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#jon matteson
i found this when i was looking for reference pics and it now lives in my head rent free
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justaleapoffaith · 5 months ago
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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [2/5] Musicals -> The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals
“He must have rolled in around 6:00 this morning. He was in the shower when I woke up. I could hear him. He was… singing. And I know this is a strange thing to realize, because, well, Sam’s not a… bad singer. He’s just always been a little… flat. But not this morning. Today he… he sounded like an angel. And I don’t know why, but it frightened me.”
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takingback-thepenguin · a month ago
TGWDLM au where it starts off the same. The opening number is the same, the opening scene is the same, Paul is the main focus...until What Do You Want Paul where in a twist, Davidson apotheosizes him, Paul comes out singing and Bill sees this, and Bill ends up becoming the hero of the story.
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craftclass · a month ago
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Just made a tumblr because I need to talk about how their names are Barry and Gary
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musicalsandfluff · a month ago
rewatching Virginity Rocks on repeat and noticed this gorgeous tidbit of cinematic masterpiece
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very subtle very tasteful
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hatchetfield-scarecrow · a month ago
OKAY but can we please turn that scene from the virginity rocks music video where Jon is running from all those hands into a meme?
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just-a-broadway-girl · a month ago
My Favorite Parts of the Honey Queen Talk-Back
all the Starkids 👏saying👏their👏pronouns👏
Mariah popping in for like two seconds and then panicking and leaving
Mariah then proceeding to embody the entire fandom and fangirl over Lauren for like a solid minute and a half
"Did you make that hat yourself, Jeff?” “Uh, my mother and father helped me out with that.”
“Craft Class”
everyone booing Jon when he entered the call
“Use the code ‘Craft Class’ for 100% off”
“He is canon stink.”
everything involved with the phrase “Dirty girl”
Curt and Kim being couple goals and him being an absolute tech nerd
“Are you in 8k?” “It’s 6k actually.” “Wait what”
Mariah fangirling over Angela and ranting about her IBS
Dylan, Jeff, and Joey all chiming in one after another because they forgot to say their pronouns
everyone being Matt Dahan stans
Bryce being a Starkid stan and fangirling over everyone 
“I think my sexuality IS that [music] video” - James Tolbert, 2021
the absolute SILENCE whenever a question was asked
“It was worth seeing you [Curt] in 6k”
Jae also being a huge Starkid fan 🥺
everyone plugging the album every three minutes
“iTunes will be president.”
Mariah saying she watched Black Friday while she was on tour 🥺
“Yeah sometimes I get type casted as these little theatre sluts”
“You guys can make your own series and then you’ll answer our questions” “...but if you uSE THE CODE CRAFT CLASS YOU GET 100%”
The Real Housewives of Hatchetfield
“They paid for this, Lauren.”
Someone telling Jeff to “drop the hair care routine” and then he DID for like FIVE MINUTES
“I am a Curly Girl Method subscriber”
“100% off use the code Curly Girl”
Dylan and Bryce know each other?? like they’ve met?? several times??
Joey fully getting ready to storm out when Bryce said her favorite Starkid show was Twisted
everyone losing their MINDS over the picture of Bryce and Dylan
“That’s an assault rifle. I play Fortnite, that’s an assault rifle.” - Mariah Rose Faith, 2021
everyone unanimously agreeing that Linda would be a member of the NRA
“Are you afraid River might become to powerful??”
the chaos of talking and ✌ and 🤟 until someone ended the stream
God I’ve missed these grown up theatre nerds
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This is from like a year ago but I still think about it every Friday.
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Starkid has announced a patreon that has a top tier of $100 a month which gets you a personal visit from peanuts the hatchet field pocket squirrel, which would be great if it was an actual squirrel and not Jon Matteson in a squirrel fur suit
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justaleapoffaith · 4 months ago
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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [3/5] Relationships -> Paul Matthews and Emma Perkins
So, uh, back at Beanies you said you're in your high school production of Brigadoon? Hey, I was Bonnie Jean. That was 2003 right? I actually saw you in Brigadoon. No shit. Yes shit! Yeah, uh, we didn't have a theater program in our school. So I guess to make us feel like crap they bused us over to watch your show. It was the first musical I ever saw. Hmm. I hated it. That's probably the start of my whole thing. You're the reason I don't like musicals! Whoa, that's like your origin story. Yeah. So I guess I'm the supervillain? I don't think of you like that at all, Emma.
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sinlm · 3 months ago
me anytime my sister is like eww musicals
the guy who didn’t like musicals didn’t like, didn’t like, didn't like-a-like 'em, i mean what the fuck
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