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#joker gas
batcavescolony · 4 months ago
So you know how people can smell a storm coming? do you think Gothamites do that?
Gothamite: *sniff sniff* hey, you smell that?
Visitor: what?
Gothamite: Joker venom *pulls out respirator* ok have fun ✌🏼
*laughing starts*
Visitor: I hate it here.
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thesuperheroesnetwork · a year ago
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August 17
So I was at the drug store due to a case of the midnight munchies and an empty cupboard and I was walking through the cosmetic aisle. See, there's been this product going around and everyone's seen it somewhere. Its a spray on hair dye called Joker Green and no one is sure if its just a joke or if its actually the Joker trying to make some money on the side or something. He's in Arkham right now but thats never stopped him from anything before.
Legend goes that every once in a while someone will buy a can as a joke and spray it onto their hair and instead of paint, Joker Gas comes out.
Should I buy one?? I need another opinion
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jaubaius · 6 months ago
Some Villains have the right idea.🔊🔊
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tazahan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Batman and Joker but it’s Kiryu and Majima
(this is first drawing I made with CSP for practicing)
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dreemurr-fever · 5 months ago
Pov: You get an alert about a mysterious gas spreading quickly around Gotham and remember you left your gas mask at home
Tumblr media
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Rogues Immune to Fear Toxin
Poison Ivy: Pamela is naturally immune due to her pheromones. She is immune to most toxin strains, except those that can be used against plant like creatures (e.g Swamp Thing)
Joker: Due to his resistance to chemicals, he’s also naturally immune. Unlike Pamela, there is no strain of toxin that can currently affect him. 
Killer Croc: Waylon is only immune to gaseous toxin, not the liquid. This is because of his skin doesn’t absorb the gas like a humans would. He’s also naturally good at holding his breath. If Crane has a strong enough needle, then he can penetrate his skin and inject him directly.
Mr. Freeze: Victor is immune due to his body temperature, the toxin can’t materialize properly in his blood stream and thus remains ineffective.  He is both immune to gas and liquid forms.
Man-bat: Due to self experimentation with bat DNA, Kirk is immune to certain variations of toxin. The influx of Bat DNA gives his “bat” form immunity to toxin, however this means when he is human that he is vulnerable to direct injections.
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 3 years ago
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textsfromsuperheroes · 3 years ago
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Texts From Superheroes
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pookacangetit · 3 months ago
Sero: what would you do if you can earn ¥500 for free at the cost of your greatest enemy also getting ¥500?
Kaminari: easy, I’ll take their ¥500 because dolphins don’t know what money is
Sero: you greatest enemy is dolphins???
Kaminari: … I’ve seen you scream at 3 AM because you thought the fridge was the door to Narnia you have no room to judge me
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kkcomics · 8 months ago
Ok I’ve been thinking about this for a while so hear me out ok!
I think that most people in Gotham know basic self-defense so they can defend themselves against any criminals they come across. Of course they won’t be able to do anything against the Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, or any one like that. But they’ll be able to defend themselves from muggers, pickpockets, and people like that. Because I mean they live Gotham but don’t know how to defend themselves?
Now another thing is I thing by now they just started carrying gas mask everywhere they. So their always prepared for fear gas, the Jokers laughing gas, or any other poisons that appears.The moment people someone gets affected with some type of gas, the people around them just start pulling out gas mask.
Like I feel like this would be an “only in Gotham” thing you know?
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jokerfan99 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Esdeath (2) by KrazyKamikaze44
Lineart & Coloring: krazykamikaze44
Commissions now available. Details below…
AKAME GA KILL! © Takahiro & Tetsuya Tashiro
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sentientpocketsand · 7 months ago
Jason Todd being exposed to concentrated fear gas and thinking his back in the basement, finally having a accepted that batman has "abandoned" and "replaced" him.
Obviously he goes berserk shooting at anyone that comes near him screaming about killing the clown.
Takes all his brothers to subdue him so Nightwing can finally administer the antitode. He recovers in Wayne manor and his just another step closer to being okay, this time his family was there in his time of need.
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bronson2099 · 6 months ago
My Batman x Yakuza crossovers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1.) "The Skinny Chaotic Alliance upsets the Unreasonable Chin Brigade" (aka Mark Hamill befriends Mark Hamill)
2.) "Bane learns to Shakedown"
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