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moody blues says i love you 💜
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It's halfway through summer and I have yet to go through summer hijinks like the summer of 1999. 😔
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This was supposed to be posted for Giorno's birthday but I made something else.
@donvilaro thanks for always allowing me to draw/ write Niccolo🥰🌟
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aaamike · 6 months ago
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Araki really went to Florida and came back saying: “This is what people from Florida look like.”
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the besties !! 🍒🌟
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JJBA girls remind me that I am, in fact, a girl liker
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"Know you'll wear my makeup well" ;)
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put the lipstick back on this beast
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Giorno doesn’t know how to receive affection 💚💖🖤
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Mean 2 him....
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sorry I just had to
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giorno brings bruno, narancia, and abbacchio back with GER . hes starting to think it wasnt such a good idea .
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So genshin has this new event and...
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...is it just me or-
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I can't be the only one that sees it right? And u cant tell me im wrong, Itto literally does ora ora in the game
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blight-eyed · 3 days ago
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its been a while since i did a piece as big as this since i hadnt had the confidence to do anything more than busts, but i really like how exaggerated and cool the sprites in hftf look and i guess it just kinda inspired me to attempt a bigger crop and draw one of the sprites !! im actually happy with the colours, i really like the saturated pastelish colours and from my experience with working with light colours, i did not expect it to go this well :)c
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what da dog doin 🆘🆘
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Dream Walker - Sorcerer!Jotaro x Reader NSFW
Tumblr media
Word Count: 8024
Looking at your bed, you nervously licked your lips, taking in a deep breath.
For some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to enter, as if it would burn you if you even touched it. And it may as well have.
For the past few weeks you had had these recurring dreams… similar in nature but always different - dreams you shouldn’t be having. 
You were supposed to be a proper lady; the epitome of modesty and grace of your time, just as you were taught. Yet these dreams plagued you, tarnished the image you had of yourself. Hells, you were most likely going to be married off soon! At least, if you went off the way your mother was talking. Yet if things continued as they were…
You should be the image of innocence, yet how could you be when your innocence was taken whenever you closed your eyes.
It didn’t happen every night. Some nights were peaceful, calm. Nights where you would be able to rest, were it not for the constant stress you felt over those vivid dreams.
And vivid they were.
Whenever those dreams did happen, it was always the same. A tall, handsome black-haired man would appear before you, whispering promises and filth as he crawled over you. Possessive words exiting him as he would grab your chin and kiss you, and from there on the dreams always changed.
No matter what though, you would wake up soaked and sweaty; memories of touches and pleasure haunting your mind.
Even now, just looking at your bed, you could recall the feeling of him fucking into you. It scared you. Never had you had dreams you could remember so well. So well, that you could actually feel everything from it.
Maybe it was a curse. Many women your age, hell, many of your friends even, were already married, expecting children, being perfect wives to their husbands. Maybe because you weren’t yet, the gods were punishing you. Taunting you with what you didn’t and probably would never have: a handsome husband who would adore you and your body.
The call of your name paired with the door slamming into the wall made you jump in fright as you looked back to see your mother. “O-Oh, hello-“
“What are you doing out of bed? You should’ve been in fifteen minutes ago!” She called out, shooing you forward and driving you into your bed, pulling the covers over you once you were settling in. 
“Mom, I’m not a little kid anymore.” You pouted a little, yet it was a deflection of your nervousness. As much as you wanted to know why, you didn’t dare discuss these dreams with your mother. As sweet as she was, she was rather… old fashioned. Almost strict to a fault despite how she truly did show she loved you and all your siblings.
“I know you’re not but if your sisters have a bedtime then so do you. You’re the oldest and need to set a good example.”
“Mom, they’re all already asleep. I have no one to be an example to.”
“Be it to yourself.” Leaving you with nothing but that cryptic answer, your mother got up and walked to the door. “Sleep well, dear.” Letting out a hum in response, the woman smiled at you before leaving the room altogether.
Once her footsteps had faded away completely, you allowed yourself to breathe. Steeling yourself, you looked up at the ceiling before closing your eyes. “Please let me have some good sleep tonight.”
Yet you didn’t know that it wasn’t the universe or the gods who had control over that. And to the one who did, well, your pleas were impossible to hear.
- - - -
You were a moaning mess as you bounced up and down, feeling the thickness of his cock drag through your walls every time you were lifted up and pushed back down, by now just a boneless body at his whims of pleasure.
Drool escaped you as you gasped for breath, finding yourself enough to cling to his shoulders and pull him close. 
Chest to chest, you moaned out, wishing you knew his name so that you could call for him, yet for right now, simply begging would have to do.
“Please, please, I’m close, I’m so close.” You gasped and the man chuckled, deep and rich, the sound shooting straight to your pussy.
