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I finally got an iPad to mess around with procreate and this is what I do lol
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quinnreadsjjba · a day ago
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“Too much of a stretch?” Do Jotaro and Kakyoin have some secret reason for not changing out of their uniforms?
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plushienanami · 2 days ago
Is it okay if I can ask for the prompts "If they ever become a problem, let me know. Okay, love?" and "The next time they touch you, I'll cut their wretched limbs off." with Jotaro?
Only Salvation
Yandere Jotaro x Reader
Tumblr media
“If they every become a problem, let me know. Okay, love?”
“The next time they touch you, I’ll cut their wretched limbs off.”
You fell in love with Jotaro freshman year. Yes you were one of those fangirls who would ‘walk’ with him to school and try to initiate convo. Although after a while you gave up due to his mistreatment of women. He would never notice you amongst the crowd of fangirls and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t have treated you the best.
During sophomore year, you took a trip with your family to Greece. Your mother, who was an art historian, brought you and your father along to the beautiful place. That was when you awakened a spirit like being that not even your family could see. Your parents didn’t believe you countless times of exclaiming that it was right in front of them, so you gave up.
When you came back to Japan you continued life like it always was, although you had the aid of your friendly spirit. She would always help you do daily chores, make food, and even cheat on the tests you had a hard time passing. Your spirit Angel Dust, helped you with practically everything. Even pranking people.
Your best friend, who had a crush on the infamous Jotaro Kujo, was heartbroken when he called her a ‘whore’ and a ‘big-titted slut’. You used Angel Dust to make Jotaro's life a wreck. There were moments where you called it close with him almost beating you up, but it was worth it because of his sour behavior. He knew it was you somehow, but he had no idea at the time what you were doing.
Not only were you enjoying missing Jotaro, you met a new friend. He went by the name Kakyoin Noriaki. Kakyoin was a very reserved artsy guy. You complimented his art and saw that he also possessed a spirit. The two of you became friends and you learnt that what you had was a stand. You learnt different abilities of your stand, but realized it was a mirage kind of thing. You would be lying if you said you didn’t envy Hierophant Green’s ability.
By the time junior year rolled around, your best friend Kakyoin came back from his trip to Egypt with his parents. He acted strange which led towards a bombarding of questions on his end. When he started to act violently, you were suspicious of what really happened in Egypt.
You began to follow him and noticed he was following Jotaro. Witnessing him using his own stand to kill Jotaro made you even step back in shock. Sure he was a little rude and all, but that didn’t give you an excuse to kill someone. When you made it into the infirmary, you saw Kakyoin incapacitated with Jotaro hovering above him. That was when you learned that Jotaro had a stand ability.
You saved the questions for later following Jotaro back to his house. That was where you met his kind relatives. Jotaro’s grandfather explained that there was a threat to the Joestar bloodline with one of the family's rivals still being alive. You helped nurse Kakyoin back to recovery while Jotaro asked you about your past year shenanigans.
You never would have thought that your average slice of life highschool experience would end in heartbreak and bloodshed. The 50 days to Egypt were probably the best 50 days of your life. You grew close to all the crusaders and they all felt like family to you, even Jotaro who you came to love again.
The defeat of Dio left you in shambles, you lost your best friend and your other close companions. Sure you were happy that Dio was out of the way and Holly could live to see another day, but you somehow felt a bit empty inside.
It was the last night before you would fly back to Japan. You had locked yourself in your hotel room, wrapped in the hotel's blankets. A cup of warm tea was situated in your hands as you mindlessly stared at the wall in front of you. Everything had sunk into you. You would never be able to see your best friend again, converse with him, nothing. Not to mention, life was going to go back to the same old boring state it once was. A knock on the door was heard and all you did was sit there continuing to stare at the wall.
Jotaro opened the door, revealing his broad muscular form. His eyebrows were furrowed as a frown was worn on his usual stoic face. He sat down next to you on the bed and pulled your form against his. The tea you had in hand, sloshing inside the cheaply plastic made cup. You felt yourself easing into his warmth as it was the only thing you wanted after everything that happened. You never thought that Jotaro would ever be this nice and affectionate, nevertheless be this close to him.
That night he confessed his feelings to you and apologized for his past behavior. Your fragile mindset easily accepted his feelings and the two of you became an item.
When you both returned to Japan, you grew to rely on him and only him. You felt that he was the only thing you could trust and cling to. He was your beacon of hope through your hard times, and he knew that. The two two of you were never seen far apart from each other unless it was for school duties. When you were without Jotaro, you lost your will to keep going most of the time. Your mental state is still reflecting from last year's Egypt trip as Jotaro had to take care of you. Your parents were so grateful to have Jotaro who could help you with life, you ‘ran away’ and came back so different from the daughter they knew.
Jotaro was the only one who could bring out the old you, and he wanted to keep it that way.
