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#jojo stands

Lately I’ve been obsessing over whether Giorno retained GER after the events of Part 5. Seems like the consensus is yes? Doesn’t really make sense to me, though.

Then I went down a stand arrow rabbit hole, thinking maybe that time Gold Experience cut its hand on Black Sabbath’s arrow was like one of those multi-part booster shots to prime him for the final arrow. That might explain why Polnareff wouldn’t retain requiem.

ALSO, I’m theorizing that it’s because Giorno and Polnareff are both natural stand users that they were granted requiem stands. Their stands weren’t created by an arrow in the first place like Kira’s (as debatable as it is that Bites Za Dusto isn’t a requiem stand…) and presumably Diavolo’s. I suspect this may be why full-on requiem stands didn’t quite develop for them.

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Daily Headcanons #14

Fandom: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

Sorbet’s and Gelato’s Stands

Stand: I do Adore

User: Gelato

Stand Ability: A long range stand that becomes stronger when holding someone’s hand. Once the stand is given an items of a person, it will stalk the person’s every move, standing in the shadows before attack with strong gusts of wind, making it look an accident.

Stand: Perfect Two

User: Sorbet

Stand Ability: A short range stand that becomes stronger when holding someone’s hand. Two small figures who are protective of one another. One heals, one fights. When one is injured, the other goes crazy and will attack the person who injured their other.


Originally posted by sometimes-icecream

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Sad Josuke


Here’s a neat and kind of trippy drawing I did of josuke! Kinda neat but in this drawing I kinda just got influenced by listening to music and my hands made this

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Well, this took long enough. So last year, I posted this, which detailed a series I did on my DeviantArt page where I gave random characters stands.. This is part two of that drawing, featuring the other five stands from Vol. 1: Schizoid Man, Hungry Like The Wolf, Fuc- Fully Hostile, Paint It Black, and Harder Better Faster Stronger. I don’t know when the first part of the stands from Vol. 2 will be up, but hopefully soon.

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Lucy steel


Requested by @the-mulligan-wizard

Thanks for the request! It was really fun painting this one👍 I don’t do backgrounds often but for this one I felt she needed it✌️ also I wonder if anyone recognizes the pose she’s doing (hint: it’s a music reference)

Tomorrow I plan to start on my next request, as well as my next big project!👍

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Polnareff hug

  1. Everyone needs a polnareff hug
  2. Polnareff hugs are the best
  3. Polnareff gives the best hugs out of all the crusaders
  4. Jotaro doesn’t like hugs and acts like he’s doing polnareff a favour by letting him hug him but in actuality after the Dio battle, it gives him a sense of nostalgia of the greatest friends he’s ever had.
  5. Finally I present to you a sketch of a polnareff hug that I somehow forgot to post. (I may do another polnareff hug, except leave the person being hugged blank so y’all can imagine yourselves being hugged by our beloved French boy)
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Gyro Zeppeli


So a while ago I posted the uncoloured version of this because I finished it, thought it was cool but still planned to add colour because well GYRO IS BEAUTIFUL IN COLOUR! sooo here it is finally! Hope y’all enjoy✌️this is probably my favourite watercolour piece I’ve done yet

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Soooo yeah I’ve been inactive for a while🤭 but I made this short story of the best boys playing soccer😯 this is my first attempt in actually using panels and making a story👍✌️


Read from right to left👍

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