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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Meet Jolt! My Beeprowl baby whom I don’t think I have posted about before!
He’s a paranoia and anxiety filled mess who fears the dinobots and can’t understand why his dad doesn’t see them as very dangerous.
He loves water and the ocean however and is fascinated by all the creatures that live in it, sharks, squids and terrifying eldritch creatures and all <3 he can often be found at the bottom of Detroits lake just kinda,, chilling sometimes napping among the fish.

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Back with another warm up sketch of DC’s latinx and hispanic heroes and antiheroes, this time with Carlotta Rivera, aka, JOLT.

Carlotta was a model from Spain (what was it about the 80′s that gave us so many superheroes who where models, or that worked a sidegig as models -Fire, Ice, Starfire, JOLT, Vixen, Green Lantern Arisia Rrab, Jade-), during the “Invasion!” event, where among many things caused by an alien invasion of Earth, was the “awakening” of the dormant metagene that gave powers to a lot of people. 

Carlotta was one of these people with newfound powers, in her case, the ability to generate force fields and absorb energy, so she became the superhero JOLT and then joined the international superhero team (another one of these in the 80s), The Blasters, which was composed of her; former Justice League mascot Snapper Carr and his alien furry girlfriend, Churljenkins; Looking Glass from England; Dust Devil from Israel and his overprotective mother, Mrs. Levy; Frag from Austria; Crackpot from the US; and a dominator alien named Gunther.

This was another instance of “this is supposed to be DC’s next big thing”, and was a passion project of writer, but then DC was like “you know what, let’s give the Legion of Superheroes another try”, and the Blasters where sent to limbo (except for Snapper Carr) and JOLT faded, never to be seen again.

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In certain feminist or activist generally circles there’s a lot of denigration of “identity politics” in contrast to “material, lived reality” with the subtle implication that “identities” are nonmaterial and exist only in the head of the person who Identify, especially if they are non-mainstream - you see this with people attacking trans people, nonbinary/genderqueer people, and anyone who uses a label considered too niche, depending on who it’s from and what they’ve decided is Bad.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much this bothers me because the idea that there’s some kind of hard binary separation between “identity” and “material reality” really doesn’t sit right with me.

And recently I read that Judith Butler interview everyone’s talking about right now, and at one point she says of trans women, “their modes of self-identification are ways of describing a lived reality.”

I think that this highlights my issue with this division. Labels are a way of describing a lived reality, not something that exists contrary to lived reality. It’s frustrating how often people forget that even in ostensibly LGBTQIAP+-friendly circles.

And the idea that some labels are unnecessary because they don’t correspond to a lived reality is a rather presumptuous judgement to make about someone else’s life, I think.

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