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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
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Superman: Son of Kal-El #14 - "Siege of Gamorra" (2022)
written by Tom Taylor art by Cian Tormey & Federico Blee
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to-the-stars8 · a day ago
Mr. Todd and I
A/N; I finally gave in and wrote a second, and final, part to Mr. Todd and I. One day I would like to go back and write a full story on it, but with the others going on this will be it! Who knows, I could also say fuck it and just write a full story. But did I think of writing smut about this AU? ABSOLUTELY! Might tbh. Anyway, this chapter is really Jane Eyre-inspired if you can tell!
Pairings; Regency AU! Jason Todd x Reader Part I
Part II
A strong love was one of the most mysterious and simplistic things to observe among others, but, experiencing it for yourself, was evident that it was also the most complicated thing to build. Especially with someone who, on the surface, appeared almost as sarcastic and reserved as Mr. Todd. 
He had called on you nearly a dozen times since the party at Ms. Thompson’s home a few months ago, under the pretense of Damian wishing to play with Jon, and wrote you nearly every other day. His reason as to why he could not see you more was that he was frequently out of town on business for his father, Mr. Wayne. You did not mind as long as he continued to write to you with much earnestness and passion as his letters possessed. Still, you could do without the snarky remarks that you refuse to acknowledge the hilarity in. 
Lady Kent was not all impressed with the notion of you marrying Mr. Todd, as it would take you away from Jon, no matter how many times you assured her that marriage was never a guarantee. Not even you had thought of it in its entirety as the idea was beyond your scope. Marrying him would indeed be an impossible feat.
Mr. Todd, above all else, was far above your station. You had no money beyond the sum given to you in salary by the Kents, no family to speak of, and could only pride yourself on the natural gifts given to you by expression of some degree of intelligence and sense. Those little gifts themselves made you popular among most in town, but you heard the whispers of your obscure background among those above you. 
Be as that may, Lady Kent was sure that Mr. Todd would propose to you despite your inferiority by the time he had called upon you a second time. You dispelled the idea of him having you for a wife. You would not do him or his most gentle father the dishonor. 
Yet, Mr. Todd had sent you letters that made your knees weak in such need for him. The letters would never see the light of day, nor would they be handed off to a maid or footman. Nay, the letters went to you directly, one of the reasons he called on you so often. When the heads were turned he would slip you the letters, whispering some affection for you that had you leaving with a blush. 
You were sitting in the garden trying to dispel the thought of marriage as you watched Jon play about the bushes when a maid hurried to you, quickly saying that Mr. Todd was here. He approached behind, thanking the maid as she walked away. You had started to stand before Mr. Todd told you no formality was needed for him, then took a seat next to you on the bench. 
“Is your family in good health?” He asked as he watched Jon wave to him with enthusiasm only a child could have, and Mr. Todd smiled before returning the gesture. 
You laughed as you answered, “Sir, I must tell you for I cannot falsely answer the question any longer, that I have no family to speak of. Besides Jon who, in an impolitic manner, I consider a brother.”
“Forgive me,” said Mr. Todd hurriedly, a bit flustered.
“There is nothing to forgive, Mr. Todd! I am not upset by it anymore,” You said. “You ask too much of me, Sir. How is your family? Are they in good health as well?”
He hesitated in his answer as if he was pondering every family member in the household. “They are well, yes.” In a more hushed tone, he then asked, “Did you get my letter?”
The question sent a blush to your cheeks, you were sure of it. He had sent you a letter secretly in your shawl you had mistakenly left it at his home. It was wrapped between the fabrics when the maid presented it to you. 
You replied in the same quiet tone, “Yes, sir…Your letters will ruin me if they are found.”
Mr. Todd, pleased with the answer, smiled. “I would not wish for that.”
“Nor I, for I will be the one without a home with little money,” You stated, thinking of the horror of the situation if it were to happen. 
“Yes, but you will gain a husband,” Mr. Todd said cooly. “If you would consider me for one.”
Shocked, you gasped, which caught the attention of Jon who poked his head over a bush. Quelling the child’s curiosity, Mr. Todd pretended that you had been shocked by a riddle he told to which Jon laughed before running off to the other end of the garden repeating it. 
“Sir,” You said breathlessly, lowly. “You are wicked.”
Mr. Todd cocked an eyebrow. “I have been called many things by people, but I do not believe I had the honor to be called wicked by the most beautiful woman in all of Gotham.”
Standing suddenly, you rush away from him. It was cruel what he was doing. Saying to Mr. Todd before you sped off, “You are intended to insult me, Sir. I see that now.”
“Nay, Miss!” He said, rushing after you. You halted your movement to hear him, for that much you had to give him. “Never would I dare to insult you.”
“But you do, sir!” You cried. “You lead me to believe you would marry me if you could.”
Mr. Todd said your name, sounding desperate for you to understand his meaning. “To speak plainly I do wish to marry you. If you will have me.”
You burst into tears, so unwilling to believe it. “Nay, you jest, Mr. Todd. You cannot marry me, it is not allowed.”
“I cannot? And what law prevents me to marry whom I choose and who will seemingly choose me in a mutual connection?” Mr. Todd was astonished at the notion you were suggesting. 
You tried to recover yourself, turning away from him to wipe away the tears but he followed in eagerness to see every thought you had in your eyes. “Mr. Todd, you would disgrace your father by marrying someone below your station. I will speak plainly to you, as I have before, that we are not equals. That is what prevents my acceptance.”
To your surprise, Mr. Todd laughed, “Not equals? I have met hundreds of people none who reach equality with me, in wit or love, as you do.”
You sniffled, trying not to cry as Jon approached, still recalling the riddle Mr. Todd had told him. When he noticed the boy, Mr. Todd turned away so he would not have to see his utter devastation in your remark. 
