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#jojo no kimyou na bouken
porunareff · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
JoJo x Asahi Soft Drinks collaboration announces a collection of exclusive bottle designs with new JoJo protagonists artwork - Jolyne included!
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spado-the-pomeranian · 2 days ago
Redrawing (???) of the Diavolo reveal page.
And a cum meme because I like it
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mrsgiovanna · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Succession (Don Giorno x Wife!Reader)
This request had been sitting in my inbox for way too long (aren't they all), I hope this was worth the wait. All fluff, centering around new dad Giorno. Thank you to the sweet nonnie who requested this, it was what I needed to get back to my roots.
TW: Pregnancy
Word Count: 1.2 K
"Are you all set amore? Here, let me help you, don't strain yourself… I…"
"Giogio, please relax, I'm okay, just a little sore and tired," you attempted to reassure your concerned husband as he helped you off the high hospital bed. It was the day you were set to go home with your beautiful baby, who up until 5 minutes ago, had been safely nestled in your arms, until his father had arrived, looking vastly different to how everyone had gotten used to seeing him- hair scraped back and off his face, bound at the nape of his neck, his sharply tailored suit replaced with simple dark wash jeans and a soft cashmere turtleneck sweater. Perhaps the most precious thing he wore was the expression on his face, a mixture of joy and pride tugging at his handsome angled features as he lovingly gazed at his newborn child peacefully asleep in the clear hospital cot.
Waiting for the last of the release paperwork to be brought to your room you enjoyed the quiet moment in which you three were alone, away from the bustling world, it felt as if time itself had stood still.
Reflecting on the journey to get you to that point, you were so proud of both your and Giorno's efforts to ready everything for your little bundle's arrival. After being married for a while the decision to expand your family was one that came naturally, and after some time of trying, you had finally fallen pregnant. You thought back to the moment you had found out, excitedly rushing to Giorno to tell him your news, only to find him pondering over the best way for him to tell you, having already sensed the flickering life energy growing within you.
From that day onwards, Giorno had started to prepare for the baby's arrival, not missing a beat when it came to your care, being present for every doctor's appointment, making sure you took all your vitamins and satisfying every craving regardless of how outlandish it was (turns out corn flakes and vanilla ice cream makes for the best 3am breakfast). The most precious moments came when you two were alone, safely tucked away in your home. You began to notice how his hugs lingered for longer, his gazes became that much softer, and his touches that much gentler. What you didn't notice was him activating his stand each time he held you to make sure that his child was still healthily growing within you and that your life energy was as strong as he had remembered.
For Giorno, the prospect of fatherhood had presented him with perhaps the most challenging role of his life, however, as with many other trials, the golden Don had taken it in his stride. He was determined to give this child everything he could… Shower them with all of the love and attention he needed at that age. Only the best was good enough, and it wasn’t long before the interiors of Villa Giovanna had been baby proofed, the nursery was built to your exact specifications and your leisure readings were now taken up by various articles and books on what to expect as a new parent.
“Alright, Mr. Giovanna, we just need your signature on this and you’re free to go,”
“Perfect, done, and done!” announced Giorno with a flourish, “Everyone is beside themselves, they really are so excited to see you and the bambino,” he continued, helping you off the bed and picking up his sleeping infant. The ride home was different, it felt different, you were hyper aware of your surroundings and hovered a protective hand over the little one at every turn. Giorno went on excitedly, about how thrilled the staff at the Villa was to be welcoming the tiniest new Giovanna, having taken it upon themselves to have the house ready for your return. There was very little left for Giorno to do other than delegate his work for the next two weeks and see to your needs. You smiled to yourself thinking about how fortunate you both were to have such loving people in your lives, even if they were not connected to you both by blood, they had treated you like family all the same. Emphatic greetings exchanged and after a period of adoring cooing at the new addition to the family, you and Giorno had settled into your shared room. You had asked him to bring a crib into the room, just so that you could be within reach of the baby at all times.
