!” You plead once more. Eyes falling shut painfully after a scream ripping from your chest. Nearly passing out as intense burning orgasm rips throughout your body. Cold heat spinning everything around you in blissful confusion.
“Yea baby..” Johnny keeps fucking you, gruffing quietly in response. Gaze stuck on the way your cunt drags around his thick size. Pussy following him with every pull out unwilling to let go. “Good girl, so good always good for me. Just me, ah. Gonna give you all this, deserve it all.”
Slow, deep, hard, meticulous thrust have you trembling shedding dry tears. Muttering how much you need to feel him. Nodding because you are a good girl. No one more deserving to take his cum.
“Taking this fat cock like it’s all you’re good for baby. F-fuck..” Johnny breaks off in his rambles. Sloppy fucking pausing with three deep thrusts. Tip of his length exploding all the way in. Cum spilling out aggressively painting your insides with warmth. Satisfaction energizing you enough to admire the way his tight muscles twitch with each shot of cum.
“Come here pretty baby.” Johnny groans slowly pulling out. Cock coated in your cum, his cum, enhancing each fat vein trailing up his length. Two fingers press over your hole keeping his fresh load held inside. He moves around you with ease pressing your back to his chest. “Get those knees up for me.”
Your legs bend under his command. Despite the heat weighing your eyes down. Mind reeling and spinning from the climax still shaking down your limbs. You listen carefully and listen well when Johnny’s telling you what do to. His other hand finds your jaw tugging your neck back. Lips brushing against yours as he continues-
“You were such a good girl for me yea?” His words drag your mouth open with each movement. Fingers seeping inside past your filled up hole. Lewd sounds of wet gushing around his digits tickle up to your chest. Huffing breathily whines in response as he slides in knuckle-deep. “Tight slutty pussy needs more. Always want more from me?”
“Johnny…” you gasp. His fingers completely seethed inside your stretched cunt. Your neck loosening, rolling back on his shoulder. Mouth hung open as your breathing speeds up. He wiggles inside reaching so far deep. Pussy gripping around him with urgency desperate to cum for him again.
“Cum for me baby. You can do it one more time. Dirty pussy sucking me down like you didn’t just take all this dick.” Johnny’s nose presses against yours. Long neck twisting to keep your bodies as close as possible. The low growl in his throat sending tremors between your thighs.
Angling his fingers just right as his thrusts build up in in a rhythmic speed. His words drawl on, panting against your parted whimpering lips- “Wanna taste your slutty pussy. Give me that cum baby, be a good girl for me yea?”
“Fuck…” you drop into a cry. Face closing up, biting down. Your lower half springing forward convulsing around him in release. Second climax too much for your weakened state sending you falling back down against Johnny quickly.
Your mouth hangs open drawing harsh breaths. Johnny taking his chance swiping up the blend of your cum together. Long fingers return to your mouth spreading the mixture over your tongue. Satiated groans fall from his, hawking out another wad of spit. Back of your throat immediately met with the taste of cum and his saliva. Your core twitching hungrily turned on. Calming only when Johnny’s fingers swipe down your neck. His tongue sliding around yours sharing your combined taste.
Gentle pettting lulls you to sleep in his strong protective arms. Kisses pecked across your damp forehead with a final ‘good girl’ driving you to relaxed slumber.
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smileysuh · 5 months ago
Marks - Johnny & Jaehyun
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: Your soulmate sold your soul to not one, but two demons.
⇢ Pairing: Jaehyun & Johnny x fem!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, angst.  ⇢ Warnings: ex Haechan, threesome, some dirty talk, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, choking, tiddie worship, multiple orgasms, fingering, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 14.2k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: demon au, soulmate au, non idol au.
Tumblr media
“I really should be going.” Haechan sighs, running a hand through unruly, chocolate brown locks. They’ve been here since after dance practice, where Haechan had worked so hard that his muscles are bound to be sore tomorrow- but he’ll do it again. Because he’s only a trainee, and if he wants to make it in the idol world, he’ll have to work harder… like the two men in front of him.
They’re not idols, but Haechan wouldn’t be surprised to see their faces on a billboard somewhere for some new amazing boy group- they can’t be more than their mid to late twenties, which is well within idol range- But maybe they’re actually something better than idols- they’re producers. And they can make all of Haechan’s dreams come true…
Or so they’ve been saying. But they’ve been wanting to get to know him first. And that’s how Haechan has ended up in a beautiful restaurant that overlooks Seoul after a grueling day of trainee practice, with producers who refer to themselves as Jaehyun and Johnny, no last names given- no way for Haechan to look into them - but he’s seen their luxury sports cars, and even if they do something illegal, Haechan’s starting to think maybe it’s worth it. The clean road to fame seemed nice four years ago, but there’s still no end in sight. Every day is filled with work- and on top of that, his relationship with you is falling apart-
Yes, you’re probably at the apartment wondering where he is-
“Do you have someone waiting at home?” Jaehyun asks, drawing Haechan’s gaze as he rises from his chair. Jaehyun is the less talkative of the two, he’s more of a watcher. He sits and drinks while Johnny talks in animated forms with Haechan, making him laugh and chatting about the life he could have, asking all sorts of questions- Jaehyun makes Haechan a little uncomfortable, an ever constant reminder that this is business. They’re not friends at a restaurant getting dinner.
“Yeah.” Haechan briefly wonders if the man can read his mind, the question having been too spot on- but he quickly brushes it aside and chalks it up to paranoia and exhaustion.
“What’s her name?” Johnny’s the next to make an inquiry, and his soft smile makes Haechan lower his guard - a mistake, he’ll soon realize. Because if there’s one thing demons love more than anything they could possibly profit from during a demon deal, it’s a soul completely innocent of any dealings with their world. A soul corruptible and clean. And like any great predator, once a demon - if not two incredibly dominant ones - find something they want, nothing can stop them from obtaining it.
Tumblr media
Haechan groans underneath you, his face buried in the pillow as you massage his back, working away the knots under his beautiful honey skin. Your soulmate has been exhausted for the past week, coming home very late, but you always wait up for him. Haechan’s a whimpery baby who can’t be bothered to roll his own back out with a medicine ball the chiropractor gave him, so you make sure to work out his muscles every night before he sleeps and do stretches with him.
Lately it’s been the only time you even see him, your schedules are so off.
After this, he’ll pass out with you for a while, a nap really, then sneak away to play video games for a couple of hours through discord with his friends in the other room. Then, when he’s tired again, he’ll come back to bed and be with you when you wake up. He likes to lazily cuddle you, before burying his face in the pillows and sleeping until dance practice while you go to work or school depending on the day. And when you get home he’ll be gone.
“Haechan?” You ask, working your thumb into the center of his palm. He groans a little, in response or due to the pressure- you’re not sure. “Do you still love me?”
He laughs a little, and a moment later, he rolls over, forcing you to lift your body to accommodate him until he’s flat under you again with your legs on either side of his hips. He grabs your hands and laces your fingers, pulling your wrist out. “You see this?”
He brings your joined hands up to your other wrist and drags his index finger across the words ‘sorry gorgeous’, from the day you’d met. He’d bumped into you on the street, nearly knocked you over, hands reaching out to steady you, and had said it: “Sorry Gorgeous.” the words that had been on your wrist since you’d turned sixteen and your soulmate mark had appeared, signifying that somewhere out there, you had a fated match, and his first words to you would be, surprise, “sorry gorgeous.”
“We’re soulmates.” He states firmly. “Come here.” He brings you down to him, peppering your face in kisses before his lips meet yours, hands slipping down to your waist.
He hadn’t really answered the question, but you suppose, as you’d first said to him - and is forever marked on his own wrist - ‘it’s fine.’ Although, as it had been that day, it really isn't.
Tumblr media
“What?!” Haechan asks in shock, looking between Johnny and Jaehyun, who now seem to enclose him in the small booth. “You want… Y/N? But she’s not part of this-”
“You’re selling your soul to demons for fame Haechan. What did you think that would do to your soulmate? We’re offering an exchange. You keep your soul, all of it. And in return, we’ll take her.” Johnny smiles.
Haechan wonders how he’d ever found Johnny to be so charming. Had his smile been hiding a monster all along? Producers- as if! They’re Demons.
“How much fame do I get in return?”
Jaehyun and Johnny laugh. “How much do you want?”
Haechan sighs, then he leans back in his seat. “I’ve always liked being in a group, but being a soloist could be nice.”
“Less opportunity for variety and reality shows.” Jaehyun states.
“True. Do you need the details now?”
Johnny shakes his head. “No, we have all the time in the world, but you, on the other hand, only have your looks for so long.”
Haechan studies the beautiful men in front of him, eternally beautiful.
Eternally demonic.
“If you take Y/N, what will you do to her?” Haechan asks. He’s always been in love with fame more than he’s ever been in love with you, his real soulmate, but he still cares about you.
Johnny and Jaehyun exchange a look that doesn’t sit right in Haechan’s tummy, and it’s Johnny who answers smoothly, “nothing she doesn’t want.”
It sounds nefarious. Left purposefully ambiguous. Haechan thinks it’s better if maybe he doesn’t know what the demons have planned to do with you, he doesn’t want any guilt making his nights restless once he’s a famous idol, he’ll need his beauty sleep. “Give me a day and then I'll come back with details.” Haechan says.
“Perfect.” Johnny’s smile widens, “We’ll make you an idol Haechan, and all it’s going to cost you is your soulmate's soul.”
Tumblr media
You’re waiting for Haechan, dressed in a cute little nightie to surprise him with something good after all the long hours he’s been working lately. Laying on the soft pillows, you’re becoming sleepy.
You let yourself close your eyes for a few minutes, then you decide to check your phone.
But when you sit up and reach for your bedside table to grab your phone, you find yourself not in your bedroom at all.
It’s a bedroom, it’s just not yours.
No, it’s substantially larger, sleeker and more modern, like a luxury hotel. There’s even a modern style indoor fire wall that reaches a man's mid thigh- he’s standing there, looking into the flames with his back to you, dressed in a black suit that shows off very wide shoulders.
“Told you she wasn’t sleeping.” A voice comes from your other side and you nearly jump in surprise, turning to face the new threat.
Your body relaxes for a moment at his beauty, only to recoil away from him- knowing there is something too perfect about him. His smirk widens, “Hey, princess.”
You gasp at a stinging on your wrist that comes immediately after his words. You tear your eyes from the handsome stranger and look at the mark on your skin that reads ‘sorry gorgeous’ the first words Haechan had ever spoken to you. Slowly, they begin to disappear, the beautiful loops you’d enjoyed tracing- giving way to unblemished skin-
Only for redness to blossom, forming two words, like Haechan’s had. But these are in a courier style, something sleek and sophisticated: ‘hey princess.’
“That’s new,” the man in front of you reaches out for your arm and you pull it away, earning yourself a frown. He makes a motion with two fingers, and your wrist is lurched forward by some invisible grip, giving the beautiful man complete access to the mark on your skin.
“Don’t be scared.” Says a soft voice, then comes a feather light touch on your shoulder, and you turn to see the second man looming near the side of the bed, looking at your wrist.
Pain jolts on your other side, but it’s becoming familiar now, and not wholly bad- kind of like having a tooth pulled after a long time without. On your other side, in the same red as the first new mark, is it’s new twin, reading: ‘don't be scared’ in a controlled, slanted, scrawl.
“That is definitely new.”
Suddenly, the one who had called you princess lets you go and stands up. You feel like he’s mad at you- mad at the marks, and when he turns to look at you again, you cast your gaze down, not wanting to anger either of the men you’ve now found yourself with.
Something has gone horribly wrong- you can tell from the way that your skin has reacted to these two men. Your soulmate mark to Haechan had been black, as every soulmate mark always is- but these two are red.
As if this never before seen colour difference isn’t bad enough,  you’ve never heard of a human ever having a soulmate mark change- fate is fate. Souls once tied are tied forever- right?
The beautiful man makes an aggravated sound and then, he disappears, right in front of your eyes. You tug your bottom lip between your teeth, fighting the urge to cry or scream- or react in any way to the craziness that keeps getting worse and worse-
“Sorry about him.” the man who’d told you not to be scared approaches you, “feel free to look around, this apartment has no exits,” he reaches out and pinches your chin in a way that’s almost loving- but the touch of the stranger has you pulling away. “You’re welcome to any of the clothes in the closet kitten.”
He waits for a moment, as if to see if you’ll react to his remark about the clothes?
Who does he think he is? Your new sugar daddy?
With a sigh, the man in front of you does the exact same thing his friend had done earlier: he disappears, and with that, you’re left in a stunned silence.
Tumblr media
There was no way for you to tell what time it was, or how long had passed since the two men had disappeared. You’d taken the time to look around, being very cautious as you assessed the space and stole a hoodie and sweatpant combo from the massive closet.
The bedroom you’d awoken in is nice, but through your wanderings, you realize it’s one of two in the large, sleek, apartment you’ve now found yourself in. The rooms are comparable in size, but whereas the first bedroom had been quite bare in it’s decor, the second one has more personal items in it. There are books scattered here and there, and you decide that they are the most interesting thing- well, besides your two new captors.
You wonder whose room this is, the pretty man, or the stoic protector. Looking over the covers of books that range from revolutionary texts such as Marx and Debord to a few romance novels and Jane Austen’s, whoever’s room this is, has quite a collection.
You pick up an old looking book, eyes skimming the front. “Dante’s Inferno.” you read, tilting your head while opening the book to the page marker at half way. Not only is this book battered by dog ears and a coffee stain on the front cover’s left hand corner- but the pages are covered in notes written in messy scrawl-
You lift your wrist, assessing the new mark there: ‘don’t be scared’.
It’s written in the same hand as whoever had marked up Dante’s Inferno, and you settle on this room belonging to the taller man, which does make some sense, because you feel more comfortable here than in the other room.
The sleek modernity of it all had been fantastical at first, but it had felt hollow and lacking after you’d been left to your own devices inside of it.
You decide to stay in this room, having a brief war with yourself over whether or not it’s okay. You think maybe you could get in trouble for snooping, but every time your mind goes this direction, you look down at the words on your wrist ‘dont be scared’.
The man had felt sincere when he’d said it, and now that the phrase is etched into your skin, you realize you can draw strength from it.
Your eyes move to your other wrist, ‘hey princess’, and you think you’re more scared of the man whose first words had burned your flesh- but if he’d called you princess, he couldn’t be that bad… could he?
Your heart aches for Haechan, a brutal lurching that takes over your form every time your soulmate pops into your brain. Thinking of Haechan has always brought you comfort, but now that his mark is gone, now that ‘sorry gorgeous’ has been replaced- the image of his face in your mind's eye only brings pain.
You find your way to the bed, curling up on the foot of it, your fingers grasping at the silky comforter to find solace in the material, and before you know it, you’re falling asleep.
Tumblr media
“Let’s take her back.”
“You’re being crazy.” Johnny says for what feels like the tenth time.
“We signed a deal for her soul, not a deal to be soulmates.” Jaehyun hisses, eyes shifting to the other demons in the luxury club. No one else is listening to the two men who sit at their usual booth, but it doesn’t stop Jaehyun from being cautious. “This has never happened before.”
“How can you be sure?” Johnny rolls his eyes, “this has never happened before? Really, Jaehyun? Have you been around for forever?”
“Been around long enough.” Jaehyun answers, swirling his drink and eying the way the amber liquid moves around the glass. “This is our third time making a deal for the soul of the soulmate instead of our client, the third girl I’ve had waking up in my bed with delicious fear in her eyes-”
“And every time their soulmate mark stays,” Johnny sighs, “I know.”
He thinks back to the other two girls who had been so carelessly thrown away by lovers who had no idea how lucky they were to be gifted a soulmate.
The first girl, Jenni, whose soul they’d been gifted had been broken by the ordeal, completely overtaken by grief. Jaehyun had tired of her soul quickly, and Johnny, demonic or not, wasn’t a big fan of watching innocents suffer. She hadn’t belonged with them, and he’d released her back to the world above. Johnny still kept tabs on on her, peeking in from the darkness of the corners of her rooms some night to clear nightmares from her busy brain, or sometimes following her late at night to make sure she is safe-
He’d liked Jenni.
The second soul they’d taken belonged to a girl named Hyuna. She had wanted revenge and the two demons were more than happy to give it to her. When Johnny and Jaehyun had shown up with the spitfire girl whose own soulmate had given her up to the fires of hell- well, she’d had a lot of anger to take out.
Johnny checked up on Hyuna sometimes too. She’d denounced the idea of soulmates, especially the archaic ways that soulmates were tethered in monogamy, and she’d picked up two new lovers who Johnny was actually quite fond of, from the glimpses he’d had of the throuple at bowling alleys and bars when he was bored enough to pop in.
When Jaehyun had first picked up the call of a would be idol- Johnny hadn’t been keen on the idea of taking the soulmate. After two, he’d realized soulmates were always more trouble than they were worth- and they’d ended up taking the soul of their second victim’s boyfriend regardless-
But then Johnny had seen you.
He’d seen the way you doted on Haechan, giving him everything and more.
And he’d wanted you.
Fuck, he’d wanted you more than he’d ever wanted anything in the whole world. So of course, he’d taken you, not thinking about the consequences- but to be fair, he never would have imagined this to happen.
Soulmates switching soulmates? To demons no less? And two of them?!
Johnny’s head is spinning, even as he tries to act calm.
“How come we don’t have marks though?” Jaehyun asks, cutting into Johnny’s deep thoughts.
Johnny looks at his wrist, tilting his head. Then he laughs. “Jae, we don’t have marks because she didn’t even speak to us.”
“That can’t be right.”
“I will bet you the blood of twenty virginal men that when we get back to the apartment, the first thing she says to you is going to appear on your arm.”
“Not the blood of twenty virginal men.” Jaehyun scoffs at the archaic offer. “How are you even going to find twenty virginal men? In this economy?”
Johnny laughs, “i can always find a video game store somewhere-”
Jaehyun rolls his eyes again, crossing his arms over his chest. “Maybe we should just leave her at the apartment. If we don't go see her for a month, she’ll just die-”
Johnny laughs even harder, then he stands, fixing his suit. “You can run away from this, as you do with everything, but if fate decided to give us a chance at a soulmate, I'm going to go give it a try.”
Jaehyun hates that what Johnny says makes sense.
Jaehyun’s never heard of demons finding soulmates- he’d be stupid not to see this through.
Tumblr media
They arrive home to find their kitten no longer in Jae’s room. It’s not hard to guess where she is, and they find you sleeping on the foot of Johnny’s bed.
The two demons stand in the doorway for a few moments, just appreciating your form.
Jaehyun sometimes forgets how endearing humans can be- he can’t imagine going to sleep and being vulnerable for even one hour, let alone eight every night- or more!
Johnny moves first, approaching you and taking a seat next to your feet. The movement of him sitting on the bed wakes you up, and Jaehyun heads over to grab a drink from the vanity by the window that looks out at the dark, cold, hellscape that they exist in for much of their time.
“I’m sorry to wake you.” Johnny says, his voice soft. “You probably have a lot of questions- and we can get to those, but i’m going to tell you what happened first.”
Jaehyun takes a seat, watching the way you nod in response to Johnny’s words.
“Your soulmate, Haechan, sold your soul to us.”
Jaehyun looks away when you begin to cry, and he stays quiet while Johnny attempts to make you feel better. The taller demon grabs your hands and helps you off the bed, leading you to the common space, Jaehyun follows.
“Because we’re in hell-” Johnny says, which makes you cry harder, “there’s what we call dark space, and because we’re demons, we can create in dark space, watch.”
They go to stand in the middle of the living room, and for a moment, Johnny faces the window that overlooks wastelands. Then Johnny turns and looks at the kitchen, “what do you think about a loft type of room? Double floored space, larger windows behind us-”
Jaehyun laughs, sipping his drink. Johnny loves showing off his talent for design, not every demon can pull off dark space manipulation the way Johnny can- and their entire apartment was mind birthed from the tall, old demon.
With a flourish, Johnny extends the height of the ceilings, an entire second floor appearing over the kitchen and coming out just until it hangs over the living room.
“Can it have windows?”
“Hmm?” Johnny looks down at you and Jaehyun watches the way you move closer to Johnny, until you’re clinging to his arm, no longer crying.
“Windows that overlook the living room- and the other windows.” You motion to the ones behind you.
“Lots of windows.” Jaehyun says before he can help himself.
“It can have windows.” Johnny looks at the new second floor and he lifts his fingers, blocking in the room with white walls to match the surrounding apartment, and two massive windows on either side of the double door spaced opening. “With remote controlled blinds on the other side, you’ll have a lot of privacy.”
Jaehyun had assumed this room would be a temporary thing- after all, Jaehyun can’t help the way his eyes linger on your ass when you all ascend the stairs to the new ‘apartment within their apartment’ that will house you.
You and Johnny head inside, but Jaehyun stops, looking out at the new view from the second story of their apartment. The wasteland looks particularly moody today, and with a wave of his fingers, Jaehyun creates a glass walkway extending the perimeter of the space, with a small enclosed deck area outside the doors. He thinks maybe you could have a chair and read there in the mornings while he works out in the living room below-
“Did you get a mark?” Jaehyun turns to look at Johnny, the crazy soulmate principal resurfacing with the unwanted squishy thoughts that had weaseled their way into his mind.
Johnny reaches down and undoes his cufflink, rolling up the white sleeve of his dress shirt to show a bare arm. He repeats the process on the other side, also coming up bare.
Johnny is the first you to react, laughing, “the plot thickens… but to be fair, ‘can there be windows’ is not my idea of a wonderful mark to have on me for the rest of my existence- you try.”
“No.” Jaehyun steps backwards, back onto the new patio that overlooks his living room.
This is what he was avoiding.
“It’s okay, I won’t talk to him.”
Your soft voice draws Jaehyun’s eyes to you, but you are looking at Johnny. The tall demon turns with you, assessing the bare, new space, “how big of a bed do you want?”
Jaehyun laughs. Johnny is a designer, he could be at this for hours. The less design inclined of the two men is eager to get out of the apartment.
It might be a whole new room- and deck - bigger, but it feels awfully small with you in it, and Jae needs to talk to his friend Taeil; the oldest demon he knows.
Yeah. Taeil will know what to do.
Tumblr media
“You went to Taeil instead of me?!” Johnny asks, eyes bulging.
“Shh!” Jaehyun immediately reminds him, casting a glance at the door to Johnny’s room.
“She’s asleep.” Johnny says, but lowers his voice, sighing. “Well? What did he say?”
“He said it looks like we’re shit out of luck, and he has no Hyung knowledge for us when it comes to demons getting soulmates.” Jaehyun sighs, heading over to the windows to pour himself a drink.
“That’s not surprising.” Johnny smirks, playing with the book in his hands from where he watches Jaehyun on his bed.
Demon’s don’t need sleep, and many of your dreaming hours, Johnny spends reading and improving his mind. Other demons, like Jaehyun, go out looking for social interaction to spend their copious amounts of time.
“You should have talked to Yuta.” Johnny says.
“I did.”
“He said ‘just because i have some fucked up soulmate who is reincarnated every thirtyish years and dies a horrible death at the age of twenty five doesn’t mean i’m an expert on soulmates’, and to be fair, he did get his soulmate when he was still human.”
“Yuta’s just a big ol’ mess huh?” Johnny chuckles.
Yuta’s soulmate is what makes him truly psychotic- Johnny can’t imagine being fated to someone that dies prematurely, he can’t imagine being fated at all- and his eyes go down to his bare arm.
Johnny sighs. “I really thought when she spoke, we’d get marks.”
Jaehyun is quiet by the window. His head tips down and he swirls his drink.
“Maybe we don’t have marks because we’re not her soulmates.” He says finally.
Johnny scoffs, “not possible. She has the marks, they go both ways.”
“Says who?” Jaehyun turns to look at his friends, mischief in his eyes, a smile on his lips while he sips his drink.
“I don’t even want to talk to you if you’re going to be like this.” Johnny opens his book again, dissatisfied- “and besides!” he begins to fight again, “would that mean that we’re both fated to her, our words on her arms, as in we’re the ones who are fucked, or would it mean she’s the one who belongs to us- quite literally, the contract is here somewhere-”
“It’s in my room.” Jaehyun says absentmindedly.
“What’s it doing there?”
“I may have snatched it from your briefcase earlier.” Jaehyun answers, done with his drink and now heading to the door.
“Admit it. You like her.”
“Says the guy that built an entire extra room in our apartment for her.”
Tumblr media
You wake up to the smell of food, and your first reaction is to smile, wondering what Haechan is cooking-
Then you sit up, the unfamiliarity of the situation washing over you. Because Haechan doesn’t really cook, and this isn’t even your bed- well, you suppose it is now- and you ball your hands in the white fabric of the duvet.
Johnny had done a nice job designing the room with you. It had actually been kind of fun to create the space with the demon? He’d snapped his fingers and made all sorts of interesting items and things appear out of thin air- when you’d asked him where they came from, he’d told you not to think about it too much. He’d told you there was no price tag…
And that’s how you’d ended up with a literal working fountain in the corner of your room. It’s peacefully puttering away, and you look at it, sighing at the situation you’ve found yourself in.
You get up, heading to the closet that Johnny had filled for you with the snap of his fingers. You hadn’t really checked out the items he’d snapped into existence- being too overwhelmed by everything that all you’d really been able to do was collapse onto the bed and sleep after Johnny had perfected the room.
As you look through the clothes, you realize how much of an eye for fashion Johnny has. The clothes range in aesthetics, which you’re thankful for, and you settle on some sweatpants and a hoodie that swallow your body.
You make it to your door and peak out, hit with the smell of cooking. Tiptoeing down the stairs that lead to your new second level room, you’re careful to keep your eyes on the kitchen as soon as you can, focusing in on Johnny by the stove.
He has his back to you, his black shirt stretching over his broad shoulders and making you swallow thickly.
“Hungry?” his voice fills the dead silence of the room. There are no birds chirping outside, no cars- it’s just you and the demon who apparently has super hearing.
“Yes, sir.”
Johnny turns to look at you, an eyebrow cocked. “Sir?”
“I mean- you- Haechan- you own my soul now right?” You stumble over your words, “shouldn’t I- shouldn’t I give you a title of respect?”
Johnny tilts his head, assessing you, then he breaks into a smile. “You’re cute. Come eat.”
He turns and opens a cupboard, pulling a plate out that he sets next to the pan of whatever he’s been cooking. While you move into the kitchen, you walk around the island table one way while Johnny avoids you by going around the other, taking a seat.
He’s made pancakes, and you can’t help but smile.
Haechan never really did cute things like this for you. He was your soulmate sure- but that was just a given.
It’s odd to be receiving these little scraps of affectionate acts of service from a demon, but maybe you don’t mind so much.
You serve yourself food and turn to look at Johnny, who pulls the chair out next to him, his eyes fixed on a book that had been sitting on the counter.
Because Johnny seems to be reading, you keep your mouth shut, accepting the seat next to him.
You don’t immediately eat, instead, licking your lips and turning to Johnny.
“What?” he asks, still reading.
A snap of the fingers has the tasty condiment appearing next to your left hand.
“Are you going to eat? Sir?” you ask, still feeling the need to tack the respectful term onto the end of your sentence.
“Demons don’t need to eat.”
“But your kitchen-”
“We cook sometimes, we just don’t need to.” Johnny clarifies, “and if you opened the fridge you’d see it only has beer in it.”
You can’t help but laugh slightly at his words, amused by the nonchalant demon, who continues to read a book that you now see is a romance.
“What are you reading?” you question next, biting at your lower lip, knowing you might be getting yourself into hot water-
Johnny looks at the cover of his book then sighs, “are you judging my taste in books?”
“No.” You immediately respond, “sir.” but by the way a grin works its way onto your face- you know you’re not fooling anyone.
“Do i need to get you a book?” Johnny sighs, running a hand through his hair and turning in his seat to look at you, “something tells me that staring at your water fountain isn’t going to help pass the day.”
You smile, telling him the title of your favourite book, which he snaps onto the table a moment later. “And- if you have time, you could- you could get rid of the water fountain.” you say, feeling your skin heat.
“Maybe I’ll just put it in my room. Or I could replace it with a reading chair for you.”
“That would be nice.” you admit.
Johnny stands up and you watch him. “Eat.” he reminds you, “I have a soul to go make a bid for- Jae’s out, but he should be around. You know there’s no way out of here-” you nod diligently and Johnny cracks into a grin, “when I’m home, i could take you shopping if you’d like.”
“Yeah, we could actually go to a store and you could try things on. Looks like you didn’t like much in the wardrobe.” Johnny picks at your hoodie.
“I like this.” you insist, but there is something screaming inside of you to dress up for him- and for Jaehyun, if you’re being honest with yourself. You have eyes. And you have two soulmate marks on your arms that are, apparently, tying you to these men-
Your last soulmate- well, he sold you to these two demons-
You have a lot of conflicting emotions, and, surprisingly, sadness isn’t really one of them. Being with Haechan had always felt right because the fates had said so, not because there was anything specific about your relationship that made you happy- in fact, as happy as Haechan did make you when he was around, you’d always found yourself to be lonely.
There was never anyone to make you breakfast, let alone sit down and eat it with you- well, read it with you.
Haechan never took you shopping for clothes.
Never really helped decorate your apartment and make it yours.
Never listened to your design opinions and made you laugh while simultaneously being shocked at his intelligence and knowledge of seemingly all things-
Maybe you just like Johnny.
Maybe it’s you falling, yet again, for the fate on your arm- and the thought brings a sour taste to your mouth.
“But- I would like to go shopping.” you tell him.
Johnny grins, “perfect, it’s a date.”
And then he’s gone, snapping out of existence, and you’re left already missing him.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun assessed the man in front of him, looking him top from bottom. Many people have made deals with Jaehyun for fame, but it’s always easiest to grant their wishes when they’re already attractive.
Johnny’s been known to take cute girls out clothing shopping, acting as a sugar daddy of sorts, before presenting the would be idol to Taeyong, their most powerful demon friend who runs the entire industry from the shadows. There’s not a need for these behaviours, and Jaehyun’s not going to bother giving fashion advice to the guy who is leaning back against the kitchen table with his arms over his chest.
At least the guy is attractive, the clothes don’t matter so much. “What’s your name again?” Jaehyun says as he pops a contract into existence, the base already written, with a few blank spaces left for specifications.
“Jeno- Lee Jeno.”
“And what are you willing to give me for fame?” Jaehyun asks, his eyes going down to Jeno’s arms to see if he had any soulmate tattoos.
His arms are bare, not a good sign… for Jeno.
“Erm-” Jeno’s eyes quickly move to the man next to him, and Haechan pushes off the table, trying to make himself look bigger as he addresses the demon in the room.
“We can find a soul for you to take.” Haechan says, and Jaehyun finds the confidence in his voice amusing.
Cracking a smile, the demon shakes his head, “that’s not how this works.”
“But you took Y/N.” Haechan states, and Jaehyun’s smirk twists into a scowl. He’s not used to being talked back to, and he’s not entirely happy about the deal he and Johnny had made with Haechan- which Jaehyun thinks might be more trouble than it’s worth- although he’ll never let Haechan know that.
“She was your soulmate, her soul was yours to hand over. Jeno, unfortunately, only has his own, and I'm not sure I’m interested.”
“You’re not sure if you’re interested?” Haechan scoffs, “look at him!”
“Haechan-” Jeno is looking at his friend and Jaehyun can taste his panic in the air, can see his pulse racing.
“Did your friend tell you that you could sell someone else's soul for fame?” Jaehyun tuts, turning his gaze to Haechan, “I don’t like to have my time wasted.”
“Your time’s not being wasted.” Haechan insists, “he wants to be famous.”
“But I don’t want to sell my soul, Haechan!” Jeno whispers angrily and Jaehyun loves it, a smile appearing on his face while he watches the two friends begin to but heads.
“He’s not going to take your soul now, though! Or you wouldn’t be famous!” Haechan declares, a moment of genius that actually takes Jaehyun back slightly. He’s right, and when both men look to Jaehyun, the demon nods.
“So how much- how much time would i have before you- took my soul? And what would happen after?” Jeno asks quietly.
Jaehyun hadn’t been interested in his soul before, but now that he’s shown some pushback, Jaehyun is determined to have Lee Jeno sign a contract.
“For fame? I’ll let you live out your prime as an idol, you can get married, have a kid, spend two years in the military for all i care- and when you’re forty, i’ll come collect. I’ll eat your soul and it will add to my power. You won’t have to be judged when you die, won’t have to risk going to hell to be tortured for eternity- it will simply be over.”
“Do people actually get tortured for eternity?” Jeno whispers, eyes wide.
“Sign the contract and you’ll never have to know. It’s better not to know.” Jaehyun tells him, eyes scanning the contract he’s just worked up to make sure it’s all correct, then he holds it out to Jeno.
“Forty is too early.” Haechan’s voice draws Jaehyun’s eyes, and it makes Jeno stop mid reach for the piece of paper in the demon’s hand.
“Some people live to be a hundred now, and you’re going to take his soul at forty? Fifty sounds more fair.” Haechan says, crossing his arms over his chest.
“I didn’t realize making deals with demons was about fairness.” Jaehyun says lowly, and just as he’s about to push back more- he feels something.
Jaehyun and Johnny’s apartment is in dark space, a realm that exists for demon’s to play in, and a demon’s home is deeply tied to the demon who created it. Or in this case, the two demons. If there’s a disturbance in Jaehyun’s dark space, he can feel it, and the tingle that runs up the back of his spine is a familiar one.
