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Alright, dear Joker community, let’s spice things up a bit with a challenge!

If you had to choose your 1 favorite picture of Arthur/ Carnival/ Joker that you could turn into a portrait/big print to hang up on your wall and stare at endlessly, which would it be? 🤡

Remember, you must narrow your extensive gallery to only 1 pic, your all time favorite!

Adding this gif here to highten the appetite 🤭

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Can’t find the post but to the person looking for close ups for Arthur Fleck here are some pics from that scene I found.


Sorry for the watermark but these are pretty close to what I think you were looking for.

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Artie and J-boi are a little…freaky? So if anyone has asks for them, send em!

What, Commi? You freaky too, son? Yeah, they know. You get a lot of asks, alright? Why you freaking? Ugh, ok boomer! Commi wants asks too, y'all.

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You sleeping in Arthurs PJs while he is at Arkham <3 /Headcanons

*3 am and you paced around apartment 8J with the heaviest of hearts. Arthur was at Arkham state hospital and it seemed like they wanted him to stay for at least two weeks, which broke your heart. The thought of him lying alone under those white sheets at night, longing for you to hold him was killing you.

*Being at the hospital wasnt as bad for him as it sounded but you knew that he hated the smell of the bleach they used to wash the sheets. It made him feel very uncomfortable at night and you just wished that he would have been allowed to bring his own pillow with him. A piece of the loving home he shared with you.

*Arthur was at Arkham for banging his head against the wall until he passed out. You found him lying in front of the fridge when you came back from working a night shift, confused and close to tears. You felt guilty for working shifts. Being alone in the apartment at night was tough for him.

*He was so very confused that you both decited it would be better to call the doctors so you did ,and he was okay with checking in, but it was horrible to think of him being all by himself in this sterile room with nothing to hold onto except to his journal, which they allowed him to keep.

*You knew that he wanted to stay there for a while because he thought he was a burden, no matter how much you tried to convince him that he could never be a burden for you. He knew himself good enough that there was a chance he would hurt himself again within the next few days and he wanted you to not worry about that so he thought it would be better to stay at the hospital.

*Being seperated from him felt like losing yourself. Without his presence you felt nothing but empty inside. His absence hurt. Mentally and phisically. You were never seperated before. You have been together every day since you moved into his apartment one year ago.

*You missed everything about him. His  voice whispering sweet nothings in your ear, while he was hugging you from behind. His jokes, his sweet smile, his gentle hands upon your skin, his kisses. You missed hearing his steps on the floor, the smell of his hair and skin. His warm breath on your neck when he fell asleep, the intense loook in his eyes when you told him how much he means to you. It was all taken from you right now. His absence was a black shadow, growing inside. You felt like one of those scribbles he used to draw in his journal before he met you.

*You opened the wardobe, trying to find some of his clothes to wear. His brown sweater. The one he wore when you first met him. Or maybe the blue one. You loved how worn out and faded this one looked and  buried your nose in it but it smelled like fresh laundry. You needed to smell HIM. So you desperately searched for his PJs everywhere and found them under the sheets, where he left them. Perfect. You put on the pants and buried your face in the red longsleeve sweater. It smelled like him. You took off your shirt and got into his sweater. The same fabric he wore while sleeping was now caressing your naked skin. This felt so good. Soft and cosy to the touch. You took a deep breath and another one. It felt like wearing him as a second skin.

*And thats how you felt about Arthur really. He was your second skin. Your soulmate. You only felt whole with him close to you. You didnt even knew how to funktion as a person without him anymore. He was your light, your heart,your reason for living, your PURPOSE.

*And you knew that you were the same to him. Thats why it hurt so much to know he was alone in his room right now.  You wish you could call him but you had to wait until tomorrow. Not being able to see how he was actually doing was torture. What if he was suffering from night terrors and no one was there to calm him down? They would only give him more meds if he would be scared. But he needed more than that. He needed your warm ebrace to calm down again, to feel save. Your arms as a shelter. Protecting him from the world outside.

*You always knew how to calm his mind. His bouncy legs. How to help him breathe when he was lost in his laughter. HE NEEDED YOU. There was nothing in this world you wanted more than to be able to be with him.

