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#jojo spoilers

love that kira (8) and kyo both have trademark hats. keeping up the jotaro tradition

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just saw a youtube comment on a jotaro amv saying “i hope he has a happy ending by the end of part 6 ):” and i feel so bad. who is gonna tell them

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anyone else thinking about how tonight jotaro lost half of the people closest to him in one fell swoop and would only continue to lose those closest to him as the years wear on and that tonight marks the seal of his fate to a life full of trauma and fighting and an unhappy ending

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Part 8 spoilers below, just my thoughts on how jojolion might wrap up

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still cannot get over how light by sleeping at lasts fits eyes of heaven dadtaro so perfectly

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forever thinking about how giorno and trish couldve been the best friends EVER if araki just cared about trish a little more for longer than a single fight

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sorry to make a whole new post abt this but i wanna properly be able to spoiler tag it so my stand reincarnation thoughts

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like i understand why we didnt i guess but i wish we got some more post-battle scenes in sdc rather than fades to black. like this might just be my version of fanservice but i deserved to see jotaro get taken care of after the lovers arc/anubis fight for example

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i love hermes and part 4 jotaro’s interactions in eyes of heaven cause it’s literally just hermes talking about jolyne and jotaro being like “oh god im such a bad dad i need to be better” or “take care of her please” and hermes responding with “uh ya of course i will”

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just realized that there actually is a very real possibility that yasuho will die by the end of jojolion and im crumping in on myself

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people who say polnareff should’ve died instead of iggy and avdol….. jail

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ppl draw jotaro reuniting with the crusaders after dying in part 6 and i hold my face in my hands and scream every single time it’s infallible

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every time i see this one part 6 kakyoin au fic i’ve been following update i get such a huge adrenaline rush

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dude. dude. we are one in the same. i knew about naras death i knew i would cry i knew it was coming. and yet it still fucking shattered me. i cried like all day yesterday and i cant look at an image of him too hard without tearing up this is actually physically paining me. naramis makes me feel better but also worse at the same time

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