“And I haven’t even touched your clit, are you truly that cockdrunk?” He lightly mocked and you squeezed your eyes shut, biting your lip in embarrassment as you nodded against his shoulder.
That seemed to delight him however, as he suddenly lifted his hands away from your hips, which he had been using to lift you up and down, to instead wrap his arms around your waist. You felt your body be lifted against his chest as he leaned back into the pillows a little bit, sitting half upright and with his feet firmly planted on the mattress, he started harshly thrusting into you from below.
The instant his dick battered into your g-spot, you came, but he didn’t stop. Fucking you through your orgasm and right into overstimulation, he wouldn’t stop until he had made you cum twice more in your sensitivity and filled you up with his thick seed.
- - - -
“Y/N, are you paying attention?” Your mother questioned as she stood before you and you nodded. 
“Yes ma’am.” 
“What was I just talking about?”
“The origins for the upcoming autumn festival.” You spoke and your mother hummed a bit.
“You look exhausted dear, how come?”
“Just had a bad dream is all.” You lied, picking at the corner of the book in front of you.
- - - -
Your face pressed into the pillow, you begged him for mercy. 
You were in a strange bed you did not know but had been in for so many times now. You assumed it was what your mind made up as ‘his’ room. With a hand on the back of your neck, you were pinned down, three of his fingers abusing your walls from how hard he pushed them in, right before pulling them out and delivering a harsh slap to your ass, making you cry out.
“I can see you gush, don’t pretend you don’t like it.” Would be his harsh but smug words, a scowl set on his face as he would push his fingers back inside you.
“Please-!” You begged in a warbled voice, so close to releasing for the umpteenth time that night, only for him to sense it approaching exactly and pull his fingers out. “No…” Your voice was broken and ragged as you sobbed, brought to the edge over and over, only to be held from tumbling over. 
“That’s it, good girl.” His voice suddenly sounded so close, his waist against your ass as he leaned over you. You wanted so bad to grind back into him, hoping for some sort of friction to trigger your release, but the hand previously inside you now firmly pushed on the backside of your thighs, keeping you pinned paired with the hand still on your neck. “No, we’re not doing that.” He hummed and you squeezed your eyes shut, another small sob leaving you.
“I-“ You stopped your words immediately as you felt his tongue trace the curve of your neck.
“Just be quiet and look pretty.” Just to be cruel, he twisted his hand by your thighs and flicked your swollen clit, making you jerk and gasp. “That’s it.” He hummed again, his lips against your ear making the vibrations shake your entire being, your walls fluttering and squeezing around nothing. “Focus on my voice, love. We’re gonna try again, and I want you to cum from just my voice.”
Your eyes widened from your haze, trying to look back only to see his eyes, heavy with lust and staring oh so enticingly at you.
No matter what, you didn’t think you would be able to do as he wanted. Though he clearly didn’t care as he bit your earlobe before introducing his fingers to your overworked walls once again.
He was going to make you cum from his voice no matter what.
- - - -
“Jojo…” You contemplatively muttered the name under your breath as you shyly walked through the streets of the town, a basket in hand as the merchants shouted their wares.
A week ago, he had finally muttered the words in your ear you had been longing to hear. He wanted you to scream his name and scream it you did. You woke up with your bed absolutely soaked that morning. 
Why it took your brain so long to give a name to your dream fantasy was a mystery to you, but you were glad you now at least had a way to refer to him. 
…Except you also hated it.
Now that he had a name, you felt like you were losing yourself in your own fantasies. The more you dreamed of ‘Jojo’ the more real he felt. To the point it started affecting your daily life.
You, once so compliant and willing to be the perfect wife to anyone so long as they treated you right, now judged men you walked past on the street. Your point of reference to judge them from? Jojo.
He appeared nearly every night now, leaving you with restless sleep and soaked linnen that you secretly washed every morning yourself now.
You had even taken to sleeping naked for that reason, sick and tired of having to wash your panties and nightgown as well.
Whenever you were in thought, daydreaming - it did not matter what topic it was, for inexplicably - your mind would shift to Jojo. Images of him touching you, gliding his hands all over your body, pushing two of his fingers into your mouth and moving them inside against your tongue.
These daydreams were a lot milder, yet they plagued you nonetheless, tormenting your waking mind equally as bad as your slumbering one.
It came to the point where you were seriously thinking about seeing a spiritual guider of some sort. Someone who could tell you why you had these dreams, or maybe help you rid of them.
Though that last one was what was causing a war in your heart.
On one hand you hated the dreams, on the other you lived for them. 
Taking a deep breath, you pushed the thoughts out of your mind, instead doing what you came here to do and walking over to the market, seeing all the preparations for the festival of tomorrow.
Maybe tonight, you would have a nice dream in honour of the festival.