*You covered yourself with his fave blanket. His Pj pants smooth and silky against your skin. Wearing his clothes made you feel like he hugged you. If you only felt his hands… His loving, gentle hands….there was nothing like it…

*You pulled your legs close to your chest, burying your face deep into his pillow. The smell of his hair. Cigarettes, prell shampoo and a little bit of sweat. You wanted to hold this special kinda scent in your lungs forever. Oh how much you loved the scent of his brown curls. Especially the ones that used to dance in the back of his neck.

*Your fingers  across the fabric of the pillowcase. It had some red and blue make up stains on it. You kissed them softly. Every single one of the colorful spots. Traces of him. A map that was leading you closer to him. Just like you used to kiss his tiney wrinkles. Those beautiful lines on his face. Leading to his true self.

*Your lips touched the pillow so softly, like it was his own skin. Closing your eyes and imagin his face in front of you helped you to feel a little bit better. You imagined how his lips used to form a smirk while he was kissing you. “Oh Arthur, I miss you so much it hurts” you whispered in the pillow, pressing it so close against your face, it was hard to breathe. Your arms hugged the soft material until it felt like his body lying next to you. You could swear that you felt the warmth of his body, but it was your own body heating up from the thought of him.

*Your right hand wandered to your chest. The soft fabric of his dark red sweater felt so familar. It didnt felt like you were touching yourself. It felt like you touched him. Your fingertips remembered it perfectly. Every inch, every curve of his arms, his elbow….every bone that was sticking out. So tragically beautiful.

*You`re getting lost in the thought of kissing along the line of his collarbones. You could always see them when he was wearing that sweater. They were teasing you, wanting to be kissed.

*Your hand wandered down to your ribs, your belly. In your mind it was his body. You and him. One body. One soul.  You coudlnt wait for him to come back home again.

*You wanted to put on some of his favourite songs but you didnt wanted to leave that shelter you just built.It was way too comforting to get up.  So you just hummed them, like he would do. And somehow you hoped that he was able to hear you in his white room,dreaming of you until you would be united again.

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Imma be real open. If you try to suppress arthur fleck, you’re hurting him.

Hes going to be joker whether you like it or not, cause joker is his true form.

Sorry but ive been here for years. A joker is a joker is a joker.

And if you don’t like that unfollow me before i start writing more fanfics.

Cause you cant save him.

Hes joker

You don’t love him. If you dont love his joker too.

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Honestly, ive expected these riots for years, and I’m shocked its happening. But we must fight these facists. I’m proud of us. And i will always talk about it. The government are preventing us from posting videos and any app that wont let you is working with the FBI like facebook.

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How Arthurs journal changed since you love him <3

Some headcanons about how Arthurs journal would have changed since you have been together. :)

*One of Arthurs main goals in a relationship would be to make you laugh a lot. He always thought it was his purpose to make people smile but it went wrong most of the time. Not with you.

*You always tell him how funny he is and it wouldnt be a lie just to make him feel better. You love his jokes. You love the dark and wicked ones, because its part of his personatlity which you love and adore so much. But you also love the innocent, almost childish ones which he seems to write more often since the two of you spent much more time together.

*He always hands you his journal for you to read because he wants you to know every thought that was important enough  to him to write it down and he wants you to keep up with his latest ideas for jokes. And lately you noticed that the dark jokes, especially the ones about death seem to be less common. His jokes are much more about lighter things now.

*Arthur finds more and more inspiration for his jokes from everyday situations with you. Being in a relationship is a whole new different experience and to him it offers so many funny situations he loves to write about.

*He keeps track on which one of his jokes made you laugh the most and draws a little heart beneath them that says “Y/N thinks this is funny”.

*Before you met his writing was driven by darkness. Now its mostly poems and song lyrics he likes to use for songs he tries to figue out on  the ukulele you gave to him.  The drawings in his journal that used to be traumatized people and blacked out faces are almost compleately gone. He loves to do little doodles of you and him and whatever you did together on that day. Drawings of you going out for a walk, baking cookies togerther or simply cuddeling in bed.

