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yanderememes · 2 days ago
This is gonna sound so shameless I apologize in advance.
Like okay, kidnapping sure does suck. But if it’s Giorno? I mean, come on, he’s rich. The only issue I’d probably have would be the lack of social interaction aside from him, since I do like talking a lot but if he buys you plenty of expensive gifts and games to distract you while he’s away — as well as being offered the finest of dishes and chefs within his radius? Living RENT FREE in a large ass villa?? No more worries about college expenses??? Sign me up ✍️
Tumblr media
Giorno is one of the few yanderes that isn't terrible to live with. In fact, golden boy is a very soft yandere (unless you try to escape or deny his love harshly) and your relationship with him is pretty normal, if you squint lol.
He wants darling to be dependent on him in all aspects. It hurts him to hear how lonely you are with the isolation he puts you through, but he can't bear to see or even think of you interacting with anyone else except him. He's possessive like that.
And ofc, he'll try to make it up to you by overflowing you with gifts when socializing with him isn't enough and as a way to say sorry. Everyday you get to try and taste only the finest cuisine. Whatever you're craving that day, you shall have. Giorno will never deny you of anything, except your freedom 😈
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quartzalynlove · a day ago
Cuddling w/ Abbacchio
Pairing: Abbacchio x gn!reader
Summary: lots of fluff with cuddling Abbacchio
REMINDER: My asks are still open for requests!! Please see my pinned post for rules and fandoms <3
You came home from the job Bruno assigned a bit late. When you entered you and Abbacchio's room you were surprised to find him sleeping soundly. He may have rewound Moody Blues to the last time you cuddled, but it hardly ever got him to sleep.
You crawled into bed behind Abbacchio, being careful not to wake him. After getting under the covers, you slung an arm over Abbacchio, and the other under him. You placed a hand on his chest, feeling it rise and fall with each breath like calm waves at sea. Your head sat in the crook of his neck; you sighed, blowing air gently on his skin. After finding his hand you held it, tracing a thumb over his knuckles.
You yawned once before kissing Abbacchio's jaw; then placing a sweet kiss behind his earlobe.
"I know you're awake, Abbacchio." You whispered.
He was, and had been since you put your arm around him. Abbacchio never got to be little spoon. He wanted to he just never asked. Everything you did was partially an attempt to make him falter. Although he never dropped the act, you were successful. The moment you blew on his neck his heart began to race. He loved every moment of this.
"Maybe I wouldn't be if you quit teasing me." He said.
You chuckled softly, "I guess your right," you said. "Did you want me to be little spoon?"
Abbacchio shook his head. "No...no, this is fine."
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noribruno · a day ago
Or maybe a spin-off, THEY DESERVE IT
Tumblr media
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alexotls · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
diavolo’s terrible horrible no good very bad day
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vani-e · 6 days ago
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popposposts · 3 months ago
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kaity-kplinky · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haven't made any of these in a while 👁️👁️
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hardygalwrites · 4 months ago
Vento Aureo Dub but it’s Out of Context Bullsh*t
tag yourself, im giorno giovanna rolling on the ground screaming
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joestar-jobros · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
27/09 Happy birthday to my favorite Jobro Bruno Bucciarati 🤍🖤.
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jjba-cats · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Today we offer you torture dancing Nyarancia Tomorrow, who knows?
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nightolmy · 11 days ago
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yanderememes · 2 days ago
Solitary Love Chapter 6 (Yandere Giorno x female reader)
Tumblr media
Here's the next chapter! I ran into a little writer's block again but I finally came up with something 😀
In this chapter, we're introducing Mista, Fugo, and Trish as they discuss what's been going on with Giorno. It's actually so hard to write dialogue for a trio cuz you gotta specify who's talking lol. Thankfully, Tumblr is here to save the day with their color fonts 😂
Pink - Trish
Blue - Mista
Green - Fugo
See you in the next chapter! As always, I appreciate all of your support ❤️
“Cancel all my appointments tomorrow and clear my schedule,” Trish ordered her manager as she tossed her Louis Vuitton bag behind her for him to catch.
Frazzled and flustered, Giacomo couldn’t believe his ears. “But Signora Una! You have a photoshoot with Vogue and-”
“I said to clear my schedule, Giacomo,” Trish spoke with a stern tone. “I rarely get any days off now and I already made plans with my friends”.