It was only once you had settled in that you realized how exhausted you felt, noticing the way sleep had coaxed at your eyelids, Giorno had gently pushed you down by the shoulders and pulled the covers over you; the gentle way he caressed your face, wordlessly asked you to sleep. It didn't take you too long to drift off into a dreamless slumber. While you slept, Giorno had quietly set himself up to work next to you, tiptoeing in and out of the room to get his electronics and various documents, however productive his intentions might have been though, no work had been done for the duration of your nap. He couldn’t help being distracted by every little movement and sound that had come from inside the crib, eventually giving up his attempt at working in favour of watching over you and the baby. It was still something that felt so surreal to him, even though he could imbue just about any object with life, the fact that you had brought this life into the world was the most precious thing for him.
His reverie was disrupted by the shrill little cry emanating from the crib, which managed to rouse you from your sleep as well.
"It's alright Gio, I've got this one… Well, if he's hungry, I'm the only person who can actually take care of this," you say with a small, sleepy laugh. Smiling at your quip Giorno picked up the fussy infant and brought him over to you, gently placing him in your arms before settling down next to you while you fed the baby.
“You know tesoro, we can’t keep referring to him as “the baby” forever, we need to choose a name for him…” suggested Giorno while he lovingly observed you both. You let the idea steep in your head for a moment contemplating the various options that sprang forth- tributes to fallen comrades, beloved allies that you wanted to honour, starting a new tradition that retained the “Giogio” epithet … There were so many options to choose from.
“Oh, how about Giorgio? Its a strong name,” looking at the handsome don contemplating it, you continued, “and then I can call him “Giogio”, it's perfect actually!”
“But, I’m Giogio too…” said Giorno looking at you with an expression halfway between amused and crestfallen.
“Well, it’s time to move over pal, there’s a new kid in town,” you managed to utter in between your stifled laughs. Looking at the bright green eyes rimmed by ebony lashes, Giorno's gaze softened as he gently cradled the infant's head, softly stroking the tufts of soft black hair, “You know what, I really love that… Giorgio Giovanna... welcome to the world little one.”
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splatinumedits · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Giorno, Trish, and Fugo palette swap icons for anon - [ID: Six icons of the aforementioned characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in each other's color palettes. Giorno and Fugo's manga color palettes are used. The first icon is of Giorno on a purple background in Trish's palette. His head is tilted and he looks upward stoically. The second icon is of Trish on a pink background in Fugo's palette. She lifts her head and looks down at the viewer with disgust. The third icon is of Fugo on a pink background with Giorno's palette. He's seen from slightly above, glancing aside with a neutral expression. The fourth icon is of Giorno on a pink background in Fugo's palette. He's hunched over and looking aside nervously. The fifth icon is of Trish on a pink background in Giorno's palette. She stands tall and confident. The sixth icon is of Fugo on a purple background in Trish's palette. He scowls at the viewer. End ID]
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porunareff · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Full teaser artwork for the upcoming JoJo spin-off manga by Kouhei Kadono and Tasuku Karasuma! This work will be published in the January 2022 issue of Ultra Jump (set for release this December)
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quinnreadsjjba · 2 days ago
Enter: The Pillar Men!
We have the honorable one…
Tumblr media
…the emotional one…
Tumblr media
…and the one with arguably the most luscious hair in JoJo’s (that we don’t get to see until the final arc)…
Tumblr media
…the gang’s all here!
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depravitymoon · 2 days ago
Yandere Giorno x Childhood Friend Reader Prologue Headcanon.
Author's note: This is a Post-Canon Everyone Lives AU, Giorno's 18, and this assumes female reader. I made this as a headcanon because making this prose style was too time consuming. It's a prologue because it's not when Giorno becomes Yandere, but it's activated.
Summary: A small glimpse into Giorno's life as Don and how he finds out about his childhood friend (you) returning to Naples.
Tumblr media
Giorno gave up trying to find you. After all, you left the country a decade ago.
Besides, being Don keeps him too busy to care about relationships.
The Don likes to pretend he's not a romantic.
Giorno did have a fuckboy phase where he screwed a dozen beautiful women..... but it got boring quick.
Most of them were snotty prima donnas that reminded him of his egg donor and he hated it.
