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Out --- Toxicology Bonus Content
Description: Jon Kent comes out as bisexual.
Inspired by this post.
Toxicology – Masterlist
Tumblr media
Damian was dreaming.
Usually it was of her. Sometimes it was his family.
On bad nights, they turned to nightmares of losing her. Those were the worst.
Then Damian started entering a half-sleep world.
And he felt a finger trace a line down the back of his neck, right down the center.
Damian Wayne was trained to be awoken by the smallest noise. He always had to be alert. His mother started such conditioning when he was just a toddler.
The only people that could wake Damian without getting a knife to the throat were Y/N and sometimes Dick. Alfred learned quickly to wake the young master from a distance.
“Wake up, my love.” Y/N whispered softly.
Sometimes she used her pheromones to make Damian recognize her presence in his sleep and prevent him from startling awake and immediately attacking.
“Beloved, let me sleep,” Damian muttered.
Y/N was very protective of Damian’s sleep, constantly worrying about the lack of hours he allowed himself. If it wasn’t patrolling, it was something with Wayne Enterprises. And if it wasn’t that, it was something off world, involving the Justice League or the Titans.
“I know, Dami. But Jon is coming over soon.”
That finally made Damian snap his eyes open. “Kent?”
Y/N gave him a shy smile. “I’m worried. He sounded upset on the phone.”
“He called?” Damian was awake now.
Jon was a product of his generation and almost never called any of his friends. It was all texting or a surprise appearances at their tree house.
Y/N nodded. “Said he needed to come over to talk to us about something.”
Damian could tell she was stressed.
He reached up to cup her cheek. “Beloved, I am sure all is well.”
She forced a shy smile and nodded.
“Anyway,” she sighed. “I figured you’d want to put some clothes on before he got here.”
Her eyes glanced down with amusement.
Damian had been so exhausted after coming back from patrol last night that he’d stripped his uniform, got in the shower, and then didn’t bother to put fresh clothes on after, and just jumped right into bed fully naked.
Y/N had no complaints. But Damian was shy about nudity with everyone except her. And she knew he wouldn’t appreciate a surprise visit from Jon while he was butt naked.
“Want me to make you some tea or coffee?” She asked him gently.
She watched as he reluctantly got up to put some clothes on. And by clothes, it was just a pair of black sweatpants, not bothering with a shirt.
“I want to go back to bed,” he grumbled.
But his irritation wasn’t aimed at Y/N, because he pulled her to his chest and gave her a gentle kiss on top of her head.
“He just landed,” Y/N hummed.
“How did you hear that?” Damian asked.
Surely he would’ve heard Jon’s flight or landing. Usually a sonic boom followed the Kents around. But he hadn’t heard one this time.
She shrugged. “Plants told me.”
Even after all these years, Damian was still amazed at the depths of her powers.
Instead of landing at the foot of their stairs like a normal person, Jon landed right outside their main door above ground. He could’ve easily landed on one of their balconies, but Jon Kent was raised with manners and his parents would be appalled by such an entrance.
“Come in!” Y/N called as she started filling a pot with water to make tea for all of them.
Damian stopped what he was doing to stare at Jon with confusion.
“Are you…sweating?”
“What?” Jon blurted out. “N-No!” Then he desperately wiped at his face.
“Jon,” Y/N said sweetly, grabbing his face. “What’s going on?”
Damian watched his girlfriend relax Jon a bit. She always had a skill for comforting people in a way he never could. They were opposites in that way. And it was moments like these that he was envious of her.
“Right.” Jon was very clearly anxious and started running his hand through his hair.
Y/N gently steered him to their table to sit.
But Damian remained standing with his arms crossed. “Is it your father? Kon? What is going on?”
The questions raced out of his mouth.
But Jon just shook his head, eyes glazed over.
Y/N gave Damian a warning look that said, ‘Let him speak.’
“Ummm,” Jon bought himself some time. “Right. OK. OK. OK.”
It was like he was pumping himself up.
Jon finally looked at both of them and took in a deep breath. “I just wanted to tell you guys something that I’ve been…I don’t know…figuring out.”
Y/N and Damian shared a look.
Jon cleared his throat awkwardly. “I think I’m…umm…bisexual.”
Y/N and Damian were quiet for a moment, processing what he just said.
“No,” Jon suddenly blurted out before they could respond. “I don’t think. I know.”
Y/N looked at him softly and gripped his hand from across the table. “Jon, that’s what you got yourself all worked up for?”
Jon nodded, looking like he was about to start crying.
“I don’t want to steal your moment,” she told him quietly. “But this isn’t news to me.”
Jon’s baby blue eyes widened in surprise. “It isn’t?”
Then he looked at Damian to see if it was the same for him.
Damian shrugged. “I had my theories.”
“H-How?” Jon couldn’t help but ask.
“Your pheromones,” Y/N explained. “They’re already a bit different because you’re half Kryptonian. But they’re similar to my moms.”
