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#jojo part 5

Random Giorno Imagine

( Don’t worry, stupid jjba hcs part 4 and a Giorno x reader rollerskate date fic are on it’s way^^)

imagine: You just laying on Giorno’s chest at night as you use your phone while Giorno reads a book. Basically just you two relaxing together, ‘nuff said.

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Thank you for your request, my dear anon💚

I’ve already written everything I could in yandere headcanons for Mista, so I decided to write something different, hope you don’t mind. The ending came out a little strange, that’s because I ran out of ideas at the end and didn’t know what to add😅 and yeah, I need to start giving names to my imagines and scenarios😢

Yandere! Guido Mista headcanons

Normal life


Word count: 635

Warnings: yandere behavior

The sound of a key, turning smoothly in a lock, pierced the space of a dark room. This sound repeated four more times before the door was finally unlocked

With a quiet brittle squeak, a heavy wooden door opened up, showing a silhouette of a young man. He was standing against the light and it took a couple minutes for S/o, that was sitting in complete darkness, to get used to it. When their eyes could finally see, they looked up on this man’s face - it was a handsome man, his black curly hair was hidden under his favorite red beanie, he was wearing black skinny jeans, that emphasized his well-trained leg muscles and a baggy black sweater

His face was just as handsome as his body - dark eyes were squinted from a smile, dark eyebrows furrowed a little. But the most attractive feature of his was his lips - pink and plump, just like a girl’s one. They were stretched into a wide smile, by this look S/o could understand, that Mista was really happy to finally see his darling

- You know that you can turn the lights on, right? And why are you sitting on the floor, you wanna catch cold? - his soft deep voice filled the whole space, interrupting the silence, hovering heavily in the room. Mista waited for a few seconds, wanting to get a response, but he grunted quietly, annoyed by S/o’s muteness

- Oh, c’mon babe, I’m so tired from work, finally getting home, and this is what I get? Weren’t you missing me? - Guido pushed his lips into a thin line, his eyebrows furrowed and S/o could clearly see that the man started to get angry

Darling cleaned their throat and said quietly:

- You locked me up in this room for the whole day. For the whole day I was sitting there, all alone. You were the one to lock me up here, and you think that I’m happy to see you? - Mista’s black eyes narrowed a little, impish smile plastered across his face. There was something in his sick head, that made him really satisfied, and this sudden change of Guido’s mood freaked S/o out even more

Guido’s face softened a little, S/o looked so pretty when they were mad. He walked in a room, turning the lights on, what made darling squint. Man sat on S/o’s bed, looking lovingly on their malcontent face

- You’re upset because I left you alone? You felt lonely without me? - Mista murmured softly, sitting on the floor next to his darling, embracing them and laying their head on his chest. He lowered his face a little and placed a loud peck on S/o’s forehead. He ran his fingers through darling’s hair, gently massaging the skin of their head

- I missed you too babe. I couldn’t think about anything but you, - Mista snuggled into S/o, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath - the air in this room smelled like darling, and oh god, did he like it a lot

In moments like this, when Guido was so sweet and tender, hugging S/o so softly and whispering words of love into their ear - it felt so normal, like they were teenagers, enjoying their first real feelings towards each other

In moments like this, S/o almost forget tha Guido is a psychopath, ready to kill everyone who looked at them

In moments like this, S/o almost forget that this freak kidnapped them and keeps them locked in his house, situated somewhere in Naples, but they’re not even sure where exactly they are

So, maybe they should give in? Pretend like everything’s okay and they’re just a normal loving couple, living a normal life together. Maybe, just for a few minutes…


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doodles based on @renlvbon@justanothervntoaureo‘s older giorno designs! thank you for allowing me to use it c: 

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Jojo as random pictures I found

I think these look slightly better than the first ones I posted. Only slightly.

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I made the Risotto Nero and I have to admit that I am proud of the result 💞🌠

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At the end I decided to upload Redbubble. I uploaded some drawings, but then they were deleted for copyright ;.; I want try with Jojo, I hope it’s gonna be al right and someone is interested.

Link: RedBubble

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Thank you for your request, my lovely Diavolo anon💚

Yandere! Diavolo x S/o who has stronger stand than his

  • S/o are so unattainable and seem so so far from him, it thrills Diavolo more, making him even crazier than he already is. There are thousands of different thoughts and ideas bounce around his brain, and they all are only about S/o
  • Darling look so unbridled and unhampered, like a wild panther, totally free and out of anyone’s control. But not for long, they will be Diavolo’s, they’re already his property, he just needs some time to figure out how to pick them up
  • The fact that darling is stronger than he is pisses Diavolo off, he wants to break them, chain them down and make them implicitly obey him. Diavolo wants to own S/o, to be a master of their body and soul
  • Diavolo completely loses his sleep, trying to figure out how to catch S/o. He needs to plan everything, every smallest thing matters a lot, darling won’t have any chance to run away from him
  • He’s a mafia boss, after all, and it’s not a big deal to find someone with a stand, that perfectly “matches” S/o and will easily defeat them
  • Man doesn’t know how he’s gonna do this, but he’ll make S/o obey him, he’ll train them to be the best little spouse ever for him
  • Normally, Diavolo’d allow his darling to go out of their villa to walk around the city, or go together for vacation to some tropical islands, but in this case, when Diavolo is not able to control S/o and their abilities properly, pink-haired won’t let them out of their room, not saying abou walks outdoors
  • Diavolo is really smart, he spends a lot of time studying S/o and their habits, every little thing matters, everything may be a hint to darling’s stand hidden abilities
  • From the moment Diavolo met S/o, he ordered his special team to find stand user, that can take away darling’s abilities to control their stand. Those researches won’t end until they find a solution or a method to suppress S/o’s stand


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