- - - -
“JOJO!” You screamed out as you were pounded from behind, your front plastered to the side of a house as the two of you stood in a small alley, the festival in full spring just a few meters away, the dark hiding you both from prying eyes.
Grunting out, Jojo pushed his front into your back. “Fuck- noisy today, aren’t we?” He spoke through harsh breaths, skin slapping skin as he furiously pumped his cock into you. “Will you be this noisy in a few hours as well? Do you want to get caught? Or is it that you know this is a dream?” 
His deep voice so close to your ear made you tighten around him just like he trained you to, yet his words made your eyes widen. Not ever before had your dream broken through it’s own walls of reality…
“Did that frighten you?” He spoke, still fucking you from behind yet slower, your wrists behind your back in his grip, held by just one hand while his other snaked to the front to play with your clit. “Go on, tell me.” 
“I- I- yes.” You panted, your cheek smushed into the wall as you then let out a soft moan at the pressure he put on your clit, your body jolting into the wall with each of his thrusts.
“And if I appear to take you tomorrow, would that frighten you? To do exactly what I’m doing now, only when you’re awake.” 
“What? Jojo, I don’t - understand!” You called out, interrupted by your own moan before continuing.
Jojo suddenly harshly pushed down on your clit, burying himself inside you as deep as he could with a hard thrust, pushing you to the wall with his hips, his entire body eclipsing yours.
“My love. My name isn’t Jojo, it’s Jotaro. Kujo Jotaro.”
The whole world seemed to collapse as he growled those words in your ear. 
You had heard of him, the sorcerer who murdered the king, everyone in the country was taught about the man behind you, the murderer.
You didn’t know when this dream turned into a nightmare, but fear coursed through you from tip to toe and you were suddenly far too aware of his cock inside you, his large, left hand trapping both of your wrists, his right hand previously abusing your clit now travelling up to wrap around your neck.
Jotaro grunted as you tightened around him. Be it in fear or not, it was enough for him to want to fuck you to completion.
Slowly pulling back, Jotaro held his hand around your throat, squeezing lightly every time he thrusted in, now picking up the pace again he was going at before he started talking. 
You were in a terrified haze, the man you had fallen so deeply in love with was the scourge of the land. Did you like the king? No, but what was drilled into you didn’t leave so easily. The man behind you was evil. So why had he been fucking you so sweetly over the past months?
“The tales are - hng - lies, you know.” Jotaro panted from behind you, struggling to fuck into you through the tightness of your walls. Small noises of pleasure left you even if you tried to muffle them, unable to keep yourself from arching your back into him when he stepped closer and hit your sweet spot with the new angle. “That’s it. Give in to me.”
You were unsure whether this was a nightmare or some twisted up form of reality, nothing made sense anymore. It… it had to be a nightmare, right? Yes, it had to be. You had just been so doubtful of your dreams that your brain was now twisting your Jojo into the image of someone evil. 
Closing your eyes, you focused on the feeling of his member pushing into your walls, his hand holding your wrists, his grunts of pleasure. That was all Jojo. Your Jojo.
The hand on your neck suddenly shot up to your chin, twisting and tilting it back to allow himself to push his lips into yours, swallowing any moan you now let out as he hungrily kissed you.
The coil in the pit of your belly that had been steadily building got closer and closer every time Jojo hit your sweet spot, his thrusts turning a little sloppy. 
Breaking the kiss, Jojo didn’t back away as all of him was touching you, his breath hitting your lips heavily with every pant. “Tomorrow I’m gonna fuck you for real and you finally will truly be mine.”
“Fuck- Jojo!” You moaned out as you came, making him slam his lips to yours again as he gave a few more rough thrusts before burying himself as deep as he could, the familiar rush of hot cum shooting up into the pit of your stomach.
“Tomorrow, sea star.”
Shooting up in bed, you were panting heavily. Rushing a hand down, you felt your own stickiness coating every part of you, your cunt, your ass, your thighs. 
Just then, everything from your dream came rushing back. “Jojo…” You whimpered miserably and buried your head in your hand.
- - - -
“Can you believe that some women want to work those jobs?!” 
Letting out a loud, attention-grabbing laugh, the man holding your arm seemed lost in his own world while you subtly cringed.
This morning, your mother had introduced you to the young lord, saying he had asked for you to accompany him to the festival, which she accepted.
Turns out he was far from your type.
Sure he was good looking, but everything else about him was less… appealing.
All of that beside the fact that your nightmare from this morning plagued your mind on repeat. You almost wished you could go to sleep simply to jump into Jojo’s arms and stay there.
Realising your own thoughts, you wanted to hit yourself. You were letting a dream dictate your life! Here you finally were with a suitor for your hand, and you were thinking about someone who didn’t exist! Besides, not ever had you had a dream where Jojo simply cuddled with you, so it was unrealistic to boot.