Certain demons leave what Jaehyun likes to think of as fingerprints when they phase between dark space and the real world. When Johnny pops into the apartment, Jaehyun gets hit with the smell of forest and an after scent of something like burnt herbs- Jaehyun’s never been able to put his finger on it- but the tingle on the back of his neck belongs to only one demon.
Yuta Nakamoto.
The dark space is vast, incredibly so, and most demons keep the exact figurative locations of their homes secret. Jaehyun can’t just pop into anyone’s dark space home, and neither can Yuta- but he can pop into Jaehyun’s, because he has permission to do so.
Permission, Jaehyun suddenly realizes, with a pang in his chest, that he needs to resend immediately. Because he knows Johnny’s not at the apartment, he’d had a meeting with a ceo who had sold his soul years ago- but that’s not what matters, what matters, is that Jaehyun knows you’re in the apartment alone.
And suddenly, he’s not as confident about Yuta’s friendship.
Yuta is a true enigma of a demon- he’s unpredictable and cruel, giving affection only to a select few- and Jaehyun knows he and Johnny aren’t as high on Yuta’s list as some of their other demon friends-
If it was Mark’s home, Jaehyun would trust Yuta to be nice to a girl he found there- but Jaehyun’s not sure what he’ll do with you.
“You know what,” Jaehyun draws the contract back to his chest, quickly changing it, “you’re right,” the words taste horrible on his tongue, but he’s eager to escape, “fifty years is more fair.”
Jeno accepts the new contract, and Jaehyun holds out a pen.
“I just-” Jeno sighs.
Anger surges through Jaehyun’s body. “I told you, I don’t like to have my fucking time wasted.” he growls, eyes turning to Haechan, who’d called him here with the promise of a soul.
“It’s not being wasted.” Jeno assures Jaehyun, visibly breaking. He swallows thickly, and his pen glides over the page.
As soon as his signature is complete, Jaehyun snaps it out of existence and onto his work desk back home.
“So when do i get famous?” Jeno asks.
“In two to three business weeks.” Jaehyun states, and then he allows the darkness of demonhood to engulf him, pulling him back into the world - into the room - where he would be in complete control- only, he wasn’t.
Jaehyun appears in the middle of the living room, eyes looking around, searching for you or Yuta. Jaehyun’s skin tingles when he exerts some more power, quickly pin pointing that both you and Yuta are in Johnny’s bedroom.
Jaehyun is at the door in an instant, looking in and assessing.
You’re sitting on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, your legs tucked up, arms wrapped around yourself. And Yuta is at the foot of the mattress.
“There he is.” Yuta says, turning to flash a demonic grin at Jaehyun. “Told you he’d show.”
Jaehyun’s confused by his words, eyes moving to you again. You don’t look to be hurt- but to be fair, Yuta has only been here a couple of minutes based on when Jaehyun felt Yuta’s telltale dark space fingerprint enter the apartment.
“What are you doing here?” Jaehyun asks, his voice low, a warning.
“Don’t get your panties in a twist.” Yuta holds his hands up, “i came to take a look at the girl with two red soulmate marks on her arm.”
“You should have made sure Johnny or I was here before you dropped in.” Jaehyun states.
Yuta shrugs, then he looks at you, and Jaehyun’s hand forms a fist at his side.
“I just wanted to compare marks.” Yuta says, holding out his arm to show you.
Jaehyun’s seen the mark many times. It’s often half hidden by a dragon tattoo that follows the dark line that curves around Yuta’s arm. “These dark lines- back when i was human, we didn’t have words written on skin, we had line tethers.” Yuta explains, and Jaehyun relaxes slightly by how gentle his tone is. “Most people had them around their fingers,” Yuta holds one up, “but me? My soulmate- we were more. We had a band wrapped around our wrists.” Yuta demonstrates the inch thickness the band had been, “but when she was torn away from me, the band snapped, the mark wrapping around my arm.”
“That’s horrible.” You say, and Jaehyun looks at you. Having sympathy for a demon- and Yuta at that- it’s kind of a shock. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”
“Me too.” Yuta says, eyes still on his mark. “Sometimes, fate has something specific in plan for people. For me? They want me to suffer- but I won’t get into that.” Jaehyun’s glad he doesn’t, because the tale is truly tragic. “You can’t fight fate. It always wins.”
Yuta stands suddenly, sighing, “Mark’s looking for me. I should go.”
Mark’s a frequent visitor of Yuta’s dark space home, which he’s modelled like a palace to fit his aesthetic, and like Yuta, Mark often drops in unannounced.
If Johnny's arrival is woodsy smells, and Yuta’s is a tingle, Mark’s entrances into dark space always taste like pancakes, and Jaehyun used to hate it at first.
Yuta disappears from the room, and suddenly, the space between you and Jaehyun feels more obvious. He looks at you, licking his lips, he’s about to apologize for leaving - for going and doing his job - for leaving you alone with the possibility of unannounced intruders- but you speak first.
“Thank you.”
He’s confused- and before he can ask why you’re thanking him, there’s a feeling of heat against his inner wrist- and when he looks down, the words “thank you” are written across his skin in pretty red.
Jaehyun ignores the mark, putting his hands behind his back so you can’t see it. “Thank you for what?” he asks.
“When Yuta arrived, i was here all alone, and he told me he’s a friend of yours and not to worry because you’d be popping in ‘at any moment’ and i didn’t really believe him, but then you showed up.”
“He wasn’t mean was he? Did he say anything else?” Jaehyun asks, trying to hide the anxiety bubbling in his chest.
You shake your head.
“Johnny and I can sense when other demons enter our apartment.” Jaehyun explains to you, “i should have been here-”
“You had work- didn’t you?”
“So- so don’t apologize.” Jaehyun watches the way you lean forward, resting your cheek on your knee, which is still pulled to your chest. He can see the sincerity in your eyes.
Jaehyun’s not sure what to say next, and now that he’s not in aggressive ‘get Yuta out of my fucking apartment’ mode, he’s realizing that jealousy is bubbling in his chest the longer he looks at you on Johnny’s bed.
You’d come to this room on the first day too, leaving Jaehyun’s bed where they’d initially brought you- “why are you here and not in your own room?” Jaehyun asks.
He can see the way his question affects you. You wrap your arms tighter around your body, looking smaller, and Jaehyun feels sorry that he’s just said something that came out aggressive- it wasn’t aggression directed at you, but at the notion that you prefer Johnny.
“I like it here.” You respond. “The windows are nice.”
Johnny’s room, much like Jaehyun’s, has windows that overlook the vast, empty dark space.
“It feels like I'm on the moon.” You turn and look out, and when Jaehyun follows your gaze, he supposes you’re right. Your room had been put over the kitchen, without a real view of it’s own, and Jaehyun feels bad about that now.
“Did Yuta leave?” Comes Johnny’s voice just as the smell of cedar washes over Jaehyun’s senses, and he turns to see his companion demon in the doorway.
“Just a minute ago.”
Johnny’s eyes move around the room. “I would have come back sooner, but I felt that you’d popped in to deal with Yuta. Figured you’d take care of it. Did he want anything?”
“He just wanted to look at her marks for himself.” Jaehyun explains, heading towards the window so he can look out.
“I see.” Johnny moves through the room, going over to the table where he keeps all of his contracts.
“What did the CEO have to say?” Jaehyun asks his friend.
“He wanted one more year to live.” Johnny explains, “said it was his daughter’s wedding or something.”
“And? You gave it to him?” Jaehyun asks in shock. Johnny’s not usually one to alter contracts.
“He’s recently gotten in with the underground gun trade, with each day- the amount of sin on him grows. I can wait another year if it means his soul is darker. More power for me.”
“Souls get darker?” Your voice draws Jaehyun’s eyes.
Johnny turns, leaning back against his table, looking at you with a smile, “with every good and bad deed, your soul changes tint. People who do a lot of bad, have black souls, people who are good, have light. When we make contracts, usually people are looking for fame, for money, or sometimes they want the love of someone who doesn’t want them- we make these things happen, but generally people willing to sell their souls are the corruptible types, they naturally have darker souls. The darker the soul, the more power we gain when we consume it.”
“You consume souls?”
“When I'm hungry and in need of a kick.” Johnny says nonchalantly, and Jaehyun watches the way you cower slightly, obviously not appreciating the demonic humour.
“Are you going to consume my soul?” you ask.
“It wouldn’t be worth it.” Jaehyun states factually. “Your soul is so light- we wouldn’t gain any power.”
“So why did you give Haechan everything he ever wanted and take me if I'm no use to you? What would be the point-”
“A person who willingly gives up their soulmate doesn’t deserve to have one.” Johnny interrupts you, and Jaehyun knows this is a deep rooted thing in the man who’s come to be his closest companion in the world. Johnny has an adoration for uplifting the downtrodden. He doesn’t like to see good people be hurt- but he absolutely adores seeing the bad ones get their comeuppance.
“So you- so you saved me?” You cock your head.
“I’d like to think so.” Johnny responds. “Most demons don’t do what we do. Most soulmates don’t call on demons for needs to be met because they are supposed to have everything they need in their partner. You’re only the third soul we’ve been offered in loo of the original contract holder.”
Jaehyun can’t help but notice the way your eyes move to him. “What happened to the other two?”
“The first one was broken by the whole thing.” It’s Johnny who answers, and Jaehyun keeps his mouth firmly shut. “Her name was Jenni. We took care of her for a while, and once she was ready, we let her go.”
“And the second wanted revenge.” Jaehyun says. “So we gave it to her.”
He watches you carefully, looking for any emotion that could tip him off as to how you’re reacting to this whole thing. You’ve been awfully- docile, for lack of a better word.
Jennie had been overtaken by grief, and the beautiful woman had fallen into Jaehyun’s arms just as he’d imagined she would when he agreed to take her soul from the undeserving mate the fates had mistakenly tied her too.
Hyuna had been mad when she’d found out what had happened. She’d thrown things around, breaking everything in the apartment, and Johnny had allowed her to, knowing everything was replaceable.
But you- you’ve been walking around the apartment, finding your way to nap on Johnny’s bed- getting settled- it’s very different, and Jaehyun doesn’t know what to make of it.
“What’s the point of selling your soulmates soul if the demons who took her are just going to come back and kill you?” You cock your head and Jaehyun enjoys the way you use your brain, asking astute questions that have him wanting to tell you all the details about his demonic way of life.
“We can’t be the ones to harm him. Hyuna did all the work. We were just there.” Johnny explains. “We gave pointers.”
“This is a lot to take in.” You admit.
“You should get some rest.” Jaehyun states, shocking himself at the way he feels the need to protect you- to help you make good choices for your well being.
“I should.”
You begin to sit up and Johnny holds up a hand, “you can sleep here. We’ll be in the living room.”
“Are you sure? This is your bed-”
“And it’s never actually been used for sleeping,” Johnny heads towards the door to leave the room, turning to flash you a wink that has Jae sighing, “so break it in for me, will you?”
Tumblr media
The tall demon stares down at the mark on Jaehyun’s arm. The words “thank you” seem to be taunting him, and he doesn’t even realize he’s all but frozen in place until Jaehyun is pulling down the sleeve of his shirt to once again hide the new mark.
The mark that solidifies him as your soulmate.
“So what does it mean?”
“Why do you always think I have the answers?” Johnny sighs, his skin flushing with demonic rage at the notion that Jaehyun has a mark while his own arm remains bare. The tall demon heads over to collapse on the chaise lounge in front of Jaehyun’s fireplace, “what did Y/N say when it appeared?”
“I didn’t show her.” Jaehyun turns his back to Johnny, who sits up, eager to get a look at his friend, eager to figure this out-
“Why wouldn’t you show her?”
“Because this whole thing is a mess.” Jaehyun says. “She has a mark from both of us, but i’m the only one of us with a matching mark-”
“I guess i’m just not her soulmate like i thought i was.” The words feel bitter on Johnny’s tongue, and he turns to look out the window at the timeless hellscape, hoping Jaehyun won’t see him scowling.
He’d thought maybe- maybe the universe had given him a second chance. A chance to have something of his own to take care of. A little spark of humanity- a girl to save. And he had saved you- only to find out that you’re meant for Jaehyun.
“You could still be.” Jaehyun says, quieting Johnny’s aggravated mind. “Marks don’t make sense. Think about Yuta’s. It changes- how do you explain that?”
“The same way I explain a human loosing her soulmate and being given two red marks instead.” Johnny sighs, letting his head loll back so he can stare at the ceiling. “I don’t.”
Johnny feels you approaching before there’s a knock at Jaehyun’s door. He and his friend exchange a glance, then Jaehyun walks over, opening the door to look at you.
“Can I- can I come in?” you ask, peeping past Jaehyun and locking eyes with Johnny.
Jaehyun moves out of the way and you awkwardly step into the room. “Can’t sleep?” Johnny questions.
“It’s kind of hard to sleep when you don’t really know what time it is- it’s not like it gets dark out there.” You motion towards the windows and Johnny laughs.
“Fair. It’s two AM.” He informs you, checking his watch.
“This won’t take long.” You promise, eyes moving to Jaehyun as he walks over to go sit on the foot of his bed.
Both demons have their full attention on you.
“I think- I think I need to see Haechan.” You say.
Johnny’s eyes move to Jaehyun, who exchanges a look with him that says ‘i don’t know about this’, and Johnny is quick to stand up. “What for?” he can’t help the concern on his voice- he really has not pegged you as a killer and he’s about to have the shock of his entire life if you say you want to go kill your ex as Hyuna did-
“Just to say goodbye. I think I need the closure.”
“It’s only been two days, you should take more time to get over this-”
“But that’s the thing.” Johnny is shocked that you interrupt him, and he lets you speak. “There’s not much to get over. I don’t really feel that sad? If that makes any sense? I just- i need to go tell him what an asshole he was to me. I want him to see me. To feel bad. You know?”
“There’s no guarantee that seeing him will force him to feel bad.” Jaehyun states.
“Maybe he already regrets it a little.”
“He doesn’t.”
“How can you be so sure?”
Johnny watches the exchange between you and Jaehyun, and he sees that his friend has dug himself into a hole. Jaehyun’s eyes briefly move to Johnny for help, but the older demon relaxes in his chair. This isn’t his fight.
“Because i saw him today and he wasn’t beaten up about it, in fact-” Jaehyun says, running a hand through his hair, “he convinced his friend to sell his soul too, and the guy didn’t even have a soulmate so he had to give me his own soul.”
“What?” You look very confused, and Johnny enjoys just watching you when you speak, even if your attention is on Jaehyun. “Which friend?!”
“A Lee Jeno.” Jaehyun responds.
“What!?” now you look visibly upset, “but Jeno-”
“Looks like your ex is an asshole to his friends as well as his soulmates huh?” Johnny says, trying to make you feel better about it- after all, if Haechan got his friend to sell his soul too? The guy must be worse than how Johnny had initially perceived him to be.
“Looks like.” Your voice is sad, and Johnny approaches you, eager to make you feel better.
“I’ll take you to go see him.” he promises, reaching out to pinch at your chin. He’s pleased when you don’t move away, instead you simply stand still, looking up at him with eyes that he wants to drown in. “now go get some more sleep, okay?”
You nod and turn to leave. Johnny watches you go.
“Do you think it’s a good idea to let her see him?” Jaehyun asks once you’re gone.
Johnny shrugs, “what’s the worst that can happen while I’m there?”
Tumblr media
When Haechan hears the lock to his front door click, at first he thinks he’s imagining things. His hand reaches for the side of the bed you used to occupy, fingers grazing over cold sheets, and he groans, pushing his face further into his pillow.
Then he hears your voice say ‘maybe he’s not home’, and Haechan knows he’s not dreaming.
He sits up suddenly, eyes going to his open bedroom door.
“He’s home.” Comes a deep response, and Haechan is leaping from the bed, grabbing his sweatpants and tugging them on whilst half tripping over himself. His hands flail out, grabbing his door frame for support, and Haechan sticks his head outside, looking down the hall to the living space-
He sees the demon first, and - as if able to sense the idol trainee - Johnny turns to lock eyes with the sleepy man whose home is being intruded upon.
“There he is, told you.” the demon says, and then you step into Haechan’s view, looking down the hall at him.
Haechan’s heart clenches in his chest, and the space on his arm that used to house your soulmate mark tingles, reminding Haechan even more of what he’d given up.
He thought he’d never see you again.
“What are you doing here?” Haechan asks, unable to hide the annoyance in his tone.
When the demons had taken you, Haechan had thought that would be the end of it. Seeing you again brings something like pain bubbling into Haechan’s chest, and he hates it.
“Aren’t you happy to see me Haechan?” your voice draws his gaze to you, away from the demon, and Haechan’s breath catches.
You look good. You and the demon are in similar outfits, and while it’s dressed down for Johnny - who Haechan has only seen in full suits - the look is a step up for you. You’re in dress pants and an oversized shirt, with sneakers to match, and Haechan realizes a new wardrobe must have been part of the deal for you- he wonders what else is new, his eyes going to your neck, looking for marks that would indicate you’d been unfaithful-
Haechan supposes you’re not his anymore- which is odd, because the soulmate mark had always felt like such a finality.
His gaze dips to your arm, to see if your mark is gone like his is-
And that’s when he notices the red scrawl where it had once been black.
“What’s on your arm?” Haechan asks, face twisting up in something like jealousy and anger. He steps out of his room, quickly approaching you and Johnny, his eyes fixed on the mark- which you cover with your hand, exposing another red phrase on your opposite forearm that had not been there before. “Are those-”
“New soulmate marks, yeah.” Your voice wavers slightly, and you can’t meet Haechan’s eyes. His fists clench at his sides and he steps forward, reaching for you, wanting to read what the marks say-
But the Johnny is standing there, his solid body forming a wall between you and Haechan, which only makes him more angry.
“This is bullshit.” Haechan growls, meeting Johnny’s deep gaze. He lifts his chin, “this is some trick- some weird demon thing to make you think you belong to them now.”
“She doesn’t belong to anyone.” The demon matches Haechan’s aggression level, squaring his shoulders, and it causes Haechan to take a step back- overwhelmed by the sudden power that radiates from the tall man in the young idol’s living room.
“And it’s not a trick.” your voice draws Haechan’s eyes, and you step around Johnny. Haechan doesn’t miss the way you touch his arm, which succeeds in making the demon move back a little, giving you and your ex some space. “My new mark is not why i’m here.”
“Then why are you here?” Haechan says, unable to hide the annoyance in his tone.
“Because-” he watches you swallow thickly, your fist clenching at your side, “Because- fuck you!”
“Fuck me?” Haechan is in shock.
“Yeah! Fuck you!” this time, you stomp your foot, something you’ve never done before. Then your finger rams into Haechan’s chest, “You were supposed to be my soulmate and you sold my soul to demons! And for what?!”
“To be famous.” the demon says.
“To be famous.” you scoff, rolling your eyes, another motion Haechan’s seeing you do for the first time. “I gave you everything Haechan, everything! If i wasn’t already happier than i ever was with you, i would have half a mind to make my own wish and get Johnny to eat your soul right now.”
Haechan’s heart lurches in his chest at the idea of being eaten by a demon- he’s pretty sure Johnny can’t touch him, after all, he’d made a contract- but when Johnny steps forward and Haechan instinctively moves back- he thinks it’s better not to test the waters.
“So you came here to make me say i’m sorry?” Haechan asks.
“No, I came here for this.”
Haechan is falling backwards before he can even register that you’ve punched him, and he stumbles against the couch, arms wildly flailing for something to grab onto - to no avail, and he hits the floor painfully, grabbing at his eye.
Deep laughter erupts through the apartment, and then the demon says, “nice swing.”
The last words Haechan hears you say as you leave with your new companion, are; “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
You’d been as animated as Jaehyun had ever seen you when you arrived home with Johnny after visiting Haechan, and Jaehyun had listened to you recount the tale. Johnny had even insisted you show Jaehyun the way you punched your ex- something that had made both men burst into laughter when you’d diligently began shadow boxing in their living room-
But after the excitement from the day, you’d needed a nap, and you’d gone to sleep.
Johnny follows Jaehyun to his room, closing the door behind them, and then he’s brandishing his arm. “Look! I got a mark too!”
“Yours says… thank you?” Jaehyun raises a brow, “matching marks.”
He looks at his own ‘thank you’, whose red lines twirl around his wrist-
“I hid mine from her, like you hid yours.” Johnny says, his brown eyes lifting from their mutual marks to meet Jaehyun’s. “I’m not sure why.”
“What do you think it means?” Jaehyun asks, pulling away from the elder demon to go look at the landscape provided by the windows he adores.
“Maybe- and this is going to sound cheesy and crazy, but mostly cheesy-” Johnny sighs, and Jaehyun hears him move to collapse onto the lounge, “maybe she always deserved to have us, but now- we both did things to deserve her.”
“Johnny.” Jaehyun says, turning to look at his friend, “that’s the most sensical thing you’ve said in the past year.”
Tumblr media
Things feel different now, and you can’t really explain it. You’d felt angry about Haechan selling your soul, but it hadn’t been until you saw him face to face that it truly became clear how little you actually missed him.
You find yourself looking down at your arms, at the new marks, with some frequency, and the more time you spend with the two demons, the harder it becomes to try to fight your attraction to them.
Where Haechan had been soft, tousled hair and half smiles, Johnny and Jaehyun are chiseled and statuesque, nothing like your previous puppy soulmate.
Jaehyun is especially beautiful, and when he comes into the kitchen while you’re cooking breakfast, it takes everything in your power to keep your eyes off of him.
“Excuse me.” He says, a hand finding your hip as he brushes past you to have access to the fridge.
Your mouth is dry, and your hip is burning from where his fingers had touched you. You’re sure your skin is heated everywhere, and hope Jaehyun doesn’t notice.
“What are you cooking?” Jaehyun’s voice interrupts your thoughts and he comes to stand next to you, shoulder almost touching your own.
“Just some eggs.” you tell him. Johnny had stocked the fridge for you after explaining that demons don’t eat regular food, and eggs seem to be one of the simpler things to make.
“Hmm.” Jaehyun moves again, and you’re quick to turn, to say something that will keep him in the kitchen with you- but now you’re face to face, nearly nose to nose- and his lips are right there-
Jaehyun’s hands finds your hips, and he steps back.
“Sorry, i-” you try to explain yourself, but close your mouth when Jaehyun also speaks, only for him to also stop. You sigh, “are you busy tonight?”
“Maybe, why?”
“Johnny said something about watching a movie.” you admit, unable to hide the need in your voice. You need normalcy. You need a movie to distract you from everything-
“Sounds like a good idea.” Jaehyun says. “Maybe i’ll come watch.”
He leaves the kitchen, and you’re left with your skin heated and your palms sweaty. It almost feels as if you just asked the demon out on a date, and you’re not sure if you should be happy or sad with his ‘maybe i’ll come’ response.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun comes to join you and Johnny for the latter half of your film. He’d taken one look at your cute little shirt and shorts combo when you’d come to see if he wanted to watch, and had realized he wouldn’t make it through a full movie.
When he enters the living room, you move to make space for him, and Jaehyun has to struggle not to look at your pretty legs as you get closer to Johnny.
You’re watching a comedy, and it’s easy enough to follow along even whilst Jaehyun pays most of his attention to you.
You smell so good- Jaehyun wonders if Johnny took you shopping again. He’s getting increasingly jealous of the time you spend with Johnny- even though, he knows it’s his own fault.
Jaehyun knows the moment you fall asleep, slumping against Johnny’s shoulder, and he watches Johnny lift you up gently, carrying you to bed when the movie ends minutes later.
A moment later, Johnny is sitting on Jaehyun’s couch, running a hand through his hair.
“This can’t be a long term thing.” Jaehyun states.
Johnny scoffs.
“I can’t stand it.”
“Can’t stand what?” Johnny puts his feet up, turning to watch his friend with amusement in his eyes.
“You know what.” Jaehyun groans.
The way you’re their new roommate-
They way they both seem to have a soulmate now-
The way you cuddle up next to Johnny-
The way you’re so god damned cute in your little outfits-
The way you’re just out of his reach, and he’s never had to work for a girl’s affection before in his entire existence, and he’s been around a long time.
“Jae, trust me.” Johnny sighs, popping open a button on his shirt and loosening his tie. He’s been extra high strung, much like Jaehyun, since you arrived, but he shows it in his fashion, with clothes to hide the new mark on his forearm. “The soulmate tether goes both ways. Say what you want about any pairing, but there’s always chemistry. You just want yours to be more explosive.”
“As if you don’t want that too.” Jaehyun scoffs, annoyed at Johnny’s weak metaphor. He’s heard his friend do much better.
“Just give it time Jae, it’s been like, 4 days?” Johnny rolls his shoulders, getting comfortable in the seat.
Jaehyun knows Johnny is right.
He’s been alive for so long- a few more days, maybe weeks, they shouldn’t be that hard to get through-
And yet, time has moved so slowly since Jaehyun has met you- and he knows that the idea of staying away from you and being patient sounds much better in theory than it will in practice.
Tumblr media
“Why do you even have your own room if you’re in here all the time?” you ask when Johnny finally exits Jae’s space.
Johnny stops mid stride, looking to where you’re sitting on the stairs that lead to  your room. “How long have you been out here?”
“Why? Worried i’m not getting enough beauty sleep?” you cock your head, earning an eye roll from Johnny. “Just a little while.”
“Do you need water or something?” Johnny asks, heading to the kitchen.
You stand and follow the demon, “i’m okay.” you tell him.
“Maybe a drink then?” Johnny turns and offers you a bottle of beer, which you decline. “Can’t sleep?”
“I’m just-” you begin, and that’s when your eyes land on Johnny’s forearm, “hey!” you grab at him, eager to get a better look at his mark. “This-” you look up at Johnny, unsure what to even ask-
“It appeared yesterday, after your run in with Haechan.” Johnny explains.
“It says thank you.” you read in shock.
“Are you mad?” The vulnerability in the demon’s voice makes you look up again. You feel your body flush with heat and embarrassment.
“I’m not mad- i’m just-” you can’t find the exact words. This whole thing has been so confusing- “So Jaehyun-”
“Don’t be mad, but he has a mark too.” Johnny tells you, grabbing your hand so he can drag you with him towards his friend’s room. “His also says thank you.”
“It does?” you’re so overwhelmed, and you let Johnny and Jaehyun have a small discussion while Jaehyun brandishes his arm to you.
“We don’t even know what it means yet-” Jaehyun sighs, speaking more to Johnny than you.
“It means you’re my soulmates.” you state confidently. “Look.” you move your own hands forward, showing off the marks on either forearm.
“Do you not want me?” you blink up at Jaehyun, who quickly shuts his mouth, frowning. “You don’t want me.”
“I do, it’s just-” Jaehyun sighs.
You suppose you should cut him some slack. The poor demon had simply signed a contract for a soul, he hadn’t been looking for a life partner- but you’re not going to make this easy for him.
“Johnny, you want me right?” you turn your attention to the softer of your two demon captors.
He swallows hard, nodding, and you find it endearing how easily you can take the power.
“Well if only Johnny wants me-” you turn towards the taller of your demons, and then Jaehyun’s hands are grabbing your hips and pulling you back against his chest.
“Don’t be like that, princess.” Jaehyun’s breath is hot against your neck. “I don’t like games.”
“And I don’t like people who can’t communicate.” You retort, shocked at your confidence a moment later.
Jaehyun won’t hurt you, demon or not, he’s your soulmate now, and this gives you all of the power. You refuse to have another situation where you bend over backwards for a man who won’t even meet your base relationship requirements- and all for a mark on his arm, that as you’ve just found out, can be replaced.
“Hasn’t it been clear from the start that we both want to just eat you up?” you can hear the smirk on his voice and it’s unbelievably sexy.
“Then what’s stopping you?” You breathe, grabbing at Johnny’s belt and using it to tug him to your front.
“As demons, we need verbal consent.” Johnny tells you, his hand coming up to cup your face.
Something tells you that’s more of a Johnny and Jaehyun rule than a demon one, but you don’t mind. “I want you both.” You whisper. “Please.”
Johnny is kissing you before your even fully done speaking, but you don’t mind. The demon’s grip on your face tightens, and then he’s slipping a hand down to the small of your back, dragging your body closer to his own-
Jaehyun doesn’t relent his grip on you, his own fingers digging into your waist as he grinds himself against your ass. You can feel his breath on your neck, and it’s Johnny who applies pressure to your jaw, prompting you to turn the angle of your head and give Jaehyun more access.
A moan slips past your lips when Jaehyun’s mouth makes contact with the column of your throat, and Johnny is quick to eat up the soft noise.
“You’re so cute.” he coos, pulling just out of your reach so he can taunt you with his sexy smile, eyes looking into your own. “So needy.” his thumb brushes your bottom lip and you swallow thickly, whimpering when Jaehyun presses another kiss to your throat.
“You know what’s funny?” you ask, wrapping your arms around the back of Johnny’s neck.
“What’s that, princess?” Johnny smiles, letting out a deep sigh as you get more comfortable against his chest.
“She’s gonna tell you something horrible,” Jaehyun responds behind you, “like maybe Haechan never made her cum properly.”
“Your last soulmate really was useless, huh?” Johnny chuckles, pausing for a moment before laughing even harder and throwing his head back, “no way, Jae, that’s honestly what she was going to tell us!”
“He was such a loser.” Jaehyun scoffs, running his nose up your throat before latching his teeth to your earlobe. “You’re in much better hands now.”
His fingers move up, then he grasps your breast, earning a mewl from you as you push back against him. “Fuck, please- prove it.”
“Hear that Jae?” Johnny grabs at your jaw again, gaze shifting past you, “she wants us to prove it.”
Jaehyun squeezes your breast again, smirking against your neck. “We can do that.”
“But what to do first?” Johnny’s eyes scan you up and down, and he licks his lips sinfully, the decision made right before your very eyes.
Jaehyun chuckles behind you, the exchange wordless, and then he’s lifting you up and taking you to the bed. The demon sits down, and as he’s about to pull you onto his lap, Johnny reaches for your shorts, tugging them off.
The air of the room is nice and cool against your skin, and Jaehyun is warm pressed to your back as he gets you comfortable on the foot of the bed. One of his hands slips between your thighs, prompting you to open them for Johnny, who is lowering to his knees.
“These are cute, princess.” Johnny tells you, reaching out to rub his thumb across your lace covered clit. “But i think i could find you nicer ones.”
“You and your obsession with French lingerie.” Jaehyun sighs behind you, pressing a kiss to your neck and adjusting the way he’s holding your body.
“It’s the best.” Johnny insists. “Besides, aren’t all panties made to be torn in two?”
There’s a sudden tug, and then Johnny is tearing your underwear down your legs, his hands pushing at your thighs to get them more open to accommodate his large shoulders a moment later.
“So your last soulmate never ate you out?” Jaehyun’s fingers skim up your bare arm, and you lean back against him.
“He did- he just-” a whimper forced from your mouth cuts off your thoughts, your hands going down to grab at Johnny’s soft hair as his tongue begins to flick at your clit. “Fuck- Johnny-”
“He’s good right?” Jaehyun’s hand returns to your breast and he massages it through your shirt.
“So good.” You moan, eyes closing as you loll your head back to rest on Jaehyun’s shoulder.
Then a finger slides into your core and you whimper even louder, hips lifting slightly at the new intrusion only for you to be held down by Johnny, who places his free hand on your hip, pinning you while his tongue works wonders.
“Jae-” you reach behind you, grabbing at Jaehyun’s hair and pulling his face to your neck, eager for the stimulation on your sweet spot.
You’re rewarded not only by his lips, but by his hand roughly pulling your shirt and bra down enough to expose your nipple to the cool air of the room, and then Jaehyun is pinching it. Your back arches, a whine leaving your mouth as you tug harder on Jaehyun’s hair, too overwhelmed by everything to know which stimulation to focus on.
“Oh my god-” you groan loudly, able to feel your orgasm rising in the pit of your stomach.
“No god down here kitten,” Jaehyun says lowly, “just us.”
You grab at Jaehyun’s knees as your orgasm slams into you, pussy clamping down on Johnny’s fingers, which curl up into you, prolonging the euphoria that’s running through your body in golden waves.
You’re left gasping when you finally come down from your high, and Johnny removes himself from between your legs. It’s Jaehyun flicking your nipple that has you shaking again, whimpering and cuddling against his body as your post orgasm neediness sets in.
“You really haven’t cum right in a while, have you?” Jaehyun laughs at you, and you pout, hiding against his shirt.
“It’s cute.” Johnny assures you, on his feet. He begins to unbutton his shirt and your eyes take in all the newly exposed skin.
“We have a thing for girls who get all dumb and soft the moment Johnny whips his cock out.” Jaehyun tells you, voice soft as his fingers brush up and down your arm.
You hum in response, looking up at Jaehyun and pressing a kiss to the underside of his jaw.
“What about your cock? Do i get bonus points for being a little slut for you too?” you ask, hooking your fingers in Jaehyun’s shirt in an effort to get his buttons undone.
Jaehyun lets out a chuckle that becomes a growl, and then he’s pinning you to the bed, grabbing both your wrists in one hand which he places over your head, slotting his hips between your legs. “Not only do you get bonus points princess,” he leans down and presses his lips to yours softly, your first kiss, but it turns aggressive when he grabs at your jaw, “you get to have your brains fucked out.”
