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#jolyne cujoh

Jolyne: Wait! You’re forgetting something.

Pucci: What?

Jolyne: Well, being an evil villain, you are contractually required to explain your plan before you get rid of us.

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So I had to pull an all nighter to complete something for work, and instead of sleeping when I can like normal people would, I watch Jojo mmd videos… Send help 😂

PS, Giogio is so handsome here 😍

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As for their outfits: I was looking through aliexpress and found some interesting tops, and so I decided to draw Jolyne and Ermes in them!

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pronouns with the jojos, except its a part 2.

Jolyne: my pronouns? eh, call me whatever— but if anyone misgenders you, tell me. ill beat the hell outta them!

Johnny: the guy ones— what about you..? whatever you say, youre valid!

Gappy: um… i dont… yes?

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Anasui: L is for the way you look at me.

Ermes: O is for the only one I see.

Jolyne: V is very very extraordinary.

Weather: Egg.

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Idk, I feel like Jolyne would straight up call Jotaro a bitch and he wouldn’t say anything because he knows he deserves it

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Can’t wait for Jolyne to drop that first “Yare yare dawa” in the anime

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Winter in Morioh🌨❄

They’re just having fun in the city♡♡ Jackie and Jolyne are throwing snowballs at each other!!

Oftentimes Mikki was alone with the kids, Jotaro had to leave to America for his job. He made as much time as possible to see his family, but Mikki raised them mostly on her own. She moved to America with Jotaro permanently when Josiah was about 1 years old. She also had met Jotaro’s ex wife, and befriended her. They hung out alot and babysat the kids sometimes. I might draw that soon too♡

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