Taking a deep breath, you pushed all those thoughts to the side in favour of paying attention to all the misogynistic things Lawrence was saying - or, Larry, as he told you to call him.
Abruptly turning around, the man nearly dislocated your arm as he spotted a stall selling hunting gear. “Oh, this is a wonderful spot, Y/N! No place for a beautiful woman such as yourself however. Why don’t you go look around while I inspect this here, I’ll meet you by the fountain in twenty minutes!” He grinned before un-looping his arm from yours and pushing you away by your back, his hand nearly on your ass.
Quickly, you walked away from him. Any respite from that man was much appreciated.
Walking through the crowd, you sighed deeply, inhaling the smells of food and candles, burning oil and leathers being sold at stalls. 
Looking around, you furrowed your brows a little as you recognised the environment. I mean, of course you did, this was your home town, but no, every festival flag, every stall, every barrel… they were all as in your dream.
“Are you enjoying yourself, sea star?” 
The sudden presence at your back and voice by your ear made you freeze where you stood.
“You seem to be perfectly content to hang on that snob’s arm, despite what I told you last night, hm?” His breath hit your ear, his voice so familiar and recognisable, yet it was impossible. “Already going around my back, are you? I’m lucky I was paying attention.”
His voice was so much richer than it was in your dreams, it… 
Getting the courage to turn around, you slowly did so, coming to stand face to face with the man you had been dreaming of.
“…Jojo.” You whispered in disbelief.
He was wearing a dark-dark blue cloak with a hood, almost appearing black, yet you could see his frame underneath it, tall, muscular, powerful. His eyes were hidden in the shadows until someone with a lantern came walking past, briefly illuminating his face and allowing you to see the turbulence in his vivid aquamarine eyes.
“Have you been unfaithful to me, Y/N? Has he touched you? Kissed you? Fucked you?”
“What? No! Larry he-“ You immediately went to defend yourself, only to come to your senses and break yourself off mid-sentence. “wait, stop. You were a dream, Jojo!” 
“Oh my darling Y/N.” Jojo chuckled darkly as he reached a hand out and cupped your cheek. “I was never a dream. And I told you, my name is Jotaro. Say it right when you’re gonna be screaming it later.”
Pulling back with fear, you only got one step before the hand on your cheek instead snatched your wrist, hard.
“Why are you running?” His expression darkened and you whimpered softly at his harsh grip.
“I’m scared.” Despite your trepidation with this man, you automatically answered his question, so used to it now. 
Yet what you didn’t expect, was for him to suddenly tug you forward by your wrist, enveloping you in a warm hug. 
His arms around you were so familiar, a warmth radiating from him that chased the chill of the night away, his cloak soft as velvet as it fluttered against your exposed skin.
“Why are you scared?” Your eyes widened at the soft voice he used, your heart that was wildly beating almost immediately calming down some.
“I- how can I not be…” You whispered then but the feeling of his arms around you… you had been longing for so long to be held by him, to melt into his arms and just lay there. And it was everything you hoped of. Lowering your head, you buried it in his chest, tightening your arms around him.
“Good grief, your actions contradict your words, woman.” Though he said that, his tone of voice was light, playful, and you turned your head in slight embarrassment.
“Just- you’ve never held me before… it’s nice.”
Looking down at the crown of your head, Jotaro exhaled softly. For so long, he had chased after you. Watching you when he visited this town, seeing you go about your day, learning, laughing, talking with friends, playing a game of chess, changing into your nightwear - he had seen it all. You had completely enchanted him and he refused to let you go.
Even though you may not have seen him, he was always there as your shadow. And then, that one day he purposefully bumped into you as he walked past, leaving his mark on you and starting the enchantment that would allow him to walk into your dreams whenever he pleased.
He had enough of feeling the muted dreams however. Every touch, every bit of pleasure was hazy due to the dream being the nature of the enchantment, it could never be the real thing.
But now here he stood, with you in his arms, and he was determined to never let you go again. Yes… you would be coming home with him tonight. For your own safety and for his own sanity.
“It’s Jotaro.” He interrupted you when you spoke up and this made you lift your head, a sad look in your eyes, your bottom lip quivering a bit.
“I’m scared to say that.”
“In fear that saying my name would summon me? I’m already here.” Gliding his hand over the hair by your ear, Jotaro then moved it to grasp your chin. “Why does a mere name frighten you? You were begging to know my name before and I gave you an alias, but it is no less me.”
His grip on your chin was harsh and suddenly, you blinked and the candlelights of the festival were replaced with darkness. Frantically looking around with your eyes, you recognised the alley from last night’s dream.
“I’m not going to let some wives tales get in between me claiming what’s mine.”