Then one day, Mista mentioned something about these women he was seeing.
Giorno didn’t care. The story’s all the same.
Mista found a hot girl, fucked her, partied at a nightclub, and fucked her friends. If he’s lucky, he didn’t have to flaunt his money at them. What else is new?
Well, this time was different.
“I couldn't fuck one of them, sadly." Said Mista.
"Interesting story." Giorno said, sarcastically.
Mista scoffs, "Let me finish! She mentioned Haruno Shinobana. I think you know that guy, right?”
The young Don became silent. Giorno’s past was still a sensitive topic, so he never shared it with anyone, not even his closest friends. So this really piqued his interest. A woman mentioned his past name? It couldn’t be....
Giorno had lost hope of ever seeing you again and now his only glimmer of hope came from
He ordered Abbacchio to accompany them back at the nightclub.
Fortunately, Mista remembered that this woman left at midnight.
When Abbacchio used Moody Blues, Giorno was mesmerized.
That woman was indeed YOU.
Giorno couldn't believe you were within his reach.
You've grown in those 10 years. So beautiful....
He was so mesmerized, he couldn't keep up his cold demeanor.
Leone and Guido couldn’t believe what they were seeing..... Giorno Giovanna in love.
After all the flings that come and gone, they knew you were here to stay.
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shroomxluso · 2 days ago
La squadra in a horror movie
Im a big fan of horror movies so I decided to give hc’s on what popular trait and survival/death rate they would have if they are in a horror movie!
-The quiet one who probably knows something is up and doesn’t reveal a huge thing till the near end of the movie
-Is suspected first as a killer cause of his looks
-Investigates areas but is cautious and always brings a weapon
-Somehow finds all the weapons in areas to defend himself and the others
-The strong person who ends up having a fight scene with the antagonist (it’s a 50/50 if he will win. If its in the middle of the movie he’s screwed but if its near the end of the movie he probably survives)
-Actually thinks rationally and carefully
-Survival rate: 75% He’s pretty strong and he is a good leader so he can make sure people survive. However the 25% is that he either fights with the killer in the middle of the movie or he gets killed off for nearly solving the mystery behind stuff.
-The funny comic relief dude who probably thinks it’s all a prank before they find a dead body.
-Isn’t likely to be first killed but definitely dies in a movie depending on his luck.
-If he sees the killer anywhere near him he just runs away. He doesn’t care if he breaks a window,door or set up a trap in the house he is running away faster than mf sonic.
-Probably got injured while running and either gets his wounds treated or the killer catches up to him and ends him
-Would climb up on a building to hide (even tho he would climb on a tree)
-Carries a small shit weapon like a broom because we all know broom beats knife
-Somehow even after being in the killers grasp he tries to play it cool to escape (it doesn’t work)
-Survival rate: 40%. He has a high chance of dying due to the comic relief type and the “it’s a prank” type. However due to his high agility he can maybe escape the killer.
-Okay he is that prick nobody likes but gets better in the movie
-Definitely had a scene where he tried to knock the killer out to buy more time
-Is pretty tall so he can’t hide anywhere
-Is also likely to be an accomplice killer for many reasons like money and blackmail
-He’s alone the entire movie which is anxiety inducing. He never partners up with anyone.
-The killer does catch up to him and Illuso tries to hide but his height betrayed him as he probably was killed upstairs in a house and then thrown outside (which alarmed the others)
-Don’t tell me he wouldn’t push someone to their death in order to escape.
-Survival rate: 65% He is pretty okay in movies but pricks always take the bait and considering his height he can well- Die. Plus if he’s an accomplice he obviously dies.
-The detective. Probably knows something is up at first.
-Would sacrifice himself for anyone to escape and run away.
-Okay yeah he carries a gun the entire movie but somehow couldn’t kill the killer
-Investigates strange noises like an idiot
-Seems like the person who would back away when they have fallen instead of getting up and running away from his killer
-Okay yeah he definitely got tied up before dying
-Was probably dragged into a mess he doesn’t want to be in
-Survival rate: 20%. This man cannot survive despite being the detective and carrying a weapon. He can play hero all he wants but he def dying.
