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Eggie’s Arthur Fleck/Joker Masterlist


Because I’m a dipshit who talks in the tags a lot, rendering them completely unreliable. Will update regularly with new content when it comes. 

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6 months of JOKER

Its been half a year since Arthur Fleck came into our lifes and I just wanted to say how much this movie helped me with m depession.

I have been a Joaquin fan since 2002. I was always fascinated by him and had a huge crush on him over the years. When I heard that he will play the new Joker I was thrilled. I knew its going to be amazing but I truly had no idea that this movie is going to change my life for the better.

I know its only 6 months by now but I can feel that this movie will stay with me forever.

I feel like Arthur Fleck is my soulmate.

I watched the movie about 120 times or more up until now. Watching it every day actually. Because it makes me feel so much better,

At first I was crying althrogh the movie. I was shaking, holding my breath,,,,

Now its my comfort movie. Watching Arthur, hearing voice…. its like he is here with me.

I relate so much, I feel like I know his thoughts and he knows mine.To me its a magical connection on a higher level. I just love him so much.

I am so thankful that Joaquin created Arthur out of his mind. He really did.

Now I cant imagin a day without Arthur.

I watch the movie every day, I write about him, I do write him letters, daydream about him….he is always on my mind.

I was in a dark place mentally when the movie came out.

Looking back at the last 6 months shows me that the movie was the best therapy for me. Arthur was.

I feel save when I think about him. I feel so much love and passion.

The numbness I felt before is gone.

I can finally feel again.

I feel connected to my true self again,

I was writing all my life and suffered from a writers block.

Now I can write for hours. He truly inspires me.

I have now 8 Joker tattoos, more to come. I got his portrait tattooed on me. Under my skin forever.

My love for Arthur is endless and unconditional.

I am so happy Arthur was created.

Just thank you to everyone involved.

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Joker|Arthur Fleck x Reader

warning: super nsfw

word count:  2,005


He was on top of you.  You both were wrapped up underneath your comforter.  He was pounding his cock inside you fast and hard.  Your skin was sticky from sweat.  You moaned his name loudly.  He was breathing heavy.  He kissed you passionately, but sloppy.  You had never had sex this good.  You could hear your skin colliding, it was like heaven.  He grinned down at you, sweat dripping from his locks.  He kissed you once again.  

You woke up the next morning in a sweat.  “It was all a dream,” you thought.  You ran your fingers through your hair.  Arthur Fleck was your neighbor.  He was odd, but you found it charming.  You both would often have long conversations in your doorways, neither of you ever inviting the other inside.  You did not know how Arthur felt about you.  He obviously enjoyed talking to you because you had seen him dodge plenty of conversations with others, but he always stopped to talk to you each time he saw you.  You enjoyed Arthur.  You thought about him a lot.  Sometimes you thought about him in ways someone should not think about another unless they were romantically involved.  The dream you had had was one of many about him.

You decided you wanted to go over to Arthur’s apartment today.  You made some food, dressed yourself up slightly, and headed over to his apartment.  You hesitated to knock on the door.  “He’s going to think you’re crazy,” you thought.  But that was okay with you.  You knocked on the door.  It took a moment, but Arthur opened the door.  You smiled at him widely.  He also smiled upon seeing you, “Y/N, what are you doing here?”  You held up the food, “I thought maybe you’d like to have lunch?”  Arthur smiled widely, “Oh, wow.  I would love to.”  He led you inside, taking the food from you and sitting it on the dining room table.  He pulled out a chair for you, scooting it in for you as you sat.  He grabbed plates and silverware from the cabinets and drawers.  He set them for you and himself.  You split the food and both began enjoying the meal.

Arthur stared at you from across the small round table.  Truthfully, he had been thinking about you a lot.  He did almost anything to get to talk to you.  He wanted your attention more than anything.  He longed for you.  He wanted you.  He had pleasured himself to thoughts of you several times.  He had even been thinking about you this morning.  He was thinking about taking you in his hands next time he saw you and bringing you back to his apartment.  He thought about pinning you against the counter and fucking you right there.  “No need to waste time going into the bedroom when I could fuck her right her,” he had thought.  It was different seeing you in his apartment.  He felt like this was a sign.  “God,” he thought, “The things I am going to do to her.  She just waltzed her little self in here.  She has no idea what she’s got in store for her now that she’s with me.  Fuck, I hope she wants me as much as I want her.”  

