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#jon sims
achillesrambles · 2 days ago
Giving Jon the link effect. Jon is transmasc Jon is transfemme Jon is agender Jon is nonbinary Jon is gay Jon is bisexual Jon is a lesbian Jon is unlabeled Jon uses all all pronouns Jon uses they/them Jon uses exclusively neopronouns
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vacationgerry · a day ago
Tumblr media
late night jon doodlin
[ID: A digitally drawn sketch of Jonathan Sims from the Magnus Archives. Jon is a South Asian person with long curly hair, pockmark scars on his face and a horizontal scar on his neck. End ID]
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rinrinp42 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Eye will do anything for it's Special Little Boy and Jon doesn't want anything to do with The Web.
@saunters-vaguely-downwards gave me the idea and I can never resist an idea from her (*˘︶˘*).。*♡
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bagginshield · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hold each other, it croons. Be happy. But know always that this happiness is a lie, built on the squirming bones of those whose suffering you have caused.
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Tumblr media
World hard and cold etc etc.
I’ve always wanted to do a martiddy meme! Please click for better quality.
[ID: Several digital drawings of Martin, occasionally with Jon, on the shirt cut meme art template. He is a fat Mexican-Polish non-op trans man with freckles. He has curly dark brown hair that has partially turned white at the front. Jon is a British-Indian man with dark skin, long greying black hair, and many scars. He wears an ace ring.
The meme template says “shirt cut meme (aka your character in different cleavage flavors”, and, in order:
Sideboob:Top view of Jon and Martin laying together on their sides, presumably in a bed. Martin’s hand  rests on Jon’s stomach and his chest and stomach are pressed into Jon’s back. Jon uses one of Martin’s arms as a pillow and he is laying on top of Martin’s leg. Martin is shirtless and Jon is wearing a t-shirt. They are both wearing wedding rings, pajama pants, and blue nail polish.
Inner Sideboob: Martin is buttoning up a dress shirt, blushing heavily as he smiles shyly, or perhaps coyly, at Jon who is off camera. He is wearing an unbuttoned tuxedo jacket, glasses, and an engagement ring. Behind him, an exclamation speech bubble shows a flustered Jon gaping at him, surrounded by hearts.
Boob window: Martin smiles at someone off camera as he takes off a winter coat. He is wearing a v-neck tank top with a scarf over it, jeans, glasses, and a knit hat.
Underboob: Martin stretches and yawns, causing the pink crop top he’s wearing to ride up above his chest.
Free space: Jon buries his face in Martin’s chest as they embrace each other. One of Martin’s hands is tangled in his hair. Martin is bent over Jon slightly, resting his head on Jon’s. Jon is wearing an oversized sweater with his hair in a low ponytail. Martin is wearing a yellow tank top that leaves part of his stomach exposed, and a wedding ring is visible on his hand.
ID end]
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sel-jpg · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*puts jon in The Suit from taemin's advice mv for the complex and thought through reason of woah looks cool*
[ID: Digital drawings of Jon from TMA. He's a thin British-Indian person with medium brown skin and wavy, shoulder length hair that is dark on the top half and dyed a pale lilac colour on the bottom. He also has a short beard and is wearing one small silver hoop earring and black nailpolish. He is wearing a suit and a checkered dress shirt, all in black and white. The back of the suit is white and the front of it is black, same goes for the ankle boots he is wearing. The first drawing is full colour and shows him from the waist up, back turned to the viewer and looking over his shoulder. The background is purple. The next drawings are in black white and grey except for the coloured part of Jon's hair. The first one is a fullbody drawing of Jon in 3/4 view. His arms are relaxed by his side and his right leg is bent at the knee. The second drawing shows him from the waist up looking straight at the viewer with his hands raised over the lower half of his face. There are some eyes floating around him. End ID.]
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uhode · a day ago
jon sims, the poorest and littlest of the meow meows
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"We marked him young, guided his path as best we could.
And then, we took his voice. "
John, the Archivist from The Magnus Archives podcast.
P. S. the strings came from a real cassette tape I took apart. Wanted to keep it authentic to the podcast
Tumblr media
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pezilla · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
totally in love with @thekisforkeats fic  the last rose of summer and my hand became possessed and I ended up drawing Jon in his archive form. 
I insist you you read this wonderful work.
or don’t ..
I’m not your mam, do what you want. ( but seriously you should read it because its amazing) 
also …. click for better quality because tumblr hates me.
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twilight-trix · 2 days ago
TMA BATIM AU anyone???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So drawtober has gone by the wayside, partially because I came up with a tma au that I am absolutely in love with.
It's a crossover between tma and batim, where it doesn't follow the same story as batim but similar, and sort of merges the two worlds. I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I'm absolutely obsessed with drawing ink monster Jon
(Also, this au has a blog, @live-from-magnus-studios, where I will likely be posting more about it and you can send in asks to both me about the greater universe AND asks to the characters, who will answer sometimes ;) come check it out please thank you I love this au very much)
~ click for better quality, don't repost, do reblog, support me on ko-fi :) ~
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teddy-rose-x · a day ago
Inspired by @waveofmutilationuksurf
Martin: and done even get me started on the tea- I mean who puts four scoops of sugar in their tea?? It throws off the whole flavor and all you can taste is-
Jon: *not listening, staring at something off in the distance*
Martin: ....Jon? Jon!
Jon: *still oblivious*
Martin: Jonathan!!
Jon: 😳 w-what did you just call me?
Martin: oh um... Sorry I didn't mean to-
Jon: No, no I'll allow it
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sewwiththeflow · 2 days ago
Ngl I kinda want Jon's scars to do apeshit things, like the scar from Michael just moves around his body and changes the type of scar (from stab scar to burn scar to a bruise and so on) , mostly when he lies but it could be whenever, scar from Jude just starts sizzling on its own sometimes, scar from Melanie opens and bleeds but he doesn't bleed to death, a very friendly moth that came out of nowhere doesn't stop bothering n only sits on his worm scars etc etc
The Fears Have Unionized
Nothing is more deliciously whump than a character with emotionally triggered nose bleeds etc. How long until Jon goes to the doctor like "you can ignore the chronic vertigo whenever I sit down and the throat cut that occasionally grows wider and the fog that shows up in my breath every time I talk to my bf on the phone, I'm just here for my antihistamines."
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vivisecti0n · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
always imagined jon as a very pissed old man
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