*He also keeps drawings of you being naked in his journal. He draws you under the shower and while you are sleeping. He draws his sexual fantasies about you in it, to show it to you when he is too shy to ask you about it.

*Sometimes he draws certain parts of your naked body on the pages. Especially when he is home alone. To make sure that he remembers every single datail when when he cannot look at you right now.

*He still likes to scrapbook a lot. But instead of woman from porn magazines its mostly polaroids of both of you together or snapshots he took of you when you weren`t looking. Sometimes when you go out for a walk he will let you walk ahead of him and secretly take pictures of you.

*He also loves to press flowers from walks you took together and glue them to the pages, adding little love notes dedicated to you.

*Some pages are only for jokes he has written especially for YOU. To make YOU laugh. He is very thoughtful about what you might find funny and tries to observe what kinda jokes you find funny when you`re watching tv, movies or the Murray Franklin show together. He makes little notes of what you laugh about a lot and tries to use it for his jokes.

*Making YOU laugh is very important to him. It makes him feel good inside to see you laughing at his jokes. It really means the world to him. Sometimes after he made you laugh very hard he would take a snapshop of you while laughing and put the photo in his diary, right underneath the joke that made you laugh so hard. And he would feel incredibly proud about it.

*Some pages are filled with cinema and theatre tickets from movies and plays you have watched together.

*Arthur keeps track on how much you kissed him in his jornal. He writes down how you kissed him on the forehead, neck, lips and how many times. Every kiss is very much important to him and he doesnt want to forget one single kiss.

*Artie keeps postcards of places he wants to visit with you in the future. Mostly California and nice, sunny places. He also wants to see teh Grand Canyon and some national parks, cuz he really longs for great nature around him.

*On bad days he would write his fear of losing you in his diary. Even though he does know how much you love him, he will always be afraid of losing you. The thought of going back to his lonely life without you is his greatest fear. He would hand you the pages and ask you to read it, so you know how afraid he is that you could ever leave him, because he always thinks he isnt good with words and feels much more comfortable with you reading it.

*After reading the parts about his fears of losing you you comfort him and cradle him in your arms, convincing him that you could never imagin a life without him.

@impulsiveclown @ben-solos-writing-avenger @jokerownsmysoul @missjoker96 @arthurskitten @lynnesm @nonnymousse @gwynplaine89 @damnrightobsessedwithim @sgtsavoytruffle  @duhliriouss @sadjesterautumn @therealjokerking10 @flowerglitterwoman @thirstforfleck @spookyhome @iartsometimes  @you-cant-cry-in-here @bustafatclownnut @jokerismyhubbie @jokerflecker  @check-out-this-joker @darknessisafriend  @nicoleverse @mdme-rosary @arthurhappyclown    @neon-umbrella-for-stella   @cherrymoon75 @call-me-harley-quinn @jokerho3 @arthurjokersgirl

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Hey, everyone. I’m really glad a lot of you have been enjoying my posts about the movie, and I see a lot of you enjoyed my post speculating if Arthur/Joker could be a sociopath. I honestly thought I was gonna get a lot of heat for that one. I like to give level headed approaches on these kind of posts, even if I find Arthur fascinating and the things being discussed don’t always show him in a positive way. So I thought it might be fun to share my thoughts on what I think a relationship with Arthur and Joker might actually be like. I know Arthur and Joker are the same person, but they’re very different in someways and it almost seems like they’re two different people. I’ll talk about Arthur and then Joker. This isn’t necessarily going to be fluffy and it’s not going to always talk about them in a completely positive way. Particularly as Arthur begins to transition to Joker and then when he’s Joker. Just a heads up for those of you who love both of them, and might be expecting a fluffy post. So I’ll start with Arthur in the beginning of the movie, as he transitions into Joker, and then Joker. These are only my opinions. You’re free to disagree with mine, and have your own opinions. 