You smile up at Jaehyun, “sounds perfect.”
When he kisses you this time, he lets go of your hands, and you’re able to grab at his hair now that you’re free. Jaehyun groans when you tug on the silky strands, grinding himself down against your core-
“Jae, please-” the contact of the front of his pants on your clit is way too delicious after everything Johnny just gave to you, and you’re eager to have your demons follow through with their promise of all but breaking your back.
Jaehyun’s hands tug at your shirt, and he has it off of you a moment later, followed closely by your bra. Once your breasts are exposed, Jaehyun’s mouth moves from your neck to your nipple, and you can’t help but whine softly, hips lifting while Jaehyun’s tongue swirls the sensitive nub.
Johnny’s shirtless now, and you lick your lips in anticipation, gaze dipping down to his cock, still hidden by briefs. Just as you’re about to beckon Johnny closer, eager to put your lips to use, Jaehyun slips his hand between your bodies and undoes his pants.
“Fuck, you’re so hot.” Jaehyun groans, teeth grazing your nipple one last time before he brings his kisses back to your face, wiggling from his pants.
“You’re so hot,” you respond, mind running on autopilot as you cup Jaehyun’s face, lips just meeting as he slides into you. You both groan loudly, Jaehyun’s tongue invading your mouth moments later as his hips begin to find a rhythm that has the bed rocking.
“Jae-” you claw at his back and Jaehyun growls, one of his hands finding your hip as he thrusts into you even harder.
“Feel good, princess?” comes Johnny’s voice, and you turn your head to look at the man standing and watching.
You nod, licking your lips and clearing your throat before you can mutter a “yes” even as Jaehyun works you up towards another orgasm.
One of Jaehyun’s hands grabs at your breasts, his thumb brushing over your nipple and making your back arch, pressing your body up against Jaehyun while you whine loudly. “Fuck, i’m gonna cum-”
“Then fucking do it.” Jaehyun growls, pressing his face into the column of your throat and peppering your skin in love bites, kisses and licks that have your toes curling.
“Jae!” you scream his name as your orgasm slams into you, and you lace your fingers in the demon’s hair while waves of pleasure slam into you.
Jaehyun’s pretty groans tell you he’s cumming too, and he grips you hard, squeezing you and making you feel incredibly small under his large body. “Fuck,” he groans, pressing a softer kiss to your neck when his hips come to a stop.
“Still ready for one more?” comes Johnny’s voice and you open your eyes when he brushes some hair from your face.
You nod eagerly, “yes, please.”
Jaehyun laughs in your embrace, pressing a kiss to your lips before lifting off of you and rolling to the side to give room to Johnny.
For a moment, you consider rolling over, giving Johnny access to you in doggy, which you’re sure will make him hit all the deepest spots- but when you look at your soft, brown eyed demon, you can’t imagine not being face to face.
You open your arms for Johnny and he chuckles, collapsing onto the bed and finding his place between your legs. “You sure?” he asks, fingers going between your legs to brush over your clit, which causes a shock to run through you at the sensitivity. “I don’t want to break you.”
“Liar.” Jaehyun scoffs.
“I just mean,” Johnny rolls his eyes, “we have all the time in the world.”
“Johnny?” you blink up at him.
“Yes, angel?”
“Just fuck me. I punched my ex soulmate yesterday, and I deserve it.”
“You make a good point.” Johnny laughs, and then he’s kissing you, smiling into the kiss even as his tongue dances over yours.
You reach between your bodies, grabbing at Johnny’s cock, and he groans against your lips. “Fuck me.” you tell him.
He laughs again, pushing your hand away so he can angle himself up with your entrance. “You sure?” he asks one more time.
You wrap your legs around Johnny, using them to force Johnny into you even as you gasp into his mouth at each inch after inch of intrusion. Once he’s buried to the hilt, Johnny presses a soft kiss to your nose, “ready?”
When he begins to thrust, he pulls nearly fully out of your core before pushing back in, and each motion has you grabbing at the sheets while sinful sounds leave your lips. “Oh my god-” Johnny laces his fingers with one of your hands, squeezing it before kissing you, eagerly eating up your mewls and moans.
“So fucking pretty.” Johnny tells you, hips pistoning into you even more roughly.
You slide your hand between your bodies, and your pussy clamps down on Johnny when you brush your clit, pleasure jumping through you. “Fuck, Johnny, I’m gonna cum-”
“Me too.” he tells you, groaning when your core tightens around him again from your continued stimulation of your clit. “You’re so fucking warm- and tight-”
He groans loudly, pressing his body down against yours as his hips find a pace that has you practically screaming. “Johnny!” you cry out, removing your hand from your clit as your orgasm slams into you, and your demon lover helps you through it, his hips working you through both of your highs until you’re nothing more than brain dead, panting, messes.
“Fuck,” Johnny says, letting out a shaky breath as he rolls off of you.
Your skin prickles from the coolness of the room, body no longer covered by the warmth of a body. You want to cuddle, but you’re immediately at a loss as to which man you turn to-
Luckily, Jaehyun makes the decision for you, his hand finding your hip and pushing until you’re on your side, your back to his chest as he gets comfortable behind you. His finger traces up and down your thigh.
None of you need to say anything because you’re all in the same boat.
This whole experience had been unexpected, to say the least, but you’re all content with it. The silence of the room is peaceful, in a way that silence never was when you were with Haechan. And as you get more comfortable against Johnny’s warm chest, a “thank you” leaves your lips.
Tumblr media
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fadedncity · 4 days ago
tall, blonde, and gorgeous
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wc: 2.4k
pairing: johnny x afab!reader
tags: bf!johnny, teasing, nipple sucking, hair pulling, fingering, oral (f receiving), pet names, cursing, spitting, strength kink(?), unprotected sex, overuse of the word fuck but what else is new
You were in the kitchen when your boyfriend got home, immediately looking for you the moment he came through the door.
"I'm in here," you yelled to him when he called you. Your eyes drifted from the tea in your cup to Johnny coming into the room.
He saw the surprise on your face, and the smile on his face grew wider. 
"Your hair," was all you could say.
"You like?" he asks, running his fingers through his silky hair.
Like?? Like was an understatement. 
"You know I do," you couldn't resist the urge to run your fingers through it yourself. 
Your fingers were still tangled in his hair when he captured your lips in a kiss.
Your tea was quickly forgotten about when he firmly gripped your waist and placed you on the counter, stepping between your legs. You gasped into Johnny's mouth when your bare thighs came into contact with the cold countertop, and he took the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. You groaned into the kiss when he pressed his hips into yours, making you subtly rut your hips into his. But before it could go any farther, Johnny stopped. 
"I'm gonna go shower," he told you. 
Johnny already knew what was going on in that mind of yours. But decided not to give you the satisfaction of acting upon it. At least for now. 
"Okay." you tried not to let your disappointment be heard in your voice, but your boyfriend knows you. 
"Don't miss me too much," he teased. 
"As if," you scoffed, playfully rolling your eyes as he began to walk away. 
Your eyes traced over the contours of Johnny's muscles in his back as he left you, and you had to cross your legs to relieve some of the pressure that had built up between your legs. 
Fresh out of the shower, he was sitting on the couch with your legs in his lap.
Johnny wasn't wearing anything but sweatpants, and he knew what it was doing to you. Of course, the fucker did, which is why he's doing it, and it was starting to piss you off how much of an effect he has on you by doing the simplest things. 
"Babe," he softly squeezed your thigh, knowing it'd get you to snap out of your thoughts, "You're staring."
"You look good," you mumbled, "I just really love your hair."
"Did you not before?" he narrowed his eyes at you. 
"Of course I did. You know what I mean."
"No, I'm not sure I do," he pulled you into his lap, "Explain it to me," he said, resting his hands on your waist.
"You just.." the words you were supposed to say just didn't come out. Not with the way he's looking up at you right now. You can't even think of speaking right now. 
"What, baby?" he asked, noticing your eyes darkening as he slowly moved his hands over your body. 
You leaned forward, pressing your lips to his. Johnny cups your jaw with one hand, deepening the kiss. Your fingers find their way into his hair again, and he groaned into your mouth, feeling your nails lightly scratch his scalp. 
"You're an insufferable man, Johnny," you say, and he smiles against your lips. 
He hooks his arms securely under your thighs, keeping you against his body like this as he laid you down. Your head met the arm of the couch as Johnny started kissing down your neck. His soft lips, sucking your skin between his teeth, littering bruises all over your throat. Little mewls filled the air as Johnny continued his assault on your neck, and his hands slipped between your bodies and groped your breast over your sweater. 
The stretched-out hem of the overworn sweater had fallen down your shoulder, giving Johnny more skin to cover with his love bites. 
You weren't sure this sweater was gonna be wearable after this since Johnny pulled the hem down more, freeing your chest. His warm wet mouth enclosed around your perky nipple while he rolled the other one under the pad of his thumb through your clothes. 
"Johnny~" you arched your back slightly. He groaned around your areola hearing, you say his name that way. 
His mouth left you, and you shuttered. A chill running through you as your wet skin met the cool air in the room. 
Johnny pushed your sweater up, exposing your bare upper half to him. You were too lost in the feeling of his mouth giving the same attention to your other tit to notice his hand slipping between your legs.
You tugged harder on his hair when you felt his fingers rubbing your pussy through your panties. He smiled against your skin, feeling your wetness seeping through your clothes.
"Already so wet," he hummed, pressing his thumb into your clit. Your thighs would've shut if he wasn't keeping them open with his body. 
His fingers squeezed your sides as he trailed kisses down your stomach. He finally looked up at you once he was settled between your legs, pushing his hair out of his eyes. 
You seemed to hold your breath as he barely tore his eyes away from you.
Johnny hooked his fingers in the band of your underwear, slightly pulling it down and placing a kiss on your hipbone. 
The more he pressed kisses to your navel, the more restless you became. He was toying with you until you were squirming beneath him. 
"Johnny, please."
"What is it, princess? I'm right here," he said, lifting your leg over his shoulder, starting to kiss your thighs. 
"I'm so fucking wet," you whined. 
"I know," he smirked, "You're practically dripping, baby," he pulled your panties to the side to see you clenching around nothing. 
He started tracing the apex of your thigh with the tip of his tongue, only adding more fuel to the fire. Johnny placed a kiss on your clit, and your hips immediately buck against his face.
"Fuck..I need you so badly," you didn't care how desperate you sounded while grinding your clothed pussy against his face.
You lifted your hips when he finally pulled your underwear down your legs, letting them hang off your ankle, not caring enough to actually take them off. 
He flickered his eyes back up to you as you impatiently waited for his next move. Which was letting his spit dribble from his mouth onto your cunt, mixing with your arousal. Johnny smiled when you whimpered, tugging your lip between your teeth.
Without warning, Johnny licked a fat stripe up your slit, collecting your juices on his tongue. Your legs almost closed around his head if he wasn't holding them apart. 
He hummed into your pussy, nuzzling his nose into your clit, enjoying the taste of you on his tongue.
"Mmm, feels so good," you moan, beginning to roll your hips against his mouth.
You whine when he pins your hips to the couch, his strength not allowing you to move.
Johnny slipped two fingers into his mouth before he watched your pussy swallow the two digits. He went back to sucking on your clit, and you found it hard to stay still. But even with just one arm, he kept you pinned down.
"Oh my god—Johnny," you threw your head back onto the armrest and started touching yourself. Running your hands up your body until they were under your sweater massaging your tits.
Johnny moaned into pussy at the sight, sending vibrations up your spine. You grabbed onto his hair as he curled his fingers. The muscles in his arm work tirelessly, pumping his digits in and out of you.
"Please, Johnny, please. s-so fucking good," you said between moans.
Your sentences were no longer coherent, and Johnny knew you weren't going to be able to last any longer. Moans unapologetically spilled from your lips along with chants of Johnny's name.
"Johnny, I'm not-I can't-" you couldn't even finish what you needed to say.
"I know, baby, I know." he softly stroked your leg. His fingers reached that spongy spot inside of you, making your toes curl.
"Yes, right there. Fuck-I'm gonna cum!" you cried out.
Your pussy pulsed around his fingers, and Johnny showed no sign of stopping. Holding your thighs to keep them from closing, he lapped up your juices, making sure not to miss a single drop.
When he came up from between your legs, you could see evidence of your previous orgasm all over his face, even dripping down his neck.
Johnny popped his fingers into his mouth, licking your essence clean off his hand. He knew what he was doing to you. You ignored the sensitivity between your legs, pressing your thighs together. And, of course, he noticed.
"So, so needy," he tsked.
"Shh, it's okay, I'll take of you, baby." he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
Johnny tore your sweater over your head the second he got you on the bed. He kissed you as he laid you on the pillows at the head of the bed. The taste of your orgasm is still prominent on his tongue.
He finally got rid of his sweatpants to find that that was all he was wearing. He really was trying to push you to your limit.
You spread your legs for him, putting your pussy on display. Already wet and aching for him again.
He trailed his fingertips up your inner thigh, making goosebumps rise on your skin. Johnny's fingers find your entrance, and he pushes them in, making you whine.
"Just making sure you ready for me," he says.
"I'm always ready for you," you tell him.
"Is that right?" he asks, and you nod your head with a smirk.
You lay back on the bed, your hair falling all around you on the pillows, making you look like a goddess he was more than ready to worship.
"You just gonna just keep staring at me, babe," your voice drew him out of his thoughts, "or you gonna fuck me?" you fluttered your lashes.
Your eyes traveled down his body, unable to resist reaching out and touching him because there's no way he's real. But feeling his skin against yours is enough to tell you that he is, and he's all yours.
He pumped his cock a few times in his hand, looking into your eyes as you raise your hips for him. His cock parted your lips, coating his shaft in your slick.
His cock head nudged your entrance, slowly easing his way into you. Johnny gripped your waist to keep himself from slamming his hips into yours once he felt the way your warm wet walls opened up for him.
You knew he was taking his time because he didn't want to hurt you, but you just wanted to feel him, all of him, now.
"John—ahh," your sentence was cut off when Johnny pushed the rest of the way into you.
"Like that?" he asks, even though the look on your face was enough to tell him yes.
"Shit, just like that," you mewled when he started to move his hips.
"You feel so good—fuck," his head fell back.
Holding you by your thighs, Johnny's eyes fell to where you're connected, watching your pussy take in his cock every time.
But there's no way he'd keep up the slow pace. Not when you're looking up at him like that.
The sound of skin hitting skin resounded throughout the room, along with moans and shallow pants. Your tongues clashed as Johnny leaned down to kiss you.
You sunk your teeth into his bottom lip, feeling the drag of his cock against your walls.
"You always take my cock so well," he opted for longer, deeper strokes, "fit around me just like a glove," your pussy fluttered.
"It's all yours," you murmur
"That's right, isn't it?" he smiled proudly.
Johnny hooked his arms under your thighs as you replied yes, bringing your hips to meet his. You placed a hand on the headboard to prevent yourself from hitting it as he fucked you.
"Oh my-fuck! Don't stop," you pant, loving the feeling of his cock hitting your sweet spot. 
"You like that, baby?" he slowed down again, "feeling me deep inside you," his hand pressed down on your lower stomach, "right here."
"Johnny, you fucking—" your words were replaced with a moan as your eyes rolled back. "You're gonna make me cum."
"That's it, sweetheart," he encouraged as you started rubbing your clit.
The stimulation had you crying out for Johnny. You were sure all your neighbors were going to be well informed of your boyfriend's name if they already weren't.
"Look at me," Johnny softly turned your head, so you look at him. "I wanna see your pretty face when you cum."
You weren't far from doing so once you looked up at him. He was skin coated in a thin layer of sweat, newly lightened hair falling in his face as he hovered over you. Johnny's pupils were dilated twice their normal size, and his lips were swollen from the biting on both your behalves.
"God, I fucking love you," you said as you reached your climax. You buried your head into the pillow beneath you, and your back arched off the bed. Your walls convulsed around his cock, waves of euphoria washing over you. From the way you choked his cock, Johnny knew he was gonna cum. 
"I love you too, baby," his movements were getting sloppy and erratic, "So, so fucking much," he said each word as he pumped his cum into you. 
You softly ran your fingers through his hair again, slowly tracing patterns over his sweaty skin. The both of you, just taking a second to feel each other's skin against one another. 
Johnny's cock finally went soft, but he didn't move, too busy murmuring words of affirmation between kisses he pressed to your damp skin. 
He rolled off of you, laying on the bed beside you. Your hand never left his head, loving the feeling of the silky, blonde locks between your fingers. Johnny practically started purring. 
"Guess you really do love my hair, huh," he sighed, looking over at you with a lazy grin. 
"I can't stand you," you huff with a laugh. 
"Then I'll just have to make sure you can't stand at all," Johnny said, and he suggestively smirked. 
"Don't you ever get tired?" you asked. 
"Not for you, baby. I could go all night long," he rolled back on top of you and kissed you. 
a/n: only johnny going blonde could pull me out of writer’s block 😭😭
feedback is appreciated!! tysm for reading <33
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he 💅💅
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googie-egg · 7 months ago
nct worldwide but it’s just pitbull and mark lee
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nctsplug02 · 23 days ago
Can you make Dilf!Johnny in vacations with somno, choking and have breeding kink?
Thank you!
-Ina Anon
genre: smut
Johnny was still cracking up from the comment you and him received before sitting down and eating dinner. “Do i look that old?”
“Hi, y/n was it?” You nodded at the perosn. “Great, a reservation for two?” You nodded once again, adding a ‘yep’ to it this time.
“Okay, and is this your father?” You and Johnny look at each other before laughing. “No, no, he’s my husband actually.” You point to Johnny.
The lady gasps and shakes her head. “I’m so sorry, I, I didn’t, oh my god.” She starts to panic. “Nope, you’re fine. You aren’t the first to ask that.” Johnny says.
You look up at Johnny who’s enjoying his food. “Babe? Do you mind if we go to this store later? I saw something I liked.” He nods and wipes his mouth with his napkin.
“What’d you see, love?” He questions.
“I saw this.. toy that I liked and I wanna get it.”
“Sure, love. But, what toy?”
“An.. adult toy.”
“A dildo? Vibrator?”
“..the first one.”
“Why do you need a,” he leans in and whispers “dildo, when you have me?” He was always busy and usually came home at night. “Well.. it’s for.. whenever you’re at work and I’m alone.” You shrug.
It was late and you had waited until johnny fell asleep. So when he did, you slowly climbed out of his hold and tiptoed to the bathroom where you brought your dildo along.
You stripped your lower half and began by using the dildo to tease yourself. You got impatient with yourself and stuck the dildo on the floor where you then lowered yourself onto it.
You hissed through your teeth at the stretch, it felt great. You held onto whatever was closest to you and began bouncing yourself onto the dildo. Your ass smacked against the ground each time you pushed yourself down.
“Oh god.” You whimpered, head hanging down, hair bouncing with each bounce.
You lowered your right hand to your clit and began to rub it. You needed to cum, you were so desperate to cum. You clenched around the silicone as you felt yourself getting closer to your high.
“Fuckfuckfuckfuck!” You chant and slap a hand over your mouth as you cream all over the silicone.
“I’m, im done.” You panted and began to clean up before heading back to bed where johnny laid.
“Good morning, morning log coming through.” The voice in Johnnys head said, making the dilf wake up.
Johnny sat up and lifted the blankets up to see his dick creating a huge print. Johnny looked at his beautiful wife that laid next to him.
‘She looks just like an angel.’ He sighed to himself before thinking of how he’d destroy you and your pussy.
‘I cant, she looks too pure and deserves her rest.’ One side of him said until your words ran through his mind the last time you woke up with his dick thrusting inside your cunt. ‘I love it when I wake up with your cock inside me.’ He sighed and decided, fuck it, he’s gonna do it. To satisfy you and him.
He climbed on top of you and began placing kisses around your face. He began rubbing your inner thighs and rubbing over your clothed clit. He grunted when he felt his sweats get tighter around him, it felt suffocating.
You weren’t exactly a heavy sleeper so once your pants were slipped off, you had woken up to see your husband hovering above you. “Johnny?” You call out confused.
“Need to fuck you. No explanation.” He says, already desperately panting. You let out a noise when Johnny grips the pillow below your head and yanks it, tossing it besides him so he could have access to your neck.
His mouth immediately attaches itself to your neck, sucking and creating dark hickeys.
You gasp and grab his wrist when he slides two fingers inside you. “Such a tight pussy.” He says against your neck as he thrusts his fingers. “Stretch it out for me then, daddy.” You whisper in his ear.
He grumbles a bit and pulls his sweats down, it gets past his knees but stuck on his ankles. “Fuck, you’ll really be the death of me, hm?” He says pumping himself and rubbing his tip on your slit.
“Just fuck me. I want it rough, no vanilla, fuck vanilla. right now, I want it rough until I cant walk straight.” You say through your gritted teeth.
You grab onto Johnnys shirt as he slams himself inside you. “Oh johnny!” You sob, biting on your lower lip and balling his shirt up in your balled up fist.
Your legs bounce beside his waist with each of his violent thrusts. “Yes, f—fuck me!” You moan out, eyes fluttering shut every now and then.
“‘Gonna break this fucking bed.” Johnny says as the bed springs creaks loudly and the headboard bangs against the wall.
The neighbors were for sure gonna fill for a noise complaint.
“Who cares, just fuck me dumb.” Your hand holds onto his wrist and it brings his hand onto your neck. “Choke me, daddy.” You giggle and you bite your lip. “I’ll choke you, I’ll choke you real good, baby.” Johnny says with his jaw clenched.
Your face heated up as his hands choked you, nearly blocking your breathing pipe. “Feels so good,” you gasped.
“Hey, wake up sleepyhead.” He says with his hands holding your jaw, shaking your head as you lose consciousness. “Choke you so good that you passed out on daddy’s dick.” Johnny coos out to you.
“Mmyeah?“ you clenched around him like how you clenched around the silicone dildo last night. “God, gonna cum, baby.” He warns. “Yes, oh yes. Cum in me. My pussy, cum.” You whimper out. “Cum in your pussy?” You nod as he repeats your words.
“mhm, fuck a baby in me. wanna have your baby. wanna let everyone know how good you fucked me.” He growls at your teasing words.
His grip around your neck tightens again. His thrusts turning into hard yet slow thrusts. His breathing now coming from his two nostrils as he continues to chase his high.
“Oh—, johnny—!” You hold onto his wrist that held your neck. “Oh, baby! Oh, baby!” He chants as he releases his load into you.
A few moments of silence as he continues to release his load into you. “Stretched out my pussy so, so good.” You panted heavily. “Filled my pussy so good too.” Johnny smiled down at you.
“Let’s go again. This time I want my cum in your ass.” Anal?
What a freak your husband was.
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ty-track · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yutaslaugh · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you heard the man, let’s make yuta popular! 
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moonctzeny · 5 months ago
nct 127 as computer engineering majors (suggestive/smutty)
this was a personal attack and I'm having nct 127 brainrot so y'all have to suffer with me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hot TA with a fat ass that almost made you fail the class bc who the fuck pays attention to what's written on the board when he stands in front of it?
wears expensive shirts with long sleeves that he pushes over his elbows while explaining the most crucial formulas- your lab partner has to shove you so that you don’t drool all over your worksheet
you offer to help around the lab he's supervising after you somehow pass the course just to spend more time with him
you swear he flirts with you in the most gentle ways but you never bring it up bc you don't want to make him uncomfortable when he's working
but you're both adults and he doesn't teach your class anymore so you're free to ask him out but he's scary to approach you know?
until one day you're alone putting the machinery back in place when he draws a brand new circuit for tomorrow's morning class on the whiteboard and you ask him to explain the flow of electricity through those diodes
and he does and damn he's so hot when he goes all science on you so you tell him just that
how his voice and intelligence really tuns you on and you can teach him a thing or two yourself if he’ll let you
and anyways thank god you arrived at the lab the next morning before any of the students to wipe down the handprints you left on that whiteboard
Tumblr media
study buddy who is very creative at finding new ways to make you procrastinate with him
at first he begs you to borrow your black nail polish and even convinces you to draw little designs on each nail for him
you do a pretty bad job because truth is you have a big crush on johnny and being so close to him makes your hands shake
after you're done he takes your hands in his, and lays them flat over his mousepad
"I'm gonna paint them on yours too! I want to match you!"
you agree bc it's hard to breathe at this point and you've also downed a couple of beers while waiting for the polish to dry
"I always wanted us to try a couple look. even if it's just nails"
"yeah. is it a bad thing?"
you shake your head negatively and he smiles so brightly you get a little dizzy, relishing in the way you squirm under his stare
johnny somehow coaxes you into climbing into his lap, his teeth breaking the skin of your neck as he removes one article of clothing after the other
"we're gonna mess up our nails johnny"
"good. make a mess out of me."
Tumblr media
computer engineering senior and part time pc building youtuber nakamoto yuta falls in your life like a black angel to your salvation
aka he slid in your dms after you posted on your story that you’ll never finish the mandatory Assembly project on time and was having a public meltdown
“how about you buy the project from me and then you’ll only have to worry about staying cute 😜”
you roll your eyes at the message but damn you’re really desperate at this point so you agree to stop by his place to make the transaction
but before you do you decide to check out the link to his youtube channel to kinda gauge what type of guy he is
and damn you think you might have harbored a little online crush from watching his pc building series because yuta is smart and funny and way way way cuter than what his instagram pics let on
you’re quite nervous when you enter his apartment physically after seeing it as a background to his videos so many times
he has an all rainbow neon setup on the most fancy desk you’ve ever seen and that’s when he mentions it’s very durable and you think why would that matter and then you’re like oh
you excitedly ask him about all the parts and that’s how it becomes obvious that you’ve become an avid watcher of his channel during the past week
“I can’t believe I met my cutest subscriber ;)”
anyways yuta is even hotter in real life than in his videos and he smells like green soap and you think that out of all the colors neon pink looks the best when reflected on his naked skin
Tumblr media
he drags his fingers through his dyed locks in frustration, the color he chose for this month being a dark purple
he doesn’t care if his professors say it’s not gonna be easy working around people with all the piercings and shaved eyebrow patches on his face; taeyong prefers working with machines only anyways
a truly gifted programmer as he is, it’s weird to see him so frustrated over the neon green letters on his pc screen.
“I just can’t figure out why I’m getting this error. I tried using try-catch blocks, a break clause to debug it but still nothing works”
you’d be fine with letting him figure it out in peace if there wasn’t one problem: taeyong has this habit of moaning a little when he’s concentrated
and you think taeyong is hot on a normal day but even more so when he’s oblivious to the way he’s pushing you into a deeper level of hell with every breathy sound that leaves his lips
“you’re too hot to be worrying over java”, you think and when he stares back at you with wide eyes you realize you’ve voiced your thoughts out loud
but he still gladly takes your offer to help him relax with your mouth
doyoung (cw: praise, bimbofication)
Tumblr media
doyoung is a senior who pays for his gas by tutoring younger students
you met for the first time when you drunkenly had a very public makeout session during a frat party last winter but that is a story for another time
programming classes were fine for you but numeric analysis was where you drew the line
you remembered him telling you all about how he’s pretty good at math that night when you were too preoccupied thinking how to shove your tongue in his mouth so here he is now, in your small apartment, kissing his teeth
“no, no, we just talked about this. It’s simple linear propolation”, he groans while correcting your shabby numbers in red ink, stretching his arms to release the pent up frustration in his body
“how about you motivate me with something? that way I can learn more effectively?”, you suggest in your most innocent tone but Doyoung doesn’t buy it one bit, ordering you to sit on his lap while he dips his hand past the hem of your shorts
“you solve a problem and I keep playing with you. you make a mistake and I push one more finger in that canny mouth of yours”
and see, you’re conflicted because you’re not sure what you like hearing more from doyoung: him calling you his ‘smart pretty girl’ or his ‘dumb princess who only likes to be braindead around him’
Tumblr media
you and jaehyun have always had a rivalry when it comes to who’s the best programmer between you two
he makes fun of your terrible identation and you make fun of his bad error handling practices
so you organize little hackathons at his place, because it’s exciting and you always end up enjoying your time there in more ways than one
you bet on who can hack the university’s official website faster, loser does whatever winner wants, and you’re about almost done when jaehyun smuggly asks you to refresh the page
it all looks normal and for a second you think he cheated to win time, but when you squint your eyes under your school’s logo you finally see it
“thank god you’re hot because you suck at coding <3”
with hot blood rushing to your ears you chase him all the way to his kitchen, throwing threats here and there of what you’re gonna do to him once you get your hands on him
you finally manage to entrap him between your body and the fridge, taking his glasses off his face while he holds his breath
with their thick frame and his MCU t-shirts he looks like your average IT geek strolling through the campus- yet you know that what’s hidden under it all is a whole different thing
and you like that only you get to see it
a little magnet from some trip to a european country pokes the skin of his neck but jaehyun’s undivided attention is on you, thinking that you might slap him any second now
he chokes on plain air when you map his stubbled jaw with your fingers instead, all the way through until you rest them over his lips
you push them through the rim of his mouth until he tastes your salty skin and in this moment of pure want he knows exactly what he wants the loser to do
Tumblr media
you didn’t know jungwoo before your professor partnered you up together for your IoT elective course, but programming this small computer surely brought you together
and by that I’m talking about staring at each other way longer than necessary, leaving gentle touches while your hands accidentally brush when they want to gnaw at something more: basically an obvious attraction that you turn a blind eye to
you chose a quite simple project: using a raspberry pi to make a sensor that warns the user if their heartrate raises too high
but it just wouldn’t work. You tried running around your place, doing jumping jacks, even had jungwoo scare you but to no avail
tired and slaving away until the am, you offered jungwoo to crash on your couch, not wanting him to wander around so late
he gratefully accepts the towels you offered him for a quick shower, forgetting about the sensor, but when you see him exiting your bathroom it starts to beep with life
jungwoo emerges from the steamy room with wet blonde bangs kissing the apples of his cheeks. The hoodie jacket he came over with was now unzipped, revealing the defined lines and hard abs that he’s criminally hidden all this time. Remaining droplets of water run down the hollows where his muscles connect, his hipbones peaking from the sweatpants that hang dangerously low from his waist
you get up from your seat when he makes eye contact with you, not sure why but the sight surely deserves a standing ovation.
“I don’t know why the alarm went off all of a sudden”
jungwoo only smirks, slowly approaching you until you’re just a deep breath away from your chest touching his naked one
“I think it works just fine. What if I do this?”, he wonders as he lets the knuckles of his hand trail from your wrist up your arm until it stills right over your junction, applying soft pressure
and when he finally sucks your bottom lip in between his own you’re worried the sensor might break from beeping so hard
Tumblr media
mark is a college athlete, trying to balance an engineering major and vigorous hockey practices on his shoulders
he promised his microelectronics professor he will help out with equipment maintenance for extra credit
you’ve volunteered to help with maintenance as well, feeling a weird sense of comfort between the oscillators and broken chips you have to fix
and mark is always late to your sessions but you don’t mind bc he’s cute as a button
and you heard from jeno that he thinks you’re cute too which is GOOD
mark barges in late with wet hair straight from his after-practice shower and he fills the small room with the scent of watermelon shampoo
he apologizes and you heat up the soldering iron for him and that’s when you realize: mark has no idea how to work the machinery
he touches the hot metallic tip with the pad of his index and screeches in pain, you immediately run over to inspect the dumbly inficted wound
you tie it up with a bandage you had buried somewhere in your bag and he looks so cute with his big, watery eyes and wet hair that you just have to kiss it better
mark’s breath hitches in his throat when he feels his fingers so close to your plump lips, and he thinks that he wants to be burned by one more thing before he leaves this room
you teach him patiently how to fix all the broken parts while staying safe, yet he can’t possibly be patient when you lead his hands with yours and he can feel the swell of your breasts against his back
mark doesn’t only smell like watermelon, but tastes like it too
Tumblr media
haechan is your partner in crime; no one can remember the last time they saw you without the other on campus
you spend so much time on the computer center of your building that when the supervisor asks you two to clean up the server room for a few extra bucks you say yes
you unplug a couple of coaxial cables to properly dust off the server and you start playing around with them: using them as whips and chasing each other
in your excitement you take a long red cable and loop it around haechan’s neck, tugging the edges until it chokes him slightly
what you didn’t expect was a deep, pretty moan to bouce against the walls, asking you in between ragged breaths to do it again
so you do, and he moans gutturally again, lust filling up his half lidded eyes in a way that almost makes you think he’d let you do whatever you want to him
but haechan’s not so easy to succumb to you, shoving your body against the metal box as he sucks on your jawline, the connectors around you bringing you even closer together
you tug on his makeshift collar once more, forcing him to look at you, and you warn him that you might accidentally mess something up on the server if you continue
“if it means I get to fuck you dumb against it then I couldn’t care less”
you smirk at his response and with a hand on top of his head you push him on his knees before you. he’s gonna have to earn it.
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what-if-nct · a day ago
Taeyong: What is the most romantic thing you would want to hear someone say to you?
Yuta: Cum on my face.
Jungwoo: Cum on my tits.
Johnny: Cum on my ass.
Jaehyun: Cum inside me.
Mark: I made you a grilled cheese.
Taeil: I bought you McDonald's.
Haechan: I'd kill for you.
Doyoung: So....so we're just going to ignore...just going to ignore that?
Taeyong: Ignore what?
