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So I’ve been rewatching Season 4 of Gotham and I remembered that one of my first posts on here was me trying out with a start of a Jeremiah Valeska cosplay…. so this is a follow up post! I actually did complete my cosplay and want to share it on here. It took me a year to make the costume but it was worth it. Most of it was hand made from the suit itself to the shoes and the gloves. I’m particularly proud of the shoes. Anyway here’s the pictures of the final look, the shoes and some pictures of the character for reference. My eyes in the final image are edited as I can’t wear contacts.

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pairing: Ledger Joker x Fem. Reader

word count: 4,086

warnings: strong language, mentions and description of past trauma relating to an ex, J losing his temper

notes: whew! I have had this piece in the works since around the first of May and I’ve been editing it and tweaking it ever since. I finally finished it up today because all the other ones I’ve got started right now are smut pieces and I really am not in the mood to mess with that right now. I kinda am annoyed with this piece because there was so much I wanted to tell and so much I wanted to get out and I don’t think I really did. I try not to go too deep with the whole ‘abusive ex’ topic because there is a lot I don’t remember as well as it being painful to bring up, so I simplify it to broader topics that I think some people might relate to better than specific examples. I just wanted to write a piece that was close to my heart in this way because a lot of it I needed to work through. I included the ending in this fic because its something I have learned recently: saying ‘I love you’ over and over doesn’t make it true. A person’s actions make the love true, not the word itself. Anytime someone tells you over and over how they love you and never do anything to prove it, run. I love you guys, please read this with care. again, unedited bc I’m lazy.


Originally posted by petersparker

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a pirate and his treasure

Request: Requesting a Bearded Arthur fic. I think it’s about time

A/N: Will anyone be able to take this seriously? skskks idk but this was fun

Length: 713


Originally posted by littletroubledgrrrl

  • Before Arthur met you, he shaved incessantly, so much to the point that the skin on his face was completely raw. He was so convinced that if he allowed himself to look what he deemed as unkempt any more than his appearance already made him look (he could hardly afford haircuts enough as it was), that he was going to be even more likely to get jumped or disrespected. It was because of this that every single morning when he woke up he shaved intensely, sometimes even multiple times, even going so far that he would sometimes be bleeding by the end of the process.
  • As he began to fall deeper into a relationship with you, it became more apparent to him that he started to feel a little bit safer. That he could allow himself to relax a bit, to become a little bit looser, both metaphorically and literally. He began to start to leave a little stubble upon his chin almost every morning, rather than immediately shaving everything off when he first woke up in the morning, starting to realize that as long as he had you to come home to, whatever happened out there hardly mattered.
  • You absolutely adored brushing your fingertips up against the stubble on his chin, loving the way that it grazed up against your fingers. Even this was such a soft sensation coming from your Arthur; everything that he did felt like it was a very definition of gentle.
  • Eventually did it get to the point where he was relaxed enough that he barely shaved at all, only shaving every couple of weeks. The couple of days in between where he didn’t shave were full of him growing out his facial hair, to the point where it he actually had a small little beard forming around his mouth.
  • You found it adorable and handsome on him, loving the way that his hair framed his face. He looked a little bit older because of it,  but it suited him well. You loved to brush your fingers through it while you kissed him on the lips, loving the way that the hair tickled up against your own lips and fingers as you did so. You giggled against him as you fell into a kiss against one another, forgetting the world around you.
  • Everything about him was just so warm.
  • He would sometimes stare at you shyly on the days when he didn’t shave, and you could see that unspoken question in his eyes that he wanted to know if you liked the way that he looked without shaving. You made it abundantly clear that you did, not being able to get enough of brushing your lips all over him and on the corners of his lips, loving the way that the comforting hair of his face brushed up against your own face as you did so. It smelled like cologne and cigarettes, just like the man himself did, and you adored the scent as much as you adored Arthur himself.
  • One day you caught him looking in the mirror, staring at himself in what seemed like a critical way. You leaned up against the door frame, smiling at him lovingly and admirably.
  • “You look like a pirate,” you murmured playfully, but mostly lovingly. You knew he was judging himself for how he looked, and you wanted to break him out of that as much as you could. 
  • Arthur looked over from the mirror he was staring at and turned his gaze over to, and gently, shyly did he give you a loving and knowing smirk. He knew the rather serious emotional intention beneath those playful and seemingly casual words. He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you gracefully, making you giggle as he swept you into a gentle and tender kiss, his beard brushing up against your face all the while.
  • “If I’m a pirate, you’re my treasure,” he murmured against your lips. You giggled into his lips as he traced his mouth against yours, your tongues dancing and intertwining into one another. 
  • No matter what he looked like, he was the most regal and tender man you have ever seen in the world, and you were grateful every single day that you had the honor to love him. 

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I’m currently struggling somewhat and so naturally I’m obsessively ruminating on Arthur. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about him in the biblical sense; some people are in love with him but don’t think about him in that way, but I admittedly do. It feels like such a naughty and forbidden secret, imagining his head tilted back, his dark hair spilling over the pillows, his mouth falling open for me, tongue swirling deliriously in his mouth…

How wicked my brain becomes when I think of him.

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