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Ooh okay, so I’m gonna turn this into a short fic later, but for now, enjoy the hcs on what happened!!


•The League thought it would be a good idea for the kids to work with someone who’s not their mentor.

•They get paired up to go on a patrol with one of their teammates parents. (Or to work with someone else from the League)

•Lets just say it doesn’t go super smoothly…

•Every mentor has a very different style of teaching their kid, and some of those don’t contrast as well with other older heroes mentoring style.

•Jon is with Bruce, Damian is with Wally, Milagro with Roy, Irey with Clark, Kathy is with Diana, Maya with Dinah, Jai with Hal, Lian with Jo’nn, Colin with Zatanna, and Suren with Arrhur.

•Jon kept asking Bruce questions for the whole 4 hour patrol non-stop

•Kathy was literally loosing her mind because Wonder Woman is one of her idols, and she doesn’t really talk to her too much, so she was freaking out the whole time.

•Irey and Clark worked together pretty well, and he gave her a piggy back ride in the air which she thought was cool.

•Arthur had no idea what to do with Suren.

•Maya and Dinah were just a badass duo.

•Zatanna didn’t know how the heck she was supposed to teach Colin, so she just showed him cool spells and stuff.

•Lian kept asking John if he was reading her mind, and kept asking what number she was thinking of.

•Roy told Milagro she reminded him of Lian.

•Hal did not take his mission with Jai the least bit serious

•Damian and Wally fought the most.

•Lots of arguing and stubbornness from the kids.

•The whole point of this is to get some advice from another person that might be able to help them with their fighting skills, and while it does help them, it also makes all the older heroes question their sanity and wonder how these kids manage to run a team together.

•Maps went home and hung out with her Gotham Academy friends because she didn’t have to do this

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Ao3 Link

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Categories: Gen, M/M, Multi

Fandoms: DCU (Comics), Superman (Comics), Batman (Comics), Superboy (Comics)

Relationships: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent & Kon-El | Conner Kent, Tim Drake/Kon-El | Conner Kent, Other Relationship Tags to Be Added, superfam - Relationship, batfam - Relationship

Characters: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Kon-El | Conner Kent, Jonathan Samuel Kent, Dick Grayson, Lex Luthor, Other Character Tags to Be Added

Additional Tags: rated for language, Single Dad Clark Kent, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Suburban Neighborhood AU, NO CAPES, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, WIP

Chapters: 1/?

Words: 2983

Summary:  Clark Kent had rotten luck in life, but still remained the kind, compassionate man he had always been just to spite it. With a disaster falling upon his family a year before, his ex trying to fight for custody over their son, and an ongoing court case where he was the evidence, life was showing to be a little more difficult than he had hopped for that year,

His life was sent into a further tailspin when his first love and high school sweetheart who carried the event Clark more regretted in his life moved into his neighborhood, fresh out of a divorce with a horde of kids in tow. The cherry on top? Their sons had been dating for a little over a year, and neither had ever connected the dots.

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dick’s soulmate tattoo appears first.

he’s 15, into the later years of his robin days, and one day he looks at a particularly deep slash into his arm. he had never expected a name to be healing itself over the huge cut.

it reads ‘wallace’ and dick can’t help but wonder if the boy had a nickname for his silly real name.

it turns out he does, and the wallace he’s been looking for turns up in his life, but as wally, and with the name ‘richard’ on his thigh.

they laugh, and already start to plan to get their nicknames tattooed beside their full names.

jason’s shines through at age 14.

as he’s being murdered.

the huge, purpley bruises spread across his skin like weeds as the crowbar beat into him, and jason smiles the best smile he can manage.

because finally, as he is about to die, he may read the name of his soulmate.

soulmates, his brain corrects, as he reads ‘roy & koriand’r’ etched into the side of his foot.

tim comes along, and is way too excited to be batman’s sidekick than anyone ever.

fighting means more injuries, which means all the more possibility of getting his tattoo early.

but it never comes, and tim feels ashamed.

the shame washes away when he meets conner kent, and he can feel it in his bones that this is who he’s meant to be with.

months later, ‘kon’ finds itself tattooed on tim’s ring finger.

and then cass joins the family, and somehow hadn’t gotten her mark yet, despite being injured many times in her past.

but then she’s punched in the face on patrol, and an ugly, yellow bruise forms itself on her jaw.