Giacomo sighed. He’s been her manager since she signed with her current record label several years ago. Giacomo loved Trish as he would love a daughter and would do anything for her. But her diva personality and lavish lifestyle were enough to give him heart attacks with her demands.
After her father’s death in 2001, Trish became the most famous pop star in all of Italy. The country loves her and is known to be a national treasure. Every song she put out would sell millions and be the #1 hit on the radio.
She surely doesn’t miss the life she lived before this. Well, maybe except the days when her mother was alive. Those memories are kept near her heart. But from the time of her mother’s death and before she became a pop star, were memories she wanted to forget. All except for the people who built her into who she is today.
Bucciarati, Abbacchio, and Narancia are all gone. But she kept in touch with the few remaining. Trish was always so busy with concerts, interviews, photoshoots, and fan meetings that she rarely got the chance to see them. Tomorrow would be the first time she’s seeing them again after 3 months. She wasn’t going to pass this chance considering the gang was busy too.
“Capito (understood), signora. I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow.”
Upon hearing his words, Trish stopped in her tracks and turned her head towards her manager. Content with Giacomo’s submission, Trish gave him a nod to signal her gratitude and continued to walk away.
“Trish! Over here!” Mista waved, trying to catch her attention.
Trish locked eyes with Mista and walked up to the table he was seated. There, she saw two familiar faces, Mista and Fugo.
For today’s plan, they decided to just keep it simple since all of them have enough action in their lives to last a lifetime. With Trish being the biggest pop star and the boys being high-ranking officials in the Mafia, having a simple lunch outside at the patio together was sufficient for them.
“Where’s Giorno?” Trish asked while taking her seat.
“Busy with Don stuff, you know, the usual” Mista replied, leaning back in his chair.
Unfortunately, this was a common occurrence whenever the old gang would make plans to hang out. Giorno never attended their gatherings anymore, leaving it a trio with Trish, Mista, and Fugo.
“Buon pomeriggio! Cosa le piacerebbe ordinare? (Good afternoon! What would you like to order?)” The waitress approached their table with a pen and paper ready in her hand.
After receiving their orders, the trio began conversing, trying to make up for lost time and catching up with each other. Fugo had already finished his order of spaghetti while Mista was still working on his burrito. Trish was the first to finish her dish (if you even call it one since she ordered a salad).
“How’s Giorno been doing?” Trish inquired, stirring her glass cup of sparkling water with a straw.
“Alright, I guess,” Fugo responded, not giving much thought to his answer. He didn’t seem to care all too much about the conversation as he rested his chin under his palm.
“But I’m worried about him, y’know? He hasn’t been looking great lately” Mista said while laying back on his chair and munching on his burrito.
That wasn’t a response she was expecting. It was enough for her to stop stirring her water and ask, “What’s wrong?”
“Well, he might be coming down with something but we’re not too sure. It’s a weird thing going on with him”.
“Which is…?”
Mista continued to chew on his burrito while avoiding eye contact with Trish. He seemed quite nonchalant about this for some reason. “For the most part, he’s normal when around us and Mr. Polnareff. But sometimes when he’s out, he’ll act strange. Like he’s possessed.”
During her time with the gang, there could only be one possible explanation for Giorno’s strange behavior, “Could it be a stand user?”
Finally setting his burrito down and returning Trish’s gaze, Mista spoke and shrugged his shoulders, “Possibly. But I find it hard to imagine anyone getting the jump on Giorno”.
“We do suspect it’s the doing of an enemy stand user. Most likely from a rival gang trying to topple us.” Fugo spoke up.
The fall of the previous boss, Diavolo, brought about many significant changes in Italy and how Passione was run. All drug trafficking was put to an end, any traitors or loyal followers of Diavolo were purged, and victims of Diavolo’s carnage were set free and given new opportunities in life. But with the rise of a new leader did not come without its challenges. Rival gangs refused to submit to Giorno and his ‘no drug’ policy, believing it to be a foolish idea when the drug business came with the most monetary gain.
Despite conquering almost all of Italy, there will always remain a few rats in the sewers waiting for their chance to topple Passione.
“But it’s so weird, Trish! Even Giorno doesn’t know what’s happening to him,” Mista continued.
“Well, what did he say?”
“Increased heart rate, dilated pupils, sweaty palms, butterflies in his stomach, higher voice”
“Can’t sleep at night, always thinking about this person, loss of appetite, nausea” Fugo added in. “This person might be a stand user”.