Doyoung: Nevermind. Apparently I'm the one with a problem. I'm the crazy one here. It's me. For fucks sake I'm the problem. *Walks out the front door*
Yuta: We're driving him mad.
Haechan: Beautiful.
Taeyong: Let's call some people so he comes home to an orgy.
Yuta: He's going to buy a plane ticket so fast.
Haechan: Let's do it.
Taeyong: Haechan go to your room.
Haechan: If I can't stay neither can Mark.
Taeyong: Mark, go to your room too while the adults have fun.
Mark: You always drag me down with you.
Haechan: That's what best friends are for.
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soleilsuhh · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nct 127 headcanons ⭒ ۫ ׅ attractive things they do !
Tumblr media
taeil — he moves your hair out of your face when you talk so that he can see you better. most of the times, it’s a casual, subconscious gesture; he’s listening to you intently and when his eyes keep lingering on the strands of hair falling over your face, he tucks them behind your ear or push them back, away from your face. he does it so often that you should be used to it after some time but it always makes your heart flutter.
johnny — when he kisses you, he likes to play with the belt hoop or waistband of your jeans. it’s an innocent enough gesture, he doesn’t have much intentions behind doing this and most of the times, it’s habitual. he hooks his finger around it, tugging you closer to him and then his hand moving up to your waist, leaving lingering touches.
taeyong — he offers to carry heavy things for you then rolls his sleeves up to his elbows before effortlessly lifting whatever you had trouble carrying. or when he’s on his way home after tiring formal events or dinners, he not only pulls the sleeves up but also loosens the top buttons of his shirt with one hand while keeping the other one on the steering wheel as he drives.
yuta — he’s focusing on something; you think he doesn’t notice you staring at him but he suddenly looks at you with those eyes of his, and he stares back until you get flustered. the playful yet intense glint in his eyes makes it hard to look away as he looks at you with half-lidded eyes and the ghost of a smirk on his lips.
doyoung — while watching movies together, he distractedly feeds you a piece of popcorn and when he feels your lips brush against his fingertips, his touch intentionally lingers there until your eyes slowly meet. only then he pulls away with a faint half-smile before popping a popcorn in his mouth, his gaze fixed on you.
jaehyun — the way he hums and groans softly when you play with his hair or give him a head massage. perhaps it’s a casual gesture when you’re watching netflix together or when you see him stressed with work. his groans are deep, low, and slightly dragged out, and his hums are so soft and they sound so content — almost giddy. he takes one of your hands, away from his head and towards his lips to press a grateful kiss on it, his eyes closed and his mind at bliss.
jungwoo — he likes kissing you when you least expect it. when you’re talking, he lightly traces over your jaw while listening to you before gently grabbing your chin and tilting your head up as his lips meet yours, grinning into the kiss at the way your words trail off. or he runs his hand through your hair from the front like he’s just fixing the unruly strands but when his hand reaches the back of your head, he tugs you close to steal a kiss.
mark — the way he can go from being an adorable, giggly mess to being hot in a split second. one minute, you’re play-fighting, him keeping you at arm’s length to avoid your tickling, annoyed but gleeful giggles and laughs escaping from his mouth, and the next, he’s boldly getting into your space until your back is pressed against a wall.
haechan — he says things like “oh yeah?” “what’re you gonna do about it?” “make me.” even though it’s really such a small thing, something about the way he says these words does things to your heart. the words slip past his lips so smoothly, his voice light, his eyes filled with a mischievous glint, a small smirk tugging on his lips as he looks at you challengingly.
Tumblr media
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neopuppy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: boyfriend Johnny x female reader
WC: 2kish
Smut Warning: praising, massaging, naked dryish humping, size kink, cum play, breast play. just some smut. maybe fluffyish.
“Johnny, I can’t anymore!” You’re near the point of groveling. Too overworked and exhausted to even feel the numbing aches in your abdomen any longer. Bursting into trembling shots of pain with each twist’s. Your shoulders slump, defeated. Scrunching your eyes shut blinking away sweat as your head thumps on the floor.
“Just one more baby. Come on you’re doing so good for me.” Johnny chides. His palms skim down the tops of your thighs. Thumbs rolling down over your flexing inner muscles. You croon, shaking your head. Puffing out your bottom lip to gain some pity.
“I could use some extra motivation.” You add with a suggestive arched brow. The weights in your grip land noisily upon release. Fully knowing in your mind you would not be giving him one more.
“Some motivation?” Johnny grins. Front teeth biting down the excitement from taking over his features. Slinking down lower, he plants his palms down by the sides of your head.
The shadow his broad figure creates drapes across you. Covering the floor around you, leaving you feeling even smaller. His arms contract, each muscle shifting as he lowers down. Warmth floods your skin as Johnny’s frame hovers above yours. Veins pulse prettily on his throat, containing the deep breath he wants to take in.
The tremors rolling up his limbs when he pushes up send a thrilling rush through your gut. Your own muscles twitching in anticipation watching him hit a set of push-ups above you effortlessly. The gust of breath he takes in sends your jaw dropping. Flashing back to last night when your boyfriend had you pressed under his weight. Blending your insides like only he knew how to.
Johnny inches even closer with his next move. His jaws tight, sharp bone shown off enhancing the masculine hollows of his cheeks. His upper lip curls, inhaling a deep breath. Shoulders pronounced as he kisses up your chin. Lifting back away before your mouth can chase after his lips.
“You’re going to have to work harder than that for a kiss baby.” Johnny licks his lips. Leaving them shining, enticingly bright pink. His cheeks gaining color the more he exerts himself. You let out a petulant little sound, forcing yourself to sit up in a crunch. Awkwardly defying gravity and your tensed stomach, releasing a sound of anguish.
“Was that so hard?” Johnny sits back on his knees. Hoisting your shoulders up to sit you up completely. He holds you steady as you catch your breath. Shoving your lips out and batting your eyelashes for your reward. Scooting forward he wraps your thighs around his hips. Squatting his lower half up, he scoops your bottom. Softly squeezing your ass, engulfing your body in a protective hold.
“Where’s my kiss?!” You ask. Smacking a hand down the center of his pert chest. Johnny responding with a tilt of his head. Cheekily poking his tongue out, he bounces you up. Adjusting your weight closer to one side, his hip popping out.
“What kiss? I motivated you by showing you how strong I am!” Johnny snickers. Making your eyes widen in disbelief.
“GIVE ME MY KISS!!” You demand. He sets you down. Crossing his arms over his chest. Sparing you an unimpressed look.
“Is that all you want?” Johnny begins to question. Standing above you with his chin lifted. Everything about him radiating the amount of power he has over you.
“Just a kiss” you smile innocently, reaching to pull open his arms. “Maybe a hug?”
Johnny caves, snaking his long arms around the entirety of your waist. His hands smooth down finding your lower half again. Lips brush yours teasingly, giving you only a small taste of what you crave. Leaving you left with your mouth hung open once again as you seek after him. His game continues, dragging lips up and down yours. Leaving your neck arched back lusting after him.
Finally calming you with a firm touch of his soft lips. He moves with no sense of urgency. Leaving you to push up on the tips of your toes to add some force. Johnny smiles between your parting lips. Shushing the whimper exiting your throat. Deepening the kiss with a tighter grip on your ass. His tongue consuming every crevice inside your mouth. He overpowers yours easily, leaving you breathless, controlled by his next steps.
His fingers skirt lower between the backs of your thighs. Traveling to your middle, only pausing when you pull away. Licking off the remnants of him from your mouth.
“Nooo don’t touch me. I’m all sweaty.” You move free of your boyfriend’s hold. Stumbling back over your feet, Johnny’s large hands quick to capture your hips. Pulling you flush against his with a growing smile.
“When has that ever bothered me?” His brows bounce. Reaching between your thighs from the front, cupping over your warming core. Nudging space with the width of his palm between your thighs leaving you gasping in surprise.
“I can’t baby. I’m still sore.” You start to whine. Scratching light tickles down his biceps. Everything about him somehow appearing even larger under your hands. Half convincing yourself it’d be worth it to not be able to sit tomorrow.
“Was I too much for you last night princess? Did I hurt my baby?” Johnny pouts. His eyes softening, the skin between his brows wrinkling with genuine concern. Thumb pressing through your yoga pants against your clit. Stroking circles in a gentle way. Stimulating an exhilarating dizzy heat between your breasts. Having to chew on your lower lip from the extra friction of fabric teasing your bundle of nerves. “Am I being too mean? You’re so wet. How can you still like it this much if it hurts?”
Johnny’s finger slips lower, pushing the fabric with ease between your folds. Flimsy drenched underwear squishing up inside of you further.
“You’re too big..” you mumble. Grinding your hips down into his hand. Fingers probing deeper in ruining your pants.
“You mean..” he scoots in more, nudging the side of your stomach with his half hardened size. “Was I too big last night? Why’d you keep screaming for me to go deeper then, hmm? Are you lying to me baby?”
Johnny’s lips lower to your ear. His breathe tickling your earlobe, giving you a tiny soft lick. “I don’t like when you lie to me.”
“Ugh..don’t..” you start whining again. Waist dipping back, allowing his arm to keep you held up. Falling into the little helpless mindset your boyfriend could get you to so easily. Quickly figuring out how much you loved watching him workout. Having caught you staring at him in some hypnotized daze, near drooling. Going on and on about his big his arms looked after lifting weights.
“Shh shh, I’ll be nice. Make you feel good, only the best for you.” Johnny squeezes up your sides. Tracing past your chest, reaching behind releasing the zipper on the back of your sports bra. The spandex leaving marks behind, sweaty and clinging too tightly to your skin uncomfortably. He reaches up higher cupping your face. Hands nearly hiding all of your features making your tongue hang out. Only proving how thirsty he made you. “Don’t you want me to make you feel good?”
Johnny whispers, setting off chills throughout your body. Head nodding mindlessly, convincing yourself you could take him again. Turning you both around, he sets you down carefully. Soft touches moving sweaty tresses of hair away from your face.
“You’re such a good girl for me. Always listen to me. My sweet baby.” Johnny coos. Easing you back on the couch with no care of leaving a mess. ‘Messes can be cleaned’ is what he’d say.
“Please…make me feel good..” you beg. Receiving a cute tap on your lips, following his finger to peck. Johnny works you out of your clothes, holding your thighs open. His eyes reflecting the way your pussy unashamedly glistens back at him. Swollen and abused looking from not even a full 24 hours ago. You kept insisting he fucked you harder until your couldn’t feel your legs.
“I’ll make you feel better than good.” Johnny confirms with his hands working quickly. Kneading the knots out of your calves. Turning you into a mess of moans, hissing when he digs too deep. Leaving trails of kisses as he goes higher. Getting on his knees to apply more pressure on your tight inner thigh muscles. “You really like that. You’re already opening up so nicely for me.”
His attention focuses on your convulsing hole. Dribbling out arousal as he loosens up your limbs. Hands feeling hot and massive as they take your soreness away. He strokes up your stomach, singing you sweet words to match his touches. The crease deepening between his brows enough evidence of how affected he was.
“More..n-need more…please please.” You plead, arching up to meet his tenting lower half. Clothed cock nudging right into your bare center. Johnny grunts, gripping your breasts in a rough squeeze unintentionally. Thumbing the hardened buds poking up on your chest. He nods, giving you a roll of his hips. Sweats absorbing your wetness like a sponge.
“Anything for you.” He leans down lapping your nipple. Teasing little nibbles around. Tugged lightly between his teeth making you hiss and thrust against him.
“Fuck..” you pant, constricting your thighs around his hips. Grinding up with a fierce need to feel his skin on yours. “Fuck me, please. Need, need to feel.”
Johnny kisses down the middle of your chest. Dragging his tongue over the perkiness, leaving hints of bite marks behind.
“Don’t wanna hurt you.” He regards, pulling back to shove down his bottoms out of the way none the less. His cock springs free raging full of blood. Throbbing delectably, sending a pulse down between your legs.
“It’s okay. Fuck me, just do it.” You encourage him. Pushing your core forward. Johnny’s head shakes, pumping his cock, smearing pre-cum around.
“Like this baby..” he instructs. Slapping down his length lightly between your folds. Arousal sprinkling up around him, coating his cock in sheen. His tongue clicks, having to hold down your stomach with one hand. “You always want more. Biting off more than you can chew. Make me have to put you in your place.”
He maneuvers between your spread out limbs. Taking his time to start off. Letting you feel every ridge parting your folds open. Cockhead nudging your bundle of nerves, leaving you crazed. Attempting to shift under him and accidentally get him to slip inside.
“Be a good girl for me, stay still.” His tone turns serious. Arm holding you down flexing and jumping the more he resists your energetic fight. Johnny builds up to a painstakingly rhythmic thrust. Working your puffy lips side to side. Cock wet, slipping up and down. Stimulating every little nerve he knows drives you up a wall.
“Faster, more more!” You keep trying to thrust to no avail. Eyes rolling back when his cock barely poke’s inside. Stretching you open just enough to burn. Just enough to remind you of how good he fills you up.
“Want, cum, inside.” You pant louder. Gnawing on your lip and reaching for your hair. Losing your mind to the stimulation. Johnny agrees silently, dipping the tip of his cock in a few more times. Letting you feel him kiss you down below just enough to leave you satisfied.
“Feel so good baby. So perfect for me.” He stumbles over his words. Rubbing the tip back and forth over your clit. Making you cry in climax, jerking up and pulling away at the same time.
Johnny sinks half-way in just in time to feel you lock around his cock. Pussy wrapping around him too tight, milking him dry. His stomach visibly sucks in as if he’s being emptied. Hips twitching at the first shots of cum spilling free.
“F-fuck..” he blinks rapidly. Jaw falling open watching himself inch out coated in a mixture of your wetness and his cum. Entranced with the way your pussy clings to him even after everything.
Pulling out with an all too obscene pop, he’s quick to scoop up the cum bubbling out. Long fingers painting the warm white up and down your folds. Making sure to catch every last drop, lifting his digits to your mouth asking to be let in. You suck languidly at him, lapping between. Swallowing and dragging your teeth back.
“Taste so good, you taste so good when you taste like me.” You mumble around his hand. Continuing to lick and clean each finger not covered in cum. Johnny settles, careful to not smush you with his weight. Propped on one elbow, kissing the corner of your mouth.
“That’s because nothing tastes as sweet as you.”
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Claim : Alpha!Johnny
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: When a pack offers up you, an omega, to Johnny as a show of ‘good faith’, he knows he needs to get you out of there. The tricky part is introducing you to his all alpha pack and making it clear that he doesn’t have a claim on you and that you’re free to choose any mate you’d like. As your first heat living with Johnny looms, tensions rise. 
⇢ Pairing: alpha werewolf!Johnny x omega!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, slow burn, crack.  ⇢ Warnings: a/b/o au, abo class systems, power dynamic focus, mentions of werewolf men being creepy to omegas, arranged ‘union’, sugar daddy Johnny, fingering, oral (f receiving), sex, overstimulation, mentions of oncoming heat, mentions of masterbation, general shenanigans, size kink, big dick Johnny, virgin!reader, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 18.4k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: werewolf au, a/b/o au, alpha nct, 
a/b/o NCT masterlist can be found HERE
Tumblr media
Your bed is cold but you can't find the energy to do anything about it. All you can do is stare at your ceiling, words repeating over and over in your mind: today’s the day.
You’re leaving one world of confinement to enter another. However, instead of a pack knocking you down and reminding you over and over again of your inferiority as an omega, you’ll have an alpha mate doing it. And the largest alpha in his pack no less.
Your pack had said they chose him because of his size. Strong babies, strong lines they’d insisted, as if it would have anything to do with them. You doubt you’ll see any of them again seeing as your new ‘mate’ lives in the heart of the downtown of your city, whereas your pack prefers the space of a manor house on the far outskirts. Besides, do you ever really want to see your pack again?
Today at noon, as a show of good faith and unity, your pack will all but gift you to an alpha who you’ve never even met. An alpha from a pack of alphas. 
You don't even know what that entails and you don’t want to think about what it might mean in terms of your heat. Some packs adopt a more polyamorous lifestyle, throwing omegas around like a joint at a bonfire, is this what you can expect for your life?
Burying your face in your pillows, you fear the worst.
Tumblr media
The first thing you notice as you’re escorted outside by the alpha of your pack is the three cars pulled up to the manor. They’re not the type of cars your pack would own, which are mostly SUV’s, black, more for practicality than anything.
The cars you’re looking at are anything but practical. They’re flashy, exuberant- an excessive show of wealth. Bright coloured too. All luxury cars, although you can’t name the brands off the top of your head. One car is yellow with black stripes, one is red, and the last one all black. The alphas in front of you are city alphas. And on top of that, they’re a complete anomaly. 
You watch in shock as the three alphas all form a line at the bottom of the steps to the manor. Shoulder to shoulder, they look united. 
Next to you, your own alpha stiffens at the mere presence of them. He’s older than the younger alphas at your doorsteps, but the power that radiates off of them is obvious even to you. 
Alphas. Stronger united.
Who would have thought it possible.
You finally pull your gaze from the cars, allowing your eyes to land on the three alphas who will become your pack the moment you leave this place. 
Your eyes are naturally drawn to the massive one standing in the middle of the three, but you force yourself to inspect the other two first. 
They appear to be younger than the big alpha, and they’re looking at you unabashedly. 
Mischievous brown eyes glint at you, a sliced brow and a smirk that throws you off. 
A soft smile greets you from the other alpha and you decide you prefer him, even if he does seem to be jittery, bouncing on the balls of his feet.
With a deep breath, you finally assess the middle alpha. The big one. Your alpha.
Like the other two, he’s in a suit, but his just fits different. The way the black jacket hugs his broad shoulders, which show strength, makes the omega inside of you purr with delight. His face is handsome, and your eyes meet. He flashes a smirk, winking at you, and you’re taken aback by the handsomeness of his face. 
Next to you, your alpha’s mate touches your arm. She’s softer, and you do like her. She’s been through this before, an arranged mating. When it had been announced that this would be taking place, she’d talked with you for a long time about expectation and how to make things ‘work’ with an alpha if it’s a relationship lacking love. 
Now is the part where you walk down the steps and start your new life, the touch on your arm is your reminder to move. You hesitate a moment longer, which earns you a growl from the alpha next to you. 
Swallowing thickly, you lift your chin to appear confident, beginning your descent down the steps of the manor. With each step, you become more and more overwhelmed by  the unfamiliar smell of the new pack, made all the more pungent by the presence of not one but three alphas.
You falter a little when the big alpha moves out of the line, but relax when you realize it’s just so he can open the passenger side door of his car for you. You can’t help but feel a little bit happy that he has the black car, the other two are a bit much for you. 
Standing like sentinels, the two alphas your ‘mate’ has brought with him watch you walk past them to the car. You nod your head slightly at the alpha there and he nods back, closing the door behind you and locking you into your fate.
Only once you’re tucked away do the sentinels break free of their watch. Eyebrow slit goes for the yellow car, and soft boy takes the red one. A moment later, your alpha gets into his seat.
You face forward, holding your breath, trying not to let his scent be too overwhelming. 
You’re not used to the smell of other alphas, and it’s throwing you off. Your skin is clammy, heart racing in your chest from anxiety and you’re nearly shivering. 
The man next to you says nothing as the cars all rev to life. Red leads, your car follows, and you guess yellow takes the rear. The road to the gates of the manor house feels extremely long, and when your fleet of luxury cars passes through them, you finally let out a breath. 
It feels good to have escaped your pack, even if it’s just to be scooped up by another. 
The moment you’re through the gates, you hear an engine rev again, and then the yellow sports car goes whipping past you. The red car matches the new speed, but with the yellow having a head start, mischief boy takes the lead.
You wait for your own alpha to accelerate but he doesn’t, and soon the other two cars are out of view down the road. 
You gnaw at your lip, hands fidgeting in your lap. The silence is no fun at all, but you’d be stupid to question your alpha this early. No, you’ve been taught to be a good omega. To be quiet. To be submissive. 
A few minutes go by in silence, and then the car starts to slow, coming to a stop on the side of the road.
You brace yourself for whatever is to come. For whatever is about to happen.
“How do you feel?”
You’re taken aback by his voice and his words. Your mind short circuits trying to deal with both at once, and it takes you a moment to recollect yourself. “Good.”
“Liar.” the man scoffs, half turned in his seat to look at you.
You mirror his motion, having been taught to react accordingly to alpha body language. 
“How do you really feel.” he clarifies, then his voice goes low, “don’t make me force a response from you,” his smile appears again, “because I will.” he winks at you for the second time and you’re shaken by his behaviour and demeanour. He’s all over the place, which makes him hard to read.  
“I’m feeling...” you look around, taking in the trees outside and the open road which will take you to, you assume, yet another confined place, “not good?”
“So like, bad.” he clarifies, “that’s definitely a feeling.” he nods to himself for a moment, “try another one.”
He nods again, “another good word. Let’s see if I can clear anything up for you.” a pause, “first, I’m Johnny, it’s great to meet you, and you are…?”
“Y/N.” you respond. 
He does the most curious thing next, holding a hand out for you.
Your alpha wants to shake your hand? 
He looks at your confused face and then down at his hand, “you know what,” he puts his hand down, “obviously there’s a disconnect here. So I’m going to tell you the story the way I see it, and after, you can let me know what you think, how does that sound?”
You nod.
Johnny looks at you a moment longer, opening his mouth then shutting it. He sighs, “so your old pack.” it’s odd to hear him call them your old pack when he’s had you all of what? Five minutes? “The alpha reached out about offering up an omega, and my first instinct was to decline, immediately.” Another odd thing, for an alpha to decline an omega, almost unheard of. “But then i thought, if I don’t ‘take her as a mate’,” Johnny air quotes, “they’ll gift her off to some other alpha who could be a douchebag. So I figured the best thing would be to accept, to get you out of your pack situation and bring you to a place where you’re not going to be forced to mate with just any alpha you’re offered up to. In fact, if you want to not mate at all, that’s fine too, I'll take care of you now, I promise.”
You can barely register his words. It all comes too fast. Blinking at the alpha in front of you, you’re dumbstruck. 
He gives you ample time to say something in response, and then nods, “yeah, a lot to take in. I can only imagine. Looks like you had a pretty shit time back at that fucking manor house huh?” he starts the car again, “no worries, you’re safe now. I’ll take you home and get you settled, we can talk when you’re ready.”
Tumblr media
Taeyong owns the building the pack lives in, and each alpha has their own apartment that was layered throughout the structure depending on preference when it had been constructed only a year ago. 
Taeyong’s place is on the top floor (which is shared with Doyoung, Johnny and Kun), and many pack meetings take place either in his dining room, or the private room at Johnny’s club. The whole pack is ingrained in real estate, and Johnny enjoys having his own little party central anytime he feels the need for some entertainment. 
Having reached the apartment building well after Haechan and Mark, Johnny spared you the interaction with them. The two men are actually some of Johnny’s closest friends, and he trusts them, but he knows it could overwhelm you to suddenly be around so many new alphas after being used to just one your whole life. 
The elevator ride is quiet and Johnny doesn’t mind. He understands that this is an adjustment for you, that you’re weary of him. He allows you to flatten yourself near the wall of the lift to get away from him, and he faces forward even as he feels your eyes on him.
You smell pretty, most omegas do, so Johnny breathes deeply. He enjoys the scent all the way up to the top floor of the apartment building, where he, Taeyong, Doyoung and Kun live. They’re generally considered to be four of the top alphas within the pack- well, Haechan would argue otherwise. 
But more importantly, their floor is quiet. Johnny’s pretty sure he’s heard of some of the younger alphas being troublemakers down on the lower levels, (something about a fire at Mark’s place and a lack of any sheets at Jungwoo’s) but none of their childish behaviour can touch him, or you, up here. 
When you reach his home, Johnny opens the door for you, offering a small smile as you step past him and into the space. 
“Should I give you a tour or do you want to explore on your own?” Johnny asks, setting his keys down and loosening his tie. He enjoys a good suit, but he gets tired of wearing one pretty fast. It had been necessary to look good when he met your family, it had been expected at least, and Johnny is more than happy to finally be in the comfort of his own home.
When you don’t answer, Johnny nods, “okay. I’m going to go change, then I have to head over to Taeyong’s. Mark should have brought your suitcase up and put it in the spare room, which I guess is  your room now. You’re free to anything in the fridge, and if you don’t like what I have, you can order food with an app-” he considers you for a moment, “you have a phone right?”
You shake your head. Your last pack hadn’t allowed you to have one, another omega restriction.
“Ok, well i’ll fix that.” Johnny takes his suit jacket off, putting it on a chair and reaching into his back pocket to procure his own cell, “this is mine,” Johnny shows you, “I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone, so you can have it while I’m away. The passcode is 1234, i know, i’m a genius right,” he sneaks a glance at you and is satisfied to see you crack a smile at him, “if you need to contact me, call Mark, can you remember that?”
Johnny  watches you nod. He wishes you would be more verbal but he guesses that will come with time. 
“I’ll be right next door,” he says, “but, i’ll be with my pack so you probably don’t want to meet them just yet.” another pause, “You know what, I’m also going to leave you with some money,” he pulls out his wallet next, fishing out a few twenty dollar bills, “you can pay for food you order with this, but my apps also have my card attached to them.”
Johnny wonders if he’s rambling. He wonders if you’re even fully processing the information. It must be a lot for you, and he wonders if maybe it’s best for you to just relax. He opens his mouth to tell you as much, to say ‘maybe you should just go sleep’, but he knows that his suggestion might sound like a command. And he doesn’t want to assert himself as your alpha barking orders. 
He’s your protector right now, not your alpha. 
Johnny nods at the silence. He wants to stay with you and make sure you’re okay, wants to show you to your room and ask if you like it, but something tells him it’s best to just leave you to get used to the place on your own.
Johnny’s used to living alone, so he doesn’t even bother to close the door to his room as he heads in, buttons of his shirt already half undone. The white dress shirt falls to the floor of his walk-in closet when he enters it, heading over to grab a hoodie and some sweats from the comfort section of his vast collection of clothes. 
When Johnny exits his room, he finds that you’re no longer standing by the door. He smells you inside the guest room as he passes by, but he doesn’t look inside, another conscious decision to give you space. 
When he reaches his front door, he pauses before grabbing the handle. The alpha inside of him is saying ‘Don't you dare leave this room. Don’t you dare leave her.’
Good thing Johnny has a handle on his primal self, pushing the thoughts back. 
Outside of his apartment, Johnny runs into Doyoung stepping out of his own home to go to Taeyong’s. The stoic alpha looks Johnny up and down, nose crinkling. Johnny assumes he’s seeing if he can smell omega, but a frown shows that Doyoung has come up empty handed.
‘Good.’ Johnny’s alpha side purrs, oddly territorial of your scent already. Johnny dismisses the possessive connotations, deciding that he’s simply happy that the scent blocking doors they had installed are working to some degree at least. 
Most omega scent isn’t strong enough to linger on an alpha unless the omega is in heat, however the location one lives becomes pleasantly perfumed by them. And Johnny can’t have alphas coming and drooling at his door every day when they’re bored and need something to fuel a good self love quickie, because he’s pretty sure some of the younger alphas wouldn’t be against the idea.
“Is she in there?” Doyoung asks.
Johnny nods, locking the door behind him.
“Aren’t you worried she’ll leave while we’re at the meeting?”
A shrug, “if she leaves then she leaves, i don’t own her. But i don’t think she’ll do anything rash.”
“What makes you so sure?” Doyoung studies his older friend as they walk the few meters to Taeyong’s door, knocking. 
Johnny shrugs, “it seems like she was pretty constricted at her last pack’s manor house, the city is way too dangerous for her to be out alone in it. I don’t think she’ll put herself in that position.”
Doyoung nods and they both listen in on whats happening behind Taeyong’s door. Johnny can hear the words ‘knot’ and ‘condom’ and laughs to himself that Taeil seems to be stuck teaching someone about the birds and the bees. 
The door opens, revealing a happy looking Mark. The young Canadian alpha ushers them into the massive apartment which is full of their pack. 
“Johnny’s here!” Haechan’s voice rings over the chatter, and suddenly eyes are all turning towards the new men in the room, who make up the final members of the pack, signalling the meeting can begin.
“I’m here too.” Doyoung glares at Haechan, who continues to ignore him, instead handing Johnny a beer.
“Is she here?” 
“Can we meet her?”
“Why did you take Mark and Haechan to get her and not me?” 
“Does she smell good?”
“What’s she look like?”
“Is she nice?”
A flurry of questions hits the Chicago native and he simply laughs, going and taking a seat at the massive dining table where Taeyong is situated at the head. Johnny takes the chair next to him, fulfilling the position as right hand man.
“Did it go okay?” Taeyong asks.
Johnny nods, suspecting Mark and Haechan already gave a run down of the day to the pack. “She’s just getting used to the apartment.”
“I think she should have someone there guarding her to make sure she doesn’t leave.” Doyoung quips, sitting down opposite Johnny.
“She’s not a prisoner.” Johnny sighs.
“But she’s an omega, she might do something stupid like run without knowing it’s a bad idea. She doesn’t have an alpha to stop her from making the wrong decisions right now.” Doyoung argues back.
“You’re right, she has twenty three of us sitting in the room next door.” 
“Twenty two.” Doyoung states.
Eyes look around the room for something missing. 
“Who did the count when we got here?” Ten asks in confusion. They’ve gotten used to counting out all twenty three people before every meeting.
“Renjun did.” Mark answers, throwing his friend under the bus and making everyone look to one of the smaller members of the pack.
“No I didn’t,” Renjun defends himself, “i said ‘it looks like almost everyone is here’ and then Haechan said ‘everyone except Johnny’ and we all just went with it.”
“So who are we missing?” Taeyong groans and looks around.
“Lucas!” Kun’s voice fills the room and everyone realizes that of course Lucas is missing. Other than Johnny, he’s one of the bigger members, and it’s a shock no one realized that the resident happy virus puppy was missing. 
The door to the apartment opens and Lucas saunters in with a grin, “me!?”
It’s obvious he’s only caught the tail end of this, his name. He has no idea what the pack is talking about. No idea that they’d all just forgotten of his existence.
“Lucas!” Hendery runs over to his friend.
“Sorry I’m late,” The big alpha says, heading into the kitchen to grab a snack because he prioritizes food above all else, “something weird was happening down in the lobby.”
“Something weird?” Taeyong sighs. First Lucas interrupted the meeting, and is now going off topic, but Taeyong feels like this is something that should be addressed.
“Yeah, there was this girl and she kinda smelt like Johnny-”
Taeyong jumps to his feet, and the smirk Doyoung flashes at Johnny says ‘I told you so’.
“Did you talk to her, did she leave?” Taeyong asks, questions coming out in rapid fire.
Lucas shakes her head, “she was just kind of standing there and looking outside.”
Johnny stands up slowly, sighing, “I’ll go get her.” 
Tumblr media
People walk by outside, unaware of your watchful eyes, hidden by the glass doors of the apartment building. 
Johnny’s hoodie is heavy on your shoulders, masking your omega scent with the smell of an alpha. It’s your werewolf invisibility cloak, protection… or is it? The alpha who had walked in earlier had given you a strange look, and you’d felt your heart leap in fear. You’d been glad for his headphones or he would have definitely heard your racing pulse and known something was up. Is this hoodie really enough? Will you be safe outside?
You’re pretty sure your window of opportunity is coming to a close. The longer you stay standing here, the less likely you’ll be able to escape. 
But the world out there is scary. Two more people walk by, and you wonder what they are. Alphas? Betas? Threats? 
Definitely threats.
In your pocket is the money Johnny gave you, and the cell phone. 
Something isn’t sitting right. 
Escape has always been on your mind. You’ve never come this close before.
But maybe that’s because you no longer are in a situation you need escaping from.
Gnawing on your lip, you take one last look outside. A deep breath in and out. You turn and head back to the elevator. 
You don’t have to wait long, as soon the doors are opening to reveal your alpha.
Your alpha.
You pause at the thought, looking up at the man who had only come into your life a short time ago. He looks back at you, there’s no judgement in his eyes. There’s no anger at having just caught you in the lobby of his building. You watch him take in the hoodie adorning your body. 
“Smart.” he says, breaking the quiet,  “you smell just like me.” 
Johnny steps to the side so he’s no longer in the center of the elevator, giving you a spot to join him.
You step into the enclosed space, fiddling with the long sleeves of the hoodie as Johnny hits the button for the top floor. When the elevator begins to move, you finally find your voice, swallowing thickly before saying, “I’m sorry.”
“There’s nothing to be sorry for.” his response is immediate and he turns to look down at you. You avoid his eyes, fixing your gaze on the floor. “But if you want to go outside, it would be nice for you to have someone to go with, just to make sure you’re safe.”
What he says makes sense. An unclaimed omega would get eaten alive in the world outside alone. Your manor house had always enforced protection, restricting you, never letting you go out and experience life amongst other people. The enforced protection hadn’t felt much like protection.
This does. 
“Would you like to see the city sometime?” Johnny asks softly.
You nod, continuing to play with the fabric of the hoodie. 
“I’m a decent guide,” Johnny says thoughtfully, “but maybe you’ll want to go with Doyoung or Taeyong, they know more about the city than I do because they’re from around here.”
