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a-joke-about-bats · 2 days ago
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"I think you and I are destined to do this forever."
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
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The Joker Annual #1 - "El Mal Duerme Bien" (2021)
written by Matthew Rosenberg & James Tynion IV art by Francesco Francavilla
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Kawakami, teaching sex education: Alright, your partner just texted you ‘I want a baby’. What are your responses?
Ryuji: I want new heelies.
Ann: We’re gay.
Akira: Give me a week. What colour?
Yusuke: Oh, just to hang out with?
Makoto: No.
Kasumi, blushing: M… mine?
Haru: They’re usually chilling in carts outside grocery stores. How fast can you run?
Kawakami: ...
Kawakami: Stop.
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renxias · a day ago
Bruce/Batman’s enemies consist of:
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jokersby · a day ago
Batman Fan Anthology Comic by @thebeanbagboys
The artist is Eedaeth and the author is Mikopath!
To support them and the project, consider starting a Patreon subscription with them!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The story is an anthology, showing unique perspectives from varying members of the Gotham Rogue Gallery, such as Joker, Two-Face, The Mad Hatter, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, an original mystery villain, and of course Batman himself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To get updates on the project, subscribe to their Patreon or follow them here, here, and here! They also have a Discord you can join, which I'm a part of!
They also are working on a really cool Minecraft Resource Pack that you check out here.
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mistressnbatgirl · 2 days ago
I just gotta say that I love the route in Batman Telltale where you make Bruce head over heels for John but ALSO a chaotic bisexual disaster dumbass just like John lmaooo
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Tumblr media
Batman vs Joker by Gabriele Dell’Otto
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Joker Annual #1 - "El Mal Duerme Bien" (2021)
written by Matthew Rosenberg & James Tynion IV art by Francesco Francavilla
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Akira: One of the things I find most attractive about Akechi is his personality.
Akechi: Oh, good, because I have several.
Akira: What!?
Akechi: Don’t listen to him, that bitch is crazy.
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garrett-strangelove · 2 days ago
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"My little mouse, you know that your place is at my feet".
Tumblr media
"Do you see now that it's not so bad to be at someone's feet?"
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queeralfiesolomons · a day ago
Joker: Why do I need to come out?! If you still think I'm straight then that's on you.
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mrskurono · 2 days ago
I don’t think I’ve expressed enough how much i lobe tour writing and how good it is but you really kinda got me simping for hinawa, with that first time one ahhh its so good 😩✨✨
And honestly can’t believe i haven’t asked for a victor or joker first time yet but if you want to do one or the other. Victor i just see him a a nervous wreck but so overstimulated and Joker just begging at this point.
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Tumblr media
a/n: don't compliment me >///< you know I'll do anything you want if you do that!! But honestly, I'm surprised more first times didn't pop up after that lil mini series of first kisses heuheuheu (and besides Shinra, Hinawa was the other first one I had a crush on heh) type: headcanons tags: fem!Reader, virgin!Viktor + virgin!Joker, mentions of the following; oral sex, vaginal penetration, handjobs, guided masturbation, anal play (viktor) past trauma (joker) character(s): Viktor, Joker (fire force)
Tumblr media
Viktor Licht
An inquisitive man down to his core
Just like any aspect of science waiting to be discovered, sex and the human body is no different
Not unaccustomed to pleasure, Viktor is avidly aware of how his body works and that includes things below the belt
But what he doesn't know is how it might react with another person. So when you come in? Viktor is like a giddy kid on Christmas ready to try it all
Mutual masturbation, oral, toys, with or without condoms, fetishes and kinks galore, there isn't anything Viktor isn't willing to try once if not three times just for the spirit of knowledge
From the way he spends hours between your legs
Lapping at your clit, testing the waters of how far he can stuff his tongue inside you and even more. He doesn't move until his chest is covered in the slick of your cunt and he knows exactly the tell tale signs of when you're going to climax
Which is all good and fun until it comes to the moment he feels the warmth of something other than his hand around his cock for the first time
You just know that man's cock is as pretty and long as he is tall
It's all or nothing with Viktor
His bodies reaction to your walls fluttering around him, milking him like your slick insides were made for him to dump all his cum into, he won't stop until he's panting 'n sweating above you
Has to save fucking for the last course bc it is all this man will do until he is red in the face and absolutely depleted
So the other fun things have to happen first and let me tell you does he have a book planned of fun things
Nothing on either of you goes untouched
Viktor can't help it though when you play with his ass, that's an endeavor all to itself bc how well he reacts with his prostate is played with for the first time
Drain him with your cunt or your fingers, Viktor doesn't care as along he's empty at the end by you and you only ♡
Sex is a touchy subject for him
Not by choice but by circumstance
So when the time comes that he truly wants nothing more than to be intimate with you, Joker still defaults to you making the choices
He wants you more than anything but needs to take it slow
We're talking building it from the ground up with his trust
Laying in bed with heated make out sessions turned showing each other where to touch on your bodies
Joker being lavished in praise as you kiss all over his torso and he jerks off for you
Your own fingers working away at your clit as the two of you hush each other's moans with sloppy kisses
Until you're shuddering next to him and he's pumping his hips up to spill his seed all over his stomach
Exploring into letting you play with him. And vice versa
Joker letting his first real orgasm at another's hands be yours. With the way you swipe your thumb over his slit and grip his cock just right. His broad chest swelling with a jagged breath the moments he soils your closed fist. Cum seeping between your fingers and his beautiful neck on display as he tips his head back and moans through the entire orgasm
The moment penetration comes into play, Joker is more than craving you
Sweet thoughts replacing the old scared memories when the two of you finally reach that point
Nothing feels like the sweet release of his soul leaving his body seconds after Joker enjoys the flutter of your cunt around his cock
This is worth dying for, you're worth dying for, he just knows it
Can't help but become a mess but a pretty mess none the less
Brush his hair out of his face, shower him in praise while you move your hips
Engulf his senses until he's clinging to you and rutting up into you sloppily to match your movements
Nothing takes Joker to a better place than when he feels you steal his orgasm from him. No thoughts, just the overwhelming sweetness that comes from his twitching cock being milked dry into your cunt
Every last drop with a vice grip hold on you as Joker gasps and groans in the crook of your neck
Utterly taken back by the fact intimacy can be this good, even for him, leaving Joker to be a bit of an addict to the way you make him feel ♡
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