“Agreed. We gotta eliminate them as soon as possible”
Trish remained silent and began to piece together everything the boys said. “Wait, have you seen this happen to him?”
“Ya, I saw him just the other day while I was walking home from the library. He was out with a woman at a restaurant,” Fugo replied.
“A woman?” Trish cocked an eyebrow.
Bingo. Trish was certain what Giorno’s “odd” behavior is about.
She scoffed. She couldn’t believe her ears, how can these boys not see it?!
Mista, she could understand. He is a bit of a dumbass. And as for Fugo, well… he’s more book smart than street smart if anything.
“Are you so blinded by your work that you can’t see it?”
“See what?” Mista took another bite of his burrito.
Trish paused before speaking, her lips forming into a smile, “Giorno is in love.”
Both men stayed silent with wide eyes as they stared at Trish. Then proceeded to stare at each other.
“LOVE?!” Fugo and Mista screamed simultaneously with Mista nearly spitting out his burrito.
Trish facepalmed and shook her head. No wonder these two don’t have girlfriends.
“No way, Trish! Giorno isn’t that kind of guy! He cares way too much about bettering Italy with the famiglia!” Mista refuted, too absorbed in the conversation to notice his burrito fell to the ground.
“But I’m sure even he thinks about finding a partner one day”
“Thinking about it? Sure. Acting on it? Pft!” he exclaimed in disbelief, waving his hand in dismissal.
“Wait, Mista. Trish has a point. All of Giorno’s symptoms are physical signs of a man in love”
At least Fugo caught on. Trish proceeded to roll her eyes at their stupidity, “How have you guys not noticed this?”
“Romance isn’t exactly the first thing you associate Giorno with,” Mista retorted.
Trish paused for a second and nodded in agreement. ‘Okay, he makes a fair point,’ she thought to herself.
In all honesty, Trish isn’t close with Giorno. She even made better progress with Fugo since he came back than she did with Giorno. Giorno always talked about his dream and was so ambitious when they first met. He still is, but it is kinda hard to think that he’s in love now.
“I guess that would explain why he’s been going out more frequently on his time off. Probably to go see her,” Fugo was starting to put the puzzle pieces together and understand Trish’s argument.
“What does she look like?” Trish asked.
Trish’s question sparked Mista’s attention and put a coy smile on his face, “Ya, Fugo! Was she hot?” Clearly, someone is excited.
“I don’t know. Her back was facing me when I passed by them”
Fugo’s answer wasn’t received too well by his two friends. Both looked disappointed and bummed out like he just told a kid “no” when asked to buy them candy.
Fugo paused, “Why are you so invested in this?” He was genuinely curious but also couldn’t understand why this was interesting to them.
Without a moment’s hesitation, Mista spoke, “Cuz it’s fun”.
“I think it’s sweet that he got himself a little crush,” Trish added.
Trish and Mista really shared a single brain cell at certain times and this was one of them. It was something that Fugo had a hard time relating to if he’s being completely honest. “It’s none of our business. He’s Don now, so he has little time for that”.
“We should help him! We can help set them up!” completely ignoring Fugo’s comment, Trish chirped at the idea.
“Great idea, Trish! Giorno’s gonna thank us later! He’s gonna be so happy~” Mista joined in.
“Wait, I don-”
“Let’s go tell him!” Trish excitedly yelled, eyes beaming with glee and a smile plastered on her face.
Before Fugo could interject, Trish and Mista got up from their seats and dashed to Fugo’s car, laughing and brainstorming ideas on how they would be Giorno’s wingman/wingwoman.
“Fugo, hurry up!” Mista shouted from the passenger’s seat.
Fugo could only sigh. He knew this wasn’t going to end well.
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si3art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
●•Doppio & Diavolo•●
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oldenbow · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
this why fugo left the gang
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timorpanico · 2 months ago
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A pag of JoJo doodles with fude pen❣️
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soandromeda · 4 months ago
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popposposts · 6 months ago
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yugiohz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
they fight over who’s gonna take care of his injuries
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alexotls · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
ms paint trish redraws (technically the bottom one is mista but shhhhhh)
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ligerbombz · a month ago
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Headcanon: Abbacchio is the only one who's ever seen bruno without his little hair clips or his braids 😳
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