The names register in your brain. You’d been given a rundown on Johnny’s pack when he’d agreed to take you in. Taeyong is the ‘alpha alpha’, and if you remember correctly, Doyoung is a top dog too. You believe there’s one or two more people at the top, other than Johnny of course, someone named Kun and the other is- you can’t quite remember his name, but you remember he’s from Japan. 
You reach Johnny’s floor and you follow the tall man as he lets you into his apartment for the second time today. “Do you like your room?” Johnny asks when you immediately head towards it.
“It’s nice.” you respond, remembering your manners, “thank you,” you close the door softly behind you and head over to the bed, collapsing onto the mattress. 
Your pocket buzzes and you remember that you have the alpha’s phone. What was the passcode again? Right, 1234, he’s a genius, you remember. 
The new message is from “Tyong” and it reads: “is everything okay?”
You ignore the text, instead looking at the previous conversation between your alpha and this ‘Tyong’, who you assume may be Taeyong. It looks like they’d have a lengthy exchange this morning, before Johnny had come to pick you up from your manor house. 
Tyong: who are you taking with you?
Johnny: Mark and Haechan, they’re not very intimidating
Tyong: don’t let Haechan hear you say that
Tyong: do you still think this is a good idea?
Johnny: yes. We can’t just do nothing
Tyong: i can’t believe some packs are still like this, just giving us an omega to strengthen our ‘friendship’. 
Johnny: honestly, after this, maybe we shouldn’t deal with that pack anymore
Tyong: agreed. Have you left yet?
Johnny: no but soon
Tyong: once you bring her back, what’s your plan?
Johnny: show her the guest room then come to the meeting. 
Tyong: I mean what’s your plan on introducing her to the pack?  
Johnny: well, just because i’m the one going and getting her doesn’t mean she’s mine. She gets to choose when she meets everyone.
Tyong: hmmm. I think she should meet Doyoung, Kun, Yuta and I, just so she sees that she has more than just you as an option 
Johnny: right. Ten said that Kun was talking about omegas the other day, maybe he’ll be interested
Tyong: Kun’s a really nice guy
Johnny: probably one of the better ones of us for sure
Tyong: what if she doesn’t like any of us?
Johnny: then she doesn’t like any of us and I have an omega roommate who we protect and make clear is part of our pack and isn’t to be fucked with.
Tyong: I hope you know what you’re doing Johnny
Johnny: i never do but that’s okay. I'm sure this will work out. 
Tyong: that makes one of us
Another new message pops up from Tyong that reads: “we’re coming over soon” and your heart lurches in your chest. 
You put Johnny’s phone back in your pocket, feeling a little guilty for snooping, but much more secure now that you’ve read the conversation between Johnny and his pack mate. Hearing Johnny tell you that you’d be free to make your own choices was one thing, you’d considered the fact that he could be lying to you, but this is proof. His text messages show that Johnny is being sincere with you in every way, and you can’t help the way your heart squeezes in your chest at this discovery.
Adjusting the hoodie on your body, you head to your door, peaking out. You can hear Johnny in the kitchen, and you can smell food. You really don’t want the alphas who are coming over to disrupt the sacred space of your room, knowing that the scent they’d leave in their wake would be too much for you to handle near your bed. So instead, you step out of your new room, closing the door behind you, and head to join Johnny in the kitchen common space to await the arrival of more alphas.
You trust Johnny now. You hadn’t been sure before, but now that your anxieties have been appeased by the text messages, your omega side has free reign to naturally fall in line under the instruction of your new alpha. Johnny thinks it’s a good idea to meet his pack, so you will. Or, at least, you’ll meet the four alphas heading over who make up the inner workings of the pack.
“Someone texted you.” you say, causing your alpha to look at you from the stove. There’s no doubt he heard you come into the kitchen, but he didn't acknowledge you. You’re not sure how you feel about that yet, whether you want his eyes on you or not. Both give you mixed feelings.
You approach the tall man, holding out his phone and allowing him to accept it from you. Johnny’s eyes scan the screen and he looks up at you, “are you alright with having visitors?”
You nod. Wrapping your arms around yourself sends a puff of air up the neck of your hoodie, and Johnny’s smell hits you straight on, disorienting you for a moment and making your face scrunch up. 
Johnny laughs heartily at you, and you guess that he could smell it too, “i’m a little surprised you’re still wearing that.” he says, turning off the stove and retrieving mugs from the cupboard, “i’ve always heard omegas don’t like a new alpha scent right away.”
“Who said I like it?” the words leave your lips before you can stop them and they shock both you and Johnny, who turns and looks at you with his jaw dropped, faking harm.
“Ouch.” he says, then laughs, “you have a mean side to you, huh?”
You gnaw at your lip. Not a mean side per se, a defiant one. A stubborn part of you that wants to question alphas, after all, your last one hadn’t been much of a leader, not to you anyways. Respect is earned- except with omegas, it’s always deemed to be a given. You may have a naturally submissive temperament, especially when you’re near alphas, but at heart, you’re still a girl who doesn’t want to be controlled. 
“Alphas sometimes go crazy when they smell omega.” you say quietly.
Johnny nods, “so that’s the propaganda they’ve been feeding you at your old pack.”
“There’s some truth to it.” Johnny continues, “some less controlled alphas go a little crazy for omega scent, but only when you’re in heat. When you’re not, you’re completely safe, especially here.” 
You feel your skin warm at the mention of your heat. It’s odd to think about that time of the month now that you’re with him and not your old pack. At your old home, the week was spent on suppressants and locked away, which, to be fair, wasn’t too far from the normal scheme of things. 
“When you do have a heat,” Johnny’s soothing voice continues to explain as he serves food into mugs, “you can have suppressants, in which case, staying here the whole week would be safe. But we also have hotels just for heats, so i can get you a room and you can go stay there the whole week doing whatever you want, suppressants or not.” 
Johnny turns and approaches you, holding a mug that is now filled with ramen. His brown eyes match the softness of his smile as he holds one out to you. 
The information is a lot to take in. You’d been raised to fear alphas, to submit. Raised to think that your future alpha would be an asshole, like the one you had been used to. 
Every moment you spend with Johnny, you realize that more and more of what you thought was true, isn’t. 
This alpha isn't an asshole. 
He’s respectful and kind. He exudes the kind of warmth that is evident everywhere, from the pretty glint in his cheerful brown eyes, to the way he moves, fluidly but warily, conscious of his space and proximity to you. He’s treating you like a precious little china doll, and you’d expected your whole life to be sadistically broken by any alpha you ended up with. 
You open your mouth to say something, but there’s a knock on the door and your mouth shuts, eyes whipping towards the sound. 
“So jumpy.” Johnny says to himself as he goes to open the door.
You move backwards without thinking about it, getting as far into the room as you can so there can be as much space between you and the new alphas as possible. Even after Johnny telling you they’re harmless, old habits die hard, and you still think being distanced from the alphas is a good idea.
The first man who enters is much smaller than Johnny, with big beautiful eyes that lock on you the moment he's in the space. He’s lithe, moving fluidly as he heads into the kitchen, still assessing you as he makes way for the others to enter behind him.
Next comes a stoic man with a handsome, if not stern, face. His hair is dark, and his arms are crossed over his chest as he goes to lean against the kitchen counter near the first man. He also watches you, but his eyes dart all over, unlike the first man who’s gaze stays fairly fixed on your face.
Third is a blonde alpha, and he is wearing a big smile. He’s the first to actually speak to you, heading towards you instead of into the kitchen like the other two, and the final man who joins them, arms crossing over his chest.
The smiley alpha holds out a hand, bending slightly so that he appears smaller, “hi, I’m Kun!” he greets you, not coming all the way towards you, but stopping half way. You look at his extended hand, much like Johnny’s hand only a few hours ago.
This time, you’re going to shake it. 
Taking a breath for courage, you step forward, reaching and shaking the man’s hand softly. His skin is warm, and his smile widens at the contact, “it’s very good to meet you.” 
“She’s a little quiet.” Johnny says when you don’t respond right away, giving you all but a free pass to be as silent as you’d like. 
Kun takes a seat in the living room near you, and you head back to be near the windows, still weary of the three alphas who have yet to do anything but be intimidating in the open concept kitchen.
Johnny, surprisingly, heads over to where you are. He positions himself about a meter away, “you like the ramen?” he asks you, taking a bite of his own from the mug he holds in his hands. 
You nod, following suit and lifting a scoop of noodles to your lips. 
Your alpha is a decent chef, you’ll give him that. 
“Are you guys going to introduce yourselves?” Johnny says next, looking up at the men who haven't said anything yet. 
The one with the big eyes is the first to react, adjusting his stance, “I’m Taeyong.” 
“Yuta.” the final man to have entered the apartment finishes the introductions. 
You’re surprised that it’s the smallest of all five who’s the ‘alpha alpha’, but you suppose there’s something different about his eyes, other than the sheer size of them. His gaze is strong, and you can see strength and intelligence in his face. The stubborn set of his sharp jaw makes you think maybe there’s some merit to not pissing him off.
But then again, you’re unlikely to try to piss any of these men off any time soon.
“How are you liking the city?” Kun’s voice draws your attention again, and you find yourself once again looking at the man with a welcoming smile. 
You look at Johnny and he swallows his food, picking up on the fact that you’d like him to answer for you, “she hasn’t seen much of it yet.” he reminds them, “we talked about maybe doing a tour with me or one of you.”
Your hand instinctively reaches for Johnny’s shirt, and you grab the fabric near his waist, tugging gently to get his attention. Your alpha shuffles closer to you immediately, until his arm is nearly touching yours, and he looks down at you. Your eyes search his and you attempt to convey your feelings non verbally. 
After a moment Johnny nods, “actually, I’ll show her around the city.”
He’s very good at picking up your cues. If this is the group of guys who you can choose from to be a guide for the city, you don’t want them. Well, Kun seems nice, but you feel protected by Johnny.
His body is warm, you can feel the heat radiating off of him as he stands next to you, and it’s comforting. You realize that you’re already becoming acclimated to his smell, him standing close to you doesn’t give you a whiff of power as it had when you’d first met him, at least, not the type of power that would make you cower away immediately. No, Johnny’s scent is a good one, and you’re already starting to associate it with the feeling of safety.
“Was she still in the lobby when you went down?” the voice belongs to the stoic man, Doyoung, and you know before you look at him. His eyes aren't even on you, he’s looking at Johnny, pretending as if you’re not even in the room. 
“Yeah,” Johnny says after a bite of ramen, “she wasn’t going to leave, she just wanted to see if she could, right?” his hip buts your slightly, and the motion is a little shocking, causing your body to jolt from the sudden connection.
You’re quick to nod.
“See? She’s not going anywhere.” Johnny assures the other man, “and as i said before, she’s not a prisoner, it’s just better if she goes out with one of us so that she doesn't get hurt, we talked about this already.”
“And you talked about options?” Taeyong asks.
“I told her she’s not mine, you know you’re not mine right?” Johnny looks down at you again and you’re quick to nod. “Yeah, she knows.”
“You’re part of our pack now.” Kun’s soft voice says, “i know you’re only meeting us right now, but there are twenty three of us in total. The younger ones don’t have much experience with omega’s, only with other alphas. They can be kind of rough sometimes which is why we thought it best if you meet us first.”
“She’ll be fine,” Johnny assures them, “she has a mean side.” 
His voice is teasing, and you can’t help but look up at him in shock that he’d say something like that, your jaw dropping, “i do not!” you protest.
“There it is,” your alpha chuckles, brown eyes shining as he smiles broadly, “see, she stands up to alphas just fine, if anyone does anything out of line, she’ll let them know.”
Standing up to alphas. Having a mean side. Talking back to a six foot man who all but accepted you as a gift only a few hours ago-
You never would have even dreamed of doing these things this morning. 
As you look around the room at the men who now make up the inner circle of your new pack, you realize that a whole world can be flipped upside down in an instant, and that this new upside down land is way better than the old world you were used to before.
Tumblr media
“He likes her for sure.” Yuta says when he reaches Mark’s room, joining the impromptu gaming night that had somehow been concocted at the meeting earlier. 
“Johnny?” Jungwoo asks, cheeks stuffed with bread from the sandwich he’s eating. His eyes are big and thoughtful. He doesn’t care so much about the new omega, but he does care about his friend.
The other men in the room however, are more interested in the other side of the story, the ‘you’ side. 
“She’s hot, right?” Haechan asks, having only gotten a short glimpse of you in the morning, but it had been enough.
“She’s cute.” Yuta answers, walking over to sit on the couch between his younger friend and the Canadian holding the other gaming controller, “but, like i said, Johnny likes her.”
“So? She could not like him.” Haechan points out, eyes focused on the screen as he works hard to kill Mark. This is one of his favourite pastimes.
“She was wearing his hoodie and wouldn’t come near any of us but stood next to him the whole time.” Yuta responds, picking up a remote, “and they’re living together.”
“You can be platonically friends with an omega and take care of her without falling for her.” Mark says, somewhat naively.
Yuta just laughs, one day they’ll understand. One day Johnny will understand too. But until then, Yuta is content to just watch the mayhem with a smile on his face, “sure they can Mark,” he says softly, “sure they can.”
Tumblr media
The air feels nice on your skin, but it’s full of smells that you’ve never had to deal without in the openness of the country where your manor house is situated. Here, everything is gritty and intense, a flurry of scents that make you press yourself closer to the tall alpha next to you the moment you’re outside of his apartment building.
“You okay?” Johnny asks.
You nod, “it’s just-”
“Loud? Smelly? Dirty?” he throws words at you and, unfortunately, all of them stick.
“It’s like that at first, but you’ll get used to it. I’ll show you the lights down by the clubs.” he says, “the sun’s setting now, so soon all the neons will be glowing. I think you’ll like it.”
All the neons. He makes it sound so wonderful.
Someone sneezes down the street, and the loud noise makes you jump, latching onto Johnny’s arm. You’re still in his black hoodie, and your alpha is in a matching one, the fabric big and bunching when you attach to his side. You’re all but drowning in the sleeves, but having more of your skin covered feels safe. Johnny had even put your hood up for you when you’d exited the elevator, and the fabric covering your head and neck definitely makes things feel more protected. 
Your eyes take in everything about the new city space you’ve found yourself in. Johnny’s legs are much longer than yours, and you think he’s purposefully walking slow to allow you to look around. He doesn’t say anything, but the quiet is nice, it frees up your ears to enjoy the city sounds: A siren wailing down the block, getting quieter as it races to save lives, a pedestrian light dings green and lets out a noise to make people aware of it. 
Suddenly, Johnny stops in his tracks, causing you to come to a halt too since your arm is still laced with his. You turn to follow his gaze and realize you’re in front of a phone store. “What time is it?” Johnny says to himself. The arm you’re holding onto is his right one, and the hand that had been in his pocket now comes out, causing you to let go of him so he can look down at the watch on his wrist, “hey, they’re still open!” 
His hand falls back to his side again, and instead of waiting for you to grab onto him, Johnny takes your hand himself, pulling you with him into the store. 
There’s a man at the counter and he smiles when you come in, “hello! What can I help you with today?”
Johnny seems to know what he wants, heading straight up to the man and saying, “the newest Iphone, and i already have an account here so we’ll just give her the same plan I have.”
You’re taken aback by how strong he sounds, looking down at the poor beta worker who scrambles to do what the alpha wants.
“The phone comes in a few different colours-” the worker says.
“Y/N,” your name sounds interesting on your lips, and you look up at your alpha, “what colour would you like?”
You point at your selection and Johnny nods, “that one.” he says, although it was already quite obvious to you all that you’d chosen. You like the added command though, the words coming from the alpha, not you. 
Giving orders- well, you’ve never really tried to give orders before. 
You’ve never really been asked for your opinion on things, and you watch greedily as the worker removes the new beautiful phone from its box to set up the SIM card. 
Within ten minutes, you’re on the streets again and you have a new phone. It’s secured in your pocket, although your hand keeps finding its way back to check to be sure it’s there. The third time you do this, Johnny says, “are you worried you’re going to lose it?”
You nod.
“Then I guess we have to buy you a purse to put it in.” 
Soon you find yourself in a store. You and Johnny are the only ones there, as things are closing soon, but that just means you have the full attention of the women working there. “We need a purse.” Johnny says to the lady, “no budget, whatever she wants, and I’m going to look around a bit.”
Your heart leaps at his words and Johnny flashes you a smile before heading over to look at some jackets. He’s only a few meters away, leaving you with the store clerk, but it feels odd not to have him right there next to you. 
“Purses are over here.” The lady shows you to the section with bags, and she asks you questions about colours and styles. By the time you’ve picked out the one you want and headed to the till, Johnny has showed up holding a few jackets.
“Try this on.” he says, holding out a denim jacket, “denim over a hoodie is a good look.”
You accept the jacket and slide it over top of yours. Johnny looks you up and down and nods, “it’s nice.” he can tell you don’t believe him and rolls his eyes at you, sighing, “you don’t believe me?” his hand reaches for yours and then he pulls you to a mirror so you can see yourself, settling you in front of him. 
His hands are only your waist but you barely even notice, eyes fixed on yourself in the mirror. He was right about the denim over the hoodie, it does look good. You look good. And you’re wearing clothes your old pack would have never let you wear.
They’d always had you dolled up in feminine things. 
Not only are you wearing Johnny’s hoodie but you also have a pair of his sweatpants. When he’d looked into your room to find only dresses in your suitcase, he’d told you there was no way you were going out in the city in a dress, not only because it would be cold, but because it would be testing the waters with other alphas, and he didn’t want you to feel unsafe because of it, even if he was certain no one would challenge you with him at your side. 
“We need to get you a full denim look.” Johnny concludes, looking you up and down one more time. You’re pretty sure he’s sizing you, because the denim jacket fits well, even over the hoodie. It seems Johnny has some experience with clothes, which is surprising, but in a good way.
“The store is closing soon,” Johnny says, once again checking his watch, “there are a few staple outfits we need to get you, i’ll grab those, but anything you want, just grab it. We’ll buy it and if it doesn't fit, I'll bring whatever you don’t want back tomorrow.” 
This is how you end up walking through the downtown, one arm looped with Johnny’s and the other hand holding shopping bags. Johnny also carries a few, and as the lights of the city begin to flicker to life as the light fades, the excitement of neons makes your heart pick up speed in anticipation.
It’s been a while since you ate ramen, and when your tummy growls, your alpha hears it. “Hungry?” he asks. You nod. “Do you know what you’d like to eat? There’s a good Chinese place down the street, or a Thai restaurant a ten minute walk from here, I have it on good authority that it’s authentic.”
“That sounds good.” 
Clinging to Johnny’s side, you can almost forget about your fear of others. Besides, anyone who passes you on the street doesn't even pay you a second glance. All they probably smell is two alphas. You think you might get used to wearing his clothes any time you’re out of the safety of the apartment building. 
“You know,” Johnny says as you enter the restaurant, the alpha holding the door open for you, “I keep thinking you’re going to say something about how you’re feeling.”
You think ‘how are you feeling’ must be his favourite phrase in the world given the number of time’s he’s used it on you. Unlike this morning, where your response had been ‘not good’, you now say “not bad.” 
Johnny laughs immediately, and you think he must see what you’ve just done. “You’re funny. Not bad.” he chuckles to himself as the hostess shows you to a table in the back, “we’re really going to have to work on you using your words better huh?”
You shrug as you take your seat, facing the beautiful alpha who’s grinning at you still. He shakes his head, running a hand through his dark locks, “what did you think about the others?”
You shrug.
Johnny sighs, his broad chest expanding and then collapsing with the motion. You watch a muscle jump by his sharp jaw, a teeth clench, annoyance you think. Then your alpha leans forward, looking at you intently with eyes that burn red around the iris, contrasting the usual lovely chocolate colour. “What did you think of the others?”
“Doyoung seemed mean.” you respond immediately, swallowing thickly as your omega side betrays your inner thoughts. You hadn’t meant to be so blunt, after all, you just dissed Johnny’s friend- but he’d played dirty by exerting some of his alpha power over you, so you think maybe he deserves the harsh truth about who he hangs out with.
Instead of looking upset, Johnny simply laughs, his eyes returning to their pretty hue. “You’re right about that. He had to be there because he helps make decisions, but you probably won't have to see much of him after today. He’ll avoid you, I promise.” a pause, he studies your face, “how about Yuta?”
“The ones in the kitchen all seemed not to like me very much.” you respond, looking down at your menu, hoping this will be the end of the conversation.
“But Kun’s nice right?” Johnny asks, and when you look at him over your menu, you see that he’s smirking. Is he… he’s acting as if he’s  a girl who wants to talk about who you think is cute. You’ve had a few conversations like these, however your options had always been so limited, and you’d been stuck to watch your beta friend go follow her sexual instincts why yours had been hobbled and you’d been segregated when you became of mating age.
Does your alpha want you to like Kun?
Your brows furrow, your mind racing a million miles a minute as you try to figure out what Johnny’s angle could possibly be on broaching this subject with you.
“Come on, share your thoughts.” Johnny says when you don’t immediately respond.
“I just- you’re very confusing.” you tell him, eyes looking down at your menu then back up at the alpha, who is still leaning in, watching you with those gorgeous eyes of his- it’s too much distraction. You can’t concentrate like this. 
“I am?” he laughs, “how so?”
“You said i don’t have to find a mate if i don’t want to, and now you’re trying to- I don’t know, you want me to like Kun?” 
“I’m just trying to get you to warm up to me, honestly,” Johnny shrugs, then the mischievous smirk of his appears again, “but, i mean, Kun is cute right?”
You groan, lifting up your menu and using it as a barrier to hide behind. 
Johnny’s laugh rings loudly in your ears, but, to your surprise, he leaves the topic. Instead he sits back in his seat, lifting up his own menu- only to set it back down. You eye him, amused by his behaviour, which you’re starting to see has a tendency to be somewhat erratic. Your expression must be judgemental enough to merit an explanation because Johnny says, “I've tried everything on the menu so I don't need it.”
He must come here a lot, you realize. You gnaw on your lip, finally verbalizing your assessment.
“I do come here a lot,” Johnny nods, “Ten and I find ourselves here on nights when we can't sleep.”
“You’ll meet him. He’s in the pack. He’s from Thailand and he’s a great guy.” 
You think it would be nice to meet Johnny’s friends. You have a feeling that the men who showed up at the apartment today, while in the main circle, are not, in fact, Johnny’s closest pack mates. 
You’re curious to see how alpha pack brothers interact, even if the idea of being around more and more alphas still strikes something like fear in your heart every time it comes up. 
You need to unlearn everything you thought you knew about alphas, and as you watch the petty man pull a baseball cap out of one of your shopping bags and plop it onto his head backwards, you realize that there’s no one you’d rather have show you that alphas can be something other than crazy, dom, assholes. 
Tumblr media
Johnny’s skin is flushed a pretty pink colour from the shower, and he assesses the way he looks in the mirror as he brushes his teeth. There’s a mark down by his hip bone that his eyes focus on, he’d been hoping the slice wasn’t deep enough to scar, but he supposes when you get accidentally stabbed by a drunk Canadian at a barbecue you might as well come out of it with a souvenir to go with the story. 
Letting out a breath, Johnny bends over the sink to spit. His large hands are flat on the white marble countertop, and Johnny likes the coolness the surface provides. He straightens again, running a hand through his wet hair, which loosens some stray droplets of water and prompts them to slide onto his broad shoulders. 
Even as he does this, his ears are focused on the sound of your breathing. It’s faint, after all, you’re across the apartment in the safety of your own room, behind a closed door. You went to sleep a little while after you got back from the restaurant and Johnny doesn’t blame you, you had a long day. 
It’s kind of odd to have another person in his space, another heart to listen to. Yours is steady, restful, and Johnny’s happy about that. After listening to your pulse pick up at all times today, scared at the smallest of things, he’s glad your body is getting some time to recuperate. 
The floor is cool against his bare feet as Johnny saunters into his bedroom. He swings his arms, stretching the muscles of his back then his shoulders. Standing next to his bed, the big alpha closes his eyes and simply enjoys the feeling of motion, of releasing tension that had built up during the day in his trouble spots.
Today had been more work for him than he’d care to admit.
He’d been worried about making a good impression on you, and Johnny is not the kind of person to worry about the opinions of others. 
Johnny thinks about Kun, who had been nothing but charming in the brief interaction with you. He knows Kun is a nice guy, and Kun, better than anyone, could take care of an omega. Kun can cook, he’s sweet, he’s even-tempered, he likes kids- Johnny sighs. He can’t make this decision for you, but he can’t help but feel responsible, and Kun truly seems like the best bet out of the bunch. Johnny would know.
But something else is nagging at Johnny. The alpha inside of him raises its hackles at the mere notion of giving up his omega to someone else. There’s a darkness blooming in Johnny’s chest the more he thinks about you and Kun, and finally the taste gets so bad in Johnny’s mouth at the idea that he has to shake his head and force himself to be distracted.
Instead, Johnny puts his attention on his breathing. He closes his eyes, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
As he’s about to get into bed, the steady, pleasant sound of your heart, begins to increase, drawing the alphas attention. His eyes shift to his open door, and a moment later he’s standing by it, motionless as he listens. 
There’s a small sound, and Johnny takes off towards your bedroom, the noise too whimpery and painful for his liking. He stops in front of your bedroom door, hands flexing at his sides as he decides what to do. 
Another small sound, your heart races quicker- then a gasp, a ruffling of sheets. You’re awake, and suddenly Johnny feels odd for being at your door. He can’t just stand here quietly, and if you notice he’s there without him first saying something, you might think he’s some creep who’s been listening to you sleep.
His knuckles rap against the door, and your gasps go quiet, “are you okay?” Johnny asks, his voice coming out way lower than expected. He shakes his head to get a handle on himself, closing his eyes to pretend they’re not red with worry. 
At first there’s no response, and Johnny cranes his ears. There’s another sound of fabric on fabric, a pillow moving, maybe. 
“I’m okay.”
“Did you have a nightmare?” his next question comes immediately. 
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Goodnight Johnny.” more movement, then a sigh. Your heart rate has gone down. You’re not sleeping yet, and Johnny thinks maybe standing next to your door until you pass out is a bad idea. 
He’s not satisfied with this interaction. Or, at least, his alpha side is not. It’s still telling him to bust through the door and make sure you’re okay. To see with his own two eyes that you’re not hurt or in pain.
Johnny takes a deep breath, but since he’s outside your door, this just makes your scent burn down his throat, his mouth watering at the sweetness. 
Forming a fist, the Chicago native forces himself to stop breathing. This helps a little, and after a moment he has the strength to pull himself away from your door and head back to his own bedroom. 
By the time he’s under his own covers, your heart rate tells him you’ve fallen back asleep. 
Johnny wonders if you’ll dream of him the way he knows he’s going to dream about you.
Tumblr media
You find a note on the fridge when you wake up, and a text message on your phone. It seems your alpha is being very thorough in making sure you know exactly where he is and that he didn’t ditch you. 
Waking up to no sound of a heavy, alpha, heartbeat, had been disconcerting at first. But having the apartment to yourself, for most of the day- it excites you.
You spend much of the morning exploring the apartment, looking in every cupboard and reading the back of every book he owns. You avoid his bedroom, in fact, you close the door to it. You find that too much of his smell comes out, and it’s distracting to always have that heavy scent. 
Johnny smells like the forest, all woody and strong, with spikes of smokiness- you assume a few of his friends might be smokers. It’s a wonderful smell, it’s just a lot to take in, especially since your omega side feels the need to nest in this new space. 
Soon, you become bored, and your eyes find the clock. Johnny’s text said he’d be home with lunch. You think you must have woken up right after he left. You calculate how long you have to wait until he’s home and then sit on the couch, turning on the tv, this will help pass the time you think.
It doesn’t. 
You find yourself looking at the clock every five minutes, and at around noon, when you hear the sound of someone's feet come to a stop outside the apartment door, you leap up in excitement. You take a step forward, as if you’re going to go to greet him, but decide against it, stopping and waiting instead. 
A moment later, the door opens to reveal Johnny. He looks a little disheveled, hair windswept, long brown duster covering an all black outfit. In one hand he has some shopping bags, and in the other, what looks to be Chinese takeout. 
You could get used to this.
His eyes land on you and he breaks into a smile, “hungry?” he holds up the hand with takeout.
You nod and head over to join Johnny in the kitchen, where he’s sat things down on the counter. You go for the other bags, curious as to what's in them, and Johnny tugs them away before you can pry, “hey,” he laughs, “nosey.”
You smile at the name.
“Bet you’re hoping i have a present for you in one of these, huh?” he teases, grin widening, “fine, take a look.” he pushes the bags back towards you and you eagerly open the first one, peaking inside.
“Do you like it?” he asks.
You pull the beautiful jacket out of the bag, marvelling at it. The look on your face must be enough to show how you’re feeling because Johnny smiles, busying himself with unpacking the food. “Try it on.” he suggests, turning his back to you to grab plates. 
You’re dressed in the new lounging clothes you’d bought yesterday, some soft sweatpants and a little tshirt. The jacket is a very different style; sophisticated, classy- but you put it on anyways. 
When Johnny turns to look at you again, his eyes scan you up and then down, and he breaks into a grin again. You think his cheeks must hurt from smiling so much. “That looks great!” he tells you, “but maybe,” he pushes one of the shopping bags forward, “you should try this on underneath instead.”
You grab the bag and dart off towards your room, not bothering to check inside the bag first because you know it will be a cute outfit. Once in the privacy of your own space, you strip of your clothes and pull out the ones you’ll be trying. It’s a pair of nice black jeans, and a black turtleneck. The sizing is perfect and you’re reminded that Johnny has an eye for these things it seems. 
Assessing yourself in the mirror, you think you look cute. It’s interesting to have all your skin covered, all the way up to your neck. But it feels safe, unlike the flimsy dresses your pack had forced you to wear. No, your legs are covered, as are your arms, and the jacket is heavy, which oddly enough, provides some comfort. 
You go to join Johnny in the kitchen again, and when he looks up at you, this time, his jaw drops. Then he lets out a whistle, his beautiful smile returning, “damn, someone call 911 cuz this girl is on fire!”
You can’t help the way your skin heats up at his words, even if he is overdoing it a little. It feels nice to be praised like this, to have kind, affirming words from your alpha. You realize a moment later that you and Johnny are now in somewhat matching outfits; the all black with a super aesthetic jacket on top.
“This is a staple look.” Johnny says, “you always have to have one full black outfit to pair with a cool jacket.” 
Food is all ready to be served now, so you remove your jacket and place it on the back of a chair at the island in the kitchen. Then you go to join Johnny, and he hands you a plate. “Does any of this look good to you?” he asks, wanting to be sure he actually ordered something you’ll like. 
Johnny gives you a sideways glance and smiles to himself.
“What?” you ask.
“What?!” you raise your voice a little, challenging the man next to you-
“It’s just,” Johnny shrugs as he scoops some Chow Mein onto his plate with chopsticks, “you actually said ‘yeah’ instead of just shrugging or nodding.”
You pause, considering his words. He’s right. You’re warming up to him, you admit it, but it’s odd to think that he’s conscious of your slight changed behaviour. What else does he notice?
You stay quiet as you move to sit at the dining table. You wait patiently for Johnny to come join you before you pick up your utensils. Old habits die hard. However, today, instead of waiting for him to take the first bite, as you’d been trained to do at your old pack, you tentatively shovel some noodles into your mouth.
Johnny doesn’t even look up at you, busy focusing on trying to get a piece of beef with the veggie he wants to try. 
Eating with Johnny in a comfortable silence, there’s no power dynamics to speak of. It’s simply two souls replenishing their energy stores together. 
This, you could also get used to.
Tumblr media
“How is she doing?” Mark asks when Johnny shows up to his apartment without you, yet again. 
It’s been a week since you showed up now, and every day, Johnny says he’s going to encourage you to come with him to meet a few more of the pack members, but every day he shows up alone. 
“She’s okay, still getting used to things.” Johnny answers, throwing his jacket over the back of Mark’s couch to join him. Johnny’s been over a lot recently, giving you space to get used to the apartment without the constant presence of an alpha. He knows you’re as aware of him at all times as he is of you when you’re both in the shared space. 
“How are you doing though?” Haechan’s voice comes from the kitchen where he’s standing and munching on a bag of chips.
“I’m fine.” Johnny laughs, “why?”
Mark and Haechan exchange a look, a wordless communication that Johnny can’t figure out, and he speaks multiple languages. He can’t have them talking shit about him with their eyes while he’s in the same room and not know what they’re saying. “What?” he asks again, “come on, don’t make me force it out of you.”
“We just-” Mark sighs, unable to find the words.
“A few of the guys have been saying you’re keeping her all to yourself.” Haechan says bluntly.
“We get it if she doesn’t want to meet us though-” Mark is quick to add, “we just- we wish you’d just tell us you like her and make a claim. Having things be up in the air with whether or not she’s staying with you, or going to see Kun, or- it’s just- it’s confusing.”
“It’s only confusing because you guys keep treating her like she’s just an omega and not a person with feelings and opinions.” Johnny’s voice is harder than he would have liked, but he’s a little frustrated that his younger friends don’t seem to be understanding this. He supposes it’s only natural, since they don’t have experience with omegas and only know what society has taught them; that omegas are for breeding and belonging to their alphas.
They’ll meet you and then they’ll understand. He’s sure of it. 
“I’m not going to make a claim on her.” Johnny continues, “she can do what she wants. You guys just have to start thinking of her as a member of the pack, because she is.”
