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fictionkinfessions · 15 days ago
Why is it called a FOUND family if i CANT FUCKING FIND ANY OF THEM
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Attention: I have breached containment. Don't panic, I'm just getting a sandwich
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introjectfessions · 8 months ago
*shakes tin* can we get ONE introject that isn't a factive(kinda?) pleasE
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tiredbluejay · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My lasagna pan has a message for all the tops out there.
[ID: a closeup of a tin baking pan with the words “SUPPORT THE BOTTOM” stamped into it]
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downtownstims · 2 years ago
whats a consistent tagging system?
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pathbinder · 2 years ago
hello cheese zim, been in any giant piles of cheese lately?
WHAAAAAT?! I can’t hear you I’m so deep in this pile of tastey melty cheddar *monch*
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persephonethequeen · 8 days ago
Did I have my own pillow? Yes. But Hades was a better one
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medicalmagician · 7 months ago
Ilya and I were dorks. That is all.
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000129-rileyabel · a year ago
In a discussion about the hunger games:
me: “I would rewatch the movies but I don’t want to see the people I loved die.” my friend: “you mean you had people you loved in that life?” me: “well, yeah.” *starts counting on fingers* “Cato...”  me, after a few seconds: “I started that like it was a list. I shouldn’t have started like it was a list.”
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fictionkinfessions · 17 days ago
Friend: I wish I could be friends with fictional characters
Me: don’t make a kin joke, don’t make a kin joke, don’t make a kin joke
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honestly the best way to describe kinnies is just “hi i’m [x] fictional gremlins in a trenchcoat and i’m here to fuck your shit up”
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introjectfessions · a year ago
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osdd-1bitch · 2 months ago
huh, so adhders often have 'background' objects entirely ignored by their brain and not percived like whatsoever and causes them to be unaware of stuff for seemingly no reason, which worsens in messy situations making them unaware of a mess, or even things like notes and reminders in already crowded rooms? call that clutterblind
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trickstersmagic · 3 months ago
Therapist: The kimono goth coat isn’t real. It can’t hurt you 
 Kimono Goth coat:
Tumblr media
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pathbinder · 3 years ago
I'm rewatching peewee's playhouse for the first time in 12 years and I fucking swear if I kin the pterodactyl I will scream and the kin police are going to kill me on sight
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annabelle--cane · 4 months ago
jon is the kind of bi nonbinary person who is both wlw and mlm at the same time and I bring this up because with absolutely no evidence I 100% believe he and georgie u-hauled so incredibly hard when they first took up together. full "14-year-old wlw who just came out and immediately jumped into a relationship" energy. I'm talking mutual "I love yous" by the third date, I'm talking one wardrobe shared between the two of them, I'm talking being so annoying that their roommates idly plot assassination attempts, it was terrible. things calmed down after a little while as the pure novelty of having a relationship wore off, but still. again, no evidence or reasoning, but there is literally nothing you could say to dissuade me from this.
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juicedoesthings · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
dni if you’re a pokemonxtrainer scum don’t even look in my direction 
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