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#johnny silverhand

V finds herself struggling to face the memories of her past, wondering about all the ways she could have done things differently in order to get that ‘happy ending’. She faces her rekindled grief while across the city, in some abandoned hideout, an old acquaintance is bringing back the dead—and with it, some hope.

— SPOILER ALERT - this is post-game stuff, read at your own risk —

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The city, it seemed, did not stop and wait for her to get her shit together. No, in fact it continued to run on its rusted gears, the machine roaring and rumbling endlessly—and her sacrifice was barely a wrench in it all. Perhaps just an annoying rattle of an old piece that could easily be replaced. At least, that’s how it felt to her as she sat at the edge of the rooftop, her legs swinging over open air.

The last time she was up here, he sat in this very spot, facing the other direction, facing her. Val’s chest rose in a stagger, threatening to tear down the wall she had been building for a while. They were the only things keeping her steady, but right here… right now

“V?” a soft voice called from behind her and footsteps approached. Her scent reached her before her form moved into her periphery, as Misty sat beside her, facing inward. “What are you doing up here?”

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saw a fic on ao3 where Johnny Silverhand was blatantly transphobic and it was uhhh really gross! Not to mention entirely out of character! Johnny already has a lot of preexisting faults but hating trans ppl isn’t one of them!!

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Third Wheel

Kerry: You two talked again?

Val: *sighs* More like ‘we argued again’.

Kerry: *grins* He was always good at that.

Val: He’s such a dick.

Kerry: *chuckles* Well, can’t deny that.

Johnny: Fine, just talk about me as if i weren’t here, af if I were…

Val: *through her thoughts* Johnny, you ARE dead.

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CYBERPUNK 2077 | ▶

Hᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜ ғɪɴᴅ ʟɪғᴇ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴍʏ sᴋɪɴ?
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like fair enough that is Big Yikes if so, I can’t honestly say I know enough about the original lore (which I really should since I literally paid money for the abridged CPRed rulebook and then didn’t read it properly because I was only interested in Viktor/Trauma Team lore oh dear I have it bad uh uhhh anyway)

I’m also seeing other people saying that the lore/timelines are inconsistent so I can’t really make a comment either way on that issue until I do some of my own research. Which…. I may or may not be bothered to do. Given everything else I’ve seen/read about this game’s development, I think it’s probably just sloppy worldbuilding on the writers’ part. 

I just…. I’m guessing this is in response to that [looking back through my queue] post about Johnny vs Keanu Reeves and everyone in the fandom wanting to fuck Silverhand which, sure, I get because it’s Keanu Reeves but Silverhand as a character is Big Hmmmm at best 

Idk, I find him infinitely interesting as a character and get a bit bored when people only want to reduce him to a sex object/romantic interest because he’s literally the deuteragonist and there’s way more going on than that. He can be an asshole or sympathetic depending on how you play the game and how you want to characterise your V. 

Like I’ve spoken to people who were antagonistic to him the whole way through their playthrough, or people like me who were annoyed we couldn’t agree with him more (because fuck corpos) but still kept their V alive at the end, and people who take the Temperance ending as their canon. All of these are valid and everyone had their reasoning for preferring different endings and interpretations of Johnny, and they’re all fascinating. But yeah sure let’s all fuck Keanu I guess. 

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MODEL SWAP: Jefferson Peralez to Johnny Silverhand

           Now available for download!
\Download link in my pinned post//

I made this for personal use after seeing some people post their V and their various people they’re simping for in the Peralez’ couples’ places, I wanted to do the same with Johnny (because i am such a simp) just to take some pretty screenshots so I figured I’d post it for anyone wanting to do the same!

Known Issues: You can use it by itself or use my Johnny Suit Outfit replacer with it (as I am above in the photos). The only problem with doing this is, because Jefferson doesn’t like to take off his pants, Johnny will be wearing his regular leather pants. But, hey, just cuz Johnny and V are living in the lap of luxury doesn’t mean he goes soft, he just still keeps his rocker vibe with the leather pants oafkeoakfea

How to use: Found in the Johnny to Jefferson Peralez Model Replacer folder on my mega. Download the .archive file and put it into your Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/patch folder. If you do not have a patch folder, create one.
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what if every time V wore aviators, everyone assumed that johnny was in control? like in the same way dr doofenshmirtz immediately thinks any platypus w a fedora is perry.

rogue: oh hey V

v: *puts on sunglasses*


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🤔 I wonder what Johnny and Kerry would say to Tenacious D? I like to think they’d jam together.

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NC’s Latest Power Couple

Boat Drinks, Part 2


followed by a special appearance by none other than Silverhand himself

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Johnny, whilst looking though V’s mentally ill brain: Damn bitch, you live like this?

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Appreciate the fact that, after Johnny appears right in front of V after they puke at the end of “Chippin’ In”, he just straight up scratches his nuts. Adds a lot to the character I think. 

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sorry anon I’ve been away for a couple of days and left my queue running, you’re gonna have to explain what….. you’re talking about

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