It was mid-afternoon as school just finished. Jotaro had been forced to attend detention or he would be forced to repeat senior year. While he was in detention, you were on cleaning duty in the gym. It was Thursday which was when you were assigned cleaning duty.
Stacking the excess boxes on top of each other and placing the gym equipment back into its respective area, you failed to notice a group of girls make their way into the room. Turning around you recognized some of them being from Jotaro’s fan group. You had a bad feeling pooling in the pit of your stomach as you stood there anxiously waiting for them to make a move.
“You think you could just take Jotaro-Kun like that? Ugh what does he even see you honestly?” Girl A scoffed as played with her fingernails, eyes averted away as a look of pure disgust was projected on her delicate facial features.
“Yeah you're just a skank! You look like someone ran over you with a roadrollar or something.” Girl B added on.
“Your dumb to think that you could just get away with stealing Jotaro-Senpai like that! When we get done with you, you’ll finally realize what a dumb useless whore you are!”
The next moment flashed before your eyes. You laid there curled up on the floor as the girls kicked and smacked you with full force. They called others as they came in multiplying in numbers. You tried calling Angel Dust, but there was only so much she could do when there was a large group like this. Hit after hit, you just laid there trying to process what you did to deserve this. Maybe you were holding Jotaro back.
By the time the girls were finished, you were bruised and bloodied up. Your right eye was swollen shut as the it’s left counterpart was red from the broken blood vessels in the eye itself. Your lip was split open and burning from the harsh air that made contact with it as your cheekbone was split open as well. Multiple bruises adorned your body, dark spots just like Star Platinum’s skin all over various places you could think of. You had no more energy left in you as you sat there wounded and bleeding.
A click of the door brought you to shakily look up at who it was. Your vision was hazy from the previous assault that was done to that region. Your feeble bruised hand trembled towards the tall dark figure trying to convey you needed help. You were scooped up in a familiar pair of arms and let all the tension you had in your body go. Jotaro’s enraged face was the last thing you saw before you blacked out.
There you laid in Jotaro’s comfy futon. The crinkly duvet was sparkled out on your form as an ice pack wason your right eye. A splitting headache stopped you from being able to sit up, so you continued to lay there waiting for your lover to come in.
A moment later Jotaro had entered carrying fresh bandages and a new ice pack to replace the melting one. He silently tended to all of your wounds as you continued to lay there pondering in your thoughts. His gentle touch was much enjoyed as he treated you as if you were a porcelain doll about to shatter. The silence in the room felt stifling to you, not sure what Jotaro was going to do after cleaning your mess.
“Am I good enough for you Jotaro? I feel as though I’m dragging you down in some way…I don’t want to be something you're obligated to take care of.”
A pause in Jotaro’s movements made you tilt your head in his direction. The overcast of his signature torn hat was blocking you from getting a good look at his face. Scared that your words were right, you turned away tearing up. You couldn’t help but let out little sniffles as you felt like the last thing you had didn’t want you anymore. A small nudge brought you out of your depressive spiral. Looking back over towards Jotaro, your tears came to a halt.
“Who did this to you?”
Taking a small gulp you sat there in silence, lips puckered in shock.
“I said who did this to you?!”
The sudden raise in his voice made you jump and flinch in fear. Your arms scrunched up together trying to create a barrier of safety from the sudden fright. Jotaro picked up on your distress and calmed down once he saw your frightened state.
“Why would you ask a question like that? You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want you in my life. We made a promise, remember? A promise I would never break. Now please, come here…let me change your bandages.” Jotaro uttered, trying to keep his booming voice to a minimum.
Soaking in the truth of his words, you teared up once again. The dams in your eye bursting as you let all the tears go. Your head hurting from the sudden blood rush to your head and pressure in your eyes. Jumping into Jotaro’s arms, your body ached from the sharp movements.
Scooping you up in his arms, he held you as you continued crying. He began to rub small circles in your back trying to avoid the tender areas from the earlier beating. The scent of his cologne and the hint of cigarette smoke began to put you at ease. This went on for a couple of moments before he decided to speak again. Trying not to startle you, he placed a hand on your shoulder and tilted your body towards his face.
“Now tell me who did this to you.”
“It was those girls…you know the ones who are always hanging around you.” You timidly replied awaiting a reaction from Jotaro.
Jotaro shifted his body and used his arms to lay you back upon the futon. He wordlessly reached for the spare medical wrappings and continued to work at your injured wounds.
“The next time they touch you, I’ll cut their wretched limbs off. If they ever become a problem, let me know. Okay, love? We don’t want another repeat of what happened today. I don’t want to walk in on you ever like this again, you hear me?”
All you could do was willingly nod.
Why would you ever say no to your only salvation?