“She’s just a member of the pack” Haechan repeats Johnny’s words, “except once a month she’s going to smell like candy and make all of us go crazy.” Haechan crosses his arms over his chest, not happy with being talked down to by the older alpha in the room. 
This is where problems start to arise and Johnny can see that this situation is a disaster waiting to happen. Alphas challenging other alphas- in the same pack no less- things could get dicey fast.
But Johnny can’t help himself. Haechan can’t challenge him over this. Who is he to know better than Johnny does? 
Johnny stands up, squaring his shoulders as he faces his younger friend.
Mark jumps to his feet a moment later, scrambling over the couch so he can hold Haechan off in case things go south. If one of them is going to start throwing hands, it’s not Johnny. 
“And when that happens, and she goes into heat, i’ll deal with it.” Johnny’s fist clenches and then unclenches at his side, he lets out a breath, calming himself down as he says “Haechan, you may have a primal side of you screaming to give into urges when you’re around omegas, but you’re still a man with morals. You’ll just have to learn to control yourself and respect her for who she is, not just because a specific alpha has a ‘claim’ on her. If you can’t do that, well, I guess you are no better than the alphas who go mad dog crazy over omega heat scent.” 
Tumblr media
The air of the apartment feels odd against your bare skin after going a week wearing hoodies and sweatpants, but you can’t deal with all the fabric anymore, your skin increasing temperature in preparation from a coming heat. 
You feel your anxiety rising with the warmth, and you itch at the skin of your bare leg, exposed by a pair of sleeping shorts that you’re not sure is a good idea to wear around the apartment. Then you remind yourself, this is Johnny you live with, not someone else who’s going to take one look at you and go psycho.
Johnny isn’t home. He spends much of the afternoons away, which is a blessing and a curse you suppose. It’s nice to be alone and not hyper aware of an alpha in your midst, but you’re also just more at ease when Johnny is around, oddly enough. It feels counterintuitive because Johnny makes your heart race, but not out of fear. Even though looking at Johnny seems to bring out your primal omega side, your pulse always relaxes after a while of being in his presence and acclimatizing to him.
Watching a movie with Johnny every night seems to be the highlight of your day. You enjoy the way that the silence is comfortable with him, and you enjoy every time he breaks it to give you a fun fact about a film or throw out an opinion.
The sound of someone at the apartment door draws your attention from your warm skin, and your eyes dart to the door. You’ve spent the entire afternoon working up the courage to have a discussion with Johnny about your heat, and now that he’s nearly home, you’re suddenly second guessing everything.
The door opens and Johnny stops at the threshold, eyes locking with yours. He cocks his head at you, and you realize you must look kind of odd simply standing in the middle of the living room. 
Johnny’s eyes don’t look you up and down, in fact, they stay curiously fixed to your own, as if he’s making a conscious effort- the thought delights you. Does he want to look at your legs or your arms? Does he like the show of more skin?
“Are you okay?” Johnny steps into the apartment and slowly closes the door behind him, staying where he is and still watching you.
“Yes, are you?”
“Yes.” his eyes narrow a little and he looks around the room, as if he’s searching for something. “Something's off.” he says finally, “let’s try this again,” his eyes return to yours, however this time, they’re red, “tell me what’s going on.”
The omega inside of you caves, your arms wrapping around your body to protect yourself. You don’t like it very much when he exerts his power over you, but at the same time, it releases you from all the anxiety you had been feeling on broaching the subject yourself. Maybe sometimes giving into Johnny is a good idea, it seems like he only whips out his aggression when it’s beneficial for you, and you know you have to get this off your chest. 
“My heat is coming soon.”
Johnny stands completely still for a few moments, simply looking at you. “That's why it smells a little funny in here.” he says finally.
You gape at him is he making fun of your scent at a moment like this?!
“Funny in a good way!” he’s quick to assure you, moving away from the front door and into the kitchen. You’re happy he has his back to you when he says “i like the way you smell” because heat ripples across your skin in response, your breath catching in your throat as you watch him fill a glass of water with ice. “Do you know if you want suppressants, or how you want to deal with this?”
“I think the hotel sounds like a good idea.”
“Do you know when your heat actually starts?” he’s still not even looking at you, and it makes it easier for you to answer these questions for whatever reason.
“Maybe on Monday?” 
It’s Friday now, this gives you two days, give or take. It can be hard to tell when heats are coming, and sometimes, during particularly intense ones, the effects start a little bit before the actual heat and linger afterwards for a day or two as well. 
You’ve also heard about pack synching of heat and ruts, another variable that could throw off your schedule.
“When would you like to go to the hotel?” another direct question.
You flounder with your answer. You’d assumed he would simply take charge of the situation and tell you when you’d be leaving. Now that you have a choice- well, when do you want to go?
The idea of being away from Johnny for a whole week- the idea of being alone- you don’t like it. You don’t want to go until you absolutely have to. You study Johnny, he seems to be fine with your pre-scent. If he had an issue and needed you to leave earlier, he would say so, right?
“Sunday night maybe?”
“You want to stay here tonight and tomorrow?” Johnny finally looks at you, shock evident on his face. 
“Yeah, hmm.” Johnny repeats, then lifts the glass of ice water to his lips. He sighs as if deep in thought then turns to face the sink, filling his cup again. “Are you sure it’s a good idea to stay here up until your heat? Before I have a rut,” your skin flushes again at the mention of his own ‘time of the month’, and you’re extremely happy his back is to you, “things always get more, uh, intense for me.” 
Intense. He’s saying he gets horny before his ruts, and to be fair, you understand the feeling. You have to admit, you’ve been feeling those effects as well. Last night, as you lay in bed to sleep, you’d considered relieving some of your tension- only to remember that if you did, Johnny would be able to hear and smell it.
Neither of you have done anything sexual in the apartment this entire week, of that you are certain. If Johnny had, you also would be able to smell it in the air. You study the alpha who has once again turned to look at you. How long do you expect to live together without being able to relieve your tensions in the solo safety of your rooms? Nothing is private when you’re part of a pack, and you have to accept that Johnny is your pack now.
“Things get… intense for me too.” you admit, going over to the windows to let in some fresh air and cool your skin, which is getting increasingly hotter as this conversation continues. “But, i- it feels safer here-”
“Hotels are safe.” Johnny points out.
You shake your head, “i'm used to having my heat in my own room, I'm used to being at home.” you stop, assessing your own words. Home. 
This is your home.
It truly is.
And the omega inside of you already has your happy little bed nest, a jumble of quilts and pillows which make you feel very comfortable. Suddenly, you don’t want to go to a hotel at all. You want to stay here.
With Johnny.
“You’re right.” you say finally, heading off towards your room without looking back, “book any day and i’ll go.” 
Tumblr media
“The shit I do for you.” Yuta groans when Johnny comes out of his bathroom, hair still wet from his shower. The gust of steamy air is tinged with the scent of Johnny, and Yuta scrunches his nose, “close the door and turn on the fan.”
Johnny chuckles, kicking the door shut behind him, “i tried to cover it with the smell of body wash.” he says.
“Yeah, well,” Yuta sighs, “it didn't work. I can’t believe you haven't jacked off in a week, I think I would die.”
“You wouldn’t die, you’d just have massive blue balls.” Johnny pulls on the hoodie he brought with him, adjusting it over his sweatpants then running a hand through his wet locks, “it’s not the worst thing.”
“What made you finally break?” Yuta hadn’t bothered to ask when Johnny had shown up at his door and said ‘i need to masterbate or i might kill someone’, he’d simply opened the door wider and went back to the tv. Now, he’s curious to hear the story. After all, Johnny is known for his control, and this looks like a break in that control, if Yuta is any judge. 
“Y/N’s heat starts on Monday.”
“Oh shit.” Yuta stifles a laugh. He feels somewhat bad that he’s laughing at his friends' distress, but to be fair, out of all the problems a young alpha could have; ‘my omega is going into heat’ isn't very high on Yuta’s list of ‘problems’ per se, more like ‘blessings’, but that's another conversation that he doubts Johnny needs right now.
“Yeah. The apartment smells like her.”
“Damn, is it good?”
“Really good.” a groan, and Johnny tosses his hand over his eyes, sinking into the couch, “i couldn’t even look at her. And her temperature is rising so she’s wearing these little shorts-”
Yuta smirks at Johnny’s story, listening intently to the plights of his alpha friend. He’s happy his friend is acknowledging his attraction finally.
“Did something happen between you two?” Yuta asks, hoping that maybe there will be details of a cheeky kiss, or something that would have made Johnny come barging down here at midnight. 
“I think we had an argument about when she’d be going to the hotel. She wants to stay at my place until right before it starts, but she already smells so good-” Johnny sighs again, “she stormed off to her room and i waited until she went to sleep to come down here. I’ve been trying not to breathe too hard for hours.” 
“Why didn’t you come down earlier?” 
“I couldn’t leave her. She doesn’t like it when I leave, it feels less safe. It’s so close to her heat- i don’t think it would be a good idea.”
“So let me get this straight. Your omega is in pre heat and she smells like a fucking snack, and because she’s sensitive right now you have to be with her the whole time, and you can’t touch her or kiss her or anything because you won’t admit you want her as your mate.”
Johnny grabs a pillow and pushes his face into it, collapsing off the couch and onto the floor face first. “She gets to choose her mate not me.” he groans loudly.
“You keep saying that to everyone but at the same time it looks like your omega is an indecisive little shit-”
A growl tears from Johnny and the man on the floor is suddenly sitting up abruptly, eyes glowing red, teeth showing, “don’t call her that.”
“You’re totally in love with her man.” Yuta laughs, relaxing into his couch, “but like I was saying. She’s indecisive. I know you’re all about omega alpha equality and allowing her to make her own choices, but she’s an omega, it’s against her nature to make decisions like this, just as it’s in your nature to choose for her and just claim her... don’t you think?”
Johnny studies his friend for a moment and then lets out a frustrated sigh for the umpteenth time, flopping back onto the floor, “i don’t know.”
“You’re her alpha so i’m guessing you gave her the heat options, hotel, suppressants,” Yuta counts on his fingers, and then looks up at Johnny, cocking a brow, “but did you offer the good old fashioned ‘how about I fuck the shit out of you’ route?”
Johnny had not.
Yuta’s laughs, “Wow, that's a dick move.”
“No it’s not!” Johnny insists, “you can’t just offer that-”
Yuta interrupts by asking, “Johnny you like math?”
“But you understand math.”
Johnny rolls his eyes. 
“In her last pack, her alpha made a hundred percent of the decisions right?” Yuta asks, earning a nod from the man who’s still laying on his floor, “and you want things here to be more fifty fifty, so you’re only doing fifty percent, but how do you expect this poor girl to go from making no decisions, zero, to being at fifty percent? It makes no sense Johnny.” 
“When did you become so smart?” Johnny asks suspiciously.
“The moment that omega showed up and turned you stupid.” Yuta answers, standing and heading into the kitchen to grab a beer, “if the chance comes up, you move towards her, lets say eighty percent of the way, and if she closes that twenty percent to kiss you back, then you know it’s still her choice and that she wants you too.”
“Do you really think she might like me?”
Yuta sighs, not only has Johnny’s omega made him dumb, but blind too.
“This is what happens when you haven't cum in a week,” Yuta says, “now get out, and if this shit continues and you don’t make a move, you can’t come here looking for a place to masterbate when you’re horny again.” 
Tumblr media
You’re still asleep when Johnny gets home from Yuta’s place, and the large alpha moves quietly through the apartment. As usual, he keeps his door open so he can hear if you need him. You’ve been here a week, and already you’ve had scary dreams wake you up more than half of the nights. 
Johnny’s becoming used to going to your room to check on you, even if it’s a supportive role in a quiet sense. He knows you can see his shadow outside your door, and that you can hear his heart at all times, giving you a decent idea of where he is inside the apartment at any given moment. Usually you don’t say anything to him, but sometimes you’ll whisper ‘i’m fine, go back to sleep’. Johnny always goes back to his room when you say this, but he doesn't sleep until after you’ve already gone back to dreamland.
As he gets ready for bed, the soft beat of your heart sounds like percussion, Johnny’s very own instrumental music. He enjoys it best when the tempo is slow, comfortable. The alpha feels more at ease now that he’s had some release, definitely more in control of himself. But when the music suddenly crescendos, accompanied by new vocals; a gasp, Johnny is rushing from his room, the notion of relaxed countenance gone. 
When he reaches your door, he realizes that, while elevated, your heart rate doesn’t suggest wakefulness. The protective alpha leans towards the door, and that's when two things hit him. First, your scent is much stronger tonight than it was even a few hours earlier, seeping under the door and tantalizing him. Second, a new sound joins the music of your racing heart, but this time it’s not a gasp, it’s a moan.
Realization floods Johnny’s body.
You’re having a wet dream.
Johnny’s mouth feels dry, and embarrassment floods his system. He shouldn’t be listening to this, shouldn’t be smelling this- but on top of that, he feels bad that your own body is betraying you. 
He’s had his fair share of wet dreams, and he knows that they’re uncontrollable. He knows how much you work to cover your skin around him normally, and keep a respectful distance- if you woke up and found out he was witnessing this, you’d be-
“Alpha-” a moan that makes Johnny’s mind stop racing momentarily, only to pick back up and go faster, his heart matching the feverish speed. 
Who are you dreaming about? Are you dreaming about him? Johnny groans when another wave of your smell hits him, the sound slipping out before he can stop it. Johnny’s fingers scrape against your door only to form a fist, he’s determined to pull himself away, to go back to his room and pretend none of this ever happened-
Sheets move abruptly, and Johnny recognizes the sound as you sitting up in bed. He’s noticed that you often wake from a heart racing dream with a start, and your heart rate confirms your wakefulness a moment later. 
Johnny’s skin feels frozen, and he’s paralyzed at your door. 
“Johnny?” his name breaks the quiet.
Usually Johnny would be quick to respond, but when he opens his mouth, nothing comes out. He lets out a breath but this only makes things worse because when he inhales, all he can smell is you. 
You haven't spoken since you stormed off after talking about your heat with him, and Johnny worries you might still be upset at him. The whole situation had been confusing, but you’d conceded to him-
Johnny wonders if Yuta is a genius. Had this whole thing been as simple as you wanting him to command things? This whole time he’d been desperately trying to let you know that you’re the one in the driver’s seat, but had he not realized you’d never wanted to be there in the first place? 
Johnny’s alpha roars to life in his chest at the notion, pushing at the young man to be released after being painfully restricted for so long. Johnny takes a deep breath, and he lets go of all the things holding him back.
“Can i come in?” okay, well, maybe he’s not ready to fully give into the alpha inside who wants to kick the door down, but this is still a good thing. Johnny can hear the racing of your heart, the way it jumps after his words, and instinctively, he wants to smooth things over.
Always indecisive, you don’t respond to his question, and Johnny gives you ample time. He takes another deep breath, then he turns the door knob and pushes the door open, only to be hit by your pleasant smell again. 
You’re sitting up in bed, as he’d assumed you would be. Your hair is a little tousled from rolling around, and Johnny enjoys the way you look, but not as much as he enjoys the sight of his shirt adorning your body. It’s a simple t, one of the ones he keeps in his gym bag in the entryway closet. He’d wondered where it went two days ago when he’d gone to put it on after a work out only to find it missing, but he’d explained it away as being his own fault. Yet, here’s the shirt.
You blink at him like a deer in headlights, and the predator inside of Johnny naturally wants to pounce, but he settles for stepping into the room instead, “so that’s where my shirt went.” he says, voice a low growl, nowhere near the tone he had been planning to use. 
“It smelt like you.” you respond, wrapping your arms around yourself as if to get closer to the scent. The way you’re looking at him makes Johnny realize that you are deep in submissive omega mindset. It could be that you’re half asleep and naturally more relaxed right now, more open, or it could be your oncoming heat. It could be the fact that you just had a wet dream and are still feeling it’s effects- 
Johnny realizes there are too many variables at play for him to tell if this is a good idea or not, but his alpha side pushes him closer towards you, lungs filling will air tainted in your pretty smell-
“You gasped in your sleep, I was worried.” 
Even in the dimness of the room, he can tell that you’re probably flushed with heat, as your heart rate rises as well. 
He’s almost at your bed now, and Johnny is aware that standing there feels somewhat awkward. But at the same time, looking down at you, huddled up in the center of the bed in his t-shirt, and are you wearing shorts? Or-
Johnny licks his lips as he realizes you’d only worn panties under the shirt.
If he doesn’t turn around this instant-
“Johnny?” your voice is soft, and it clears all the thoughts from the alpha’s head, his mind going blank as his eyes take in your face. You’re not moving, not trying to stop him from getting closer.
Another step, then another. He swallows thickly and sits down on the bed, angling his body towards you. This close, he can smell you even better, and it makes his heart race. “When we talked about options for your heat,” he listens to the way your pulse jumps, it seems this whole thing is having a similar effect on you as it is him, which is a good sign he thinks, “I said you could have suppressants or go to the hotel, but I didn’t offer to help you myself. And I’m sorry about that. It was my responsibility to offer-”
You shake your head, “Johnny-”
“It was my responsibility.” he says more firmly, which makes you close your mouth. “As an alpha,” his eyes dart down to your lips then back up, “as your alpha.”
The words hang in the air for a moment, registering, and then everything happens at once. You’re not sure if you leap at him and he catches you in a kiss, or if you meet half way- or maybe- are his lips on yours first? Regardless, you close the space between your bodies.
You half crawl up on the bed towards him, and Johnny’s hands grab you, pulling you to straddle his lap with ease. Fingers dig into your hips and you grab at his face, kissing him feverishly.
His lips taste like toothpaste, and his woodsy scent enwraps you in a comfortable safety that both excites you and reminds you that you can be slow with this, that you can enjoy yourself, that you’re not going to be hurt. 
You let out a little squeak when Johnny falls back into your bed, pulling you down on top of him. He grins against your lips, securing a hand behind your head so the kiss can deepen. 
His frame is so massive underneath you, and even with your weight on his chest, you know it doesn't bother him. 
You’ve never been in a situation like this before, having been sheltered your whole life. But your body seems to know what to do instinctually, hips rolling to create friction on your core. The motion makes you remember you’re only in panties, pussy fluttering with delight as you drag it across something hard-
Johnny rolls you suddenly, and your eyes open, looking up in shock at the man who’s now the one pressing you into the bed. He fits so well between your legs, and he holds himself off of you slightly, meeting your gaze. He’s breathing hard, like you, and his lips are slightly swollen already- had you been kissing him that hard?
“Were you dreaming about me earlier?” he asks.
Your heart catches in your chest, embarrassment flooding through you again. You want to hide your face, but there’s nowhere to go while pinned under your alpha, who’s watching you with a big smile.
“You know the answer.” you say, adjusting your hold on his hips and beginning to play with his hair.
“What was I doing in the dream baby?”
Your heart flutters at the pet name, the first one he’s given you, and it prompts you to kiss him again. He gives in to your lips his tongue swiping across your teeth delightfully- but then he pulls away, “was I touching you in the dream?”
A small moan leaves your lip at his words, a whimper really, your lower lip trembling as you nod.
Johnny chuckles lowly, leaning in and letting his lips ghost over your neck, which you instinctively expose for him, turning your head to the side. The skin there is sensitive, and your breath catches. 
Lips press against your pulse point and you dig your nails into Johnny’s shoulders, hips pushing up against his.
“If you don’t learn to use your words,” his nose brushes by your jaw then his teeth gently tug at your ear lobe, “we’ll just have to stay like this.”
You groan in frustration, “please?”
Now it’s your alphas turn to let out a noise of pleasure, “was i touching you here?” a hand slides around your throat. Barely any pressure is applied but it still makes your heart race in your ribcage.
His fingers tease down, circling your pebbled nipple poking up through the fabric of the shirt you’d stolen from his gym bag. You’re happy you hadn’t worn a bra to bed.
“Here?” he presses more kisses to your neck and the stimulus from it makes you gasp, sensitive everywhere. 
A whimper, then, “lower.”
Johnny smiles against your neck, shaking his head slightly. He thinks you’re adorable. His hand begins it’s decent lower-
His body goes rigid as he realizes, “baby girl,” a kiss to your neck, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, “is this your first time?”
Now it’s your turn to bury your face in his neck, but not for kissing, for hiding, and Johnny knows he’s hit the nail on the head. He hadn’t even given this much thought, but he supposes it makes sense you’re a virgin, after all, once an omega is claimed by an alpha that’s that. Most alpha's claim their omegas the first chance they get, Johnny’s heard, and you’re unclaimed because you grew up secluded. Of course this is your first time. 
“It’s okay,” Johnny coos, “i’ll take care of you, I promise.”
You don’t release your hold on him, your face still buried in his neck, and Johnny doesn’t mind. He allows you to cling to him, hugging him, while he simply holds you.
You’re not sure how much time passes in his embrace, but his warmth calms your racing mind, which feels counterintuitive because you’re so close to heat and your skin is inherently warmer than usual. When you finally pull away from his neck, Johnny does the same so he can meet your eyes.
You press a kiss to his lips, a quick one, studying his reaction, then you kiss him again, deeper this time. You’re ready for this. You want this. 
Your legs tighten around his waist again, forcing more pressure against your core, which makes you whimper against his lips. Johnny’s hand is on your waist, but it moves up again, giving attention to your breasts. The feeling is wonderful, his thumb brushing the sensitive bud and making you whine again, hips pushing up-
“Can i take this off of you?” he asks between kisses, tugging at the shirt that's keeping him from fully touching you. 
“Yes.” the word feels slightly foreign, but you know he wants verbal responses, and you’ll do your best to comply, especially if he’s making you feel this good as a reward. 
He has to take his lips off yours to do this, adjusting so he can sit up better. His fingers tug the fabric up slowly, exposing more and more skin. You lift your arms to allow him to pull it off completely, and then he covers your body with his own again, lips returning to yours.
It’s a new feeling to have your bare breasts pressed against his chest, and the fabric of his shirt feels odd against your sensitive nipples. You tug at the material, and Johnny smiles into your kiss. He doesn’t immediately give in, instead he lets you tug at the fabric at his shoulders for a little while, until you’re whimpering for him, and only then does he sit up again to join you in being bare from the waist up.
You watch, bottom lip caught between your teeth, as Johnny straightens and reaches behind his head to get a grip on the scruff of his shirt, pulling it up and over, tossing it away. His muscles move beautifully under pretty skin, and your mouth nearly waters at his physique. This is what he’s been hiding under hoodies and excessive jackets?
You reach towards Johnny, wanting him back in your arms, and he complies, smashing his lips to yours again. His hand feels massive on your waist, sliding up until his thumb brushes under your breast.
“Johnny-” you push your chest up against his, eager for more, eager for him to give you everything, to take care of you, as he promised he would.
His large hand cups your boob, massaging the flesh and making pleasure surge through you, heading right to your core. His thumb moves over your nipple and you gasp into his kiss, hips moving up, looking for friction, of their own accord. 
Johnny’s kisses move to your jaw, and he noses your face to the side to gain access to your neck, peppering the skin there next. His descent continues, dark hair tickling your collar bone slightly before his lips wrap around your nipple. 
The sensation is foreign but it sends shivers of delight through your body. You thread your fingers through Johnny’s soft hair to ground yourself as his teeth graze you, bringing more pleasure.
You can smell yourself at this point, that’s how insanely wet you are just from a bit of kissing and grinding. 
“Johnny, please.” you whimper. 
Immediately, the alpha continues to kiss down your body. It seems that all you need to do is say please and he’ll give you what you want. The thought makes you smile to yourself only to gasp when Johnny’s lip reach the band of your panties. 
He’s laying on the bed between your legs now, which are open to accommodate his broad shoulders. He adjusts your thighs, skipping over where you need him to worship the skin of your thighs. His fingers kneed the flesh there, lips pressing kisses as he places your legs over his shoulders. 
You’re a little confused by the word, but a moment later it becomes clear what he means. Your panties tear in two places and are ripped from your body, exposing your core to the coolness of your room.
Johnny groans deeply, breathing in your smell and making your skin flush with embarrassment, “so good.” he says, voice nearly a growl, “you’ll let me make you feel good?”
“Yes, please.”
His mouth dives into your pussy and you scrabble to grab his hair, shocked by the new and sudden feeling. His tongue laps at your entrance, pressing flat, not poking in, just tasting, just teasing-
His nose bumps your clit and your legs shake on either side of his head, another sound of pleasure leaving your lips. You allow yourself to relax a little into the bed, putting your head down and closing your eyes, which amplifies the sensations. 
His tongue dips a little more into your, another new sensation that sends delightful tingles across your skin. Then his mouth moves up, lips wrapping around your clit.
Your back arches off the bed, fingers pulling at Johnny’s hair, “Johnny-”
There’s a tension in your stomach, and you’ve had orgasms by yourself before, so you know what it is. But this feels a bit different, it feels more intense, which is no surprise. Small sounds are leaving your lips as he continues to switch between flicking at your clit with his tongue and sucking lewdly.
“I’m gonna-” you don’t even finish your sentence, orgasm slamming into you, the chord in your tummy snapping as waves of pleasure wrack your body. All you can do it hold onto Johnny’s hair while he continues his assault on your entrance, every flick and slurp creating more and more intensity until your legs are shivering on either side of his head and you’re nearly crying from stimulation.
When Johnny pulls away from your core, you don’t even open your eyes to look at him, simply letting go of his hair and allowing him to leave. You lay there, trying to regain some semblance of composure while Johnny’s breath fan over your pussy, “I’m going to have to stretch you out.” he says, pressing a kiss to your inner thigh, “you ready?”
You moan loudly. Of course he has to stretch you out and prepare you. You bet his cock is giant like the rest of him. Another wave of tingles washes over your body at the notion.
Johnny’s finger slides into you easily, and you gasp at how much longer it is than your own. “So wet.” another kiss to your thigh, “so pretty.”
your skin flushes in embarrassment at the compliment, eyes opening to look down at the man between your legs. “No, you.”
Johnny just laughs, shaking his head and looking down at your core again, a second finger slides into you and makes you gasp. He scissors them a little then pumps them in and out, you can hear your slick with each movement. His fingers crook up inside of you, which feels amazing, you had no idea fingers could make you feel this good- but then you think maybe it’s not ‘fingers’, it’s the fact that this is Johnny.
His pace picks up as you get used to having two digits inside of you, and as you begin to let out more moans, signalling your orgasm is approaching again, Johnny brings his tongue back down to your clit.
Instead of reaching for Johnny’s hair, you grab the bedsheets, bundling the fabric in your fists. It feels as if you could lift off the bed and float away without an anchor, mind becoming fuzzy as Johnny helps your ascent to cloud 9. 
Soon, another orgasm crashes into you, waves of pleasure lulling your body as Johnny continues to work you through it. You feel safe with him, like you can simply enjoy the feelings, the euphoria, that he’s giving you. 
Every good thing must come to an end, and when you finally are released from the delightful spasms of your orgasm, you instinctively reach for Johnny. 
“I have to go get condoms.” a kiss is pressed to your inner thigh, “i’ll be right back.”
You open your eyes to watch Johnny head to the door. His shoulders are so broad, and his waist much smaller, sweatpants hanging low on his hips- then he’s out of sight and you’re disappointed. 
Condoms. You’d forgotten about those. This is why he’s the alpha and you’re the one being taken care of, you think to yourself pleasantly. You enjoy it this way.
He’s back a moment later, stopping at the foot of the bed and looking at you, the condom packet in his hand. “You still want this?”
You open your legs as a response. 
Johnny chuckles to himself and pushes his pants down, releasing a cock that’s exactly as big as you thought it would be. He rolls the condom on and joins you on the bed, letting you wrap your legs around his waist, but he doesn’t immediately press into you. Instead he kisses you, his fingers returning to your entrance. 
He collects the wetness there, spreading it over your entrance and then his own cock. “If this hurts-”
You kiss him to shut him up, he has no idea how much you can handle. You’re stronger than he thinks. You can take it, after all the things you’ve gone through and overcome so far, this will be the easiest you think.
His cock presses against your entrance, the head pushing in and making you groan. Johnny peppers your face in kisses, sliding in a little more. He takes his time, giving little test thrusts which help coat him in your slick until one thrust has him sheathed fully inside of you, causing you to gasp into each other's mouths as you kiss, your fingers pulling at his pretty hair.
“You’re so big-” you whimper, body still trying to adjust even though it feels like he’s splitting you in half. The pain is there, but so is the pleasure, and the melding of the two contrasting feelings is interesting, pleasure coming out as the dominant feeling the moment Johnny begins to move. 
Your noises tell Johnny that it feels good, that he can go faster, that he can finally lose control and ravage you after trying to go slow for so long. 
He lets out a sound that goes straight to your core, a deep sound that brings forth your own primal side. A whimper leaves your lips and you move your kisses to his neck, licking the skin there.
“Claim me.” 
His fingers dig into your hips and he groans, “fuck, don’t say things like that-”
“Claim me.” you say, harder this time.
“Claim me.” you scrape your nails down his back.
“Claim me first.” he responds, voice breaking a little at the words. 
Omega’s can’t claim alphas. That’s not how this works and you both know that. But you immediately understand his words, placing your mouth on a particular spot of skin on his pretty neck and sucking. Your teeth nip at the flesh and your tongue darts out to sooth it as you suckle at him, marking his neck with a little hickey that will be gone by morning anyways due to his healing abilities.
It feels immensely intimate to be doing this, imprinting a mark like this on your alpha while he fucks you into your mattress. 
Satisfied with what you’ve done, you move away from his neck to inspect your work. “Now claim me.” you tell him, exposing your throat yet again. 
“Cum first.” he shoves his hand between your bodies, fingers finding your clit.
You’re still sensitive, so the motion sends jolts tingling through you, increasing the pressure in the pit of your stomach. You let out a whine, eyes closing as you simply take what he’s giving you. Each thrust feels amazing, his cock filling you completely, only to leave you empty, and repeat- you think this must be what heaven feels like.
You’re so close-
You open your eyes and look up at Johnny, bringing his lips to yours again, “cum with me?” you ask fervently against his mouth, playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. 
Johnny smiles against your lips, a yes, you’re sure of it. His pace gets quicker and each thrust makes you practically squeak in pleasure, pitch getting higher as you  get closer and closer-
That’s all it takes for Johnny to snap, his mouth moving to your neck. The moment his teeth sink into your flesh, marking you, claiming you as his, you explode on his cock, pussy clamping down for everything you're worth and dragging him over the edge with you.
You claw at his shoulders, noises of pleasure leaving your lips as his hips carry you through your orgasms, his lips returning to yours a moment later. There’s a slight metallic taste now, but only slight, and it’s mostly hidden by the spearmint flavour of Johnny’s toothpaste, which you’re thankful for.
Tongues clash, moans are exchanged, and nothing else in the entire world matters. 
When Johnny’s hips stop moving, after you’ve both finished, he stays inside of you for a moment, pulling away from your lips to look at you. Your noses touch, and he gently rubs them together, affectionately, making you giggle. 
“Hi.” you say back immediately.
“How do you feel?”
You laugh a little at the question, transported back to the first interaction with him. In his car, having just escaped the life you knew, everything was different. You hadn’t known what to say, hadn’t known if you could tell the truth to the alpha.
But now you know he only wants the truth from you, he truly wants to know how you're feeling. And the answer is easy, “i feel happy.”
And it’s the truth. 
Tumblr media
jesus fuck this was long, I hope you liked it! If you did, drop me a comment, leave a tag, say so in a reblog- any interaction counts and gives me inspo to write more. Thank you in advance to everyone who reaches out :) I love talking with you guys!
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neocain · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Johnny x Reader
Requested Prompts 65 "you're my favourite" 68 rainy day
Genre: Angst, Established Relationship AU.
WC: 1.1k
requests are closed for the rest of the month.
Please excuse any grammatical error, I didn't have time to go in and fix much.
Tumblr media
The rain was pounding on your window in heavy sheets. If you tried to look out the window you could see nothing but the blur of water.
Your phone was buzzing as Johnny called you for the fifth time in a row, yet you couldn't come up with the energy to answer him. You were afraid if you did you would cry.
The only thing your brain was able to do was replay the moment over and over in your brain.
"Why can't you hang out with us later?" You heard Taeyong's voice ask. You were a little bit down the hall, his voice coming from around the corner.
"Y/N," Johnny replied, his voice sounding tired. It made you stop in your tracks, you couldn't explain why but something in you told you to wait and listen.
You couldn't see Taeyong's face, but you could hear the eye roll accompanied with his word.
"Don't you think she's a little clingy?" Taeyong asked Johnny. Their voices nearing but you weren't able to move.
"Sometimes" Johnny replied. Their footsteps echoed closer and closer.
You blinked quickly, trying to subside the anger that rose to your head accompanied by the sting that you hated in your eyes.
You turned and quickly walked towards the exit of the building. You couldn't let him see you like this. Not that you wanted to see him.
Your room was cold, you wanted to move underneath the thick blanket you had on your bed but you couldn't. Somewhere inside your brain, a voice let you know that you were overreacting.
You didn't know if you agreed or disagreed yet. You were still pissed.
If Johnny didn't want to hang out with you, he could say no. He wasn't obligated to see you. You were holding him at gunpoint if he said no. You were crazy enough to expect him to give all his free time to you. He does that himself. To agree with his friends that you were clingy was absurd. And rude quite frankly.
Your phone rang again, obviously, it was Johnny. This time you answered.
