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Let’s Play Pokemon Crystal Part 10:

Welcome back to my Johto journey! In this video we cross the sea to Cianwood to get a special potion for Amphy. While there we run into Eusine again and then battle the gym leader, Chuck. We defeat Chuck but whatever shame he may feel at losing to a child is nothing compared to how he’ll feel when he finds out how his wife is talking about him! We head back to Olivine to save Amphy then try to take on Jasmine and her Steel types. Will we really win two gym badges in one episode?? Watch to find out!

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My anthro Shiny Jolteon/Espeon Fusion Character. Technically a truesona I designed after myself, she isn’t accurate to me anymore as I’ve Adopted the ✨ lesbian haircut ✨. Same bitchy attitude tho 💀💀.

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Cacti Dreams☁️

Honey Bolt 🍯

Black Ice 🧊

Leafeon, Jolteon, and Glaceon Designs I sold over Discord. Technically I gifted to Jolteon to Matty but that’s bc heehaa he has a bee hyper fixation. These might be from July or well before?? Quarantine got my uuhhh ability to uhh keep track of feeling anything without it being questionable.

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