Scared by his words, you frantically looked up at him, feeling his hand slide from your chin to wrap around your neck, only to freeze when you saw he had taken off his hood. The face hidden behind it was exactly your Jojo. His unruly mop of black hair, his nose, his lips… his eyes. Now that he was no longer veiled in the shadows, your fear slowly ebbed away.
“That’s it, just give in to me, love.” Jotaro uttered and your heart fluttered, remembering the same words from last night.
Leaning down, Jotaro tilted his head slightly as he closed his eyes, pushing his lips into yours in a soft kiss. 
Unable to do anything but close your own eyes, you let them fall shut as you melted into the oh so familiar lips. They felt so much more real, more plump, more insistent than in the dreams.
Breaking the kiss for a breath, Jotaro wasted no time in pushing his lips back on yours, the hunger and excitement he felt for finally holding you now coming out as he turned around and pushed your back into the wall via the hand still on your throat.
A small muffled squeak left you and the man smirked into the kiss, opening his mouth after to force his tongue past the seam of your lips.
Clinging tightly onto his shoulders, Jotaro lightly squeezed your neck in appreciation as he tasted all of you. There was the slightest hint of the sweet cake you had earlier in the festival and Jotaro just became more and more addicted. Breathing be damned as he pushed his head forward, driving yours into the wall as he stuck his tongue as far down your throat as he could.
Meanwhile, his left hand not currently occupied started sneaking down your body, making sure to trace every spot he knew you liked on his way down.
The dress you were wearing was making things difficult however and, not wanting to break the kiss, Jotaro curled his fingers, casting a wordless spell as he magically lifted the skirt of your dress higher and higher until he grasped it.
Your breathing through your nose had turned a bit erratic, both from needing to break the kiss to properly breathe, but also in slight panic at the display of magic.
Acquiescing your wordless request, Jotaro pulled back, saliva clinging to his tongue as it was the last to pull away and disappear between his lips.
Breathing heavily, you looked up at him while he gave you a curious look, his eyes still hooded in lust, his hand holding your skirt now instead dipping under to trace circles into the skin of your thigh.
“Does such a tiny display of magic truly scare you, sea star?”
Still panting, you looked up at him, trying your best not to squirm at his touch. You were so used to everything about him in your dreams, but now things felt four times amplified. Not able to speak and still acutely aware of the hand on your throat, you gave a tiny nod.
Humming slightly, he then pulled his hand back from your thigh, instead holding his palm open right in front of you. Blue, misty particles jumped up from his palm and your eyes widened.
Leaning forward, Jotaro pushed his lips onto your ear. “Stay still, darling. Don’t move a muscle.” It was clear that this was a command, and by now you knew better than to disobey your Jojo.
Content that you still listened, Jotaro pulled back slightly, his hand still in between you two as he focused on it again. More misty particles appeared, almost the colour of his eyes as he then closed his fist before springing it open, large puffs of it shooting up. You closed your eyes in fear, squeezing them shut, only to feel Jojo’s hand leave your throat, instead sliding onto your cheek as he lifted your head.
“Be a good girl and open your eyes for me.” 
Doing as he said, you slowly peeled them open, only to slowly widen your eyes. Fear gently making way for awe. 
Dancing in the air around you, swimming up and down, were several ghostly glowing creatures. A whale the size of your palm was bouncing up and down, swimming around Jotaro’s head, a bunny was hopping, chasing after a tiny shark who swam around your head before hiding behind you, making you giggle softly in disbelief as he floated on your shoulder. 
Just then, a butterfly came fluttering down and landed on your nose, flapping its misty wings against your cheeks. It felt so soft, the way mist felt as it rolled around, merely without the chill and moisture.
“What is this?”
“This is what I am. A sorcerer. Not whatever you’ve heard in stories.” Rubbing his thumb on your cheek, you focused from the butterfly to… Jotaro Kujo. Your Jojo.
Leaning forward once more, the butterfly flapped away as Jotaro then replaced its space, kissing you once again as his other hand came up to gently rest on the side of your neck, just holding you gently as he softly moved his lips with yours.
The magical animals slowly disappeared, falling into small glowing misty clouds that faded as you put your hands on either side of Jotaro’s face as well. 
Breaking the kiss, Jotaro stayed close as he traced your cheekbone with his index finger for a second before looking into your eyes. “Y/N, be mine from now on. Come home with me. I’ll keep you safe for as long as I breathe.”
His quiet profession made your heart thud wildly in your chest and as you looked at his eyes, there was only one answer you could say. For - evil sorcerer or not - you loved this man. “Yes.”
For the first time, he portrayed genuine happiness as he moved both his hands to cup your cheek now.
Right as he went to say something however, someone appeared in the mouth of the alleyway.