If he’s on his meds, and he met a girl, I think Arthur would be extremely shy and nervous at first. He has never been in a relationship with anyone, and he is somewhat aware he can be awkward and make people around him feel uncomfortable. He wouldn’t approach someone he’s interested in. So if a woman were to approach him and talk to him, he probably wouldn’t say anything at first. He’s so used to being ignored and treated like he’s invisible he wouldn’t know if he was imagining her talking to him or if she was real. Arthur would be elated that she noticed him and be infatuated with her. Assuming she’s patient and understanding about his mental health issues, I think he would be considerate of her, her feelings, and what she wants. I think he would want someone to take care of him, but at the same time, because he spent so much time taking care of his mom, he would do the best he can to take care of her. But as he stops taking his meds and transitions into Joker, and met a girl, the relationship probably wouldn’t be the healthiest. Keep in mind, we’re not entirely sure when Arthur stopped taking his meds.

Arthur is isolated from everyone else and because he’s never been in a real relationship, he doesn’t know much about healthy boundaries. He’s somewhat aware he can make people uncomfortable, he might not understand that following the girl he likes to find out more about her is creepy and isn’t a normal way to get to know someone. We know he means well, and wouldn’t hurt her. But if she found out he was following her, she would be afraid of him. He would be so happy a girl noticed him and was nice to him. And since he doesn’t have anyone besides his mom (and maybe Gary) who cares about him, he would develop intense feelings for her right away. I think he would be very protective of her, probably not always in a healthy way. I think because he never had a healthy relationship with anyone, and doesn’t know about healthy boundaries, he might have a warped sense of love and affection. He would probably do so many things for her because he wouldn’t want her to get hurt, especially since he’s been hurt so many times. He’s always been a caregiver. He would want to take care of the woman he cares about, but might not realize he’s being overprotective. Arthur’s moods change. I think if he saw her talking to another man, maybe just someone she considers a friend, Arthur would be jealous. He might misinterpret the way she was talking to him. He would want to know who he was and why she was talking with him. Arthur might worry if she didn’t come  home from work right away. If she was ever late, he might get upset, and it could scare her. The changes in his mood can be unpredictable.

Once Arthur becomes Joker, that’s where I think the relationship could be damaging. As I said earlier, I look at Arthur and Joker as different people because they’re basically opposites. Joker is the darkness in Arthur. He’s the worst parts of Arthur. If you read my post about the possibility of Arthur/Joker being a sociopath, I mentioned I thought Arthur had a small bit of narcissism in him, particularly when he imagines himself on the Murray Franklin show. But I don’t think he’s entirely narcissistic. In spite of his mental health issues, I think he would be very considerate of the girl he cares about. He would always be focused on her. Joker, not so much. Joker comes off as much more narcissistic than Arthur. He would be focused on himself because Arthur never got the love and affection he wanted. Joker comes off as smug, arrogant and confident. He also has vanity. Joker wants to look good because he cares about how he appears to other people. His hair is combed, he wears a suit and he looks healthier than Arthur. Joker is also impulsive. He does things without thinking. While Arthur might be overprotective, Joker would be possessive. He would be very hostile if he saw the girl he was with talking to another man. He might even threaten to kill him. Joker wouldn’t let her talk to anyone else but him. Unlike Arthur, Joker probably wouldn’t let her leave. Ever. If she wanted to go anywhere, Joker would be with her at all times. And if the relationship was in modern times, and she was alone, he would be texting her constantly, never giving her a minute of peace. He probably wouldn’t let her go to work. He would tell her since he has such a big influence on Gotham she doesn’t need to work anymore. I mentioned that Arthur doesn’t understand healthy boundaries and healthy relationships. With Joker, it can be especially dangerous because he also might not understand the importance of those things. Joker would be much more dominant, much more aggressive about what he wants. Again, he’s the darkness in Arthur. He’s the worst parts of Arthur. So he might take what he wants without considering what she wants. And if he doesn’t understand how healthy boundaries and relationships work, he might hurt her without meaning to which would be very damaging for both of them.

This is just an idea I had about how a relationship with Arthur and Joker might be. I put a lot of thought into it and had fun writing this. I just hope I don’t get a bunch of angry comments. Hope you guys enjoyed this. I want to know what you think 🙂

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