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#jojo shitpost

My graphic design skills are impeccable

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The constant struggle of @jojos-bizarre-sims against their naughty bastards sims

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Mista: Fucking Christ, there’s four of us in here!

Giorno, petting his arm: I’m here

Mista: Yeah, that’s the fucking problem!

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Abbacchio: My life is literally spiraling out of control

Bucciarati: Leone…

Abbacchio: Don’t worry about me though, I’ll figure things out eventually.

Bucciarati: I have no doubt that you will. You have no choice after all.

Abbacchio: I mean… I could also just die instead.

Bucciarati: Leone.

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DIO is an Aries… Giorno is an Aries… Are we to conclude that the baddest bitches are Aries?

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Me: *trying to sleep*

Brain: *blasting the Marry A Man video on loud speakers in my head*

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Giorno: I think it’s time that we talk about your dangerous and unsanitary habit of… licking the faces of strangers. Do you realize how much foreign bacteria you are inviting into your body?

Bruno: Do you realize that I will be killed by either gunfire or at the hands of an enemy stand long before I succumb to the potential threat of toxic shock from face licking?


Giorno: I think it’s time that we talk about why these are the only 3 options available for you.

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How Bucci Gang reacts to finding out Giorno is part Vampire:


  • Stared Giorno dead in the eye for 10 seconds in silence before saying “We can use this” without elaborating. Giorno was put off by this but stayed silent.
  • Once casually offered Giorno a sip of an enemy he was about to finish off, to which Giorno politely declined.


  • Doesn’t believe a word of it and is convinced that Giorno is even more batshit insane than initially thought. Annoyed that the majority of the house believes the nonsense.
  • After Giorno completed several humanly impossible tasks, Abbacchio went silent on the matter. He later placed an eviction notice on Giorno’s bedroom door 2 days later. He figured if Giorno were to ever go rogue, he knew that his life would be the first to get cut.


  • First words were “I KNEW IT” to which everyone questioned how the hell he could have guessed something like THAT. His assessment was that Giorno was pale even after living in this Italian sun, ethereal beauty, barely ate or slept for too long yet always managed to be alert and energized enough regardless. “Okay, minus the beauty, you’re describing half the methed up junkies in Napoli.” Abbacchio countered. But Narancia was not having any of that. He told himself that he knew it and no one was going to take that from him dammit..
  • Offers to feed the enemies they kill to Giorno, who politely refuses.


  • Another skeptic. Sided with Abbacchio on Giorno being batshit, initially, until proven wrong with sufficient proof. Immediately accepts Giorno without a hassle.
  • “You drop this bombshell, but still won’t tell me how you got around downing Abbacchio’s piss at Libeccios? My guy, your priorities…” he says to which Bruno replies “What?”


  • Another initial skeptic, but after sufficient proof, he began to harbor a new found fear of Giorno. The fear was quickly curbed by spending time with Giorno and having the boy answer many questions about his physiology and biological makeup. News of what could only be described as “2 fathers in 1” seemed more confusing than anything to do with vampiric blood.
  • Sometimes gets dragged into Narancia’s consiparacy theories about Giorno. What would have been quickly dismissed as classic Narancia Head-Assery, has now gotten Fugo coming aboard the Tin-Hat train..
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Part two of quoting my friends.

Rab the Fanta addict

Rab: what’s sweeter then sugar?

Alex: your blood

Rab: true

Rab: want some Fanta coz it’s inside me ;), just cut open my wrist.

Alex: …

Me: do you want some Fanta?

Guest: oh yes that would be lovely.

Me: *gets rabbit from the kitchen* okay sweetheart, do you thing

Rab: *proceeds to cut open wrist above a glass* here you go sir.

Rab: guest be like…


Alex: brooooohhh, I just… I just can’t. XDXDXD

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moshi moshi~

here are ships I write for:



🍓hisoillu (I won’t be writing nsfw for this one)


🍓any character x (Y/N)




🍓any character x (Y/N)

that’s it! I personally don’t ship any other characters such as KuroKen or Kagehina. If you do, I respect you hehe!!!

my hero academia:



🍓Izuocha (deku + ochaco) 




🍓himidabi (dabi & toga)



🍓bakudeku (I don’t rlly ship this one, but it’s very very popular, so I may give it a try)

🍓 any character x (Y/N) 


🍓as far as I can tell, there aren’t any serious ships yet…. 

🍓 any character x (Y/N) 


🍓 any character x (Y/N) 

🍓again, I don’t ship any of the ships in this fandom, sorry :/


🍓yumeko x mary (I forgot their ship name, sowwy)

🍓mary x ririka 

🍓yumeko x suzui 

🍓any character x (Y/N) 

death note:

🍓misa x light (no nsfw) 

🍓any character x (Y/N)

Sorry, I’m not a big fan of any ships in this anime XD


🍓levi x hange 

🍓ymir x historia 

🍓eren x mikasa (it will mostly be angst if I write about them :>)

🍓any character x (Y/N)

jojos bizzarre adventure:

🍓mista x trish

🍓joseph x caeser

🍓jotaro x kakyoin 

🍓josuke x rohan 

🍓josuke x okayasu 

🍓giorno x mista 

🍓giorno x trish

🍓 any character x (Y/N)

if you have any uncommon ships, lmk! 

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