You didn't speak after answering the phone.
"Y/N where are you?" Johnny asked, his voice irritated. You huffed at his words, rolling your eyes even though he couldn't see them.
"Home." You replied, your voice emotionless.
"Why?" He asked, his annoyance very clear, "We're supposed to be going to see a movie today."
"Well, I wouldn't want to be too clingy." You answered, then hung up.
Swiping to your messages app you sent Johnny a text telling him to leave you alone before you put your phone on Do Not Disturb.
Finally, you moved so that you could pull your blanket over yourself and buried yourself into the fluff of your bed to sleep.
Except that you couldn't actually sleep you were too mad still. So you laid on your bed staring at your ceiling fuming about being called clingy.
An hour later a loud knock shook you out of your sombre state. You furrowed your eyebrows, already knowing who it would be. So you took your time getting to the door.
When you opened it, Johnny was standing there. His hair was all over the place like he'd been pulling at it. His hands were tucked into the pockets of his sweats and his eyes were fixed on you in annoyance.
His anger seeping out from him, as he stood in front of you in his six-foot-tall glory glaring down at you, and you glared right back.
"You can't just put your phone on do not disturb and ignore me like that." He pushed past you into your apartment, leaving you at the door to glare at his back. "And you can't hang up on me like after making no sense."
You rolled your eyes at that. How could he not know what you're talking about?
He stopped a couple of feet away from you, biting the inside of your cheek you rolled your eyes at him again and walked past him towards your living room. Aiming for the couch.
"What is wrong with you?" He demanded following behind you.
"Oh nothing, I'm just trying not to be clingy."
"What the fuck does that even mean?" He asked his anger coming out in his words.
"It means I'm giving you space to let you hang out with Taeyong." You burst out. "When I came to pick you up I heard you and Tae talking, he called me clingy and you agreed."
Johnny blinked at you. His lips twisted into an unimpressed frown.
"You're pissed about that?" He asked. You rolled your eyes at him for the third time in the past five minutes.
"Roll your eyes again babe, and they'll fall out." He commented, "also if you're gonna eavesdrop listen to the whole thing before you run away. I didn't agree with him, I said sometimes you are clingy but I'm much clingier."
You looked at him, you weren't entirely convinced and Johnny could tell from the look on your face.
"I mean come on babe, I make you do something with me practically every day."
Your anger fizzled out at his tone. Johnny didn't needlessly lie, so you couldn't see why he'd lie about this.
"You swear?" You asked just to make sure.
"I swear." He answered.
You let out a long sigh, "Well I'm sorry then. I overreacted."
Johnny nodded at your words, but slipped onto the couch next to you anyway, his hand pulling your body into his.
"Can we watch a movie now? I've been looking forward to watching a movie with you all day."
You chuckled lightly but nodded, leaning forward to grab the TV remote. You passed it to Johnny so that he could pick a movie.
"I am sorry I acted like that Johnny." You apologized again as you settled into his side, pulling a blanket over the both of you.
Johnny kissed your forehead, "it's okay we all have our crazy moments."
You leaned away from him a little bit, frowning, as he smiled down at you.
You shook your head at him, "I hate you, Johnny." You grumbled but moved back to let your head rest on his shoulder.
"I love you too, Y/N." He muttered softly in your hair. Your heart skipped a beat at his words, that was the first time either of you had said it.
You smiled as you watched him continue to scroll through the movies. You would say it too, but you'd say it after the movie, right now you hated him after all.
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cafe-moon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Requested: Dad!Johnny x mom!reader
Genre: Bebe floof🍼
Based off of this tiktok
The sound of crying bounced off the walls of your home as your poor husband to tried to make it out the door to start his touring. But your daughter was not having it, she refused to let her dad leave.
“I know baby, I know. But I’ll be back as soon as possible. Okay?” Johnny scooped your daughter up in his arms, leaving kisses on her cheeks before reaching into his bag and pulling out a prized plushie of his.
“You hang onto him while I’m gone. Daddy’s love will be right in here.” And he left a little kiss on the before giving it to your daughter. She hesitated before taking it and inspecting it. But she looked at her dad one last time, pouty quivering lip and all before aggressively laying her head down on his shoulder.
Johnny hated leaving you two, especially your baby daughter. She was still so little and he didn’t want to miss a single moment of these times but he had his job to do. One last kiss to her head and a quick I love you before he handed her over to you. You have the exact pouty lip and sad eyes, hinting that you wanted your kisses too.
“And I’ll miss you the most. I’ll call as much I can.”
“You better. Don’t have too much fun without us.” Johnny chuckled, leaving you a tender kiss and rubbing his nose against your’s. The first night was tough as your daughter sat by the front door, waiting for Johnny to come home so he could take her to bed. She clutched that plushie tight to her little body before eventually crying out for you to hold her as dad had not come home. She stayed with you that night instead of in her nursery. In fact the whole time Johnny was gone she stayed with you, still holding that plushie.
“She will not go anywhere without it. I accidentally left in the car when I went to get groceries. Didn’t make it that far in the parking lot before she started crying.” Your husband cooed over the story as he watched form the screen you holding your now sleeping daughter and telling him about today’s events.
Touring was fun and he was having a blast with his members like always…but he still wanted to be home with you. He wanted to do his morning and night routines with your baby knowing she’s safe and happy in his arms. He missed home so much he started having dreams of your daughter crying out for him at night. But of course when he woke up all he was met with was darkness and the snoring coming from his member.
“I wanna come home so bad. I miss my girls.” You softly smiled at your husband, feeling that longing for him to come back home too. “We miss you lots here. But tell me what happened today? Where are you guys at now?” And soon his sadness dissipated as he started telling his stories and what songs they were performing this time around. It still was far from over but every new day was a step closer to coming home.
And finally that day came where your daughter didn’t have to sit at the door, holding the plushie, and not see her dad. Nope, instead she sat at the door, plushie in hand, and heard that voice you both had miss so dearly.
“Where’s my baby girl at? There she is!” Your daughter bounced excitedly, raising her arms high up in the air as Johnny finally picked her and held her tight to his chest. Your daughter wrapped her tiny arms around his neck as she listened to Johnny tell her how much he missed her. He felt relief finally being able to hold her close to him again, knowing she’s still here waiting for him. Of course he didn’t forget about you as he wrapped his free arm around and gave you all the kisses you both desperately needed.
“I’m never leaving you guys again. That was rough, I couldn’t sleep without having a dream about you two.” You giggled leaning up and kissing his cheek before you all headed to your shared room to help him unpack.
“I see you took care of my plushie. Can I have him back now.” You daughter only held it tighter to her giving him her final answer. Johnny pouted a bit,
“Well this might be a problem…because I got you a new one while I was gone…” he showed your baby the new one but she only held the one he gave her. He gave you the sad eyes and pouty lip now making you laugh. It was good to have him home again.
a/n: requested by a moonie! I managed to write this in the middle of doing my final projects for uni🤣so I hope you guys liked it and thanks for reading!💕
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favoritejohn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the fluffiest teddy bear 🧸🍂
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nctsplug02 · 2 months ago
heyy can i req johnny smut when he sees u in a maid lingerie costume n ends up breeding u 😀 thank u sm i love ur works v dearly
genre: smut
Your friends had dragged you to this party after you had texted them saying you and your boyfriend had gotten into this argument. They came over and got you all dressed up to watch with them.
A slutty maid.
The costume was skimpy, the skirt was short, your boobs were out, the knee highs hugging onto your knees.
When you had entered the party with your friends, they all had separated and went different ways leaving you alone. You walked around until you saw someone, stopping you in your tracks.
Your boyfriend, johnny.
He was leaning against the counter with his red solo cup in his hand, his friends by his side passing a blunt around.
“Yo, ain’t that y/n?” Mark says jabbing johnny with his elbow. Johnny turns his head to you which then you made a run.
You didn’t want to be at the party anymore yet, you were the DD for your friends who were planning to drink their asses off. You didn’t know where to run so you ran to the basement bathroom.
Once you turned the light on, it was red to match the party theme. “Fuck.” You curse, leaning against the counter to take your heels off which did not feel comfortable.
Johnny on the other hand, he was looking for you. He wanted to apologize for being a dick earlier before the party, although it wasn’t his fault he still wanted to apologize. He went around asking people if they’d saw you run past them but everyone said they hadn’t seen you.
His last option was the basement bathroom which he then went to look. He knocked on the door which made you jump. “Y/n?” He called out, knocking once again. “Y/n, open the door please?” You bite down on your lip before deciding to open the bathroom door.
“I’m sorry.” You say once he closes the door behind him. “Why are you apologizing? Shouldn’t I be apologizing?” You shake your head. “I’m sorry for bitching at you earlier, I misunderstood and didnt want to hear your explanation so I’m sorry.” He laughs lightly and pulls you into a hug.
“I love you.” He says and then dips his head down to kiss your head. “I love you too and, as a way to show how sorry I am..” you slip out from Johnnys hold by sliding down onto your knees.
“A blowjob?” He smirks as you start undoing his belt. “A blowjob by a slutty maid? that’s one way to make my night.” You pull his cock out of his briefs, he was already hard and leaking precum.
Johnny groans as you wrap your lips around his tip before taking him whole. “Fuck, baby..” he groans and pushes your hair back away from your face, the headband that was apart of your costume falling out your hair and onto the ground.
“Gonna take my cock down your throat like a good girl?” You nod and moan around his cock, the vibration causing him to swear. Your bobs fastening down his length, his cock disappearing down your throat. The slobber caused from your saliva, dribbling down your chin.
You pull off with gasping deep breaths. “Aww, is my cock too big for your throat?” He coos teasingly with a smirk, an evil smirk. “Stand up for me, baby. Wanna fuck that pretty pussy of yours.” He helps you up and sits you on the counter.
He rips your panties off and hisses in satisfaction as he sees your glistening pussy. “Holy shit my baby is soaked.” You hold his wrist back as he tries to finger you. “No, want your cock only.” You frown which johnny listens to.
He lines himself up at your entrance and then slips himself in which you both gasp at. His cock slipping in perfectly.
He doesn’t waste time and starts rutting his hips. His cock immediately finding your g-spot. Your moans being blocked out by the sounds of the music booming above you both.
“Fuck, when’s the last time I fucked you? Last week?” He laughs and rubs your thighs. “God, you still are so fucking tight.” You whine which johnny just laughs at.
His hands gripping onto your thighs, oh so desperately. “fffuck, this pussy feels so good.” He groans with his head now tilted back.
His thumb that swirled around on your clit had caught you off guard, it made you jerk forward along with your hips bucking.
“Shit, I can feel myself getting closer.” He grunts and hangs his head low as he picks his pace up faster, desperately trying to succeed his orgasm.
“Gonna let me breed this pussy?” You nod frantically. “Y—yes, want your cum so bad.. please cum in my pussy, pretty please?” You beg in a whiney whimpery tone. “Gonna cum in your pretty pussy.”
You wrap your legs around his waist. “Please, please, please? Give it to me, please?” Finally, the giant empties his everything into you. His white ribbons painting your pink walls that clenched around him.
His groans and your pants mixed together as you both tried calming down from your highs. It takes his a few moments before pulling out and finding a rag to wipe you clean.
“Apology accepted.” You and Johnny say at once which causes laughter to break from the both of you.
You hopped off the counter and realized you didn’t have your panties. “Shit, oh, johnny hand me my panties please.” He reaches down and collects the ripped material. “Um, I might’ve um.. ripped them.” He holds up the ripped material. “Great now I’ll have to walk around with your cum dripping down my legs.” You sigh.
“I’m sorry.” He apologizes.
“Oh really? Show me how sorry you are.” He smirks and grabs your waist again.
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mayaflowerxs · 2 months ago
Synopsis: In which you happen to make the town players from two different places fall for you.
Warning: SMUT like lots of it. Use of swear words, Manipulation is involved, fingering, oral etc. Overall reader is just a player. Takes place in HS! Heart break and more. Pretty long so get comfy. If you want a part 2 feel free to dm me or comment :)
Pairing: Jaehyun & Johnny x Reader
Tumblr media
It was not a surprise that there would be that one guy to have a reputation at hurting girls feelings and walking out of their lives like they were nothing. That they meant nothing. For them, they were seen as the school playboy. Being praised for mistreating women and tossing them once they’re done. Yet when women do the exact same thing, they’re called a slut or a whore. Now I’m not justifying for such hurtful behaviors but the double standards is just crashing in hard. But while the school focuses on who played with whose feelings, no one ever recognizes the ones who do the dirty work to find justice for the victims that were used. In which this case would be you.
Having divorced parents meant having custody of you on specific days. Attending school at the one your mother had appointed you in. With your mother, your High School and anyone who sees you around would perceive you as the innocent most purest being ever. One who can do no wrong, heck no one can think no wrong. You were free of judgment. Never gave the benefit of the doubt and always supported everyone even if they didn’t deserve it. At school people saw you as a saint. Even the snobby stuck up popular kids didn’t even pick on you because they think of you as too nice to be picked on. And that is how Jaehyun came into your little act.
Ah Jung Jaehyun. The school’s most beloved basketball player - Captain at that. His best friend Mark who happens to be very close to his hip is like his right hand. Always with him every second of the day unless he absolutely has to leave his side. Now Mark, he too is a good for nothing player. Maybe he doesn’t do it as often as his best friend Jaehyun but he’s definitely not any better. Mark. Mark Lee, better remember that name because it will be important later on.
You met Jaehyun, well interacted with him in your Bio class. Having new assigned seats, he happens to be your partner. He couldn’t stop inspecting you. Analyzing your every move. Even the sneezes you made sounded pure, and while others found it cute he found it rather intriguing. Biting his lip as he can only imagine you being in his list of hearts to break. When turning your head and showing your pearly whites because of the smile you flashed him, he was in. And while he got busy thinking of the ways to ruin that innocent aura of yourself, you turned your head and smirked. Jung Jaehyun to heartless self was about to revive his unbeatable heart.
On the weekends you visit your father, is a whole other story. As soon as you enter that city in which he lives in, the innocent y/n is no longer visible anywhere. Like an invisible border prevents that y/n to pass through. Instead it’s replaced by a rebellious one. One whose witty, a smug grin on her face as one can only hope you can give them a rest from your wicked actions. Graffitiing the walls, pranking people and many more. You have to admit it gives you a break from the fake demeanor you have back at home. Although both personas aren’t exactly you, (to be completely honest you kinda forgot who the real you acts like), you did it all to gain the attention of the infamous Johnny Suh. Not only is he the heartbreaker in his High School, but he’s also the boy every father forbids their daughters to date. One of them being yours. The boy every mother is glad they didn’t raise and the boy kids are relieved aren’t their sibling. Him and his groupie in a way run the city, not literally that would be impossible but what is impossible is for people to not have heard of him and his delinquent friends. When he first saw you, you were in the middle of graffitiing an abandoned property of the city. You knew Johnny and his friends like spray painting the city as well which is why you started doing it. You knew he was watching, you nor anyone can ignore the large puff of smoke coming out of a red corvette. His friends pointed at you as they made inappropriate comments. And all he did was watch. Watch you take the piece of wall he actually was keeping it blocked off so he can spray paint on it.
It wasn’t until the next weekend when he found you in a gasoline station, arms on either side of you as he leaned in and whispered that he had found you. When replying with nothing but snarks and sarcastic comments he immediately wanted you to be his top priority. No one, not even the chick he’s been banging for months just because he’s bored didn’t come close to you. You were certainly a one of a kind and he didn’t want to waste the opportunity of not doing something. And like that, you have now gotten yourself two of the biggest players at hand.
On the weekdays, you were now spending more and more time with Jaehyun. He wanted to keep every meeting you two had private and you agreed. He wanted help since he was failing only his English class, he might be a jerk but he’s pretty much smart. Your mother was skeptical of him, already getting the feeling he was bad news but if only momma knew how bad you were in contrast. And before you knew it, you and Jaehyun were now in your bedroom kissing. Obviously you never rushed into things, always pulling away before it got too heated. Telling him you’re not ready. Him still staying because well the dude wants to be your “first”. He wanted to ruin that ‘pure’ head of yours and you wanted him to. If only he could embrace himself to what would be coming soon. And on the weekends after you said your goodbyes to Jaehyun, you got picked up by your father and off to being the rebellious child the city and Johnny knows of.
Now Johnny was a bit more easier. He liked how sassy you got with him, he even calls you a brat. Now he may say to you as an ‘insult’ but it isn’t the same when he goes home late at night and begins jacking off to the thought of teaching you a lesson for being it. You two began breaking the law by either stealing, or vandalizing. You even helped him escape the cops just in time before getting caught, running up a roof from a poor conditioned hotel. Looking at the officers from over the roof you two snickered at them. Making more comments at their stupidness while Johnny’s attraction to you only increased.
“Angel no one’s home.” Jaehyun murmurs in your ear. Currently at his home as you tried taking about god knows what, you strain back a smirk as you can hear the faint beg in his voice. So close. But not close enough. A kiss on your shoulder, you giggle and boop his nose. “So cute.” You bat your eyes at him. Biting the inside of his lip, his pupils only dilate as the urge to just fuck you raw on his bed increases massively. He began to fall impatient, god how pathetic he was feeling. He needed you and never once did that ever happen to him in his life of being a player. Sitting up, he clears his throat and grabs the textbook off of your lap.
“Alright he lets get back to studying.” He says nonchalantly. Faking a yawn, he stretches until his shirt rises up enough to show his abs. Pretending to grow shy you whine at him to focus. Chuckling at you, he tilts his head and stares at you.
“What?” He smirks. “Focus Jae.” “But I’d rather focus on something more interesting. You.” Typical. Anything to fluster a girl you wanna bang. But to play the part, you did. Smacking his chest lightly, you cover your face. And like you expected you felt his large warm hands grab yours and bring them away from your face. “Don’t cover that cute face of yours.” His dimple growing more in the way he gives you that smile of his. In his head, he might be thinking in wanting to sleep with you and go but yet his eyes slowly began to tell a different plan. For just a sliver, there was a hint of happiness in them. One that actual liked having you shy for him and not for the hell of fucking you.
“So literature huh?” You change the topic. Eyes back on the textbook that you take back, ignoring the look of frustration in the mans eyes.
“Shouldn’t you be at your mommy’s until tomorrow?” The familiar deep voice says from behind you. Finding you on the roof you two ran away from the cops. Now being your guys hide away spot. “You found me.” You say, quirking a brow at him. “Our spot babe, I come here when I need some time away from this fucked up town.”
“The fucked up town you destroyed.” “Ouch, I should be hurt for that but it’s true, then again aren’t you involved of the misdoings happening around here too?” He tilts his head at you. A challenging look on him as he waited for your response. “Touche.” You reply, accepting the cigarette from him. Letting him light it up for you and take a puff out of it. “So why the visit here early?” He asks you, eyes on the city barely any lights on only the crappy pole lights the city has. Barely any light igniting from it.
“Needed to get away from my mother’s, they think too highly of me. That includes wanting me to be the best of the best.” “I get it.” “Really? You?” “Why say it so shockingly?” “I don’t know, just guessed with the way you are I wouldn’t expect any one to think highly of you.” Silence filled the air as flicks the last remains of his cigarette. Staring at you with unreadable eyes. Biting the inside of his cheek like you really struck a nerve in him.
“Fucking brat.” He hisses lowly. A grin on your face, you face him and inch further. “You certainly love jacking off to the thought of this brat.” You whisper to him. Going to walk away you waited for his next moment, and like always. You were correct. Large arms pulled you back, turning you around. Manhandling you as his lips pressed harshly onto yours. Hand roughly in your hair as he only pulled you closer. Clinging an arm around his neck as he shoves his tongue in your mouth. Pulling away, he leans down and begins to suck on your neck. A teasing scoff escapes you, “Was I right Johnny?” You ask him. Forcing a fake pout to it, you laugh when his hand lands a rather harsh smack on your ass. “Shut the fuck up.” He snaps at you, pulling back as he finished sucking an evident hickey on you. He wanted to continue, fuck he wanted to pound you senselessly on the roof but he knew it wasn’t going to happen when you laid one last kiss on his lips and pulled away.
“See you tomorrow Johnny.” You wink at him and like that, you walk away. Leaving the sexually frustrated boy there on the roof he stood there alone with his thoughts. One that no one wants that to happen. Feeling the constriction in his pants, he knew you were right. Knowing damn well he was going to go home and once again release to the thought of those perky tits bouncing in front of him for all the riding you’d be doing on his cock.
Running a hand through his hair, he tugs on it as he groans.
You were driving the 6 foot man crazy and quite frankly he doesn’t know if he should walk away or continue this dangerous path of his.
Time quickly passed and yet still no luck from neither of the guys. By now most would grow annoyed and give up, completely block the girl but the two simply couldn’t walk away. Maybe they would lie to themselves and say that it would all be worth it. That they never back down from a challenge but in all honesty little by little they wouldn’t be able to hide the truth. Just how much they began to spend the time with you.
“Dude you’re still sticking around with her?” Mark raised his brow at Jaehyun while taking a sip from his orange juice. Doyoung and Taeyong nodding at their friend’s words. “Yeah hasn’t it been four months since you took on that bet to screw her?” Doyoung asks him. “Have you two still not fucked?” Taeyong questions shocked. Rolling his eyes, Jaehyun curses at them. “Shut it you three annoying fuckers. She’s different, and I want to make sure that when the time comes I’ll absolutely destroy her, mentally and physically.” He winks. A high pitch ‘Ah’ came from Mark’s mouth as he proudly hyped up his best friend. “Well when the day comes please do it in front of the school. How hilarious it would be to see the school’s innocent angel completely tear down!” He laughs as Doyoung and Taeyong follow.
“Well I better get going. Wouldn’t want to keep angel waiting.” He tells them jokingly. And yet while walking away from the table full of rowdy teenagers who were cheering him on he felt a pant of remorse. Guilt seeping in. The sour taste of the aftermath of all those words he spewed about using you until you broke to shreds had his stomach churning. “Hi Jae.” You head perked up when seeing the familiar Nike Air’s come in view. The adorable smile he grew to be fond of appearing on your face. Smiling as soon as he saw you flash yours, instinctively, he brushed the strand of hair behind your ear. Liking the blush that grows on your face after he does it. At first it’s what he did to get you right where he needed you, and now he does it because he truly wants to see you blush because of him. Liking the pink rosy tint appear on your cheeks.
Hearing footsteps, he speaks up. “Let’s go somewhere private.” Agreeing you let him take you to a lonely classroom. “Why are we here Jae?” You ask him, still keeping on the innocently fake voice. The more these…new feelings started to appear now he can’t help but become a bit more tense when it’s just you two. Eyes on the ground, he can hear you get closer to him. Growing stiff when he feels your soft hand lift his chin to meet your eyes with him. “You okay Jae?” You asked him, showing worriedness to him in your orbs. And yet he still said nothing, you were going to say something again. You wanted him to spit out whatever was now beginning to trouble him to speak. You noticed the change in behavior and it only further convinced you your plan was slowly going to be completed. Eyes staring deep into yours, he glanced every piece of your face. God were always this cute?
Seeing your hair being held up with a hair clip, a few strands in your face. Light makeup on and yet still popped out your most perfect features. Your eyes showing those gorgeous orbs he can oh so easily get lost in. The lip gloss on the plump lips he can’t go a day without kissing. Highlight intensifying the adorable nose of yours. He was used to doing these sorts of ‘inspections’ to get you shy. Something he’s always done with girls to make it more intimate. Get them to feel like they’re really being treasured, making it even more easier for him to take advantage of them. But no, not this time. This time he did it because he truly couldn’t help to fawn over how beautiful you looked without even having to do anything. This was bad on his part, he shouldn’t be thinking like this. This was never part of the plan. ‘No Jaehyun!’ He tells himself. He even tries to move away from you, shut his eyes and concentrate on the real reason why he’s here. But the more he gets lost in you that voice in his head only lowers and lowers until it’s muffled into silence.
“Fuck it”
Smashing his lips on yours. He cups your face, wanting, no needing you close to him. Giving his all on the kiss to prove to you just how much you make him feel. How desperate he’s now acting because of you. Even when the kiss was needy, his touches were still soft and gentle. An arm around your waist as he pulls you closer, he tilts his head to gain more access to your lips. Letting his tongue meet yours as a thumb rubs your cheek softly. Eyes closed as he concentrates in kissing you. Seeing him lean closer when you pull away, noticing just how depend he’s now gotten on your lips. Bingo.
“What was that for?” You giggle as you wipe away the lip gloss that got on his lips. A hand grabbing yours as he kept them to his lips. Staring at you, you noticed the shift in his pupils. Absolutely dilated. Mouth slightly open as his facial expression softened. The soft Jaehyun he’s never really shown to every has now appeared. And you knew from this day forward you were to be met with an even more vulnerable Jaehyun. “Just cause.” He replies quietly. Leaning in until his forehead connected with yours. Chest heaving as he concentrates to align his heavy breathing with your calm one. “Just cause.” He says again.
“Jae?” You ask with that fake voice again. It was a Saturday and Jaehyun was calling. This was unlike him, never once did he ever contact you in the weekends. You knew what he did on them, Saturday’s he partied and by Sunday he’d have a hang over and a random chick sprawling to get her clothes and leave.
Jaehyun ‘made’ sure that you never found out about it, not wanting to lose you before he got the bet finished. Currently making out with Johnny, legs tangled as you managed to get his shirt taken off. Even when he’s known as the one in charge during sex, you just know how to change the roles. Of course you two haven’t had sex yet but when building up to it, it always ended in you calling it off and him having disheveled hair. Shirt off and on the ground and being left alone with blue balls. Now a frustrated Johnny being left on his bed while you left to go take the call, you walk to his living room. Eyeing the stairs to make sure Johnny doesn’t leave the bedroom.
“Angel where are you?” You hear him say from the other line. A certain whimper in his voice, not much of a demanding tone from him. “I’m at my father’s you know that, why what’s wrong?” Hearing nothing but choppy breathing you can make out the faint sounds to what is him crying. The school playboy is actually crying.
“I can’t handle this anymore. I’m so tired of being someone I’m not.” “Jae you’re not making any sense. Please tell me I’m worried.” “I hate myself! I hate how terrible I can be, I never wanted this. I wanted to simply be a boy in high school who got good grades to get into a nice college and pursue whatever career I managed to truly want by the time I graduated. I never wanted for people to praise me like a god, especially not when at home I’m deemed as a disappointment. I just wanted to be a normal teenager like everyone else.” He cries. Sniffles from the other end, you bite your lip.
This is the most vulnerable you’ve ever heard Jaehyun become. Looking back at the stairs, you knew right then and there what your next decision was.
“I’m coming Jae.”
“Jae…? Jae I’m here!” You call out. Stepping into the quiet home, you make your way upstairs and into the room you’ve managed to visit quite more often than his friends. Reaching to his room you can hear the quiet sniffs. Entering you see him in the corner of his room, arms around his legs as he hides his face in them. “Jae?” Lifting his head, you see the redness in his eyes. Nose just as red and the frown printed on his face. Leaving your stuff on the shelf next to his door, you walk over and sit next to him. Wrapping your arms around him as he leans closer to you. Hearing the rumble come from his chest and the sniffles begin to come back louder, you knew he was crying again. “I’m sorry you have to see me like this.” He whispers in your chest. Rubbing his soft hair on your stomach as he tries to hide himself in your embrace. Hands tightening on your shirt as tears began to damp the material.
Rubbing his bicep, the other hand running through his bleached hair you shush him. “Don’t apologize, it’s okay to cry. You shouldn’t feel the need to say sorry for something that’s completely normal.” Pulling away from your hug, he grabs your arm and tugs you over to him. Signaling for you to sit on his lap. Doing so, either hand rests on his shoulders. Pulling your legs closer so that he has easier access to wrap his arms around your waist. Hiding himself in your chest, you two stay like that. Leaving him to calm himself down. You shouldn’t have felt comfortable doing that. Relaxed, at ease. Overall content that you were in the arms of the exact person you sought to break their heart. A part of you felt sympathetic for him, now having somewhat of an understanding that the boy you saw as heartless actually had feelings and didn’t become this person simply for the hell of it had you rethinking your previous goal. Would it be best to let it all go? But the more you were in deep thought, you looked down as you saw the vulnerable Jaehyun you wish more people saw. Thinking about the Jaehyun that school sees, the one who hurt too many people to count. His actions were to have consequences, and if that means you would be that consequence then so be it.
Lifting his chin, his glossy eyes looked up into yours. Another sniff coming from him, you wipe his tears away. A peck on his nose, he stays immobile. Cupping his face, you lean in and kiss him. Softness into the kiss that soon later turned needy. Returning the energy, Jaehyun kisses you with the same amount of need. His hands becoming grabby as he pulls you closer to him. Afraid you might walk out of his life if he lets go. Picking you up, he moves you guys to the bed. Arms on either side of you to keep you trapped underneath him. Pecking your face and down to your neck he sucks on the beautiful skin he can’t get enough of. Lifting his head up enough to reach your ear, “Tell me you want this.” He pleads to you.
“Tell me you need this just as much as I do.” With a gulp, you turn your head to meet his gaze. “I need you Jae.” Pulling his head down so that your lips were mere centimeters away, “Make love to me.” You whisper to him. And maybe the fake Jaehyun would’ve scoffed. Maybe even felt disgusted in his head for saying such a thing. But that wasn’t the real him. That was the fake facade he was harshly thrown in to be. The one he got used to of and ridden him of his real self. Now having you underneath him, he no longer cares about that bet. He no longer cared about breaking hearts. You stripped away that frontier of him until he was now on a bed with you, agreeing to make love to you. Because yes. He will admit.
Him, Jung Jaehyun has fallen deeply, and utterly in love with you.
Kissing you one final time before pulling away and beginning to strip you from your clothing, he laid strips of kisses with each piece of clothing less. Revealing more and more of you. Eyes that was once always filled with lust now held love. Fondness for you, gawking your body. Loving just how perfect you were to him. Just how much he wanted to love you unconditionally. “So beautiful.” He whispers. Removing your bra, his throat tightens when he sees your breasts for the first time. Looking up at you for permission, grasping them when he gets a nod from you. Planting pecks on them, squeezing them as he never wants to pull away. “Suck on them Jae.” You tell him. Shocked written on him, never expecting for you to start telling him such things. “Come on Jae, I know you need this. And I want this too.” You reassure him. Clearing his throat, he nods and kisses your breast. Soon sucking your nipple, tongue flicking it as he sucks more and more. Almost like a baby suckling from their mothers breasts. Looking up at you, you felt a throb down your cunt. Those eyes watching you with such desperation. Pulling his head away, about to ask if he did something wrong until you moved him to your other breast. Quickly getting the hint, he begins to suck. Letting out a heavy breath as your nipples hardened the more he fumbled with them. Finger pinching the other. Making sure to leave marks everywhere. Wanting you to remember this night.
Hands running all along the nape of his neck and down to his clothed back, you tug on his shirt. Pulling away with a pop, he takes off the shirt. Looking down at your breasts while he does so. Seeing the purple bruising on your chest. Glossy by his saliva, you push yourself up. Meeting his lips as soon as his face was out of his shirt. Pulling you back until you were on his lap again, he guided you to grind on him. Hearing the smallest of grunts escape him. Lips still sucking on each other’s, not once wanting to pull away. His hands turning into a frenzy, wanting to run every crevice of your body. Going from tugging at your hair to down until he reached the buttons of your jeans. One by one he undid them, slowly pulling them down. Pulling away to look down as see you help him take your jeans off, revealing your pink lacy thing. His breathing becoming heavier , shoving off the jeans. He grips onto your thigh and drops you back on the bed. A grin on his face when he hears a shriek come from you. Kissing your stomach, making his way down to your thighs.
Kisses become softer and sweeter the closer he gets to your wet cunt. Hearing a moan come from you, he tries his hardest to ignore the throb in his pants. “Please Jaehyun.” He hears you plead. Taking off the lacy panties, with a mindset of wanting to show you just how much you mean to him. Gulping when you were now naked before him. Always imagined how you would look like beneath him but seeing it, his imagination didn’t come close. With his thumb, he rubs your clit. Loving how soaked you already were, leaning down, he kisses you quickly. Picking up the pace, hearing your moans he feels proud knowing you’re enjoying it. But it wasn’t enough for him, entering a finger. He watches you close your eyes shut.
“Need to see you angel.” He tells you softly. Seeing your beautiful eyes again has him smiling and adding two more fingers.
“Fuck Jae!” Mouth open as your hand grips on his, fingers currently thrusting in and out of you repeatedly. Pushing the tiny hairs out of your face, he leans in and begins eating you out. Figure eights to get you to come. “Jae!” Squeezing your legs shut as you slowly feel the familiar band wanting to snap. Jaehyun easily spreads your legs apart, watching you slowly lose yourself to climax as he quickens his pace on you. Sucking on your nub knowing it was all you needed to come. Breath hitching as you shake, hands gripping in his hair as you release. “Jae oh god!” You whimper. Seeing the sight of you losing yourself to an abyss makes him want to continue pleasuring you like this. Eating you out until you’re practically sobbing for him to stop. But he too needed you, pulling away he quickly takes off his jeans.