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kirieshhhka003 · 2 days ago
hi!! i’m new to your blog and i was wondering if i can request some fluff headcanons with bruno? like cuddling w/ him or just some really cute stuff! it’s fine if not though! <3
Bruno Buccellati fluff headcanons:
Expect long long talks in bed before falling asleep. You guys may chat for hours straight just laying comfortably, tucked into soft covers, all while Bruno softly rubs the skin of your hands with his calloused fingertips, making your mind drift off to sleep easily
On his rare days off or after a long tiring day at work young capo will occasionally just draw you closer, caging you in his loving embrace without saying a word and just stay like that for a few minutes, enjoying those simple moments of being close to his dearest person
Bruno notices every smallest detail about your appearance. You’ve cut off mere centimeters of your hair? Man sees it the second you meet. Be it new perfume, clothes, makeup or literally anything - Buccellati notes it all and makes sure to compliment you on that new thing
And talking about compliments, Bruno does it all the time! There’s no day passing without young man pointing out how precious you are
Bruno is tightly wrapped around your finger and he doesn’t even try to deny it. And believe me, if you wake him up at 4 in the morning asking him to go and buy you M&M’s - he’ll get up and go to the nearest shop to get you candies
Spoils you rotten. I mean, he’s a capo, he surely has some good money so why not spend them all on his babe? Want that Prada bag for 3k euro? Honey, it’ll be by your bedside table the next morning. Wanna have French style breakfast? Okay then, you’ll surely have croissants with jam and coffee, in the best restaurant of Paris with a marvelous view on the Eiffel Tower. Only the best for you🤍
So so sweet with your family, and if you happened to have younger siblings? Oh boy, Bruno is enthralled by them. We all know how good this man is with teenagers so even if younger ones of your family have nasty temper - even they can’t stand Buccellati’s charms, ending up being pretty close to the man
You know what? This man gives the best hugs in the whole universe. Bruno is just so warm, so big and cozy, wrapping his strong arms around you firmly, rocking you both from side to side slowly as if to lull you to sleep. His hands roam your back affectionately, rubbing soft circles on your sore muscles while whispering some soft nothings into your ear (daddy issues squad enters the chat)
Sometimes it’s hard with Bruno, and those are mostly the moments when his “mom” side shows up. Young capo may be unbelievably stubborn, he may simply refuse moving an inch from the spot he’s standing at until you finally put the fucking coat on. “Y/n, you heard me. We’re not going anywhere unless you change up in something warmer. It’s cold outside and I don’t want you to get ill”
Masterlist | Smut Masterlist
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mochidoodle · 10 hours ago
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Stardust Crusaders: Taiwan Arc! 🇹🇼
My piece for @jjbafoodzine ✨ Our beloved crusaders take a pit stop at the home of bubble tea and stinky tofu!
Leftover sales open till January 31st!!! The bundle is stellar — can’t wait to try some of the JoJo recipes from the recipe cards! 🧋
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following spree!
please like or reblog if you post about the following, and check out your blog and give you a follow!
Tumblr media
dnd live play shows, such as Dimension 20, The Adventure Zone, or Critical Role
anime/manga, some favorites including Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia + Vigilantes, Saiki K, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mob Psycho 100, Sailor Moon, Bungo Stray Dogs, Inuyasha, Kaguya-sama: love is war, haikyuu, naruto, assassination classroom, death note and Demon Slayer
books, mainly YA fantasy + sci-fi and contemporary romance, but favorites include Shadow and Bone, Six of Crows, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, trials of apollo, the bear and the nightingale, the mortal instruments, the infernal devices, ninth house, and truly devious
movies, I love horror, Marvel, and scifi movies, as well as Disney, Dreamworks, and Studio Ghibli
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God I wish I was as close to Jolyne as Weather is...
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I love it when prosciutto’s lovers get possessive 😩💖
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finally… stone ocean 😳🦋💚💙💜
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UGH The feminine urge to marry other women
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 months ago
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The more serious the discussion topic, the steeper the pose angle. I don’t make the rules.
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momokarp · 10 months ago
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I need more large guys laughing at their own jokes please.
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noahcoelho · 3 months ago
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A few illustrations I made studing some settings
I still like the result very much!!
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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure + Animal Crossing
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oikawathetooruble · 2 months ago
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My most recent spread!! I had so much fun with it, and I’m really happy with how it turned out 🥺 i hope you guys like it too 😎💗 i spent a really long time trying to draw the title of the series and even though it’s kind of messy, I’m pretty satisfied with the results :)
If y’all wanna be mutuals on insta, just shoot me a dm! Im @ for.infinitea
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aaamike · 2 days ago
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The sheer amount of research Araki does for litteal one off scenes like this and then proceeds to explain it perfectly to the audience in a way that they can easily understand makes me realize how lucky we are to have Araki making manga.
Not just for this scene by the way, he’s been doing this since the original phantom blood manga and his other pieces of work. So far he’s researched, implemented and explained culture, anthropology, archeology, human and plant biology, geology, bacterial infections, neorulogy(I think?) and behaviors of animals such as cats, hawks spiders and so on.
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