“Y/N! There you are! Hey, pal!” Larry shouted loudly and Jotaro quickly yanked the hood of his cape up over his face before turning to you, not too bothered by the new appearance as he leaned into your ear.
“I’m coming to get you tonight. Don’t let him touch you.” With those words he pulled away from you before walking deeper into the alleyway, walking straight into the left corner at the dead end and walking through the wall as if it was water, rippling effects briefly visible before everything stilled, as if he was never there…
“Y/N, are you alright?!” Larry rushed over, clearly under the impression he was some valiant hero, not even thinking about how Jotaro disappeared in a dead end.
“I’m fine.” You spoke curtly, trying your best to will away your blush.
“Who was that? I’m glad I showed up when I did, who knows what could have happened!”
Your dream from last night flashed through your mind. “Yeah. Who knows…”
- - - -
The rest of the festival, you had nothing but your jittery nerves, Jotaro’s words echoing on repeat in your mind.
Larry attempted to brag to anyone who would listen how he saved you from a thug and you could do nothing but just stand silently, nodding along whenever the man looked at you.
At the end of the night, the lord clearly had one too many drinks, becoming way too forward for your likes and you just decided to leave.
As he turned around to look at something you pointed out, you slipped into a crowd of people and walked away, leaving him.
You were tired anyways, the festival not doing too much for you anymore now that you had seen the majority of it. And so, you went home.
Until late, you waited for Jotaro. Waited for him to show up as you sat in bed, ready to go at any time. But he never came.
As the late evening creeped into the middle of the night, you lost hope. You were too tired. You no longer wanted to wait for something you knew was a fantasy from the start.
So, you stripped by force of habit and got into bed, turning onto your side and sadly closing your eyes, just going to sleep.
- - - -
Letting out a soft moan, you sighed blissfully. Calm pleasure coursed through you, gently rolling over you in waves and slowly rousing you from your sleep.
Shifting a little, it was the hand being placed on your thigh that caused your mind to fully wake up from your sleepy haze.
Blinking your eyes open, you jolted upon getting face to face with the man sitting between your legs, instinctively scrambling to get back, only to have the hand on your thigh squeeze and keep you in place.
Rolling the pads of his fingers through your folds, you gasped softly, instinctively closing your thighs and trapping his hand.
“You kept me waiting.” Jotaro’s voice was deep and husky while he continued to move his fingers even while your thighs clenched, his thumb finding your clit and instantly putting pressure on it.
A soft moan left you, just as vocal as he wanted it, and Jotaro felt the corner of his lip twitch.
“Couldn’t fall asleep or is it that you didn’t want to?” At the latter half of that sentence, his words got a little darker, the smallest hint of a warning shining through but you could barely pick up on it.
“I was- I was waiting for you.” You breathed out, clenching the sheets in your hands before you opened your legs for him again as best as you could, on full display. 
“I see.” Jotaro hummed, suddenly sliding two fingers into you at the same time, yet you took note of how easily they went in. “I suppose finding you like this made the waiting worth it. I took the liberty of preparing you already, you’re such a steady sleeper, sea star.”
Pushing a third and then a fourth finger in, you gasped and squirmed underneath him, feeling his hand on your thigh move to your clit that he couldn’t rub anymore now that he was fingering you.
“I’m going to take you right here on your bed. I’m going to fuck your innocence away and then I’m taking you home with me, where you belong.” He growled possessive words as he roughly thrusted his fingers into you, his left thumb abusing your clit as you moaned shamelessly and unabashedly.
“That’s it, cum for me.” Jotaro spoke through lightly airy words, enamoured by the sight of his fingers disappearing into you. Actually disappearing into you. No more haze from the dream, no more muted pleasure. This time, all of it was real. And the tightness of his cock straining in his pants proved how long he had looked forward to this.
Letting yourself go, your orgasm burst out of you, making your back arch sharply as your mouth fell open in a moan, the sensations you thought you felt a million times before so much more clear and vibrant now. Jotaro worked you through your orgasm, prolonging it as much as he could before retracting all fingers. 
Looking at his glistening hand for a second, he decided against tasting you, just this time, as he instead wiped his hands on the sheets.
“Remember, there is no turning back now.” 
At his words, you - who had still been stuck in your post orgasm haze - lifted your head a bit to see Jotaro staring intensely at you, his hands working on his leather pants. 
“You’re mine. You were already mine but now I’m going to claim you. You’re going to be my wife, you’re going to stay by my side for the rest of eternity and I’m never letting you go, do you understand?”
Having freed his cock, the rest of his clothes seemed to disappear in a blink and your breath hitched as he grabbed his member to rub it through your folds. 