Tossing them to the ground, he freezes when he feels your hands rest on his briefs. Watching you take them off, his cock coming in view. Gasping at the size, he smiles triumphantly. Lifting your chin up, he gives you a reassuring kiss. “You trust me?” He tells you. Even when he was too high on lust, he still held a genuine tone in his question. He wanted you to trust him, just as much as he trusts you. “Yes.” Pushing you back on your back, eyes never leaving yours. His arm goes to reach for his drawer. Stopping him, he grows confused. “I’m on the pill.” And if falling more in love with you was a thing then it sure happened to him. Gripping your thigh, he pulls it up to his waist. Flicking the tip of his dick to your clit, you plead for him to push it in.
Wincing when he inches more and more of him inside. Kissing your temple, he stays still half way. “So sorry, promise it’ll get better soon.” He mutters to you. “Such a good angel.” He coos at you. “More baby please.” Hearing you call him baby had him running laps around in his head. Pushing in the rest of him, he groans when your walls squeeze around him. Slowly thrusting in you, you wrap your arms around his neck. “Fuck me hard Jae.” “Fuck angel.” He tightens his hold on the pillow you were rested on. He picks up speed, the sound of skin clapping has him going faster. Looking down and seeing you losing control on your breathing. Mewls escaping you , he has you moaning louder. A hand going down to your hip, he keeps you still as he thrusts get faster and rougher.
“Oh fuck Jae right there baby! Yes!” Hands loosely around his arms to hold onto. Your hair plopping all over your face as you move each hard thrust he goes in you. Looking down, you bite your lip seeing his cock lose itself by the warmth of your cunt. Seeing how glossy he got by you being so wet. “Jae let me ride you.” You ask him, voice small. Having him shocked, he stops. “You sure?” “I wanna take care of you.” You tell him. Smiling at you, grateful to have met such a soul like you. He pulls out of you and changes positions. Helping you get on him, he grunts when you don’t waste any more time taking him in. Hands scratching his abs as you begin bouncing on him. Holding your thighs as he helps you go faster. The mixture of skin clapping, breathing get louder and heavier, and the sounds escaping from both of you was heard in his room.
Your breasts bouncing in front of him, he sucks them while he groans. Your walls tight around him just how likes it. Hands gripping your ass as he begins to thrust upward. Eyes on you who was slowly losing yourself on him. “So good Jae.” You whine, beginning to lose balance, Jaehyun pulls you to his chest. A hand tightly holding your neck as he relentlessly plunges in you. “Such a good girl. Taking all 8 inches of me baby. You gonna cum? Mhm?” “Y-Yes baby, Jae! Right there!” Going faster, he keeps your legs separated as he pounds into you. Wanting you to be filled with his seed. “Yeah baby? You’re gonna lose yourself to me?” Only being responded by a muffled moan, he smiles warmly at you and concentrates in pleasuring you. Feeling himself slowly losing himself to the pleasure. He continuously rams into you, loving how you begin to scream by it. Your juices coating all of him, balls slapping your skin as he grunts. Shutting his eyes as he feels himself coat your walls white. “So good for me, keeping all my babies in you.” Harshly breathing as you try to regain consciousness. Feeling empty when he pulls out, grabbing his hand, you have him shove two fingers in you.
A rather loud grunt comes from him. Watching you with hazy eyes, as you shoves his fingers in and out of you. Wanting to keep all of his cum inside you. “Want all of it Jae.” You whine. Turning you around, he pulls out of you. Going down on you until his tongue met contact with your fucked out cunt. “As you wish.” Licking you clean, he fucks you with his tongue. Shoving each and every drop of his semen inside you. Flicking your labia, ignoring your squirming to get away from him. Feeling too much pleasure it’s becoming overwhelming. Smacking your thigh, he pulls away momentarily. “Be good angel.” He tells you before going back to eating you out. “Too much baby, god your tongue- I love it!” Feeling yourself lose it again, you feel yourself push up into his mouth. Whimpering when he harshly pushes you back down and only goes faster on you. Licking you clean until there wasn’t nothing but the shimmer of his saliva. “Jae I’m coming again!” Instead of pulling back, he only moves his head to the strokes of his tongue, plunging deep in you groaning when you climax once again. Rubbing your clit while your being brought down from your high, he finally detached himself from your cunt.
“My sweet angel.” He coos, pushing himself up to go and caress you. Running his hand through your hair as he pulls you into his embrace. Feeling his heart beat follow along yours. Calming yourselves down, he hums you to sleep, seeing just how tired you were. Covering yourselves with his blanket. “I love you.” He whispers to you when he was sure you were asleep. And he soon later did too.
But you heard it. And even though you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach you knew in the end, Jaehyun wasn’t one you should keep around. He wasn’t the man you could call yours. Because all in all, Jaehyun was still the man who hurt peoples feelings. And even though he cried about not wanting to be this person he’s grown used to being, in the end. By the next day, he’s going to be treating you just like every other girl. He may cry for wanting to change but habits are hard to break. And you knew deep down, Jaehyun was going to keep being the same heartbreaker.
And who knows maybe after you’ve done your deed he’ll get the reality check he needs to actually change. So you stand by your choice.
It’s getting time to leave Jung Jaehyun completely broken.
“Why so sappy?” Mark asks his friend. Brow raised as he sees him more moodier than ever. Over the last couple of months he’s actually never seen him as happier than all of the 6 years he’s known him.
Now seeing the sudden change in mood has him being suspicious.
“Nothing Mark just parents being annoying again.”
He didn’t believe him. He knew him like the back of his hand. Johnny’s parents were mostly always on business trips and when they were home he made sure to not be in the house until he was sure they were either out or asleep. But seeing how different he’s become lately, and from what he’s heard from Yuta and Jungwoo about a specific girl who comes around the weekends he was certain it had to do with her.
“You seeing someone or something?” He asks him. “I don’t do relationships Mark you know that.” “Alright just wondering, you’ve been so…different I guess and now seeing you moody after months got me suspicious about you.” “Well then don’t be, besides I don’t need you or anyone making stuff up that I’m in a relationship. Don’t need Hana going crazy on me again.”
“If she bothers you so much then why are you fucking her?” “I’m not fucking her. Well at least not for months.” “And that is because…?” “Because she’s so god damn annoying. Might as well end it with her.” He huffs. Mark decided not to overstep boundaries. No matter how hard Johnny tried to deny someone possibly taking over his heart, he can see right through him. If only he knew who this vinx was that was capable of doing such a thing to THE Johnny Suh.
“So what brings you here man? Jaehyun and his Princes of a friends got too boring.” He comments snarky. It wasn’t any new news that Jaehyun’s group and Johnny’s don’t get along. If anything Mark, Jaehyun and Johnny used to be tight before Johnny had to move away. Rumors were spread that Jaehyun was bad mouthing him and Johnny was trying to cut Jaehyun out of his life. And before anyone can get them two to be civil, they turned into these heartless jerks that did whatever they wanted and no one can tell them other wise. Mark in a way was kinda forced to join them in their schemes. He used to a rather dork in school. Always got A’s and B’s and even joined clubs. Joining the video game club where he actually met Haechan, Renjun, Jeno, Chenle, Jisung and Jaemin. But when his best friends changed, he was pressured to change if not he was afraid to lose the two most important people in his life. Because of this, resulted in him losing 6 close friends of his. Getting kicked out and now receiving dirty looks from them.
And now, he’s in the ice hockey team. Still sucks that Haechan and Jeno are in it too and yet still don’t talk to him but at least he knows they’re doing good. To be honest, Mark never meant to be who he is now. But he did it all just to keep his friends. Any extra time he has he visits Johnny. His first friend ever since childhood. He can feel the tension slowly begin to rise every time he visits him though. A sarcastic comment about him visiting him less is always made. “Come on man, I got things to do.” “Yeah like another party to attend from those prissy boys.” “Hey I was in charge of making this weekends party but I cancelled for you!” He whines. Trying to get him to drop the topic. With a sigh, Johnny greets him with their usual hand shake. “You’re right. Welcome back Mark.”
With a victorious smile, Mark nods. “Mark!” Looking behind Johnny’s tall figure, he makes out Jungwoo’s large self rushing over. Yuta not far behind, a cig in his mouth.
“Jungwoo!” Laughing as Jungwoo shoves Johnny out of the way. Johnny scoffs, watching Yuta walk over calmly and greet Mark as well. “How you’ve been Markie.” Yuta asks him. Using the nickname Mark doesn’t really like anyone to call him. “I’ve been good, how are you three. Still getting into trouble with the cops?” “Not just the cops, practically every one here.” Jungwoo jokes. While the four went to a fast food restaurant near by, Johnny couldn’t help but still sulk to himself. He couldn’t believe you left early. It wasn’t even a full day and you left. Worst, you left without a legitimate reason.
Watching his phone, he unlocks it and goes to your contact. Finger roaming around the call button, rolling his eyes and getting out of it. What was he doing? Calling you? He never calls anyone, nor girl is worth his time calling them. But you weren’t just any girl he’s ever messed with. Well actually he can’t really say he’s messing with you because you two are just as messy with him. He’s irritated just how much he finds it hard to go on his day without you. He hates it when you leave on Sunday afternoon and having to wait another five full days for you to be back in his arms. He wanted to curse at whoever it is that has your attention over there and here he is silky over you.
Going to his messages, he begins typing without thinking.
Call me.
He texts you. Sending it before he can delete it. He sighs and drops his phone. ‘What a phony.’ He thinks to himself. “Yo Johnny what’s up with you man! Drinks on me after this, what to come.” Mark tells him. Him and the guys already agreeing to sneak into a bar with their fake id’s and get a few drinks.
“Yeah, I’m in.” Clapping his hands, Mark grins. “Alright then let’s finish these burgers and go!”
Making their way over to the bar. About to flash their id’s, Johnny sees Hana walk over with her friends. Holding in the urge to roll his eyes he goes inside. Feeling more agitated when her and her friends follow. Taking a seat next to him, she turns her attention to him. “Hi Johnny.” She says in a seductive voice. “Not now Hana.” “Moody I see. Need a good sucking?” She grins, hand going to touch his bicep. He goes to take the drink Mark got him when he sees a manicured hand snatch it away. Turning besides him, she sees the devious look on Hana as he she takes a sip. Noticing she unbuttoned her shirt enough to reveal her cleavage. Usually he would have wanted to take Hana right then and there but all he can think of is to get as far away from her and run into the hands of you.
God damn it why is he so putty for you?
“Come on Johnny! Why so resistant? Don’t you remember the good old times, when you fucked me in the backseat of your impala. Or when we fucked in the dirty Target’s bathroom stall. What’s up with boring Johnny. I need my Johnny back!”
“Your Johnny’s gone. Now be a beaut and fuck off.” A voice interrupts him. Looking back, he’s shocked to see you standing in all your beauty. A black dress on that huge your curves perfectly. Hair let down and enough makeup to want Johnny to absolutely wreck with your tears. The red lipstick Johnny always convinces you to wear so he can have it all smeared on both his and yours mouth after a hot make out nicely done on your lips.
“Who are you?” Hana quirks her brow. A frown on her face as she sees the once frown on Johnny’s face pulled up to a fondness one. Jealousy hitting her when he sees how nicely done you look. A competitor.
“How about you ask the impala. Seems to grown relatively familiar to me being in there with Johnny.” You say tauntingly. A smirk on your face as she goes red in the face. Anger as she looks at you in utter disgust. “You bit-“ “That’s enough Hana!” Getting up, Johnny grabs your hand. “Whatever we used to have is in the past, I advice you to fuck out of my life.” He tells her before walking out with you. Sitting their humiliated and upset. Mark walks back to the table, Hana’s friends clinging to him as they laugh fakingly at his joke. “Hey where’s Johnny?” He asks Jungwoo and Yuta who were too busy taking shot glasses to see who can handle the most. “No clue.” Jungwoo slurs as Yuta smirks in triumph. “I won.” He tells him. Laughing when Jungwoo only pours at him. “No fair!”
“Why didn’t. You. Call?” Johnny said between kisses. Currently at the park, having you straddled one him as you two make out in the backseat of the impala. “Wanted to surprise you.” “How did you know where I was?” “I tracked you.” Smirking at you, he shakes his head and sucks a rather large hickey on your neck. “Can’t get enough of me?” He tells her teasingly. “Mhm I think it’s you who can’t get enough of me. I mean look at your cock, so red and throbby for me. Poor baby.” You pucker your lips. Pulling his head back, a hand wrapping around his throat as you grind on him. Feeling the rumble come from his throat as a groan leaves his mouth. “You want me baby?” You ask him in his ear. “So much” he sighs out. “Tell me how much you want me Johnny.”
Gripping your hips. He pulls you down on him, making sure your clothed cunt gets the same amount of friction his dick is getting. “So so fucking much. God you drive me crazy baby, need to fuck that pussy, show you how crazy you drive me.”
Stopping, he groans frustratedly. Cupping his face you pull his head up to stare into your eyes. “You love me?” You ask him. Love. What a scary word Johnny thinks. Goosebumps running up his spine. He swore to never fall in love, never believed it was real. Seeing just how distant his parents are with each other and yet still in a pointless marriage. But having you in his life, he’s grown accustomed to having you by his side each and every second you stay in this shitty town he’s ruined. Love. He thinks again. Each day that you aren’t with him he finds it hard to sleep. Can’t concentrate during lectures in whatever classes he’s in. Can’t even smoke comfortable because he keeps turning to his side in hopes you’re there with him. Blocks out his friends as he looks at his phone waiting for some sort of call from you. At first maybe he thought it was all in his head. He couldn’t actually love right? He’s not capable of it. But having you with him again he can no longer push away the strong feelings he has for you. Love. Is it love? Are you actually who he was supposed to love with all his might even when he swore to never do so?
“I love you.”
Walking out of the bar, Mark and the rest could barely walk properly. Laughing their asses off while Hana stayed behind. Fuming at the thought of Johnny fucking that girl. She heard of you since you stepped foot but never actually seen you. Now knowing you were seeing Johnny only angered her more.
“Jungwoo.” She says, grabbing his shirt in which he only giggles. “Who’s the girl Johnny’s fucking?” She demands from him. “Girl? What girl? Johnny’s not fuckinggg anyone?” He laughs as he looks back at Yuta who was the least drunk from the group. Holding onto Mark as he laughed along Jungwoo. “Damn it Jungwoo! Enough with the jokes! Who is that tramp that the town has been talking about!” “Girl? What are you guys talking about?” Mark asks, eyes almost shut as he tries to stay awake. “Oh! Her! Yeah she and Johnny have gotten along very well!” Jungwoo slurs out. Stepping away from Hana, he turns back to the rest of the group. “Don’t tell Johnny this.” He says, using his finger and bringing up to his mouth to hint at them to keep it a secret.
“But I think Johnny…is in loooovvee.” He drags the last word out. Laughing, Mark and Hana’s friends do so. Yuta shaking his head as he grins at his friends drunken state. The only one not thinking it was amusing was Hana. Huffing, she walks off, slamming her shoulder at Jungwoo who only whines. “That hurt.” He pouts. Rubbing the injured spot.
“Fuck you Johnny.” Hana tells it to herself as she stomps off to her house. Thinking of ways to find out who you were and make you suffer for taking him away from her.
“Oh fuck Johnny right there!” You squeak. Windows fogging up as his pace only got rougher and faster. The sting of his balls hitting your skin feeling too good. The earlier spanking from him only riled you up more. Hand on the glass as you tried to hold yourself up while Johnny brutally pounded into you. “My good girl.” He huffs. Nails digging into your thigh as he holds your hip in place. Sweat forming on his forehead as he rams into you, loving how much louder your moans got the deeper he hit your walls. Concentrating on finding your g-spot.
“Johnny fuck! So so good!” Lowering until his chest was pressed up against yours. He reaches his left hand up at yours that was currently printing on his fogged up window. Interlacing your fingers with his as he kisses you. Hitting you from a new angle, you scream when your sweet spot is hit. Wanting to pull away and breath, Johnny growls and wraps a hand around your throat. Tapping your cheek for you to open your mouth, he shoves his tongue inside. Abusing your mouth as he shoves all 9 inches in you. Cock so thick you were sure to rip because of him. Already beginning to shake when you feel yourself get closer and closer to climax. “Johnny!” “Hold it baby.” He tells you groggily. Using your free hand to scratch down his back, he bites his lip. Loving the stinging sensation on his back.
“Johnny you’re cock! It’s too much I’m going to come!” You squeal. “Fucking come then princess, make a mess!” Pressing his head on your breasts as he keeps the same brutal pace on you. Groaning when he feels himself bust. Walls squeezing him tightly, milking him dry as he hears the wet sounds get louder by your release. “My pussy.” You whine, feeling how sore it felt down there, Johnny just couldn’t stop touching you. Like a dog in heat he needed you always.
“Get dressed we’re not done.”
During the drive to his house, his grip on your hair tightened as you gag on his cock. Stopping at a red light as you spit on his thick girth. “Need to bounce on it daddy.” You whine. Pulling you off him, he grips your jaw for you to open. Spitting in your mouth, he shoves his tongue inside.
“My dirty girl. How’d I get so lucky.” He says, more to himself. Feeling like the luckiest guy that you came into his life. When the light turned green, he motioned for you to get back to work. “Just a little more and that pretty pussy of yours can get filled again okay?”
“Johnny! Yes!” Smacking your ass as he fucks up into you. Hands on his shoulders, loving the sight of him all fucked out underneath you. His dark brown hair covering his eyes as he has them closed. Slowly losing himself in the warmth feeling of your walls. Hearing the door open from the entrance, Johnny opens his eyes. “Babe-“ “No.” you tell him. Still riding him as you pick up the pace. Grunting, he shoves his head further back in his pillow. “Fucking hell baby you drive me insane. My parents-“ “I said no Johnny.” You told him sternly. The same controlling girl he’s always known you to be is who exactly he’s fallen in love with. Wrapping his arms around you and turning you both around. He got you on your knees, grabbing your arms and pulling them so he had full control of them, he shoves his cock back in. A shit eating grin on his face when you scream in pleasure.
“Johnny?” He hears his mother calls for him from the first floor. Ignoring his mother, he fucks into you, loving how good you felt. Going raw, he knew he didn’t need lube, your juices being enough to get him reaching so deep. Reaching under, he felt the bump in your lower abdomen. Biting his lip as the more he fucks into you the more the bump hits his hand. Grabbing your hand, he pulls it to where he once had it. “Feel that baby? Feel that bump? That’s my cock. Gonna fuck you until you’re swollen yeah? How would you like that?” “Mhm so good Johnny! I need your cum Johnny!” “As you wish.” Hearing a banging sound come from outside he ignores the angry calls from his mother.
Only focus is on you and making sure you make a complete mess on his bed. He needs you to lose it all because of him. “I’m not letting up until your squirting sweet cheeks.” He says. “I need you to squirt can you do that princess?” Stopping his fast pace and instead going deeper, face smashing further in his comforter. You feel the tears begin to fall down. “Yes Johnny I can do that but please don’t stop!” You grip the sheets.
“Johnny get out here right now!” He hears his mother yells. Pulling out, he throws you on your back. “Alright better make a mess baby, need your juices everywhere.” Pounding in your unexpectedly, you scream as your arms unconsciously go to push at his abdomen. Eyes filled with lust, he grips your arms and fucks you harder. A fictional fuel added to him when you tried to push at his hips, loving just how fucked out you were becoming because he was the reason. He did that. Moans louder when he attaches his fingers on your nub. Furiously doing figure eights, the skin clapping only getting louder to the point where his mother’s demands were silenced. “Johnny! Right fucking there! Don’t you dare stop!” “Wasn’t planning to princess.” He grins. Coming instantly inside you when he sees your juices begin to go everywhere. Seeing the evident bump in your stomach -the outline of his cock, tears smearing your makeup, dress smeared with his semen, hair fucked up, and cunt absolutely red and worn out. If only he had his phone in reach to take pictures. Wanting to print these and hang them up in his room.
“Fuck y/n!” He grunts, losing strength, he falls on you not to hard to make you lose your breath. Emptying every last bit of himself in you. “Squeeze my cock baby, milk me dry.” He tells you sweetly. Head hiding in the crook of your neck when he feels your walls attach themselves on him tightly. “So good princess.” He breathes out tiredly. “You better go talk to mommy.” You tell him. “Mm she can wait, let’s go shower, maybe have a third round?” He wiggles his brows. “You just can’t let me up huh?” “I fucking love you and this ass-“ he says, a loud smack erupts in the room. A gasp coming from you as you smack his hard chest. “Johnny!” “Yeah that’s what you said not long ago.” Laughing at his comment, you shriek when he easily picks you up bridal style.
“So round three?” He asks you hopefully. “Better get going before I change my mind.” And like that he rushes you two inside his bathroom.
“I cannot believe he would do such a thing!” Momma Suh says angrily. Arms crossed as the shower head is being heard from upstairs. “After everything we’ve done for him! This is how he thanks us!?” She asks her husband who paid no mind. Too emerged in his work. Slamming her hand on the table to gain his attention. “What?” He asks her confusedly. Not long after, they hear your loud moans come from Johnny’s bathroom.
“Oh Fuck Johnny!” You shout.
Pointing at upstairs, Johnny’s mother speaks. “That! Can you believe he would bring some random chick home and continue to have sex even when I yelled at him to come out?!” Sighing, he stands up and walks over to her.
“He’s just a teenager. Teens have this insane need to have sex just let him be. And in the mean time how about we go out yeah?” He says, planting a kiss on the nape of her neck. For the first time the married couple actually acting like they love each other and not at each other throats.
“Fine!” She agrees. Cringing when he hears the clapping return. “Right there baby!” She hears her son yell. “But let’s go now I can’t stand another second here!” Nodding, they grab their stuff and leave the house. While the car drove out of the parking lot, you and Johnny still going at it in the shower.
“Johnny I’m coming!” “Better hold it baby I’m not done with you.” He groans in your ears, spreading your cheeks to plunge deeper in you. Seeing all the marks and bruises on your body, he felt content knowing he did that. “You’re not going anywhere.” He tells you. Caging you in so you couldn’t move anywhere away from him. Boobs pressed onto the cold tile wall as your lower region was wrecked harshly. “You’re staying with me.” He tells you. And maybe it’s the lack of thought you were experiencing but for Johnny, he was being serious. After today, he was going to make you stay another day, hell even a week. And it’s not because he wants to fuck you everyday until you’re in need to go to the hospital but after today, exposing how he really feels about you. Revealing just how much you mean to him, he can’t have you leave for another five days. Not any longer.
“You’re not going back to that town today.” He whispers in your ear before you two hit sweet climax yet again.
“Where is she Mark?” Jaehyun asks his friend. Trying hard to not reveal the worried look on his face. “Y/n? Why? Afraid someone else might take your bet away?” Grabbing his shirt, he shoves him up the locker. Doyoung and Taeyong who were making their way over to the best friends run up and try to break Jaehyun away from Mark.
“Jaehyun! What’s up with you man?” Taeyong questions him. “Shut it Mark! I’m tired of you constantly making stupid fucking jokes!” Bewildered, Mark stays quiet as Jaehyun gets out of Taeyong’s grasp. Walking away from the group and ignoring the shocked faces from the other students.
“What happened?” Doyoung asks Mark. “I have no idea.” Shaking his head, he watches his friend walk off. Never in his life did he expect him to blow up like that.
Hey angel it’s me. Call me.
Yet another voicemail Jaehyun leaves you. Johnny in the shower while you’re wrapped in his sheets. Very early in the morning but still managed to squeeze in another round. Rolling your eyes, you turn back to check if Johnny was still preoccupied. Getting up you walk over and opened the door.
“Hey princess. Missed me already?” You heard Johnny’s taunting tone from behind the curtain. Scoffing, you shake your head. “You wish.” Closing the door behind you, press the call button.
“Angel?” You heard his voice pick up after a ring. “Jae what’s wrong?” You bring the fake tone up again. “I got worried. You’re usually never absent you okay?” “Oh I’m sorry baby. I just really wanted to spend another day here with my dad, sorry you couldn’t see me.” Hearing him let out a relieved breath he responds. “It’s alright, just miss you. Are you coming back tomorrow?” “Mmm I don’t know-“ “oh come on angel don’t be like that, I already miss you don’t keep dragging on the days until I have to see you again.”
“We’ll see. But I can tell you this.” “What?” Lowering your voice to a whisper, “I miss you.” From the other line, alone at the back of the library where you two usually meet at school Jaehyun can’t help but grin. “I love you.” He tells you sincerely. Heart beating rapidly, ears ringing, cheeks going red. Palms sweating, when did he become so shy and awkward?
Hearing the shower head turn off, you knew Johnny was about to come out of the bathroom any second. “Jaehyun I got to go! See you soon yeah baby?” “Okay-“ but just like that, you hanged up the phone. Staring at his phone, he spaced off to the thought of making it official with you. He already blew up on his best friend. It’s only a matter of time before he goes and tells his friends. Not just that, a matter of time before everyone finds out he has fallen in love. The thought of people found out didn’t sound so scary, he was worried nor did he care what his reputation would be like afterwards. All he knew was he wanted to go on dates with you. Walk the hallways with your hand in his as he swings them back and forth. Wrap you up on his hoodies and scold you for forgetting to bring them. He just wanted you and only you. He knew the risk he was taking of you finding out about his bet on you, yes he might be selfish to continue to keep it a secret from you in fear you’ll walk out of his life. But what’s life without a little greed. Because all in all he was doing so because he needs you in his life.
He wants you guys to be more.
“Still not dressed. What are you asking of me?” He jokes, wiggling his eyebrows while rubbing his chest with lotion. You laugh with him, walking up to him you go on your tippy toes and kiss his lips.
“You love me?” You ask him. Nodding, he wraps an around your waist and cups your cheek with the other. “I love you.” He kisses you passionately. Sealing his words with his lips to fully tell you just how much he loves you. “Good!” You clap your hands and get away from his grasp. Giggling when you feel his arms pulling your hips back in. “Not so fast, can’t just do that.” “Well then what do you want me to do?”
“Go on a date with me.” “On a date? Shouldn’t you be at school by now. Being tardy isn’t good for you Mr. Suh.” Rolling his eyes he smiles and kisses your cheek. “Let me get dressed and we’ll go by your place to get you some clean clothes yeah?” Nodding you let him go get dressed. You called your father telling him you were to stay another day. He didn’t care much simply because whatever you said were to happen, simply calling your mother and saying you weren’t coming home until Monday afternoon. Both of your parents never really spoken about you, given that they always tried to stay away from each other. Pretty bad of them given that they still have no idea just how different you are in their homes.
Wearing jeans and a tight shirt, you bite your lip as you gawk at Johnny. “I know I’m hot.” He waved his hand at you. Laughing you nod, “So fucking hot.” Grabbing his hand to help you stand up, you both walk out of the house.
“Dude are you okay? You seemed pretty ticked off back there.” Mark says, staying a few inches away from him in case he were to blow up again. Seeing how hesitant he is to be around him, Jaehyun sighs. “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to take my anger out like that.” “If it’s not too much to ask but…why? Why so angry?” When Jaehyun stayed quiet, Mark’s dense self still knew the reason behind it. His other best friend too had fallen in love.
“You love y/n huh?” He asks him genuinely. No sense of joking or taunt was evident in his question. Nodding, Mark stays quiet. “At first I thought it was all in my head but fuck man not seeing her the weekend already sucks, and when you called her a bet I just, I lost it.” He sighs. Covering his face with his hands. The table they were currently sitting at was empty since Jaehyun glared at anyone who sat down. “Have you told her how you feel?” “Yes, we even had you know?” “Sex? You two had sex?” Mark fell shocked. Since when did his best friend find it difficult to say he slept with someone? Wow he really has changed. And he wonders just how him and Johnny happened to fall in love in such a short span. If anything, he was delighted. Because these woman they fell for were finally reopening the old best friends Mark cared for. The ones who didn’t fall under the pressure of society and became someone they’re not.
“I want her to be my girlfriend Mark.”
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Johnny asks you. The once teasing Johnny who always had a shit eating grin on his face was relaxed with a nervous one. Eyes staring into yours, afraid that if he looks away you might immediately say no.
Currently outside of the movies, ice cream in hand. You chuckle. Throwing the cone away and cleaning your hands. Turning around to see a worried Johnny, watching your every move. Frozen in his spot when you bring his head down and smashed his lips on yours. Gladly doing the same. The brightest grin on his face, “Yes.” You answer him. By now you should have ghosted him, but you wanted to go further. - or better yet, you wanted it to last longer. The bliss of having him with you and doing whatever you guys want without worrying about anyone else.
“Angel can we talk?” Jaehyun says from the other line. Nervously biting his nail as he waits for your response. Tuesday afternoon, you were already at your mother’s house.
“Sure!” “Okay I’ll pick you up in five okay?” “Alright see you Jae.” Hanging up, you get up to go and change. While laying your clothes out you hear your phone ring.
“He’s here already?” Picking up the call, “Hello?”
“Hi princess.” Feeling tingles in your stomach at the nickname you grown accustomed to, you couldn’t help but smile. “Johnnnnnyyy!” You drag out his name as a joke. Liking the chuckle that comes from the other line. “What’s up babe?” “Miss you baby, can’t wait any longer.” “Well too bad , only three more days and I’m all yours.” The line goes silent for a bit before he speaks again.
“I was wondering…” “you were wondering…”
“How about I visit you sometime?” Stopping your tracks, your eyes grow wide. “Excuse me what?” “Well you always come here even when you had already gone back I just feel like I should do some visiting too. I mean I got the impala so…” letting out a nervous chuckle you go to respond to him when you hear the door bell go off.
“Uh baby someone’s here how about I get back to you on that alright?” “Alright love you babe.” Hanging up the phone before he expects a response, you rush down the stairs. Opening the door, you see Jaehyun. A bouquet of flowers in hand.
“For you.” He says quietly, smiling at him. You grab the flowers and kiss his cheek. “So sweet thank you Jae.” Letting him in, he looks down to avoid you seeing his red cheeks. It doesn’t work but still. “I was about to change, come.” Following you up the stairs and into your room he suddenly grows awkward when you go to take off your shirt. “Don’t be so shy Jae, you’ve seen me naked. Sit.” Doing so he sits on your bed while you undress. Forgetting the hickeys Johnny had left all over you. When dropping the shirt, Jaehyun stares at the marks.
“What?” Looking down, you freeze momentarily. “Oh these? Yep still there after our night together.” “I uh… I didn’t know I left so many.” He gulps. Giggling, you walk over and straddle him. Letting you freely, his arms go to secure you in order to not fall. “I love that they’re here. Reminds me just how good the night was.” Your voice softens. “I’d love it if we did it again. Wouldn’t want to forget how good you felt inside me.” Capturing your lips, Jaehyun turns you around until you two were back on a bed to fuck. “You drive me crazy Angel.” “Yeah? Show me just how much.” And with that, the question that had him nervous to ask you flew out of his head when his only concern was to pleasure you. Pulling down his jeans and briefs, you bite your lip as his cock comes in view. Another night filled with fun, oh yeah you were in a world of trouble knowing you were going to be dragging on this plan for your benefit now.
“I’m close Jae!” Your breathing hitches. “Be my girlfriend.” He asks you through his panting. “You okay?” Lifting his head from up your neck, not noting anything that said he was joking. “Be mine angel.” He asks you again, thrusts slowing dragging each thrust. Moaning you nod. “Yes Jaehyun! I’m yours all yours!” Kissing your lips he quickens his pace. Stamina strong enough to take you all night. He wanted to take you all night. Wanted to cover you in many more hickeys. He wanted the whole town to know he managed to date the prettiest most genuine girl ever. With one last thrust you two climax, feeling hot. Jaehyun kisses your face lazily. “So pretty.” He compliments you. Another peck on your temple, “My angel.” Snuggling closer to him, you groan when you hear the doorbell go off.
“Expecting anyone?” Jaehyun asks you. “Not that I know of.” Getting up, you grab your robe left on your chair. Looking back and seeing Jaehyun going to sit up, you stop him. “How about a bath.” “A bath?” Nodding, he smiles at the way your eyes brighten at the idea. “Then be quick, I’ll be waiting.” With one last kiss, you walk out of the room. Another ring goes off and you groan. “I’m coming!” You shout. Approaching your door, you open it and gasp when you see Johnny standing their with a grin on his face.
“Johnny!” You say, looking back to see if Jaehyun heard you or not. “Hi baby! I know you said to talk about it later but might as well surprise you.” Pulling your hips in, he kisses you. Liking the red silk of the robe on you. “Not wearing any panties? My dirty girl.” He grunts in your ear. “Johnny I uh actually right now is not a good time, I actually made plans to go out with some friends-“ “Ditch them. How about we go to the downtown parking lot and hit some of the weed Yuta was able to get me some.”
Pulling away from him, you try to come up with something quick. You didn’t know why you were worried, I mean this was the perfect timing. Call both of them down and shove it in their faces that they were nothing but a plaything. Ask them how they feel that now they are the receiving end of those humiliating feels of when you are left feeling used and heartbroken. But you wanted more time no you need more time because you were starting to have a bits of doubts.
What the hell were you thinking? They deserve to feel the humiliation right now! You needed to end it, peel off the band aid hard enough to leave them wincing in pain. Maybe deep in your heart you began to actually become attached to them. Liking just how great you got along with them, but you had to remember why you started it all in the first place. Why they deserve to get their hearts shattered. And no matter how much your heart told you to not do it you eventually had to shut it out. At the end of today, you will go on with your life without them and even though you got the job done. You knew you too would be walking away with a injured heart.
“Come in Johnny.”
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