“Is everything alright?” Jon asked, innocently, when he noticed your tears. 
You nodded, telling him to run inside for lunch and that the butler, Mr. Olsen, would be there for him. Jon hesitated before running off again, leaving you and Mr. Todd. 
“Mr. Todd, I will hear no more of this. I must return to my work--” You resumed once Jon was gone into the house. 
“Since you are so consumed by prestige,” Mr. Todd said, nearly angry. “Let me tell you this. I am a natural son of lowlife, and it was only by the love and kindness of my adoptive father that I am able to stand here to speak with you. Without Mr. Wayne, it is I who is below you. Does this fact disperse any rejection you on my proposal?”
You could only look at your glance down at your gloves as you pondered the fact. He sounded so desperate and eager for you to say yes, and you met that eagerness with as much earnestness--For you did not think, at the end of the day, if he was a beggar you could say no when he put himself in the open for you to see. Then, when you met Mr. Todd’s eyes again, you nodded slowly. “Yes, Jason, it does.”
Jason stepped forward, cupping your face, running a thumb under your eyes. He laughed to himself by the disbelief of your beauty. “You will have me then?”
“Yes,” said you. 
“I am most happy and thankful for it,” Jason said, laughing a bit. “We may continue our letters if you wish. We will not have to sneak it about, now.”
In a moment between being flustered and newfound courage, you said, “I believe I rather practice what you had mentioned in the letters than write more, sir.”
“Of course, whatever Mrs. Todd wishes, I will give her,” Jason said, leaning in to place a daring kiss on your lips. Blushing, you kissed back. 
When the news of the proposal spread many were happy for the union, especially Mr. Kent who would have the honor of walking you down the aisle, while others were not entirely too congratulating. Lady Kent and Jon wept for your loss in their household, as opposed to Mr. Wayne who was more than welcoming to another marriage in his family after Dick’s wedding. For once, you were glad to be proved wrong. 
This much was fact, though, strong love is definitely the most mysterious and simplistic of things.
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redrosebug · a day ago
No, but like Family Feud between the Kents (Clark, Lois, Kara, Conner, Jon) and the Waynes (Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian).
I just like to imagine Bruce being progressively more competitive as the show goes on to the point where his kids have to remind him that he's guest-starring as Brucie Wayne.
Meanwhile, someone sneaks a behind-the-scenes photo of Tim and Kon laughing together which starts an argument about Tim fraternizing with the enemy. The moment Damian opens his mouth, tho, Tim whips a picture of his little brother and Jon having ice cream together, which causes Dick and Jason to round up on the both of them.
Bruce refusing to speak to Clark because he can't believe Kent guessed something he couldn't, and Lois trying not to laugh about Clark's confused expression the entire time they are on air. Kara, on the other hand, having no such reservations and doing her best to crush the opposing family.
Kon, being secretly a competitive asshole as well but having to decide whether he'll rather lose or deal with a pouty Tim if the Waynes lose. Jon just really having the time of his life. An absolute blast, 10/10 would do again.
(Bonus: Cass, Steph and Barbara watching the entire thing on the Manor's living room with Alfred looking more and more disappointed whenever the family doesn't get the right answers).
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batarangbrothers · a day ago
the funniest part of the tim/kon and damian/jon pairings is the idea that tim and damian cannot escape each other even if they try. oh you think being brothers is annoying? well now you’re in-laws and have to spend every thanksgiving together with the kents for the rest of your lives
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raphael-angele · 2 days ago
Damian: Grayson! Jon is being mean to me!
Jon: I wasn't being mean to you
Dick: What happened?
Jon: I just told him that he can't keep the cats I rescue from trees
Damian: WAAAAAAH *crying*
Dick: Dami, he's right
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sheiyavlad · 2 days ago
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Age reversal part 2
It's KonKons turn💞💕
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remosdeerica · 2 days ago
Does Damian make Jon smarter?
Does Jon make Damian more stupid?
You bet your ass he does.
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yuriinadress · 2 days ago
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"I'll be fine. You can drop me."
"It's a long way down."
"Stop worrying. This was your idea and we've practiced this part. Over and over."
Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura in Superman: Son of Kal-El #14 - "Siege of Gamorra" by Tom Taylor, Cian Tormey, and Federico Blee
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kalelsonofkrypton · 2 days ago
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The Superman & Robin Special #1 cover by Viktor Bogdanovic.
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robbed-ghost · 2 days ago
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Shoutout to all the times Jon has been drawn as the most fucked up creature you’ve ever seen
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endless-comix · a day ago
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Superman: Son of Kal-El #14 (Rafael Sarmento)
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why-i-love-comics · 21 hours ago
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Superman: Son of Kal-El #14 - "Siege of Gamorra" (2022)
written by Tom Taylor art by Cian Tormey & Federico Blee
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asongofstarkandtargaryen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Damian's answer to any objection is "But I'm Batman!!"
( also nice to see that in this au older Dami and Jon still spend lot of time together)
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embracedbythesea · 2 days ago
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Ten minutes of "cazzeggio" and this is the result. Also the reference
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geekchicpolitiq · 2 days ago
We need to talk about Jay's nails though
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dark-nymphs-fanfiction · 7 hours ago
Jon: I like it when it melts.
Damian: What do you mean you like it when it melts? Nobody likes ice cream when it melts.
Jon: It's like soup.
Damian: You hate soup.
Jon: Not chocolate soup.
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yuriinadress · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Gail and her cubs in Superman: Son of Kal-El Annual #1 - Homecoming and Superman: Son of Kal-El #14 - Siege of Gamorra by Tom Taylor with art by Steve Pugh, Clayton Henry, and Cian Tormey
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