“That was delicious, Y/N,” Arthur complimented you.  You blushed slightly, “Thank you so much, Arthur.”  Arthur stood and began clearing the table.  “You should stay a little while.  We can find something on the TV to watch,” Arthur spoke in a deep voice.  “I don’t mean to intrude on your day, Art,” you opposed.  “I’m inviting you.  Please, stay with me,” he shot a grin at you.  You nodded with pink cheeks, “Okay, I will.”

Arthur led you into the living room.  You sat on the couch, hoping he would join right beside you.  He walked away into the hallway.  He came back with a blanket the perfect size for the two of you.  He laid it on you, covering you politely.  He joined you on the couch, putting his arm around the back of you.  He did not join you under the blanket which disappointed you.  You threw part of the blanket onto him.  “But it’s supposed to be all for you,” Arthur opposed.  “I would rather share with you,” you smiled.  You snuggled up against Arthur, placing one of your hands on his thigh as you stared at the TV.

“Oh my God,” Arthur thought, “She’s trying so hard to be near me.  D-Does this mean she wants me?”

“He’s being such a gentlemen,” you thought, “I hope I am reading into this right.”

You rested your head on his chest.  Arthur’s heart skipped a beat.  He petted your head.  

“Y/N,” Arthur questioned.  “Hmm, yes, Arthur?”  He looked at your deeply, “Did you come here for more than just lunch?  Are you looking for… dessert perhaps?”  You felt your cheeks and other places flood with heat.  “I-I don’t know if I understand,” you were embarrassed.  He pinched your chin between his fingers, “Did you come here with food, all dolled up, to come and fuck me?”  You let out a deep breath.  You could feel yourself growing wet with his words.  You nodded innocently.  “Clever little thing, aren’t you.  Coming here, getting me all snuggled up with you on the couch, how did you know?  I’ve been dreaming about fucking you for weeks, doll.  I’ve even gotten off to you a couple times.  Fuck, I’ve been dreaming about dicking you until you couldn’t leave this place,” Arthur growled.  You basically moaned at him, “Arthur, I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me for weeks now.”  Arthur smirked, “Is that so?”  He ran his hand up your leg, under your skirt, inches away from your opening.  You trembled at his touch.  His hand continued to inch closer and closer to your opening.  

“Arthur,” you muttered.  He raised an eyebrow, “Yes, baby?”  “I’m not wearing any underwear,” you slightly giggled.  Arthur’s face became painted with a wide grin, “Oh, so you did plan on getting something from me today?  What a naughty girl you are.”  His fingers finally reached your opening.  Arthur placed his lips against your neck, “I hope this is what you wanted.”  He shoved three fingers deep inside you.  You threw your head back in pleasure.  Arthur smiled against your skin.  He began to pump his fingers inside you fast.  “Fuck, Arthur,” you moaned with every motion he made.  

He pulled his fingers out of you abruptly causing you to whine.  He looked at his glistening fingers, admiring them.  “God,” Arthur stuck the fingers in his mouth sucking them clean, “What a good girl you are.”  You watched him as he wiped his fingers on his pants.  You placed your hands on both sides of his face, pulling him to your lips.  You pressed a deep kiss onto him.  You parted his lips with your tongue.  He placed a firm hand on your waist.  Your tongues intertwined.  You groaned as Arthur bit at your lip, pulling away from you.  He quickly placed his lips to your neck.  His top half was pushed against yours, he was trying to be as close to you as possible.  He left open mouth kisses all over your neck.  You shivered at him.  You felt him smile against your neck.  He worked his way up, kissing the soft spot behind your ear.  You smiled, arching your back at him.  He reached his arms around your back, grabbing you in the lower part of it.  He held you close to him.  He moved away from your neck and looked at you.  He was admiring you.  He loved the way you looked, he would never get tired of this view.  You stared up at him, leaning and placing a small kiss on his forehead.  

