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#jojo's bizarre adventure

Hello !! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) i’m looking for mutual followers!!

follow me if you like:

–Twisted Wonderland

–Bungou Stray Dogs

–Obey Me!

–Mystic Messenger

–Hazbin Hotel

–The Owl House

–any seasonal anime tbh, or just anime in general (my current faves are: haikyuu, jjbq, bsd)

–manga (includes webtoons and GL/BL webtoons)

–any Vtubers such as Kizuna Ai or Hololive

–Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Zelda or any other game(?

–Kpop (mostly girlgroups)

–Visual Novels and Indie RPG

–Eldarya and MCL

–Mo Dao Zu Shi, TCGF

Like if you want to be mutual followers!!

( ꈍᴗꈍ)💞

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Jojo\'s Bizarre Adventure fan art of Kakyoin Noriaki leaning out of his chair in front of a window to rest his hand on Jotaro Kujo\'s, sitting next to him. The atmosphere is dark and tension-filled.

“You’re not wearing your wedding ring,” Kakyoin said, and Jotaro felt like someone had thrown him into a pool of ice water.

“…no,” he murmured, clenching his fist on top of his knee, fighting the instinct to hide his hand in his pocket. “I’m not.”

Wordlessly, Kakyoin reached out, elegant fingers brushing over the pale bit of skin where a thin gold band had shut away the sun for over a decade; and Jotaro fought hard not to shiver too visibly at the touch.

“Why,” he whispered, and his voice cracked with something ever so strange, an indescribable undertone that Jotaro had never heard from Kakyoin’s mouth before. There was no way to tell what it was, hope or anger or curiosity or sadness or desperation - only that it was there, and terrified Jotaro to no end.

(From Chapter 13 - the third flashback chapter - of Cherries and Butterflies)

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All four parts of JOESTAR RADIO PT. 1: PHANTOM BLOOD are up (SUBBED).

Featuring Kazuyuki Okitsu (CV: Jonathan Joestar) and Yoji Ueda (CV: Robert E. O. Speedwagon), looking back on the recording of Pt.1 and answering fan-submitted questions.

Part 1 / 4:

Part 2 / 4:

Part 3 / 4:

NEW Part 4 / 4: With special guest Tomokazu Sugita (CV: Joseph Joestar):

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