“Oh, right.” Jon said lamely.
He peaked up at Damian.
Jon wondered if the two of them constantly talked about it. Like his sexuality was so obvious to them while he was struggling to figure it out.
Damian gave another shrug. “I’ve seen you eyeing Selina…but I have also seen you eyeing Grayson.”
Jon just once again said, “Oh.”
“Jon,” Y/N cooed. “Did you think we weren’t going to accept you? Or that we’d think differently about you?”
Jon let out an awkward laugh. “Uhhh. Yeah, something like that.”
Y/N finally got up from her seat and pulled Jon to his feet before hugging him tightly.
“You’re the same person I’ve been friends with since I was a kid. I’m just happy you can feel more like yourself now.”
Y/N felt a wetness on her shoulder and she realized Jon was crying.
“Oh, Jon. It’s OK. Everything’s OK.”
“I know,” Jon sniffed as he pulled away.
“I am a little insulted that you thought we’d react so poorly,” Damian huffed with his arms still crossed.
“Damian, shut it,” Y/N snapped in warning.
But Damian's comment actually made Jon laugh and rub his tears away.
“Give me a hug and stop being a jerk,” Jon told him.
Damian gagged. “I don’t care what your sexuality is, I hate being touched.”
Jon laughed harder. “I don’t care.” And the next second, he had basically tackled Damian into a hug.
Damian groaned and pretended to be disgusted.
But both Y/N and Jon knew it was all an act.
“You hug Y/N all the time,” Jon pointed out, still not letting go of him.
“She is my girlfriend,” Damian spat.
“Right. You’re beloved,” Jon teased.
“Are you done being dramatic now?” Damian finally ripped himself out of Jon’s embrace. “I want to go back to sleep.”
Jon smiled. “Sure, Damian. Thank you.”
He nodded and started walking back to the bedroom, knowing that Y/N and Jon would probably hang out while he was sleeping.
“Love you!” Jon sang, really pushing it.
“Ugh. I love you, too. Whatever.” Damian called over his shoulder, shooing the whole interaction with his hand.
Y/N giggled and shook her head at her boyfriend.
Once she was alone with Jon, her eyes brightened with an idea.
“Should we make some margaritas?” She jumped excitedly.
“It’s 2PM, Y/N.”
“Moms say there’s no wrong time for a margarita. And we’re celebrating!"
Jon laughed. “Alright. Margaritas it is.”
A couple weeks later, it was Damian’s 24th birthday.
Both Alfred and Bruce had convinced him to have a party at the manor. Just close friends, most of which were superheroes or knew of the family's other life. But then they didn’t have to worry about hiding powers or identities or any other chaotic things.
Damian had his usual frown on his face. But everyone that really knew him could see the spark in his eyes from being surrounded by the people he loved.
Bruce and Clark were standing off to the side, talking amongst themselves.
If it weren’t for Clark, Bruce probably would’ve snuck down to the cave to work. He only pretended to enjoy parties when he was playing a part.
“Is something going on with Jon?” Bruce asked politely.
He might not be in tune with his emotions, but he was disturbingly observant. And he had seen Y/N and Damian watching over Jon protectively the whole party.
“Oh, right.” Clark said awkwardly. “He just came out.”
Bruce looked at him, a bit surprised.
“He’s bisexual,” Clark confirmed with a nod.
Bruce nodded back.
“Said he’s known most of his life. Apparently, he used to have a crush on Damian and Y/N when they were kids. That’s long gone, though.”
Then Bruce asked, “How’s he doing?”
Clark had a shy smile on his face as he watched his son laughing with Y/N. “He seems so much happier. Which is strange to see because he’s always been a happy, carefree kid. But it’s like something’s been lifted off his shoulders. I can’t explain it.”
But Bruce understood. “Tim was the same way,” he muttered.
“They sure find ways to surprise us still, huh?” Clark laughed.
Bruce smiled as he watched Tim and Jon now having a passionate conversation about something. “Yes, they do.”
I know this was short. But hopefully it was also sweet.
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blanddcheadcanons · 2 days ago
when the tabloids caught pictures of Jon and his new boyfriend being affectionate, several right wing outlets started publishing "Not My Superman!" articles. in response, Clark - in costume - very publicly frenched billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne the next time he needed saving.
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remosdeerica · a day ago
Jon Kent: *has black hair and blue eyes*
Lena Luthor: *has black hair and blue eyes*
Jon: so.... are we going to acknowledge this or....
Lena: no, we are not related.
Jon: but you are related to Kon... and you look suspiciously like... well.
Lena: shut up.
Jon: I'm just saying...
Lena: well don't say it.
Damian [just walking into the room]: say what? That Lex Luthor wants to get with Superman? I thought that was generally understood?
Damian: *slurps tea loudly*
Lena: isn't your grandpa trying to fuck you brother?
