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Awwww yess!! Of course my lovely anon!

Soft Risotto headcanons

  • Despite his threatening aura and scary look, this man is actually a giant teddy bear, like a gothic Jonathan
  • He’s not very talkative, so he prefers expressing love with actions, like hugging or kissing
  • And boy, he’s very, very good at it!
  • He loved holding you, he’s very strong, he can carry you around like a little puppy as you weighted nothing
  • He likes picking you up and putting you on his lap, hug you close and kiss your neck, whispering praises and how much he loves you into your skin
  • Even if usually he limits himself to trap you in a bear-like hug, sometimes he likes to praise you for hours
  • Just laying there in his huge bed and caressing your body, calling you splendid, telling you how precious you are and how much he loves you
  • He’s so warm and in winter he’s perfect to spend time under the blanket, he would spoon you and hold you close to his body, letting you bury your face in his chest
  • He absolutely loves sleeping on your chest, hearing your heartbeat, and nuzzle his face on your soft skin, he looks so cute like that!!
  • He will let you straddle his lap as he’s doing paperwork and he will stop immediately to cuddle you, hugging back your smaller form and calling you his good girl
  • Please kiss this man back, he needs a lot of affection,,, his work doesn’t leave him much time for his love life but he surely lives for your kisses
  • Also please, start the cuddling time fir first, he’s a bit shy on this and is not really good at calculating when is a good time for cuddles,,,,
  • Pull him down by his harness and give him nose smooches, maybe you could even see him blush at those!

I love our rice man,,,,, I hope you enjoy these my dear anon 💗

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I’ve started putting a lot of my art prints up on my Etsy shop and my new Ko-Fi shop as well! I have a lot of them up for Digital downloads so far, but if you want to order actual physical prints, I have all of these currently up for pre-order (Through December 15th) so that I only have to print what people buy. 

Also, all pre orders will get an extra goodie in their orders ^_^

(also, these are just pics of the art, the prints will be in much better quality ;) 

Shop Here


Also, I don’t know how or if you can run a deal on Ko-fi, but on Etsy all prints are 10% off right now for the Black Friday sale ^_^

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OMG if you were a crusader close to Polnareff (let’s say you’re younger than him for this) he’d treat you like a younger sibling he’d want to protect you, comfort you when you’re upset and be there to listen when you need to rant about something trivial or serious. You’d also definitely be there to listen to him at 2:00 AM when he wakes up from a nightmare about Sherry and if he wants to talk you’d be there to hear him out and give him the hug he needs and tell him it isn’t his fault. He’d always volunteer to share a room with you and I feel like he probably has a secret snack stash that he’d only share with you :,) if you had long hair he’d ask to braid it if not I feel like he’d always be pulling at your cheeks. OH he’d also totally ask you to help him apply sun cream to his back and shoulders (there’s no way he doesn’t have sunburn) You guys would definitely have inside jokes All in all I feel like it would be a sweet wholesome relationship and after DIO was defeated he’d probably ask you to come back to France with him if you didn’t have any family, if you did he’d encourage you to go and be happy but he’d totally come visit you and you him (also I feel like this wouldn’t be him trying to replicate the relationship he had with Sherry he knows nothing could ever replace a deceased family member)

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The ships I like are terrible- w h a t-

Why is it that my current otp is not only a crossover ship, but a stupid one at that??? Like- literally, who else ships Josuke(jjba) and Kaiman(dorohedoro)???? Aaaaaaa- skdjdhsuudfhshkeunnnnnnn, why? It’s just JosuYasu, but Okuyasu has a lizard face

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