“Come to the bedroom with me,” Arthur questioned, mostly demanding.  You ran a hand over his hair, “Of course.”  Arthur took your hand in his, guiding you to his dark bedroom.  He led you in first, closing the door behind him.  It was almost completely black in the room.  You stood completely still, trying to let your eyes adjust.  It was cold and silent in the room.  Arthur placed a hand on you in the dark.  He pulled you into him, his hard member poked at you through his pants.  You could hear him breathing.  You placed a hand on his chest, feeling it rise and fall with each breath.  He took your other hand and placed it on his hard member.  You blushed.  Neither of you could see each other completely, you could make out small details of each other’s figures.  You gripped his hard member through his pants, he let out a low breath.  You tugged at him slightly, seeing how he would react.  He rested his forehead on yours, his mouth was open.  You could feel his warm breath hitting you in the face.  Your name fell from his lips quietly.  He grabbed your wrist lightly, removing it.  He ran his hands down your back, taking your ass in them.  He pulled you against him, holding you there.  He rested his chin on your shoulder.  His lips met at your ear, “Are you ready?”  You nodded innocently.  

He picked you up, carrying you the short distance to the bed.  He laid you down softly.  “Undress,” his voice was raspy.  You did as he wanted.  You dropped all your clothes to the floor.  You heard his belt hit the floor.  He was on top of you now.  You felt his hard member hit your thigh.  You ran your hands up his bare chest.  He was bony.  His ribs stuck out.  You could feel his heart beating out of his chest as you rested your hands there.  His skin was softer than you expected.  He kissed you tenderly.  His lips traveled to your jawline, placing kisses anywhere he could.  He grabbed your leg, pulling it up on him and the other directly after.  He positioned himself at your opening.  You saw his eyes in the dark.  They looked hungry.  He slid inside you.  He filled you nicely.  You called out to him.  He began to pump himself inside you fast and hard.  He was breathing heavy.  You moaned and groaned with each of his motions.  You could feel a knot growing in your stomach.  You ran a hand up to Arthur’s face, “I-I’m about to finish, Art.”  He crashed his lips into yours.  He began slamming himself into you.  He was hitting all the right spots inside you.  You clenched around him as your orgasm ripped through you.  You called out Arthur’s name loudly.  He did not slow his pace.  “Fuck, you feel so good all tight around me like this,” Arthur moaned.  The darkness was spinning as you came down from your high.  You felt Arthur’s cock twitch inside you as his climax was approaching.  Arthur began to kiss you as he spilled inside you.  He pumped himself inside you, filling you with his seed.  One of his hands ran through your hair.  He pulled out of you once he was finished.  

Arthur rested his body on yours.  You wrapped your arms around him as his body relaxed.  You ran your fingers up and down his back, your nails scratching him slightly.  “That was amazing, Art,” you whispered to him.  You heard Arthur smile, “You are amazing.”  You blushed.  He was so kind.  Arthur rolled off you, pulling you on top of him.  You rested your head on his chest as he petted you.  “I want you to lay here with me all night,” Arthur murmured.  You chuckled, “It’s the middle of the day.”  Arthur chuckled along with you, “I don’t care.  I don’t want this moment to end.”  You got comfortable on him.  You felt yourself growing tired.  “Can I just lay here and snuggle and nap with you,” you yawned.  Arthur kissed the top of your head, “Of course.  That sounds like heaven.”  

You felt yourself drifting off.


//Thank you for reading!  If you are interesting in being tagged in future Joker works, let me know!//


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Do you know what Arthur REALLY sees when he looks in your eyes? A second chance of everything - life, happiness... love. He sees golden and green flecks encased in a dark brown, like fireworks in the sky. He sees your adoration for him, the promise of a long, healthy and loving future together. He sees YOU in his eyes, and he could get lost in your eyes. I wish the two of you all of the very best happinesses together.
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Examples of average prices for my illustrations. Prices can vary as a function of the complexity of your request.

  1. When you send me a mail for a commission, don’t forget to mention it in « object ». Then try to send me a more or less detailed description of your desiderata. Does not forget to mention the type of commission that you wish. According to the desired subject, attach some screenshots of your character or other references.
  2. I will send you my decision concerning my interest for your project. Indeed, I should like to give the best of myself for your images, and if the basic subject does not interest me at all, it could be difficult for me to realize something good. If I am interested by the submitted subject, I will give you a precise estimation of the price.
  3. After acceptation of the quote, I will send you a request of payment by mail. Payment will be made by PayPal.
  4. After acceptation of the payment, I will send you a draft of your picture, in order to give you an idea of the final result. You can then give me your opinion and your suggestions. After acceptation of the draft, your commission will be terminated generally in 7 to 10 days.

If the waiting list becomes too long, I will close the commissions, and open them again when my work is finished.

Please, make sure my style staisfies your expectation before commissioning me. Do not hesitate to ask me your questions. ^^

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