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Leone Abbacchio × Bruno Buccellati

Vento Aureo • 17th century AU (JJBA)

I don’t draw fan art on such plots of story at all and I don’t have the habit of shipping characters, but for the sake of curiosity I decided to draw some pictures to see if it’s true that such topics attract more attention and fans like it.

I’m unlikely to continue this in the future. This is unlikely to be my guilty pleasure, haha.

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Of course I can lovely! 😘 ENJOY!!

WARNINGS: Breeding kink, dirty talk, rough sex.

  • We all know Bruno’s in the mafia so it’s a given he will come home wanting to relieve his stress. One of the best ways for him to relieve that stress is to fuck his wife senseless.
  • He comes home one day while you’re making dinner. You hear your front door open and you turn around to greet him while a smile. He doesn’t reciprocate, but instead walks towards you. Once in front of you, he places his left hand on your lower back, pulling you closer to him.
  • You whimper as you feel his hard cock against you. “He must’ve had a bad day” you thought to yourself. You weren’t complaining though.
  • Bruno wrapped his hands around your neck and he began kissing you. You pulled away, remembering you still had pasta cooking.
  • “Bruno, let’s have dinner first.”
  • “Dinner can wait, Cara”. Bruno spun you around and forcefully pushed you down on the kitchen counter. He moaned at the thought of taking you right her, right now. Fucking you as your tight little cunt milked his throbbing cock.
  • Bruno pulled your jean shorts down your legs, your lace blue panties coming down with them. You could hear rustling behind you. You couldn’t turn around though as Bruno had one hand holding your head down against the cold counter.
  • “Look how wet you are, dolcezza.” Bruno moans, his dick prodding your slick cunt.
  • Bruno slams his cock inside your pussy without giving you a moment to adjust. You scream at the pain. “Fuck, Y/n. You always take my cock so well.” Bruno says with a groan. You could tell he was already close as his thrust became sloppier.
  • After a few moments your pain turned into pleasure. His dick kissed your g-spot just the way you liked it. You’re eyes rolled and your back arched. “F-Fuuuck.” You moan lowly. You were moments away from your orgasm. You could see stars and your legs were trembling as Bruno fucked you mercilessly.
  • “That’s it Y/n. Take my cock like the little puttana you are. Milk my cock for all it’s worth.” His words pushed you over the edge. Your vision went black and you screamed Bruno’s name as your cunt fluttered around his length.
  • Bruno smirked at the sight of you losing yourself to him. You were so vulnerable and it was making it hard for him to keep his composure.
  • “Cum inside me Bruno.” You say lazily. “P-Please!”
  • Bruno continued to shove his cock as far as he could inside your cunt. If he was going to breed you, he was going to do it right.
  • “Shiiit, Y/n.” Bruno rammed into you one last time, his cum coating your womb. You could feel his dick twitching inside your pussy. He stayed like that for a while, making sure his cum didn’t go to waste.
  • Bruno pulled his cock out of your dripping cunt and bent down. He noticed his cum leaking out of your cunt so Bruno took it upon himself to use his tongue to shove his cum back inside your pussy.
  • “Keep my cum inside, amore. You can do that for me right?” Bruno stands back up and slaps your ass before walking out of the kitchen and into your bedroom.
  • With you’re mouth agape, you turn to the stove. The pasta is definitely overcooked. “Shit…” you whisper to yourself. “I should just order pizza.”

Bruno with a breeding kink will be the death of me…

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in the house of flies - abbacchio x reader

pairing: abbacchio x reader

contains: brief implication of rape (leone is not raping you tho so dw)

a.n: enjoy, the story’s a lil gothy just like him


“I dressed you in her clothes… ”

You notice the familiar shadow from the corner of your eye, and a small smile hovers into your voice.

so drive me far away, away, away…”

The dying rays of the sunset reflect off the man’s silvery hair, casting an ethereal glow on the rest of his skin.

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bruno or not bruno? 🤔

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One gloomy nerd and one a bit overhyped social butterfly, the most powerful duo of this decade~

School’s boring, Yoshi has no friends and is a shy bean so… ask us anything <3

((ah shit here we go again, askbox is open

I just still love this idea because poor Kira and the chocolate fella as the kinky serial killers HAD to meet before


Nah, I’m just here to have fun with those two characters, so, lets have fun together uwu))

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