-The only one with common sense to not do stupid shit that would end up with them getting killed
-Final boy/girl type. He is probably the only survivor left if the rest was killed and he would lose his fucking mind and survive for them
-Somehow survives due to the others helping him constantly
-Always sticks with someone else despite them just sacrificing themselves for him
-Gains confidence throughout the movie and probably ends up killing the killer with someone else.
-If the killer probably kills him he would be chased until he broke his leg or something. Just beaten until he couldn’t move and then killed afterwards
-Is good at hiding
-Survival rate: 95% He’s pretty smart In horror movies (despite never seeing one) considering
-Alright this dude can hack any camera or phone or whatever so basically he is the one with great technology knowledge.
-Also the healer cuz of his smartness with biology
-Probably was the reason a killer was coming to kill him and the gang
-Oh he definitely died first alright. If they are the problem they are in the first three to die.
-Okay ngl I feel like he would walk into a trap and die
-No the have sex and die trope does not exist for him.
-Survival rate: 10%. Man can survive if he just uses technology and medical shit when he doesn’t die first,second or third. But it’s a low chance he would ever outrun a killer.
-Kinda tricky. He’s like the hotheaded motherfucker who challenges the killer to a dual
-Seems the person to taunt the killer and wind up dead.
-Okay his screams are LOUD. If he screams then you know where the killer is at
-Just grabs anything near him for self defense
-If he escapes the killer he goes to his car to escape but oh no no no. The car either won’t start up or the killer had his car keys and just like as if the killer was ghostface,they tap on the glass revealing his car keys and he knows he’s done for. So yeah it’s the cars fault not him.
-Dies outside the base definitely.
-His glasses probably broke as well so yeah another clue for a dead body!!!
-Survival rate: 15%. He’d be so focused on escaping he accidentally dies like an idiot.
-Big reveal time he is the killer but what if he was a victim instead.
-Killer chasing him? He pulls out so many weapons that he chases after the killer (unless he’s the killer don’t test him)
-Survives until the very end to just die.
-Is the type of character to give great plot twists and caries the whole movie
-Goes into dark rooms as if he isn’t a pussy
-Okay now back to killer sorbet. He definitely has all the great creative kills instead of just a knife in the stomach. Like deadass he pushes one of the gang members onto a spiked fence.
-Mhm chainsaw lover
-Survival rate: 90% as a victim/survivor. Very strong and can and will survive if there wasn’t a plot twist or the killer is stronger than him. As a killer it depends cause well- Most killers get a sequel and some just die immediately. But I’ll give him a solid 70%
-One of the accomplice murderers from Sorbet. But as a victim,he just turns against everyone.
-Imagine being one of the victims and you suddenly attack the others to make sure that they would stop killing but it only makes you suspicious. Yeah that’s Gelato.
-Has good hiding places tbh
-Lights off. No matter what. Nobody is in the bathroom trust me killer.
-When he dies he probably has a brutal death
-Now Killerlato aka Killer Gelato. He also has creative ways like suffocating someone with a sleeping bag and banging them against the wall in case of struggle
-Probably made sure any escape route wasn’t possible like cars,motorcycles,phones etc.
-Despite being an accomplice he definitely fucking dies.
-Survival rate: 10%. Sorry he cannot survive.
That’s all for now 🐊
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jotaros-left-nut · 2 days ago
The tell tell signs that avdol has a crush on you
- He is careful around you
- He’s not really boisterous like they overs but he can hold a interesting conversation with you
- He will always check to see if your alright
- He’s not the type of man to flirt with you but he will give you endless complements
- He’s always by your side not because he didn’t think your capable to defend yourself he’s just always been the protective type
- He will definitely give you his jacket when he sees you shivering
- He’s a fortune teller so naturally he’ll will be eager to tell you your future
- He’s so careful not to bump into you when your walking next to him
Tumblr media
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mrsgiovanna · 2 days ago
I... He's so handsome omg, and that there's elements of Bucciarati in his look🤲🥺😍😭
Gosh I love him so much🥺🐞❤️
Art credit : morirhin on Instagram
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