‘stephanie’ replaces it, and cass traces the name whenever she feels down.

damian’s appears at age 11, earlier than all his siblings’ had.

his reads ‘jonathan’, and he can’t help but scoff at the weird, obviously male name on his wrist.

he uses makeup to cover it up, contrary to his usual long sleeves when he was with his mother, because she didn’t believe in soulmates, and would always talk about setting damian up with a lovely woman that could kick ass with him.

he felt pulled towards the name on his wrist, but only when he met a certain little superboy, did he understand why.

babs gains hers in the accident.

‘dinah’ spreads itself in cursive across her stomach, right above her belly button, and she thinks.

she knows a dinah, a dinah that has a boyfriend.

she tries to refuse it, make another name appear, but she can feel the pull towards dinah lance.

babs cries herself to sleep that night.

stephanie gains her’s after jason tripped her.

yes, you read that right, jason tripped her, and she landed so hard her knee got dislocated.

during the x-ray, the doctor said there was a weird, light carving into her bone that couldn’t be deciphered.

stephanie knew from first look that it said ‘cassandra’, and got it inked on the outside not long after.

duke never gets a name.

and he’s okay with that.

he’s happy with his familial and friendship ties, he doesn’t need romance for himself and just wants to love a peaceful life with his siblings by his side.

the word ‘happiness’ appears on duke’s collarbone after a while, and duke beams.

his siblings always told him he was destined for happiness.

bruce’s tattoo appears last.

he’s finally happy, happy with all of his kids, his light’s, the things that keep him going. and that’s when he notices a pretty, cursive ‘diana & clark’ etched into his shoulder blade.

he smiles.

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Yeah! So side note some of this is stuff involving issues between a team and the league.



•So for starters, a lot of them didn’t get along/flat out hated each other at first, so that caused all sorts of drama.

•Half the team went on a really crazy mission that ended really poorly, and they all took sides and argued about what should have happened for like a week straight.

•Literally everyone just let 11 y/o Kathy live on a farm by herself for a few months and Lois was very very pissed at just about everyone who knew about her situation and did nothing (The JL, other people in hamilton, etc.)

•Suren straight up disappeared for like a month one time and acted like it was no big deal after (his teammates were less happy)

•There were a few missions when they were young-ish teen that involved two people having to kiss to try not to blow their cover (let’s just say no one was too happy about that)

•They all got kidnapped and fought quite literally the whole time and a ton after too.

•The league has pulled people on the team temporarily from the field after excessive force or something that was really needed in the situation and all of their teammates had a riot about it.

•They’ve definitely all had huge fights about bad calls in the field.

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Jon: *gets 8 hours of sleep MINIMUM each night* i am so awake and ready for the day the sun is beautiful and I’m happy to be alive!

Damian: i’ve had 30 minutes of sleep for the past five days and i can smell sounds please kill me

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Superfam with S/O Who Has Super Strength HC (Request)


  • Met at the Justice League 
  • You were one of the go members and had massive interest to the league adding lots of value to their selection of heroes
  • You were serious about your work cause I’m pretty sure that’s his type 
  • Work serious people … that’s his type end of story 
  • On missions you’d be front lines always strategizing your plans and mostly bouncing ideas off of Bruce which he thought was ballsy
  • Your strength matched his on many levels and sometimes out matched his 
  • Clark immediately hit it off with you and eventually you started dating 
  • He marvels at your power and often challenges you to test it against his just for fun
  • Gets arrogant and then you beat his ass
  • Worries about you on missions but then realizes that he shouldn’t worry as much as he does 
  • Basically just thinks that you’re really cool and that he doesn’t need to worry about you as much as he does 