Reaching your hands down, you wanted to try and grab some part of him, but Jotaro shot his free hand forward, pushing it over the space above your hands and a blue mist suddenly appeared, wrapping around your wrists and pulling them along with his hand until they were yanked above your head. Looking up, blue, ghostly shackles bound your wrists and your eyes widened a little before you looked back down, seeing Jotaro still glide his cock up and down while he looked at you.
“You’re not in control nor going to be. I’m going to fuck and breed you right here in your childhood bed. Maybe your family will hear how good I make you feel.” Jotaro growled as he leaned down to hover his face over yours, stilling his member right on your entrance. “Now tell me, would you like me to fuck this cunt, as I have done so many times before?”
Breathing heavily, you could do nothing but stare up into his handsome face, his eyes drilling into yours as you felt his insistent push at your hole. “Y-Yes. Please.”
“Please what.”
“Please make me yours.” You squeezed your eyes shut in both embarrassment as well as anticipation and Jotaro chuckled lowly, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth.
“Good girl.”
With that, he pushed in and you gasped at the stretch his thick girth brought, even if he did indeed prepare you beforehand. Jotaro took it agonisingly slow, savouring every inch of entering you for the first time and giving you time to adjust to him at the same time.
He knew this was your first time actually being entered, and even though magic could take away the pain, the uncomfortableness of the stretch was something he couldn’t remove. Your hips were slightly jittery, moving ever so little to try to get used to the intrusion as he was now completely inside you, and Jotaro leaned down to fully push his lips into yours, his hands rubbing up and down on your outer thighs.
“You’re doing great.” He murmured before going back to kissing you, earning him just a small noise of acknowledgment from you as you kissed him back to your best ability.
Unable to sit still any longer, Jotaro started slowly pulling out, still kissing you, still rubbing your thighs, yet also slowly starting to fuck you open.
Breathing heavily through his nose, Jotaro held his eyes closed as he focused on the feel of your walls dragging around his cock, clinging so harshly to him as he pulled, right before pushing back into your tight heat.
Stilling his hands, he firmly grabbed the plump flesh of your thighs as he parted his lips and swiped his tongue over the seam of yours. Not giving you much reaction time, the moment you opened your mouth he shoved the lithe muscle inside, forcing you into a harsh kiss as he slowly started to pick up the pace, snapping his hips with a little more force.
Lifting your legs up, you wrapped them around his hips and pulled him closer, earning an appreciative hum from the man while he continued to thrust into you.
Breaking the kiss, the both of you were panting, sweat starting to form on your bodies as Jotaro then ducked his head and instantly  started harshly sucking bruises into your neck.
You moaned, his mouth no longer there to stifle it, and you tugged on the misty chains around your wrists, wanting to put a hand in front of your mouth to stay quiet as small noises left you with each thrust. 
“Please what?” Jotaro purred as he then harshly bit at your throat, making you tighten around his member. This in turn pulled a groan from the man as he tightly squeezed your thighs, pushing through the grip of your walls.
No longer caring for teasing you for an answer, Jotaro suddenly pulled out completely, making you let out a whimper. Grabbing the bottom of your thighs, the man then pushed them up, burying your knees at your chest as he put you into a mating press.
Pushing his chest into your legs, he pinned you down that way as he harshly thrusted back inside, starting to pound into you rapidly, his cock hitting your g-spot thanks to the new angle, making you moan loudly with each thrust.
You didn’t even spare a single thought for your family in the mansion, merely focusing on the man on top of you, the man pinning you down, the man currently squeezing your breasts, the man making love to you.
“Do you know what you did to me tonight?” Jotaro spoke through his thrusts, starting to pinch and play with your nipples as he felt his orgasm start to build. He could no longer tell via your dream when you were close, but the signs he learned to read from you were obvious as ever, your hands clenching, your hips shifting, rocking with him, your stomach contracting. 
Picking up his thrusts even more, Jotaro let go of one of your breasts, in favour of bringing his right hand down to where he knew you craved it most. Yet instead of putting his attention on your clit, Jotaro curiously brought his hand just a little bit further down, right to where he was still thrusting into you. The sight of his dick being buried in your cunt over and over again was something he would never tire of, but currently, Jotaro experimentally glid his thumb over your slickened folds.
A whine underlined your moans and Jotaro felt a bang to the magic he placed on the door to keep it shut, uncaring as he pressed his thumb into the top of your hole, pushing it inside next to his own cock he was still pistoning, groaning a little at the extra stimuli and suddenly wishing it was your own fingers. That he would find you masturbating and refuse to let you pull your fingers out as he just thrust inside beside them.
“F-Fuck.” Jotaro let out the smallest of moans as he continued to move, positioning his fingers so that his middle and ring finger rubbed over your clit, pushing into it in circles and making you call out his name.
“Jotaro-! Please, gods, it’s- too much, I can’t-“
“Take it. Or I’ll push another finger in, and another and you’ll be begging me for relief.” His voice was low and commanding and instantly worked to push you over the edge. 
