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#jojos bizarre adventure

melone and ghiaccio as models for @/pinnacle_poppies dtiys on instagram (i just created my account there, go follow me if u want)


here is the original drawing!!

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I’ve been stuck in a parking lot for the last two hours

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I think there probably is, let’s be fair.

There’s the saying that we’ve more about space than we have the ocean. There are depths to the ocean we can’t physically reach without killing ourselves. About 80% of the ocean is still undiscovered by humans.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some creature we haven’t discovered down there is about the size or trumps the blue whale in size.

The ichthyosaur seems to have been around the same size as the blue whale was, if not slightly bigger. So, it’s possible.

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Tell them the truth.

Unless you need therapy for something actually. Then use it to your advantage. But still be honest about the lyric thing.

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I’ve heard of this kind… The “Rawr XD.” kind…

I’ll leave you to it.

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