Damian: *chokes on tea*
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cats-and-katanas · 2 days ago
Jon: I have a crush on you
Damian: Damn that's really not a good idea
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rowellcruzart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Super Sons 2021
Jon is bi and there's an upcoming Super Sons animated movie!! Damian and Jon fans are celebrating!!
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nightwingvixen23 · 12 hours ago
JonnoKENT Updated His Status :
Be honest with me and the class @DamiWayn, just exactly how many swords do you own ??
2,761 Likes 4 Comments
Jason Piece'a'Me Todd: sword of a lot.
JonnoKENT: Blocked.
TiimBirb: Parried.
JonnoKENT: fuck it. I'm deleting the post.
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unluckyfairy13 · a day ago
Here you go another Supersons Special Preview ☺️
Tumblr media
Look at them flying in the night sky again 🥺. Reminds me when they had their first mission also under night sky makes me miss them more. Don’t like the synopsis saying it’s their last mission. This might make me cry. 😢 Do you miss them?
Tumblr media
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Now that it is confirmed that Jon is bi. I feel like in Toxicology, The reader and Damian were his first crushes. I feel like it would be cute because of how much the reader and Jon help Damian open up.
Wait OMG you’re so right.
He totally had a crush on both of them when he was younger.
Also, Jon would probably love hanging out at the greenhouse when he was younger since both of Y/N’s moms are bisexual and it makes him feel more comfortable and less of an outcast. 🥺
Should I write something about him coming out? 😏
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blanddcheadcanons · 2 days ago
the reason Bruce thinks Jon has the potential to be "more powerful" than Clark is because, after Streaky and Alfred the Cat first met, Bruce got firsthand experience of how much trouble can come about by combining Earth and Kryptonian genetics.
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remosdeerica · 2 days ago
Serial Adoption is Hereditary: The Series.
(Yes another series. Look, I have a very short attention span- I feel like most of y'all can relate- and I like to switch between various projects so I don't get too bored and drop them. Ya know?)
I’ve been using this as a tag for a couple of posts I’ve made about Damian inheriting Bruce’s habit of adopting people, but I actually came up with the concept for this series a few years ago.
I was pretty annoyed when instead of giving Damian an actual team of his own, DC just gave him the Teen Titans. They didn’t even try introducing new characters. They pretty much just copy/pasted Dick’s team (I know he has the makings of his own team now). Which unfortunately seems to be a theme with Damian and pretty much every Robin after Dick because DC writers don’t really seem to know what the word “creativity” means.
But anyway, I saw a post a million years ago (idk who it was by, sorry) about Damian finding and helping other kids who’s parents are criminals and helping them out cause he knows what it’s like to be in that situation- yada, yada. And thus the idea of a series where Damian collects various villain kids was born. (Disney's Descendants may have had some influence as well but I will neither confirm nor deny such claims)
I haven’t quite decided what to call them as a team yet (I’m stuck between The Renegades and The Rogues) as the whole point of the series is that Damian is just kinda collecting these kids as he find them with no real intentions of creating his own team or even training them how to fight. He just knows they need a safe space, he provides that, and then shit happens. But I do eventually want them to have their own name because team names are cool.
But I digress; Here is the team roster (might add some characters later but this seems to be the main few that I tend to settle on):
Damian Wayne/al Ghul: 17yrs, Villain affiliation- Thalia al Ghul/Ra's al Ghul
Colin Crain: 19yrs, Villain affiliation- Scarecrow (Jonathan Crain) *He’s not canon but he is loosely based off Colin Wilkes*
Lucy Quinnzel: 18yrs, Villain affiliation- Joker/Harley Quinn
Zoe Lawton: 13yrs, Villain affiliation- Deadshot (Floyd Lawton)
Lena Luthor: 17/18yrs, Villain affiliation- Lex Luthor
Hippolyta Milton: 16yrs, Villain affiliation- Ares (God of War)/Circe
Jon Kent: 20yrs, Villain affiliation- Jor-El *this series is actually where Dark-ish Jon was born! What a angry/tired boi. He is my son and I love him.*
Secret OC Kid That I Love But Might Be Hated For: -1yrs, Villain affiliation- Poison Ivy *kinda* ;)
There are actually a fair few villain kids in DC.
I’m sure Rose Wilson will pop up at times but I wasn’t feeling the vibes with her for the team.
The idea is to write a Oneshot series about how each of the kids came to be taken in by Damian and then just let shenanigans ensue.
I’ll be posting bio/backstory stuff on here and then further expanding upon things over on Ao3, like I'll be doing with The Demon Head Damian Wayne series.
So, yeah! What do we think?
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oifaaa · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is something so funny to me that DC looked at the two superboys and decided ah yes Jon is the one we're gonna make canonically BI
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prioryofthebirds · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
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infinity-sansa · 16 days ago
DC, are you trying to tell me something?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Because if it's just to win me over again, let me tell you, you absolutely succeeded. 🏳️‍🌈💖
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