  • She thinks you’re really cool
  • You guys just met one day and then hit it off
  • she was really impressed at your strength and also that you weren’t as impulsive as her
  • It’s a good evening out of qualities 
  • if you were both crazy impulsive and chaotic it wouldn’t end well for anyone tbh
  • She worries the most out of everyone and it’s kinda annoying sometimes 
  • Like yes Kara I’m fine 
  • No I do not need assistance from you
  • This is light compared to other things that have been thrown onto me in battle 
  • But that doesn’t mean that she thinks that you’re defenseless 
  • nope 
  • not at all


  •  he loves you like omg
  •  not really fan girling just very proud and wants to show you off
  • sometimes he does underestimate you though
  •  you typically do have a way of reminding him 
  • like by throwing a building at someone 
  •  exciting moments those are 
  • he’ll kinda just stand there like “damn babe that was a lot but go off”
  • knows he doesn’t have to protect you but sometimes he does worry which is cute but not necessary most of the time 
  •  tries to be edgy and cool around you bur fails miserably 
  • it’s funny to see him try and then just lose the entire persona around you 


  • Baby boi had no idea what he was getting himself into 
  • You were just getting the powers and it was …. chaotic 
  • You wouldn’t leave the house sometimes cause you were just afraid of breaking things 
  •  It was a terrifying experience and the time you found out that Jon was super- powered was when you accidentally almost “killed” him
  • you would’ve killed him if he was human but he brushed it off like it was nothing and then kinda freaked when you knew about the entire Super thing 
  •  It’s cool though cause now he just tries to help you with everything 
  • He knows what it’s like to go through that and wants to help you in any way that he can cause he’s a sweet baby boi 
  • High fives for anything you do really well or if you have one really good training session with Canary or someone 
  • Ice cream after battles 

(Side note i wheezed at the Barry and Clark gif for far too long on FaceTime.)

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“You good to go?”

Jon double-checked his backpack and the gift bag holding all twenty-five Valentine’s cards. He gave a thumbs-up.

“Good,” said the man. “And don’t forget to zip your jacket; it’s cold out. Love you, kiddo.”

“Love you too, Dad!”

Jon zipped his jacket and hopped out of the car. The chill nipped his ears like birds at a feeder. Like the many yesterdays before, he joined the sea of children trickling into the stout brick building. He smiled at a pair of kindergarteners half his size sprinting by, hand-in-hand, their wet boots making little pitter-patters on the pavement. 

And like always, Jon located his locker—Kent, Locker Number 2015—and inputted his combination. Valentine’s cards wouldn’t be exchanged until later, so he hung the bag by its strings next to his coat.

Plopping his things onto his desk, the first thing Jon noticed was a spiky-haired boy talking to the teacher. The second thing he noticed was that the boy looked like the people Jon’s parents worked with—a black turtleneck sweater with beige pants and a coffee cup in one hand. Jon knew everyone else in his homeroom, so this boy must be new.

The teacher pointed in Jon’s direction. It took him a second to realize that they were looking at the empty desk across from him. Jon flashed his brightest smile and waved.

“Hiya!” he chirped. “What’s your name?”

“Damian,” the boy answered flatly, opening the desk and unloading the brand-new supplies from his backpack.

Jon rested his chin in his hands, legs swinging underneath the desk. “Nice to meet you, Damian! I’m Jon. So, where are you from?” 

Damian scoffed as he stacked his notebooks. “Why do you want to know?”

“Just ‘cause,” said Jon. 


“Ooh, I’ve heard of Gotham!” Jon replied. “My dad went there once to interview some people from the Wayne Foundation. What’s it like?”


“What was your old school like?”

“Must you ask so many questions?” Damian snapped. “Just be quiet and let me fulfill this godawful obligation in peace.”

That was enough to silence Jon… for about thirty seconds. Then he asked, “What does ‘obligation’ mean?”

Damian raised his hand. “Miss, I request a seating change.”

The teacher looked at him apologetically. “I’m sorry, Damian, but that’s the only spot we have left.”



Read the rest on Ao3

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