You came with a scream of his name, arching your back into him as your walls squeezed around his cock. Taking his thumb out quickly, Jotaro continued to abuse your clit while his other hand moved to lean on your thigh, the man panting harshly as he felt you trying to milk him before he was even due, pushing him just that little bit closer to the edge. 
“Fuck, that’s it-!” He grunted as he continued to thrust, pushing you right into overstimulation as he didn’t stop abusing your clit, chasing his own high now and rapidly fucking into you. “You’re mine, gonna stuff you full, gonna mark you, claim you as mine, take you- sh-shit!” Rambling on, you could do nothing but listen to his words and take his cock, folded in half and completely at his mercy as he drilled into you.
Suddenly, the bindings around your hands fell away and you gasped. Instantly reaching down, you tried to get his hand off your clit but he was immovable, forcing that knot in your belly to tighten again as you felt tears slip from the corners of your eyes.
“Jotaro, please!” You begged and the man growled in response, delivering a harsh slap to your ass that made you squeeze around him, forcing a grunt from Jotaro.
“Shut up. Just let me use this pretty hole until I’m done.” 
Jotaro got more and more vocal with each of his thrusts now, his hand gently rubbing the space he just slapped before pulling back and landing another harsh blow to it. You gushed around his dick still pounding into you, moments away from another overstimulated orgasm, breaking when Jotaro slapped you again.
A drawn out moan ripped from your throat as you came again so soon, Jotaro snapping his hips into the back of your thighs as he buried himself balls deep as he came, the tip of his dick poking your cervix as he shot ropes of cum into you.
A moan left his throat as he emptied his balls, his hands rubbing all over your body placatingly, especially the stinging flesh of your ass.
Letting your legs back down, Jotaro kept his softening dick inside you, plugging up his cum as he leaned forward to kiss you.
Unbeknownst to you, a magic travelled through your body, shooting from down below, across your skin all the way to the back of where your neck met your shoulder, settling in a shimmery, aquamarine star, permanently etched into your skin.
Kissing him back, you felt as Jotaro gently lay down beside you, turning you with him so he could continue the kiss.
Exhaustion fell over you as you carefully broke away from him, only for Jotaro to bring his hand up to tilt your chin towards him, pushing his lips onto yours again. A small yet tired protesting noise left you, but Jotaro ignored it as he savoured every second, pulling you close into his body and finally giving and getting the aftercare he had been craving throughout all this time. 
The spell had never allowed for it before and now the man pulled you into his body, pushing your head to his chest as he revelled in the way you continued to cockwarm him.
Travelling his hand down, he felt the faint outline of himself inside you, even when soft and he held the lightest up-tilt of his lips.
“Jojo…” You sleepily croaked the name, shifting your hips a little, five seconds from falling asleep and Jotaro moved his right hand down to your hip to still it, kneading the flesh there appreciatingly for a second while his left hand petted over the top of your hair as he shushed you.
“Go sleep. I’m not going anywhere.” Though he said that, the man couldn’t resist to bring his hand from your head down to your chin to angle it up as he then once more placed his mouth over yours.
With his cock inside you and your arms around him, the kiss was everything he needed and Jotaro knew then that he made the right choices.
Moving his lips with yours, he suddenly felt himself become sleepy as well, forcing him to break the kiss.
The magic he placed on the door and window lock was starting to siphon him and with much reluctance, Jotaro pulled out of you, pulling away from your embrace. You made just the smallest noise as he did but then sleep fully took you and as Jotaro sat up in the bed, he couldn’t help but admire the form of you he had been visiting for so long without being able to actually see it.
Getting out of the bed, Jotaro walked through the room and grabbed the discarded clothes, pushing his palms together once he did, making them disappear as he sent the items across the land to his home.
Walking back over to the bed on your side, he then turned to face the door, the window to his left in his peripheral.
Muttering a quick incantation, he held up his hands and sent a shockwave out from both the door and the window before quickly dissipating the locking spells, the blue magic that had been visible to your family from the other side fading away after they had been blasted away from the door they had been trying to break open.
Turning to you, Jotaro slid his arms under your body and scooped you up, holding you against his body and taking care to keep you asleep as the teleportation spell took hold, the familiar aquamarine mist enveloping both your forms completely while the door broke down, three people stumbling in only to see a glowing form disappear right where they stood.
Your family was too late. 
Being hit with mild vertigo, Jotaro stepped forward, feeling the familiar warm grain of his home floor, making him sigh in slight relief as he looked down at your sleeping form in his arms.
“Welcome home, sea star.”
And as he carried you upstairs to his bedroom and lay you down in a bed you had been in dozens of times before, Jotaro felt peace. Finally he had you with him. For now and always.
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